Pinterest Pretties part 3……Party like a rock star!

Hi there, this is being published while I am away doing my “Thelma and Louise” thing with my sister down south so hope it publishes on time! I have to say I finally get what all the fuss is about with Pinterst. What an amazing resource it is and such a fabulous way to organize all that we love, especially for people like me who are super visual.

One of my favorite boards is Party like a rock star. I have had such fun collecting beautiful and inspiring images for it and applied some to my most recent party, and stored some in my memory bank for when one day one of my sons gets married and engaged, maybe a surprise bash for my husband…who knows! So here is a bunch of my favorites, if you love what you see and want to see more, click here!

DISCLAIMER- This might bring on a sudden an uncontrollable urge to throw, host or attend a party!!!!

Here we go…..







Woodland Picnic Birthday Party_DSC_8615 5302d38f2a3f7


Cook_Kim_2007_09_01_WSCP_176.sized Antonucci_Ryan_2005_06_25_068





581fcddd9cb71bbf690ee9c6b487013b Woodland Picnic Birthday_DSC_8655



tumblr_ml57dlARgc1qcg3x1o1_500 1ebde6eeee716e4aebce81d1cb1eb347 Screen-Shot-2013-01-17-at-3.28.08-PM 2f3cd4e6d5e8b42b08480b9213da2910



Well if this doesn’t have you wanting to throw a soiree don’t know what will…so many fabulous parties! Hope you enjoyed and hope all is well on your end, if you want to see more “Party like a rockstar” click here. Until next time…..thanks for stopping in!

Let the southern road trip begin….

Good morning! By the time you read this, I will be off burning rubber on all roads leading south. I cannot wait…’s a much? needed little getaway, a chance to hang with my sister and best friend and of course a great opportunity to explore all the best that two iconic Southern cities have to offer (and possibly a few more knowing us)!

Thanks to you….we left our diets behind and I am heading off with a virtual arsenal of incredible places to visit, restaurants to dine in, places to stay and of course stores to do a little retail therapy in. I will have my camera with me to capture all the fun and of course if you want you dan also follow me and my travels on Instagram by clicking here.

I have a few posts prepared for while I am away but today’s post is a look back at some of my favorite posts that you might have missed. Hope you are well, thanks as always for stopping in and if you want to travel down memory lane then click below..have fun!


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A vintage country Christmas!


Well…those should keep you busy for a while. Some of those are my all time favorites and I still enjoy going back over them:) Hope you are well, I will be back with another prescheduled post in a few days, thank you for stopping in!

Early week random musings….

Hi there, well its been one heck of a crazy busy month. I have taken the last few days to play catch up and there was A LOT to catch up on!! Busy weekend? with my husbands birthday and a few parties, plus lets not forget The World Cup which seems to dominate all that we do. But how exciting was that game with US and Portugal yesterday? Wow…talk about a nail biter!? Hope you had a great weekend too.

This will be it for a few days until I leave for my southern road trip. Many many thanks to all who chimed in with the most amazing suggestions, I will be sure to share all we end up doing and have already booked our hotels and some of the restaurants. If you have a trip planned south, you should seriously read over all the comments, SO much great information. Click here to visit that post.

I always like the idea of winging things too when I visit, to get the lay of the land. I think my life is so planned and overscheduled at times? that there is something liberating and wonderful about getting somewhere new and not having a specific agenda, thankfully my sister and I both share this sentiment!


My sons graduation party/Fathers Day party. Still on cloud nine from my party, if you missed the highlights click here, I also got back a few of the beautiful shots that the caterer had taken by a professional photographer who was there really to photograph the food and setting. I thought they came out so pretty I had to share…..

53775082-DSC_0133+copy 53775081-DSC_0188 53775078-DSC_0220 53775079-DSC_0226 53775077-DSC_0306 53775076-DSC_0307 53775075-DSC_0310



Baby shower. Attended a baby shower a few weeks ago and had such fun putting the gift together. I bought the sweetest Moses basket and we filled it with al kinds of wonderful essentials and baby clothes, topped it off with a darling stuffed elephant, it was such a sweet gift:)

It starts with a bunch of adorable things like clothing and shoes for the baby, I got a beautiful moses basket and wrapped away finishing it with a generous box of pretty ivory ribbon…..





IMG_2321 IMG_2316

IMG_2320 IMG_2322 IMG_2323 IMG_2324 IMG_2326 IMG_2329

And there it is taking center stage at the gift table day of the shower:)


Pre prom. My son, as most of you know had his senior prom about two weeks ago, despite a rainy gloomy day, by the afternoon the sun came out and it was a gorgeous way to start the festivities. There was a lovely preprom party at the home of his date, and it was too pretty to not share…

DSC_0231 DSC_0256 DSC_0260 DSC_0263


My talented customers. LOVE hearing from my readers and customers!! Got all of these pictures a few days ago and had to share……they do beautiful justice to the things I sell:)
3aLoved seeing the mini Staffordshires in such a pretty home!


Gorgeous display for the pretty statuary from my statuary and planter lineunnamasdfaedAnother pretty arrangement poolside



Great for bookends!unnam43sed unadsnamed

Just darling….

More pillows. I have spoken of Studio Tullias gorgeous pillows before, she is actually one of my sponsors. I ordered more of the stunning Chiang Mia for my back patio….I just can’t seem to have enough, but the blue and white works so beautifully back there!! Click here if you want to visit Studio Tullia.

IMG_2196 IMG_2198 IMG_2199 IMG_2200 IMG_2201


Good reads. Kind of out of the reading loop, just haven’t had the time but I plan to change that now that summer is here and beach days are in my future. Just got this and can’t wait to read it….any other suggestions?


Dough Bowls. All of the antique dough bowls are sold however I am getting in another 7 pieces on June 30-July 1st. I have a few left to reserve. If you are interested please click here for more information under current promotions.



Shop News. I have a lot going on behind the scenes with my online shop, and some big changes are on the horizon which I will share with you in the coming weeks!? The most exciting thing by far is that my tole line is en route…woo hoo! So excited and cannot wait, it should be here within the next 2-3 weeks. Also for many of you who inquired about the Annaball Ingall straw tote, I will know this week if they are coming. There were production issues which I hope have been worked out. I will surely update you as soon as I have something to tell.




People making a difference. I am constantly inspired by people who open their hearts to do great things. I am so moved when I read about their stories and journeys of what they do and hope some day I too can do something really profound, sending in a small check surely helps someone but to roll your sleeves up and really throw yourself into helping is helping on another level. This was one such inspiring story, it really moves you to want to do something, with people like this out there, I am convinced that a profound change can become a reality.

This mother/daughter filmmaker team are really something and I love the way they touched “ordinary people” to throw their fears aside and dive right in to help. So inspiring, you must watch the trailer. ? Click here to visit the website of Opening Our Eyes.


Well that’s about it for today. Another beautiful day but the humidity is rising…..hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week. Thank you stopping in. Will be back on Wednesday! Enjoy your day….rp_jeanneunnamed-193x30011111.jpg


My weekend as seen through my i Phone and a dough bowl delivery!

Hi there,? we are having the most beautiful weekend, sunny bright skies, low humidity, moderate temps….who? could ask for more!? What did we do before we had our cell phones? I am way more attached to mine than I would care to admit…how about you?

I like to share highlights of my days/weekends? every now and then as seen through the miracle of my i Phone camera, sometimes I am amazed at the pictures it churns out. So not much narration needed here, but on we go, a few highlights from this weekend and last……


1. LOVE me a good farm stand. I get all giddy when I see one, and when they are brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables I am like a kid in a candy shop…… this fresh just picked produce? just not beautiful!

IMG_2519 IMG_2517 IMG_2516 IMG_2515 IMG_2514 IMG_2513

2. My Chiang Mai pillows from Studio Tullia...I have an addiction. Last year bought them for my loggia furniture but this year am expanding to add them to my? patio furniture as well, love mixing and matching, they are just exquisite period! Call me addicted……..


IMG_2202 IMG_2201 IMG_2129 IMG_2196 IMG_2198 IMG_2199 IMG_2200

3. Remnants of last weekends gradutation party……I loved having the furniture still on my patio days after the party, it allowed me to hold onto the memory just a little longer and my flowers held up surprisingly well too. Best part about a party? LEFTOVERS of course!

IMG_2114 IMG_2113 IMG_2110

IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2498 IMG_2493 IMG_2484 IMG_2489

This was taken two days after the party, then I slowly started to dismantle and managed to make a few pretty arrangements for throughout the house……



4. A few Instagram pics I took with my trust little iPhone (click here to see my Instagram or follow me)……

IMG_2209 IMG_2210



5. Attended a sweet baby shower at this darling restaurant in NYC, Mara Vanna, the pictures are kind of dark but its a really cute restaurant, super girly with crystal chandeliers everywhere.




IMG_2328 IMG_2329 IMG_2335 IMG_2331



6. Look who is getting in his daily exercise…Mr. Teddy!

IMG_2446 IMG_2447



7. New topiaries planted into my planters (these are technically a little small and not the permanent ones but I do like them a lot so they have stuck around a little longer than expected). Had these topiaries planted and loved the effect….

IMG_1914 IMG_1912 IMG_1910

ATTN DOUGH BOWL LOVERS- And finally this is not a highlight from my iPhone BUT I did just in the most gorgeous delivery of antique bowls. Some are sold but there are still a few more up for grabs! Click here for details……(under current promotion)

IMG_2535 IMG_2534 IMG_2533 IMG_2532 IMG_2531 IMG_2530

So that sums up what is new here. Tonight? we are headed into the city to celebrate my husbands birthday,? tomorrow night headed to a birthday party for a friend, so a fun, busy summer weekend! My husband might I add will not miss a single game from The World Cup so all of this centers around the games but it’s his birthday weekend so he gets a free pass!

Enjoy yours and thank you as always for stopping in, I will be back possibly Monday otherwise for sure on Tuesday, have a very busy start to the week:)


Which would you choose?

Hi there,? so happy? it’s the end of the week. Subconsciously come Friday afternoon, I feel like I don’t have to work quite so hard and look forward to some down time that inevitably comes with the weekend.? I still have a few odds and ends from my Steals and Deals yesterday but not much, the post has been updated to reflect whats still available, click here to visit. I have a busy weekend ahead, with my husbands birthday, a party for a friend and a few appts.

Having fun planning my southern road trip next week, thanks to you? I have all kinds of amazing suggestions to consider. So thank you for as always, being so generous with your recommendations…..I know I am in for a great time.

I am, in between everything else going on, also helping a friend redo a beach house bathroom (master). She knew she wanted it clean and crisp so our idea was to go all white but in the end we added some touches of beige, so we did the Calcutta Gold white marble with touches of Crema Marfil. Very clean and crisp and certainly perfect for a coastal bathroom. It got me thinking though in the process of how many beautiful possibilities for a master bath there really are!

So, thought it would make a fun post. If today, the bathroom fairy knocked on your door to redo your master bathroom..what look would you go for? You know the drill….take a look at all of the beautiful baths shown here and weigh in on which you would choose! Ready? Let’s go……



CHOICE 150c6256ff61efb61d8a1da302f551a67





CHOICE 3hbx-0610-howard-white-bath-de-15933449
















CHOICE 9item0.rendition.slideshow.bathrooms-01

















Hummm…..not an easy choice! Did one jump out at you or did you have to scroll up and down more than once? What elements do you think make up the perfect master bath? Do you tend to do for light, airy and crisp or for something a bit more dramatic and moodier? It will be fun to see which comes out on top! Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and a happy Friday and weekend!



Don?t forget?.Phyllis over at A Ribbon in my journal is giving away a pair of my gorgeous blue and white Staffordshire dogs!! Click here to be in the running?.rp_jeanneunnamed-193x3001111.jpg




A warehouse cleaning steals and deals!

Hi there, first off thanks soooo much for all of those fabulous southern road trip recommendations! I am having a blast going through it all and planning away. If you missed it or have a trip of your own in those parts, you must read over all the comments! Click here to visit.

The response to my current promotion on Staffordshire dogs has been incredible. I am down to a handful of pieces left, but if you were interested, I advise you to let me know soon, just about sold out. Click here for details.

As I am preparing my small warehouse space for my much anticipated tole collection due to arrive in the next coming weeks…..I am cleaning things out fast and furious! I have a lot of odds and ends, some goodies but not much quantity, most things shown I only have a few of. As always priced to sell and subject to availability. Was going to hold off on this round but there isn’t time……..

I am posting this late in the day as a “shout out” to my west coast readers who say that when I normally post (in the morning) that by the time they read it, most of the “good stuff” is gone, so West coasters….this one’s for you!

If you are new to these sales…..just email me at with the ITEM NUMBER next to the item you want to buy, if I have it I will invoice you same day and your order will ship out within the next business day….nothing like instant gratification!

First 8 orders will receive a solid brass letter opener as a free gift



1. Beautiful nickel pheasant place card holders. These are so elegant, could see a beautiful dinner or luncheon table set with these. 4 for $14.00…bargain! Have 12 sets? 4 SETS LEFT


2. A few blue and white Herend like pieces were found. Two elephants $14.00, two pairs of starfish $12.00 and one shell $12.00 ALL SOLD

kgrhqv_jce_ds_8pfzbp5_rmvlg_60_12_grande $(KGrHqNHJEwFIp7bQ6ZuBSKjZh7K!Q~~60_35 moGmHLJC9zT_LiFf8iOJ2dw

3. I have five gift boxes of the gorgeous Antica Farmacista fragrances which never ever go on sale. Ala Moana and Lemon Verbeana are the two fragrances, which are fabulous. Ala Moana is a little sweeter/floral with a tropical scent (have it in my bathroom) and lemon verbena is clean and slightly citrus.? These retail for $125.00

These are $95.00, I have two scents. Included is a 250 ml diffuser with sticks and a wonderful fragrant candle? 2 SETS LEFT

IMG_2165 IMG_2164


4. Various serving pieces. 1 LADLES, 1 SPOONS AND 1 FORKS LEFT

1 set of 3 serving forks $65.00

Set of 3 serving spoons $65.00

Set of 3 oversized ladles $70.00

Crystal 3 piece cheese set $32.00

Crystal serving spade $28.00



20869 13882 12524


5.Silver candle holders. Found a few more pair which sold out right away last time they were offered. $65.00 for med and $80.00 for large (these retailed for approx. $150)

5a. Med SOLDIMG_2180



5b. Med? SOLD

IMG_2179 IMG_2178


5c.? Large? SOLDIMG_2176 IMG_2177



6. Beautiful pagoda 2 wick Seda France candles in their gorgeous porcelain chinoiserie container. Love these! Viennese Blooms, Malaysian Bamboo and Sel de Mer are the three fragrances offered…all my favorites! Any one of the fragrances are $40.00 each (These retail for $57.00)? ALL SOLD

IMG_2169 IMG_2166 IMG_2168



A few extra pieces of the stunning? melamine serve ware. Nesting trays set of 2 $45.00, serving platter $27.00

The trays are perfect for summer and indoor entertaining, great sizes and the platters make anything look so appetizing!


7A. The nesting trays (navy is Tuscany, light blue to right is Bella and on left is Romana) BOTTOM TWO LEFT

IMG_2159 IMG_2160 IMG_2161 IMG_2162


7B. Also have these wonderful unbreakable 3 part handy servers, great for chips and salsa or nuts or even taco night! $25.00 any pattern? ALL SOLD

(left to right, is Tuscany, Provence Yellow and Amalfi)

IMG_2157 IMG_2158


8. One more 19″ stunning silver plateau. This one is a beauty!! Retails for $375.00 Here it is $145.00? SOLD

IMG_1846 IMG_1845


9.? Beautiful glass and solid brass serving bowl, perfect for soaps, candies or potpourri. $25.00? SOLDIMG_2175 IMG_2174

10. Love these unique blue and white wicker handpainted baskets!! I could see so many uses for these. I kept a few for myself (are you really surprised)? $24.00 med open basket and $35.00 for large basket with top

Large is about 16″ wide and 12″ tall? and med. is about 15″ wide and 6″ tall? ALL SOLD
IMG_2173 IMG_2172 IMG_2171 IMG_2170


11. After all those emails for more chargers…look what I found! More….8 more plain and 8 more rimmed $35.00 for a set of 8 ALL SOLDIMG_2156


12. A? gorgeous stash of the monogrammed linens. White guest towels with large? ecru monogram $18.00 for 3 Letters in stock are S, K, R and a white W? A FEW LETTERS LEFT PLEASE INQUIRE

Ecru guest towel with oversized black monogram 3 for $15.00 Letters in stock are R, P, Y, K and E

Monogrammed cocktail napkins 6 for $18.00 Letters in stock are N, C, S, L and YIMG_2155 IMG_2154 IMG_2152 IMG_2153 IMG_2186 IMG_2185 IMG_2184 IMG_2182 IMG_2183


13.? Found 8 more of the beautiful stag deer dinner plates, LOVE these and can see mixing with other patterns for the cozy fall/winter months 4 full sized dinner plates $65.00

2 sets available (matching mugs will be here next month)? SOLD21494


14. Beautiful blue and white chinoiserie mugs set of 4 for $35.00 (4 sets available)? SOLD


15. Matching chinoiserie/pagoda platter $24.00 (2 available)? SOLD



16. And the goody I might be the most excited over are these gorgeous and I do mean GORGEOUS super high quality leather address books, one for the handbag and another one for the desk. I LOVE things like this and no cell phone will ever take the thrill of getting to hand write? someones address in a beautiful address book. These are simply beautiful! Great gifts too, and I have stashed away a few for upcoming friends birthdays. The large one for the desk retails for $70.00 and today is $30.00!!!!? A FEW COLORS LEFT PLEASE INQUIRE

The purse size retails for $37.00 and today is $12.00!!!!

Each lovely leather address book comes with its own gift box so its ready for giving!

Hardest choice is choosing a color….love mine!? 5″ x 7″ desk size




Brown, sky blue and red (left to right)


Camel and green


Gold and silver




Green croc


Inside book


16B. Wonderful super soft leather address books to throw in your purse…everyone should have one! 3″ x 5″




Dark brown


Chocolate, camel and orange croc (top to bottom)


Green, camel and navy (top to bottom)


Coral, red and dark camel (top to bottom)


Dark green, camel and green croc (top to bottom)



17. Found one of these magnificent handpainted tole sconces, if you have a space that can accommodate one of these beauties, lucky you! I absolutely love this piece….about 17″ tall. Retailed for $275, today it is $120!? SOLD

IMG_2187 IMG_2188


18. Two of the stunning silver filigree old world planters, these are VERY special. Large and med. Large is $120 and med is $75.00, stunning!? ALL SOLD

Large is 7″ x 10″

Med is 6″ x 7.5″

DSC_0429 DSC_0618


Wow…had more than I expected!! I always love going into the warehouse and opening up boxes, its like a treasure hunt every time:) Time to make way for the beautiful and I do mean beautiful tole coming in (almost 200 pieces)!! Lots of goodies here today, and some great gits too!

You know the drill….email me at with your order. If I have the item you are requesting I will invoice you right away. Everything shown in stock and ready to ship out right away. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful early evening.

Don’t forget….Phyllis over at A Ribbon in my journal is giving away a pair of my gorgeous blue and white Staffordshire dogs!! Click here to be in the running?.


Southern road trip and I need your help!

In case you missed it, just yesterday afternoon I? introduced an amazing current promotion of various Staffordshire dogs, not to be missed, they are going fast but I do have some left, click here to see.

Also Phyllis over at A Ribbon in my journal is giving away a pair of my gorgeous blue and white Staffordshire dogs!! Click here to be in the running….


Hello…..thanks to all for your kind words and accolades over my sons graduation party. I really enjoyed having the last two days to revel and relive the wonderful night (and put my feet up)!? It was such a memorable and beautiful night…..I realized as much work as it was that I really do love planning parties and now am even starting to think just a little bit about my Christmas party, as crazy as that might sound:)

As the excitement of the last few weeks is dying down and I am finally having some much needed down time, I am really excited to announce my sister and I have yet again replanned our southern road trip! This is an abbreviated version than the last, with Charleston and Savannah being our two main destinations and if time allows we may be able to stop off elsewhere. As its been a long time since I have been to either, this is where you come in!

Over the years you have been amazing at offering all kinds of advice, tidbits and tips……and I remember the last time we were going to take the trip, so many of you generously emailed me with all kinds of wonderful ideas. So here is what we are seeking and though we have some ideas I would love your input so we can put the finishing touches on our trip!

Some of the things we would love to know your recommendations on……

Best hotels in Charleston and Savannah? Preferably not a bed and breakfast, something luxurious, well located and I am OCD clean:)

Restaurants…let’s face it a big part of this trip is the amazing food! I am not as concerned with a “hot spot” as I am an amazing dining experience and great food.

Shopping.….of course we have to do a little retail therapy!! Tell me your favorite shopping spots,antiques, clothing, fun stores, accessories,etc……

Travel tips….anything important we should know with regard to getting around?

Unique experiences to that area…..anything special whether it be historical or cultural that we should? not miss? Will be there late June.


So…… it’s your turn to talk! I know you will come forth with all kinds of fabulous recommendations as you always do, please leave in comment section instead of? emailing me so this way the information can be shared and viewed by everyone. I just cannot wait, both because it’s a little getaway and because these are two iconic southern cities that I cannot wait to revisit.








2014-03-24-indacointerior Pineapple Fountain things-to-do-in-charleston


img_12761? images





Just putting this post together has me excited for our little adventure! So come on….it’s your turn to spill the beans on all of your southern favorites and if you happen to have a great idea for a few stops along the way from Charleston to Savannah, by all means do tell!? I have my pen and paper ready. If you missed the post on the big party, click here to visit. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous afternoon.


Partying under The Tuscan Sun…….mission accomplished!

Hello my long lost friends! I have so missed being here but my days and nights have been beyond busy…and my feet are living proof! What a hectic, beautiful, fun, amazing, chaotic, memorable week this was, filled with all kinds of wonderful milestones (around my son). There were many school functions surrounding the senior graduating class, his prom, my family coming in and finally it all culminated with his graduation and his graduation party…phew!!

When you plan a party, you start imagining all the details and how you hope it will all come together. I started with a vision and didn’t let go of it, I admittedly started doing heavy duty planning only about 2 weeks ago, late for me but I have been so tied up with many balls in the air. As the day approached besides praying for gorgeous weather I also prayed for all the details to come together as I had hoped they would. And guess what? They did, maybe even surpassed my expectations a bit. I had a wonderful caterer, the first time I have used her who prepared a beautiful spread, she shared my vision of getting both the taste of the food and the aesthetic? just right…so we were on the same page! Plus the weather in between days of rain and humidity was a “10” ……picture perfect.

I handled the decor and went for a “Dining under a Tuscan sun” theme and by golly, I think I pulled it off. I had an excellent staff of people helping behind the scenes, and we all know this is super key to a party turning out flawlessly. My mom and sister were here on hand and helped me out tremendously as well, so it was proof that it really does take a village:)

The most wonderful aspect of this evening was being able to my son who has made us incredibly proud. He has grown into a truly fine gentleman and when he surprised us with a speech of his own at the cake cutting…it brought some to tears. Being able to share this special milestone in his life with our LARGE extended family (my husbands side, not mine, it is only my sister and I) was a night we will always remember. And certainly it was more than worth the work and effort it required to pull this off.

So that is it in a nutshell…..time to share the highlights. You know me and my pictures, I do not believe in moderation so this is very picture heavy, don’t say I didn’t warn you:) Also my caterer had a photographer come to capture some highlights so I hope to get those in a few days and will certainly share. Enjoy…..




IMG_2474 IMG_2475 IMG_2478 IMG_2479 IMG_2480


IMG_1966 IMG_1970 IMG_1971 IMG_1972 IMG_1975 IMG_1978 IMG_1988 IMG_1965 IMG_1967


To many of of you who knew of my sunflowers woes, with it just being the beginning of the season, they (around here) are hard to find. I was able to find some last minute so added them to the hydrangeas and guess what…..little secret here, added a few faux sunflowers to the center and no one knew!! To my reader who spotted sunflowers in CT. and so incredibly kindly offered to purchase them for me and meet me to help me out….you were amazingly kind to offer! My readers are simply the best!



The votives getting put out..IMG_2022 IMG_2026 IMG_2027 IMG_2034 DSC_0375


READY TO PARTY- Ready to see the finished product? The long Tuscan farm-ish table seating 50 was exactly how I had envisioned this dinner in? my mind when I first started to plan this party. I just loved the effect, it was pure magic! Once sunset hit with the sparkle of the votives sprinkled all around the table, it was really beautiful.? The spectacular weather also helped and enhanced the “dining under the Tuscan sun” inspired theme…….


DSC_0373 DSC_0374 DSC_0375 DSC_0396 DSC_0393 DSC_0391


Yum, and yes it was as tasty as it looks…..

DSC_0535 DSC_0538 DSC_0402

THE FOOD- It’s always about the food (and the decor of course). We started with a huge antipasta and a bevy of breads/toasts and had assorted hors d’oeuvres passed, everything from outrageous chicken meatball lollipops to berry and goat cheese tartlets, mini fish tacos and stuffed figs.

Then we were seated, a beautiful goat cheese and fig salad was on everyone’s plate, there was a small starter of? capellini with fresh tomato sauce and then finally onto the Tuscan inspired buffet…..

For dinner, there was delicious steak right off the grill, huge jumbo lime infused grilled shrimp, grilled vegetables, a few rices and bulgars,? several amazing salads, all using the freshest ingredients right from the farm. The food was fabulous and I felt the menu was perfect given the season and occasion.

DSC_0423 DSC_0424

A little touch I included on all the napkins:)

DSC_0431 DSC_0461 DSC_0459 DSC_0527 DSC_0528 DSC_0529 DSC_0533 DSC_0531


AND DESSERT OF COURSE! We had a large beautiful graduation cake and had a “dessert bar” with mini wonderful bite sizes of everything from key lime shakes, to mini chocolate cakes to berry tartlets and mini brownies,? carrot cupcakes and more…it was divine!

DSC_0560 DSC_0555 DSC_0554 DSC_0566 DSC_0569 DSC_0437 DSC_0435


NEXT MORNING- getting to still enjoy the gorgeous flowers and of course yummy leftovers!!

IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2055 IMG_2060 IMG_2098


Thank goodness for pictures and memories……I will always cherish this special evening with our family to honor our son. It was such a beautiful and memorable night. It took a lot of planning and execution but it was so worth all the effort in the end. I am happy I was able to share it with you along the way and hope you enjoyed sharing this special night with us!

Thanks as always for stopping in…..wishing you a wonderful evening. I will be back in a few days, going to take a couple of days to recover and catch up on everything:)


Heavenly hydrangeas….

Hi there, 3 events down, 2 big ones to go! Prom was last night and oh what a wonderful night it was. We had such fun putting the finishing touches on the decor and a really gloomy rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny late day afternoon right when the kids were all meeting. It was such a great treat to see the sun right when the picture taking started, I will be sharing some highlights next week.

This post was put together very late 2 nights ago…….what does one do when it’s midnight and can’t sleep? Make lists, answer a ton of emails, bloghop, eat something good, write a blog post…I have done all three:) So, this coming weekend is my? sons graduation and graduation dinner party and what do they say about the best laid plans? Well……you would have thought that I should have known sunflower season is not really until next month, that they are hard to find in June!!! I just assumed they were out there in abundance, so when I saw the limited sunflowers that were available it was slim pickings? and time to get back to the drawing board.

So……I have turned to my trusty old friend, the hydrangea. Doesn’t quite offer the same punch as the bright yellow sunflower that I envisioned for my Tuscan themed table? but there is no denying how gorgeous they are (and longer lasting). So I started scouring the internet for hydrangea inspiration and boy did I find some beauties. Here we go……I will be sure to share with you what I end up doing.

nc-real-wedding-lake-theme-summer-012P7035808 DSC_0818



167970261071800442_dPzaHNUa_c tumblr_ljk2t7eClP1qz4kfuo1_500 IMG_4380 22.-Chicago-Botanic-Garden-Wedding.-Life-on-Prints.-Sweetchic-Events.-Exquisite-Designs.-Low-Centerpiece-arrangement-with-blue-and-white-hydrangea-with-sumberged-willow-680x453 classic-outdoor-weddings-blue-and-white-centerpieces-hydrangea-summer-tented-weddings White-Hydrangea-Arrangements-on-Long-Reception-Tables-599x900

classic-blue-hydrangea-centerpieces-summer-wedding-decor-evantine-design Blue-Hydrangea-Wedding-Centerpiece-600x400 10-chic-white-wedding-hydrangea-centerpiece l


I must say I never tire of seeing pictures of hydrangeas, they are like the flower that keeps on giving……just gorgeous!? I probably will keep it simple and just do blue and white hydrangea in small low clusters, no matter how they are used…they are always beautiful! How about you? Are you a hydrangea fan? I was disappointed of course in that I felt that sunflowers were the way to go, but I have no doubt that the hydrangeas will not let me down:)

Wishing you a wonderful day….probably will not be back until Monday with all we have going on but hope you enjoy the rest of your week and of course Fathers Day to all the Dads out there, I will be back on Monday to tell you all about the weekend!rp_jeanneunnamed-193x300111.jpg


A very special round of Steals and Deals!

Good morning!? Thanks so much for all of those amazing ideas for perfume yesterday! I have a list of wonderful possibilities to try and cannot wait:) As promised here is another round of some very special Steals and Deals.? But before we begin I want to announce the lucky winner of the beautiful pair of beautiful men’s gardening gloves from Angela’s Garden. Congratulations goes to…..

Debbie says

Hi Tina, Yes, you have definitely earned the right to say you?re pooped! You are such an inspiration. You?re such a thoughtful and giving person, your family is truly blessed to have you! I loved all of your Father?s Day ideas. Have a wonderful weekend, but be sure and take care of your knee as well. Debbie :)

Please email me your shipping into at

I am still buying out from one of my suppliers and would give anything if he had more.I have been trying to get this together but with so much going on, I had to work on it in small doses. The irony is this doesn’t feel like work, any chance to get on my blog and work on posts or visit my friends in blog land is total heaven, its my little escape from life, pressure, commitments, schedules and its wonderful!

This week you will only hear from me a few times….with my sons prom, graduation and party coming up this weekend. I have someone who will be helping get everything out the door so that I can concentrate on all the excitement we have going on this week. So ready to see the goods?

You know the drill, if you see something? that you want,? email me at

Please indicate item number not item description (much easier for me as I get a lot of mail). As with all of these sales, they are subject to availability but if it is available you will receive an invoice within a few hours. All items are here and ready to ship.

The first 20 orders will receive this beautiful solid brass letter opener as a gift



1. This is a spectacular showstopping kind of piece. A VERY special piece for that person who loves the best, seeing is believing and when you see this you think it must have come from one of the Newport Mansions! Very heavy, heirloom quality. Silver (lifetime finish) magnificent epergne replicated from a historically significant piece. These beauty measures about 22″ tall and is sure to add grandeur and elegance wherever it is placed. Two available These retailed for $850, today they are $350.00 (less than half of the retail) SOLD

IMG_1847 IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1851

2. Gorgeous silver Revere bowls. Three sizes, sm, med and large. These are multi functional, can be used plain for display, for serving, I could see them filled with berries in the summer and glimmering ornaments around the holidays, the list goes on…..

Sm $20.00? approx. 5″ round

Med $30.00?? approx 7″ round

Large $40.00? approx 10″ round


IMG_1855 IMG_1854 IMG_1856


3. Incredible oversized dessert/plateau holder. Very large and super impressive, largest plate on bottom is about 18″ round and it tapers up. Another magnificent heirloom quality piece. There is such beautiful work, with magnificent etching on the three plates. So elegant and beautiful. Retailed for $550 today it is $190.00 SOLD

IMG_1813 IMG_1814 IMG_1815


4. Copper trays. Where will you find copper trays for $15 and $18.00!!! Med. and large, perfect for serving or for display. 3 of each size. SOLD

IMG_1350 IMG_1351 IMG_1353


5. Stunning soap dishes assorted designs $12.00

5a SOLDIMG_1784





















6. Three make up bags left, unfortunately cannot get any more. Just like the Bottega Venetta ones, super soft buttery leather, just gorgeous! These are $65.00 One cream, one red and one dark brown left. ONE BROWN LEFT

IMG_1835 IMG_1834


7. Unique wonderful salt and pepper, made of silver and crystal, this would look gorgeous on any table! $40.00 for the pair SOLD

IMG_1783 IMG_1782



8. Elegant ant. brass planter, such a pretty piece. I love the filigree detailing on the side and elegant legs. About 19″ long $45.00 SOLDIMG_1816 IMG_1798


9. Gorgeous pair of ant. brass garland candlesticks. I always get lots of requests for ant. brass so here it is…….8″ tall $45.00 for the pair SOLD

IMG_1820 IMG_1821

10. Serving pieces

10a. Beautiful fig and olive salad server? or leaf salad servers $28.00 each pair ONE PAIR OF EACH LEFT




11. Gorgeous ant. brass serving bowl, I could so see this filled with candies or soaps in a bathroom? $40.00 (about? 8″ wide) SOLD

IMG_1828 IMG_1827


12.Wonderful trio of cutting scalloped cutting boards…love this set! $80.00 for 3. ONE SET AVAILABLE

IMG_1831 IMG_1830


13. Gorgeous silver very intricate baskets (2 of each style)…really fabulous $90.00 each basket SOLD

IMG_1826 IMG_1825 IMG_1824


14. Set of 4 oversized fleur de lis silver chargers. 4 for $30.00! SOLD

IMG_1822 IMG_1823



15. Beautiful scalloped silver planters/holders. These need a good polish and were samples. They retailed for $110.00. Sold as is being sold for $30.00 each (have six). These are perfect for pretty flowers, I could see rolled up towels in a bathroom or jazzing up your stovetop and putting spices and oils stored in this! About 14″ wide. ALL SOLD

IMG_1818 IMG_1792



16. Beautiful set of 5 blue and white porcelain napkin rings. 5 for $18.00 SOLD



18. Magnificent silver dome and platter, talk about adding some serious elegance to any table!! So old world and fabulous. Retailed for over $200, today it is $110.00 for the two piece set. ONE LEFT

IMG_1793 IMG_1794 IMG_1811 IMG_1812


19. Got in a bunch of extra flower clusters to help someone with a bridal shower, ended up having extras so offering these clusters today for $20 each instead of $30.00. These are so pretty and make flower arranging a piece of cake!! (have about 10 of each)

19a. Blue hydrangea and white rose 3 LEFT

19b. Green and white hydrangeas and roses 4 LEFT

IMG_1836 IMG_1837 IMG_1838



20. Found 3 more gorgeous silver plateaus!! Two really big ones are about? 20″ (one square and one round) and the other is 14″square. The 20″ is $150.00 and the 14″ is $115.00. Just stunning and so old world, talk about an elegant addition to any tablescape! ALL SOLD

IMG_1859 IMG_1860IMG_1845 IMG_1846


19. Stunning blue and white dip and server set, includes the 14″ plate and bowl. $25.00 SOLDIMG_1832 IMG_1833


20. Beautiful old world covered lidded box. Love the old world detailing $45.00 (2 available)? SOLDIMG_1780 IMG_1781


21. Beautiful candlesticks, all heavy and beautiful quality.

21A. Chunky pillared candlesticks $75.00 for pair ONE PAIR AVAILABLE

IMG_1376 IMG_1375


21B. Elegant beaded and ribbed candlesticks $65.oo for pair SOLD

IMG_1919 IMG_1917


22. Found a few stray jewelry pieces from my previously sold out sale.

22A. Crystal string bracelets, white, sand and navy $22.00 ALL SOLD


22B. White turquoise cuff $28.00 SOLD


22c. Only one of this gorgeous pearl and crystal necklace…this is so pretty!@ $70.00 (retails for $150) SOLD

IMG_1840 IMG_1839

22 D. Stunning pair of green and brown topaz chalcedony drop earrings (about? 1.5″ tall) $50.0o each pair (retails for $100) ONE BROWN TOPAZ LEFT


23. Exceptional pair of gorgeous solid brass sconces/candlesticks (could easily have these electrified) Retailed for about $140, today the pair is $50.00! (only 4 pairs) SOLD

IMG_1861 IMG_1863

24. Got 3 more of these darling little solid brass trays. Perfect for a bathroom or to serve a small little something on. $18.00 ALL SOLD

IMG_2090 IMG_2091


25. Finally a few more boxes of the super popular gorgeous silver serving pieces!

3 ladles $70.00 1 LEFT

3 serving spoons $65.o00 2 LEFT

3 serving forks $65.00 1 LEFT

Large flat server $22.00 2 LEFT

12524 13882

13879 19961


Phew…..all done. Hope you saw something here that you loved and if not then it’s just fun to “window shop”. Again if there is something that’s calling out your name, just email me at, tell me the item number and you will receive an invoice within a few hours. Everything shown is in stock and ready to send so these goodies will ship right away.

Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day.? Be back on Thursday…..