Happy Labor Day weekend…..


Hello everyone……just a very short note to say hello and wish everyone a wonderful, relaxing and safe holiday weekend. I have had a super busy, somewhat stressful, fun, exciting, exhausting week. Between my son leaving for college, a lot of work, some serious technical blog hiccups, still working on the online shop, gearing up for the first big furniture delivery for the NYC apt job I am working on and a few other things… I am exhausted and needing? a little break from, well…….everything:)

Plus I am somewhat reeling after seeing Halloween candy shelves being? stocked, and it’s not even Labor Day while being reminded? that if I am going to throw a Christmas party I better “pencil in a date”…Calgon please take me away!

The important thing is recognizing when you need a little break and knowing when to step away and totally decompress for a short period…..which is exactly what I am doing. So no online shop launch this weekend, it will wait until early next week when I am back and totally refreshed as will a bunch of other super exciting things coming this way!

Just in case you missed a few recent posts,? here are a few of my own personal recent favorites…….

Playing dressup with plates and tole

Where have the years gone

Wallpapers,? Tole, Brushstroke and Farm stands…

Let’s go to Italy, shall we?

Setting a blue and white chinoiserie? table al fresco

Until? next week…..enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Hope the sun is shining where you are, here the weather has been pretty spectacular.

Teddy will be doing a lot of this……absolutely nothing:)


Setting a blue and white chinoiserie table al fresco ……

Good morning! It is so nice to be back:)? First I need to apologize to everyone about my unstable? blog in the last 24 hours! Some of you have said you cannot leave a comment on my blog, that may still be the case on and off today, but by tonight/tomorrow all should be squared away! I know almost all of you could not get on for about the last 20 hours or so and had no forewarning . Basically explaining it in the most elementary terms possible (about the only way I can honestly explain this tech-y stuff and really be able to fully understand it myself) is that on my old hosting plan I was on a shared plan (shared internet space with a bunch of other blogs) with my hosting company and occasionally when there was an excessive amount of traffic, and my share of the traffic would take up too much space it would cause the server or host to crash which is why my site could go down.

So finally it was suggested after spending a week of being diagnosed by “the experts” that I get my very own “dedicated server”? which means I will never ever have that happen again, I have my very own server just for moi….it was a big step forward but ultimately was the right choice to make especially since the online shop is growing. This will insure total stability at all times. So I am happy to say the worst is behind us and fingers crossed we should never encounter those hiccups again:)

Now moving along to the fun and pretty, which is why we are both here right? I got in my order of the magnificent new chinoiserie melamine and oh my word..is it stunning. I LOVE this line. Got my first orders sent out, which no surprise sold out right away. I can see why, as? this line is just fabulous.

Of course I had to immediately set a table, like it was a 911 emergency.? And then had to share with you pronto. So here we go, yes tablescapes have been on my mind lately. As has my son. No one more than my son…but tablescapes are good at keeping my mind busy. And speaking of my sweepie pie, he is happy as a clam I am happy to report but I miss him terribly! Onto that? tablescape……..


IMG_0162 IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0166

My little chinoiserie man silver napkin rings from my online shop go perfectly with this setting!


This is the gorgeous dinner plate


And the fabulous pagoda salad plate


Some of these hydrangeas are from my yard and then most are faux, I find mixing is the best way…..


My beautiful Chiang Mai pillows from Studio Tullia (one of my sponsors) go perfectly with this grouping


So here I added some blue flowers to the mix and I actually really like it, it livens up the mix! All the flowers clusters are from my online shop.

IMG_0191 IMG_0193 IMG_0194


I am getting my second order of this stunning line in again early next week, it will be added to my online shop launch (next day or two) in case you want to order or you can email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com.

Nothing feels quite as fresh as blue and white, it is so appealing and classic!I feel like with fall being just around the corner and the natural inclination to want to gravitate towards darker moodier colors, I need to enjoy this lighter airier look while I can.

Everything shown is from my online shop except the linens which are from World Market and pillows as stated are from Studio Tullia.

I feel like I have been saying it forever but we really are putting the finishing touches on the online shop and though tweaks will still be forthcoming for weeks to come, hope to have it up tomorrow! Will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience during this “transition” time…its all for a better? and enhanced experience here at The Enchanted Home!

Wishing you a fabulous day……. can you believe summer is nearly over? I almost fainted when I saw aisles and aisles? of Halloween candy being displayed! I like to pace myself when it comes to the holidays…..


Playing dressup with plates and tole…..

Hello there. Hope all is well with you. As I adjust to my “new norm” and admittedly I am feeling a bit like? a lost little puppy dog but a very busy one, I am trying to keep as busy as possible and trying find ways to not dwell on how much I miss my son. Knowing he is happy however is doing a lot in keeping me going.

I am very busy getting my online shop up which is slated to happen hopefully tomorrow or Thursday at the latest (finally) and adding a bunch of new products that have come in with more coming in over these next few weeks plus ordering the next big order of tole, and there are going to be some really amazing new pieces in this next batch. Plus the design project I have been working on in NYC is getting its first delivery on Tuesday so it’s quite exciting! So a lot of good and exciting things that are all keeping me going and then some:)

One thing you know I love, is tabletop and china, love playing “dressup” and mixing and matching…….and? I certainly have enough china to support my case:) So since Monday is “my day” the day that I typically stay home, when no one else is here and it’s normally a “free pass” for me to do whatever I want, I had fun playing around with the tole and china and decided to have a little photo session. I will also be hosting? a luncheon and another little get together so was thinking of different possibilities as to? how I might want to set the table. Here are some highlights….


IMG_0109 IMG_0106 IMG_0110 IMG_0112 IMG_0113

Pretty silver serving dishes just “make” the table and elevate the elegance of the tablescape

IMG_0115 IMG_0111


These pheasant napkin rings are some of my favorites from Vagabond


I am a sucker for anything that has delicate etch work…love it!

Then I have these vintage inspired plates in three different patterns (service plates) and they are just so pretty and feminine and scream “ladies luncheon”…..

unnamevcxd unname8hd unnamenvbcd 432sdunnamed

IMG_0886 IMG_0887

I love the rich elegant colors and iconic design of the Imari pattern….

IMG_0888 IMG_0889 IMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0892

I am so in love with the Vagabond Pheasant napkin rings, so elegant don’t you think? These are being added to my online shop this week, perfect for the holidays!



So I have a few lovely choices….do you have a favorite? Do tell!

And then I had fun playing with my tole which I can’t get enough of…..I first put together super elegant mossy green vignette both with white blossom in the tea caddies and just plain.

IMG_0127 IMG_0126 IMG_0122



Added this blue and white planter to my kitchen countertop…..

In anticipation of the emails I get with questions (always very flattering) the linens, chargers, napkin rings, all tole, planter, faux flowers are all from my online shop (click here) or visit www.theenchantedhomeshop.com. Everything else is my from my own stash/collection.

I had fun playing during my little play session and haven’t done that in a while, will have to do it again soon.? The new and improved shop will be up in the next day or two and I have had many asking about the tole, believe me, I have been chomping at the bit and never thought it would take this long….

But Thurs. at the latest, I will announce it on my blog and will probably do some kind of fun giveaway to celebrate, I will be tweaking things as we go this coming week, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. It takes time to work out the kinks but we are just about there…finally!

Thank you as always for stopping by, hoping you have a wonderful day. Until next time…..


Random Sunday musings…..


Hi there! Well, we are back and I survived:)? First off I? have to tell you…..I was so touched by your amazing comments/ emails of support from my tribute to my son (click here if you missed it). I know I will go back to that post often and treasure your words of wisdom and sage advice. So sorry my site was down for nearly a day, there was a technical glitch that took some time to work through. Turns out I may need to get a designated server (still trying to process what that even fully means)!


So I survived the big sendoff.? Not without my share of tears, both happy and sad. On a scale of 1-10 the move in day was a 10, it could not have gone better..practically the entire lacrosse team came to greet him, and he is rooming with 3 of his teammates, what more could a guy ask for? He had an instant sense of camaraderie and seeing that made us so happy. The school was amazing with a capital A and we left there feeling incredibly fulfilled but seeing him walk away as we drove away definitely left me with a lump in my throat and I saved my flow of tears for when he was clear out of sight. Below is his advisory having a meeting on the lawn….not too shabby, eh!


Coming home to his near empty room was also not so easy and getting used to a rather eerily quiet home is going to be an adjustment (we still have my middle son here thank the Lord) but only for a few months….I treasure each and every one of those days though:)

So I will spare you my sob story and say this- that this is one of my life’s cycles, it is no doubt an exciting and important step for him to take, and indeed a privilege, one he is lucky to have. We are proud that he worked hard to get there, and will enjoy seeing him progress as he marches along on this journey. I think our missing him is a testament to the love we share as a family and will only enhance the times when we are together again, over holidays, breaks and summers.

I, in the meantime, have a “new normal” to adjust to and it’s probably going to take a little time.

I am going to throw myself into my work, blog and online shop…… I have A LOT going on so it’s just as well, plenty to keep me busy. The response to the tole line has been fabulous. It was launched with a somewhat “soft opening” as the shop integration did not happen according to plan however we are hoping to have the shop online hopefully tomorrow with other exciting things going on…..


Lots of randomness to talk about here, so lets begin……


CHINOISERIE MELAMINE. I introduced a fabulous and I do mean FABULOUS promotion yesterday for a new item to The Enchanted Home. The most perfect item for someone who (like me) loves blue and white, chinoiserie and fuss free entertaining….say hello this gorgeous chinoiserie melamine! I am offering a special price on it for 3 days under my current promotions tab, click here to visit.? It is just too gorgeous for words. I am only down to a handful of plates.

DC17-1024x971 DameChinoise_DinnerforWeb DameChinoise_DessertPlateforWeb



GREAT HOLIDAY? STAMP! I know it’s crazy to even talk about the holidays but when I saw these I have to admit I allowed my mind to wander just a teeny tiny bit. I think these are so elegant and I love oversized anything, these really make a statement!? I am absolutely ordering this for my Christmas cards. If you want to,..here is the link on Etsy. Click here..so elegant!




FALL DRESSING. I made this fall mood board of how I like to dress. Besides loving fall weather, I get so excited about fall clothes, my favorite season of all. This is exactly how I like to dress, stylish classic neutrals that can all be interchanged fairly easily…



INSPIRATION FOR A LUNCHEON. I might be hosting a small birthday luncheon and pulled out these pretty service plates, wouldn’t these be a great starting point for? a beautiful “ladies luncheon” theme?


NEW BOOKS! I got in not one but two AMAZING new books, When I get books in that are over the top fabulous I need to tell you about them.? Both of these I read front to back and assure you, that you will not regret adding them to your collection. They are both incredible. Aerin Lauders elegant and low key style is one I love, and her book is just as wonderful, I related so much to her on so many things I literally lost count. The pictures particularly of the country home were breathtaking. Click here to order on Amazon.


Then I was sent the newest book by uber talented? Betty Lou Phillips and its another winner. I cannot believe how she is able to come out with one home run after another. This one is very heavily accented on? French style and is a total delight from front cover to back. The pictures “take you away” to someplace wonderful! I proudly have both on my coffee table so I can refer back to them frequently. Cannot suggest them both enough…..click here to order Betty Lou Phillip’s latest on Amazon.



GORGEOUS INSTAGRAM SHOTS. I have been saving some really fabulous Instagram goodies lately. Here are a few faves….


This was from Mary McDonald


And this from Alexsviewpoint

unnamsadfd ? ?? This? was from a newer person (to me) Pantaimentari


A MOVIE I REALLY WANT TO SEE. My faith in the movie biz is being restored ever since I saw The Hundred Foot Journey and Magic in the Moonlight, and here is the next movie, A Five Star Life,? on my “to see” list. Looks sooo good and I love that it combines travel to exotic places and beautiful hotels!


SHOP NEWS. There is? A LOT is going on. I am going to finally be integrating the online shop onto my blog hopefully by tomorrow, finally! It was supposed to happen last week but sometimes it just doesn’t happen according to plan…can’t sweat the small things. The important thing is it looking great and is going to be improved……. really user friendly and will not involve having to use Paypal (though you still can if you want to) but you can use your credit or debit card directly if you would prefer.

I think you will like it. I also have a lot of really exciting new products being added. Of course the tole is my biggest addition with a bunch of amazing new pieces coming in November. I have a bunch of beautiful new blue and white porcelains, new lamps, lots of smaller accessories (looking ahead for the holidays), new floral, a couple of new belljar styles, and so much more. It is going to keep me really busy but a good kind of busy:)

Here is a look at some of the goodness coming my way……



unnamefcfd unnam644ed

?I am in love with this newest style belljar called the “Tiffany” it is available in both med. and large and I am determined to find a place in my home for at least one!




Some beautiful new porcelain styles…





Getting in these oversized super gorgeous heavy crystal perfume bottles….ch_1424_modern_morocco_glass_perfume_bottle index modern-food-containers-and-storage

And love this line of wicker, beautiful quality, cannot wait to get it!

pro_4256_f3 PY3-1072124-3



And so much more including some beautiful items from France, a new pillow line and much more….I cannot wait to share it all with you as it all starts to come in! Well, that’s about it for now, thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day and end to your weekend:)

Where have the years gone?

Hello! Just wanted to apologize to everyone for my site being down again most of yesterday- so frustrating! ?Looks like things are back up and running as this is one post very near and dear to my heart 🙂


Well as no doubt many of you know, my son (the baby)? is leaving the nest later today for college, I have been brooding about it the last several weeks.? but ironically I think it’s been cathartic? to spread out the mixed emotions over the last few weeks as the buildup has helped the actual day to not be quite so bad, at least not yet! I cannot believe a day I? have known would come for 18 years is finally on my lap so to speak.

It is a day that is no doubt filled with many mixed emotions, incredible happiness, excitement, sadness, emptiness, all rolled into one….. best sums up how I am feeling. Though I never post personal pictures,? today I wanted to break tradition and post something in honor of my son whom I love very much. This is a small tribute to him, someone who has made my life a much better place? for the past 18 years simply for being him.


Dear Brandon

No sappy poems or groundbreaking words of wisdom here. Just words from the heart.? Your wonderful energy, sense of humor, kind spirit, incredible sensitivity, infectious laughter, sweet demeanor and? beautiful smile have always been the highlight of my day. I look forward to hearing you walk downstairs in the morning and for more reasons than one love when I hear the door close at night knowing you are? in for the night:) Even when you ask me to make you macaroni and cheese at 12:30 am like its the middle of the afternoon:)? You are? a bright light, and and have so many wonderful qualities……I knew from when you were very young that were a very special young man.

I hope you will leave? here today remembering what I have chirped into your? ear these last 18 years knowing all I have told you is in your best interest and that we are here for you always, and home is truly where the heart is and shall remain. I have most admired seeing you set goals and continuing to watch you work hard to achieve them. We are? happy to see you reach this important milestone? and not only? reach your dream of? heading off to college but to play lacrosse too. And you can bet we will be at every one of your games and maybe even your practices!! (just kidding ). No really I promise!

I realized the only reason I am having a hard time letting go of you and this stage of our lives together,? and what is making me a feel a little sad is that it’s also something that has made me so incredibly? happy. But knowing we have done our job of raising you to be strong and independent enough to get to this day to go off and realize your dreams makes us beam with pride.

One thing Dad and I will never ever stop talking about is how you can never go to sleep or leave to go somewhere or get off the phone without saying ” I love you” to us,? and just typing this makes me tear up a little.? You are such a sweet kid and it shows your character that even in front of a bunch of your friends you aren’t embarrassed to say “I love you” to your mom:) And you never ever forget to say it, you have no idea what that means!

Thank you for honoring us by being our son, you have given us a reason to smile literally every single day since you were born and I cannot to wait see what you will do with the rest of your life. I know big things lie ahead and we are so excited for this next chapter. Now if you aren’t too embarrassed to let me share a few baby pics with the rest of the world, let’s talk down memory lane….




JA 997OA 2Q23 bran






We love you so much, are so proud of you, and believe in you. Go out there and conquer those dreams, we will be by your side every step of the way cheering you on! Congratulations peanut! You know we are your biggest fans:)

Love Mom and Dad



For me, being a mom has by far been the most important thing I have ever done, the most enjoyable and fulfilling job I have ever had and I know that no matter what I do and achieve in my life, nothing will hold a candle to it. I LOVED being a mom, cherished every single minute, loved going to things like those many many? weekend lacrosse tournaments, enjoying being a fly on the wall for countless carpools, being the social secretary, class mom, wardrobe consultant, in house therapist, gourmet chef, you name it, I wore many hats for my kids and wouldn’t have missed a single minute!

Thanks to all my friends out there for your friendship, support and words of wisdom. Many of you have also sent your youngest off to college as well and sent me such kind supportive emails and I cannot tell you how much I loved and appreciated getting them, you guys are the best!

Each and every one of them empowered me and reminded me that this time is a true celebration. So we will be gone later today and tomorrow for the big sendoff…….I am excited for Brandon it’s a wonderful and incredibly exciting time to be 18! Wishing everyone a wonderful day and weekend. If you have any kind words or advice for Brandon by all means do leave it here……he (and I) will love and enjoy reading it on the car ride!

Oh and by the way, this pillow will be arriving to your dorm sometime next week…..


Wallpapers, tole, fruit stands and Brushstroke……

Hello, well as you might know there were some hiccups with my new shop, and we are working on it so in the meantime I put up my tole under current promotions and will keep it there until the online shop is squared away, hopefully in a matter of a few days. So if you were one of the ones waiting for it to go up for sale please click here and take a? look (you can email me with your order). Thank you, the response has been fabulous!

Truth is with the busy week I have, it might be a blessing in disguise. One less thing to juggle! I am so happy that you are as excited over the tole as I am..I really love it, always have, it’s a timeless classic that is here to stay. I am already working on my next order due here late October which will include some gorgeous lanterns as well.

This post will be it until for the week, until either Friday or the weekend sometime (totally depends on how organized I am up until we leave to take my son)? then we will be busy moving my son into college……so it’s an exciting,emotional, sad, and yet incredibly happy week all rolled into one.? Here are some highlights of what’s happening around here…..courtesy of my trusty little iPhone!


Having a SERIOUS wallpaper dilemma in trying to finally finish? the small powder room off the library. How gorgeous are these papers, the hard part is I love all three.? All three work with the floor and set of four antique prints that will hang in there. One way is lighter and airier and the others are darker and moodier, all three will look fabulous…I am truly torn. Thoughts? I love them all and want to use them all somewhere….

So here are the elements, the prints and the onyx flooring and then the papers…..





Serious walrewaunnamed unnamaaaaaed unnarrmed unnamefasdd paper


You know my feelings on farms and fruit stands..love them. Visited one of my favorites lately and had such fun discovering all kinds of amazing things like rosy pink tomatoes and white eggplant and bellpeppers….it was wonderful!

unname342q4d unnaasdfaamed unnamefdassafd unnamdsafaed unnamedfdff unnamffffed unnamefffffd unnamefdsffd


And the best part is coming home and creating pretty little dishes and platters…..

unnamfdasfed asdfa adsaunnamed

And then added a few little raspberries….



I forgot how much I love Brushstroke the app and had so much fun playing with it the other day, that I may just have to blow a few of these up! I just walked around my house with my ipad and went to town. It is such an easy to use app and honestly the possibilities are endless……

3243unnamed un2322named unnamnnned unnamvvved unnacccmed


Finally got some pictures of my beautiful new tray tables…..aren’t they pretty and so practical to have around (I can see especially in the winter cozying up with a yummy meal in front of the TV with a cozy blanket) with? this pretty tray table at my side….

unnam644ed unnamebbvbvcbd



So that’s about it everyone, I am up to my ears in boxes and bags full of everything you can imagine that would go into a dorm, and then some:) We are pretty ahead of the game with still a few odds and ends to take care of, but then I still have my design job in the city to oversee, my online shop, orders, e design projects, and “life”!

But this week my son comes first and it’s all about him, so I know you will understand my not being around quite as much as always. Until next time, wishing you a wonderful day and a fabulous week. I will be sure to check in again before we head off…..


Happy Sunday and a winner!


UPDATE- Due to a shop glitch the shop is a bit delayed therefore the tole as of Monday 1pm was added under current promotions and will be sold there until the shop can get sorted out (hopefully over the next few days)! So the entire line can be in the meantime viewed there and you can submit an order as well…at long last! Click on the link below to view-

Current Promotion


Good morning, and a happy Sunday to you. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend. Ours has been a very busy one and today is a continuation, we are also getting some much needed rain, good for my garden:) I am happy to announce the lucky winner of the beautiful white and blue tole planter. And the winner is……


#31 Valerie Kokenes says:

?? Each item is BEAUTIFUL! I am torn between the orange lamps and the orange planters!! Toile and orange are two things I have a hard time resisting!!


Congratulations! Please email me with your name and shipping information so this beautiful planter can be on its way to it’s new home!


So what you are up today? My sister and family are coming through today for an overnight visit after being in Maine for a number of weeks,? we are looking forward to spending some time together as they pass through en route? back home. I have a super busy week ahead, between it being my sons last week before the big college sendoff and a number of other things happening, its guaranteed to be a chock full week. And of course the big news is the sneak peek of my beautiful new tole line, in case you missed it, click here. It is not officially for sale but is about to be, hopefully later today.

I am extremely excited about launching my online shop directly linked to my blog which is due to happen hopefully LATER TODAY!!! It is? being worked on as we speak so hopefully by days end the new site will be up and the tole will be officially for sale as many of you have asked about the? debut of the tole line.….I will try and get some kind of notice out to announce when? the shop is live and officially up.

In the meantime, I so love the pieces and naturally have to keep a small stash for myself.? I? had fun “playing” with some orchids and my new planters over the weekend, look how beautiful they came out. Had to share. Plus a few other things going on around here I wanted to share.





Took the wastepaper basket and put my large boxwood topiaries in them and voila! Multi functional…..

unnam54543ed unnam4342ed unnamef3d


unnam11111ed unnamefdffsadffdd unnamefddfdfdd unnamfdasffed

unnamFDASAed unnameFDAd unnameFDSAFd unnamDFASed unaanamedl


Switching gears…… as I expand my shop online I am always on the lookout for uusual or very special unique finds that appeal to my personal style or aesthetic. I? have always had a? “thing” for beautiful estate jewelry. It is so elegant with its fine attention to detail, to me it is so supremely elegant and refined. I recently was introduced to someone who manufacturers some of the most exquisite pieces using semi precious stones, really special pieces that don’t break the bank.

I am seriously thinking of carrying the line. I think to “test” it out I may carry some pieces for a current promotion and see how they do. The price point would be very generously discounted with earrings ranging from $100-205 (they retail from about $140-375). They are exquisite, really really unique and sold in many super high end stores, they also does a lot of private label for BIG names. Take a peek at the first the earrings I brought home for me and some of the other beautiful pieces……



unnamfdsaffed unnamefdsafdfad


I also wanted to show you some new beautiful? blue and whites that will be added to my online shop in the next week, I love them all! These will be online sometime later this week and with the exception of the first jar which will be here in Sept. all are in stock, really liking these new additions…

















Lots of exciting things happening…it’s just as well.I will need plenty to occupy my time as I get used to having my son gone, it is going to be a tremendous adjustment and I have been beyond weepy at literally just about anything. I cannot believe how even the most innocuous things sets me off…please tell me it gets better! This blog and my online shop are an even bigger blessing than I could have possibly imagined!

I will? only be posting once or twice this week as I have a very full week, and plan on spending? a lot of? quality time with my son as we gear up for his big send off this weekend. I know anyone who has done this before can relate and anyone who has young kids can only imagine……so many thanks for stopping in and for your friendship and support! I feel so blessed to have thousands of friends? from all around the world.? Now how many people can say that! Enjoy your Sunday and the rest of your weekend…….



The tole has arrived….let’s celebrate with a giveaway and a special offer!



?I am so sorry about? my site being down for most of the last 24 hours!!!? It made me? C R A Z Y! It was for a host of reasons, let’s just say a major glitch which we seem to have worked out. I am terribly sorry and thanks to many of you who wrote out of concern….happy to be “back up” believe me I was not a happy camper! This post will be kept up until at least tomorrow. Thanks for checking back!

Well friends….the day has finally come. At long last, the tole has arrived, been unpacked and will be for sale sometime by the weekend.? It took some time as doing business? half way across the world can always be a daunting task but alas it worked out beautifully in the end and I am most pleased with the result. The irony is I got so excited in the process that I gave little, actually make that almost no thought to how I was going to market this line of beautiful goods!


Since my plate is full,? for now I am going to retail it exclusively through The Enchanted Home’s online shop. I have been asked about selling it wholesale and it is actually? something I am open to but down the road. As we speak I am developing the line and working on more products with round 2 coming in right before the big holiday rush (sometime in early November even earlier would be ideal).



This is the first go around to “test” the market. I was able to somewhat test the market through my other supplier whose line I have been carrying,? who is a very very high end supplier (also extremely expensive) and know what sells. Based upon my success with that line I worked on this line. So you will see many similar products, only difference being they are truly a fraction of the price. Literally this is like getting them wholesale and then some.


As I have mentioned I am in the process of revamping/tweaking my website/shop site somewhat. My blog and shop will be one. It ‘s? a much more comprehensive, easier to navigate site. The site was put up late last night in case you are wondering about things looking slightly different.? and the new shop section hopefully will be done in the next few days,? aiming for this weekend but in the meantime I wanted to share it with you and celebrate with a little tole giveaway and special offer!


One lucky winner will win this beautiful blue and cream chinoiserie planter…. (details on bottom) Just perfect for an orchid, any flowering plant or even a beautiful moss ball don’t you think!




So the next time you see the tole will be when the shop is newly revised on my site . In the meantime I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the line, as many of you have inquired about it and thought a giveaway was in order as well as a special offer on the magnificent monogram trays…….


First the special offer on the monogram tray that I mentioned….this stunning oversized monogrammed tray measures a generous 24.5″ x 17″ and is the ultimate serving tray for the chic hostess. Imagine using this for your holiday entertaining? or giving this as a holiday gift!! Offered at a very special? promotional price of $145 for a very limited time (regular price will be $185) this tray retails everywhere for $350!

Colors available are ivory, black, moss green or navy (navy not shown)

Monogram colors are gold, black or navy

One style monogram only block letters with diamond detailing

Indicate your three letter monogram, letters left to right

Email your order to theenchantedhome@gmail.com

This offer is for one week only (offer ends on August 21st)

DSC_0686 DSC_0687 DSC_0688 DSC_0689 DSC_0690


And feast your eyes on the rest of the gorgeous line, if you love tole and chinoiserie then you will looove this……..trays, tea caddys, tea caddy lamps, waste paper baskets, tray tables (not photographed yet) , planters (two sizes) and more!

DSC_0693 DSC_0709 DSC_0710 DSC_0721 DSC_0723 DSC_0724_2 DSC_0725_2 DSC_0727 DSC_0728 DSC_0730 DSC_0731 DSC_0732 DSC_0733_2 DSC_0734_2 DSC_0737 DSC_0738_2 DSC_0718 DSC_0719 DSC_0720 DSC_0721 DSC_0723 DSC_0724 DSC_0725 DSC_0743 DSC_0745 DSC_0746 DSC_0748 DSC_0750 DSC_0752 DSC_0753 DSC_0754 DSC_0755 DSC_0756 DSC_0757 DSC_0758 DSC_0759 DSC_0760 DSC_0761 DSC_0762 DSC_0764

DSC_0699 DSC_0703 DSC_0705 DSC_0701 DSC_0718



Well, if you are a lover of tole then I think there’s something up there for you! These beautiful items should all be up for sale in my online shop by the weekend and I will be sure to announce it on my blog so please stay tuned.

Now for the giveaway details….all you need to do is leave a comment here telling me your favorite tole item. That’s it! I will announce a lucky winner on Sunday.

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a lovely day.

If you missed my gorgeous new mirrors and blue and white vignette reveal and master bedroom sneak peek click here!




Happenings around here as seen through my iPhone…..

So as of Wednesday, you will see a slightly new look on my blog. It is a “work in progress” The idea is to tweak the design and freshen it up a bit, loving the new logo that I created with the pretty topiary art done by Jeanne of I Dream Of. My shop site will be integrated into my blog over the next few days and the new tole line will be added……will be sure to let you know when this is done. Will be continuing to work on various things to finish up the process during the week…….

Hi, gotta love the magic of the iPhone or any phone for that matter that can capture the moment. For me, it has been an amazing little device at saving moments in time, helping me remember things I might otherwise forget and helping me share various things with others.

What did we do without our phones, almost hard to imagine and then admittedly there are days when I wish we didn’t have them, but that’s a whole other post!? So here is a little peek into what’s new with me lately as seen through my iPhone, little narration is necessary…..


Mady in love with my new chinoiserie mirrors from Freidman Brothers (they make in my opinion the most spectacular mirrors of all) that came (got a pair) for my living room wall, and created new blue and white vignettes on the chests, love the way it came out!


Yes the price tag came off the orchid (lol just got it out of the box, it’s one of my fauxs from my online shop though you would never know)!


Loving my living room mantle

DSC_0799 DSC_0803


Had real white hydrangeas in this urn that were one foot out the door so added a bunch of faux into the mix and it’s hard to tell which are real and which are not:)

DSC_0820 DSC_0821

The other chest with its blue and white vignette and the other matching planter


A sneak peek of my bedroom A long way to go as the project sort of fell to the wayside though its about 75% done


Reading Charleston right now and loving it…..

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My weekend reading material!

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My Tinatini that is becoming a “regular” around here at about 5 pm and my giftwrap for a little gift for a friend including talented Jeanne’s? pretty gift enclosure from I Dream Of


Went to Fig and Olive and feasted on these yummy crostinis…so good!


My white hydrangeas are blooming like mad


And my garden is starting to really take off….I have enough fresh basil for a restaurant!


Loving my new monogrammed tray from the new tole line and just added it to my butlers pantry (soon to be added to my online shop)

So that’s a bit of what is happening over here. When my camera isn’t handy and given how clunky it is, it’s not always convenient, the iPhone is a pretty miraculous little gadget to have around I have to say. Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks again for stopping in!

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Until next time……


Which would you choose?

At some point over the next day or so you will see a slightly changed look to my blog, it’s all part of the new and improved Enchanted Home. Things will be gradually tweaked over the next few days, as we continue to work on finalizing the shop/blog integration which hopefully will be complete by weeks end. Just giving you a heads up, it will be subtle but will be a much more comprehensive site and I think you will like it!

Hi there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here the weather was spectacular! We had a lovely dinner with friends, went to a BBQ and saw not one but two excellent movies, both that I highly recommend. Magic In The Moonlight and The Hundred Foot Journey, loved them both and would go watch them both again today! Both so my kind of movies, the kind you want to escape into!

Moving along….you know what they say- if you can’t beat them, join them. Clearly I am not going to beat the fall madness knocking on our door, so I am joining it! Not that you need, by any means to twist my arm seeing that I LOVE fall. And I get positively giddy when I think about fall fashion in particular…fall coats and handbags, that first pair of fall boots..fun fun fun!

So today’s post is all about fall coats and there are so many beauties to admire in all kinds of wonderful colors and shapes. So………if the coat fairy stopped in for a little visit and wanted to drop off a little something, which would be your pick? I have my eye on a few, the big problem is narrowing it down, too many pretties! Your turn…..





Adam Lippes






Red Valentino






Red Valentino






Burberry Brit




Nina Ricci




Isabel Marant













Nina Ricci













Miu Miu




Burberry London




Red Valentino

All coats shown available at Net a Porter


Well……isn’t that a bevy of beauties!! Normally I can pretty easily narrow it down to a few pretty fast, but this time I am having a hard time making it past five faves. Love so many. Fall is always the season when I get the most excited over clothes, the richness of the fabrics and luxuriousness of the textures, plus living where I live I can justify getting to wear them a very long time:) OK your turn to mull over your decision. I am letting you choose two recognizing that there are too many? pretties to choose just one. Thank you for stopping in!


Announced an amazing Current Promotion yesterday for all pillow lovers! Click here for the details…..