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Hi there, by the time you are reading this I will be in Nashville, enjoying  southern hospitality at it’s finest and exploring Nashville as the  iconic and fun city that it is. This post was planned ahead of time and I sure hope it posts on time. I was asked to join  five uber talented bloggers to be a part of a new monthly group,   that will feature a monthly tablescape of our choosing (appropriate for the season) called “It’s All Set”.


This was right up my alley,  as you know I love to do this kind of thing and it’s like a fun science experiment every time:) So with spring in the air (kind of) doing a blue and white tablescape with a touch of pink just felt right. I gathered all my necessary “ingredients” and had fun playing to create a perfect little sprimgy table for four.

I used the table that is between my living and dining room as it is an area that never gets used but has such a pretty view to the two rooms on either side, and to the increasingly green outdoors on the other. So why not?  Sometimes you have to think outside the box:)

If I had not had the crazy busy week I had,  I would have loved to have gotten fresh flowers but I ended up using my very good faux cherry blossoms and must say they really are quite beautiful.  My also “real” camera was on loan so I took all these with my iPad which overall came out quite good. So check out my spring tablescape for the month of May and absolutely be sure to check the others. Trust me, they will be good. Very good. Here we go-



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To start I love using my Blue Willow china,  it goes beautifully with other patterns and always looks so pretty-

Chargers from Juliska (have these in a few colors) they make everything look better!

Monogrammed napkins are from my shop (this is part of a large expansion for the new site, this is a new pattern “Pagoda” love them!

Bamboo silverware have had a long time but here is something nearly identical that is an absolute steal! Click here

Handpainted chinoiserie salad plates again have had these in my treasure chest for a while, love them and wish I could find more

Glasses Anthropologie from a few years ago

Ralph Lauren blue and white table topper

Lucite ballroom chairs will be added to the new site, they are great!

Pillows- Studio Tullia

Blue and white vase my online ship

Blossoms from my online shop

Pagodas from my shop

Mini blue and white salt and peppers from Pier One

You simply must visit the others. I promise you it will be a treat!!

I’m joining with 6 other bloggers to bring you this monthly tablescape series.

It's All Set Logo | Tablescape Series | Designthusiasm.com

I invite you to enjoy the wonderful posts below celebrating spring at the table…

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Cedar Hill tablescape-2016-spring


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Enchanted Home tablescape

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Lilacs + Longhorns farmhouse spring tablescape

Stone Gable

Stone Gable tablescape

Town and Country Living




Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day. The next time you will “hear” from me, I will be back in town and will be starting The Enchanted Home Love 3 contest, and let me tell you the competition is fiercely wonderful:) Until next time…..


28 thoughts on “Welcome to “It’s all set”!

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  2. What a fun idea, lots of good inspiration here. I love your beautiful, intimate little table for 4. So beautiful with all of the layers of blue and white. So many special little touches. Enjoy Nashville!

  3. Thank you for introducing us to your new friends, Tina. Your blog has always been such an inspiration to me.

    Finally, a beauuutiful Spring day here in the Northeast! Get out there and plant something pretty!!:)

  4. Love it!

    Tablescapes for 4, perfect!

    I coveted the chairs from a previous post of yours from an outdoor party, Thought they might be rentals. Now obtainable!
    You are reading my thoughts……

  5. The lucite ballroom bamboo chairs are wonderful. They cross the bridge between traditional and modern beautifully and in a small space don’t visually take up any room.

  6. Tina, this is simply perfection! You have a way with blue and white that always spells “beautiful, inspiring and fun” to me. I hope you are having a gorgeous time in Nashville. Xo Lidy

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  9. MacLeod disse:O chapa Fuca sabe o que é bom.Top Gear 2 é o melhor disparado!Na neblina eu era imult&iacbte;vea! haha Por acaso Fuca vem de Fusca?

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