Designer spotlight- Furlow Gatewood

Hi there,? so happy it is Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We are headed back out to the Hamptons, for my friends annual “Jaws” party, always fun (but it also means summer is moving along quickly and that is bittersweet:(

Moving on…’s funny how things happen sometimes. I had heard about the book, One Man’s Folly and decided to order it as design books are an indulgence that I never deny myself:) As it happens the day it arrived, I was also? meeting a friend for lunch whose birthday I had missed and I needed a last minute gift. Knowing her love of design books, I without even opening it wrapped the book up as it seemed perfect.


She was thrilled with it and to this day tells me it’s one of her all time favorites. I in turn, got busy, as often happens and never reordered the book. So in doing some online searching a few weeks ago, by some strange and unknown tinkering with my fingers, I came across the most fabulous photo albums from the maestro himself, Furlow Gatewood. I felt like I stumbled across the most marvelous treasure trove of beauty and inspiration, it was almost overwhelming!

Then I remembered “the book”…ahh yes this is the same man who wrote the book that was almost mine:) Naturally I promptly ordered it and got it in a few weeks ago:) Click here to order your own. As his pictures promised it was a? treat of epic proportions so I just had to share the exquisiteness of Furlow’s immense talent.

In the book you will follow the careful restoration of his family’s carriage house as well as many other “demolition bound”? outbuildings and? homes? that he saved and resurrected with his relentless vision and gift, alongside the work of local talented craftsmen.? His”follies” make for one fabulous book!

And let’s be honest, anyone who clearly loves and appreciates the “powers” of blue and white has a lifelong fan (and friend)? in me. Take it away Mr.Gatewood…..



4B0Q5631_2_3-L Furlow's 101912  050-L 4B0Q5637_8_9-L T87C7759-L 4B0Q4354_5_6-L 4B0Q4282_3_4-L 4B0Q4273_4_5-L

4B0Q5095_6_7-L 4B0Q5086_7_8-L 4B0Q5083_4_5-L

IMG_4378_79_80Enhancer-L IMG_3089_90_91Enhancer-L

one-mans-follyGatewood_Drive_TheDevotedClassicist 111 IMG_2998_2999_3000Enhancer-L IMG_8505-L IMG_8499-L 4B0Q5724_5_6-L 4B0Q5751_2_3-L

photo-41 Furlow-Gatewood-10 Furlow-Gatewood-Veranda-005





Pretty spectacular wouldn’t you say? So if you love what you see, you might want to also consider adding his book to your personal collection. It has quickly become one of my treasured favorites…I have no doubt it will be for you too if you love classic and timeless interiors with a splash of blue and white! Click here if you wish to order it. You will not be sorry you did:)


In the meantime, thank you for stopping in, wishing you a happy Friday and great end to your week.? Until next time….and thank you Furlow Gatewood for inspiring the masses and keeping classical, traditional interiors alive and well!!


PS Very excited that the newest container of chinoiserie tole has arrived and is it ever STUNNING! Hope to get a presale up for tomorrow, stay tuned:)


Which would you choose?

Hi there, thank you to all for your wonderful emails and comments regarding my dining room. I am so happy with it and enjoyed getting to share it with you all! If you missed it, click here.

Moving along……today I am calling all handbag lovers and those who love a good sale:)? Sometimes its fun to break away from interior design and house biz and focus on something personal, girly girl stuff ( and sorry to any of my guy readers)!

The only thing that makes getting something new even better is getting a deal…..and let me tell each of these are a deal! At least 40-50% off, this is THE time to stock up on new handbags. I even bought one as a Christmas gift!? I had a hard time narrowing these down but decided on 2 for myself:) Well 3 but one was a gift for my niece.

This is one exeptional sale and I thought it would make a fun Which would you choose….so? imagine the handbag fairy has paid your closet a visit, which would you want her to leave behind? Let’s go….



CHOICE 1 This Valentino is sooo elegant, it is the most expensive bag of the lot but is 50% off:) Click here to see

CHOICE 2 I own this in black and am tempted to get this but already have a gray bag, love totes! Click here for the 411

CHOICE 3 Had to get this, adore everything about it. Click here for

CHOICE 4 A practical Marc Jacobs bag for year round use, great style and the price is to be believed! Click here for the 411


CHOICE 5 This is so fabulous and at that price, I could not pass it up…..seriously how great is this going into fall/winter and it’s on SALE:) Click here for details


CHOICE 6 This is one sharp looking clutch that can also be used as a shoulder bag, tres chic!? Click here for info


CHOICE 7 Great color and love this style of bucket bag, great deal too:) Click here to

CHOICE 8 This is? a practical tote with a little “edge”, click here for the

CHOICE 9 This is one smart looking black croc shoulder bag, click here for details

CHOICE 10 I really like the clean sleek lines of this wonderful bag and the gold hardware is the crowning touch, amazing deal! Click here

CHOICE 11 Smart looking tote, love that it has a zippered top, a classic! Click here for the

CHOICE 12 This is one good looking bag, love that it has the shoulder strap too and at nearly half price, how can one resist! Click

CHOICE 13 I couldn’t’ resist this at the amazing sale price, the brown is such rich and this will give me a leg up on my fall wardrobe! Click here to

CHOICE 14 This is one smart looking shoulder bag, easily able to take this into fall/winter. Click here for details.


CHOICE 15. Being a girl who loves and could easily live in a sea of beige, this is a great looking bag by Halston Heritage at an even prettier price:) Click here for more info…


CHOICE 16 Think this is great looking,the sale price is awesome and love the chain panel and a sucker for soft squishy leather plus it comes in 3 beautiful colors:) Click here for the 411


ITEM 17. Cannot believe this is under $300, looks so expensive and it comes in three colors. Click here for info


CHOICE 18 A gorgeous little evening bag with a big of bling on sale for $113…wow! Click here to view



Never promised you would leave this post without wanting something:) Few things are as satisfying as walking away with a great deal and these are all beyond great deals, a perk as we near? towards the end of summer (hard to even say it). Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful summer day:)

Last day to take advantage of the newest blue and white promo, still some pieces left! Click here to see


If you missed the reveal of my dining room chinoiserie paper, click here. Until next time…..



A dining room, a dream and two years of patience….

Hello there!? How long have I waited to write this post….a looooong time. Even before we moved in, I knew I wanted to put chinoiserie hand painted panels in? my dining room. I also understood that this was hardly a ‘top of the list” item and as we had dozens and dozens of other things that were far more important, like running water, bathtubs, painting and windows! I knew it would happen in due time, but that I needed to be patient (not one of my strong suits).

So after the first year as things started to settle into place, my idea was hatched of what I wanted in there, we found the most beautiful rug and that sort of set the tone. This past year we got our dining room chairs and our very long awaited mantle (but so worth the wait) so the room was starting to shape up indeed. I started plotting about how the dining room might turn out….and soon I turned to the artistic genius of Paul Montgomery Studios and over many many months, we finally got an order going.

This is a process, and patience is absolutely essential Just drawing up the patterns, customizing the colors and of course you need to factor in the lead time in getting new samples and sending them back and forth, we are talking months and months. Alas, we finally had a sample I loved enough and many many emails later, the order was placed. Finally a few weeks go the long waited panels arrived and we put our hanger on the schedule.

There were times it felt like it would never happen but that all changed a few weeks ago. Finally we got it done! My dream for my dining room realized. And let me say this……I absolutely love it. It is soft, muted, understated elegance at it’s best in my opinion. I had it “hand blocked” and antiqued which gave it an old almost worn in feeling… is so dreamy:)

I am still on the prowl for an antique, large sideboard (the one we have now is from our old house) and I still? have to recover two upholstered chairs to go on the side wall and am going to work on silk panels for the windows to complete the room. I am thinking of keeping it soft and understated, creamy silk panels with maybe a pale blue tape or trim, billowy and understated elegance.? Ready to see the completed room so far?

I used my Nikon camera for these pictures, I am certainly no photographer but did the best I could…one day one day I hope to take a class though:)


So here it is completed except for window treatments which is the next step in completing the room….getting there!!






DSC_1022 DSC_1023 DSC_1024 DSC_1025 DSC_1026

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0014


Paul Montgomery Studios delivered on what I wanted and I could not be happier. It is a classic look that will stand the test of time. Even down the road if anyone else ever lives here, the colors are so neutral with just hints of pale blues and greens, that they could use almost any color in this room and it would work beautifully. Another advantage to going with a more monochromatic color scheme.

If you have plans for chinoiserie paper for your home,? I cannot recommend them enough. They made the process almost effortless, gave great personalized special attention to me and my project and were a joy to work with.

You can contact them here and drool over all the beauty in their website. In addition be sure you mention are you from The Enchanted Home for an extra special discount:) Thank you for stopping by, wishing you wonderful day!

PS A new blue and white promo alert! A select group of beautiful pieces have been put on promo until tomorrow to make room for the next container’s arrival, click here to visit


PPS Did you see my outdoor patio on One Kings Lane? Exciting!!


Seven on Sunday

Hi there, and happy Sunday to you, are we really already at the end of July! These weeks are flying by a bit too fast! First order of business is to announce the winner of the pretty blue and white vase, congratulations goes to-

#28 Debbie says:


Thanks to the hundreds who took part in my survey (click here if you missed it). I so loved hearing what you had to say, it is a total validation for me doing what I do and why I enjoy it so much. I will be sharing the results with you later this week.

We had such a great day yesterday, back in the Hamptons for the celebrity studded fundraiser to benefit ovarian cancer,? Super Saturday.Our friends were sponsors and invited us as their was such a fun day, and a nice treat after being homebound for nearly a week with my bad back. It was also a picture perfect weather day so it doesn’t get much better than shopping, great weather and good friends.? Today, just chilling then going to a BBQ party later and you?

As I do every Sunday here are seven things that have gotten my attention. Lots of pretty to share this week. ? And here we go……



1. A GREAT LITTLE REMINDER. This really made me stop and think about all that I have to be thankful for. I printed this out and put it on my fridge, not so much that anyone in my family will stop to read it but I certainly will be reminded every time I open it (and lets face it that’s a lot) and hopefully they (as in the men in my household) will take the time to read at least a few and be reminded to be grateful for even the smallest things, certainly worth sharing!


2.? A FABULOUS NEW ARTIST. So love discovering talented artists, one talent I wish I had! Really loving the work of fashion illustrator Joanna Baker, take a look at some of her amazing work. I cannot imagine having that kind of raw talent, this NY based designer is one gifted lady and I simply love her style.? Click here to learn more or visit her website.cda46845d49f527d66597488c8f5bda9 process margoandme-joanna-baker3 carolina-herrera-bridal-joanna-baker-small city-dogs-joanna-baker

instagram-recap-joanna-baker giambattista-valli-joanna-baker new-prints-joanna-baker1

3. AN ELEGANT UNDERSTATED PARTY. I loved the pretty and not overly fussy details of Suzanne Kasler’s party held at her home for SCAD. Such elegance! Could easily be in Provence,? what a beautiful setting….kind of makes me want to plan a party myself:)? Courtesy of Atlanta Homes Magazine.

ahl_kasler_009-469x640 ahl_kasler_008-469x640


?ahl_kasler_011-469x640 ahl_kasler_033-426x640 ahl_kasler_040-479x640 ahl_kasler_041-479x640


4.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always enjoying getting to share with you the insanely beautiful and inspiring pictures that have caught my eye. Suffice to say there is never ever a shortage of pictures to share. Ever!

And my four favorites of the week……

I mean seriously this dude has some serious style:)

What a great idea! I have to try this shrimp cocktail in a huge blue and white bowl…fabulous!

Love everything about this:)

Isn’t this fabulous? Jeanne of I Dream Of was inspired by my picture of this on instagram and painted it….amazing!

And I mean really……how funny is this, and the scary part is it’s true!


5. MORE TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS. You are one talented bunch..I never tire of getting in your incredible pictures. Thank you so much for sharing:) Here are some recently received new additions…

6. MOST BEAUTIFUL TENTS EVER! These make me want to have a party…..sure wish one of my sons could hurry up and meet the right girl, lol. Aren’t? these sensational? Boutique Tents is a bespoke custom tent company that fulfill all of your tent dreams! Click here to learn more

1.-0346 Screen+Shot+2014-12-18+at+11.33.26+AM

Herring-Entrance Beach-Tent IndianTent1080-50 Herring-Rich-Curtain Indian-Tent-BANNER

7. AROUND HERE. I have some big things to tell you about like the “lower level” and the dining room but those warrant their very own posts:) Here’s a look at some things outside the home this past week, everything looks so lush and green, nothing like a yard in the summer!

Added this beautiful new blue and white lamp to the secretary in my dining room, always loved pretty lamps on secretarys

Gorgeous cut hydrangeas from the yard and my two favorites roses’ of the summer…..Notorious Pink and Whispering Angel

Changed up the vignette on my kitchen island with those new blue and white planters to create a fresh summer feel

Got the fan in from Horchow and it’s perfect, we ordered two more, what a steal! If you are in the market for? a fan click here (use code welcome for an extra 20% off of anything on the entire site)!


Teddy having his splendor in the grass moment

Our newly restored fountain, love the sound and it adds such a lovely feeling to the back of the house


So that is what’s on my radar this week….and what about you? Anything new and exciting?? Thanks as always for stopping in! Wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend, until next time…..

Just as of Monday morning started a new promo on select porcelains at rock bottom prices as we make way for new container arriving next month! Click here to visit the promotion


PPS Look whose outdoor patio is being featured today over at One Kings Lane…woo hoo, exciting! (though they forgot to put my name, The Enchanted Home under photo) so I am waiting for that to happen!


The Enchanted Home Shop happenings and a blue and white giveaway!

Hi there, my back is finally starting to feel better, getting some relief from the painkiller and inflammatory meds…it’s been a looong 5 days!? Worked on this post last week and have since updated it just a bit. From time to time I like to update you on my online shop happenings.

Lots of things in the works for end of summer/start of fall which I am thrilled to share with you. I also value your opinion in a very big way so am also asking for some input/feedback. In return I am offering a lucky winner this wonderful blue and white flower jar from my newest collection (details on the bottom). Click here to visit my online shop.



So here we go with what is new and exciting…..



1. There are two particularly newsworthy things to share- one is my newest line of chinoiserie tole? has arrived, is in the port and just about done with customs, there are so many gorgeous pieces coming your way. I will offer up a presale promo in the next week or so, so? stay tuned and be sure to check back.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the gorgeous pieces, I have a place in my own home for several, these will be offered at more than half of what other tole manufacturers are selling them for, icing on the cake:)

Click here to see the chinoiserie tole line


And love the new tole sconces coming in….looking for a place to put these in my own home:)

WHITE blk12 blacksconce

2. My newest container of blue and whites has just left and “hit the water”…it is due here by end of August. I will as I did last time offer a presale 3 weeks before its arrival so look for that sometime the first week of August.? Have over 650 exquisite pieces coming, some really new exciting additions. Best part is they are going to be a prices you will not find anywhere. Period!

Here are just a few from this magnificent collection coming in, so excited and need to make room for a few of these, can never have too many!

Click here to see all porcelains on my online shop. foodogs

3. Just added all the prettiest new colors for the Annabel Ingall bags, you will want to take a look. Best part is I also discount approx 15% from everyone else, here are a few faves below. Click here to see the handbags in my online shop.

These are new colors for the ever so popular Isabella tote-

Small_Isabella_Zinc_1_grande_db467639-0aec-4303-88f5-73a08635015b Large_Isabella_Indigo_1_edit Large_Isabella_toffee_1_edit

And just brought in the wonderful and so chic Leyla clutch-

Leyla_Clutch_Fushia_2377_AnnabelIngall033115-534 Leyla_Clutch_Toffee_2377_AnnabelIngall033115-505

And then just introduced is the wonderful Georgia bucket bag in their same trademark buttery soft leather-

Large_Georgia_Bucket_Ash_e2e53f11-cf98-4e11-962d-a4b5a262427c Large_Georgia_Bucket_CoralSmall_Georgia_Bucket_Indigo_8a8bc501-ce44-4997-92b2-8c5a42005537

4. This has been a? long time in the works and was no easy feat but my persistence and patience paid off! Have a huge container of brand new silver pieces coming in early September which I am just over the moon about.

I go nuts for beautiful estate like silver and I have found that beautiful intricate silverplate pieces are extremely hard to find so I am very excited about introducing these pieces to my existing collection, think they will be a hit as I do very well with the silver line.

Click here to see all current silver pieces


5. Have a? brand new section called LAST CALL where I will have things that are either discontinued or that I only have 1 or 2 left of at steeply discounted prices. Check in there from time to time..there will be some great buys! Just added a few new things there yesterday, click here to visit. Here are a few things there now-

Click here to see current Last call items

fruittureen ornatetureen boydish dogbookends sittingmen

6.For my STATUARY AND PLANTERS, just added some wonderful new pieces. Some smaller planters that are perfect for indoors or patio tables and some gorgeous larger pieces. The line is vast, so if you are looking for something very particular definitely email me, they might just have it! The best part is every single piece though it looks like aged stone can be picked up with one hand and is weatherproof, doesn’t get better!? These can all be found under new additions or under statuary and planters.

Click here to see this wonderful line


7. Lamps….I do very well with lamps which means it is probably a good idea to keep expanding. Just added these wonderful new additions and will continue to add more.

Click here to see all lamps

Fabulous Pair of Man and Woman on Horse

Fabulous Pair of Man and Woman on Horse

Gorgeous Chunky Chinese Ginger Jar Character Lamp

Gorgeous Chunky Chinese Ginger Jar Character Lamp

Gorgeous Pale Blue/Gold Buffet Lamp

Gorgeous Pale Blue/Gold Buffet Lamp

Incredible Pair of Staffordshire Dog Lamps

Incredible Pair of Staffordshire Dog Lamps

Wonderful Small/Medium Blue and White Ball Lamp

Wonderful Small/Medium Blue and White Ball Lamp


8. Lastly I LOVE getting in your pictures to add to my growing online gallery where I feature my customers home displaying your Enchanted Home items! Keep them coming….here are a few recent additions, have one to submit email me your picture at

Click here to see the entire gallery



Now I have a few questions for you….a quick survey that should not take more than a minute or two. Your feedback is so valuable to me, really appreciate it and to thank you I am offering the wonderful flower vase to one lucky winner. Survey is below.

To be eligible to win the beautiful jar, simply participate in the poll below and then? visit my online site by clicking here, come back and tell me an item or two on your wish list. That’s it….I will announce a winner on Sunday.

Thanks as always for stopping in, until next time…..

PS Two things, if you missed the post on uber taletned architect Geoff Chick you must see it, click here

And last day for Last call lamps promo, click here



Designer/architect spotlight- Geoff Chick

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend. With my back being out, restful is about the only thing my weekend was. Headed to round 2 of acupuncture yesterday which generally has worked however this time I needed more so went to my orthopedist and am now on prednisone and painkillers….fingers crossed this will bring my much needed relief.

Onto one of my favorite subjects, architecture and design. The first time I saw a house designed by Geoff Chick, I knew I needed to know more. I was intrigued, fascinated and in awe because he had singlehandedly designed what to me is the perfect idea beach/coastal home.? I have since discovering him dreamed about designing a beach or lake house with him as he seems to have mastered that “low country” coastal elegant home vibe to perfection that I so love. Truly talented, I am an official fan.

When I am excited about “meeting” someone new, I in turn want to share it with you too. So thought this was a name worth remembering….you never know and it’s fair to say someone out there is in? the process of building, renovating, considering a new build, etc…and this is a name worth knowing! So without further adue, here is Geoff’s work.….





What kid would not be head over heels to sleep in this ultra cool bunk room!


I could literally live in a room like this!


Always like seeing “dead space” like landings get used so beautifully!house13pop2

Is this a dreamy coastal kitchen or what!


Seaside perfection if you ask me.

house7pop2 house7pop3

Great rooms like this which combine both a living room and family room are such smart uses of space

houseApop3 houseApop2 houseApop1 house12pop9

I love the vibe of this space for a beach/coastal home

house12pop8 house12pop6 house12pop2

Really love the feeling of this open concept….so conducive to great gatherings of family and friends


house14pop9 house14pop6 house10pop14

Yes I could see hosting all kinds of fun get togethers in this fabulous space

house10pop4 house10pop1 house11pop18 house11pop10 house11pop8

I love his clever and unique door design to the shower…fabulous!

house11pop6 house11pop1

A typical gorgeous coastal home of Geoff Chick

house15pop19 house15pop17 house15pop16 house15pop14

Absolutely LOVE everything about this home!


Yes yes and yes!

house15pop12 house15pop05 house15pop01

This is about the size I would want….not too big and not too small.



Even on a small scale, he gets it right!



What did I tell you…amazing! I have so many favorites I frankly lost count:) He is one talented architect. I love his “signature” of the huge great room infusing big open airy spaces as one. What a great way to bring family and friends together. I could see those spaces being used all the time. I love his approach to this particular style and would hands down hire him hopefully when not if we do design a beach/coastal home at some point. Click here to visit his website.

We are going back to Palmetto Bluff in the fall because I so fell in love with it that we are headed there with my brother in law and wife and these are the types of homes that are found there…just saying:) Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time…..

PS A new promo Last Call Lamps? started last night. Click here to see the goodies….



Seven on Sunday

Hi and Happy Sunday to you. How is your weekend going? Hope well, I pulled my back so part of my weekend was spent doing absolutely nothing, am hoping with continued bedrest I will be back on my feet literally and figuratively very soon, I so? miss not being able to be at the beach this weekend.

But am watching documentaries galore and saw The Horse Whisperer for maybe the 40th time as well as the documentary based on the real “horse whisperer” which was really fascinating, it is called Buck and is available on Netflix FYI. As I always do…here are seven things on my mind this past week!



1. TORY BURCH IN PARIS. You might have seen this on the internet somewhere but boy I could stare at this? all day long, just love her newest store in Paris. Such a beautiful shop that feels so glamorous and sophisticated for an equally glamorous and sophisticated city. Yet one more reason to visit Paris:)

257590_518215_tory_burch_paris_flagship_4-1024x682 ?Home wares are displayed on a mezzanine level.

Snip20150707_5 tory-burch-paris


2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST, once again so much to love this week. I cannot get over the inspiration I find on a daily basis, it has me wanting to plan a party al fresco, whip up something yummy and do a little blue and white rearranging all at once:)


3. SNAPSHOTS FROM THE FARMERS MARKET. For me getting to spend time in the Hamptons/Montauk is all about bringing me back to nature. Lazy bike rides, long walks to the lighthouse or beach, relaxed afternoons reading on the porch, and of course hitting as many farm stands as I can find! Montauk has a farmers market once a week and it is such an old fashioned treat, had fun capturing it with my iPhone. I love taking pictures of farmstands and get so excited over beautiful fruits and vegetables…..go figure:)



4.MY TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS. I so love getting in your pictures…always fun for me to see what you are up to and how you use/display things you have gotten from me and my online shop…keep me coming. Here are a few recent pictures I got that were worth sharing……

5. GREAT DEAL ON MONOGRAMMED TOWELS!? I wait for this sale from Horchow all year…and then stock up! I just placed my order and thought this was a deal worth sharing! Where else would you? find a monogrammed bath towel in an array of colors for $12.99! Click here for more info…..

HCH7LCP_cz HC-5G0U_az HC-5G0U_mz

And aren’t these just gorgeous!! So in love with them, click here to view


6.ONE AMAZING BEACH HOUSE. I have the beach on my mind a lot lately, since we have been there so much and there are few more beautiful places than the Hamptons but an ultra posh beach location. How incredible is this amazing Hamptons beach house beautifully located between the ocean and bay? If you have 50 million to spare,


c0ef7490aaf44ce9f126177c41a0f936 f86fa58804b74f258d57119b37c7d8ae 86552066f4c92d4721da3421757efe7b f790fe47f09d976a4dbe854c240ba366 133502c240a5e5a8aff8abbef00de2d5 23be7c9823255a2d1701413dbc8ad13e

a3d07c429d6d95059175a745e5aa5910 4799c5ff8d4b448ba32baef0bca284f6 1082dd6df760c82ac21aba3de99c3c44

7. ALEX PAPACHRISTIDIS HOME IN BRIDGEHAMPTON. Far more formal than what most think of when they conjure up a beach house but no less incredible, I love his book The Age of Elegance and refer to it often, it is to me a must have. Here are a pictures of his “beach house” in Bridgehampton…

b1b4754e3708145b11802d7c097943db e8e0220262520fc0e001dfe55370cac2 99ff4e9dcd15fcab749ded95f5737396

193179880bc274756c898b8f9d6fb16d SeatingAreaHDS2006P.EnnisAP_Interiors_H_0081 item12.rendition.slideshowVertical.alex-papachristidis-04-pool item8.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.alex-papachristidis-10-kitchen

And his wonderful book that is a must have for any design book enthusiast,? you can buy it here



So much beauty in the world…..I love seeking it out and am so inspired by it. Anything here excite you? What’s new in your world? Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping on this fine summer day. Until next time…..


A winner and random musings as seen through my iPhone

Hello and happy Friday! The first order of business is to announce the winner of my Blue and White Love contest! With over a record 3200 votes, the winner? is…….




Congratulations! Your picture is spectacular (loved seeing my emperors on your table)? please contact me at to arrange for shipment of you beautiful new ginger jar that looks like it will fit right in:)


And to Felicia your picture above came quite close and is equally spectacular, thank you being part of the fun and helping to raise the bar in blue and white beauty!



We had the most spectacular weather yesterday, I cannot imagine a more perfect? day, it was VERY hard to leave the beach….but duty calls and I came back to “reality”. I have a number of things going on at my house, all of which I will be sharing very soon:)

Last night we attended a beautiful fundraiser under the stars and got to see Sheryl Crow perform…she was fabulous! Not to mention has not aged a day……fun concert and evening. Today and the weekend promises to be more beautiful weather…yippee!

As I do every now and then I share with you my life’s happenings as seen through my iPhone.? I tend to take snapshots of “life” as it happens and it can tell a story which I think is kind of neat, so little narration is necessary. Most of this is centered around being “out east” in Montauk/Hamptons.? Hope you are doing well and wishing everybody a fabulous weekend…….

The Palm is an East Hampton icon……wonderful food, gorgeous setting! Have been going there for years

This little guy likes the camera!

This is a classic Hamptons look…..shingles and bountiful hydrangeas, perfection!

Went with friends for lunch to another mainstay in Montauk, Gosmans Dock


Nothing quite like a sunset at the beach


Farm stands always stop me dead in my tracks:)

IMG_8877 IMG_8879 IMG_8881 IMG_8884

Isn’t this seaside “cottage” so charming and picture perfect?


Nothing quite like arriving to a quiet beach first thing in the morning….


This coffee house Left Hand Coffee is so pretty and the coffee is divine, love how they did it

IMG_8894 IMG_8895 IMG_8896 IMG_8897

This was an old cheesy motel and someone turned it into a very hip “cool” hotel, The Montauk Beach House

IMG_8898 IMG_8900 IMG_8902 IMG_8904 IMG_8906 IMG_8907 IMG_8908 IMG_8913 IMG_8918

Lunch with friends….


Lobster rolls never get old and I feel like I have been on an endless “taste test” for the best one these last few weeks:)

IMG_8929 IMG_8934

This darling shop in Montauk gets the “elegant beach vibe” in home decor down perfectly

IMG_8935 IMG_8937 IMG_8938 IMG_8941 IMG_8942 IMG_8946 IMG_8953

This is from Scarpetta Beach of famed Scarpetta from NYC (this beach outpost is new at Gurneys)


Decadent and worth every calorie, the food at South Edison is off the charts amazing


Circling back to my own house, our gates/front entrance are being done…woo hoo:)

IMG_8958 IMG_8960 IMG_8962

Put this pretty orchid in one of my newest planters from my shop in my dining room (another sneak peek at the gorgeous paper)

Loving how green and in bloom our backyard is


Only in the Hamptons would you see this darling cash register jazzed up like cute!


A favorite for many for the good food and fun people watching is St. Ambroeus in Southampton, super charming:)

IMG_8974 IMG_8977 IMG_8978 IMG_8979

Stopped at a few of my favorite nurseries in East Hampton


And this adorable farm stand in Bridgehampton, so picturesque


How adorable is this little guy? Reminded me so much of my youngest son at that age, he was hamming it up for me!


And this? little face my friends made my $20 watermelon worth it:)

IMG_8985 IMG_8989

Another place I love to stop off at for both home and garden inspiration Mecox Garden

IMG_8990 IMG_8995

Arriving last night to the fundraiser where Sheryl Crow rocked the house


What a gorgeous setting on the most picture perfect night


There is she, great entertainer!


That my friends is what’s new on my end… about you? Anything new exciting and fabulous? Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day, hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping wherever you might be:) Until next time…..


The Blue and White Love showdown is on!

Hello! I have had such fun hosting this wonderful contest. And after over 2200 votes and too many fabulous blue and white pictures to count, you have spoken and we have ourselves two finalists (one from each round). So today you get to vote one final time for the first place winner who will be the lucky recipient of this fabulous jar-


You are allowed to vote just once and I will announce the winner tomorrow. And here are the two finalists, congratulations to you both and a huge thank you to all who sent in their wonderful and inspiring blue and pictures. What a fun contest this was!









And here are a few honorable mentions (2nd and 3rd from each round) that came mighty close and with good reason:)

From round 1-

From round 2-




Voting will end Friday morning at 8am and the winner will be announced at that time. Thank you again for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time…..

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Blue and white love round 2

Hi there, ready for round 2? Here we go….another batch of incredible blue and white inspiration. I am just amazed at how stunning it all is…and I know you will agree.? Seriously some of these are front page magazine worthy.? I recognize how difficult this decision is….too many beautiful choices.

A reminder that tomorrow morning this round will end and there will be a “showdown” with the top picture from each round (winner to be announced on Friday)? So ready to begin? Remember you can choose two favorites…..


















CHOICE 9unLIZ2named


















































Another incredible round. I know I know, a very hard decision to make! I am as overwhelmed with how to choose as you probably are. Some true blue and white devotees here to be sure!

Thank again to everyone for sending in your amazing pictures, what fun it was to get to put this all together. OK now your turn to vote for your two top faves! Stay tuned for the showdown round tomorrow:)

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