A very exciting new addition to The Enchanted Home and a giveaway!

And no it’s not another? another blue and white ginger jar. The new addition I am referring to and bursting at the seams to tell you all about is the newest product over at my online shop.

M O N O G R A M M E D?? N A P K I N S!!!!

Yes that is right, one of my most favorite things…..gorgeous linens in a bevy of beautiful colors and incredible oversized custom monograms.

Now if you know the prices of custom monogram work, you know it can get quite hefty. I think you will find my prices to be incredible and extremely competitive. But to really celebrate, I am offering these napkins at an incredible promo price for 3 days only, you will want to read about this promotion (on bottom) and I am offering a fabulous giveaway.

I am starting off offering my napkins at a very reasonable price with a low profit margin, eventually they will go up a bit but nothing crazy. I want to continue to be able to bring you beautiful, custom but affordable accents for your home. And nothing can finish off a table quite like the elegance of using monogrammed napkins!

So…..let me introduce to you my colorful cast of characters, all 11 shades. A few details about them-

Napkins are priced by 4’s and there is a total of 10 monogram styles possible, 11 colors.

They are 20″ x 20″

The prices include up to two thread colors. If more are desired, there is an up charge.

The current monogram is about 3-3.5″ tall which is nice and large but they can be done in up to. 4.5″ if you desire for a small up charge.

They are a cotton/linen blend and are finished with a beautiful hemstitch detailing.

I am extremely excited over this line and can imagine all the possibilities!! Let’s take a look (giveaway and special promo details on bottom)…..





And you know me I love to “play”, I just knew one day my huge collection of china would come in handy:)



FONT STYLES-(you will notice they each have names based upon some of my favorite American cities:)





















































They will be added to the online shop within the next week (waiting to get them photographed),? however for this weekend only as a special promotion I am offering a very special price to celebrate their arrival! This offer is valid today and expires Monday. Simply email me with your order at theenchantedhome@gmail.com.

When they hit my online shop,? they will be sold by 4’s and will run $115.00 which is extremely competitive. If you order 12 however the price drops to $250 for 12, any color any design. I will also be offering cocktail napkins when they go online.

Today however,? 4 napkins are $80.00 and a dozen of these beautiful custom monogrammed napkins will be $215. (All orders that are for 12 or more napkins will also get free shipping).? That is a phenomenal price if you know the prices on custom monogram work. There is nothing that can “make” a table quite like a monogrammed napkin. You just need to choose a linen color, a monogram style and a color thread and email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com.




One very lucky winner is going to win a set of 4 custom monogrammed napkins to her specifications. Any color napkin and any font. All you need to do is tell me your favorite napkin color and style from this post and you will automatically be in the running. Want a second chance, tell me what you think about them on The Enchanted Home’s Facebook page by clicking here.

Thank you for stopping by and for helping me celebrate and welcome this wonderful line to The Enchanted Home. I am really excited about it:) Any questions of course just email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com. Until next time……get-attachment.aspx_21-1024x381

The wonders of western inspired interiors……..

Hello there from the frozen tundra. Yes we survived “snowmageddon” thanks to the trusty work of CNN’S blizzardmobile, lol. If you missed my post on what I really think about the weather reporters, you must click here to visit my last post.

For some reason I have always loved and been inspired by beautiful mountain/lodge homes, farms, horses in “big sky” states like? Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Colorado. And the older I get the more I can imagine one day owning a beautiful home/farm in one of those naturally beautiful states or at least having that lifestyle somewhere.

Now being my husband loves any excuse to channel his inner cowboy and that we both LOVE horses…….think it’s safe to say we could have an awful lot of fun! I absolutely love the warmth of the interiors, the rich rustic woods and beautiful colors with the vistas outside of every window being that of a postcard. What’s not to love? I imagine getting our eventual extended family together, our sons with their future wives and children…..what fun!

So today this post is dedicated to that dream and for anyone else who has been captivated by that lifestyle or for anyone who just loves to see beautiful interiors. This ones for you……




c359cc07d9fc5851fa4901bdbd8734e6Now this living room I could get used to…imagine being inside with a roaring fire while a huge snowstorm brews outside, so cozy!

5 Proof that elegance and rustic can be done to perfection, Toad Hall

ce86a871d85e19d21d58077bf851a3a2How about this for a powder room…oh yes! Mary Bidets, Locati Architects

ea6f1d87d40c1f43f34e3cb0551b854d??????????????????????????????????? I would love to have a room like this, even? my “big boys” I think would fight over who gets top bunk:) And that includes my husband (OK and me)

6bab377126e5d6e135ca6bba6d7143ebIsn’t this staircase? wonderful, a real work of art.? Locati Builders

13f83e22fb04df14949412c87f52b42eThis might be a guest room, love the paler wood, pretty, don’t you think?


I imagine my husband ala the resident cowboy might want to set up a cozy beautiful bar just like this one…

aabfafa677f516b16e2137e79e5be5e6It would be heavenly to have an outside covered area like this, imagine it during a snowstorm and with a cup of hot chocolate and a roaring fire, Locati

undfanamedHave had this picture in my online treasure trove of pictures for a long time, soooo love this dining room!


?Proof that I can bring my beloved blue and white to my future lodge home:)

9fc08e224cab97e8dae299e491293af8This is pretty fabulous! HGTV

fb9a01f12b9267ec15c308951c8e8221How incredible is this wine cellar? Yes please. Simmons Building

c1cc9c7b01e2d375c05e9796747e27eaThis front entrance just invites you in…..(maybe without the tiger on second thought)

3d17e78fc1795e78d3442345c327a7a8Evening drinks would be enjoyed on this side porch with it’s outdoor fireplace

rustic-kitchen-suzanne-kasler-interiors-tennessee-200906_1000-watermarkedThis would be my inspiration for my kitchen in my dream mountain home, AD

e34f18ad4eb84efe906a60540ef451caA home of this type calls for a lot of rustic woods in the kitchen and of course a big picture window

171ad1f0b933e12cc26ca8dbc94a7fc1If I could have a porch like this, I swear this is where I would spend all of my time….afternoon coffee, late afternoon cocktails, dinner for two?

53d86b9f2f7c8bf3e7b88359630771b6Now this is what I call a mudroom! Gorgeous and one Ralph Lauren himself would approve of

b5e92aa1eb7640422cb6ffed6c50fd0fWouldn’t call this exactly roughing it……

e24e1f83dd272f6447af89e5b26b7170Wouldn’t a bar like this cozy set up be amazing

8c094c63b75f18ea88186b96d694b671Could this get any cozier?

0569779d7157319f8cb963f251c2b05bOr this bunk room would do just fine, Canadian Log Homes

4d59ae843d21d5abbed439cbfc54a7c6This might just be my bedroom, the wood timber bed is fabulous! Circa

Toad-Hall-great-roomHave always loved this room, it is so incredibly cozy but oozes elegance, Suzanne Kasler


So….what do you think? Does this have you dreaming of your own wild west abode? I think this proves that you certainly do not by any means have to sacrifice elegance or sophistication for this particular style home, the two go hand in hand quite beautifully. And the richness of the woods, colors and textures is so appealing, warm and inviting.

If you want to see even more of these types of homes/interiors, I have devoted an entire Pinterest board to it, click here to see.

Hey…..you never know if there might not be an enchanted mountain home in my future:)? Would love to hear what you think about this style home. Wishing everyone a wonderful (and hopefully warm) day! Until next time….


A breaking weather announcment…..

This post which is meant to entertain, is dedicated to my mother who I love and adore but who thinks she is the “weather whisperer” and thrives on breaking weather news including daily calls to inform me of the weather in my neck of the woods for the next two weeks.? And to my eldest son and husband who are the ultimate weather skeptics (and are generally more right than wrong)….

Hi there, don’t mind me maybe I am just delirious from having a dose of cabin fever, or just ate too much of my beef bourguignon, or maybe both:) I simply couldn’t help myself with this post, lol. Promise after a good nights rest, (now that I know the world is not ending) I will be back with my pretty and inspiring posts:)

This is a departure from my usual posts but one I have always wanted to do. Yes,? it is about the weather and yes we did “brave” a big snow storm last night, and hey I am alive to talk about it (totally said tongue in cheek) though to hear it from the weather people you would have thought my odds of “making it” out alive were 50/50!

Which brings me to this silly,? fun and “I bet you will relate” post. The weather people. Yes those overly dramatic weather people. Getting worse with each storm if you ask me. In an age where every ounce of news from a slightly deflated football to a Kardashian sighting? is considered “breaking news” or a “developing breaking news story”. Seriously it has gotten downright comical. I always imagine that those in other countries must look at our media and just laugh themselves silly.

The weather people are not immune from this, they are by far possibly the worst offenders. In the last 48 hours I have heard words never heard before-?? “snowpocolypse”, “snowmageddon”,”historic worst storm ever”, “catastrophic storm” and I kid you not, even the word “blizzardmobile”!

I even caught the reporters from CNN driving down the desolate streets of NYC last night doing “investigative research”? in their blizzardmobile. Yes, the very streets that the “regular people” were banned from being on after 11, but the weather people are special and apparently invincible.

So, doubting that you need proof and am assuming many or maybe most of you are nodding your heads in agreement….let me just for fun,? offer a few demonstrations. All in the name of entertainment of course:)

You must take the time to watch these…they are truly hilarious!



This about the “arctic chill” that swept over California…


You must hear her rant and doomsday forecast



This forecaster sounds like he has lost a few marbles (or hailstones)


This guy is the epitome of waht I am talking about…..how is it he is getting blown all over the place yet all the regular pedestrians are strolling along as it if it’s a normal day…inquiring minds want to know:)


Overly dramatic much?


He leaves me speechless….


Think the snow plowers let him know what they think of dramatic weather reporters….


Jon Stewart is hilarious in this…



And a few images, consider this exhibit B. They certainly get an A+ for dramatics and really entertained me these last 48 hours…..think they practice these poses in front the mirror first?

35121343001_3937778546001_Dave-snow-thumb 697771000 Weather Channel Reporter vs. Thunder Snow of Chicago Blizzard 2011  1



And my final presentation is the hysterical reaction to the absurd CNN “blizzardmobile”( actually thought it was a joke when I first saw the blizzardmobile) and the truly entertaining twitter messages that followed…..this really sums it all up!


And some of the entertaining Twitter messages-

CNN’s Blizzardmobile. Or as regular people call it, a car.

No one has told Don Lemon that the storm has been downgraded. For all of our sake, someone text him.

Gotta be a strange feeling when you’re driving in your weird, dimly lit “Blizzard Mobile” and realize it’s only gonna be a foot of snow.

?????????????????????????? Is the Blizzardmobile an emergency vehicle, and if not, can Don Lemon be arrested for driving right now?


Hope I gave you an evening chuckle. I do not mean in any way to take away from the job that they do and do for the most part, very well.? Nor the seriousness of the weather, this is really all about the dramatics of the weather crew and dramatic they are indeed!

I think just coming off the heels of this 48 hour non stop barrage of “breaking news” weather reports, the constant calls from our local authorities with their automated “doomsday” messages,? then witnessing arguments over food and lost places in line at the local market…it was just too much. Yes it was a huge snow storm, and yes there were winds but no it wasn’t the end of the world. And guess what? We all made it:)

So would love hear to hear your say on the matter, do you agree it is overly dramatic? And I surely clump in the general news as well….I feel like there isn’t a story out there that isn’t breaking news these days. It has gotten to the point of ridiculousness.

Oh well, let me get off this tangent, I feel better already. Now excuse me while I go and help myself to my third helping of beef bourguignon of the day and admire the glistening snow out yonder……



Until next time!

It’s a whiteout…….inside and out!

Hi there, wasn’t planning on posting today but given that we are bracing for a major blizzard apparently one that could make it into the history books, I figured what the heck, especially if the cable lines go down, at least you will have a new post from me in the meantime:) So here we sit bracing for one major storm with predictions of up to 2 feet plus of snow!

So ironic given that just yesterday I was remarking on how we haven’t had much snow and I am still waiting for the “big one”. I guess be careful what you wish for:)

In honor of the deluge of white stuff heading our way, this post is all about white! I am a big fan but if you have been coming to my blog for any length of time, you know that. I have lots of white/cream throughout my home, my flowers are for the most part white and most of my bathrooms are white! And I would lose count if I had to figure out how many pieces of white clothing in my wardrobe!

Before I begin and speaking of white flowers, I? wanted to share a few pics of my newly styled mantle in the dining room-

IMG_0216 IMG_0217

Love the blue and white emperors which many of you have asked about, they just went on promotion as of Tues at 12pm click here for detailsIMG_0218

And here are the new jars I got in which I really like for the niches, they are very tall about 26″ and with the blossoms they stand a very grand 4 feet! IMG_0221 IMG_0222 IMG_0223

One more look at my foyer (before I changed the left jar to the new ones)IMG_0228


OK now to the white part of this post! I love white in the home as much as I do in my wardrobe. How about you? Take a look and if you are a skeptic this may just have you rethinking things:)

d915c2570deb90028918f88822213736Stunning bedroom from Thistlewood Farm

284987d0cfb0f79d3060d322c387d714Love white bracelets! Nordstrom

cda3c96750eaa72fb2a7be4a0e161953Stunner of a bathroom, Elements of Style

282785b9576d5fe5f449d5de82d1b724An all white kitchen is a classic that is here to stay, HomeBunch


White might be my most favorite color in clothing

4e2ddc24f73bd6c3132391072b47358aAnother white beauty from Classic Casual Home

4d571088e38e5a9576498c43c0d71e1eWhite at the table is always a great idea…Low Country Weddings

0b8b08e492f982d7669b87d9cb907951Love this foyer, the white beadboard is so fantastic! Pizitz Home and Cottage

0bfd3ab5a0373527c7fc184761367189Soooo gorgeous, adore everything about this, Monique Llulier

0b7f06f1db66f42b0c79e69fa2a20e95Love love love this, Restyle Home

7b115ba5fc717de77b23546ee7af0f1cCome to mama!

a9e8356fcbbf59d429a421fa54571be6A classically perfect white bathroom, Veranda

baby white nurseryA baby nursery is positively ethereal in white

4d8621f2e6b30f9b458fa1e0ab25970bDon’t need to tell you my feelings on white flowers, do I?

87a5e6d39a9021e237073feefc884907Something about soft colored woods and white that is so beautiful, Romantic Homes

8501c13e68a77d850182488a6aaec495A white washed building with a white sitting area outside…oh yes! Stefano Dorata Architecture

c64bc1aafa808264156910ad2e8c58fdAdore this, its like a fresh throwback….

473e212747b3b035cb7ad6ecee133ff0I have never met an all white living room I didn’t just love, The Decoist

98bd3f3ca320158bf0ca9a5ad198d64bMy own? home featuring white Staffordshire dogs and white flowers, love the combination

cf6138bb9f7aff7112a2e33b509b6e82Another stunning bath in white, Atlanta Homes


Love this gorgeous white watch, Hermes

f55dca844853b6c7b4dbde5626e1d4d0Adore Ralph Lauren’s take on white living…perfection!

11d7b199a5c9ab49d1d57767fdd0c3a5And an all white table has me dreaming, Mod Wedding


This post reconfirms why I love white so much….it is so beautiful always. How about you? Do you love it as much as I do?If you do and want more of a white fix, then click here to visit my “White Living” Pinterest board.

Are you in the blizzards path? If so hope you have a fully stocked kitchen and plenty of candles/flashlights! I feel fully prepared and just started my heavenly Beef Bourgignon that I will serve for dinner tonight, it’s kind of like the ultimate sophisticated comfort food! Click here for recipe,? I had shared it after returning from Paris. Besides that which I cannot wait to indulge in, I? stocked up on lots of things to nibble on:)

Always appreciate you stopping by, and hopefully I will be back in a day or two! If the massive storm is headed your way, stay safe, warm and cozy. Until next time……

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here (it’s a good one)!

PPS New promotion just added on some things you won’t want to miss including the blue and white emperors, click here for details.


Seven on Sunday

Hi there. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments about my foyer, I was touched and so happy that you love it as much as I do:) If you missed my foyer reveal, click here.

Snowy but beautiful weekend over here, got about 4″ of the white stuff and I cannot lie, I loved waking up to seeing everything swathed in white. This winter has been cold but very little snow, compared to last year so I am still waiting for one big snowfall before I am ready to move onto spring:)

Had dinner with friends last night and am trying to tackle some “organization projects” today around the house. Hope things are good on your end, here are seven things on my mind this week….




A GORGEOUS? HORSE FARM. I went with a friend to a fellow friends new magnificent horse farm. I took these pictures last year and somehow they got lost in the shuffle. They did such a spectacular job building this horse farm, it has had? me dreaming ever since my visit.

My husband and I both love horses and actually have always toyed with the idea of buying a horse farm.? It’s a dream but hey you never know. Just had to share these beautiful pictures? with you….I know what you are thinking, lucky horses and indeed they are!

DSC_1537You are first greeted by the main house above and then a few smaller cottages (for the lucky caretakers)…they are all so incredibly charming!


And then there is this gorgeous barn…..

DSC_1535 DSC_1534 DSC_1533 DSC_1532 DSC_1531 DSC_1530


And this incredible HEATED huge indoor ring!!DSC_1529 DSC_1528 DSC_1527 DSC_1520 DSC_1521 DSC_1522 DSC_1523

You think this handsome guy knows just how lucky he is??DSC_1524 DSC_1525 DSC_1526 DSC_1519

One of the outdoor rings….DSC_1509 DSC_1507 DSC_1506

The pristine tack roomDSC_1504

And gorgeous stables!DSC_1503What a fun afternoon this was…a dreamy horsefarm indeed!


2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST? Always so much to see on Instagram. It is my daily “pretty fix”. I am never at a loss with pictures to share with you, if anything it is hard to narrow them down. Here is what caught my eye this week…..

unnamff33aaed unnameff33d unffccnamed unnamccx33ed unnaffccmed unnamedffdd unnaaa33med unnamfd33ed unnam4423ed 4444 unn444amed un44named


OK this isn’t from Instagram but holy thunder thighs…this was just too cute to not share!



3. THREE BEAUTIFUL NYC RESTAURANTS. I don’t get into NY nearly as much as I wish I could but when I do, I am always instantly energized. Three absolutely gorgeous new restaurants (new in 2014) that I am dying to get to, one we have a reservation fro next month, need to work on the other two. Have you been?


? Tutto Il Giorno? (one of the owners is Donna Karan’s daughter, Gabby)

item0.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.five-new-restaurants-01-martaIsn’t this such a cool space! Danny Meyer’s newest restaurant, Marta is gorgeous! Maialino is another favorite (also Danny’s)? and this promises to be as good.

item2.rendition.slideshowVertical.polo-bar-ralph-lauren-restaurant-manhattan-03-wm item0.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.polo-bar-ralph-lauren-restaurant-manhattan-01-wmAnd of course you surely know about the newly opened Polo Lounge, just oozing that gorgeous Ralph Lauren style…cannot wait to go next month!


4. AN AMAZING NEW DOCUMENTARY. I am always amazed at the power of music. The way it can make me smile, cry or laugh within a few verses. The way it brings me back to a very specific memory or the way it can make me think about special people in my life. It really is quite extraordinary.

I found out about this new documentary over at Suzanne’s at Privet and Holly and I was captivated, touched, moved and inspired by it. It looks fabulous and groundbreaking to be making the connection particularly for seniors between rehabilitation and music. Watch the trailer….promise it is worth the 2 minutes!




5.? NEW MANTLE MAKEOVER.? I really loved how my living room? mantle came out, and was inspired to do something to? my dining room.

I am actually waiting on a new pair of jars for this mantle so it will once again be tweaked when they arrive but in the meantime, had fun “playing” with various possibilities. I think this shows there are no rules, and just to have fun with the process. You will know when you have gotten it just right:)

ua33nnamedAdded a bunch my blue and white minis to display them front and center


Then I decided to go back and add my three emperors again which I think I like better….

u2annamed uad3nnamed unnamfd33ed are33unnamed


6.ANOTHER TALENTED READER/CUSTOMER. I am always bragging about my readers and customers, they are a pretty incredible group and I continue to be amazed by their stories, lives and pictures. I recently heard from another reader (new to me) who shared with me her incredible home and then sent me the link to her culinary/catering site, La Dolce Vita and I was instantly hooked!

Laura clearly knows how to live life. I SO enjoyed this video (after the pictures) as it does a few things- it can inspire anyone to really enjoy what you love doing as clearly she does, makes me hungry for sure, and really puts me in the mood to go and cook up something wonderful.

This video just makes me happy because it demonstrates that it really is the simple pleasures in life that bring us the most joy,? from the prep to the setting up in her beautiful home to the “prize”….sitting around with those you love enjoying a great meal and wine. Cheers to that!

Click here to learn more about La Dolce Vita and thank you Laura for sharing these with me….




And how beautiful is her home, looks right out of Tuscany….. unname5454d un54named


unnafdmed unnafds3med

7. A WONDERFUL NEW STATIONERY LINE. This is a new sponsor for me and I just love so many of their wonderful items, I had to share! As you know, I LOVE stationery and adore everything from their darling desktop calendars to their super charming greeting cards, say hello to Giddy Paperie. Click here to visit them.

f12169c1d10f87e3879966fa8ef084fe e2ce13ef70ffb21b6d452b276aef980c photo_2_13da4fef-d11f-4e52-8fba-fbd21b3f7b19_grande calendar7

il_570xN-1_254fc0d2-2cfd-4c87-af7b-eb9ec1c52ed3_grande il_570xN_33530f6d-d9e9-4c5d-84b9-1bba868dfca5_grande giddy_paperie_calendar_grande


Always have fun putting these posts together, so much to talk about and be inspired by. Anything you are loving this week? Tell me all about it. Hope you have a wonderful day, and a relaxing end to your weekend. Until next time…..



My newly completed foyer!

Hello and happy Thursday to you. Before I begin I want to announce the lucky winner of the flat top ginger jar! Congratulations goes to-


?Tina, I love everything you have. All your blue and white pieces are my favorites. I would love them all!!! From your shop right now my favorite is the antique reproduction tureen in blue and white. Hadn?t noticed that before and I just love it.

Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail. so I can arrange for it to ship


Well as most of you by now know my foyer has undergone a bit of a makeover this past week. And what a makeover it was. I had the most beautiful handpainted chinoiserie murals from Paul Montgomery installed and to say I am overjoyed is an understatement!

The irony here is when we moved in, we really did nothing but the millwork and paint in our foyer. Originally we were supposed to put limestone cladding on the walls. For some reason I wasn’t totally sold on it and before we committed to a big expense, I really needed to be sure. I felt it might leave the foyer “cold” and somewhat barren. So we sat and lived with plain white painted walls for over 2 years.

One day I brought a sample of a chinoiserie that I was considering for my dining room into the foyer because the foyer gets very bright light and it was an “aha” moment that both? my husband and I thought maybe adding chinoiserie to the foyer was the way to go. It would bring soft color, warm up the space and handpainted murals would be like having a gorgeous painting on the walls.

So even before the dining project, our focus shifted to the foyer and about 12 weeks ago I placed my order. It arrived about a week ago and soon after, my wallpaper guy came in to install it. I took some in progress pictures for fun and have included the finished product at the end.

Incidentally, Paul Montgomery had a photographer come in a few days ago to take professional photographs and you can bet I will be sharing those as well. I can’t wait to see those because she used a wide angle lens which captured the entire space.

So enough of my talking, let me show you the foyer both before, during and after……



This is a definitely a process and is far more involved than choosing a wallpaper but then again, its in a different league than wallpaper and each and every one is very special and unique. It all starts with a concept then specifying? paint colors and pattern, and within a few weeks a full sample/strike off is sent. Production generally takes about 6-8 weeks (sometimes a bit longer) and the people at Paul Montgomery were wonderful!


Installation day- a full scale drawing/layout of the panels is provided, as each one is numbered and follows a sequence as to how they are to be installed.

nbv4unnamed unna44ddmed

Always starts with a well prepped blank wall!unnadcxmed uv33nnamed

Phil the paper hanger going over the plans showing the sequence of the way the panels are to be hunguncx2named

First panel opened and prepped!un33ccnamed

Then they are all laid? out in the order they will be hung

usdfg3nnamedFirst two are hung…it’s love at first sight!

u4333nnamedDreamy indeed


And after 4 days between prep and hanging, I have a beautiful new foyer that I just can’t stop staring at…..

IMG_0163 IMG_0166 IMG_0171IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0167Added these two oversized ginger jars with huge sprays (about 3 feet tall) of the gorgeous lifelike cherry blossoms from my shop to each of the two niche’s


And added a pair of these magnificent chairs which look perfectIMG_0159

Details and closeup of the magnificent handpainted murals….IMG_0156 IMG_0154 IMG_0153 IMG_0152 IMG_0151 IMG_0150

One last look….IMG_0166



Well….do you love it? I could not be happier, doing my dining room cannot happen soon enough! If you are thinking of doing handpainted murals I cannot recommend Paul Montgomery highly enough, they are true masters at this craft.

Also a lot of you have asked about the cherry blossoms, a fabulous flower promo will start as of Thurs. (today) at 1pm for 2 days only. Click here to see promo.

Click here to visit Paul Montgomery Studios for more information. Mention you are from The Enchanted Home and you never know what they might do for you:) Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day.


Color crush- Camel and gray

Hello there, have a nice weekend? Ours was so relaxing…..really needed a weekend like that! I, despite having a home that has lots of blue and white/cream,? do love color, even if some of the colors I love never make their way into my home, chances are they are in my wardrobe:)

I am going to start a little series, entitled Color crush on various colors or color combinations that I am loving. This month is camel and gray. I have for a long time, LOVED this combination. It is old school, classic, elegant and timeless.

Whether in the home or in one’s wardrobe….this is a combination for the ages. I love the play of cool and warm and the way they compliment each other so beautifully and elegantly.

If you are in doubt, think this post just might change your mind. Take a look……



?346ad5b31536e94cafa5071b2dae9284This palette is so beautiful…..love it!

1f5d007b2e014235d0eb8e055dc5aef5Beautiful styling by Brooke Giannetti

997ac8be90fd72ba3d3dc79f7d91459aReally liking this headboard with fun pillows….Elements of Style

?1310487371398329Stunning kitchen withe grays, beige’s and a touch of black, De Gulio Kitchens

57f1c72eefa8c9a6008e2e95d4ec95b8Really like this rich, slightly masculine elegant space, Arch Digest


cf4c152124343de96d7f30e02ab4f54dUgh….yes! Refined Style

intarya-portfolio-interiors-contemporary-closetThis is predominately gray with touches of beige/gold…and I love it!? Dering Hall

16023726806_d5c528b06f_oLove the beautiful palette of this whole ensemble

kitchenmelledesignGreat kitchen by M Elle

829ed5e786112074b6ae4c6fb7d6e597Yes to those dark charcoal walls accented with the light colored camel sofas, South Shore Decorating

?249ea98b0d939edd5f689175249d61a4Even simple things around your house can be collected to create a little cool/warm beauty


6192eb437cea96fb800cfe7f4d60c047Love it with a Little leopard thrown in….

e5ec43bfc455c4635314150df52aba2dThe warm tones completely warm up this room accented with gray, love it! Nell Hills

?f0cf8d8ac2b02393a4f76ce385bb9491? Beautiful recently completed kitchen by Brooke Giannetti

eefd085d3bcf49ba5cd8683ae2c42647Another wonderful exhibit of this great pairing! Morrison Fairfax Interiors

839fe09dd6e74960f18f15bcc97c6fa3This is stunning, love these colors together

kitchen-excellent-traditional-kitchen-furniture-ideas-in-comfy-beige-color-with-striking-gray-dining-bar-table-and-chairs-also-modern-silver-chandeliers-looks-32-inspiring-images-of-traditional-kitchIsn’t this a? fabulous kitchen, the perfect example of cool and warm coming together in perfect harmony! Brooke Giannetti

a6a2d728c574daad8ccd3005bcbe163cVictoria Hagan created this sumptuous master suite, awash in pale grays and camel

81df04128e9bbfbf73fdf761db8bae3dAdore every single thing about this…..classically elegant

c01333081ef8036572637e32969c783bDark gray walls are a dramatic backdrop to the otherwise warm colored room, Better Homes and Gardens

6eee47b19b2172323c88a0281b501243Perhaps the most beautiful example of grays/beige’s in the bathroom…splendid! Jean Louis Denoit

43d46ce8713431a00eb9bdb70e46944cMai Tai knows how to rock this beautifully!

intarya-portfolio-interiors-contemporary-bedroomIsn’t this a wonderful room with these charming and cozy twin beds? Dering Hall

af985da60356aa9048809a711c203d63And of course this too…..just fabulous and so chic

694fef519cb6d400f335009f71ada3bbIsn’t this so very pretty! Love the way the cool and warm colors mix so beautifully, Our Vintage Home Love

6b9b06a1ab4da52d64667116cb1334c1Even carrying this onto something as simple as a pillow in a neutral room can be dazzling…HGTV

84e6064209d2ae956aab843001b397b4I actually love everything about this room which really is done mostly in white with touches of gray and camel….very pretty. Decorpad

df29b7be668185e3e4bbd2fc0174d048Adore everything about this….right down to the falling leaves

6325c5008677cfc93cd905e25b991671Gorgeous space love the cool/warm effect on white upholstered furniture, House Beautiful

dbb28a7afbd0f1f0bdeb42f9446be4e5Great rug….very soothing and a perfect example of how this can work so well

And this could literally be my wardrobe,created this little mood board of camel/gray wardrobe must haves…imagine all of the possibilities here!



Well what do you think? Do you love it? Have you ever used this combination in clothing or in your home? I would love to have a room done in these colors but in my own kitchen I do have a gray/beigey thing going, the reclaimed stone on the floor is a prime example of the cool/warm combination that I so love. If I was ever to repaint my island I think a gray could be interesting but I do love my black……

c85704dfe86f0e604e0d7557202f1fa8Also don’t forget if you haven’t already to be sure to enter your name into my drawing for a beautiful blue and white ginger jar, click here for details.


Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous evening, be back on Thursday with another post and a winner!


Seven on Sunday

Well hello! Hope you are having a nice weekend, here it’s been low key and so relaxing. Lots of “house biz” this past week which I am super excited about.? May head into the city for a late lunch to meet our older sons (both now living there) but I look outside at this cold rain and could easily declare it a “must stay home” day especially with a really busy week ahead!

Family meals (few and far between)? are always planned with the best of intentions but my batting average is about a 50/50, happens about half the time:)

So as I do every Sunday here are seven things that have caught my attention…..


1. BIG NEWS. My foyer!! I am sooo excited and frankly don’t remember the last time I was so smitten over something in? my house, the chinoiserie paper? from super talented Paul Montgomery Studios has been hung, took about 4 days to complete, the sconces have been placed and what can I say I am madly in love:)

This? foyer? could be one reason alone that I will never be able to move! I am going to be doing an entire post on the foyer next week so here is a tiny sneak peek…..

unnaDFDCmed uasdfnnamed


2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Every week I share instagrams that have caught my attention. I am never at a loss of great material, if anything it’s hard to narrow it down from so many wonderful pictures! Here are 15 that made my top list….you will notice a strong theme of beautiful paintings and cherubic little kids here:)

43dunnamed unnafddfccxmed uadf3nnamed unnafd24med unnaad3amed unnafdddmed unnaffmed unnadfamed

Totally floored over this cake/candied sugar masterpiece…….just unreal both? the “in process” shot and the finished product-unnasdfdmed


unnamfdded fdd

unnamfdded unnamfd2ed unna554med unnamefd3d

3. BROADWAY.? I go on “Broadway binges”. I won’t see a show for years then see three within 2 months. I happened to catch the star Christina Bianco on Ellen doing what she is famous for, impersonations and was totally entertained. Her new play, “Application pending” chronicles the craziness of applying to kindergarten in uber competitive NYC. I will be going with my friend who is a teacher who I am sure will get a kick out of it.



Also seeing A Delicate Balance with John Lithgow and Glenn Close, really looking forward to seeing them both up close and personal! There are at least five plays I would love to see…..that’s what I get for waiting so long!


4. A MONOGRAM MAESTRO. How magnificent are these monograms? I am so happy I discovered this wonderful talent, Rachel Rogers Designs! I think I need a new monogram pronto.

And what an amazingly special gift these could make too. From a baby gift to a birthday gift for an adult friend, think these are very very special. She starts with a custom monogram and can turns them into a painting/keepsake to frame? and/or notecards. Click here to find out more.

WRW_905 Tukesite5.28_905 Shephard_905 BN_905 HPF_1000 MBA_1000 Smokedown_1000


5. NEW PORCELAINS IN MY SHOP! I am excited to have added about 12 new pieces to my shop, plus 6 more coming in this week.

Within about 2 months (hopefully sooner)? I am getting in a large number of new items, some very special pieces. I am really excited about it and will keep you posted. Once they are en route I will share pictures of all the goodies. And dont’ forget my wonderful blue and white porcelain giveaway going on right now, click here to enter.

Here is a sampling of some of the beauties newly added-

elegant-fluted-planter-351x263 tallchinesecharacter-640x480-351x263 DOUBLEHAPPINESS-640x480-351x263 turquoisefoodogs-351x263 multitall-351x263 bluewhitebasin-351x263 birdplanter-351x263 trellisjar-547x410

6. ANOTHER WORK OF ART FROM JEANNE OF I DREAM OF. I have used Jeanne’s services for a number of projects including my logo.I recently posted this picture on Instagram and talented Jeanne was inspired to paint it. Amazing but then again everything she paints is amazing. Click here to visit Jeanne and learn more about her work.

My picture-unnam55Ced


Jeanne’s interpretation-



7. WHY I LOVE MY READERS SO MUCH. Not that I really need to even count the reasons but….here is a great reason that exemplifies how I am as devoted to them as they are to me.

Please read this excerpt from an email I got from a wonderful new friend/reader almost made me cry with joy. This is why I blog because of what I get back in return, it is priceless and the connections I continue to make, just totally validate why I do what I do and why I love it so. Thank you thank you!

But here ?is what I want to tell you. I hope you realize how dearly you are loved by all of us who read your blog. But I wonder if you realize the connection your “fans” have to each other because of you?
Story 1: when we returned this Thanksgiving I immediately wrote Grace at Celerie & South and told her how much I loved the monogramed napkins shown on your website. We developed quite a correspondence ? both sharing how much we appreciate you. ?For Xmas our kids got us gorgeous monogrammed napkins that look identical to yours ? just different letters!
Story 2: When you put Judith August’s stuff on your blog ?it was exactly ?what I’d been looking for. I phoned the company asking for advise about what to order and said I had discovered them through you. Then we talked for a few minutes about how much we loved you!
Story 3: We will be based for 7 weeks this fall in the Loire Valley but I’m speaking each weekend all over France. (WHAT a tragedy in Paris!) Then I discovered Manger through you. My husband is a gourmet chef so I bought him her book for his birthday ? but now we are planning to go there (her ?restaurant and possibly even one of her cooking schools) during the week ? BECAUSE OF YOU!
Story 4: I saved the best for last! When we just returned I went immediately to Laurie’s website (LB Originals) because I wanted to get my 2 daughters some of her darling monogrammed stationary. Only it appeared to be closed. I wrote a letter enquiring and Laurie wrote me back saying she was sorry but it wouldn?t be reopened until Jan. I responded that getting on Tina’s?SEVEN ON SUNDAY ?was like having Oprah choose your book! ?We exchanged a few more emails and I inadvertently put my author name on an email and she wrote: “Becky! I can’t believe it’s you! I have not only read some of your books but I heard you speak to 8,000 people several years ago! Listen, I am going to personally do your orders and get it to you for Xmas!” CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! It arrived on the 23rd and my ?girls were thrilled.
I told Laurie that you didn’t just have a blog or a business ?- it’s t a ministry. You are helping so many of us and I have benefitted so richly! THANK YOU!



I was so touched. I love getting your emails, seeing your pictures, “meeting” you from all corners of the world and making such wonderful connections with so many like minded people!! Keep them coming:) Thank you for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend.

Don’t forget if you didn’t enter my giveaway for the blue and white ginger jar, click here. A winner will be announced on Thursday. Until next time……


Blue and white collecting 101 and a giveaway!

Hello to all my fellow blue and white lovers and that includes “aspiring” members of the blue and white club:) What’s not to love, I mean come on people, blue and white is gorgeous! I have always loved it but it’s now a near obsession and anyone who knows me will attest to that. I also believe it is a lifelong affliction….one I am just fine to have to live with!

I do get a lot of emails from people who both currently own a lot of blue and white looking to expand their collection and those just starting out, recognizing that they love it but are not sure where to begin.

While I do not claim to be an expert, I do have opinions on it and have sold many hundreds of blue and white pieces so feel like I can credibly, offer my two cents on the matter.

A few of my ideas below-

  • I would say start with a good sized pair of ginger jars, pairs can be broken up but look fabulous just about anywhere, and for larger settings, you can add other elements to create a vignette
  • I prefer antiqued blue and white vs very white and “crisp” porcelain. Typically the antiqued is a little more expensive but soo worth it, and I am talking maybe 15% at most.
  • My personal rule of thumb is always go a little bigger when in doubt. I like to make statements with my blue and white and going bigger is almost always a great idea
  • Invest in a few small planters, flowers both real and faux are breathtakingly pretty in blue and white, and that includes every color of the rainbow
  • There are no rules with blue and white,? truly it works with every single color decor. Any preconceptions you had about needing “certain”colors to make it work, well throw those out the door!
  • You can never have too many pieces:)
  • Over time buy different shades and shapes. Don’t make it matchy matchy…..the idea is to mix things up, I love playing with my deep dark blue pieces alongside my lighter softer toned pieces…the effect is stunning!

So that sums up some of my ideas on blue and white. Below are some examples of how I think it is used beautifully. Maybe it will give you some ideas of your own or inspire you to create a little blue and white oasis of your own.

Giveaway details on bottom of the post……

ca3e975e234cec0b13e7e2892312c778Blue and white is fabulous when accented with red


Love a great big bowl filled with orchids, spectacular! Aerin LauderGinger Jars on Mantel Blue Green Chinese Porcelain White

A breathtaking space, Habitually Chic

image_thumb[38]A picture I have had in my collection for a long time, just love it!

7adbd5ac27c2c0a5a0732c8497b20494Classic Casual Home shows how stunning blue and white is in the dining room0ff4b8b7bb0b39b571e3c673883eeb0aGorgeous! TG Interiors

cc0cf5f400107558f619edc388a77574You know I love my blue and white tablescapes, this is from my party this past summer. Ginger jars in the center are always a hit

09ce5ab24d3d1928cdc083189121a796Love mossy green against the blue and white….striking!

anna spiro's blue and white ginger jars

Isn’t pink just fabulous against the vivid blue and white here? Anna Spiro

Blue-and-White-KitchenThis stunning kitchen exemplifies the power of just using a few scattered blue and white accessories..perfect! Hilton Vanderhorn

New England Home house of turquoise olympian blue walls ginger jarsWho know! Blue and white looks splendid against this brilliant turquoise wall….New England Home

Tina.-Blue-and-White-Motif-Ideas.-Blue-White-decor-ideas.-Beautiful-blue-white-vignette.-Chinoiserie-mirror-is-from-Freidman-Brothers.-Via-The-Enchanted-HomeThis is one of my favorite “formulas” large planter in center and chunky ginger jars on each side

21b5d142caf3cc46536503986c1cc1fdBlue and white is quite breathtaking in neutral/white toned interiors, love flanking a doorway with two very tall ginger jars.? House Beautiful

And here is my latest blue and white in my own home plus a mantle “redo”..

IMG_0113 IMG_0116

And here is my recent mantle redo all in it’s blue and white glory! (All jars from my online shop) IMG_0120 IMG_0121 IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0128 IMG_0131 IMG_0135 IMG_0136

If you love it as much as I do, then no doubt you will be interested in possibly winning this lovely and classic flat top ginger jar (about 10″ tall) and one of my best selling pieces.


One lucky winner will win this beauty. All you need to do to be eligible? is visit my online porcelains on my online shop by clicking here? and come back and tell me a favorite piece (or two).

If you want a second chance, leave me a message on Facebook, click here to visit.? I will announce a winner next Thursday, Jan 23rd.

Thank you for stopping in….wishing you a fabulous day and weekend! Until Sunday…..

PS If you missed my post on blogging and starting a blog (Blogging 101)? from yesterday, click here

new174-58-300x201 get-attachment.aspx_21

Blogging 101

Hi there from the frozen tundra…it has been soooo cold lately. I was going through my vacation pics and boy, did I ever want to go back! I came across this one…..me horsebackriding on the beach. One of the best highlights from my trip, it was sooooo beautiful!


Back to reality!? I get a fair number of emails? on a regular basis both from people just starting out as a blogger and? those considering stepping into the blogging world. I thought it was overdue for me to address a lot of the same questions/concerns that many seem to share. I remember well being a “newb” as my kids would call it and feeling totally lost some days!

While I am certainly no expert on the subject I am going to offer my own advice, based upon my experiences blogging for about 3 years now (wow hard to believe I have lasted that long)! For my fellow bloggers, please feel free to chime in via the comments section with your own unique perspective and any advice you may have to those just staring out.

Here are the most frequent questions I get asked….

  1. How do I even begin?
  2. Blogger or WordPress?
  3. How will anyone ever find me and my new blog?
  4. What are a few “golden rules” or your top tips?
  5. How do I gain a following and insure people will want to come back and read my blog?
  6. Is social media really that important/relevant?
  7. Do I suggest getting a “professionally designed” blog?
  8. How many days a week should I blog?


OK so lets tackle these one at a time, again this is my own personal take, by no means am I saying this is the bible, just my own ideas on the matter….


1. Well first think about what you want to blog about. There are so many kinds of blogs, food blogs, decor and design blogs, architecture blogs, fashion and makeup blogs, art blogs, lifestyle blogs…..do you have a lot to talk about? Maybe in that case a “general lifestyle blog” might serve you better as an umbrella to talk about a whole host of subjects which in a sense is what my own blog has evolved into, with a heavy focus on design.

Maybe like me, you have just started building or renovating a home and want to share your journey with other like minded people. Think of what kind of blog you want to create and give some thought to the title, something that means something to you and that is catchy (I literally chose The Enchanted Home however in all of about 10 min)! Thankfully it worked:)


2. Well I have done both. I started with Blogger and have to say it is very user friendly. Was not at all intimidating. However there were “hiccups” and occasional lost posts.? There is, I think most would agree,? much less creative liberty with blogger (less options) but admittedly it’s a great user friendly platform to begin a blogging career with.

With WordPress the possibilities are limitless but there is much more of a learning curve (there is still a TON I know nothing about)! So if you are ambitious and willing to take the time to learn the ropes, you? might be better off starting with WordPress if you can see blogging being a gig that you will stick with. If not I say go with easy, which would be Blogger.




3. Admittedly the world of blogging is huge with millions of blogs and growing. Yes it can seem like a big huge world where one can get easily overwhelmed and appear virtually invisible in. First off set out to follow a handful of blogs that appeal to you, on whatever subject it is that you love whether it be design, fashion, cooking, etc……visit them regularly leave comments, introduce yourself and tell them you are new to the blogworld. Chances are good that some of those bloggers will in turn visit your blog and hopefully leave a comment or two (always a thrill, I remember well).

Social media- like it or not it is here to stay! Open a Facebook page with your new blog title, Instagram is a great way to gain a following. Posting unique pictures that convey your blogs direction? and genre is an easy and fast way to get peoples attention, make sure you put your blog site’s address on your Instagram!

Respond to your comments, keeping the reader engaged. Ask readers for ideas for topics, things they want to read/hear about. Offering a giveaway is a great idea once you have a group of followers/subscribers…another thing that draws them in. If by chance you follow a blog you love and are a regular visitor to, maybe even talk to that blogger about helping to host a giveaway to their readers (which likely is an established larger group). That is a great way to get an entire new audience to know “you have arrived”:) Most of all be patient, this does not happen over night. It, like most great things, takes time. It will happen just be patient and have a true voice.




4. I would first say having a true voice, sounds like a cliche but it is true!? Just talk about what you love, what inspires you and makes you happy. The right people will find you and want to keep following along. Not everyone will love what you have to say, and that my friends, applies to everybody! \

But having a true and authentic voice most guarantees staying power, because you will really enjoy what you are doing/talking about…chances are better that it will never get old because you are speaking about something you love.

However if you are coming up with posts that you think people want to read/hear about but it is not really what you are passionate about…then it might be a shortlived blogging career. Also visit lots of blogs that appeal to you in the beginning, leave comments tell them you are new to the blog world. Many courteous bloggers will in turn visit you and leave a comment.

Don’t be offended if that does not happen…..many bloggers are very busy and can only visit so many blogs in a day. I used to try and believe me its a futile effort!!People love original pictures, when you share snippets of your life, your home, travels, a recent meal you made…something that is “uniquely you”. People love that and that helps to make it more personal and unique.



5. First impressions really are everything, don’t you think? Look at your blog with a critical eye, when you first land on your page does it beckon you in? Do you want to find out more? If your content is engaging and interesting, rest assured people will want more.

Again an honest authentic voice is always welcoming, a sense of humor is fun and playful. Great pictures will always lure them in. People will subscribe and some might unsubscribe (do not take it personally) it happens all the time. With every blog. Every!

Invite your readers to subscribe to your blog and tell them what you might have in store for them as they share your journey with you.




5. I am one of “dinosaurs’ on this subject but slowly over time have come around:) I thought I was so cutting edge to go on Pinterest, ha…I was one of the last! Now I can’t go a day without checking into my beloved Pinterest. Bottom line is…yes social media is a huge part of gaining a following and just getting your name out there.

Instagram is a new one for me (started about 8 months ago), but have gained a lot of new subscribers/readers from it. I now post almost daily and admittedly see what all the fuss is about. Doesn’t mean you have to have an account with every every social media known to mankind, but pick 2 or 3 and keep them updated and fresh so people look forward to and anticipate your new content. In a nutshell, social media is here to stay, so get acquainted and plan on a long term if not forever relationship:)Icons-Social-Media6. I did not get my site professionally done when I started with Blogger early in 2011. But soon after I started “making the rounds” I have to admit, I started feeling that same feeling like when you show up at an event and are completely undressed, not a great feeling.

So it didn’t take that long before I realized I need a more professional look and within about 4-6 months I enlisted the help of someone who had lots of experience beautifying Blogger blogs. She gave me a pretty but fairly simple blogger makeover. I was ready to go back to that party:)

So my feeling is this….IF you can swing the expense, even if its very basic I would have at the very least from the getgo, design a professional logo just to draw people in, then if you can afford to have the entire site done, even better! Realizing at the same time as a new blogger, you might not want to make a super hefty investment, I think part of me waited just to be sure I was going to keep at it.

When I realized I really liked it, I started looking into designers who could help me create what I visualized. Best way to find someone in my opinion is pick a blog whose aesthetic you love and see who designed their blog. There are so many talented people out there! And blogs evolve, my own has had a few makeovers…….always be open to change!


7. How many days to blog….a much talked about question. In the beginning I was really churning out the posts nearly daily! However over time “life” happens and you realize this is all about balance and somethings gotta give. I sometimes found myself (in the beginning) totally obsessed with blogs, blogging almost 24/7 and really spent too much time on my computer!

So in time I have somewhat worked out a balance system though there is no science to when/how I blog.? On average I blog about 3-4 times a week. Sometimes it’s less and sometimes it’s more. I don’t do well with rules so the beauty of a blog is its your very own to do as you wish.? I visit some blogs that post almost daily and others who might not even post once a week. It’s much more about quality vs. quantity, I say go on instinct.

When you have something to talk about, post and when you don’t, there is no need to stress. Everyone in the blog world understands the ebbs and flows of this “business”. And again this is one of the beauties. If I know I am going to be away or have an exceptionally busy week, then I tell my readers this. Remember over time, your readers develop a personal connection with you and consider you friends……it is important to connect with them personally and if you do that in an authentic way, chances are they will want to continue to follow you.



OK, well I hope I have demystified some of the ideas about blogging. It is a subject that is vast and could take hours to talk about. Everyone’s perspective is different to be sure.? It is loads of fun, I have met so many incredible people both virtually and in person from almost every country! It has really fulfilled me and came at a good time in my life (making the transition from raising a family to becoming an empty nester:( I love that it allows me to express myself creatively both with writing, picture taking and sharing what I love most.

As the saying goes you won’t know if you don’t try it, right? So why not…give it a go! Now it’s your turn, to ask questions or for my fellow bloggers to add your 2 cents on the matter, feel free to address any of the questions or add one of your own. Let’s keep this conversation going……..thank you for stopping in!

If you a new blogger leave a comment, and introduce yourself and your blog.

Also a fabulous? new promo on a few remaining pieces from the tole/chinoiserie line remains, click here for details!? (A handful of items remain) Enjoy your day……