Bluff Diaries Chapter 6

Hi friends….back with another chapter. It is starting to feel like it will really happen. Our plans are out with two builders that we narrowed it down to and with luck we will have made a decision by next week, will get those final permits and be on our way!

My original plan was to be there by next Easter, that does not look likely however I sure hope that by July 4th we will be calling PB our second home:) There is so much to consider and think about, but I feel like I am making great progress well ahead of schedule by doing these posts. I already know the colors I want, the roof, the windows and shutters, that right there is huge (think of Donald saying H U G E).

Today we are going back to the interiors, when you walk in there is a wide hallway/foyer that opens to a very large great room open to the kitchen/bar (included plans on my last chapter). I have a feeling this is where we will spend a lot of our time. That room has French doors that open to a very large wide deck that goes from one end of the house to the other, love that!

So this room will have tall ceilings and we hope to do some kind of a coffered ceiling. I love when they are painted but I also really like a very light white/washed stain. So here are some of my ideas for how I see that great room being done-


The ceiling-

Either way- painted or white washed, it is a beautiful detail and really adds to that coastal feel-

f7cc92e8a7f890581eda2e2dad12d3b1 cfa52028d3a32b6a3cda367b654ff826


Great color, Alabaster by  Sherwin Willliams


I am continuing to research this, looove the idea of a stone, like limestone or next best thing, Peacock Pavers but I know they are not as easy on the feet, so we probably will end up doing wood but I am still putting all options on the table! If I do wood it will be a lighter stain and always been a fan of herringbone anything!

chevron-hardwood-floors-asd surfaces




And there is no denying the beauty of a Peacock Paver…

739a7d409316bdfc5dcbbad50e159274 b52f30fc883038e91b08a3a8af63fdda


Rugs vs sisal-

I see doing either a tonal sisal maybe with a pattern or one of my favorite rugs, Oushaks, the more washed the better!! I know the sisal is not the most comfy on the feet but its so darn pretty, however a worn Oushak is hard to beat.

camilla-sisal dsc_0097 traditional-area-rugs

And of course you cannot deny the beauty of a washed Oushak, so gorgeous!

l_sh26823 002 NMH5EDD_mu HCH88Q3_mu

Fireplace mantle-

We are hoping to do a limestone/cast stone rustic French oversized mantle, I have the vision alive in my mind and know it will be a perfect choice

MT-205-BG P3_Inspiration


The Furnishings-

The fun part aka the furniture/furnishings!  I see a lot of creamy whites, in case you are not onto this idea already:) Soft blues as a subtle bit of color, but a very soft and tonal room. I have always loved this space below that was beautifully finished by specialty finisher Leslie of Segreto, my room will be  much more casual but the feeling that invites you in and is so soothing is what I am after-


I have always seen a big chunky tressel table in this room, the size can handle it and they are incredible durable


And can see any of these chairs, some more casual and some more of  a rustic French


Safavieh Furniture: Sofas, Loveseats, Recliners, Dining, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Accent Tables, Patio/Outdoor Furniture

fox6229h-front contemporary-white-linen-dining-chair-with-varnished-oak-wood-legs-as-well-as-dining-room-arm-chairs-and-dining-arm-chairs-936x702

In the living room/family room I see lots of creamy white (in durable fabrics)

oversized-wood-coffee-tables img-thing C2452_03_0509_fpo-600x6001


I see a tonal room with very subtle color in soft blues and greens, these types of fabrics are what I can see on pillows and maybe a chair or two


Love this trim as well wouldn’t it be pretty on a solid ivory pillow



Always loved this light wood chandelier and am so happy I will have a place to use it, can see putting two in the great room.



And for above the dining table which is an extension of this room can see something along this line ( a pair of these over table) All lighting from Currey

9075 9000-0013

Can see a pair of these beauties on end tables-


And of course lots of small tables, big baskets of magazines books, a few beautiful orchids like those from my shop, all the “fluff”

Stunning Square Ivory with Blue Planter and 3 Stem Orchid Arrangement

Incredible Large Pink Orchid Plant in Long Ivory Gold Tole Planter


Fabulous Hydrangea in Blue and White Tole Planter

2866520_1 img38m


And finally here is a loose storyboard of what I can see this room shaping up to be-

OB-great room



So there you have an overall design scheme for this great room. I see it as a space that is both beautiful and of course light an airy. I think it’s going to be the center of where our living gets done. So comfort, functionality is very important, a few big comfortable sofas with plenty of chairs you can relax in are tops on my list.

Pretty soft lighting, I cannot wait to get to the point where I need to actually start making these decisions! It’s fun though to have a concept in mind and I know me, I don’t waver much, many of our ideas I know are what will end up coming to fruition.

Thank you for stopping in and following along with me..the best is surely yet to come. If you missed any of the other chapters, go to the rop right in the search bar and type in Bluff Diaries it will take you to all the previous posts. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time……

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Which would you choose?

Hello! As we gear up for everyone’s favorite big summer holiday of the season (July 4th) I am anticipating it and hope to get to the beach, catch the fireworks and just chill with good friends.

I always love to throw a little red, white and blue into the mix…to not  would almost feel anti American! So today’s which would you choose is all about the best in red, white and blue.

There is still time to order a special little something to show your patriotism…  something for everyone here and best part is they are not only fabulous for July 4th but all summer long. So the question is how would you wear your red white and blue? Choose your two faves-



1 Aren’t these the cutest!! Love these election charms espadrilles by Toms…and the price is most patriotic:) Click here



2. This great Kate Spade bandeau top with a 3/4 length sleeve could see lots of mileage in any summer wardrobe, as pretty in blue/white as it is in the red/white, click here

_11772451 _11962895

3. LOVE this pool float, it makes me happy just to look at it:) And at only $36.00 this would make a heck of a hostess gift! Click here


3. This striped dress is very chic, can see this dressed down easily with a pair of white or navy sandals, in fact think I would like it better than with these serious looking pumps:)  click here


4. This is great! I love this patriotic scarf and can so easily see it with an all white outfit for July 4th, plus its so reasonable! Click here


5. This striped bandeau bathing suit is so elegant, love stripes! Click here


6. Think these darling anchor earrings would be so fitting with a July 4th outfit…click here


7. Really liking this navy and white anchor button down, dressed up or down it’s a great looking shirt! Click here


8. My favorite pants, NYDJ that really do seem to take off 5 pounds look fabulous in red, wouldn’t these be cute with the top above! Click here


9. This fun and super affordable nautical themed beach/pool canvas bag is really good looking, click here


10. Really had to do a doubletake on this one….is it really only $48.00. If I was going to a party or BBQ this would be a perfect choice I would wear it with flats and a little white sweater or jean jacket if it got cool, click here 


11. Show your spirit at the beach or pool with these darling flag inspired flip flops from Havaianas, cute! Click here


12, This is a great shirtdress that could double as a pool or beach coverup, very cute! Click here


13. Own these in navy and love them, the white is really adorable, Jack Rogers just screams summer cool, click here


14. Ordered this and have worn it a few times…looks really chic with white jeans or capris and perfect for the big holiday! Click here


15. This fabulous earrings from Kendra Scott would go with any one of these items on this page, love a white earring in the summer! Click here


16. And for the man in your life, how great are these whale flag shorts from Vineyard Vines, I need to get these for my son! Click here


17. This is a very chic little sundress, reminds me of something I would see Jackie O wearing with her big sunglasses and Jack Rogers:) Click here


18. Own a few maxi dresses and this pretty one would be perfect for July 4th, plus a price I could not believe! Click here


CHOICE 19. I can see these with white capris or white shorts and a cute navy or red top for a sharp looking July 4th outfit, adorable. Click here


CHOICE 20. Ordered this as a stylish beach/pool bag, great size, it’s faux leather so perfect for outdoors plus the price is right! Click here



So which two caught your eye? I love so many and gave in to getting a few, not only are they great for July 4th but for all summer long. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a great day and start to your week. Until next time….

Also if you missed my Seven on Sunday, it’s worth going back to, click here

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Seven on Sunday

Hello friends! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. First I want to announce the winner of the silver giveaway, congratulations goes to-

#153 ANN

Please contact me at to claim your prize so your beautiful piece can be on it’s way!

Gorgeous weather here and our weekend has been so nice,  last night hosted a small surprise birthday dinner at a beautiful waterfront restaurant for my hubby. We had such a great time, he was celebrated by special friends, it doesn’t get better!

Today will be a day of pure relaxation and gardening…my most favorite kind of day:)  Hopefully we will end it with a nice BBQ…that’s my definition of a perfect day, no agenda, beautiful weather and hours on end to do as we please!

This coming week will be a busy work week so I am reserving my energy for when I really need it. Ready to get started on my Seven on Sunday this week? Let’s go…..



1 VERTICAL GARDENING? Yep, I am sure like me you are wondering what the heck that is. My son has a friend who has started doing this, it started out as a hobby and how he is considering it as a full time business (leaving finance). It apparently has several advantages over traditional horizontal gardening and is built around “green walls” as the foundation.

Then I heard on the business radio that this is a huge burgeoning industry. Fascinating, I had to look into it. They are taking old warehouses and turning them into modern makeshift greenhouses, this is the future people! There are countless articles but here is a basic intro to what it is all about over at Better Homes and Gardens in case you are interested, click here.

maxresdefault vertical_gardening_tomatos_curly_pumpkins 6-Vertical-crates-garden-ideas Shoe-holder-garden 54caeb4817ead_-_vertical-gardening-04-0512-de-61010754


2. DINING  UNDER THE LEMONS!! I have never been to Capri, but am dying to. A friend is there now and sent me a picture of her dining under the lemons at Da Paolino…I am obsessed about going and this restaurant has been on my bucket list for a while. She said its even more magical in person, if she wasn’t so sweet I would have to hate her:)

I did some research and I apologize ahead of time for inducing an uncontrollable urge  to book a trip to Capri (and at the very least crave their beautiful food)…..yum!! Click here to find out more about this magical restaurant.

Capri-table-tiles-lunch-table-setup-diana-sorensen-sugokuii-eventsRIGATONI CON FIORILLI 3973922735_3a099ed30c_o Capri-table-tiles-lunch-table-setup-diana-sorensen-sugokuii-events

Insalata Caprese N-5-2U8E0087_d16x9_0_33_899.20150519112122

And can you believe this lemon sorbet presentation…..SIGN ME UP!!!!


3. MY DINING ROOM PROFESSIONALLY SHOT.  Just when I think I am a fairly decent photographer I have some pictures professionally shot and then realize just how far I have to go:)

Paul Montgomery had my dining room shot for an ad (mostly close ups), I loved the pictures, just breathtaking! Worth sharing with you today a few of them-

unnamed(1) unfddfnamed ufdsfdnnamed unnadfasfdasmed


4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Love what I chose this week, so  much inspiration. It gets my wheels turning to decorate, cook, travel and seize the most out of every day!

IMG_7483 IMG_7484 IMG_7485 IMG_7486

IMG_7449 IMG_7456 IMG_7463 IMG_7524 IMG_7518


5. THE FABULOUS RITZ PARIS IS OPEN! This is as good as everyone was hoping, maybe even better! The much anticipated opening has happened and it looks incredible.

I am so happy they stayed true to that old world elegant French style that takes you back to a more glamorous time instead of succumbing to the more modern interiors that are abound in so many of the high end hotels today. Bravo to the Ritz….now need to figure out when/how to get there:) Click here for info

gallery-1466527537-suite-vendime-vincent-leroux-3 lespadon-adrien-dirand-4 salon-proust-adrien-dirand-7 bar-hemingway--vincent-leroux-1 piscine--vincent-leroux-3 escalier-dhonneur--vincent-leroux suite-vendime--vincent-leroux-1 bar-vendime-vincent-leroux-2 suite-ccsar-ritz--vincent-leroux-3

6. A FABULOUS SALAD I am always looking for great new low calorie meal ideas, and will be doing a post on that in the upcoming weeks. I have been a really good girl these last few months and have gone down a full dress size, woo hoo!

I have been eating a lot of salads and protein…variety is the spice of life so I am always looking for new and interesting variations. This salad is absolutely delicious and I only add grilled chicken to it to create an actual meal, Southwestern salads are one of my faves. Click over to the Garden Grazer for the full recipe.


7.  SUMMER READING. Settling down with a great book is one of my all time favorites things to do. The problem is that in the last few years I have read less than I ever have and I so miss it. I managed to read a few books in the last few months but you have to remember I used to be a voracious reader and then this thing called blogging came along:)

So one of my big “to do’s” this summer is to read at least 4 books. I have curated my list, all fun beach reads, nothing too serious so this is what I have on my goals list….a few just ordered and ready to begin some beach reading next week!



So there you have seven things on my mind this week. How about you? What is new on your end? Thank  you for stopping by and sharing your Sunday with me.

I hope you have a wonderful day and great end to your week. Summer is really here and it’s hard to believe July 4th is just around the corner, seize every day, summer is the best! Until next time….

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My newly photographed silver, a special offer and a giveaway!


Hi friends, busy week but such a good and exciting one (minus the total of about 9 hours of traffic I sat in this week alone)! More on that on Sunday, today is all about silver. As you know I started to import my own line of silver born out of my love for how elegant it is just about anywhere. I saw a huge need for it in the marketplace as it’s either finding beautiful antique silver that is not always in great condition and often quite pricey.


The new silver out in the market today is just not that impressive… I decided to bring in my own and am I happy I did! I had started with one manufacturer and switched to another. This manufacturer is known for their exceptional high quality well made, heavy silver. Each one of these pieces is just exquisite. If you know silver prices you will also recognize the exceptional values today.

I had all the pieces professionally photographed and they came out so beautiful, really showing the beautiful detail work. Everything today is offered as a special 2 day silver pricing. Plus I am offering a giveaway (details on bottom). Just a few “rules” before we begin-

  • Email all orders to
  • Please use item number only no description necessary
  • Subject to availability, as some items there is low stock on
  • Everything is individually boxed and are ready to ship right away
  • Shipping internationally is extra, contact us for rates
  • Final sale and shipping is extra
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders of $400 or more
  • Questions? Email




ITEM 1. Extra large fabulous planter/silver tub, with gorgeous details like a detailed handled, beaded top and elegant feet. I just used this as the most elegant beverage tub on the planet!! Also great for a large scale orchid (3-4 stems would be ideal) , this is a truly showstopping piece! 19″ x 17.5″ x 13″ $115.00


Here it is as the most elegant beverage tub-

FullSizeRender(109) FullSizeRender(108)

ITEM 2. Large and gorgeous double rimmed scalloped planter, just beautiful and ideal for a potted plant or a two stem orchid  15″ x 12″ x 8.5″ $110.00


ITEM 3.  Stunning scalloped handled wine cooler or elegant planter or ice bucket,  9″ x 7″ $80.00


ITEM 4. One of my favorites….fabulous wine cooler that could double as a planter, 9″ x 7″ $75.00


ITEM 5. Isn’t this a beauty! Gorgeous centerpiece bowl 13″ $75.00



ITEM 6.  This is sooo fabulous, much more gorgeous in person. Extra large fabulous 15.5′ punch or centerpiece bowl, stunning details. I could see this filled with a huge mound of shrimp cocktail for a swanky event! These are hundreds… it is  $135.00




ITEM 7.  I just used this the other day for the most exquisite fruit platter! Another unbelievable piece, this tray is SO spectacular in person, heavy and very large,  super elegant serving tray, this is such beauty and very impressive with shell relief detailing and handles. 28″ x 19″ $135.00




ITEM 8. This took my breath away (look at my pictures above). Looks like it would be thousands! I can see using it for punch or a huge mound of shrimp cocktail at a very special party!  Extra large fabulous centerpiece/punch bowl with exquisite shell design, 15.5″ round $145.00



ITEM 9. Used this with rolled up guest towels in my powder room, a beautiful elegant touch. This bowl which could be used for decorative purposes or a very pretty bread basket, so much detailing from the pierced and scalloped details to the dainty feet. 1.5″ x 8″ $60.00



ITEM 10.  This beautiful piece could be used as a painter, ice bucket or wine holder, just love the handles dainty feet and beaded scalloped rim. Measures 6″ x 5.5″ $70.00




ITEM 11. These are sooo pretty, way more beautiful in person. Fabulous scalloped pierced bowls, these are as beautiful as they are practical. Three sizes are offered

Large 12.5″ $45.00

Medium 10″ $40.00

Small 8.5″ $35.00



ITEM 12. Spectacular beaded and scalloped chargers/serving trays. These come in 2 sizes, the 14.5″ makes the perfect size serving tray and the 11.5″ can be a smaller serving tray or used as a small charger.

Large 14.5″ $60.00

Medium 11.5″ $40.00






ITEM 13. Another beautiful planter, couldn’t you see an elegant orchid plant or paperwhites around the holidays! Measures 9.5″ x 7″ $80.00


Starting to have gorgeous orchid arrangements made in some of my silver planters here is one example, so elegant!



ITEM 14. Exquisite planter/bowl with so much detail…another great piece for orchids or even filled with whole fruit on a dining room buffet would be fabulous. 12″ x 8″ $75.00




ITEM 15. Magnificent  ornate mid sized planter, beautiful delicate fee with lion head rings…the detailing is just incredible. 10.5″ x 7.5″ $115.00




ITEM 16. Shallow round fabulously pierced 12″ bowl perfect for fruit or bread, quite elegant for any table. Measures 12.5″ round $50.00



ITEM 17. This looks like a really expensive antique piece of silver.  Fabulously detailed centerpiece piece shallow bowl, perfect for serving or display, 12′ x 12.5′ $70.00




ITEM 18. Isn’t this square scalloped tray a beauty! I put one in my husbands bathroom so he keeps his colognes on it…super elegant. So beautiful for display or serving…I can see a round of cocktails on this tray:) 16.5″x 16.5″  $80.00




ITEM 19. Beautiful etched silver charger, such an elegant addition to any table, can also be used as a wonderful serving tray. 13.5″ round $30.00



ITEM 20. So much prettier  in person. Incredible three tier pierced server, this could be gorgeous for fruit, small desserts, tea sandwiches, the list goes on…measures 18″ x 12.5″ at its widest $90.00



So much to love…many I have brought home and have so enjoyed using….they are truly beautiful and so magnificently produced,I am thrilled to offer this exceptional line of silver as it is one of the prettiest I have seen yet.


One lucky winner will win this fabulous piece below….a wonderful item to use just about anywhere. All you  need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item and how you would use it and I name a winner on Sunday morning. (emailing me a comment does not count).


Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day and end to your week. Until next time……









Blue and white is not just for the indoors….part 1

Hello there and happy summer! Believe it or not started this post way back in spring, and there were so many rainy days it never got finished. It made the post a little difficult to complete (was hoping to get more of my own blue and white outdoors). So decided to finish this up and do a part two which will feature my own patio and how I like to incorporate blue and white outside.

Busy week over here, my parents are in and we have an awards dinner tonight and I will be gone all day tomorrow for a blogger/marketing conference, so you will hear from me again later Friday or Sat.

With the spring and summer,  comes a renewed interest to  make everything outdoors beautiful. I am excited about bringing my beautiful blue and white pillows out from hibernation,my gingers jar and planters, seat cushions,etc……bring it on!

Most think of blue and white indoors but some forget how magical it is outside too. Today’s post is dedicated to showing you just how amazing blue and white is outside. Hope you are inspired to perhaps consider adding a little blue and white to your own outdoors….





What is not to love about this incredible space, simply spectacular!


Love the idea of fusing a blue and white accent like these darling covered ottomans to liven things up, so many great outdoor choices


Marcus Design did a brilliant job of showing us how beautiful blue and white is outdoors


Yes to all of this! enesa Wildermunth


Wow, this is one spectacular space, The Glam Pad

s house 5

Parker Kennedy shows how it’s done during the holidays!


Love a beautiful blue and white tablecloth outdoors, Tory Burch/Vogue


My own covered patio with touches of blue and white throughout


Parker Kennedy works his magic


I have been inspired to try this myself….Carolyne Roehm (of course)!


Marcus Designs once again, so gorgeous


And one of my favorite things to do is add blue and white jars to an outdoor mantle and it’s even prettier filled with fresh flowers! French Country Cottage


Few things are as pretty as seeing a table set with blue next to a pool…..that is summer at it’s best!


Isn’t this just perfect in every possible way? Parker Kennedy

scot meacham blue and white dinner party outdoor dining room teak furniture patio table chairs stripe rug

Another great example of using a beautiful blue and white rug, Scott Meacham


So do I have you convinced yet that blue and white is as beautiful for the outdoors as it in? Next time (part 2) I will show you how I apply this to my own home and outdoor spaces. Would love to know if you add blue and white to the outdoors and what are your favorite ways to do it? Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time…..







The anatomy of a tiered party platter….

Hi friends, hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you celebrated the special fathers in your life in style. Ours was so relaxing, we were blessed with the most spectacular day and it was all about family and having  a fantastic BBQ. Such a nice  “chill” day, very welcome ahead of a super busy week.

One of my “big hits” in my online shop this summer has been my wooden three tiered servers. I cannot keep these in stock, and with good reason. they are amazing!  They are as pretty as they practical and even space saving. They kind of elevate any thing you put in them. I have used mine for antipastas, crudites, a Mediterranean spread, the list goes on….

So today a kind of “how to” to give you some ideas which are by no means exclusive to this server, but can apply to some degree apply to all. My sister in law held a large party this past weekend and asked me to make 2 of the these, I must admit I had fun playing “caterer”:) As many of you who have bought these said they would love a “how to” tutorial I thought this could make a fun post.

I wish I took more “during” pictures but hopefully this will give you some good ideas!




  • 2 large bunches of kale
  • Cabbage heads (red)
  • Carrots, asparagus spears
  • Kirby cucumbers cut into “stalks”
  • Humus, salsa and a vegetable spinach yogurt dip
  • 2 large bags of Terra chips
  • Pita bread cut into wedges

The first thing I did is cut the pita into wedges, spread them single layer on a large baking sheet and drizzle olive oil, add a pinch of sea salt and oregano (liberally) over them and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes, until almost crispy. I store them in aluminum until serving.

I then “line” each tier with kale . I get serving bowls and “drape” cabbage leaves over them (so you do not see the actual bowl but it looks like its in a “bowl” of cabbage. I added the vegetables after washed to the top tier, I like it very full.

I then add the dips to the bowls and garnish with small clusters of grapes, fresh figs cut in half

The lower section I did half Terra chips and half of the baked oregano pita wedges….VOILA! No rules but a lot of fun:)


IMG_6551 IMG_7354 IMG_7355

IMG_6550 IMG_6552

FullSizeRender(104) IMG_7350


IMG_7355 IMG_7325

FullSizeRender(106) FullSizeRender(100)


  • 2 thinly sliced Sopressata
  • 2 big chunks of Parmesan sliced in into small bite sized pieces
  • 1 quart marinated artichokes
  • 1 bunch of kale
  • 1 quart marinated mushrooms
  • 1 quart marinated mozzarella balls
  • 3 baguettes thinly sliced  (about 1/2″)
  • 1 nice sized chunky of extra sharp provolone
  • 5 packs of breadsticks
  • 2 packs chunky sesame breadsticks
  • Small clusters red grapes
  • About 6 figs cut in half


On center tier, I layered it with kale. I cut the baguettes into 1/2″ slices and stored in air tight Ziploc bag until ready to serve.

On top tier added stacked sesame breads ticks, cut one of the Parmesan wedges almost to the core and added the core with the small bit size pieces of the cheese “spilling” out from the rind. Added a few small clusters of grapes (or you can add any kind of fruit)

Second/center tier added the sopressata, provolone, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes the topped it with small clusters of grapes and half cut figs (on top of kale)

Last layer filled with the freshly cut baguettes and piled two corners with the long thin breadsticks. I add these at the end so bread stays fresh. Finally you can garnish as you choose, fresh half cut figs and small clusters of grapes work beautifully.

IMG_7348 IMG_7349


Olive oil and oregano at the ready for the pita chips

IMG_7378 FullSizeRender(104) IMG_7359

IMG_6502 IMG_7373 IMG_7323 IMG_7322 IMG_7321

FullSizeRender(101) FullSizeRender(102)


And finally here they are right before the party was starting….having a spectacular backdrop like the water certainly did not hurt:)

IMG_6534 IMG_6533


What fun this was! I cannot wait to make my next one, I see a raw bar in my future:)

The servers are all sold out right now. However I am getting in 20 more of the round and 6 more of the large rectangular and 4 of the small two tier. To preorder yours you can email Here is the info-

All are made of rustic recycled wood

Round 3 tier-Dimensions:(20″ x 28″) $135.00


Rectangular 3 tier Dimensions:(21.5″ x 16″ x 26″).$145.00


Rectangular 2 tier Dimensions:(21.5″ x 16″ x 21″). $110.00


They are so fabulous for entertaining year round but remember the ideas given here can apply to almost any type of tiered server. Thank you for stopping by, now I am craving a little snack:) Wishing you a fabulous day….until next time!

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here






Seven on Sunday

Hello and Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! I am extra lucky this year as my parents will be here, so it’s going to be a great day of relaxation, family and of course the obligatory BBQ! I am so looking forward to a day of complete relaxation. We are also being blessed by the weather Gods with gorgeous weather. Hope whatever you have happening on your end is wonderful and relaxing.

So without further ado here are seven things that are on my mind this week……



1 LOVE THESE EARRINGS! I so love summer dressing because of all the beautiful colors to wear. I love a lot of white so anytime I can find a great accessory in a pretty color, I am inspired to create a new look. Totally smitten with these earrings I found through Instagram, enter Lisi Lerch.

Absolutely adore the turquoise tassel and just ordered them, then I made the mistake of looking at all her other goodies….so much to love. Best part is none will break the bank, so this is guilt free shopping (the best kind)! Click here to visit.



vivi_wht_1__89486.1457797228.300.350 maya_green_3__75066.1392156662.300.350 lightblue_A__29508.1392749954.300.350 vivi_turq_1__12600.1457797143.300.350 ava_pink_1__04541.1457797482.300.350 ava_green_1__14249.1457797458.300.350

2. A GORGEOUS WEDDING IN CAPRI! This is such a stunning affair, I can almost smell those lemons and hear that wonderful Italian music just looking at these amazing pictures. This is one gorgeous wedding and the fact that it is in Capri moves it right up to the epic category….so gorgeous! How amazing are those lemon “placecards”…brilliant!  Click here if you want to read about this incredible wedding.  Pictures by Brian Dorsey.

1356_dempsey$!x900 0057_dempsey$!x900 0061_dempsey$!x900 1051_dempsey$!x900 0228_dempsey$!x900 0678_dempsey$!x900 1948_dempsey$!x900 1437_dempsey$!x900 0324_dempsey$!x900

1392_dempsey$!x900 1404_dempsey$!x900 1356_dempsey$!x900

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beautiful pictures to share, this weeks round up is heavy on beautiful food with a healthy does of gorgeous homes and lots of pretty things!


IMG_7021(1) IMG_7020

IMG_6999(1) IMG_6998(1) IMG_6997(2) IMG_7019(1)

IMG_7038 IMG_7034 IMG_7031 IMG_7029 IMG_7302


4. THE HEROES OF FATHERS DAY. This seems so appropriate today, but I am sorry in advance to be the one responsible for making you cry on Sunday morning.  Hopefully they are happy tears and tears of gratitude for these incredible men ( and women ) who protect our liberties and defend our country.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, I think we can all agree they are true heroes in every sense and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a Happy Fathers Day then these heroes. This just warms my heart and makes me appreciate my own father  so very much (who served for over 40 years and left his mark in so many distinguished ways)….THANK YOU DAD, SO PROUD OF YOU AND SO HONORED TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER:)


5. SUN VALLEY. This is one place I have never been to but both my husband very much want to visit. I follow Slim Paley’s blog who happens to own a gorgeous picturesque home there. Her pictures in this post in particular just blew me away. So good that I had to share, here is a snippet. If you need a little virtual getaway, this just might do the trick! Click here for the entire post.

IMG_3190-800x837 IMG_3200-800x800



6. MY YARD COMING INTO BLOOM. This year my story is all about the green and white. All white flowers and letting nature do it’s thing with the green. I love it….it’s so crisp and vibrant. My hydrangeas are about ready to burst and seem to have doubled in size since last year. I am just finishing up my planters and just enjoying watching everything bloom away. So far, so good……


FullSizeRender(98) IMG_7016 IMG_7015 IMG_7013 IMG_7011 IMG_7304 FullSizeRender(97)


7. HONORING THE ORLANDO TRAGEDY. Finally,  it is safe to say we are all just sick over what happened in Orlando….there are no words. I just cannot imagine the pain of those families, whose loved ones were out to have an innocent good time and to end in such heartbreak.

It is such a senseless tragedy, and a true blow to all humanity. It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of love and unity around the world. In case you haven’t seen how monuments all around the world have honored those whose lives were lost, this is very much worth sharing and makes you believe in the kindness, unity  and giving of others again.





Paris, France



Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.27.02 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.27.24 AM

Coucil House, Perth

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.26.52 AM


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.26.43 AM

Sydney Harbor, Australia

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.27.11 AM

Tel Aviv

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.27.39 AM


So friends,  that is this weeks Seven on Sunday. A lot to make you smile ( I sure hope so) and a few things to make us reflect on the luxury of having just a normal day spent with family and friends, in light of what has gone on in recent years,  I think that is the ultimate luxury.

Life these days has been unpredictable and scary, you see what’s going on all around us and it sure makes me pause and give thanks for the simplicity of a normal day. I wish my own dad and all the dads out there, a beautiful, relaxing day spent laughing and enjoying with those you  love. Many thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great end to the weekend. Until  next time……






The Coastal Living Showhouse!

Hi friends and happy Friday afternoon….hope you are well and have had a great week. Mine has been busy, busy, busy with a bit of fun thrown in. I spent my first day “out east” (Hamptons/Montauk) with one of my best friends, and we had such a fun day. It started with a wonderful lunch at the new Baron’s Cove in super charming Sag Harbor. Highly recommend, great atmosphere and a nice menu.

Then we went to the wonderful Coastal Living Showhouse done by Meg Braff and I have to say….it was fantastic! So much so that I took a lot of pictures. A LOT. I know like me, most of you love designer showcases. I love going to them and go any chance I get. I am so happy that I got to see this one, totally worth the trip:) So if anyone might be in the area, highly recommend you go!

And for those who are just too far away, this is for you. Please do take advantage of all my picture taking and grab a cup of coffee or what the heck, its around 5 so a glass of wine is totally appropriate and I do hope you  enjoy:)


Step on in, the colors were so cheery and uplifting from the minute you walked in from the beautiful front porch-





Right off the living room is the kitchen/open eating area-



IMG_7048 IMG_7049 IMG_7050


And right off the kitchen/living room is this beautiful deck decked out in this gorgeous wicker furniture-


IMG_7241 IMG_7242


And to the left of the living room is a cheery master bedroom with a wonderful deck overlooking the pool-

IMG_7190 IMG_7192 IMG_7195 IMG_7204


And of course loved seeing a blue and white piece:)



And then going downstairs, the basement continues with this wonderful uplifting color palette-


IMG_7215 IMG_7216 IMG_7218


 A gym was made out of a small room downstairs, lots of great ideas-

IMG_7231 IMG_7230 IMG_7229


Loved the way the basement office was done-

IMG_7223 IMG_7224IMG_7223

And moving to the upstairs was a bevy of wonderful and inviting guest rooms,baths and this beautiful sitting area all with beautiful views of hte pictureque backyard-

IMG_7213 IMG_7189

Loved the sliding doors off of the upstairs den…



IMG_7171 IMG_7172

IMG_7061 IMG_7062 IMG_7063

And this fun bonus room above the garage-

FullSizeRender(95) FullSizeRender(94)


And how about this wonderful upstairs laundry room-

IMG_7165 IMG_7166

Love the paper and how about this for a great and pretty way to store laundry detergent!


Beautiful views off of the upstairs decks-



And then there’s the outside…possibly my favorite part. I wanted to plop myself down right on one of those chaise lounges and then retreat to the beautifully done pool house-

IMG_7264(1) FullSizeRender(92) IMG_7269(2)

IMG_7243 IMG_7274(1)

Step inside this airy pool house-







Really liked the bead board on the ceiling and can see doing that in PB-


And really liked these glass garage doors, very sleek


A few final notes on what I particularly liked for the house in PB

Square sinks


Barn doors to close off an open area


Lots of sisal


Lots of great storage ideas-

IMG_7055 IMG_7231



Pretty fabulous, don’t you think? We loved it, thought it was the perfect beach/coastal home. And it can be yours! Its’ for sale, to see the listing, click here...always fun to satisfy our curiosity:) Click here to get more information on the showhouse.  Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful evening and a great weekend!








Which would you choose?

Hi friends, as June has been a super busy month and continues to be, I have had a number of things to go to where I have needed to do a little retail therapy.

Besides, I have been doing really good on my diet and I felt like I have earned a few new frocks:) So I wanted to share with you some things I have come across, several that I bought and love and some other new discoveries….many of them are great deals and on sale:)

You know the drill, you get to choose your two favorites. Do any stand out as must haves? There are a number of things here that I can see getting lots of mileage during the summer season. Lots to love, so here we go-



CHOICE 1. Isn’t this the prettiest dress for a summer party/evening? Casual enough to even wear during the day and it could definitely be dressed up for evening, break out the gold jewelry:) Click here


CHOICE 2.  My favorite capri is on sale! Offered in a bunch of wonderful summer colors, these have the best fit…seriously slenderizing. Click here


CHOICE 3. This is a newer brand to me, but Alexis is coming out with some really great tops, this macrame beauty is gorgeous, click here


CHOICE 4. How elegant of an evening shoe are these? I love that the heel is not too high, Ferragamo nails it every time! Click here


CHOICE 5. Another favorite Kate Space top, this is a “go with everything” perfect for casual chic summertime dressing, and it’s on sale! Click here


CHOICE 6.  Have a number of lovely Missoni pieces and really like how comfortable (and good looking) they are! This pretty black knit dress is a beauty and the price is even prettier! Plus imagine how easy this would be to pack, just roll it up and go! Click here


CHOICE 7. Finding a white summer sandal can be challenging but this one did the trick, I own these and they are really soft, comfortable and look great with everything plus they are under $100! Click here


CHOICE 8. Any mother of the brides out there? This style, cut and color are fabulous for an elegant mother of the bride (or groom)! Plus it’s almost a third of it’s original cost! Click here


CHOICE 9. Jack Rogers for $59? Unheard of, available in several colorways, these are a summer staple, click here


CHOICE 10. This top can get so much mileage, great with shorts, jeans, capris, white slacks…always looks smart! Click here


CHOICE 11. Bought this top and love it…its a soft breezy cotton that looks great with jeans, shorts, capris. Best part it goes with everything,  love Joie. Click here


CHOICE 12. How cute are these espadrilles with the extra fringe detailing? Love them, in 3 great colors. Click here


CHOICE 13. Isn’t this little silk print top pretty? Love these colors and print, perfect for white capris or slacks! And it’s on sale:) Click here


CHOICE 14. Adore this Mar y Sol tote for pool/beach or just fun summer days, click here


CHOICE 15. This is a fun summery nautical inspired dress which looks cool and breezy, priced right too. Click here


CHOICE 16. Do you  know how many times I wished I had this! I finally ordered it, have an older black jumpsuit (size 4 so not getting into it anytime soon). These are so practical, can easily be dressed up or down. The pants version of the little black dress, click here


CHOICE 17. Beach coverups are a must have for most….and this one is mighty chic, could almost double up as  day sundress, click here


CHOICE 18. Own these  from Toms and must say they are quite comfortable and good looking. Cannot believe they are now under $50!! Click here


CHOICE 19. Isn’t  this so chic for a summer party? I love the color and style, could so easily be dressed up or down, click here


CHOICE 21. Own this wonderful little light cotton top from Tahair, and its the perfect top when you are in a quandry as to waht to throw on top, goes with everything! Plus it’s now on sale….click here


CHOICE 22. Past my “short shorts” days, a friend who I trust said these are her favorite Bermuda/longer shorts of all time. I just ordered them, will let oyu know! Click here



Love so many things here, this could be a complete summer wardrobe for me:) Summer dressing is so much fun….. love maxi dresses, great fittings pants, lots of white, and soft cottony, flowy fabrics, tons of white. What are your summer staples?

OK your turn to pick your two faves. Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful afternoon! Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping:)

PS Last day to take advantage of the orchid mania promo, a few are sold out but a few still remain. Click here to see-







Another trip to the NY Flower Market….

Good evening friends, hope you had a great weekend. Ours was so nice, relaxing and lots of fun. From boating to dining al fresco at a friends beautiful home, we ended it last night with a glass of Rose sitting at a family members new home on the water. A great weekend indeed and beautiful weather.

Yes you heard right from my title, I went back to the market and I just can’t seem to stay away!! This place is such fun, there is such a wonderful energy and it makes me feel like”a bonafide insider” which of course is always such fun….hey, a girl can dream!

So I went back partly because I just love flowers so  much and secondly because I  was doing some photography for my new site, and it was a great excuse to go there. These pictures don’t need much narration, a peek “behind the scenes” at some of my favorite stops and then what came home with me and how I used it all…..


IMG_5905 IMG_5902 FullSizeRender(70)

Orchids in abundance:)


The sidewalks are an explosion of color and lush vegetation…so much to see and admire!


Love peonies? Then this is for you….

IMG_5910 IMG_5909



IMG_5924 FullSizeRender(71)

Tulips still in abundance and they are sooo beautiful!IMG_5915

I have never seen a yellow peony and these were huge!IMG_5914

And now take a look at these beauties that came home with me….





Got this huge box of fresh moss for $30.00! It goes a very long way


And let the playing begin….from tabletops

FullSizeRender(74) IMG_6698 IMG_6631

To  mantles-

IMG_6658 IMG_6655 IMG_6653 IMG_6651

And outside tables…

DSC_0736 DSC_0739 DSC_0740

After a few days I was desperate and determined to maximize my investment so turned down (way down)  the AC in my pantry area and turned it into a makeshift greenhouse, lol. Kept the peonies by a very cold air conditioning vent, worked like a charm, they lasted 6 days which for peonies seems like a lifetime:) So I was able to use the pictures for the planned photography-

FullSizeRender(73) IMG_6714


Think I had fun? You better believe I did:) And there friends,  you have my latest trip to the market, it was such a thrill to be there again. If you missed the recaps on my last visits, go to search bar (top right of my blog) and type in flower market, it will take you to the other posts.

Thank you for stopping in and sharing this wonderful little adventure, if you have the chance to all means, do. Or if you have a flower market near you….it really gets your creative juices flowing. I definitely recommend trying it.

That is it for now, until next time….

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here (there is LOTS of good stuff there)!

PPS And speaking of flowers, just as of Tuesday afternoon the most fabulous orchid promotion just started…this is one you do not want to miss! Click here for details-