Say hello to LG Designs and a giveaway!

Hello there friends. I am thrilled to present a line you will want to know about today, LG Designs . This is my newest sponsor and I could not be more enchanted by her beautiful line of custom bulletin boards with pillows just recently added. Everyone needs one and these sure beat those rather unattractive ones you buy at Staples. Love her line and think you will too.

Here first,is a little about LG Designs

In 2007, LG Designs was formed to fill the need of producing stylish bulletin boards. These boards are designed to be used within any room of your home. They are beautifully displayed through bedrooms, family rooms, mudrooms, kitchens and offices. They can serve as a functional push pin board, or looked on as a fun piece of casual art. Today traditional initials and beach inspired icons embroidered on bulletin boards grace the homes of designers, students, friends, and families across the country. Gorgeous raffia or burlap sets the foundation for custom monograms. Finished in high-end, beautiful wood, metal, or lacquered frames, each bulletin board reflects the customer’s taste.
They? were featured in Coastal Living-October 2012…With a myriad of designs and customers, LG Designs has added beautiful embroidered pillows to their collection. Each pillow, exquisitely embroidered on the finest linen, is the perfect accent for any room.?As well, you can customize your initials or choose from a collection of icons to fit the motif?of your home.
Ready to see the gorgeous goodies? Let’s go……
gHv0CbhQgsAlhFQSLNqth9IPgvIm-7yoGnifi4vu34k 1fYqcM0zSVtWRHLjQ8Z-VK6nQC4gBLHKQKBvb3ElG-o
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Aren’t they fabulous! Well guess what, one lucky winner is going to win a customer bulletin board of her choice! All you need to do is visit the site, click here take a peek around and back and tell us a favorite item. If you want a second chance, visit LG Design’s Facebook page (click here) and leave a comment (be sure to mention you are from The Enchanted Home).
I will announce a winner on Sunday. Thank you for stopping by and thank you LG Designs for creating such beautiful items and for the generous giveaway.
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Thanks for coming by, enjoy your day and until next time….

Which would you choose?

Hi there, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Hard to believe June is just about over, and we will be celebrating July 4th in less than a week…..I need to slow the clock down! One of my favorite subjects is fashion. I love summer dressing as it tends to be more casual, lighter and easier. I like simple classic looks in fun colors and always like to add a few new pieces at the start of the season, then fill in to take advantage of summer sales the season.

I realized I needed to add some new tops to my wardrobe and went on a top shopping spree. Found so many pretties that I thought it would make a fun Which would you choose post. Want to know your two top favorites here, most I can see with a pair of white slacks (few things don’t look great with white pants), capris, jeans and some can easily be dressed up. Almost all except one are well priced too…which is always a perk:)

So ready to see the goodies? Let’s get started…..




CHOICE 1 Love this top, the longer sleeve, the lace and of course the beautiful blush pink, looks great with white or black, click here for details





CHOICE 2 Beautiful ivory top, love the sheer sleeve detail and of course the lace makes it feel so feminine, click here for the low down



CHOICE 3 Adore this top and have already worn it, its a winner! Click here for details




CHOICE 4 I think this leather tank is so chic looking, also love that it could go as well with black or white. Click here for the 411





CHOICE 5 Fabulous piece on its own or to layer with under a cardigan or blazer, LOVE the lace! Click here to see more


CHOICE 7. This is such a beautiful piece, stands on it’s own and of course love that it’s in the beige family:) Click here to get information




CHOICE 8. This gorgeous black lacey top can be worn year round, dressed up or down. A classic mainstay! Click here to find out more.





CHOICE 9.? Isn’t this a great color? Love the pink and the “forgiving” shape, gets my vote! Click here to find out more




CHOICE 10. This Carolina Hererra is so beautiful, it’s an “investment” piece for sure but will easily stand the test of time… here for more info





CHOICE 11. I really like this and have it on order, could see it dressed way up around the holidays or dressed way down with jeans, top by Parker. Click here to get more info




CHOICE 12. This is a great top for summer evenings….Lilly Putlizer is a? master at easy effortless summer dressing. Click here for info.




CHOICE 13. Everyone needs a beautiful white lacy to dress up or down, click here for information





CHOICE 14. This is such a practical blouse, right up my alley. You just feel good in a blouse like this! Click here




CHOICE 15.How pretty is this top? I love that it’s so ladylike and refined, and best part its’ on sale for only around $130!! Click here for info



CHOICE 16. Own this and LOVE it. I love black and blue together, this is one stunning blouse, I am a big fan of Rebecca Taylor, click here for more information


CHOICE 17. This is a great blouse from DVF, perfect with white pants, great summer top. Click here for info


CHOICE 18. This was screaming out my name, perfect with white, navy or beige…LOVE this! Click here for more information



CHOICE 19. Another “me” blouse, and anything with bows and that is pale pink always gets my attention, click here for the 411




CHOICE 20. A beautiful blouse by Escada, such a stunner! Click here to learn more




CHOICE 21. Fell madly in love with this, this every woman should have a blouse like this in her closet. So classic, chic and elegant, will always be in style! Click here for information





CHOICE 22.? A beauty, love the beaded neckline, neutral colorway and blousy feel, fabulous style for any body type. By Haute Hippie, click here for more info



Every single one of these is unfortunately calling my name. Hard to narrow it down to just a few! I tend to go for things that I know will have staying power, I keep my clothes for a long time (every single size under the sun too lol) so I like things that last. I find that when I really love something, I tend to take better care of it, enjoy it more and make sure its there for the long haul.

My most favorite dress I have ever owned is almost 18 years old! It is a gorgeous dress I bought at Bergdorf Goodman, of black crepe and lace, it is as stunning today as it was the day I bought it. Only problem? It’s a size 4:) But I refuse to let go of it as it’s incentive to start shedding those unnecessary pounds. Can anyone relate? Thought so!

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week. It’s your turn to vote and you can vote for your two top favorites.? Until next time…..

If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here.

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Seven on Sunday

Hi friends,? its a cool rainy weekend over here and a perfect day to stay in and feel no pressure to be out and about. Every now and then we need a day like this! Busy week, just trying to get back to normal and get back in the saddle. It has been slow going but things are progressing and I must say it’s been wonderful reconnecting via my blog and with my readers/customers.

My son is doing a lot better, and the worst is behind him, we are so grateful. My husband is taking it one day at a time some days harder than others, thankfully he is a busy guy so keeping his mind active is a blessing. We thank you for your concern and support. Moving along…..

As I do every Sunday, here is whats on my radar….


1. A DREAM OF A BEACH HOUSE. I was salivating over Victoria Hagan’s scrumptious beach house in Nantucket. It to me, has every single ingredient I could ever dream of having. Beautiful location, easy but elegant interiors, lots of great natural light, not too big, ocean views…does it get better? I can almost taste that salty air and hear those waves crashing! Pictures courtesy of Arch Digest.


item2.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.victoria-hagan-nantucket-family-summer-home-03 item6.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.victoria-hagan-nantucket-family-summer-home-09 item5.rendition.slideshowVertical.victoria-hagan-nantucket-family-summer-home-11 item4.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.victoria-hagan-nantucket-family-summer-home-07 item3.rendition.slideshowVertical.victoria-hagan-nantucket-family-summer-home-05

2. ONE FABULOUS ARTIST. I have long admired Inslee By Design ever since I first discovered her work, her paintings (mostly of people) are sooo chic with a touch of whimsy.? I absolutely love her style, she is apparently loved by many as she has taken on commissions for Neiman Marcus, Lela Rose, Stuart Weitzman, Kate Spade and many others.

To learn more about her or contact Inslee, click here (she accepts limited commissions). Love her work…..if I had talent like that I would be painting morning, noon and night!

may_with_edits_1024x1024 weekendloot_1024x1024 daphne_cinco_1024x1024 6_june_1024x1024


december_1024x1024 instagram_1024x1024 prabalgurang_coat_copy_1024x1024

Looking at her website, found this GORGEOUS Christmas event invite, isn’t it fabulous!



And yes you might say I am mildly obsessed with her work…but can you blame m:)

3. SUMMER FLOWERS. I cannot get enough, with hydrangeas being the reigning queen of summer flowers. Whether? in my own home or yard or out and about I cannot resist the temptation to snap away when I see beautiful flowers of gorgeous fruit:)

Planting away in my own home……


And had a fun visit to my favorite nursery….where the hydrangeas took my breath away in every color imaginable!

unnamasa3ed unnam222aed unnam7yhed


unnamed unna212med u131nnamed


4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST I must say that the weekly inspiration I get from the people I follow is such a thrill….always enjoy seeing what is new on the Instagram horizon and of course love sharing my faves with you. Here is my roundup from this week…..

unnam7Bed un1Fnamed unnamDXed u1Znnamed un2Qnamed u2Wnnamed unnam1Qed

unnamedFDD3 uWQQnnamed u11Qnnamed unnamFDZed unnaASAmed unnaCCDmed unnaVCBmed unnamZSWed unnameCDDd

5. SUMMER DINNER PARTY INSPIRATION. I came across this picture from the graduation party I threw my son and it made me long for hosting a dinner party. Originally I was going to do one for my husbands birthday this past June but his mom became very ill and needless to say the fun frivolous plans fell to the wayside. Click here if you want to see that post.

I may however host a dinner late summer, was thinking of a wine tasting dinner, sounds like fun, huh? Funny how a single picture can get us thinking…….



6. TEDDY NOW EATS IN TRUE BESPOKE STYLE. Yes, you heard right he is? one lucky dog to be eating out of his very own blue and white, chinoiserie PERSONALIZED bowl! I was so excited and surprised to get this beauty in the mail, courtesy of uber talented Dana? of Indigo Home

Teddy is not losing sight of his new bowl…wants to make sure I don’t steal it!

unname444d unnaaa32med


She started? a business selling this chic bowls and I am so glad Teddy is now dining in style. If your pooch needs to add a little swag to his dining experience, click here. These are just too pretty. Click here to visit Indigo Home and claim one of your very own!

il_570xN.755932715_1ftg il_570xN.751742603_dgmf il_570xN.790636770_9tie il_570xN.755932193_hay3

7. MY TALENTED READERS, I never cease to be amazed by the beautiful pictures I get in from my readers/customers. Love hearing your stories and getting to be a part of your world as you are mine… are three recent submissions that warranted sharing with you-

Just check the absolutely gorgeous details from this fabulous southern wedding, not to mention the bride is quite a beauty herself!

unnamefazd unnamda2ed 22annamed unnam232ed unna3amed

Then another customer/reader/friend shared some beautiful blue and white goodness to cheer me up,? from her home including the beautiful planter she just bought from me filled with hydrangeas and the stunning Ralph Lauren rug we just bought for her beautiful living room-

unn4edamed unn2wsamed unn1qaamed

And then this customer sent me a few pictures of her newly arrived vase looking mighty beautiful in her home…

uaw3rnnamed unname3431d


So there is my Seven on Sunday, hope it has added a little beauty and inspiration to your day. Anything resonate with you or new on your end? By all means tell us about it:) Wishing everyone a fabulous Sunday and end to your weekend. Thank you as always for stopping by, until next time…..

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Pinterest pretties- kitchens!

****As of Saturday morning 6/27 a new promo started, Last call on steals and deals…you must check it out! Click here to visit****


Hello there! Thankfully this is a post that was in my draft box, nearly completed which helps me at a time when I have a lot to do. I didn’t realize how cathartic it would be to reemerge myself into blogland, but just visiting all of my blogging friends and even working on posts makes the world seem right again:)

You know what I haven’t done in a really long time? A kitchen post! I love my board, Amazing kitchens on Pinterest as it is an ever evolving gallery of incredible kitchen beauty and inspiration. I never get tired of looking at beautiful kitchens.

Whether you are someone who just loves to ooh and ahh over pretty kitchens, ready to take on a new build or renovation or looking for ideas to spruce things up…this post is for you. An updated post on some true kitchen gorgeousness. Ready? Let’s go……



Isn’t this a vision! I love everything about it, Les Ensembliers


Howard Slatkin’s gorgeous kitchen is a study of elegant appointments


Love the colors and vibe in this fabulous European feeling kitchen, Veranda


This high ceilinged beauty is a classic, Arch Digest


This is a beautifully designed kitchen that will stand the test of time,? by the talented Amy Vermillion


John Hummel created this wonderful open, airy? timeless beauty


Gorgeous space made dramatic by the super tall ceilings, HomeBunch


When not if I get my beach house, I want this for my kitchen space….LOVE! Geoff Chick and Associates


It’s all in the details… the blue stools in a sea of white, so pretty!


Doesn’t get better than a kitchen? finished with Segreto….just stunningly beautiful!


This is such a great color and I love those lanterns! House Beautiful


Isn’t this a beauty! What a fun space to work/entertain in,? Downsview kitchens


Isn’t this grand and yet so warm and charming at the same time? Elle Decor


This is so fabulous,? Sue of The Zhush designed this space in her own home….love it! The Zhush


This has such a “feel good” quality to it…like you can imagine cooking up a storm all day long, great light. Urban Grace


What a beautiful space this is…..just adore everything about it. Minnie Peters


Really like the like of open shelves, the slightly commercial feel but in the most beautiful way. And any kitchen with brass gets my vote:)South Shore Decorating


Great beach house/coastal kitchen, Geoff Chick and Associates


Hopefully this gave you your kitchen fix for the day!? I must say I never ever tire of looking at beautiful kitchens and had such fun designing my own. Classic details like marble countertops, solid wood cabinets, and good appliances never go out to style and will certainly stand the test of time.

How about you? Whats your favorite look in a kitchen? Do tell…..if you want to see even more kitchen fabulousness, click here to visit my Amazing Kitchens Pinterest board. Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous Thursday, until next time……


Color crush- blue and brown

Hello there, feels great to be getting back into the drivers seat, slowly but surely. Once again a million thanks for the countless emails and comments of support during these difficult last two weeks. They truly brightened my day! Sunday was a tough day for my husband, being it was the day that he had a standing lunch date with his mother and his birthday was yesterday, so it was a tough time to get into a celebratory mood but we enjoyed quiet family time and understand time will heal the sadness.

Moving along…..I started a series called Color Crush a while back, featuring various color combinations that I love or that have caught my attention. Blue and brown (including all variations from pale tan to dark brown) is a combination I have loved for a long time, it is so rich. I actually have a few areas in my home where I have used it and am often drawn to it.

For warm summer months when you might want to keep things lighter and airier , you can add more white or cream to the room to lighten it up and in the colder months, go for the drama and keep it dark. Love this color combination and it can be seen in several areas in my own home. Suffice to say, I am a fan!



This is blue, white and tan at its very best, Dan Marinos home in Kiawah, Florida Design


A windowseat in my home features this beautiful color combination, fabrics by Brunschwig and Fils


Tobi Fairley designed this beautiful tranquil bedroom


This room is so pretty and warm, well done! Christen Benston


Wonderful theater/movie room by Lewis Interiors, love that plush brown velvet sectional piped in blue


Always loved this home…Wadia Associates

a0fdeddf870c462a496e09e3e4135aebI love the way the blue and white porcelain “pops” against the rich warm woods


Fun bunk room by Susan Ferrier


The navy with the cognac chairs is so striking…love the drama that the white accents gives, Pinterest


Love Cathy Kincaid’s room at the Kips Bay Showhouse this year, a beautiful melody of creams, warm browns accented with blue and white


The solid white accents really do a lot to add a crisp freshness to this space. Apartment Therapy


Eddie Ross designed this dramatic and pretty space


Pretty space featuring pale blues accented with warm browns/tans? by Scott Snyder


I like the brown walls and the way the blue gives it the fresh dash of color, HGTV


Love the accents of the steely blue in an otherwise neutral tonal room, Ballard


Great looking and inviting space by Palmer Weiss


Wood and blue and whites go together beautifully


Gorgeous living room, feels formal but still very warm and inviting, Rinfret


Seriously dramatic and fabulous room, David McCauley


The small pops of blue in this kitchen with its warm wood island are just wonderful, Home Bunch


I really love everything about this, Anne Hepfer


Super elegant tonal room with touches of warm mocha and blue, right up my alley Cathy Kincaid


Love this space, so incredibly beautiful oozes warm elegance that beckons you in, Rinfret


I love every single thing about this space! How to Decorate


Great looking blue kitchen that mixes beautifully with the warm brown tones, Better Homes and Garden


Great looking blue velvet headboard with shades of browns/creams as an accent, Ballard


Well if these fabulous spaces won’t make you a believer, don’t know what will:) I see so much I am in love with up there! It is such an elegant and rich combination and there are so many variations on the colors, light blues all the way to navy and light tans/mochas into the darkest deepest browns.

What do you think? Love it as much as I do? Do you have a favorite way to use it? I also love the way blue and white porcelain looks with it….just gorgeous! Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week.

Want to see more Color Crush posts I have done? Click below…..

White on white

Camel and gray

Blue and green


Seven on Sunday

Hello, Happy Fathers Day and happy Sunday to you. This post was done over 2 weeks ago but went into my draft box when my mother in law became gravely ill. So I am posting it today.

Hi there! Hope all is well on your end. A very happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there:) To my own dad, love you so much and am so happy we got to spend sometime together last week even under sad circumstances. You continue to inspire and amaze me and if I can do half of what you are doing at your young sprightly 70 something, I will be one lucky girl!

Here, just starting to get back in the saddle. It feels good to be back on my blog and immersing myself into work, much more cathartic than I expected.? Your kind wishes, comments and emails made me tear up….I was SO touched by your friendship and support. My son is doing better everyday and once he gets the oral surgery done next week, we will all be relieved, and happy to put this whole ordeal behind us.

Today we really looking forward to a quiet day today for Fathers Day. They are calling for rain so original plans for a BBQ have been scraped for a reservation at our favorite local Mexican restaurant (one of the few we can all agree on)!? I need and very much look forward to that one day a week where I am obligated to do nothing, and in fact often daydream about Sunday all week long:)



1. A GORGEOUS LINE OF STATIONERY. I love discovering talented people and the work of this amazing little company bears sharing (again)! I actually featured them a few years ago, just love their work. Take a look at some of Lobird’s products, they are all so beautiful.? From their elegant invites to the charming calling cards…it’s a wonderful line that might just inspire you to throw a party:) Click here for more info.

covr_box_12 covr_menu2_20

inv_ccktl_martiniinv_cage_frbrass inv_topi_aduz_blu tag_topi_andz_blue tag_adult_lemtree_brd

tag_adlt_chin_chair tag_cage_balinese

gt_gardn_hydrangea tag_adult_bike




2. BEAUTIFUL NEW TOLE PIECES COMING IN. I am so excited over this new batch due to arrive on or around June 21st or 22nd (any day)…beautiful planters and umbrella stands, and how stunning are these chinoiserie sconces? Stay tuned will be doing a presale sometime later next week so be sure to stay tuned….

u121nnamed unname098d unnam7766ed unname.,9d unnamoi99ed uxzannamed unnam099ed unna987med unnam343mmed

So excited over these fabulous tole sconces…….

unname86cd unna6564med un343anamed unnae343med


3. TOTE MANIA. I use totes a lot, I tend to carry a lot in my bag so a tote is both practical and functional as well as comfortable. The Annabel Ingall tote is a favorite but I have discovered some other really fabulous looking totes with some at even more fabulous prices that I just had to share……


I start with my favorite tote by Sondra Roberts,? in two colors,? I ordered both and will decide which I like better, LOVE the perforated leather and love the price even more:) Great price too! Click here for more info



Love this raffia beach tote and at $60 you don’t need to think about it! Click here to order


Think this Marc Jacobs tote is so smart looking! Click here for the lowdown_10698729

This is a splurge bag by Lanvin, but talk about standing the test of time, I could own this forever, classic and gorgeous, click here for details


Yes this is “up there” as it’s JP Tod’s but love the perforated leather, the color, the classic styling, this is one of those bags I would own and use for years and years, click here for the 411


Think this Mary Y Sol totes are totally gorgeous and perfectly “summer chic”… here for details

_10527415 _8627897

4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I continue with my weekly inspiration from Instagram, and never at a loss of beauty and inspiration to share.There is a heavy emphasis this week on blue and white.? So much to love this week, take a look!

unnamed765t unname5tgfd u1211nnamed unnam343aed


unnavc43med unnamaz2ed

unnaafxmed unnamedfaad unnaazmed unnameasa2d unnamed5r unname3ssd

5. A FRIENDS BEAUTIFUL BEACH HOUSE. On Friday I took a much needed “mental health day” and took a few hours to myself, drove out to some of my favorite farms out east and took in the country air. As luck would have it bumped into a friend who invited me over to her uber charming beach house with killer ocean views. It was so pretty I had to take a few pics with my iPhone. Knowing how you love great decor, thought you might enjoy this…..

LOVE how she did the lower level, how great is this to accommodate “overflow guests” (namely teens and their friends)

unnamadsfaaed uasda3nnamed unnameadsfaad

The pretty airy and white living room with almost panoramic water views….


Aren’t these views to die for!


You know I am loving this dining room with all the blue and white touches:)


A charming and cozy guest room


6. FLOWERS! You know I love flowers and the post I did featuring all of the incredible flowers we received in honor of my mother in laws passing continue to beautify my home. Every time I see them I am reminded of how much she was loved. I cannot believe the staying power of some….these arrangements are over 8 days old!

unnamgfxed unna1qasmed unnavc2med unnamasdaed 2232 unnamgffed

And in my yard, things are a blooming and I am loving it….

unnam43ced u121xxnnamed unn1xamed unnareemed



7. A VERY CUTE COMMERCIAL FOR DADS! Today being Fathers Day, is a perfect day to share this. This is so cute, you must watch it to the end, a dad after my own heart:)




So there you have it my friends. Hope you are enjoying your weekend with all the dads in your life. We look forward to a calm and quiet day, and will visit my mother in laws grave today. Thank you for your support, friendship and kind words these last few weeks. I can’t overstate it enough how much that means, truly heartwarming! Feels good to be back, I must admit:)

Last day to take advantage of the fabulous blue and white (round 2) promo, click here if you missed it.

unnamedUntil next time…….


The past 10 days……..

Hi my dear long lost friends. I have so missed being on my blog and being in blogland in general. I feel so out of the loop, like a kid who’s been out sick for a long time making her debut back at school. As most of you know, we lost my mother in law a week ago this past Sunday. No matter how prepared you think you are, you never really can brace yourself for the finality of losing someone you love. Finally having a chance to read over your many comments on my last post, made me well up with tears of gratitude.

I still cannot believe she is gone….she is and will be forever sorely missed. It was a whirlwind of arrangements to be made, including a private burial, a service and then this past Sunday we hosted a memorial day including a beautiful “service” where all the grand kids spoke including a few great grand kids and it ended with a beautiful slideshow of her life….it moved the entire room (all 200 people to tears). Then we had a wonderful sit down lunch for about 300 to celebrate her life….all wonderful 87 years of it:)

The turnout was overwhelming and such a fitting and elegant tribute to the matriarch of my husbands family. It was an emotional day as it always is when you say that final goodbye. She was no doubt surrounded by much love that day, and as they say it takes a village and we all did our share to arrange for a perfect ending to a beautiful life.

So Monday morning as I thought life might slowly get back to normal, my son was involved in a very serious car accident. First off,? he is OK THANK GOD. He is lucky to be alive and everyone who saw this happen from the EMT to the police to the car salvage yard owner? and emergency room doctors said they still cannot believe he survived. My husbands mom was looking over him that day, this much we know for sure:) Him basically walking away with minimal injuries is nothing short of a? miracle.

He was waiting? at a red light with 3 other cars when a laundry truck came plowing into them. It was bad. We got the phone call every parent dreads and hopes to never get. No life threatening injuries but he is really banged up and will require oral surgery and? some physical therapy. Still feeling a bit in shock over all of it but so incredibly grateful he is OK.

Suffice to say I have shed more tears this last week than I have in a lifetime and have the puffy eyes to prove it:) I miss being in the land where all is pretty and good and need a serious dose of it! Today thought a fitting “come back” post would be the sharing of some of the magnificent flowers/baskets sent to us by friends as my mother in laws favorite thing in life was flowers. We were so touched. You would not? believe the flowers sent to the memorial service, it was incredible and yet another tribute to how much people loved her.

This is dedicated to my mother in law, the only other person in my life that loved flowers as much as I did (especially white ones)….


?Added one of my beautiful pots to this gorgeous arrangement


Some of the beautiful flowers and gifts….

u2wqnnamed u112nnamed

At a time when cooking was out of the question with so much to do, getting in these wonderful baskets filled with so many of our favorite things was a serious treat!

unnam5tgged unna432med


FullSizeRender-1 unnakmjmed


This basket contained four dozen of some of the best cookies and pastries I have ever eaten! (Florie’s Finales)


Isn’t this a beauty? It was about 24″ tall and at least as wide…spectacular!


And the latest batch that arrived a few days ago, you know how I love orchids…



And these were from each of the tables at the luncheon-


We had two of my enormous ginger jars filled with huge sprays towered at almost 4 feet tall! I took one home:)
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And placed the 5 day old and still going strong arrangement in my living room, how I wish I could save this forever~!



We had someone take most of the flowers that were sent to the memorial luncheon to the burial site but as there were so many we had the rest sent to my mother in laws home where they flanked the side door door……


And by her front door….



So that my friends is what this past week was all about. It seemed fitting to make this my first post back. As I am busy catching up and helping my son get back to feeling himself,? I am going to do my best to get back to my regular schedule. Thankfully I have some posts saved and completed in my draft box all ready to go so you will be hearing from me sooner than later.

To the many of you who left such beautiful comments, sent me special gifts and heartfelt emails…thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was so touched, you cannot even imagine,? by the outpouring of kindness and sympathy. It made a very difficult time bearable knowing that I was surrounded by the warmth and love of friends.

It has been a very rough two weeks..I know it has to get better and I am taking it one day at a time. I look forward to hopefully settling down with a cup of coffee and trying to play catch up on all I have missed in blogland not to mention the countless emails, phone calls and thank you cards I have to take care of!

Thanks for “hanging in there” with me.? Cheers to life, cherished memories with those we love and good health. Until next time…..


Sad news…..

Hi dear friends. I wanted to share with you that my dear mother in law passed away earlier today after a difficult struggle with cancer. She was one of the kindest, most genuine, least selfish persons I have ever had the privilege to know. After knowing her and sharing so much of my life with her for 29 years, my heart is aching knowing she is gone.

Please excuse me while I take a brief absence from my blog this week to mourn and grieve the loss of a truly beautiful person. Thank you for your friendship and understanding.

We little knew that day
God would call your name.
In life we loved you dearly.
In death we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you
but you didn?t go alone,
for a part of us went with you
the day God called you home.

We?re left with loving memories
of the time we had with you,
and feel your love around us
in everything we do.

Our family chain is broken
and our lives are not the same,
But as God calls us one by one
the chain will link again.

Ron Tranmer




Random musings as seen through my iphone….

Hi there friends….it’s the weekend at long last! How has your week been? Mine, hectic and somewhat stressful. We have a very sick relative who is not doing well. It’s been difficult seeing someone who love suffer so. So a lot of frivolous plans have been put on hold. I have been busy working, trying to fit in a little “me” time and balancing all the above. I had put this post together a few days ago and forgot to post it…..

As I periodically do I share what’s been happening in my little corner of the world as seen through my iPhone. Amazing how this one little gadget can kind of tell a story. Mine has been a busy one, a lot of work a little play and fun with a healthy dose of the great outdoors. Afterall that’s what summer is all about right? So here we go, the last few weeks as seen through my iPhone….


You know I love farm stands, Young’s Farm is one of my favorites, kind of like gourmet shop meets old fashioned general store meet chic country gift shop and bakery, love it!




Over at the showhouse, my white hydrangea plants after almost 3 weeks had to say goodbye so I replaced them with these and must say I love the casual English garden effect, added a few faux white hydrangea stems to the mix and some ivy….

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My cart at the garden shop…always lots of white!


Took a break to have lunch with a friend on a dreary rainy day…sliders and good french fries to the rescue:) I am going to copy, love the way they were served on a mini bread board.


Planted these pretty planters for a relatives front door who is sick, coming home from the hospital I wanted her to be surrounded by “prettiness” knowing her love of flowers

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Gave my belljar lanterns in? my kitchen a really good cleaning, love them!


One night my husband and I? came home late and had I nothing made for dinner so I whipped up a platter of my favorite caprese crostins and we devoured them with a glass of wine….works for me!

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Having such fun placing some of the new blue and whites around my house….click here to see all the fabulous new arrivals on my online shop I am so delighted at the emails I am getting from customers who have been receiving their orders this week overjoyed with the porcelains:)


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Played around with napkin choices for a dinner I will be hosting


A sneak peek at the lower level aka basement (more to come soon)!~


Took this picture of this spectacular sunset leaving my sons apartment in NYC…



So there’s my week (give or take a few days) as seen through my trusty little iPhone. What did we do without these??? Hope you have had a great weekend, thank you as always for stopping in to see whats happening in my little corner of the world. Until next time……

If you missed my summer bucket list, click here (and would love to hear what’s on yours)!


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Until next time….

Lets talk a summer bucket list shall we?

Hello and happy Wednesday afternoon, nice to see the sun shining after days of cold rain and gloomy skies. First things first, I want to announce the winner of the wonderful book Cottage Style- A Palette of White, congratulations goes to-

?#19 Chris says:

? Love white, especially white Cararra Marble kitchen countertops! Peter Sinnott?s white/grey marble floor in Kips Bay this year was inspired!!!

Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail. so that your book can get on it’s way!

So, every summer, and I do mean every summer, I start the season off (normally before Memorial Day) with a visual “checklist’ in my head of what I hope to do during the summer. It is a short season that seems to go by faster and faster every year. Cannot tell you how often I have realized I still had so much left I wanted to do and before I know it, it’s Labor Day!

So thought this would make a fun and interactive post as I want to hear what’s on your bucket list! Here is what’s on mine…..


1. Rent my beach house. I rent a beach house “out east” (means the Hamptons and Montauk) every summer. I have rented the same wonderful house for the past few years, its the perfect beach house, a block from the ocean, walking/biking distance to town, 4 bedrooms, airy and immaculate and I get daily visits from a family of deer right in my own backyard:) Big enough to host another family and/or houseguests but small enough to not have to fret over.


2. Many (I hope) afternoons until sunset spent at the beach. Alone. With me, my beach chair, a great book and a nice cool drink. The only noise will be the oceans roar…that is a perfect afternoon to me….I am never ever as relaxed as I am doing that.



3. Lobster rolls! I could live on them come summertime,? and as luck would have it some of the? very best are from The Clam Bar, “Lunch” and Gosmans Dock in Montauk….sooooo good!!

St. Peters Catch also has wonderful seafood brought in fresh every day and if we just want steamed/broiled lobsters that is where I go plus they make a great fish taco. Speaking of fish tacos, Bostwicks in Amagansett hands down makes the best fish taco I have ever eaten (and a great Manhattan clam chowder). I am getting hungry!!



4. A trip abroad. We like to travel in the summer. Truthfully a lot has changed over the last few years, two oldest sons moved out on their own, our “baby” is now a college student and as much as it pains me to say this…they really don’t have much interest our family vacations as they used to. I get it but it doesn’t make it any less sad:(

We are working on a trip for July that so far (key word) two of my sons have said yes to coming on. I am so hoping it will happen as I am never happier than when we are all away somewhere wonderful together. How big of a flake am I that even writing this I am crying? But then again, its me the one who cannot watch a Pampers commercial without welling up.



5. An office redo! This is almost a 911 emergency. My home office is in DIRE need to help. There is a desk, a rug, a chair and a whole lot of papers and that is about it. I spoke months ago of getting it done and the furthest I got was gathering wallpaper samples which are still here sitting where they were over 2 months ago!

I really want to try to make some progress. I spend a lot of time in there, and there’s no reason it should not be a beautiful space that I love working in:)



6. A ladies summer luncheon. I want to host a small lunch al fresco for friends, nothing big or overdone, something small, pretty, tasty and hopefully on a beautiful humid free summer day!



7. A trip up to Maine. Maine is so beautiful in the summer. I haven’t’ been in a long time but there is something so peaceful about driving up there, seeing the rugged coast, all the quaint little towns that dot the coastline. Would like to plan a weekend up there.



8. Books! I love to read and find that I get more reading done in the summer than any other season. I would love to read at least 4-6 books this summer. I already have a few that I ordered in anticipation of summer reading.

My favorite reading spot is my loggia/outside porch, we get really nice cross breezes there, I bring my down pillow,? settle on one of the sofas, grab a cool drink and allow myself to escape into whatever book I am reading, it is soo relaxing!





9. Family time! With two boys on their own and a college aged son, we don’t get the family time that we used to and I so miss it. I cherish when we are together and have told them that I expect us to get together at least one a week to do something, whether its a trip to the beach, the city, a BBQ or dinner….it has to happen. I am my most happy when I am with my family!


10.Farm stands! Visiting my favorite local farm stands both locally and “out east” as much as possible. One of my most favorite things is to visit farm stands, I love nothing more than choosing fresh produce, picking up a bunch of freshly picked flowers…it really is all about the simple pleasures and to me this is a huge perk of summer!

unname342q4d IMG_1020 IMG_0885

11.? Exercise more. Ugh…even hate the word. But one thing on my bucket list this summer is to lose 10 lbs and to exercise more. With my knee injury I am limited but walking is totally fine and there is no more beautiful time for long strolls than the summer. I know once I get back into it…I will be committed to the cause:) Plus I have a few summer favorites hiding in my closet that I really want to fit into:)


12. Flower power! Attend a flower class/workshop at Flower School New York . Been wanting to do this for a while now. I did one many years ago but I was younger and my passion for flowers was no where near what it is now so think I would have a whole new appreciation for it…plus how fun!

IMG_2283 IMG_1713 IMG_1732


So that’s what’s on my summer bucket list. Surely there will be more to add as the summer marches on, but these are all things I would love to do over the short summer season.

And how about you? What’s on your summer bucket list? Can’t wait to hear, thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day…..until next time!

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