Let’s go to Italy, shall we?

Good morning! Well after being cooped up the last five days and counting trying to nurse my knee back to normalcy, it’s got me dreaming of a nice loooong vacation!? Enter our virtual little trip to Italy….best part is we get to go together. One house for you and one? for me:) I am even letting you pick your own house……..my treat! Now this post,? I need to tell you first is going to make you really want to go to Italy. I mean R E A L L Y. Just warning you, putting it out there.

One of the things we had planned to do this summer was to visit Italy, so unfortunate that it did not work out, between my son and my husband’s schedules there was not a window of time to make it happen. There was only one person I was trusting to make that trip, Sandy from You May Be Wandering, travel expert extraordinaire, click here if a trip is in your future. I? was needless to say,? disappointed but? am now looking ahead to a future date. I am determined but with my son now headed to college it’s? a little more challenging as summer is when I really wanted to go,? so may have to wait till spring.

In doing so I am considering a private rental via Home Away vs. a hotel, a few friends have used them and have raved about the experience. Really depends on how many of us will go as this works well for a large family.? All homes shown here today are from their site. Needless to say I started at the top and got busy dreaming because lately that’s what I do and might I say I do it well:) Few places can carry you away to a beautiful place like Tuscany, Italy……

There is? something so other worldly and dreamy about these incredible Tuscan villas, makes me feel like I have been swept away into some fantastical movie set…all I need is my bicycle, a few copper pots on the stove of something aromatic cooking, opera blasting in the background, a few dogs barking, you get the picture…S U B L I M E.

Ready to choose your villa?? Thought this would make a fun Which would you choose, so feast your eyes on these beauties! Let’s go…..


House 1 Villa Brv Gai


212c5d99-55d0-442f-9d89-47a2bc5994ee.1.10 28c10dd7-978d-4639-a150-3c449564e6a0.1.10 c85e82ff-9e2e-4bd1-abf6-57e7e0df2c22.1.10 0ab18ff0-bad2-4348-ab64-3429315749ae.1.10 8f8c3245-178b-43af-a95f-d9cd4386c08b.1.10 efccea6c-ee71-4071-bc69-b80e25dcae93.1.10 bf91387b-98a8-4756-b8de-5475a5003572.1.10 09b27ccd-8ee7-4c02-92c1-a2bffe62591f.1.10 8bb3b19d-f562-4d27-81f3-e3829071fa93.1.10



HOUSE 2 Villa Machiavelli


6daa9f49-b7f6-4137-97fa-20b4c84f7531.1.10 606d2b20-cdfd-4d57-b9cf-8f50c885558f.1.10 96acd6f3-bb01-4f84-920d-baf358291f47.1.10

1c6059c8-4eab-4f32-b4de-9332ca5ad512.1.10 74975bfb-0842-4c64-96ad-fdbc9e1b55ca.1.10 0f52146b-18a1-48f5-9ca2-55207c256101.1.10 a6617724-dcc2-4d45-9057-640c08332b2a.1.10 13cf2eba-2c64-4fa9-acba-c6713b0859d3.1.10



House 3 Borgo Santo Pietro


83e5bb13-ad1b-4df2-9465-145b463c9992.1.10 cce2282c-777c-4b84-9d82-9bad35e2a2c0.1.10

95a8f2d2-afee-465b-be3f-c0896193505d.1.10 9dace054-8d89-454f-946a-d4ae3c286af3.1.10 8dff24f4-1799-4067-a526-fa97a71dc343.1.10 0bf58c83-27bd-4182-af83-a15cc0f2b3c1.1.10 66f4be12-1fc8-4bd0-ac86-fac3a8e9387a.1.10 e793b4e4-5fc4-4ab8-a4e9-2158e040f4ce.1.10 b193a0d8-17ad-41e1-a56d-95180617c0c3.1.10 7bcd3f3c-3080-4e62-87c2-ff92fa3395fa.1.10 d80d4c95-5700-4e22-aa21-8aa113d497dd.1.10 57bf9f17-8003-4dc6-a4e3-5b556ba51c1e.1.10 cce2282c-777c-4b84-9d82-9bad35e2a2c0.1.10


HOUSE 4 Villa Lenna

5b6c7d91-9ad3-4edd-af36-9840f6bf3d71.1.10 47c27b35-aec8-4d8e-ab0f-a7794134a554.1.10 3450f09d-9f18-422a-ab49-99a87fe96992.1.10

fb451548-12bd-47e9-93cc-2423fd7efeb4.1.10 578ff1dc-899b-4e48-8725-375351823cde.1.10 18afebc5-e939-4766-9ba7-ec40740bc688.1.10 52949f16-c899-4931-b372-8f39c64cac09.1.10 c2b5013e-7246-42a7-981f-5c3d4d8a3701.1.10 93cfa91e-06a7-4cc5-a6d0-1aa29a40c163.1.10 cd3d0be1-6425-4d80-843b-8bc73c91a26b.1.10 35d9ae16-f25b-4312-8ed4-dd4d2f589046.1.10



House 5 Casa Biondi

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ff44664f-cfc9-4b16-96c3-43bbdd932b11.1.10 f8019671-4802-47b4-8cbf-51aa40bf0db2.1.10 6d6f9dbb-5453-4e5f-9b14-f71b186ebc89.1.10 16d6c699-5984-40bd-9351-9b05f3937d30.1.10


House 6 Casole D’elsa Villa


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ec6e1ce4-4cc7-4678-be01-fa7659ce9d81.1.10 1d8bf042-ff08-458e-9d74-140b5fc33942.1.10 a75c33be-f1ea-45cd-8548-5ba31cd5842b.1.10 fad7f8b7-ebfa-470e-a39f-2fe805868766.1.10 05893065-cff6-4f9c-99b3-151332ebf01c.1.10 e6f7422c-edf6-499b-9562-e1da08d5dc50.1.10 e8ec13b7-a147-456e-b3f8-ff78399da002.1.10 d5417d97-9266-4b03-a81c-eb61257efb83.1.10 24b0ad0d-4c1c-4ae1-8244-457d1d0b5fc5.1.10


Still breathing? I had my breath taken away a few times putting this post together and found myself having to find major restraint in not booking the next flight to Rome! Oh boy, what is it about that magical hold that Italy has on us? It certainly gets the best of the dreamer in all of us doesn’t it? Come on….we have all had that Under the Tuscan Sun dream moment!

If you want to visit Home Away click here , forewarning, carve out some time….you can get really carried away “traveling the world” on their site!

I cannot wait to see which villa you will be staying in. After much hemming and hawing between three of them, I finally opted for villa number 6, it feels intimate, cozy, fresh, updated and right out of a Tuscan storybook.? Plus I kind of fell in love with the kitchen! No worries, you can come over every afternoon for a glass of wine (or two)? and a bowl of pasta…..ciao bella!


In case you missed it……..

Got my tole line in and it is exquisite!! I cannot wait to share it with you.? The full “unveiling” will take place sometime within the next week but I am running a small current promotion on a few pieces? which started last night, click here for details!


My post yesterday “Blue and white with a dash of black” was a hit if you missed it, click here, it’s worth a look.





Blue and white with a dash of black……

Hi there. Still on the mend, getting there slowly but surely. Thanks for all your well wishes. Boy few things can smack a little humility into you like not being able to walk! I am down to relying on one crutch which is big progress but I am taking it painfully slow to avoid a relapse. Do not think I have ever watched so many movies within a 72 hour period, and I remain firm that documentaries and foreign flicks are still the best films out there! I will share a few faves later on in the week. The down time also gave me a chance to catch up on some reading, some serious pinning action and of course plenty of blogging……

It also gave me some time to work on a few new posts. I had been thinking of this subject for a while as I glanced around my own home. I realized I love seeing blue and white together (no surprise there) but when accented with black it’s really amazing, it somewhat elevates it to another level. So thought this could make? an interesting design post to first see if this is a combination you might? have noticed, used yourself or like? Would love as always to know your thoughts. And now some pictures that best exemplify this beautiful trio in action….



My own kitchen features a large black island, black range and plenty of blue and white accents


I adore this powder room by Ann Norton, not a thing I would change!


Talk about eye catching and seriously dramatic! Arch Digest


Windsor Smith sure knocked it out of the park with this amazing kitchen that most of us know and love, those glossy walls get me every time!


Ashely Whittaker created this lovely vignette with the beautiful trio of colors



John Jacob Interiors created this exquisite and super elegant bathroom, love it!



Christina Murphy designed this beautiful powder room with this blue, white and black dramatic paper



And how chic is this laundry room that belongs to Beth of Chinoiserie Chic? Amazing!



This is a great kids space using the three colors beautifully


I love this space from Williams Sonoma, it is dramatic yet peaceful and so elegant


Of course blue and white always works in the outdoors! The black cushions ground the space while the blue and white ginger jars lift and lighten, Decorpad



The drama factor is undeniable, Pinterest


Kerrisdale Design created this inviting and elegant living room, really like the vibe here, it feels current yet elegant


This was one of the fabulous Polyvore finalists from my Hamptons Beach House contest on Polyvore…sensational!


Haskell at Home shows us how simple black countertops can be livened up with a touch of blue and white


Very dramatic and striking hallway with its gorgeous glossy blue walls…this has the total wow factor, Evaru


A? black hall console? features blue and white ginger jars, and black framed French prints above,? my home


Another all time favorite, the combination of colors/elements here is truly breathtaking! Kellie Griffin Interiors


Collins Interiors proves here that even in? more modern spaces this combination of colors is rich and dramatic


Love the crisp fresh appeal here, with just a subtle touch of black, House and Home


Just even touches of black like a bed post or picture frame can add a subtle dose of drama, John Jacob


The combination works beautifully even in more transitional spaces, Mocca and Me


Jonathan Adler went bold in this dining room, and it worked!


One of my all time favorite dining rooms, the black chairs in this gorgeous dining room by Cathy Kincaid are the perfect finishing touch


Elegant space, the black and white zebra rug adds much drama to this room,? Chic Coles


My coffee table in my living room is a? beautiful black Chippendale style and features a gorgeous blue and white scalloped planter


Mel of Georgica Pond clearly knows how well this works, one look at how she put it together in her own home proves its a perfect combination



Blue and white gingers jars are really striking atop a black piece of furniture such as this French console, my own home


Love this beautiful small foyer by Suzanne Dimma, so well done, just love a glossy black front door!


This pretty foyer just used a touch of black in the chandelier and rug for a little extra drama, Decorpad


The light feeling blue and white trellis rug accented with the more dramatic black pieces compliments each other beautifully, John Jacob



I do love seeing blue and white porcelain on top of a black island such as I have done in my own kitchen



This is like the poster child for using the three colors together to perfection….so very pretty. John Jacob once again!


Well has this post made you a believer? Admittedly when I first started doing my “investigative research” I wasn’t really sure how easy it would be to find enough pictures to support my cause but boy, was I ever surprised! Or maybe you already were well aware of how great these colors are togehter and in fact have used this color combination in your own home?

I know I have and will certainly continue to! Would love to know your thoughts. The irony here is I am finding out that few colors don’t look good with blue and white, it is just that black happens to look exceptionally good! Your turn to talk……

Thanks for stopping in. Have a few people opening up the tole today, woo hoo! Hope to have pictures soon and will try to get it up online ASAP. Until next time..enjoy your day!


A winner, a bloggers luncheon, lunch for two and a magazine you need to buy!

Hi, and happy Saturday to you. Sorry for the slight delay,? was having some technical difficulties this morning. First off time to announce the lucky winner of my Enchanted home contest. With nearly 1200 votes (thank you)! I am delighted to announce the winner of the $100 prize is…..

Jeanne who submitted this gorgeous picture with 189 votes!



An honorable mention goes to Erin who was not far behind with 183 ? votes…


Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com and a big congratulations to Jeanne! Thank you to all the entrants, to me they are all winners, and I so enjoyed each and every picture.


Well, its been a good…and bad week. I was fighting something off and on all week (turns out its allergies), cracked my iPhone AND iPad two days apart, and got a touch of poison ivy!!! Can you imagine? THEN? the doozy is that I did a number on my knee again, it buckled and I fell down the stairs. Bad. Really bad.? On crutches and in bed!!!!!!

Not fun…and it threw a big wrench in my plans for the weekend. I was invited to the uber glamorous and fun event, Super Saturday in the Hamptons? today but with my knee cannot go (I am lucky to be able to make it to the bathroom). Really bummed but? maybe it’s God’s way of saving me from getting aggravated from sitting in hours of traffic, who? knows! Really hoping that if I do everything? per my doctor’s orders, I will start feeling better in the next few days. Fingers and toes are crossed!! Thank goodness? I have my computer and Pinterest (if you don’t follow me it’s a great time to start, I am on a serious pinning binge)!

On top of that my tole line came in, which is MAJOR. Can you imagine, it’s in the warehouse after months of waiting in major anticipation and there is nothing I can do about it! This is so frustrating. Hopefully by Monday I can hobble my way there, cannot wait to start unearthing all the pretties, you will be the first I share it with, I promise.

Now the good news….a friend brought over lunch on Friday since I was incapacitated,? so I set up a little table for two and had fun doing it. When stuck inside hobbling around (did this before the big fall) , might as well find the joy in the small things, right? Here are a few snapshots of the setup-



121 121unnamed unn34334xamed un3343named


The other good news….on Wed. I got together with the most delightful group of Northeast based bloggers, what a fabulous, accomplished, intelligent and exceptional group of women they were! Sandy of You May Be Wandering? and I planned it (well Sandy did more of the planning and did a heck of a job).

I provided the blue and white teapots as little favors and Sandy got the gorgeous green hydrangeas so we made little centerpieces, then Jeanne of I Dream Of thoughtfully made the most beautiful placecards with little goodies tucked inside, a chic luggage tag from Cynthia and Carolyn of The Buzz,? Sue from The Zhush added the finishing touch by giving everyone a beautiful set of coasters. A beautiful setting, great food, goodies to take home, lots of laughs, stimulating conversation, does it get better than that? I don’t think so! Can’t wait for the next one:)


The bloggers luncheon-

unna2352wmed u234r32nnamed u2342nnamed u3525nnamed un433named unnam433ed unna666med 66 unna55med


The icing on the cake…a very generously sized bananas foster!



And finally I got in the most recent copy of? The Cottage Journal,? it is a winner of epic proportions! You know I love fall and the other day when it was sweltering and my poor hair looked like a limp mess, I suddenly had a longing for the crisp dry air of all. This magazine could make a fall lover out of anyone. Trust me, you will want to get a copy. So many beautiful and inspiration images…..I snapped a few with my iPhone! Click here? to subscribe.


unnamed unnamed unnamed unnamed_2 unnamed_3 unnamed_4 unnamed_7 unnamed_8

unnamed_7 unnamed_5

So there you go….a wrap up of some what has happened this week. It will be a very quiet weekend, with me in bed with my crutches and computer (and huge stack of magazines of course)! The news is too depressing to watch but I do keep all those in harms way in my prayers, it is so incredibly devastating what is happening in our world. I wish you a wonderful day and fabulous weekend,? do something fun for me:)

Until Monday my friends…….


Enchanted Home customer contest is on!

Hello! Well here we are with my Customer contest and what fun I have had collecting these pictures. I hesitated on doing this during the summer months as the blogging world slows down during the summer but my faithful readers/customers came though with so many wonderful pictures.

I want to first thank everyone for sending them in and to everyone else who will be voting today.? I received so many lovely pictures, and am flattered and in awe of the talent and taste level of my readers. Thank you for making me proud:) I had to cap it at 50 pictures to keep this manageable and am thankful to all who sent them in.? I know it will not be an easy decision but the contest is to vote for the two pictures that you think best exemplifies “The Enchanted Home”. The entrants were able to submit 2 pictures so if you see 2 that look alike, you will know why!

The winner will be announced on? Saturday,? so voting is open today and tomorrow. Be sure to cast your vote on both days if you so choose. Thank you to all who submitted their beautiful pictures and to everyone else for stopping in and being part of the fun. Here we go……










CHOICE 3juneunnamed

CHOICE 4uglasglowwnnamed












CHOICE 8unnamed




CHOICE 9 franccesIMG_0003













EMILYDSC_0693Juliska TFH

















faianitary deux




anitatafairy un






















































Vanderbilt plates - 01

Well you certainly have your work cut out for you, don’t you think? So many pretty homes…thank you for the beautiful justice you do to my products! Time to narrow it down and vote for your two favorites, voting ends Sat. morning at 7am. I will crown a lucky winner then! Thanks to all who participated! Enjoy your day….


Early week random musings…..

Hello there! How are you? Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Over here, chugging along. Still want to be on vacation though I cannot lie:)? Sometimes its hard for me to settle in and get back to routine after being on a leisurely roll for a while, but I feel back in the saddle once again!

Hope I am not getting sick but my throat is hurting so much so that I went into bed at 8pm last night! Hope it’s just allergies and nothing more, nothing like being sick in the summer! Have to make each day count:)

Today is just a little of this and a bit of that. Ready to get started? Let’s roll……




My Enchanted Home customer contest. Want to win $100.00 to spend in my online shop? Then you have to enter…. days are dwindling down. Last day to submit pictures is TODAY. I am taking up to 50 pictures. Have room for a couple more…hope you will join in if you have ever bought anything from my shop or from my Steals and Deals. 1-2 pictures, please put “customer contest” in subject line and send to theenchantedhome@gmail.com. Can’t wait!


Gorgeous NYC? landmark. Went to a dinner at a beautiful landmark building in NYC over the weekend, The Ansonia, I was mesmerized by the architecture and elegance of the lobby, being in true blogger mode I just had to snap a few pictures!

unn22amed unnam3ed unn331amed un23432named unna343med

Sweet video that will make you cry. Maybe it’s my own baby heading off to college in a month but this video really struck me. Katie of Preppy Empty Nester featured it and it really pulled at my heartstrings. One because no bells and whistles will ever take the place of the human touch and two, because I want to have a little cherub of my own!

Good reads. One big perk of being at the beach was getting to polish off a few books. Somehow when home I am always so busy and rarely have chunks of downtime so it was wonderful to not only start a few books but finish them! Here is what I read and what I would recommend…

Perfect easy beach reads….

18404283 18525774 20645449

?Flowers and gardens.? I love buying sunflowers in the Hamptons. They seem bigger, happier and perkier:) Really love them in my big blue and white vase, the combination of colors is striking don’t you think?? Also planted a vegetable and herb garden and will be sure to snap a few pics of all the goodness it is soon to yield, lots of tomatoes just starting to turn, cannot wait! The gorgeous white hydrangeas are from my own garden and they are blooming like mad! Few things make me as happy as flowers….

unnaasdfaamed unn232zzamed un3432named u343nnamed unnam43ed

Movies. I cannot wait to see this….so up? my alley. I love stories like this and then there is food involved…total home run! And will you be seeing this too?

Shop News. Well, things might seem like they are status quo but behind the scenes, there is a lot going on. For example a new much more comprehensive site where my blog and shop will be one. A whole new experience. Better and bigger, I promise! I cannot wait and hope to have it up in a few weeks. Click here to visit my shop.


Also very eagerly awaiting the arrival of my tole line. So excited to get it! Of course you will be the first to know all about it. Expecting it sometime THIS WEEK, will take a few days to unpack and sort through but I promise that as soon as they are ready for their close up you will be the first to get a sneak peek!

unsfgsdnamed-1024x575 unnameafasdd-1024x575 unnaasdfaadsfmed

Dough bowls. I had on order about 24 pieces. Had only gotten in about 12 which all sold but unexpectedly got in 6 more gorgeous antique dough bowls and they are beautiful! If you missed out last time, this is your time to grab one. Pictures are on bottom of the current promotion page I still have a few items left from my Steals and deals blowout as well (p0st has been updated to show just what is available, all sold items were taken off) , click here for details.


Well everyone that is about it. I cannot believe how summer seems to be going by so fast all of a sudden. I am just about to start buying the first of my sons things for college and indeed it is bittersweet. I cannot believe we are only a week or so from the start of August! Hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you as always for stopping in!


Which would you choose?

I put up a blowout steals and deals yesterday which was a large lot of assorted,? really fantastic? odds and ends. If you? missed it and want to check it out, click here. Some great finds including an exceptional small shipment of gorgeous dough bowls that I got in!


Hello and happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend! Ours was relaxing…went to a dinner party in NYC in a beautiful landmark building, and spent a lot of time at home which was a nice treat! So, a friend of mine just announced that her husband accepted a big position in a new state which means they are moving quite suddenly (in next 2 months) to an entirely new state/area. The thought of doing that is both exciting and nerve wracking. She has many decisions to make including schooling for her kids. As they both were starting to tire of the rat race of being a New York commuter they are looking at this move as fate.

So it got me thinking….what if you had to suddenly uproot and move? What would you be looking for? How different would it be from what you are in right now? Would you look for a different area? Type of home? In putting together this post, went to my buddy Luciane from Home Bunch for house inspiration, her blog is filled with pure eye candy!? I focused here on coastal/beachy homes as they are moving to a waterfront community. Honestly I could be blindfolded and point to one of these and be overjoyed, they are each amazing in their own right. So now it’s your turn! Ready? Let’s go…..




Inspiring-Cape-Cod-Family-Home.-Beautiful-Cape-Cod-family-home-with-inspiring-interiors.-CapeCod-FamilyHome-Interiors.- Dining-Room-Decor-Ideas.-Inspiring-dining-room-with-gray-wall-white-custom-built-in-and-blue-and-white-decor.-DiningRoom-BlueandWhiteDecor-Interiros-HomeDecor Farrow-Ball-Paint-Colors.-Farrow-Ball-Cornforth-White-228.-Finish-is-Estate-Emulsion.-FarrowBall-CornforthWhite-228 Kitchen-Design.-Beautiful-view-of-the-kitchen-from-family-room.-KitchenDesign-Kitchen-FamilyRoom Family-Room-Design-Ideas.-Family-room-with-great-furniture-layout.-FamilyRoomDesign-FamilyRoomIdeas Bedroom-Design.-Soothing-bedroom-color-palette.-Paint-Color-is-Farrow-Ball-Cornforth-White-228.-Finish-is-Estate-Emulsion.-Bedroom-ColorPalette-GrayBedroom

Hot-Tub-Ideas.-Great-deck-with-hot-tub.-Hot-tub-is-made-by-Caldera.-HotTub Kids-Loft-Bedroom.-Great-kids-loft-bedroom-design-ideas.-KidsBedroom-Loft-BedroomLoft Bathroom.-Classic-Bathroom-Design.-Marble-tiling-gives-a-timeless-feel-to-this-bathroom.-Bathroom-BathroomDesign Bathroom-Vanity.-White-Bathroom-vanity-with-gray-walls-and-marble-countertop.-Beautiful-contrast-Bathroom-BathroomVanity




Porch.-Porch-with-ocean-views.-PorchDesign-PorchDecor Beach-House.-Dream-beach-house-in-Massachusetts.-BeachHouse Classic-Shingled-Beach-House.-ShingleHomes-BeachHouse Living-Room.-Great-Living-Room-Layout.-LivingRoom-LivingRoomLayout White-Kitchen-Ideas.-This-white-kitchen-has-so-many-great-design-ideas.-Countertop-is-honed-Pietra-De-Cardosa-and-the-perimeter-counters-are-Blizzard-Caesar-Stone.-The-stunning-pendants-are-the-Orson-Pendants-by-RemaWhiteKitchen Foyer.-Traditional-Foyer-Design.-Foyer-TraditionalInteriors





Pool.-Pool-Ideas.-Pool Bedroom.-Neutral-Sharing-Bedroom-Design.-Bedroom-SharedBedroomDesign Bathroom-Vanity-Ideas.-Great-bathroom-vanity-ideas.-This-vanity-was-custom-designed-and-made-my-Falcon-Kitchens-Toronto-BathroomVanity-BathroomIdeas Bedroom.-Bedroom-with-horizontal-plank-walls.-Bedroom-PlankWalls Benjamin-Moore-Paint-Colors.-Benjamin-Moore-Revere-Pewter-Popular-Greige-Paint-Color-Benjamin-Moore-Revere-Pewter-BenjaminMoore-ReverePewter-Greige Small-Interiors.-Great-small-interior-design-Ideas.-SmallInteriors-SmallSpaces-SmallHomes-SmallLivingSpaces Kitchen.-Transitional-Kitchen-Design.-Great-open-transitional-kitchen-design.-TransitionalKitchen-Kitchen Living-Room-Design-Ideas.-Neutral-living-room.-LivingRoom-NeutralInteriors Neutral-Coastal-Interiors.-I-am-loving-this-cottages-neutral-coastal-interiors.-Coastal-Interiors


1997 1b 14141 15127 13162 9163 10154 6185 2478



23102 10153 9162 8171 7190 6184 4248 1995

Amazing…..truly I am love with each and every one of these! What’s not to love! So how about you? Your turn, you can choose one. Thanks as always for stopping in wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week. Thank you Luciane for amazing inspiration always!!



ENCHANTED HOME CUSTOMER CONTEST IS CALLING YOU! 3 more days to send in your pictures for my Enchanted Home customer contest!! A great chance to win $100 in my shop. I am taking up to 50 pictures for the contest and hope you will participate. Open to anyone who has ever bought anything from me on my shop or from my Steals and Deals. Send pictures to theenchantedhome@gmail.com (1-2 pictures) please put “customer contest” in subject line. Thank you!

Tina’s travelbug…..The Hamptons!

If you missed my guest post over at TG Interiors yesterday on you guessed it….blue and white, hope you will swing by. Click here to visit me over there.

New CURRENT PROMOTION just added, it’s a blowout steals and deals. Now that my tole line is arriving this week, I have to quickly make room so have gone through all the boxes and storage areas and found all kinds of goodies! Click here to see.


Hi there, I started my travelbug series a month or two ago and every now and then? I like to talk about and? celebrate a special place worth traveling to (in my eyes). I started with Italy and I think we can all agree that is a special place indeed, click here if you missed it.

Today’s destination is a lot closer but fabulous nonetheless. Since I live in NY, getting to the Hamptons/Montauk is easy…2 hours give or take (and yes with traffic on holiday weekends its been more like a 4 hour hike). But it is truly the most picturesque beautiful, luxurious beach town/playground you can imagine. Located on the “South fork” of Long Island, it actually consists of? several uber charming towns/villages that make up “The Hamptons” then at the end there is Montauk. Each has it’s own little downtown and flavor as well as some of the prettiest homes you have ever seen ( I will have to do an other post in the future on the beautiful homes of the Hamptons).

We have stayed in Southampton, East Hampton,? but in recent years go back to Montauk every summer. It is by far the most quintessential beachy town, very laid back, has a cool surfer vibe to it and the beaches are incredible. Besides when I need a little glamour, high end shopping or fancy dining…I drive a short 15 min to “Hollywood east” or that would be East Hampton (dubbed that because so many Hollywood actors, actresses and directors have made it a second home).

Now……if it sounds perfect and it almost is there are are a few downsides to this playground of the rich and famous………

Traffic– for the most part a nightmare. If you want to visit try to plan it during a weekday, a single lane highway (Rte 27) is the only main road and it can back up for miles and miles on weekends and holidays.

Prices- Everything is expensive here. From gas (nearly $5.00 a gallon for regular) to restaurants, to renting a home, even the markets are way more. Case in point, ran in yesterday to a cute farmers market and picked up several types of fruit, a few crackers, a wedge of cheese, a parmigaano crusty loaf ( yes it was heavenly) but it came to over $100!! Even me being a little jaded did a doubletake at the cash register!

No high end 5 star hotels– That is one thing that has really baffled me big time. I know? many others too. For all it’s world acclaim, popularity and obvious wealth, there is not a single 5 star hotel here. Plenty of gorgeous luxurious homes, yes but oddly no super highend hotels. There are either motels, beachfront condos (in one town) or a few really pretty charming bed and breakfasts but that is it! Very surprising indeed. God knows a high end smaller hotel would be the most popular thing to hit the Hamptons since the lobster roll. I hear though Gurney’s Inn is undergoing a 140 million dollar renovation and is going to bill itself as the place to stay!

So…..that is kind of my little synopsis on the Hamptons. It is a very special place and I am lucky to be able to spend time every summer here. My favorite times of day are waking up early, opening all the doors and windows letting in the fresh ocean air, hearing the distant sound of waves crash, grabbing? my mug of coffee and either reading? or getting on my computer knowing I have a beautiful day ahead of me OR late in the day around 6 being at the beach with a great book and everyone starts leaving and it’s me, my book and the sunset..ahhh perfect!

There are many special “Montauk moments” that I cherish so here is a snapshot into “my Hamptons/Montauk”…….and yes it is very picture heavy. Very!


unnazcccmedHydrangeas and The Hamptons are practically synonymous


My beach house rental is so cozy and wonderful…have rented this a few summers in a row





Rose is the perfect beachy drink


Isn’t the front of the Ralph Lauren shop in East Hampton so very pretty!


Another shot of more white hydrangea bliss in East Hampton


ufoodnnamedHad visitors coming so prepared a few appetizers using all fresh ingredients from the local farm..yum!


Realized my wardrobe out there is nearly all white (and blue)…surprised? I didn’t think so:)


One of the yummy Linzer Tart cookies from Silver’s in Southampton


Had a great afternoon at Montauk Yacht Club


And made this yummy antipasta for friends coming over


Had dinner at a restaurant that we go to every time we are out that way, Harvest on the Pond in Montauk, great food and beautiful setting right on the lake



Always inspired when I come back from the farmers market to make something good!


You know my feelings on hydrangeas…and somehow they are their most beautiful out in the Hamptons


Is there anything more beautiful than still water, a dock and a perfect sunset? Awwhhh….bliss!


Lots of blue and white inspiration can be found at any one of the super charming shops


Love this beautiful big brass bell at the docks in Montauk


A favorite lunch spot in Southampton, super charming Silver’s on Main St.



Pierre’s in Bridgehampton is a chic little very popular French bisto/cafe with a fantastic bakery next door (how convenient)!


The charming shops and famous seafood eatery, Gosman’s? that is a “must go to” as my kids have been going there since they were babies….


More gorgeous flowers in bloom….love those colors!


This is? Topping Rose House, a new high end hotel in Bridgehampton, have heard good things


Love sitting on my deck listening the waves and catching late day sunset from afar


This Serena and Lily popup shop embodies that great beachy chic vibe

unname343dEven on? rainy dreary day, everything is still beautiful!


Home of THE best fish taco in all of the Hamptons….the tables at Bostwicks in Amagansett are pretty cool too

unnafamedThere are no words to tell you how good this really is…. A M A Z I N G!! Anyone who I have turned onto their fish taco is seriously addicted too.


The charming front door entrance to my beach house…..says ‘beach house’ all the way


Love it at twilight….all the floor to ceiling windows are so wonderful


Dined at Navy Beach in Montauk which is super cute and has the best chowder ever!


Love a Hamptons sunset….so stunning


This cute spot is on the side porch of the house and one of my favorite places to sit late afternoon, (when the deer normally come around)


Haven’t been to the Loaves and Fishes cooking school but sure would love to try it one day….I bet it’s great!


The ultra charming? Maidstone Inn in East Hampton, picture perfect don’t you think!



The entrance to Maidstone Inn and nothing like a fresh just picked tomato!


The Amangansett Farmers market despite being $$$$ has some incredible goodies, one of my absolute faves is the parmigaiano baguette, serve it with fresh tomatos and a wedge of parmesean and top it with fresh basil….heaven on earth!


How charming is this shop? I love passing by (Amagansett)

u33xnnamedunnamet45dThe famous Palm Steakhouse in East Hampton is fantastic, we have had many wonderful meals there



The old fashioned? bikes and striped awning over at The Maidstone Inn just make me happy



Love sitting on the deck, early morning and late afternoon being my favorite times, that is when “my friend” normally stops by to say hello!


unna645medAnd the beach, ahh the beach….it’s always about the water and sand between my toes, the ultimate!



Windmills are a common site and Nantucket Sisters made the perfect beach read


35unnamedEven on a day before the fog has burned off the beach is a beautiful sight




unn3amedEarly morning..time for a new day!


Made homemade brushetta for friends coming over


u3annamedThe gorgeous Montauk lighthouse is a must see/visit, just beautiful with views of the Atlantic on all sides…

u33aasnnamedI am admittedly a Starbucks girl but have to say the coffee at Jacks is darn good (Amagansett) and plenty of others think so too!

unname343adAs I was leaving, look who came out…a family of deer. This is good or bad, not an uncommon sight in the Hamptons, maybe they came to say goodbye

33ccunnamedGoodbye darling beach house, until we meet again….

unna3amed u33aannamed unnamdwed

Driving back home, while sitting in traffic (of course) I just had to snap this pretty picture of the The Maidstone Inn at twilight, so utterly charming! Kind of wish I could have had time to make a “pit stop”!


So….that’s a snapshot of my time out there. There was more, I assure you but the best honestly were those quite moments early morning, watching the sun rise, sitting on the deck hearing the waves crash, sipping my coffee and going through the paper or catching up on a book. Of course late day at the beach is another treasured time. Even though there is great shopping and world class dining, I am my happiest buying produce from a local farm stand and hitting one of the lobster shacks and eating lobster at a picnic table. However, there is truly something for everyone out there!


So how about you? Have you been? If so what are some of your favorite watering spots? Things to do? Do tell! If you are up for a very interesting, enlightening and entertaining read…this story via Newsweek was fantastic and sadly, much of it is very true. Things really have changed over there and not necessarily in a good way. Click here to read.? Thanks for stopping in and wishing everyone a fabulous day and weekend!


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Hello there, well it’s my final day at the beach until hopefully August sometime when I hope to be back. But all good things come to an end, and it’s time to get back to reality of all kinds, including getting my son ready for college, yikes! I cannot believe the way these summer days are flying by. Today I am posting at a dear blogging friends blog, TG Interiors. One of my faves, and one to be counted on for beautiful and inspirational posts.

Incidentally I am speaking on one my of favorite subjects and one I consider myself to be an unofficial expert on 🙂 What else….but blue and white. I do hope you will pop over to see me and hear what I have to say on the matter. Click here to visit. A little sneak peek…..

chinoiserie_3 NC1

Come on…what are you waiting for? Click here to visit me. Thanks for stopping in and don’t forget to send me your pictures. Wishing everyone a fabulous day!


A beautiful batch of steals and deals…..

Hi there how are you doing? I am continuing to sort through things here, still opening up boxes and it’s like Christmas every time….I just don’t? know what I will unearth (part of the fun). My own home is starting to resemble one enormous accessories shop! Definitely a weakness:) As I prepare to make room for my exclusive tole line coming in a few weeks to my online shop, I continue to clear things out.

Here is a great round of steals and deals. As these things normally do, they go really fast so first come first serve. If you see something you simply must have,? then simply email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with the item number(s). I cannot hold things and expect payment once invoice has been issued. These things are here and ready to ship. Ready to see the goodies? Here we go…



1. Got in more of these wonderful blue and white baskets in an assortment of shapes/sizes. They are amazing, super decorative and multi functional..can think of many many uses. Priced below- 2 LEFT

Covered baskets- ? Sm, med and large



1A. This is the large in back and med in front. Med is $38.00 and Large is $50.00


1B. This is the small basket $35.00


1C. This is the all white large with painted top $50.00


1D. This is the med. white in front and the large in back? Med is $38.00 and large is $50.00



1E. X large open long basket about 17″ long $60.00


1F. X large round open basket about 15″ long $58.00


2. Fabulous heirloom quality very very special heavy epernge. Just stunning, the intricate detailed work is from another era. Heavy silver plate with a special lacquer finish to make this virtually polish free!? Includes two handcut glass bowls. Might require a slight buffing every year or two but that is about it! The stand has silver fasteners to hold the bowls in place but a small hole is required if you want to do this, but it is not necessary and the bowls rest comfortably as is. This piece retailed for nearly $595.00 and today is is $325.00. Truly exquisite!? ONE LEFT


IMG_3619 IMG_3620 IMG_3621 IMG_3622

3. Fabulous intricate silver (with special silver lacquer finish) tiered server. Stands about 15″ high and? about 11″ wide at its widest. Perfect for dessert or as a cookie server. Elegant! $85.00 ( 2 available) ONE LEFT


IMG_3627 IMG_3626



4.? Beautiful? shiny lacquered brass pieces. One wastepaper basket $65.00 and one beautiful ice/champagne bucket $80.00 SOLDIMG_3631 IMG_3630 IMG_3629 IMG_3628


5. Very fine pair of gorgeous silver/nickel pheasants Large scaled and very impressive. Retails for $425.00 here they are $175.00! (one pair) They are at their longest about 16″ and about 10″ at their tallest. SOLDIMG_3613 IMG_3611 IMG_3610



6. Set of beautiful handpainted Dutch inspired plates. Set of 4 $32.00, great for serving or decorative purposes. (one set) SOLD

IMG_3614 IMG_3615

7. Elegant snoofers…what a beautiful way to put out candles! 6 different handles, any style $18.00

Reclaimed wood, bamboo, white porcelain, gold bamboo and crystal (left to right) THREE LEFT

IMG_3603 IMG_3602


8. A few serving pieces- ONE LEFT

IMG_3604 IMG_3605 IMG_3606

Serving spoon $28.00


Oversized Crystal cake server ( 2 styles) and one large cake knife any piece $28.00



9. Love these beautiful solid brass decorative bowls on stands. The bowls can be used for everything from soaps in a powder room to potpourri or candies for a coffee table. Very elegant! $45.00 med and $55.00 large




9B. Med stand and bowl

unnaaaamed unnaadsfmed

9C. Med. stand and bowl


10. Absolutely gorgeous stag deer handled large scale trophy…talk about impressive! Beautiful quality, nickel and silver plate,heirloom quality. Retailed for over $350 today it is $175.00! This is a large piece about 19″ tall and about 15″at widest, stunning! SOLD

IMG_3607 IMG_3608 IMG_3609

11. Still have a few address books. These are incredible quality, buttery soft leather, small pocketsize $18.00 and larger desk size 5 x 7 $38.00.





12. One last 3 piece cheese set in a pretty reclaimed wood (pale gray wood) finish with gleaming silver $30.00 (less than half what it retailed for) in elegant black velvet box. SOLD

IMG_3224-1024x768 IMG_3223-1024x768

13. Gorgeous round dough bowl. Got one extra! This one is about 16.5″ round and so pretty. I can think of a million ways to use this lovely antique dough bowl $185.00 AVAILABLE

IMG_3618 IMG_3617 IMG_3616

14. Have one left of the gorgeous black and gold scenic scalloped tole planters. About 5″ x 7″ $50.00 SOLD


So there you go…a bunch of beautiful goodies. Again if you see something calling out your name just send me an email to theenchantedhome@gmail.com. Please refer to item number on top of each picture (makes my job a lot easier)! If its available. you will get an invoice shortly thereafter. That’s all there is! Thank you for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful evening.


Enchanted Home Customer Contest

Don’t forget to send me your pictures of your Enchanted Homes. Send me a picture of your room or vignette featuring an item you have bought from? me (either through my online shop or through at Steals and Deals). Max 2 pictures. Please put “customer contest” in subject line. Deadline is July 22nd. I will cap this off at 50 pictures (have about 30 so far). The prize is $100.00 in my online shop!


Thank you and have a lovely evening…