A winner and Christmas at my house so far…..

Hi there and happy Friday morning,? today I am here to announce the first place winner of the Tabletop Love contest. Thank you again to all who voted in my Tabletop Love contest and to the many who sent in their beautiful pictures…..what fun this was! You narrowed it down to two after 1252 votes in the final round (almost 5000 total votes, WOW)? and today we have a grand prize winner! Congratulations goes to……


Penny who submitted this beautiful picture…..


Please contact me to make your selection for your gift? at theenchantedhome@gmail.com so that I can get it right out to you, thank you for sending your beautiful winning photo.

And congratulations to Lory as well for sending in her gorgeous picture…it was a very very close race!



Moving along, I am sure like me, you are feeling the holiday crunch already. I cannot believe its December 5th. I started feeling really intimidated when I visited various blogs to see that many were done or nearly done with their holiday decor…….yowza I figured I better step up my game. I did make it to the nursery yesterday to choose my tree and front door wreath and they are being delivered later today….you have to realize this is actually early for me.

I have to admit I allowed myself a few minutes of walking down memory lane remembering what it was like going when the kids were young and making such a ritual out of it. Now I waltz in like the white tornado with not a minute to spare and within minutes have chosen my tree….and that’s a wrap. Oh well, life marches on.

In the meantime I have been doing a little bit every day, my days have been so full, that I take advantage of the small windows when I get them. I plan on making good headway this Sunday when I plan to stay home all day and work on getting a lot done if not nearly finish it. In going up to “Santa’s workshop” aka the attic, I think we always forget how much we have:) The only thing I buy every year are fresh holiday flowers and lots of fresh greens.

So thought I would show you what I have done so far, the little I have done I am really happy with the way its come out. How about you? How is your decorating coming along? Here is a peek into what’s happening over here…..



My front door planters…..still need to add my wreath to my front door and maybe two little wreaths or bows for the ‘doggies” but the urns are done. I added lots of fresh greens, evergreen, juniper, variegated and regular boxwood, sugar cones and magnolia and love the effect…..understated and elegant. All statuary shown is from my online shop and believe it or not, is fiberglass meant to look old! Click here for details.

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A few floral arrangements I made with faux amaryllis, fresh greens and the large sugar cones…proof also that blue and white is so beautiful for Christmas (as it is anytime).

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And in my dining room…..kept the chunky ginger jars on the table from Thanksgiving with magnolia leaves and fresh greens and jazzed up my mantle, and I really love the way it came out., may have to keep it this way permanently:) Added extra greens, magnolia leaves, my pheasants and the large sugar cones….

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So that my friends is what I have been up to! I have yet to wrap a single present, but maybe that’s because I haven’t bought one yet:) Once my decor is done (hopefully by Sunday) I will be focusing on gift buying, many things I am getting online.

When you have older kids….things change, some things for the better and others not so much. Never thought I would actually miss having to brave the masses in a crazed toy store….but I would fight even the most brazen shopper if I could click my heels and have my boys little again!

Oh well…..hoping you are making good progress on your end. Thank you as always for stopping in and wishing everyone a fabulous day and end to your week. Be back on Sunday!


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29 thoughts on “A winner and Christmas at my house so far…..

  1. Congratulations to the winner, that was a beautiful table, they both were.

    Tina your decorations are splendid! They are so elegant and beautiful, you could start a holiday decorating business. I cannot wait to see it complete with your tree, I always am inspired when I visit you.

  2. I’m starting to stress a little – I have gotten my Christmas tree stand down from the attic and hoping to get the tree today – fingers crossed I will be looking a lot more festive by Monday morning!! Your home looks gorgeous!! Happy weekend, Tina ~

  3. Congrats to Penny! Tina… your house looks so elegant as well as cozy. I think you should write a coffee table book about your house in your spare time (heehee) called “4 Seasons of Tina” or “Shades of Tina.” Put it on your to do list for the weekend!! I’ll check back on Monday!

  4. Congratulations to the Table winner. Just lovely and I had so much fun entering even thought I did not win. Your home is coming along beautifully and I am sure

  5. My favorite photo won!!!!!!! That picture is glittering with perfect lighting and holiday glitz. So happy for the winner! And I spy those charhers, tina!!! I will be making my purchase soon! Everything is looking so fabulous chez vous. Happy friday! Anita

  6. Congratulations to the Table winner Her table was lovely. It was a fun contest and I enjoyed entering Your home is coming along nicely and can’t wait to see the tree. Do you have someone to help you or do you do everything yourself? I helped my daughter with her home and it is so nice to work in pairs. There are a lot of ( What do your think?) going on. But I sure do enjoy it. Hope you finish soon so we can all be inspired.

  7. Your decor is incredible. Move over Martha Tina is here! I get so many good ideas from you and after seeing your ginger jars with the magnolia went and found magnolia leaves and have put them on my foyer table, I love the way it looks. Thanks to you Tina.
    Love the picture that won, but they were all beautiful. Happy holidays.

  8. Congratulations to Penny! I’m a big fan of pink and sparkle so loved her table.

    Tina, your decorating so far is just gorgeous. I love the addition to the sugar cones to your amaryllis. So pretty (I think greens, flowers, cones and other natural elements are my favorite part of decorating). And you know how much I am loving how you use your blue and white! Looks so pretty and festive.

    I know what you mean about Christmas changing – of course I don’t have kids but miss the days of spending the holiday at our family home. I’m thankful that my Mom & Dad are still with me, but I miss our Christmas traditions that revolved around the house where I grew up. But like you said, time marches and there is so much to be thankful for and new traditions to start.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Tina. Here’s to holiday magic! XOXO

  9. Penny’s pretty pink setting was my pick!
    Your greenery is lovely. But who could go wrong with that beautiful backdrop. I love your home! Hoping to feel more like decorating next year. Lost my hubby in April and just can’t open that storage closet this year. He did ALL the decorating, so I’ll need to look at your blog for inspiration. Can’t wait to see it all done next week!

  10. DYING OVER THE MANTLE!! So pretty and the front door urns, and the blue and whites and ALL of it!
    Have fun getting it done. I am also hoping to complete my decorating in a few days.

  11. Tina you are not behind on your decor for the holidays. Everything is looking beautiful!! The wreath will be fabulous and all of the vignettes are stunning. The fire glowing in the fireplace makes all the difference when entertaining doesn’t it!

    All the best for a wonderful Holiday Season,
    The Arts by Karena

  12. Congratulations to Penny! My favorite table won! Love the pink and the glitz.
    Also, Tina, I second,the coffee table book idea. I really think you need to do one. It would sell like hot cakes and I would be first in line to buy it!
    Your home is so exquisite and your holiday decorating is completely elegant. Can’t wait to see the rest of the home decorated for Christmas.

  13. You’re far ahead of me, my dear, and your house looks amazing! I’m inspired to do a little more by the front door after seeing your fabulous creations! Thanks for the motivation! Have a great weekend!

  14. Good Morning! ..so funny, I am NOT a morning person so I am always the last WEST coast blog-buddy to visit;) Also.. it takes me longer to get my act together these days..

    Yes, things change when the kids move on. I remember my husband bringing home all of this plastic, moving stuff when the kids were little. It was commercial and cheap looking but they loved it so I just went with it.

    Now.. I am going for a simple elegant approach and I must say I am loving your d?cor so far Tina. I have found a spot to buy white peonies so I’ve been mixing those with the greens and adding just a pop of holly here and there.

    I’ve got two parties coming up and there is a section of the house that’s not completed. My girlfriend said I should use the orange construction tape to mask it off .. ha! I might as well have a little fun with the situation, right?

    I can tell I’m calming down with {age} as I appear to be just letting go at this point. It is what it is and I’ll focus on the areas of the house that are done.

    Have fun today and enjoy the seasonal festivities.

  15. Your home looks so festive and lovely. Cannot wait to see what you do with your tree this year! I was always afraid to use fresh greenery- thought it would get sap everywhere- but your pictures changed my mind. I love your decorating. Congrats to Penny, she had a gorgeous tablescape. Happy Friday, Tina.

  16. I had fun looking at all the gorgeous tables in your contest! I am loving all of those fresh greens and sugar pine cones in your displays! I bet it smells quite nice inside!

  17. I’m so glad Penny won! That was my top choice. Your entry is gorgeous!! Your home looks like you hired a professional team to come in and do it. I don’t know how you do it all yourself!! You are wonder woman! xo

  18. Congratulations to the winner. That was my favorite table. Your home is wonderful. Thank you for a beautiful blog and the inspiration you bring to us.

  19. totally agree and wish my guys were young children again! the wonder, innocence, and excitement of Christmas added such a sweet layer that i miss. and shopping for them now? oy. your entry looks beautiful, and your mantle has inspired me to get movin on ours. thanks, tina. i have a fabulous party to attend tomorrow and am hoping to snap photos to share. only trouble is those night shots are impossible. peace.

  20. I thought I had finished decorating until I looked at your fabulous creations. Now, I will borrow ideas from you and add to my decorations. You do inspire one, Tina. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Congratulations to Penny, she was my choice as well. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful, I love to use fresh greens also, I can’t wait to see your tree! I agree with you, I would love to be shopping for toys again, where did all the time go? I truly admire you Tina, not only for your beautiful decorating skills but for your positive and upbeat attitude, and your zest for life. Your family is very blessed to have you. I have to mention Elaine here, who posted a comment earlier, I’m so sorry for your loss, I pray you will have a nice Christmas.

  22. Oh gorgeous Tina, I just saw that you visited my theatre post. Thank you. Yep, Paris is the place, and I know you love her too….and what inspiration you’d bring back from there! But I see Paris in your home, everywhere.

    CHEERS and have a super weekend! Anita

  23. Your planters are gorgeous and everything inside as well. I absolutely love the sugar cones. One year daughter and I painted and glittered them, put them in cellophane bags and tied with bows for her teacher presents – so pretty! My decorations are not finished either – I hope we both get it done over the weekend. Enjoy!

  24. Hello Tina my dear

    Well it is looking very festively gorgeous at your home, I have such a love for Christmas decorating, there is nothing quite like it
    Collecting cones all year, and then looking around to find the holly with the nicest berries
    I am not even up to the stage of choosing a tree…..just a little gift wrapping at the moment…. have a lovely weekend of glittery sparkle xx

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