Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Hello! This random musings post was mostly from last week but never got around to posting it so added pictures from the last few days therefore it’s a compilation of the last two weeks:)

Busy,busy weeks over here….as I occasionally do I share with you a snippet of my life through pictures taken with my iPhone. It is funny how they can tell a story, but I must preface this by saying this is only the pretty, inspirational and positive:)

With Thanksgiving now a thing of the past, it’s full steam ahead to Christmas/holidays. My life has centered mostly around the blue and white ornament universe and I go to sleep dreaming about them:)

A few updates to tell you about (feast or famine and this week it’s a definite feast of products coming in)-

Ornaments- We get calls/emails everyday for people looking for the ornaments. NEVER thought my new site would have taken this long and the plan was that they would be up for sale on  my shop site long by now. So…..for anyone who wants them, you can visit this post below, we are honoring those prices on that promo and send orders to orders@enchantedhome.com or call in your order to 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30, leave a message if you call before or after)

Post for ornaments- http://enchantedhome.com/2016/11/blue-white-ornaments-back-giveaway/


The porcelain container is arriving tomorrow…woo hoo! All presale orders will start shipping out tomorrow afternoon in the order they were received:)

The colored ornaments and foo dog ornaments shipment will be arriving on Friday or Monday!

New chinoiserie tole order arriving early next week, stunning lamps and the long awaited bamboo lanterns are coming!

OK back to this post:) So here is a look at my life this last week….




My greenhouse aka my laundry room is a busy place with trying to force open white azalea topiaries and arranging my beautiful fruit double topiary

12unnamed 21unnamed u22nnamed

Had dinner at a favorite Greek restaurant where the fish is on full display….so good!


This is a common site every single afternoon….waiting for the big brown truck!


A friends beautiful setting on her kitchen island…so colorful and festive!



Every time I get a new Annabel Ingall bag I want one for myself..love this line


Love this beautiful new throw for my bench……coming home around 5:30 and seeing my cloudlike bedroom is a sight for weary eyes


Beautiful monogram order heading out the door…


A friend so thoughtfully sent me this beautiful orchid for my desk


Easy peasy breadsticks


New design job….beautiful home!


A gorgeous wide window seat getting done for a client loving the blue and white against the rich mossy green!



How stunning are these planters from Greenwich Orchids ( thanks A)! They always do such a beautiful job



A friends new shutters, aren’t they beautiful! She said she cannot recommend this company highly enough, both for their super competitive price, quality and delivery



Yes that is right…S N O W!!! I walked outside one morning and my windshield was covered.


A friends beautiful home decked out for the holidays


Blue, white and green…oh yes!


And there is that snow…crazy

qwqwunnamed unn121amed

Went to a dinner party and looks like they put out that floral arrangement on my behalf:)


I am in a magnolia state of mind:)


How stunning are all these carpets from Kravet? Helping a client work on bedroom carpet but secretly thinking about how these would work for PB:)

unnafdsfdsmed unnafddfsmed unnamefdfdd 22unnamed

A friends pretty and inviting kitchen…love the rich warm copper!



Love stopping off on my way to work at my favorite local little old fashioned bakery/coffee shop…so charming



Seriously I think my backseat needs its own reality show…there is always a party going on back there lol


So there you have a snippet of the last 10 days or so….busy busy days but I cannot lie, though tiring it’s a lot of fun (almost all the time). Hoping your holidays are off to a merry start thanks for stopping in! A few things-

PS New promo- These magnificent holiday trees are so beautiful, seeing is believing. Limited quantities, some still for sale. This promo will end tomorrow, click here


PPS The contest Holiday Love has been announced, taking pictures now through Dec. 14th or until I reach 75 pictures. I am already half full. Getting in some incredible pictures, be sure your picture is at least 400 x 600 and that they are clear and focused. We cannot accept pictures that are dark/out of focus and will email you if that is the case….competition is stiff so if you have a winning picture, please do send it in! Details are-

  • Up to 2 picture per person, must be your own picture (not taken from internet or Pinterest,etc…)
  • Can be of anything holiday related
  • Please be careful with size clarity,etc….we will not be able accept small or blurry pictures
  • Ideas are front doors, Christmas trees, holiday tables, pets and kids decked out for holidays, wreaths, fresh greens, nature, the list goes on (just as long as it’s holiday related)
  • Email all pictures to theenchantedhome@gmail.com
  • ON SUBJECT LINE- you must put Holiday Love (so we can separate the entrants)
  • Accepting pictures today through Dec. 14th or until we reach 75 pictures
  • There is a cap 0f 75 pictures
  • Questions? Email theenchantedhome@gmail.com

Until next time……








Set and Styled- Holidays 2016

**In honor of cyber Monday, all silver is 20% today and all orders over $300 get free shipping** 

Hi and Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend, ours was fun, chock full and busy. Excited to be here for the second part of Styled and Set where a group of super talented bloggers are showing off their holiday decorating chops. I must say that I feel a bit behind the eight ball in terms of holiday decor but for me, having done even what I have done so far is nothing less than a miracle.

Normally, I  am barely even thinking of holiday decor around Thanksgiving so this is a big deal and this post actually gave me great motivation! I know most will have their trees up, stockings hung, and gifts wrapped…my hats off to them.

I am not quite there as my  holiday decorating is always approached in “mini stages”, when the creative urge strikes I take full advantage and seize the day. So today focuses first on my Thanksgiving table and the  beginnings of my Christmas decor as well as a short poll as to which you would choose for our Christmas day dinner table setting. Ready to begin? Also a special thank you to Lory from Design Enthusiasm for putting this wonderful 2 part series together, it is no east feat!  Let’s go….




There is no real organization here other than it’s just all holiday related. I normally am not done with my holiday decorating until at least mid Dec. and am constantly  tweaking and editing. I just got started  but will give you an idea of where I am headed! Sadly my Nikon camera charger has gone missing so all pictures here were taken with my trusty little iPhone-

Here was my Thanksgiving table, I do something very simliar for Christmas…..

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Here are some ideas for my Christmas day dinner table, have a favorite? Please tell me which you would use for your Christmas table and remember whichever I choose will be dressed up with a few sprigs of holiday greens and mini pinecones:)





uasddsa2nnamed unnaads2med





unnamedfd3d unndsfzamed

Here is a variation of what I did for my mantle in the dining room, proof that blue and white has a place in every season and fresh greens work every time (magnolia leaves are always a big part of my holiday decorating)-

unnsddsamed unnameasddsad uadsasdnnamed unnamasddsaded


And a few holiday touches starting to be added throughout the house-


And here are my only three gifts wrapped so far…as I say quality over quantity lol. Rest assured there will be a gift wrapping frenzy happening here mid December!



LOVE my gift tags from Dixie Design Collective….prettiest I have seen!

unsdfsdfnamed unnamfdssdfed

And a few other areas around the house-


Just got this mammoth magnolia and fresh greens 36″ wreath for my front door….bow soon to be added!

unnamedssd sdasdaunnamed unnameadsad

Love this cone topiary and like filling bowls around the house with gold sparkly pinecones-

unsdsnamed unsdsdnamed unnamsddsed



This above is a faux garland (very life like) love garland around chests and secretarys, added a bowl of my blue and white ornaments for a little festivity!


This is our back powder room I never forget guest baths, these little potted amaryllis plants I have had for years, I will probably add a fresh wreath to the mirror in a few weeks and always have a holiday scented candle burning when I have guests over



 Bought these little wreaths (about 10″ side) a few years ago and use them on many things love adorning a pretty serving piece with one, like this stag tureen



A great example of using faux with real. The garland is faux and the boxwood on top are clippings from my year, mixed in with the garland one would never ever know!! The artichoke arrangement is part of the new holiday collection (promo coming up in a few days)


A few of my ideas/suggestions for holiday decor are-

  • Buy bunches of fresh greens and garland, even at places like Home Depot, they are an inexpensive way to add holiday cheer around the house and can easily be cut into smaller pieces to use for adornments on gifts, etc….
  • Don’t forget that fruit, apples, lemons, artichokes make beautiful arrangements along with fresh greenery
  • If buying fresh greens because of the warmth inside the home, they can dry out faster than usual, you can mist them every few days with water and or buy a product called Wilt Pruf
  • You can mix real with faux, I have done it often and it works beautifully!
  • Use inexpensive ornaments as attachments for gifts
  • Pinecones are really inexpensive and a great way to add a festive touch throughout the house, fill a bowl with them, add a cluster on a chest with some fresh greens
  • I always have a few holiday scented candles burning throughout the house and in a kitchen on a daily basis- really adds to that holiday mood
  • Personalized name tags really elevate a gift
  • Use a sprig of fresh greenery on any gift and see the difference it makes
  • I almost every year, get gorgeous wrapping paper from Homegoods and TJ Maxx, I stick to simple papers that have gold, cream and green and go to town with ribbon adornments and my Dixie Design gift tags
  • I take the approach (so as to not be overwhelmed) of holiday decorating in many mini  stages, so do a little bit every day as time allows and somehow someway it gets done!
  • Crank up that Christmas music all day long  and always have a glass of wine on hand (after 5pm) to take away any holiday stress, does it every time!



Hope you enjoyed this post and getting to come into my home and see the start of my holiday decorating! I must say having to  have pictures for this post was great motivation to get a head start. You do not want to miss everyone else’s and best part is there is a week long of amazing blogs to visit, all centered around the holidays. Suffice to say you will get all the inspiration you ever dreamed of!

Thanks for stopping in, until next time….ho ho ho!

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday click here



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Seven on Sunday

Hello! First off congratulations to  the winner below for winning the box of ornaments.


Please email me to claim your prize and provide your shipping address.


Boy Sunday never looked so good, had an insanely busy week and weekend with the holiday prep, LOTS of cooking and though I loved every minute I must admit I am looking forward to a day of rest today:)

I loved having my parents here and cannot wait to welcome them back in a few weeks, hi ,Mom and Dad:) I feel like once Dec.1st hits, it is full steam ahead with no rest for the weary so these “days of rest” become all too important!

As I do every Sunday, I share with you seven things on my mind, so here we go……


1 A HEARTWARMING STORY I love stories like these to kick off the holiday season and believe goodness and kindness are contagious.  You may have heard of  this one as it’s going around  but it is a beautiful and simple gesture to not only set an example for others but one that can make a difference in someone’s life possibly when they really need a helping hand.  We need more of these to make our world right again…….



2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever at a loss of incredible beauty to share, if anything it’s hard to narrow it down to just 10 or 12 favorites. But alas I did sprinkled with a heavy dose of holiday magic-

unnadffdmed unnsdssamed unnafddmed unnanbbmed xcasunnamed unndssssamed

unnasdfsdfmed unnasdffdmed unsssnamed unnamesdsdd unnasd2med unnamedsd usdsnnamed unnamedsdsd

Going to start choosing a favorite every Sunday and my favorite of the week goes to-



3 A FAVORITE NEW MASK! This has shot straight to the top of my list of most loved skin care products. As you might know I am a huge fan of La Prairie and recently tried this much talked about mask for the first time.

Not only does my skin feel baby soft but it actually looks better than it is has in a long time,I have been getting frequent comments on my skin and do believe La Paririe is part of that plus I am worth it:) Skin care is one area I will not compromise, you only get one face!!  I highly recommend this wonderful mask, especially at a time where we might be pushing ourselves a bit more than usual with the holiday frenzy. Click here for more info



4 A FANTASTIC MOVIE. I have seen this three times, and we watched it again Thanksgiving evening. It is such a beautiful touching story…a “real” movie. If you have enjoyed any of my past recommendations do think you will really enjoy it if you haven’t seen it already. Available I believe on Netflix and Amazon. Beautiful music is an added bonus:)




5 SUGARED FRUIT Always loved this look and this year am going to give it a whirl. I have read many different articles on how you can do it from using glue and glitter to egg whites and sugar or a bottle of clear sprinkles. I will probably experiment with a few methods and will report back how I  made out. One thing is for sure, its a beautiful look especially around the  holidays! Have you ever made it? If so do tell!

One recipe sounds easy and will likely be the first one I try, click here for more info


diy-sugared-fruit-project img_8777 beautiful-pie-with-cherries-ben-dearnley-sugar frommetoyou-sugar-fruit-ctrp-ms


6 A NEW CONTEST IS BEING ANNOUNCED- HOLIDAY LOVE!! As I have done the last two years I am announcing my Holiday Love contest. I will start taking submissions today through Dec. 14th, the contest will run Dec 15-17th, and a winner will be announced on Dec. 18th! A special holiday prize will be awarded and sent just in time for Christmas. Here is what you need to know-

  • Up to 2 picture per person, must be your own picture (not taken from internet or Pinterest,etc…)
  • Can be of anything holiday related
  • Please be careful with size clarity,etc….we will not be able accept small or blurry pictures
  • Ideas are front doors, Christmas trees, holiday tables, pets and kids decked out for holidays, wreaths, fresh greens, nature, the list goes on (just as long as it’s holiday related)
  • Email all pictures to theenchantedhome@gmail.com
  • ON SUBJECT LINE- you must put Holiday Love (so we can separate the entrants)
  • Accepting pictures today through Dec. 14th or until we reach 75 pictures
  • There is a cap 0f 75 pictures
  • Questions? Email theenchantedhome@gmail.com

Here are a few from last year that were great examples of subject, size and clarity, there were many more but this gives you a great idea, needless to say competition is stiff:)

Can’t wait to see what I get in this year!

unnichelehlnamed unlisahlnamed unnloryhlamed hljoseph-1024x1024 hpjudy2 hlkerry-1 hlkerry cary



7  SUNDAYS SURVEY With the holiday season upon us, I always love the idea of honoring traditions. We have a few and I am a die hard about honoring them….my kids and husband know this about me so gave up trying:)

I think traditions keep people and families connected and that eventually everyone comes to value and even anticipate them. What do you think? I know some families do not have them and maybe don’t even want them. It has to be whatever works for you.

I was talking to a friend who said she wishes she had them during her childhood so she works hard to integrate them into  her own family life with hopes that her own children will one day follow suit….it got me thinking. So, what do you ahve to say on the matter?


So friends that is what’s on my mind this week, trust me there is much more but that will be in other posts:) Today I am continuing on with my one organizational task per day and will be doing a bit of holiday decorating. As said before I always do it in small windows and take full advantage when my creative mood strikes:)

My college son leaves around noon to fly back to school so the house will be quiet once again but not for long as I know December goes by in a blink of the eye! So wishing you a happy and relaxing Sunday. Thank you for making me a part of it. Until next time……


Celebrating Small Business Saturday and a giveaway!

Hello and happy Saturday. I feel fortunate to count myself as a small business owner and even luckier that I have enjoyed continued success and support for my small business. It was most definitely built out of love and passion and I always say I do not sell anything that I wouldn’t love and be proud to put in my own home. That statement is as true today as it was the day I opened my online shop.


So today in celebration of small business Saturday, I am offering a small selection of some of my best selling items and a few arrivals at very special one day only pricing. You can email or call in your order, however as we are not in on weekends, if you want to call this in it will have to wait until Monday. Here are the “rules”-


  • Email or call your order
  • Email orders to- orders@enchantedhome.com
  • Phone is 1-800-804-9565 (you can leave a message on Sat and all phone orders will be acknowledged on Monday)
  • This promo is on for TODAY ONLY
  • Refer to item number only please
  • All payments due within 12 hours (except phone orders)
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of items shown
  • Final sale and shipping is extra
  • Questions? Email orders@enchantedhome.com



ITEM 1 The fabulous blue and white candle is back! The heavenly scent of gardenia is so wonderful, it knocked me over with goodness when I walked into the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans and has wowed me ever since. I commissioned that company to fill my beautiful mini fishbowls hence the newest signature Enchanted Home candle. Measures approx 4″ x 6
” $90.00 (All previous orders as of  Thursday have shipped)



ITEM 2A. These fabulous mini bud vases measures approx.7″h x 4″ wide. Perfect for an end table or night stand, even prettier clustered togehter! $35.00




ITEM 2B. This pretty trumpet style measures 8″ x 3.5″  and is $40.00


ITEM 2C This beauty measures 7.5″ and is $40.00



ITEM 3. A few of my select blue and white Enchanted Home ornament balls are up for grabs today! All gorgeous patterns that are even better when mixed  and matched. Sold in boxes not individually

5″ balls 11.00 each

4″ balls $10.00 each

Choice of leaf design, all over floral, dragon, pheasant, pagoda, village or happiness ball




ITEM 3A. All over leafy design 4″


ITEM 3B. Village scene 4″


ITEM 3C. Pheasant 5″


ITEM 3D. Pagoda 5″ and 4″


ITEM 3E. Chinese happiness symbol 5″ and 4″


ITEM 3F.  Dragon


ITEM 3G. All over floral design


ITEM 4. Amazing heavy duty high quality silver plate pieces. These are coated with a special lacquer spray which means less frequent polishes ,truly beautiful quality pieces.

ITEM 4A. Incredible large serving tray, as beautiful to display as to server a round of cocktails, beautiful shell encrusted design around perimeter. Heavy and substantial 28″ x 19″ $130.00


ITEM 4B. Fabulous silver wine cooler or planter, beautiful dedicated etch detail on front truly stunning 9″ x 7″ $78.00

teh_silver_4_side teh_silver_4_front

ITEM 4C. Stunning heavily detailed three tier serving piece, wonderful for the holidays!! 18″x  12.5″  $90.00


ITEM 4D. Incredible punch bowl/extra large planter centerpiece bowl. This will have everyone guessing that it is a family heirloom. Just exquisite, a perfect punch bowl for the holidays that would be out of this world filled with orchids or used as is as a centerpiece bowl. Measures 15.5″ round by 14″ tall $135.00 today!

teh_silver_06_front teh_silver_06_detail



One lucky winner is going to win a box of ornaments (their choice of 4 5″ or 6 4″ balls). Just visit my shop and come back and tell me a favorite item. I will announce a winner tomorrow. Click here to visit the shop. To be eligible you must leave a comment on this post.



Thanks for your support in helping my small business to grow and for me to do something I truly love. Today is a wonderful day to support all small businesses that you love and patronize. In a world of big box stores with unmatched buying power, to survive as a small bushiness is no easy feat.

I love this idea started by American Express and think the retail world would be pretty mundane without the individuality and character of small businesses!  Wishing you a wonderful day and start to your weekend! Until tomorrow….






10 great things to do on Black Friday!

Hello! So how are you after having taken part in  America’s tastiest holiday? I am still  coming out of a major food coma. We almost make the same thing every year but every year think it tastes better and better.

It was such a wonderfully relaxing day, much needed I might add with my entire family and parents in town. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, we ended it with watching a movie I have seen before and highly recommend, a very touching, beautiful story “Like Sunday, like rain” if you have liked my past recommendations then I am sure you will love this too:)

Well today marks the beginning of what I refer to as the “holiday crunch”, no grass can grow under out feet and every hour must count. Today is the nirvana of all shopping days though I personally will not go to any stores, I am perfectly happy supporting this day from the comfort of my computer:) I put together this list of 10 things to do on this Black Friday hope you enjoy!



1 Do visit the most wonderful post about me and the holidays over at my friends beautiful blog, Michele of Hello Lovely fame. Not only is she is an uber talented and engaging writer but she puts a creative spin on all she does like no other.

Reading through this post made me smile the whole way through and I really think you will enjoy it too, plus she pulled pictures from past Christmases that made me tingle with nostalgia. Click here to visit Michele over at Hello Lovely




2 Go shopping on my shop site! Today for the first time ever I am offering 20% site wide! Never happened before….great time to take advantage of anything you have had your eye on whether for yourself, your holiday table or a gift idea. Lots of goodies!!  Use code extra20 at checkout, click here to visit my online shop. A few favorite goodies-



3 Head to Decor Market for some crazy good savings on everything from furniture to rugs to accessories. That is a go to source when I am working on edesign projects and the buys offered today cannot be beat, here are a few favorites- Click here to visit Decor Market

eur-04-0143 evk220c-5 fox6222a-front amh3731a-frontlit1080a-onamh1529a-front


4 Take stock of your holiday decor and make a list of what you need. I am a consummate list maker, cannot live without them. And no fancy gadgets required for my lists, I am a paper and pen gal all the way. Even if you don’t lift one finger ot actually decorate, jut knowing what you need to do and having a game plan will make you feel like you are one step ahead because as I keep telling myself, it is still November:)



5. Visit Horchow, I always do a little retail therapy on Black Friday at one of my favorite sites.  It is an exceptionally good day to take advantage of all time lowest prices. A few things on my holiday list from Horchow are-

Click here to visit all the goodies on sale over at Horchow


Among some of the great deals that are 40% are these holiday beauties-

hch8err_mk hch8cn2_ak hch8cv2_70_a hch8cwn_mk hch8ghu_mk hch8fk2_mk


6 Order your holiday cards and gift tags! This a perfect day to do them and know it’s one less thing on your list. Plus you will get them in plenty of time to send them out without feeling like it’s a race against the clock. I am taking my own advice and ordering mine today from none other than uber talented Dixie Design Collective, I mean what’s not to love! A few of my favorites below. Click here to visit them




7. Call someone you haven’t reached out to in a while, it could be an old friend or a relative you have lost contact with. Just call them to say you were thinking of them and see how that makes their day.

I believe that spreading that kind of holiday cheer is contagious and when you can make someone feel special….the question is why not do it? I will be taking my own advice and calling someone I haven’t spoken to in a while “just because”.  You  never know whose life you might touch and that might include your own:)


8. Been good this year? Then treat yourself to a new holiday outfit. One you can wear throughout the season. Nothing gives us a lift like a beautiful new something, right? And what better day to take advantage of great savings than on Black Friday.  Nordstrom’s has all kinds of great deals on an entire department featuring beautiful holiday frocks, makes shopping so much easier this way! Here are a few of my personal faves, click here to see them all

_13414505 _13079839 _100039989 _13163934 _100058127_13294519

9. Find a family to “adopt” for Christmas. Today is a great day to do this and a wonderful tone to set for the season of giving. To help a family in need is perhaps one of the most generous things you can do.

You can call your local Boys and Girls Club or a local shelter to ask for a family that might need assistance. Or there are many agencies that can help, Salvation Army, Make A Wish, Soldiers4angels, Family House Inc., Angel Tree and many more. Think of the impact one small gift could have on one family struggling this holiday season, it is bound to make your own holiday season that much richer.


10. Finally today is a GREAT day to stay home if you have that luxury and begin a month long agenda of organization…join me as this is my own personal pledge. To organize one thing every single day from this day until Christmas.

It might be so small as a single drawer or my gift wrap container or I may get ambitious and take on a whole closet…but I figure if I take on one small organizational task every single day, by Christmas I am bound to be in great shape! I am super productive when everything has a place and is ultra organized. So today I will begin that challenge, join me!!



So anything here get your attention? What will you be doing today? Shopping to your hearts content or staying home and avoiding the craziness that is sure to be lurking at every shopping mall across America! I will be doing a bit of everything, work, play and of course indulging in leftovers a HUGE perk of Black Friday!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and productive day no matter what you are doing, on this unofficial start to the holiday countdown. Thank you as always for stopping in. Until next time…..











Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours

Hello and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so looking forward to this day of rest, togetherness with those I love and no expectations other than everyone getting to enjoy a delicious meal:) Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday as there is no focus on gifts and material things…….it’s each other and our blessings that we celebrate today. I feel so grateful for so many things not the least of which is my blog and by extension, you my readers.

Thank you following along with me, sharing many and mostly happy occasions. Your support, friendship , encouragement and opinions  not only keep me going but really make this entire journey more rewarding than words can properly describe. I am indeed very very lucky.

This morning, very early when I thought I would beat the crowds and pick up fresh breads for the meal later from a favorite local bakery, I was met with a longer line than expected at 7:30 am. But upon entering the bakery, something magical happened- between the aromatic scents permeating the air, there was a certain wonderful unmistakable energy present. Everyone was happy, courteous, in good spirits and many wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving as they passed each other. It made me feel really good about our world and reaffirmed my belief that most people are inherently good people, all striving for the same things, acceptance, love, tolerance and peace.

So on this day of togetherness and family… sending you our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday from our family to yours.





Let’s talk holiday greens!

Hello hope this finds you doing well and no doubt feeling the buzz of the holiday frenzy whether you are ready for it or not. Here it is FREEZING, we have not gotten above 41 degrees and have had a howling, wicked wind for two days straight. On the bright side, my son got in from college last night, we had dinner and then we was off:)

I must say the holidays really sprung upon me and fast! I just can’t get over Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK!!! I spent part of the day Sunday, getting my table together and must say I feel a tinge of relief in that I have gotten that under my belt. I am ready for a day of rest, family togetherness and a great meal that Thanksgiving always promises. Then once that is over….it’s full steam ahead.

I am hoping right after Thanksgiving to get started with my holiday decorating. It always happens in drips and drabs but it does get done. I am really enchanted more than usual this year with evergreens, eucalyptus,  variegated boxwood and of course magnolia! I have ordered garlands for my mantles, a great big wreath and picking up fresh greenery in a few days to hopefully start doing my urns.

Putting this post together was so cathartic, it is has totally invigorated me and given me new found inspiration and gumption to get this holiday decorating show on the road. I am hoping if you are feeling behind the eight ball, that this too might do it for you. I have put together over time some of my most favorite images of holiday greenery. Enjoy…..


No narration  necessary as these spectacular pictures speak for themselves-




dsc02726 6b6277a71fd61c80fa000c317fdea64b6 e485b00afds90d738ec1194e80f229abc2eb 61f6f3699b03499b7fd53b8d65d53b7dae 0ed8588584869dcd4be0595f8efb7b3a




styleblueprint_bluewhitechristmasandgeorge fall-jpegs_sbecquet399-forpresentations1

blogpamelapiercechristmas7 blogpamelapiercechristmas



98f5ceae7191d7d216e73476b18bd695 125678645821975307_jylqmgv6_c holiday-eucalyptus-wreath

pam2 pam1



1129_webb_e_greenery_3_t800_h76a3c80973dded584f7b21d68665a3c165a32b80 1c3rd139 garland-denim-tied-pine-cones-3 wreath5

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Just bought this and hoping it might help prolong the life of many of my fresh greens, have read/heard great things!


Need some guidance on making your own holiday urn? Found this tutorial to be exceptionally good and very user friendly-


I must say,  I haven’t had  this much fun putting a post together in a long time!! I love each and every one of these pictures and could fill my whole house, every room, nook and cranny with fresh greens if my family wouldn’t think I have lost my marbles:)

I love the look, the smell and of course,  the festivity they add.  And how about you? What are your thoughts on fresh greens? To me you just can’t get the same effect with faux though I have mixed them and must say the effect is quite beautiful.

Thank you as always for stopping by. If you are wondering about the new site….let’s just say this, one day you are going to visit me and it will be there, simple as that.  I have given up any expectations and promised deadlines. It is what it is, I have so much on my plate that I simply refuse to allow this to continue to stress me out:)

One thing I will say is I do love the new site and really like how my Instagram is featured on it…here is a sneak peek-


Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

PS A brand new promo will start later tonight and it is one you will NOT want to miss…it’s all about fresh greens, magnolia and holiday arrangements!









Seven on Sunday


Hello friends from very cold New York (high of 40’s with a wicked wind)! I first want to announce the winner of the Horchow holiday guest towel giveaway. Congratulations goes to


Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com so your gift can be on it’s way.


I am so happy today is Sunday, for many reasons. This past week was insanely busy but in a good productive kind of a way and it’s truly been non stop. I need this day of not having an agenda other than to start setting my Thanksgiving table. I am completely intimidated seeing how many on Instagram are not only decorated for Thanksgiving but Christmas!!!! Talk about feeling behind….OK so I am slow out of the starting gate, but it will get done.

Had a few wake up calls this week that the holidays are HERE! Passing a few local shopping centers this past week and seeing even their holiday decorations out gave me a nudge to get busy. So at the very least I will start going through what I and “assessing”. My approach to holiday decorating is always done piece meal, here and there when I have small windows of time, in the end it does get done:)

Then my mom surprised me when she said “can’t wait to see you next week’. I did a double take…WHAT? Thanksgiving is next week???  I have had my head in the ornament world and didn’t even realize it’s next week…thankfully the only major “to do” is getting my meal squared away. We will be 8 so its manageable and I always look forward to this special holiday of family togetherness. Very excited my college son flies in tomorrow night….all my little birdies are coming home to the nest!

OK….now it’s time for my Seven on Sunday and here we go-


1 ORNAMENT CENTRAL I have been eating, breathing and dreaming of blue and white ornaments…we have gotten over hundreds and hundreds of orders out and I must say I never got tired of seeing them. I cannot wait to start decorating my own tree! I have enjoyed getting in some pictures of how my talented customers are starting to use them, always fun to see peoples excitement over them.

(I had more to add but with the transition of my site as of Sunday was not able to add any more pictures to this post I had worked on earlier this week so there are a few…..)


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I had this tiny Christmas tree from when my son was younger and wanted his own in his room so I put it in my office and added some of the ornaments to it…can I say I am smitten? Cannot wait to decorate my “real” tree….hopefully soon after Thanksgiving, one holiday at a time:)


2. HOLIDAY CHEATS. I am all for making things as easy as possible over the holidays. Let’s face it there are many things to which there are no shortcuts so when you can find them, by all means take advantage! I do this a lot, you can-use a cookie cutter or small glass. Take a store bought cake, bread, whatever and create small individual personal servings. Everything looks cuter and more edible in small amounts right?

In this case a friend was topping by for impromptu visit and all I had on hand was a store bought coffee cake in a generic tin and berries. So I added the berries to my individual little coffee cakes, a bit of powdered sugar and it actually looked really pretty (forgot to take pic with berries) The presentation is so much prettier, never look at a whole cake or pie the same again lol.

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3. THANKSGIVING INSPIRATION. I desperately need this, because now that I am now working full time I just don’t have the luxury of time and I am still seeking to find that balance. I am not expecting that to change much until after Christmas so every hour counts. Weekends were never so anticipated as they are now! Thought I would share these beautiful pictures of Thanksgiving tables for inspiration…..

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4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never at a loss of finding incredible images to share with you from Instagram. It’s a guilty pleasure, and after a long tiring day to sit  back and visit this land of beauty and  inspiration on my iPad is a real treat and visual “getaway”.  Here is what got my attention this week-

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5. TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. Fall and Teddy! Went for a walk last week and Teddy was in the mood to  ham it up, he looked positively regal against the stunning fall foliage backdrop. Teddy take it away….

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I hope what they say about seeing a lot of acorns on the ground being indicative of a big snow fall for the coming winter isn’t true because I never recall seeing so many acorns as I did on this walk….yikes!

6. FAUX VS. REAL. Every year I buy a fresh Christmas tree, I love the whole experience though really liked it when my kids were young, eager to accompany me and it was always a big and much looked forward to outing. Now it’s normally  a solo outing squeezed into my daily errands which is fine but it’s just become another “to do”  to add to my list. I have been considering buying a faux tree though I vowed I never would.

The fact that so many come pre lit is a huge huge bonus, just thinking of not having to deal with tangled lights or the mysterious inevitable missing bulb makes me giddy!

So here is where I would love your input. Do you have any recommendations? A few that I seem to come across often are these are from Frontgate and Balsam Hill.  I was admittedly kind of  shocked at the prices, they are “up there” but if I am going to buy one, it’s going to be a good one and the most realistic I can find. I feel like it’s giving up that heavenly Christmas tree smell for ease and  convenience. Humm………..


151877_main screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-6-54-41-am


 Then I saw these and I love this look and can see my blue and white ornaments looking fabulous….it is referred to as a “frosted” tree-

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-2-01-49-pm screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-6-46-47-am screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-6-46-24-am

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So in continuing on the subject of Christmas trees, for those of you who put up a tree, curious as to whether you purchase a real tree every year or use a faux tree (sounds better than fake:)

I am really torn on what to do but do want to make up my mind very soon as I am hoping to start  decorating in the next week or so.  Please check which best applies and I left a blank space if you want to fill in with a manufacturer that would you recommend. or you think is worth checking out….




Anything here get your attention? So where are you on the holiday decorating front? Feeling the pressure? Funny I never even thought about it well after Thanksgiving but being immersed in the blogging/Instagram world, things are on a fast track for sure.

While I certainly admire anyone who is already fully decorated (OK with maybe a teeny bit of envy) I don’t look at it as a competition and will continue to do things at my own pace as I have for a while. Just doing the best I can:) Thank you as always for stopping by and making me a part of your Sunday routine. Wishing you a great day and end to your weekend. Until next time……

PS The warehosue blowout part 1 ends later today, still some great deals to be had click here if you missed it.

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Calling all shoppers…..Major warehouse blowout sale!


Hello and happy Friday! I want to first announce  the winner of the blue and white ornaments. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com to claim your prize and provide your shipping details.


Been a somewhat stressful week the site as you can tell has not gone live. Lots of behind the scenes hiccups and I, at this point, am just trying to be patient and understand it will happen when it happens, sorry for the false alarm! All I will say now is that it will be live in 2016:)

This sale was supposed to happen next week but taking advantage of  the extra free day (bonus is it is likely that your order will arrive before Thanksgiving)! We are preparing for a number of shipments and reorganizing the now pretty office space….we are clearing out spaces and cleaning off shelves to make room for all the new items soon to be arriving. This is better than hitting a mega sale at your favorite local shop because you get to shop from the comfort of your own home (or office)!

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We are down to a few pieces of many different items so they are up for grabs today and all at prices you simply cannot beat. These sales normally have a big response so act fast:)

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A great time to take advantage either for yourself or maybe a few holiday gifts!! This is part 1 (contains the bulk of the items) a smaller part 2 will follow next week.  Just a few rules before we begin-

  • Email or now you can call in your order (NEW)! Email orders to- NEW EMAIL–  orders@enchantedhome.com or call between 9:30-5:00 –  1-800-804-9565 (if you call before 9:30 you can leave a message or email us)
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers (color if applies)
  • Very limited numbers of each item, subject to availability
  • This promotion will end on Sunday evening, Nov. 20th
  • We will send you an invoice if you email us and expect all invoices to be paid within 12 hours
  • Everything in stock and ready to go
  • First come first serve, we will not hold orders
  • Final sale
  • Shipping in the U.S. only
  • Shipping is extra
  • Questions? Email theenchantedhome@gmail.com


Now let’s get on with the sale………


1 Just in time for the holidays….down to the last five or six of each these elegant water pitchers. Will grace any table they are used on, 12″ x 6″ either style $70.



1B. ONE LEFTpitcher1-732x1024



2. Super elegant centerpiece bowl, with beautiful lion heads handle detailing. Measures 12.5″ x 9″ $80!! TWO LEFT



3. Just love this fabulous ornate tray/dish. To use with nothing in it as a decorative object or the most beautiful bread basket ever:) Looks like a family heirloom, great gift!  Measures approx. 13.5″ x 7″ $60.00 ONE LEFT

piercdfedish2-1024x731 pierceddish-752fx1024


4. Amazing chinoiserie hand painted pillows, these are truly works of art. All hand painted on silk with luxurious down inserts. Very special! These retails for over $450 in many upscale home furnishing stores,

4A. These incredible pillows are a green/gold silk with beautiful bird motif. They have a mossy green backing with a fluffy down insert. These are sold individually and measure 20′ x 12″  $220.00 each (two available)




4B. A work of art on a pillow, exquisite DeGournay chinoiserie scene on a pale ivory silk pillow with a blush pink piping, gorgeous soft colors…a true work of art. 22 x 22 $315, almost half price of what this sells for!



4C. Another beauty 20 x 20 beautiful chinoiserie scene with beautiful flowers and butterfly done on a soft cream silk with down insert  20 x 20 $235.00unnamdfsed


4D. Amazing pale silvery gray silk chinoiserie scene with butterfly, beautiful pleated ruffle trim 20 x 20 $210.00



ITEM 5. A stunning oversized fishbowl featuring tropical flowers and birds, beautifully painted inside and out. Perfect for orchids or any flowering plant. Measures 16″ wide by about 8″ tall $155.00 almost half of what it sells for! SOLD

usdfdsfnnamed unnadsfdsmed unnamedfdf

ITEM 6. Incredible classic Chinese dragon ginger jar, beautiful quality dragon ginger jar, features a scene all the way around the jar, with two different colored dragons. Exquisite and timeless. $180 (almost $100 off original price)! TWO LEFT

unnamdssed undsdsnamed

ITEM 7. Fabulous jewel toned jar with slightly raised painted decoration, 15″ tall $70.00


ITEM  8. Last few of the exquisite black/gold chinoiserie lanterns, a stunning piece! Includes three candlesticks that are electrified is accented with beautiful hand painted scenery and small bells as an accent. Measures 26.5″ x 16″ x 16″ $320 (over $100 off) These sell for over $1000 TWO LEFT


 Tole, lots of great buys on so many beautiful pieces. All handpainted, and so classically beautiful. Rock bottom prices-

ITEM 9. Last two of these fabulous blue and white sconces, they are so beautiful, they sell for four times the regular selling price and today are rock bottom. Magnificent Pagoda wall sconces, this beauty is spectacular and is triple in other high end stores. In ivory with blue accents, measures 24″T x 14″W x 9″D These are electrified. $150.00 each ALL SOLD




ITEM 10. Incredible gilded solid wood brackets/sconces. These are hand carved and truly exquisite, beautiful detailing and finished in a rich gilded soft gold. such a decorative and classic piece, just waiting for a beautiful jar or vase! Measures 13″ x 14″ $90.00 (2 left) ALL SOLD


ITEM 11. Darling pair of mini foo dogs in turquoise/aqua. Measures 4″ x 6″ $45.00 for the pair great gift and wonderful as bookends! ONE PAIR LEFT

unadsfnamed unnamdfed

ITEM 12.Fabulous blue/white hand painted chinoiserie lamp. Found two, heavy solid wood and very elegant lamp. Fabulous solid wood lamp, this is a beauty! Measures 16.5″ x 7″ x 7″ (just base). Does not include shade. $160.00 ALL SOLD


Shown with a shade


ITEM 13. Stunning mid sized fishbowl, beautifully hand painted on all sides, interesting octagonal shape, only one! One of my recent favorite pieces. Perfect for any tree, plant or large flowering plant. $160.00  SOLD



ITEM 14. Chinoiserie tea caddys, last few of each design.  In addition to these being beautiful decorative objects as is, many have also turned these easily into lamps….they are beautiful. Either style $65.00!!

14a. Hexagon classic ivory chinoiserie scene on all sides of this fabulous caddy


14b. Round tea caddy style jar in pale blue with soft colored all chinoiserie scene


ITEM 15. Extra large handpainted ivory solid wood brackets/ sconces. These regal beauties measure 16″ x 20″ $115 each SOLD



ITEM 16. A few ginger jars without tops, they are perfect to use for floral arrangements as I often put my weekly fresh flower purchases in these, they look great with flowers.

16A This one includes a top but it has a slight crack 8″ x 8″  $55.00


16B. This one does not have a top  same as above $40.00 SOLD


16C. This large vase is a stunner, no top measures 12″ x 12.5″  $60.00 SOLD


ITEM 17. Last pheasant vase, beautiful piece, 17.5″ tall $85.00 SOLD


ITEM 18. Last one of each of these wonderful colored handpainted jars, beautiful quality. Measures 7.5″ x 8′ Either one $70.00







ITEM 19. Amazing pair of large chunky metal rattan design hurricanes, really exceptionally pretty. I have these in my own home. Large 13,5″ x 7″ $85.00 med 8.5″ x 6″ $65.00

or $135.00 for both   SOLD


ITEM 20. Incredible high quality large multi colored classic garden seat, hexagon shaped. This is exceptional, measures 19″ x 14.5″ $205.00 retails for almost double


ITEM 21. Wonderful pair of turquoise porcelain pagodas, these are so easy to use with any vignette or even as bookends, measure 6.5″ x 3″, pair is  is $48.00



ITEM 22. Last two of this beautiful emperor ginger jar, classic scenery and beautiful handpainting on these wonderful jars, 17.5″ x 11.5″ $165.00, almost $100 off! SOLD


ITEM 23. Last square ginger jar, these are so beautiful and highly decorative. Lid is wrapped,  measures 12.5″ tall $80.00 (painted on both sides) SOLD


ITEM 24. Last couple of these pretty handpainted lamps, in a pale blue/periwinkle or pale pink/dusty rose and gold. Really fabulous for a guest or girls room! The base alone (not including electrical socket measures 15″ x 7″)  $75.00 either color, an unbelievable price!!

19A. Pale blue w/gold


19B. Pale pink w/gold


ITEM 25. Last pair of white foo dogs, antiqued and stunning. 11.5″ x 8″ $95.00 for pair SOLD


ITEM 26. EXCEPTIONAL deals on these last few oversized giant porcelain fishbowls. These you might know retail for over $1500 in most places. Today they are almost a quarter of that!!! These must be shipped freight so contact us for a shipping quote. These dont’ get prettier, handpainted on the entire circumference of the fishbowl…amazing indoors or out. Perfect for large palm tree, boxwoodS, fruit trees,etc……

26A This regal beauty is 24 x 22 and comes with a lid you can use with or without,  $325.00!!!! 1 LEFT

img_2011-1024x1024 img_2017-1024x1024

26B. This wonderful design is a classic, 20″ x 20″ $300.00 2 LEFT


ITEM 27. Beautiful vanity boxes, besides needing a polish (the shorter one) these are so beautiful. Last one of each and one cake spade. All three pieces would be $60.00.

22A. Either vanity box $30.00!  Silver cake spade is $10.00

The silver topped one measures 4.5″ x 5.5″ and the taller one is 8″ x 4′”


ITEM 28. A stunning bracket, painted in antique white, the hand carving is unbelievable and this beauty is solid wood. 13″ x 14″ $85.00 each, unheard of!


ITEM 29. Incredible handpainted classic scenery scalloped plates/ platters. These don’t get prettier and you will never find these for $85.00 each. Large and even more spectacular in person. 17.5″ round with elegant scalloped shaped border.  Solid wood plate stand is $10.00

29A. 1 LEFT


29B. 2 LEFT


Plates stand


ITEM 30. Fabulous navy and white cherry blossom garden seat 18.5″ x 14″ An unbelievable price of $135!!  1 LEFT

dsafsdafunndsamed uxcxdcxnnamed

31A. Fabulous etched scalloped handled wine coolers/planter in large. Beautiful with handles on either side, beautiful rimmed detailing and etch work. This doubles as a large planter or wastepaper basket. Both can be used as wine coolers or planter. Large only 10″ x 13″ $70.00 2 LEFT


32B. This wonderful small/med tray is a beauty great for candies, berries, vegetables, etc…measures 10,5″ x 5″ $45.00  1 LEFT


ITEM 33C. This incredible square tray is as beautiful for serving as it would be display..just love the pierced detailing! Measures 14″x  14″ and is really showstopping! I love it for a bar to use for bottles, for serving, the pierced detailing is just exquisite. $90.00


ITEM 34D. Gorgeous large scalloped pierced tray with handles and elegant feet,  could so see this as an elegant bar tray or on a ladies vanity top! Measures 20″ x 10″ $135.00



Funny because I see these things every single day yet even this post has me excited and dreaming up all kinds of new ways to use some of these. Great deals if you know your prices, email all orders to orders@enchantehdome.com or you can call between 9:30-5 to 1-800-804-9565. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week! Until next time……

PS Two more days to throw your name in the hat for the Horchow holiday giveaway, click here




Bluff Diaries -Chapter 9

***The final step we were waiting to clear for the new site has been completed. I have been told the site will go live very late tonight/early tomorrow morning. And this time I mean it:) ***

Hello and happy Wednesday afternoon!  Last time I penned a chapter  on the “Bluff Diaries”, it was telling you about how Hurricane Matthew derailed our plans to break ground and obtain permits, it was a bummer but out of our control. I am very pleased to say fast forward a few weeks, we have not only gotten our permits but broken ground! It is full steam ahead now.

They are pouring concrete as we speak and here is how things look as of a few days ago-

undsadsanamed unnamesdsdd


Believe it or not we already had to make some decisiona that you would think would not have to be made until much later. I have if you can believe it, chosen every single plumbing fixture, my tub and we are working on floor outlets in the great room and study. I must say in not having chosen plumbing fixtures for over 5 years, I was surprised by two things- one is that my taste is essentially the same maybe with a slight transitional leaning (for this new house) and that things that are classic remain beautiful forever.

Last time around I used mostly Perrin and Rohl, sadly I was horribly disappointed in their quality and simply cannot recommend them. Since then they have been bought out and I am crossing my fingers, like Viking they will begin a resurrection to restore their good name. Their line is very expensive and they need to make a product that will stand up and warrant that price point.

I have really liked my Newport Brass items and did a lot of them in this new house, also used Watermark, a newer name to me. So today in case you haven’t already gathered, this is all about plumbing ! Included are many things I chose and some other beautiful items I found. I decided to go polished nickel across the board, I do love brass in certain rooms but didn’t want to tire of it unless I was 100% sure.  Polished nickel is timeless and classic in my book. So here we go-



So for my husbands bath how stunning and masculine is this gorgeous faucet from Newport Brasss, just love it ! I said it’s very “Ralph-y”, it is shown here in polished stainless but in polished nickel its showstopping!


For mine I went with this classic bridge look with white porcelain handles-


And here is the tub that was the very first decision we had to make! This is because they needed drainage locations for pouring the slab- (Barclay’s is  GREAT resource for free standing tubs, every design under the sun)!


With this tub decked mounted faucet (but same lever as above on sink)



For the powder room did another classic bridge, why change a good thing:) Want to do the classic pedestal sink (on either polished nickel tapered legs or polished nickel with lucite which is new). Palmer is a great resource for this-

renaissance-ls41blsfr-480x providence-ls2p kingston-ls2k

How pretty is this? I am allowing myself a few “splurge” choices and the powder room and  kitchen are two of them!


I must say the brass is very tempting-

2d warm-metal-finishes-msd

Here are some of what I did in the guest/boys bathrooms, did polished nickel across the board-




Didn’t do this but these are so pretty with the Lucite cross bar handles (from Kallista)-


Square or oval? I love the look of square and rectangular sinks, and did the rectangular/square in all the boys bathrooms-


Kitchen sink- big fan of Shaws and have had them for the last 15 years, there are newer options like decorative elements

kohler-farmhouse-sink-design shaw-farmhouse-sinks-for-kitchens

rohl-shaws-waterside-24-inch-single-bowl-fireclay-bowed-kitchen-sink_lifestyle_rc2321_5-hi-2 traditional-kitchen-sinks

But in the end I decided to go clean and simple….



With this faucet from Newport Brass in polished nickel-



It feels good to have gotten this out of the way. We are now working on the kitchen and all the bathroom cabinetry. Flooring is not far behind!  Once the framing starts, it really starts to feel like a “home”.

We are determined to keep this not only on schedule but ahead of schedule, the good thing is that we make quick decisions and for the  most part know what we want. So I look forward to sharing with you in the months ahead, every step of the way as we  move along. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time….

PS Don’t forget there are two giveaways you can enter, one is for the blue and white ornaments (click here) and the other is the Horchow holiday guest towels (click here)