14 fabulous ideas for Mom and a giveaway!

Hi and happy Tuesday to everyone! Gorgeous day out there but unfortunately I came home yesterday with symptoms of getting some kind of flu/virus. Doing my best to take good care and hope this is short lived, have so much on my plate this week starting tomorrow until Sunday I need to be 100%!

First off Karena from Arts by Karena is giving away one of my chinoiserie tole lamps! You won’t want to miss it, so click here to enter the contest (winner to be chosen on Sunday)


As spring is ticking on by,? I realized Mothers Day, May 10th,? is not so far away, and it’s time to start thinking about all the mothers in our lives and I always like to include a little treat for oneself afterall we work hard 365 days a year, we deserve a little something don’t we?

Here are some ideas for gifts, that I personally would love to receive, some of which I have given or might be giving this year:) I thought I would share- (click on title of item if you want to be taken to that website for more info)



IDEA 1. Love the idea of calling a local garden center and hiring them to go and plant flowers? or rose bushes or whatever strikes your fancy. I did this for my mom last year and it was such a nice surprise for them as well as being a gift that keeps on giving.



IDEA 2. This darling, whimsical and very pretty Mckenzie Childs tea kettle would be sure to put a smile on any moms face, given with? a box of tea…wouldn’t this make a wonderful gift!




IDEA 3.? Love this set of four beautiful bangles by Ashley Pittman, they are an exclusive by Ashley Pittman, so pretty and love that they would go with everything!


IDEA 4. Love the idea of this personalized passport chic cover (one of 4 colors), so elegant and distinctly yours!



IDEA 5. Have long admired this beauty from Nest, now on sale at Bergdorfs.…for a mother who likes statement necklaces, cannot imagine a prettier one than this, also super neutral an seasonless! This is really beautiful in person.



IDEA 6. I am a huge book lover, and believe there is always room on my book shelves for another great book. I have gotten a few lately which I have to say I highly recommend and would make wonderful gift ideas for any mother!

For the shoe lover, this incredible book Art and Sole by Weitzman is just fabulous and so much fun. It features 150 art shoes done out of all the most amazing fantasylike materials you can imagine, each and everyone a masterful work of art and the perfect addition to any coffee table or nightstand. This book is a must have for the shoe lover in your life!

AS_book-low-res unna34med

Charlottes Moss’s new book, Garden Inspirations did not disappoint….if you love flowers and gardening sprinkled with a nice dose of blue and white you will adore this book!


IDEA 7. How about for the dog, shoe or? lover these absolutely beautifier cocktail napkins! They are as whimsical as they are pretty and priced so well!

Dogs- I couldn’t resist these and got them for a dog loving friend too:)


Shoes- I know many girls who would proudly love these for their entertaining


IDEA 8.? This gorgeous diffuser from Agraria is a new fave, besides being so pretty, it smells heavenly! Free shipping too:)


IDEA 9. ? Fragrance is always a great idea, fun to et something new. This is a favorite that I wear often especially in the warmer months, it is so soft and has a beautiful mix of rose and jasmine and lasts forever! I am a big fan of Jo Malone! Free shipping


IDEA 10. Have a mother who loves orchids? How about an orchid a month! I would love to get that, hint hint:) This company will deliver a beautiful orchid plant once a month for either a 3, 6 or 12 month period. Love the idea…click here for more info


IDEA 11. Maybe your mom has always wanted to learn to paint, or secretly desired voice lessons, a photography course or maybe a cooking class to brush up on her skills. Giving the gift of a class or series of classes is always to me, a fantastic and super thoughtful idea…


IDEA 12. Of course you know I love my monograms and I think a set of custom monogrammed napkins is a gift that would make any mother too happy to receive! I am promising Mothers Day delivery for all orders placed before May 1st! Click here for information


IDEA 13. How about this really beautiful structured bag in cream and white, great color shape and will go with everything. Best part it’s nearly half off! A steal if you ask? me for such a great looking bag….


IDEA 14. One of my beautiful containers from my online ship filled with an orchid or flowering plant of some kind, this is always a beautiful, elegant and much appreciated gift (one I have given many times)! Here are a few of my personal faves, click here to visit my shop-


So there are just some ideas for a special mother in your life and of course that includes yourself:) I always treat myself to something special, afterall I work darn hard being the best mom I can possibly be and if there’s one day that I feel like? I’ve earned a little something..it’s Mothers Day!

Thanks for stopping in..have some ideas of your own? Please share them with us. Many thanks for stopping in, until next time! Don’t forget to stop over at Arts by Karena for the tole lamp giveaway. Enjoy your day!

Also if you missed my showhouse reveal, click here to see it from start to finish!


My showhouse space!

Hello! Hope your week is off to a fantastic start now that the beautiful weather of spring has finally decided to arrive. I am so enjoying it, and feel? a little pep in my step with the warmer longer days, how about you? I was going to post this tomorrow but wanted to mention the Gotham scenes of our house tonight:)

For anyone who has enjoyed seeing my house on the show,? Gotham, tonight is the second to last show of the season and the scenes with my living room and staircase are on tonight on Fox at 8pm EST. We will surely be tuning in, I wasn’t here for those scenes so even to me they will be a surprise!

As you know I have been working these last few weeks on the show house patio/covered porch area. The beautiful Mill Neck manor is located on top of a hill which though beautiful and majestic means strong cross breezes and on a very breezy day literally it can feel like a hurricane up there (did not anticipate this and it meant many days of having to take down what I had set up only to return to set it up yet again)!

The mansion itself? is very old (turn of the century) though the interior spaces have been beautifully kept up, you will see areas where the masonry has had to be replaced and not the same color as the original, it can also be? drafty and a little drab. My wish was to give it light, crisp and? pretty vibe, and I think I achieved that. The show house opens May 2nd and will stay open for about a month.

As many of you have asked, the information is at the bottom of this post. I thought it would be fun to do a post on my little space, and show you the before and after, mind you these are pictures taken from my iPad but professional pictures will be taken next week which I will definitely be sharing. I also did my best to include sources where applicable.

This is very picture heavy so be sure to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, sit back and relax:)



And here is a “behind the scenes”-



The raw space I was taking on-


unnaer343med unnam5665ed

The prep in my garage:)

unnam34333ed u232nnamed

On any given day in the last few weeks my car looked like this-


Gorgeous chinoiserie pillows are from The Happy Seamstress, who was wonderful!



Guys unloading……..

u4nnnamed unn3hhamed unnameumnd

And some of the main characters getting carefully transported:)

unna2332med un545432named

?A visit to an incredible wholesaler through a friend to pick some more beautiful topiaries…

unna343vvmed uncccccnamed

This console was just what I was looking for but I wasn’t loving the oak-y color so I came up with a little DIY’er


Let the setup begin….


The outdoor trellis rug from Safavieh was perfect…


First layer of the table getting put on…


Got two of these white garden benches from Wayfair for either side of the patio along with this beautiful Safavieh outdoor rug


And how gorgeous are these oversized blue and white fishbowls! They are about 22″x? 21″ and are fabulous!



And the after of the table getting stained/painted-


And more things getting delivered for one of the setup days….



Fishbowls got their palms and started adding other pretty little accessories

unna5655med unnamed9,,

My vision come to life…..how pretty are the Tilton Fenwick linens on the table!



Love the hydrangeas however they require a lot of constant watering and I think in the end I am going to just put two more palms there, when they droop they look really sad

34333333unnamed 3232nnunnamed

1212unnamed unname24224d


Napkins, mini boxwoods and dinnerware (melamine) are all from my online shop

2112unnamed unnammntted

The fabulous chinoiserie pillows on the chairs are from The Happy Seamstress who was a delight to work with!


Adore the topper I had made from the collection of Tilton Fenwick for Duralee


The beautiful cherry blossoms are also from my shop


The gorgeous bamboo flatware was such a bargain! Over at Horchow 20 pieces for $35.00, click here for info



White ginger jars are from one of my porcelain resources


The gorgeous floral pillows and tablecloth topper are from a collection I totally love,? Tilton Fenwick for Duralee…

?u3bvnnamed unnam4vced

All porcelains and hurricanes are from my shop

unnamed77 u434334nnamed

In the process of setting up there were 3 or 4 super windy days which wreaked havoc on my little project…


And check out this wind (see I did not exaggerate)!



So my friends there you have it….from start to finish , the showhouse patio that has kept me busy the last 10 days or so. It was a lot of fun and I have to admit I do work well under pressure, but not high winds however! I am basically done minus a few little tweaks before the opening party on Thursday night.

If you happen to be in the tri state area and want to stop by to see the entire showhouse, I do not think you will be disappointed, there are many beautiful spaces to take in, and it’s a really enjoyable way to spend a day or afternoon. The information is below-


designers showcase 2015

MAY 2 through JUNE 14, 2015

Mansions & Millionaires? returns to its Spring schedule of Designers’ Showcase? Events.
Don’t miss this award winning Gold Coast Manor and the outstanding 2015 event
where art and design merge into Signs of Spring.
This Showcase will benefit Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf.


Finally a number of people over time have emailed me about very large fishbowls/blue white planter for plants. Due to the size and freight, I do not carry them however did have the opportunity to purchase 12 (6 pair) at a very very good price. The ones below are for sale either alone or as a pair. Heavily discounted they are between $445-515.00 each plus freight. If interested just email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com



Also a new promo started for 2 days only on monogrammed napkins, click here for the details



Thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day and start to your week. Until next time……


Seven on Sunday

Hello, hope you are having a great weekend! Here, it’s been so nice, the weather spectacular which makes even an ordinary day even better. Attended the funeral of a dear friends father which was both sad and moving, and as most funerals do, remind you to live life to the fullest and take care of those closest to you.

Just as of Monday morning introduced a brand new promotion on monogrammed linens! Click here for the details-


We also met friends for dinner and hope to get into the city today, NYC is so magical come springtime. Here is whats on my radar……




1. PJS! I take my pj’s very seriously….if there was a way to get away with it,? I seriously would live in my pajamas and possibly never opt for “real clothes”. I have “tested” many brands and have a few proven faves!

I have a major collection of robes and pjs. The second I get home and know I am home for the day I slip into them immediately. I have not bought any pjs in a while so it was time to do a little replenishing. Robes I am set on:) Here are my picks, with a new season I like to add a few fresh sets of pjs, nothing like slipping into a crisp pair after a long exhausting day (click on titles of pjs to visit site)-

A classic white pair is a must have!


I had to buy these chinoiserie styled pjs, how cute are they!


How cute are these capri style from DKNY?


And recently discovered these from Cosabella and will not lie, they might be the most comfortable pjs I have worn yet, ultra soft and cozy! In fact just gave a friend a pair for her birthday and she called me the other day to say that they are the most comfy pjs she’s ever worn. Click here to see

cosabella--bella-long-sleeved-pajama-set-product-1-25734802-0-495662448-normal_large_flex cosabella-white-bella-long-sleeved-pajama-set-product-1-25734801-0-495645445-normal_large_flex

2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I always enjoy my weekly sharing session of what I am loving on Instagram……so much to share this week. Never ceases to amaze!

u34gnnamed un3nnnamed unv5tnamed unnam5bbed unnammmned unnam9ked untrbnamed unna44fmed unnam87med un12cnamed unnamvved unnam87jed unnam4bbed unna32med unna3ymed unna4bmed

A peek at my beautiful black and ivory chinoiserie planters/cache pots getting their final paint coat then will be on their way to The Enchanted Home!


A sneak peek of the showhouse patio in case you missed it


3. THE CUTEST PAGODA MONOGRAM! How fantastic is this!!! I am thinking of ordering one and painting it in navy for my office of my initials for The Enchanted Home. I just LOVE this! Had to share…can you believe its from Pottery Barn? This is one of the prettiest monograms I have seen yet and love the big size, 30″!? Click here to see.


4. AN AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE FLORAL SERVICE! So, The Bouqs is kind of like “the’ celebrity florist to many of the stars, they are the resident florist for the Four Seasons in LA, and are the go to florist for notables like Tory Burch, Paul McCartney and Louis Vuitton . So they started this incredible service and I do mean incredible where you are getting the prettiest, freshest flowers for $40(original) and $50 (deluxe) delivered right to your door.

These beauties are grown 10 feet above sea level (closer to the sun) so are a step above in every way, I am so excited about this service. There is even a concierge that you can book important dates with ahead of time (like your moms birthday, friends birthdays,etc…). Totally genius!? Click here to learn more.

112 AS

33a 11 11adfa

5. THE MOST GORGEOUS BLUE AND WHITE LUNCHEON. One of my customers bought her monogrammed napkins from me and hosted a blue and white luncheon to end all blue and white luncheons, check it out and click here to visit her daughter’s absolutely beautiful blog over at Her Sparkle.

IMG_2333 IMG_2331 IMG_2335

6. MORE PVE BRILLIANCE. You know by now what a huge fan of PVE I am, her artistry is simply out of this world and her style really appeals to my own. I was so blown away when she gifted me the most exquisite framed painting of my home, but totally unexpectedly the other day I got in another care package.

I almost cried from how beautiful it all was! I cannot imagine possessing that kind of talent, I would be at my easel at 3am and would be unstoppable. Patricia, just when I think your work can’t get any prettier, well it does! Take a look at what was in my goodie box! Click here to find out more about Patricia over at PVE.

unnamenb4d unnam6ned


unnam6ned unn4vvamed un3cnamed u2xnnamed un1anamed

7. A COOKING SCHOOL I WANT TO ATTEND. So a friend of mine was recently in France for her birthday and had the good fortune to attend a class by Patricia Wells, noted former journalist turned cook/chef/owner of her own cooking school.? Can you believe I was invited to go but couldn’t go….what an opportunity. She was there in April and has not stopped raving since:) She had so much fun!

Just read this sample schedule and tell me if this doesn’t sound like so much fun (not to mention delicious beyond words)!

I have the bug and would loooove to go too! I would love to attend a class in Provence or her black truffle workshop, how fun! Here is Patricia and doing what she does best. Click here for more info. I am seriously thinking of booking one of the 2016? classes (most of the good 2015 classes are already booked)? so if anyone else is game, do let me know!

_MG_0673 kitchen MondayNightBeefSalad-_MG_2426 JeffKauck_TomatoTrio-_MG_2871 Patricia+and+students+2+Chanteduc

I have these three books and love them……they are staples that I enjoy today as much as I did the day I got them (also great gifts)!

51PTbkn+pWL French+Kitchen+Cookbook static1.squarespace.com


So there my friends is what is on my radar this Sunday. Beautiful day out there, which I have every intention of going out to enjoy. Hope you are doing the same, wishing you a fabulous day and great end to your weekend.

Here is what’s coming up this week-

  • A showhouse recap from start to finish
  • Mother’s Day gift ideas
  • A chinoiserie giveaway with a blogging friend

Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, until next time…..


Which would you choose?

Hi there, hope you are having a great week. Mine has been busy, been in the city a few times and met with a friend in from London which was fun, have been putting the finishing touches on the outside patio/room for the showhouse. Cannot wait to show you? the finished product, I am so happy with it and it came out exactly as I had hoped despite a few days of major downpours that required taking everything down and putting it back together again:)

Today I focus on one of my most favorite subjects, home accessories! I have, over the years found some really fabulous deals over at Horchow. So today is a which would you choose if you were given a gift from the Horchow fairy godmother:)

There has never been a better time to shop there, because for 2 days only the more you buy the more you save on top of some incredible deals which I had to share with you here.? It’s a busy time for? Mothers Day, graduations, birthdays, weddings and showers, so thought this was great timing! Click on title of item if you want to see it on their site, and I set it up poll style. Ready to see? Let’s get going…..




CHOICE 1 Love this…a 45 piece bamboo set for $240 and free shipping!


CHOICE 2 Adore this gorgeous china, I need to find room for this!


CHOICE 3. I can attest to how crazy good these Mrs. Prindables gourmet apples are, and a lucky someone is getting these for Mothers Day, this gorgeous box of 6 for $75.00 makes them a fabulous gift!


CHOICE 4. Personalized anything elevates any event to the next level, LOVE these personalized disposable oversized cups!


CHOICE 5.? How about this great looking set! 45 pieces for $129 and free shipping..wow!


CHOICE 6. I was amazed at this ridiculously great deal and alerted a good friend who bought three of them, gorgeous 25″ lantern for $224 with free shipping, a bargain!


And this fabulous wall lantern, unheard of at $224 with free shipping!


CHOICE 7. For the traveler or snoozer in your life , these are the cutest eye masks I think I have ever seen!HC-5NL6_mz

CHOICE 8. How beautiful and elegant is this Ralph Lauren equestrian inspired decanter, think I need this and it is surprisingly quite affordable:)


CHOICE 9. I have owned this flatware for years and can attest to how gorgeous it is and how well it holds up, love it! 20 piece set with free shipping!


CHOICE 10. You know I could not pass this up! Amazing prices too….12 blue and white dinner plates for $ 95!


CHOICE 11. It was love at first sight when I saw this planter…and of course I had to order them. At $329 this could with free shipping, not be beat…..I am so excited to get them! I ordered two and with their more you buy the more you save deal, since I bought two I got $131.00 off and free shipping, does not get better!!


CHOICE 12. This to me is one of the best gifts out there, one I have given a number of times, from graduations to birthday (and Mothers Day)! A personalize embossed ipad mini case makes a fabulous gift.


CHOICE 13. This is such a steal, of course I had to take advantage, not only is it great looking for alfresco summer dining, where will you find a 20 piece set of bamboo flatware for $35.00!


CHOICE 14. Everyone should have a personalized front door mat! Also makes a great gift and this one at $95 is a great deal


CHOICE 15. How beautiful? is this ceiling medallion? Talk about adding instant elegance to any room and chandelier it is paired with, a fantastic value too!


CHOICE 16. Being a serious monogram lover, just flipping over these chic backrests ! Great gift for yourself if you have been very good or for a fellow monogram lover! HCH7A71_mz


I know, some great finds! I am always on the prowl for a little something for myself and my home but have found they are also a great resource for gifts, when they have their sales a few times a year plus coupled with free shipping, it’s a deal that is hard to beat. I have several gifts to buy between this month and next, so occasionally when I delve into something beyond my own inventory, Horchow is often one of my “go to” sources.

Thanks for stopping by, hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping over in your corner of the world. Until next time….

PS. So happy everyone enjoyed my post on Provence, I had the best time making it! I will visit it anytime I need a virtual getaway, click here if you missed it, you will want to see it I promise!

PPS A brand new promo on Vagabond House with free shipping for two days started last night, click here for details



An ode to Provence….

Bon jour! Ahh, all things French.?? What’s there not to love…..I am obsessed with everything having to do with the most fashionable, stylish country on this planet, France. My mother is French so I suppose I can say “it’s in my blood” and perhaps partly why I have an unquenchable thirst for all things French! I have had the good fortune to visit a number of times but that is not enough and I am already plotting my next trip sooner than later, I hope.

The last time we were there was the most memorable visit, we got to cover a lot of territory. Besides spending time in Paris which never ever gets old, we were able to enjoy “country life” as guests in a friends beautiful home in? Simiane la Rotonde and then my own aunts spectacular estate in the Loire Valley, the grand finale was a stay in Provence, we were in Avignon and oh my word…I could happily have stayed there for many months (maybe even years)! I felt like I died and went to frachophile heaven.


Our hotel, La Mirande in Avignon, was right out of a movie set it took us back to a genteel time in our world where technology was not center stage but instead, it’s all about interacting face to face, touching, feeling, smelling and living. This place was so elegant and beautiful, it literally brought tears to my eyes and putting this post together prompted a rush of beautiful memories and a very strong unrelenting desire to plan another trip there very soon. On top of that it’s right next door to The Pope’s Palace, talk about having great neighbors:) Click here for info.


Since I always say I was born in the wrong era I think that is why Provence appeals to me so much. It seems to have stood still in it’s own beautiful footprint while the rest of our crazy world is growing out of control, Provence is like a still calm place in a sea of storms……the food, the buildings and architecture, the charm that is unmistakably Provence, the art, the weather, the lavender fields, the cobblestone streets, the gastronomy that does not feel pretentious, the way time just seems to move? at a nice slow steady pace, I could go on and on but instead will let these pictures/highlights of Provence do all the “talking”….



First welcome to La Mirande-

003688-10-dining-room 003688-06-restaurant 003688-04-outdoor-courtyard 3688-03-suite 3688-02-cooking-school-table 3688-01-bedroom-king-bed

La Mirande 4 bcb330424c384b027e446283fa9220e0 La Mirande La-Mirande-photos-Room-More-Pictures 8259e3128fecadf49cc214eb3280c0af La-Mirande-photos-Interior-More-Pictures


And now a look into country life in Provence……

ea76e693f5e8c2c435eb7439256b6e31 7b3d1e127b37f594366628c1e66e5738 3c0afcb1f0b1e98299cadc68d5771e98 3928229cce7eee0a703837bc14484b6e da62817804e01f6672ba52db93e0dde8 246a090a8c134f2d0fb455b5be2e41c8

provence_d3_gordes_market1 19313985d75b5d4dddb48723a5f72b05.wix_mp_1024

ae2e248072955795f13feb8d9ae14b36 Provence-Seguret-village-street Les-Baux-De-Provence Street scene in Provence IMG_0777

ffbc728e731929560c9ed25d8c906ad9 Market

3381ce9af03d31567da24bb38050d5bd 59623598358bb13b55e0196e3f31bc05 aix-market 96e59d406f84f3cdb6ccda6404aa5a99 36dedb44954fed4bd078a2d7991b3bff

ae2e248072955795f13feb8d9ae14b36 c3c08f7312036de3c655bab4af06155d


88e3acad5ef5e07194654e515ba8ca61 6a323b207ce9acb7ecdbae4168f216e0 7ece245262d0e0e6b496e6baac451f75



I apologize if in advance, seeing this post has filled you with an irresistible urge to plan a trip, that’s the magic of Provence for you. Yes if you are thinking it looks right out of a movie set, you are right..it does in “real life”! Absolutely and utterly charming,? picturesque and astoundingly gorgeous.

Seeing these pictures, putting this post together and allowing myself to walk down memory lane is probably the next best thing to actually being there. I just cannot wait to return. How about you? Have you been? What’s your favorite thing about this iconic region?

If you need a travel agent who is unparallelled in both her expertise, travel knowledge,? friendly “can do attitude” and one who goes above and beyond for any trip, you must contact Sandy of You May Be Wandering. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough. Click here to contact her (to the right on her blog click contact)


Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and start to your week! Until next time…..au revoir!


Seven on Sunday

Hi there, hope you are enjoying a great weekend.? Up here in the north east, we? waited a long time and have earned this superb spring weather that we are finally having. Yesterday it got to 80 degrees, uncanny and that is my limit, past 80 I start to wilt:) ? Busy with the showhouse, went to DC for one night to celebrate a friends birthday (love Georgetown)? and today am planning to work on the showhouse and make some progress so I can meet the deadline in a few days.

As I do every Sunday, I share what’s on my mind this week. So without further ado, here we go……



1. TULIP MANIA. Wow are the tulips ever pretty this year! I have been buying them on a regular basis and putting them in small vases all over the place. I love the many shades of pinks, yellows, cream and of course all the beautiful variegated variates.

I put this together in honor of my friend/fellow blogging friend, Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips in celebration of her blog turning 5 big ones!!


2. MY FOYER IN AN AD FOR PAUL MONTGOMERY! The people at Paul Montgomery liked my foyer so much that they featured it in an ad that ran recently in Mileiu magazine.

I almost didn’t mention it because there was a color saturation issue and as it was their mistake, they are running the ad again in the fall but it still looked great and still is so very pretty! Look for the new and improved (color wise) ad to be out in the fall issue of Milieu magazine! Click here to see the most beautiful chinoiserie papers.


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I so love sharing these with you and never ever is there a shortage of beauty to share. Love what I discovered this week and hope you will too……

u2211nnamed un111named

unnam65655ed u3333nnamed u666nnamed unnamed777 888 unn23222amed un5445named 3223unnamed unname2323d unname53453d unname55d 211 unnam21ed unnam533ed unnam55ed u55nnamed unname5d

4. THE PROPER WAY TO PACK. This is fantastic! I love this handy how to and just had to share…..thought you summer travelers might enjoy this. Hope I can actually employ this handy little chart this summer!


5. ONE FABULOUS LOCATION. Oh. my. gosh. This has my name written all over it. THIS is what I dream of doing having one day! I need to have some kind of event here, how fabulously beautiful is this barn? available for private events, weddings, etc..and best part is there are accommodations too! Located on bucolic? acres in Buxton, Maine.

Click here for the lowdown, if you book it for something, I will accept my finders fee being invited to your event:)


A-Brit-A-Blonde_Jane-and-Dana-81-682x1024 the-barn-at-flanagan-farm-large-00 june-29-20

1ccca12d28ea70aa3e88fe2e7c528b45 portland_cathedral_barn_at_flanagan_farm_rustic_wedding_emilie_inc)107-1hcXzk june-29-756

6. THE GUEST HOUSES AT BARNAT FLANAGAN FARM. I don’t normally devote two spots to one subject but this is just too good. So besides being able to rent out that gorgeous barn up there, there is the uber charming farmhouse to accommodate overnight guests as well as a three season grooms cottage located just off the exterior of the cottage. They are so beautifully and tastefully decorated and so fitting for the setting. Take a peek……

090309e90a7691d24b59ff3f177122ea 8b699c39c4559a309d6828f53e20fdd2 84b35eea63ebf3908eaa84fc8afafd23 35068b5380463777b804aa1977385c69 05519cca163b0cfafb628bfa5cd4f6eb a16c67e9d1ab31cbd8d6092c47afe9f5 eb5b658c10c8665dd419d4aa26ec09ce 1de62824d9e76ca77d0c4a28c035b713 57390233352fd5761cbeaaf07c2190c6 adb04533083bdf8ecb5eeaa0c9c51174

7. ESPADRILLE MANIA. As I get older, I find myself gravitating towards flat comfortable shoes but they must look good. So in the warmer weather espadrilles are a no brainer, they always look so chic and can pull even the simplest of outfits together.

I went on a little espadrille shipping spree lately and must say there has never been such a fabulous selection. All below are some of my faves from Saks,? known for their amazing collection. Have a fave?

Here are my six favorites, I literally want one of each but will narrow it down begrudgingly to two:)

1. Love this with the lace detail from Cole Haan, calling my name…..click here to view


2. This stylish Burberry espadrille would look so great with all my neutrals…very smart! Click here for details


3. Another great take on a neutral, I like these as they could go into the cooler months too? Fendi is looking mighty good! Click here to see


4. How cute are these orange espadrilles by Chloe? I could see a pair of white capris, a navy and white striped bandeau top and these! Summer dressing at its best. Click here to see this shoe…


5.? Loooove this one, so cute! DVF created this darling espadrille, could become an every day favorite. I can attest to the fact that these are also very comfortable! Click here.


6. And finally this is the perfect neutral espadrille, since I wear so much white, tan and beige these were calling my name! Click here to view



So there my friends you have it. That’s whats on my mind this week, and how about you? Anything you care to share? Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful Sunday and end to your weekend. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Until next time…..

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Random musings as seen through my iphone….

Hi there….busy week.? I had to select another winner for the gorgeous Huff Harrington handbag giveaway and hope this winner will be stepping up to the plate as there are many (me included) who would just looooove to claim this bag as my own:) Congrats goes to-

?? There are so many things to love from their website. Some of the dishes, the purses, the art. It is all wonderful. I really like the French porcelain dough bowl, though. What fun to look at all their treasures.

Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to claim your prize and arrange for shipping

I am working hard to meet a deadline for the showhouse and literally have not moved a single item over there….yet. It will all happen in the 9th hour and rest assured it will be done. There were a few snafus such as some things I ordered all being out of stock and not finding out until 2 days ago…back to the drawing board, argh!

As I periodically do,? I share my life’s snippets as seen through my trusty little iPhone, it’s funny how pictures can tell a story. My story this week was a busy one, and one spent more in NYC than I have in a long long time, but then again NYC to me comes alive in spring. So here is my week as seen through my iPhone…..



Had a ball in NYC with my sister and niece and friend (sometimes its fun to see the city again through the eyes of someone who does not live here)….

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A few nights later had dinner at Jean George’s restaurant at The Mark…..


Always a sucker for a massive spray of fresh blossoms!


The raw space of the showhouse covered patio on a raw day:) It looks rather drab, but I plan to bring it to life in a few days!

unna11ccmed unnamed66bb

Never can have enough tulips……


22432 unnaaaamed

So in love with this picture that a customer sent me of monogrammed napkins she bought from me, that I carried the picture on my phone so I could find a charger in the same green…magnificent!


Sadly have made almost no progress on my “home office” project but did get this wonderful cabinet for all my samples and still have paper samples hanging around, all of which I love but the tricky ceiling makes this space challenging…

unnamexxzd unvvxnamed


Changed up this upstairs hallway vignette to reflect the lighter, airier months of warm weather ahead…


Started making my favorite salad, a chopped Greek salad, yum yum…

un33bnamed unna2211med

Went to my favorite nursery and went on a bit of a shopping spree….


Wrapped up this pretty gift for a friend, don’t you love the little blue and white porcelain teapot adornment?


Putting the final coat of paint (a color I just love) in the “lower level” aka basement/party room….progress, progress!


Went to a friends apt in the beautiful iconic Ansonia in NYC and even though I have been there a few times (and featured it in a past post) I never cease to marvel at the magnificent lobby/public spaces


Went to these great restaurants in the last week, Blue Ribbon sushi (to me the best sushi I have ever had) in NYC and Jean Georges in Pound Ridge (how about that, TWO Jean Georges restaurants within days of each other), both places I would go back to!

3333unnamed unnam4343ed



So there is a glimpse into my busy (but fun week). Busy almost bordering on hectic but I have come to realize that I thrive on having lots going on with more than a few balls in the air. I am supposed to be heading to Georgetown tomorrow for a friends birthday but it will be a very short visit as I need to get back, roll my sleeves up and make some major progress on getting this showhouse space together! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, until next time…..

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By Invitation Only

Hello friends! LAST CALL to Donna Levi, winner of the gorgeous bag from Huff Harrington otherwise a new winner will be chosen tomorrow morning. Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com

Today is our monthly By Invitation post and believe it or not, its the next to? last one until fall! We break for summer, how exciting to think that? the word summer is even in our vocabulary:) This months theme is all about life’s luxuries…..to me, some are tangible and others not so much.


Funny how our ideas and the very concept of luxury changes through the decades. In my teens I would have said my first pair of Chemin De Fer jeans was an ultimate luxury (thanks mom for indulging me even though Dad did not “get” $50 jeans 34 years ago). In my 20’s getting a piece of real “grown? up” furniture (thank you Maurice Villency)? would have been the ultimate luxury.

In my 30’s maybe a few designer frocks added to my closet or a major vacation and finally by my 40’s I got smart and realized that the real luxuries cannot be bought or given, because they are simple things like good health, the luxury of being able to pursue a passion or hobby,? a families love, surrounding yourself by good friends, you get the picture. Cliche maybe…..but true, oh yes.

So don’t get me wrong I do love my luxuries, and there are many I feel fortunate to be able to enjoy but truly the ultimate luxury is one that no amount of money can give….. good health, happiness, time and surrounding yourself with love. In terms of the tangible luxuries, I have a whole list but here are some of my top……




BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. A MUST!!!!! I need to have flowers around me, I feel like something is missing if I don’t. They make me so so happy. Whether its a small bouquet picked up at my local market or a huge orchid plant, I need to have some sort of flower around me at all times:)


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b3eec1e7dec3c1c2b0bb6028055425f3 5f873c9cbec61572fd1dc16f43c7fafe

IMG_0734-764x1024 34a516ad065b6b02614d7cf59c3fc8db c1815fd3146b5c4cbda9301c3c337a52 caa258883afdd9033908401b4b87a578


PRETTY TOILETRIES. I love scents, and when I love a scent I? stay loyal. I need to walk in and my house and for it to smell good. I have room sprays, candles and lotions literally in all the spaces I spend lots of time in, that would be my kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom and family room.

It is not difficult to see I love products:) Antica Farmacista and Seda France are two faves. I always have a candle burning, use room sprays liberally and take my products quite seriously. To me indulging in a bubble bath with my favorite Antica Farmacista products is an absolute luxury. Can’t imagine life without my beloved toiletries….

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GOOD FOOD. Oh I love my food and take it very seriously:) I love nothing more than visiting a farm stand and buying the freshest produce I can find…that is such a luxury that I feel fortunate to be able to indulge in. What’s better than a just sliced off the vine still warm tomato? With a little fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil and pinch of sea salt? Yum yum. Fresh fruit just picked, now thats a luxury and a lot of fun too. It goes back to the simple things…..love it and to me, this is a true luxury.



8f4570b4c9d7c8d4f1f7e3e851eb0e7d DSC_0621 DSC_0608

37fab0564af217b76db5aac216bfbe2f cc1b44f2757652aae14a0ed0698dd779 IMG_1022 IMG_2517-768x1024

A BEAUTIFULLY MADE BED. You spend almost half your life in your bed, isn’t it worth the very best you can afford? Besides it looking good, it needs to feel good. My bed is one area I never skimp on. I need and crave the softest, loftiest, coziest, prettiest sheets, bedding, pillow and comforter I can find. I think I have found the most perfect combination as I dream about getting to jump into my bed at night and that to me, screams luxury.


TRAVEL. I love to travel…..getting to see new places, experiencing new flavors, cultures and tastes. Few things in life can ignite ones senses like travel can. My anxieties and claustrophobia definitely impacts the degree to which I travel but I must say when I get to where I am going, I always completely? overwhelmed and amazed by the invigoration I feel when I travel. Travel is most definitely one of life’s greatest luxuries.

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PRETTY FROCKS. I am definitely a girly girl, I love it all pretty clothes, jewelry, am a handbag aficionado with a “handbag family” as I like to refer to my bags,? to prove it:) I am not a huge trend follower, I like what I like and literally have many things in my closet that are 10, 15 years old that I love as much as the day I got them.

Getting to wear pretty clothes to me is a luxury. When you look good you feel good, right? Though I could live without beautiful clothes, I certainly enjoy them and consider getting to wear them a total luxury….

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(All pictures are my own except the travel pictures)


So that’s my list of luxury must haves! Though each and every one of those luxuries are so incredibly wonderful and sure make life a whole lot sweeter… I would not trade my good health, and the love I have from family and friends for any of them for those are life’s true luxuries!

How about you? What do you consider to be life’s luxuries? Do tell!? Be sure to stop over at Splenderosa’s site to see all of the other participants, it always promises to be well worth the visit to see what the other ladies came up with, click here to visit Marsha and see the other links.

Thank you for stopping in,wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week, until next time…..


Seven on Sunday

Hello!? First order of business is? to announce the lucky winner of the stunning tote giveaway by Huff Harrington. Congratulation goes to…..

#106 Donna Levi says:

So, how is your weekend going? We have had the most beautiful weather, FINALLY. My sister is in town and we spent the day in the city, had lunch and went to see Gigi on Broadway, I loved it and definitely recommend it. I have the Broadway bug again! Then we came home, took a power nap and went to a beautiful party last night.

Today is my middle sons birthday and its back to the city later today to go to his favorite restaurant….no rest for this party animal:) Meanwhile I just cannot wait to throw on my robe and pjs and call it a day~! Hope all is going great on your end, here we go with my Seven on Sunday (ironic that two of my posts have to do with weddings)…..




1. PAPER PRETTIES!? Love Fawnsberg, have some of their beautiful stationery items and best part is that they just offered a new promo to my readers! I am in love with their hand done stamps, soooo pretty! I am placing my order today. Talk about adding a very special touch to any envelope, plus their notecards are so charming. Click here to see their entire wonderful line. They are offering 15% to Enchanted Home readers using the code April 15:)

address_chamomile_web_grande bayleaf_gray_web_grande FB315_darlak-thank-you_grande address_simple_web_grande fawnsberg-i-love-my-mother_web_grande


2. INSTGRAMS OF INTEREST. I love sharing these with you…I get so excited when I see something I know that you too will love. This week surely did not disappoint. Here is what perked me up this week…..

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unna411med unnam42ed unna37med u17nnamed unnamg5ed unnam32ed


3. ONE GLAMOROUS WEDDING! Wow this chic wedding in Capri has me dreaming about maybe hosting a wedding there for one of my own sons (yes I know I am hallucinating as their wives will no doubt want to make that decision:) But one can dream! This is so elegant yet casual and fun, had to share it with all of you, next best thing to being there is through seeing things in pictures!

For the full story and tons of pictures, click here to see the full story at The Coveteur

Erica_Pelosini_Wedding_Weekend_Cocktails_Dinner-54-728x486 Erica_Pelosini_Wedding_Weekend_Cocktails_Dinner-50

Haven’t you always wanted to dine under a sea lemons? Me too!

Erica_Pelosini_Wedding_Weekend_The_Wedding-66 Erica_Pelosini_Wedding_Weekend_Getting_Ready-51 Erica_Pelosini_Wedding_Weekend_Bridesmades_Brunch-43


Glamorous crowd is that Christy Brinkley to her left?


Love this, simple and so elegant!


Love her dress and shoes…Capri chic


Enjoyed the coverage on her bridal brunch and how they all wore these gorgeous Mary Kantrantzou dresses…so fitting for Capri!

Erica_Pelosini_Wedding_Weekend_Cocktails_Dinner-50-728x486 Erica_Pelosini_Wedding_Weekend_Cocktails_Dinner-31-728x486


4. SHOWHOUSE PROGRESS. So I have told you I am doing an outdoor patio room in a local showhouse. I am excited but admittedly a little nervous as this came about rather last minute, so there is plenty of scrambling going on but I am loving my ideas so far and have added some new ideas to my final mood board.

Though there are many balls in the air and several things I am waiting to come in before I can begin to actually decorate the space, I am confident it will all come together. Check it out….


So excited finally getting in a few of these very large fishbowls, going to fill them with big palms which offers the perfect vibe for an outdoor patio/sitting space…..

343unnamed unname34334d


5. I WANT TO MAKE THIS. Pinterest offers no shortage of seriously amazing food? inspiration…it’s off the charts. When I saw this I was completely enthralled, how incredible would this be for a ladies luncheon, shower or special fete? Amazing!


6. AN AMAZING GIFT! One of my absolute favorite paper queens is LB Originals, whose things I have featured many a time on my blog. Well she simply does not disappoint, EVER. Look at this most incredible “happy box” as she calls it that I got in last week. IN LOVE with the most gorgeous gift tags and notecards ever! Thank you Laurie:)? Click here to see her incredible entire line.


u11nnamed unn22amed

unname221d unn121 unn3433amed unasd23named

7. DOWNTON ABBEY FAN? Can you imagine getting married there? Or one of your kids getting to have their wedding there? Well it can happen! Yes, you can have a wedding at the iconic Highclere Castle!!!! Just look at the highlights from the wedding of NYC designer Lacey Chaus. Amazingly gorgeous…..so yes dreams really do come true!

gallery-1428694520-wedding-b-2 gallery-1428618744-677-master-b gallery-1428695115-180-master-b gallery-1428694307-1173highclere-master-a-1 gallery-1428696433-887-ww-master-b


And there you have it friends, what is on my radar this week. I hope you have had a wonderful, week and if you have something to share, please do! I hope spring has finally arrived wherever you might be as I know many of us have waited an awfully long time for it’s arrival.

Today promises to be another gorgeous day and I cannot wait to breath in that fresh unmistakable spring air. Thank you for stopping by! Until next time….

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The shine factor

Hello, how are you on this fine spring day? Well truth is, it’s not feeling much like spring over here, its overcast and downright cold (40’s) but I am channeling my inner springy vibes knowing that better weather is on the way!

I am so happy winter is behind us, at long last. Along with a new season comes a time to change things up whether its adding flowers to my home, planning out a garden or changing things around inside. I am still unsure what to do in my office as it has a funny tray ceiling which makes the idea of wallpaper rather challenging.

If I were to do a paint, there is no doubt I would use a super high gloss, I am a little obsessed with it and am shocked I don’t yet have a space that is shellacked in the glossiest paint I can buy. I had a room in my old house where I used glossy paint in a pale caramel and must say it was one of my favorite spaces. I have seen so many rooms and pieces of furniture that I love in high gloss that it made the perfect subject for a post.? Would love to know your thoughts on the matter. Love it as much as I do?

Let’s take a look at how glossy paint really ups the ante on high octane design!




Few things look as fabulous as a front door swathed in coats and coats of glossy paint, David Fuller


This is one fabulous room, loving the chocolate brown walls, Bilhuber and Associates


Miles Redd is not afraid of shine or color, so dramatically beautiful


Love this shade of dusty blue in a library….so rich and elegant, Pinterest


Even in small spaces, highly lacquered walls can be super dramatic, McKenzie Pages9263b2caf980540161dc42f192f965c2

Love everything about this fabulous closet!! Elle Decor


Might as well go bold and go all the way…stunning! Anne Hepford Designs


How pretty is this breakfast room with it’s pale green glossy walls, Pinterest


Isn’t this small pantry just so darn beautiful! Kerry Hansen


A shiny white closet? Oh yes! Style Me Pretty


Sue of The Zhush hit it out of the park with this incredible shade of blue for her pantry, love it Sue!


Pretty darn gorgeous, Davies Photography


Talk about making a beautiful impact in a foyer, between the color and high gloss…..it is showstopping! Little Green Notebook


Even in white, it is beyond beautiful, Opal Design Group


Absolutely in love with every single detail in this gorgeous room, Gardiner and Larson Homes


How rich are these chocolate brown walls! Sasha Adler


A glossy black front door makes my knees buckle every time, Evergreen of London


What vision Tobi Fairley had here….it is so warm, happy and uplifting!


How fabulous are these tall glossy gray doors! My Design Chic


Another bluetiful example of how stunning it is on cabinets, Domaine Home

Donna Dotan Photography Inc.

A powder room seems like the perfect place to use high gloss walls for the wow factor, Rob Stuart


Leave it up to Miles Redd to go bold and fabulous, these green walls are amazing!


Look how they freshened up this back mud room, swathed it in yellow glossy paint, wow! Domaine Home


Anne Coyle gave this cozy sitting area a dose of glamour with these shiny navy walls


Wow, Elizabeth Kimberly hit a homerun in both how dramatic and feminine this space is!


Madly in love with everything about this space, Iron Gate


Putting this post together has me walking through my house imagining how certain rooms might look painted in the glossiest paint I can buy. I know it would look smashing! There are several spaces above that I am madly in love with, I know I will be trying it somewhere! And how about you? Do you love the look, perhaps have already delved into a bucket of glossy paint yourself? What is your favorite color?

Thanks as always for stopping in. Remember you have until Sat. to enter the drawing for the most fabulous Parisien bag from Huff Harrington (click here if you missed the post). Until next time….

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