Say hello to my newest sponsor…Anna Kucera of Gracious Living by Design!

Hello, wow this week has flown! I first want to announce the winner of the Antica Famacista diffuser. Congratulations goes to….

?#43 Michelle says


I would love some of those beautiful flowers but I don?t see them listed on your shop page?.? Would love to win! Michelle

Please contact me at to provide your shipping details and fragrance choice!


All of the products I am carrying from Antica Farmacista? are now online and let me tell you they are AMAZING! In addition many of you have emailed me about the beautiful flowers, they will be up by the end of today!? So please check back in my online shop later on today.

I have had fun introducing you to my sponsors…all of whom I am very proud to have an affiliation with through my blog. One of my most recent sponsors, Anna Kucura of Gracious Living by Design is a very talented designer whose work speaks for itself. Based in Alexandria, VA, I love her fresh take on traditional interiors. Fresh, elegant, inviting and cohesive. She has also received a few prestigious awards-


Best of Houzz 2014 Winner

Voted 2013 Best Interior Designer in Northern Virginia by readers of Virginia Living


Lets take a look at Gracious Living by Design in action…..

Mount Vernon Living Room 3


Mount Vernon Living Room 2

Mount Vernon Master Bedroom Mount Vernon Dining Room 2 Mount Vernon Dining Room


Always a thrill to discover someone new and I am delighted to introduce you to her if you don’t know of her already and show you some of her gorgeous work. There is also a video you must see highlighting her wonderful collection of interiors (shown below)

Old Town Living Room 2



Old Town Master Bathroom 2 Old Town Guest Bedroom Old Town Kitchen Old Town Kitchen 2

Belle Haven Study

And I was lucky enough to interview Anna, founder of Gracious Living? by Design who talks about her style, trends, what is in and out and her ‘dream client”. Welcome Anna…….


So how long have you been in business?
I began my career in the interior design field in 2003 and started my own firm, Gracious Living by Design in 2011.

Belle Haven Pateo

What is the focus of your design?work? Residential or Commercial?
My primary focus is residential interior design; however, I have completed projects in boutique office and retail spaces.? Homes really are my passion.

What is your “signature style”?
I purposely don?t ascribe to a signature style because my design philosophy is to interpret a client?s aesthetic preferences and help them bring their style to life.?? By guiding them to experience their surroundings in a new way, what they love about their home is enhanced.? My designs resemble a collage.? For example, I enjoy pairing classical forms with contemporary patterns or layering a variety of textures and finishes to add depth to an interior.

Who would your dream client be? And where?? Bill Gates because of his vision and creativity, in addition to his unlimited budget ? I would love to design a home for him on a private island.

How did you get started in the design business? Did you love it from an early age?
My passion for beautiful interiors began at an early age when I would pour over my parents? Architectural Digests and rearrange my playhouse constantly.? Interior design is a second career for me.? As with many people, September 11, 2001 caused me to rethink the way I was spending my time and I decided to follow my passion.

Old Town Foyer
?What are your inspirations?? Nature, my clients, historical design and the work of other designers.??Do you have a design hero?? Miles Redd is my design hero.? His designs are bold and captivating, yet livable.

Tell us three hard and fast rules we should all know when it comes to the basic principles of design?
???? Whether you are designing an entire room or staging a bookcase, balance will be the key to a successful outcome.? Consider the whole and make sure there aren?t areas that appear too heavy or too light.
???? It is important to have a stand-out element.? Placing emphasis on one aspect such as a beautiful architectural feature or a work of art is a must in every room.
???? Variety is the spice of life and is equally appealing in interior design.

Do you have a favorite color white paint that is a “go to”?? Benjamin Moore white dove OC-17

Mount Vernon Master Bedroom 2

Two things everyone can afford and add to their home to give that something special??
Art/Accessories and proper lighting

What current trends do you see now that you think have staying power and are worth investing in? Which are two steps out the door?
Staying Power:
???? Brass
???? High Gloss Finishes
???? Colorful Interiors

Two Steps Out the Door:
I think we?ll be saying goodbye to austere rooms composed solely of tone-on-tone grays and whites with linen-covered, bleached wood furniture.? The human brain naturally craves color.

Old Town Dining Room

And this wonderful video clip? (click on link below) sums up their design philosophy as all that is going on over at Gracious Living By Design…..

Gracious by Design- Anna Kucera

Fascinating Anna, thank you for sharing your expertise with us! I love brass and high gloss interiors, and am? so happy they are “in” and White Dove has? long been a part of my paint repertoire! How fun would it be to design a home for Bill? He seems like such nice , humble and sensible person…not to mention brilliant. Thank you Anna for this interview and for sharing your work with us. If you want to learn more about Anna click here to visit her website. Thank you again Anna and welcome aboard and to everyone else for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day and start to your weekend. Can you believe we are getting MORE snow? I don’t want to even think about it……..





Many thanks Anna and welcome aboard. Thank you everyone for stopping in and wishing all of you a fabulous day!

Say hello to the newest member of my online shop and a giveaway!

Hello and happy Wednesday morning, slowly adjusting to my new “home”. Slowly is the operative word:) I am, as said before indeed a creature of habit and don’t do well with change but I am also very stubborn and the combination can at times be toxic but also fuel to “keep on truckin” so here I am and even the tiniest little success (like adding a blog successfully to my blogroll) inspires me to? get up and do a happy dance. Still tweaking as we go along:) I hope to eventually report that WordPress was worth all the stress tears, screaming matches, wine and lost sleep.

Through this change I realized just how non tech savvy I really am. Here I was all smug thinking because I am now on Instagram that I “in the know”…ha! When everything and I do mean everything starts sounding like a foreign language, you know you have crossed over to the dark side:) RSS feeds, SEO, Genesis, plugins, huh?%#@*^*&^? Totally lost on me but have no fear I am marching on………….and learning despite the growing pains so thanks for coming along for the ride…I promise the best really is yet to come! And subscribing issues should all be worked out between today and tomorrow (to many of you who emailed me).

For all my fellow bloggers who had me on their blogrolls (thank you)! and who have had issues updating me on their feeds, below is my official feed address, please put this one into your blogroll and we should be good to go. I tested it on my blog and it works:) Thank you in advance for redoing this and for your patience:)


OK moving on to prettier and far more exciting subjects…my newest line! I have been a longtime fan of Antica Farmacista. I was hooked the very first time I was given one of the beautiful diffusers as a gift. My entire home smelled so heavenly…I was a fan for life! So I am super excited to be carrying the line in my online shop. They are now up as today on my online shop, click here to see!

As you know? my shop is a carefully curated one stop shop of all? things I love, from my beloved blue and whites to classic mainstays like silver and monogrammed linens, boxwood and belljars, and more. So this is a prefect compliment to my growing collection. I am carrying diffusers of all the scents I am featuring here and with some scents additional products like room sprays, bubble bath and lotion. I am “testing” out the line for now but hope to expand, this is by far not only the prettiest line of bath/body products but they are masters of the universe with their scents!! So a giveaway is in order!


I have chosen my five most favorite scents and am happy to announce by tomorrow, that they will up on my online shop…..woo hoo! There is nothing in the world like walking into a home that smells good! I keep the diffusers in all the bathrooms and have room sprays everywhere. I spray sheets with them and cannot get enough of the scents.

The moisturizing lotion is amongst one of the best I have ever used….I am a “lotionaholic” so trust me I know these things:) Take a look at how pretty, and how I wish you could smell through the computer screen! They are just “beyond”! Details on giveaway at bottom of post.

Had a little “photo sesh” with the new goodies…..

This is the Bergamot and Ocean Aria, a amazing concoction of soft jasmine, bergamot and lavender…so wonderful!

DSC_1012 DSC_1013 DSC_1015 DSC_1016 ? And Acqua as the name implies,? smells like a sea breeze with a subtle trace of slight sweet musk, yum!DSC_1017 DSC_1018 DSC_1019 ? And of course the original fragrance that made me a believer! The Peonia, Gardenia and Rosia. Heavenly combination of rose, peonies and gardenia!DSC_1020 DSC_1022 DSC_1023 DSC_1025 DSC_1026 And then there is Ala Moana when you want to take that vacation smell home with you…this reminds me of laying on a hammock on a deserted island, amazing scent of tuberose, gardenia, jasmine and plumeria…so good! ala-moana_500-ml-250-ml_00 ? And last a new scent, Spring blossoms? and in perfect timing for spring! A mesmerizing scent of spring….violet, jasmine, amber and a sweet musk, just amazing! spring-blossom_500-ml-250-ml_00

Yes I do take my scents very seriously! Everything is in stock and ready to ship so click here to see these wonderful new additions on my online shop!

OK onto that giveaway! One lucky winner will be getting a diffuser of her choice (whichever scent he/she wants). All you need to do is visit my shop site (click here)? come back here and tell me an item that tickled your fancy and that you would love to own (check out all the new lamps while you are at it:)!

That is it, you will be in the running and I will announce a winner on Friday morning. If you want a second entry, visit my Facebook page by clicking here and leave me a comment telling me something good:) Thanks for stopping in, hoping you have a fabulous day!

If you missed my post yesterday on my newest flowers, you do not want to miss it, click here……….

DSC_0988Think I may need to “waterlogue” this one..see I told you I was a tech guru:)

Flipping over flowers……..

Hello there and happy Monday….. OK here is a blog update for anyone who cares. I have decided to not do anything at this moment (changing back to blogger). I did if you will notice change my header back to an old and familiar one (some of you were having a hard time adjusting to so many changes at once) and I “get it” it so here’s a little familiarity while we all adjust together. So happy to have Jeanne (of I Dream Of) beautiful little ginger jars gracing my blog. They make me happy! I do like to change things up but want everyone to be comfortable as all this change is taking place….so this is a “work in progress”!

Many of you, my fellow bloggers have written that my feed for my blog is not updating. Thanks for telling me…..hope to have this corrected today, maybe even by the time you are reading this! There are still tweaks and things to iron out yet.? In a frantic heat of panic, I was thinking of going back to Blogger, just because it is familiar and easy, kind of like going “home”.? I know change is good but it can also be scary and trust me you have no idea what I went through for about 8 days…..I spared you the drama:) But there was A LOT! There is so much for me to learn but I am not a quitter and anyone who knows me well always hears me preach my mantra “some of the best moves you make in life are the ones you don’t”. So there. I am not making a move right now. Maybe never….who knows and then again, maybe next week:)? I am holding tight for the next week as we continue to tweak things and will reserve judgement until next week. To be continued…..jury is out:)

In the meantime, spring has sprung over here!!? I got in so? many fabulous goodies for my online shop, I am SO excited!! I get all giddy when something really special comes in. I found a great floral source, whose prices are also terrific. I am a fresh flower fanatic for anyone one knows me or has been coming to my blog for a while however there are times when they can be out of season, super expensive or just hard to find. Enter good faux flowers. There are “insiders secrets” on how to use them however:) My shop as stated from the getgo was a place for me to sell and share all that I love, I have always said I will only sell things I would buy and put in my own home and so far, I have stuck to that mantra. These are no exception and in fact my house is literally blooming with flowers at this very moment.


The orchids are amongst some of the best I have found but I still add my little “tied moss squares” just like is done with real orchids to give these a “real effect”. So far everyone thinks they are live orchids and that’s how I intend to keep it! This super large bowl is about 30″ round (huge) so you get the scale of this orchid!! The orchids come in three sizes, XL, large and med. The first one is the XL and the other is the med (2 stem). Best part is they are much less than the real ones and last forever!! Adding the moss and small moss squares tied with raffia adds that special “florist touch”……






IMG_1535 Kind of hard to believe these aren’t real…isn’t it?


Then there are the beautiful hydrangea stems. I buy fresh hydrangea on a regular basis and fill my blue and whites with them. So the? plant in my kitchen literally had only a few nearly dead heads on it, so guess what! I clipped a bunch of my new hydrangea stems and planted them right into the “real hydrangeas pots” and the result is nothing less than spectacular. No watering necessary, fresh blooms that just don’t quit:) Everyone will want to know “my secret”……







And the peonies…oh how I love this flower. God really knocked it out of the park when he created the most majestic flower of all, the peony. But why oh why do they die so fast!!!! Such a tragedy for such a magnificent flower to not last longer. Enter my new faux peonies! These are sold in small bunches and honestly are just gorgeous! I clustered two bunches together and I must say, it was love at first sight:)? What do you think?








How about these beautiful and delicate rose and hydrangeas bunches? Perfect for small bud vases and smaller scaled planters. I added them to my nightstand in my bedroom and they just add such an elegant flair to my room. I spray a little room spray on them and it is pure heavenly bliss:) The hydrangea (both blue and cream) are also sold by the stem….





Then you you put a bunch together and holy mama, is this gorgeous or what!!!! I added these to one of my beautiful silver planters on Sunday when I spent the day “playing” and I must say I really got excited when I saw how great it came out. It’s all about trial and error, imagination and a will to beautify! I then partially set my dining table and if I say so myself this put a little pep in my step and has me wanting to host a spring-y luncheon, brunch or who knows maybe Easter!!

IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0600 IMG_0602 And yes I am madly in love with my newest collection of China…..Royal Crown Derby Blue Mikado, so classic and elegant!! The charger is from my online shop as are the linens and monogrammed napkins:)



And last but not least my beloved cherry blossoms….oh how I love these. They add instant drama, elegance and beauty to any room they are used in. Just gorgeous! I have the pink in stock now, cream coming in next month.



DSC_1000And yes if you are noticing my beautiful cherub statue, I got it in last week!!! Came home to it and was so excited. It’s also now on my online shop click here to see………………


So….yes, you guessed right if you think I have been having fun “playing” because indeed I have. I love flowers, they just make me so happy and while I will of course continue to buy real flowers, I must say to have blooms that look so real, are always “in bloom” and will forgive you for not watering them ever, is mighty nice:) All flowers shown are in stock and for sale and are in the process of being added to my online shop. If you are interested in anything right now and cannot wait just contact me and I am happy to give you pricing and availability.? Many thanks for stopping in….wishing you a fabulous day and great start to your week:)


Need your help in deciding for the beach house contest…..too many great ones!

Hello there, it’s nice to be home, I have been very busy with SO much to do and catch up on. I must say however, I cannot lie though, I do miss those sunny skies, that warm tropical air and those wonderful island breezes (and the tropical drinks weren’t too bad either:)? I will be sharing more about my vacation, house updates, store biz and much more later this week. But all good things come to an end, and here I am! As you all know I announced earlier in the week a contest I was asked to create? over at Polyvore. I chose , as my theme, “Hanging in the Hampton’s beach house”? and to enter all you need to do is to create a mood board using at least 2 of the objects I had pre selected. Of the entrants, two will be chosen and they will each win a $500 gift certificate! Its a great contest and a fabulous honor for me to have been chosen by Polyvore.


Today is the last day to enter…so it’s not too late to enter! I am rather dumbfounded over how many entrants there are, and how many AMAZING ones to boot. So far I have it narrowed down to about 14,? that I am loving and that I think capture the essence of my ideal dream house really well. So this is where you come in! I have included them all here and would love your input. Of the two winners, one will be chosen by Polyvore and the other by me. So….if you were judging,? of these, which ONE would you vote for? Maybe you can help me make up my mind when I need to make my big decision tomorrow. Decisions, decisions………take a look and just use the poll to choose your fave.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, here we are snow free so that is a great thing:) However we are due to get a dusting tonight and if you can believe it possibly more accumulating snow on Wednesday. Nooooooooo…….we cant take another inch.Hope whatever you are up to today, is wonderful and relaxing. I might just pull out the big guns and make a big pot of beef bourgininonis. It is labor intensive but so worth it. Besides when the mood strikes and I channel my inner Julia Child I have a lot of fun in the process pretending i am in a cooking show and maybe sipping a little of the wine while I cook away.? Divine is how I would sum it up in one word. Way back when I shared my recipe, click here (scroll to bottom of Paris post) if you want to see it. It is beyond good…I promise. Now back to the business at hand, check out these boards!

I am warning you now, these are ALL incredible and this is most certainly not an easy choice:)
























Now do you see what I mean….HARD decision!!!!! These have me dreaming of a beach house in the worst way, nothing quite like it.? I cannot get over the talent here, to enter click here. The more the merrier besides who wouldn’t want to win $500 to spend over at Safavieh Home!? Even if you don’t want to enter it is worth it to click over to dream a little about chic beach house living…..I had so much fun being a part of this contest. Thank you Polyvore and thank you in advance for your input on the voting….I can see I could easily lose sleep over this decision:) Wishing you a fabulous Sunday!

I know this is a tough decision….so set it up that you can vote for your top TWO favorites!

Which would you choose?

Hi, first off……I am back! So well rested (and very well fed) and have lots to tell you. Back to business and ironing out all kinds of kinks while trying to get used to a new blog format. WordPress, while a great platform with its limitless possibilities is indeed a lot to learn. I (just giving you a heads up) may be switching back to blogger. Probably a first, I know. Call me a wimp or chicken but timing is everything and I simply do not have the time it takes to really learn it right now whereas with Blogger I am just so comfortable with it, its like going “home”. Not to say I will not make the switch permanently one day, which I probably will but don’t think the time is right now. So…..don’t be surprised if you see me back at blogger and it might even? mean my blog looking ugly for a day or two while? in transition (but rest assured I am on it like syrup on a pancake and soon enough things WILL look fabulous)!!!! All that said, I am going to see how today goes in trying to iron out some kinks and will make my decisions later today, to be continued…..


This post I had prepared last month but it sat in my draft box so figured it was a good day as any? to post it……….

Hi there, missed doing my “Which would you choose”…..Dec. and Christmas is staring to feel like a distant memory. Oh wait, my Christmas wreath is still up…not that distant:) Every season I “invest” in one or two really good handbags. I have bags that I have owned for over 12 and 14 years that I still, love and enjoy and use all the time.

To me handbags, like good coats, are great investments, at least the more classic ones are. I favor totes and top handles for everyday bags. I may or may not be in the market for one soon and I got busy looking and really admired a number of new beauties, so wondering if the handbag fairy stopped in to hand deliver a bag of your choice..which one would you choose? I look forward to hearing all about it…….




Alexander McQueen





Nina Ricci




Miu Miu










Bottega Venetta





Reed Krakoff




CHOICE 15404803_in_xl
So many to love….I would love one of each! Be sure to use the convenient poll to vote but feel free to leave a comment, you know I love to hear from you! You can vote for TWO favorites. When spending a lot on a bag it is almost always a neutral so I know I get a lot of mileage out of it…how about you? Mind you these are more in keeping with later winter/early spring colors. Come spring I will definitely do one featuring beautiful springy colors! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, mine is going to be busy catching up on so much and squeezing in dinner tonight with good friends. No snow is always a good thing over here though I am hearing rumblings of more on Wed….enough is enough!
A reminder-
Tomorrow is the last day to enter my amazing Polyvore contest “Hanging in the Hamptons beach house” where TWO lucky winners are going to each win a $500 gift certificate to Safavieh Home. Don’t miss out! Click here for all details!
Until next time…….


Say hello to my newest sponsor……Jamie Herzlinger and a winner!

Before I get started once I am back I have A LOT of small things to iron out on my blog, including continuing to add the names of many of? my blog friends. VERY IMPORTANT-Several of you have said you do not see my feed on your blogroll anymore, you need to add the new address PLEASE add

this should do the trick!!


Hello there. Hope this posts on time as I am en route back. First off want to announce the lucky winner of the gorgeous 6 Wilson giveaway! Congrats goes to-

Trudi says

Dear Tina, Love your new Header-blue and white! i like the sterling salt shaker at G. Wilson and also the ikat pillow.

Please email me to to claim your prize!

I am having such fun introducing all of my amazing sponsors to you. Many I am sure you might already know, and Jamie would surely be one of those! A nationally recognized name in the design world, Jamie’s beautiful work speaks for itself. I am so happy she decided to sponsor me and it my pleasure to be affiliated with her amazing body of work. She is one busy lady with a talented team by her side and all kinds of amazing ventures happening….she is most definitely a mover and a shaker (and a pretty one at that)!


Lets take a look at what Jamie and Co have been up to…….


Interior designer, Jamie Herzlinger, has established herself?as a sought after and well respected member of the industry over the past two?decades.??Herzlinger’s firm has?grown considerably in recent years and has enjoyed some fabulous press as of?late, including a coveted spot on Traditional?Home’s list of Top 20 Interior?Design Firms, as well as participating in the Kips Bay Show House in New York?and named in the Top 50?American Kitchens in Trends International?Magazine.? Jamie Herzlinger currently graces the cover of Interiors Magazine, which high lights one of her most recent project, located in Manhattan.

JAMIESHOP – Introduced in 2013


Nationally renowned interior designer, Jamie Herzlinger, revolutionizes the purchasing of luxury furnishings from any “to the trade” manufacturer, with her online buying service

JAMIESHOP.COM All the furnishings, wallpaper, lighting, fabrics, rugs and home accessories seen in magazines, such as Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home and House Beautiful, are now available for purchase at up to 40% off retail. JAMIESHOP.COM provides exclusive access to luxury interior design manufacturers at designer net prices.


We use White Glove Service for all furnishings, which means your piece will be inspected and delivered to your destination and placed in the exact location you choose. We work with credible “to the trade only” manufacturers and all merchandise includes a manufacturer’s warranty.? All you have to do is register at JAMIESHOP.COM and you can begin shopping!Benefits include –

??? ?Discounts up to 40% off retail

??? ?Exclusive access “to the trade only” manufacturers

??? ? No contracts

??? ? No risks

??? ? No hourly fees

??? ?You are a client of a nationally known and respected Interior Design Firm.


Her work has been everywhere that counts……






On top of the online shop, she has extended her services to include JH-Online – Developed this service in 2013 for those clients needing more guidance with their project.


JH ONLINE is a unique concept, whereby we can work together on the design of your room(s) via email.?? It is super easy and just as thorough and fun as working with me in person!? We have many successful projects and very happy clients.


What it entails- you send me photos of the areas that we would be working together on, along with a brief description of each area, as to what you would like to see happen. For instance, area rugs, furniture, accessories, window coverings, wall treatments, paint color, fabric selections.


Then we present you with a flat price for the work to be done.? You are always welcome to email as much as you would like, we want all of our clients to feel happy and secure as this is a wonderful process.? From there, we get started.


Our fees for purchasing are net cost, plus a service fee of 25%.? There are no contracts, no hourly fees, and once the design is complete, you are not required to purchase from us or owe us any fees.? Should you want to continue with purchasing, we then go into Jamieshop. Jamieshop is a unique service.? It gives the end user the ability to purchase from over five? hundred manufacturers that, for the most part, are to the trade only.? There is no contract, no hourly fees.? You can buy fabric from Schumacher, tables from Holly Hunt, a mirror from Bernhardt, lighting from Hinkley, etc.




JAMIE HERZLINGER SHOWROOM – Jamie’s most recent venture is the opening of her first showroom in January 2014, which combines all the services into one.


Jamie Herzlinger’s highly?anticipated showroom includes her signature custom furniture?line and is amongst the first of several for the Herzlinger brand across?the?country.


Herzlinger’s “Jewel Box” showroom will also?feature Herzlinger’s personally curated collection of her favorite resources,?such as exquisite and rare?antiques from Linda Horn, stunning period lighting?by Carlos de la Puente, and elegant handmade wall coverings by Studio E.


Clients have always looked to Herzlinger to not only design?their home but style their lives.??Now, with the Jamie Herzlinger showroom, everyone will?have access to?unique & custom pieces as well as access to a renowned interior design firm.??This concept is the key element that?sets Herzlinger’s?showroom apart from all others.




And have a look at some of spectacular rooms Jamie has done…..








?As a client of JH Online and Jamieshop, you automatically become a client of Jamie? Herzlinger Interiors and we handle all? the cuttings for approval, shipping, furniture finishes and all for a service? fee of 25%.? Shipping and freight, installation and taxes are all billed at time of occurrence.




Not only is she incredible talented but she is super busy! If you want to learn more about Jamie, her online shop and her design services click here.? If you are lucky enough to be in the New York area, then by all means you should visit her magnificent showroom located at 200 Lexington Suite 425, otherwise she has made it super convenient to shop her looks (and best part at discounted prices) with her online ventures. This is a name worth remembering,so thank you for stopping in and many thanks Jamie Herzlinger and welcome aboard!


Also only 3 more days to enter the POLYVORE contest on my “Hamptons Beach House contest”!! This is a great opportunity to win one of TWO $500.00 gift certificates to Safavieh Home. Click here for all details!


I am being featured on Polyvore, find out how you can win a $500.00 gift certificate!

Hi there, and happy Monday afternoon to you! Fingers crossed that this publishes on time….as I am away and have limited access to my computer. ?I am? really excited and so? honored to have been selected as one of 20 bloggers that caught the eye of uber popular Polyvore,? THE site to make fashion/home boards. It is the mover and shaker of what is new, fashionable and fabulous. I have been chosen to participate in their super popular contest, Project Decorate! I got to chose my very own theme and I went with “dream beach house”.


I was approached to participate in their Project Decorate, where I would design a mood board, then create a contest, I chose “Hangin’ in the Hamptons beach house“, it must have something to do with this brutal winter and subconsciously wanting and craving summer!


Click here ?to visit and participate in this contest! TWO lucky winners will be chosen to each win a $500.00 gift certificate!!

Here is a link to an “about me”-

A few questions you might have….

1. What/Who is Polyvore? “The” site to visit to get inspiration for fashion/home boards and decor ideas. A super user friendly platform to create just about anything

2. What is Project Decorate? A really cool idea where about 20 different bloggers (one each week) will each feature their style and create their own contest featuring about 20-30 objects. I was one of the lucky “chosen ones” and my contest is “Hangin in the Hamptons beach house”being featured starting today! I got to design my very own ideas for a dream beach house!

3. What about that prize? I was allowed to choose from any?store, and I chose Safavieh Home, because they offer so much, many great transitional looks perfect for beach house living, their prices cannot be beat AND (this is a big one) all enchanted?readers get an extra 15% off any purchase just by using the code “enchanted” (that’s like getting an extra $65.00 for free:) so that is $565.00 to spend at Safavieh Home any way you please…that could make someone very happy:)

4. How do you enter? So easy, you pop over look at my inspiration board, if you are so inclined and inspired to create a board yourself you will be in the running for a gift certificate from Polyvore to Safavieh Home for $500.00!!!

So if I have piqued your interest, please do stop over where I am being featured on their site today, click here for details. It is awfully exciting!! Thank you Polyvore…you have a fan in me for life!

Just take a look at some of the boards already created that were inspired by my contest….

A hello, a goodbye and welcome to my new site!!

Woo hoo! I finally did it? (even if backwards) and I do not say that lightly, under my seemingly light hearted updates on the debacle of my blog changes….trust me there were tears, screaming matches and even a few glasses of wine to get me through it. I had thought a lot in the last year about changing from blogger to WordPress but knew it is not without hiccups and being one who hates made me nervous. But on the last snowstorm, I impulsively decided to “go for it” and hired someone who lets just say did not share my vision. She in her unprofessional haste published the site before it was even close to being ready which is when all the chaos began….you have no idea, lets just leave it at that. So some of you got a sneak peek of things in action, which is not at all the debut I had planned!!

I envisioned a great big surprise, a grand splashy welcome so for some of you this might be anti climatic:) All good things worth having require some growing pains and this entire nightmare/experience was case in point. But the end result is exactly what I hoped and dreamed of and it is amazing when you hire the right person how they can turn it all around so fast. She “got” my vision and didn’t mind my sometimes annoying attention to the tiniest of details. So thank you Shannon of Theme Maiden, I think you are a rock star of blog programming!

I also want to thank uber talented artist and friend, Jeanne from I Dream of. I hired her to do the artwork you see gracing my blog….all those beautiful ginger jars, she made my exact vision come to life in such a beautiful way….talented lady!! Both of these ladies I simply cannot recommend highly enough!

So bear with me as I adjust to my new home, just getting my feet wet but I promise you the best is yet to come and I have a good feeling about things!! My blog roll is still being tweaked so if you were on it before and don’t see yourself there now, no worries, its still being added onto. Many new things to learn so it is going to take a bit of time!

I want to first announce? the winner of the gorgeous gardening trio from Angela’s Garden, congratulations goes to…….

Teresa of Splendid Sass

Please contact me at to claim your prize!

Now in case you are wondering why the goodbye in my post, I am headed on a much needed vacation, in fact by the time you read this I will be high in the sky heading off to somewhere warm:) After the week I have had this vacation means more than EVER! I do however have some exciting posts planned, and hope you will stop in on Monday for a big announcement and a contest where you can win a $500.00 gift certificate! There are also some other fun posts scheduled in my absence and I will be back on Friday hopefully well rested, well fed and ready to get back to business (learning WordPress for instance)!!

Thought this? was a perfect time to share a post on beach homes/coastal living….after the record amounts of snow we had had, it sounds better than ever. I first just have to show you just what I mean when I say record amounts of snow…..see demonstration A, B, C, D and E!

This is the small patio off our kitchen, the far right object if you can believe it is our BBQ!! Buried is an understatement……

IMG_1442 IMG_1443 IMG_1444 IMG_1446 IMG_1448That above is my patio……where you can barely see my patio furniture!!

And take a look at who really enjoyed the snow…..

DSC_0861DSC_0847DSC_0867 DSC_0886DSC_0870


Now do you see why a beach house, coastal living, warm sun and the ocean sound soooo good? So lets have a look at what I think defies the ultimate in beachy living in the most stylish of course:)

So for today, with sunshine, warm temps and tropical weather on my mind, I leave you with these images of what I would call the ultimate beach/vacation houses… to dream! Enjoy and be back soon……

?This would be a hard spot to leave…..Luscious Life



Dreamy coastal bedroom indeed!


?Love the colors and vibe, so fresh and welcoming! New England Home


Yes please!



Love this vibe for a coastal home….perfection! Verandah House


Guest rooms need not be jazzy, this is simple but oh so sweet and inviting, Anne Hepfer Designs


?Just love everything about this beachy bath….perfect! House Beautiful


Gotta have at least one room with bunkbeds! Laura Davidson



Doesn’t’ this feel kind of like the perfect beach house? kitchen? Louise Brooks



My idea of a perfect beach house….


Yes, this is the perfect beach house living room!



If you are lucky enough to have a big beach house, how amazing is this space!! Muskoka Design



Beautiful cabana, love the chaises in the pool! Coastal Living


Can you almost hear those ocean breezes? Me too…..Donna Elle Design



Does it get better than this? I don’t think so……



Aint’ that the truth!

This post has me so pumped up for warmer days ahead…spring never looked so good and I really cannot wait for summer! Something about the warmer air, bright sun and being outdoors just puts a pep in my step… the winter all I want to do is hibernate:) Hope you enjoyed this little virtual trip to the beach…..will miss you, but if you want to stay connected, follow me on Instagram! Just click on the little ginger jar icons on top right…….I promise I am getting better:) BON VOYAGE!!!!!!!


Also before I go, you must must must see the post from 6 Wilson and her fabulous pillows..she is my newest sponsor and offering an amazing giveaway. Click here to visit the post and to eligible. A winner will be selected next Friday.?

Say hello to my newest sponsor….6 Wilson, a giveaway and a winner!

First off welcome to? my new site!!!! This is not exactly how I planned for it to all “go down” but some things in life we just cannot control. My post tomorrow will explain everything, I promise (so we are doing things a bit backwards:) Hope you enjoy what you see…I despite, the growing pains and anxiety imposed upon me in the last few days over the chaos, am super excited and just love seeing this new blog come to life!

I am soooo sorry but all comments left since? this morning are now gone. The “official” switch from blogger to WordPress was done much sooner than I was expecting!! I am terribly sorry and hope you will leave another comment to be in the running and to welcome 6 Wilson.

Happy Valentines Day to all my sweet readers! To start things off I want to announce the winner of the KITCHEN LOVE contest!! I cannot believe how many votes were received over the three days of voting (over 3300)!!! So thank you for participating……congratulations goes to-


?Tara whose lovely kitchen is the winner!


Thank you for sharing it with us and of course to the lovely runner up….both such stunning spaces!

Tara, please contact me here to give me your shipping details so your prize can be on it’s way to your beautiful kitchen!

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And some of my favorite pillows from 6 Wilson…..















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Thank you for stopping in and many thanks Carol for your generosity, welcome aboard!!? Hope everyone has a super sweet day and whatever you are doing to celebrate may it put a smile on your face:) Happy Valentines Day…..cheers!!

There are tons of tweaks being done so not to worry, if you are missing from my blogroll, it is still very much being worked on along with many other things:) Thank you for stopping in, I promise you this little “hiccup” this week is just about over and soon enough it will be smooth sailing……..

Say hello to my newest sponsor……6 Wilson and a winner!!

As is obvious by now, my blog is going through a big change. (A good one in the end). So… the next day or so….you will soon be redirected to my new site! Just giving you a heads up so you know a change is on the horizon. Moving on to bigger and better….but not without a few hiccups:)

Happy Valentines Day to all my sweet readers! To start things off I want to announce the winner of the KITCHEN LOVE contest!! I cannot believe how many votes were received over the three days of voting (over 3300)!!! So thank you for participating……congratulations goes to-

 Tara whose lovely kitchen is the winner!

Thank you for sharing it with us and of course to the lovely runner up….both such stunning spaces!

Tara, please contact me here to give me your shipping details so your prize can be on it’s way to your beautiful kitchen!

 I  am so delighted to be here on this most romantic of days, Valentines Day with a new sponsor to introduce you to and one who has generously offered yet another fabulous giveaway!

Say hello to 6 Wilson, an amazing source for incredible pillows and unique one of a kind vintage items. Carol’s aesthetic is “so me” so I am delighted to have her aboard. Carol started 6 Wilson to combine her love of interior design, fashion and  Her pillows are soooo gorgeous and beautifully finished. Best part is they are also really well priced! Doesn’t get better than that.

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And some of my favorite pillows from 6 Wilson….

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Thank you for stopping in and many thanks Carol for your generosity, welcome aboard!!  Hope everyone has a super sweet day and whatever you are doing to celebrate may it put a smile on your face:) Happy Valentines Day…..cheers!!

Also last day to enter for the gardening giveaway by Angela’s Garden, its a fabulous giveaway. Click here to enter, will announce a winner tomorrow morning!