Seven on Sunday….

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Hi everyone! I sure hope everyone has recovered from their food coma and had a joyous Thanksgiving. Ours was so nice, really relaxing, a great family day spent at home, much needed I might add.? Food was delish and dessert was heavenly good…..deep dish apple crumb pie, dark cherry pie and of course pecan pie (courtesy of Young’s Farm, they make the best pies), all topped with caramel vanilla ice cream! I made a declaration? to everyone that all diets had to be left at the door that day.

Thanks to all who sent in their pictures for my TABLETOP LOVE contest… in so many fabulous pictures and cannot wait to share them with? you for the contest which starts on Tuesday.? Unfortunately I am full (even allowed for a few extra)? and can no longer accept pictures…but will have my HOLIDAY LOVE contest coming up, so definitely? keep those cameras handy (or phones)!

Onto the next holiday, hard to believe Christmas is a mere three and a half weeks away! Crazy how its crept up. Sunday will hopefully? be a “chill” kind of a day, which is what I need? ahead of a busy busy week. As I do every Sunday, here are seven things that have caught my attention this week……




1. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I always enjoy sharing with you what has caught my eye on Instagram? and this week? was chock full with incredible inspiration, some worth saving and sharing. Here are some of my favorites…..


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2. EXPECTATION VS.REALITY. Oh boy, is this ever on the mark! I can think of a few more I could easily add and have a feeling that I would have plenty in agreement:)



3. MONOGRAM GOODIES I AM OBSESSING OVER. Discovered these darling monogrammed goodies and just can’t get enough. LB Originals makes adorable gift tags,? stationary pads, labels and I love her aesthetic, Plus she turns them around really quickly and adorns them with such cute ribbons…form start to finish this was a total win…..adorable, affordable, quick turnaround and great presentation. I ordered a few as gift add ons to, who wouldn’t love to receive these! With the holidays upon us, wanted to share this wonderful resource! Click here to visit LB Originals.

unnam433ed unnamadsfaed unnamffed unnamfadsed unnameadaad

Used them for the first time for a gift i had to bring someone on Saturday night…

unna55med unn43amed

And here are some other darling items I have my eye on both for myself and for gifts…

il_570xN.658364729_3olp il_570xN.671177676_jkxj il_570xN.642865500_j4ga il_570xN.615490781_1d1m il_570xN.688171356_poym


4. A FABULOUS RESTORED INN WITH A WONDERFUL STORY. I first read about White Hart Inn over at Sandy’s blog, You may be wandering. I was captivated by the story. Who hasn’t? dreamed of restoring and bring back to life some old inn that holds decades of memories? The unique twist in this story is that it was an entire community that brought it back, spearheaded by a neighbor.It is a wonderful story….that proves it really does take a village!

And more than anything I think it was no accident that I saw it on Sandy’s blog…..I have always dreamed of doing something along this line myself. I love that they will continue on with the literary nights and it will be a place for the community to meet, amazing! Click here to read about it at CNN Traveler.

shrinker Prime Passion, White Hart 10, winter 2014(1) downstairs_bedrm_00016 suite4_double_bedroom_00032 suite+bedroom_00020 rm9+bathroom_00020 5453b4907a32829f354bf204_white-hart-inn-exterior-salisbury-connecticut


5. CREATING A PERFECT OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS URN.? I think this tutorial is great, it really simplifies the process and honestly I am convinced anyone can do it. This particular urn is a large urn but the how to can be applied to virtually any urn. It has definitely inspired me to get busy with my own urns, so will be working on my outdoor urns today, wish me luck:)


6. SUGAR CONES AND FRESH GREENS. Well my decorating has officially begun, albeit on a very small scale. My trunk normally looks like this for the entire month of December….


I was excited to score two big boxes of giant sugar cones, they are super decorative and just add so much to any vignette. I just made this urns with fresh greens and sugar cones for my front entrance, still tweaking but you get the idea….

unnab33adsamed unn2121amed

unbbbnamed unnab33med


7. A FEW TORY BURCH GOODIES. I used to like Tory Burch a? lot then tired of all the logos but went in the other day and must say was pleasantly surprised by some of what I saw and found. These were a pieces that I fell in love with and I was able to come home with a few…..on sale, best part!

TB_33141524_330_B TB_33141592_330_B




So that my friends is what is on my radar, how about you? What has caught your eye lately? Today I will spend part of the day taking inventory of all my Christmas decor and starting (keyword) to decorate. It will be drawn out over the next two weeks but my goal is to be totally done by Dec.10th, wouldn’t that be nice! Thank you for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!


PS The monogrammed promotion for the linens ends today……if you need them for the holidays, don’t miss out! Click here for the details….

unnadsaamed unnabamed




Warm wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Hello hard to believe that tomorrow is already Thanksgiving! Unfortunately we have a winter storm brewing, a messy combination of rain/sleet and snow later on. What a day for the millions traveling, may you get to where you are going safe and sound.

Thanksgiving is a? day for us all to pause and reflect on our blessings amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I know I am thankful for my health, my family and having them all here today, our blessings of having a roof over our heads, a warm meal and the liberty and freedom to live life as we choose, that is a blessing that is very precious and I thank all of the brave servicemen and women who put their lives on the line every single day to allow us the luxury of freedom, that is a huge blessing!



I feel like it snuck up on me this year…such full days with so little “spare time”. I did manage to find time to create these pretty evergreen and magnolia leaf arrangements in my large chunky ginger jars and they added so much to? my table….nothing like walking outside and being able to cut some greens and make an arrangement with them! Yet? one more blessing:)


There is so much to be grateful? for and how lucky I am to even be able to say that.

One big blessing I have this Thanksgiving has to do with you…….

I just want to say thank you, because I am grateful too for the gift of your support and friendship through my blog. I feel so fortunate to have so many “friends” from all around the world. The connections I have made and continue to make are so incredibly special to me, they have just made my life that much sweeter!? I wish every one of you a day of inner peace, togetherness, love, laughter and joy.


Here is my table just about ready to be laden with all the Thanksgiving goodies………

unnamebb2d unnbb3amed ubb42nnamed unnamevc2d ubcc3nnamed

unnameadfsd unnamasdfaed unbbnamed unnfdasamed unnabbmed uadsaannamed


From our home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for stopping in, and until next time…..


PS Don’t forget to take pictures of your beautiful Thanksgiving tables and send them in for the TABLETOP LOVE contest! Send in to All details can be found here.

PPS New fabulous promotion on until Sunday night….a great chance to score monogrammed linens at incredible prices! Click here for the details.

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Which would you choose?

Hi there,first things first. I want to announce the winner of the pair of custom napkin rings. Congratulations goes to….

#74 Alicia says: These napkin rings are beyond jewelry for the table. I adore them each for their unique beauty, however, I would choose the squirrel with nuts to go in my squirrel-themed mountain cabin!!! Thank you!

Please contact me at to provide your shipping details

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just about here…I have my stretchy pants ready:) .I made up an arrangement yesterday for my Thanksgiving table that I have to say I love. I will share it tomorrow. Hope you aren’t working too hard, today I will brave the lines at the markets and get busy checking my list to be sure everything is covered. My boys so anticipate Thanksgiving dinner and I have to be sure all their favorites are covered:)

I ran into someone a few days ago who told me she is moving several states away. She is excited but has mixed emotions after living in NY for so long though it’s something they have thought of for a few years. It got me thinking about moving (still reeling from it myself) and how it can be such a mixed bag of emotions. It is hard to let go of what we know and what we have yet it can be awfully exciting to embrace something new and unknown, start a fresh clean slate and begin anew.

So this got me thinking if the house fairy told you that tomorrow you need to move, which of these beautiful homes would most appeal to you? And lets make it really fun, it can be anywhere you choose…where would it be? I can’t wait to see what you choose! You will really need your thinking caps for this one…….



so12-barnes-01 so12-barnes-02 so12-barnes-04

so12-barnes-12 so12-barnes-11 so12-barnes-10 so12-barnes-09 so12-barnes-08 so12-barnes-05











ja12-catalano-02 ja12-catalano-06 ja12-catalano-09

ja12-catalano-08 ja12-catalano-10 ja12-catalano-01 ja12-catalano-11 ja12-catalano-14 ja12-catalano-17

ja12-catalano-16_0 ja12-catalano-07 ja12-catalano-18

HOUSE 4 nd12-carter-04


nd12-carter-12 nd12-carter-11 nd12-carter-09 nd12-carter-07 nd12-carter-06 nd12-carter-02



palumbo-westnewton_04a palumbo-westnewton_03 palumbo-westnewton_02 palumbo-westnewton_07

palumbo-westnewton_15a palumbo-westnewton_08a palumbo-westnewton_09 palumbo-westnewton_10 palumbo-westnewton_13 palumbo-westnewton_01 palumbo-westnewton_11 palumbo-westnewton_12

palumbo-westnewton_06 palumbo-westnewton_05


All homes shown are from New England Home


Certainly not a bad one in the bunch! Something to love about each of them. Look forward to seeing which you choose…..the older I get the more I am drawn to the “country” as long as it’s not too far from the city:) OK your turn, thanks for stopping in. Until next time…..


Lighting up your look with One Kings Lane….

Hi there, hope you had a marvelous weekend. Ours was so nice, with my husband being honored and my parents being here, my son coming back from college on Tues night for Thanksgiving… is going to be so great to have the family all together! One quick announcment-






OK today we are talking only two of my most favorite things, chandeliers and jewelry! Come on I know I am not alone:) Have you ever shopped over at One Kings Lane for lighting? Their selection is not only incredible? and vast but seriously the prices are really hard to beat. So many beauties……I have been lucky and found just what I was looking for more than once and recently helped a client score two gorgeous chandeliers? for under $1200!

I was asked to participate in a fun post pairing chandeliers with my favorite pieces of jewelry…now this is why I love blogging:)

So there were a few combinations that came to mind and since I couldn’t possibly narrow it to just one I am sharing all four. I also gave the pairings names to make it official, say hello to my newest “friends”…….




Meet Charlotte… stunning, elegant, light and airy, perfect for a beach house dining room, a sumptuous bedroom or even a beautiful sun room. Click here to visit OKL to see this fixture.



I think the delicate single clover Alhambra necklace from Van Cleef and Arpels compliments this fixture magnificently and elegantly



Say hello to Ava, glamorous, sophisticated, sparkly and classic. This could grace a gorgeous dining room, be decadent in a living room or make of heck of first? impression in a foyer. And how about? that necklace from, not too shabby! Click here to see this beauty on OKL.




These magnificent pair of diamond chandelier earrings from Harry Winston compliment the sparkle and drama of the gorgeous chandelier.



And here is Claire in all her rustic, elegant and sophisticated glory, this is a beauty that would be right at home in a cozy family room, lodge house foyer or even a rustic kitchen. And how about this interesting piece to go along with it! Click here to see this fixture on OKL.



This stunning enameled bracelet from Hermes channels the sophisticated and refined rustic elegance of this wonderful antler chandelier.


And finally may I introduce you to Chloe, a wonderful modern, chic and beautiful fixture. Where could I see this? Certainly? in a beautiful? Manhattan dining room, a large grand foyer and even in a Hollywood glam bedroom, this would be a knockout. Click here visit Chole on OKL.



Isn’t this beauty, a lemon quart necklace from Deborah Liebman a perfect pair with the fixture! Love the duo….


And here is a recap…





Have a favorite pairing? Well this has me in the? mood to go shopping for lighting and jewels, as this was such fun to put together. Now if only? I could figure out how to make a career out of this:)? Thank you OKL for continuing to provide such a vast and comprehensive array of decorative items for the home. If you are in the market for lighting by all means do pay them a visit and in the meantime here are a few interesting articles you might enjoy on the subject of choosing a light fixture. Click here to see the selection of chandeliers over at One Kings Lane.

Don’t forget today is the last day to put your name in the hat for the pair of pewter napkin rings, click here to enter.

The spots are filling up fast for the TABLETOP LOVE contest. Created a beautiful table? Then by all means send? a picture in! Or of your soon to be Thanksgiving spread. Send pictures to Details here.


Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day.


Seven on Sunday….

Good morning and happy Sunday to you. Before I begin,? to all those who had voted for Hadi….well he won! He was the recipient of the Bright Futures Prize…..we could not be prouder. We saw him last night as they came in from Boston and he asked me to convey a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who voted. He was touched by my post and the outpouring of support, I told him my followers are the best and that is the truth!

I had a wonderful evening last night where my husband was honored, it was a special evening.I ended up wearing a dress I owned that I managed to squeeze into and it was perfect that it allowed me to wear comfortable shoes…very important in trying to get over my knee injury!

Supposed to head into the city today for brunch, but I would really love to stay home in my lounge clothes all day long and do a whole lot of nothing, cook up something good and just enjoy the calm before the storm (that would be the holidays)!? As I do every Sunday, I am sharing with you seven things that have caught my attention. Ready to begin? Here we go…..




1. CLOSET CLEANING. Ugh….just the name alone puts a? knot in my stomach. Truth is when we moved I literally shoved everything in, just for everything to have a place. I never really organized my closet properly and trust me it is very very overdue. This and getting my home office together are my two biggest priorities going into 2015. I have written off 2014 with the holidays coming, I would be kidding myself to think I will get it done this year!

I love this chart and will actually be applying it as I waver between keeping a size 4 teeny tiny dress or not (clearly it will have to go even though the memories associated with it are precious…my 30th birthday party). I need to get pragmatic and tough when it comes to knowing what and when to get rid of things! This is a really great foolproof chart, will print it and tape it up as I get busy organizing…..



2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Every week I am amazed and inspired by so much of what I find on Instagram. And this week certainly did not disappoint…not by a long shot. Here is what I was totally captivated by…..


unv33cnnamed unmn66named unbbb3named unnamemnv3d unnamnnb3ed um7ynnamed unnb3nnamed nnb3 unnbb3amed unncbb3amed unnamevv3cd unnamvv3ed unnavv3med unnazz4med unnacc2med unnacc3med unnamecc3d unna33smed


3. A COOKBOOK THAT I AM REALLY ENJOYING. I absolutely adore this book, I have made one recipe from it so far and have plenty more I want to try. Sweet Jeanne from I Dream Of brought this when she came over and I like it so much that I will be giving it to a few people as gifts for the holidays (those who love to cook that is:) .

Love the focus on seasonal cooking and complete meals, it is very user friendly and as much a storybook as it is a cookbook. I am hopefully going to Seattle in the spring and plan to visit one of her restaurants for sure when I go! Renee Ericson is a James Beard nominated chef who owns many restaurants in the Seattle area….that is one cool city!

51I8rnGQ9xL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ walrus_book_alder_co_2_1024x1024 walrus_book_alder_co_3_1024x1024


4. A GIFT EVERY MONTH! Now that is my kind of gift!! I love this whole monthly giftbox thing that is taking the beauty/makeup world by storm. You subscribe and get a monthly box filled with all kinds of fun goodies to try, all from top names and a variety from skin care to mascara to lipstick.

A friend just gave me a gift for a years worth of monthly boxes from Glossy box and I am so excited! What girl wouldn’t? want to receive a present every month. I think I may have to give one to my college aged niece, it is unique and is the gift that gives all year round! Click here for more information.….

july october_box august


5. MONOGRAMMED LINEN NAPKINS. My obsession with monograms sees no end in sight. I don’t know if you remember but when we moved one of my boxes of linens had gotten wet and mildewed to the point of no return, I was so so upset because it contained most of my monogrammed napkins and a beautiful tablecloth I had bought in Pairs.

It was so painful to throw them away. So I am back to building my collection and have just ordered two new sets of napkins to be monogrammed, I will surely share them with you when they arrive! Meanwhile here are some of the inspiration pictures I loved and was inspired by…..


72fb5048712849bb128c367db45c1551 20502365ae283734159a331607fb6158 b812090af4ab7eb75845c902dadca6d2 1a302ea6dcf47ff59e4b79c30c113983


Here are my latest from Number Four Eleven….




6. TOPIARIES AND TOLE.? In case you are wondering how they are doing….I am happy to say going strong, many have already needed a haircut. Surely that has to be a good sign that I am taking good care of them!

My white azalea topiaries also are about to bloom which is exciting too……I have learned that the myrtles dry out fast in homes with heat (and lately ours is going full blast with the frigid temps) so they require a lot of water, as in almost every 1-2 days. Lots of sun is also a big plus, they really thrive and grow like crazy with the sun exposure.? If you can find them near you……grab a few, they are so elegant and pretty to have around.


uattcnnamed unnamtt3xed unnamerrttd unntt3amed tttunnamed

And my tole pieces that I have told you about.? My second big shipment of tole (over 340 pieces)! is shipping out tomorrow and will be here late Dec. Unfortunately? we are a bit off chart as far as me getting my order in early Dec. but this is not unusual and it is what it is. The only thing that makes it OK is seeing how gorgeous its all come out. Take a peek at the latest……

11unnamed un33named unn33amed un533named unnam433ed

Very excited to get these beautiful pieces!!


7. THIS WILL MAKE YOU CRY BUT HAPPY TEARS!. Saving the best for last but get out the tissue box first.? I am sorry to do this to you first thing Sunday monring…but there is no way in the world you can? watch this and not start wailing like a baby. It just fills your heart with so much hope and happiness to see these reunions…..worth sharing with those you love. I know I certainly am.




So that is what’s on my radar. How about you? Isn’t it crazy that Thanksgiving is already next week!! And then the holiday crunch is really in full swing once that happens, buckle up people! Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. What’s on your mind? Anything amazing? Tell me about it, if so. And two things-

And if you want to win a pair of the beautiful custom pewter/silver napkin rings, click here to put your name in the hat ( a winner will be chosen on Tuesday).

Don’t forget to have your cameras (or phones) ready to snap away your pretty table for Thanksgiving and enter them into my contest TABLETOP LOVE. I already have over 40 pictures and will accept another 20. I had said 50 but I ddnt’ realize I would get there so fast! Click here for the details on the contest….


Jewelry for the table and a custom napkin ring giveaway!

Hello and happy Thursday evening…… Hard to believe next Thurs. I will be sitting in my long awaited food coma enjoying one of my favorite meals of the year! I am hosting this year and it will be a small group,? 10 of us and of course Teddy. While at first I was disappointed we are not heading to my sisters beach house as we have the last four years, I am now looking forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving at home. All of my kids especially my college aged son just really wanted to be home and I so understand.

Part of the fun of the holidays is getting our homes all decked out and setting pretty tables for our guests….I get such joy out of that entire process. And in keeping with my theme this week, Tabletop, this was a perfect opportunity to show you the latest custom napkin rings that are part of the line I carry in my online shop,? that just arrived. Just in the nick of time for holiday entertaining.

Talk about jewelry for the table! Each of these is hand done in a mixed metal composite of nickel, pewter and silver. They are heavy and exquisitely? detailed. Each one is a little gem and made in limited numbers by a single craftsman. At this point I have quite a few in my own collection and there is never a meal where they do not become a topic of conversation.

So… is what has arrived and what is available (about 24-30 of each style), all the newest holiday rings.? For two days I am offering them at $52.00 a ring (they retail on many sites for $125 and up). For a purchase of 12 or more they are $50.00 a a ring.? Anyone who orders the turkey rings will get an upgrade to 2 day shipping to be certain they will be in time for gobble gobble day.




Take a peek….

TURKEYS– These are so classically beautiful….a perfect compliment to any Thanksgiving table!

unnamtted uttnnamed tttunnamed ttttunnamed


SANTAS– Each one is slightly different, some are holding a bag of toys, others a wreath, a few with snowflakes, each one just beautiful.

usatannamed uASAAnnamed unnSS22amed unnCC33amed unnaBC22med


STAG DEER– These too are each uniquely different. Most of them have different bases but each one is so exquisite and so very elegant.

unnamddded unnaddemed


ucdennamed ucc3nnamed

And here they are getting a little “trial run”….


unnamefda3d unadsa1named u333nnamed


And I mentioned a giveaway. I am giving away two rings of the winners choice (must be an in stock item)! All you need to do to enter is visit the entire napkin ring gallery by clicking here? and come back here and tell me your favorite napkin ring. I will announce a lucky winner on Tuesday so be sure to check back to see if you won!? If you want a second chance leave me a message on Facebook by clicking here.


Thank you for stopping in…wishing you a wonderful day. Stay warm, here the cold continues and i have to say I am suddenly craving a serious dose of summer! Until next time……



Don’t forget to enter my TABLETOP LOVE contest….I am getting all kinds of incredible entries Click here for the details.? Hope yours is one of them….until next time!



A new contest…Tabletop Love!

Hello! Don’t know about where you are but over here, it is freeeeeezing. I cannot get over this frigid weather and we are only in November! I am looking at all of the snow that has hit so many areas in our country and wondering (and praying) this is not a prelude as to what is to come…..crazy! Makes me want to hibernate for the next three months.

You know what I haven’t done in a loooooong time? A contest! I think its way overdue….so I am here today to announce the newest contest, Tabletop Love. This can be just about anything having to do with a beautiful table setting. It could be a special celebration, your Thanksgiving table, a birthday dinner, a beautiful party, a wedding you attended,? maybe just your everyday set up. Whether a table for one or 100, if you? have created a beautiful table setting, then by all means, please enter it into the contest!

These contests are such fun and as I tend to gets lots of entries so I will have to cap it off at 50 entrants. I will divide the contest into two rounds of 25 each and then we will have a final showdown! There are only a few basic rules which are below. I cannot wait to start getting your pictures. I have made up a little post on some beautiful and inspiring tabletops to get your creative juices flowing:)


The winner will receive his/her choice of an over sized gallery tray…..



The Rules-

  • Any tables setting is acceptable whether it is for 1 or 100 (buffet tables are welcome too)
  • They can be everyday table settings or those for a party or holiday
  • Please when you email me put TABLETOP LOVE in subject line so it does not get lost in the shuffle
  • You can submit pictures of previous table settings (example last years Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving table)
  • This contest is opened to residents of the U.S. only (sorry to my internationals readers but fragile heavy items are very costly to send overseas)
  • They must be your pictures and not taken off the internet/out of a magazine (but if you are submitting as an example a picture of a friends table or your sisters holiday table that is fine as long as they are your pictures)
  • Limit is 2 pictures per person
  • Contest runs today through Dec.1st? The contest will run on Dec. 2nd and 3rd and the showdown will take place on the 4th. A winner will be crowned on Dec. 5th!




And here are a few beautiful tablescapes to get you going and inspired……





So, what are you waiting for? Time to start thinking about your next tablescape….Thanksgiving is also a wonderful time to get inspired and create something beautiful! Please submit your pictures ( two pictures maximum) to I cannot wait to start getting them in…I know how talented you all are:)

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day!


A blue and white birthday luncheon recap

Hi there, hope everyone had a great weekend. I definitely am officially feeling the holiday crunch knocking on my door! I will be posting 2-3 times a week vs. my normal 4 or so as the holidays near, time is at an all time premium around this time of year and I am juggling many balls in the air though blogging is definitely my refuge:)

As many of you know last week I hosted a small luncheon for a very dear friends belated “50”.It is not everyday one reaches this number so although it was a late celebration it called for making it special. I allowed my new obsession with myrtle topiaries to dictate the theme here. And I was thrilled with how it all came out, naturally blue and white had to be in the mix!

The thing I think I was the most excited about was finding the darling mini myrtle topiaries (they stand about 9″ tall) and putting them in these chic little blue and white planters, a new item soon to be added to my shop. They made the perfect most elegant favor. I also found this darling moss purse and filled it with stems of my faux flower clusters and LOVE how it came out. I put this at the place setting for the birthday girl.

As I always do I try to capture as much as I can but once I get busy playing hostess it is much harder to take pictures, I need an “in house” photographer lol.

So here are the highlights from this fun afternoon…..and a few recipes on bottom worth sharing!


Here is what was on the menu (with some recipes below since many of you ask for them)-

Started with peach bellinis and the brie en croute with crackers

For lunch-

Cream of curried vegetable autumn bisque

Chopped brussel sprouts and parmesan salad

Chopped Chinese chicken salad

Mini chicken salad sandwiches

Asparagus and Gruyere tartlets

For dessert-

Chocolate ganache cake

A fruit platter and of course coffee!


unnameadf3asd unadf3named unnamjjjed unnamjjed

These were the cutest favors!! Mini myrtles that stand about 9″ in the charming blue and white planter….I placed one at everyone’s table setting.


unnamqqed unna333med

The pretty napkins from Number Four Eleven? (there was a mistake on the color) , it was supposed to be navy but I kept half the order just because they are awfully pretty



I served Rose for lunch but always have a blue and white “tub” aka planter filled with plenty of alternatives (by the way if you have not tried Perrier Grapefruit, you should it rocks)!

unnavcv4med unnam77gged

I made this, isn’t it darling! This I put at the place of honor for the birthday girl….


And the food…..

A delicious batch of peach Bellinis getting whipped up…..



My yummy autumn bisque

unnamxvc4edThe chopped brussels sprouts salad


And chicken/apple salad getting mixed to put in mini rolls….


The yummy asparagus tarts about to hit the oven…..unnamxv4ed unnxv44amed


The making of the brie….unnaxvb4med unnaxf44med



And lunch is just about served……unna3111med


And of course we all left room for dessert….unnamv32ed

Someone picked up the heavenly chocolate ganache birthday cake…thankfully there was a little leftover!

unnac32medI always serve a fruit platter with dessert, and you can see Mr. Teddy aka the “rufferee” standing guard:)




So that my friends? is a recap of this fun afternoon. It was filled with lively conversation, lots of laughs, story telling, and much reminiscing of all of the fun times we have shared. There really? is nothing quite like time spent with good girlfriends.

I also realized I am my happiest when I prepping, setting up a table, flower arranging, cooking and entertaining. I love being in my element and just “doing my thing”. I swear in my next life, I need to be a party planner, florist, caterer! I just love the entire creative process from start to finish.

Recently my husband asked me what I wanted for my big “5-0” (yikes) and I told him a really beautiful greenhouse. He looked at me puzzled and said “don’t you want something for yourself like jewelry”? I said no because a greenhouse is something that would make me consistently happy, I love fiddling with flowers and plants and even if it’s a small one, think I would really enjoy it. And that is the truth:).Funny how we change and priorities shift, isn’t it?

Thank you for stopping in, hope you enjoyed sharing this with me.


Below is info on a new promo just started as of this morning and the recipes that many have asked for…..


A new promo just started this morning only on for 2 days, it will end Wednesday morning. Beautiful selection of boxwood wreaths, garland and topiaries (subject to availability). Click here for the details.

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The recipes- (a few were featured on previous posts)

For Asparagus tarts click here

For Autumn bisque/curried cream of vegetable soup click here

Chicken salad (on sandwiches) click here


PEACH BELLINIS- (always a major hit)

Ideally 6-8 fresh peaches, sliced in wedges OR 2 bags frozen peaches

Peach Schnapps (about 1/4 cup

1-2 TBSP sugar ( left this out)

1 bottle of Prosecco

Raspberries for garnish (optional)

Blend peaches in a blender until a soft puree, add peach syrup and sugar and finally lemon juice.? Pour about half of the mixture into a champagne glass and fill the rest with champagne, stir and garnish with raspberry, cheers!



BAKED BRIE? This is honestly so easy but the taste factor is off the charts!

Pastry dough (purchase ready made or make your own)

About half a cup of chopped pecans

Half of a green apple, chopped

1/4? cranberries (optional)

About 4 TBSP of butter softened

1 wheel of med. brie

About 1/4 cup of brown sugar

1 egg white


Simply roll out the dough until its wide enough to generously cover the brie. Cut off the outer layer of the brie. Put the pastry on the bottom and add all of the ingredient mentioned with brown sugar going last on top of the brie. Carefully pull up sides of the dough and wrap and twist on top of the brie. Brush on egg whites all over the wrapped brie. Put in oven of about 350 for approx. 30 minutes, I normally turn it down to 325 for the last 10 and you can leave in oven to keep warm lightly covered once it has turned golden brown. It is the best I have had! I serve with Carrs water crackers…..great holiday appetizer!





About 30 chopped brussel sprouts (or shredded on a mandolin) A local shop carries shredded brussel sprouts which makes this sooo easy!

About 1 cup of toasted almonds, walnuts or pecans

2 cloves of garlic finely minced

1/2 cup olive oil

2 TBSP of Dijon mustard

1 cup of finely shredded parmesan cheese

To make the dressing add olive oil, Dijon mustard and 1/4 of the parmesan? Add lemon juice and shake well in a sealed container. Toss the nuts garlic and brussel sprouts. Add dressing right when you are ready to serve or up to half an hour before. Refrigerates well until the next day if you are lucky enough for leftovers!



MY CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD People have come to expect this when they come over…so very tasty!

1 head of cabbage,

3 nice sized chicken breast,

about 4 TBSP soy sauce

1 TBSP sugar,

2 bunches scallions,

about 1/2-3/4 cup slivered almonds,

2 packs chicken Ramen noodles,

one can lo mein or? rice noodles ( I use lo mein),

3 tablespoons or more sesame seeds,

rice vinegar.

Shred cabbage very thin with a good sharp serenaded knife or a mandolin, which makes it easy. Boil chicken in salted water. When cool, shred to small pieces. Chop up 2 bunches of scallions. Bake almonds until golden brown. Add cabbage, chicken, scallions and almonds and set aside covered. In small mixing bowl, add about 1/2 cup soy, 1/4 cup rice vinegar, the sesame seeds, 1/4 to 1/2 cup oil (not olive any vegetable or corn is fine),the chicken seasoning packets from ramen noodles and 2 tablespoons sugar. Mix well, toss over salad up to 30 min. before you want to serve, add rice noodles at end and chopped up ramen noodles. Garnish with scallions, enjoy!



Seven on Sunday

Hi there…..hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here it is COLD! I am talking 30’s but then I see how many areas have gotten slammed with snowstorms and I realize it could be worse. We are having a really relaxing weekend and I think its the only one that will be like this from here until Christmas. I am bracing myself:) OK first time to announce the two lucky winners of the amazing signed books! Congratulations goes to……


Rowing Blazers winner-


?? Oh my goodness! Both books are absolutely stunning! Would love either!! Thank you for always inspiring us to get going on our projects. The Sergeto Style would certainly get the creative juices flowing. Thanks Tina.

Segreto Secrets winner


anita rivera says: November 11, 2014 at 9:16 am (Edit)

? ? I? want my home to look like a combo of secret to style; patina style and authentic french country!!!!

? Please contact me with your shipping information so these signed books can be on their way!



I really want to enjoy the season and welcome any tips because I literally feel a knot in my stomach when I think of all the work, gift buying, holiday decorating, planning that is entailed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do find that once I am in the full swing, I just get it done like any good elf would? and don’t look back but this year it really feels like the holidays have snuck up on us unusually fast, anyone else feel this way?

As I do every Sunday, I am sharing 7 things that I love and have caught my attention. So here we go…..




1.A GORGEOUS PAGODA? WINTER WREATH. I am madly in love with this, saw it on Pinterest then Martha Stewart.? It is spectacular and needs to somehow find a place in my home:) A fellow blogger,? Kathy Sue of Good Life of Design also made? her own interpretation using faux greens. Click here to see how it was made on Martha and click here to see Kathy Sues version….just fabulous!


And Kathy Sues faux version….(I am so impressed)!



2. MY SUPER TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS. A few more talented readers/customers, that continue to amaze and awe me! Few things make me as happy as seeing my products in my customers gorgeous homes.? Here are three recent that I am loving……keep em coming. Send me your pictures at, love getting them!


This was published in Charlotte Home and Garden Magazine (I can see why)….the belljars are from my shop!


?Here is my pillow in this beautiful bedroom.


unnamannedAnd how gorgeous does this beautiful vision in yellow look in the scalloped blue and white planter (one of my best selling planters)


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. You know I love to share what I have found on Instagram in the last week and it never disappoints. So much to love this week……

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This was my favorite…oh boy can I relate, love it.


4. A WONDERFUL NEW RECIPE. So easy and sooo good. I made it for my luncheon (a full post on my luncheon recap will appear tomorrow) and they were a big hit, so delicious.

Click here for the recipe over at Joy the Baker, it is one you WILL want to make!

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5.? THE? CHINOISERIE FOR MY FOYER !! Well it’s official…its been ordered and I am SO excited! This space was easy as I didn’t have to match it up to anything, we have benches in there now which I will eventually have recovered in a beautiful antiqued blue velvet. I know this is going to be sensational and I can? hardly wait….still working on getting the dining room paper just right.



Will cover the two benches in a pretty blue velvet like this one from Scalamandre……




6. GREENWICH.? I love that place, met up with a friend there yesterday and it is such a gem of a town. I feel fortunate that I live so close and that I am able to go there fairly often, besides the fabulous shopping all on one street, they have a plethora? of great restaurants!? I was excited to see that Christmas is alive and well in many shops. I took a few quick pics with my iPhone….


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7.? MY NEW TOLE LINE’S LATEST COLLECTION IS ALMOST DONE!? So behind the scenes, I have been working on my next round of tole….and it is going to be STUNNING. The production is wrapping up within the next 3-4 days and then it will be on it’s way. Unfortunately t will not be here early Dec. as I had hoped but with luck mid Dec. Of course you will be the first to know about it. Here is a sneak peek….

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Some of these canisters are actually lamp bases….

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So that is a wrap up of what is on my radar this week…how about you? Anything new and exciting you want to share? I hope you stay warm and take a deep breath as the crazy holidays are about to descend upon us.

It is such a fun and spirited time of year but I think the key is being? organized and staying on task. I get so stressed when I feel the crunch so I am using today to sit home and plan out just what needs to be done, and that includes making my shopping list and starting to set my Thanksgiving table as I am hosting it this year.

And it would be especially great if I could? get a head start on my holiday shopping, so hopefully today is going to be an unusually productive day! Wishing you a great end to your weekend. Thanks for stopping in.


Don’t forget to check out my latest promo which ends tomorrow morning, here is a sneak peek of what it’s all about. Click here for the promotion.

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Which would you choose?

Hello and woo hoo it is Friday! Hasn’t been a crazy week like some others I have had,? we had a fundraiser to attend last night though and I don’t do well with late nights on weekdays and today I am hosting a small luncheon for someones birthday, will be sure to share the highlights as I always do:) So today I will be busy playing hostess,? which I always look forward to. It is COLD here, I think it will be something like a high of 40….brrrrrr!

In the meantime my husband is being honored at a big event in about two weeks and it is black tie. As I always do I tend to wait until the last minute (secretly I have come to think I actually enjoy that and do it on purpose, maybe its the challenge of finding something in no time) but? somehow it always works itself out.

I have a few (OK more than a few) gowns, some are frankly just too small (the ones I really love), and the others though pretty I have worn my fair share so I am thinking that a special occasion calls for a new gown and I am thinking of treating myself to something new. Plus we have three weddings all within the next 10 months!!

So here is my Which would you choose, if you had to choose one black tie gown (for arguments sake lets say the bodies shown are included)!? And if that were possible, there would be nooooo price too high to pay for one of these:) I will let you choose two since there are so many beautiful options. Ready, let’s go……..









CHOICE 3466714_fr_xl







CHOICE 6472200_ou_xl



















All dresses shown are from Net A? Porter

So many pretties!! I love several here truth be told? a few are prohibitively expensive however? a few are within budget so I may go ahead and order and pray until they arrive? that one is a magical fit! Can’t wait to see which you choose and which come out on top. Wishing you a fabulous day and great end to your week. I cannot believe that many areas have been hit by snow! I sure hope this is not a sign of things to come….otherwise I might want to hibernate all winter long. Until next time……

And don’t forget only 2 days left to enter the giveaway for the signed books! Click here to enter.

And if you? missed my post on why every foyer needs a table, click here.