Midweek random musings…….


Hi there…..Happy May 1st!! Exciting that the winter is finally behind us. So, how is it going? It’s? been raining cats and dogs for the last two days and though its my favorite sleeping weather, it does make venturing out a little more of a nuisance. Is there anything better than getting to stay home on a rainy day! I don’t remember the last time it happened but its fun to fantasize:)

MAIALINO. As luck would have it though I ventured out for a great reason……to meet a friend in NYC for lunch yesterday. We went to Maialino? at The Grammercy Park Hotel, it is one of Danny Meyer’s restaurants and one of my faves….both the food and atmosphere are so fabulous. Here is? a peek just in case you are heading to NYC anytime soon…….




ushg_maialino_940_14 articleLarge

Fresh breads are baked almost hourly…..yum yum!ushg_maialino_940_02maialino-pastry-station-733x550 maialino01


ANOTHER TALENTED CUSTOMER. One of my favorite blogger, Katie from Preppy Empty Nester has been pulling a Martha Stewart and like the white tornado, has redone her gorgeous Mass. home at warp speed . I was so impressed with her kitchen redo and was thrilled to see my belljars gracing the final reveal. Plus she has added all kinds of goregous blue and white accents, so we are talking kitchen perfection.? Click here to see it all, here’s a peek……


If you have a picture of something you have bought from me and want to show it off, send it to me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com and I will add it to my online gallery.

DSC02919 DSC02895

E DESIGN. I have been very busy with a few e design projects and just took a wonderful NYC apt. job and its a slight departure for me as we are going modern/transitional but I am loving every step! I really am enjoying the process and cannot lie that I do occasionally allow my mind to wander, hummm…..if we bought another apt. in the city and did it up in a sleek sophisticated look ala Barbara Barry.

It works so seamlessly with the city lifestyle and energy. Contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com if you have an e design project in mind.


Here are a few of the mood boards so far, its a work in progress……..





OB-carrieb3ed OB-carriebed

Speaking of e design here are some gorgeous pictures from a former e design customer who just finished her magnificent home. Karen, you did a fabulous job and I am happy I got to be part of your exciting project. (LOVE the custom tole lanterns on the fireplace from my shop)…..beautiful job!

unnamadfasd unnaadfasmed unnamadsfaed

GOOD EATS. I am really truly sorry if you happen to be hungry while reading my blog. But I tried this the other day and it was off the charts delicious. Artichoke Bruschetta is calling my name! Gets extra points for being easy too:) A sure fire smash at any gathering, I will making these next time I entertain for sure. Click here to be taken to Love Grows Wild to get the scrumptious recipe!


A GREAT NEW BOOK. I loved The Secret Life of Bees so am excited to delve into The Invention Of Wings, by Sue Monk Kidd. Have you read it? It promises to be one of those you can’t put down. I will be sure to let you know if its as good as I am thinking it will be!


WIN A BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING! I had featured the gorgeous work of Carolina Elizabeth a few weeks back. I was so flattered that she had painted a few pieces inspired by things she had seen on my blog or a few pieces she had bought from me (blue and white) as? she is uber taletned. She is offering a generous giveaway for an original oil! on May 5th. Click here to be in the running.

Pears and Eucalyptus

SHOP NEWS. My tole line is in full swing and I am soooo excited for it. I will be sure to keep you posted. Attn all bell jar lovers. A price increase will go into effect this coming weekend. My manufacturer has slightly increased the prices, the increase is about 10% but giving you a heads up just in case you have been considering a belljar purchase! I am also going to be adding a few new styles. The belljars continue to be one of my best selling items and I am priced well below retail (approx. 30% less)! Click here to see the belljars online.


36_2 67_2 790_2 798_2 1120_2


I am going to be doing a really fantastic Steals and Deals early next week in honor of Mothers Day! You will not want it miss it, got in some beautiful Antica Farmacista items for the occasion as well as some other amazing finds that would be perfect for an elegant Mothers Day gift! Here’s a sneak peek……

250ml_baby-web_3 bbtrayala-web_1 ala-moana_candle_9-oz_cover_1 bbtraylvc-web



So that’s it over here. I will be back in a day or two. Also for those who asked the Pet Love Contest will be on TOMORROW,? you will not believe the cuteness, I oohed and ahhed over every single one. It is going to be one heck of a tough choice!! Thanks so much for stopping in….wishing you a fabulous day!


Creating a perfect beach house and the perfect beach house shop!

Hello there! Hope you had a fantastic weekend and start to your week. We are due to get lots of rain but the way I look at it…it will just help everything to turn green and start blooming even faster!I have made no secret of my love for beach houses, whats not to love and if you are in agreement think you will love this post:)

Being by the ocean is my absolute favorite thing on earth, and I don’t even want a big one, something darling and cozy and chic, big enough to house my family and a few guests and of course more than anything it must be ultra inviting and warm. I know exactly how I want to “do up” my beach house. Lots of white with touches of blues, soft white billowy drapes that blow in the ocean breeze and plenty of natural light to take advantage of the great outdoors.

With the beach season officially at our door step (at long last) thought it would be a perfect time to post about some of? my favorite beach house looks and then I had to share with you some highlights from one of my absolute favorite stores “out east” Rumrunner Home , THE store to go to for all of your beach house decorating needs. They are super friendly, have a phenomenal selection of gorgeous beach house decor and I cannot recommend them highly enough! So below are my ideas for my future beach house, looks that appeal to me and define “classic beach house living”.? This should satisfy any beach house lover…………




Just love everything about this, Better Homes and GardenSONY DSC

This is clever, easy and so fun!


Love this bedroom, tried and tried to find out more and get the source but could not. Its simple but oh so pretty and perfect for a beach house bedroom


For me I think an all white bathroom is perfect for the beach, simple and clean


With this kind of front row seat to the ocean, I might never leave Decordemon



Think the adults might fight over who gets to sleep here……what is it about bunkbeds that we never feel too old to sleep in!



Always adored this kitchen, the perfect space for beach house entertaining!


Tell me what kids (or adults) would not flip over this setup! Housekaboodle

d270d57eded2ff8ae2b2d6a8e26bc3b1I really like the idea of the palest seagrass color for cabinets with the wicker stools…..beautiful!


There are beach houses and there are BEACH HOUSES……wow!


I love the idea of filling a pretty urn with seashells…..such an inviting vignette to first greet you as you walk in


Really like this fun whimsical yet function idea for keeping things organized…….BHG9365e65d4b6c73d00a3ca639357aeed0I have always loved the idea of wicker chairs for a beach house dining area, Chic Coastal Living

e833a7bf0c36b30495afdb443f291c44I cannot believe how close this bathroom is to the oceans edge, amazing and a little scary during high tide….buy imagine taking a bubble bath!



I love the look (and function) of baskets in a beachouse, Country Living


Wonderful vibe here, casual but so inviting and pretty


I do love the idea of a pretty shell mirror for a beach house powder room….so lovely


Love this clean fresh modern take on bunkbeds, Bunkbeds by Labelle


Always thought the French bistro bar stools are perfect for beach house living, Elle Decor


This view will do just fine! (and please include the blooming flowers:)


Now the perfect store to put those finishing touches on the perfect beach house….Rumrunner Home in Southampton.? Here are some highlights from my visit there recently…….Click here to visit their awesome website. And if you stop by tell them Tina from The Enchanted Home says hello:)


IMG_1973 IMG_1976 IMG_1977IMG_1969 IMG_1971 IMG_1972 IMG_1979 IMG_1981 IMG_1983 IMG_1987 IMG_1988 IMG_1989 IMG_1990 IMG_1992 IMG_1995 IMG_1971 IMG_1968

Click here to visit Rumrummer Home in the Hamptons! They ship anywhere too:)


Ahhhhh if this doesn’t get you in the mood to escape to a charming little seaside bungalow, don’t know what will. I sure wish instead of the mountain of errands and appts. I have ahead of me today that I was packing up my car and heading for a little seaside escape!! Oh well, we can at least escape visually through the internet:) Many thanks for stopping by, and wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Sunday around my house……

Hello and Happy? Sunday to you all. Gorgeous spring day over here….we have waited a loooooong time for this weather! Hope you had a great weekend. Ours was fun…..saw The Other Woman, which was actually OK, truth be told it wasn’t as funny as I was hoping and fell flat in some areas, worked on a design job all Sat. afternoon,? had dinner plans, went to the city and spent some time outside reassessing what I? want to work on (outside) this season and there is lots!! I am so excited to start bringing out all my pillows and cushions from hibernation! Just a few tidbits today…….

MY NEWLY DONE CHAIRS. I love these chairs and have owned them for a long time. They needed new life and the goldish fabric though very pretty did not at all work with the softness of my bedroom and had seen better days. So I found a gorgeous fabric from Beacon Hill and ordered enough for 2 chairs and a bench that will go on the end of my bed. I was so anxious to get them back and must say I just love how they came out………

DSC_0113 DSC_0112 DSC_0111

This was such a pretty soft compliment to the frame of the chairsDSC_0110

DSC_0108Had enough to cover these two smaller bergeres in my closet(bought these 25 years ago from Century)! They were my first “big girl” purchase of good furniture, I am going to get some off white chalk paint and lighten them up a bit……ala Amazing Amy:)

DSC_0122 DSC_0121

Not sure if I ever showed the pretty soft roman shade I did for my husbands bathroom…..simple, clean and elegant


THE GREAT OUTDOORS…..finally the grass is just starting to turn around here, a long way to go but with the sprouting of some flowers and leaves on the trees , Teddy and I enjoyed take our first long walk of the season. I see we are well on our way…..

IMG_2016 IMG_2017 IMG_2018 IMG_2019

About to start an office space for myself and saw this chair….wouldn’t this make e a beautiful starting point!

A short post (for me) but just wanted to say hi! If you missed my last post on white living, click here...its worth the look! Enjoy your Sunday and end to your weekend, until next time……..


Pinterest Pretties Part 3…White Living

Hello there, cloudy and drizzly over here. A perfect movie day. Going to go see The Other Woman with a friend, perfect movie matinee day…looks like a fun, silly girls movie:)? So remember I said every few weeks I will do a “Pinterest Pretties” post featuring one of my boards and some of the favorite images from it, well today is that day. Today, with the milder temps finally at our doorstep, I am craving sunlight, warmth, soft colors, open windows, and lots of white! I love a white interior and when I get my beach house, it will be predominantly white with touches of you guessed it…blue.

So today please enjoy some highlights from my “White Living” board…if you want to see more of where this came from, then click here to see the entire board as well as all my many other Pinterest boards. Here we go……





3e1b04e1560d9ef3c7bd3f6cd271586f 26f22d3dccbc5946883b804a4fae46ab 2cd67bb1ddd8fdce16747bafaf6b20e6 fcda8b5517158ef7d6c3bd84eeafaa74


Master Bedroom Inspiration

19d17b8431a7ce93061ed9214a4e92d8 84a61fcf6b3e0b7e913585097db917cf


d26cbdeada673f969fbeda1b2e7b69d1 bf61fd02a86dca15803b8e7e57cad6d6



85997fb911d014b595c28c1a3e3b45c9 92b920301484f40aa6bbf08b3f07a71e








bb2c87ec01cef0662cba5ccf89501e14 7285f95e0c5b2d6e9fdf657fc9ceb329



Well if this doesn’t make you want to go “all white” cannot imagine what would……there really is something so incredibly soothing and beautiful about a white and monochromatic interior. True, with young kids and/or pets, it might not be so practical but at some point in life…it’s a possibility.

And as someone who is facing an empty nest not too long from now, this is something I would most definitely do, anything to help me get over what I know is going to be a sad period for me as I adjust and white is so uplift. What about you? Do you love all white interiors too? Do tell! Click here to see more of this board.? Thanks for stopping in….wishing you a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

A fun visit to Boston with Amy of Maison Decor…..


Hi there, wow this week flew…can’t believe its already Friday! I was in Boston for a few days last week, it was a multi purpose visit and I was soooo happy to have included a stop over at Maison Decor,? Amy’s? lovely charming shop also named Mason Decor is? brimming with inspiration and beauty. I have been a long time fan of Amy’s and do not nickname her “Amazing Amy” for nothing! Her seemingly endless amount of energy, ingenuity, enthusiasm and of course a very healthy dose of sheer talent doesn’t hurt!!

Amy has totally mastered the art of using Annie Sloane paints and has refinished so many amazing pieces, it seems like she turns them out faster than I can admire them! She holds workshops in one of her Boston area location where they are always sold out well ahead of when they happen. I learned all about chalk paint and these AMAZING new latex moldings that are magic!

I was so excited and honored that she arranged for me to have a little one on one session with her and another lovely employee, Gina. She taught me the basics over a few hours and we worked on sample boards and mastered the basics including painting with chalk paint, glazing, mixing paints, waxing, adding a transfer, crackling, using gilding pastes…..we were able to fit a lot into a few hours and suffice to say I am beyond pumped to take on a project of my own:)

Her darling shop is so charming I had to take a bunch of pics. I,? of course naturally picked some goodies up to bring home, the thing I was the most excited about was a charming French chair that will go in my dressing area (needs a little work but its so pretty it had to come home with me)! So first I need to show off Amazing Amy’s talents……..just look at some of the things shes done lately. You must visit and follow her on her blog to keep up, trust me you will thank me! Now here is Amy at work…..


Amy, the master is? center right amongst her apprentices at? one of her always sold out workshops!interior desk cubby gilded gilding drawers waxing cubs amy stenciling desk finish (1) IMG_9871

I adore this piece, she makes it look so darn easy:)mirror closeup

This new line she is carrying of these latex moldings is seriously off the charts AMAZING. I was blown away by what she was able to create….for mere dollars!!!!mirror laying out appliques

Hard to believe this isn’t some gorgeous vintage find from Paris isn’t it?


before mantle

Here is her own fireplace before and you won’t believe the after with such a few simple elegant moldings applied and then painted…..mantle makeover efex a efex mantle mirror

Amazing isn’t it!secretary desk finished 067 bc roomshotShe recently added the pretty floral wallpaper to her bookcases, so pretty!


And she took an old metal container and turned it into this…..

wall buckets 1

wall bucket


Now can you see why she so needs? her own show? HGTV are you watching? That is Amazing Amy doing her thing…………

And now a look at her beautiful shop and some highlights from my special day there……thanks Amy!

IMG_1086 IMG_1088

There is Amy waiting for me to get busy!IMG_1089 IMG_1091

OK another one of Amy’s amazing creations, on the right is an old fabric on this chair, on the left she PAINTED the seat and added an stencil…..see why I call her “Amazing Amy”!IMG_1092

Her book of gorgeous colors that she has mixedIMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1097 IMG_1098

A hair dryer was used to create that beautiful crackled look IMG_1100 IMG_1101

And here is where we worked on adding? a transfer, its labor intensive but so worth the effort!IMG_1102 IMG_1103 IMG_1121

See the finished crackled look on top part of this molding, so pretty!IMG_1123 IMG_1128 IMG_1131

And upon looking around her uber charming shop…….IMG_1133 IMG_1134 IMG_1139 IMG_1140

This beautiful chair came home with me, I am having a plump silk cushion made for it and will be sure to share the “after”IMG_1143 IMG_1150

Can you believe she and her son PAINTED these floors? How amazing is that……IMG_1151 IMG_1153 IMG_1154 IMG_1157

Basically everywhere I turned I found something to buy IMG_1160

These are those amazing moldings I told you about can you believe this bookcase was a plain bookcase that she jazzed up with the moldings and paint….she is incredible.IMG_1162 IMG_1164

We played with different variations and combinations and I came home with some to take on a project, fingers crossed:)IMG_1165 IMG_1168

The armoire of chalk paintIMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1174

All the samples are beautifully displayedIMG_1175

There’s that incredible floor againIMG_1176 IMG_1184And this folks, is how easy it is to totally transform an old outdated chair…….

So those are the highlights of “Amazing Amy” and her beautiful little shop, Mason Decor. I am sure after seeing this, if you don’t already follow her you will want to, click here to visit her over at Mason Decor. And her shop info is below (she is opening up another shop soon) stay tuned!


150 MAIN ST.


And here is a sneak peek at her new shop slated to open up in the city of Boston on or around June 1st……

tremont front view 1


Thank you again Amy for such a fun afternoon……it was truly one of the highlights of my trip to Boston. But I know it will not be my last….I will certainly look for other excuses to get up there when I can and thank you for continuing to inspire me! Hope you enjoyed this, thanks for stopping in and wishing you a fabulous Friday and end to your week:)



Its me again..had to share this before and after bed from one of Amy’s customers and another blogger, Victoria of Trois Petites Filles .Amy sponsored her for the bed makeover using all of her new latex moldings and chalk paint,? and the transformation is truly remarkable…gee, its fit for Marie Antoinette! Doesn’t this get you in the mood to take on a project this weekend:)


THE BEFORE-victoria bed before efex efex in packaging painted efex



finished efex bed by victoria efex in progress on Victorias bed

Contact Amazing Amy for ideas and tips!


A superb batch of Steals and Deals!

Hi there, very excited with all the offerings today! You are in for a treat because many of the items today are things that sold out a while back that many of you were waiting to come back in stock. I am well stocked on many of these things and certain things go really fast….so its subject to availability.

The way it works in case you are new here is you look at the item number next to the item then email me with your order. You can email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com. So ready to take to take a look……..here we go!


1. The serving pieces are back. They all come in sets of 3, are wonderful heavy quality. They retail for around $95-115, the spoons and forks are $65 for 3 and the ladles are $75.00 for 3.


13881 13882 19961


2. This is a beautiful new garden chinoiserie pattern that I am loving! Of course I kept a set for myself. Beautiful plates with? matching serving plate and mugs.

Plates are sold in sets of 4 and are $45.00, mugs are $36.00 for a set of 4? and the serving plate is $2o. Dishwasher safe.





3. The gorgeous fox plates are back. Beautiful to use with an existing pattern and to mix and match or these make very chic appetizer plates as well. Love the scalloped edge. Sold in sets of 4, for $36.00…..so charming! Set of 4 mugs $36.00.

21271 21270

4. The silver pheasants are finally back! The pair is $70.00, very elegant just about anywhere! 7″ x 12.5″


5.Love the new deer stag plates. Full dinner size (11″) , sold in sets of 4 for? $68.00 . Matching mugs are sets of 4 for $36.00.




6.? Gorgeous cut crystal and silver handled 3 piece cheese set for $36.00.? A perfect addition to any entertainers arsenal of pretty serving pieces! Matching spade $26.00…very elegant! Great gift idea too.



8. Beautiful and elegant silver filigree wine coaster/holder with insert. 2″ x 6″ x 6″ $26.00


9. One pair of the beautiful red tole chef jars. These were selling for $48.00, which was well below retail but this one last pair will be $38.00 due to a few teeny tiny chips on top, they are brand new however.


10. Beautiful etched glass and silver vintage replica lidded box. This is such a beautiful piece, I have it in two of my powder rooms, perfect for display or for cotton balls or q tips! $25.00

12fc190f98a9c253f2d42b7126e1fb9211. Two sets left of the gorgeous vintage replica vanity jars, set of 3 for $65.00, beautiful wreath design on the lid.



12. One last set of the French blue and white potholder and 3 French blue and white hand/kitchen towels. The entire set is $24.00


13. Beautiful blue and white net Herend like elephant, such a pretty little piece! $20.00 4 leftkgrhqv_jce_ds_8pfzbp5_rmvlg_60_12_grande 14. Beautiful trio of elegant ceramic hand painted leaf plates (2 sets) they are about 6″ and are perfect for appetizers, salads or display. Set of 3 $25.00


15. Got my hands on more of the beautiful buttery soft leather woven makeup bags (exactly like Bottega Veneta) but for a fraction less! $60.00 (orange, yellow hot pink(not shown), cream, brown, black, blue and red)

IMG_0870 IMG_0869

16.Beautiful set of 3 anduze planters in white, set of 3 is $42.00


17. One left super charming yellow and white honey bee teapot, love this little piece. $20.00


18. I have a lovely assortment of the custom silver/nickel napkin rings available. Too many to show them all here but I have horses, stag deer, dogs, cats, bunnies, squirrels and a few assorted mixed animal rings. If you are looking for something specific simply email me. These are normally $56 but today they are $45 (for any ring in stock).

DSC_0431 DSC_0416


19. Last two black Annabell Ingall bags for the season. Great chance to get this coveted bag for over $100 off retail! I have 4 blacks left and they are $375.0o. This is the super popular everyday tote, made of the most beautiful buttery soft leather. Just a great every day and I can attest to it….its my “go to” bag.



20. The gorgeous large bottle of Antica Farmacista’s bubble bath (this stuff is amazing) and the scent is heaven in a bottle, bergamot and ocean. The bottle is gorgeous! $30.00 (retails for $38)


21. Pretty utensil holder or sm planter, white glazed ceramic. $20.00 (about 8″ tall)




So……if you see something you want, here is what you do-

Email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com.Please refer to item NUMBER not description. I will invoice you by days end and payment is expected within 24 hours. These items are ready to go and generally will ship within the next 1-2 days….instant gratification! Everything shown is subject to availability

Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day:)

Say hello to my newest sponsor, Sandy of You May Be Wandering and Singer Travel……

Good morning! First the two lucky winners of the wonderful Judith August products! Congratulations goes to-

The Silk Stockings goes to?

Barbara Houser says


I see LOTS of things on Judith August?s site that I would like to try, but being only a few weeks past surgery for the removal of my thyroid, I REALLY need the Post Surgical Cosmetic Coverage Solutions! My surgeon says ?with time? the scar will be almost invisible, however, I notice everyone looking at the red scar on my neck instead of my face when I run into an old friend or meet a new acquaintance!Glad I made my post ?right under the wire. Thanks and God bless!


The Make it stay goes to

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I?d love to try the Aqua Tint Erasing Creme. It?s such a terrific concept. Thanks for the great giveaway!



?Hi I am thrilled to be here today to introduce you to my latest sponsor….Sandy of Singer Travel and the wonderful travel blog, You May Be Wandering. Sandy is a seasoned traveler and a bonafide expert on the subject of great vacations. She is personable, super knowledge and a real people person. I am impressed with her breadth of knowledge and her “can do” attitude.

I think one of the biggest surprises and myths (to some) is that there is no extra expense in using most travel agents, Sandy being one of them. So I always wonder why would someone not gain the extra advantage of a travel agent’s expertise when booking a trip…to me it’s a given!

I was lucky enough to interview Sandy on traveling, personal experiences and special tips and tidbits that I think are something we will all enjoy and who doesn’t want a few insider travel tips!? Hope you enjoy it. Welcome Sandy……


1. Tell me what is “hot and new” in the travel world?? People have begun valuing experiences over things and, as such, luxury travel experiences have become the new ?trophy? object. With that comes more interest in personalized travel experiences such as cooking classes, unique tours and access to experiences not available for the average tourist.

2. What travel trends are you seeing? There is definitely a rise in the desire for a local connection when traveling. More and more people want to ?live like a local? and delve deeper into their destination going beyond just the tourist areas and sights.

3. What destinations are your most sought after? Right now it is all about Europe – Italy is the hot spot for my clients these days.

4. What do you say to someone who has a travel bug but is on a strict budget? When there is a will there is a way?people travel the world on a budget all the time. Consider traveling in the off season or shoulder seasons.? Try planning one big trip a year rather than a lot of shorter ones. Look at your travel budget in the context of all your other leisure activities ? maybe it would be worth forgoing Starbuck?s every day to be able to take the vacation you have been dreaming about.

5. Where is one place you have not been that you are longing to go? Provence. I love France and have been dying to get to Provence but it just hasn?t happened?yet!

6. Most favorite destination ever? Best hotel you have ever stayed in?? My favorite destination is definitely Paris. It never gets old no matter how many times I have been.? Best hotel?that is a tough one because I have so many I love.? For service, I was blown away by my recent stay at the Montage Beverly Hills.? And, I love the Ritz Carlton family of properties ? you can always count on a great experience when you stay at a Ritz Carlton.

7. What country/place had the absolute best food? That is easy ? Rome!


I have to totally agree….THE BEST!

8. Biggest myth about using a travel agent? That it is expensive. It doesn?t cost the traveler anything extra to use a travel agent ? we get paid by the hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, etc. Often, using a travel agent can actually save you money because we have access to deals that the individual does not.


9. How did you get started in the travel business? I recently read that happiness in a career comes when passion, talent and opportunity come together. When my youngest child left home, my passion for travel led me to begin writing my blog You May Be Wandering.? When the opportunity arose to work as an independent advisor for Singer Travel, a Virtuoso agency, I was able to combine my passion for travel with my talent for meticulous planning and apply it to my position as a travel advisor.

10.? Fill in the blanks, when I travel, 3 things you should never leave home without are………..a smartphone loaded with lots of great travel apps, a comfortable pair of shoes (I like Tieks) and a crisp white button down shirt which can be dressed up or down (and my American Express card!).

11. Tell us a few “insider secrets” about travel………...When you use a travel agent, you will be treated better. Not only do you benefit from his or her expertise, the hotels do not want to risk losing your agent?s future customers.? If you have a problem, you have someone acting as your personal advocate. Another favorite tip ? fly Premium Economy on Air France when you are going to Europe. It?s free to stop over in Paris and it?s more like business class than coach, for a lot less money.

12. What is your recommendation for the best couples trip? Best family trip? Best “girls only” trip? For couples, the Amalfi Coast is absolutely perfect.? For families, I am a big fan of renting a villa on the property of a resort (Ritz Carlton Clubs and Four Seasons Residences are both great). It is nice for the children to have the extra space, and a kitchen and laundry room is always helpful when traveling with a family. And, for a girls? only trip, I like the idea of going to the Napa Valley and having a driver take you from vineyard to vineyard.



OK this has me craving a trip big time! We actually are trying to work out a trip to Italy and really hope we can make it happen….funny how you think you have “all this time” then when it comes time to setting aside 9 or 10 days, there are a million reasons why it might not work.

I know one thing I will using Sandy for my trip whenever it does happen. Thank you Sandy for sharing your travel wisdom with us, I enjoyed this interview immensely and I know my readers will too.

For anyone who has a trip in their future, consider contacting Sandy. You won’t meet a nicer, friendlier, more capable person whose travel knowledge would impress even the most seasoned traveler.? You can visit her by clicking here? or at her blog, You May Be Wandering. I appreciate everyone stopping in and Sandy, thank you again and welcome aboard!!

My steals and deals will start tomorrow…be sure to check back:)

If you missed my guest post on aging gracefully “Shared Wisdom” over at Around the Table, click here to see it

Guest posting over at Around the Table!

Don’t forget about the JUDITH AUGUST giveaway!!!! Last day to enter is today! Click here to enter.

Good morning hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable Easter! Ours was so nice, the weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed good quality family time along with going to NYC……nothing quite like springtime in NYC. I hope everyone also had a relaxing holiday……….


Today I am guest posting at one of my all time favorite blogs, Around The Table. Leslie is a talented friend and? blogger who is always sharing her wisdom on life, beauty, skincare and striving to be your personal best. I am consistently inspired by her and her blog is a must read for me.

So I was very happy when she asked me to help kickoff her new series, “Sharing wisdom” which mostly centers around taking care of ourselves and being our personal best as we start getting older.? It was thought provoking and interesting so I hope you will stop by to take a look at my post!


As always thank you for stopping in…..Leslie is undergoing some blog changes, so you might find it confusing as to where to leave a comment. If you click on the title on top “Sharing wisdom” it will then allow you to leave a comment. As someone who had my own share of blog issues not so long ago, I feel her pain:) Click here to visit and hope you enjoy a fabulous day and start to your week! Be sure to stop back tomorrow, I am going to post on an amazing round of Steals and Deals!


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Happy Easter!



Happy Easter and good morning friends, over here the sun is shining and the sky could not be any bluer. Certainly a perfect day for all those Easter egg hunt enthusiasts….that brings back such fond memories of dressing my boys up in their little Easter outfits carrying baskets sometimes as big as they were…..those sweet little hands reaching for as many goodies as they could find. Ahhh….the good ol days!

7018dcafbe9ae6afb9673abdc0cad7d2Wishing everyone a wonderful, joyous and peaceful Easter Sunday. We will be heading out to NYC later which is a first but this year the family is all over the map so this is how things worked out. It is actually going to be quite nice being a guest and not having to worry about a single dish to clean:)



If you missed any of my posts this week, here is a recap just in case you want to go back and see whats been new in my world this week! Until tomorrow……Happy Easter!


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Say hello to my newest sponsor…Judith August! And a giveaway!!

Good morning from chilly Boston, winding down my introduction posts of all of my fabulous sponsors! I had spoken of Judith August and her miraculous products a while back and turns out we are fans of each other:) I own a couple of her products and let me just say that nothing comes close and this is coming from me, a serious product junkie!!

So I am sooo delighted that Judith August is a sponsor over here at The Enchanted Home. They have also graciously offered up a great giveaway so that two lucky winners can give their products a whirl……details on the bottom. First a few words about Judith August…..



Judith August?is founder and creator of Judith August Cosmetic Solutions?. She has created a line of makeup, in colors and textures, designed to achieve beautiful and effective results, concealing everything from simple annoying every day flaws to serious coverage. All of her products; concealers, foundations, correctors, diffusers and more have the distinction of being able to camouflage and conceal to the customers unique needs.


She realizes, makeup plays a pivotal role in the psychological well-being of both men and women. Looking good is not superficial. It measures health and well-being, projects a positive image and encourages self-esteem.

Her journey began as a fashion model in LA and New York, but she had a serious hereditary issue, which made it hard to compete in the ?perfectionist? world of modeling.


“I was seventeen and told that my dream of being a model was over. The ?bags? under my eyes would never allow for great camera work and there was nothing I could do about it. Even going to the plastic surgeon was no help. Back in the early days of cosmetic surgery, they simply would not operate, I was too young. While some girls would sink into the premature wrinkles of defeat, I took it on as a challenge and started the lifelong study of camouflage cosmetics.”

-Quote from Judith?s book:??Gotcha Covered?The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup”?

She mastered lighting, makeup artistry and camouflage techniques, allowing her modeling career to flourish for almost 20 years. Along the way, she realized she wasn?t the only one, ?Everybody?s got something to hide?. Her mission became a lifelong quest to provide cosmetics that cover up and conceal all imperfections.


Many years later, as a makeup consultant to cosmetic surgeons, she created her signature product, a miraculous concealer called??The Everything Pencil Face and Body Concealer?.??It was an instant hit with surgeons and clients alike because it simply covered up everything! When this handy tool, was featured in ?Allure Magazine? as editor?s choice, a business was born. A Hollywood favorite, ?The Everything Pencil? was recently mentioned in Prevention Magazine, as Christie Brinkley?s favorite ?go to? every day concealer, which is one of many celebrity testimonials.





Isn’t she gorgeous! And do you see that skin? Its G L O W I N G!!! How about that last product, silk stockings….no kidding this stuff is MAGIC. It has saved my poor pasty white legs from sheer embarrassment many a time! Isn’t it fascinating to read about Judith and how she got started in this business? I am always intrigued and so impressed with how people who are true visionaries get started in their respective fields…seems like most of them share one thing in common, a true and real passion for what they do.

Giveaway details…..

Judith August has kindly donated two of their best selling products to giveaway! The two products being given away….? unnamere1edunnamereaed



If you want to be in the running, visit Judith August, take a look around and come back here and tell us a product you would love to try. Click here to visit Judith August.

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I will announce a lucky winner on Tuesday! Thanks for stopping in and wishing everyone a fabulous Easter weekend…..a big thanks to Judith August and welcome aboard! I am going to try to post a quick post for Easter Sunday but just in case wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!