Oscar 2016 recap!

Hi everyone! So….did you make it all the way through? I did (with little catnaps in between). I love the pomp and circumstance that starts around 4pm as the red carpet excitement begins and continues to buzz all the way up until curtain time. Chris Rock whom I find pretty funny in general, took on the subject of racism full on and left no one in his wake (including fellow black actors).

Though I am not sure every one of his jokes was appropriate (especially the one with Asian kids that is getting lots of flack). I like when things are kept neutral and controversial subjects are left outside the door. To me it takes away from the celebration of film and those who are up for nominations. There is a place for those discussions and I did not think the Oscar stage was one of them.

There were some great highlights, Leo’s win (he was so eloquent in his acceptance speech), Spotlight getting best pic, Gaga’s performance was incredibly moving. Never saw Mad Max, and never had a desire too but wow did they ever monopolize the night!

However I must say and I am not alone…that this year to me, it just lacked something, felt almost anticlimactic. My good friend who I constantly go back and forth with throughout the night made the astute observation that there was no traditional? big opening musical number to kick off the show!She was absolutely right and that was? a disappointment.

Even the fashions, though there were a few standouts were a bit lackluster. Maybe I am jaded from seeing it for so many years, it was certainly not the best year for the Oscars but of course I watched it all the way through. As I have done the last few years, here is my recape on the hits, near misses and total misses. Overall it was good but not amazing as I expect and so want it to be.

Remember this is only my opinion and it’s all in the name of entertainment and even when I do not agree with the nominee choices or fashion statements, I still always anticipate Hollywood’s biggest night:)



The hits- (in no particular order)


My personal winner of the night by far, Cate…just love her elegant flawless style, she almost never disappoints.

alicia-vikander-1-fd33da97-ce45-43b1-951b-17f3a605bc75 naomi-watts-6b5ae070-d936-451e-90b1-a210f952f66c jennifer-garner-b5737f86-88d2-4d33-b7f6-2e8f92f72d6a julianne-moore-4d48ebf7-e529-4d00-8f2e-76a59e20465f margot-robbie-03fe58f2-bfa0-4c75-b13d-dbbe00ff911e








Was on the fence about Gaga’s look…I do love white and this was not something I would personally wear but I like the structure and it was interesting and hey its Gaga afterall!


Another I wavered on this but I do love this color and she does look quite elegant…not sure if I love the length though


The total misses-




jennifer-jason-leigh-f090b47c-0ea3-46df-a785-c1186a5a48ca patricia-arquette-38ae0f07-f1e8-4f11-a88f-7015a933972f whoopi-goldberg-db092cd5-0630-40c6-a9ff-a5a8644cf984 amy-poehler-6fe9f1e9-e490-4e06-8bd2-6aae2fd9827b rs_634x1024-160228170257-634-Academy-Awards-Oscars-kate-winslet.cm.228Snarky note-

I am only including one….but did not recognize Kate Capshaw!!!! Really? What is with those bangs? The outfit? Did not get a single thing here…only normal thing is Steven on her arm.

31AF5B7900000578-3468602-image-m-76_1456749738353 31AA84C400000578-3468602-Matchy_matchy_Steven_Spielberg_s_wife_actress_Kate_Capshaw_looke-a-77_1456749763459

I always include a few of my biggest disappointments and what I would have had them wear so without further adue here they are….

Brie, what were you thinking? You were up for top prize, this is once in a? lifetime..doesn’t get bigger and you wore my 80’s prom dress to the Oscars? I was shocked that this was her choice, there was nothing about this that appealed, it looks dated, old fashioned, cheap and was ill fitting. I could have seen her in something that screams ” I am ready to win an Oscar”…..and frankly something a bit more elegant and let’s not even talk about the hair.


I would like have liked to see her in one of these….

639515_ou_pp 665256_e1_pp 670476_ou_pp

And Kate, who is normally such a classy and predictable fashion “yes”, just went wrong this year, not sure what was behind her choice….


If she wanted to wear black how about one of these….

642666_ou_pp 628463_ou_pp

Olivia Wilde who is such a pretty actress, chose a dress I just did not “get” if she wanted something dramatic and ivory or white? how about….


677348_ou_pp 506066_ou_pp

And Kerry Washington I normally love your choices? and? willingness to always? take a chance, but not sure this chance was a wise one to take-


I could have seen you in one of these….

643527_ou_pp 648738_ou_pp

And dear Heidi, what exactly were you thinking? The world wants to know.? It was like looking at lavender cotton candy gone haywire. This is by far the worst dressed of the night. Here is what I could have seen her in…

506062_ou_pp 642665_ou_pp 639480_fr_pp

All the dresses I picked are from Net A Porter click here


Think overall it was a good show, but not great. I do love the buildup though…it’s Hollywood afterall. Next year I am hosting an Oscar party so it better be good:) This is what I miss and crave..that old school Hollywood glamour that got you dreaming-

Actress Natalie Wood, best actress Oscar nominee, seated before double mirror as hairdresser sets her hairdo in dressing rm. at Warner Bros. studio while 3 unident. men watch her primp in preparation for attending Academy Awards Ceremony. (Photo by Allan Grant//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Actress Natalie Wood, best actress Oscar nominee, seated before double mirror as hairdresser sets her hairdo in dressing rm. at Warner Bros. studio while 3 unident. men watch her primp in preparation for attending Academy Awards Ceremony. (Photo by Allan Grant//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)


1952: American actor Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) receives a kiss from actor Claire Trevor (1909 - 2000) while standing backstage with the Best Actor Oscar he won for his role in director John Huston's film, 'The African Queen,' RKO Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

1952: American actor Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) receives a kiss from actor Claire Trevor (1909 – 2000) while standing backstage with the Best Actor Oscar he won for his role in director John Huston’s film, ‘The African Queen,’ RKO Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Old Hollywood glamour reigns supreme as iconic movie stars dazzle at bygone Oscars 4


OK getting off my soapbox now and getting back to real life. Have a busy busy day ahead of me:) Thank you for stopping in, now its your turn to weigh in……until next time!


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Seven on Sunday

Hi friends…and how are you?? Hope you are enjoying a great weekend and how could you not it’s Oscar weekend and my fashion radar is charged and ready! OK first order of business is to announce the very lucky winner of the beautiful Victorinox suitcase? from Horchow (hope you have a trip in mind)! Congratulations goes to-

#155 Vickie

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com by Tuesday to claim your beautiful new suitcase!


Our weekend has been quite relaxing, dinner, NYC and got to see Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams in Blackbird on Broadway which was disturbing and intense but they were both amazing (in a manic disturbing kind of way)? and delivered powerful performances. The show I saw before that,? China Doll on the other hand, um well…..not so much. I do love Al Pacino but even he could not keep my attention for a full 2 hours with that show!

Well our mild weather has once again turned right back to winter, what a tease. It’s cold again but quite pleasant and sunny. Supposed to head into the city later for lunch with our son, but will be sure to be back in plenty of time for the fun Oscar preshow.? Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..




1 CAKES THAT BLOW ME AWAY! I discovered her on Instagram and have enthusiastically followed this ballerina turned cake maestro ever since. I am in utter awe of her creations as the delicacy and attention to her details has no competition.

In fact when I read about her ballet background, I recognized a certain touch of femininity and intricacy of the art of ballet applied to her cakes. True masterpieces! She is based out of Washington DC but her creations travel all over,? click here to see more and learn about Maggie Austin cakes

hummingbird-with-pink-ribbons sunflowers dahlia-detail baby-eucalyptus-frill1 eucalyptus-detail brides centifolia-detaileucalyptus-frilllambs-ear-with-green-frills

And the grand finale…seriously can you believe this is sugar!!!! This exemplifies her level of genius in my opinion….


2. THE GRAND REVEAL IS NEARLY HERE! The fabled Ritz in Paris is just about to open their doors again (sometime in 2016) ….and I can only imagine how incredible it will be. Even looking at these? “in progress” pictures of this iconic hotel has me dreaming of a Parisian getaway…..can only imagine the fanfare that it will open up to.

You can follow them here on Facebook? to get updates and an eventual opening date,? though I am sure their opening will be talked about far and wide!

a-legend-in-progress_2013-2_1_0 a-legend-in-progress_2014-2_0 a-legend-in-progress_2015-2_0

05-rectangle_1_0 03-carre_1_0 a-legend-in-progress_2015-10_0

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. My weekly dose of beauty and inspiration continues…I love being able to share it with you and love when I discover a new and wonderful resource. This weeks round up,? not at all intentionally has a very spring like feeling, guess subconsciously that mean I am more than ready:)

inSSV4dex ind98Kex inFF4dex iJHGndex

insx33dex indeds3x indvf4ex indes33x inded33x i22Xndex indeFFVx inSS34dex inde121x inXXEdex indeD3x

4. A SURE TO BE FASCINATING DOCUMENTARY! This documentary coming in May looks fabulously entertaining…..the Met Gala really is the Superbowl for the fashion world and this inside peek into a “behind the scenes” promises to be incredibly entertaining and of course you have ice queen Anna who does not disappoint:)

In this vein, if you like this sort of thing you must see September Issue…loved it so much I bought the DVD:)


5. GORGEOUS FABRICS. I have been a long time fan of Lee Jofa and Duralee,? many of the fabrics in my homes over the years have been the result of their exquisite offerings. Most here are far too traditional and dressy? for my new PB home but they sure have me dreaming of where they could work…..so pretty!

I have added a new service to my edesign which is one that many have asked about. A lot of times someone sees a fabric/wallpaper they love but cannot get trade pricing on without having? a designer. Well that is where I come in:) I will order your fabric/wallpaper at my trade price for 10% of the purchase price..that could be a massive savings. Contact me for details theenchantedhome@gmail.com.




And of course I love these….featuring beloved ginger jars!

u33annamed unnamdfaed unnddaamed


This one above is the most delicious linen and the colors are incredible…dying to use this somewhere!

DURALEE- These ALL have me dreaming:) and I may just find a spot in PB for one of these:)

dp61306-563-repeat dp61305-716-repeat dp61306-72-repeat dp61305-55-repeat dp61303-632-repeat dp61303-563-repeat

6.AN ARTICLE YOU WILL WANT TO READ!! I do? love my wine and red wine in particular though it can trigger those dreadful migraines. It is still a love that will not ever subside ever, nothing beats a great glass of red. So when I read this article? on a study that came out in 2015, about how? drinking red wine can actually help you lose weight, well I took notice!!? Click here to read the entire article...VERY worth? the click!


7.? AN EASY BUT DELICIOUS RECIPE. You know I like to share recipes that I have tried and that pass muster:) And side note this goes very well with that wine up there…so consider this a healthy choice:)? This one is easy if you are ever needing a quick meal that looks like you put a lot more into it and always pleases and I do mean always!

inds33ex indefddx

Here is what you need-

Mushrooms (1 small carton)

1 small bunch of asparagus (preferably thinner ones)

3-5 med/large ripe tomatoes or 2 cartons of small tomatoes (cut up small)

2 TBSP heavy cream

Pasta of your choice ( I used a box and a half of spaghetti)

8 cloves garlic

Olive oil

A cluster of fresh basil (a must)

Pasta of your choosing


Fresh parmigiano

So in a sautee pan, cook your garlic and olive oil. Next add your cut tomatoes with cut fresh basil (I like to use quite a bit about 12 leaves cut up) and start to sautee (about 10 min) until they are well cooked and a thick sauce has formed (med heat) .

Add your 2 TBSP cream at this point and season with salt and pepper. In a separate pan sautee mushrooms and asparagus with olive oil, season. Add to tomato mix.

Meanwhile cook your pasta very al dente. I used a spaghetti on this day which works well but any will do (though I don’t care for? thick pasta which takes away from the sublime taste of the sauce).

Once pasta is done add immediately to saute pan and gently stir until all the pasta is covered. Add a very generous topping of fresh parmigiano ( I also add fresh cut basil on top). Serve with a piece of toasted baguette and you have yourself one yummy meal! Enjoy….


Well that’s whats on my radar this week, and how about you? What is new in your corner of the world? I am excited to sit back later on and take in all the glamour and pageantry of the Oscars! I will be sure to follow up later this week with my fashion recap as I do every year. Hope you whatever you are up to is wonderful and mostly relaxing! Until next time….


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Pinterest Pretties- My style

Hi everyone and happy Saturday to you. The sun is shining, it’s cool but spring is not that far away and I have been on a flower buying binge to add some “early spring” to my home. It’s Oscar weekend…love all the pomp and circumstance of this iconic event. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend so far.

Periodically I highlight favorites form some of my Pinterest boards, a constant evolving gallery of favorite images and pictures.? Today’s post is on the board “My style” which best defines what I love in decor , now and then and it’s fun to see how our taste evolves, mine has not changed much but I do appreciate a light, airy look more than I ever have and find those kinds of spaces so soothing and calming. If you want to see more or follow along with me, click here. And here we go…..






4d30c3d897886880f22e782241872eb5 b804496e4ad39d69907f6c5627aed088 041070100cec0bde9c94cafc4e0126a9












It’s funny looking over this board, it made me realize that while my taste has not wavered much over the years, I have been drawn increasingly to slightly more casual (but still very sophisticated) spaces. Maybe its my subconscious preparing for a part time more casual lifestyle in Palmetto Bluff:).

I also realized I am drawn to a variety of styles, that are beyond true purist traditional, I don’t mind a bit of a mix as long as it’s really well done. It’s interesting how our taste evolves and grows with us as we enter new chapters of our life. Anything here speak to you? What is your style? Thank you for stopping in, a few reminders-

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Until next time…..


Which would you choose and one amazing Horchow giveaway!

Hello hope you are having a great week, today is rainy, dreary and raw- how I wish I could stay in all day long! Over the weekend we got to a balmy 59 degrees…..I will take it and it sure had me dreaming of spring:)

I have been doing a bit of retail therapy lately,between shopping for three design projects and sprucing things up in my bedroom, I have been quite the online shopper lately. As usual Horchow never disappoints and there were some exceptional deals worth sharing with you.

On top of that Horchow has so generously donated an incredible suitcase as a giveaway, perfect excuse to book a trip! Details on bottom. Time to chose your two favorite items from Horchow! Ready?


CHOICE 1. Had to do a double take here…this amazing chandelier is only $825!!! Click here


CHOICE? 2. How incredible is this work of art pagoda place mat!!!! Just incredible…..click here


CHOICE 3. Their lighting sale is going on now and I just ordered this beauty for one last little alcove in my room that needed a flush mount..love how delicate and feminine it is. Click here


CHOICE 4. Not a moment too soon to start thinking about spring and getting our yards/patios in tip top shape. This classically beautiful urn and pedestal is a stunner with an even more unbelievable price! Click here



CHOICE? 5. I am madly in love with these sconces, if I needed a pair I would order these immediately…so beautiful! Click here



CHOICE 6. Have used this beautiful mirror a few times, its a lot of look for the money, can you believe only $224! Click here


CHOICE? 7. Everyone should own one o these luscious faux sable throws and best part is this one is reversible! Click here



CHOICE? 8. Don’t you think this is such a pretty and delicate chandelier? I love its understatement and the price even more:) Click here



CHOICE? 9. Look whats on sale again…the beautiful and so reasonable bamboo flatware, so perfect for entertaining outdoors! Click here



CHOICE? 10. Think this is so very pretty! The price is even prettier:) Thinking of this for a special someone who has a birthday around the corner! Click here


CHOICE? 11. Having bought many sconces in my day, I can say that this is one phenomenal deal….gorgeous and only $375 with Swarovski crystals! Click here


CHOICE? 12. What could be more elegant than an oversized monogrammed charger plate! This could go with any set of china, stunning! Click here


CHOICE? 13. Traveling? Go in style…this handsome set of Bric’s luggage is now on sale and there’s never been a better time to take advantage! Click here


CHOICE 14 These oversized destination beach towels are the cutest….The Hamptons, Riviera, The Caribbean, great gift idea too! Click here


(Insiders secret- if you make a purchase try using code “welcome” for an extra discount)



So much to love and speaking of travel……Horchow has so graciously donated this fabulous piece of Victorinox luggage to one lucky Enchanted Home reader! Just think this will be the perfect excuse to plan a trip:)

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Thanks for stopping by and visiting, hope you have a wonderful day. Last day for the wonderful place mat and napkins promo, click here. Until next time…..


Project Lower Level- part 2!

Good Monday evening and how is your week going? Mine is off to a very busy start but trucking along…. today felt like spring and it was incredible to walk out with just a light jacket. Could it be? I am almost afraid to wish for it as with my luck, a new snow storm will be lurking! About 6 months ago I shared with you, our lower level or at least a part of it, click here if you missed part 1. Today I am sharing the rest (or most of it).

Our basement aka lower level is quite large. In fact I could happily live down there now that we are basically empty nesters (so sad). It came out really beautiful, it’s a more casual area but so comfortable. The tall ceilings (10 feet) do not at all make it feel like a basement and we have many windows so truly its almost feels like a main floor. So join me as I show you around…..



When you first get downstairs there is a “foyer/hallway” area where we put a beautiful French antique armoire that we have had for quite some time, didn’t know where else to put it so here it is for now at least….




DSC_0479 DSC_0521

Then there is a pretty powder room (Thibaut paper) still waiting on new mirror but this is here as a temporary “fill in”-

DSC_0483 DSC_0482

There is a small vestibule that separates the area above to the gym (to the left there is an unfinished room designated as a future wine room) This fixture below is way too dressy I know,? but we have it from our old house so just using it for now…..


Then the next room is a gym, thankfully my husband? and college aged son (when home) use it a lot. I wish I could say I do but I am getting there, after hurting my knee quite badly (partially torn ACL)? over a year ago, I am gun shy about doing hardcore exercise again but one of my big resolutions is to get back to exercising.

It’s a really fabulous room in the way that gyms go, beautiful carpeting that is soft on the feet, not one but two TV’s (husbands idea) professional gym equipment, every comfort one could want and mirrors on every wall to remind you why you need to be there in the first place lol….


DSC_0489 DSC_0488

DSC_0538 DSC_0537 DSC_0536 DSC_0487 DSC_0486

From the gym room there is a small vestibule with a cabinet (eventually for towels) and then there is a gym bath (not finished)-


This is the still unfinished gym bath, there is a toilet and the shower is done but we received a damaged vanity and still waiting for replacement, which is taking forever.? Do love the floor from Tilebar:)


Not much to see right now other than the pretty floor:)

DSC_0493 DSC_0494 DSC_0495

Moving along down the hallway……this is possibly our favorite room in the entire? house, my husabnd uses it every single night and I often join him (if I like what is “playing”). The screen is enormous and the sound is just like that of a theater…this sofa is the most comfortable sofa I have ever sat on (thank you Lee Industries) for making it.

Its a soft cozy chenille and is perfect for movie watching! The coffee table is actually two coffee tables pushed together from Ralph Lauren, its a more transitional look but super classic. We painted the walls a rick dark navy (Ralph Lauren)? which I love.

Only thing temporary here are these sconces, these are too nautical for the room but we had them from our old house so put them up for now, working on getting the replacements ordered. Still loving for movie inspired art as you can see, we have a few not yet hung and eventually add some other pillows.

The carpet is a rich navy with gold dots from Stanton. All the furniture pieces are from Ralph Lauren.

DSC_0529 DSC_0522 DSC_0530


This amazing sectional is from Lee Industries


The beautiful coffee table is actually two tables together and are from Ralph Lauren


DSC_0524 DSC_0528 DSC_0525 DSC_0504 DSC_0501

And then right next door is the wonderful entertaining space that was revealed on? part of part 1 here is a reminder

DSC_0512 DSC_0513


Believe it or not there is more- another bedroom and bath, a huge “playroom” and a ping pong/billiard table room beyond these rooms that are finished but there is virtually nothing in them but a sectional and a ping pong table. Our visions of our kids playing there sadly are a bygone era and wishful thinking at this point…..but the space is there maybe for future grandchildren?

In the meantime we really enjoy this lower level especially the movie room, as it is so cozy, warm and inviting. So there you have it….the lower level completed (with the exception of odds and ends). Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful evening and great start to your week. Until next time…..

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday click here

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Hi friends and happy Sunday to you. Finally we have gotten some moderate weather and it feels amazing! Has me dreaming a bit of spring and getting outdoors, planting flowers, al fresco meals, losing the big heavy jackets and gloves,? I could go on! Hope whatever you are up to this weekend is fun and relaxing. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..



1 HARDEST RESERVATIONS IN THE WORLD? So a friend recently snagged a reservation at the world famous restaurant Noma in Denmark for an upcoming trip for her 50th birthday and bragged about it the way most boast about the birth of a new child. It was quite the accomplishment and we both had a good laugh (she better bring me back a souvenir)!

It got me thinking about restaurants that have that degree of prestige and aura that they create such a frenzy to get one of their coveted tables. I remember when we dined at The French Laundry in Napa it was a simliar deal. I mean we enjoyed it, it was great to get it off my bucket list but I am not going to say it was a life changer:) However its fun to let your mind wander and I enjoy reading/hearing about such restaurants here are a few…..



The Fat Duck in Berhshire


Next in Chicago(watched a great documentary on Grant on Netflix and seeing this restaurant come to life)



The immaculate kitchen at The French Laundry


Tickets in Barcelona, hummm what am I missing here


Lodown on the reservations-

I mean lets look at what is involved here to just TRY to get a resey at Noma

How to make a reservation: on the 6th day of every month, the third month out opens up for reservations online and by phone (this coming February 6th, for example, they start taking requests for May). If the last cycle is any indication, it takes only a matter of hours for an entire month to book up; Noma managing director Peter Kreiner estimates that about 20,000 people attempt to get a table on reservations day.

And read this reservation “methodology” for lack of a better word on Schwa in Chicago

The experience begins with the randomness of their reservations system, which is either the most egalitarian or completely unfair thing you’ve encountered. To get in, you’re supposed to call and leave a voicemail request, but that inbox is usually full. If you do happen to get through and get a call back to confirm a time and date, keep in mind that there’s always the chance that Carlson will decide to close the restaurant at a moment’s notice. So delightfully absurd is the current arrangement that the restaurant’s PR company is now using Twitter to field more reservation requests, likely in disorganized fashion.

Click here if you want to see the entire list and get some tips on how to snap up a table!


2. BABIES I AM OBSESSED WITH. Discovered these twins on Instagram and I am obsessed with them, I wish I could adopt them and have even invented a new word for them “pudgealinas”.? One of the many things I miss about my kids being young was pinching the rolls on their delicious little chubby thighs:)

The savvy mom of these two cherubs has created an Instagram feed? (a booming one at that and with good reason) of them all dolled up in outfits ranging from little gym leotards to bumble bees….just too stinking cute!! Seeing their pictures always puts a smile on my face:) Click here to follow Leialauren on Instagram.

insdsdsddex indkiiex indfbbbex sdsw2index indfsfdsex indsddswex isdsxndex indemnmnmnx infdfddfdex index4433


3. GORGEOUS BEDS! So I finally am pulling the trigger and ordering an upholstered bed, which I am very excited about getting though it will takes about 3 months. However in my pursuit of a new bed,? I found some more beautiful beds, which made the decision very difficult, plus looking for an e design customer put me in major bed hunting mode!



feas ADS


88579dac-f571-4744-85e1-ac4f73ac430c b35374b2-091b-4617-bfe4-a32200962c1f bf38854c-49e8-4bb8-87eb-a53e0098d879 63d6d163-9b67-4691-aa89-a5910096653b mn5498k_sm13

4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. And the beauty continues…..just wowed every single week by what I find. So inspiring, and always a way to get totally motivated to create something beautiful or yummy or simply marvel:)

indjjex gj

inddcdex ff indgfex indeccdx indxbbex indenvvvx ixcxxndex iwewwndex in1211dex

spacer feas

5. A RECIPE YOU WILL WANT TO? KNOW ABOUT. I have spoken of my Beef Bourgignon before….and made it on a particularly chilly day last week. To say it was heaven in a pot is no exaggeration.? I have had it in a number of places and honestly this is the best I have ever had. It is AMAZING. I got the recipe from a cooking class from the last time we were in Paris. It is a keeper, the ultimate comfort food? and it is so worth sharing…..


  • About 3-4 tablespoons light virgin olive oil
  • 8 ounces bacon, chopped (1/2 a package)
  • 2 teaspoons fresh garlic cloves, large chopped pieces (not too fine)
  • 1/2 cup?Cognac
  • 1 bottle of good full bodied ?red wine (ideally?like Beaujolais, Cabernet or Burgundy)
  • ?2 cups beef?broth?(I used Emerils box of beef stock which is a 32 oz box)
  • 1-2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 2-2 1/2 pounds top round beef cut into 1-inch cubes
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Fresh pepper
  • 1 pound carrots, cut to 1 inch (don?t use baby carrots, they are too soft)
  • 2 med.onions- thinly sliced
  • 1 teaspoon fresh?thyme?leaves (1/2 teaspoon dried) I used a bit more than the recipe called for
  • 4 tablespoons butter at room temperature, melted
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 pound fresh mushrooms (cut off stems and discard)
  • 4-5 Yukon gold potatoes

? If you have a nice heavy dutch oven, that is preferable otherwise a good stock pot is fine. I used my Le Cruset ?weighs a ton? pot but it was perfect for this dish plus its French! ?Heat the olive oil and add the bacon, cook on medium until fairly crispy. Remove and drain bacon. Add cubed beef (after they have been rinsed, patted dry and sprinkled with sea salt and pepper) ?one layer at a time and sear the meat, this will take about 4-5 minutes, make sure its seared on all sides. Set aside with the bacon.

Next, you will add carrots, onions, and either potatoes or turnips if you are using them along with salt and pepper to the fat in the pot and cook for about 15 minutes or until soft and onions are lightly browned. Then add garlic and cook for another minute or two. Next add Cognac?you then should take a match and light it right in the pot?STAND BACK while you do this and stare in awe at your budding creation! (This process burns off the alcohol)

Next add the meat and bacon into the pot with the juices already in. Add the bottle of wine and beef broth, this mixture should pretty much cover the meat. Next add tomato paste and thyme. Simmer and then cover?at this point you can either cook it on the stove or transfer to a preheated oven (300 degrees) I cooked mine on the stove. This is a dish that is its best when it simmers on? low most of the day (min. 4 hours). Add a bit of water when necessary. All you need is a loaf of crusty french bread, and a ravenous appetite….this is as good as it gets:)

After about an hour and a half, the meat will be fork tender. On the side, take 2 tbsp of butter and melt then mix with flour and add to stew. In a small saut? pan, melt additional 2 tbsp of butter and saut? mushrooms for about 5-10 minutes or until soft. Add to stew, bring to a brief boil and then simmer and cook for an additional 30 minutes. Season to taste. At the end, I add a few additional stalks of fresh thyme?get that baguette and wine ready and you are in for a divine treat!
6. LIGHTING DILEMMAS. Many get confused about the right size of lighting fixtures, where/how to place them, yes it can be daunting. I must admit even I have to really think about it and its too expensive of an item to go with the trial and error approach. So this chart is priceless…and really right on the money-
7.? AN INSPIRATION . This girl is really something. Overcoming odds most could not survive from, I am in awe of who Malala has become and love how her voice is being heard all over the world. Cannot wait to see this!


So that’s whats on my radar this week…anything here get your attention? Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Until next time……

PS Look what finally arrived in the new arrivals…the gorgeous wood tiered servers!? Click here to see

WC_RD_TIER_white__30924.1434125057.500-351x263 OWC_3TIER_white__03221.1450376287.500-351x263PPS Last day for porcelain colored promo….still some wonderful pieces left, click here to visit


PPPS If you missed my? random musings, the new site poll and a chance to win a silver wine cooler click here

That’s it I really really promise:)


Random musings as seen through my iphone, survey and a giveaway!

Hello and happy Saturday…as I periodically do I share a snippet of my life as seen through my trusty little iphone, cannot imagine life without it:)

In addition, big news is that I have just hired a company to revamp my entire site. It is going to be a bigger and improved Enchanted Home. As you know I am all about evolving, improving and growing. I believe change (good ones that is) keep us going in the right direction and I’m always aspiring to be better.I have had this idea in the back of my mind for some time but it’s a lot of work and a big deal however I have decided to take the plunge:)

I am excited to be working with the company I hired as they are really good at what they do. So as we begin the “behind the scenes” process, your input is so valuable to me. The new site will take 3-4 months to build….so for now everything will stay as is. This poll is a bit different in that is its asking questions that could/would pertain to the future Enchanted Home (one or two questions might overlap from previous poll). To thank you I am offering a giveaway. So here is a peek into what my week has been all about and the poll and giveaway details on bottom-




Valentines Day breakfast indulgence:)


Back of the house during yet another snowfall and could Teddy be any cuter?

inde332x in33dex

Hate when I see new fabrics that I love and feel compelled to use……

ind4544ex ind6645ex incxxdex indvbvbex

And you know my feelings on green and blue….love!


Added a centerpiece bowl filled with white kalanchoe to kitchen island


The super stylish foo dogs lamps came back in stock and are going straight to my office



A beautiful palette for my client in Westchester


Had such yummy shrimp tacos in a favorite nearby restaurant


Hard to believe this was a week ago!

xcvxindex ibvvndex icxcxndex isd2ndex

Visited the charming Juliska shop which has the cutest little cafe in it…..and you know I love this tulipere

invcdex inded22x

Had limestone floors cleaned and polished…..

So there you have my random musings…what’s new in your corner of the world? Thanks as always for stopping in!

PS Colored porcelain sale started last night, click here to see




So here is the poll below, it literally should not take more than 2 minutes of your time. To thank you I am offering one lucky winner the beautiful square scalloped silver wine holder from my shop. A winner will be announced on Tuesday so be sure to check back to see if you are the lucky winner….




Creating a perfect bed and a Which Would You Choose with Crane and Canopy

Hello friends, thank you so? much for all of your kind comments on Bluff Diaries Chapter One on the soon to be building experience of our new home. Click here if you missed it.

One of my most favorite places in the entire world is….. my bed. I kid you not, I wake up thinking about how many hours until? I get to relax in my bed, it is my little oasis, my comfort zone and let me tell you I have worked hard at creating what I think is the most comfortable bed imaginable. This is one area in my life I do not skimp on. EVER.

I have a new sponsor, Crane and Canopy? makers of? incredible scrumptious bedding, so excited about having discovered them! They cut out the middleman and buy from the finest factories and offer prices that frankly are nearly impossible to beat.I love that the factories they work with are Oeko-Tex certified which means they are manufactured ethically and responsibly. Click here to read about the duvet that many are talking about…so innovative!

I got a new duvet and shams for my guest room (Linden Porcelain Green collection)…check it out below. I can attest to the wonderful quality and excellent price point-

And sidenote- any company that focuses on the details like inserting corner ties on the duvets to insure they don’t slide around, has zippered closures and donates a portion of their proceeds to? “A Safe Night’s Sleep” which benefits women and children affected by domestic violence has a fan in me for life:)

indedfdfx inddsadsfex

Today is a bit about how to create a cloud like bed that will have you have daydreaming about how many more hours until you get to ” hit the sack” and then a Which Would You Choose featuring 14 scrumptious bedding ensembles from Crane and Canopy.

So my tips are simple? and straightforward-

  1. Mattress-Start with a good mattress, you spend almost half your day in bed, doesn’t your body deserve the best? I have tried quite a few mattresses and hands down, my current is my fave….Royal Pedic, hand tied, all natural. I also got the pillowtop which makes it feel super lofty. My husband both and I agree this is our favorite mattress of all time.
  2. Good sheets– You better believe it’s important and no not all sheets are the same….the good thing is that good quality bedding has never been more affordable. To me a 300 count or above insures a very soft cotton that will stand the test of time that just gets better and softer with each use/washing. I personally like white or cream sheets, no decorations or style, simple, clean and crisp and goes with everything.
  3. Pillows– This is a big one for me. So much so that I actually travel with my pillow. It’s? a lofty down pillow for me all the way…and Cuddledown is my “go to” for pillows and comforter. Super duper soft and they last forever. No blends, just pure down. Worth every single copper penny, contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com? if you are in need of a down comforter or pillows, have an account with them and can save you some dinero.
  4. Comforter- Whether to put inside a duvet or use a comforter plain , you need to have a down comforter. If you don’t have one, then you are really missing out. Really!? There are many different weights and which you choose really depends on where you live (climate, how cold it gets,etc….) This is the best way to decide which weight you need, click here to see Cuddledown’s guidelines on how to choose a comforter.?? I have two, one we use in the warmer months and the other for the colder months. Cannot imagine my life without a down comforter….
  5. Bedding- Beautiful bedding should not only be pretty to look at but should be incredibly light and soft. I have a beautiful ultra soft cotton duvet with pillow shams that have been monogrammed. It is elegant but simple. I use a down comforter inside my duvet and down for all the pillows, have four sets of sheets that are all ivory or white.
  6. Linen spray-I love a little spritz of a yummy linen spray. There are many brands and scents but my personal fave is Antica Farmacista room spray in Baby (coming to my shop)…OMG smells sooooo good! I walk around my house spraying it all over the place and guess what the best part is? It doubles as perfume, that’s right! I smell as good as my house!


All of those tips are guaranteed to ensure you have the most luxuriously soft bed imaginable. Now check out how beautiful the bedding ensembles? from Crane and Canopy . You get to choose your two favorites.

Be sure to check them out if you are in the market for gorgeous, high quality bedding that is super affordable, click here. Many are reversible and all are at least 300 and many are 400 thread count…..

































This so puts me in the mood to forgo my busy schedule ahead, make it a sick day and crawl back into bed:) So how about you…what have you found creates a perfect bed? Make sure to visit Crane and Canopy for fabulous bedding at even more incredible prices.

It doesn’t better and I can attest and fully endorse their wonderful quality, certainly a great new resource to know about. OK your turn to talk……thanks for stopping in, always enjoy your visits and hearing your say on the matter. Until next time…….


The Bluff Diaries chapter 1

Hi friends, hope you had a nice weekend and it wasn’t as frigid where you are as it has been here…brrrrrr! Thankfully today the cold is breaking and we are to get to a balmy 50 degrees, works for me!

So I am starting a new series, The Bluff Diaries and this is chapter 1 of many many more to come. As many of know by now we are going to be building a new southern home in beautiful Palmetto Bluff which I am quite excited about.

This is very much in the premature stage of the entire process, as we are just now signing with the architect, but are actually one step ahead of the game as we saw a home we really liked last time we were there and are taking those plans and modifying them to suit our needs. This will really speed things up and if we are lucky and get our permits quickly, we might be starting to build in May. You know both my hubby and I do have not patience so our fingers are crossed.

If you are like me and get a little giddy over things like a blank room and getting to decorate it, a new kitchen and baths, then you can understand that my mind is racing with possibilities. So here are some very premature thoughts on what I am thinking for the house. Once we start building I will do more regular posts on this series so stay tuned the best is yet to come……


Main flooring throughout house– I am likely going to go with? wood but might just be tempted to go with a tile that looks like wood, they have come so far and honestly it is hard to tell them apart. The tile is indestructible and cheaper, while having the beauty of wood, here are some examples of what I like and I bet you can’t even tell which is wood and which is tile!


ceramic-tile-that-looks-like-wood-floor e84ac542d9cb2f9711b5f14f2f6fe4a1 938c9c8bd51ebba16a24f43e0d6a2b2e b3f6d123d92abcf892c57535f33c662a 33bb82188656a85e35078361275c9ff0

OK which are wood and which are tile?

Surprise….they are all tile if you can believe it, crazy I know!


Rugs- I want rugs for great room and dining area and am possibly going to go with sisal but if I do opt for a more traditional rug it will be a washed out oushak, a favorite. These are from Safavieh….

z_osh562a-8 -9

If I do sisal for living/dining area I would probably opt for one with a pattern like these, love this!


For the stairs sisal is a must…

7b11e915f06b6f2dd5eec0355af72129 traditional-staircase 86e7f222173c0f100b5991f770e77b04

Bedroom flooring– Though you see a lot of homes with wood throughout the entire home in PB, I really like wall to wall in the bedroom, it just makes everything feel so cozy and warm.

I may do this with a one foot border of wood exposed around the perimeter of the room, which is another popular look, Below are some of the wall to wall carpets I really like, I favor the idea of a subtle pattern/style then keeping the rest of the room very soft and tonal……

rosecore image dsc_0106

Bathroom flooring- I love marble and used it in all the bathrooms in this house, so will do the same in P.B. It is classically beautiful, stands the test of time and honestly just makes a bathroom feel so luxurious. I will likely use? all neutrals as in whites and creams and might do one in Celeste Blue and white if I? can get a deal on it as it tends to be pricey…..

Celeste blue and Thassos-

s-l300 Detail_MAR_NR_BlueCeleste2-630x410 Detail_MAR_NR_BlueCeleste3-630x410

How interesting could this be for a beautiful powder room floor! (Tilebar)


This could be pretty for a powder room or master bath (Tilebar)


I love white and cream together, we already have this floor from Tilebar but it would not stop be from doing a guest bath in it again:)


Then of course there is the simple understated elegant of beautiful marble herringbone floors, did my sons bathroom in this pattern and love it today as much as I did 4 years ago…..


Outside porch- We are going to have a very large covered porch that runs the entire lenght of the house and I have a feeling it will be a space we use a lot. I love the idea of using a lighter colored brick in a herringbone pattern. Practical, classic and elegant.

15bc2652ae9548aed08d6eca6bcf810f 74441748b6ab1e7aa36b652e4b582823 407d4303a2787e53adbab3520fbcc9ee


So that about covers my ideas on? flooring, these ideas are petty solid and when I love something I commit to it (even if its just in my mind at this point). I hope that once we start the actual building process, it will go expeditiously, as I will want to get busy making decisions and getting things lined up to minimize delays!

I have also started a Pinterest board entitled “Bluff Diaries” for all of my evolving inspiration for this house, at the wee beginnings but its a start! Click here to follow along.

Next few “chapters”? will be on paint, lighting, kitchen ideas, baths, I will break it up by subject until the actual building begins. Thanks for stopping in….have any ideas? Do tell! Until next time…….

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday post click here


Seven on Sunday

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! I just first have to say THANK YOU for the many many comments from my post on the results of the poll, click here if you missed it. I welled up reading so many of your incredible, heartfelt comments and emails,? you are seriously the best and are the reason I do what I do with such joy and passion.? Period!

Hope you are having a wonderful day, it is bitterly cold here, below zero with the wind chills and since I have been under the weather, we are not moving a toe to get outside. So? looks like our V day will be a cozy affair for two inside by the fireplace. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday….



1 FABULOUS WORK OF JOANNA BAKER. I still love my logo on my blog as much as I did the first day I saw it……Joanna just nailed it. She is such a talent and a real sweetie and gem to work with too.

In case you are in need of a custom drawing, or even a fabulous gift idea like one of her super chic phone cases, calendars, gift card boxes, etc……click here to see her incredible array of product offerings. Just look at how talented she is……..

mcqueen-sp16-joanna-baker1 holidaymailinglist-e1447901801287

3523359.png.350x350 2974719_iphone6s.png.350x350 monogramcards_1024x1024 polkadotpug3_1024x1024

gallerywall IMG_2606-small bluevases3_grande

frenchie3_1024x1024 eiffelfleurs3_grande

2. PARTY PREP WITH TANTAWAN! I featured the work of Tantawan Bloom? about a month ago and must say his floral genius is off the charts. I have always thought the most exciting part of any party is the setting up on the day of. I am like a kid in a candy shop…by far that is my most favorite aspect of party planning, watching a dream and vision come to life.

These little videos of him working his magic the day of are pretty spectacular and I could watch them over and over they sure have me dreaming! Some seriously incredible inspiration here, click here to find out more about this floral genius.

And this one really exemplifies just how work goes into each of these incredible “productions”…….A? LOT!


Another breathtaking showstopper…..makes me want to plan a wedding in the worst way! (Boys are you? listening)???? This and the first are my absolute faves……



3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I am in love with too many things this week!! Instagram sends my senses into overdrive but this week was particularly fabulous with a heavy emphasis on all that is pretty and sweet in honor of Valentines Day:)? Here are my favorites…..

inNBBdex index5TG inZZdex inCCXdex iSSSndex in11dex ind22ex inde55x iVVndex invvdex

indedcex ind22ex invfrdex indeBBx indeBBx

4. FISH TACOS ANYONE? I LOVE fish tacos…I equate them with summer, Montauk and Bostwick’s (in Amagansett) however I can bring a little slice of summer right into my own home as I have learned to make a mighty good fish taco,which I am going to share with you-


You need

  • I use about 1.5-2 lbs of fish (I get dover sole)
  • 1 bottle of McCormicks lemon dill sauce
  • Salt/pepper
  • About 2 cups of shredded cabbage (can add about 1/4 cup of corn? if you want)
  • Lots of fresh lime
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/4 cup mayo (calls for 1/2 cup but 1/4 cup works fine)
  • 1 tsp finely chopped jalapeno pepper
  • 1 tsp finely chopped onion
  • 2-3 garlic cloves
  • Cumin and chili powder to taste
  • 1 generous bunch of cilantro ( I use a lot)

For the fish, I wash the filets, salt and pepper them, pour the lemon dill sauce (about half the bottle)? generously over the fish and bake for about 25 minutes until done and flaky at around 350 OR you can sautee in a pan but baking is easier and no oil.? Meanwhile in a food processor add the cilantro, garlic, onion, yogurt, mayo and spices and puree until smooth (will see green flecks). Add a generous squeeze of lime juice. Add this to the shredded cabbage in a big mixing bowl (you can refrigerate for an hour or so ahead of time)

In a sautee pan pour a light coating of olive oil and fry the tortillas until they start to bubble (less than a minute) on both sides. Take off, put in plate and add a generous portion of fish and top with a heap of the cabbage. Squeeze lime over entire taco and get ready to enjoy a little bit of heaven:)


5. ONE AND ONLY OSCAR! I felt like I died and went to couture heaven seeing Oscar de La Renta’s incredible new spring 2016 collection….wow! So many exquisite pieces, many felt so perfect in tie for Valentines Day.? If one is going to splurge on something really extra fabulous, I think it has to be an Oscar…they simply don’t? get any prettier.

If only I was going to a Valentines Ball:) So I did the next best thing….ordered these fabulous blue and white pjs and robe (below), couldn’t resist, he must have had me in mind when he designed them.

Click here to see entire incredible collection….

BGW09GU_mk BG-68F2_mk


BGW0AQY_mk BGW0AS4_mk BGW0AR7_mk BGW0AR3_mk BGW0ARZ_mk

And are these pjs and robe, are they pretty or what, of course I had to treat myself to a little Valentines Day gift for moi-


These are so chic…..Click here


Cannot wait to snuggle up in this robe…love it! Click here


I love these especially since they are cotton so had to get them, they were calling my name! Click here


6. FABULOUS NEW PILLOWS. So excited to be working with Studio Tullia on a fun collaboration of (mostly) blue and white pillows. Not a? minute too soon to start thinking about getting those patios in tip top shape.? It might be 2 degrees outside but I find myself day dreaming of warmer weather and getting to go outside again…cannot wait.

I will be offering these fabulous new pillows in a great promotion coming up this week, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek……click here to see all the pillow goodness over at Studio Tullia.



7. KIDS AND POLITICS…This was so cute, had to share. Kids really do say the darndest? things especially when prompted by the always funny Jimmy Kimmel….



Those kids are the cutest…….you can always rely on the honest and authentic voice of a child for a little “perspective”! Hope you saw something here that excited or delighted and hope you have a wonderful and extra sweet Valentines day whatever you might be up to. Thanks for stopping in,until next time….