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Well hello there…….
If you clicked here you want to know a bit more about me and who I am. Well I am a “forty something” year old wife, mother, lover of beautiful things. My heart beats a bit faster at the sight of chinoiserie, blue and white porcelain, beautiful art, a gorgeous party, flowers, and scrumptious food….all of my favorite things.

I am a mother of three incredible young men, wife, designer. blogger and the personal assistant to Teddy our beloved Golden Retriever. I started this blog in 2011 not knowing what a blog even was but followed my instincts as I loved the idea that I had a place to pen my thoughts and share pretty pictures!

Getting to share our home building journey was incredible…..the roller coaster ride that it was. Somedays my hair is still on end:) I am fortunate that I gained a loyal and welcoming audience and as a result have made friends from all over the world.

What a fun adventure blogging has been and hopefully will continue to be……we have shared a few lows (Teddy’s accident and small tragedies like the discontinued master wallpaper) and some tremendous highs together (moving, starting my online shop, scoring a pair of antique Jasper Cropsey paintings).

Cheers to hoping the best is yet to come……and thank you for wanting to know what is happening in my little corner of the world!

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