Seven on Sunday

Hi everyone hope you are having a? great weekend. First things first, time to announce the winner of the surprise Horchow travel giveaway, congratulations goes to-


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Our weekend was much more uneventful than last weekend (the blizzard). So happy that is but a distant memory though we have plenty of reminders around us (heaps of snow).

Some of our plans were curtailed as my husband has been sick so we had to bow out of? dinner with friends and we missed going on Friday night to the Winter Antiques Show in NYC which is always a drool worthy event so crossing my fingers for today, last day! The Winter Antiques Show has so much beauty under roof, always an amazing event to be a part of.

I want to thank every single one of you and so far it’s 440 and counting that have participated in my readers poll for my shop….wowza!! I was blown away by how many took part and reading over your comments is just beyond gratifying (even those that offer constructive criticism thankfully there were only 2 or 3 of those) but I so appreciate all of the feedback more than you know. It will help me to be improve and evolve, I so look forward to reading the rest today. Click here if you missed it.? And here we go with my Seven on Sunday……




1 A BOOK EVERYONE SHOULD READ. Every now and then you pick up a book that just stays with you, a book so powerful, poignant and equally spectacular. A book? that changes your perspective a bit. This is one such book, not to mention there is a forward by another favorite author Abraham Verghese (wrote one of my faves, Cutting for Stone).

Cannot recommend When Breath Becomes Air by Dr. Paul Kalanithi? highly enough, just be sure you have a brand new box full of tissues, it will pull at your heartstrings from start to finish. This courageous story is brilliantly and breathtakingly told by a promising young neurosurgeon only in his thirties, who learns of his terminal cancer fate.? There is also a fabulous write up in the Times about the book (click here to read), one of the best books I have ever read and equally heartbreaking.? Truly a must read! Click here


2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always look forward to this because I get so share my faves on Instagram….just astounds? me how there is never a shortage of incredible and beautiful inspiration to share!! Here are my picks this week.-

i12wndex index433 inddwwdex indddfex indgffex ivvffndex invvffdex indennbbx indenbx invcdex inw2dex i1qndex indeddssx indecxdx 11qindex index66t indd3dex indfdfex

3. PILLOW POWER. You know my feelings on pillows….adore them! I have some incredible pillows that will be part of an exclusive line coming up for The Enchanted Home very soon. In the meantime needed a pair for my window seat by the backdoor to finish off the space and found a beautiful duo over at? Pop O’Color.

Upon further looking I found so many gorgeous pillows, my head was spinning! It worked out because I have an edesign customer looking to give her patio a spruce up (lives in Cali, lucky lady so she gets to use it year round). Came up with 8 fabulous pillows that could all be interchanged, she is in the process of deciding now…..all so pretty! Click here to view all of Pop o’ Color’s? pillows….and be on the lookout for a very exciting pillow promotion coming this way soon.




4. MOST ROMANTIC RESTAURANTS. With Valentines Day fast approaching, throngs of incurable romantics will start if they have not already making rezey’s at their favorite restaurants. We have a tradition of going with one of our best friends every year, so we always look forward to that.? Town and Country magazine did a write up on the most romantic restaurants in each state, these below got my attention! Click here to see them all



White Barn Inn in Maine…I MUST go!


Another beauty, Whitefish Lake restaurant in Montana, adding it to my list!


Beautiful….at the Brown Hotel in Denver (Palace Arms)


Ahh yes this looks incredibly romantic, have been here, Brown’s Beach in Waimea….amazing and your toes are practically in the water.

5. GORGEOUS WALLPAPER. I love wallpaper and now am very excited I will have another house to use it in:) I love it in bedrooms and bathrooms in particular or small foyers.

Working with an edesign customer right now who is using paper in two rooms so am having a ball getting to see all the latest and greatest.? Here are some beauties that got my attention lately…..


I could see this in a beautiful bedroom or powder bathroom! Schumacher



The two beauties above are from Thibaut…they never disappoint!


This is from Zoffany, maker of some beautiful papers


How fun is this! Thibaut offered in 4 colorways, love it!


This will be going in my PB powder room, always love the Toile des Nantes, a classic!

6. SPEAKING OF FOOD. There is a food blogger/chef/instagrammer whose photography of food is just sublime……Dennis The Prescott knows his food!!. No matter what he posts rest assured it is gorgeous……it is impossible to look at his pictures on an empty stomach without craving one of his delectable meals, lets just say food has never looked so beautiful.

His photography is unbelievable and worth sharing, take a look at this artistry in food, and please do not blame me for suddenly craving a full on meal at 9am! Click here to visit his site and here to follow him on Instagram🙂

indevcvccx inbb3dex icvcvndex 3r3index inasdf3dex infdfd3dex iafsdandex

7. PAJAMA ALERT! Every year I go on a pajama shopping spree, I take my pajamas VERY seriously….you have no idea how excited I am to come in from a busy day to know I am home for the day, first thing I do is put on a cozy pair of pajamas. (this especially applies in the colder months).? I favor a traditional? pajama and am fussy about them, so I consider myself to be a pajama connoisseur:) These are a few that I recently got and I am loving them-


If you want to know what it feels like to sleep on a cloud, you MUST get these, soooo soft and? they last forever have bought this brand for awhile, click here


Think I could get away with wearing these out and about? Just kidding, kind of:) Click here


This was a no brainer and are so soft and comfy, click here


And these are my all time favorite slippers, a friend gave them to me a few years ago for my bday, I just reordered them, SO cozy!!! Click here


And there you? have it…anything here excite, delight or amuse you? Hope whatever you are up to this weekend is fun and mostly relaxing. I could happily stay in my pjs all day long but there are things to do and places to go. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and end to your weekend. Until next time…..


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The Enchanted Home Shop survey and TWO giveaways!

Hi friends and happy Saturday to you. Hope you have had a great week. Mine was somewhat stressful but I am determined to make today a good day! Channeling all of my positive vibes:) Still plenty of snow on the ground but we have some mild weather coming our hopefully next week it will start to seriously melt. I am ready for spring, green grass and warm air:)

I have had more fun than I can tell you curating the collection for my online shop…I mean it when I say that I don’t carry anything that I would not put in my own home. In fact as many of you know many things on the shop site are in my home:) A few times a year I like to put out a poll/survey for my readers/customers to participate in, in an effort to help me understand how you the customer see my shop site. It has been enormously gratifying to see it grow and so validates all that I love!

I am a firm believer in always evolving and being open to change and improvement , and there are many exciting things in store for 2016. Your feedback and input is so valuable to me….it is your voices that help me move forward in the most productive way possible. So today I have a poll which should take no more than 3-4 min. max, I would be so grateful for your participation.? It is completely anonymous and there are areas to leave comments if you wish.

To thank you for your kindness and time, I am offering TWO? lucky participants? two special blue and white somethings (details on bottom)! Ready? Let’s go…..

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Please leave a comment on this post if you have filled out the survey, tell me a favorite item from my shop (click here) and feel free to share? what you are up to this weekend, a favorite item from my shop, an experience you have had, your favorite meal, a great movie or book you have read or seen, whatever! I will choose a winner for these goodies on Wednesday so be sure to check back.

Thanks for stopping in…wishing you a fabulous day and weekend! Until? next time…..


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Come fly away with Sandy and a surprise travel giveaway!

Hi friends…today you are in for a treat so sit back, pour yourself another cup of coffee and take a few minutes to enjoy this post:) I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t absolutely love to travel…..the places it can take us, the people we can meet, the experiences we can partake in, few things can get ALL my senses into overdrive like travel can. Travel to me is simply? magical and there are few things as exciting as boarding a plane for some wonderful destination, getting away to a whole new experience.

So today we are really lucky to have the travel expertise and wisdom of my very favorite travel advisor? of them all, Sandy from You May Be Wandering. She is both a travel advisor/guru and friend,? who has made every trip of mine an absolute breeze. Sandy is one of those people who truly goes above and beyond, she will check in while I am on vacation to be sure we are happy and it is everything we wanted it to be. I was so impressed with this “above and beyond” approach the first time she booked us for our Dominican Republic trip.

Her followup, expertise and thoroughness know no bounds. I am telling you you will not find a better travel advisor out there! So we decided to do a post where I would ask her a bunch of interesting and must know travel questions (and spill a few trade secrets in the process).So whether you have a trip you are just starting to plan or this might ignite a desire to go on one…you will want to read every word, lots of good info here!

There is more! Horchow has so generously offered a very special travel related giveaway (details at bottom). Sandy and I are featuring some of our favorite travel items from Horchow scattered throughout the post, they are a fabulous source for just about all your travel needs…..and surely will get you on your way in style.

So ready to unearth things you have always wanted to know about the travel biz, maybe debunk a few myths? and travel in general? Sandy, take it away…..



1. Tell me about what are the biggest trends in travel right now?

I am seeing a lot more interest in personalized travel experiences such as cooking classes, unique tours and insider access to experiences not available for the average tourist. Also, luxury travel is more popular than ever ? the best five star resorts regularly sell out months ahead of time during the busiest seasons.


This is one good looking set of luggage from Bric’s and it’s on sale! Click here

2. What is a top pick or two for girlfriends travel, family travel and couples travel?

Any place with good food and good shopping usually equals a perfect girls weekend ? recent girls? trips I have loved were to the Napa Valley and Charleston.
For couples, the most romantic city on earth is, of course, Paris, but any luxurious five-star hotel will make for a romantic weekend getaway ? even in your own city!
For family trips, I am a big advocate of taking children abroad as soon as they are old enough to handle the long flight and comfortably eat out in restaurants. It is so important to instill a broader world view into your children. My first choice for families would be Italy because Italians LOVE children!


Everyone needs a chic passport cover like this one! Click here

3. What do you think are a few myths that people think of when using a travel advisor that you want to set the record straight on?

The biggest myth is that it is expensive to use a travel advisor. It usually doesn?t cost the traveler anything extra to use a travel agent ? we get paid by the hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, etc. Often, using a travel agent can actually save you money because we have access to deals that the individual does not.
Another myth is that you only need to use a travel advisor for the big ticket trips ? whether you are taking the trip of a lifetime or a weekend away, a good travel advisor can make your life a lot easier and possibly SAVE you money, all while making sure you are treated like a VIP.


This luxurious 3 piece set will insure a comfy plane ride for sure! Click here

4. What is the biggest advantage to using a travel advisor for trips, both big and small?

When you use a travel advisor, you will be treated better. Not only do you benefit from his or her expertise, the hotels do not want to risk losing your agent?s future customers. If you have a problem, you have someone acting as your personal advocate.

Also, these days travel agents now function more as personal travel consultants ? not just booking flights and hotels, but using their expertise and contacts to arrange specialized experiences, drivers and even restaurant reservations.


These ultra stylish luggage tags and passport covers are must haves for any seasoned traveler, great gift idea too! Click here


5. Are there any secrets or any type of methodology to getting easy upgrades for hotel rooms?

Book your hotel through me! Seriously, if your travel advisor is a member of a consortium like Virtuoso (of which I am a member), not only will you get added amenities at many of the best hotels in the world, including breakfast and resort credits, you will also be first on the list for upgrades.

Also, just ask nicely about the possibility of an upgrade upon check-in?the worst that can happen is that they say there is nothing available. Quite often, an upgrade can be a ?better? room in the same category you already booked just waiting to be assigned to you.


Are these the cutest sleeping masks or what? I have given these as a gift, so stylish! Click here

6. Come on?spill a few “insider” secrets!

Several hoteliers have told me that when people book online through an internet booking site, that they are often assigned the worst room in the hotel. Always use a travel advisor or contact the hotel directly (you can use their booking site) ? internet booking sites might look less expensive but they are not always the bargains they appear to be.
Never book the least expensive room in a hotel ? it will invariably be the one looking over the loading dock, the highway or the alley next door. It is better to be in the best room in a 4 star hotel than the worst room in a 5 star hotel.


A sure and practical way to make sure your black luggage is identified immediately! These bright hard tags are a great idea, click here

7. If you could hop on a plane tomorrow where would you be headed?

Italy…I just can?t seem to spend enough time there!


Think this red set of travel goodies is so elegant! Click here

8. In what way has the travel industry changed the most in the last 10 years?

The days of the travel agent who sits in the office making flight or hotel bookings are gone. Today, the best travel advisors are their clients? trusted consultants, hired for their expertise, rather than to simply make bookings ? we help clients sort through the huge amounts of information available online, we stay on top of global issues that might affect our clients? travel, and we know the best hotels, guides, drivers and restaurants (often from personal experience).


A more stylish tennis bag I cannot imagine you will find! Click here

9. What are your favorite sites/sources when you want to do? research on a particular property or destination?

My first source is always ? only the top 1% of travel advisors belong to Virtuoso so I am very lucky to be part of them. Whether it is to research hotels or to get advice from destination experts, the resources I can tap through Virtuoso are limitless. I also regularly check TripAdvisor even for the finest hotels. Another great site for hotel reviews is


This elegant set from Bric’s is both good looking and practical…also on sale! Click here

10.? Tell us something most of us wouldn’t know about airline fares!

I am surprised that not many people know that by law you can cancel any plane reservation within 24 hours of booking if the flight is at least seven days from the date of booking. Also, many people still think that you must fly round trip to get a reasonable fare ? most airlines now let you fly one way without charging an arm and a leg.


Monogrammed anything makes such sense for travel…that way no one can claim it’s theirs, and these are so very pretty. Click here

11. Any exciting new hotels or destinations worth telling the world about?

The hotel opening I am most excited about is the re-opening of the Ritz Paris?hopefully it will be worth the wait!! Recently, I wrote a blog post sharing some new and soon to open hotels – go here to read it.


I just ordered these, love them….and they will surely jazz up? my luggage in a most beautiful way! Click here

12. What is on your short list (5 things or less) that you absolutely must bring on vacation when you travel?

-comfortable shoes ? my faves are Tieks
-a crisp white shirt ? it can be dressed up or down with accessories
-a lightweight cashmere scarf ? it can do double duty as a blanket on chilly flights
-an extra carry-on bag that folds up in my suitcases for all my purchases while I am traveling?-my ipad filled with information on my destination, lots of travel apps and good books


This is the next set of luggage I am coveting….just love it! Maybe Valentine Day? Click here

Thank you SO much, Tina, for the opportunity to share my passion for travel and a little insight into the travel advisory business with your readers! Happy Travels!!


OK just when I thought I was a pretty savvy traveler…now I realize there was much to learn!? I love the tips on scoring great hotel rooms and your must pack list and lust for Italy I completely agree with:)? I think the biggest misconception for me personally is that they are really expensive to use.

It is amazing to the contrary,? how reasonable a travel advisor is to the point where I would not plan a trip without one…and I always feel so much more comfortable with the expert knowledge and experience of a travel advisor on my side…especially one who is backed by Virtuoso.

So whether you have a trip in mind or this post has some ideas peculating…drop Sandy an email, trust me she will make all of your travel dreams come true! You can visit her at her blog by clicking here or email her directly at


One lucky reader will win a very special? travel gift, it is a surprise but rest assured something that will make your traveling all the more stylish, a given since it’s from Horchow.? All you need to do is visit Horchows travel section by clicking here, take a peek and come back here to tell us your favorite item, while you are it tell us the best trip you ever took.

You must leave a comment on this post to be eligible (emailing me does not enter your name into the drawing only leaving a comment here does).? I will announce a winner on Sunday morning so be sure to check back!

Thank you Sandy for this most enlightening post, you surely have me in the mood to get on a plane and go somewhere and to Horchow for the giveaway…two greats coming together! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time…..


PS In case you missed the ABC’s of edesign, click here

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Hi there, slowly things are getting back to normal after the big blizzard though we still have snow everywhere, it’s not going anywhere for quite some time!

This post feels overdue. I get a lot of emails about e design. Most people do not really understand how it works and when it’s explained, most end up loving the idea. It really is such a practical and logical approach to tackling design particularly when you are across the miles. In this age where time has never been so precious having the ability to connect any time of the day or night, from the comfort of your very own home is a luxury that is hard to put a price on.

I have had clients from France to California? and a recent client who is in Qatar! I am working on a local design job in Westchester County which is keeping me busy along with 2 edesign jobs, I get such a thrill helping people make their homes more beautiful:)

The access and connections we get to make are really extraordinary. So thought it was time to do a post on just how edesign works to help those who hear the term but don’t quite get what its all about (kind of like me and the stock market, I know some terms but let’s face it…the jargon is intimidating)! So let’s delve right in shall we…..


What exactly is e design?

It is a design service that is done exclusively online via the computer between me (the designer) and you (the client). Everything is done via email with the exception being occasionally faxing over floor plans but even that is normally done via email.

Who is it suited for?

Well typically it involves someone who reads my blog, likes my taste but doesn’t live near me (though I have worked with people via e design who live not even an hour away). It works great for someone who is busy working, or raising a family or someone who just doesn’t want to go the traditional design route of hiring a designer. Normally that could be for a multitude of reasons from cost, to convenience to not feeling like they are making progress fast enough (e design is quite speedy),etc……

Is it only good if I have a blank room to start with?

Absolutely not! While I have done my share of “blank spaces” which are always fun, the majority of spaces involve someone who already owns some furniture,? rugs or accessories and wants to work around existing items. Do this all the time. Sometimes a client might have a sofa or chair they are considering reupholstering, I will help them decide if the furniture warrants the cost of labor and fabric.

How do you know what the client is looking for?

To start they have come to me for a reason…they like my taste so we are one step ahead of the game! Once a deposit is given to secure a spot, I follow up with a list of questions to help me understand the scope of the project and the goals of the homeowner. Everything from colors, style, room dimensions, lighting, flooring,etc…is discussed. I also request pictures and on occasion a homeowner will send a video, it can only help.? Once I have a good understanding we begin the process normally with a succession of pictures/questions and then a mood board follows….

What are the costs involved?

The easy thing is it’s one flat design fee. That fee can range from $450-$2250. Really depends on if its one small room or an entire home,? also to what extent we will be working. Is it just accessorizing to starting from the ground up down to the very last detail. There are no additional fees which makes this easy peasy.

What if I just need help with paint colors or accessorizing a room?

There is a plan for that too, which is a newer plan. I realized there is a big demand for people who need help putting the finishing touches on a room. They might have a room that in theory is done but they have no idea how to accessorize a console or coffee table or where to add mirrors, art,etc…..I also get plenty of inquires from people who need direction with paint colors, let’s face it, it can be intimidating and discovering that here are 500 shades of white alone drives my point home beautifully! So yes for a nominal fee, I do offer accessory and paint plans.

How long does it take?

On average about 3 weeks for the average sized job. Small jobs can be done in a week and larger jobs can continue off and on for a few months (or longer). I try to wrap up small-med jobs within 3 weeks. Larger jobs can take longer. I do however make myself available long after for any kind of consultation/followup.

Are there any discounts given?

With certain plans I? offer my substantial trade discounts for various items which include but are not limited to furniture, fabrics, rugs, lighting, wallpaper, etc……definitely makes it worth it nearly all the time as the savings can be enormous.

Who is e design not suitable for?

Someone who is not on the computer often and regularly or who is not comfortable on a computer. Someone who needs to see and feel things in person. It is honestly great for nearly all but the few exceptions would be what I have listed above.


OK so that sums up in a nutshell what e design is all about. Its quite straightforward and I must say I get enormous satisfaction getting to help people beautify their homes! Below are some mood boards I have completed over time for various people and then a sampling of recent finished or near finished spaces. Would LOVE to have them professionally photographed but that is tricky given that they are spread out over the country and world:)




OB-katz-chests ujillnnamed




OB-snapkkshot OB-Karen's bathroom mirrors 3 OB-lamps


OB-lisa b bedroom

OB-Helens-bath OB-carina-foyer-6 OB-showhouse2.jpg OB-nan OB-NANd5



And some of my beautiful edesign projects (some still in progress)-


indeafdsafdx inafdafddex

inde544544x inde54544x


indexfdadf in5445dex IMG_7598-21-600x900indesdssx

indjjjex inxaadex

ind3433ex IMG_6927-2-600x900 iddsndex

index i23232ndex


IMG_6618-e1417450457524-682x1024 inde3433x index343 indfsdfdex indasdfaex

This bedroom is in process, we have just done the bed and the bedding, nightstands, lamps and prints are “in process”

i23232ndex indafdaex

This is that same bedroom that is an “in process” job:)

Here is an incredible? is this before and after (she wanted to keep the cabinets) so changed out countertops, lighting, paint and stove hood and voila!







Here is a good example of a concept board and reality……






Well this was fun! I am happy to have been able to share this part of what I do with you…..I really enjoy it and it’s always an adventure. So have you ever delved into e design? If so how did you? like the experience?? Questions or want more details?? Then just contact me at

Thank you as always for stopping by…wishing you a fabulous day! Until? next time…..

In case you missed these recent posts-

Be careful what you wish for (my post on the epic storm)

Seven on Sunday


Be careful what you wish for…..

Hello! Well you would have to be hiding under a rock these last few days to not know about about the whopper of a storm that hit us here in NY…as in colossal! How ironic that just a week ago I was whining about how we have not had any snow at all and that I had gotten so excited seeing a few snowflakes last weekend only to have them disappear just moments later.

Then THIS happens!? We got about 26″ of? snow which was quite incredible, especially given that even the weather “experts” didn’t quite call this right, only at the very end did they start ramping up their prediction amounts. It was/is beautiful but man it is A LOT of snow….I almost felt claustrophobic looking outside if you can imagine.

The scope of this storm warrants its very own post plus the bonus is a photo session with Teddy, who at first glance wasn’t sure about venturing out but changed his mind and had a lot of fun while letting me snap away as he frolicked in the white stuff. Very little narration necessary, think the pictures speak volumes!


During the blizzard….

DSC_0396 DSC_0397 DSC_0403 DSC_0404 DSC_0407 DSC_0409 DSC_0410 DSC_0411

Morning after-

And the next morning, Mr. Teddy was confused, annoyed and frankly not too happy about the immense amounts of snow impacting his morning prowl….

DSC_0412 DSC_0413

Um…guess we will not be using this door any time soon!


Oh! There is one of my lights:)


My poor statuary dogs were all but buried

DSC_0418 DSC_0419as was my patio furniture on the side patio!


My husbands poor little vintage car almost disappeared!


Should I stay or should I go? And go he did….and what fun he had!

DSC_0424 DSC_0426

Mom are you sure this is a good idea?

DSC_0429 DSC_0430

And he is off…..

DSC_0433 DSC_0434

Hey this isn’t so bad afterall……

DSC_0435 DSC_0436 DSC_0437

Showing my athletic prowess at walking through almost 2 feet of snow:)

DSC_0439 DSC_0443 DSC_0445

Ahhh this is the good life……kind of like the apres ski scenes out of a Slim Aarons photo!

DSC_0446 DSC_0447 DSC_0448 DSC_0451 DSC_0454

Looking good!

DSC_0455 DSC_0456

Our neighbor….a beautiful horse farm, looks so gorgeous in the snow!

DSC_0457 DSC_0459 DSC_0461 DSC_0462 DSC_0464 DSC_0465 DSC_0466 DSC_0468

DSC_0427 DSC_0469 DSC_0472 DSC_0473 DSC_0475 DSC_0476 DSC_0477

And back inside, doing what I do best, primping and playing…

DSC_0479 DSC_0480

switched out my jars for these lovely square vases new to my shop, always like to change things up!

DSC_0479 DSC_0480 DSC_0481 DSC_0482

And did a “dress rehearsal’ for a small luncheon/meeting I am hosting

DSC_0484 DSC_0485


And finally switched up the vignette on the chest in my hallway and put the nutcrackers away who made way for foo dogs:)


Spruced things up in the powder room off the kitchen, a bit of blue and white, white flowers and tole never hurt anybody!


Feeling a little chilly? Hard to believe….this was indeed epic! Now the clean up has begun which admittedly will take some time, we have carved paths and finally the the snowplows made it through our driveway so we can actually get out today. While I very much enjoyed being home and getting to totally relax, I am a bit movied, ipaded and booked out……ready to get in my car and get out!

I will say though that I so enjoyed getting to rewatch four of my favorite John Grisham movies (love his books and movies) they never get old, finally finished 2 books!! One I finished and it is now one of my all time faves (will talk about it on Sunday). And we had food galore, everything from the most yummy gumbo to key lime pie (channeling my inner southern belle)! Glad it came but happier it’s over:) OK now can we waltz into spring……until next time!

If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here, lots of beauty to see:)


Seven on Sunday

Hello there, hope you are having a great weekend. First order of business is to congratulate the winner of the Horchow giveaway! The winner is…..

#128 LAURA

Please contact me at to provide your shipping address and color choice of the flatware


Yes we got hit and hit hard by this blizzard. I could not get over the amount of snow as in T W E N T Y? S E V E N inches, that is 27″!!! We have been quite contentedly inside the house and barely moving a? muscle on a serious movie marathon (and me Words with Friends as well)……as this snow storm came even bigger and badder than what was predicted. We are now officially residing in the middle of a winter wonderful? post blizzard 2016 and, I must say it looks beautiful but looking at all this snow makes me almost claustrophobic…a few pictures below (more to come next week)

inde777x ic33ndex

That WAS my patio furniture before it got swallowed up and that thing in the background…that’s a car:)

incvcdex indefdsx

Guess we will not be using that door to go out:)

But I am perfectly happy to stay cocooned inside, you can be sure plenty of pictures will be on the way.? Hope whenever you are, that you are safe, warm and snugly:) Let’s get rolling with my Seven on Sunday…..



1? THE POWER OF A BIRKIN Say what you will about this ridiculously (but incredibly beautiful) priced bag, appears its not such a bad buy afterall. Have you seen or read the article which have fashionistas and financiers a buzz about how these have completely defied the odds (and far surpassed any other traditional investments) and to some degree logic… here if you want to read about it.

It is pretty remarkable and apparently quite the investment, particularly that it’s all based on supply and demand. Now try finding one and then convincing your significant other you only bought it because its a great investment lol.


A employee holds a 129,000 USD crocodile Hermes Birkin Bag for the press to see during a private opening for the new Hermes store on Wall Street in New York 21 June 2007. The store which is located at 15 Broad Steet is across the street from the New York Stock Exchange. The store is one of several luxury shops opening near Ground Zero as part of a revitalization project in the area. AFP PHOTO/ TIMOTHY A. CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)


2 ONE AMAZING FLORIST! This is most certainly a name I am not going to forget…..they just do the most beautiful work, so appeals to my aesthetic. And it helps that they happen to be based in New York though their talents take them all over the place, sure is understandable! Just feast your eyes on the magnificence of Tantawan, I am completely smitten with their work! Click here to find out more…….


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3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST My weekly love fest with Instagram continues and this week I bring you another fabulous batch of beauty and inspiration, just see what I mean……

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4 A SALAD BAR THEMED LUNCHEON? I love this idea, I can feed my guests guilt free and come up with a really fun theme. Imagine taking it a step further, and serving the entire salad bar in blue and white……yes yes and yes!

I can see big bowls and platters of different types of lettuce, then smaller bowls holding many different condiments, from proteins like shrimp and chicken to all the toppings, cheeses, olives, vegetables, nuts,etc……I really love this idea and now want to start planning away, maybe a spring luncheon is in the works…….this could be fun:)

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5? A FEW OF MY FAVORITE WINTER STAPLES. I am a boots girls, pretty much live in them fall/winter. So wanted to share a few of my picks that are now incidentally on sale, always sweetens the deal! These are my three top picks-


These have seen me through many days this winter and they give a few extra inches while not sacrificing comfort, the wedge makes them very comfy and they look great with everything from jeans to dressier pants, now on sale too! Just got them in a second color:) Click here


Since I love anything with bows, flipped over these rain boots with the laceup detailing and best part, now they are on sale!! Click here


And this super warm coat from Tahari has been one of my staples, great neutral color and pretty styling for as pretty as down coats can be:) Click here




6. We need to take a page out of this? little girls book….aren’t kids always so unbelievably honest and insightful in the most authentic way. She is giving “friendship advice” and tips on how to be a better person to her mother:)? What a smart, darling and? empathetic? little girl….maybe she should talk to some of our politicians:)


7. OUTRAGEOUS COOKIES THAT MAKE ME WANT TO PLAN A PARTY! I am just blown away by the cookie artistry of You Can Call Me Sweetie …I mean seriously these are some of the most beautiful cookies I have ever seen! And good thing that they deliver, next time I have a party I have to order cookies from them, they are amazing and yes, I? am a bit obsessed, click here for their website…..

11351183_491578624329464_8694497099951688212_n 960219_499804293506897_7694998701835886051_n 11986991_530012477152745_8648693273196702048_n 11181935_542064155947577_7930118283866017851_n 12122435_545649522255707_2235903985771961860_n 12219534_549819938505332_4298166945001800822_n 12227790_552089298278396_2643323331881224052_n 11169067_552678524886140_5624663122767327215_n

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11084299_461788137308513_5029770012591255260_n 11390320_495699693917357_2066006997828410578_n


So there you have my Seven on Sunday…anything strike your fancy? Hope if you were in? the storms path,? hope that you remained warm and safe, and if you are somewhere warm and sunny, then I am a little jealous but enjoy it for all of us! Wishing you a great day and end to your weekend, until next time……

PS If you missed my big news, then click here and thank you for all of those amazing comments and emails! Sounds/looks like I am for an adventure in a place loved and adored by many!

PPS If you have had your eye on any of the chinoiserie tole pieces…it’s a great day to buy, all pieces are? 20%, use code “tole20′ click here to see chinoiserie tole. (ends tonight)




Big news and my inner southern belle has awakened!

Hi there and no the big news is not the big snow storm headed this way though I secretly am kind of excited (few can understand it) we will not get clobbered as badly as the DC area (wow) but are expected to get 6-12″ which is plenty for me and let’s face it, everything and I do mean everything looks prettier in the snow! If you follow me on Instagram you can bank on a slew of snow pictures:)

After Christmas we took off for a place that has somewhat stolen my heart, Palmetto Bluff. One word…amazing. If you have not been there, then by all means,? go! If you have, then you know what I am talking about:) We went there to consider purchasing a second home, which when we were there in Sept. we decided was a viable option.

Well, big news……..we did it! We bought land and are going to be building our dream southern home. Though building is not exactly what we had set out to do (kind of like it happened with this house we are in).? In the end, it made the most sense, there is not a lot for sale there and of what is for sale either did not work for us or required some renovation. Then we saw a beautiful lot on the lake and that kind of sealed the deal and we both agreed…it just felt right. With an entrance like this you can see why….



So a new project is born and just as so many of you followed along with the building of our main house, I too hope you will join me for the ride on this next home. Though it will be no where near the scope of this house, it will be given the same degree of love and care (but from afar) and I am really excited about it. We are in the process of speaking to various architects and builders and with luck we will begin in the spring, fingers are crossed.

This is a place I hope to use for? family gatherings, possibly some Christmas’s or Thanksgiving’s, a place to invite our extended family, girlfriend retreats and eventually when our boys marry,? hope we might use this as a family retreat where we can welcome grandkids and who knows maybe host a wedding there!

As I have explained to so many when I describe Palmetto Bluff, once you pass through those gates, it is as though you are entering a little slice of heaven and leaving the chaos of the world behind you, where time slows down and a sense of civilization is restored and? I say this without a single ounce of exaggeration.

I included a video for anyone who has an extra 5 minutes to look at to give you an idea of what its all about…..and unlike so many promotional videos, this one does not exaggerate one iota! Plus everyone is so darn nice…..a huge perk.? They come from near and far, California to Maine, Russia to Australia….it’s quite international and with good reason.


I am busy now getting ideas together to show the architect so he has an idea of exactly what we are looking for. We saw a home being built which had a nearly identical floorplan of what we have in mind so it might be a huge time and money saver to modify those plans…fingers crossed!

We know we want this house to have an open floor plan, to be light and airy….not formal at all, just inviting and true to the low country style we are after. Here are some ideas so far…….this is just the start:)



A very wide open front porch with fans….A MUST!


Must have a big wide back porch and a front as well


Firepit- absolutely!


These are representative of that iconic “low country style”

These are interior shots that I like a lot, light, airy, lofty spaces, bead boarding some detail on the ceiling, so livable….


delray12 delray14

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phoebe7 2856c699358db09c773b7569f198139b 69b48f66e5c76c97b34e996521c80ae3




This palette is what I see throughout the house with lighter woods….


And some perks of getting to do this house from the ground up…..

Of course that we get to custom design it to our liking

That I get to design another kitchen and bathrooms…fun!

That I will get to do my blue and white powder room as well as a blue and white guest room:)

That I can incorporate some of the things I have learned from building this house into the new one…albeit on a much smaller scale

Perhaps the biggest perk…getting another place to use and display my beloved blue and white porcelains)

Getting to share it with you,? my readers…priceless!


Must be meant to be because when I started going through a bunch of my online albums so many of my saved pictures included pictures of the look and feeling I hope to achieve in this home….destiny I tell you:)

Of course this is just the beginning….many many more posts on this subject to come. We spoke with an architect this morning and are hoping we might contract him to do the job. We are hoping with luck to begin building in April. You can be sure I will keep you posted every step of the way and share my ideas and dreams with you.

Thank you for stopping by and for sharing all my adventures with me… having the company:)


PS Today all pillows on my online shop are 20% off, use code pillows20 for discount (ends tonight at midnight) Great time to take advantage:) Click here



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A super one day sale and a wonderful Horchow giveaway!

Good morning from frigid NY….cannot believe how the weather has turned on us. We went from having one of the mildest winters on record to living in Antarctica with a howling wind that will not quit. This is one of those weeks I wish I could stay in and hibernate all week long!


Anyway….been doing some retail therapy lately to compensate for my misery with this cold and waited for today as it’s one of Horchow’s fabled one day sales where things are rock bottom and site wide most things are a whopping 30% off!? I am sharing some of my favorite picks and turned it into a Which would you choose? There is also a wonderful Horchow giveaway (details on bottom. So let’s get ready to do some virtual shopping!



CHOICE 1 How pretty is this? I love the beautiful etching and love the price even more:) Click here


CHOICE 2 This is so pretty, unique and functional. A beautiful piece of art that is actually wall storage…brilliant! And priced incredibly well. Click here


CHOICE 3 I was sure this had to be a misprint, this gorgeous mirror with its beautiful inlaid fretwork for $139! What!!! Click here


CHOICE 4 Traveling anytime soon? I just bought one piece of this beautiful luggage from Bric’s for a special someone to start their own collection who has a big birthday coming up! Click here


CHOICE 5? A longtime favorite pattern, this is sold as a set of 20 pieces and is at an all time low price, so beautiful! Click here


CHOICE 6 When these go on sale for these prices, I stock up… just cannot find monogrammed towels at this price, period. Click here


CHOICE 7 Isn’t this woven leather desk set exquisite? Love the richness of it..very “Ralph-y” Click here


CHOICE 8 Think this mirrored ladies writing desk is just exquisite and at a lowest selling price, click here


CHOICE 9 These so make me want to throw a party…pink champagne glasses, yes! Click here


CHOICE 10 The price on this gorgeous bamboo lantern makes it incredibly tempting but I have run out of places for lighting:) Click here


CHOICE 11 One can never have too many notepads, I keep them in every room as I am an incurable list maker:) All these for $25! Click here


CHOICE 12 Have never seen the bamboo flatware this low, got two more sets….spring and summer entertaining here I come! Click here


CHOICE 13 I could not resist these….being a lover of all things scalloped and pique, these just scream ladies luncheon! Click here


CHOICE 14 Its a great time to stock up on fine cotton sheeting from Matouk, these and Home Treasures are my personal faves, last forever! Click here


CHOICE 15 Now you know my feelings on these!! Never been such a great time to stock up on blue and white china, great opportunity! Click here

CHOICE 16 Beautiful flush mounts are not easy to find, this one is not only stunning but so well priced. Ordered it this morning for a client in California’s powder room Click here


CHOICE 17? I have talked about this beauty before….got this for my family room and it is gorgeous, so soft and something we fight over all the time:) Click here


CHOICE 18 My favorite bedding is 30% off! I need another bedroom:) Click here


A special “insiders” secret….try using the code “welcome” at checkout, it just save you even more money!



One lucky winner will receive this wonderful? set of flatware in their color choice (4 place settings).? All you? need to do is vote for your 2 top faves and leave a comment on this post. I will announce a winner Sunday morning.


So many deals, hard to control myself:) When Horchow has a sale…they have? a S A L E and do not mess around. OK your turn to choose your two favorite finds. Click here to visit their incredible sale and see all the goodies up for grabs.? Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Hope its warmer there than it is here! Until next time….happy shopping.


Pinterest pretties- fashion!

Good morning from very cold NY.? It is in the teens here, bitter! I guess be careful what you wish for because I was recently saying how it doesn’t feel like winter and sure enough we got a bit of the white stuff the other night (only an inch) but enough to make everything look beautiful and magical as only snow can.

But I didn’t mean I wanted the bitter cold along with it. Now there are murmurs of a big snow storm on Friday night into Sat. which could have a big impact on a getaway weekend that was planned, keeping our eyes on the weather forecast.

Oh well…….guess we just have to sit tight and see what mother nature has in store for us! I haven’t done a Pinterest Pretties in a long time but trust me behind the scenes, my Pinterest fingers are getting their daily workout. This time I am sharing some favorites from my Style in Clothing board, like what you see? Then follow me on Pinterest, by clicking here. And here are some of my faves…..


0819d85d07dea7fe900d821f9f3eacd0 a85be2415328667fa35cfae6b4488a99 3c89192f428828511ccf7e53b5d59a72

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4da6c016beef3515d3a773a1fceb467e5de903e7f3ccb75ec1edf4c9d9f4b648 5385753a2f1355f49b8973e498dd45b9


1dc3389a1734ba3fe97becb6f43ee336 1e97911fd4b7196b00b3fc50e5f38f86

de110967b23999e698190c1d5e0214fb ee7fc6901c445f26580cb477255f3786 bbb66c033bbf755491ac3e01199cf567 57a6540e189ace867d353ecb1b815647






812bdefb022ad22d174e06de0711c9e5 609d2d9850ea9b35f096a1c4b643c5d1 be540fef820037a275482881575e70b3

ac7632cb7f421066680d24d2de3276fe 84c8395b468765311fc1e432ade149b0 78ccf61b2e938a96ff6218451989d2a8


f9e50fc4140656c1cd3f67ede2e30935 1d0d21d027480ffcbc1b541be5f3fe78




Might as well end with a bang:) As you can see, I love soft colors, whites, grays, camels with a bit of blushy pink thrown in… a bag fanatic, and favor beautiful, classic, feminine dressing, not one to really follow trends unless I happen to love them.

Have a collection of beautiful bags some that I have had for over 15 years and I treasure them as much as I do the day I got them. Ditto with some of my clothes, I believe in investing in good things…that will stand the test of time, and that you will always love and cherish. I love each and every one of these looks, to see more of my board, click here.


Thank you for stopping by, stay warm!

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday click here

PPS Today is final day for monogrammed goodies promo click here


Seven on Sunday

Good morning, first things first, lets crown a winner of the silver wine cooler! Using? random number picker, congratulations goes to….

#42 Susan Logan

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail to claim your prize and provide your shipping details.


I am planning on having a very lazy day today….? I need it, it was a hectic and somewhat stressful week. May go see a movie and may do nothing at all:) That’s why I so look forward to my Sundays……still no snow here people.

We had a few tiny little flakes one morning and I got so excited and by the time I grabbed my camera they were gone, bummer. Hoping still for that one great snowfall! Hope whatever you are up to today is fun, relaxing and mostly exactly what you feel like doing! Here is my Seven on Sunday…..


1 ONE GORGEOUS WEDDING! I just love the feeling of this beautiful Charleston wedding….and no its not blue and white! Beautiful tent, gorgeous soft tonal theme and love the nontraditional but super elegant chairs /tables and that stunning lighting! Check it out and? click here for the full gallery of many many pictures over at Style Me Pretty…..

56200cc8d30b4$!x900 56200cc92cb24$!x900 56200d194f23c$!x900 56200d1f2121b$!x900 56200d32d7dc7$!x900 56200d31b5fe6$!x900 56200d30ee7d4$!x900 56200d30691cd$!x900 56200d2daa970$!x900 56200d2de370e$!x900 56200d2c9090c$!x900


2. NEEDLE AND THREAD. This line is to borrow a word from my youngest son, just slaying it…such gorgeous gowns and dressy separates that look very “coutoure-ish” at prices that are to be believed! I seriously love each and every one of these….bought a top and skirt form them last year and they are exquisite, the beadwork is comparable to what you would find on gowns that are several thousand.? You can find them at Saks Fifth Avenue click here? or Net A Porter.

619815_ou_xl 651750_ou_xl 570538_in_xl 670473_in_xl 570547_ou_xl 651757_in_xl 651746_in_xl 670474_ou_xl 670476_in_xl 651755_in_xl

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Here is my roundup this week….just when I think I cannot top the previous week, I do! I love discovering new accounts, which truly ignite every one of my senses. Makes me want to travel, eat like I’m Anthony Bordain, plan a party, create a beautiful tablescape, and so much more! Lots of goodness here…..

3s indccfrex

indedfdx indddvex

i242ndex inaadex

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indexdfdf indggex\

issssndex indeff3x

indexvcc inssdex indexfff iddndex indffex

4. A NEW BED. Finally getting a new bed, love my current bed but have had it for over 15 years and have been wanting an upholstered bed for some time. I will likely do it in a soft creamy velvet or linen type creamy fabric. I like my bedroom to feel very tonal with accents of soft gray/blue. So here are my finalists…have a favorite?

Look at shape ONLY disregard colors::)









5. MY NEW CHINOISERIE AND SILVER! The response to both was amazing…..thank you, it really validates what I do and love. The chinoiserie items are now online, got them professionally photographed and love how they came out… here to see on my online shop.


For chinoiserie click here


The silver will all be online in the next 1-2 days

Whats next for my shop? Well…..waiting for my next porcelain container to finish production and ship hopefully mid Feb. and my bigger batch of silver will ship around that time as well and both will be here sometime in March. I will be getting a very exciting chinoiserie shipment sometime in late March.

Another very exciting thing that is in the works, by popular demand is that I am working on a blue and white Christmas ornament collection and fingers crossed it’s going to pan out as I am planning:) I will be,? as I always do holding presales on both shipments in Feb…so stay tuned, so many gorgeous things heading this way!

6. FOO DOG LUNCHEON Have a friend who will be celebrating a big birthday, think I am going to host a small luncheon for her and started playing with ideas, came up with a foo dog inspired luncheon, and why not! I placed a pair at every setting with the “big guys” in the center, it’s fun with a bit of whimsy thrown in, but not compromising one bit on style….what do you think?

indedfdfdfx indeddfdfx

Imagine the entire table set this way, each setting with a different colored foo dog pair


Love to play with mixing patterns with my Blue Willow china as the “foundation”? so started with this….


Then tried my beloved pagoda plates (they came in 6 different patterns and sadly are no longer available but I may be changing that:)….


Then tried all three together to layer the effect….

in34dex 343index

Think all three work and there’s not a bad combination in the bunch….


7. THE BEST FITTING PANTS PERIOD. I must say that after years and years of buying pants in every size from small single digits to the dreaded double digit size I finally found a pair of pants that literally is totally true to the hype. I wrote about them before and just have to tell you that I am now a lifelong fan. NYDJ, “Not your Daughters Jeans”, might sound like a cliche but its anything but.

These things are like magic, they fit beautifully and fulfill all that I expect in pants-? wash amazingly-check, don’t stretch out in all the wrong places-check and most importantly zip up and button up with zero effort-check check! I have them in many colors and a few different styles and cannot say enough about them….fabulous! Click here to? see all styles at Nordstrom (a few are even on sale)! A few of my personal faves are below…..

These corduroy pants are an AMAZING deal……lowest price I have ever seen now on sale! Click here


These I own in three colors, they are fabulous! Click here


These are great too, a velvet ankle straight? legged pant…wore them recently with a beautiful Lacey blouse and they are super comfortable now on sale:) Click here


And these jeans just might be the most comfortable pair I have ever worn not to mention with the right amount of stretch they are super slenderizing..that is priceless:) Click here



So there you have it, anything strike your fancy here today? And what are you up to this weekend? Hoping you are enjoying a great weekend, I want to thank you for stopping in, always enjoy your visits! Until next time……