Bluff Diaries- Chapter 7

Hello! Just in case you are wondering about what is going on with the PB house…there is progress being made albeit a little slower than what we wanted. Some of it was our fault, changes in the plans, and amendments that needed to be made. The good news is that we decided on a builder, soon to sign on the dotted line and with luck this show is going to hit  the road very soon and never look back:)

One great thing is that  unlike up here in NY, “down south” they do not lose time for bad, cold, inclement weather…so building is pretty much a year round process there. That is good news indeed. I feel somewhat ahead of the game in that I am doing lots of research to figure out what/how I want to do things and think so far I  have a really good idea of what I am looking for. Thankfully my Pinterest board is a great place to curate a  collection of pictures to refer to (click here if you want to see).

So today I am focusing on flooring. SO many options. We are finishing a small wine cellar in our home and went to look at flooring and boy, was I ever floored (pun intended) at the vast choices but even more what they are doing with tile that looks like wood flooring, right down to nails and cracks….incredible! Totally wowed by so many of the choices and best part how affordable so many of them are. The tiles that look like marble, wood and onyx are mind blowing. So here we go on the subject of flooring….



For the great room which is basically a living room/family room with dining partially open to kitchen inclined to go with wood (a little softer on the feet) though some of the wood/tiles are mighty temping. First here are some of the real wood ideas-

photo-parquet-1317563749 hardwood-floor-pattern-chevron-2 end-grain-wood-blocks-1352556147

point-de-hongrie-1236009774_52d9526562e07 1a3a9ed41e57237a0c39dc602949a0cb


And then check out this tile (we chose this one for the cellar) as we are keeping it lighter/weathered woods, channeling a rustic Napa vibe to work with the great room next door. Amazing stuff! The Tile Shop is an excellent source for beautiful and super affordable flooring! I get a special contact me about it:)


4202341_orig IMG_1295-2

This is the “wood tile” floor we chose for our wine cellar-incredible with the “cracks” and nailheads-

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For the family room/study,  I may do wood but thinking to do an area rug out of sisal with a herringbone pattern or possibly wall to wall-


Always loved this room above, it feels coastal but in a very sophisticated way and love the textured sisal carpet…..great vibe!


bakari2 steps to bedroom more camilla-sisal


For first floor powder room fell in love with this painted cement floor, it is stunning!


For the back powder room will likely do a simple white honed marble-

unnamesadfad unnafdsdfsamed


Onto bathrooms, we divided our big master and did a his and hers smaller (we are used to our own bathrooms and this is a luxury we want to keep:)

So for mine just loving these, they are white marble with celeste blue accents-

unnxwamed unnamefcd


For hubby white with the brown tones is always masculine and attractive-

uxcqnnamed unnac2med unnamcbed

For guest baths I will likely do what I did in this house, kept them all clean and classic variations of white marble. it is timeless and you can add color with things like prints, art, and/or wallpaper,etc….


This below is so pretty , love that chunky marble chair rail and detailing



For bedrooms am a big fan of wall to wall though down south you see lots more hardwood, not sure if I will go that route. If I did the carpet I would go with either Stanton or Stark they both make some all time favorites, these I may also do area rugs out of and bind the edges with about a foot or so of wood floor exposed (another look I like)-


And finally for the back mud area which leads to a small pantry/mudroom/laundry I do love the look of herringbone brick or would do oversized pavers, possibly Peacock-

Herringbone brick-


A few patio/outdoor space inspiration pictures-





Peacock Pavers-

peacock_pavers_buff_interior_texas_portfolio peacock_pavers_champagne_interior_rosemary_beach_portfolio home-design


So those are my ideas on flooring, though they are subject to change, I have a feeling what I end up doing will be very close to these ideas. I typically do not waver much when I really like something and I really really like these ideas:) Of course the budget is to be considered and that is something that needs to work as well! Anything you particularly love?

If you want to see all the other “chapters” on top right of my blog, go to the search bar and click “Bluff Diaries” it will take you to all previous posts. Thanks for sharing this fun journey with me….the best is yet to come. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day! Until  next time…..


PS Last day for promo. Site has been updated to show what is still available, click here to visit












Seven on Sunday

Hello friends, first order of business is to annoucne the winner of the stunning pierced silver bowl giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

#25 Faith

Contact me at to claim your prize so your beautiful bowl can be on it’s merry way


So how are you this Sunday morning? Here the weather is spectacular…cannot complain about this exceptional late summer weather we are having. Though I must say I still cannot believe that next weekend is Labor Day!! How could summer just about be over? I ran out to buy something early this morning at our local market and no kidding, I actually saw aisles of HALLOWEEN CANDY, I almost did a double take then remember that the day after Christmas you start seeing Valentine’s Day cards….too much!

So today we are off to enjoy this beautiful summer day, have to savor these fleeting summer days and I find when I do something relaxing and peaceful on a Sunday it charges my batteries for a busy week ahead:) So as I do every Sunday here is what’s on my mind this week…..


1 SUGARFINA CHAMPAGNE AND ROSÉ GUMMY BEARS!!! You might have seen these, they are all the rage and with good reason. Why didn’t I think of these? Not only are the too cute and I love the color but they will put you in a good mood too:) Just brilliant and what a fun gift or amazing party favor idea! Sold out in many many places, I found a place that has them!  Click here to order

e1628af4f1a1acb2_rose-gummies r1631-champagne_bears1 Rose' wine gummy bears


2. ONE STUNNING LUNCHEON GARDEN PARTY. This makes me want to throw a garden party, this is so elegantly done. I am definitely very inspired! Every last detail is so elegant and beautifully orchestrated. Really puts me in the mood to plan a party or luncheon of some sort……

All photography by Lucy Cuneo Photography

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3. AN AMAZING NEW BOOK ALERT! I get so excited like a giddy little girl when I get a new design book in the mail..and let me tell you, this is one you MUST have. Segreto did it again and just when I thought they could not top their previous book, they did with their newest masterpiece, Segretto Vignettes!

I was oohing and ahhing over every page, my husband from the next room had to come and see what the fuss was all about. Here are a few teaser photos, this is a “must add to your collection”, click here to preorder yours before they sell out (coming out in Sept). And yes the cover is a great teaser to how wonderful this book is-



unnamebvbvbd unncvcvamed unnsdssamed unfsaddsafamed

INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Oh boy so much to love this week, I was hard pressed to narrow it down. I am madly in love with a bunch of these and have some new discoveries as well Enjoy…..


unnamefdxd unsssnamed unnafddfdmed unnamefdfdd unnamsdsed unnafddmed unnaf3med unnfdamed udsnnamed ussnnamed unnamefffd unnadsmed unnameffd usdnnamed unname4e3d


5.A DANNY THOMAS I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT. I was so touched when I learned a lot more about Danny Thomas than I admittedly knew. I knew of his involvment with St. Jude but I really did not know the extent of his fascinating and most inspiring story.

A friend whose husbands family knew him since childhood enlightened me and I was so moved by his story…there are many articles on him but this from the NY Times sums it up beautifully. An inspiring man for sure!  Click here to read

More than 70 years ago, Danny Thomas, then a struggling young entertainer with a baby on the way, visited a Detroit church and was so moved during the Mass, he placed his last $7 in the collection box.


When he realized what he’d done, Danny prayed for a way to pay the looming hospital bills. The next day, he was offered a small part that would pay 10 times the amount he’d given to the church. Danny had experienced the power of prayer.


That prayer to St. Jude marked a pivotal moment in his life. Soon after, he began finding work, eventually becoming one of the biggest stars of radio, film and television in his day. And as one of the world’s biggest celebrities, Danny used his fame to fulfill his vow to St. Jude Thaddeus and to change the lives of thousands of children and families.


6. FABULOUS NEW DESIGNER Well let me clarify George Hobeika,  is a new name to me….I was so wowed by the spectacular gowns and details of this exquisite line. Oh boy, does this get me excited for one day when one of my boys decides to get married……of course I wouldn’t want to upstage the bride but still I want to choose something pretty:) And any one of these would do just beautifully…….

usfdafsdannamed undsfdsfnamed unnamsfd3ed unnasdfsdmed unnasfddsmed unnamdfdded unnamsdsded


And just in case you want to see more, check out his latest 2016 couture runway show…exquisite!! Absolute fashion nirvana and the venue isn’t too shabby either…..



7. Sunday’s Survey  As I have turned the big “5 0” I have all kinds of things I have added to my bucket list.. many of which I really hope will get done when I am young enough to still really enjoy them to their fullest.  I feel so grateful for so much that I have accomplished and been given but there are still a number of other things I have yet to do.

I most definitely have  a serious case of wanderlust and never feel too tired or old to do anything I set my heart to…and trust me there are lots of things I still want to do. So wondering about where you are in life…have  a yearning to do lots more or satisfied with things just as they are? I would have to go with #2 on this poll. Your turn to weigh in……




So there you have my seven on Sunday. I want to thank you for stopping in, always appreciate you making me part of your Sunday mornings. Don’t forget the promo is still on and though we are sold out of a lot there are some bargains still up for grabs, click here to see. Until next time….












The Enchanted Home Shop musings and a giveaway!

As of Friday morning a fantastic warehouse blowout has started, there are many many fabulous items up for grabs (that there are one or two  left of) click here to visit


Hi there…hope you are having a great week. Mine has been rather hectic and it has made a great excuse for a few batches of frozen margaritas with my Margaritaville machine:) Summer` is flying…I cannot believe we are only 10 days away from Labor Day. How did that happen???

We have been busy at the warehouse clearing things out and moving things around as we prepare for the silver container (in a few days), the ornaments,  planters and porcelain container…lots of goodness coming this way!!

As I periodically I do like to share with you happenings on my shop site. So here is a random rundown of all that is new and forthcoming. The new shop site is in the finishing stages and I can promise you will it will go live sometime in Sept. which I am really looking forward to. Here is the first mini poll-

My shop is my happy place (with my blog) and I have been incredibly lucky that I have am experiencing growing pains…that means that yes, we are growing! The new site will be more user friendly, hope to have an 800 number in within the next few months so you can talk to a real live person:) And will have more manpower to update the shop site on a more frequent basis. Trust me, I know there is room for improvement and I am all over it:)

I have a few polls here as well and for your participation I am offering a lovely little giveaway. Just participate in the poll and leave a comment and you will be the running, a winner to be announced on Sunday! Here we go…..



ORNAMENTS. Sooo excited about these. I have a vision of the most beautiful Christmas tree decked out in mini ginger jars, pagodas and balls. I can see it now. I am going to wrap all my gifts in cream, navy and moss green….let the holiday hoopla begin.

I offered a presale on these and the response was tremendous. I might be doing a reorder due to the response,  before these even arrive….stayed tuned if so I will be offering one more presale next week. So please be sure to give me your two cents on my one question survey about these beauties below-


They will each come in their own little bubble bag and will include this white gift boxes which will hold 4, 8 or 12 ornaments.



PROVENCE PLANTERS. Another thing I am beyond excited about…these  metal Provence planters are stunning. I already have a place for several in my own home. They are being offered in black, ivory and pale blue/green. They are offered in three sizes will surely add beauty and elegance wherever they are used.

Here is a sneak peek. I ordered an extra 18 pieces as I knew that some would have missed out and want to order. Here is a preview of these beautiful planters-

IMG_8193 2132-10 unnamed 54c135a122410_-_02-hbx-benjamin-moore-blue-lace-de



A question about these-

HANDPAINTED PILLOWS.  I plan to expand on these stunningly beautiful handpainted chinoiserie pillows. Seeing is believing, and trust me these are beyond gorgeous in person. Stuffed with a fluffy overfilled down pillow, these are dreamy, all handpainted and very special.  They are like a signed oil painting on a pillow:)






BELLJARS!! You can tell I love my belljars as I have them  a number of them in my own home. I am working on getting much better pictures on the new site which will do these beauties  the justice they deserve! Here they are in the White House-


They really are so beautiful and I discount heavily as many know. Furthermore these exact beauties grace none other than The White House….both in the loggia and main corridor…imagine that! (no it was not my sale…bummer). Here are a few of my best selling styles and a gorgeous new very “Ralphy” one-


One of two best selling patterns, the tulip


Brand new style above…so “Ralph”! I love it…available now will soon be added to online shop


This is one of two best selling patterns, vertical leaf


CUSTOM FLORALS  Some beautiful  new florals  are heading this way and I will be also offering some fabulous magnolia leaf arrangements and garland that you will just love.

These are so great because they look very lifelike but never require water or a green thumb. I have them alongside real orchids and can say I have fooled many:) Stay tuned-



unnamfdsa33ed usdafannamed unnamfsdadfsaed asdaunnamed unnamedfdfdd unnamdfsafaed


MY FAVORITE CANDLES FROM THE RITZ CARLTON So I found this amazing line of triple scented candles at The Ritz in New Orleans, they are downright heavenly….I have carried them for some time in my online shop in their beautiful crystal containers and have them in several rooms in my home.

This is my “home scent”:) Well, I am waiting on my first samples of their wonderful candles poured into my mini fishbowls!! How cute will these be? I am excited and plan on having them in plenty of time before the holidays-


Aimee_9oz_Amy_s_Vanilla_Sugar_Cookie_large candles

Now imagine this yummy candle in this darling container…..tres chic!


SILVER I am waiting on a container due here any day, crossing my fingers for Friday. I am getting in such beautiful pieces- candelabras, lots of mint juleps, and pitchers as well as a few incredible new gallery trays here is a peek, a two day sale will be held next week when these beauties arrive!


PORCELAINS I have two more containers coming in for 2016. This next one will be here around mid Sept. then I will get the last one for the year late October. Have some fabulous things coming in…I have a few questions for any of the porcelain lovers out there-


PERSONAL ACCESSORIES. It is no secret that I am girly girl through and through and am always on the prowl for something really fabulous. Well…one order I am really looking forward to getting is  the most gorgeous cashmere/lace shawls coming in and some sumptuous throws for chairs/bedrooms.

These pictures do not do them justice but let me tell you, these are “out of this world beautiful”….I am really excited about them!


original SKU-FSH-300-Style-Fashion-Road-Color-Mousse-Mousse. url

Then I discovered this gorgeous chic line of bags which I also have on order…they have a “birkin vibe” and made with a high quality raffia/straw in a bunch of fun colors, very chic. These pictures were taken on the fly but you get the idea-


unnamer433d unnacxxmed unnamfdaed

This is more of an evening bag and I love it…comes with the furry pom pom and a long strap so you can wear as a crossbody, comes in 6 great colors.








So as you can see….lots happening over, all exciting things. As I always say I do not sell anything I would not put in my own home or use myself and everything above is living proof of that. So……about that giveaway-


One lucky Enchanted Home reader is going to win this  magnificent large pierced silver bowl from my collection. This beauty is as beautiful empty as it is being used for serving/entertaining. Just visit my shop CLICK HERE and come back and tel me a favorite item to two. I will announce a winner on Sunday morning.


Wishing you a fabulous day, thanks for stopping in! And one last mini survey-




Six things that every room, both big or small should have!

Hello, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was relaxing and quiet..with my son gone, its a new lull I am trying hard to adjust to. Driving by his school yesterday  with its pre school buzz of maintenance workers and painters on a day where weather wise it felt “pre fall” got me all teary eyed. I am such a nostalgic mush.

I get lots of emails from people wanting me to help them with projects big and small, how I wish I had time to work on every one of them! I  love what I do and few things excite me as much as getting to transform a space. Sometimes its very subtle and other times, the changes are big and can be really dramatic.

I also hear from people who sometimes say they live in a small apartment or small space and are looking for ways to update/beautify  the limited size involved. For me, who at 20 lived in a small 1 bedroom Manhattan apartment to now living in a very large home, there are principles that have always been important. Things I did in my tiny apartment that I modify and do in my large house.

Even if you didn’t move a single piece of furniture there are easy things that you can do today to enhance and give yourself a whole new found appreciation for your own home sweet home. Far from being any magic solution’s here are my must haves-






1 A stack or two of books. This is two fold, they are great accessories, tell people a little bit about who you are and what you love and lastly, can be interested conversation pieces. Best part, they are in inexpensive.

Try to focus on books that really interest you, I love history, design, architecture and horses so many of my books center around those subjects. They work everywhere from console tables, end tables, coffee tables, nightstands, kitchens and yes even bathrooms:) There is no where you cannot put a pile of great books…


224unnamed BOOK_4 stacked-books-and-coral-art

sarah barth 17 798

2. Small vase or bowl. Now the bigger the space the larger you can go and I am not one for super small pieces, I think every room (even small rooms) need one large object to ground them  but a mid sized bowl or vase where you can fill with fresh flower, branches, leaves, lemons, apples,etc….

I like having a vase that I put weekly flowers in, for bowls I love to add bright green apples, lemons or boxwood balls. The vase or bowl can be a porcelain, blue and  white, a colored bowl, or glass. I think something in blue and white or color offers the most impact


gallery-1469046086-hbx080116nextwave011 Blog 8


3a9e9cf8eb5759b57d1c7896461c7d4f IMG_0333_3-X2-360x289

3. Lamps. One or two depending on space, lamps offer beautiful soft lighting and are another “accessory” to add to a room. I am fond of crystal lamps, blue and white and solid colored porcelain lamps. I like soft wattage for a softer accent lighting. Lamps are like the jewelry for a room….they are a must have!

729fc547cd56 293f0be0cad5499679dc7997167b515a


Lamps in kitchen brooke giannetti

4. Candles. Come into my own home and chances are a candle will be burning in the kitchen, family room, powder room adn breakfast room. When I have guests you can add the living room and the powder room.

Find a scent you love and stick with that as your signature house scent. Most always come with a coordinating room spray, I use both. I love when people come into my home and remark on how great and fresh it smells.


Home tour ft Acqua De Parma candles - on Fashion Mumblr blog 5

5. Framed pictures. Once again an inexpensive but highly personal way to accessorize. I have pictures everywhere…..I love a shiny silver gleaming frame so that is what you will find in my home. Some like brass or wood, or colored frames…whatever it is, choose some favorite photographs and find a nice coordinated group of frames to display.

Once again you need not spend a fortune, if you are patient and resourceful, you can find very inexpensive frames from places like Overstock and Home Goods. The quality might not be the best, but they are a lot of look for the money.

There are many places you do this, on a chest, console, center table, coffee table, end table, on the walls, etc…Love seeing a photo collection and often it is  the first place a guest will gravitate towards.

silver-plated-grosgrain-ribbon-mat-frames-c silver-linen-frames-c

index fa

b895b23e17a9de40f5bd3afb1a3d9816 index


6. Mirrors. Yes mirrors add so much, they help to enlarge and enliven a space. Even a small mirror is amazingly effective. I love mirrors had have them almost in every room. Reflective surcease indeed add a lot to any room.

You don’t need to spend a lot, you can go to places like Overstock or Home Goods and snag a nice looking mirror or $100 or less…and its impact will be paid in spades. Love them in foyers, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and though you dont’ see them in kitchens often….whose to say it can’t work!

one kings lane_bunny williams_BEDROOM DRESSER






And a seventh should have been fresh flowers…as there is no room in the house that doesn’t look just a little bit prettier with a small bunch of fresh flowers. When I was young and living in the city, newly married I remember on my way home from my buying job at good ol’  B Altmans, every Friday like clockwork,  “treating” myself to a cluster of fresh flowers from my corner Korean shop.

It felt like such an indulgence…and boy was it worth it! I felt like I always sprinkled our apartment tn with magic fairy dust every time I arranged a fresh bunch of flowers! So these are “sure fire” ways to add just a little bit of charm and pretty into virtually any room. Do you have your own secret sauce? Do tell! Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..







Seven on Sunday

Hello friends! Time to announce the winner of the beautiful white Saffiano bag, congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at with your shipping info so this beautiful bag can be on it’s way!


Hope you are having a nice weekend….here it’s quiet with my son being gone but it’s been surprisingly relaxing and peaceful,  sure do miss him though. Today we are invited on a friends boat and then might hit the movies, rain is in the forecast so if there’s something worth seeing, today is a great movie day. Hope whatever you’re doing is fun and mostly relaxing…..

As I do every Sunday, I share with you seven things on my mind….so let’s get this party started:)



1 BALI HAI SAGA. So I have always loved this iconic fabric. It is bold, beautiful and so classic. I got the last of what they had for pillows but upon seeing it in person my mind started racing with possibilities as to how else I could use it. Put a few pics on Instagram and the reaction was amazing.

Here is what I started “dreaming about”. Click here to see all of Quadrilles happy and amazing fabrics.



First thought is pillows…they make gorgeous pillwows!


Ah but then look at how it livens up my breakfast room….brings such life there:)



And of course its beautiful on a chair as well….decisions decisions! Feel free to weigh and comment


2. ENCHANTED HOME SHOP NEWS. Very excited for things that are in production. The ornaments and the planters are the “next great thing”! They will be here by the end of Sept….and I can hardly wait. A fabulous new collection of silver is due to arrive in about a week or so and then the first of the last two containers will be here mid Sept. Lots of excitement heading this way.

My new website is literally just a few week s from being done!! So exciting, there will be the usual bugs and speedbumps in the road but I am really excited about launching the new site and think you will agree it is much improved.
The first planter has come out of production here is a small in the ivory, GORGEOUS! Most were sold during the presale opportunity however I ordered a few extra as I knew these would be very popular-



A few blues we were experimenting with I like the right-

IMG_2098 IMG_2096




3. A FABULOUS NEW BOOK. I love when I get a great new book to preview… love them all, novels,design books, cookbooks. I recently got this book and while the cover lured me right in (seriously beautiful) , it was only when I actually started to read the stories behind each picture that made me a believer.


An interesting and captivating mix of  entertaining stories with a wonderful sense of humor and playfulness, wonderful recipes, accounts of iconic parties and fun tidbits of trivia, Steven Stolman’s newest book is a keeper. If you are a book aficionado like myself, I highly recommend you get your hands on one! Click here to pre order one of your very own.



Come to Mama:)


So much elegant party inspiration

unspsdfsdfecified undfdspecified unspecfified


4.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Oh so much to love this week, clearly I could not help myself! Amazing array of beauty found in many forms with a few doses of extra cuteness thrown in-

unnam53ed udsdsnnamed unna11med unnassmed unnamdded unncdamed unname44d unnam42ed unna32med un44named un33named un22named u11nnamed unnamfded

5. A MOVIE I AM FINALLY EXCITED ABOUT! I cannot wait to see this, read the book and the movies promises to be AMAZING…right up my alley and fantastic cast.

This is coming at time where I am seriously losing faith in Hollywood, sorry but to me,  there are very very few quality movies coming out of there. I want REAL MOVIES about REAL STORIES….so not into the sci fi and horror genres that seem to have monopolized Hollywood.

Woody and Nancy Meyers are you listening:)  Anyone else? This looks great……

6. BARGAIN ALERT. I was shopping at Last Call this past week, feeling all glum after my son left so treated myself to a few summer “pick me ups:” and lo and behold found t he best deals on winter/fall things too!

I was so excited, came away with cashmere sweaters for under $50 a piece!!! Unheard of, here are a few I got, click here to see them for yourself. There are so many bargains to be had:)

LCTBG1G_mu LCTC0A5_mu.

LCD0V4W_mk LCTBF70_mu

7. Sunday’s Survey. With technology and our world in general moving at a record pace, there are times I actually find it scary. It often makes me wonder about the long term possibly damagin effects it is having on our children and youth in general. I see 2 year olds barely walking with their own iPads and 5 year old pint sized fashionistas with their very own Instagram account….say what?*!!?

Everything is all about instant gratification. From shopping to finding a date, to seeing pictures and needing info at lightning speed. It is right at your fingertips. I question that the lost art of waiting for something is going to rob our children of the simple joy of anticipation. Wondering if I have company hence this weeks poll-






And that friends is what is on my mind this week! Thank you as always for stopping in and making my blog part of your Sunday. Wishing you a wonderful and mostly relaxing day, time to charge up those batteries:) Until next time…….

PS Last day for the pillow promo, some still available….many beauties! Click here


















Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Hello! Hope your week is going well,  mine has been super busy (nothing new) but with the heat fave factored in….its been looooong. Thankfully it started to break last night and this wilted flower is perking up:) I was a little down after my son left so I did a little “retail therapy”.

I had great success shopping recently at Last Call and  thought it would make a perfect late summer Which would you choose…especially because so much here is on sale, well,  make that everything is on sale.  On top of that offering a great giveaway to one lucky winner (details on bottom).

I love taking advantage of the late summer sales and of my shopping saavy …so  many pretties to be found and all at bargain prices. Not only do I get to wear them this year, but it gives me a head start on my summer wardrobe for next! Plus where can you find so many amazing winter deals on cashmere and other great winter staples on sale to boot.

I must say I have gotten deals I would find hard pressed to find elsewhere. Plus today get an EXTRA 20% off your purchase of the already heavily discounted prices and use the code LCSHIP for free shipping over $99! Doesn’t get better…ready to choose your two faves?



CHOICE 1. This beautiful little St. John jacket/top is so beautiful and classic….I could see these worn a million different ways. One of those classic staples, click here



CHOICE 2. Going into fall/winter but cannot get over the deal that these gorgeous Frye tall riding boots are…..amazing! Click here


CHOICE 3. Isn’t this Akris peplum jacket adorable? This could be a piece that could easily see you through summer into fall, with white pants or black…a great staple! Click here


CHOICE 4. Really like the detailing on this pretty black and super practical every day tote from Furla, click here


CHOICE 5. Love the navy cashmere and suede top stitch detailing on front and back of this great looking sweater, click here


CHOICE 6. This friends, has my name all over it. I LOVE the color and styling, am a huge fan of alpaca anything (SO luxurious)  and the lenght is perfect. Seriously considering this beauty. Every year I buy 1-2 good coats, and find this length to be the most practical..gorgeous!! Click here


CHOICE 7. Just got these darling white criss cross sandals, like that they have a slight wedge cork heel but are super comfy and works with everything, great deal too! Click here


CHOICE 8. You might know by now how much I love gray/camel together for fall/winter dressing, so this scarf called my name in a big way,  click here


CHOICE 9. OK fast forwarding into colder months but these UGG shearling gloves  are such an amazing deal! I own them and bought them for full price (around 135) with the extra 20% they are now only $50!! Wow, click here



CHOICE 10. Adore this top for year round use, very chic and you will not get over the price! Click here


CHOICE 11. Same gorgeous drape front cashmere duster as the gray but in this gorgeous oatmeal color…so chic! Click here


CHOICE 12. Love this bag and really love the price, anything with this kind of braid/topstitching gets my attention, had to order, plus it was a great deal:) Click here


CHOICE 13. One of my favorite pairs of jeans/pants, these NYDJ are  the lowest I have EVER seen them!! Great deal on pants that will surely become your fave, click here


CHOICE 14. Have a formal event coming up? How gorgeous is this…love the style, the color, everything! Click here


CHOICE 15. This Vince sweater/cardigan is the kind of thing that is part of my fall/winter “uniform”, looks as great with jeans as it does slacks, great color and super comfy. Click here


CHOICE 16. Own thee Oscar de la Renta glasses and love them, these are the cheapest I have seen them yet! Click here


CHOICE 17. How elegant is this boxy fringe jacket from St. John! Talk about a classic that will stand the test of time…click here


CHOICE 18. Think this off the shoulder top is such a pretty one, love the color and lacy detailing…the price made me do a doubletake! Click here


CHOICE 19. Own these linen espadrilles in navy and black and love them, they look fantastic with everything I pair them with plus they are the lowest I have seen them…$56!

Click here


CHOICE 20. Love bow blouses think they always look so feminine and classic, plus this Nanette Lepore is at a price you cannot say no to, click here


CHOICE 21. Beautiful double bell sleeve on this sharp looking  navy and white summery top made this an instant add to cart!  click here


CHOICE 22. This classic beauty which I featured a few weeks ago is even prettier in person, cannot wait to wear it. It is almost half of it’s original price, click here


CHOICE 23. Big fan of anything quilted and these darling boots could become an every day staple, such a deal. Click hereLCX2ZS7_mz

CHOICE 24. And talk about deals! This beautiful alligator embossed set including a luggage tag and passport holder is only $22! Amazing value and great gift idea (especially if someone wants to include a trip with it:) Click here




One lucky winner is going to win this beautiful white  Saffiano leather tote…might as well finish out your  final summer weeks in style. You must leave a comment here to be eligible.

Visit Last Call by clicking here.  Tell me your favorite item offered at Last Call and that will put you in the running. A winner to be announced Sunday morning.



It’s so scary how every one of these has my name on it and while I have a number of them, there are few I just could not resist. I can always justify a little shopping spree when I know I am getting a deal!

Click here to see the whole kit and caboodle for an extra 20% and don’t forget to use the code LCSHIP for the free shipping over $99. Happy shopping! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week. Until next time…..

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PPS If you missed the It’s All Set, click here















It’s All Set- August

Hello…first I want to announce the lucky winner of the beautiful blue and white planter! Congratulations goes to-

#11 MARSHA (please look back at comment to be sure you are the right “Marsha) Click here for post

Please contact me at to claim your prize.


It’s one of my favorite times of the month when I get to feature a favorite tablescape along with the talented group that I am involved with, It’s All Set. Such fun getting to share a monthly tablescapes and I always look forward to seeing what the other talented ladies have come up with.

I have been on a bit of a tablecloth and napkin binge, finding great fabrics and having them made into tablecloths, toppers and coordinating napkins, love the process! Summer to me means al fresco dining as much as possible so I looked for inspiration with the outdoors in mind.


This month I really love the combination of  blue, green and white…that trio has always inspired me.  It just feels so fresh and summery…and made the perfect little table setting for a intimate table for four. So here is what I did for this month-


Here was my starting point- fresh hydrangeas in whites and greens, mini green foo dogs and the linens I had made….


And here it is all put together-

unnaasdfasfdmed uafsdfasd3nnamed unnamefdsafdsaad u233223nnamed unname433434d adsaaunnamed




China- Blue Mikado by Royal Crown Derby

Silverware- Purchased at Neiman Marcus a few years ago

Charges- Juliska

Table linens- I had custom made

Foo dogs- from my shop

Fresh hydrangeas- local florist

Ginger jar- from my shop

Crystal- Mikasa from many many years ago


Hope you enjoyed this tablescape for August. It was a lot of fun to put together and gave me a great excuse to invite a few friends over for an impromptu lunch!

By all means, do visit the other super talented ladies to see what they have come up with, no doubt it will be well worth the click.

Please click here to visit the brainchild of this fun group- Lory of Design Enthusiasm, as well as the others to see what this talented group came up with! Click here

Don’t forget to visit the current promo where a bunch of previously sold out favorites are now back in stock! Click here


Wishing you a wonderful day and hope you are savoring every last drop of summer!








Random musings as seen through my iPhone……

Hi friends!!  Hope this finds you well, and hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was very nice, though yesterday my son left and that is always bittersweet. The only thing that made it bearable was seeing how excited he was to go back. Knowing how happy he was made me happy…..but still going to miss that little guy.

The good thing is I am crazy busy mostly in a good way so have plenty of distractions to keep me going until I can’t go anymore and flop into bed at night:) I just cannot believe we are down to the last few weeks of summer,  for me it just flew by. I was able to check off many things of my summer bucket list, but not all!

Anyway as I periodically do I share with you recent happenings around here via my trusty little iPhone. Here is a snapshot of the last week,  of course only the pretty and inspirational lol-



Love seeing all my blue and whites outside:)

unname433d unDSFAAnamed

Been making crostini caprese a lot this summer, isn’t this dish gorgeous (an antique English plate given to me by a wonderful customer/reader)


Got my hydrangea trees delivered along with my fishbowls….just need to take the paper off and add ivy!


Paired these pretty jars with fresh hydrangeas next to my beautiful Mottahedeh covered platter


Nothing like a visit to a local farm for vine ripe tomatoes


Gorgeous pagoda napkins made in a favorite colorway for one lucky customer….

unnamVNBVed unnNNBNamed unna4TYmed

In love with this trim and not only am I using it for a client but think I “need” to use it myself:)


Pretty arrangement out the door for a friends birthday


Finally getting the energy to finish up my bedroom, my favorite palette…the pale blue/grays


These few pictures are taken from a dear friends beautiful home.. I am helping her spruce it up a bit not that it needs it!

unnameFD434d 3433333unnamed

Added the three emperors to a side chest


Gorgeous NYC flowerboxes


A friends beautiful foyer


Taken while strolling through NYC


Love seeing all the colors I now offer with my little mini foo dogs, so cute!


A favorite salad this summer that I have been making A LOT!


Friends beautiful dining room


Couldn’t get to the flower market, so Whole Foods is about the next best thing:)


Another day rearranging, this drives my husband nuts…every day he practically comes home to at least one thing being moved around:) Call me the eternal tweaker


Playing with a favorite fabric for pillows and possibly an ottoman , Bali Hai from Quadrille



My favorite salad from St. Ambroeus on Madison Ave.


That gorgeous townhouse again!


Maybe saving the best for last…how exquisite is this incredible work of art? Teddy himself  has been handpainted on this amazing silk pillow!!! Stay tuned as these custom handpainted pet pillows are coming to my website soon:)



So there you have the good and pretty from this last week. Busy days around here and trying to savor the last few weeks of summer. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week. Until next time….

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Seven on Sunday

Hello……and happy Sunday to you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend though it is H O T. We have reached heat indexes of over 105!!  This weekend is very bittersweet, my baby leaves tomorrow to go back to school:( I must admit despite the many many late, sleepless nights from waiting up (normally only to find out he is sleeping out), having several fraternity brothers here the last week ( crazy hours, no sleep)….gave me a taste of what they live like at school, um, no thank you:)

Despite all that, I am going to miss him terribly. I am so used to him being around though hes really not around much at all. We had the best city day yesterday, just he and I as we do every 3 or 4 months. We had the best time….he is my kindred spirit in so many ways. Already missing him:)

So just as well that I am busier than I have ever been,  involved in  many projects,  and now more than ever the distraction is good. Just when I think I am used to him being all grown up, I realize I really am not….it hits me hard every time. Let’s move onto to things of beautiful distraction…..



1 GREAT PARTY IDEAS. I am hosting a luncheon at the end of the  month and even startling to think of ideas for the Christmas party that I think we are going to host this year….yes, finally doing it!

Every year we have a family party but this year we think we are going to host a big party for friends and family…I have a great theme in mind (to be discussed soon)! I love each and every one of these ideas……these really make you want to plan a party:)


wedding-food-bar-ideas-Ten22-Studio wedding-food-bar-ideas-andrew-mark wedding-food-bar-ideas-the-melideos wedding-food-bar-ideas-ken-kienow wedding-food-bar-ideas-cooper-carras wedding-food-bar-ideas-honey-honey-photography wedding-food-bar-ideas-Ten22-Studio-2 wedding-food-bar-ideas-ballads-photography

2. THE ONE AND ONLY LB ORIGINALS. I am so lucky to own many of LB Originals amazing truly beautiful items, from gorgeous stationary to gift tags, mugs to tote bags..Laurie is reigning  Queen of beautiful monogrammed goodies, all so affordable you don’t even need to think twice!

Here is just a small taste of her beautiful things…..her things are like a guaranteed dose of happy. Click here to visit her-


unnaFD33med A2 unnamFD33ed uFADSnnamed DSSF3unnamed unnameDFD3d unnafd3med

3. NEW BOOKS ALERT! So many great and promising new design books coming out, I have a bunch on preorder and am so excited!!  I love design books and in fact can say I collect them, seems they are everywhere. The very favorites stay on my coffee table and nightstand so I can go over them often…..good design books never get old and I always rediscover new things. All of these upcoming books promise to be goodies and all can be found on Amazon for preorder. Here is what I am anticipating-

61XQz8C3AhL 61rIWZNbTrL 51yR+w-tTQL 51QhNSlhkLL 81XBVSrz8WL 61Rp6R02UfL 51xmygYlNWL


4. MORE AMAZING FABRICS. Forewarning, if you are prone to palpitations and heavy breathing when viewing sensationally gorgeous fabrics proceed at your own risk!

Cowtan and Tout has been a long standing favorite for classic gorgeous fabrics and sumptuous trims. I almost wish I didn’t see these….now I am brainstorming as to where/how I can use these! I am an incurable seeker of gorgeous textiles..cannot get enough:) Click here to swoon over more Cowtan and Tout.

1002024 1002025


1002666 1002649 1002651 1002656 1001915 1002302 1001871


5. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I must admit I get great pleasure in scouring Instagram and saving my very favorites. Amazingly I am never at a loss of a plethora to share with you and sometimes its hard to narrow it down. Yes there is that much beauty and inspiration out there. Here is what I am especially loving this week….

unndasfaamed unafdsdfsanamed unadsfanamed unnasdfaamed unnamdfdfed

unnamfadssdaed unnamedfasfdasd unasdfanamed unnafsdamed unasfdnamed

SDSDunnamed unnDSSDamed unnamdfdfed


6.CUPCAKE OBSESSION. OK, I am completely obsessed with these works of art aka these incredible cupcakes by Sweet Petal!! These are serious things of beauty…I cannot imagine biting into one though something tells me they are probably equally delicious.

I am floored over the workmanship and attention to detail….probably a good things they are far far away:) I might look for excuses to order them a little too often! Get your glass of milk ready… here to follow them on Instagram.

unnadf33med unnafdazmed adsffdasunnamed asdafaunnamed unna6556med unasdf3named

unnasdasamed unnadfdfmed


6. SUNDAY’S SURVEY.  In consideration of the fact that back to school season is officially on (scary that it came so fast) thought this is appropriate. For me, the answer is still the 4th one down…..I am still in that mourning stage of my kids being all grown up, tell me this will pass!!!







So friends that’s what’s on my mind this week……and you? Anything particularly exciting? Hope you are staying cool wherever you might be if you are having near the  heat wave we are. Fall never sounded so good, bring on those crisp 65 degree days…ahh, love it!

Thank you as always for stopping in and making me a part of your Sunday morning. Love hearing from you and wishing you a fabulous Sunday! Until next time….

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Step inside the fabulous Hampton Designer Showhouse…….

Good evening and happy Friday to you…hope you are well. Been very very busy with the porcelain container presale going on now. So many beautiful things…we just updated the site to reflect what is still available. It will end tomorrow, so don’t miss out click here if you missed it.

Here we are in the throes of a seriously hot heat wave…as in it feels like a boiler room when you walk outside. Cannot imagine living without AC! So about a week ago I had the good fortune to visit the Hamptons Showhouse presented by Traditional Home, and am I glad I did.

It was amazingly wonderful and if you have the chance to go, I highly suggest you do. Click here for the lowdown. Certain rooms really hit it out of the park and I took away several great ideas for my PB home. So enough of my gabbing, think the pictures speak volumes. Come on in…….



Upon entering you are greeted by this beautiful living room that opens onto the kitchen/breakfast/dining-

unnavccmed uassannamed

Just love the palette in the living room…very much what I see for PB!


Stunning, don’t you think?



Really loved this pale driftwood finish on the beadboard, note to self- keep in mind for PB:)

u232nnamed unname5454d

And this kitchen just wowed me, totally loved it-

uxcxcnnamed unnamveed unnambnbned

How beautiful are these built ins centered on the table wall and with a window seat in it!

unvbnvbnamed uerernnamed

Then there was this very large family room/media room swathed in a sea of cream…


This ultra plush furniture is begging for a late afternoon siesta:)

unnamecbbcvd unnamcvbcced

Then we ventured on down to the lower level aka basement which felt like anything but….

unxxnamed unncvcamed unnacxxcmed unnxzzxamed

This lower level bedroom was gorgeous…so unique and loved and ate up all the details!

unzxzxnamed xzzunnamed

I said this is an adults version of a great sleepover room:)


And then upstairs to 4 bedrooms…this part was probably to me the least exciting but here is a snippet-

unnaxcxcxcmed unnafghfmed unnafgdmed

The view from above… blue and white radar was definitely on!

unnamgged unnkjjkamed cxv23unnamed

Did like the illuminated builtins in this closet


This closet definitely got my attention:)

unnamvccced unnamfghgfhed



Upstairs laundry rooms are always a good idea!


And finally to the outside spaces which in one word were fabulous!


Always loved a covered porch with outside curtains, this space begs for a party!

unnamecxxd unnaxcwmed unnamedvv

And the pool was a vision in blue and white….loved it all!


unnamesafdfads3d u343annamed unnamadsfaaed unnamafsdasdfed unnamssxed


White is so beautiful outside….always works, always!

unnamebbd unnvbamed

Love taking away ideas for stylish bar cart styling…this one was a pretty one!



Well that was a treat, wasn’t it? Hopefully this was the next best thing to being there:) Do you have a favorite room? For me the kitchen, breakfast, living room and outside spaces are my favorites! Tell me what you loved the most and why, always love hearing from my readers. Click here to learn more about this beautiful showhouse.

The porcelain presale is on until tomorrow, don’t forget to visit and be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a gorgeous planter! Click here to visit  the presale and enter the drawing.  Wishing you a wonderful evening and great start to your weekend! Until next time……