A special request to all my readers…..

Hello I break away from my usual pretty posts filled with flowers, parties, gorgeous decor and things of beauty to ask you a favor.? You know I rarely ask for favors but this is a big and very important one! And to thank you for your time I am offering a little? Antica Farmacista bubble bath giveaway (details at the bottom). One of my most favorite products in the entire world!


Do you believe in young people making a difference? Following their heart and passions? Particularly when it involves world causes that could potentially impact and lessen human suffering? And when it is someone who has devoted most of his adult years to this cause that he/she so passionately believes in?

So do I! Which brings me to the point of this short post……

My nieces husband, a brilliant PhD? from none other than Harvard University is a finalist in a very prestigious competition, where his groundbreaking work and research on the? early diagnosis of the HIV virus is up for a major award, The Bright Future Prize.

He has been selected as one of three finalists? and though all three have clearly done extraordinary work with compelling projects, I believe that what he is doing is so relevant and so urgently needed and to say it could revolutionize the treatment of HIV is not an understatement.? We are so incredibly proud of him and his unbelievable accomplishments.

This is a major advancement in the way HIV is being diagnosed at early stages and could potentially alter the catastrophic numbers of deaths that are growing at alarming rates.

On top of what he has done,? Hadi is truly? one of the kindest, most humble young men I have had the pleasure to meet, a true gentleman,? he is obviously incredibly intelligent but is so low key and unassuming. It makes me want to root for him that much more!

So this is a short and sweet post to introduce Hadi? and I have also? posted the link where you can vote which literally will take 3 seconds of your time. We are most appreciative…..



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Some startling facts about AIDS-

Statistics (from UNAIDS):
35.3 million – Number of people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide in 2012.

2.3 million – New infections worldwide in 2012.

260,000 – New infections in children worldwide in 2012.

1.6 million – AIDS-related deaths worldwide in 2012.

70.8% of the world’s people living with HIV/AIDS live in Sub-Saharan Africa; an estimated 1.6 million people were newly infected with HIV/AIDS in 2012.

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And if like me, you too think what he is doing is pretty amazing then please cast your vote for him , just click on this link here!? It will only take 3 seconds I promise.? MANY THANKS to everyone for participating. Just think? if he wins, YOU will have? played a part in changing the course of HIV early intervention just by voting!


And please share this with your friends and family…it is a compelling cause and could change the HIV virus forever.

Once you have voted please come back and let me know that you have, and that’s it…you will be in the running for a wonderful Antica Farmacista bottle of the most wonderful bubble bath ever! I will announce the winner on Friday.


If you missed my Steals and Deals from yesterday, please click here. Things went really fast and there are only a handful of things left, the good news though…I am still going through boxes and unearthing more treasures so will hopefully put up round 2 early next week:)

I have one fabulous post tomorrow for all lovers of chinoiserie and beautiful interiors…stay tuned!

A phenomenal round of steals and deals…..

Hi there, hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend. Here the weather was a “10” and having my son home made it perfection!? Haven’t done? one of these in a long long time.

I am just beginning to clean out a very very full warehouse and lets just say its busting at the seams, this is long overdue.? I have? many boxes and so much to sort through…..my goal is to try and get it done by the end of October before the rush of the holidays begins and before I get in my next round of tole which by the way is going to be just “beyond”……. I am so excited about it, cannot wait to get you a sneak peek when the first round of painting is done.

I bought out a wonderful batch of closeouts from a great manufacturer who was closing his doors so I got some fabulous items at great prices which are here today. I think you will love these items. There are many new items and a few odds and ends that I found from previous sales, so a few odd and ends from before thrown in too…… LOTS of great things here today!


So by now I think you know the drill of how this works but just in case, here is the bottom line. If you see something you like-

  • Email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with your order
  • Please indicate item number only do not use item description (item number is at beginning of each picture)
  • If item is available you will receive an acknowledgement and an invoice within a few hours
  • I do not hold items and expect immediate payment within 12 hours
  • All items are final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • I ship internationally and will give you shipping estimate once you submit your order
  • All items subject to availability, limited numbers of each item


OK now that we have that out of the way let me show you what is available…..definitely not too soon to start thinking about possible holiday gifts. I know I have and have a small stash hidden away! Ready to begin, let’s go…….


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ITEM 1. Wonderful Lucite and solid brass candlesticks. These are beautiful, about 11″ tall. Retailed for $90.00. Today they are $55.00 for the pair (6 pair)

?u553nnamed xx


ITEM 2 Gorgeous hurricanes (7 pair of silver and 4 pair of solid brass) Beautiful elegant pair of hurricanes in either silver or brass. About 14″ tall and 4.5″ wide.? Specify finish. Retailed for $140.00 Today they are $75.00 for the pair

6zcz 954e




?ITEM 3. ?? Beautiful set of 3 ladles, sm, med and large. Gorgeous old world detailing….Set of 3 $60.00 (4 sets available)


3425345unnamed u255nnamed




ITEM 4 Set of elegant old world apothecary bottles I love these…so pretty for a vanity or dressing table.. 3Dx6H; 2.5Dx5H; 2Dx4H Set of 3 bottles, $50.00 (6 sets available)



ITEM 5 Set of 3 old world elegant jars, beautiful detailing . 4Dx2.5; 3.5Dx2; 2.5Dx2 $70.00 for 3. (5 sets available)



ITEM 6? Gorgeous old world feeling silver frame. 4″ x 6″ Looks like heavy old sterling, beautiful detailing, heavy.? Measure 4″ x 6″ $32.00 (8 frames available)

uasdfnnamed unnamr4red


ITEM 7? Old world antiqued mirrored frame 5″ x 8″ $34.00 (10 frames available)

43a 13


ITEM 8? Old world three picture silver frame, looks like sterling, love this frame and its pretty delicate detailing. $30.00 (10 frames available) Measures approx. 6″ (at its widest) x? 5.5″ tall

?unnamedfdsf unname433d


ITEM 9 Spectacular large pair of pheasants, nickel/brass based with silver lacquer finish. A “no polish” finish means minimal maintenance, maybe quick buff once a year or two. I have had mine for almost two years and have not polished them once!! These are just gorgeous and retail for $395. Today the pair is $150! So exquisite…perfect for a holiday table! (2 pair available) About 20.5 ” at its longest by 7.5″? at the tallest point

unname646xd unname6546d u232342nnamed



ITEM 10. Super stylish silver pineapple lamp. I love this lamp. Done with the same no polish silver lacquered finish this required minimal maintenance. Elegant pineapple, this darling small lamp is perfect for a desk, secretary or smaller space. Pretty finial, comes with black shade. Today this beauty is $65.00 (retailed for $175).? (5 available) About 16″ tall

unnamefad unnameasdfd uasdfa3nnamed


ITEM 11? I have 16 of these fabulous blue and white jars, these were part of a close out (retailed for $140) they are 12″ by about 9″…gorgeous and an AMAZING deal for blue and white porcelain!!? They feature a gorgeous scene painted on all six sides. Today they are $75.00. (16? available)

asd unnameadsd unnfaamed 532


ITEM 12 Wonderful old world elaborate servers, these are so stunning! $25.00 each (3 available)

unname534d unname4343qd

Item 13. Wonderful silver old world filigree round jar. Just lovely 3.5″ round? x 4″ tall jar, beautiful filigree work, so decorative can be used anywhere. $35.00

unnam342wased 32sunnamed unname54d

ITEM 14 Remember these beautiful small lamps? Sold out right away, found four more! Two have lampshades and two do not. The ones with lampshades are $85.00 and the ones without are $55.00 Just stunning!

u432annamed uadsfannamed zaaunnamed

ITEM 15.? Love these moose plates for appetizers or salads, a great and highly decorative plate to mix and match with existing patterns or just a fun way to jazz up a simple plate, so stylish! Great scalloped square shape.? Sold in sets of 4’s. Measures 7 x 7″. Set of 4 $ 40..00 (42 available)


ITEM 16. Fabulous stag deer appetizer/salad plates. Great scalloped square shape. Wonderful stylish way to dress up an existing pattern or just add pizzazz to a plain dinner plate, fun for a party too! Measures 7″ x 7″ $40.00 for set of 4. (46 available)


ITEM 17. Found the last of my? sets of the beautiful? replica Vanderbilt blue and white 11″ dinner? plates, sold in sets of 4’s. Each set of 4 is $30.00 (8 sets)


ITEM 18. Have three of these beautiful silver guest towel holders in the pretty classic trellis design $55.00


ITEM 19. I was surprised to find more of these gorgeous moss green appetizer/salad plates with their pretty pine cone detailing. I love these. Set of 6 $30.00


ITEM 20. Elegant floral porcelain cake plate with matching spade. $20.00 (2 available)

unnbvxcamed unnamvcxved

ITEM 21.? An assortment of serving pieces. Any piece shown is $18.00 a great chance to stock up on gorgeous, elegant serving pieces for the holidays! Specify serving spoon, antler ladle, crystal Lucite cake server or serving fork

unname4532wd fla flata2

ITEM 22. Lovely hand painted ceramic appetizer/serving leaf plates. Sets of 3. I have two sets , great for serving, entertaining or decorating. Each set of 3 is $24.00


ITEM 23. Gorgeous antler and silver over sized? large stag server. Love the stag engraved figure and elegant antler handle. Stunning! $30.00

unczxnamed bbvzx adsfaunnamed

ITEM 24. Wonderful old world votive in silver etched container with glass top. I love this piece looks like a beautiful old treasure from the past. Elegant etched work that can be used as small container or refilled with another votive is so pretty and has a delicate glass top. Filled with? a beautiful soft fragrant candle. $32.00 (6 available)

unnaasdfamed u9890annamed

ITEM 25. I have one of these gorgeous silver plateaus left. This measures about 15.5″ square. A great opportunity for someone who wants one and doesn’t mind a little work. It could use a good polish and is ever so slightly bent, I am sure this can be gently bent back (with a strong arm)! These retail for upwards of $300. This one is $70.00 as is. Only one.? I also have one small 10″ round not polished that is great condition that is $50.00

lu532qnnamed u5sannamed unnamxxed

ITEM 26. An over sized beautiful crystal handled cake spade. Very long and elegant, $22.00 (retailed for $45)


10136 CalligraphicDesignElementsSet1_2

A lot of great goodies up there! So again, just email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with your order and ITEM NUMBER(S) please.

If available, you will hear from me within a few hours. Thank you so much for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time…..

Also on a side note, here are “the flowers” day nine but who’s counting:)


Seven on Sunday

Hi hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here the weather has been spectacular, a perfect “10” and then with my son home it’s been nothing less than perfection!? We are invited aboard a friends beautiful 50 foot sailboat, what a perfect day for it.

It’s about spending family time? this weekend with our son and later we plan to take him into the city to his favorite Italian restaurant and enjoy the city, something we don’t do as often as we should. This is fall at it’s absolute best.? Time for my seven on Sunday, seven things that have caught my attention. Ready to begin? Here we go……



10136 CalligraphicDesignElementsSet1_2


1. My talented readers

One of my readers, Gail was so inspired by my party post last week that she was inspired to paint one of the pictures of my flowers in their blue and white vases and imagine that she did this in ONE day.

I just cannot imagine having that kind of natural raw talent then being able to turn it around in less than 12 hours…crazy!It is so beautiful I just had to share (with her permission of course)! If you are interested in seeing more of Gail’s work, here is her website- Gailelizabethmorrisart.com.




2. My fabulous new doggie pillows

Just added these to the shop, they are just sooo charming and precious. Talk about a stylish way to honor your favorite breed! You know which one I chose:)? Click here to see them on my online ship along with all my other new fabulous pillow additions, got some really wonderful new pillows, and still adding.

tn_1200_ce6501d5490a8ef3f9f69669cd43263c.jpg tn_1200_66e06f341cf2858bfda62bca253eba0c.jpg

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows West Highland Terrier

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows West Highland Terrier

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Schnauzer

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Schnauzer

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Pug

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Pug

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Yellow Lab

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Yellow Lab

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Golden Retriever

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Golden Retriever

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Cavalier

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Cavalier

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Black Lab

Beautiful Dog Accent Pillows Black Lab


3. Seeing my gorgeous blue and white ginger jars at one fabulous wedding

I had such fun? helping a special customer with ginger jars for her daughters wedding. I won’t give out too many details as I hope to feature much more on this special wedding in the future but here’s? a sneak peek during the “set up” , how spectacular is this!




4. A heartwarming video and a beautiful message


I had to share this with you….it is just so beautiful. It will move, inspire and touch you, I promise you. You will need a tissue or two but you will be so happy you saw this, I promise that too. PLEASE take two minutes out? of your day to watch it. It’s a commercial for of all things, a Thai life insurance company (go figure) but the message is so amazing and this is so incredibly well done.

The first time I saw this I had to see it three times (and I have since watched it at least 10 times)…..it has moved me as powerfully as the first time I saw it.? You just know there are plenty of unsung heroes just like this doing every day small gestures not for the accolades but just because they know its the right thing to do and? because it makes them feel good. This makes me believe that the world is a good place after all and really restores my faith at a time when it is easy to question it.

I am sharing it because I want as many people as possible to see it.? I sent it to? my three kids, and hope if you deem it worthy you too will pass it along to all those you care to share it with…..





I get excited over things like a new nail polish color….see even small things can make me happy. I am in love with this color and it’s pretty much the only color I have had on my toes and nails for the summer and its a great color into the fall, Urban Jungle by Essie.




6. How’s your vocabulary?

Consider yourself to have a good mastery of the English language? Well there’s always room for a bit of improvement, would you agree? Here is a nifty little chart on words to use more often. I think I may just print this out and keep it handy,.? A flawless, delightful list to contemplate and embrace….just swell! There I used five in one sentence:)






To? some I am known as a news junkie but have to admit lately I have been turning it off more and more, it’s just so depressing and then you have to succumb to the media’s field day at painting this doomsday scenario and I just don’t want to partake in it. I let my husband (yes the same flower whisperer is also the political whisperer tell me what’s REALLY going on but to his credit his conspiracy theories often prove to be right on the money, he is a better political forecaster than he is flower whisperer, I will give him that:)

But one story that I know little to nothing about that just doesn’t seem to want to go away and that seems like its going on F O R E V E R is this Phil Spector story…the bizarre man that he is. I got a glimpse of him and had? to seriously do a doubletake, as? the image literally kept me up at night. Then I thought about how hard it must have been for the judge and jury to have kept from laughing out loud at the spectacle before them…..were they looking at Phil Spector or a live chia pet gone wild? I will let you decide, bear in mind? this is a real live shot from him sitting in court….






And then check out Al Pacino who will be playing Phil in an upcoming movie for HBO, safe to say he got the hair right……ladies eat your heart out!


Always good to end on a lighthearted and funny note. Anything here appeal to you or tickle your fancy besides Phil’s hair that is? Thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a great day and end to your weekend!

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My party hydrangeas on day seven and some insiders tips…

Hi there…this is somewhat a followup to my massive party post.THANK YOU for all of your incredibly kind comments, talk about knowing how to make a girl feel good!!! If you missed my post on my soiree this past Saturday click here to see it. The hydrangeas were definitely one of the stars of the evening, I had some people email me about how I had them looking so perky and fresh which brings me to this post!


If you have been coming to my blog for two weeks or 2 years you know I love flowers and I in particular love hydrangeas. They are like the little flower that keeps on giving. I just adore them in every color, every season. I used them abundantly for my party last weekend and took away a few tips that I will apply for the rest of my life, so simple and yet they made a world of difference!

And here it goes-


When you get your hydrangeas whether it be from your yard, local market or a florist, invest in a decent pair of clippers and make a good ,clean 45 degree sharp cut on the stem immediately upon getting home. I used to do this with scissors or a knife, but think a pair of clippers is the way to go.? Then remove all leaves that will be submerged in the water. All leaves close to the flower can remain. Hydrangeas have a very woody stem and their heavy blooms need a lot of water.



Once you make the cut then cut? a little slit in the fresh cut (see below).




Then, fill your vase with HOT that’s right HOT water….as in about 80-85? degrees not boiling but almost, it should be hot to the touch. I had a hard time at first (with my husband over my shoulder telling me I had no idea what I was? doing as if he was the resident flower whisperer) but trust me on this one! Fill it up to the brim and let them soak up all that water, they will thank you later and believe me I had fun rubbing it in to my husband later:)



You will be AMAZED at how long your flowers will last. Below, you will see my flowers the day of the party until day SEVEN,? still looking honestly as good as the day I brought them home! I did make fresh cuts two other times after the party and replenished with fresh hot water and it seems to have made the difference.

Ordinarily I would say by day 2 or 3 the flowers would have been on their way out. Here we are going on day SEVEN and the flowers literally could be on their way to another party….amazing if you ask me! So here is a picture playbook of how they are looking……


10136 CalligraphicDesignElementsSet1_6













unnamfdsafed unnamdasfed





By the way, side note just received this book, Markam Roberts, it is FABULOUS you MUST add this to your design book library, a total winner!


I have to say I don’t think I have ever had fresh flowers last this long and look this good for nearly a week! I don’t know if this is an exceptional batch of hydrangea and I am sure the milder weather has only helped but I really think the fresh cuts and hot water have been the main reason these flowers are still going strong on day six and seven, almost makes me wish I was having another party this weekend. I said almost but on second thought, I am just happy to have them around the house still enjoying them a week later (much to the flower whisperer’s surprise). I have to remind him to just “watch and learn” lol.

Something way better than a party is happening though…… my son is coming home later today from college for a short fall break,? making his favorite meal tonight, bolognese sauce!! And even though he said no dessert I am indulging him with chocolate cake (not that I was thinking of myself , oh no not one bit:) Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend!


10136 CalligraphicDesignElementsSet1_6

Some enchanted evening…..

FOREWARNING- This is by far my longest post ever with the most pictures I have ever posted. Many will seem repetitious. Don’t say I didn’t? warn you. Definitely take a seat, grab a drink and a snack for this one…heck maybe a whole meal while you are at it:) And you might need to take a little break in between.

Hi there. Before I forget, to all of my Jewish friends… a very happy Rosh Hashanah. Well….. my long planned dinner party happened this past Saturday and it was nothing short of a magical night…it was exactly as I had dreamed it would be and every single detail was executed just as I hoped (all except barely being able to walk the next morning)! OMG sore feet are the worst!!!!! But let’s focus on the good and pretty. So about six weeks ago my husband hatched the idea of having a dinner party for some friends that he wanted to have over, a small group of 18 or so soon turned in to a group of 40 for a sit down dinner and then the planning began.

I always initially like to come up with a concept or vision of how I see things….and in the last few weeks details started coming together. I went back and forth between doing a full out fall theme and sticking to my trademark blue and white. Blue and white won in the end. It had something to do with a gorgeous fabric I spotted at The French Tangerine, so I promptly ordered 16 yards and had table toppers made, was so excited when they arrived.


Then got in? a huge new batch of darling flat top? ginger jars,? add to that my gorgeous new chinoiserie melamine dishes, and of course seeing that blue and white hydrangeas were not only still very much in season but looking better than ever. It was a no brainier, blue and white it was!


Add? to those scrumptious details,? having a fabulous caterer (for anyone in the tristate area…I cannot recommend Gina of The Green Pear highly enough). Her website is forthcoming.? My only regret of the night is not taking pictures of the food because it was THAT GOOD and THAT BEAUITFUL. Her attention to detail matched my own and she is as anal as I am about everything! We all know pretty is key when it comes to a party! Adding to great decor and a fabulous caterer was…. great helpers (including Teddy as chief supervisor), a fabulous bartender who did not let you finish the last sip of your drink without handing you another, while remembering exactly what you were drinking and just how you like it,? a flawless staff,? picture perfect weather (even the? few raindrops held off until around midnight as guests were leaving)…talk about luck!


Teddy on patrol making sure things are “just right”

When the stars are aligned, they are aligned…end of story! The menu was soooooo sublime. Everything was off the charts delicious. Here is what we started with-

A full bar

An enormous antipasta table filled to the brim with every salami, cheese, olive, spread, bread, you can dream up plus things like fig and goat cheese crostini and prosciutto wrapped nectarines..yum!

Passed hors? d’ oeuvres included-

An assortment of “lollipops” with chiptole dipping sauces….eggplant, chicken and mixed beef, these were literally the best I have ever eaten, they were so good and so artfully presented

A mini tuna tartar tower, need I say more

Mini filet Mignon? satays

Outrageous brussel sprout and beet tartlets (sounds like an odd combo, but odd never tasted so good)

Excellent mini fish? mango tacos

The best jumbo grilled lime shrimp I may have ever eaten

Then the dinner….hungry yet?

A huge spread of Persian/Mediterranean “just off the grill” medley of meats/chickens/fish kebobs with an assortment or rices ,? chopped salads and mixed grilled vegetables…all heavenly! The guests were in food nirvana

And then just when we thought we couldn’t’ eat another morsel, coffee and tea were passed and a beautiful artfully prepared plate of a trio of desserts were served and here is what was on the plate (oh I wish I had a picture)! A mini coconut cheesecake, a mini pear and walnut tart and a mini chocolate torte with creme fraiche….to say there was not a crumb left on the plate is not an understatement, sooooo good.? The food was an A+. It ended with many of the men going to the covered porch and lighting up cigars and enjoying a glass of port around midnight……just perfect!

OK now for the really fun part, the pictures. Sit back, this will take a while. If you don’t like a lot of pictures, hydrangeas, flowers, parties, blue and white, chinoiserie, then stop now….but if you do, enjoy! Here we go……


10136 CalligraphicDesignElementsSet1_6

These are prep pictures……it always at least for me starts with the flowers and ginger jars!


unnamdasfed unnamdsafed

IMG_0668 IMG_0669

IMG_0670 IMG_0673

My first finished arrangements!


Like little soldiers waiting for their orders…


And the big guys that will eventually grace the buffet table


My big stacks of plates that will eventually make their way onto the tables…..

And the tables getting set up outside

unnamefdsfd adsfa

Meanwhile back inside, candles getting put inside all my hurricanes that will be put all around the house both inside and out…..

IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0699

It was so great getting floral deliveries all day long…..we received so? many beautiful gifts it almost felt like my birthday!


IMG_0741 IMG_0662

And in the meantime lets take a lookout on what is going on outside…..

The table topper getting put on


And tables getting set with flowers being added……

IMG_0706 IMG_0707

And what a difference it makes…..

IMG_0709 IMG_0713 IMG_0715

Aren’t the mini pagoda candles the most darling party favor

IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0721 IMG_0722 IMG_0724 IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_0733 IMG_0734 IMG_0736 IMG_0740

Aerial shot from upstairs!

Food being brought out for the antipasta table…..

IMG_0777 IMG_0776 IMG_0775

I sure would love a chunk? of that yummy parmigiano right now!

My favorite lighting is dusk just as the sun is starting to set and you start to turn on the lights and light up the candles….

IMG_0747 IMG_0749 IMG_0750 IMG_0752 IMG_0753 IMG_0754_2 IMG_0755

IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0760

Love this soft lighting

IMG_0760_2 IMG_0763 IMG_0764


Doesn’t it look like the chairs are illuminated?



Nothing like the lighting of a late day sun…

IMG_0767 IMG_0768

IMG_0771 IMG_0773 IMG_0774 IMG_0778 IMG_0781 IMG_0783 IMG_0787 IMG_0790 IMG_0792 IMG_0794 IMG_0798 IMG_0799 IMG_0800

The antipasta table……I am getting hungry!


I love this, filling one of my planters with ice and sticking a bunch of wine bottles in it..so pretty!


Found a great use for my darling little blue and white bowls!


I always light a few of the big gardenia candles from my online ship, my absolute most favorite candle in the world, makes my whole house smell so wonderful just like the Ritz in New Orleans!


And it was absolutely magical when it was sunset and all the lights came on and the little votives were twinkling…..

IMG_0810 IMG_0811

My favorite lighting of all

IMG_0812 IMG_0813

Another beautiful arrangement that a friend sent, yes the base broke 🙁 but it didn’t take away from how beautiful it was!


Bar getting the finishing touches….


My husband had every one of the fireplaces roaring….

IMG_0820 IMG_0831

IMG_0834 IMG_0836

I took these two pictures from the rear of the house just as our first guests were about to arrive…..

IMG_0833 IMG_0832

And that my friends just about sums it up….from this point forward is when the guests started to arrive and it was party time and yours truly got very busy playing hostess. I so wish I had an extra pair of hands to have captured the rest of this magical evening. I would duplicate the details over and over again……it was just wonderful! It really was some enchanted evening.

I am so happy to have been able to share it here with you here and have a place to continue to enjoy it and look back on this special evening, thanks for stopping in. Until next time…….I hope that you enjoy your day.


10136 CalligraphicDesignElementsSet1_6

REMINDER- My two day promo on the trays ends tonight…only a few pieces left! Click here for details


Seven on Sunday….but on Monday!

Hello!! This was supposed to appear yesterday but I spent the day recuperating from my party and have to admit I forgot to post this? (it was prepared last week)? and was utterly? exhausted.? Too exhausted to even get on the computer. So here it is…..on Monday:) I cannot wait to come back and share all the wonderful details about Saturday, it turned out even better than I had hoped. Be back in a day or two…..




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Fall clothes. I LOVE fall clothes shopping, all the rich textures, warm colors, cozy sweaters and chunky knits….oooh I love it all then when you get that perfect crisp fall day and have just the right occasion to wear them on it’s a win/win. I bought my very first item the other day, this great sweater/coat. I really like it, far more comfortable than a cumbersome coat but still chunky enough to be warm…..from Rag and Bone.



Love my new tole line….know thats hardly news, I talk about it often. Check out the most recent batch of monogrammed tray orders en route to me to be delivered next week…..gorgeous! Makes a great gift for the holidays and the large overszied oval shape makes it an entertainers dream. Click here to see the entire tole line on my online shop.?? Nov. 15th will be the deadline for holiday orders for the monogram trays (to be sure they are received by Christmas)

unnameyrayssd utrayssnnamed atrays


If you have been following me for any length of time, you know I love my products, not unlike many ladies (and? men:) I am always trying new things and when I love something I normally stay very loyal.

Two recent discoveries that I am loving and using almost daily are this wonderfully scented Fresh linen soap from Matouk (and the packaging matches my bathroom so its a double bonus) and the wonderful Antica Farmcacista bubble bath in Aqua (which I carry) in my online ship and the fact that the packaging is gorgeous is certainly a perk. So if you are a product junkie like me, I definitely recommend both of these…winners in my book!



I loved each of these films and would watch them again in a heartbeat, they are both now available on Netflix and possibly Amazon Prime.? I have always had a fascination with the wine industry and culture and particularly that in Europe so of course had to see this documentary, A year in Burgundy. The cinematography is breathtaking, the stories of the seven winery owners inspiring and beautiful as it follows the intensely scrutinized and highly prized burgundy wine business through all four seasons. I just loved it! The trailer does not do it justice but? I promise you it is wonderful….


Then if you are someone who loves fashion, shopping, New York and Bergdorf’s then you will immensely enjoy this fascinating documentary as well.? It tells you everything and anything you ever wanted to know about this iconic store (so many things I did not know) from its early beginnings to the inner workings of what makes this arguably the worlds most luxurious department store that every designer on the planet is clamoring to get into!



With a shrinking household…sad but a new reality, I am cooking big meals less and less. But last week had a certain urge to cook a real meal instead of an impromptu salad or quick something, so I decided to give this recipe for Chicken piccata a whirl and it was good. REALLY good. I happen to love Chicken piccata and this one had just the right balance of flavors, click here to be taken to The Clever Carrot for the recipe. I did not make the cous cous but instead did a side of? sauteed baby spinach.



7. Bobble gram

This is so cute and novel! I am brainstorming as to who I can give one of these to and I do have people and occasions in mind! They make the cutest custom wedding toppers as well as bobblehead cake toppers for birthday and anniversaries and will match the details based upon your picture right down to your favorite clothes, shoes or even include a favorite pet! Click here to visit Bobble gram.


style_17_lg__09199.1407145673.1280.1280 daisy_cake_topper_lg__01573.1407145498.400.600 beach_cake_topper2_lg__80439.1407145780.1280.1280 woman1_lg__92919.1407145695.1280.1280

Fun, don’t you think? Anything here excite you? Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a great day. Until next time!

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Party planning in full gear and a quick hello…..

Hello! Busy busy week over here. Very much in the party planning mode and at one point when I was feeling a little frantic I had to stop and say wait a minute Tina, this is a dinner party, not a wedding!!!! But, you know me and details….we go together like chocolate and peanut butter:) Plus the details, as we all know is what really? takes? things to the “next level”? and why stop at half way when you can go???? A L L?? T H E?? W A Y!!

We have been busy working around the house and one thing having a party or gathering does is it gets you in high gear fast on catching up on doing? those things around the house you have been sluggish about.? We have done more tweaking this week alone than I think we have in the last six months. All small things but still……

The week has not been without some stresses but I am going to gloss right over those:) Onto the fun things…..


10136 CalligraphicDesignElementsSet1_6


I? had table toppers made from this gorgeous fabric which I first spotted over at The French Tangerine, so it was clear my theme was going to be blue and white….so then of course I have to use my new dishes.? They are just too pretty to not use for a beautiful celebration.

I love it also with the addition of accenting it with? lime green which I will do after the party (have matching placemats and napkins made)

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I will be bringing out my stash of beautiful pillows…..



And look what’s? finally (only over two years later) coming along….the little powder room! I love the black paper and? am so happy I went with it and just added sconces, the chinoiserie mirror, and antique prints. Counterops/sink/faucet coming in today…..and then it will be complete!




We worked in the library and tweaked the shelves and they are looking quite pretty, here is a peek (not showing too much) because I never showed the library finished and I am going to feature it in a future “Come on in”…..

unn34q5amed unnameasdfad


Loving my latest ginger jars and check out the newest planter to join The Enchanted Home Family….I am madly in love with it!

ubuesnnamed ua3annamed

Filled the planter with my beautiful peony clusters from my online shop, so easy!


(I put a magazine underneath until I could find my little sticky tabs, I love those things)!


The detailing is exquisite, click here to see this and all my porcelains

10136 CalligraphicDesignElementsSet1_6

So that’s a rough idea of what’s been keeping me? super busy this week, besides my online shop? which occupies a lot of my time as well but it’s a total labor of love so? never feels like “work”.

I also ordered a little special something as a take home favor, because even when it is something small, it’s always nice to have a little reminder of the evening to take home. I will be sure to have my iPad fully charged to capture the highlights….thankfully the weather Gods are blessing us with a picture perfect forecast.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you know what I have been up to. Missed being in blogland this week but there has been little free “me” time. Wishing you a wonderful day and fabulous weekend!

By Invitation Only…Sharing

Hi well we are back…….hard to believe summer is over and fall is just around the bend.? The wonderful group I am a part of, By invitation Only takes a reprise over the summer and resumes in the fall….so here we are!


Today’s post is on sharing. We can interpret it any way we choose.? I had to think about this one. With an exceptionally busy week, unfortunately I did not have as much time to put into this? as I would have liked but I did the best I could given the limited time I had.

I am so happy to be a part of this exceptional group of bloggers and hope you will consider stopping by the brainchild of this wonderful group, Marsha’s? beautiful blog, Splenderosa to see what she has done as well as check out the links to all the other participants, there is always an incredibly inspiring group of posts to read.

So here is what I did……

I took the letters in S H A R I N G and came up with something to share that means something to me, ready to begin? Here we go…..




Solitude. I never thought I would say it….. I, the one who is “Miss Social”? and loves to be with people, my friends, the one who thinks there is no such thing as too many invitations to fun events, LOVES her solitude!? Funny how things change…..



Don’t get me wrong I still love my friends more than words can possibly describe, and still adore? meeting new people and of course enjoy going out and celebrating with those I care about but I am as comfortable being alone as I am being with others.



I have no problem going to a movie by myself or any other place for that matter and actually enjoy my own company. Car rides alone are amongst my favorite. I love the silence and chance to think…..it is golden. If someone told me even ten years ago I would actually like and anticipate solitude I would have laughed at them but ironically I really? have come to see the value in it, not all the time but at certain times. It is almost a form of meditation for me and is an important part of my life now.





Helping out. I believe in doing what you can. For some they are able to give big, or donate generously while for others donations might be small but with big hearts. For some its money and writing out a check, others its their labor and using their hands or minds.

I am my happiest when I am helping out others. It has always been a part of who I am ever since I was very young. I get a lot of emails from readers who ask me my opinion on everything from where to eat and stay in NY to paint colors in my home to brands of towels I like to what kind of olive oil I favor (yes I am serious). I really make it a point to answer as many emails as I can because I do believe in helping out if you are able.


A few months back, I answered one reader on some things she had asked my advice on, I remembered it well because there were several questions and my first thought was to tell her this would fall under my e design services but that day I had some spare time and was feeling generous, so? I just answered her questions.? She was so grateful for my reply and that was that, she did ask my address and I figured she wanted to write me a thank you note.

Then a few weeks later, she followed up with the most wonderful basket of Italian goodies from one of my favorite spots in NYC (she remembers my mentioning this place in a post)? telling me how my advice on helping her with her new apt. gave her renewed hope and inspiration and she went on to explain that her husband had passed away just three months ago and she was struggling to make this new life for herself. She used the words that “I helped to change her life”.? I cannot tell you how overjoyed? and overwhelmed I was that I had taken the time to respond that day (having? no idea what she had been through). So do what you can, big or small, you never know the impact it might have on someone…….





AM. I am my best in the morning, very early morning. I get up normally at around 5:30 naturally. There are days I wish I could actually sleep in but I think I have forgotten what that even is. Ironically though when the house is very quiet and all you hear is the brewing of my coffee machine, the early am hours are treasured. I often do my “best work” in the morning and find the peace and solitude incredibly inspiring and calming. In fact guess what time it is as I am writing this…..5:44 am (and my Peets coffee is right next to me to insure I wake up and am fired up for the day)!





Realizing dreams. This is a big one for me. I have always been a dreamer, ever since I can remember. I always had a very vivid imagination and nothing ever felt off limits and like it wasn’t possible. But I often stopped at the dreaming stage, didn’t move on to the actual pursuance.? Now that I am in my “late 40″s” I am realizing time is not slowing down if anything it seems to be speeding up! I am finding myself getting a little braver and a little bolder in taking that next step from having a dream to actually realizing a dream (and I am just getting started)!


The tole line is one example, I had always wanted to create a line and this time I bit the bullet and just went for it. I always say I don’t want to be 85 and wonder “what if”. So I am getting a little more brazen with my dreams and chances are when you look at someone whom you admire who has achieved something that you aspire to, the only difference between you and them is that they had the gumption to pursue their dream.




Instagram! I admit I am a bit of a convert. I never understood it and though I am hardly addicted as some are, I have to say it is awesome to be able,? with the click of a button to see so many incredible inspiring images at my fingertips. Talk about instant gratification! I have discovered some amazing things from Instagram,? from recipes to new designers, incredible travel destination to talented architects. Instagram is indeed quiet a nifty little app! Some of my recent favorites…….

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Nature. I have to admit the older I get the more I am drawn to, inspired by and crave nature. Is there anything more amazingly beautiful? I feel so calm when I get to walk amongst the trees or spend a little time in my tiny garden. Whether I am at a nursery or arboretum, I am always inspired by the gift of nature, and in all four seasons there is always something magical to behold. I honestly never feel as calm and as at peace as I do when I am surrounded by nature and the older I get the more I cherish and value it, every single season.





And last but not least….. girlfriends of course! Life would be so boring without them!? I think if you are lucky to have one great friend, you are very blessed. To have more you are incredibly lucky. I consider myself incredibly lucky. Time spent with my friends is always cherished and anticipated. Even with our busy schedules, we always carve out the time to see each other even if its not quite as often as it used to be.

We have all forged our own paths and many of us are pursing different interests now that our kids are spreading their wings but special time with friends is such an important part of my life and a necessity to keep me happy, balanced and thriving! So a special thank you to each and every one of them, and that goes to my blogging friends and my readers too!



Well there you go. Anything here resonate with you? If so, what? I would love to know. Thank you as always for stopping in. I love hearing from you, if? you want to see other interpretations of this sharing post click here? to visit? Splenderosa where the entire list of participants will be listed. Hope you have? a beautiful day!


A special current promotion was announced last night, only on for 2 days, this is a goodie! Below is a sneak peek, click here to see the promotion.



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Seven on Sunday….

Hi there….hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Ours has been relaxing and I cannot even begin to tell you how much that was needed! I made yesterday a “me” day and just spent the day doing exactly as I pleased, doing a lot of nothing but got a pedicure, met up with a friend, I did not allow myself to do one ounce of work and it was a nice and welcome break. Today we are headed into NYC, gorgeous day and you can feel fall is slowly making its debut.

This coming week I will be very busy planning for our dinner party for about 40 next weekend. I have done nothing so there might only be a few posts this week (thankfully I worked on them ahead of time)…I will have a full plate. Again. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, here are seven things that have caught my attention this Sunday…..



1. Rita Hazan’s brilliant answer to touchups between salon visits!


Rita Hazan’s amazing line of hair products…..I am obsessed with these!! I saw them in Sephora and then read a review of them in a magazine and then asked my hairdresser who said they are a big deal right now.? I get my hair highlighted 2-3 times a year, I am lucky because I have a light base so can get away with only a few times a year but there are definitely those in between times where I need a little brightening and this magic in a can is amazing!

Comes in several shades and is meant for root touch ups.? Only used it once so far but I loved it, the key is holding it at least 6″ away and going light and easy…brilliant line! Click here to visit Rita’s website



Then there is this product, called ultimate shine gloss it gives the hair incredible shine and adds a little subtle color in between salon visits. This is next o my list to try….



2. Instagram gorgeousness


Funny it took me a while to warm up to Instagram but I have to say it’s growing on me. I definitely like it more than I did a few months ago when I started on it. Click here if you want to follow me on Instagram.? Here is some beautiful inspiration I have found lately….


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3. Gorgeous napkins and placemats


How gorgeous are all these napkins? And the placemats? I found out about them through Jan over at? The French Tangerine who I can always count on for some seriously gorgeous tabletop inspiration and who has an amazing monogram giveaway going on right now!

I? instantly bought the placemats, just wish they were a little bigger. All of these amazing napkin patterns make me want to plan an endless number of parties just so I have a reason to use them! Click here to see the entire selection……


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4. A memorable mother/son wedding dance


Gotta love this….and I am having fun visualizing the expressions on my sons faces if I even dare suggest such a dance at their weddings. Why not? Life is short, have some fun.




5. My own amazing pictures…..

OK I am not professing to be an amazing photographer and lets face it most 2 year olds probably know how to take pictures? with the uber friendly iPhone but I took these at a farm I was visiting recently and have to say they came out so beautiful I just had to share. These might be the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken (except for those of my kids and Teddy of course)! I moved the pumpkins around a little to make a perfect pic (much to the curiosity of nearby shoppers) wondering what the heck I was doing……

If I were a painter I would feel moved to paint these…the colors are so rich, I am rather obsessed with the first two pictures in particular. I wish I could watermark these…I am so proud!

unntinaaaamed utinaannamed


6. Fashion week as seen through the eyes of a blogger friend


Sharon of Fashion-Isha just did a fabulous post and walked us through a day during crazy adrenaline inducing fashion week. It is such a fun post and they way she breaks it down along with her fabulous pictures is literally the next best thing to being there. I was invited to one show, a major show, J Mendel which I would have jumped through hoops to attend but as we were doing the filming here with almost 100 in crew there was no way to leave my house on Thursday 🙁

So it was great to get to see this through her eyes, click here if you want to read all about it. Here is Sharon (definitely feeling a Sofia Vergara? vibe here Sharon)! And people…can you believe she is a grandmother!!!! I kid you? not!

photo 5


7.? Basil pesto…yum!

I love this stuff, my older son adores it too so I am always on the prowl for a great recipe (anything to lure him home)! I found this post which I thoroughly enjoyed from Carolyn Roehm’s site, one of my personal style heroes. I loved seeing her gorgeous abundant garden, hearing about the process of making big batches of pesto and immediately tried the recipe.

And guess what? It was fabulous!!! I cannot recommend it enough…..I will be making it next week? again when my son comes home for dinner! It helps that I have a ton of basil still growing in my garden. A few picture highlights below and click here for the full post (worth seeing)

perfetto-c perfetto-d

Well there you have it, my seven things on Sunday that have piqued my interest or gotten my attention. Anything here excite you? What has caught your attention this week? Do tell……wishing everyone a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Until next time……


End of the week random musings….

Hi there, hard to believe it is Friday already….such a crazy busy week over here.? First things first, a winner of the tole tray has been selected! Random number picker.org picked…..


#21 coolidge.ml says:

New web site works beautifully! The green oval tray is just lovely?.just the use for it.
I know the toile will be wonderful. Everything that I have purchased from you has been.

Congratulations! Please email me with your tray selection and shipping details so your prize can be on it’s merry way!


So…how are you? This has been one crazy week. We had filming going on here all week long, crazy chaos does not begin to describe it and while I cannot discuss the particulars yet, it was awfully exciting!! Between that and launching my new and improved online site, managing many other things, its been one hectic week. I am looking forward to some down time this weekend, and hopefully a few extra hours of sleep 🙂


I know keeping busy was key once my son headed off to college but even for me who can do a lot and am a very able mufti tasker…I am looking forward to some calm in my life:) The cleanup crew comes in today and it will be a full day of putting our house back in order, so it will be nice for things to have some quiet and calm back in my life.? So as I always do….here are some random musings that reflect whats going on in my life…..




I cannot discuss the particulars but in due time, I promise I will when I can!? A few highlights of what was going on here this weekend, it was total chaos but the most fun kind imaginable for a limited time that is:)

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unnamefasdasdfd unnameffd 88564unnamed




I am so excited to have finally have my tole online. I am madly in love with every piece and have had fun using my own little stash throughout my home. Let me demonstrate:) Click here to see the full line.

uaa324qnnamed unname345qd unname3456d unname754ed unnamet4wazxd unnamrerewaed unnamfdsfed




It so happens that with the launch of my new and improved online shop so too are a bunch of wonderful new items being added. As I had explained, many are already added and the rest are continuously being added in this coming week.

Some of the new products that I am really excited over besides the tole, melamine and new blue and whites are these spectacular chunky lead crystal perfume bottles..how beautiful are they!!!! I put them on my antique silver tray and I love the juxtaposition of old and new, stunning.


unnamtttted unnattttmed


And the new wicker items are soon to be added, beautiful glassware, ice buckets, caddys, napkin rings, casserole dishes and fruit baskets..adore this line! Think the dark wicker looks smashing against the blue and white…..

unnaffffffmed uffffnnamed ffffunnamed unnamedsafd unnameffffd



This little powder room is being finished up later today (once all the chaos is out of the way). Many of you asked /emailed me about who makes this. So here is the information.


I must say I totally love it, the black offers a certain drama and once the vanity is in along with the lighting and finishing touches I think its going to be fabulous!


unsdfanamed unnameFDSAFd unnamefdffd


New blue and whites and a few wonderful vignettes….

Very excited about some beautiful new blue and whites being added…..fishbowls, very large chunky new ginger jars, a spectacular new planter, some really interested new carved porcelain pieces. Very pretty, every single one!

170 182


And some of the wonderful new pieces being added to my online shop of? my growing porcelain family which is almost becoming a porcelain dynasty:)

carved22 carved27 carved28 scenic20 fluted439 50248 charactergingerjar foodogfishbowl largedragonfishbowl


I saw this and found it interesting and definitely? true but can we do all of them! That is the tricky part….OK I will aim for half of the list:)? It should be something we all put up on our refrigerators or makeup mirrors! Reminders of what it takes to survive in today’s tough world…..



So…that is what’s new and exciting over, yes it’s been a truly chock full week. Busier than usual!! This coming week I have a lot of planning to do as we are having a dinner party for 40 next weekend and i have literally done nothing. But I am not stressing as I know it all gets done and I have allotted a number of days to concentrate on getting myself in gear for that….in the end it always gets done, so I do not allow myself to get too stressed, it’s nothing but wasted energy.

I hope whatever you are up to for the weekend is wonderful and relaxing. I know, relaxation and a tinatini this afternoon are in order!

Don’t forget my current promotion which is fabulous ends today, Saturday! Click here to view the goodies….