Weekend random musings…..

Hi there, what a beautiful day it is here….I have the windows open and it’s a little on the cool side, the birds are chirping like mad and the wonderful weather has arrived! I am so happy with anything under about 82 degrees,? I start to wilt in anything even approaching 90:)

As with all my random musings posts, this is a little of this and a bit of that. This is a long chock full random musings post so this is it for the weekend, I have a really busy weekend ahead so sitting here putting the finishing touches on this post is like the calm before the storm,? a baby shower, a bridal shower, a dinner and finally on Sunday an all day boat excursion which sounds like just what the doctor ordered!? Ready? Let’s go…….

BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK. First off is this stunning new artwork for The Enchanted Home that I commissioned Jeanne of I Dream Of to draw for me…I had an idea and she brought it to life in her typical beautiful way..she is amazing! So you will start seeing this wonderful icon on some of the official things for The Enchanted Home like invoices, and correspondences, as well as the eventual new shop site….woo hoo exiting things are happening. Thank you Jeanne!! To have that kind of talent… I would be drawing morning, noon and night:)jeanneunnamed


MY TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS. I love when I hear about what’s going on with you….and often hear from my readers and customers and especially love it when they include pictures! One of my e design customers/readers enjoyed my party planning? post and sent me pictures of some centerpieces she had done for a party she hosted using sunflowers…it was too beautiful to not share! Love the flowers in a cowboy boot idea……..


unna32xmed unn234xamed un453q25named


AN IMPROMPTU BBQ. We ended up having about 15 people over on Memorial Day. It was such a gorgeous day that it felt like it was a “must do”. As we originally were supposed to be away, this all came together last minute. I snapped a few pictures of things as they were happening but once dinner rolled around I got too busy to take any more pics besides the prep is the fun part! I kept the appetizers light and easy (but pretty)!!!

IMG_1633 IMG_1632 IMG_1626


Crostinis are a given around here…always have them. I love using different varieties/colors of tomatoes and making a beautiful colorful brushetta. Also the flank with roasted pepper and basil on a baguette is always a big big hit.


I slice the baguette ahead of time put in ziplocs, then right before serving drizzle with olive oil stick in preheated oven for maybe 5 minutes

IMG_1631And the layering begins, some I add freshly shaven parmigiano to…yum! This was the messy/prep stage suffice to say I “prettied” up the tray”:)

IMG_1630IMG_2274Taste testing my flank steak on a baguette….and I approve:)


Also made this really tasty Mediterranean orzo salad…sooo good! Click here for recipe


Love color in my food besides it having to taste good, especially this time of year….(did not serve in these, they were getting transferred to my “pretty dishes”)!

IMG_1607 IMG_1603

Had a pretty crudite (spinach and yogurt dip) and did a yummy bean and corn salsa and hummus with chips. Always have a fresh fruit tray, we eat lots of fruit.

IMG_1625 IMG_1621

And no shindig around here is complete without my now signature white peach sangria….soooooo good. It is guaranteed to please! Put on big trays…this is all getting ready to be takem outside (the kitchen is like the holding pen).

IMG_1629 IMG_1618I love these glasses, they are great for summer entertaining!

You can get creative when entertaining, I like putting even simple drinks in pretty containers…..


unnaasdfamedI also used my monogrammed barware (from my online shop) it makes any drink looks beautiful, they are so stylish!


IMG_2275These didn’t last long!


IMG_2276Things on the table…..going fast!


IMG_2278These sorbets are incredible….they are from a local bakery and such a perfect refreshing treat in the warmer months.


IMG_2279A big tray of fresh fruit is always on the menu when I entertain…




AMAZING GIFT FROM AN E DESIGN CLIENT. I got the most wonderful gift ever the other day. I had mentioned these amazing blue and white oversized dog bowls from Nell Hils and one of my treasured e design customers decided to surprise me with them!!!I was so touched and excited to finally let Teddy dine in real style…..they are AMAZING!!!!! Teddy approves too and what I can say, they work beautifully with? my decor. Kathy that was so very kind and thoughtful….this will be a wonderful memento of our working together:)



FLOWERS. I LOVE flowers, always have them in some shape or variety. Big lover of orchids, hydrangeas, peonies and tulips but love many more too. I had had such fun playing with my faux flowers. I am picky when it comes to faux so chose a line that I really love and believe in enough to carry on my online shop. The response has been amazing. I created a few arrangements recently and was so happy with how they came out, I had to share with you…..

Just got back in the sold out peony clusters and the white hydrangeas are arriving on Monday for anyone who was waiting on them

IMG_1634 IMG_1635

IMG_1639 IMG_1641This is the same picture that I “antiqued”….soft the soft effect.


SHOP NEWS. First off just starting work on a brand new shop site, it’s going to be bigger and better so stay tuned! Next is? H U G E and sooooo exciting…….as most of you know these last few months, I have been very busy working behind the scenes to create my tole line. I cannot tell you how exciting this has been for me. I literally want one of everything. As we speak the order (all 180 pieces) is getting loaded up and will be here around the second to third week of June.

I am ecstatic about how everything has come out….and best part is, that this is custom tole that is going to be offered at a fraction of the price. That is big news? indeed!!! So you know me,? I can’t hold back, just had to share some of the behind the scenes pictures and a few sneak peeks of the goodness to come……

unna43543dfzmed unnacvzesarmed unna5ewrqmed unname5435d unnam3453ed unnaasdfaadsfmed unnameafasdd unsfgsdnamed IMG_20140517_151100469 IMG_20140517_152108645 IMG_20140524_175449753 IMG_20140517_152009502unn342amed uSADFSAnnamed unasdfasnamed Now do you see why I am so excited about this?



CURRENT PROMOTION. Finally my current promotion was a monster hit. There are a handful of sets left (got in a second batch yesterday) after selling out of the first batch within hours,? so if you are interested, contact me soon, I am sure at these prices (a steal at $7.50 a plate) they will be all gone today! Click here for the details.….



If you missed my interview/post over at A Ribbon in my Journal yesterday, hope you will stop by to take a look. It was such an honor to be asked by Phyllis Hoffman and I enjoyed every minute! Click here to visit.


So that’s the latest over here, told you this was chockfull….what’s new with you? Anyone celebrating a graduation? I cannot believe in a few short weeks my baby is graduating, it is so bittersweet, it’s not even funny. I think when the baby of the family goes through this rite of passage, it hits you in a slightly different way.

I am glad I have a full plate to keep me really busy and hopefully it will keep my “state of mourning” to a minimum and I do not say that lightly! It’s an exciting time? to be 18 and heading off to college with the world there for the taking.

Thank you as always for stopping in and hope everyone has a fabulous day and? weekend. Until next week…….


Guest posting over at A Ribbon in My Journal…

Hello…..busy busy week over here. Two super back to back crazy days? and my knee has been aching a little so really hoping to try and take it easy today……..a least for a bit. I am very excited to be over at A Ribbon in my Journal, the beautiful and super inspirational blog that belongs to Phyllis Hoffman, yes THE Phyllis Hoffman of Hoffman media.


She graciously asked me to guest post over at her blog with an interview and gave me? some really interesting and thought provoking questions to answer so I sure do hope you will hop on over and read all about it.

It was an honor to be asked as I greatly admire and respect Phyllis for the brilliant businesswoman she obviously is, for being a kind and devoted wife and mother, a die hard blue and white aficionado? but mostly for the generous and giving person that she is known to be, it makes you happy to see someone like that be blessed with the success she has earned.


Of course we had to throw in some blue and white into the post,? so appropriate given that she is my blue and white soulmate:) I am sure you remember me featuring her as my newest sponsor not long ago and featuring Phyllis? along with her amazing kitchen and blue and white collection, it was one not to be missed.


I promise you if you do not follow her already, you are missing out…no worries you can thank me later! See you over there….click here to visit.


Wishing everyone a fabulous day and thanks so much for stopping by. Click here to be taken to my guest post over at A Ribbon in my Journal:)

PS Speaking of blue and white, just announced yesterday the latest current promotion and its a whopper! I am almost sold out but have a handful of sets left, click here for details At $7.50 a plate this is an absolute steal:)


Planning a party……

Hello, hope you had a wonderful and enjoyable holiday weekend. Though ours did not happen? as originally planned, we still had? a good time, dinner with friends, an impromptu dinner at our house w/friends,? a boat outing and managed to have some much needed down time at home which is always a treat.? I am,? as I have mentioned lately on top of many other things planning a family graduation dinner party for my son. We are doing it at home and with luck the weather gods will bless us with amazing weather, if I can custom order please let me put my order in now……..70, no humidity, bright blue skies,perfect sunset and no more than about 60 in the evening!

I sometimes initially get anxious about planning parties (being very detail oriented can be a curse too)? but then when I surrender to all the work that is involved, I get very excited and cannot wait to begin the process of planning and it is indeed a process! So the “theme” is? a Tuscan night….I see bright pretty blue and yellow dinnerware on a white long table (for 50) with crisp white dinner napkins, votive candles flickering, lows clusters of sunflowers flanking the entire middle of the table, and a great big beautiful Tuscan inspired table brimming with all kinds of delicious and artfully prepared foods, soft music in the background, lots of laughter….this is all how I see it and with luck it will come to fruition!

I am beginning to plan out the menu and have met with a caterer (after all I want to feel like a guest too) , so now? I am starting to work on the fun part….the decor! I am using my beautiful melamine dinnerware as an inspiration/starting point and am building from there. I don’t want it at all to feel stuffy but elegantly casual. So below a few of the elements as they are coming together, and you know I will be sharing the special day with you all!

This is kind of how my process begins in planning out a party…..


Party Inspiration

When I begin planning any party, whether its for 10 or 80, I like to think of the vibe/decor/theme I am looking to create. Even if its a small dinner party, I am all about the details…..I always say the way something is presented is almost like receiving a beautiful present wrapped up magnificently. Even its a small bar of soap to see it wrapped up beautifully just enhances the gift in a big way. Ditto when you entertain, to enhance? what you hope will be wonderful food, the presentation is also very much part of the package and certainly creates a very special experience. These were some inspiration pictures I thought of when planning this graduation dinner, often I just pull a single idea from a picture as most of these are big scaled parties/events but something about me drew me in…….


Love the idea of one very big long table….I am planning this idea as well

lifestyl-09This is a smaller version of what I hope to achieve, a beautiful elegant but inviting setting,

2726352b51ecf79ea30b80e03a18d60cThis is great…love the idea of the rustic but elegant wood trivets as part of the serving pieces, beautiful!


2e455fbe219d6c108c949daf4dc6354eThis is just stunning, it doesn’t feel stuffy or too formal but is certainly beautiful…love the flowers in the urn

7256a883e5944ce5503356308959e93bAnother beautiful setting using wooden trivets




This is such a great idea! I love the idea of champagne wine or any kind of drink for that matter displayed in a very large urn…have plenty of those:)




I didn’t have to think of this detail for long…I knew I wanted bright big yellow sunflowers gracing the center of the table, I imagine maybe 20 vases with short packed clusters of them arranged down the center of the table. They are afterall to me, “summers flower” (with some competition of course from my good friend, the hydrangea)

03330a1f96948e7d7990491ec4870bdc sunflower-table bcc3c64fb806fe895fd505f6e01e89a4

Table Settings

I am thrilled to be using my beautiful melamine dinnerware from my online shop(had to order more) but they are perfect for this theme, and the colors are gorgeous. When you start pricing out rentals, they make these look like an investment that it would be silly not to make! Besides they set the theme beautifully and against crisp white linens, its a no brainer!


DSC_0895 DSC_0928 DSC_0604



This is a must have, nothing says party and mood quite like the beautiful glow from candles. I am going to be using small? votives down the middle of the very long table surrounding the sunflowers, easy peasy. I found 48 of these rounded votives for about $30.00 at Save on Crafts, these are also great to have around in general.






When you want to set the mood and create an elegant vibe, linens are a must, paper just will not do. I have the most wonderful resource (soon to be added to my online shop) of really nice? quality oversized cotton/linen 22″ dinner napkins that come in about 30 colors. They are priced by the 6’s and honestly again make renting look like just a bad idea. I am going with white as you can never go wrong and these are just perfect!


Special Serving Pieces

Love my trivets that I carry in my online shop as part of my European Kitchen line, their things are truly exquisite, very heavy duty and built to last! They are as practical as they are beautiful to use as serving pieces. We are going to be using this idea for the buffet table and the large antipasta that will be set up for the cocktail hour. Love these…….


Also got in some new pieces which I am very excited about…..




rey550es1_4 DSC_0660 DSC_0434


So that is a wrap up of things so far and some insight into some of the planning and what goes into it. The food is something that we are working on but clearly a huge part of what is going on here. We are working on a wonderful but simple menu featuring the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available at this time. I love what we are planning so far…..and promise to share our special celebration with you when it happens! How about you? Planning any parties yourself?

As always thanks for stopping in and seeing what’s new over here….wishing you a wonderful day and speak again soon!

Also due to popular demand got another 140 of the gorgeous brass chargers, they are arriving today. Click here for all details. So if you? missed out on the last batch email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com, at $6.00 a charger, they are going fast fast fast!



Which would you choose, a Memorial Day edition!

Hi there…….hard to believe it is Memorial Day weekend, feels like just yesterday we were bracing for a new round of snow, so happy that’s? behind us! The weather these last few days has been rainy, gloomy, humid and cool but today the sun is out in all its glory and it is supposed to be a picture perfect day:) ? As our travel plans changed due to my son being sick, we have come up with a Plan B and have a few dinners planned with friends, going on a friends boat and just chilling……works for me.

I want to take a quick? minute to pay my respects and utmost admiration for all those that serve our country both in years past and present. There is no more noble job than that of serving our wonderful country and protecting our liberties and freedom. I am in awe of the job they do and salute each and every one of them, it is because of them that I have the freedom to write this blog and go to a BBQ and why we are all able to enjoy the luxury of freedom and security……….

In celebration of Memorial Day weekend and the start to summer, I thought it would be fun to come up with a Which would you choose tied into the holiday. With it being the official start to summer (woo hoo) I decided to show you 10 great looks for a Memorial Day BBQ/party. If you were planning a little Memorial Day bash which of these beautiful tablescapes most appeals to your aesthetic?















CHOICE 5 54181ed5c00ebfdd7ca69ced029ac729


CHOICE 6c10e88646ab3a27f438cc483683dc297


CHOICE 730fa3fb717fbd78c7460abb6a7c59a92


CHOICE 859887157f173a8a7b54501b529b24262



CHOICE 970b581114a8d75d5f5f065342d5fbd3c



CHOICE 10777718db9a5a1b38dcd1fbe68585369e


Admittedly this kind of makes me wish I was having a little shindig, I get excited over planning parties with all the details, that’s the best part. On second thought I am planning a party (for my sons graduation) so that’s quite enough for now:) Hope whatever you are doing this holiday weekend is wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable. May the sun be shining wherever you are….thanks as always for stopping in!


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Designer spotlight: Amelia Handegan and four winners!

Hello…hope your week has been a good one.? Hard to believe it is Memorial Day weekend…kind of cool over here with a mixed forecast, supposed to get nice though for Sunday and Monday. Mine has been N U T T Y ?hence why you haven’t heard from me for a few days!!? Between my knee and my son getting the flu/strep (and sadly having to miss an entire week being a senior and his lacrosse playoff game which he was devastated over as were we), then? with my husband having a touch of something, a lot of work going on around here, my own projects, putting the finishing touches on the prom and the graduation dinner I am planning…….its been topsy turvy over here and I am in desperate need of a getaway (and a stiff drink)!!!!

We are unable to keep our original plans for a Memorial Day weekend getaway due to my son not still feeling great which I am bummed about but I am trying to understand there is a reason for everything! We are moving along to plan B, going on a friends boat and getting together with friends that we haven’t seen in a while….so all is not lost.

So first things first, I am thrilled to announce FOUR lucky winners of the wonderful giveaway courtesy of Phyllis Hoffman. Congrats to everyone (no longer going to include the comments but just the names that were drawn)…..

The two lucky winners of the gorgeous signed book, Gracious Tables are….Betsy@coastal colors and Shawna Burnett

And these two lucky people will get a one year subscription to Victoria Magazine….. Diane Anderson and Katie Clooney

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with your shipping details so these can get on their way!


Moving on…….Haven’t done one of these in a while and miss doing them, as I love to highlight various designers work that I admire.? I choose to spotlight designers work that? appeals to my personal design aesthetic, one that lights a spark and this classically elegant designers work captivated me the moment I saw a beautiful Charleston home she did for a Southern Accents spread years ago, it has stayed with me ever since.

To me, Amelia’s? work is timeless and elegant, she is a master at creating rooms that look like they have been there for generations, lovingly kept up….slowly and deliberately added onto with careful thought and attention to every scrumptious layered detail. If you would like to learn more about her work then click here to be taken to her website. Based in Charleston, SC her work takes her all over the globe. Ready to take a look at some of her? iconic rooms? Let’s go……..



item6.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.amelia-handegan-02-library?slide4 slide6

32a428b353ec47e344c1db217710fe11 item3.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.amelia-handegan-10-dining-room

Amelia-Handegan-Virginia-kitchen-in-Jul-13-Veranda item9.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.amelia-handegan-11-guest-room Amelia-Handegan-Foyer item4.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.amelia-handegan-09-kitchen5 DONE2 6 DONE1 1 DONE1 54 32 1 65

Southern Accents 4 - Photo Pieter Estersohn; Designer Amelia Handegan 44 aa6 adf3 39


Amelia-Handegan-mountain-cabin-kitchen 16 26 66 41 1_1191405129 2_858526842slide6 291a448d46da544867bbf9b5ef70a37b



So many rooms to love …….what do you think? Does this style resonate at all with you? I love how classic they feel and these are the kind of rooms that will never appear “out of style”, I think they are the epitome of timeless elegance.? Click here to be taken to Amelia Handegan’s website. Would love to know your thoughts. Hope you are having a wonderful week…..until next time. Thank you as always for stopping in!

A few things……

Just put up an exceptional offering on my Current Promotions , one I am very excited about… solid brass chargers made for Neiman Marcus for $6.00, no I am not kidding. Click here for details. AMAZING DEAL!


And remember when I featured that darling blue and white dog bowl on one of my recent blue and white posts? I got a flurry of emails from my super attentive readers telling me that I could? get one at Nell Hills, in case anyone? out there wants one.? One of my readers sent me this picture, how cute is this! Talk about a dog who knows how to chow down in some serious style…..think I need to step things up for Teddy!




Come on in…..to my kitchen!


Hello! In continuing with my “Come on In” series, I am happy to invite you into? my kitchen. My first in the series was on my bathroom. I have gotten many many emails over time about various things we have done, so I hope to cover many of them here. Though it’s a very large kitchen,? it feels really warm and inviting, not cavernous and stark as some kitchens do. There are some markings on the marble and a patina that has developed but I like to think of that as signs of the joy we have gotten from using this space.

I think the warm colored beams and beautiful old floors add to that a lot. It was my goal to create a European styled kitchen that felt French and a little elegantly rustic with all the modern conveniences of today. I knew I wanted a big? black island? and the white Calcutta gold marble was decided long before the kitchen designs even started. I had always wanted reclaimed stone floors so that was another item on my “wish list”.? Other elements came together as the planning begun.


I must say I love my kitchen today as much as I did almost two and a half years ago when we moved in (still cannot believe its been that long). Some people have beautiful kitchens that they really don’t use much, but this is one that is used every single day and where we spend 90% of our our time as a family. I love to cook and entertain so in just 2 years its already seen a lot of mileage and I? wouldn’t want it any other way.

This is also Teddy’s turf so dogs and people are welcome around the clock. If I was doing it all over again, honestly I don’t think I would change a thing….I really love the way it looks and I feel that it’s a kitchen that will stand the test of time, it’s somewhat ageless….and I think it could look as relevant even? 15 years from now.

So first a few facts-

  • ?The perimeter cabinets are painted a soft creamy white (custom colored) with a soft taupe/gray glaze lightly applied over it
  • We used small puck lighting for inside of the cabinetry for accent lighting and under the cabinets (they last really loooooong time which is a great benefit)
  • Oil rubbed bronze hardware from RK International
  • The island is painted black
  • All marble is slabs of gorgeous premium Calcutta Gold
  • Island hardware is ant brass
  • All faucets are from Perrier and Rowe (Rohl)? and are oil rubbed bronze
  • My pretty window treatment is from Brunschwig and Fils, it is called Digbys Tent in blue
  • Fridge/freezer and wine cooler are from Sub Zero
  • Dishwashers are from Miehle
  • Farmhouse sinks from Shaws Original
  • Beams are all custom made
  • The stove is a black Ilve Majestic 60″ European range
  • The backsplash is made of oversized large 6 x 12 beveled “bricks of Calcutta gold
  • The beautiful limestone hood is from Francois and Company (they do beautiful work)
  • The wire grills are from England from a company called Heathcast, my pattern is diamond Regency their website is http://www.heathcast.com/index.php
  • The kitchen was designed by a local kitchen designer and myself,? a local woodworker/cabinet maker built it
  • The gorgeous floors are reclaimed limestone from Paris Ceramics (with radiant heat) no wonder Teddy loves sleeping on them!
  • The pretty old world looking radiator grills are from Reggio Registers
  • Stools are from Vanguard, super comfy!

So that’s a summary of most of the important elements in my kitchen, ready to come in and have a look around? Bear in mind I am no professional photographer but did the best I could (believe it or not all these were taken on my iPhone or iPad) one of my must do’s for 2014 is to take photography course, I have always wanted to learn how to take a professional pictures. Come on in……..


IMG_2226 We used a door to cover the microwave….

IMG_2224Most of the drawers have wood divider inserts

IMG_2221We have an excellent painter who specializes in different finishes, we did a rough faux stone finish on the ceiling which works really well with beams

IMG_2220I like having some open shelving for displaying favorite items or a collection

IMG_2218 DSC_0146My tulip belljars which I just love, are understated and elegant (these are from my online shop)


I did double farmhouse sinks from Shaws Original….they are deep and wide and just a classic!

IMG_2251My Perrin and Rowe (Rohl) oil rubbed bronze bridge faucet

IMG_2219More open shelving, I like the bead board detailing? on the back wall

IMG_2212Hardware from RK International in oil rubbed bronze, adding an escutcheon really dresses it up

DSC_0103DSC_0154 DSC_0156 DSC_0155The beautiful fabric on the windows is? Digby’s Tent from Brunschwig and Fils (wish I knew how to get a better picture of it though)! Trim is from Samuel and Son

IMG_2213Freezer and Refrigerator hardware

IMG_2214I used a different finish on the island, went with ant. brass

DSC_0130A close up of the grills that I used on the cabinets, really love the effect

IMG_2216Love my hardware:)

DSC_0136 DSC_0142

IMG_2217The profile on the marble countertops

DSC_0140Over sized marble “bricks’ for backsplash

IMG_2209I learned from my old house…go with a big and very deep sink for the island! This one is fantastic super deep? (about 18″) and gets a ton of use as its behind the stove

IMG_2208A pot filler is a great idea if you like to cook (which I do),? this has saved me many times, really convenient!

IMG_2207The side profile of? the hood

IMG_2206The under counter lighting which is great as accent lighting

IMG_2204We are big fruit lovers so I have a few pretty containers around the? kitchen that hold fruit/veges

IMG_2201The backsplash I kept simple and classic, did a herringbone out of 2×6 Calcutta gold and did a frame around it with molding in Calcutta gold.

DSC_0143IMG_2200The beautiful Limestone hood from Francois and Co.

IMG_2195The moldings that my cabinet maker used were gorgeous and really finish the space beautifully


IMG_2197This was a clever way to fill a corner, a small tall unit which is great for display


IMG_2198My reclaimed limestone floors from Paris Ceramics

IMG_1537My Ilve range……..its a beautiful as it is user friendly to cook on.

IMG_1539And I like to keep my “tools” handy on the stove top, copper accessories and anything French inspired always work for

IMG_2188A pretty detail on the island that repeats itself in different areas throughout the kitchen

DSC_0123IMG_2187My pretty stools from Vanguard, they are super comfortable


8a16ed0021a37e19b486406e8660c3c6I like having unique containers for storage, in this case I use a blue and white planter from my online shop for the daily mail….and love small lamps in kitchens too!

DSC_0194My pretty tulip belljars are beautiful lit up

hellolovely enchantedhome6Cabinet color was mixed until it was what I envisioned, but its creamy white with a very light taupe glaze over it

DSC_0987I like having small containers to put spices and oils in….I love the look of copper on the black range


So there you have it! Many thanks for stopping in and following along. I will feature the my sons bathrooms in my next round of Come On In. If you missed the first Come on In for my bathroom click here. Wishing everyone a fabulous day…remember to put your name in the hat for the amazing giveaways from Hoffman Media (winners to be announced on Friday). Click here for details.

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of promotional pricing for the stunning melamine dinnerware. It is due here next week. Click here for details.



Say hello to my newest sponsor, Phyllis of Hoffman Media and a fabulous giveaway!

Happy Monday morning, how was your weekend? Mine was good, I’m on the mend, taking it slow but managed to get a out a bit which felt great after having a serious dose of cabin fever last week! Saw Million Dollar Arm and loved it, a great inspiring story, not a trace of violence, swearing, nudity or blood …..proof that a great story can stand on its own just fine without all the “extras” that Hollywood likes to push on us (exactly why I enjoy foreign movies).

I am down to introducing my last sponsor…..and am so excited to be here with an amazingly accomplished woman, Phyllis of Hoffman Media. Phyllis,? in addition to being the dynamo behind Hoffman Media which includes a bevy of national magazines, one of my favorite being Victoria and several books under her belt, has just started a blog, The Ribbon in my Journal. And let me tell you it is one you will want to be sure to add to your regular reading! This woman truly does it all……

uADSFASFnnamedSeen here with her husband, Neil

Phyllis also has the same insatiable appetite for all things blue and white as do I….we are kindred spirits. Her home is spectacular and I was lucky enough to get to include some pictures of it here….talk about a lady who knows how to set a table!


And guess what else she’s a huge fan of…..monograms! I told you,? our tastes are scarily similar.. Here is her own personal monogram and then how she applied it to her stunning china…….

unnadfasamed unnamADFed

Phyllis, I love you even more after reading over your answers to my questions for the interview. You are a true hero for all women! I love what you said about keeping family a priority, and following your passions…amen to that! Now, I am going to start a campaign to get you to resurrect my beloved Southern Accents….PLEASE!!! It is so missed. If anyone can do it, it’s you Phyllis:)

I am as impressed with your many accomplishments as I am with the kind of person you obviously are.


I was thrilled to have been given the chance to interview Phyllis and she also graciously offered up a wonderful generous giveaway (details after interview)…..



1. Phyllis, when did you know you wanted to do what you are doing?

I am a CPA by training and I loved being in the professional world. I always returned to my hobbies of needlework and sewing as relaxation. When I retired from public accounting (when my twins were born), I began counted cross stitch as a new needle art. I could not understand why there was not a magazine on this delightful subject. Since millions of women were stitching, I thought this would be a great idea to try. So the first magazine was Just CrossStitch.

There were four of us who started this magazine, with absolutely no clue if it would work, but we knew the breakeven point was 3,500 subscribers for the first year. We had 3,500 readers when the first issue was launched and we re-printed the first issue three times. From there it grew to 25,000 by the second issue and we were up and running. We found that a magazine can really be a valuable treasure to a reader when it touches the heart strings and meets a need. This one was the first consumer cross stitch magazine in the country.



2. Your empire is beyond impressive, how did you know you wanted to create a magazine much less the many that you now publish?

After we had been publishing Just CrossStitch for several years, we found that we had tapped into a market of creative women who love a beautiful life and want to put their personal touch on everything in their life. They love entertaining, decorating, cooking, antiquing, and making every day beautiful. I was a follower of Victoria magazine and I loved everything about it—but I couldn?t figure out why there were few features on the creative women of the South. In a staff meeting, I kept saying this over and over when one of our art directors stated that we don?t have to do just needlework, we are a full media publisher.

We could do anything we wanted to?.well the light came on. One of those moments I will never forget. The concept for Southern Lady magazine was born that day, which was a celebration of life in the south from a woman?s perspective. Written by women for women, it was met with great love and acceptance. TeaTime magazine was born from Southern Lady several years after that. The biggest launch we have experienced was Cooking with Paula Deen. Talk about an overwhelming response?.people loved the return to the kitchen for traditional southern fare. Her story of overcoming obstacles in her life to building a wonderful business was celebrated by many. From there we have launched magazine in markets where there was a void or where there was an underserved market. All of our magazine celebrate life and the beauty of each day.

unnam4EWQRAedHer view from her breakfast table…..I could get used to that!



3. I am a huge van of Victoria, my mom has kept every single issue…….what was the inspiration behind the creation of it?

Victoria magazine was originally launched by Hearst Corporation. Victoria was cancelled after a long run. The word that best describes the event was ?grief?. Women grieved, and mourned the passing of one of their favorite magazines. For Hoffman Media, we don?t have to have a huge magazine circulation to consider a magazine a success. Economy of scale is different when you are a medium sized publisher versus a large corporation. The magazine was launched by Nancy Lindemeyer. She is a legend in magazine publishing and really struck a nerve with this one.

If you are a Victoria reader, then it is in your blood and it is a part of your soul. It is the epitome of the dream life we all feel we live?.or should! The readers are so loyal and are our source of inspiration. Like you said, every issue is kept, stored securely and re-read time and time again. I approached Hearst to see if we could bring Victoria back to life. We worked out the details and the deal and we relaunched with a gracious reception from her loyal followers. Victoria is a beacon of light in a world where a gracious, elegant lifestyle is sought after. The magazine celebrates entrepreneurs, decorators, artisans, and every creative woman who makes her world a better place.


4. You have started a blog which is fabulous by the way, what made you want to begin to write a blog?

You had a lot to do with it?..I love your blog and when I found out that we both had a passions for blue and white, I knew we were kindred spirits. I wanted to inspire women and encourage women. I don?t think a woman hears enough that she has great worth and that she really matters. People are struggling and if I can write anything that will bring a chuckle, a smile, or a new idea that can change a day, then I want to do it. The Ribbon In My Journal blog (www.theribboninmyjournal.com) was named as a tribute to Alexandra Stoddard. She presented me a ribbon to mark my place in her book she autographed. What a brilliant idea. She makes everything wonderful. The ribbon marks where we end today and where we will begin again tomorrow. So it is with my blog. Every time I write and thought or interview a wonderful person, it is a chapter in our daily walk. Then tomorrow we will begin again.

That?s how it is with life. We can?t do over days that have passed, but we start over every day. My blog is a place of community where we can share, celebrate living, give encouragement, and bring to life people who make a difference. Women have great businesses and lead in their communities and any time I can celebrate that I will. I speak at many events a year in churches and civic organizations as a result of publishing magazines that women love. It has enabled me to meet thousands of women who want to love and be loved. Beauty if found in everyday living. If I can inspire someone to try a new flower arrangement or set a beautiful table that will make me happy.



5. No doubt you are an incredibly busy woman, how do you do it all? Any fast and hard rules for keeping it all together?

There are days that I don?t think I have it together?.but that is true for all of us. I am very fortunate to have my sons Eric and Brian as executive Vice-presidents of Hoffman Media. They have major areas of responsibility and shoulder a lot of the load. So for the first Phyllis rule?.surround yourself with people that are great and delegate. Let them grow and flourish!

I love being busy but my family comes first. Now that the boys are grown, they have their families and I have hopefully instilled in them the same value that their family must come first. If things get out of order, then nothing will work right.

My husband Neal and make our time together a priority. We both have tremendous responsibilities and joking say ?we doze but we never close? so we guard our time together. Coffee on the terrace is a great time for us, particularly now that the gardens are blooming. As the sun comes up and the world is waking up, we love that time of quiet and calm. We have coffee, our daily devotional, and thoughts about our day.

We both love to be with Hays and Amelia, our grandchildren, and try to get them as often as we can. That is the most fun of all?seeing the world thru the eyes of children.

??????? I have learned to say NO to many things. That was very hard for me. If you asked me to do something or join an organization, I would say YES. Why would I want to disappoint someone? But as I quickly learned it is better to say no that to spread yourself too thin. ?

At work, each magazine has a team that is responsible for the magazine process. I get the interact and have fun with all of them, but the responsibility rests with each team to produce the magazine. I love the creative process but with 80 plus separate issues going to press annually from our company, I rely on the wonderful people I get to work with daily. It is wonderful to see people grow professionally!


6. What?s next for Hoffman Media?

Hoffman Media will continue to grow as a niche publisher in the creative space. We specialize in markets where creative people find inspiration. Whether you are cooking, decorating, gardening, serving tea, or traveling, we find great stories to bring to our readers. Hoffman Media has seen great growth in the digital markets where new readers are enjoying our magazines on the tablets and phones. I love turning pages, but there is a market out there for digital editions. We have some surprises coming, but right now I can?t say as we are finalizing plans.

Our book business, in addition to magazines, is really growing. I just finished Bouquets of Love where I compiled quotes, thoughts and inspiration from people I admire. In addition I wrote some original material. This book is for the women who make a difference in our lives. That book has been well received. I love gift books for special occasions and I plan to write several more in the next few months.

?Our newest magazine The Cottage Journal is growing very rapidly. People love intimate space living and creating small personal spaces within large homes. It has decorating as its central them, but very casual and intimate. It has amazed me at the rapid growth.


7. What are the two top things on your own personal bucket list? Business bucket list?

My husband and I have a bucket list that we made together. We are ticking those off as fast as we can. I want to fly in a phantom jet before my life is over! He is out on that one!

Realistically, we want to cruise through the Panama Canal. We also want to ride through the National Parks in a convertible! How much fun that would be going over the mountains and taking in our beautiful country. That would be a dream to take them one by one.

Also, I want to make quilts for my children and grandchildren. I love the things my mother and grandmother made for me and I want them to have something hand made from me, GiGi.

My business bucket list would be to have my grandchildren grow up and come to the company as a third generation publishing family. I laugh and say my 3 year old Amelia could run the company today. But more importantly, I want them to follow their dreams. And if their dreams lead here then wonderful.


8. Loved your book, Gracious Tables…..what gave you the idea? Are other books in your future?

??????? Gracious Tables is part of a Gracious Living series. Time around the table for anyone is precious time. Whether it is Neal and me alone at our tavern table by the kitchen window, or at the large dining room table with all our family gathered, it is a glorious time. I try to always set a beautiful table so that the setting for our time together is special. It may be the centerpiece is one blossom picked from my garden, or a bunch of tulips I picked up at market.

Neal had china monogrammed for us after we were married and I love that. He shares my passions for time around the table and he knows I am mad about anything monogrammed. We have been married 4 ? years and one of our friends designed our monogram as a gift. He had the china made with it and then surprised me with a matching teapot.

I also believe that people know they are special when you go the extra mile to create a beautiful setting. I collect blue and white china and I love to mix and match pieces. That is always fun. It is taking what you have and using it! I hate to see china stored away and never used by people. It really makes me sad. One sweet friend said she didn?t want hers to get broken. I would rather mine get broken using it with people you love and creating special times than never using it. I hope my dishes are lovingly used and worn when I am gone. There is no one more important than my family, so I use the ?good china?, as we say in the South, for my family. Our grandchildren are served on china and Amelia and I have our own tea set.

??????? Gracious Tables was written to say?take what you love and use it. And my philosophy is if you break it all?.collect more. But have fun!


And here are some amazing pictures of her spectacular kitchen…..her taste is sublime!

PHKitchen0158MJ_New PHKitchen0162MJ_New PHKitchen0163MJ_new PhyllisKitchen37MJ_new PhyllisKitchen50MJ_new


Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say? I am most impressed by how grounded she is…..you are a champion for all women Phyllis! I love your bucket list…you have given me some great ideas to add onto my own.? Phyllis was super kind to offer a wonderful giveaway of 2 of her books and 2 subscriptions to Victoria magazine………that’s a total of four winners!

TWO lucky winners will win a signed? book, Gracious Tables is chock full of beauty and inspiration……



And TWO lucky winners will receive a one year subscription to the dreamy magazine, Victoria…..


How to win-

All you need to do to be in the running is to leave a comment here, and if you want a second chance you can leave a comment on her Facebook page by clicking here. Want a third chance? Then go say hello on her blog? and leave a comment telling her you are from The Enchanted Home (be sure to follow/subscribe while you are at it..its one you will not want to miss). Click here to be taken to The Ribbon in My Journal.

I will announce four lucky winners on Friday.? If you want to visit and follow Phyllis over at her blog ‘The ribbon in my journal” click here. Thank you so much for stopping in and Phyllis…welcome aboard, so happy to have you here!

Also, two more days to take advantage of my newest promotion (offer ends on Wednesday) Click here for details.



Random Sunday musings and a winner!

Good Sunday morning to you! ? If you are thinking you’ve been hearing from me a lot lately………you are right! Having to be home this entire past week to rest my knee gave me much unexpected time on the computer, a good thing (very productive, worked on many posts, orders and emails) and a bad thing (had a lot of fun shopping online). I am really hoping to be feeling much better next week, and hopefully things will get back to normal. A congratulations for the Antica Farmacista goes to-

# 11?? Sandy @ You May Be Wandering says (Edit)

Happy Friday, Tina! I am so happy your knee is nothing too serious! I love the new jewelry and all the steals and deals! Have a wonderful weekend?hopefully it will stop raining! xoxo

Congratulations Sandy! Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to provide your shipping details


This next month is a super busy one, one baby shower, one bridal shower, 3 graduation parties, two big birthday parties and a couple of fundraisers…so I do need my strength and legs to party on! I have a lot of gifts to buy and outfits to plan out plus with my own sons graduation.? I am super busy and yet feeling quite melancholy about my son graduating and leaving for college in August.

?We are planning a family party here for the Sunday after his graduation and you? know I will be sharing all the tidbits of the planning. In addition, I along with two friends am chairing my son’s prom….the theme is Great Gatsby, we have had so much fun with it! I will be sure to send some pictures once the room is all set up later in June. Exciting time to be 18……


HOMEFRONT. Anywho, planning a low key day today, still trying to go slow but supposed to meet up with my design customer (working on an apt in NYC).? It is so great to see everything in full bloom right now, everything looks so green and love that we are starting to see flowers spring from the ground.

We have a lot of landscaping going on right now and I will be sure to share pictures when they are done. My husband finished the ‘walking path” that was his project,? we used all the wood from fallen trees form Sandy to create a wood chip lined path that runs the perimeter of the property.? I am still tossing around three fabrics are all gorgeous for a pair of really good chairs that we have that will be used in the dining room or foyer………


The path my husband has created…..

IMG_2180 IMG_2183

IMG_2170 IMG_2172 IMG_2173 IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2176


NAILS ON WHEELS?? Is this the cutest thing ever? A nail salon on wheels…. I love this idea. Hey its not just for kids but what a perfect party for a young girl and her besties. Very novel and clever idea, I? wouldn’t mind having a party here! Based in California, I could see this growing fast! Click here for the website of La Lacquerie.

erPRz5VMVd1l DEu4_GbpQ_Jl 6EMa3hP1Zp3l Li3iVhMaXhTl 8pL2rhId8l-l gX3QoguM1v6l

?FANCY TRAVELER. For those who like to travel, how beautiful and chic is this passport cover? I love it! Also would make a fantastic gift. Click here for shop site.



ORGANIZATION! Speaking of passports and other important records, this is such a simple but smart idea. Please tell me I am not alone when every time I need to find a passport or birth certificate, I am like a crazy woman racing all over the house searching frantically for our most important documents!? This is something I AM doing, this will be my project for June! Click here to find out about this project.




GOOD FOOD AND RECIPES. I like to share things when they come out great and of course when they taste delicious…both of these are totally worth sharing.


Click here to visit Comfort of Cooking for the recipe…..really good and actually quite easy it was super tasty.



This crunchy cabbage salad was incredibly tasty and so low calorie…..one I will absolutely make again, love the crunchy texture too. Click here for the recipe from Scaling Back blog.



EATALY. Speaking of food,? check out this amazing basket of Italian goodies I received the other day from a dear friend. It could not have come on a better day, a day when my knee was so sore I couldn’t walk and I was going through old pictures of my son (the youngest who is graduating) and crying like a baby over where the time has gone. Then I got this and it instantly cheered me up! What a friend……everything I love from amazing olive oils to pesto and pasta to something sweet.

I whipped up the pasta with pesto which was INCREDIBLY good and ate every bite without an ounce of guilt…worth every calorie!! Eataly is amazing, if you are ever in NY you must visit, it is? an emporium unlike any other for the foodie and if you live around here then certainly you know all about it. Click here to visit EATALY online.? but be forewarned visiting on an empty stomach could lead to an unexplained shopping binge. Still dying to do one of their cooking classes………

IMG_2134 IMG_2135



IMG_2139 IMG_2140

Thank you again, my iPhone was dead when I whipped up a pasta lunch and it was sooooo good that I couldn’t wait for my phone to charge to take pics, next time!


SHOP NEWS This is big. V E R Y?? B I G!!!! I told you first about a month ago about my new tole line that I am creating. Well despite the hush, believe me there has been? much going on behind the scenes. My order is just about done (all 170 pieces of it) and will be here around mid June. This idea was born for a few reasons, first I LOVE tole, it is so elegant and just adds so much wherever it is placed and there aren’t many companies out there doing it anymore, so its very expensive.

The custom line I currently carry,? I also love but a canister runs on average even with my discount almost $400. My line is going to be around $110 a canister, I am going to have planters, canisters,waste paper baskets, lamps?? and different sized trays. This is by far the most exciting thing to happen since I launched my shop. I am giving you a sneak peak of things in progress, ready? Take a look……

unnadsfasamed unnamadfsadfsaed unnaasdfasmed unnaasfdamed

u343nnamed unnadsfadsfaamed unnasdfamed unnamedadsfThese are almost done waiting for two coats but loving them so far!


Also if you are in the market for fabulous and I do mean FABULOUS melamine outdoor dinnerware that will hold up like you cannot imagine then its a great time to take advantage of my current promotion on the beautiful line of melamine dinnerware that will have everyone fooled!! I now use mine for every day use, its amazing! Click here for promotion, taking orders up until Wed.

209SW-Seville-White-salad-plate-2 109BEN-2 802ROM-Romana-nesting-tray409belt 812C-Fleur-Clear-large-tumbler


Well folks that’s about it, thank you for stopping, hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. The sun is shining and I think I am going to take? my coffee outside and celebrate winters departure at long last…..until tomorrow!


Coming up this week-

  • A new chapter of my “Come on in” series where? I feature a room in my home and take you through it
  • An introduction and incredible giveaway of my last sponsor
  • A fantastic post on a favorite designerrp_unnamed7-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x1501-150x150-150x1501-150x1501-150x150.jpg

Pinterest Pretties…My Style!

Hi the sun is shining after a wicked rain last night. I am still on the mend, taking it slow but definitely making some improvement. Thanks for all of your well wishes! There are a few items left from yesterdays Steals and Deals… I have updated the post to reflect whats sold and what is still available, the response to the jewelry was fantastic!? Also holding a giveaway for an Antica Farmacista lotion so add your name to the hat (winner will be announced tomorrow). Click here if you missed it.

I like to periodically? post on my Pinterest boards and highlight some of my favorite pictures so today’s Pinterest Pretties is from “My style” board which is a grouping of pictures that reflects my personal style and pictures that inspire me for one reason or another. Hope you enjoy! If you want to see more of where this came from click here.



5fc83e009181fcaf87b6abab274765f9 df2c38b79d190479244b8dd749512c21 eb6a1b18bb78773f5be939082d8e6c59 66ef6aaba0497288f6c10f4a83d362c3 86411910f8ed08a6ab99a04534dc05e6 accb116e839c7c128e9ce0875990c408 4d30c3d897886880f22e782241872eb5 7316b0f846ca44f2795e009afcab5057 051d24adfe06914c2b31c0940d8d9319 d7d99277983a0c9175d739658543746d e69e1ca4e877b06bdbfe66b436fbd2b2 73e31cf4e1aeffc50c9be34690bd8469 e6b8f01cf13b85b12657e0426e92da50 9865c4bf53f10342196f9d3b05ae8f21 17aabf856a8ee7566d8a82dda4e01a68


So many beautiful rooms….have gotten so many great ideas from this board. That is one of the perks of collecting pictures, the ability to constantly be inspired, it’s a process but a fun one! Click here if you would like to see more of my board or any of my others. Wishing you a most wonderful weekend……

Also 4 more days to take advantage of a special offer on the fabulous melamine line (unlike any you have seen, I assure you)! You will have everyone thinking its beautiful imported Italian pottery!


You can click here to see what its all about, it’s a limited edition promotion (for five days). I am taking orders at discounted prices for my fabulous melamine dinnerware. It?s a great chance to stock up if you have had your eye on these??they? honestly are one of the best household items I have ever owned (and I have owned a lot)! It is also under the tab CURRENT PROMOTIONS.????


A very fashionable steals and deals and a giveaway!

Hello there, how are you?? OK first, my knee…..to make a long story short, got my results back from MRI, no tear of meniscus or ACL. I am VERY relieved to have gotten that news. ? It is just a very bad sprain/strain to the ACL, so am on anti inflammatory meds and start physical therapy on Monday, the best case scenario all things considered. Many thanks for caring and wanting to know. Moving along, time to announce two lucky winners for Tish Jett’s book, Forever Chic, congratulations goes to-

#23 Lin

Lin says (Edit)

Amazing timing with this book giveaway ? I had the opportunity to attend Leslie Caron?s book signing in Laguna Beach yesterday. She is appearing at the Laguna Playhouse in Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks. She is the definition of French charm, amazing grace, talent, and the essence of classic style. She regenerated my Francophile fascination! This book is just what I need for a more inspiration and information. And your posts are also inspiring and charming. I look forward to my daily dose!


#9 Anita

Anita Rivera says (Edit)

Bonjour tina and tish!

My love for the french language drove me to study and graduate with honors, leading me to further studies in education. But ehst I have loved the most besides teaching young people this gorgeous language is getting to know some of the most geniune and lovely french women and men. Their style in both fashion and living is to be admired. Hi tish! Long time no see! Bravo to tish for this published treasure, and bravo tina for celebrating the beauty of living. Anita

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to provide your shipping details and how you want your book(s) signed. Click here if you want to purchase Forever Chic, I promise you this is one book you will not put down!


I just have to say T H A N K? Y O U so much for participating in my poll yesterday, all over 970? of you, that’s right! You had a lot to say and I got teary eyed just reading over all the kindness and really appreciate the honest advice, all of the amazing support and love (just a? few constructive criticisms thrown in for good measure).? I will be sharing the results sometime next week, it was so interesting and validating in many cases to hear what you had to say.

This is a slight departure from my usual home accessories/tabletop offerings but boy is it a good one:)? I have, as many of you know dipped into the fashion/personal accessories pool and its always been (with much gratitude) very well received.? When I asked you to participate in my poll regarding my online shop weeks ago,? an overwhelming number of you said you wanted me to start carrying more fashion/personal accessorizes, that you liked my take on things, so here it is!

So as I am planning a new and improved online shop….I will be expanding in a few areas as well. I will be carrying more handbags and introducing some wonderful jewelry items.? A great jewelry line I found out about is one of the goodies being offered today. I am excited because these are beautiful pieces, pretty enough to wear with your “good stuff” but fun enough to enjoy and experiment with. I was immediately smitten and wanted of course to keep one for myself of every single item, I think they are fun but also elegant.

I am also offering up a few odds and ends of home accessories, mostly 1’s or 2’s of things I had left or just found in the warehouse. A great chance to take advantage of some fun steals, also some good gift ideas if you have someone to buy for.

You know the drill, just refer to the item number (before each picture) and email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com If the item is still available I will invoice you within a few hours and these items will ship the following day, don’t you just love instant gratification!


First 10 paid orders will get this wonderful silver snuffer ($20.00 value)





This is part of the gorgeous jewelry line that I really love. They do a lot of private label work? for many of your favorite brands and I can assure you they are MUCH more expensive than they are here. If the reaction is strong I will be adding this line to my personal accessories online as a regular item to carry, their things are fabulous and they are always coming out with such beautiful pieces.? All you need is a great summer outfit, a little tan and you are set!


1. Gorgeous pair of tear drop earrings about 2″ in length in three stones……SOLD


1A.? Green Onyx and trimmed in dipped 18kt gold $62.00 ONE PAIR LEFT


2B. Aqua Chalcedony pair trimmed in brass and dipped in 18kt gold $62.00 ONE PAIR


3C. Grey moonstone pair trimmed in brass and dipped in 18kt gold (2 pair) $62.00 ALL SOLD OUT BUT MORE COMING!

277573dae5907936ac039792964d0fd7 83d0f9b418e9ec2633bb6df879187f48 6b65ab63ed34907f0605c5392c452b45 bcae4e99350d37cc94d8542183f28961


4. Please specify color. String bracelets, these are so great looking alone or as part of a grouping with a watch or other bracelets, with magnetic closure.? The string bracelets with crystal discs are made of cotton cord, nickel-free metal alloy, and Austrian crystals. $22.00

ivory, gray, sand,taupe, navy


c33573e448b186ea32c038748ec864bfa6a84e67ec135dc0b0772d91affc50af e8941e326d3b065e79624cae2c01907d

5. Beautiful ball bracelets love this one! I can see them against beautifully tanned skin? in the summer, silver or gold (elasticized). $14.00, specify gold or silver ONE GOLD AND ONE SILVER BRACELET LEFT





a5dfe163fc5faf3a446195ad00d60b4a cfa3eb8903308c51b8c2627dab80f343 ff91ec8a8726f699ea40f8fd6f418fd5

6. Gorgeous statement cuff/bracelet in turquoise or ivory with gold accents. The ivory and turquoise stone bracelets are made of dyed turquoise stones and brass in plated gold for the chains.? $28..00 (about 2″ cuff) SOLD OUT



8c5f9c269cf0578a6b52ceb207981bca 53fdeb8e2543775e5855b4ff4b586da6 4d63e582ae6fa52123b5c5e37b4fa7d6


7. Fabulous dressy pair of earrings that are lined in paved crystals, based in brass then sealed in 18kt gold.? These are the green onyx, aqua? chalcedony, black chalcedony and? (2 pair of each) $90.00 SOLD


592d7416a9f2ac32d981fcb3eb4fad68 e171ad359f2e0a4e9050746b2ea78b45 2dc47d9366719ac007b6e266a9419cf6


Some of the pretty new additions due in sometime in June…..aren’t they pretty?

IMG_1471 IMG_1472 IMG_1473

8. Have two gorgeous tole canisters left…these retail for $300 and up.These are very impressive and stand about 20″ tall and 11′ round.? Today $95 for either one (just one of each) 8A is the one that is multi colored, 8B is the tonal one. SOLD OUT BUT BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MY AMAZING TOLE LINE EXCLUSIVELY TO THE ENCHANTED HOME COMING OUT IN JUNE!!



74f3cfbe3f48146c3967769f75aef8519.I have one set left of the beautiful vintage inspired vanity jars (set of 3) $65.00 SOLD




IMG_2091 IMG_2090


10. These darling solid brass trays with rope detailing are ideal for serving something pretty and delicate or great for soaps in a bathroom $12.00 (2 left) SOLD


IMG_1338 IMG_1341

11. A few gift sets of the Antica Farmacista, these are amazing and feature a 250 ml of the diffuser oil and a beautifully scented candle. Includes reed sticks. Retails for $125, here $100 for either scent A FEW LEFT

Ala Moana, Prosecco or Lemon and Verbena


12. Have two of the beautiful buttery soft leather woven make up bags, one brown, one red and one cream $65.00 (one of each color left) ONE RED LEFT

5173767_orig (1)

13. Found three of the wonderful wicker cake spades, great for the summer! $12.00 (have 3) SOLD


14. few more of the pretty Herend like blue and white ;pieces at rock bottom prices……. ALL SOLD EXCEPT ONE ELEPHANT AND ONE STARFISH SALT AND PEPPER

14A. 2 pair of the starfish salt and peppers (or can use for display) $12.00



14B. Two more elephants! $18.00



14C. Large oversized starfish 5″ $12.00

1373614D. 2 more frogs $12.00

1893414E. 2 more sitting bunnies 6″ tall $14.00





12fc190f98a9c253f2d42b7126e1fb9215. Found two more of these charming French antique inspired vanity boxes with etched glass $24.00 SOLD




16. One of the pretty green and white trellis porcelain planters, 11″,? it is so fresh for the warmer months ahead $30.00 SOLD


16. One set of the charming blue and white mugs 4 for $30.00 AVAILABLE


17. Two more of the pretty 13″ serving trays/platters in the blue and white garden design $30.00 ONE LEFT



18. One set (4 plates) appetizer/salad size of the gorgeous chinoiserie pagoda? blue and white plates $40.00 for 4, will eventually get in more ONE SET AVAILABLE


IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2159

19. Was surprised to find two more clocks hiding! These? went like hotcakes and how I wish I couldn’t? find more. One square and one rectangular $70 each SOLD OUT


IMG_2160 IMG_2161 IMG_2162

21. This wonderful wine holder (for two bottles) love the silver filigree work with two handles.? $48.00 (2 available) SOLD



IMG_1477 IMG_1476

22. One set of the silver/pewter pheasants, a very elegant addition to any vignette $65.00 for pair (1 pair) SOLD


IMG_1391 IMG_1392-1024x764

23. Found one x? large plateau left 19″ absolutely beautiful. These retail for hundreds, this one is $115.00 (one available) SOLD





19.? And finally the last item is lengthy so you can click here to see what its all about, its sort of an ongoing promotion (for five days). I am taking orders at discounted prices for my fabulous melamine dinnerware. It’s a great chance to stock up if you have had your eye on these……they? honestly one of the best household items i have ever owned (and I have owned a lot)! It is also under the tab CURRENT PROMOTIONS.????



Phew…….OK so if you see something check the item number under the picture, email me? at theenchantedome@gmail.com and I will promptly email you and confirm if its available then invoice you. Payment is expected within 24 hours.


I did also mention a giveaway…….one winner will win one of the my wonderful Antica Farmacista body lotions, which is one of my all time favorite bath products from my shop. Just leave a comment on this post and you are automatically in the running, will announce a winner on Sunday.? Many thanks for stopping in, hoping you have a wonderful day and great start to your weekend!