Happy Halloween, Which would you choose and a winner!

Hi and Happy Halloween! Anything exciting going on over on your end?? We are headed to an amazing Halloween party tonight. This has been one very long and hectic week, I had many balls in the air with literally not a free moment to spare. The times I? was on my computer (normally at the crack of dawn) were by far my most relaxed moments of the day.

Working on my design project (will show some progress pics next week), a fun e design project and getting ready for a busy weekend (which we are spending in the city) on top of managing my online shop and blog….it’s been a crazy busy week.

First order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the Judith August giveaway, congratulations goes to…..

#139 Diana says:

?Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to win these amazing products! I would love to try the Everything Pencil. It looks to good to be true?.

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with your shipping details so this wonderful prize can be on it’s way!

I spoke last week of how one of? my projects is to get my home office in order. It is B A D. There is literally a rug and a desk piled high? with a virtual mountain of papers! It needs some serious help, I purposely kept it as a blank slate so that I could really brainstorm as to what I want to do in there and I have to admit…I am still? all over the map and have yet to make a single decision.

Today’s post is all about home offices. If the office fairy could grant you one new home office with the wave of her wand, which one of these beauties would you find yourself sitting and being productive in? I do believe that if you are working in a beautiful space that you feel good in, you will be that much more productive, do you?

So put on that thinking cap and feast your eyes on these gorgeous home offices (you can vote for two recognizing it would be almost impossible to narrow it to one)…….








CHOICE 2Home office French

CHOICE 3Screen-Shot-2013-01-01-at-9.04.45-AM.png




CHOICE 5elegant-and-exquiste-feminine-hom-offices-10-554x864

CHOICE 6elegant-and-exquiste-feminine-hom-offices-3-554x713

CHOICE 72e5a4c8abec30a651d7b98f73b34d18c

CHOICE 869658b2eb0af930d1c46cc729f023817

CHOICE 9tumblr_mrfdnrRzbk1s4sbl6o1_1280


9 ar dig-7





CHOICE 13Blue-Girls-Lounge-Eclectic-Home-Office-Mineapolis



They are all so beautiful to me, what does it for you? Small, cozy and cocoon like? Large, open and airy? Traditional? The new transitional? Maybe an all white or black and white office? Wallpaper or no wallpaper? So many decisions.

The problem for me is I like so many! I love a soft neutral tonal office, but do love a white office with a burst of color. I also feel like this is one space that is exclusively mine where I? can do something really fun and feminine, so I want to really love whatever I end up doing.

I am all ears and would love to hear your two cents.? It will be fun to see which comes out on top, and with luck I will start narrowing down the choices and honing in on a look and color scheme….fingers crossed! Wishing you a great day, and end to your week. Happy Halloween to everyone, stay? safe and mostly have fun! Be back on Sunday…..

get-attachment.aspx_PS Soooo excited about the new lamps (over 20? new styles)? and some new porcelains just added yesterday! You have to check them out…..I will be featuring them next week and doing a porcelain giveaway so stay tuned! Click here to visit....

Designer spotlight: Lee Ann Thornton

Hello! Before we begin last call to the winner for the gorgeous French Elements stockings, unfortunately if I do not hear from you today a new winner will be selected. The winner chosen was-

36 Bobbie Hathaway says: Oh my goodness, I love everything that is French. I adore the Christmas stockings, but then I like so many other things i.e. the pillow with the chateau. I have always been drawn to embroidered items. Tina, you have another winner.


Moving along…..

I haven’t done one of these in a long time……. it’s long overdue as I really enjoy highlighting the work of designers whose work I admire and of course sharing it with you!? And talk about a way to make up for the lapse…..this designers name? is one? worth remembering. Based in Greenwich, CT. I just love the style of Lee Ann Thornton.

To me, she seamlessly? fuses classic traditional interiors with a touch of fresh transitional which is so relevant for the way we live today. Not a single one of her interiors feels stuffy, off putting or off limits. Every one of her rooms is so warm, inviting while still retaining? a high level of elegance and sophistication.

It’s no wonder why over time I have found myself drawn to several of her spaces…and that her work has been featured in magazines like House Beautiful and Coastal Living.

As warm as it was beautiful…to me that combination is the hallmark of a capable and talented designer. Because anyone with good taste can create a museum like room but who wants to live in that? We need to live in and enjoy these rooms- and Lee Ann Thornton seems to? have this? down to a beautiful science. So lets take a look at some of her work…….






slide2 kmillet_MG_2108R


07-hbx-cherrywood-walls-0914-lgn 04-hbx-blue-kitchen-island-0914-lgn 03-hbx-lacquered-blue-pantry-0914-lgn 02-hbx-mirrored-panels-0914-lgn 01-hbx-paul-ferrante-angelo-chandelier-0914-lgn kmillet_MG_2034R kmillet_MG_2004R-1 kmillet_MG_1863R-2 kmillet_MG_1739R kmillet_MG_1604R Karyn R Millet_MG_9501R Karyn R Millet_MG_9440RR Karyn R Millet_MG_9253RR kmillet_MG_1817R kmillet_MG_1775R kmillet_MG_2166R CCG_Thornton_Project_181 13asd6 CCG_Thornton_Project_036 CCG_Thornton_Project_251 026 CCG_Thornton_Project_200




Each and every space is so beautiful and so inviting….my favorite kind of room. Over the top beautiful but they somehow manage to still beckon you in. What do you think? Does this resonate with your style? Have a favorite room from above? If you would like to learn more about her firm and see more of her work, click here to be taken to her website. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and until next time….


Two things-

One more day to enter into the fabulous drawing for the amazing gift box from Judith August, click here for details. One very lucky winner will be announced tomorrow!

One more day on my amazing promotion for new silver pieces and selected new additions from Vagabond House! Ends on Thursday evening,? click here for details.






Beauty Biz with Judith August and a spooky giveaway!

Hello there….If you are like me, chances are that you like beauty products, OK maybe you even love them.? You walk into a place like Sephora and don’t emerge without doing some serious damage? Sound familiar?? Yep, I thought so. Well most us I think on some level can relate…. one of the many perks of being a girl! So today’s post is a diversion from interiors, architecture, design and such, today- it’s about all beauty products, a little magic and all that jazz.

I am no pro but I know what I like and when I like something I stay loyal….? I want to tell you what I love about the wonderful world of Judith August, ever since I discovered her after reading that her products are in every top makeup artists “arsenal”.? And, yes they really are that good:)

I call Judith the contessa of coverup. I had first featured her when she first became a sponsor, click here if you want to read her very informative interview chock full of insiders tips!? She can cover anything and do it in the most natural way. There is no question that her products are simply the best and thanks to Judith August, one lucky winner is going to get to experience an array of her best selling products with a wonderful giveaway (details on bottom).? Here are a few of my personal faves…..



1. The Everything Pencil is just that, it covers everything! This remarkable little magic in a stick after 25 years is still considered to be one of the best concealers on the market period! It can also be used as a primer for under eyeshadow and lipstick and doubles as? a highlighter. Selected time and time again by Allure magazine as the editor’s choice, it is also a top favorite of many celebs including Christy Brinkley. This is an item everyone should own.




2. Killer cover. The name implies it all…….this is major and serious coverup. It can cover anything from broken capillaries to birth marks.? A makeup artists fave for a reason. This is brilliant because there are five shades? on the wheel, because we all know different parts of our bodies are different colors. Your legs are a totally different shade then say the inside of your arm…..so rest assured there is no part of your body that this will not cover,? killer cover to the rescue!



3. Orange masking cream. Say goodbye to dark circles under the eyes for good. This is serious business coverup. This orange concealer is the best I have personally used. Every makeup artist knows that the “white” concealers that flood the market,? makes the area under the eyes appear gray (I am sure there are many heads nodding right about now), therefore the makeup artists understand the miracle of the orange mask coverup….and now thanks to Judith this secret is no longer limited to just makeup artists.


Before and afters….



4.? Invisible stockings. This stuff is pure genius! Talk about magic in a bottle. Forgot stockings, and worrying if they will run or sag or tear, this takes the place and looks so much better! Gives your legs that sunkissed glow while looking so natural, not that orange? cast that many other products give. This stuff is amazing and I can attest to it…it has saved me on many occasions (especially in the fall/winter when I have not had any sun) and I do wear stockings ever so this is my “go to” lifesaver…..



A little before and after….



Judith has been so generous to offer up one fabulous giveaway valued at over $100.00 it is full of all of her very best selling products so you too can experience the best of Judith August. This will run until Friday, Oct. 31st and a winner will be announced on Halloween.


Just visit Judith August by clicking here, have a look around, come back and tell us an item you would love most to try. WARNING- her website is an easy one to “get lost on” and is full of so much good information.? Leaving a comment here? will put you in the running.

If you would like a second chance, then go onto their Facebook page by clicking here and tell them what you love and that you are stopping? by from The Enchanted Home.


Be sure to check back on Halloween to see if you have won! Thank you Judith August first for your amazing line of products and for this generous giveaway and to everyone else for stopping by…..until next time. Enjoy your day!


Seven on Sunday and a winner

Hello and a happy Sunday to you! I am having such a? relaxing weekend, just what the doctor ordered. I am going to be working on my costume today, we are invited to a really great party, a Great Gatsby? 50th birthday party of a friend and at one of the most iconic places in NYC….The Rainbow Room. I am mentally preparing myself to walk all the way to the top though as I do not take elevators and haven’t in 22 years! This is going to be one major workout:)

First I want to announce a lucky winner of the stunning pair of French stockings from The French Elements. Congratulations goes to….

?#36 Bobbie Hathaway says: Oh my goodness, I love everything that is French. I adore the Christmas stockings, but then I like so many other things i.e. the pillow with the chateau. I have always been drawn to embroidered items. Tina, you have another winner.

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail. with your contact info so these can be on their merry way:)


As I do every Sunday, here are seven things that have my attention….would love to hear what’s on your radar……





1. My newest Annabel Ingall totes. Say hello to Alice…the newest bag to the line. I am in love with this bag! Comes in two sizes, I got them in charcoal for customers and naturally must get one for myself. Love that it has the zipper and removable shoulder strap. Very chic looking, great lines, super soft buttery leather, this could fast become an everyday fave. These are on promotion right now for two days only, ends tonight along with those gorgeous capes! Click here for information.






2. Instagrams of interest. I like to share instagrams that have caught my attention and it seems that without fail I have a bevy of them to share every week. Here is what got my attention this week…..


unname44d u33nnamed




unn454amed?unna44med unna22med un11named


3. My talented artist friends…..I am always so floored by those who can hold a paintbrush or colored pencil and make magic happen. I love to share the beauty and talent because I have such an immense appreciation for it, here are three very talented ladies!


Mary Casey, our entire family will forever be indebted to the talents of this most generous woman and super talented artist. When Teddy had his accident, she was inspired to paint this portrait of him. It is amongst our most treasured possessions and we all fought as to where it would go. In the end, my son won:) I am amazed at how she captured him so beautifully right down to his expressive eyes…amazing!


Gail Morris,? one of my readers was inspired to paint both of these from having seen my own floral arrangements that I had featured on post a while back? and recently had them framed……think they came out just beautiful! Click here to see more of her work.

unnagailamed gail


Jeanne from I Dream Of who is responsible of my beautiful topiaries in my logo amongst so many other beautiful things she has drawn for me? gave everyone these darling note cards at the blogging luncheon……


Here are other incredible pieces from Jeanne….

Beauty at home_WB gallery TEH Ginger Jar 2 gallery TEH topiary green_gallery TEH_cherry gallery


And who can forget Karolyn of The Relished Roost? incredible chinoiserie blue and white pumpkins!!? It will grace my console table all year around, it’s too pretty to just keep out for Halloween!




4. A gorgeous wedding with blue and white touches! I was so happy to help out a reader/customer/fellow blogger, Cheryl from A Coastal Point of View, select a battalion of ginger jars for her daughters wedding. They look so beautiful and I am so enjoying the pictures I am getting to see so far, picture perfect!? Her daughter made one spectacular bride……I loved this post Cheryl did on the ceremony and the special meaning it had click here to read,? it is a truly beautiful post.

10535734_785270544858487_36579063835236860_o 1236827_895838715011_2862611415329048582_n 10357179_895838680081_3586041726318227572_n 10624825_895838605231_2151969655626513315_n



5.? A few nifty little apps. I admit it I am a total slacker when it comes to apps, my kids look at my phone in utter disgust when they see the only apps I pretty much have are the ones it originally came with! But I am stepping up my game just a bit, thanks to a more tech savvy friend who has introduced me to a few really great apps. I thought I would share, though you? might already know about them…..


Pack point– helps customize a packing list for when you are traveling, it asks you a bunch of questions and then generates a really comprehensive little list!



Flesky– allows you to have a custom? keyboard which also has swipe typing and allows you to type faster and its resizeable!!



Wikitude– Is great when you are in a new city, it pulls up all the new restaurants, bars, events going on based upon what your camera sees.? Haven’t? tried it yet but most definitely would.


File this– This is awesome….great for someone who loses receipts/bills (like me on occasion) this amazing app can digitize? your bills or you can take pictures of your receipts and it will keep them in a database so you can access them wherever you go.


6. My newest belljar. My belljars are one of my best selling items and my own home is living proof of how much I adore them. They are classically beautiful and understated, they? just give the perfect lighting in a room.

I have them in my kitchen, a few bathrooms, a few vestibules and my foyer hallway. I just added this to a vestibule between my kitchen and pantry, love it! This is the “Tiffany” style. Click here to see the belljars on my online shop.

cvccunnamed u4t4nnamed unna434med unnamvccced unnavcmed



7. The one and only Oscar.? What a talent and what a legacy he will leave behind. But beyond his incredible fantasy like creations and the empire he built, he above all seemed like such the quintessential gentleman. A person of grace, elegance and quiet sophistication.

There is a reason he was loved by the world over. I am so thrilled to own one of his beautiful dresses and will forever cherish it as a symbol of this iconic force. Thought this video about his life, career and impact on the fashion world was worth sharing…..as a special way of remembering the one and only Oscar.




Anything here excite or interest you? What’s on your agenda today? We may head into the city, NY is absolutely gorgeous this time of year and in? most places in the northeast this weekend is considered to be a peak foliage weekend. I was in Litchfield, CT. yesterday and the hills truly seemed to be ablaze in color…….it was so beautiful and I was able to take some pictures which I will be sure to upload and share later this week.

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


Don’t forget to check out my newest promo on the newest from Annabel Ingall and the gorgeous cashmere capes! Ends tonight…..click here to see promotion.


luxe-contrast lf14121 img-thing1 IMG_6989




Late week random musings…..

Hello and I am soooo happy it is Friday. I have been one busy lady this week, a little too busy and while I thrive on having a full schedule, this was, even for me a? lot. Very glad the week is behind me, that I pulled everything? off successfully that I had to do and looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead! So here is what is on my mind this week……




New project on the homefront. My office is a royal mess. This has been on my mind to get underway for a few months now but not a thing has been done other than select a rug for it! We actually took a guest room and have turned it into my office and all I have there is? desk, a chair and heap of paperwork! But the time has come to give it a makeover.? I do believe that if you have a beautiful space to work in you will be that much more productive, do you agree?

I love my cozy little office but it is time to beautify it. I am just at a loss now of if I want to decorate it- clean and white with an accent of color, or go all the way with blue and white or do a softer palette of pale green/blue and ivory, then I have always loved a really glamorous feeling office ala Mary McDonald….. I am totally torn. Trying to get some good ideas via Pinterest which is an endless resource of beautiful ideas…..hopefully I will have a “aha moment” soon, as this is something I really want to accomplish SOON! Some ideas I am liking……

ff96146e643607bb30bf8c1d0fb1a5cc 9fe5067df5d4f657a8da6452a8136058 f1f9a69a83b8e5588f8d9c46ab090bd3 f47a0066b30a2f2bd9cc541a4ed3a283 387c7468e7df37c7920ac2e5bedad966


at-office-spring-things-day-out-of bd690dd208dc78b4c205d7e134fbc14e



Your enchanted homes…..Finally got that back up and running on my shop site again! This is where you get to share your beautiful homes showcasing products that you have bought from me, it is such a thrill for me to get to see my products in your homes.

thumbs_img-your-enchanted-homes-0029 thumbs_img-your-enchanted-homes-0011 thumbs_img-your-enchanted-homes-0003 thumbs_img-your-enchanted-homes-0001

There are two easy ways to add to my online gallery and I do hope you will consider sending me your pictures…..you can send me a picture by emailing me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com OR scroll to the bottom of that page and there an easy way to submit them on your own. Click here to see my gallery page of my talented customers! And please send me your pictures!

In other shop news……

Some new products were added this week to my new arrivals on my shop, some really special pieces!

Extra Large Cast Wine Tub

Extra Large Cast Wine Tub

Large Wine Cooler

Large Wine Cooler

Elegant Wine Cooler

Elegant Wine Cooler

smallobelisk-351x351 miniobeliskpair-351x351 medobelisk-351x351


Your opinion please. Need your opinion on a few items that I am considering carrying. Many people emailed me in the last few months (with the weather changing I surmise) about my alpaca capes that I used to carry. I have been looking for a beautiful new comparable line and think I have found it. I own pieces from this line and they are wonderful!

These are? 2 and 3 ply cashmere and so soft and beautiful quality. I would discount at least 35%.? I may try them out via? promo to see how they do…would love your take. These are really classic pieces, and are great when you don’t want to carry a heavy cumbersome coat! Very classic and elegant while being functional too. They retail for about $345-450 and I would sell them for about $215-345.00 Would love your input!

luxe cape solid luxe contrast lf14121


A book I can’t wait to crack open. I just got word that I will be receiving this book and am so excited……I mean we are talking Valentino here. His book looks so scrumptious then when? I saw this glimpse of blue and white, I knew it was a match made in? heaven:) The book is called Valentino at The Emperor’s Table, it is bound to soon be gracing coffee tables all over the globe:) Click here to pre order on Amazon.



Victoria, a favorite magazine….my mother and I have been fans of Victoria magazine for a long time. I think her basket of editions from as long as 20 years ago speaks to her undying love for it:) There is something about it that takes you away to a more genteel calmer place and in today’s frenetic world…that is a much needed escape at times.

To me, there is nothing like holding a magazine, feeling and hearing the pages. Like books, I like a tangible item in my hands and I think my own collection around my house more than proves that! I am eagerly awaiting their incredible Christmas edition…it is always so magical.? Click here to visit Victoria and subscribe, you will be very happy you did.

The latest Victoria is just breathtaking from front cover to back, here are some highlights….

Croquet3 PeacockParkFeatured2 FallPumpkins4 Fall-Pumpkins5 Biltmore_2 Biltmore_1 Biltmore_FEATURED



iPhone pics. Took this picture? as I was heading into the city, it had just rained and there was this incredibly light and quality to the sky, it was almost like a painting, while stuck in some serious traffic I took a few pictures with my iPhone, if I was a painter, think I would be inspired to paint this…




A healthy pasta recipe. We love pasta but don’t eat it nearly as often as we used to:( My middle son is a complete healh nut so he helps channel my inner healthier Tina at times so in his honor,? I am trying this recipe on Sunday, a friend of mine swore it is DIVINE and she is someone I completely? trust when it comes to matters of food! Click here for recipe (she adds turkey sausage to hers) Yum I am craving lunch at 8am!





So that is a little of what’s on my mind this week….how about you? Anything new and exciting? What’s happening for the weekend?

I am supposed to be heading to Litchfield CT tomorrow, which is such a beautiful area,? I will be sure to have my camera fully charged to capture some of the fall foliage and beauty that is exclusive to that lovely neck of the woods. Wishing you a wonderful day and a great end to your week. Until next time…….

Don’t forget two more days for the wonderful giveaway from The French Elements, click here to be eligible…I will announce a winner on Sunday.


Say hello to my newest sponsor….The French Elements and a giveaway

Hello, hope all is well on your end. Had a busy busy but super productive day in the city doing another installation at my clients apartment and it is really coming along..I hope to share some “midstream” pictures in the next few days or so.

I am so happy to be here with my newest spnosor, The French Elements.…and what a fabulous online shop she has, featuring a carefully curated collection of beautiful European treasures. Barbara, the vision behind French Elements has also so generously offered the most exquisite giveaway. I want them for myself! I had the opportunity to talk to Barbara about her online shop and her business as well as some background information, she is one fascinating woman! So without further adue, here is Barbara…….




Tell me a little about how you started your business..
I have to laugh a little because my business actually started back in 1973 while I was living in Luzern, Switzerland. I started making bath and body products for myself based on skin care items I found in the markets. It was just a hobby. Friends started asking me to share my products with them and it grew from there.
When I moved back to the United States, I started a long career with Clinique as a Regional Education Manager but I still worked on my creations when time allowed. After leaving the company and starting a new marriage, I decided to start an online business in 2007 featuring those items. My business grew and I was was thrilled. After so many years however, I wanted to really put my hands and heart into something that represented “the true me” today. I have always worked with my hands- sewing, painting, designing. That is where my true passion lies.
In 2009, my online presence evolved and to this day my emphasis is on decorative handmade items for the home. 99.9%
of what I sell is made by me. The exception would be vintage items found in the markets of Europe or elsewhere. Next month we will be spending time in Europe and I always try to do a little “shopping” while there. The problem is that much of what I purchase, I don’t want to part with. Of course the vintage fabric I find will be used for pillow covers, Christmas stockings, whatever comes to mind. A point of difference for my products is you will find embroidery on every items made by me. Whether a pillow cover, a french linen bread basket, a Christmas stocking, embroidery is found on every item. I love the texture it provides.

deathbefore2with border (600 x 452)


How do you mix using things from the past with new items? Do you like the idea of new and old together?
I have mixed old and new for decades. When I left home to start phase 2 of my life, I left with quilts made by my grandma and great-grandma, silver cutlery, etc. These were items that were loved by me and given to help me start my new life.. I still use them and plan on passing them down to my children.
One of the first items I purchased as an “adult” was an English washstand with a marble top and tile back. My oldest son has already claimed that as a future heirloom.
Things from the past can blend beautifully with modern items. I think a blend of both gives the right feeling to my home.


Tell me a little about yourself…
I am a wife, mom, grandma. I am very proud to call myself an “army mom”. I have 2 wonderful sons, 8 fabulous grans, and a husband who supports me in every endeavor. I love to explore new places and revisit well loved places. And of course, I love to work with my hands.
?Wonderful Barbara, it is obvious that you have a true passion for what you are doing and your collection of goodies is just wonderful.? And to think that nearly everything is made by you…..very impressive!? Here are some more lovely items from wonderful collection of European treasures…..


11unnamed unn22amed un121named unnam3221ed u532nnamed unnamew3qd unna533med unname2rqd
Those stockings are amazing!
Speaking of those stockings, Barbara has so generously offered a pair of them for the giveaway! All you to do to be eligible is to visit her shop by clicking here take a look around and? come back and tell us a favorite item.
If you would like a second chance, then like The French Elements on Facebook by clicking here. I will announce a winner on Sunday! Be sure to check to check back to see if you have won.
Welcome Barbara to The Enchanted Home and many thanks to everyone for stopping in as always…wishing you a wonderful day!

Which would you choose?

Well hello from very cold New York. I am perfectly happy to call it a day at 45 degrees, no need to get a drop cooler……I had to crank up the heat and pull out my extra thick down comforter last night.? I have updated my steals and deals from yesterday there are a few things left, not a lot but feel free to have a look by clicking here.

Haven’t done one of these in a while…..I would say its overdue. Lately with my increasingly busy schedule I find the absolute best and most treasured part of my day by a long shot is the minute I know I am home for the day and I get to go to my room, change into my cozy pjs or lounge clothes and just exhale. The best feeling ever! I so love my bedroom? and to me, its like walking onto a creamy perfect cloud of pale blue and ivory prettiness.

While there are still a few things I have not done, waiting on my bench, still looking for the right art, and considering (still) changing my bed for an upholstered one. It is a work in progress but getting there. So this brings me to my post today…master bedrooms.

If the bedroom princess granted you a brand new room, which of these beautiful bedrooms would be your choice? Only one…so make sure you select carefully:)








CHOICE 34fa230841403bbb74309bec9e425d347

CHOICE 42e9dccead84060a3b20dae7afc8b5ba7

CHOICE 5820af81fd08e3545ab53664f0fbd7501














CHOICE 12ht---rev-004-800





Ahhhh……..this makes me want to crawl back into bed and play hooky all day! I am actually headed into the city for the second delivery for my client that I am working with..I promise to show you some pictures because it is going to be beautiful!

I look forward to seeing which bedroom comes out on top, too many pretties! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping in.


The “best yet” steals and deals!

Hello there! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, mine was good but boy, it got coooold around here. My heat is officially on for the season.

Before I begin, you have to stop over at Jeanne from I Dream Of? to see the beautiful pictures she took of my home while she was here……if she lived nearby I would hire her in a second as a talented photographer? and let’s not even begin to discuss her talents as an artist……insanely talented! Click here to visit her.

This is one VERY exciting round of steals and deals. I got in a bunch of great goodies the other day that were part of a close out from a manufacturer that was closing it’s doors. My only regret was that I? wish there had been more…some really great things and at amazing prices. ! Not too soon to start thinking about the holidays, decorating your home and checking off that list.

I will probably wrap these up by early November to prepare for the holiday rush and for the arrival of my new tole order which I am incredibly excited about, so many beauties heading this way!

Many closeouts that are a fraction of what they sold for…..plus you will see I am on a major “stag kick”…I can’t get enough.



The first 14 orders over $50.00 will receive this darling porcelain spoon rest/teabag older bunny as a free gift-


Just a few “rules” in case you are new to these-

  • Email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with your order
  • All sales are final sale!
  • Please indicate item number only do not use item description (item number is at beginning of each picture)
  • If item is available you will receive an acknowledgement and an invoice within a few hours
  • I do not hold items and expect immediate payment within 12 hours
  • Shipping is extra
  • I ship internationally and will give you shipping estimate once you submit your order
  • All items subject to availability, limited numbers of each item, things go very fast!

And here we go……



ITEM 1. Fabulous blue and white pitcher, of course I kept one for myself and a few for gifts. Measures about 11.5″ x 8.5″ at it’s widest.. Love this piece…$42.00 (14 available) SOLD

unna43cmed unnamppedunnaaamed

Here is mine filled with pretty fresh hydrangeas from last weeks luncheon (yes my hot water trick? is proving to really work)!


ITEM 2. Stag deer book ends, gorgeous and stylish. Silver stag deer heads mounted on dark wood. Pair is $75.00? (4 available) 1 LEFT

unbbnamed unnabb2med


ITEM 3. Assorted stag deer silver candlesticks….love these for any holiday table. Any of the pairs shown $85.00? (6 pair available) 1 PAIR AVAILABLE






ITEM 4. Fabulous ultra stylish stag coat hooks in various styles…..

4a. Stag deer double coat hook. Back plate measures about 5′ across $15.00 (12 available) 3 LEFT


Sm and medun3cxnamed

4b. Stag deer single coat hook. I adore these, the plaque it is mounted on is about 4″ across. $10.00? (14 available) 4 LEFT



Small profile


4c. Assorted deer head coat hooks. Middle hook $20.00? and first and second hook $25.00 (about 12″ tall) ONE OF EACH LEFT



ITEM 5 . A few more silver plateaus, these retailed for $200 for the small and up to $295.00 for the larger ones, these are steals! The rounds originally had mirrored glass in them, you can easily have mirror or glass made? to order quite inexpensively or use without the glass which is what I have done, I have used these for serving and they are so elegant on a table. If you missed out on these last time here is your chance….


5A. Small, measures 12:” round $50.00 (2 available) SOLD


5B. Three large 15″ round $75.00 (3 available)? SOLD

a32unnamed a3ccunnamed un4vcnamed


5c. One 14″ square, beautiful beaded detailing, there is a small dent which is very subtle in lower left corner. This beauty is $48.00 below my cost!? SOLD

a34cunnamed unna343cmed uadsa33nnamed


ITEM 6. Stag bowl, found 2 more! Perfect for nuts or candies $38.00? SOLD



ITEM 7. Got in more beautiful hurricanes! Very elegant and about half of what they retailed for.? (5-6 of each style shown)


7A. $80.00 (12.5″ tall) 1 PAIR LEFT

unnamBBCVXed XXX



7B. $75.00 (13″ tall)? 3 PAIRS LEFTun1named




7D. Larger pair like above $90.00 (these are about 3″ taller than above, and are 15.5′”) 1 PAIR LEFT

unnamlged unnamfdfed



ITEM 8. Gorgeous antique dough bowls. Just got in small /medium sized dough bowls and these are just? gorgeous, beautiful rich dark brown colors, all in excellent condition, they are perfect to have for the holidays……$125.00 (range in size from 18″-22″) ALL SOLD

unnamddded undssnamed


ITEM 9. Wine holder, elegant and classic piece for any table. $28.00 SOLD

u43nnamed un3RCnamed


ITEM 10. Found 2 sets of these gorgeous pheasant salad/appetizer plates 4 for $75.00 SOLD




ITEM 11. Stag silver salt and pepper $38.00 (4 sets left)? SOLD

unnSSPPamed unnamSSed


ITEM 12. LOVE these stag deer jars, perfect for cookies, coffee or anything else you can think of to store!? About 11.5″ tall. $82.00 (5 available)? 1 LEFT

unnfar2amed unfarnamed


ITEM 13. By popular demand, some brass pieces! These are solid brass and such pretty elegant candlesticks. Any pair $55.00, amazing for solid brass



13A.? SOLD




13B.? 1 PAIR LEFTunnaa3cmed



13C.? SOLDunnvc2amed


13D.? SOLDunnacv33med

ITEM 14. Gorgeous solid brass hurricane, I have 5 pair of these. One pair will come with this beautiful brass bowl. (they measure about 12.5″ tall)

Pair of hurricanes $85.00

Pair of hurricanes w/bowl $105.00(only $25.00 for? a bowl that retailed for $85.00)? 2 PAIR LEFT

unnam432ced unnam23waed 11 unna55med 3cunnamed

?ITEM 15. Gorgeous tall brass candlesticks. These are so pretty! Very tall and dramatic I could so see these on a beautiful holiday table or buffet….a wedding, any event!? These were a closeout due to the fact that tops had a slight gap between the top and base. Because of that I got these at an exceptionally low price.? They retailed for $260.00 and today the PAIR is $65.00!!!! Measures 23″ tall? (20 pair) SOLD


unnamccced unnamecc11d uncc44named unnamcc64ed



ITEM 16. Darling pheasant salt and peppers. About 4.5′ long $14.00 for the pair (3 available) SOLD

unnamvc3ed unnaasdmed

ITEM 17.. This is a really interesting item. These gorgeous large collectible limited edition bunnies were made exclusively for The Winterthur Museum. The “top” of the bunny comes off so this is a great item to use as a very elegant cookie jar or for anything else for that matter. There was the tiniest bit of space between the top and the base so these were rejected and a new batch was commissioned.

So these I got at an amazing closeout. Great gift idea, a perfect item to bring out for spring and Easter or for anyone who appreciates collectibles like this of just loves bunnies:) This is a beauty! Measures approx. 16″ long.?These sold through Winterthur Museum for $250.00…..today these are $40.00!? (14 available)? SOLD

unna323med unnafd3med

ITEM 18. Bought another 14 sets of these very popular blue and white Vanderbilt replica dinner plates. These are even prettier in person and at $30.00 for 4, you cannot beat the price! Sold in sets of 4 (each of the four has a different flower center).? SOLD

anbysanechex DSC_0176


ITEM 19. Bought the last of these jars, last 14 pieces and then that is it.? Great chance to buy this elegant jar at half of what it sold for.? Measures 12.5″ by 9″, elegant scene on all size sides. $75.00 (14 available) 3 LEFT

5323 unname33adsd asssd aaunnfaamed

ITEM 20. Have a few left of each of these frames, though I was sold out but found a small box with more frames:) $30.00 either frame.


20a. Heavy silver frame, beautiful old world detailing, looks like a treasure relic of the past. SOLD



20b. Such a pretty frame with room for three pictures, elegant swag and garland detailing…..SOLD



ITEM 21. Last item and a very special buying opportunity for brand new authentic majolica from Portugal. These pieces are so exquisite!? If you know prices on Majolica you will recognize the tremendous value here and as pretty as they are in the pictures, in person they are just incredible!? EVERYTHING IS SOLD



Dinner plates



Bunny dessert plate on dinner plate


Quail dessert plate on green leaf dinner plate


Close up of quail


Green leaf sugar and creamer


Green leaf large platters


Green leaf large serving bowl


Breakdown is-

6? green leaf dinner plates, 11″ $115.00 for 6

7 green? leaf dessert plates 8.5″ $95.00 for 7

10 large green leaf chargers, 13″ $ 190.00 for 10

4 17″ green leaf? platters $65.00 each

Green leaf sugar and creamer (2 sets available) $55.00

Green quail plates (coordinates with solid green leaf plates) 13 plates, 8.5″ $145.00 for 13

Green bunny plates (coordinates with solid green leaf plates) 12 plates, 8.5″ $135.00 for 12

If I didn’t have so many plates I would keep these for myself, I was very tempted but literally am running out of room.







So many great goodies today….. best part is everything shown is in stock and ready to go.? So again just email me with your order, at theenchantedhome@gmail.com.

You will hear back if the item(s) are available and if so an invoice will be sent. Thank you for stopping in…wishing you a wonderful day and a great start to your week!


Seven on Sunday…..

Hi there….hope you have had? a wonderful weekend. We are having such beautiful fall weather and the foliage is starting to turn, it’s such a spectacular time of year.

Thank you SO much for the tremendous response to my online shop poll! I have gained so much knowledge and insight thanks to you and your comments are going to be incredibly helpful as I move forward. I was very encouraged and humbled reading over them so thank you! I use random number picker to select a winner and here is the winner of the Antica Farmacista diffuser….

#66 Angela Culbertson says:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your shop and your blog. It is the oasis in my very hectic day. It?s like having your best friend, interior decorator and therapist all roled into one fabulous site. I get energized to take on decorating challenges around my home with all the fabulous inspiration you provide. I have been passionate about blue and white since the early years of my ?home making? It is a love affair that will never end. Thank You so very much.

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to provide your shipping details.

I have had such a relaxing one…kind of the calm before the storm with all of the not so subtle reminders of the holidays coming 🙂 This weekend with my hubby on a business trip,? has? given me a lot of much needed down time, I started working on my closet, got a chance to delve into my newest book, Big Little Lies, go antiquing with a friend (so much fun) and just “hang” and it’s just what the doctor ordered.

As I try to do every Sunday, here is my Sunday seven, seven things I like or that are on my radar. Do you have anything interesting to share? If so, tell me about it! Here are my seven…..




Went on a friends boat actually I think it might qualify as a yacht because it is pretty “major”. We had such a great time, 3 couples spending the day aboard traveling around Connecticut and NY taking a beautiful tour of The Big Apple, stopping for lunch and pulling right up to the dock of a great seafood restaurant for dinner…talk about a great way to spend a beautiful day! Thought I would share the highlights……


IMG_1679 IMG_1680 IMG_1754 IMG_1752 IMG_1745 IMG_1728 IMG_1682




I just got these from my statuary line and I love them. Now that I don’t have young kids anymore, I can just put these two elegant pumpkins outside never having to worry about them rotting plus they still look little festive and yet elegant.? I love the dog with the basket, think both add a certain charm to my front entrance. A few other small fall touches I have added to create a little fall magic in my home…my favorite season!

I have to say even to this day cannot believe how much these look like real stone, you should see the looks I get when I bring one of the planters to a nursery holding it in one hand!

uASAAnnamed uasdaannamed unnameASDAd


Then I added the doggies by the door and think I like this configuration a bit better……

unnamdaed unnaddmed


unnam5342qed unasdfanamed

743qa uavcznnamed a3unnamed




It never fails that with fall comes the incessant desire to cook (and eat) wonderful comfort foods. So I have been back on a cooking binge and cooking way more than I have in months. I have made a gumbo (soooooo good), my autumn vegetable soup, homemade carbornara,? my salmon dill dish and the most heavenly beef bourguignon all within the span of 8 days!

The beef bourguignon is one of the best I have ever had, and according to my husband it is “the” best. I must say it is really really good.? All you? need is a fresh baguette and you are in food nirvana. I had shared the recipe many moons ago after coming back from Paris if you want it click here.? Soooo good!




On Friday a bunch of us gathered at my house aka “candy sushi making headquarters” to make nearly 200 packs of this highly anticipated gourmet delight? for sale at my son’s school (old school). It is a great chance to get together with a bunch of women that I adore and make something you know all those kids are going to be so excited about! We have been doing it for years so I have it down pat. I added the touch of real sushi containers years ago and add a squirt of chocolate sauce aka “soy sauce” for good measure.



unnamfas3d unnam4353ed unna3453med un23423named unnamed34534


unnamasdaed xxc unnamcxxed unnasaamed unnamessd


What I wasn’t prepared for though when I dropped it off the day of the fair was the tremendous and unexpected rush of nostalgia and a pang for “what was” when I set foot on the school grounds, a barrage of memories came flooding back and it was hard to hold back the tears in recognizing that this much beloved chapter of my life has closed. The school looked so pretty in the early morning hours? amidst the fall foliage I just had to take a few pics with my iPhone…..

unnamADSAed uadsfannamed unadsfsanamed unnfallamed



I have been using Instagram more these days and while hardly addicted I will say it is a pretty incredible source of inspiration. Here are some of the personal highlights I found on it this past week…..


unna45vcmed unn43wzamed 352unnamed 2345 unn343amed unnasdfsmed 34vunnamed u3453nnamed




I am funny when it comes to seeing shows, it’s a total feast or famine thing for me. I either see nothing for 2 years and then will see 3 or 4 shows within a very short time. I think once you get the Broadway bug you can’t control it: plus I forget how lucky I am to live less than an hour way from this iconic part of the city! There are so many big names coming to Broadway, here are some of the highlights for me and ones I hope to score tickets to,I don’t remember a time when there were this many big names coming within such a short period of time, very exciting!


The Elephant Man– Bradley Cooper (opens Dec 7th)

The Real Thing– Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ewan McGregor, Cynthia Nixon (opens Oct. 30th)

Disgraced– Gretchen Mol (opens Oct 23)

A Delicate Balance– Glenn Close and John Lithgow (opens Nov 20)

The River– Hugh Jackman ( opens Nov 16)

Constellations– Jake Gyllenhaal (opens Jan ’15)

Honeymoon in Vegas– Tony Danza (Jan ’15)

The Audience– Helen Mirren (March ’15)


I first saw this many years ago but boy, how ironic that this is just about what is happening today. This is funny yet at the same time very telling as to how everything we say and do is so transparent. This is a good one, even if you have seen it before it’s very entertaining…..



So there you have it, seven things that are on my mind this week. How about you? Anything new exciting and worth sharing?


Today I am meeting a friend at the grand dame of museums, The Metropolitan Museum of Art or “The Met” and am going to get my cultural fix for the week:) It is such an incredible place that any time I go, I wonder why I don’t make it a regular habit.

I used to take advantage of the amazing array of courses and lectures they offered but haven’t taken one in a long time, “life” happens. But I decided that after the holidays, I am going to enroll myself in one of their classes or lectures. It is such a wonderful resource there for the taking! Hope you have a fabulous day.get-attachment.aspx

Random late week musings…

Good Friday morning! Feels like forever since I did one of these. Playing catch up and have a few random odds and ends to share today, a short post for me but I will be back on Sunday with more and? a winner from my poll giveaway.? How has your week gone? Mine has been busy busy. With my bloggers luncheon, a few functions to attend, running? my online shop and getting a lot of orders out the door,? still working on my design job and trying to gain steam on doing a few things around my own house, let’s just say there is no grass growing under my feet!

The fall weather has been incredible and by far my favorite time of year though this year it does feel strange in that my sons schools annual fall fair is this weekend and I just feel like a total bystander though I was asked to stay on to chair what we normally do. So a bunch of us are getting together later this morning for our annual tradition, to make sushi candy! I will be sure to share some pictures because its so darn cute (and tasty). I will also have to be sure to save a few and send them to my son at college:) That is his absolute favorite and he and friends were always our first customers of the day! So here’s what’s happening……






Please stop over, I was asked to be their guest expert for October to talk about fall, decorating for fall and some of my favorite traditions. I was so excited and honored to have been asked.? I think you will like it and I have to say as online magazines go, this one is quite fabulous!! Click here to visit me and thanks in advance for visiting.





I love shearling, the coziness, how soft and warm and snugly it is. And though I was? fan of Tory Burch at the start, I am less so now, not a huge fan of all the logo’s everywhere however she is winning me back with both of these boots. Need them….. I love any tall boot that you can wear folded down or not plus I bet they are so comfy!




And these just look so warm and cozy for those cold winter snowy days that you know are ahead of us!




I am still flying high from my wonderful afternoon spent with blogging friends on Tuesday. I had such fun playing host to such a lovely (and talented) group of women. Four of them? put out beautiful posts recapping the day and if you want to see different pictures? and they are gorgeous…..you will want to pay them a visit! Boy with praise like this I may be planning another lunch sooner than later:) Click below, they are each well worth the visit-









If you missed my post on him (nieces husband), I hope you might take a minute out of your day to quickly read the life changing work this brilliant young man? is doing and cast your vote for his ever so important research, the days are ticking and the winner of the $100,000? prize will be announced in just about a month on Nov 20th!? Every vote counts and just think, YOUR vote could play a part in the future of the HIV virus! Click here to find out more and thank you in advance!


So I have a friend whose sister is a famous facialist in Los Angeles, and she emailed me about two products that she said are exceptional. I have been blessed with very good skin but somewhat take advantage of that. I am starting to get better though and taking it more seriously…so am paying more attention to products that matter. I have never tried Retinol but it seems widely agreed that it’s the next best thing to any kind of botox or surgical procedure (both of which I am petrified of but who knows what I will say in 10 years:)

It is dizzying to try and keep up with what is new in the fast changing world of skincare but apparently these two are amongst a crop of “game changers”. So of course I have ordered the first one and probably will the second one too. We are always searching for that “magic solution” right? I will let you know if these turn out to be as fabulous as promised.



Click here to find out more about this product at Kate Somerville



Click here to see this product at Neostrata


Always fun to end with something to make us laugh. Think she got things just slightly confused?






Please do visit me over at Dandizette (click here) and thank you as always for stopping by, love hearing from you.

Also if you missed my readers poll yesterday, please do participate. I am offering a giveaway ……click here to visit that post. I will choose a winner on Sunday. I am having such fun pouring over the responses and gathering information as it is extremely valuable and I cannot thank you enough, it is really helping me map out my vision for The Enchanted Home!

On that note, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week,busy weekend over here but the sun will be shining so it’s all good!