Cyber Monday at The Enchanted Home!

Good morning! Well with Thanksgiving now behind us, the holiday crunch is officially on. I have my shopping lists at the ready and have a goal of being done with my shopping by Dec. 10th. Wish me luck:)

Today I am offering a one day sale in honor of cyber Monday. This sale will start midnight Nov. 29th and continue through midnight November 30th.

Everything is included which makes this a great time to buy! No exceptions but subject to availability.

I have so many favorite things from my shop, it is truly a curation of everything that I love. Here are some of my personal faves…..great time to start checking ?names off that list and of course that includes a little something to yourself!

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Silver makes a beautiful gift, a tray or planter is a treasured keepsake. The timeless beauty of silver makes the perfect gift. I love the idea of giving it with a plant or flower (for a planter) and a sweet something atop a tray:) Click here to visit silver



Anyhting monogrammed shows how much you care, who doesn?t love to get something made exclusively for them! I love my monogrammed soaps, dishes and trays. Click here for trays and here for all other monogrammed items.



I must say I really love my collection of gorgeous needlepoint pillows??something for everyone! Click here to see all pillows



My exclusive line offers so many gorgeous pieces, who wouldn?t love to get one of these beautiful tole pieces?.they make amazing gifts! Click here to visit chinoiserie tole



Does this ever get old? I dont? think so! Whether you give a gift to add to ones collection or to start a new one, I think I have one of the best selections around! Click here to see all porcelains



A beautiful collection of porcelain and tole lamps, from transitional to traditional?..there is a lamp for everyone. Click here to see all the lamps



Makes a fabulous and super custom gift, one that can be enjoyed for many many years to come. Important- deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Dec. 6th. Any order after that, that wants Christmas delivery will be subject to a $50 rush fee. So put your order in now?.click here for monogrammed napkins



So many fabulous and unique items for tabletop, these always make incredible gifts. Click here to see all tabletop




Always something new and gorgeous to lust after?..many wonderful gift ideas here too. Click here to view all new arrivals



Lots to love! Remember to use the code “monday20” to get your extra 20% off, offer expires at midnight. ?Wishing you a wonderful day and a great start to your week.


PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday post, click here

PPS DO NOT FORGET to send in your pictures for my Enchanted Home Love contest, just a few more days and a few more pictures can be accepted. Send in pictures to theenchantedhome@gmail. Click here for all details

Seven on Sunday

I will be having a Cyber Monday sale on my entire shop site! Starting midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow, Monday. Every single item in my shop site will be 20% no exceptions! Great time to shop:)


Hi there, by the time you read this I will be away and? hopefully basking in the warm sun. A few days away for a little R and R, kind of like the calm before the storm (that would be the holidays). I plan to relax and go on a mini vacation mode and even left my diet in NY:) I LOVE the holidays but know I have a very busy month ahead and am gearing up!

Hope this posts on time and look forward to a few days away. Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend. I will be back on Tuesday, and will have my sleeves rolled up and ready for the holiday hoopla to begin! Here is my seven on Sunday for this week…..




1 INDIGO HOME. A brand new sponsor and someone whose work I have long admired….yes that gorgeous chinsoiserie dog bowl is from Indigo Home, and her collection is expanding and getting bigger and better. Recognized by Town and Country for her truly beautiful and unique gift items, Indigo Home is one to know about. Just look at all of these exquisite goodies! Click here to visit Indigo Home

il_570xN.837258514_prfm il_570xN.691756962_jqy6 il_570xN.866096304_ossi il_570xN.831613579_iyd2 il_570xN.816150336_d64f il_570xN.798265197_devb

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Wow this week there was so? much to love, it was like sensation overload! Particularly that the holidays are in full force, the beauty is just over the top. It was hard to narrow it down, but I managed to and here my absolute faves this week…..


indeDFDDx indeFDZZx inADF3dex indDFASex AADFA_K[G indDD3ex indexVV3 indFXex indeFF3x inde33x inDDdex indeFFx


3 NEW SILVER COMING SOON! Very excited over the silver items that are en route as we speak…..they are so beautiful, I am very over the moon about these as I love love love silver. They will hopefully be here right before Christmas but as with most things coming in from overseas, there are no guarantees. But I do know they ARE coming and I wanted to show you a sneak peek!!

indedfafx indeas3x indeadsfax adaindex indefd33x indfdfdex indf23dex adsindex indefd33ddx inddasf33ex adsf3index indexdfdfd


4 ONE GREAT POT OF SOUP. I love soup and make it on average twice a week during the winter months. A loaf of crusty bread and you are good to go. One of my favorites (and my families too) is my pasta fagiole soup. It is easy but sooo good and satisfying and because you add pasta at the end, it really can double as a meal. So below is the recipe! It also freezes really well (but do not add the pasta as it could get mushy)-



2 tablespoons (2 turns around the pan) extra-virgin olive oil
1/8 pound (about 3 slices) pancetta, chopped
2 (4 to 6-inch) sprigs rosemary, left intact
1 (4 to 6-inch) sprig thyme with several sprigs on it, left intact
1 large fresh bay leaf or 2 dried bay leaves
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 small carrot, finely chopped
1 rib celery, finely chopped
4 large cloves garlic, chopped
Coarse salt and pepper
2 (15 ounce) cans cannellini beans
1 cup canned tomato sauce or canned crushed tomatoes
2 cups water
1 quart chicken stock
1 1/2 cups ditalini
Grated Parmigiano or Romano, for the table
Crusty bread, for mopping



Heat a deep pot over medium high heat and add oil and pancetta. Brown the pancetta bits lightly, and add herb stems, bay leaf, chopped vegetables, and garlic. Season vegetables with salt and pepper. Add beans, tomato sauce, water, and stock to pot and raise heat to high. Bring soup to a rapid boil and add pasta. Reduce heat to medium and cook soup, stirring occasionally, 6 to 8 minutes or until pasta is cooked al dente. Rosemary and thyme leaves will separate from stems as soup cooks. Remove herb stems and bay leaf from soup and place pot on table on a trivet. Let soup rest and begin to cool for a few minutes. Ladle soup into bowls and top with lots of grated cheese. Pass crusty bread for bowl mopping.

5.? TIGER FLOWER STUDIO. Speaking of beauty, I cannot get over how exquisite the art is by Paige Lee Huffy. Tiger Flower Studio represents to me some of the most talented artists I have ever seen. You must click here to see this site to see….beauty overload. I think I need to include a few on my Christmas list! Her gorgeous work also graced the recent book of Carolyne Roehme, understandably!? Click here to see all of the exquisite art by Paige Lee Huffy.

LeeP-WHite_Rose_11x14_430_1024x1024 LeeP-Blue_Iris_11x14_395_1024x1024 LeeP-Tulip_Sorbet_11x14_477_1024x1024 LeeP-Tulip_Estella_Red_11x14_384_1024x1024

6 A TRULY FABULOUS MOVIE I love great movies and when I see one that I love…….really love,? I can watch it over and over. Enter “The Way”. Starring an unbelievable Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estavez who both deliver stellar performances……this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. No nudity profanity, violence,etc…just a beautiful and super moving slice of life movie.

The storyline is so touching and poignant, I guarantee you will love this movie plus the European countryside is a really nice “extra”. There? are several scenes that are so moving, they just stir something inside that few movies can. We watched it over the Thanksgiving break (again) and I just had to recommend it to all you movie buffs out there!

7. A FABULOUS GIFT WRAPPING LINE. I discovered this wonderful line via good ol Instagram and just in love with what they do. If you are like me and love and cannot get enough of beautiful giftwrap you must click here to visit Citrine Living....such a beautiful line of giftwrap!!

Holiday_paper_tags3 Holiday_paper_tags8 Holiday_paper_tags6 Holiday_paper_tags4


So there you have it, anything here excite you? What is new on your end? Wishing you a great end to your weekend and wonderful start to your week. I will be back on Tuesday, ready to get back to the real world and back to work! Until next time…..



Which would you choose?

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving filled with togetherness, laughter and of course great food! I almost rolled out of bed after our feast oh but was is it ever worth it! Ours was? so wonderful, a really relaxing day, the food was sooo yummy, watched a few movies, and just enjoyed each others company. It was exactly as I had hoped. I am not one to go shopping on black Friday. Frankly the intensity of the entire experience completely intimidates me.

It seems like many who go out and bravely face the crowds are veteran shoppers who liken shopping to an Olympic sport…in other words it is serious business! So the thought of having to face people like that to vie for a parking spot or place in line….um, no thanks. I think I will happily stay home and work on some early bird (to me) Christmas decorating, enjoy a day of leftovers all day long and shop from home. Something I have become really good at:)

I mean seriously isn’t shopping from home just the best! Best invention since the dishwasher if you ask me:) Horchow and I are very good friends, I shop there a lot, their selection is fabulous (but my porcelains are better lol) on just about everything and when they have a sale, it is serious business.

So today’s Black Friday sale with everything at 20, 30 and 40% is phenomenal. I already did some early bird shopping. I also found some great deals for an e design customer I am working with. Thought it would make a fun which would you choose. Ready to choose your two faves? Here are my top 16…..




This rug is such a beauty… the colors!! Click here



CHOICE 2 This flatware is so beautiful, I? love the versatility. Click here



This 2 drawer dresser in this beautiful painted finish is 40% off, click here



I have never seen these peacock lamps this low! Click here



These dishes are so pretty, always a sucker for anything scalloped.? Click hereHCH801U_mz


And you know I am madly in love with this gorgeous pagoda stationery! Click here



This giclee is a stunner, and the price makes it hard to resist. Click here



These are really tempting me! I have wanted really large outdoor nutcrackers for a long time…and they are 40% off, just saying:) Click here



Just what I need another bedding set to fall in love with! LOVE This pagoda bedding from Legacy… here



Was excited to see the cocktail napkins at 40% off, always like to have these on hand. Click here



These slightly more transitional pillows are a steal at $72! Very pretty, click here



A Venetian mirror for $285….unbelievable! Click here



Ordered this a few months ago for a gift and the recipient loved it….very handy! Click here



Just recommended this to an edesign customer, imagine a 6 x9 for under $1000, love the colors and style of this rug. Click here



Just ordered this this morning, had an area where I needed a dressy flush mount lighting fixture, could not resist the deal! Click here



Recommended this to a e design customer, a pair for her new family room. I dont’ know that I have ever seen a wing chair for $549! Click here



Ahhh, so many beauties so many sales! For me personally the thought of going into overcrowded stores and fighting for a parking space with some obsessed buyer does not appeal to me at all. I am perfectly fine to stay in the comfort of my home and do most of my shopping from my computer.

It is amazing how the internet has changed retail forever as we know it. The convenience is just incredible and it just makes life so easy! So whatever you are up to today, hope you score a bargain!

Until next time……


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today and tomorrow my entire shop site is 20% off! Use code “thanks20” for discount. Click here to enter giveaway and click here to visit my shop

Happy Thanksgiving friends….as we all gather with our loved one to celebrate this day of thanks, I have a special thank you to make and that is to you! So thank you to my friends from all corner of the earth, loyal readers and customers, my amazing blog friends, all of whom I would never have had the pleasure to? meet without my blog, The Enchanted Home.

I want to say a special thank you to all of our service men and women and police officers who are keeping us safe today. The sacrifices they make are awe inspiring. They do not see their families for long periods of time, live in tight quarters, risk their lives on an hourly basis and to me deserve our utmost praise.Without them we would not get to enjoy the freedom and liberties that we do…..I feel they do not get the credit and praise they so deserve. So a huge thank you to every one of them on this day of thanks.

It is quite remarkable how one blog can bring so many people together.? I am so grateful for your friendship,support, kindness and for the joy you bring me literally on a daily basis… about a labor of love. I love what I do thanks to you!

Been busy aside from the blog and shop keeping, fulfilling orders to get out in time for Thanksgiving. I will really cherish this day of rest and great food as we gear up for the busy Christmas season knocking on our door. We are a small group this year, 9 and I look forward to a day of relaxation, togetherness, and great food!

From my house to yours….Happy Thanksgiving!




DSC_0202 DSC_0205 DSC_0208 DSC_0209 DSC_0210 DSC_0211


DSC_0162 DSC_0154 DSC_0156


Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget my entire shop site today and tomorrow is 20% off, click here to visit.? Use code “thanks20” for the discount.

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From our house to yours…sending warm wishes for a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!


My gift to you and Enchanted Home shop biz…..

Good morning! As we zero in on the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to thank you in advance for your continued friendship, support and loyalty. I was so fortunate over these last few years to have entered the world of blogging and e commerce.? Your loyalty and encouragement has truly sustained me and I am grateful:) I am? offering a giveaway, details on the bottom.

In addition to the giveaway, to thank you I am doing something I have never done! Offering a store-wide 20% off of EVERYTHING in my shop! This will begin tomorrow morning at 6am and end Friday at midnight. It is a great time to buy if you have had your eye on anything from monogrammed linens for your holiday table, to custom pillows, a piece of blue and white or a monogrammed gift. In fact I have put together some of my most favorite items for gift giving and that includes to yourself.

This is my answer to “black Friday” this is my “Blue and White Friday” sale and best part is it begins on Thursday.

I will be back with a short post to officially wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow but in the meantime wanted to say thank you and share this special shopping promotion with you that will start tomorrow at 6am.

And these are a few of my favorite things….




Silver makes a beautiful gift, a tray or planter is a treasured keepsake. The timeless beauty of silver makes the perfect gift. I love the idea of giving it with a plant or flower (for a planter) and a sweet something atop a tray:) Click here to visit silver



Anyhting monogrammed shows how much you care, who doesn’t love to get something made exclusively for them! I love my monogrammed soaps, dishes and trays. Click here for trays and here for all other monogrammed items.



I must say I really love my collection of gorgeous needlepoint pillows……something for everyone! Click here to see all pillows



My exclusive line offers so many gorgeous pieces, who wouldn’t love to get one of these beautiful tole pieces….they make amazing gifts! Click here to visit chinoiserie toleinddffdex


Does this ever get old? I dont’ think so! Whether you give a gift to add to ones collection or to start a new one, I think I have one of the best selections around! Click here to see all porcelains



A beautiful collection of porcelain and tole lamps, from transitional to traditional…..there is a lamp for everyone. Click here to see all the lamps



Makes a fabulous and super custom gift, one that can be enjoyed for many many years to come. Important- deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Dec. 6th. Any order after that, that wants Christmas delivery will be subject to a $50 rush fee. So put your order in now….click here for monogrammed napkins



So many fabulous and unique items for tabletop, these always make incredible gifts. Click here to see all tabletop



Always something new and gorgeous to lust after…..many wonderful gift ideas here too. Click here to view all new arrivals



In honor of Thanksgiving and my thanks for your support I am offering up a giveaway!


One lucky winner will win a beautiful trio of serving pieces either spoons, spades or serving forks! These are fabulous and really beautiful quality…

To enter the drawing simply take a look at my shop site by clicking here, come back here and tell me your most favorite item(s) in the comment section and you will be in the running.This contest is only open to residents in the U.S.? A winner to be announced next Tuesday so please be sure to check back and see if you won!


See something calling your name or a gift that is just what you have been looking for? Then get ready to shop tomorrow starting at 6am EST through midnight on Friday for an extra 20% on the entire site! Thanks for stopping by, good luck as you put the finishing touches? on your final Thanksgiving preparations. I feel pretty organized but have a few odds and ends to take care of before my family arrives. Happy prepping!


Which would you choose?

Hi friends, I know we are all busy bees this week running around and facing the crazy crowds at the markets in anticipation of Thanksgiving….myself included. We will be a small group this year which makes me frankly quite happy:) I am hosting and looking forward to a feast and then some serious relaxation involving game playing, movie watching, leftover bringing and doing a whole lot of nothing else:)

It has been cold here lately…..I am talking 20’s and 30’s! Definitely boot weather, in fact wore my first pair of boots the other day….and realized I need to replenish. I live in boots Dec- March so they see lots of mileage!

I have two faves one wedge and one Stuart Weitzman over the knee that have seen several lifetimes….so think it’s time to bring in a few new pair. Found some great ones including all weather, rain boots, low everyday boots and dressier boots. Thought it would make a great Which would you choose. So ready to choose your two faves? Here we go…..




?Great quilted rainboot, love that it can be folded down and have a totally different look. Great looking for inclement weather, click here



Own these in black and love them in this rich brown, great fit and very stylish looking….great leather that gets softer with use. Click here



Isn’t this a great looking pair of boots! Love the fleece top and the fact that they are weatherproof and ready for monsoons or blizzards! Click here



Could not believe these darling boots are rain boots! So cute, and so reasonably priced, had to order them. Click here



These are gorgeous, love the color and the fur is faux, a yes for me. Click here



These Cole Haan’s are beautiful, waterproof and on sale for $150…sold! Click here



I can attest to the lasting power of Aquaitalia boots, have had a pair for 7 years and counting, they still look like new! Click here



Great looking new boot by Gucci, fabulous! Click here



Love this pair by Burberry, these could easily become a go to every day bootie, click here



Love these quilted “puddle proof” boots by Hunter, great color too! Click here



These are great looking love the neutral color and they look so cozy and comfy, click here



Great looking pair of slip on stretch over the knee boots, very smart looking. Hard to resist price too! Click here



SO many beauties…hard to narrow it down. But I did and buying from Nordstrom is an absolute breeze and a go to resource for great selections with best prices. I cannot wait to see which two you are your favorite. Thank you for stopping in, good luck as you get through the holiday prep! I have my wine glass ready:) Until next time…..

PS Do not forget to send in your pictures for my Enchanted Home Love contest featuring my goodies in your homes especially as so many of your are setting those Thanksgiving tables! Send in your pictures to Click here for full details:)


By Invitation Only

Good morning, hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was busy but lots of fun, attended a beautiful party in NYC on Saturday (shared highlights via instagram). Yesterday spent part of the day getting ready for Thanksgiving, hard to believe it’s in a few short days.

Speaking of parties……unfortunately I had to miss the last two BIO’s? so am so happy to “be back”. This months theme is such a fun one, planning a fantasy dinner party and getting to invite 10 guests. I had to really think hard about this one, as there are so many who? intrigue me. But not all are people I would necessarily want to spend an entire evening with, you know?


So it has to be someone I am fascinated by but also who would make a great dinner companion! I like mixing people from different walks of life…makes it so much more interesting than everyone being cut from the same cloth and talking about the same bland subjects (I do enough of that in real life lol).

I firmly believe that variety really is the spice of life and like the idea of mixing things up a bit. So after much pondering here is my final ten (I do have a B list just in case anyone cannot make it:)


At my table will be……




And here is why the lucky 10 were chosen-

Bill Gates-I really love and so admire this guy,? in absolute awe of his incredible generosity (yes he can afford it but so can many others and I don’t see all of them giving away their fortunes as in 60 billion, as he has committed to doing) he just seems so kind, obviously brilliant, down to earth and I bet he would be an exceptionally fascinating person to be seated next to and I have a few questions about those rumors of Microsoft that I am hoping after a glass of wine he just might answer:)? OK, OK….Bill you can have the seat next to me!


Pope Francis-? Do I really need an explanation? What an inspiring man he is, someone who can unite and whose presence and spirit truly transcends religious affiliation, cultural and ethnic divides. His humility astounds me and his lifelong devotion to the poor is so admirable and inspiring. I only recently read that he found his calling to the church in the most unbelievable way!

He was on his way to propose to the girl he loved, and on the way stopped at church for confession. He says something very powerful happened and that is when he realized he needed to devote his life to God. I would so love to talk to him about that moment as well as so much of what is going in our world right now, a topic he is always so insightful about. He is just so likable and I just know he would make a fascinating dinner guest.


Adele- Beautiful inside and out, any interview I have read of hers has been wonderful, and has made me think “yes we could be friends”. I love how unaffected she seems by her fame and talent, she still does her own thing and plays by her own rules, you really have to admire that. She almost quit the music biz for good for motherhood. And lets face it with a voice like hers that would be a tragedy. If we are really lucky maybe she will serenade us after dinner? Bono maybe you can join in?


Bono- He strikes me as not only a really nice and? humble guy given his musical skills but someone who from the start used his music to encourage and be a part of social change is someone to be admired. Both he and “Bill” (yes, we are on a first name basis) were named Time Magazine’s person of the year. He seems to be a great mix of intelligence, artsy and musical genius and a devoted humanitarian, not to mention he would add a cool factor to my group:)


Anna Wintour- She does intrigue me,I must admit.? The power she holds is really remarkable. My friends daughter works at Vogue and one of the first things she was told that if she encounters Anna anywhere (like in the elevator) do not look at her or say anything, not even a hello. Huh? I need to crack the code. My first order of business would be to get the fashion priestess to laugh. I know she has to laugh and Anna you cannot wear your sunglasses in this house…I want to see you! I bet she might surprise us once we crack that legendary icy veneer.


Kate and William I just love these two…..they just seem so incredibly? sweet,? warm and real. I would love to talk about everything from parenting, to the Throne, to living in Buckingham Palace? and of course “the queen” I? need to know the inside? scoop plus? anything else that might come up. And in this one instance,? I would? make an exception and allow them to bring their adorable kids!


Jennifer Lawrence- I really like her, think she is a very talented actress and she just has to be a smidgen (or more)? in real like who she plays in so many of her roles. I just know that has to be a glimpse into the “real her”? Authentic, self depreciating, funny, not afraid to fail (or fall for that matter)…I think she would be loads of fun and not at all a typical stuffy self absorbed Hollywood starlet. I also learned she loves horses (we have that in common) and was impressed by her starting her own foundation to support various causes that mean something to her. I do believe she is single, so I may have to play matchmaker and might put she and Bobby side by side, humm…….


Nancy Meyers-? Definitely one of my favorite producers…..I LOVE her movies, her aesthetic is so in sync with my own (Somethings Gotta Give, Private Benjamin, Father of the Bride, The Holiday, It’s Complicated, The Intern) to name just? a few and many of these she was not only the producer but the writer, we are talking seriously talented. I would love to speak to her about her career, what inspires her with each movie and maybe just maybe collaborate on an idea I have for her next movie! Nancy you can sit on my other side because we have a script to write:)


Bobby Murphy- I know you are probably asking who the heck is Bobby Murphy? Well he is the young twenty something Stanford grad who founded Snapchat (yes that very social media that your kids are on 24/7)and sold it for a cool 10 billion dollars. I am fascinated by young, brilliant visionaries and think he could be an interesting? addition to the group. Bobby, we need to talk about the “next great thing”… I have a few nieces who might want to meet you:) if Jennifer doesn’t snatch you up first:)


**Full disclosure If they were alive, two people I would have invited would have been Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, two all time favorite actors who were both gifted in their fields but sadly so tormented too, I would have loved to have been able to sit down and talk to them about life)


Here is a little bit about how the evening will play out…..everyone will arrive and we will gather in the living room for cocktails and nibbles. After a short while we will proceed into the dining room where we will have an incredible meal that will have been prepared by none other than Mario Batalli and Grant Achatz (and yes Mario and Grant you can both pull up a chair at my celebrity studded dining table because afterall you too are celebrities in your own right)!


This duo of celebrity chefs will wine and dine us with an incredible meal? over the course of a few hours, conversations will be flowing, laughter will echo, funny tales will be told and a rip roaring time will be had by all.

We will then go to the “lower level” where Adele and Bono insist upon delighting us with an impromptu concert. We crack open several bottles of bubbly and let the night flow. Oh what an enchanted night it will be! Cheers….




Thank you for stopping in……hope you enjoyed this. Who would you want at your fantasy dinner table? It does make you think about about how much fun that could really be, doesn’t it? Hope you have a wonderful day. Be sure to stop over at Splenderosa by clicking here to see not only her post but all of the others, it’s such fun to see everyone’s ideas! Until next time…..

PS Keep those fabulous pictures coming of the Enchanted Home Love contest……still have room for about 20! In fact Thanksgiving is a great time to snap away, so be sure to send in your pictures to (click here for all details)

PPS If you missed my Seven on Sunday click here


Seven on Sunday

Hi happy Sunday to you. First things first….the winner of the blue and white vase!! Congrats goes to-

#4? Marianne says:

? Please contact me at to provide your shipping details.


Before I forget a number of you asked if my The Enchanted Home mugs are for sale. Yes I got them in and will offer them up soon, but if you want to place an order? you can email me at

How is your weekend going? Ours was a busy one, we went to an over the top party last night and got home way later than I like to stay out..but it was fun and so beautiful. And believe it or not……I walked up 20 that’s right TWENTY flights (with my willing companion….my husband).

We were at the gorgeous St. Regis all decked out for the holidays and with the exception of having to walk to up 20 flights it was a fabulous night. Cocktails were on the second floor but the party was way way up:) Woke up with slightly sore legs, guess I earned myself a great meal later today:) Definitely going to make this a chill day as the upcoming week is B U S Y!

So here is my seven for this Sunday-




1 ADELE Love this woman’s voice….my gosh she is soooo talented. I don’t think shes made a song that I dont just love. I also like her as a person, she is? beautiful? inside and out. I was SUPER bummed to find out she had scheduled an impromptu live concert in NY this past Tues at Radio City Music Hall but you could buy tickets, you had to win them and by the time I found out it was too late:( If I were 18 again I would have gone outside Radio City Music Hall and tried my luck at scoring a ticket!

Anywho this new song is so beautiful and emotional. I love the video and the cinematography is beautiful and very powerful. It inspired to me make a mental list of everyone I need to say I am sorry to.:)

Mom, sorry if I was ever mean or said I was too busy to talk. Boys, sorry for yelling and not always agreeing and saying yes. To my husband,? sorry for scolding you about buying that antique car telling you it was a waste of money:) Teddy, I am sorry I didn’t give you that chicken bone that you were begging for,? I didn’t want you to choke. Ahh…my list goes on. If you need inspiration to make your own “I am sorry” list,? watch this video-


2. NEW ORLEANS. Haven’t been in years, last time was for my grandfathers funeral, so it was not a happy time but we did manage to take an extra few days in NOLA and must say we ate our way through those 48? hours. Started with beignets and ended with a bang with a mega crawfish etoufee dinner. Stayed at the Ritz Carlton which at that time was newly redone after Katrina and even hit an amazing jazz bar, gotta love that city.

My heart warms overtime I hear or read about things looking up for this wonderful iconic old city. It is a foodie’s heaven and I believe still a great antiques mecca. I think I am due for a trip back. I have alluded to how I would love one day to own a gourmet shop/market/cafe/bookstore and The St. Roch Market? is exactly how I envision it..isn’t this gawgeous? (OK mine would be smaller but just love this place)!

new-image DSC_1726web

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Here are the instagrams that got my attention this week. Such a wonderful mix of some holiday cheer, delectable food and beautiful places! Love the inspiration….

indeffa3x indefazx i22andex

indevtx indmmex indexcx indxxex indccex indenbx ind22dex

indebvx in3aadex index3z2 indeddzzx indeff33x

4. CHARLES FAUDREE’S COUNTRY CABIN. I need a cabin! This is sooo beautiufl and chic, and such a beautiful example of his extraordinary work. I loved how he always incorporated blue and white into the mix and often featured his namesake buffalo check which gives his spaces such a warm and cozy feel.

What a talent and legend! Just look at how beautiful this place is…can you imagine when its snowing outside and you are in cooking up a storm and entertaining (only people you really like though) lol. Click here to read more about it at Traditional Home



tdh719849_w tdh719848_w tdh719846_w tdh719839_w tdh719844_p tdh719850_w

5. CASA DE PERRIN. This is scary and dangerous territory for me, a bonafide china fanatic. Every closet and my entire butlers pantry is literally busting at the seams with enough china to serve an entire small village and yet I cannot seem to stay away!!! What’s wrong with me?

I nearly fell over when I saw how gorgeous their things are, Case de Perrin rocks! They are the ultimate rental company located in California, their website will make you want to have a party. Their curated line of spectacular china and glassware is just over the top amazing! I am madly in love with the Anna Weatherley scalloped chargers and it’s about the only thing I can justify buying as they would with all my dishes (and trust me that is a lot)! Click here to discover more about their beautiful world

CDP3X3-9 CDP3X3-6 CDP3X3-8 CDP3X3-3CDP3X3-12? allisonhotchkiss16 cdp_josevillaworkshop10 cdp_MRO11 CdP_Portfolio

And this is the Anna Weatherley charger I am loving and seriously would go with every bit of china I own….


6. NEW BOOK ALERT! I am always on the prowl for the next great design book and I have a fabulous one to share….Decorating with Carpets by Ashley Stark though it is sooo much more than carpets, oozing with a plethora of incredible design images, this book is a must have for any design enthusiast who think design book collecting is a survival skill:) This is a really beautiful book which I am thoroughly enjoying. Click here

Decorating with Carpets STARK TRADITION_cover

Take a look at the beauty inside…..

00ugHTe82s2K7kiNwx926G0qgxkDbqO4puL5Hq5ZkO0 c9HnN-PGAslLfjw30D7gXoQXtE6ueH-5yEXzja_bLtU w-3ZZJtUpiAHFUcAJLBpx_IDoL86fP6mb4tDDKaHVhA,VdLlScoaJyAje27VuU499kbFAiqhqt1UKYK8L-aVnps PO0rCqcxi4m4EoPeJVvlGe_O5TNk2K6CYTb8GD_BG3g

7. NEWEST CHINOISERIE PILLOWS. I am so love with these pillows. Every time I get in a new batch, I swear I want to keep each and every one for myself! Just feast your eyes on these beauties that just came in and swiftly were out the door to their rightful owners… here to find out more about them or email me with any questions at

indeffccx indefdafaadx indas343aex indewex

inde43xxx inde4334x in124dex ind2323ex 1221index

And just this weekend in honor of Thanksgiving, an honorary #8-

8.? A HANDY LIST. With Thanksgiving day coming up this week, thought these two little nifty little charts would come in handy for all of you hosting and entertaining. I personally have found using a baking bag to work really well to keep the turkey moist and really good, always use one. Only thing I don’t think I agree with on the first list is the 1 bottle of wine for four people? Ugh….not in this house:)




So there you have my Seven on Sunday. Hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving! We will be about 10 people and I am hosting so I will be busy planning out my favorite eating day of the year! Hope you have a great day and end to your weekend. Until next time…..

PS If you missed my random musings post yesterday, click here

PPS Do not forget to send in your pictures for my Enchanted Home Love contest!! Send to Got in some beauties so far, can take about 22 more! Click here for all details


Random Saturday musings……

Hi there, hope your weekend is off to a great start. One toe out of bed and I realized its much colder today, I feel it in my bones. Tonight we have a fancy schmancy party in NYC, black tie so I need to finish putting my party outfit together.

I have had such a busy busy week, pretty much to my ears in blue and white with the presale…response was incredible, there is ONE HOUR left for the presale, click here to view (many things sold out and very low quantity on others). What is left will be up for grabs once the container actually arrives on or around Dec.8th so stay tuned:)

This is kind of a mix of my normal random musings taken with my iphone and a running monologue of random thoughts…….


I look at my instagram and seriously cannot believe that there are actually people whose homes are fully decorated for Christmas……say what??? I am sorry but I still have pumpkins everywhere and am going to milk my efforts for making things look festive for autumn/Halloween just a wee bit longer. Then I go to the market and there is a full on display of Christmas wreaths, but it’s only Nov. 19th people! Too soon, too soon, anyone else agree?


I have surrendered to my kids not being willing participants to taking a picture for my annual Christmas card so think it’s going to be Teddy in his new Santa suit that I just got him and if I am lucky my youngest son.? It’s really sad as it is closing a chapter of many many Christmas cards featuring my three boys. Oh well….life goes on.



On a different subject, can someone who is far more computer savvy than I please explain how on earth I have been selected to get on a regular basis- emails trying to sell me adult diapers and invite me to their cougar dating site?

LOL…I kid you not. S C A R Y! First off thank lordy I am far from needing adult diapers thank you very much and am happily married (except when my husband wants to put an embargo on any more blue and white or new china sets coming into our home)!

Speaking of which, I was cleaning out my pantry and came across some of my favorite plates which I think I will use for Thanksgiving……

inaa33dex indfd3ex

and my blue willow set makes me want to plan a lunch for friends…always so pretty!


I used blue willow and also used a healthy dose of shamless self promotion the other day when a friend stopped by for an impromptu coffee break and I replaced the matching blue willow mug with my own The Enchanted Home mug:) It looks so cute….

indeFDx inDFFdex

And that reminds me…..don’t forget to send in your pictures of your Enchanted Home products in your home for my Enchanted Home Love contest!! I am about half full and can accept another 28 pictures. Some real beauties so far. For details on how easy it is to enter click here….plus some great prizes are up for grabs including a few of those darling mugs up there:) Here are some pics from previous entries to give you a few ideas-

JILL dana2unnamed uleslieennamed ucnydeennamed uEEEnnamed

Look at some of the beautiful monogrammed napkins just getting sent out just in time to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table:) Last day to guarantee Christmas orders will be Dec. 4th (click here to see monogram napkins on my shop)


inda33ex indexfda3 indefdax

And on the subject of pretty things….how gorgeous are these new arrivals of the chinoiserie handpainted pillows? Unfortunately they are headed out to their rightful owners, as tempting as it is to kidnap them!


I have to admit I am a bit of a news junkie and it’s on pretty much 24/7. It is sooo depressing and so frightening though. I find myself waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning feeling anxious then you guessed it….turning on the news. Anyone else feeling this way?

It has me on the edge of my seat which is exactly what those barbarians want. I however will not give in to fear, no way. I will continue to fly, go into NYC…there is no way they are going to strip me of my freedom and liberty to enjoy all that we as Americans are so grateful to have.


Anyone feeling like they are in the mood to win a free and beautiful home furnishing? Then visit Decor Market’s instagram by clicking here?? to follow them and where they are giving away an item a week to celebrate their Instagram launch! Also? check them out at, such a great great site for so many wonderful and so many well priced items, amazing rug selection and some gorgeous furniture pieces too (LOVE this new Tibetan rug collection)


Speaking of retail therapy I will be hopping on over to Horchow’s holiday prep event to see if there are any fill ins I cannot live without, at up to 40% off it’s a great time to realize you “need” something! Click here to visit Horchow


We are going to Naples, Florida…have never been. Can anyone make some great suggestions of restaurants/things to do while we are there? And don’t be bashful about showing in some great shopping spots, out of courtesy for my husband. If they are that great we OK I, need to know about them!


And finally the other day I came home and as I typically do late afternoon when its cold outside, immediately turned on the fireplace in the family room (it’s gas) and then got busy cooking, doing various things around the house. I then was looking for Teddy and couldn’t find him, then lo and behold, look at what I saw……as proud as an African lion perched on my husbands favorite chair in front on the roaring fire was Teddy taking a late day siesta….I knew I raised a smart pup:)


indeFDAAx iAA3Andex


Well friends this is my short and sweet “check in” random post for today. Hoping to have some much? needed downtime today to rest up for this evening. My best nights are those when I don’t need to go out or when I can be home by 10, and tonight will be neither of those things but I know it will be beautiful! Be back tomorrow with my? Seven on Sunday…wishing you a fabulous day and a great relaxing weekend!



Major presale on incoming blue and white container and a giveaway!


Hi friends. I slept well and am ready to work:) This is HUGE news for any? porcelain lover, I have been chomping at the bit to share this with you!? I am talking the mother load of the most beautiful planters, jars, vases and ginger jars. I don’t know that one could find such a vast selection anywhere right now:)

My third official blue and white container is en route and due here on or around Dec.8th? (in about 3 weeks)….very excited as this container is filled with many incredible new items but bringing back some sold out favorites too. They are getting here just in time for Christmas….who wouldn’t love a piece of blue and white for Christmas and that includes a gift for yourself (of course)


As I do with every container I offer up the items in a presale.? So today up for grabs is a wide variety of incredible porcelains. If you know prices of good porcelain you will recognize the incredible prices here…..I know you cannot find them for less. Special opportunity on for 3 days only. These go fast so act quickly, please read over the guidelines before you submit an order-


  • Email your order to the using item numbers only
  • Please be patient, the response to these is huge, we do our very best to answer and acknowledge orders as quickly as we possibly can
  • These items will ship upon arrival (under 3 weeks from now) when container arrives
  • We need 1-2 days to unload/unpack and then orders start shipping in the order they were received
  • Please refer only to item numbers not description
  • You will get a prompt email indicating if we can or cannot fulfill your order
  • If we can an invoice will soon follow via paypal, payments are due within 12 hours no exceptions
  • Shipping is extra
  • Shipping and giveaway only to the U.S. for this promo
  • Email any questions to



And now let the fun begin……sit down (trust me)? and take a break, there is a lot to see!


ITEM 1. Fabulous foo dog fishbowl, incredible design as well as on the outer rim, beautiful rim detailing, with outside “rings”,? measures? 16.5″ x 17″ $190.00


ITEM 2. Stunning dragon jar fishbowl with beautiful rim? detailing and outside “rings” . Measures 16.5″ x 17″ $190.00


ITEM 3. Fabulous figurines straight fishbowl, elegant rings complete this fabulous piece. Measures 17″ x 16.5″ $165.00


ITEM 4- Elegant x large garden stool, isn’t this a beauty! Measures 20″ x 13″ $210.00


ITEM 5. Love this square based vase! Elegant and stately large flower vase, even with nothing it stands on its own but imagine with a big spray of flowers or blossoms! Measures 17″ x 6.5′ and is $118.00 today


ITEM 6. Mid sized dragon jar, fabulous piece, slightly antiqued design is on entire body of jar, so elegant! Measures 17″ x 8″ $140.00


ITEM 7. Love this jar, such a pretty design which is on the entire body of the jar. Measures 16.5″ x 8″ $130.00


ITEM 8. How regal looking is this gorgeous flower vase? Always drawn to anything with pheasants on them…measures 24″ x 10″ and is $120.00 on promo


ITEM 9. The stunning large blue and white foo dogs are back by popular demand. Talk about making a statement! These measure 16″ x 11.5′ and are $140.00 for the pair


ITEM 10. White foo dogs are back too….great size and so decorative. Measures 11″ x 8″ and are $115.00 for the pair

whitefoodogs whitefoo2

ITEM 11. And how about these mini foo dogs? Aren’t these the cutest….perfect for any vignette or to use as bookends. Offered in 6 colors, measures 6″ x 4″ ,? they are $50.00 for the pair (except the blue an white which are $60)

11A. Pale gray


11B. Navy blue


11C. Pale blue


11D. Moss green


11E. Pale celadon green


11F. White


11G. Blue and white minis (these are $60)


ITEM 12. These jars are magnificent and are very special exact replicas of the originals from the 16th century.The colors are out of this world beautiful.? Measures 17″ tall and about 11″ wide at it’s widest. $192.00 on promo (only 6 available)

colo unnamcoloeed

u4rfvnnamed aa33unnamed unnacc3333med ccoounnamed

ITEM 13. Another variation of the colored ginger jar above, very special pieces. Limited quantities of these, measures 17″x 11″ ? $190.00

unnamdd3ed unnadd33med

unnamef33ad unnameff33d udd55nnamed

ITEM 14. Amazing figurines chunky? ginger jar, topped beautifully with foo dog top. Measures 16″ x 10″ and are $140.00


ITEM 15. Love these mid sized vases, perfect for chests, consoles, end tables…measures 16″. $75.00 per jar or $135 for the pair! One for you and one for a friend:)

15A. Figurines


unnameffd unnaaa33med

15B. Pheasants


pheasant PHE2

ITEM 16. Chunky ginger jar open pattern, wonderful size, gorgeous open design, measures 16″ x 10″ and are $140



ITEM 17. Incredible chunky ginger jar featuring birds/pheasants, beautiful foo dog completes this wonderful jar. $145.00



ITEM 18. Beautiful hexagon planters are back! 9″ X 14″ $80.00

hexplanter hex3

ITEM 19. The pagodas are back! Sold by the pair these darling little pagodas are a perfect finishing detail or great for bookmarks too! Measures 8″ x? 3.5″ $60.00 for the pair

pagoda3 pagoda1 pagoda2

ITEM 20. The gorgeous pair of bird ginger jars are back! Measures 17.5″ x 10.5″ $280 for the pair


ITEM 21. This beauty is coming back too….measures 18″x 10″ $135.00


ITEM 22. As is this smaller planter, so great for so many things, orchids, topiaries, holiday plants,etc….12″ x 5.5″ $75.00


ITEM 23. The most beautiful oval scalloped planter, planters simply do not get prettier. I have a pair planted with orchids and they are magnificent. Today these beauties are $220


ITEM 24. These huge ginger jar is back, only 8 available. Seeing is believing, this is just incredible. Antique and gorgeous. measures 28″ x 14″ $230.00


ITEM 25. Fabulous figurine octagonal planter…such an elegant piece. 15″ x 9.5″ $180.00


ITEM 26. A more modern take on the ginger jar, this beautiful square cherry blossom jar is a beauty. Measures 13.5″ x 7.5″ $85.00


ITEM 27. This small ginger jar is back and wonderful….a great piece for any vignette. Measures 14″ x 9.5″ $80.00


ITEM 28. This one is back too…fabulous antiqued ginger jar, measures 17″ x 10.5″ $140.00


ITEM 29. This large bowl/planter is back and a really wonderful size for so many things to use as a planter or filled with fruit, measures 12″ x 8.5″ $75.00


ITEM 30. This is one gorgeous ginger jar! Lightly antiqued, fabulous scenic pattern on entire jar with elegant foo dog top. Measures? 20″ x 11″ $135.00


ITEM 31.? These are great blue and white bud vases, so practical for small end tables or nightstands, perfect for just a few blooms $22.00

28A- Landscape


28B- Figurines


ITEM 32. And this darling little planter is 5″ x 3″ and perfect for places like by the kitchen sink or small end table, $14.00


ITEM 33. This beauty is coming back! Fabulous large scale antiqued ginger jar 22? x 13? $190.00


ITEM 34. Gorgeous oversized blue and white platter/platter is back! Incredible large round plate with beautiful bird scene. 16.5? round $120.00




I know I know, it’s A LOT to take in in one viewing, but glad you made it this far!? Might require a few return visits:) Even for me it’s blue and white sensation overload. Just when I think I absolutely cannot and will not get a single other piece of it….sure enough this post has me saying “well just one more won’t hurt anyone” !

Tell your friends and family about this if you really really like them:)

Email your order to

The Giveaway-

One lucky winner is going to win this gorgeous square cherry blossom ginger jar! All you need to do is leave a comment here telling me your favorite piece and how you would use it. I will pick a winner on Sunday morning and announce it on my Seven on Sunday post.



PS Don’t forget to enter my Enchanted Home Love contest! This is where you get to show off your home with my goodies that you? have bought from me. Have about 30 wonderful pictures so far and can take up to 60…..2 wonderful blue and white prizes are being given away. For all details click here.

Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time…..