The Enchanted Home Shop news and a giveaway!

Hello and happy Friday to you. This has been one busy week, so many balls in the air! Exciting things are happening over here and there is a lot to tell you about. I like to do these little updates on the shop site a few times a year to give you a heads up about all that is happening or will happen.

I also have included a couple of very short polls and for your time and feedback, I am offering a beautiful giveaway to one lucky Enchanted Home reader (details at bottom). So consider this a bit of a newsletter about all that is happening over on this end. Ready to begin? Let’s go…




Yes just in case you were wondering, no it has not been abandoned and yes,  we are very much working on it behind the scenes, it is not an easy task and it has gone well well beyond schedule.  At this point I am not so much focused on the time  anymore as I am about getting it right. It is really coming along and I can safely say we are in the final stages which is great news!

So I am not really adding much to the current site as it doesn’t make sense, I know there will still be small things here and there to be tweaked but I am hoping that within 2 weeks we will go live. To be continued….




Well as you know the container just arrived a few days ago and though I am sure that I cannot  get too excited having done this many times now, sure enough I am wowed by it all and always drive home with my fair share. Somehow I find a place:)

So we have been super busy getting a ton of orders out the door. By tonight every single one will have shipped, no easy feat! These items will be online but right now as I am between my current site and soon launching  the  new one, they will not be available until then. Click here to see porcelains.

I will soon be offering a presale on the last container for 2016! The last container of 2016 will be here by early Nov (by Nov 4th).  So many new and exciting pieces are going to be offered, I hope to do this in the next week to ten days so do stay tuned, you will not want to miss this. Here is a little peak at some of the new items coming in…

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Getting in more mini foo dogs in a wide variety of colors including gold!

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And I am getting a huge number of the ever so popular mini blue and white foo dogs in anticipation of the holiday rush. Believe it or not I had to even give up a pair for myself to fulfill an order, so I too cannot wait to get them!


Loving all the mini bud vases I just got in, they are so beautiful and so practical, I have them in several areas of my home




Just got in a really magnificent bounty of silver. I mean, I am not bragging but you just don’t see silver like this around anymore. It’s either old and antique and very often quite expensive. Sometimes not in great shape or needs major work. These look old but are brand spanking new and polished to perfection. They really are exquisite and even prettier in person. Click here to view silver.

I will be getting in a small shipment of acorn and equestrian themed mint juleps hopefully around Oct. 20th, so stay tuned.


This candelabra is just beyond gorgeous!

setpf3julepetched chippendaletray3 chippendaletray bevtub


Seriously considing having 30 of these made and need to make a decision within 3 days….would order 30 pieces just in time for Thanksgiving/Christmas/holiday season. These as you might know can be very expensive, I would sell them for $250-270. Really fabulous quality, would love your input!




So much buzz on these beautiful ornaments, I cannot wait to decorate my tree! It is going to be a totally different tree this year and I am very excited! So did a presale on the first order which is due here on or around Oct 8th, they cannot come soon enough. Then did a presale on a second bath which will be here late Oct/early Nov.

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THE FOO DOG ORNAMENT! I also worked don and created the cutest foo dog ornament (by popular demand). I have not gotten the finished one back but it will be a blue and white foo dog. So, in the  name of time I am going to offer them through this post for presale. These are in production and will be here around Nov. 10th. Today and the promo coming up will be the only time you can order these (limited numbers) it will be blue and white and stand 5″ tall it is $13.00 (shown with primer) Isn’t he darling!



And then just when I decided I was not going to do colored ornaments this year, I got back the samples of the red/white, green/white and gold/white ornaments and changed my mind. I was smitten and had to get these done too.

So really would love your input via a short poll after the pictures. I am accepting orders on these now (min 2 per style) and will offer them in an upcoming promo (within a few days) and today and that promo will be the only time to take advantage of the special pricing.


Green bird 4″ ball $10.00


Green dragon ball 4″ $10.00


Green tall ginger jar 5″ $12.00unnavccmed

Green flat top 4.5″ $11.00


Green Chinese symbol ball 4″ $10.00



Red tall ginger jar 5″ $12.00


Red floral ball 4″ $10.00


Red flat top jar 4.5″ $11.00


Red Chinese symbol ball 4″ $10.00


Red pagoda A. 4″ $11.00


Red pagoda B 4″ $11.00



Gold pagoda 4″ $11.00


Gold pagoda 4″ $11.00


Gold floral ball 4″ $10.00


Gold flat top jar 4.5″ $11.00






Also coming around Oct. 9th are the much anticipated Provence planters, I am so excited to get these!! All orders will be expedite as soon as they here and unloaded. I also have a big batch of new stunning lamps being made as well as a return of the 36″ and a new smaller size 24″ bamboo lantern, these are very special and I am really looking forward to having them back in stock! Click here to see all chinoiserie tole.

unnamed unnamed

unnamed IMG_2096 IMG_2098

I had worked on this planter and decided to have a sample made. Just got back the sample back of the incredible highly intricate planter  and it has me dreaming. I am in love with it.

This is a more expensive planter as it is much more labor intensive, all done by hand! I will offer this in much more limited quantities. The size is 23″h x 15″w and the price is $425.00 which is heavily discounted. It can be finished in any color of your choosing. I have a small order of them in production now. If you want to order contact me at

unnamfadsfdased unf3named


A big batch of gorgeous lamps and lanterns will be coming as well… is an in progress peek, I love seeing them being made, such an art and all done by hand! It really makes me appreciate these even more…..




And the very popular bamboo lanterns will be available now in two sizes 36″ and 24″




HOLIDAY ARRANGEMENTS. So I am also going to offer a limited number of super elegant holiday arrangements plus I am very excited to  have partnered with a magnolia farm and we are going to be preselling arranged bunches of magnolia tied together that you need to just drop into any container. Click here to see all custom florals.

There is nothing that says elegant holiday like magnolia. Here are a few of the gorgeous arrangements that will be offered soon-


Could so see a pair of these flanking my fireplace mantle!


These will come in ivory and black, perfect for consoles, chests and dining tables


Here is an idea of the magnolia in various containers (pardon the pictures taken on the fly with a cell phone).  Plus will offer presales on thick luscious magnolia garland and magnolia wreaths. Would love your input on these as well-

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HOLIDAY CANDLES IN BLUE AND WHITE. I am excited about these….filled with an incredible triple scented gardenia candle, this beauty will grace any elegant home in the most wonderful way that only blue and white can.

These are being made as we speak and hold 40 oz  of candle, so they will last a long time. Being triple scented and from my favorite candle manufacturer (who does all the candles for the Ritz Carlton), means the scent permeates every room so beautifully. These should be available sometime later October (limited numbers coming in).


MONOGRAMMED NAPKINS. Will offer a whole new set of fonts and colors plus cocktail napkins, these will be on the new site though they are available now. Here are some examples-


teh_napking_-16-of-26 teh_napking_-22-of-26

And one final question- (optional)


Wow this post reminds me of why I love doing what I get to do every day! And on top of all these goodies, I have some odds and ends coming in in  limited numbers, magnificent cashmere/lace shawls and wraps, luscious incredible throw blankets and plenty more.

So as you can see I am one busy elf gearing up for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Seeing that we are almost in Oct. it is not a minute too soon to start planning!


One lucky winner is going to win this fabulous new silver water pitcher  from the newest collection. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!


To enter, simply visit the ship by clicking here and take a look around. Come back and tell me your most favorite item, that’s it.  I will announce a winner next Tuesday.

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a great Friday and end to your week! Until next time….

PS Don’t forget to enter the amazing Neiman Marcus travel giveaways!! Click here to enter (winners to be announced tomorrow, Sunday)













Random beauty

Hello from rainy, dreary cool New York. Though I am not going to complain as we really need this rain! Been a crazy busy week as you can imagine, having gotten in the porcelain container and getting orders out the door as fast and furiously as we can. I am happy to say that by tonight 95% will have shipped…no easy task and it sure does take a village!

As I periodically do I share with you random pictures of beauty, everything from precious pups to inspiring architecture or exotic places…you can’t categorize beauty, it comes in so many forms. So here is what has recently caught my eye with a big accent on the glorious season of fall, enjoy.




tumblr_o9pem7liib1sgrduho1_1280 tumblr_na42334fee1rvnhllo1_1280 tumblr_och3byysmt1sp11gbo1_1280


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fall-scenic-of-horse-farm-and-pond-george-grall tumblr_odafh3aoyh1u4012lo1_500 tumblr_nilmeukmjd1rsj6teo1_500

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fall-wedding-details-roaring-fork-club3 tumblr_nux2yfa7tw1tic5i2o1_500

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www-pinterest-com pie_strbry_rhbrb_2_main_1




Well if that doesn’t give  you a necessary dose of beauty to start your day, not sure what can. It sure inspired me:) I have fully embraced fall, and am so excited it is here, by far my favorite season! And you? Are you happy to say goodbye to summer and transition to the cooler season of fall?  Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time….

PS Don’t forget to enter the Neiman Marcus travel giveaway! Click here (winner to be chosen on Sunday)




It’s World Tourism Day and a Neiman Marcus travel giveaway!

Good Tuesday morning to you!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week. Fall is definitely in the air and I must say now that I have fully embraced it and have bought my first pumpkins and mums…. I am ready!

I must admit I only recently found out that today is World Tourism Day.  In fact, there is an entire website all about it, so if your curiosity has the better of you, click here to find out more about WTD! Does that mean it is our duty to book a trip? OK you certainly won’t have to twist my arm. Is there anything greater than travel? I think not.

Travel just opens your eyes to so many different things, new cultures, places, history, foods, iconic cities and buildings, etc….I LOVE to travel and hope to do more and more with time (and hopefully a less hectic schedule).

When I think of travel a few things come to mind, first I start with my favorite travel agent/advisor, Sandy of You May Be Wandering. I have used Sandy for several trips and she is fabulous! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Certainly  the most thorough, organized, detail oriented agent I have ever used. Plus she is affiliated with Virtuoso so there are many perks, and we all know perks are good:)

Then the fun part, getting to plan and prepare for the trip and  it’s best to do it in style, don’t you think?  That means everything from good looking and durable luggage, to the little things like great luggage tags and stylish passport covers. Plus so much more, cozy travel blankets, good looking carry on totes and so on.

The last piece of luggage I got was a Bric’s suitcase, I bought it from Neiman Marcus and it has seen lots of miles since. They have a fantastic travel selection which is worth checking out if you have a trip in your future. It was funny that their price was cheaper than anywhere in my neighborhood and it was delivered within a few days right to my front door!

So today a Which would you choose on so many amazing travel related items from Neiman Marcus (many that are on sale or promo)  in  honor of World Tourism Day and a great Q & A with Sandy that you will not want to miss.

So imagine the travel fairy has gifted you a trip of your choice…which two of these must have travel goodies would you choose?  I realized going putting this together that many of these items would make excellent Christmas/holiday gifts for the traveler in our lives, and it’s not a minute too soon to get a leg up on the holidays!  A few people have immediately come to mind:)

Plus not one but TWO awesome giveaways from Neiman Marcus (details on bottom). Let’s go…….




CHOICE 1 This is the piece I bought, one for me and one of my husband. It is good looking (extra points that it’s navy) and its on sale for super low price! Click here


CHOICE 2. Every piece of luggage needs a good solid luggage tag and this stylish one would do just fine:) Click here


CHOICE 3. So in love with this…had to order it. I needed a new weekender and anything monogrammed makes it kind of irresistible:) Click here


CHOICE 4. If you are girly girl these are for you! So good looking and love this color, it will surely be a standout in the sea of black suitcases:) Click here


CHOICE 5. This classic looking weekend duffel is fantastic at a price that was a surprise. A perfect stylish bag for quick weekend trips, click here


CHOICE 6. Really liking these personalized travel jewelry boxes…tres chic! Click here


CHOICE 7. Loving this passport cover, so elegant! Click here


CHOICE 8. This is one good looking and perfectly sized travel tote, click here


CHOICE 9. There will be no mistaking whose suitcase is whose with these colorful luggage tags, set of three,  click here


CHOICE 10. Never have to worry about identifying the wrong garment bag when you have this monogrammed beauty! Adding it to my Christmas list. Click here


CHOICE 11. OK this is most definitely a splurge category item but this Gucci duffle/overnight bag is awfully chic! Click here

nmn3hh9_mzCHOICE 12. A cozy fleece blanket with a pillow and little travel bag all for $33? What? Click here


CHOICE 13. Isn’t this one good looking piece of luggage? Bric’s is my all time favorite, great looking and SUPER durable, plus its now on sale:) Click here


CHOICE 14. Love these monogrammed travel bags, stunning! Click here


CHOICE 15. This nice looking extra large black travel tote from Tumi was surprisingly very reasonable, I have ordered one for a friends upcoming birthday who travels a lot, click here


CHOICE 16. This is pretty and so practical…a surefire way to keep everything organized and in one place, click here


CHOICE 17. LOVE this passport cover, in one of my favorite colors. I want to go on a vacation abroad just so I can whip this beauty out:) Click here


CHOICE 18. How chic are these monogrammed train cases? Click here


ITEM 19. This is fantastic just what we all need for our ” beauty arsenal” 🙂 Very practical! Click here



CHOICE 20. This cozy cashmere sweater wrap/cape is what every stylish woman need for the plane. It could almost double as a blanket! Very chic and available in 4 neutral colors. Click here



Well if these gorgeous travel related items don’t put you in the mood to plan a trip in your future, cannot imagine what could:) I am ready to go! And if by chance a trip is in your future or this has you hatching an idea for one, I highly suggest you read through what my favorite travel agent had to say on all things travel. You can reach Sandy directly by emailing her at  or visiting her blog by clicking here.  Take it away Sandy….


Are there any travel trends that you are seeing for 2016-2017?

The hottest destinations right now are Iceland, Portugal and South America – if you want to visit any of these places book WAY in advance!
Travelers are no longer satisfied with just flying to a destination and figuring it out as they go – everyone wants unique experiences to make their trip that much more special.
As much as I hate to say it, the uncertainty in the world is having some impact on travel. People are still traveling (and spending a lot to do it) but more and more people are looking for unique experiences in the United States, using this as a time to see more of our country.



What is the easiest way to get upgraded in a hotel?

Book your hotel through me! Seriously, if your travel advisor is a member of a consortium like Virtuoso (of which I am a member), not only will you get added amenities at many of the best hotels in the world, including breakfast and resort credits, you will also be first on the list for upgrades.
Also, don’t be afraid to speak up – just ask nicely about the possibility of an upgrade upon check-in…the worst that can happen is that they say there is nothing available. Quite often, an upgrade can be a “better” room in the same category you already booked just waiting to be assigned to you.



Getting upgraded by an airline is very rare unless you are a member of that airline’s loyalty program. However, it does happen once in a blue moon – recently, my husband and I were traveling on our anniversary and my husband very sweetly asked the gate agent (by name – yes, it helps) if he could purchase a first class upgrade to surprise me to celebrate…shockingly, she gave us two first class seats at no charge and smiled and said “Enjoy your anniversary” when we boarded.


What is your most requested destination?

Italy…the perennial favorite and no surprise as to why – it is simply magical.


What are two things that you think are most important when considering booking yourself vs. using a travel advisor?

Travel advisors are your best travel tool!! If you are spending your hard earned vacation time and money to take a trip, why NOT trust an expert to advise you on your investment of money and time?

Most people think travel advisors are expensive – in reality, we actually will save you money more often than not! I have personal connections with hoteliers around the world and will make sure you get VIP treatment whenever possible. AND, more often than not, I will also save you money by offering you complimentary breakfast, hotel credits, upgrades, late checkouts, etc. through my connections. I now charge a planning fee for complicated itineraries (it takes a lot of time to plan the many details I like to include in my clients’ travels) but all the added benefits I offer my clients, plus the peace of mind they have of knowing they are working with a professional, more than makes up for any fees I may charge.
A good travel advisor works for YOU and will get to know your wishes and desires in order to make the best recommendations to tailor your trip to your exact needs. Do you like to plan your trips yourself? My favorite clients collaborate with me in planning their trips – I simply share my knowledge and advise them of their various options and assist them with the details of booking. Clients are still helping to plan their own trip, just with the added resources and benefits of a trusted advisor.


What are some of the most talked about hotels in the travel world right now?

Definitely the Ritz Paris, especially since the re-opening in June…no question, it is stunning IF you don’t mind spending upwards of 1000 euros/night! If you are thinking of staying there, definitely let me know – Virtuoso amenities include private limo with VIP meet and greet from/to the airport, no set check-in or check-out time, daily breakfast including room service AND a guaranteed upgrade at time of booking.
My personal favorite newcomer is the Faena Miami Beach – I fell in love with the concept long before it opened, was one of the earliest visitors and now love seeing it become a darling of “in the know” travelers.


Do you have an all time favorite hotel or destination?

I have so many favorite hotels – I love each one for different reasons and I would rather not play favorites (but I will say Montage and Belmond know how to treat their guests right!) For destination, it is a tie between Paris and anywhere in Italy.


Come on spill a few insider travel secrets…..

Whatever you do please DO NOT book a hotel online through a 3rd party booking site – you will likely get the worst room at the hotel! I just had lunch with a couple of luxury hoteliers and they described how they meet each morning to discuss new arrivals – every incoming guest is ranked in order of priority. Guests who are booked through a travel advisor with contacts at the hotel are at the top of the list flagged as VIP #1.

Who is at the bottom of the list? Guests who have booked online through a third party booking site. If you must book your trip yourself, call the hotel directly and speak to someone in-house to discuss your options – DO NOT book online!
Thank you, Tina, for having me today to celebrate World Tourism Day!! I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to share my wanderlust with your readers! Happy Travels!!!



Wow, so much good information Sandy. And interesting about booking online and who can argue with Italy!  I always learn something new. OK I have m favorite travel items picked out, a wonderful travel advisor to help me get there……I am ready to roll!  Now about the giveaway from Neiman Marcus-


THE GIVEAWAY- TWO lucky winners are going to each win  these fabulous travel prizes!

One winner will win this monogrammed travel tote


And winner #2 will win this stylish Tumi travel duffel!




Visit Neiman Marcus’s travel department by clicking here, take a look around and come back here to leave a comment telling us your favorite travel item. Two winners will be selected on Sunday (to be eligible you must leave a comment on this post not email me). Good luck!

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous fall day! Until next time…..



PS The one day porcelain sale is on and ends tonight at midnight, click here to view.











The porcelain container is here and a one day arrival sale!


Good late afternoon friends….love blue and white porcelains? You have come to the right place! The much anticipated Sept. container came in and more than 800 incredible pieces of porcelain have been unloaded! We have gotten almost two thirds of the presale orders out and the rest will be wrapped up by Wednesday, no easy task but it’s really what you call a “labor of love”.

unnasdfaaamed unnam3435ed unnameasfdad

34343unnamed unnaasdfdsafamed

As I always do I offer up the items for a one day “arrival celebration” before they go online which will still be at a very discounted price.


As the last container was mostly about fishbowls, this one is all about ginger jars, gorgeous mini bud vases, garden seats and and a return of many best sellers.

This is the second to last container of the year. I will get another in Oct/November and that will be it until 2017.  There will be one more container arriving late Oct/early Nov.

If you know porcelain prices you will recognize the incredible deals here today! Many items sell for double or more on other shop sites, so tell a friend (if you really really like them:)


  • All orders should be emailed to
  • Please use item number only, no need to write out description
  • These are here and in stock, orders will ship by end of this week
  • Subject to availability
  • You will get an order confirmation either way and an invoice will soon follow if we can fulfill your order (please keep in mind the response to these is huge and sometimes it might take us a few hours to get back to you)
  • PLEASE do not submit an order unless you are able to pay invoice within 12 hours, not fair to us or others
  • Shipping is extra
  • Any orders over $600 will get a 10% discount
  • Shipping only in the U.S. for this order (sorry to international customers)
  • This promotion ends at midnight Tuesday, Sept. 27th
  • Questions? Please email

Some items are already sold out as they sold out in the presale, some items however I ended getting more of so a few previously sold out items are now available in limited quantities.


So grab your coffee (or wine), sit back and be prepared to take in a whole lot of blue and white beauty!

SOLD OUT ITEM 1. This truly incredible jumbo jar is back. I  just love this piece, with the raised dot detailing, the light antiquing this is one magnificent jar! Measures 26″x 14″ $265.00



ITEM 2.  This wonderful med. flat top jar with its elegant Chinese symbol motif is a wonderful starting point or addition to any blue and white vignette.

Two sizes-

small- 5″ x 6″ $45.00

 med 8.5″ x 8″ $70.00


 ITEM 3. New item- Very excited about this beautiful planter. Love the design and detailing, scalloped edge and beautiful! Measures 16″ x 16″ $155.00



SOLD OUT ITEM 4.  New item- Fabulous extra large new foo dog dragon ginger jar with raised foo dog head detailing. Exquisite. Measures 28″ x 14″ $175.00


ITEM 5. New item- And a new favorite!  Beautiful navy cherry blossom garden seat..come to mama:) Measures 18.5″ x 14″ $170.00



ITEM 6.  New item- Wonderful village scene garden seat with raised detailing, in two shapes. Either one is beauty! Measures 17.5″ x 11″

LOW STOCK 6A. $170.00



LOW STOCK  6B. Six sided stool same pattern $185.00


ITEM 7. This best selling bowl is coming back, measures 12″ x 6″ $80.00



LOW STOCK ITEM 8. New item- Another beautiful new med bud vase, love this diamond shape with “panels” of decorative painting on teach, lovely piece. Measures 9″ x 7.5″ $70.00


ITEM 9.New item-  I love this because the scenery is so pretty and it feels so light and airy, perfect bud vase size for your weekend flower bouquets. Measures 9.5″ x 5″ $70.00


ITEM 10. New item- Way prettier in person!  One of my favorite shapes, the large trumpet vase is coming in with a few variations, this figuring version measures 16″ x 9″ $110.00



ITEM 11. The fabulous trio of colored emperors is returning. Set of 3 measures 13″ x 4″ $115.00 for set of 3



SOLD OUT ITEM 12. Another best selling x large garden seat is coming back. a true beauty with exquisite details. Measures 20″ x 14″ $265.00


ITEM 13. New item- I am in love with both of these umbrella stands. Talk about taking a statement in a foyer…..makes a rainy day something to look forward to. Measures 16.5″ tall $105.00 either style





14. Two of my best selling planters, here they are about half of what they sell for elsewhere. So exquisite for orchids, any kind of flowering plant and I could see during ht holidays mini Christmas trees adorning these beauties.

14A. Round measures 15.5″ x 9.3″ $245.00


14B. Rectangular measures 14.5″ x 9.3″ $255.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 15. New item-  Way prettier in person! Exquisite new square ginger jar. I love this piece and happen to own a pair….very decorative and the foo dog top is the icing on the cake. Measures 20″ x 6.5″ $145.00



LOW STOCK ITEM 16. This wonderful Chinese symbol ginger jar is making a comeback, such a decorative and pretty jar. Measures 16″ tall $120.00



ITEM 17. Two beautiful new 8.5″ flat tops coming in, these are always such a great starting point for any vignette. Measures 8″ x 8″ $70.00 either style





ITEM 18. New item- An assortment of these amazing and beautiful mini jars/bud vases…great hostess gifts. I could see adding one next to each place setting for a special diner filled with a special stem of your favorite flower. These all measure between 6.5- 7″ tall, perfect for end tables/nightstands.

LOW STOCK 18A. $22.00


SOLD OUT 18B. $22.00


SOLD OUT 18C. $24.00


SOLD OUT 18D. $24.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 19. This wonderful shaped vase is back…perfect for your weekly flower bouquets! Measures 15″ x 8


ITEM 20. A favorite classic ginger jar is making a return, beautiful ginger jar and the perfect size, lightly antiqued this is a favorite. Measures 18″ x 9.5″ $130.00



ITEM 21. These very popular chunky ginger jars are all coming back…measures 18″ x 10″. Three styles $145.00 each

LOW STOCK 21A. Birds


21B. Dragon


LOW STOCK 21C. Figurines


ITEM 22. This regal beauty is coming back, just so beautiful with it’s elegant “fruit handles” 17.5″ x 7″ $135.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 23. The gorgeous covered cherry blossom jar is coming back, such a beautiful piece. Measures  13″ x 10″ $85.00


SOLD OUT ITEM 24. New item- Love square jars, they add so much to a vignette, offered in two stunning designs, handpainted on all sides. Measures 12″ x  7.5″ $80.00

SOLD OUT 24A. Figurines


SOLD OUT 24B. Village scene


SOLD OUT ITEM 25. New item- Fabulous x large new bowl, this gorgeous village scenery bowl measures 17.5″ x 9.5″ $135.00


SOLD OUT ITEM 26. Can’t keep these in stock! These beautiful blue and white mini foo dogs measure 4″ x 6″ $75.00 for pair 30 PAIR COMING IN OCT. CONTAINER


LOW STOCK ITEM 27. The popular bird ginger jar pair is also coming back…..beautiful and elegant, perfect size too. Measures 17.5″ x 11″ $270 for pair (sold as pair only)


ITEM 28. Fabulous Chinese symbol vase, a stylish statement filled with flowers. Measures 16″ x 8″  $115.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 29.New item-  Amazing covered jar, could be the worlds prettiest cookie/dog treat jar, lol. Measures 12″ x 8″ $115.00


LOW STOCK ITEM 30. This is GORGEOUS! So much prettier in person, very grand! Getting back in this most exquisite ginger jar, x large and fabulous! Measures 22″ x 13″ $180.00



ITEM 31. Got in 20 extra pair of these consistent best sellers.  The amazing little blue and white pagodas are back…ordered lots of these to insure I have them for the holidays. So great for any vignette, or to use as bookends. 7.25″ tall Sold as a pair $65.00

unsdafanamed unnam45454ed

 pagodaa3 indssbvvvex pagodaf2

ITEM 32. The wonderful extra large trio of emperors is one of my favorites…have them in my own home and adore them. Their large size makes them extra grand. Measures  17.5″ x 5.5″ $115.00 for trio

inasadeFDDFDx indeffdvvx

ITEM 33. Fabulous elegant best selling vase is making a comeback, I own two of these and they are just gorgeous!  17″ x 7″ $120.00



ITEM 34. These are new and were not previously offered, wonderful mini trumpet and traditional mini bud vases, so love these, perfect for end tables, fireplace mantels and nightstands.


34A Darker blue trumpet vase 8.5′ $40.00



34B. Village scene bud vase 9.5″ $45.00


34C. Light colored bud vase 9.5″ $45.00


35. The best selling hexagon container is back! Got 32 more in….these are just so practical for so many things.  Orchids, boxwood, ferns and especially great around the holidays filled with paper whites, amaryllis of greens and pinecones. Measures 9″ x 14″ x 9″.  $85.00


ITEM 36. Got in 12 each of these beautiful colored chunky ginger jars. These are very special and are lightly antiqued.

36A. Antiqued figurine chunky ginger jar 17″ x 11″ $185.00



36B. Gorgeous antiqued orange/green dragon ginger jar 17.5″ x 11″ $175.00




Such fun to get these shipments in,  albeit it’s a lot of work…it takes a village:) See something you must have? Just email your order to,  ends Tuesday night at midnight. Thank you for stopping in. Until next time…….

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here



Seven on Sunday

Good Sunday morning to you. My container came in!! So excited and about 40% of orders are boxed and ready to go,  which will ship tomorrow. The rest will be worked on tomorrow through Wed and the last of the orders will ship Tues/Wed. Everything looks great and there will be a one day arrival sale as there always is later this week so stay tuned!

We are having the most delightful fall weather, it is official, fall is here!! Since it’s my favorite season, no complaints from me though I will say I really enjoyed the more laid back vibe of summer’s long, lazy, sunny days.

So how is your weekend going? Hope well, we had dinner plans with friends and having a family diner party tonight.  We also got to see Snowden. Anyone else? I loved it, and wast totally captivated by the story, I came home and promptly covered the little camera on top of my computer with a piece of tape, thanks Snowden for reminding me that you have to be ever so vigilant!

So as I do every Sunday, I share 7 things that have gotten my attention, ready to begin? Here we go…..



1 MY INCREDIBLE BELLJARS. One of the very things that inspired me to open an online shop. I put a number of these exquisite belljars in my own home and due to so many inquiries for them, I decided to start selling them. They continue to be a consistent best seller and with good reason- they are just gorgeous and I discount significantly, as much as 40% less than other companies.

They are all hand etched and hand cut mouth blown glass. My current site frankly does not do them justice. The pictures are not great and I look forward to giving them the attention they deserve when the new site launches. Below are some of the pictures as well as sizes and styles. Love them! Click here to see my belljars on current site.



screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-07-58-pm screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-13-55-pm screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-13-15-pm screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-15-02-pm screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-13-45-pm screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-15-49-pm screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-4-13-15-pm


2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. I so enjoy getting to share with you all of the beautiful and inspiring Instagram finds that I collect every week. Wouldn’t these make an incredibly coffee table book! I would be the first to buy it:) Here is this weeks faves….

unname6555d unnamedfas34d unnamefdsa34d unndf3amed unnadafs33med unnamafsdfadsed udfdfannamed unnacv3med uwexnnamed xcxcunnamed unxcxnamed unnamnbbed ucvcnnamed ucvcennamed unnamcvceed unnamnbed


3. A GREAT LINK TO ALL THINGS ENCHANTED HOME. It’s funny I like to pin as many images from my site as I can but obviously missed out on a lot. I am so flattered by those who have created boards exclusively from  my site.

Stumbled somehow across this one from DDF and it’s fantastic! I had the same feeling you get when you start going through old family pictures and reminiscing about the “good ol days”…found so many that I cannot believe I missed. Here are a few below. If you want to a bunch of pictures that might have missed from my site and are on you are on  Pinterest click here to follow the link.



030757f899ddf6807c8558a31d0ee4c9 2cfb620092acd44a3a42ec0635a0d74b

a597d4f7cb4c2345914ac20229216b3f 666b4db8adc54aa1ff25e3ea98b0db2b 64ec50755285e9e65e78667477bdd062


4. ONE DELICIOUS SANGRIA! So I hosted a small lunch here last week and among the many things I made, I tried this excellent recipe for Rose Sangria. Everyone raved and I am so glad I had a little extra:) I think one of the keys is to let it marinate for at least 10-12 hours, overnight is even better. So easy and so delicious!

Rose Wine (light, prefer French)

1 large bottle Pellegrino

1 bottle of Diet or low sugar Cranberry Juice







Simply put all the fruit into a large container or two pitchers, add bottle of Rose mix in about 2 cups fo Cranberry Juice, 2 TBSP sugar and stir, (I also used a masher to “mash” the pulp of the berries into the liquid). The Rose will dark a darker pink as the berries start to marinate into the wine. When you are ready to serve add 1/2 to full bottle of Pellegrino…voila! Add a mint leaf for garnish if you desire…and enjoy!



5. DIDN’T GET TO SEE HAMILTON? Well here is a chance to somewhat see it in a sense.  When I finally budged and got tickets, wouldn’t you know I got sick! I ended up giving them to a very grateful relative and her husband, she loved it and could not stop raving. He “liked” it but there is too much buzz about it to not want to see it.

This much anticipated documentary on the making of Hamilton is going to be  a good one! There is a wonderful PBS special on Oct. 21st which I,  along will many others will tune into. Promises to be amazing…here is a sneak peek!


6. BEAUTIFUL BOOTS ALERT. OK I am finally succumbing to fall and of course inevitably winter. I can always justify spending more on my cold weather wardrobe because here in NY it is a loooong season. I went on a boots buying spree last week and love what I got. Here is what I came home with-

Love these and think I will be living in them, always a fan of anything quilted and the quilted stretch is a practical and pretty detail, best part they are waterproof! Only personal recommendation is to go a half size up. I wear a 9 and had to exchange for a 9.5 which fit perfectly.  Click here



I have worn these for years, my pair from a few years ago have seen better days so I got them while they are in stock, they always come Dec are sold out. Click here


Huge fan of Stuart Weitzman everything and my closet will prove it:) I have had boots from him for many years so I can attest to how beautifully they hold up. I got these about 4 years ago but it is time to get a new pair. These looks amazing with everything from jeans, to skits with tights to sweater dresses, very chic. Click here





7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This has been a really rough news week. Seems like you cannot turn on the TV without bearing witness to a crime being committed often live, all due to the plethora of cell phone and camera use.

Sometimes I think it has just gone too far. Filming and even worse airing on national TV for all to see, the killing of anyone to me is completely inappropriate and downright disrespectful to that persons family. To the point, where I just cannot look, I need to close my eyes when it comes on.  In other words, yes I think the media has gone too far. Wondering what you think?




So friends, there you have what’s on my mind this week. Going to be a beautiful fall day today and I am finally going to “falletize” my home! I got huge pumpkins and a few mums and will start adding a bit of fall to my front door, I feel VERY behind.

Being in the blogworld and on Instagram, I am most definitely the later bloomer of the bunch. I guess I was trying to hold onto the last few summer days until the very last few minutes:) Thank you for stopping in and making me a part of your Sunday. Until next time……






Random musings as seen through my iPhone

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT– For anyone waiting on the porcelain container, got word it’s being delivered possibly today otherwise Monday!!  Very excited…this is a few days early and that almost never happens!


Hello and happy first full day of fall…how did this happen so fast? Besides one day of rain on Monday, we have had the most delightful week, warm and sunny. I will take it!  But fall weather is around the corner and I must say that is my favorite of all.

Hosted a small birthday luncheon for a friend today,and it was so much fun. Yes, a lot of work as I am very detail oriented but worth every ounce of effort and I cannot wait to share the afternoon with you one day next week.

Been really busy workwise, working on a few design projects and I go back and forth to the warehouse as many as 4-5  times a week. This week in particular has been crazy busy  as we gear up for the  big porcelain delivery hopefully today! Then the planters and ornaments will follow and then finally the last container of porcelains.

I like to share with you a “picture” into my life on occasion as seen through my trust little iPhone. Not much narration necessary, of course I like to show you the pretty, happy inspiring things, trust me the other things would not be very interesting, lol.



So here we go….


Love the ivy facade of this charmer of a building belonging to Kean


Me and my experimenting:)

uadsfannamed udfdsdnnamed



A visit to one of my favorite local farms, Youngs Farm where they are in full fall mode!

unnamnbbed unnadfnmed

The “piece of art” staircase at a building we went to a dinner party in in NYC, this is the famed Ansonia building.;…amazing


Been working on sprucing up things here and there in my bedroom, finally added the two chinoiserie mirrors to my sitting room and love them!




Fabric playing for clients library


Fabulous chinoiserie sample we just approved for a clients powder room….how gorgeous is it?


A new favorite meal….heirloom tomato tart and baby arugula salad plus homemade breadsticks!

unewewnamed unnewwwamed

Made my easy peasy homemade bread sticks and loved seeing them in the mint juelps, yet another way to use them


Walked into the market and this is what greeted me, still not used to this!


Have not had a burger in ages…but went to lunch with a friend after getting over a migraine and was craving one. It was worth every yummy bite


And the view didn’t hurt!


Fun playing with fabrics for a clients gorgeous living room


Amazing that mums are here!


Made my eggplant parm…it was sooooo good!

uxcxnnamed unnam7ued

Really enjoying many of my beautiful new silver pieces, putting them to good use!



So there you go with what’s happening in my little corner of the world. Fingers crossed that the container is being delivered today and if so, that is where I will be most of the day, busy, busy days ahead. But I can think of worse things than being engulfed by  a warehouse filled with blue and white, lol. Wishing you a wonderful week and end to your weekday. Until next time…..













It’s All Set- September

Hello and happy midweek.  First,  I want to announce the winner of the beautiful rug from Decor Market. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at to claim your prize and provide shipping info


Moving along, its time for our  monthly “It’s All Set”, the monthly group I am a part of that features a monthly tablescape. I am still in summer mode over here  and squeezing out one more day of it until tomorrow (fall’s official arrival)! Though fall is far and away my favorite season, I have not fully succumbed to it quite yet. Though the mums and pumpkins greeting me as I enter the local markets are a sure reminder it is here:)


Today’s tablescape was done a few weeks ago when I was having an old friend stop by who had moved out of the area with her lovely  daughter whose birthday was incidentally the day before. Knowing her love of pink and all things girly I decided to abandon my “go to” blue and white and do a really feminine looking table with a proper ladies tea party in mind:)

I have had these dishes for a long time, in an assortment of colors. It was fun to mix and match on top of my beautiful silver chargers and add other elegant silver pieces.  Monogrammed napkins in complementary colors of course were a given. As this was last minute,  I wasn’t able to get out to buy fresh flowers so my faux peonies came in handy as they have many times!  So here we go….






Love these plates, every color is just so pretty!

unasdfa3named unnadf3med unxccxssnamed

The chargers add an instant touch of elegance



Touches of silver on a table give it an old world feeling and this wine cooler is an antique treasure


unname34343d unndfdfaaamed


Really enjoying my three tier silver server for so many things


I have several round tablecloths and this one with the bullion fringe has seen a lot of use, I use it plain and also with toppers.


So there you have it!



Tablecloth- my own

Monogrammed Napkins- from my online shop

Silverware and glasses- from Neiman Marcus

Chargers- from my shop

Crystal pagoda salt and peppers- Godinger

All silver and peonies except wine cooler- from my online shop

Chair fabric- Scalamandre

Plates- A. Sadek


Thank you for stopping in to see what I came up  with for this months It’s All Set. I do hope you will stop by to see what the others have come up with as well, it’s always worth the visit! Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

Please visit my friends to see the inspiring tables they are sharing this month:



The Enchanted Home


Lilacs and Longhorns




Town and Country Living












Seven on Sunday

Happy Sunday, first order of business is to announce the two lucky winners of the two silver giveaways! Congratulations goes to-




Please contact me at to claim your prize so they can be on their merry way.


It’s been one gorgeous weekend here though we are due to get some rain this afternoon…perfect excuse for a movie day. It has been a relaxing enjoyable weekend  with a dinner party in the city, a little work and and today we were planning to  head into the city to go to the 9/11 Museum however with the bombing last night, we are going to wait until next weekend.

We heard the whole downtown is understandably  chaotic with an active investigation…so scary and a reminder to stay safe but live your life to the fullest, every single day is a gift. OK, back to light, happy and pretty subjects….



1 PHENOMENAL PHYLLO! . I am always looking for great, easy, creative appetizers. I mean, who doesn’t love Phyllo dough? I wish it wasn’t so good, then I could use some self control:)

I always have a few boxes in my freezer because you just never know. And with a party coming up for Christmas I am already starting to think about a battalion of tasty but beautiful appetizers and any of these would be wonderful! These are particularly appealing-

I love this idea-“serving spoons” made of Phyllo dough with a bite size chunk of mozzarella and tomato…brilliant! I must try this


And how scrumptious do these look? I must try these, mushrooms, Gruyere, carmelized onion in puff pastry…yum! Click on over to for recipe


And being a lover of artichoke anything these got my attention, click here for recipe


Chicken wonton cups, sign me up! I could probably make a meal off of here for recipe


2. MY VERY FIRST FALL PURCHASES! I LOVE fall and you will soon start seeing some posts about my favorite season. I just bought my first official two fall wardrobe pieces (though these will be worn into winter and spring).

I can always justify splurging  for this season as they are so long, I more than get my monies worth plus I keep things forever. I have coats and sweaters I have owned for 10, 15 years (and still love them)! So here are my first two purchases-

I loved this the minute I saw it. Adore lace and live in turtlenecks so this was a match made in fall dressing heaven. I can see this getting a ton of use, dressed up or down. Click here


And this is the kind of thing I live in Nov-March, a sweater coat. Best part? It’s reversible and cashmere…brilliant!! I love that it’s lighter than a coat but with proper layering and a warm scarf, even for super cold days it always does the trick. This is a great fall/winter wardrobe piece, click here to see


3. ENCHANTED HOME HAPPENINGS. Lots going on over here, gearing up for a busy holiday season. And I  must say I am totally smitten withe everything coming in, more porcelain, silver, tole and of course the planters and ornaments.

These first few pictures just made me so darn happy showing my ornaments  in their Enchanted home boxes getting loaded onto the truck to be sent to the shipping yard (is it me or does that truck remind you of a giant La Cornue range) lol… that it’s blue!


uzxnnamed unnacxxxmed

My bamboo lanterns were very popular and now I am making them in a 24″ size and adding navy blue with gold as another color option which I think will be beautiful. Here they are in their raw metal state, pretty even like this!


How incredible is this new planter? It is “up there” but nothing compared to the original (thousands). I am going to be getting in a limited number of these, they measure  and will be discounted of course. Would love your input on these and will be featuring a Enchanted Home shop update post where I will be asking for your input of a number of things!


PORCELAIN CONTAINER!!  For any one waiting, it  is coming on Sept. 23rd. That is our latest ETA…very excited for this and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival and will get orders out as fast as we can in the order they were received. The  next container after that will be here first week of Nov. and you can look for a presale coming in within two weeks (this will be the last container of 2016). Here are few things we are eagerly awaiting-

unnaaamed unnaffmed ussdnnamed unnamdfasfsaed undf3named 5-rylu20-1-946x1024

4.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. You know I so enjoy this part of preparing these posts…it is admittedly sometimes hard to actually narrow it down, I have so  many faves. Here is this week’s roundup-



unnamfgf4ed unname5tgd uas3nnamed

usdfsnnamed unnamf33ed udfdnnamed


unnaddmed unnameffd


5. PERSONALIZED PHOTO PAPER. You know how every now and then you have a very special gift to give? Could anything make it even that much better if you wrapped your gift in personalized photo paper.

I love this idea!! You upload your pictures and a tube of photo custom gift wrap is created and sent to your front door. There are so many possibilities in how to use this…my mind is racing:) Click here to find out more.

imasdge-php image-dphp image-php

6. AN AMAZING VIDEO. How in the world did I not ever see this? I have watched it at least 8 times since and it gives me goosebumps all over each and every time. Bad enough this song always makes me cry and gives me chills…but seeing these two pint sized powerhouses was really something and to know this is not even their native language, just extraordinary.

So beautiful…….one of my all time favorite songs with lyrics that I think resonate with all of us. (the best is at the end so please watch it all the way through)-

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. There is no denying it, the holidays are not that far away…..just one trip to your local market and you are met with bright orange pumpkins and still closed mums! You know Christmas wreaths and ornaments are not far behind…scary but true! For me, this “pre holiday” time always brings a mixture of excitement, anxiety and sleepless nights planning and plotting. Wondering about you…how does the holiday hoopla make you feel?

Well friends there you have what’s up in my little corner of the world this week. As always thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and relaxing end to your weekend! Until next time……


PS A wonderful flower promo just started Saturday afternoon…seeing is believing! Click here for info



PPS Want to win this incredible rug? Then click here for the giveaway (winner to be announced on Tuesday)

















Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Good morning…this week has flown by so fast and we are getting a tiny snippet of pre-fall weather which I am so loving. So happy I did not end up getting sick, it is allergies and it’s thankfully under control for the most part. I am finishing up a few projects and just started one large local project and am knee-deep in work, but am having fun in the process.

The neat part about helping others with their homes is that I get to live out some of my own decorating fantasies…only caveat is in the process I always see or discover things I would love to apply to my own home:) So restraint is key here.

A newer favorite resource that I have come to rely on is Decor Market. There are so many well priced beautiful items and many we have been able to get very quickly, a big perk. Never has it been so easy and attainable to decorate on a budget, they really do have something for every budget!

We recently ordered a bunch of things and so far, everything has been a home run. Prices are super competitive, delivery fast plus a huge selection. What more could you ask for! So today is a Which would you choose, imagine the furniture fairy decided to pay you a little visit. Plus Decor Market has generously offered a wonderful rug giveaway. Details on the bottom. Ready?  Let’s go……




CHOICE 1 A client got this beautiful console  and loves it, it is a lot of look for the money. Click here


CHOICE 2. A leather wing chair for $1300, sign me up! This one is a beauty…click here


CHOICE 3. Isn’t this rug stunning? Love the colors and design, Oushaks have always been one of my favorite rugs,  click here


CHOICE 4. Adore this sleek bench in a rich taupe velvet, can think of so many places where this would work, click here


CHOICE 5. This is a favorite of mine, I have used this twice on projects. Love the antiqued mirror detailing…fabulous! Click  here


CHOICE 6. How gorgeous  is this chandelier, and for a crystal chandelier of this size..this is a steal! Click here


CHOICE 7. Is there anything richer than navy velvet!! A favorite of mine and this set is priced so well. Click here


CHOICE 8. Own this beautiful chest and can attest to how beautiful it is, great color. Click here


CHOICE 9. There natural fiber rugs are so inexpensive, and they are great looking. Click here


CHOICE 10. Big fan of upholstered beds and in fact, am in the process of ordering one for myself (more traditional) however this modern beauty is one good looking bed, click here


CHOICE 11. Lucite has never been so red-hot as it is right now, isn’t this Lucite cocktail table stunning! Click here


CHOICE 12. Never met an Oushak rug I didn’t love, this one is a winner, click here


CHOICE 13. One of my favorite chairs, this bergere and ottoman are the epitome of timeless elegance, love the brushed Belgian linen. Click here


CHOICE 14. I used this rug for a design project show house last year and it was a huge hit, the price is even more amazing! Click here


CHOICE 15. How about this fabulous more modern sleek navy lacquered nightstand for $450. The brass makes it so rich. Click here


CHOICE 16. The Lucite trend is very big and I love seeing the juxtaposition of more modern pieces sprinkled into a traditional setting, this one would fit the bill beautifully. Click here


CHOICE 17.  An antique gold leaf and glass coffee table for $397……incredible deal! This could work with so many different styles, click here


CHOICE 18.  This bench is a beauty and at $269 hardly requires having to think about it! Click here


CHOICE 19.  One of my all time favorite light fixtures, have this in my own breakfast room and have used it for a few design jobs, it is stunning. Click here


CHOICE 20. I really like the Tibetan rug collection for their super soft rugs that are quietly elegant in their designs. Have used them often in my own design work, plus they feel so good on the feet:) Click here



One very lucky winner will win a 6 x9 rug of their choice from the beautiful Evoke collection. Simply visit Decor Market by clicking here, take a look around and come back and tell us your absolute favorite item and how you might use it.  Winner to be chosen next Tuesday 9/20.

4 ways to win-

1 Leave a comment on this post (mandatory to enter)

2. Follow them on Instagram provides a second chance, click here

3. Follow them on Pinterest provides a third chance, click here

4. And finally like them on Facebook and your chances are even better (fourth chance)! Click here


Don’t forget when you visit Decor Marketall rugs are FREE SHIPPING and all purchases for The Enchanted Home readers get an extra 20% off!! Use the code “enchanted”. That is a huge savings:)


Wow, so much to love here! Gets me excited for eventually getting to decorate my PB home, as I will definitely  be going with a more transitional style. Let the fun begin. Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful Friday and end to your week. Until next time…

PS A wonderful flower promo just started Saturday afternoon…seeing is believing! Click here for info

asdfaunnamed unnamdfdfed







My stupendous silver container, a 2 day sale and a giveaway!

Hi so sorry for those who emailed wondering what happened to the silver post, this published last night and then overnight reverted to a draft and disappeared….a glitch of some sort. So here it is again-


Good afternoon, so excited! Hope you are having a great week,  mine has been incredibly busy and I am feeling a little bit of a pre holiday buzz getting louder and louder. Unfortunately today am feeling a bit under the weather, so hoping it’s nothing more than allergies as this would not be a good time to be sick.

It’s going to be a great holiday season thanks to my blue and white ornament collection and all the other great things coming in:) Cannot wait to get them and who knows,  I may have a decorated tree way ahead of schedule.



But today it’s all about silver, and not just any silver.  Just when I think I cannot top my last shipment, I surprise myself! This container has to be my favorite so far…so many gorgeous pieces, they look like old family heirlooms but are brand spanking new. I am running out of room but always find a spot for pieces I cannot resist:)

I normally, as you know, offer a presale but I did not have good pictures so waited for this to arrive last week and had them professionally photographed.

Today every piece in the new shipment is being offered up in a 2 day sale. Then they will go online at their regular selling price, which is still heavily discounted. It is not a minute too soon to start thinking about holiday decorating and gift giving. I could see so many of these exquisite pieces being used around the holidays. Plus I am offering a fantastic giveaway to celebrate not to one but two lucky winners (details on bottom).

OK just a few rules before we begin, please read through them before submitting an order-


  • Email all orders to
  • Please refer to item number only  (and size where applicable)
  • These are all in stock and ready to ship! All orders will ship this week
  • If we can fulfill your order you will get an email acknowledgment and an invoice will follow soon after
  • All payments are due within 12 hours no exceptions! Please do not place order if you cannot comply
  • Shipping is extra
  • ALL ORDERS OVER $350 receive a  silver cake spade or silver bottle opener as a gift
  • This promotion will end on Friday evening 9/16
  • International orders- contact us for shipping charges
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are compliant with all terms listed
  • Questions? Please email



And now for the fun part and here we go-


ITEM 1. This might well be the  “pièce de résistance” of this collection though there are a few contenders here. This incredible large candelabra is fit for royalty:) It is even prettier in person with gorgeous detailing. I don’t need to tell you what these sell for,A LOT if you can find them. This measures 20″ x 17″ at it’s widest. Today this beauty is $185.00. It will add a sense of timeless elegance anywhere it is used…..


candleabra candelabra2


ITEM 2. A most stunning large gallery tray with pieced edges, delicate feet and incredible engraving on face of tray. This tray sells in many place for upwards of $550, today it is $255! Heavy and fabulous. Measures 24″ x 18″ x 2.5″ $255.00



ITEM 3. Most beautiful 2 tier wide server is back! How stunning is this?  I can see it for desserts, tea sandwiches, or even fruit bites. Just stunning! 14.5″ x 12.5′  $135.00


twotier2 twotier3



ITEM 4. Another incredibly regal extra large  scalloped gallery tray, this beauty is a showstopper and one has already come home with me. I love the Chippendale design, so grand. Measures 23″ x 23″ x 3″.  Today it is $265.00

chippendaletray chipptray2


ITEM 5. Two stunning water pitchers, every formal table needs one of these and especially around the holidays. This just elevates the dining experience:) They are about 12″ tall by about 6″ wide at the widest. Either style $85.00






pitcher2 pitcher2a

ITEM 6.  Mint juleps anyone? You are going to love these….there are a million ways to use them. Talk about adding instant elegance and old world charm! Two fabulous styles, etched and embossed. Each available in small, med and large.

Same price and same size for both styles-

Small $12.00 measures 3.5″ h x 3″ w

Med $15.00  measures 4.5’h x 3,5″w

Large $19.00 measures 5.5″h  x 5″ w


6A. Large


6B. Medium




6B. Embossed mint julep. This beauty is also available in sm, med and large *same price* and same size-






embossed embossed2

ITEM 7.  One of the pieces I was most excited for…the most elegant silver beverage tub that could also be a large planter, imagine with a big orchid!! I just loooove this piece. Measures 17.5″ x 12.5″.  Today it is $135.00.



ITEM 8. Just love this fabulous ornate tray/dish. To use with nothing in it as a decorative object or the most beautiful bread basket ever:)  Measures approx. 13.5″ x 7″ $70.00


piercedish2 piercedish3

ITEM 9. Beautiful and elegant serving pieces….now we all need these specifically with the holidays coming up. These are all just so beautiful, of course I need one of each!

9A. Pierced serving fork $14.00

piercedfork3a piercedfork3

9B. Bottle opener, everyone needs a fancy silver bottle opener! $10.00


ITEM 9C. Elegant leafy fork $15.00


ITEM 9D. Pretty cake server $14.00


ITEM 9E. Curved serving spoon $16.00

curvespoon2 curvedspoon2

ITEM 9F. Shell serving fork $15.00

ornatefork2 ornatefork

ITEM 9G. Elegant Rose serving spoon $15.00

flowerspoon2 flowerspoon

ITEM 9H. Beautiful scalloped serving spoon $15.00

scallopedspon2 scallopessppon

ITEM 10. Gorgeous embossed lion ring centerpiece bowl. This centerpiece bowl is a beauty and perfect for display, planted with orchids, filled with fruit or beautiful used as is… a stunner! Measures  $85.00.




Two lucky winners are each going to win a mint julep cup and one serving piece of their choice!! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, telling me your favorite object here and how you would use it. I will announce a winner on Sunday morning.


Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time…..