Random beauty

Hello friends! Missed being here (as I always do) and hope everyone had a restful and wonderful holiday weekend. First I want to announce the winner of the porcelain planter giveaway (when it arrives in late June). Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me to provide your shipping details at theenchantedhome@gmail.com


I know the rainy weather that plagued much of the East Coast put a dampener on many plans but as I said on my Instagram, that is nothing compared to the sacrifice of those who have given themselves to our country and their families. We were in Maine and it was so wonderful, so beautiful and very restful, much needed:)

We had beautiful weather the first half and the second half the temps dropped and it was overcast, it didn’t stop us from having our fun but it did curtail plans to Bar Harbor to see friends. I feel totally recharged and ready to work again:)

Today is for all those incurable seekers of beauty. I would anoint myself president of that club. I seek it out wherever  I might be, and sometimes when life is not going quite as I would like, I find, no make that- I need to find it. It is almost like a compass that “sets me straight” and a form of therapy in that it balances me, makes me happy, calms and just inspires me to no end.

Looking at my online albums overflowing with beautiful pictures makes me happy and the power of a photograph to take us away and allow us to dream is still quite a phenomenon to me. Today’s post is all about beauty in many shapes, sizes and colors….this post just makes me happy:) Sometimes I have picture that doesn’t quite fit into a specific post but are just too good to not share, hence “Random Beauty”. No narrations necessary here, the pictures speak volumes!  Hope you enjoy…..



tumblr_o6gzh5XX3D1ryav57o1_1280 Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 7.43.55 AM tumblr_o4gsiv186n1ryav57o1_1280




tumblr_no3i85Wlov1tqh7ovo1_1280 tumblr_nlqv46k3Ix1qhrueyo1_540



tumblr_nmvh2stwFO1ryav57o1_1280 tumblr_mm8agaXSEq1rm1uogo1_500 tumblr_mk3d01bcLi1rrqsx6o1_1280 tumblr_o1vhq8l4VG1ryav57o1_1280

tumblr_nllfhvZrEX1rvqm6lo1_1280 tumblr_m2p9s3Z8mU1r3azf6o1_500

tumblr_o30olw35QP1ryav57o1_500 tumblr_o3cakv0kdF1tbxmiro1_1280

tumblr_mkdjhwYnLL1s51bdeo1_1280 tumblr_m2p9s3Z8mU1r3azf6o1_500 tumblr_nrvdzluOsN1ryav57o1_1280

tumblr_o01b6hQf1A1ryav57o1_1280 tumblr_ngdls047l01rkknqoo1_1280 tumblr_n0jgdunFqe1ryav57o1_1280 tumblr_o2cy2nGaDl1tycqvgo1_1280


tumblr_nfy6savw8j1t2jy76o1_540 tumblr_mvyxkvwiRu1rrqsx6o1_500



tumblr_o7f6647ICC1qd8ajzo1_1280 tumblr_m65nc69ePk1qd8ajzo1_1280 tumblr_ndyi9z2kTV1qd9dj2o1_1280


Ahhh so many pretty pictures, do these get your mind racing too? Hope this little dose of beauty will start your day off right:)  I am a hopeless seeker of beauty…and I am more than happy for it to stay that way:) Hope you  have a great start to this short week, I know I have  lots to do and get busy with, so thank you for stopping in….until next time!



Seven on Sunday

Hi friends and happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope you are having a great and relaxing holiday weekend. We are away in Maine for a few days to “ring in summer”.  Hard to believe the unofficial start to summer is here! Hope this posts on time as I scheduled it ahead of time.  Enjoy….




1 AN AMAZING EVENT PLANNER. You would think one of my sons is on the brink of getting married, the way my radar is so on all the time for amazing event planners/beautiful wedding ideas. Sadly no, far from that happening. Any pretty eligible blue and white loving, sweet girls out there for a handsome and wonderful 28 year old?  He would kill me if he saw this (one perk of my sons not caring to read my blog)!

Absent of a bride on the horizon, my active imagination is having fun collecting all kinds of great ideas for when that day does come:) This “new to me” event planner, Easton Events is off the charts, and what a find!

Someone who like me, is into the smallest details and boy does it show. Her work is stupendously gorgeous and I am officially obsessed with their work. Check out Easton Events by clicking here….


indfd33ex iad3ndex indeffx indefdfddx isdssndex indeffddx 34aaa inde12dax sds3sindex


2 FOOD TRUCKS IN PARIS. So funny but almost seems like an oxymoron. The land of gastronomy and food trucks coexisting? Apparently so, and they are,  from what I am hearing all the rage, go figure:)

A friend recently returned from France after being there 3 weeks and vouched for this. She also said while in Provence they had what she and her husband declared as the best pizza they have ever eaten! There are over 40 varieties and they tried a few including ones that are topped with go figure….creme fraiche, only in France:)

Now that is really saying something about it being the best pizza, coming from NY!!  So I was curious and found a great article on it, click here to read. If you are going to be in that area, it’s called Le Castellat and here is how it’s done-


20120604-209200-provence-truckend 20120604-209200-provence-tartiflettebite-cc 20120604-209200-provence-oven



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST One of my favorite things to do is share with you all that I found on Instagram this week….always so much to admire and be in awe of. Whether it’s gorgeous parties beautiful food, adorable kids, whatever it might be, it’s so inspirational! Here is this week’s round up-

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4 ENCHANTED HOME SHOP HAPPENINGS. Lots going on behind the scenes….. So I spoke to you and even asked you via  poll about developing these Christmas ornaments. The vast majority of you loved the idea and encouraged me to do it. So I did.

I have been busy designing these darling chinsoierie pagoda, ball and ginger jar ornaments, and am in the process of getting samples back to approve. I am so excited, I just may be decorating a Christmas tree in August lol. Will keep you posted but with luck they will start arriving late summer/early fall!

My porcelain presale was a huge success, next week the chinoiserie tole will be here, be on the lookout for a one day sale when they are physically at the warehouse. A new silver shipment will be here late June/early July with all kinds of new items like more mint juleps, candelabras and fabulous gallery trays.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.56.53 AM

And will be expanding quite a bit with the monogrammed linens when the new site launches in about 4-5 weeks-

indsaaaex indfdaaaex indegfsdfgx indefd33ax

Have a lot of fabulous new arrivals, which I am over the moon about. Once the new site launches there will be a big expansion into my carefully curated collection of all things that I love, including rugs and accent furniture. Click here to see all of the new arrivals. Here are a few that were just added-Antler-Cheese-Board-with-Knife-42007 Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.19.11 AM

And how GORGEOUS are these benches and this chic umbrellas at prices to be believed!



indrzex indedaax



5 MY YARD IN BLOOM. I am loving the fact that my yard is starting to turn so green and lush…so love this time of year when I start to see everything in bloom. One of my favorite spots is the fountain that has been on this property a long time,  which we restored. It is a little slice of heaven, it is so peaceful, I often go there to meditate and just revel in the quiet.

Plus my garden is moving along, and I am indeed seeing some growth, love the idea of the container gardening, makes it so manageable….

ind3433ex indfdazex insd3wdex


I also started getting my covered patio together, and was excited to bring out my blue and white pillows (as well as add some new ones to the mix). Next week I hope to do our main patio as long as we get a nice string of good weather days.


6. A RECIPE WORTH SHARING. I like to share with you recipes that are tried and true. Since we have been eating much more healthy the last few months, I have gone out on a limb and tried many new recipes.

Some were OK but others are fantastic and this one is a winner, worth sharing because not only is it really really good, it gets brownie points for being very healthy!

SOUTHWESTERN CHICKEN SALAD- I did not use the Ranch dressing but instead made this dressing below and it is sooo good!



  • 1 Chicken breast (about 1 lb), large


  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 Bell pepper, large orange
  • 1 15 oz. can Black beans
  • 1 cup Corn from the can
  • 4 Green onions
  • 1 head Romaine lettuce
  • 2 Tomatoes, medium


  • 1 Hidden valley buttermilk ranch dressing

Baking & Spices

  • 2 tsp Chili powder, mild
  • 1 Salt

Oils & Vinegars

  • 1 tbsp Olive oil

Nuts & Seeds

  • 2 tsp Cumin, ground

Dressing found at Gimmedelicious-


Healthy Creamy Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing-


  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 clove Garlic, peeled
  • ¼ cup roughly chopped cilantro
  • ¼ cup low-fat sour-cream or greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime or lemon juice (or white vinegar)
  • 3 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • ¼ teaspoon Kosher Salt
  • ¼ teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
  • Water

Place all the ingredients In a food processor or blender. Process until smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides a few times. Thin the salad dressing out with about ⅓ cup water (give or take) until it reaches a desired consistency. Keep in an airtight container for 1-2 weeks. ( I stored mine in a Mason jar)


7. TEDDY AND HIS CLOSEUP I had to end this on such a sweet note. My husband bought this little vintage car, and loves to drive around on Sundays, so Teddy thought it looked cool and jumped right in. So now its the two of them that go cruising,  and Teddy walks in after his Sunday drive with a whole new swagger, very sweet!

indefdfdsx insdffdsdex

And they are off……




So friends,  that is what’s on my mind this past week…..I look forward to being back with you on Tuesday. Don’t forget to enter your name in the hat for the porcelain planter giveaway, I will announce a winner on Tuesday, click here to enter.

Wishing everyone, a safe, healthy and happy holiday weekend. Until next time……


Which would you choose?



Hello friends! Happy Memorial Day weekend, I have scheduled this ahead of time so fingers crossed it appears when it is supposed to:) Hope you are enjoying a wonderful and mostly relaxing weekend. We are away and I very much look forward to the downtime with my family. I love what I do but every now and then, I need to “unplug” so I can be fully charged when I get home, does the body, mind and soul good:)

Have a few summer events coming up and started looking around, Last Call has been keeping my shopping vice quite busy. I have found SO many amazing deals.

I know many of you enjoy these posts, as I have heard from a lot of you and feel particularly happy when I hear from  as an example- a mother of the groom who says I helped find her gown or someone who was planning a surprise 50th for her husband and found “her dress” through one of my fashion posts…..I enjoy these as much as you do, trust me on that:)

For Memorial Day many things are 30-50% off and for everything else its an additional 30% off…can’t beat that!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 5.14.16 PM

So today is a round up of not only some beautiful things but all at unbelievable prices…a win/win! So your turn to choose your two faves. Ready? Let’s go…..



CHOICE 1 How pretty is this for a springtime/summer event of any kind? Dreamy! Click here


CHOICE 2 Jut got these and must say they are even prettier in person, also quite comfortable. Love anything with a bow! Click here


CHOICE 3 Love a peasant top and this one is so pretty, great with jeans, capris or shorts, priced right! Click here


CHOICE 4 I like that these are simple but still dressy, the perfect evening/casual sandal, click here


CHOICE 5 This wrap dress is fabulous, big fan of DVF and her comfortable and always smart looking wrap dresses. Being a fan of lace, this is the kind of dress everyone should have in their closet.  Click here


CHOICE 6 Everyone needs a good coverup:) This one is darling….screams summer! Click here


CHOICE 7 Isn’t this Carolina Herrera fabulous! What a gorgeous color and dress for a special event, click here


CHOICE 8 I have these in black and tan and love this striped variation plus these are the cheapest I have ever seen them…sooooo comfortable! Click here


CHOICE 9 How pretty are these, love this color, perfect for summer! Click here


CHOICE 10 I don’t wear skirts often but when I do they are on the more casual side, I do like the look of a pretty white summer skirt with a cute pair of flats, and this one at this price is a ‘add to cart”! Click here


CHOICE 11 How pretty is this pale pink crepe blouse, I had to do a doubletake at the price of $41! So pretty with a pair of white or cream pants, click here


CHOICE 12  What a darling summer dress, love white and eyelet together, with a pair of cute sandals. this is effortless summer chic and a great looking beach/pool coverup. Click here


CHOICE 13 Few things say stylish summer dressing like a turquoise necklace, I have an entire collection of turquoise that I love for the summer, even with something plain and simple this “ups the game” plus it’s priced so right;) Click here


CHOICE 14 Isn’t this evening gown a vision in pale pink! I SO love this and wish I had somewhere to wear it, a great value as well. Click here


CHOICE 15 This is a great daytime dress, perfect for lunch or running around, easy and chic, love Nanette Leopore. Click here


CHOICE 16 Would you believe me I told you this pretty little dress was under $50? Crazy! With a pretty pair of black or nude sandals, this is a great dress to take you from daytime to casual  summer evenings…click here


CHOICE 17  Nothing like a cool easy,breezy maxi dress and this pretty white number will do just fine had to order and what a steal! Click here


CHOICE 18  Just in case there are any mother of the brides or grooms out there..this is one beautiful dress, so elegant and love this color for someone who’s son/daughter is getting married. Click here


CHOICE 19 Great weekender bag with wheels, so stylish! Click here


CHOICE 20 Own these wonderful linen espadrilles and now want the tan, they would go withe everything. They would go with everything and are one good looking shoe!, click here


If you make a purchase try this code for an extra $10.00 off of any purchase $50 or more- SEPWLC10


So what are you lusting after toady? I have many things on my list and gave in to buy a few:) Love seeing that big brown truck pull up with some goodies. Click here to view everything on sale (and be prepared to stay a while)!

Hope you enjoyed this and thank you for stopping by…wishing you a most relaxing Saturday and holiday weekend. Until next time….


The June Porcelain container presale is officially on and a giveaway!


Hi friends, it’s that time again…..yep the newest container of beautiful porcelains has just left the dock and will be here in about 4 weeks. Think this is the prettiest container yet!


As I always do I offer the incoming items at a special presale price for 2 days. Often things sell out before they even get here so this is a great opportunity if you have had your eye on something or if you missed last go around.

Bringing back some popular favorites with a number of other new and exciting items. Just a few rules before we begin-

  • Email all orders to theenchantedhome@gmail.com
  • This is a presale/advance purchase for the container of porcelains arriving between June 29- July 10th
  • Responses to these are often overwhelming so please be patient if you don’t hear from us right away, we will acknowledge your email, promise:)
  • Use item numbers only (we will not take an order with item number) and color if applicable when submitting your order via email
  • Final sale and this promo will end Saturday morning at 9am (no extensions)
  • Limited quantities of each item, subject to availability
  • Shipping is extra
  • This offer is open to U.S. residents only (sorry to my international friends)
  • We will let you know right away if we can fulfill your order and if so we will send an invoice for payment
  • Payments are due within 12 hours no exceptions
  • PLEASE do not submit an order unless you comply with all of these rules
  • Questions? Email theenchantedhome@gmail.com



ITEM 1. Gorgeous bright colored flat tops in the cherry blossom design,just looking at these jars make me happy:) Wonderful slightly raised design, so eye catching.

1A. Green cherry blossoms, measures 8″ x 8″ $85.00


1B Blue cherry blossoms, measures 8″ x 8″ $85.00


1C Yellow floral, measures 7.5″ x 7″ $85.00


ITEM 2.  Extra large ginger jar, this beauty measures 22″ x 11.5″ and is $185.0018-RYLU90

ITEM 3.  Extra large blue and white foo dogs are coming back. So fabulous and such a statement piece. Measures 16.5″ x 11″ $145.0030-RZGA01

ITEM 4. New fishbowl, exquisite x large fishbowl, love this piece! Measures 20″ x 20″ $315.00


ITEM 5. Another absolutely gorgeous fishbowl, measures 20″ x 22″  $375.00

IMG_2038 IMG_2037

ITEM 6. This fabulous jumbo fishbowl even comes with a top, which make it so unique…measures 24″ x 22″ $385.00


IMG_2017 IMG_2014

ITEM 7. This magnificent extra large vase is back, limited quantities…such a breathtaking piece filled with blossoms or branches 24″ x 9″ $145.00


ITEM 8. These popular exquisite planters are back available in rectangular and round. These are just beautiful with their pierced base and details all around the planter, perfect for a beautiful orchid arrangement. Either shape $225.00

8A. 10.5″ x 15″ Round


8B- 10.5″ x 15.5″ Rectangular


ITEM 9. Mini foo dogs! The white is finally here and the sold out navy blue is back, along with the ever so popualr mini blue and whites. These are perfect for any vignette and also make great bookends…

9A White $45.00


9B Blue $45.00


9C Blue and white $70.00


ITEM 10. These exquisite colored vases and chunky and so beautiful. One of two designs, very special. Measures 19″ x 11.5″ $180.00


unnaDFmcoloeed u4Drfvnnamed


indbvvvex-1 uASDAnnamef33ad

ITEM 11. The three x large emperors are back, so beautiful and a great accessorizing piece. Measures 17.5″ x 5.5″  $125.00 for the trio

indeFDDFDx indebvvx

ITEM 12. This super popular planer is back and we doubled up on the order, measures 9″ x 14″ x 9″   $80.00


ITEM 13.  The bird jars are back! Sold as a pair, these exquisite beauties measures 18″ x 11″ $270.00 for the pairindcvxczzex

ITEM 14. This beautiful jumbo ginger jar is showstopping! Measures 31″ tall and is super impressive, if you want to make a statement, this is your jar. $225.0019(1) 19-2

ITEM 15. Wonderful vase with detailed handles is back, great piece for your fresh flowers or cherry blossoms, measures 17″ x 8″ $115.00


ITEM 16. The perfect smaller planter is coming back, this is a must have and a perfect planter for just about anywhere, measures 7″ x 10″  $65.00


ITEM 17.  The popular flat tops are coming back, these are perfect to finish off a vignette, as a pair or filled with flowers. Super practical and a must have for any blue and white collector! Measures 12″ x 9.5″ $70.00 each



17B. 28-RZEY04


ITEM 18. Fabulous new garden seat, love this piece with this beautiful design on all sides…a beauty for the garden or indoors. Measures 17.5″ x 14″ $145.00


ITEM 19. How about this incredible new vase! I already have a space for it:) Love the colors and scenery, just perfect for a big spray of cherry blossoms $165.00



ITEM 20 This incredible garden seat is a beauty and its back….measures 18″ x 13″ $120.00

iss2ndfd3ex indasdfedd3x

ITEM 21 . These adorable mini fishbowls are back, these are so cute for smaller areas ideal for smaller flowering plants or succulents.  I also found another use lately, to use as bottle servers, I put my Pellegrino  and wine bottles in them, looks great! They measure 4″ x 6.5″ $35.00


ITEM 22. These large fishbowls are also making a return visit. Wonderful size for patios and inside the home.

22A 17.5″ x 16″ $190.00


22B 17.5″ x 16″ $190.00


22C 17.5″ x 16″ $190.00


22D 17″ x 17″ $195.00

inaa22dex indsdssex

ITEM 23. How beautiful are these new plates! I love them, measures 17″ round…just exquisite! Cannot wait to get these for myself:) $90.00

23A. 10-RYQQ36


23C. Solid wood plate stand $12.00 (only with purchase of plate) otherwise $15.00


ITEM 24. This pretty medium sized fishbowl is wonderful for topiries, orchids and would be stunning as a pair on a chest or console, 8′ x 8″ $42.00


ITEM 25.  One last fabulous oversized jumbo fishbowl…just exquisite I can see this with a large topiary for my patio, measures 22″ x 20″ $395.00

15-2 IMG_2000


So much to love, I am so excited for this container!  Now the giveaway details-


Simply leave a comment ON THIS POST and tell me a favorite item from this post and how you might use it, that is it. You will be in the running and a winner will be announced next Tuesday! The winner will receive  this wonderful planter (when they arrive)


See something you must have then email us at theenchantedhome@gmail.com. Thank you for stopping in!



Pinterest Pretties- Party like a rockstar!

Hello, hope you are having a great week! It is hard to believe we are just about to welcome summer, it’s been a very cool spring over here so it feels sudden to me. Occasionally I like to share with you and highlight my Pinterest boards. It’s a fun way to get to show  you some of my all time favorite pictures. If I could have one job other than what I already do,  it would, hands down be a party planner.

What a perfect solution for my  very over active imagination that is constantly churning out ideas…getting to implement them over and over and making others happy in the process,  sounds like a dream job to me!

Today is all about beautiful parties..“Party like a rockstar” is one of my Pinterest boards where I get to do some serious dreaming and plotting for my sons marriage (now he just needs the bride).

Seriously, all of these totally make me want to plan something sooner than later, it is so satisfying to hatch an idea, let it evolve with all the details and then watch it come to life.  Some of the ideas here are on a  grand and large scale, but I took away a few other really good ideas on how to be a bit more innovative even for smaller get togethers.

As they say, the devil is in the details and boy isn’t that the truth but surely worth every ounce of effort!  Every one of these pictures has me dreaming……




The Potted Boxwood


Easton Events


Simple Bites


Style Me Pretty


Jen Fariello

Ruffled - photo by http://www.patfureyphoto.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/brooklyn-wedding-with-breathtaking-floral-design/


Liz Banfield



Coco Tran


It’s A Wonderful Life



Love this idea….Jose Villa Photography


Hadley Court


Tumblir via Starsmasquerading


Edible Art of Charlotte/Jen Fariello


Corbin Gurkin


Easton Events


Colin Cowie


Holy moly! Style Me Pretty, Liz Banfield


Corbin Gurkin


Jose Villa


This is easy to copy and so pretty Duo Events


Pretty gorgeous, don’t you think? Want to see even more party inspiration? Then click here for my Pinterest board. Forewarning- it might leave you wanting to plan something.

Any parties on your agenda? If so come on…spill the details with us! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day, hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

PS I just got in so many fabulous new arrivals (gorgeous benches, umbrellas and all of my newest silver is now,  as of yesterday online)! Plus I am going to start a 20% all new arrivals later today, click here to see

PPS If you  missed Chapter 4 of Bluff Diaries, click here


Bluff Diaries Chapter 4

Be sure to check out all of my new arrivals, so many exciting new things!! Click here to see….

Good afternoon! Hope you had a great weekend, I am finally on the mend and today was a serious “catch up” day. Thankfully  I had started this post a week or so ago  and just put the finishing touches on.

So here I am  with chapter 4 of the Bluff Diaries…things are moving along I am happy to say. We have pretty much signed off on the interiors and I am loving the flow, it’s going to be a great space with a lot of open living. I am thrilled with how it’s  all coming together and now we are tweaking the outside elevations.

The first round of permits has been submitted so fingers are crossed that we could start building maybe late June/early July! As we inch closer, I am starting to think about the house in a more realistic sense, how we will use it and live there day to day (when we are there).

One room that I think we will use a lot is a study/small-ish family room right off the kitchen with access to the long back porch and a view of the lake. I can imagine that I will look to retreat there  early in the morning with a cup of coffee and late in the afternoon with a glass of wine or cocktail:)

I have this persistent vision for some reason of doing lacquered built ins. If I get really daring,  I would do them in a pale blue/gray but the safe/left side of my brain says do a pale wheat/taupe color. Truthfully either color could be spectacular.

I see a beautiful worn soft colored rug (think Oushak) a comfy but good looking couch, a few really cozy club chairs, maybe a small desk. I see built ins with plenty of bookshelves and no over head lighting, just a few perfectly placed lamps for soft lighting.

So as I daydream about a lacquered room that is what’s on my mind this go around and this is one room I feel like I know exactly what I want to do and chances are this will not change.  I did some “investigative research” (makes it sound official) and spent a lot of time to find the images that best convey the look I am after. So here are some pictures to drive home my point……


This picture  best illustrates the look I am after, love the color, the tones and the overall feeling…..from John B. Murray


And yet this below is my argument (and a mighty good one) for the pale blue, love the feeling here and the colors! I happened to see this house 2 years ago on a house tour and this room stayed with me ever since! SB Long,


And look at the before and after picture that I found in my “investigative research”…amazing!


So seeing them both….which would you choose?


Here is another variation of the blue, though what I would use would have a bit more gray but this is the idea- I would also would consider doing the back pantry area in this color if I don’t do the study in blue


Plan on having ample bookcases like above


This is a color I have used, Stony Ground by Farrow and Ball, and this would be the colorway if I go the taupe route


And if go the pale blue/gray route, Borrowed Light also a Farrow and Ball color would be a great way to go


Love the idea of wallpapering the back of the bookshelves


This is a great picture to show the palette and overall feeling I am going for, Phoebe Howard


These both show a pale blue/gray finish which is awfully pretty!



This is a different colorway (but so beautiful) however I do love the way the sofa is nestled into the bookcases, a clever use of space, Phoebe Howard


Both of these pictures above and below beautifully exemplify the overall feeling/tones I see for this space, soft and soothing


Now a look at some of the actual elements that would go in this room….


This rug would be beautifully in this room I am dreaming up:)

1681_71_BIRCH 9500_29_DW

Coffee tables by Hickory Chair


Sherill sofa


Lee sofa



Love both of these lamps and the more transitional feeling of them, Chrsitsopher Spitzmeiler


This fabric (Fabricut) is not necessarily my top pick in design, but it  has all the colors to a tee that I am looking for, so keeping it on the backburner, because you never know, I could see it as a simple pleated Roman shade or soft drapes finished with a tonal wide tape like this one below from Samuel and Sons-



Both of these pillows would fit right in with what I see in the room…..


OK now you want to see how tall this looks on a mood board? I am really loving it…..



I must say I really love the way this is headed, its nice to feel so certain about at least one of the rooms! Whereas the others I am in a few directions, this one I really think I could do right away if I had to, I feel that certain.

Do you have a preference of the pale taupe vs. the pale blue/gray/green painted cabinetry? Would love your take so vote if you are so inclined, I always value what all of you have to say.

If you want to see other installments of the Bluff Diaries, go to the top right corner where it says “search” and type in Bluff Diaries, it will take you to all the other “chapters”. Next time around I hope to share the interior layout with you. Thank you for stopping in. Until next time…..

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here

PPS Until tomorrow, ALL silver and chinoiserie tole is 20%! Click here to visit shop


Seven on Sunday

Hi friends…..did not post last Sunday since there was breaking news coverage on my fantastic Nashville trip! Click here for part 1 and for part 2 by all means if you missed it.

I am finally almost back to myself after coming off the heels of being sick for four lousy days.  I had to miss a bunch of things I was really looking forward to which was a bummer, but I am forging ahead!

So hope you are enjoying a nice weekend, here we are busy gearing up for some late spring events and a few graduation parties. As I do every Sunday, I share with you seven things that got my attention. So here we go….




1  WALLPAPERS THAT HAVE ME DREAMING.  Fell in love with this first one from Thibaut, I could see the darker blue in a glamorous powder bath and the one with the white background in a poolhouse and what about the pink variation in a fun girls room! These are all part of their newest collections….

T64102-medium T64103-medium


And loving these new looks from Thibaut

RO-FairIsle RO-Turner


2 MY ITEMS IN HIGH PROFILE PLACES!  I love seeing my items in my customers beautiful homes and lately they have made an appearance in a few gorgeous shows house rooms and fancy soirees.

Check out my large blue and white vases in Gerald Pomeroy’s gorgeous room at the Junior League of Boston’s showhouse, if you are in the Boston area this is by all accounts a fabulous showhouse, click here for info

The two ginger jars on the left are mine, there are 2 more (not seen)


And have you seen Paige Minear’s amazing makeover from One Room Challenge? That is my beautiful bowl holding the orchids and the fabulous white foo dog lamp on right….click here to see her entire makeover, well worth the click!



After- the foo dog  lamp on right is mine as is the bowl holding the beautiful pink orchids


And finally several of my gingers jars were ordered for the most stylish Derby party imaginable…..featured in Gun and Garden, it was a thrill to see them at such a wonderful event! Click here for article

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3.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always so much to enjoy and be awed by, think you will love this weeks round up! Lots of great interiors and flower inspiration…….


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4. GORGEOUS NEW STATIONERY LINE! This is a wonderful new find so I had to share it with you….you know I love stationery and every one of these is worth planning a party for:) Click here to visit WH Hostess.

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5. DOCUMENTARIES YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS. So all those sick days afforded me plenty of movie watching. I watched some old faves, Steel Magnolias (my crying was off the charts) I forgot just how wonderful, heartwarming and heartbreaking that film was…Sally was incredible!

My movie binge included some all time faves that never get old……Horse Whisperer, Sideways,  A Good Year, Love Story, Stealing Beauty (I loved and even if you watched with no volume the Tuscan countryside will take your breath away)!

Then I got into a succession of documentaries, I love documentaries and have seen hundreds. These were “tops’ for me this past week, and given the number I saw this is like the Oscars for documentaries lol

If you love art…..


And if you love wine…..



If you love a feel good and inspiring story…..



This was sad and frighteningly on the mark with what is happening to our kids…..I think this should be mandatory watching for every school-

Having a college athlete made this very interesting to me-

6. A REALLY FUN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT Let’s face it, Instagram is in one word, amazing. It can transport you within seconds to anywhere on the globe, from Cannes to the far reaches of the most distant lands, you can be a fly on the wall at a  most glamorous party or be “seated” at the most spectacular wedding….its like having a front row seat to every great thing out there!

This is refreshingly adorable, this person, Ackvhamps,  has made his entire account about Nantucket vs. Hamptons and illustrates the differences beautifully. Here are a few examples, click here to follow this fun account.

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7. A BEAUTIFUL STORY. My friend, Michele over at Hello Lovely, wrote this post that I had to share with you all. Both Michele and her sister opted for full hysterectomies and mastectomies after being diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation while their mother battled both breast and colon cancer.

But while this was devastating, they continued valiantly forward and refused to let their illness define them but instead relied on their incredible spirit, love for  one another and vulnerability to give them strength to keep fighting. And along the way they found room to laugh and smile, have fun and be silly……something to be in awe of (I sure am)!

These are the kinds of stories that uplift and inspire me and remind me of what is really important. Michele, I keep you all in my prayers.  I wanted to share these beautiful pictures with you my readers,  to put a face on the name and story. Bravo to you Michele and borrowing your phrase…..peace to you right where you are:)

Click here to read entire post

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Lots to love this week, at least to me where everything seems new and exciting after being housebound for 4 straight days…..even going to the market sounds like an incredibly exciting experience lol.

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Until next time…..

PS Last day for the new arrivals promotion, click here for the lowdown





Which would you choose?

Hello and happy Saturday to you. FINALLY feeling somewhat better, about 70% and think with one more day under “house arrest” I might be back to feeling myself tomorrow.  With all my free time with my iPad resting in bed, I have been on a movie binge to end all movies binges and then there is my iPad.

Besides fitting in games of Words with Friends, I  have been dreaming of sprucing up the outdoors and getting it ready for the fun  season of outdoor living/entertaining. So I spent a good amount of time over at Horchow looking for a few key elements to add and boy I did hit the jackpot!

So thought this could make a fun post to get us all in the  mood for summer al fresco living. I found lots of great deals on a whole host of amazing items, all worth sharing. So you know  the drill, which would you choose?



CHOICE 1 This chic chinoiserie white cart has my name all over it….fabulous! Click here


CHOICE 2 How fun are these melamine monogrammed nautical knot plates! Click here


CHOICE 3 Totally smitten with these oversized denim poofs, and priced right too. Perfect for a pool area, click here


CHOICE 4. A beautiful urn which is hard to believe is resin, amazing what they are doing today with resin! Click here


CHOICE 5. These are sure to be conversation starts, emoji cocktail  napkins, love it! Click here


CHOICE 6 This is a testament to just how far outdoor living has come….I mean look at this! An outdoor banquette, love it! Click  here


CHOICE 7 Hard to believe this is actually an outdoor rug, AMAZING! Click here


CHOICE 8 This might be the next best thing to getting to the Greek Islands…cozying up on a Greek Island oversized towel 🙂 Click here


CHOICE 9 How adorable is this wooden salad boat with tongs? I ordered it as a gift for a special boating friend:) Click here


CHOICE 10 Aren’t  these trellis outdoor stools/end tables so pretty! I think they could work in so many spots and the price was a nice and  special surprise, click here


CHOICE 11 Beautiful outdoor pillows, in soothing colors….well done! Click here


CHOICE 12 This is so amazing, the prettiest firepit I have ever seen that doubles as a coffee table, BRILLIANT!! Click here


CHOICE 13 How stunning is this John Robshaw oversized beach towel and its on sale! Click here


CHOICE 14 Love this take on an updated Provence urn, and extremely well priced, click here


CHOICE 15 This is such a deal, I own this and mix it with my Juliska bamboo set and it works beautifully, click here


CHOICE 16 This is so beautiful and I was amazed at the price, such an elegant set. Click here


CHOICE 17 I have never seen a fire urn but these are really neat, I can imagine a pool lined with these, so dramatic. Click here


CHOICE 18 Amazed at what they are doing with outdoor rugs, this is pretty enough to put inside! Click here


CHOICE 19 Love this beverage server and this is perfect for those alfresco  meals, love the etching detail, click here


CHOICE 20 Gorgeous outdoor sconce with a very surprising price tag, an extra bonus:) Click here



Well,  if this doesn’t get us in the mood to get our outdoors in tip top shape, don’t know what will! Just doing this post has me dreaming up of all kinds of things I want to do, cannot wait to add my pillows, jar and garden seats.

I always like to add a few new items to keep it looking fresh. And Horchow is the perfect place to get a jumpstart.  How about you? Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Saturday. Until next time…..

PS A new promo started yesterday, all on new arrivals, there are SO many great things, click here to check it out



A winner has been crowned and random musings as seen from my iphone

Good morning, well if you follow me on Instagram you know I have had some kind of nasty stomach bug. I am not out of the woods yet but certainly better than yesterday.

Of course this happens when I have four things to attend four days in a row, 2 so far I have had to miss and the event tonight and tomorrow are a question mark…so please send your healthy get well vibes over this way!

I am very excited to announce a winner of my Enchanted Home Love contest after nearly 4,000 votes combined, you have chosen the winner and a beautiful one it is!


Congratulations goes to Lory for this fabulous picture-


Lory please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with your shipping address so that your first package of 11 more to come can get on it’s way and a very hearty congratulations to you!

I also want to thank once again, all  of the other entrants who submitted so many beautiful and inspiring, images.  I lost count, there were so  many fabulous pictures.  You make what I do so much fun and incredibly gratifying!


Here is a snippet of life over on this end in the last week or so……as I went through my many pictures I smiled every time I came across one from Nashville/Franklin and it was temping to include those again but that would have made this post one of the longest in history so I used restraint:) So this is from the last 2 weeks ……..


We went for a walk to a neighboring horse farm and this beauty greeted us



The backyard is finally getting green and the azaleas are in full bloom, still have to put out all my pillows and other accessories, but it’s happening, slowly but surely!


Napkins out the door, love my new stickers


This gorgeous complex is part of a HUGE marina/housing project which will service a new ferry service from Glen Cove to NYC…its going to be fabulous! The preview party was last night (husband went) and said it’s going to be amazing, we took Teddy there for a walk last Sunday


Above will be the marina terminal



And look someone is trying to cozy up next to Teddy…a new friend:)




White inpatients and azaleas add so much to our entrance


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Love this custom napkin going out the door to one lucky recipient


OK this is the only Nashville pic…a reminder of how wonderfully civilized it all is there. The entire airport experience was fantastic and that is saying something. Even in the dreaded security lines..they had a waterfall wall which was so soothing and such a smart place to put it….it eased the most stressful part of the traveling experience!


Gorgeous batch of beautiful hand painted chinoiserie pillows arrived!


Awwwhhhhh….let’s all say it in unison, here is Teddy and his cousin Chloe when they were only a few months old!


My gorgeous Mother’s Day flowers!

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Was at my friends beautiful home which they just lovingly (and beautifully) restored


Part of a local design job, this is turning out to be the most darling girls room, cannot wait to show you the finished space


Loving the newest color of my foo dogs, the turquoise…fabulous


Reorganized my stovetop with all my “essentials”


Put together a new vignette using green apples, love decorating with fruit (these are good faux never have to worry about them rotting:)


And caught my dining room late afternoon with the beautiful late day sun streaming in, my favorite time of day


So along with my bed rest from being under the weather came along a movie binge, saw some of my all time faves, cried like a hyena and laughed like a crazy person watching Steel Magnolias…one of my all time faves


Then watched Stealing Beauty, always loved this movie…the scenery literally takes your breath away and the party scene at twilight in Tuscany brought tears to my eyes, it made me so badly want to be there (yes I get emotional about beautiful things)

And then watched some amazing documentaries which I will talk about on Sunday, so made the best of feeling lousy.


And that friends is a wrap:) Hope you are well and enjoying a great week, hope to feel better soon and get back on schedule. Thanks as always for stopping in, until next time….


The Enchanted Home Love 3 showdown round is on!

Good morning! This contest has been such fun for me to host, and I got so many wonderful ideas, as I hope you have. It was admittedly a very difficult choice to narrow it down to two favorites. I literally had dozens of faves but that’s why they call it a contest as I can hear my Dad saying:)

So after nearly 2500 votes….you have spoken and we also have a first, a dead even tie in the second round! So,  instead of two finalists we have three!

Three absolutely gorgeous pictures that I would agree depict my style and aesthetic so beautifully. Today you can only vote for one finalist. The lucky winner will get a years worth of Enchanted Home products, a surprise box every single month!

I want to thank not only the three  finalists but everyone for submitting such truly breathtaking pictures..all of whom are winners in my book! I have included some of the honorable mentions from each round below.

So without further ado, here are your three finalists….thank you taking part in the fun!


From round 1



From round 2





Click your absolute favorite below-

A few honorable mentions with the highest numbers of votes in each round-

Round one-

EHKATIE ehleslie22 ehbarbara4

Round two-



Again a huge thank you to all of my incredibly talented readers…you are AMAZING!!! Congrats to the three finalists. Tomorrow I will crown a winner…..thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day!