A new poll and a giveaway!


Good morning…OK this is what, I kid you not, that we woke up to this morning!! Shocker, it wasn’t even in the forecast and it’s still snowing! Enough to look pretty but also enough to remind me of how tired I am of winter and how we are all longing to see and smell fresh cut green grass and the sweet scent of freshly blooming flowers!!


Today I have set up a poll with regard to my online shop. If you have ever visited my online shop, hope you will participate! It is totally 100% anonymous so your honest opinions are most appreciated in helping me grow and offer what people are looking for. I am considering a shop site overhaul, a “new look” while staying true to my aesthetic. I also am expanding with a number of things and? its important to hear from you.



Also a reminder, only 3 more days to enter the Dining Room Love contest!! One lucky winner is going to receive a stunning ginger jar to grace her home. Don’t miss out!!!


  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)
  • ?I am capping this contest off with 60 pictures (so get them in so yours will be part of the 60)!

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd

Email me your pictures to theenchantedhome@gmail.com


So thank you for taking the time to go through the 14 questions, shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. For your time, I am offering a giveaway…..a beautiful Antica Farmacista diffuser!


Just leave a comment telling me that you have participated in the poll and you will be in the running. I will announce a winner on Wednesday. Ready to get started? Here we go……


Many thanks as always for stopping in! Wishing you a wonderful day and a great productive start to your week….thanks in advance for taking to participate:) Until next time……



Weekend random musings……

Hello there, finally we are starting the big thaw. We are hovering in the 50’s and it feels great, even if its rainy, I will take it! So what are you up to this weekend? Over here, its a low key weekend, dinner with a few favorite couples last night, going to see my sons new apt in NYC and supposed to go to a tango show!? I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and really liked it, love Wes Anderson’s theatrical approach to film making? and the cinematography was fabulous as was the all star cast.

I also love foreign movies and am hoping to see Childs Pose which is said to be excellent and considered to be a big contender for a few awards. I continue to plod along with my various house projects, some are slow going but worth the effort and patience, better to get exactly what you want!




MASTER BEDROOM. Yes, it is finally coming together. And all good things do come to those who wait! I really am loving the way its all come together. I found the most gorgeous fabric (thank you Beacon Hill for creating it) that is the perfect finishing touch for my room. Having chairs and a bench redone in it….it is STUNNING! I continue to look for art and have ordered two mirrors and then I hope to do a “big reveal” of my completed room! The best part about this fabric is its reversible….for the two main chairs, I am doing the side with the pale blue background but will switch to the other side most likely for a few other pieces….

Here are snippets….(the lighting was horrible, it was a dreary day and these were taken with my iPhone)

IMG_0956 IMG_0955 IMG_0954 IMG_0953 IMG_0952 IMG_0960

This is a very old chair (have had it 20 years ) from Century, which is in my closet, I am going to use the same fabric but possibly on the reverse side, cannot decide between the two chairs or……IMG_0963

I like the idea of the bench under the window too…could do a pair. Its very pretty bench, horrible picture, it was a dreary dark day but you get the idea!IMG_0964 IMG_0966 IMG_0968



e Design projects– Busy working on 3 projects right now. Gathered some beautiful fabrics as per the clients “look” that she is after and love the effect…..if you are interested in e Design contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com. It’s really gratifying to work with someone and achieve the room of their dreams…….I will hope to share these when completed, but it admittedly takes a while.

IMG_0938 IMG_0935 IMG_0931 IMG_0930



CHERRY BLOSSOMS. Finally got in my new batch of blossoms, they will be added within the day to my shop site as I know a few were waiting on them. The length is actually ideal about 42″, long enough to be dramatic but not overly so to overwhelm a space….they make me feel like spring is in the air! (and yes the tags have since come off)!

IMG_0951 IMG_0950


SHOP NEWS. So many things happening. I have so many ideas/plans but need to pace myself. One goal is a shop site overhaul. I cannot believe I have been at it almost 2 years..crazy!!! So I think a little facelift is in order, while keeping the flavor and feel of my style.

The most exiting thing is the development of my own tole line! You heard right. I have been a long time fan of tole, forever and always wanted to create my own line. Well long story but I was able to connect with someone who has a small factory and we are working on my initial order..woo hoo! Got some of the samples in which are GORGEOUS!

Best part is I will be able to offer them at a substantial discount given I am buying them direct, so a tea caddy that might be a few hundred dollars I might sell for about $100. These are all handpainted and truly exquisite. i am going to offer them in several colors….VERY excited about this!

I will be getting in trays, tea caddy’s, tea caddy lamps, planters and wastepaper baskets!


IMG_0947 IMG_0949 IMG_0948 IMG_0946 IMG_0945 IMG_0944 IMG_0943

These samples are for sale….if interested contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com.



Also got some new porcelains in, these are very large about 23″ and chunky, and stunning!!!! These are 23.5 and 24″ by about 12″ so tall and very chunky! More to come……you can see these here at my online shop.

6688899_orig 5200335_orig 9238769_origAnd love this new footbath, jar? and bowl…..


4814630 2380650 2479838


Getting in some really great pictures for my DINING ROOM LOVE contest! I hope you will join in…Sunday is a perfect day to have a little photo shoot in your dining room! 3 days left to enter!



  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)
  • ?I am capping this contest off with 60 pictures (so get them in so yours will be part of the 60)!

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd

Email me your pictures to theenchantedhome@gmail.com


Which would you choose?

Hello…..hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start. Here, some rain but the temps are finally creeping up a bit and it feels good….spring really might come!? I am continuing to put the finishing touches on my bedroom and am so pleased with how its come out.

A bedroom to me should be your refuge, a place to go to feel calm and ” get away”. So my post today is all about what you love in a bedroom. For some,? they prefer quiet tranquil spaces, others need color and personality…..there’s a little bit of everything here. So you know the drill, just imagine the bedroom fairies have paid you a visit and will grant you the bedroom of your choice…..so which would you choose?











CHOICE 42007968ab1aaba4954975c96a30c221c


CHOICE 58bc36e7c1a05bbe2d452c0d90cd2861b


CHOICE 6c770ecd935a017e11e267b890060b57c


CHOICE 78b6e35790c3e6fe0a081196c37965d5b


CHOICE 8 bd7f040bd03002cd1e3a73ecbd19f2bf


CHOICE 9d3ab78f95e2269488d2478c643b9faeb


CHOICE 107d066681f341075b7c8e31170a4d7dba


CHOICE 114a01e7cb6017c3701c72f631a41ad3b6


CHOICE 126cff75e4b4357e68474caf0271f5f390





CHOICE 14974325c2cd09ab40363c3fbc9c42aeb6


Well if this doesn’t make you want to go and jump back in bed, don’t know what will! Nothing like a luxurious bedroom to come home to. Even if I have had a rough day, I can always count on my bedroom aka sanctuary to soothe and calm me….to me, its the one room in the house that you should go all the way with. Afterall you spend at least 8-10 hours a day there! So your turn, pick two faves and tell me what you think makes up a fabulous bedroom. Sweet dreams and thanks for stopping in….wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Only 5 more days to enter my DINING ROOM LOVE contest!!



  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)
  • ?I am capping this contest off with 60 pictures (so get them in so yours will be part of the 60)!

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd



Murals, Chinoiserie and other magnificent wall treatments…..

Hello there. I, as many of you know who have been following me along, know that I have been wanting, dreaming and planning to put chinoiserie panels up on my dining room walls. Its been quite a saga and is most definitely a process. First it starts with coming up with a palette then you wait for a “strikeoff” or sample (can take up to 4-5 weeks) for each sample.Having a surplus of patience really helps here!

So months can slip by just? getting samples back and forth. Then there’s a hiccup and you meet an artist whose works really captivates you then you start thinking maybe a mural is the way to go. That way the artist on sight can tweak things on premise right before your very eyes! Yes, there are advantages either way and no matter how you slice it, either one is a magnificent way to add something very special to any room!

So this happened to me, and I have been in limbo deciding between the two. I am waiting on a final sample of the chinoiserie but 99% that is the route I am going, it was my hunch all along and I just know it will be gorgeous.? I really really would love to have this by June when my son graduates (and we are possibly throwing him a party) which would be our first real party in this house (not including family parties).

I am however confident that whatever I do its going to be amazing and will add so much to the dining room. I can hardly wait. Once completed I will only have the drapes to consider and for that I am doing simple billowy light silk neutral Dupioni drapes with a gorgeous trim to pick up the blues and creams. Simple and elegant.

So today’s post is all about ways to dress up the walls with chionoiserie, murals and? wallpaper. Do you have a favorite? Perhaps have one in your own home? Feel free to weigh in, always love to hear from you! So lets take a look at all the pretty ways to dress up the walls…….

? 0207918edc50042256bcc442f9d0c38f The stunning soft muted colorway here is breathtaking, Belgian Pearls6e6adcaad88d58b97c536610697b16c1 Richard Keith Langham created this magnificent formal dining room, love the antiqued feeling of the mural holden-DR Beautiful colorway in this fabulous dining groom by Holden and Dupuy Mary-McDonald Mary McDonald used this beautiful mural by Paul Montgomery to create this iconic bedroom ? e6ee04449ea78d11edb721d03235e5fc A wonderful wall treatment can take you to far away places……..Dustjacket Attic cm1 Do I even have to tell you? how much I love this:) 9259185c33ae5e8bfe5736f5fed35a92 Love the way this chinoiserie transformed this foyer/stairhall, Paul Montgomery gracie-elle-decir Always loved Aerin Lauder’s beautiful dressing area by Gracie Paper scott1 How amazing is this? Scott Waterman, a master craftsman ? mj36 Can we talk about how precious and sophisticated this is? Martensen and Jones 31_large-de-gournay Love this hallway, de Gournay panels.1and2.01 This is a breathtaking mural in progress by Scott Waterman ? debiunnamedSpectacular dining room of my reader…….wow!! There are murals and there are MURALS! Boca Grande beach house Florida Architectural Digest Beautiful take on chinoiserie in this elegant dining room, AD de-gournay-8 Wonderful exotic mural in this grand bathroom by de Gournay Chinoiserie wall mural wallpaper And if you need something really fabulous and “wake up worthy” to get up to every morning……Woodson and Rumerfield debi22unnamedOther glorious views of my readers magnificent dining rooms murals udebieownnamed Classic-Wall-Murals-in-Dining-Rooms I love the exotic Indian inspired scene in this gorgeous handpainted mural…….some just take you away to far and exotic lands bf804799a406f0e610cdd6cc183cfc10 This kitchen’s mural on both ceiling and walls is out of this world, House Beautiful bd66c182a706ee9685074a503dff446b A chinoiserie in small intimate spaces like a powder room can create that jewel box effect that is so magical Paradise001L A gorgeous subtle mural can add such elegant and dimension to any room, Decorative Imaging degournay1 de Gournay always leaves me breathless Susquehana-660x360 Another interesting way to approach using a mural, to have it painted inside “boxes” created with molding, Paul Montgomery 17_large Always have loved this fabulous room by Joseph Minton, just stunning!

So….what do you think? It could almost make painted walls feel a little boring! I absolutely love it and just cannot wait for my dining room to fully come together, I just know its going to be the crowning touch. As always I love to know your thoughts so weigh in and tell me what you think, maybe you have or have had a mural/chinoiserie?? Wishing you a fabulous day…..speak again soon!


Please send in your dining room pictures for my DINING ROOM LOVE contest…..less than a week left!


  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)
  • ?I am capping this contest off with 60 pictures (so get them in so yours will be part of the 60)!

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd


Say hello to my newest sponsor, Vicki of Le Petit Bijou

Good morning! I think its safe to say that at some point in ones life, we have all dreamed of packing up a suitcase, leaving behind our mundane lives and hightailing it to France to test our true Francophile devotion. I mean, come on just the name France gets my heart racing…is there anywhere more magical, inspirational, naturally beautiful, architecturally awe inspiring, than France?

Every time I go, I see it with a new set of eager eyes that cannot take it all in fast enough. The last time we went, we had the good fortune of getting down to Provence and Avignon….it was pure heaven. One of those rare places that was more magical in person than we could have even imagined. We vowed to go back again sooner than later (that was about 4 years ago) so I think I better tell my husband that both the sooner and the later have passed and it’s time for a revisit.

It seems like the idea of renting a private home/apt. is really catching on.And today s incredible rental in Provence, Le Petit Bijou,? I forewarn you will have you too wanting to plot a trip there faster than you can dial your airline. Vicki, the super stylish doyenne of French Essence bought and lovingly restored this incredible charmer located convenient in the heart of Saint R?my-de-Provence.

This woman is sooooo talented and her obvious gift for everything beautiful is evident in every inch of this wonderful jewel box of a home. So……enough of me, lets hear from Vicki and share with you this amazing place known as Le Petit Bijou. Welcome……


Le Petit Bijou is a village house in the historic center of Saint R?my-de-Provence. As you know the house is in much the same style as Mas de B?rard as featured in Vicki?s book, ?My French Life? and is decorated and equipped to a very high standard.


I?ve attached a summary that details Le Petit Bijou and rental rates. We?ve deliberately looked to create something that works for those who would like to discover Provence in a stylish way. It is all about providing a supremely comfortable retreat after a day in Provence.

And do come in…..


Being in the center of Saint R?my-de-Provence also means that village life is right on the doorstep. There is no need for a car if you are happy to potter about the village. Restaurants, a small supermarket and the boulangerie are a minute or two?s walk from the front door.


Everything is very close yet the street is tranquil being away from the main pedestrian thoroughfares. The Wednesday market is about three minutes? walk so everything is very close to hand.


As you know Saint R?my is ideally situated for day trips to Avignon, Arles, Aix-en-Provence and Marseille. The Luberon is 30 minutes away and the Camargue is about an hour. The main problem is there is so much to see and do!


We do both weekly and a minimum of three day house rentals (except in the Summer of 2014 with a minimum of a week ? an exception is made in this case). The house has two bedrooms and sleeps four people (two double beds). Reservations can be made upon payment of 50% of the rental with the balance two months prior to the date of arrival.


You can click on the following link for more specifics/ rental rate info? or email Vicki at vicki@vickiarcher.com.

Le Petit Bijou 2014 Description 140107


Does this have you daydreaming of a trip and skipping through the lavender fields and coming home to your own little Le Petit Bijou to relax with a latte in? hand? Yes me too and something tells me we have a lot of company! Vicki you have done a spectacular job of keeping that charming and very much unmistakable French rustic elegant vibe alive here……it is a dream! And a dream that can become a reality as its for rent year round!!! However its a popular little place and in high demand (understandable).

Thank you for sharing it with us. If you are not a fan already of the amazing and always stylish French Essence, you must! It is one blog not to be missed, click here to visit French Essence.

Thank you everyone for stopping in and to Vicki, welcome aboard and thank you for sharing with us, this incredible French jewel!

Again, you can click on this? link for more specifics/ rental rate info? or email Vicki at vicki@vickiarcher.com.

One caveat, if you should? rent Le Petit Bijou, you have to invite me as a? houseguest….think of it as my “finders fee” lol. Just kidding….but of course if you really want to invite me, I won’t turn it down:)


And do not forget to send in your dining room pictures!! Contest rules below-


  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd

Pinterest pretties part 2

Good evening…..ever have one of those weeks where you are trying (in vain) to catch up but feel like that gerbil on the wheel who is huffing and puffing with all his might? That is me lately!! I am juggling many balls but things should settle down soon….and it cannot happen a moment too soon!

This post, I had prepared about a month or so ago (when I was home bound being sick), then it got put back in my draft box and forgotten about (temporarily).? I said I would share with you periodically? a board that I am really loving and no week does it feel more appropriate to share pictures from my Pinterest “Food fun“? than this week coming off the heels of being home bound due to ridiculously cold, icy, snowy weather.

I cannot look at this post however, on an empty stomach otherwise I am doomed! I forewarn you now, if you are hungry, walk away, just walk away NOW. If you are full and can look with amusement then you must feast your eyes on all of these delectable goodies. Some are just so beautiful and creative, others are just down and dirty deliciously decadent. Whatever they are…life is too short to not enjoy great food!

So without further ado may I present to you my board, Food fun…….

A masterpiece that I bet is heavenly too!

This is downright cruel….they are called Salted Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Snickers Bars! Think they are dietetic:)

?Hot crab dip with crostinis….come to mama!
?Can you believe these are cookies!! Works of art
?White Christmas sangria…..love it!
This is too pretty to cut into…amazing!5034fb304c90aa69a4af97d2fb650b60
Love this elegant appetizer…
This has my name all over it….peanut butter ice cream and brownie cookies? Hello!34ca4135a4752a0ed005c74a1ad9b73d
This looks good AND is healthy!
?This is nothing short of a masterpiece…..the ultimate holiday dessert, so elegant
Warm fennel and Parmesan dip…..oh boy!
Chocolate chip cheesecake parfaits, as pretty as they are I am sure divine!

Give me a slab of a cured meat, olive,? some fig jam, cheese and bread and I am? happy happy girl!

Grape and ricotta crostini..you know it has to be good
?How gorgeous is this cake!!
?A beautiful basket of heirloom tomatoes…yummy

How clever is this? Spider cookies for Halloween (just take a toothpick and draw legs from melted chocolate..brilliant)!

?Cast skillet nachos….perfect for the big game day!
?I love this, a log cabin made out of pretzel rods…so clever and darling!
?So beautiful flowers petals frozen in ice cubes chilling with a bottle of champagne, gorgeous
One of my favorite things…..rock shrimp cerviche, so delicious
Love a big basket of cheese, salami and fruits..who needs a meal!

So gorgeous!

?Rock candy cupcakes…pretty and I bet so yummy too!
My own spaghetti carbonara recipe…and yes it is ridiculously good!
Bring on the? milk…Lady Baltimore cake…decadent!
Broad bean brushetta, have to try this one
If I were having an Oscar party, I would have to get these, so cute!
Hungry yet? Me too! I love cooking, creating and mostly eating great food:)? But I am sure,? like me, you are now craving something delicious and I certainly don’t want to be responsible for any binges out there! And come to think of it, I am craving an evening snack:) If you want to see more of this board or any of my other boards click here.
(I often get emails from people asking me for recipes of things I feature, if you go to the Food fun board and click on picture of item you are interested in it will take you to original site with recipes)
Happy eating! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping in , hope you enjoy your week!
If you missed my post on current Steals and Deals click here. There is not much left but a few things, I have updated the to reflect what is still for sale.
And do not forget to send in your dining room pictures!! Contest rules below-


  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd

A whopper of a Steals and deals !!

Hello! Blame it on spring and hoping and willing it to come…..I took it upon myself to clean out a big storage area during the last week and I have and found all kinds of wonderful goodies, that warranted another round of steals and deals. Plus its been a while so one was overdue!. I offer these at significantly discounted prices so its a great opportunity to stock up on something that you may have had your eye on.

Most things here I only have a few of but in some cases I have several. So you know the drill, see something you like? Just email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with item number (please only refer to item number) as I get a ton of emails and it makes it so much easier to refer to a number. If its available you will receive an invoice that same day. All invoices are expected to be paid within 24 hours…generally these goodies ship out right away, so its instant gratification. I ended up having much more than I originally thought. Best part!

So ready to see the goods? Here we go……

Hi as of Monday morning I have updated my post to reflect what is still available….thanks for your interest!



1. Red chef jars. Found 3 sets! These sold out right away…wonderful metal handpainted chef jars, so pretty in a kitchen, great for holding utensils and one person used them as bookends:) $48.00



2. Silver Pheasants (1 pair) These are nickel/silver and best part do not require polishing! $60.00 SOLD

IMG_1728 IMG_1727 IMG_1726

3. French kitchen towels. Comes in sets of 2’s. Black and white or blue and white (3 sets each color) $18.00 for 3 towels ONE SET OF BLK. LEFT




bb_kt4. Blue and white oven mitts and gloves (3 of each) $8.00 for the mitt and 5.00 for the potholder SOLD



5. Leaf plates, set of 3 (2 sets) beautiful green leaf plates, wonderful for hanging decorating or serving! $24.00 for 3 SOLD

IMG_0883 IMG_0882 IMG_0881


6. Gorgeous silver and etched glass bowl..beautiful decorative bowl about 10″ round $45.00 SOLD

IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1707

7. Seda France candles, three different scents, all gorgeous some of my most favorite candles! $25.00 each (holiday scent and the new Grapefruit) 4 of each 2 HOLIDAY LEFT 2 GRAPEFRUIT



8. Serving pieces (have a few of each) Gorgeous weighty quality…..

cake spade $20 1 LEFT


3 piece crystal handled cheese st $30.00 1 LEFT



9. Gorgeous oversized monogrammed linens. Just stunning! A FEW LETTERS LEFT NO MORE L

Guest towels sets of 3 $20.00

White linen with ecru monogram letters S, L, R, O, K, G

White linen with white monogram letter A, G

Ecru linen with black monogram letter

Cocktail napkins set of 6 $18.00

White linen cocktail napkins with ecru letter (set of 6) D, N

DSC_0079 aadf DSC_0565 images


10. Darling “Herend like” blue and white elephant 6.5′ x 5″ $20.00 (4) 1 LEFT


11. Super popular serving pieces-

11A.Gorgeous silver spades/servers ( 4 available) $20.00 SOLD

IMG_0876 IMG_0875


11B.Antler and silver soup ladle $18.00 (3 available) LADLE IS TO THE RIGHT 1 LEFT



12. Solid brass letter openers $8.00 each (12 available) tennis, sword, flowers, pagoda, pineapple A FEW ASSORTED ONES LEFT

IMG_1723 IMG_1722


13.Stunning white pagoda/floral plates, beautifully embossed detailing. Set of 6 salad/appetizer plates $35.00 SOLD

IMG_1713 IMG_1712 IMG_1714

14.Silver filigree wine holder $20.00 (2 available) SOLD

IMG_1725 IMG_1724


15.Set of 3 silver cake spades/servers in black velvet box $25.00 (3 available) 1 LEFTIMG_1711


16. Pretty set of 4 horn and silver appetizer spreaders $14.00 ( 2 sets) SOLD

IMG_1719 IMG_1718

17. Gorgeous silver heavy pagoda box, lid comes up so could be beautiful with a candle inside. About 11″ high $40.00 SOLD




18. Beautiful? painted coastal/sea tureen, ladle and platter. If only I had a beach house….love this piece! A steal at $75.00 SOLD


19. An assortment of in stock custom napkins rings, normally they are $56.00 these are $42.00 Please email me for specific styles/ animals, have about 50 pieces in stock. These are heavy, hand made of a silver/nickel/pewter composite and are just beyond beautiful! A FEW LEFT CONTACT ME FOR SPECIFICS



20. Beautiful vanity/bathroom jars and boxes….was so surprised to find these!

Set of 3 silver etched jars $62.00 SOLD


Set of 3 wreath topped jars $62.00 SOLD



Gorgeous decorative box with filigree detailing $25.00 (4 available)? 5″ tall SOLD



21. Gold (brass) serving forks $6.00 each! (I have 10) SOLD



22. Charming blue and white decorative objects $12 each, starfish, shell, and sea horse SOLD

moKrbMEoILoeWJf6OM7-Wvw 400490805 $(KGrHqNHJEwFIp7bQ6ZuBSKjZh7K!Q~~60_35


23. French writing aprons, really charming (made in France) $30.00 (half of what they sold for). These are full aprons and beautiful quality.? I have 3. 1 APRON LEFT

IMG_1721 IMG_1720

24. Guest towel holders, elegant way to display guest towels in a bathroom/powder room. $45.00

Gold crown design (3 available) 1 LEFT


Garland in silver(4 available) 1 LEFT

W667 W684

Silver trellis (3 available) SOLD


25. Peacock/pheasant placecards..charming silver placecards. Sets of 4 only $12.00 3 SETS LEFT


26. Wonderful napkin rings- choice of fleur de lis, picture frame or heart. Sets of 4 only $10.00 for 4! FRAMES ARE SOLD Other styles are available

IMG_1700 IMG_1699 IMG_1698 IMG_1697

27. Wonderful set of white anduze planters ( 2 sets) $30.00 (2 sets) 1 SET LEFT


28. Gorgeous 15′ tall Mottahedeh inspired Tobacco Leaf vase…just gorgeous! $135.00 SOLD

DSC_0101 DSC_0102 DSC_0103



29. One set of 4, Vagabond House “equestrian bit” napkin rings, solid pewter $90.00 for 4 (sells for $120) AVAILABLE

IMG_1703 IMG_1702

30. Beautiful luncheon/salad/appetizer set of 4 chinoiserie teapot plates $25.00 for 4 (3 sets) 1 SET LEFT

IMG_1729 IMG_1730 IMG_1731


31. Stunning Mottahedeh replica pheasants….these retailed for $245.00. The pair is $90.00….magnificent! (3 pair) 1 PAIR LEFT

IMG_0873 IMG_0874


32. Beautiful blue and white trellis planter $22.00? about 11″ tall (2 available) SOLD

IMG_0880 IMG_0878


33. Gorgeous leather bags. I was going to carry this line but the minimums were too large so I have a few sample pieces up for sale. Take full advantage of them being sold at near cost!! Stunning bags, very elegant (1-2 of each style shown). I only have these and this is it, a very very chic bag with separate removable should strap. Has zippered pocket compartment and cell phone holder. 15′ x 6″ x 14″

The two tone leather is 195.00 (retails for $310) 1 ORANGE AND CAMEL BAG LEFT, BLACK AND CAMEL IS SOLD

IMG_0861 IMG_0862 IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0866


The leather and ostrich embossed bag retails for $470 and is $265.00. SOLD

IMG_0867 IMG_0868


34. These absolutely stunning Italian woven leather makeup bags are very “Bottege Veneta” less a few hundred dollars! They are the softest leather, super chic way to carry your makeup and a perfect size about 7″ and roomy. I have 2-3 of each color. These are being offered at $60.00 special promotional price but will soon be added to my online shop for a still discounted selling price of $72.00.

Blue, cream, orange, red, brown, yellow ALL SOLD BUT HAVE ONE CREAM LEFT

IMG_0869 IMG_0870 IMG_0871 IMG_0872


35.Beautiful pair of cream, gold and pale apricot scalloped planters 7″ x 6″ $75.00 for the pair (retails for $115) AVAILABLE


36. Darling whimsical pairs of black and yellow lab salt and peppers. Was happy to find a few more of these cuties! $12.00 a pair specify black or yellow lab SOLD

DSC_0608 IMG_1402


So there you have it, believe it or not there are still a few more things not here but they will make it to the next round for sure. Its time consuming, to sort, price, photograph,etc….and I was able to do the bulk of it.? If you see something that you simply must have, please email me with item number (please not description).

The number is next to every description on top of picture. I will let you know promptly if its available and if it is,? will send an invoice right away. That’s it! I expect payment within 24 hours as these things are ready to go……thanks so much for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day and end to your weekend……

Email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com

Also don’t forget I announced my DINING ROOM LOVE contest a few days ago……


  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd

The belljars are ringing!

Hello and happy Friday morning to you! I have had an insanely busy week…..hence my lack of posts. I had every intention of posting a “steals and deals” today which is chock full of great buys but I am not quite done with it as I had to work on it when I had bits of time….hopefully? will finish it up later today and tomorrow I will post otherwise on Sunday. I took a local design job to help someone finish 5 bedrooms in one fell swoop and am working on 3? e design projects so I have been really busy as of late, all good things and a kind of busy I enjoy but find any down time to be a total luxury.

This is a really short post (for me) but I wanted to share my newly installed belljars! I had waited for these for 5 long months and finally they came. They are from my belljar collection and this is the vert. feather design which is so gorgeous and elegant, it was the perfect choice for my hallway. These pictures were taken with my iPhone but you get the idea. Say hello to my newest belljars………….


IMG_1692 IMG_1690 IMG_1689 IMG_1688 IMG_1687

This is the smaller hallway which is part of the back foyer which runs off of main hallway, we added two hereIMG_1686 IMG_1685 IMG_1684 IMG_1691

I have to say I could not be happier with how they turned out……now waiting on my electrician to come install the dimmer switch and we are all set!


If you want to see my entire belljar collection click here. Hope you have a wonderful end to your week and a great weekend. Believe it or not, we are getting to the high 50’s in these parts and that is BIG news! It won’t last very long but we are going to enjoy this mild burst of weather while its here!? Hope wherever you are the sun is shining:)


I announced a few days ago the start of my DINING ROOM LOVE contest and I have already started receiving some wonderful pictures…keep them coming. It can be anything related to your dining room, rules are below!


  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd

Dining Room Love and a new contest!


Hello there….how are things in your neck of the woods? Here we are actually finally having some milder temps, hey even the 40’s sounds good after the winter we had…brutal! The snow is finally melting and it looks like spring might decide to show up afterall:)

I am excited to announce my next contest…..Dining Room Love. I have had so much fun and success with all the other contests, from Holiday Love, to Blue and White Love and my last Kitchen Love was a showstopper!? So……I am thrilled to announce this fun contest. Think your dining room is worth sharing with the world?? Then by all means send it in! A few rules-

  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)
  • This contest is only open to entrants in The United States (others are welcome to send in their pictures but the winner has to be in the U.S.)

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd.? One lucky winner is going to receive either a gorgeous blue and white ginger jar or a set of monogrammed dinner napkins.? Thought it would be fun to include some gorgeous dining room images just in case you wanted some inspiration……


William Litchfield……absolutely love this room. Just gorgeous!e45ffe112e29e6a05d6f2320a68c4856

Gorgeous in every way….Foo Dog ate my homework


How gorgeous is this room? Veranda101d0edadf91e1bb58e61ed6fc233fd5

Elegance personified…love this. The Fuller Review


Love this coastal elegant dining room, Arch Digest

52b8029a0d5df18de31739e25ea23a4fAbsolutely love this space….my favorite color palette and just check out those floors!!! Cote De Texas


I like the simple, clean lines here, very “Napa Valley-ish”


This light filled dining room is both inviting and glamorous, Arch Digest


I have always loved this room……so serene and elegant, Douglas Newby40bd5bf7b84559cb9c3052730e572565

This is seriously beautiful and so luxurious, Scott Snyder


I love the feeling of this room….the orange seats are a wonderful jolt of uplifting color!


Gorgeous inviting warm feeling dining room, Blueeggbrownnest


David Easton knocked it out of the park with this fabulous room……..oh that paper, those chairs, love it all!


Ferguson and Shamaian created this beautiful space….not overly formal but so very pretty!


So what are you waiting for? Go grab a camera or your phone and send your pictures in! I cannot wait to get them, once again send them to theenchantedhome@gmail.com. Thank you so much for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day.

Say hello to my newest sponsor, Fresh Flowers and Featherbeds and a winner!

Good Tuesday morning to you….how nice that we are finally getting into the 50’s this week, this is big news around here! I first want to announce the very lucky winner of the wonderful pair of pillows from Studio Tullia. Remember today is the last day to take advantage of the extra 10% off in her shop (use the code ENCHANTEDHOME). Click here to see the gorgeousness. Congratulations goes to……

Result: 17

Nancy says


Chiang Mai Dragon for me! I marked her Etsy site as a favorite, and will be back to shop!

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to provide your shipping details.


Moving along……I have really enjoyed introducing my various sponsors to you and hope you have equally enjoyed getting to know them. Today’s sponsor is a lot of fun, meet Eliza Beth from Fresh Flowers and Featherbeds. With a name like that you know she has to be onto something fabulous! Eliza Beth is a newer blogger and someone (a girl after my own heart) who is knee deep in the building/renovation process. I have a whole new found respect for anyone who takes it on……she really seems to know her stuff and I am amazed at her thoroughness and obvious organization.

She has a wonderful project that is just getting started, one that she wanted to be able to share through her blog. I can relate as that is precisely what got me involved in blogging in the first place. Now that I am on the other end, I really enjoy following the process along with other people (all the while feeling really happy its not me again:) I think this project sounds pretty amazing and if you are a lover of great home design, watching something bloom from the ground up,? architecture and? design in general…I think you will want to be sure you start following Eliza Beth!


Here is a look at what summarizes her project with excerpts from Eliza Beth? herself commenting on her amazing project (and after reading this, it makes me want to line up to be on her “VIP houseguest list”……



Hi I am Eliza Beth…..I am doing a complete renovation of a Southern California luxury tract house and it’s landscaping.?

The house is in a Tuscan/Mediterranean style ,manned gate guarded neighborhood, but I am creating interiors in my favorite traditional east Hampton style with wood plank flooring, triple glazed windows to keep out the summer heat, lift-and-slide doors to take advantage of the distant ocean views, ceiling treatments, custom cabinetry, steam showers, heated floors, heated towel bars.





Taking it down to the studs, moving walls, enlarging windows and doors, everything new except the foundation.

Making the house as open in the floor plan as possible, yet repurposing a bedroom into a library, a media room + bedroom combined into a me large home office, etc.


Adding 600 square feet inside to make it a 5100 square foot home when finished; and adding 400 square feet of new exterior covered loggia space.



Downstairs master bedroom means we can age there easily and never have to move.


House was built in 2000 at about 300 dollars a square foot and our final project is estimated at 800 dollars a square foot before furniture, rugs, curtains, accessories, etc




We are using a sound mitigation specialist so that all of the electrical equipment in the house will be remote located in the garage – a/v equipment, refrigerator/freezer motors, etc. and all the walls, ceilings and floors soundproofed so it will be a serene sanctuary — unless we have windows open to hear the trickle of the inner courtyard fountain or water wall in the back yard.


We are using an EMF specialist to protect us in the house from any potential cancer causing microwave tower, electrical and wi-fi frequencies that might be harmful with long term exposure.







Our structural engineer is designing it do the house will be able to withstand an 8.0 earthquake that lasts for 2 minutes.


We are completely redoing the landscaping throughout, putting in limestone pavers, a zero edge 50′ long pool, a raised zero edgethree sided glass ‘aquarium’ spa; heated towel drawers for the pool & spa, new BBQ area with refrigerator/freezer drawers, ?screened porches with sun shades, and raised planters…


I do not have a formal professional background, have just always loved floors plans and walking through model homes.

this is our fourth remodel in the last 20 years. We learn more about quality and detail each time




Have a superb team for the first time instead of winging it ourselves/flying blind.


We were lucky enough to do extensive interviews with top local architects and through them hired one of the top three General Contractors in the entire area.






Have excellent team comprised of an architect, general contractor, full time supervisor, structural engineer, interior designer, landscape architect, etc.







?Our wish list is to have a welcoming, beautifully functioning comfortable home built with top quality interior finishes in the eastern seaboard style that we can live in for the rest of our lives.




Wow!! Does that sound like a dream project or what!!! Eliza Beth, I love how you have literally not left out a single detail! My goodness, its going to be spectacular…..you are showing them all how it’s done:)? I? know I cannot wait to follow along and I am sure she has many of you wanting to do the same, all you need to do is click here to be taken to her wonderful blog and sign up to follow her or subscribe.

Seeing her pictures and reading her account of the project so far, brings back some good memories of just how exciting this process can be! It will be fun to watch this project unfold over? at Fresh Flowers and Featherbeds, Thank you Eliza Beth for sharing your vision come to life with us……and welcome aboard! Hope everyone has a fabulous day…..preparing a great round of “steals and deals” hopefully for tomorrow:)