Which would you choose?

Hi if you read my post on Sunday you read how I am going to be doing an outdoor sunroom at a local show house. Really looking forward to putting this together! I have ideas dancing around my head but am torn between several possibilities. To be a total purist and do just straight out blue and white, or add some pretty and cheerful green to the mix, or possibly even add some peppy pink! Truthfully to me, all of these combos work beautifully. So this is where I need your input…..

Thought it would make a fun which would you choose. The basic ingredients that I am visualizing are a 48″ round table covered in a floor length tablecloth with a topper, then a beautiful tablescape of my pretty chinoiserie plates, a huge ginger jar in the center with a big spray of blossom.

I will add some seating with garden stools around it and possibly an outdoor console dressed up with some great accessories, get the picture?? Here is a mood board with the concept (minus fabrics which is where you come in)…….


So….in envisioning the table which fabric combo do you most love?? The top fabric will be the topper and the bottom will be the underlay. You can choose two favorites, hopefully you will help narrow it down for me as these things need to get ordered pronto, not a minute to spare. Thank you….

























OB-chioce 11





So are you as confused as I am? Actually think I have it narrowed down to four favorites, but then again I see so many combinations I love and could see working. As I need to make a quick decision to get these fabrics ordered, I look forward to seeing what everyone else is liking. Thank you as always for stopping in. Until next time……

PS Every single fabric shown is from www.fabric.com ( a terrific resource for fun novelty fabrics at great prices)!


Seven on Sunday

Hi there! Hope you are having a great weekend. We were at my sons game and got back late last night…..believe it or not, it snowed yesterday, yes a spring lacrosse game in the snow in late March! I cannot even make that up. Crazy crazy, the winter that will simply not stop. I ended up having to wear my heavy jacket, gloves, hat, the whole nine yards.

Today is going to be a “chill out” day and speaking of chili,? I am going to make a pot of chili because my oldest son is coming home and that’s one of his faves:) Hope its the last day I have to think about comfort foods as we are more than ready for spring to come once and for all! Let’s get started with my Seven on Sunday as I have so many pretty things to share……



1. A FUN NEW PROJECT. I have been asked to do the outdoor sun room in a local designers showcase coming up in May. So excited, just at the beginning? of figuring out what I am going to do but I have to do a blue and white theme. Between it being spring and that being my signature color scheme…it’s a no brainier. Plus I have plenty of blue and white to use right down to my beautiful pagoda dinnerware.

Will be sure to share with you as things progress. I see a large round table covered in gorgeous blue and white tablecloth with a topper and a huge jar with a massive spray of blossoms as the center piece of the space. Some possible fabric options below….



Then I played around with possibly doing a green/blue theme which is also very pretty, so torn! Set up a poll, would love your take

OB-project grblue



2. MONOGRAMMED LOVE!. Love my napkins, have to say it! Every week when I get new orders in, I ooh and ahh over every single one and then I quickly remind myself to get back to the work at hand and that I have plenty of monogrammed napkins:)

I am sucker for monograms and then add linens to the equation and its a no brainer:) A look at some recent orders, pretty pretty! Click here to find out more about my monogrammed napkins.


unname54542d unname221xd

3. FABULOUS NEW ARTIST. I was bowled over when I saw the work of Kelly Higgs,? who specializes in these magnificent botanicals, how many ways can I LOVE them and want them hanging on my walls!! She does not have a website but click here to follow and see her work on Pinterest. Amazing! You can Click here to visit Kelly and contact her via Facebook.

247cbac1837d51b533feb9866ba41506 c62ebe64bdf47a9c6630436a64026a3b 13e05c6aa0cb6659bb67f116a2f604e4 b008510b97e6d57e68653a5817de0adc


4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. One of my favorite parts about these posts is getting to share my favorites from Instagram this week. There is never a shortage of fabulosity! Here is what is on my radar this week….

unnamefdfd6554d unnafdfddmed unsdssnamed udfsdsnnamed



unnamefdfd43d unnamdaf343ed

un3333named u2222nnamed usdsdnnamed unnfdfdamed

u343ccnnamed u343xxnnamed unname5454d

5. JEWELS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND. Where have I been? Gale Grant’s collection is amazing! Such fun pieces, especially for spring/summer dressing. I had such fun going through her site and am narrowing down my choices, not easy as I love it all.

A fabulously curated collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more….really fun! Click here to visit Gale Grant.


stack_large brace_large ddddd_large pearlj_large coral_large Mosaic_Earring_Labradorite_Julie_Vos_grande_fab48214-d810-4be9-90d7-70d7e837ef74_large skyeb_large

6. THE CUTEST DOG BOWLS EVER. PERIOD. Can you believe how pretty these blue and white dog bowls are! Amazingly gorgeous from my buddy, Dana. She just introduced these (which she handpaints) and they are already the talk of the town. They are available in different sizes.

If you are interested in letting your own pet in on some blue and white love, click here to see her online shop and/or contact her.


u3433nnamed unname4343d

Dana also paints the prettiest keepsake Easter eggs!

il_570xN.741075312_q6cl il_570xN.739085005_l3sd il_570xN.746679543_eaxw

7. THREE REALLY DELICIOUS RECIPES. I spoke the other day of my little lunch and how I made two things that are sooooo good. Every time I make them for anyone, they get rave reviews. Fish tacos and chopped brussel sprouts salad. Both quite easy. Then I posted a pasta dish (very simple but sooo good) on Instagram and got requests for the recipe so am including that too. Here are the recipes as many of you asked-



I use about 1.5-2 lbs of fish (I get dover sole)

1 bottle of McCormicks lemon dill sauce


About 2 cups of shredded cabbage (can add about 1/4 cup of corn to thatk if you want)

Lots of fresh lime

1/2 cup plain yogurt

1/4 cup mayo (calls for 1/2 cup but 1/4 cup works fine)

1 tsp finely chopped jalapeno pepper

1 tsp finely chopped onion

2-3 garlic cloves

Cumin and chili powder to taste

1 generous bunch of cilantro ( I use a lot)

For the fish, I wash the filets, salt and pepper them, pour the lemon dill sauce (about half the bottle)? generously over the fish and bake for about 25 minutes until done and flaky at around 350. Meanwhile in a food processor add the cilantro, garlic, onion, yogurt, mayo and spices and puree until smooth (will see green flecks). Add a generous squeeze of lime juice. Add this to the shredded cabbage in a big mixing bowl (you can refrigerate for an hour or so ahead of time)

In a sautee pan pour a light coating of olive oil and fry the tortillas until they start to bubble (less than a minute) on both sides. Take off, put in plate and add a generous portion of fish and top with a heap of the cabbage. Squeeze lime over entire taco and get ready to enjoy a little bit of heaven:)



I get the prechopped packages from Trader Joes or my local little fruit/vege shop. So I normally take 2 of those packages.

2 packages of prechopped Brussels sprouts

1/4 cup Lemon juice

1/4 cup chopped almonds, pecans or walnuts

2 tsp dijon mustard

3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1/4 olive oil

1/4 Parmesan cheese

?3 finely minced garlic cloves

Extra shredded Parmesan for garnish

In a food processor, add lemon juice, nuts, dijon, vinegar, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic and onions until smooth. This you can refrigerate ahead of time. Simply pour over sprouts and nuts and mix well.I add a generous helping of shredded Parmesan on top…..this is super tasty and always a hit! You can refrigerate for maybe an hour ahead of time but I would not do it more than that as it may get soggy.

PASTA CAPRESE (posted this on Instagram and some have asked for the recipe)

The key here is garlic, ripe tomatoes and fresh basil, so easy and delicious!


To serve as an appetizer 1 box of good pasta (I love De Cecco) For an entree, 2 boxes for 4-5 people

At least 2-3 pints of cherry tomatoes (as ripe as you can get them)

8 cloves garlic

3tbsp of finely minced onion

Good size bunch of fresh basil

olive oil

Sea salt and pepper

Generous amount of freshly grated or shredded Parmesan

Boil pasta until al dente (very important to be sure it’s al dente). In a sautee pan, sautee garlic and onion in olive oil until just golden. Add all the tomatoes (either whole or cut in half) Add all the fresh basil except a few full leaves (for garnish). Satuee on low for about 20 min, it will create a sauce of sorts with the tomatoes. Add a serving of pasta onto a plate and pour a generous amount over pasta, add a good helping of shredded or grated fresh Parmesan and a basil leaf or two. Enjoy!


So….that’s whats happening over on this end, anything here excite you? What’s new with you? Wishing everyone a fabulous and hopefully relaxing Sunday, until next time. Thank you for stopping in and wanting to see what’s happening in my little corner of the world.

PS Totally unrelated to anything but how absolutely adorable is this picture…dying from the cuteness!



Random musings from my iPhone…..

Hi there! Raining, dark and dreary over here but better than snow so no complaints whatsoever.? Busy day ahead, wish I could stay home in my pjs all day……sounds dreamy!

What would I do without my iPhone? I think I could seriously do without the talking on it but could never EVER imagine not having it to take pictures!! Afterall, it lets you save and freeze special moments, beautiful things, savory tidbits or memories you want to keep alive.

I know I am attached to my iPhone mostly for the camera if I am to be totally honest here:) OK, OK and talking/stalking my kids…and I know I am not alone:) So as I occasionally do here is a look at my week as seen through my iPhone.

I only realized I had a lot to share when I couldn’t take any more pictures and realized, oh yea…..I have like 3764 pictures!! Time to “clean house”. So here is a look at my week as seen through my nifty little iPhone……


Went to a dinner party and made this pretty springy basket of pretty soft colored flowers and added my darling LB Originals name tag, love those things!

34333unnamed unnER3Zamed unnamedEREER

The flower love just keeps on going in my house, these tulips are on their 8th day….



Been buying more fruit lately, plus its a great way to fill my blue and white bowls….


Had one of my closest friends over for lunch, made my brussels sprouts salad and fish tacos, two my most favorite things!!!!? Will share recipes on Sundays post…yum yum!

unname76676d unnamed545454 4335cunnamed u433nnamed unnam4343ed

Having fun sending out another batch of gorgeous monogrammed linens from my shop!


Got this beautiful rug for one of my e design clients, pretty pretty!


Fell in love with these very tall beautiful bookcases possibly for a client and was imagining doing a whole kitchen around these, love the color! Can’t you imagine a wall of these?


And really loving these gorgeous painted French nightstands, painted beige with a navy trim, aren’t these great! I am thinking of them for my sons “new room”

uavccnnamed unnam345353ed

Working with someone on her kitchen/breakfast room and a bedroom and coming up with such pretty fabrics, I am truly like a kid in a candy shop, one of my favorite “hobbies”!

un343znamed cxv23unnamed cxzvcunnamed

Started a silver polishing campaign (will be done in many stages)


OK I know I said I would not share the “lower level” pics with you until its totally done but I cannot resist, was so excited to see how beautiful the marble came out. But this is it! Until we are done…..




So thats a peek into my week. I hope you have had a great week, and of course a fabulous weekend!? Thank you for stopping in, always love hearing from you. Until next time…..

Also new promo alert only on for 2 days, fabulous things from Vagabond House, click here for details.



Which would you choose?

Good morning friends!? Hope everyone is enjoying a great spring-y week. Over here, no snow so that’s progress however it’s still quite cold and I am still waiting for those springlike temps to creep in…..but I can feel it’s coming and I can hardly wait:)

With the welcoming of a new season comes all kinds of wonderful ways to usher it in, fresh flowers, sprucing things up around the house, adding pretty new frocks to the wardrobe. If there is one designer who best epitomizes ladylike elegance? it would have to? be hands down, the iconic label of? Oscar de la Renta. His magnificent creations are so beautifully detailed and always supremely feminine and refined.

With a few events coming up, I am forced to think about two things- what to wear and going on a diet (ugh)!

Thought this would make a fun post…let’s just say the Oscar fairy paid a visit to your closet and granted you one Oscar pick, which would it be? Feast your eyes on the contenders….































Ah, every one is so pretty,? like a breath of fresh spring air. So…now it’s your turn and for fun I will throw in the bodies shown including the toned arms, shapely legs and svelte waistlines just to sweeten the deal:) You can click here to see the entire beautiful line of Oscar de la Renta.

What is your favorite springtime look in clothing? Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time……

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The squeeze on lemon love

Hello, so how is your week going? Hope well, here busy busy,? exciting progress is being made on the “lower level” aka basement. I told my husband I feel like I am building a house all over again. I said never again and I really meant it. Let’s face it you don’t deal with stress the same way you do in your40’s/50’s as you did when you were 22!

I feel like I am still getting over the toll that those four long years took, especially given that we thought this was going to be a restoration not a new build. It felt like four years of my life was on hold, so I am anxious to get this done and never look at another construction site ever again!

Anywho back to the subject at hand…..lemons. I love them, talk about bang for your buck. Not only are they beautiful in glasses, pitchers, on food and party tables but they are equally fabulous in big bowls and dishes for decor. So today a look at the versatile little lemon, the more the better!



Blue and white and lemons are a perfect pair, Neiman Marcus


How pretty is this Lilly Pulitzer inspired centerpiece, Southern State of Mind


OK I am absolutely in love with this, makes me want to throw a party like right now:) Style Me Pretty


Beautiful and so easy for a party centerpiece, Pinterest


Few things look as appetizing as a great big container of iced cold lemonade with lemon slices


Love the way this simple garland and lemon/lime centerpiece runs the length of the table, Intimate Weddings


This is so clever…..definitely going to try this


Leave it up to Caroylne Roehm to elevate the beauty even of lemons! How beautiful it is paired with the daffodils


This is so beautiful and love how unique it is, Better Decorating Bible


One of my all time favorite table settings, adore this and will have to copy one day:)


Lemon cheesecake? Yes please! Mountainmamacooks


Gorgeous lemon cone topiary graces this elegant food table, the dash of color is really striking


Isn’t this incredible…the lemon/citrus tablecloths, gorgeous, Lushfloral


How fun is this, clever and easy


The very best is having your own lemon tree!! Cannot wait for mine to arrive


This I feel compelled to try this holiday season, lemons, pears and magnolia leaves, stunning


Adore this idea, lemons and limes as placecards, so adorable! Style Me Pretty


Aren’t these stunning, lemon topiaries


They sure do make stunning centerpieces! They kind of elevate a simple glass vase, Lemons and Loafers


Adore every single thing about this picture…proof that lemons are indeed a decorative accessory:)


In my “research” found this picture of my own lemon topiaries that were in my kitchen when I first moved


How good does this look? Meyer lemon flatbread…yum! Katie Parra


Gorgeous….I must do a table with lemons,? The Perfect Palette


To show I practice what I preach here is my own little container in my kitchen filled with lemons

And a little mosaic I made on lemon love-



So….what do you think? Do you always? have lemons around? Does this have you thinking in a whole new way about the versatility of lemons? I sure got lots of ideas and am determined to create a beautiful table centered around lemons, maybe a luncheon or a small party, who knows.

All I know is lemons are certainly multifunctional? and best part is they are so inexpensive……way less than flowers! If you have some ideas of your own, please share! Thank you for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful day, here the sun is shining though we aren’t getting past 40, spring is taking it’s time, but I am being patient! Until? next time……

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Seven on Sunday

Hi friends, how are you? Well, here we are digging out of getting another 6″ of snow Friday night! Yes crazy I know,? but seriously nothing surprises me about this winter. Old man winter just doesn’t want to leave. Here’s to spring coming and staying for good! Even normally patient Mr. Teddy has had quite enough…..


Today we are headed into the city to meet our two oldest sons for an early dinner and going to a few art galleries, which should be fun:)? We have had a nice weekend, dinner with friends and a fair amount of time for some relaxation. Here are my Sunday seven……




1. MY MOST POPULAR INSTAGRAM PICTURE . I really didn’t “get” instagram up until about 8 months ago then I was encouraged to get on the bandwagon and haven’t looked back since. It’s fun and for those who like instant gratification, it’s a quick fix for all kinds of beauty and inspiration.

The other day I posted this picture and it received the all time highest “likes”with 500! (does this make me sound like some impressionable 16 year old)! Click here to follow me on Instagram.


2. TULIP LOVE. Spring makes me so happy, with the abundance of flowers in all their many colors..whats not to love! I have been filling my own home with lots of pretty spring tulips, because nothing says spring like a vase of tulips!! I am especially loving the variegated versions in many different colors…..

unna8676med unnameFDXXd


Did a post the other day on tulips and snowstorms showing how I added them to various arrangements, click here to see


Added them to my kitchen

Then I played around with my foyer chest vignette, wanting to give it a more “spring like” feeling by adding the blossoms…


But then I added the small vases of variagated tulips and fell in love with the way it looked, makes me want to throw a spring party!


u4343433nnamed unn343433amed

u2322nnamed u34343nnamed

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. You know how much I love to share what I am loving on Instagram! This week the beauty and inspiration continues to wow and amaze me…..definitely drawn to those that feature flowers! Here are my top picks of the week-

unnameVCCCd uCERECnnamed

unname54544d u343343nnamed unn34433434amed unnaCVCVmed unnamGFGFGed

un344343named unname6565d unFDDFnamed unnaASASmed

4. MY MONOGRAMMED NAPKINS. I still get so excited every time I get in new orders for my monogrammed napkins! Even though they are not even for me, I feel like it’s Christmas:) Here is a look at some of the beauties that recently arrived and are getting dolled up to be shipped out. Click here to see my monogrammed napkins online…..

unnam4343xxed unnam3433xxed u343343nnamed unadfaaanamed adf32runnamed

43433unnamed u34343nnamed


And my own newest napkins which I am smitten over….

unnam343ced unnamfd3r3ed unnamefddfrd

5. A RECIPE WORTH SHARING. You know I love to share my recipes when I am really loving something. I try to experiment on average once a week and try something new.

This was a hit with my family….it was easy, so delicious and hearty but not too heavy. I served it with scalloped potatoes and asparagus tips and a great big ceaser salad. Yum yum! I will be making this again sooner than later, a new staple in our household. The only thing I did was add much more of the lemon squeezed the juices of 2 whole lemons over the finished dish.? Click here for the recipe over at Jo Cooks.


6. MAJOR LOWER LEVEL PROGRESS! I am excited about how things are really moving along now. The next time you see this space, it will be an entire post on the completed project! Counter tops/appliances getting installed this coming week, bathrooms will get buttoned up in the next week or so (waiting on vanities/faucets,etc…) It is finally starting to shape up and now I am just starting to think about furniture, barstools, etc……


So the bar is really coming along! Counterops and ant. mirror will be added within the next week to ten days, doors and shelves and voila it will be done!


This is the vanity I am doing for the powder room (in white) the other one only came with carerra marble top which did not match the floors


The gym/guest bath coming along, love this floor



This is the little powder room floor, not yet grouted, love the tile with its pearl framing the marble hexagons


7. THE SWEETEST GIFT FROM MY READER. I must say I am continuously touched and inspired by my readers. From them sharing their beautiful homes with me (click here to see my evolving online gallery of my customers homes) to the incredibly kind emails I get to getting goodies in the mail..they really are the best!!

I got in something this week that I fell head over heels in love with. The first are the cutest salt and peppers i have ever seen! Mini ginger jar slat and peppers. I am in LOVE with these!!!!!! Thank you thank you Laura, you know how much I am going to enjoy them. I already ordered a few more from Pier One, who knew!? Click here to snag a pair of your very own.

2803696_13 2803696_1



So that’s what cooking over here. Anything here excite or inspire you? What’s new on your end? Thank you so much for stopping by and checking in with me. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday and end to your weekend. Until next time…..


Snow storms and tulips……

Hi there and happy Friday afternoon. This was an unexpected post but if I told you there is a raging snow storm outside, would you believe me? I thought so…yes its true. It’s snowing on this first day of spring…..I don’t even have the words.? Hot off the presses from a few hours ago….


udf343nnamed unn34433amed unname4343d

un3433named unnafdfdmed

unnam43343ed unna233223med

The only thing I can think of to combat this dreaded winter that will not end is to fill my house with spring and hopefully by channeling a spring vibe, it will fight its way over to NY to stay! I sure hope so.

I picked up some beautiful tulips at Whole Foods which were also extremely reasonable and had fun playing on this snow day. Also set up a table for two for a friend coming by for lunch who I hadn’t seen in a while. To me no flower says spring quite like the elegant versatile and hardy tulip. So here is my answer to old man winter…….


Love the colors of the variegated tulips.. my favorite this yearunna8676med unnADSFSA3amed

They always look beautiful in blue and white!


And my table for two (check out my new monogrammed napkins too) LOVE these:)


Then added a few more to jars in my kitchen…

unn343ccamed unn3434zzamed unnam554cced

These are 8 days and going fairly strong…..impressive!

And to my mantle, am in love with the way this came out-

?unname433d unnadsfa3amed unna343med


I hope old man winter is having fun on his last day in town..because I am fully ready to embrace spring and all the goodness that comes along with it. Enough really is enough!! How about you? Ready for spring too? Are you a spring flower nut like me? Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful afternoon and end to your week! Until next time……

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Gotham in the house!

Hi everyone! I am back and it was so nice to escape for a little getaway.? I am feeling totally refreshed and happy to be back at my desk:) As most of you know our house has been used a number of times for the hit series, Gotham. This is not a genre, I? personally love? but naturally we are drawn to it because its so much fun getting to see our house on TV! It’s dark but compelling, and it has won over so many people that they just signed for another full season.

So Gotham was back in full force, just think of a small village taking over. You really cannot get the full gist of what goes on unless you have lived through a movie shoot. It is I N S A N E! We? know what to expect now but this time it was a shoot that went until the wee hours of the morning so it was particularly nutty.

Yet it’s also very exciting, I cannot lie. So thought I would take you “behind the scenes” a little bit to show you what really goes on. You have no idea the amount of prep, manpower and equipment required to shoot even a short 10 min. scene…unreal!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves with very little narration except where there’s really something to tell. And here we go….


Having just had another snowstorm was no obstacle for Warner Brothers, they spent 2 days having people come to clear the roads and areas that they did not want the snow, the power of the movie biz! They amazed me in how they were still able to set up all the outdoor lights…..

bv3 unnamadsfa23ed unna7867med

undf22named unname656454d 232unnamed

The first step is protecting the house, it’s not pretty but it gets the job done!

unnam877ed unnam544544ed un4332named unnamemmbd unnazc33med

And then the set crew moves in and starts working their magic….

unnamccz3ed unna44med umbbbnnamed 34zcunnamed cvxc unmbvnamed


My center foyer table was moved to use in the dining room as part of the backdrop

unname54544d u23232nnamed unna55454med unhjhjnamed

I found this to be totally fascinating, so to protect our floors and rug (rug was removed) they painted a huge paper floor to mimic our floor, their art dept is truly off the charts!

unpioiinamed unnam876ed

The floor in first picture (to the left) is their painted floor to match the right (my floor) and the second picture is their finished product!

unnamemvxxd unnamevcxxd

The newly created floor is done and ready to dry


The finished room. Fun to see my ginger jars getting a piece of the action:)

umbbbnnamed 34zcunnamed

And this coffee table was created out of cardboard meant to look like one of mine, its a breakaway table (meant to break on scene)

And during the actual film shoot….total craziness but a fun crazy

unnamefdsbvcd unnam343zcxed

A crew of about 90 requires a lot of food and drink!!!


The lighting was incredible…..all that just to create the right mood for an inside shoot


In process of filming first scene

u45454nnamed unna3433med

Yes there was even an ambulance, as there was a stuntman for a scene (sorry can’t tell you quite yet what happens:)


More cool lighting!


Mr. Teddy made himself the self appointed Gotham ambassador and made his rounds


One of the snack tents


This is a Gotham scene if I ever saw one

unna333333med unname656454d 232unnamed

And then they finally wrapped up in the wee hours of the morning, it amazes me how like a colony of bees, people come out of the woodwork to start “takedown” all the equipment is loaded up and hauled away, then clean up day follows the following day


Cleaning up never felt so good!!!! Ahh….peace is being restored

unnaxcvbcxmed usdzznnamed unnamfdazzed unnamnv33ed

unnamed322 aasunnamed

And that’s a wrap! It is a tremendous undertaking and I do not say that lightly!

I will be sure to let you know when this episodes airs (sometimes in April). I will also find some of the other scenes and share them with you from the more recent episode. Here are? a few from the original in case you missed it-

unnameassasasad usddssdnnamed

unnam434334ed unnamfdfdswed dfdfdf unnavcxmed unnamcxcxed unnavccmed

So there you? go, a little of the inside scoop into what goes on during filming. I enjoy the entire process and getting to see it up close and personal but I will not lie, once the clean up day comes I am a happy camper!? Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a great day. Until next time…..


The incomparable PVE……

Hello there, by the time you are reading this I will be away for a short 3 day trip (left Monday morning), so scheduled this to post ahead of time, ?sure hope it does!?This post actually was originally going to be part of my Seven on Sunday but I had so much to say and share on the matter that I,? in the end decided this warranted its very own post.

I want to introduce you to Patricia of PVE, in case you don’t know her. You might know her work as she is what I put in the “uber artist’ category. Her elegant work graces the??J McLaughlin ads if you are? fan of their elegant clothing. I was thrilled to meet Patricia last year at not one but two bloggers luncheons, she is the loveliest person whose kindness and big heart matches her talent.

After hosting a small group in my home, she proceeded to tell me that she was working on something for me, I? knew whatever it was promised to be fabulous. Well…I was not prepared for just how fabulous. I got in the mail last week the most amazingly beautiful painting of our home. I was touched, overjoyed, in awe and ?truly smitten with this incredible gift.

She went a step further and had it framed in an elegant antique. gold frame and beautiful bisque colored matting. Patricia, I have already told you a few times but I can’t say it enough….thank you, thank you!

So here it is and then let’s take a look at just how talented she is by looking at some of her beautiful creations. A M A Z I N G! If you want your very own customized piece of art and PVE original,? you can visit and contact Patricia by clicking here. This was a really fun post for me to put together as I never tire of seeing her beautiful treasures.

unnasdfwzxcvamed zfg3unnamed unnamezv33d

unna33Amed unna3aaamed a3aafunnamed

And here it is on a family room console, a highly visible place where we can enjoy seeing it every day


And just take a look at some of her beautiful work….truly takes my breath away!

8b18f87161d9cedfc33e5136368732cb 572609c8947f3b532bf4611529487bce 4ce7a47e5a87c1e509628d58b7a4b6f7 30029c1efe3fb890d0158361384d3253 22035f9ef415ea74984e7dd3f91edf09 e3833586f9254226ef080edaac638571

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Isn’t she incredible! If I could paint like that, I would be painting all day long. Her work is very very special. Patricia,? thank you again for bestowing upon me my very own PVE original. I assure you it will be treasured always. Click here to see her work and find out how you can order your own customized painting from Patricia. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day!


Seven on Sunday and a winner!

Hi friends! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend…it rained cats and dogs yesterday and we were gone for the day to my sons game. Then he surprised us by coming home with six of his teammates (a happy surprise) the not so happy part was waiting up in between fits of sleep until 4:45 am until they waltzed in after a night on the town in NYC!!!!! They do not break for spring break but did get one night off before they head off for a three day team trip.

Coffee never looked so good as it did this morning. I made a spread for them (every college boys dream) but then I laughed thinking they will probably sleep till 2 or 3 and want lunch, lol. For the ones that are not from NY they are in for a major treat….the best NY bagels around:)

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First order of business is to announce the winner of The Enchanted Home Love contest! It was a close race and truthfully all of the pictures were winners, but the one you crowned is……Leslie’s gorgeous kitchen picture!


Congratulations and please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to claim your prize.

Moving along with seven things that have caught my eye this week. Ready to see? Here we go…..


1. A BEAUTIFUL NEW LINE. This line is exquisite. Found them while prowling on Net a Porter. I was sure these would be thousands, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw that they were all on average 400.00??? Absolutely gorgeous classic gowns, tops and jackets with unbelievable attention to intricate beadwork and with a price tag like that, I can afford more than one! Click here to see more from them…..

517985_ou_xl 517985_in_pp



Waitlisted for this..love it!

517994_in_xl 517988_in_xl 492226_in_xl 492227_in_pp 517993_in_pp 517992_in_pp

Ordered this can see it working with black pants and a pair of white in the summer.

ITEM 2. MY BLOSSOMS.? My curly cherry blossom stems are in! I LOVE these blossoms, they are amazing, and love the curly willow shape, that you can easily bend in any direction. They really take on a rather magical look and I got lots of inquires about them when I posted them? a few weeks back.

My long awaited order has arrived and they will be online within the next few days but in the meantime are for sale. I sold out of them but getting more on Tuesday.? Sold by the dozen $140.00 for a box. If you want to place an order simply contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com…

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ITEM 3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always so much fun for me to share what I am loving on Instagram. The inspiration truly is astounding and I have to say I follow some really fabulous accounts:) This week was particularly full of incredible pictures. Here are my faves this week…..

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unnameFAD33d unnFDA23amed ADS3unnamed unnamCCX3ed unname43433d unname4433d unnamVV33ed u2211nnamed 2211unnamed unnam221ed un112named

ITEM 4. MY “LOWER LEVEL”. Sounds so much nicer than basement! So it’s really starting to shape up….the bar is about half way done, we are waiting for the doors and upper cabinets but indeed I am starting to visualize the space.

They just templated for the countertops and it should really start coming together in the next week or two. Plus the bathrooms are starting this coming week, so a little peek at the tile, from Tile Bar...love that place!

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The bathroom flooring from Tilebar, click here to see their phenomenal selection…


Powder room

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unnamed33d unname554d


5. DETOX GETAWAY! Yes please, ever feel totally overwhelmed, exhausted, overworked? I have been having very full days as of late and naturally my mind has wondered to the idea of a total getaway, nothing but “vegging out” for a few days, a total decompression kind of vacation. Sound good? Yes me too. Town and Country listed 7 recommended “best detox destinations” and I took notes:) Click here to find out more about their recommendations.

gallery-1426279583-tct040115ciopener007 gallery-1426279226-tct040115ciopener005 landscape-1426278302-tct040115ciopener008


6. A BEDROOM MAKEOVER. So my sons bedroom was never really totally “done”. We moved in with his old furniture and I never really went ahead and “did” his room, mostly because he didn’t want? me to, a true boy:)

However I wasn’t loving the dark furniture so am giving his room a makeover.The room is pretty nondescript especially since “stripped it” since he is off to college.

unasdf33anamed uaf3e3nnamed

I am starting with a navy leather upholstered headboard and will put a bench in a great fabric at the foot of his bed.

Ordered these amazing crest prints which will grace his walls. I love these prints, and am considering carrying this line of beautiful high quality prints that are custom framed. So here is the direction…

unna6545med unnfda3amed uadsf3nnamed

One of these headboards in navy leather (you have to do a visual) and no nailheads

SLEEPONIT_L502__600x600 W526K-HF_a__600x600

I like this bed with the crisp white bedding with navy accents-


Will add a Ralph-y club chair in leather


7. THE CUTEST MONOGRAM APPLIQUE PILLOWS. I have spoken of Calico Daisy before and in fact have two of her beautiful pillows on my guest room bed. Now that I am redoing my sons room I am thinking of having two shams made for his bed and naturally she was one of the first places I thought to look. Love her pillows! Plus her prices are fantastic, always a perk:) Click here to see more from Calico Daisy.

il_570xN.426334327_2eyh il_570xN.469535376_3r7n il_570xN.711837952_8orb il_570xN.384071869_3f5u il_570xN.516329991_ms5z

Here they are on my guest room bed, love them as? much today as I did when I first ordered them…..

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So that’s whats cooking over here! How about you? Anything here excite you or is there something you want to share? By all means, please do! Thank you as always for stopping in, congratulations again to Leslie with her beautiful entry and of course every other person who shared their beautiful homes with us.? Enjoy your day and end to your weekend. Until next time….get-attachment.aspx_21-1024x3811-1024x381-1024x381-1024x381