Can we talk car essentials….

Hi there, so happy it’s Friday! OK I am sure you are wondering what the heck I am talking about. Well, this is a very…… let’s say practical post! This is all about what every car should have it in, always. No exceptions. With some of these things I found out the hard way:)

So…here is my list of what every car should have at all times, I cannot wait to hear your say on the matter and what you think of as essentials for the road so I can add to my “arsenal” of staples in my own car.? Here are mine…..



1. PAPER TOWELS. I could lose count counting the ways these are a must have. Something so simple, yet I have had many? instances where there were none and I would have killed for a roll of paper towels, think spilled coffee, soda, kids eating peaches, etc……

2. CASE OF WATER BOTTLES. Because hey you never know. It is always smart to have a half or full case of water bottles in the back. Haven’t you ever been dying of thirst and you are on the run, rushing around with not a minute to spared and would just love a bottle of water? Yes, me too. So now I don’t leave home without them.

3. A NAIL CLIPPER. You heard right. I hate when I get a broken nail (I keep my nails quite short) or even worse, ? you get a bad hangnail…..where are those little nail clippers when you need them! I once again have learned through experience….just the other day in fact.

4. WET ONES/WIPES- So important. Great for wiping down the car, the seats, dirty hands, if you are eating on the run, they really come in handy. A simple little must have.

5. A FEW PLASTIC BAGS. These are essentials for everything from wet bathing suits, to cleaning out the car (all those tiny little papers and wrappers that multiply over night) for garbage or anything that needs to be tidied up. Plastic bags to the rescue!

6. ALMONDS OR NON PERISHABLE SNACKS. SO vital. I will never forget while I was? living in NYC and was pregnant had my mom visiting, we had been to Long Island and we hit the traffic jam of all traffic jams heading back to the city. We were stuck behind the tunnel and literally were not moving for HOURS. I was famished, as most pregnant woman are 24/7 and just dying for something to eat. I remember desperately searching my car for any left over party favors from my kids ,any dropped nibble would have done. So now…..I always keep a little stash of almonds, gummy bears, a cereal bar, anything that has a good shelf life..because hey you never know!

7. AN UMBRELLA.? How many times have you been out and about and it starts raining and you realize you don’t have an umbrella? Well it’s happened to me too many times to be honest so now I have a car umbrella which is a permanent fixture in my trunk. It is not allowed to leave, EVER? except to protect me in the rain then it goes right back in the trunk!

8. AN ICE SCRAPER.? Trust me for anyone in the northeast this would be first on their list.? With the winter we have had, you need this as much as you need the air that you breath. No car should be without. Period!

9. PEN AND PAPER. I am perpetual, habitual note taker. I write everything down. Whether it’s hearing about something amazing on the radio or seeing the name of a new restaurant that I want to try, hearing about a new book,etc….you always need a little pad and paper for those things you just “need to know”.



So there is my list. Now it’s your turn to talk…..what are your staples for the car?? I think for as much time as I spend in mine, most of these things I have learned the value of having the hard way….by not having them when I needed them!

Thank you for stopping in, I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful end to your week.

Don’t forget-

Calling all Enchanted Home customers.…I would love to get your pictures for my newest contest just announced. Winner gets $100 in my online shop. Already started getting some beautiful pictures. Here are the guidelines-


  • 2 pictures per person
  • Please email pictures to and on subject line put ?contest?
  • Pictures must include at least one item purchased from The Enchanted Home
  • Can be of anything or any room in your home
  • This contest starts today and I will take pictures up until March 10th
  • There is a cutoff of 60 pictures so get them in soon!
  • Contest will run March 12th and a winner will be announced on March 15th
  • The winner will win $100 towards anything in my online shop

This is your chance to show off how you have used an item you bought from me. Click here to enter the giveaway for the ginger jar.

Until? next time…..



A new contest and a giveaway!

Hello everyone. Hope your week is going well. Mine is busy with a good amount of work on my e design projects, my online “shopkeeping” and trying to balance it all with real life. Seriously this ridiculously cold weather has put me in total hibernation mode I think I could stay inside every day and never leave if I had a choice. Spring is going to be so liberating in more ways than one. I do not ever remember anticipating spring as much as I am this year, are you with me?

One of my great pleasures as I talk about often are the connections I make with my customers. I love when I get emails from my excited customers who are thrilled with something they have purchased from me, for their home.

That is really the best validation for what I do and why I love doing it so much. Thought it’s time for an Enchanted home Love contest…..where you can submit pictures of your beautiful homes featuring an item or item(s) that you have bought from me. A perfect time to show you how you? have showcased your new tole item, monogrammed napkins, belljars, silver or blue and whites, I could go on and on!? Just a few rules-

  • 2 pictures per person
  • Please email pictures to and on subject line put “contest”
  • Pictures must include at least one item purchased from The Enchanted Home
  • Can be of anything or any room in your home
  • This contest starts today and I will take pictures up until March 10th
  • There is a cutoff of 60 pictures so get them in soon!
  • Contest will run March 12th and a winner will be announced on March 15th
  • The winner will win $100 towards anything in my online shop



OK so there you go. I do hope you will participate and? send in your pictures… the meantime here is a batch of newly sent in pictures.? Your talent and good taste never ceases to amaze and inspire me! Take a look…….

unnamed unnamefds3d


unna33med aa3runnamed unnGINAamed


unnam4red unnameFDAdimalindage

unnatemed unnamtezzed


See..told you they are amazingly talented and have superb taste:) So now it’s your turn to send in your pictures. Grab your camera or phone and snap away…can’t wait to start getting them! Send to

I also mentioned a giveaway…….I am giving away this wonderful and highly decorative blue and white flat top ginger jar.? One of my best selling items in fact.


All you need to do to be eligible is visit my online ship by clicking here, take a look around and come back and tell me an item or two that is calling your name. Easy peasy, you are in the running!

I will announce a winner next Wednesday. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day!


An homage to Carolyne Roehm……

Good evening from frozen New York and I do not say it lightly…it is freeeeezing. Poor little Teddy is even getting used to it, had to share this picture. Looks like he is sunbathing in Antarctica! No, this is not our local? ice skating ring. It is our front driveway aka “our own personal ice skating rink”.



Moving along…..this post feels overdue. If there is one style maker/designer/entertainer that I feel an uncanny connection to, it is most certainly Carolyne. Yes we are on a first name basis, she just doesn’t know it yet! Plus we are both HUGE fans of blue and white, and that is a big one:)

I have long admired her work, talent, inspiration, drive and unrelenting pursuit of all things beautiful. I love that she stays true to what she loves and is passionate about.? Very rarely do you see any current trendy looks in her decor unless it just? so happens to coincide with what she likes.

Don’t even get me started on her ridiculous giftwrapping skills, her flower arranging abilities, her gift for setting the most scrumptious? tables, I could go. She is a master and certainly? in a league all her own.

I realized the other day,? how often I go to her books for inspiration and because of that I feel this post is overdue. I am a true and devoted admirer of her classic style and unwavering sensibilities when it goes to beautiful timeless design. Her books are like a gift that keeps on giving and seriously if you don’t own them, you are really missing out in a big big way.

Her books are amongst my favorites, and trust me I have a lot of decor/entertaining books. Best part is if you order the books from her site directly,? you can specify who you want the book made out to and she will personally sign it,? how amazing is that (an especially nice touch for a gift)! Click here to see and order any/all of her wonderful books.

So without further ado, take it away Carolyne at what you do best…making things beautiful!



2adf48846971474708c68cf318d95cac 0d44cb50b88bafba1bb1647c6e129b0f blue-elegant-wedding-cakes d3d4db8b279925e2d7322998f6d80be6 65b8d7bab2e91b8a1a5d91bd7d737dd5

335f19befb6050ee4b4c5ac9f04cc579 9b5cfdc96d6145669d6bc1983c3b0e88

BLUE_WHITE_121 IMG_0642 93610d70f93b210d316d225a296b04ba 98ecfbe8a9dac67027c61a799dbc3643 615c6a6997e3a6572a97497d00ad205c 4984887626e1e3fafd67aa4c6d265b80 6d7092d684d5039b4afa5a8775cb365a 430b8b5c6980c5b6d271a599d7a468f1

DSC01487 DSC01484 b166b57db9f8ffe8b0bb9451973b03bb 76a81341a195c1285f6a150f6c30f9d1 DSC08166-copy


IMG_2419 IMG_2331 DSC08166-copy DSC09213-copy fall-jpegs_SBecquet3701 fall-jpegs_SBecquet399-forPresentations1

perfetto-d Scan-9 IMG_04301 box

DSC01701 DSC01668 IMG_01651



carolyne roehm tablescape


Pretty spectacular wouldn’t you say? I? so enjoy seeing what she comes up with and have such an appreciation for her attention to detail and love of beautiful things, whether it is flowers, food, decorating or her beloved garden.

If you want to order any of her books and trust me there is not a bad one in? this bunch, click here.? Below? are all of her books in one place!


Thank you Carolyne for continuing to inspire and delight me! Thank you everyone for stopping by and really hope you enjoyed this post half as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Wishing you a wonderful and hopefully warmer evening than it is here…brrrrrrr!


Oscar 2015 recap!

Well hello friends. So…did you watch the big night? Make it all the way through? Would love to know your take on the evening. Overall I enjoyed every entertaining minute but if I had to say there was one word to sum it up…it might be underwhelmed. Maybe it was the rain?

For me, it is always about the fashion, glamour and of course the winners. This year I was rooting for a few films (The Imitation Game, Theory of Everything and Boyhood),? they did not win best picture but so it goes.

A few upsets? Yes I think most would agree there were a few,? but then again it seems every year there are a few surprises. But let’s get silly and fun here, and talk about the fashion.

The hits, the misses and everything in between. So if you have followed along with my past Oscar recaps in the past, you know I start with what I think were the hits, then move onto the misses and finally a ‘scratch my head” category because there are inevitably some that just leave you wondering, what, how, when and why?

And here we go (remember this is my opinion and is totally subjective). I also created a fun little poll so you could take part in the voting…..



THE HITS…. no narrative because frankly I think they speak for themselves.

x70ds0 x700x7da300

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals x70dfaaa0 x700fdfdf 121 aa32846x

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Was on the fence about Filicity’s but in the end the color and intricate work won me over

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Thought this was beautiful from the front which is why it was here but the back would have to go to the misses


87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

?THE NEAR MISSES (teetered awfully close to being a full out miss)

xasdf700From a distance I was applauding J Lo for finally wearing a beautiful age appropriate dress and then sure enough I saw it….the plunging neckline. She just couldn’t resist.

x70asdf0This reminds of something I wore to a prom or might wear to a wedding, and the color I just wasn’t sure about

x700fdaNot feeling the dress, the shoulder strap where the other side is left somewhat sagging, maybe I am just not her biggest fan

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

If it was not for the “tube top” which you can really only see from the sides and back,? I would have loved this dress, that unfortunately just did it in.


In this picture it actually looks really good and I almost moved it up to the hits, but though I like the color I felt the style and the chair were way too mature and somewhat matronly on her, she is too young in my humble opinion for this look

THE MISSES (these speak for themselves) But seriously these people have every fashion resource known to mankind, can wear any dress, have the best hairstylists and make artists, and this is the best they can do?

232x700I so dislike this, the color was wrong, the hair, this was one of her worst looks in my opinion, and it was a surprise she is normally so elegant. Nicole can rock many looks and colors and I could have seen her in so many other things, this one being one of them-


lady-gaga-oscars-red-carpet-2015If she had just left the dishwashing gloves at home I would have been able to accept her “fashion moment” much easier, though I am not a huge fan of the dress, I felt the hair was too severe and the gloves just plain ol ridiculous

xdsa700This I found atrocious. The fabric looked very cheap that wrinkled easily and that necklace??? No words. The hair was so severe and did absolutely nothi8ng for her. I would love to have seen her in something like this… modern, edgy, sleek with her hair down


This picture is actually flattering, the dress really did not flatter her and the hair was an absolute mess. That said i really do like her and was thriled she won, I applaud the humanitarian champion that she is (and she really is the real deal) but sure wish just for one night she would have glammed it up just a ibt, I would love to have seen her in this sweeping number-


Really like Jessica who normally is so elegant but this dress did her no favors. A very odd top of the dress made her in certain pictures look rather out of proportion, wasn’t crazy about her hair either, she could have done a lot better-



And dear Kiera who I just love, I cannot wait until you have your baby so you can go back to making great and sensible fashion choices. Angelina got away with writing on the veil but you cannot, I am afraid to say. This just did not thrill one bit. I would have taken this dress with your hair up and a gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings over what you chose…..




slide_405084_5049594_free slide_405084_5049586_free slide_405084_5049568_free

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals slide_405084_5049566_free slide_405084_5049560_free


87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


Looks like he needed a leash for that choker he was wearing:)

BEST SONG OF THE NIGHT- (great song that could make anyone cry and seeing the emotion from the audience was a high point)



Well friends that is a brief recap. I have to be honest I put this together pretty fast, I wasn’t feeling overly motivated to do a tremendous post became frankly there really weren’t,? to? me many highlights.

It felt lackluster from the leaky roof at the red carpet (you think they would have covered that detail clearly knowing budget is no issue)! to the sometimes flat jokes from Neil Patrick Harris (though I really really like him) to some of the disappointing fashions… was not my favorite Oscars but hey there is always 2016 and a certain friend of mine promised to take me:) Your turn to vote below (you can choose two faves)-

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week! Last day of the promo is today. Click here for details.


Seven on Sunday

Hello! Hope you are having a great weekend. Ours has been great minus one hiccup. We had dinner with a group of friends on Friday but I was supposed to go out of town as of yesterday for a short girls trip and thanks to yep, you guessed it……more snow and bad weather it did not happen. Here is what things look like around here-

unname434333d unnavcczmed zxcvzzunnamed 43422unnamed

Even Teddy is saying he has had quite enough (check out the snazzy zebra bandanna the groomer gave him last week, she thinks he needs to live a bit more on the wild side)


I am disappointed but we are going to try again in a few weeks. Moving on, we all know what today is…….Oscar night!

And of course I will be watching it from the very first minute that Hollywood’s who’s who steps foot onto the magical red carpet all the way until they announce best picture. And as some have asked you can bet I will be doing my Oscar recap, I wouldn’t miss it!? Here are my seven on Sunday….




1.? OSCARS! I have to kick this off with all things Oscars, enjoyed? these behind the scenes glimpses into feeding 1600 on Oscar night as well as a peek into the famed Green room (all interior enthusiasts will enjoy this)! Plus the seven biggest snubs of the 2015 Academy awards…..

The beautiful green room….

Watch Wolfgang talk about what goes into feeding 1600 discerning palettes…


And here are the seven biggest snubs of the 2015 Oscar season…..


And if Oscar fever has overtaken you, and you have always dreamed of voting and being a part of movie history, click here to fill in your very own ballot and see how your predictions stand up to what happens tonight! Horray for Hollywood!


2. MY NEWEST BLOSSOMS . I absolutely love this new curly willow blossom. It is a cherry blossom that is very curvy/willoy so it can go in all different directions which makes it so dramatic.? Added 6 to each jar and the impact was amazing. Love their shape and they are the perfect length 30″. I had only gotten four cases and they immediately sold but will be adding them? to my online shop, as more will be arriving in the next few weeks. A new fave!

unnameadfaaad uad33nnamed unnameFDASd


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. These posts would not be complete without my Instagram faves of? the week. It never lets me down:) Always something fabulous to love, discover and be inspired by!

unname433d unname886d

uA331nnamed unnamedFDAA unna6644med unnam433edunnaadaamed

?adfa asad unname4433d

unasdf32named unnam4333ed

And I am always so honored when two of my favorite artists are inspired to paint something that I featured in home or actually OF my home:) They are both brilliant, Patricia of PVE and Jeanne of I Dream Of, bravo ladies!

unn433amed unnamfdaaed AA33unnamed

4. A NEW MONOGRAM OBSESSION. You? know me and my monograms, well I discovered this artist, Kearsley Lloyd and am madly in love with her work! She has such a? beautiful style that really resonates with my own. I had to share…….what a beautiful gift this would make to a bride and groom, a special friend, etc….click here to visit Kearsley Lloyd.


photo-21 Chapman_crest2_May16_40percent_hi_res Souza_STD souza_crest_digital_LSG mussels_0003D Farber_Design_white_flowers artichoke_crest_watercolor1 Barber-Small KK_Crest2

5. A YUMMY POT OF SOUP. I love my soup, especially given that we live in Antarctica and every day feels like a soup day, in fact every meal. Forget cereal and oatmeal I crave serious comfort food from the wee hours of the morning until late at night! So our entire family loves pasta fagiole soup and I was so happy to try this recipe. I only share when something is really good.

And this my friends is really good and so hearty.? It is also quite easy (we are lucky and have a great Italian specialty shop nearby so I buy their homemade sauce and used it in the soup) but besides that everything else can be found right at your local market. Ironically the site I found it on is called Tina’s Chic, go figure. Click here for recipe (the only things I added extra were a bit of fresh basil and of course served it with crusty bread)


6. MY DINING ROOM. These are my favorite kinds of “problems” to have, got in the final samples for my Paul Montgomery chinoiserie panels and I am smitten with both but learning towards the beige with soft blues,? as I see a soft neutral tonal room with creamy silk drapes and a scrumptious pale blue trim. Quiet and serene. But the blue is also very beautiful, love them and can hardly wait for this dining room to be transformed.

?unna9888med 98988



7. HAPPENINGS WITH THE ENCHANTED HOME SHOP.? Lots going on with my little shop. This week I sent out about 1/3 of the monogram orders and it was so much fun getting to see all of the gorgeous linens!!? More to get out as they are ready later this week and next so if you don’t see yours, trust me it’s in the works! Click here to see monogrammed napkins in my online shop.? Here is a peek-

unnam43ed u343333nnamed unr5432named

Love when I get in new blue and whites… here to see the blue and whites in my online shop


And am so thrilled with the response to my latest chinoiserie tole pieces. I have of course kept pieces for myself and love the way these tole cachepots look with the boxwood balls against the blue and white…click here to see all chinoiserie tole.

unname4334d unn34343amed un3232named


So that’s what new in my world. What’s going on in yours?? With this free day that I didn’t? expect to have I am probably going to take full advantage and do a lot of nothing, doesn’t? happen often plus I want to get ready for the big night! Maybe whip up a batch of the pasta fagiole soup. We are covered in snow and ice, so it’s a great day to stay in.

Wishing you a wonderful day and great end to your weekend. Happy Oscar Sunday! Until next time……

PS In case you missed it, a promo started yesterday on all of my favorite things. Click here to see.



Project Design- Styling a coffee table

Good morning, well if you missed my post 2? days ago on makeup products, you will want to read it, the comments were amazing and I now have a long list of all kinds of products I am anxious to try so thank you! Click here if you? missed it.

You will see my blog appears wider, therefore the pictures are larger, so happy I did this as it gives the blog a more “open” feeling.

I was delighted to have been asked to join a very talented group for Project Designs newest “assignment” – different ways to style a coffee table. Project Design is the brainchild of Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home and Cindy from Rough Luxe Lifestyle.

As with so much of today’s styling and interior design..there really are no longer rules. Look at any magazine cover and you will clearly see that. Almost anything goes….which is what makes this whole process fun!

project design logo

However there are a few hard and fast “guidelines” I like to follow and today I am going to demonstrate my own little recipe for what I think makes an attractive coffee table vignette. A few of the? main characters for me are-

blue and white porcelain

lots of coffee table books

small objects like a candle or small silver/crystal vase

A piece of crystal like a small bowl or covered dish

something natural like flowers or greenery (could be a boxwood ball or plant)

So here are different configurations of those items , thought it would be fun to make it a which would you choose so vote on your favorites on the bottom (You can vote for your two favorite set ups. )


#1 Simple, one stacks of books flanked by two taller objects (hurricanes) and something floral and blue and white


#2 A taller object in the center, two smaller items on either side and two stacks of books


#3 A low profile arrangement the center arrangement is only about 12″ tall surrounded by five stacks of books



#4 Same setup with books but added two taller symmetrical vases with flowers


#5? Yet another way to style it with a taller orchid in center and a few scattered objects on top of books ? unnagfs4med

#6? Less books, a tall arrangement and a few smaller objects? ada77nnamed

#7 A symmetrical arrangement of two flat ginger jars with flowers on top of books and one piece in the center


#8 Added a tall orchid in the center? unnamefdavcd

#9? Three stacks of books and smaller objects on top with one central tall pieceunnada32med

#10 Added a silver container with flowers and two flat tops on top of booksunn33zamed

#11 This is more dramatic during a gathering would have to be removed but it does look prettyunnamfd22ed

#12 A simple and symmetrical? formula, hurricanes, small vases of flowers and one stack of three or four books (great for someone who likes to keep things simple and uncluttered)



So there you have 12 easy peasy ways to style a coffee table. The best part is there are no real rules, but it is amazing how just a few objects can make your coffee table look like a pro’s. Have fun, don’t be afraid to experiment and you will know when you have it just right.

I am constantly changing things on my own coffee tables…..that is part of the fun, always evolving and I do love to change things up with the season, like adding fresh flowers in the spring, Christmas plants for the holidays or fall leaves in the fall.

How about you, have any hard and fast tips that you want to share? Can’t wait to hear. If you want to see more clever ideas, then definitely visit the other participants in Project Design, they are chock full of fantastic and inspiring ideas! (click on bloggers names to visit).

Be sure to visit the other participants in Project Design and thank you ladies for including me. Thank you for stopping in….wishing you a wonderful day!

project design logo


Can we talk? Favorite makeup products

Hello there! You will notice that my blog appears wider, the perk being that all my pictures will be bigger, something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Haven’t done one of these in a very long time. I started Can we talk last year to periodically get a conversation going on everything from wardrobe favorites to hair and beauty products. There is such a plethora of products in the market that I often rely on other’s testimonials to decide on what to buy…it can be overwhelming!

As I have been in organization mode lately, I was cleaning out the baskets of all my “stuff” in my bathroom, throwing out expired products and rediscovering others…always fun. It got me thinking how there are certain products I love and would be heartbroken if they were ever discontinued.

Plus some newer discoveries, I so value the sharing of information that this blog allows me to do so thought? I would share with some of my must haves,? and hope you too will share those products you cannot live without! It can be so incredibly overwhelming to walk into a store like Sephora that reading recommendations or high praises from someone who has already tried a product is priceless. Ready? Let’s go……



1. Mac lipstick in Angel– this is the best soft pink lipstick EVER! It is often sold out so I buy it in the 3’s and 4’s…..have been waring this for many many years, they better never discontinue it! It is literally the only lipstick color I wear.


2. Clinique “Lash power feathering” mascara– Funny after years of looking for the perfect mascara, one day while in Neiman Marcus I asked a saleswoman for the best mascara (in her opinion) she proceeded to tell me that though she worked for another brand that the best and somewhat underrated mascara was Cliniques Lash power mascara.? I took a second look when she said Clinique because it feels so old school but I tried it and guess what..she was right! Never looked back,? if you want long thick luscious lashes…trust me!


3. Nars highlight stick– LOVE this stick. It is the perfect highlighting stick, I buy it in Copacabana and South Beac . I love using it on my cheekbones and at night on my eyes, you can use it on your shoulders or anywhere you want an extra little illumination. Have used this for years. The best highlighting stick in the market. Period.


4. Bobbi Brown stick foundation– I do not use it for foundation but as a concealer during the day. I just dab it on places like under my eyes and its the perfect blend of being moisturizing but not too greasy, it glides right on and most importantly, it stays! This is a must have for me.


5.Stila illuminating foundation– when I do wear foundation this is my absolute fave. Have used it for years and they are often sold out so when Nordstrom’s gets it in I order 2 at a time and keep one for backup. A little goes a long way and if you like that slightly dewy look on your skin, then you will love this, it has a slight illuminating quality to it which makes your skin look flawless, definitely not heavy and smooths right now. Love this product!


6.Everything pencil– Judith August makes this fabulous little pencil. It really does do everything, you can simply use it wherever you need a little “concealing power”. If you have a blemish or under eye circles, it is perfect for that and? you can use it on the body too. Introduced it to my niece who can’t live without it ( you know teenage girls and their skin)! Unlike many pencils that pull at your skin, this one glides right now…excellent product.


7. Bobbi Brown bronzer– I don’t buy blush but love the look of a sunkissed glow. Used to buy Guerlain’s bronzer but they changed the formula and it was always cracking and at $50 a pop, lets just say it wasn’t very cost effective.

Then I discovered Bobbi Brown’s wonderful bronzer and I love it….stay on, very pigmented so you only need a very little bit. Lasts forever and best part….very hard to crack this. I have dropped it a few times and it remained intact, big bonus points for that!




OK so now that I have shared what is in my war chest of secrets….your turn! Tell me what you can’t live without and why.? Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a fantastic and hopefully warmer than it is here day!

If you missed my post on Blue and green, click here.

Don’t forget last few hours of the magnificent chinoiserie (a few pieces left) tole giveaway… here for details.




Color crush- blue and green

Hello from very cold New York. I am talking bone chilling, has me dreaming of escaping to a sunny island and never coming back kind of cold. Brrrrrr…..

First thing I want to tell you about is how excited I am to have been asked to participate in Project Design, (brainchild of Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home and Cindy from Rough Luxe Perspective)? where on Feb. 20th,? 12 fabulous and stylish? bloggers will all be revealing our secrets of styling coffee tables!

Please be sure to come back this Friday for the post and links to everyone else’s ideas as well. I assure you it will be full of serious inspiration and beauty! Here is the talented group that is participating-



? So here I am continuing on with my newest series, Color Crush. If you missed my first one on camel and gray, click here, it’s worth seeing in my opinion:)

This is a place for me to feature a color or combination of colors that I am loving. I also want to show you how it doesn’t only have to apply to interiors, but can? beautifully extend to wardrobes, jewelry, fabulous invitations and swanky soirees.

This combination is one I have loved for a long long time, blues and greens. What’s not to love! So take a look and let me know what you think…..


This just says it all…..YES! Southern Wedding Magazine

e762b73be3e00dc4310099116ebe14adThis is an absolute love for me, so rich and full of color!


My own table set for two….


Isn’t this just incredible! AshleyA Whitaker created perfection here

69596b7ab723Anne Hepher used this combination to create pillow perfection


Yes to these beautiful Chanel earrings, a vision in navy and green!


David Kleinberg did a fabulous job on this sumptous bedroom


Tory Burch uses this combination often, and with good reason


Love this gorgeous duo on an elegeant invitation!


What a fresh and happy space Ana Cordeiro created!


Isn’t’ this amazing! Maggie Austin cake


Leeann Barlow sure knows how to work this gorgeous pairing

3a506d507db88e300de9ae916c53847fThis is one beautiful vignette, Verandah House

aceb4fefc410b74037de287233d41f9aLove the vibrancy of the colors and patterns here, HGTV


And why not carry it? over to paints, there are so many fabulous colors in this color category, Benjamin Moore


2e068df6dfabe5862c898941d13c72d0You can go very dark and dramatic with spectacular results, Apartment Therapy


Love this swanky set up, Ever After Affairs


Blue and green at it’s most natural and prettiest, Jenny Wolf

f03a003a878138ab886c4c4330724dfaA handsome room with just? touch of green and blue, Greg Natale


Love the rich colors in this beautiful Chanel scarf

b26457cc76f2367044cfe8b77256afbdIsn’t this so fresh and lively? Reminds me of spring! House Beautiful


There is something so sweet about this child’s bedroom, just a touch of green with the navy and white is wonderful, Nursery Notations


My own proof that I love the color combination…


Very smart looking! Fash for Fashion


One of my favorite pictures from Tory Burch’s living room, the rich? mossy green walls with the blue and white is sublime!


Katie Ridder demonstrates beautifully how well this combo works in a boys room


Sure makes for one beautiful fete, Wedding Bee


Love this space, just incredible! Veranda


Yves St Laurent clearly knows how to make this color duo work in the most chic way possible

grant k gibson kelly green dining chairs black white gray dining room ginger jars blue and white painted-floorThe blue and white really stands out in this dark dramatic room, love the kelly green with it…..showstopping!


This feels so incredibly fresh and alive, Laura Casey Interiors


Tory’s living room one more time:)


Well, what do you think? Is it a love? Have you ever decorated with this color combination or used it in your wardrobe? Would love to know!

Thank you as always for stopping in, love to hear from you. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time from soon to be (again) snowy New York…..

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Seven on Sunday

Hi there! How is your weekend going? And Valentines Day? Do anything special? We had a very cold Valentines Day (no surprise) with flurries but not the snow they said we could get (thankfully)? and met two of our closest friends for a fun and lively dinner. It is a tradition we have had for a long long time and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

First order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the darling Giddy Paperie desktop calendar, congratulations goes to….

#110 LC says:

? Oh I am such a fan of this company! I just noticed the Mini Art To Go, though. I guess it?s new or maybe I had just looked over it before. Love the size, and the idea! AI also love the poppy bowl (I?ve already forgotten the exact name). This would work great for me. I have a collection of little flower condiment bowls for spring and summer patio parties. I need to add the poppy bowl to it!

Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail with your shipping info!

Today will be a day of doing projects around the house, honestly it is just too cold to go out. It is FRIGID here. In continuing on with my so far successful closet project, it’s a work in progress but I am making baby steps towards a more organized closet! So here are my Sunday seven……




1. THE VERY BEST IN DRY CLEANING. I thought this would make for an interesting little tidbit. I mean the word dry cleaning hardly conjures up lively conversation,? but does your dry cleaner have it’s own website and concierge? A fancy name? A top posh NYC address? Mine neither:) But I have a fancy friend who lives in NY and was somewhat a jokingly bragging to me about her cleaners. So after I did an eye roll, I have to admit she piqued my curiosity.Then I found out it’s hardly any run of the mill cleaners. This is where the fashion elite send their clothes and they wouldn’t dream of sending them anywhere else.

This is a very fancy cleaners. Very. With price tags I am sure to match and what dry cleaner actually posts pictures of their celebrity clientele? It is interesting, bizarre and kind of fascinating all at once! Say hello to Madame Paulette…..if you are kind of curious too, click here to find out more!



2. BASEMENT PROJECT. If you missed the intro post on our basement project, click here. We have been working on it for about 6 months now and finally things are starting to wrap up. We are now working on the bathrooms and I am delighted with my final contenders for the floor.

I have chosen two (one for each bathroom). These are from The Tile Bar. I cannot recommend them enough, beautiful things, very competitive prices and super fast turnaround. They rock! Click here to visit Tile Bar. Can’t wait to see them installed!


unname44d un33named unn33amed u23nnamed

And how gorgeous is this sink for the “lower level” (like that better than basement) powder room?

unvc3named unaccnamed unnamedfdd


3. WALLPAPER. The only downside to doing design projects is how I fall in love with things I am doing for other people and my mind gets away from me and suddenly I am doing a little “off the path” exploring.

So I was looking for wallpaper? ideas for a customer, and found by chance this paper that I am so in love with. This seriously had me rethinking of painting my cabinets in the laundry room to a white just so I could put up this paper! Crazy? Yes, I know, no worries it’s not happening:)? Looks like gorgeous delft tile….it’s so fresh, would make laundry a pleasure!




Then I fell in love with these, if only I had a ski house…


And a room for all my blue an white, if I did this is what would go on the walls…..


or this one


And if I had a crystal closet..


And Pierre Frey always gets me dreaming of using these classic favorites..

24426b06bc60b48d29a575737b4a5941 67527c5f798379ad9bc643d32050e380 ece803e5987b296926bdf0a868ef23b7


4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST . I never tire of all of the incredible beauty and inspiration on Instagram. Whether its taking me away on a mini virtual vacation to somewhere warm, or enticing me to cook up something good, there is always something wonderful on Pinterest. You will see a heavy emphasis on Valentine’s Day this week…


unn66amed unna77med u88nnamed u21nnamed unna23med un99named unnam322ed unn321amed

unnamnv33ed unnam4bgced3ccunnamed




5. MY TALENTED READERS STRIKE AGAIN. My readers never ever cease to amaze and wow me, love getting your pictures of things you have bought from my shop and seeing them up in your beautiful homes.

Just check out these latest pictures submitted (the second and third are from a current and on going e design project, we just installed the new light)….


a3runnamed unnafd33amed

6. THE ENCHANTED HOME SHOP. Very exciting happenings at The Enchanted Home shop! Some really wonderful things are going on…the first round of monogrammed napkin orders are finishing up and will soon be on their way to their lucky owners. Click here to see monogrammed napkins.

And then the chinoiserie tole that I am just dying over has gotten put up on my shop as of yesterday, a few more pieces being added today and by day’s end it will all be up! Really loving both of these products……all my favorite things! A promo just started on the line as of Monday morning 8am click here to see.

aa unnamfered



beigegoldpagodatray beigegoldpagodaplanter

Black Chinoiserie Greek Key Tea Caddy

Black Chinoiserie Greek Key Tea Caddy



7. A EASY PEASY APPETIZER. I have bragged about and shared my delicious baked brie on my blog before. So the other day two friends were stopping by and I was too lazy to go to the market so started brainstorming about what I could serve. I always keep Phyllo dough in my freezer and I being in a creative mood, decided to try my hand at creating “mini baked brie bites”……and by golly, they came out amazing!

I was exited to have created a new and wonderful bite size appetizer, so much easier than serving the big round, which can get messy to serve. So here is what I did. If you have something coming up and need an absolutely delicious appetizer…..I highly suggest this!


You need about 1/2 of a brie wheel, cupcake tin, cooking spray, brown sugar, nuts (chopped) flour, brown sugar and egg whitesun5named

Roll out phyllo and cut into 3′, about 4″ x 4″, put into cupcake tin, add a chunk (about size of large ice cube) inside, sprinkle brown sugar and nuts on top, then add a small pat of butter


Add a small pat of butterun7namedunnafdsamed

Then “wrap them up” seal on top


unnaER3medBrush on egg whites to “seal” the dough”

unnafdsamedThey are now ready for the oven

Bake in a 325 degree oven for about 30 min ( I turned it way down and let it cook another 5 min to insure it’s extra oozy:)


uASDF3nnamed Voila! The mini brie bits are ready to be enjoyed, I serve with Carrs water crackers…yum yum

uadfasnnamedunnamFC33edI wish I had one right this very minute.


So that my friends is what’s new with me. Hungry? Yes me too:) Hope you are having a wonderful and enjoyable weekend. Wishing you a fantastic Sunday and end to your weekend.

A reminder to anyone who has asked, all the tole pieces should be online by later today/tomorrow. Until next time….

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A VERY exciting new delivery of chinoiserie tole!!

Hi there, well the last few days have been truly happy ones, due to the looooong awaited arrival of my newest batch of chinoiserie tole. To say it is magnificent honestly would be an understatement. I literally want one of everything.

I really took my time in designing these pieces and am beyond thrilled with how they came out. I also added a few really fabulous transitional items? (lamps) in addition to the chinoiserie which is what most of this line is all about.

So of course I could not wait to share this with you and give you a sneak peek at all the goodies, this is some of what has come in, there are some other pieces not yet opened.? They are going to start going online later today, and hope to have it all done by Saturday!

The good news for all of The Enchanted Home readers is that you will get first dibs and are the first to see this exquisite new exclusive additions. In the meantime, I am chomping at the bit to share, so here they are. Say hello to the newest additions……


IMG_4525 beigegoldpagodatray beigegoldpagodatray2


beigegoldpagodaplanter2 beigegoldpagodateacaddy beigegoldpagodateacaddy2

unnamefd3ad unname3433d bluewhitescallopedtray bluewhitescallopedtray2IMG_4547 IMG_4546 IMG_4535 IMG_4534 IMG_4529 IMG_4526 IMG_4521 IMG_4519 IMG_4517 IMG_4512 IMG_4511




largeblueplanter2 largeblueplanter



So can you see why I am so excited! I just love every single piece. I can’t wait to start playing with flowers and boxwoods and the new tole:) One of my most favorite things to do. They will start getting online? today and hopefully it will all be up by Saturday/Sunday.

Thank you for stopping to see what’s new in my world. It is supposed to get dangerously cold? this weekend, so hope whenever you are, it’s warmer! It could cause a crimp for Valentine’s Day in the northeast (again)? so we are going to wait and see. Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful.

I am so tired of this weather……am longing for spring and cannot wait to fling open the windows and hear the birds again:) Wishing you a fabulous Friday and end to your week.

Don’t forget to enter the Giddy Paperie giveaway by clicking here. Winner to be announced on Sunday. Until then….