Favorite posts that I almost forgot about….

Hi and happy Saturday to you! This is short and sweet, another round of past posts that I almost forgot about! Thought you might enjoy some of these, even for me it was a lot of fun “going back”. Hope your Saturday and entire weekend are wonderful!


You had me at the front door


The squeeze on lemon love


The maestro of murals…Paul Montgomery


Tina’s travelbug…The Hamptons!


It’s a buffalo check stampede


35 reasons I love decorating with blue and white!


I am back, a thank you and why I want to go back to Paris


An ode to Provence



Well that might keep me busy awhile, some of these are older than others. And there are many you might have missed and  just might enjoy…I sure had fun going through them:) Thank you for stopping in, just a few reminders-

PS The new epic Enchanted Home Love contest has been announced. As of yesterday starting to take your submissions, click here for details. Remember I can only take 60 pictures and have almost 30 so far.

PPS Last day is today for the fabulous pillow promotion, prices are incredible! Click here to see


Until next time…hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Here the sun is out but it’s quite cool, definitely light jacket/ sweater weather! Enjoy….


An epic new Enchanted Home contest you will want to be part of!

Hi friends, busy busy week. over here and allergy season is in full bloom:( Not to mention we are hovering around the 50’s, what gives!! We were near 75 a week ago…I am not loving this throwback to winter. Hope I don’t regret my eagerness in my garden planting.

Speaking of the outdoors, I was hoping to finish my post on using  blue and white outdoors but we have had very chilly, rainy weather so my photo ops were limited. It will post early next week, so please do check back.

Calling all Enchanted Home customers….this ones for you! I haven’t done one of my contests in a while, but I enjoy them immensely. This one is the big daddy of them all, calling it “Enchanted Home Love 3”. This is your time to show the world your decorating chops:) If you have purchased anything from my online shop (or from any of my  promos) then you are eligible to enter. Here are the “rules”-

  • As of today I am accepting up to 2 pictures per reader (only if they are of different things or settings) if it is the same setting,  please send one picture
  • The picture must include at least one item (any item) from The Enchanted Home shop
  • Email your “winning picture” to theenchantedhome@gmail.com
  • Deadline for photo submission is May 14th (but almost always I get to the quota well before that)
  • You can submit any picture you want as long as it is your own (not taken from a website or Pinterest as an example)
  • Most phones take excellent photos,  just be sure you do not send me a small picture, otherwise we cannot use it
  • On subject line for the email please put “contest”
  • There is a cap of 60 pictures so once 60 are received I cannot take any more
  • The first round will be on May 16th, the second round on May 17th, the “showdown” round will be May 18th and a winner will be crowned on May 19th!


The BIG prize-

This is the best part, one very very lucky winner will win a YEAR’S worth of Enchanted Home products…that’s right every month the winner will get in a special treat from my shop. It could be a pillow, a ginger jar, a serving tray, a box of soaps, you just never know…it will be a year of goodies!

A few pointers-

Be sure you feel that your picture is up to snuff. Take time to arrange your item and make sure the lighting is nice and bright (natural sunlight always best). Also you want to be sure your shot is fully focused and sharp. I get lots of beautiful pictures and the competition will be stiff…please submit a picture you truly think is up the challenge! I cannot wait to get them in:)

Some great examples-

Lets take a look at some past entrants and their pictures from past contests. This should give you a bunch of great ideas to get started with your own winning shot.  I think each and every one of these truly exemplifies a  “contest worthy” shot-


fallkirsty fallstacy2 unnSTACYHLamed unnlLISAHLLamed unNICHELEHLnamed unnLORYHLamed

unLISAHLnamed uJORDANHLnnamed FALLPEGGY-1024x543

KitMITCHrchen2 Farley_-6 imagISABEEELe ucnydeennamed

uJORDANHLnnamed falldana racheltunnamed caroline21unnamed

falljessica1 ehsarah-1024x1024 ehdeanna2 inde443x ehlori

39270fd6cb658d62b3debd1f73474184 uleslieennamed uEEEnnamed image1-1024x768


Pretty gorgeous, don’t you think!! Yes my readers and customers are indeed a very talented bunch if I do say myself, and there were more, but I had to draw the line somewhere!

What each of these pictures  has in common besides being incredibly beautiful is that they are all very clear, bright and focus in on a particular vignette. Many I have gotten in the past have been beautiful but often were too dark or were not focused….taking a few extra minutes for that “winning shot” might just pay off:)

These should be great examples to go by, now it’s time for you to get busy and start sending me your best shot! You have from now until May 14th to submit your pictures (or until I have 60).

I cannot wait to start getting them……so start channeling your inner Enchanted Home vibe and be sure to check back when the contest begins on May 16th! Until next time…..

PS The pillow promotion is going strong, if you missed it click here, it’s on until Saturday.



Which would you choose?

Hi friends…here to share with you my favorite new online bargain shopping source.  Neiman Marcus Last Call….this beats having to go into one of their outlet stores any day, not that there is one that close. It is all right here at your fingertips, unbelievable rock bottom deals on so many current items/styles and with free returns, I mean seriously can it get any better?

Plus on top of their amazing prices, everything right now is 20-50% extra and  today ONLY, you get an extra $50 with any purchase over $100. Use code “FIFTY50”

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.06.41 AM

This almost has me wanting to start my Christmas shopping (OK maybe for myself).

I wanted to share the deals with you..because as much as we all love beautiful things, we love beautiful things even more when we get a great deal ,right? This is a resource you will want to know about, you can thank me later:) So your turn to choose 2 faves, a number of these I ordered as they were priced right and helped get my spring wardrobe in check. Here we go…..



CHOICE 1 One of my favorite brands for every day dressing is Vince, maker of the  most comfortable sweaters. I got this beauty in blush for under $60!!! Click here


CHOICE 2 This is such a good looking and sensible shoe, has all my favorite colors and could go with so much, plus a practical wedge heel, click here


CHOICE 3. How elegant are these Tahitian fresh water pearl earrings, a fantastic value if you know the prices of these…plus you get the extra $50 off! Click here


CHOICE 4. How chic is this anorak jacket from Joie? A favorite brand for every day, this smart looking little linen jacket would go beautifully with so many colors, from jeans to all white,  the perfect spring jacket.  Click here


CHOICE 5. This might be the deal of the century….this gorgeous perforated white Saffiano leather bag for under $80!! Click here


CHOICE 6. It was love at first sight with this sharp looking white military inspired coat  from St. John, so chic!! Click here


CHOICE 7. These are adorable and one of my favorite colors, I love this color with all white in the summer:) Click here


CHOICE 8. Another unbelievable deal….can we talk about how stylish and pretty this is. It screams chic summer dressing..would you believe its $70!! Click here


CHOICE 9  Just love these and the price was surprising…a lucky friend will be getting these for her upcoming birthday! Click here


CHOICE 10. Another amazing Vince sweater deal, this linen beauty in soft gray is a year round staple, fantastic deal! Click here


CHOICE 11. Loving this button monogrammed earrings, would make a great gift! Click here


CHOICE 12. Own this Oscar de la Renta  robe and LOVE it, the blue and white is so fabulous! With the $50 credit, you get this beauty for $59!!  Click here


CHOICE 13.  Are these not so gorgeous! They look like they are thousands but are a fraction….. Click here


CHOICE 14. This pretty tunic/beach  cover up from Calypso St. Barths would be as pretty as a bathing suit cover up as it would be with white pants for a summer evening out...click here


CHOICE 15. These are so cute, love the cutout detailing and practical wedge, click here


CHOICE 16. Isn’t  this a great pool bag! I love the nautical feel and at under $40…..its an instant “add to cart” click here


CHOICE 17. Love this color and the price was beyond right so I scooped it up, pretty illusion neckline….click here


CHOICE 18.  Lots of Stuart Weitzman too…I  have wedges simliar to these from last year that are really comfortable and sure beat wearing heels:) Click here


CHOICE 19. A practical chic looking every day linen dress, this easy breezy linen dress is under $100. Great looking with a pair of sandals, grab your sunglasses and you are good to go! Click here



CHOICE 20. Is there anything prettier than a white evening gown, this beaded beauty is drop dead gorgeous- I wish I had somewhere to wear it! Love this and it’s a D E A L at less than half off it’s original price. Click here



So much to love….there is plenty more to see over at Neiman Marcus Last Call, click here to see it all and don’t forget to use code “FIFTY50”. 

While you are shopping you MUST check out the clearance, click here. The cashmere sweaters were the deal of the decade, I got several to put away for the winter. At the prices I got them for, it was crazy not to- I got 5 cashmere sweaters for $214.00 (savings was $1423.00)!

So…which are your two faves? Hope the sun is shining and  the birds are chirping, after a dreary cool day yesterday, it’s nice to see the sun this morning. Wishing you a wonderful day….


PS AMAZING pillow promo has just started…… you must check it out (pillows of all colors) Here is a sneak peek at just some of the beautiful pillows that will be up for grabs….click here for promotion.


Random musings as seen through my iphone….

Good Tuesday morning everyone…first thing I want to do is announce the winner of the blue and white planter, congratulations goes to-


Please email me with your shipping info at theenchantedhome@gmail.com so that your planter can be on it’s way!


Well, between my garden project and getting lots and lots of orders out the door from the recently arrived silver and porcelain containers, I have been super busy but mostly all great things, just not enough hours in the day! It is so wonderful to be able to walk outside without a jacket….spring has sprung and I could not be happier about it.

I periodically share my life with you via my trusty little iPhone….and it does have a unique way to telling a story and taking my readers along with me on my travels. So here’s a look at the highlights of the  last week or so…..




Had a fun city day…went to The Met and to Collichio and Sons for dinner downtown



Caught the late afternoon sun just right..it was a sight for sore eyes after 2 days of rain


This spectacular arrangement was given by a friend…. a match made in heaven with my blue and white! Isn’t my Mottahedeh covered dish a beauty?

indbvvex icxxxxxndex


Had my gorgeous custom monogram from Arabella made into stickers, can use them for so many things…


Flowers are part of my life on a weekly basis made a stop to my favorite wholesale nursery


Took a walk at my friends home along the Long Island Sound on a perfect spring day….

ixcxxxndex inxcxxdex indccxex

Then she made me this yummy and oh so healthy lunch….

inafdsadex inasfd324dex index5454

She clearly has the flower bug as well (above)


My azalea still going strong


My sister in law just bought a beautiful home on the water….here is her “backyard”


Teddy chilling


The last of my flowers from the market

indeasdfx indfd3ex

Stopped at another friends home who is putting the finishing touches on her pretty dining room (going to add jars on brackets and hurricanes to table)


And love how my newly arrived gorgeous metal server looks in her kitchen (soon to be on my online shop)


Took a walk on Sunday with my husband,  visiting the horse farm “next door”  is one of my favorite places to walk….so beautiful

in22dex i11ndex

Isn’t this stable amazing?

ind32ccex index7yhj

And then we walked to our old street, such fun getting to see my old house…

indelkjx indejhh6x


Front door with white impatients going in, going to add ivy today


Got new mrytle topiary and thankfully my new mid sized fishbowls are a perfect fit!


And now grace my kitchen island


Teddy surrounded by blue and white:)


Added my new pale blue pagodas to my mantle vignette


A highlight this week was bringing home new blue and white loot


Teddy keeping guard over the orchids…no,  they are not all for me though it was tempting!! I kept two for myself. I had over 50 orchids on order for a few friends (one who just got a greenhouse and one who was hosting a function at her home)

inccw2dex inde5454x

A visit to my favorite wholesaler is always anticipated



And so my little garden begins…..

indasdfaex insaadex indeddx


Teddy enjoying a splendor in the grass moment


This was so much fun! I loved every minute of it, about 75% done….hope to finish the rest tomorrow when its not raining


So there you have all the (good) highlights of the last week or so. As you can see plants and flowers took center stage…tis the season. Hope your week is going well, here it’s rainy but the timing is great for my garden:) Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here


Seven on Sunday

Hi friends…beautiful day here, in fact I would say weather wise it’s been a “10” FINALLY ! Things are starting to turn green and bloom and the birds are chirping loud and clear….the sure signs of spring.  I first want to announce the winner of the beautiful silver bowl, congratulations goes to-


Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to provide your shipping address so the beautiful bowl can be on it’s way!


Saturday was a great and very productive work day. We have been busy elves, getting orders out the door for the newly arrived container and will continue through  next week. 2 containers in one week is an undertaking but a fun one:)

Today will be a day of rest and relaxation, as well as some long anticipated planting. I am starting my garden today and putting in raised beds….from all accounts of professional gardeners this is the way to go.

So I loaded up my car with everything I need and have someone coming to help me today. Bought my tomatoes, herbs and various lettuce’s to start and will add on what I have room for. Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful and relaxing. Here we go….



1 SPRING!!! So excited that spring is here which means flowers, green grass and gardening. I bought my first batch of impatients, I always buy white. Against the green they are always so beautiful.

This particular breed takes all day sun and as long as you water them daily..they will continue to provide an entire summer of blooms. Here is how things are starting to shape up around here, just took out the cushions yesterday and will soon add my pillows and various blue and white accents…




Fresh basil…a must!

idd3ndex isdfsndex

My wonderful “raised bed” kits…great idea!

indxcvxex indcvcex xcxvindex indxcvvcxex

Got this pair of gorgeous very large myrtle topiary and put them in my new fishbowls on my island, love the effect-pardon the mess in the background I was cooking:)


indebvx ind3433ex


2 LADYLIKE KATE. I love her, she is so adorable and likable…and love her ladylike style. I also almost always love her fashion choices, current looking yet classically elegant. Take a look at some recent looks from the last month that Kate wore during her very busy globetrotting schedule…..

gallery-1460382793-hbz-kate-middleton-india-0410 hbz-kate-middleton-india-0411 gettyimages-520437726 gettyimages-520576776 gettyimages-520596916 gettyimages-520859978 gettyimages-521072654 gettyimages-521156456 gettyimages-521342730 gettyimages-521552366You know I am loooving this look:)


3. NEW WALLPAPERS TO LUST AFTER. The first one is what started this obsession with Stromheim papers…been a fan of their classically beautiful papers for a long time but am brainstorming as to how/where I can use at least one of these!! Click here to see all of Stronheim’s papers.

0693601 6333801 4788101 0692801 0697201

And how fabulous is that amazing ginger jar paper in these colorways too……so fun!!

4788104 4788102

4.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beauty to share, and this weeks bounty is quite beautiful, hope you enjoy!


indffex inddwdex

indfd33ex ix23ndex

indexdfd i232ndex sd22index indesdsx indssdex i2wndex

indsdssex indefddsx

indereex indfccex


5. MY NEW BFF. I must say I LOVE this stuff. Less than $3.00 and worth its weight in gold. It is amazing for so many things, copper, any kind of metal, when you have glue stains on things, ceramic, porcelain. In fact for my own porcelains, most love the antique glaze but if you don’t you can remove it with this magic in a can.

Removes soap stains, rust and a million things. If you want to see some astounding before and afters as if you need any more convincing, click here. Everyone should have this on hand and never be without!!




6. A FASCINATING DOCUMENTARY. I had seen this maybe four years ago and was completely captivated and obsessed. It was such a compelling story and tragic in many ways too. Frankly one I am surprised many history/art classes do not discuss in school.

If you have an hour or so to spare, love art, are fascinated by intrigue, then trust me, you WILL love this documentary as much as I did, loved it so much I bought it and watched it again yesterday.


7. KATE SPADE.  I must say I have not really paid much attention to her line, but I have fallen in love with a number of items, including this perfect cognac every day tote below which is en route to me as we speak! I LOVE anything with a basketweave/woven/rattan effect so really loving this chic tote. Click here to see-


You know how white bags are always tricky, only a few look great and most look well….cheap. And a dressier white bag is even more challenging. Kind of like white shoes. Well…..I was so excited to find this fabulous little bag.

I snatched it right up and its at a price I didn’t’ have to justify to myself, always a perk!! This has the elegance of a Kelly bag without the price tag:) I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this smart looking bag,  and best part my white bag of the season quandary is solved! Click here

NMV2VB2_az NMV2VB2_mz

And then look at all these shoes….loving every one of them and always a sucker for anything with a bow! Click here to view

NMX32HT_ak NMX32GG_ak NMX2ZTS_ak NMX32GM_ak NMX32KG_akNMX32KS_ak

Click here to view all shoes from Kate Spade


Well that about sums things up over here, going to be another spectacular day so I am excited to spend it gardening. Hope whatever you are up to is relaxing and exactly what you want to be doing:) Until next time…..

PS The response to the porcelain sale was so fantastic, that we fell behind in acknowledging your orders so I have decided to extend it until today at 5pm. Click here to view...



The porcelain container is here-One day presale and a giveaway to celebrate!



Hello! The day I have been waiting for has come….the container has arrived! Getting two containers in one week is a lot of work and organizing….I had a great team and could not have done it without them. Orders will start shipping out today in the order they were received. Hope to have all orders out by next Tues/Wed.

Everything looks even more beautiful in person. It was fun getting reacquainted with some old favorites that are making a comeback plus saying hello to a bunch of new beauties. As I always do I offer the contents up for a one day “celebration” sale before they head to my online shop.

Here are some goodies that came with me….

inadsfasdex in323adex indexfdfdd insdfssdex indsfddex indd33ex


The beauty of today’s sale is you will get them at about 15-20% less than their eventual still low selling price. Just a few rules before we begin-


 If you know prices of good porcelain you will be amazed at the deals here. Spread the word (to those you like), as you know things go fast!  Plus a giveaway on bottom-

A few rules to keep in mind-

  • Email all orders to theenchantedhome@gmail.com
  • ORDERS OVER $500 get a free pair of mini pagodas (your color choice)
  • All items in stock but orders will ship as soon as all presale orders from March have gone out (within the week)
  • Final sale and this promo will end Sat. night
  • Please refer to item numbers only, no need to offer description unless specifying color
  • Limited quantities of each item, subject to availability
  • Shipping is extra
  • This offer is open to U.S. residents only (sorry to my international friends)
  • We will let you know right away if we can fulfill your order and if so we will send an invoice for payment
  • Payments are due within 12 hours no exceptions
  • PLEASE do not submit an order unless you comply with all of these rules
  • Questions? Email theenchantedhome@gmail.com


Items that were sold out or did not come in with this shipment have been taken out, whatever is here is what is available and ready to go! Some items we are down to 1 or 2 of so first come first serve

ITEM 1. Medium elegant fishbowls. These are so beautiful I can see a pair of them now with some kind of topiary tree on a console or chest or how about poinsettias during the holidays….gorgeous! Measures 8.5″ x 11.5″  $85.00






ITEM 2. Large fabulous scenic decorative plate, such a  beautiful plate for serving or decorative purposes. Measures 17.5″  round. Large plates, two styles.  Solid wood plate stand also available (only available with a purchase of porcelain) We do not just sell the stands

2A. (17.5″ round) $85.00


2B. (17.5″ round) $90.00


2C.Wood plate stand- $12.00

inddfddx indsffdsdex


ITEM 3. Wonderful decorative large sized planter/small fishbowl, this is the perfect shape and size for orchids or flowering plants. Measures 11″ x 11″  $85.00


ITEM 4. This wonderful more transitional piece is a great size for orchids, and any flowering planter Measures 8″ x 11.5″ $75.00



ITEM 5. The small bud vases are back, these are so perfect for end tables,small chests and end tables. I have these in my bedroom and on small living room tables, always filled with some kind of fresh bloom. Measures 7″ tall $32.00 each

13A. Village scene


13B. Figurine


ITEM 6. Decorative hexagon jar beautiful six sided jar with scenery painted on all sides. A highly decorative piece. Measures 11.5″ x 9″ $85.00



ITEM 7. Incredible x large square vase, such a regal piece. Looks amazing with cherry blossoms, can’t wait to start playing! Measures 18.5″ x 7.5″ $110 lowest price ever!


ITEM 8. Another gorgeous vase, love the detailing and shape, 17″ x 8″. One of my personal faves.  $105.00 lowest price ever! indgfffex

ITEM 9. Wonderful tall vase, beautifully painted on all sides, this is perfect for blossoms or tall branches, the mostly white background makes this feel so crisp and clean. Measures 20″ x 5.5″ $120.00 indegghgx

ITEM 10. One of my best selling planters are back in both round and rectangular, this is such an incredible planter and is so perfect for elegant orchids, this is by far my personal favorite planter of all time. $220.00

Rectangular (measures 9″ x 15″)


ITEM 11. Beautiful decorative soup tureen, perfect for using as an actual tureen or for decorative purposes. Last time these came in with a defect, this time they are perfect!!  The  tureen measures  8″ x 13″ $105.00 lowest price ever!


ITEM 12. Wonderful Chinese symbol vase, gorgeous detail like the scroll handles make this a perfect vase. Amazing for blossoms or branches, very dramatic. Measures 15. 5″ x 8″ $110.00


ITEM 13. This wonderful vase is back, this shape is so gorgeous, an absolute beauty!  8 sided vase measures 18″ x 8″ $135.00



ITEM 14. This wonderful bowl is back, perfect for fruit, boxwood balls, great for kitchen islands or dining tables. Measures 6″ x 12.5″ $85.00


ITEM 15. Exquisite and so elegant very tall  pheasant vase, just a breathtaking piece perfect for blossoms or large branches 24″ x 10″ $125.00


ITEM 16. These fabulous colored ginger jars are back, these are so exquisite. Chunky shape and handpainting on all sides is such a fabulous jar.

16A.17.5′ x 11′ $200.00


u4Drfvnnamed unnaDFmcoloeed

16B. Dragon measures 17″ x 11″ $195.00


uASDAnnamef33ad unnaDAdd33med

ITEM 17. The perfect small planter, this size and shape are so pretty, ideal for orchids, hydrangeas, boxwood,etc…. Measures 12″ x 5.5″ $60.00 lowest price ever!


ITEM 18. Another best seller is soon to be back in town, great planter for orchids, azaleas, any flowering plant. . 9″ x 14″ $80.00 lowest price!


ITEM 19. NEW! So in love with these….gorgeous pair of solid colored pagodas. Stunning accent pieces or to use as bookends. Available in white, soft mint green or turquoise. 8″ x 3.5″$45.00 for the pair SOLD AS PAIR ONLY



Pale blue/green-




ITEM 20. Highly decorative blue and white garden stool. Measures 18.5″ x 14″  $135.00

11qqindex ind3311ex

ITEM 21. Absolutely stunning pair of antiqued ginger jars. These are sold as a pair and measure 17.5′ x 10.5″ $ 250 for the pair, an incredible deal!  SOLD AS PAIR ONLY


ITEM 22. The super decorative pagodas are heading back, these are sold as pairs and are wonderful to add to an existing vignette or use as bookends. Great gift for the blue and white lover! They measure 8″ x 3.5′ Pair is $50.00 SOLD AS PAIR ONLY




ITEM 23. These elegant chunky gingers jars are one of my all time favorite items, I have them in several areas of my home, offered in four designs. Incredible chunky ginger jar with beautiful foo dog top completes this wonderful and highly decorative jar. All four jars below measure 18.5″ x 10″ wide, nice and chunky:) $135.00

23A. Birds


24B. Figurines-


25C. Open field-


26D. Phoenix- You can see this much better in the pictures I took up top, its a beauty and a new design-


ITEM 27. Mini foo dogs- getting more in, these are so wonderful for accessorizing with existing vignettes and are also super stylish bookends! Plus new colors of white and turquoise.  Measures 4″ x 6″ Lowest price ever $45.00 for the pair

27A. Moss green-


27B. Celadon-


27C. Gray-


27D. Navy-


27E. Light blue-


27G. New color turquoise (didn’t have time to get them professional photographed as they were out of the production line and getting put into container)!



ITEM 28. These adorable mini fishbowls are back, these are so cute for smaller areas ideal for smaller flowering plants or succulents. They measure 4″ x 6.5″ $30.00





ITEM 29. This darling small flat top is so cute! I love it and of course took some home:) A very decorative piece perfect for an existing vignette, measures 6.5″ x 5″ $30.00


ITEM 30. Fabulous large flat top jar, beautiful bird design  with a lilypad design on the opposite side,  measures 11.5″ x 9.5″ $90.00


32. Got a few extra of these which was a surprise! Wonderful large fishbowl…just fabulous! 17″ x 6.5″$185.00


33. Got a few of these extra too and could have sold these a thousand times over, so three are up for grabs! Beautiful ivory chinoiseire porcelain garden stool, just love this piece. Measures 18″ x 13″  $ 125.00

indasdfedd3x iss2ndfd3ex

34. And then a few extra sets of the x large emperors.This is a very grand and stately set.  Measures 17.5″ x 5.5″    Set of 3 is $105.00



35. One pair left of the extra large foo dogs in blue and white. . The x large blue and white foo dogs are coming back, these are so beautiful and very large, major impact pieces. Measures 16″ x 11.5″ $145.00



One lucky blue and white loving winner will win this gorgeous planter. All you need to do is tell me your favorite item from this new batch and leave it in the comment section. I will announce a winner on Tuesday. (Emailing me a comment does not count, it must be left on this post)


Lots of beauty up for grabs…a great time to start a blue and white vignette or collection or just to add on to what you might already have. For me the fun is always playing with different combinations and constantly reinventing the wheel:)

This sale will end Saturday evening, email all orders to theenchantedhome@gmail.com. Tell your friends, if you really really like them! Until next time….


This is for serious flower lovers only-part 2

Hi there friends, now this is the fun part. I got to come home with all of my beautiful flowers from the NY flower market and play, and play I did! If you missed part 1 click here. I had such an amazing time at the NY flower market…I would choose to go there over visiting a  jewelry store any day. What can I say….my husband got lucky:) I am sure I will be going back sooner than later as flowers just make me happy.

Getting to play with all these flowers  makes me want to either become a florist or more realistically plan a party or luncheon, maybe when life “slows down” if that ever happens.  So take a look at the “playing” I did with my flowers, had such fun……can you tell?  I used my Nikon aka the big gun for all of these pictures to be sure the beauty of the flowers was given proper attention! And here we go……


My first arrangement involved blue and white china from Juliska (plus Blue Willow plates) , my own monogrammed napkins and a mix of roses and tulips in one of my blue and whites (the table cloth was from something I have had). I just love this play on colors, so fresh and springy-

inzzwdex inde8uux inbvcdex inde7565x

Then I experimented with tulips in a larger vase…..

inddf34ex ins33ssdex


And then went elsewhere….

DSC_0690_2 DSC_0689 DSC_0688 DSC_0687 DSC_0686_2 DSC_0685

And then moved onto  an all white grouping….

DSC_0705 DSC_0706

indef3x ind1211ex DSC_0707

And tried them on my mantle….

DSC_0710 DSC_0712 DSC_0713

inddsdsex inxcxdex indenbbx


This picture above almost looks like an oil painting, would like to think its my amazing photography skills but all the credit goes to the “subject”

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Another variation on my mantle

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Think I went to  flower heaven? Oh yes I did……and most of them are still going strong. Credit to the quality and freshness of the flowers bought at the market vs. a local market or florist…..they tend to last markedly longer which is very interesting.

Here are a few things I learned/tips-

  • Don’t be shy to ask questions when at a flower market, this is all about educating yourself and learning as much as you can and that includes asking about which flowers just came in and are freshest
  • In the flower market it’s totally fine to eavesdrop and get some “insider” secrets:)
  • The tulips from Associated Cut Flowers are really exceptional not in only how beautiful they are but how long they last, amazing selection too
  • You can bargain at the flower market particularly with flowers that only have a few days left
  • I have fallen in love with ranucuulus they have lasted so long and look  like a cross between a peony and luscious rose….so much bang for the buck (case in point these below are 7 days old)!


  • It is wise to cut stems every few days and replace with cold clean water
  • I leave my flowers outside at night as long as it doesn’t dip  below 50, they love cool dry air *just like the fridges at the florist*
  • There is no right or wrong with flower arranging (in my opinion), it’s a  personal form of expression, just have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • I like the droopiness of tulips and when they take their own direction but if you like erect straight tulips, supposedly dropping copper pennies into the bottom of the vase will do the trick, these beauties are 7 days old!


  • MOST IMPORTANT- Take it from me- don’t think you need an event, party or excuse to buy flowers…buy them just because life is short and you are worth it:)


So that’s a recap on my second trip to the flower market of course doing “official business” 🙂 At least that’s what I tell my husband lol. The energy and inspiration from just being there is somewhat indescribable…… yes it’s that much fun! Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a great rest of the week and a wonderful evening, the weather is so spectacular, we waited a long long time for this. Until next time…..


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The silver container has arrived- One day sale and a giveaway!

Hello friends!! Well the silver container arrived, surprisingly before the porcelains (due here within 3 days) . The pieces are WAY more spectacular  than I could have imagined…..soooo beautiful!! Totally made my day:) If you missed out last time, here is your chance (until Wed night) to take advantage of very special pricing.

One always gets nervous ordering such a huge amount of product especially when you are customizing so many pieces, but let me say this has surpassed even my expectations. This is from one of the best silver makers on the manufacturing end and the quality is sublime! As in truly the most beautiful collection of silver I have seen (that is new) to date and I have seen A LOT! I started snapping away at some of these, brought home a whole trunk full and will get the rest tomorrow,  so take a sneak peek-

Try to ignore the annoying reflections

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“Testing” our the new chargers…a big YES!

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I think my pictures really do these justice (until I get the professional pics) as it captures the warmth/gleam of the silver….

If you are one who placed an order a few weeks ago during the presale, orders will start shipping out later today in the order received (should take 2-3 days to get all orders out).

Today is a one day flash sale for this container as I always do when a container arrives.  Afterwards these will all be online at my shop for about 15% more. Great opportunity to take advantage of a great savings on silver that you just don’t see much anymore. I cannot tell you how spectacular each and every piece is…..almost fainted:)

Unfortunately professional pictures were not able to be taken without holding up my order so they took them as best they could,  they will be professionally shot for my shop site in the next few days, but you get the idea:) I am also offering up a giveaway to one lucky silver enthusiast. A few rules before we begin…

  • Email all orders to theenchantedhome@gmail.com
  • Please refer to item number only  (and size where applicable)
  • This presale  starts Tues afternoon and ends Wed. night (no extensions)
  • If we can fulfill your order you will get an email acknowledgment and an invoice will follow soon after
  • All payments are due within 12 hours no exceptions! Please do not place order if you cannot comply
  • Everything in stock, order will ship as soon as presale orders have shipped (by weeks end)
  • Shipping is extra
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are compliant with all terms listed
  • Questions? Please email theenchantedhome@gmail.com



ITEM 1. Extra large fabulous planter/silver tub, with gorgeous details like a detailed handled, beaded top and elegant feet. Cannot wait to plant this with a very large orchid plant, this is a truly showstopping piece! 19″ x 17.5″ x 13″ $140.00


ITEM 2. Large and gorgeous double rimmed scalloped planter, just beautiful!  15″ x 12″ x 8.5″ $115.00


ITEM 3.  Stunning scalloped handled wine cooler or elegant planter or ice bucket,  9″ x 7″ $85.00iA3RAndex

ITEM 4. Fabulous wine cooler that could double as a planter, 9″ x 7″ $85.00


ITEM 5. Isn’t this a beauty! Gorgeous centerpiece bowl 13″ $85.00


ITEM 6.  This is sooo fabulous, much more gorgeous in person. Extra large fabulous 15.5′ punch or centerpiece bowl, stunning details. I could see this filled with a huge mound of shrimp cocktail for a swanky event! $150.00


ITEM 7.  Another unbelievable piece! Very large and super elegant serving tray, this is such beauty and very impressive with shell relief detailing and handles. 28″ x 19″ $145.00


ITEM 8. This is amazingly beautiful.  Incredible heirloom quality extra large gallery tray (retails for over $500). Measures 22″ x 18″ x 2.5, today it is $275.00


ITEM 9. This took my breath away (look at my pictures above). Looks like it would be thousands! I can see using it for punch or a huge mound of shrimp cocktail at a very special party!  Extra large fabulous centerpiece/punch bowl with exquisite shell design, 15.5″ round $165.00


ITEM 10. Elegant bowl which could be used for decorative purposes or a very pretty bread basket, so much detailing from the pierced and scalloped details to the dainty feet. 1.5″ x 8″ $65.00


ITEM 11.  This beautiful piece could be used as a painter, ice bucket or wine holder, just love the handles dainty feet and beaded scalloped rim. Measures 6″ x 5.5″ $75.00


ITEM 12. These are sooo pretty, way more beautiful in person. Fabulous scalloped pierced bowls, these are as beautiful as they are practical. Three sizes are offered

Large 12.5″ $45.00

Medium 10″ $40.00

Small 8.5″ $35.00

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ITEM 13. Spectacular beaded and scalloped chargers/serving trays. These come in 2 sizes, the 14.5″ makes the perfect size serving tray and the 11.5″ can be a smaller serving tray or used as a small charger.

Large 14.5″ $60.00

Medium 11.5″ $40.00




ITEM 14. Another beautiful planter, couldn’t you see an elegant orchid plant or paperwhites around the holidays! Measures 9.5″ x 7″ $85.00


ITEM 15 Exquisite planter/bowl with so much detail…12″ x 8″ $80.00


ITEM 16. Magnificent  ornate mid sized planter, beautiful delicate fee with lion head rings….10.5″ x 7.5″ $115.00


ITEM 17. Shallow round fabulously pierced 12″ bowl perfect for fruit or bread, quite elegant for any table. Measures 12.5″ round $50.00


ITEM 18. This looks like a really expensive antique piece of silver.  Fabulously detailed centerpiece piece shallow bowl, perfect for serving or display, 12′ x 12.5′ $75.00


ITEM 19. Mint juleps, these are just so practical for so man reasons…..I  love them with small buds on an end table or nightstand, and there are a million other uses. Three sizes of this classic lovely beaded mint juleps-

Large 5″ $15.00 SOLD OUT

Medium 4″ $12.00

Small 3″ $10.00



ITEM 20. Isn’t this square scalloped tray a beauty! So beautiful for display or serving…I can see a round of cocktails on this tray:) 16.5″x 16.5″  $85.00



ITEM 21. Beautiful etched silver charger, such an elegant addition to any table, can also be used as a wonderful serving tray. 13.5″ round $30.00


ITEM 22. So much prettier  in person. Incredible three tier pierced server, this could be gorgeous for fruit, small desserts, tea sandwiches, the list goes on…measures 18″ x 12.5″ at its widest $90.00


ITEM 23. So fabulous! Large and oh so beautiful double tier footed server, gorgeous detailing, could see  this getting a lot of use…14″ x 12″  $125.00



One lucky winner will win this spectacular large serving/display bowl with exquisite pierce work.  All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite piece from this post.  That will put you in the running and I will announce a winner on Sunday morning.

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This has me dreaming of a hosting a big party with a table full of this gorgeous gleaming silver, hummm…maybe its not too soon to start thinking about that Christmas party afternall:) If you see an  item or several you simply must have email your order to theenchantedhome@gmail.com. Thank you for stopping in…..


This is for serious flower lovers only- part 1

Hello and happy Monday evening,  hope you had a great weekend. Here, the weather was a “10”. Finally! OK, don’t say I didn’t warn you…this post today is for serious flower devotees only. If your heart doesn’t beat a little faster at the sight of gorgeous flowers, then this may not be for you:) So, I just couldn’t stay away. I posted a few weeks ago (click here if you missed part 1  and here for part 2) on my trip to the NY flower market…it was such F U N!!!!  I knew I could not wait to go back.

And back I went, with a good friend who is almost as much a  nut for flowers as I am. Now I felt like a “veteran” having opened a few accounts with some of the bigger vendors, and I “showed her the way”. Already having a few favorite shops to visit and knowing which ones aren’t worth the stop. Let me do my best to describe the atmosphere-

I love the feeling of when you walk in, there is such a lively chaos. Flower brokers and buyers bartering/negotiating (and sometimes shouting) over one another while the stock boys run around furiously trying to keep everyone happy and orders promptly filled and out the door. Flowers are everywhere as are people and it’s a busy bustling no frills  place where the flowers take center stage.

There is a certain energy that is unmistakable..and I love every bit of it. I even love the old fashioned approach, no fancy computer systems, its old school…old fashioned registers, even sometimes just calculators and they wrap everything in brown paper. Boring old Kraft paper never looked so good! So first a peek at what I saw this time around and then part 2 will be on my “creations” in a day or two-





The peonies were DIVINE, in every shade of pink and white!

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It’s hard to make out here but cherry blossoms were lined along the street sometimes towering at 6 or 7 feet tall! If only I was hosting a party…..

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This combo below has me dreaming of a luncheon with small full arrangements of these three flowers, love green, white and purple together!

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Roses in every hue


And here is what came home with me…

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These roses above were a few days old so I got the entire bunch for $10 (after my negotiating) comes along with living in New York:)

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These pink tulips were unbelievable! And they are lasting so well….discovered the best tulips come from Associates Flowers FYI

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If you are ready for more, stay tuned for what I created at home. Still 6 days later very much enjoying them, here is one sneak peek-



I just cannot wait to share with you part 2! Have you ever been to a flower market in your neck of the woods? I know this will be a frequent stop for me, and really can’t wait until I plan my next party….really it is such a fun experience, if you  have the chance to go….DO! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day.

PS Last few hours to take advantage of the silver and porcelains in my shop being 20% off (no exceptions)! Use code “enchanted16”, click here to visit my shop.

PPS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here


Seven on Sunday

Hello! First I want to announce the winner of the cozy cashmere socks from Neiman Marcus, the winner is-


Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to claim your prize


So…how is your weekend going? Hope well, here it is absolutely beautiful…finally!! I am taking it easy today, doing some work from home and resting up before a very busy week ahead begins. Silver is coming in tomorrow, exciting! Porcelain container on Tues or Wed. So I will be  a busy girl indeed this coming week on top of everything else I have going on….hope whatever you are up to today is relaxing and just what you want to be doing.

Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…


1 PLANTING A GARDEN? As the warmup is finally underway (and it better be here to stay) I am starting to daydream about my garden. I was listening to a Sirius station while stuck in traffic the other day and caught the end of a show, and I was so taken with everything this person (You Bet Your Garden)  was saying I stopped my car and scribbled down a bunch of his tips.

Such as……. every garden should have a raised bed of at least 4 feet wide by a minimum of 8 (no need to till the soil), that tomatoes  should not be planted in the same spot year after year, that lettuce does best in August, that zucchinis like to hide and you will often only see the leaves thinking there is no zucchini then one day will find one the size of a mini baseball bat hiding, and finally that pansies are super hardy, can survive winters and are great in salads as they are totally edible etc. Here is his website which thankfully I caught, a true wealth of information. Click here to visit You Bet Your Garden….

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3. PARTY INSPIRATION. It’s hard to look at this picture and not be inspired to host (or attend) a party! Just love everything about this. And what really caught my eye is those adorable pillows on each chair, as a favor for each guest to take home. I love that idea! A few party pics have really struck a chord with me lately..and I feel something coming on:) Here are some beautiful inspirational pictures that have the wheels turning….


And some more gorgeous party inspiration-

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3. NEW FABRICS TO LUST OVER. When I fall in love with a fabric I fall hard. Found a few recently that were an instant love affair.The John Robshaw fabrics are to die for….so love them.

These three beauties really stood out to me but the first one I have ordered and will make a beautiful tablecloth out of, can’t wait! These are some faves from his collection, I can see this one as a tablecloth and then any of the ones underneath as a topper…so chic!

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This  fabric is out of stock however I have 15 yards on hold to ship in May, I plan on doing a tablecloth and napkins…can’t wait!



Also having these napkins made and look how great with the fabric-


And a few more that caught my eye, great fabrics for tablecloths or toppers….



21040-72hi 21038-193hi 15453-193hi

Also from Thibaut is this long time favorite, (St. Tropez  in blue). I really want to use it somewhere, maybe for a guest room in Palmetto Bluff but my version will be a more transitional feeling, may just use it for an upholstered headboard. Its a little more traditional than I am expecting the house to be but I  just love it…have to use it someplace!



4. MY INCREDIBLY TALENTED CUSTOMERS. I feel like a proud mom when I boast about my readers/customers and their beautiful homes. I love getting in your pictures to add to my online gallery of my products in your homes.

So do keep them coming!! In fact I am going to announce a very special contest for all Enchanted Home customers in a few weeks with an epic giveaway item you will not want to miss out on. Just check out a few recent pics readers sent me…..and click here to see them all. And if you have one to submit for my online gallery, email it to me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com.



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5. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST You will see a heavy accent (not even on purpose) of blue and white this week. Truthfully it is beautiful year round but something about the spring and summer really gets my senses into overdrive. Of course there is a dose of gorgeous flowers and a few monograms to round out this beautiful batch-

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6. CHINOISERIE PILLOWS. One of my most favorite discoveries since opening my online ship (can’t believe its been almost three years) is the incredible handpainted chinoiserie pillows. I will be expanding upon them with the new site. It is a fully custom line, each piece made to order. They are custom sized and painted to your specifications…pretty amazing:)

A customer ordered a lumbar for a king bed and I fell so in love with it that I ordered one for my own room…and boy, was that a great decision. LOVE it! Click here for info (lots more will be featured with the new site in May)

FullSizeRender(4) FullSizeRender(3) IMG_4377

7. ONE GREAT MOVIE. You know how sometimes a movies comes and seems to slip below the radar? Well this is one of them, this movie is fabulous. I highly recommend it and only talk about movies that I genuinely loved.

It is as beautiful as it is moving, touching and will very likely make you cry (just a forewarning). The young boy who made his debut in this film is a force to be reckoned with, and I have feeling a name/face we will be seeing a lot more of. It’s now available on Netflix…..oh and a very special shoutout/thank you to my dear mom for recommending it. Nice call)


So that is what’s on my radar this week, anything here interest you? Do you have a recommendation of some sort? If so,  would love to hear about it. Thank you for stopping by, hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping wherever you might be.  Until next time…..

PS If you missed my post yesterday on a bunch of old favorite posts, click here

PPS Until tomorrow all silver and porcelains are an extra 20% off *use code enchanted16*

Coming up this week-

A return to the New York Flower Market (part 1 and 2)

A one day silver flash sale to welcome the silver container

Decorating outdoors with blue and white