Are you a member of The blue and white club?

***UPDATE ON PORCELAIN CONTAINER- For anyone who placed a presale order, the ETA is Feb. 7th so with luck we will have the container in our warehouse next week (woo hoo)  and be sure to look out for a special one day sale as I always have, so  many incredible things coming in! ***

Want to announce the two winners of the darling Giddy Paperie desktop calendars. Congratulations goes to-

#44 BARB and #24 CHRIS

Please email me at to provide your shipping details so they can be on their merry way


Are you a member? If you own something in blue and white or are an admirer of blue and white, then you are automatically inducted into the blue and white club! I might even go  a step further and willingly commit myself to BWA, (blue and white anonymous) as my addiction to it sees no end in sight. And with good reason, it is beautiful, classically timeless and literally looks good with every color.

Being a direct importer of blue and white porcelain, you would think I would have a threshold where even for me, there is such a thing as too much. But nooooooo, if anything my passion and love for it has only intensified over time (my husband will attest to this)! I so missed doing a post on blue and white and am happy to be bringing you one today. In fact I am going to try to do one every month or so…..why not. It makes so many so happy. Enjoy….

Proof that blue and white goes with every color under the rainbow! (my place setting)

Pretty much love everything about this exquisite bedroom,Ashley Whitaker

Love this setting from Aerin Lauder

A mantle is one of my favorite places to use blue and white, I change mine up all the time

My bathroom, living proof that blue and white has a place in every room

Beautiful vignette from Verandah House

Love how blue and white looks in an all white room….amazing!

Could these dresses from Dolce and Gabanna be any prettier!

Posted on these before but they never get old….these stunning blue and white pumpkins from Karolyn of The Relished Roost

Magnificent entry by J. Wilson Fuqua

Never met a blue and white dinner service I am not smitten over and feel like I “need”, Mottahedeh

How spectacular is this setting! Summer, you cannot come soon enough House of Harper

No there is simply no such thing as too much blue and white, John Rosselli, NYC

This here is bedroom perfection in blue and white, Grammercy Home

A beautiful planter coming in soon to my shop (due here in about 3 weeks)

Christmas 2016 marked the first of many “blue and white” Christmas’s to come…..there is no turning back now:)

Perfect on a mantle, my own home

In love with these bunk beds from Urban Grace

I love my blue and white pillows from Studio Tullia fo the outdoors and am counting down the days until I can bring them out again!

Cannot wait to get these blue and white mirrors with my next shipment of chinoiesrie tole, have just the place!!

Love blue and white in a bathroom…..Decor Pad

Beautiful room in cream heavy on the blue and white accents, never seen a chandelier above a coffee table like that but it works! Glam Pad

Another day, another blue and white display:)

This spectacular space from Cathy Kincaid takes my breath away!

Are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen? They melt my heart:)  Bobka Baby

Loved the way this patio came out for a showhouse I did a few years ago

Fabulous space in blue and white by S.B. Long

Breathtaking loggia by Cathy Kincaid….perfection!

Beautiful blue and white tablescape by House of Harper

Isn’t this gorgeous? I am so in love with everything about this, Home Bunch

Simplicity….sometimes a single vase with fresh flowers is all you need (my own)

Fabulous loggia from the amazing book, Palm Beach Chic

Sometimes all you need are a few ginger jars for the “wow” effect, and I love it next to black! Ashley Whittaker

And perhaps saving the best for last…a blue and white Christmas tree!! Working on the new 2017 collection as we speak and can hardly wait!

Well if this doesn’t give you your blue and white fix, not sure what can. Does it ever get old or redundant? Not to me! I think it will be here until the end of time and there are few places in the world that wouldn’t be prettier with a sprinkling of blue and white.

So what’s your say on the matter? Have a favorite way you like to use it? Do tell! Thanks for stopping in…..cheers to a much smoother week this week! Until next time…..

PS Speaking of blue and white just this morning a onesie and twosie sale is starting! Many blue and white items of which there are only one or two  left of plus some silver and chinoiserie all at rockbottom prices…good opportunity to snag something you might have had your eye on. Click here to see the promo










Seven on Sunday

Hello!! Being back on my blog never felt so good, I was going bonkers with the blog issues the last few days. What a crazy 2-3 days.. I am so sorry about my blog being inaccessible for the last almost two days, You have NO IDEA how stressed I was over this!! It finally just got fixed so we are back in business (the checkout is still being worked on) and I hope to have this fixed very soon too.

I know this has been frustrating and I am very sorry for the inconvenience…I lost track of how many emails I have gotten from my readers and as upset as you might have been, you can triple that as to how I was feeling. Just know I am working on this and doing my very best to insure that the blog is back up to 100% very very soon and that we are well aware of all of the odds and ends/glitches that remain. We are on it!

Also we aware of the fact that many of you are not getting the emails to announce when a new post has come out as had been done before the change. We also will get that pin it button added sooner than  later. This is also being worked on. Think of it this way- moving from a great big house filled with lots of things moving parts and then moving to another house of a different style and finding a place for everything. In other words, it takes time to “settle in”. I keep telling myself this because I am not only super OCD but have no patience.

This had an impact on my entire weekend, even canceling plans I was so stressed out. But I did put together my Seven on Sunday post earlier in the week (thankfully) so better late than never…….think of it as a Sunday afternoon activity, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

1 MY BATHROOM. I must say if I was creating a new bathroom today, I probably would not change a singel thing about my bathroom. I really do love it, it’s just such a peaceful, pretty fresh and airy room and nothing can equate to the luxury of taking time for a bubble bath, doesn’t happen often enough but when it does…I really appreciate it.

I added a blue and white garden seat to the bathroom and love the effect…proof that yes, blue and white belongs in every room:) Plus I keep a blue and white bowl on the tub ledge filled with my favorite bubble baths, salts and soap.

2. ONE BEAUTIFUL WEDDING. Who hasn’t dreamed of being married in some beautiful European destination. There really is something magical about a destination wedding and with luck one of my own sons might entertain the idea (and his bride of course)!

Venice would do just fine and this beautiful intimate wedding took my breath away….click here to see the entire gallery over at Style Me Pretty.

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. So many beautiful things to share this week, everything from Paris (always a good idea) to beautiful homes and interiors, to some mouth watering treats! Never a shortage of wonderful images to share……..

4.A  SORORITY TO BE BELIEVED. No this is not some new swanky hotel. It is the sorority house of Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Arkansas! OK good thing I don’t have a daughter……..if I did I would have made up her mind for her to not only go to this school but to be absolutely sure she got into this sorority.

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous sorority? Those girls have exquisite taste….just look at all the blue and white:)

5. RITZ IN PARIS. I have two friends that have been and they both came back with the most rave reviews. I need to go, yes understand the word “need” is a relative word but in the meantime, we can all enjoy the hotel virtually… here if you are ready to book your trip.

6.CUTEST DESKTOP CALENDAR. I love my desktop calendar from Giddy Paperie, I never knew how much I had come to depend on it so when the 2016 calendar was ending, I was in a panic but so relieved to get my 2017 desktop in the nick of time. Every month is beautifully hand painted and just adds a dose of happy to my desk.

The good news is you can have one too! They have generously offered two desktop calendars to two lucky winners. Just visit them by clicking here, take a peek around and mention in your comment what your favorite item is. I will announce a winner on Tuesday. Here is my calendar and a few of my favorite items from them….

And some of my favorites from their darling shop….

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Sunday is my day of rest. I almost never ever make plans on purpose and need one day that is totally free. If we feel like doing something so be it, but if we want to stay in all day and not move a muscle then that works too.

How about you, do you have a day (or more) designated as days of relaxation or do you like to be scheduled 7 days a week? The older I get the more I so enjoy this day, I used to hate Sundays and now anticipate them more than I can say…go figure.

Never ever has a day of rest felt so needed as it does today! We are possibly going to go to the movies later and I will get lost in a big bucket of popcorn and try to forget about this stressful weekend. Hope whatever you are up to is fun and mostly relaxing. Thank for stopping in, until next time……










Bluff Diaries Chapter 11

Hello! Just back a few weeks ago from one of my favorite places on earth,  Palmetto Bluff and I am very happy to report things are moving along at a brisk and efficient pace. It was so nice to be there and of course the highlight was getting to see our house taking shape! The framing started and as we speak they are working on the second floor, to be able to walk in and visualize and dream each of the spaces finished was amazing!

The framing should be done within a week or two and then the roof will begin. I have a few pictures to share with you  and then its some highlights from this recent visit and why we love it there so  much. We will resume next time on design and decorating topics for the next chapter as the best is yet to come!

So here is the house a few weeks ago while we were there-


Below is the back deck which extends almost the entire width of the house overlooking the lakeunnxcxamed


And here are some of the most recent pics that our builder sent as of last week-

These were taken from the second floor (bedrooms there will have a  lovely view to wake up to)

This below is looking through the eventual living room french doors-

There are a few reasons we chose Palmetto Bluff. We love that it’s a fully self contained community that has everything from many pool clubs, golf club, equestrian center, boating center, shooting club, tennis club, etc…and all are truly world class.

Then there is how naturally beautiful it is, every inch is so beautifully maintained, truly its like driving into a modern day Mayberry. Not to be underestimated,  is the proximity to iconic Savannah, a huge perk and only 2 hours to historic Charleston plus easy access to many other wonderful southern favorites like Sea Island, Kiawah and more….

We also love that there is fabulous Montage property on the premise which has been very convenient for us to stay at during site visits. Eventually if we have an overflow of guests we can put them up in the inn or cottages and know they are getting a 5 star experience.

Everything we could want is there, plus great proximity to the charming towns of Bluffton and Beautfort loaded with cute shops and wonderful restaurants.  So here are a few pictures which even better illustrate just why this place is so very special-

unnameddsaasI think one reason I so love it here is that it feels like time slows down, that the pace goes down a few notches and l just feel calmer and at peace when I am there…..


All the “sub communities” within have the prettiest entrances like below-

There is a new Montage Inn which is fabulous, though we always opt to stay in one of the cottages, the inn is quite beautiufl

They must have known I was coming, there was lots of blue and white on display!


The cottages are beautifully appointed-

The cottages have a beautiful view of the May River (one side of them)


Love the generous and not often see dressing rooms


The bathrooms are also beautifully appointed

unnsda1amed unnamdfsed

Every cottage comes with a pair of bikes, a fun way to get around and love that there is a dressing table outside of the bathroom, so proper and civilized!



More pictures out and about……


Always have  my “gas lantern” alert fully on:)


Love all the screened in porches for early morning coffee

Firepits are everywhere along May River

Come on….anyplace that has a portable smores setup gets serious brownie points!


This is one of the new clubhouses (near our new house) which is just beyond gorgeous

 And a few pics from when we were in Savannah on New Years eve-

unasdf3named unnafd3med unna433med u3342nnamed unnamed34342

Being in Palmetto Bluff we spent a lot of time driving around and taking notes of different aspects of the house that we want to see-


Above we chose that brick for the trim and LOVE the pierced wall and chimney detail, below are the colors we are going with


Suffice to say over time I will share much more about this gem of a place with you as we spend more time there, cannot wait to call it a part time home:) We will be there again in a month or so to do the electrical plan/walk through and are plugging away at fun things like kitchen cabinetry, appliances and flooring. Lots more to come….the best parts are still ahead!

If you want to catch up on past posts simply click “Bluff Diaries” in top right search bar, (make sure you pull down under search and mark blog post) then hit the search button, it will take you to all previous “chapters”. If I have enticed you to go, click here to find out more about the Montage at Palmetto Bluff and here to find out  more about the community.

And finally this video beautifully and accurately gives you a glimpse into life at Palmetto Bluff-

Thank you for stopping in and sharing this fun and very exciting journey with us. Until next time…….

PS Just this morning a new promotion has started on the most beautiful pewter handcrafted napkin rings..only do this twice a year! Click here to see the sale-










Color Crush- white and beige

Hello! Haven’t done one of these in a while and as I get settled in with my new blog, I look forward to posting on some of my favorite topics, design, interiors, blue and white, etc….I started a new series, Color Crush a while ago and use it as an opportunity to feature a favorite color combination. Today’s is a long time favorite.

I love the look of white and beige, it just screams “clean, crisp and inviting”. So today looking at this winning combination in everything from interiors to fashion, in a variety of shades of beige’s and is very much a classic and timeless combination. And here we go…..

Sure makes a beautiful “first impression” Marshall Boya

Adore this room from Dering Hall……I could move right in!

This beautiful bedroom is soothing and peaceful, Suzanne Lovell

Cookies in beige and white….YES! Bee’s Knees Creative

It sure makes a gorgeous combination for dinnerware, Horchow


Beautiful space by Verandah House (love that paper)!


Elegant tonal bedroom by Phoebe Howard


Love this palette!

Fabulous kitchen is classic and timeless in this combination, Decor Pad

A very elegant combination for a party or wedding, Colin Cowie


Love everything about this wonderful powder room, Ella Scott

Gorgeous combination of colors year round…..

Pretty white tile against the white cabinetry..this never “goes out of fashion”- it is timeless!


Smitten with this elegant beige umbrella piped in white, very pretty! Safavieh


Pretty tonal bedroom by Munger Interiors, love the upholstered headboard


Gorgeous and unmistakable  Chanel


Beautiful space in beige and white Verandah House

Beautiful bathroom accessories for a powder room


Can’t imagine white and beige looking any prettier than this fabulous home!


Love this laundry room by Robyn Hogan


It is beautiful for a home exterior, very classic, Better Homes and Gardens


Could this cake be any prettier? The Pastry Studio


This room just feels like a gust of fresh spring air, so light and airy, Rosemary Beach


Love these colors for an easy breezy beach house


This might be the prettiest example of how beautiful these colors are together, Hermes!


Sure works beautifully for a baby nursery Home Stratosphere

What a wonderful idea for a wedding….the groomsmen to all wear variations of beige and white ties and bowties BNT


It always feels so fresh and clean, Verandah House


It certainly makes a most elegant invitation, Isabella Invitations


Elegant tonal bedroom by Cantley and Company


Huge fan of wearing beige and white, it’s one of my favorite combinations


A stunning room in this soft palette is so inviting and livable, Traditional Home

A dining room in soft tonal colors is always a beautiful approach, then if and when you desire at any point you can add a little color, Asmara


Fabulous bar in white and beige, Verandah House


Tones of whites and beige’s at a wedding are simply sublime, Mod Weddings

Great beige-y tile from New Ravenna really stands out against the white cabinets


Love the way Yvonne at Stone Gable accessorized this beautiful fall hutch in beige and white…beautiful!

This sweet corner of a nursery is a vision in this soft palette, Pinterest

No matter what shade, suffice to say any room works beautifully with this combo, Better Homes and Garden

So……your turn to weigh in. What do you think about this combo? Do you need color or are you a neutral kind of person? I like both, I love color but really love walking into a softly done tonal room…feels so soothing and inviting.

Look forward to hearing what you have to say on the matter. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time…..

PS The first flash sale in a long long time just started this morning, on monogrammed napkins! Click here to see





Seven on Sunday

**Have gotten some emails from people saying they are not getting my blogposts. So sorry about any inconvenience, we are looking into this and this is likely due to the site change. Please go ahead and resubscribe, that should do the trick**

Good Sunday morning friends! I first to announce the very lucky winner of the signature Enchanted Home candle. Congratulations goes to-

#53 Peggy Thal

Please contact to claim your prize so it can be on it’s way!


Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Ours was quite nice, relaxing, plenty of “me” time, dinner with friends,  just how I like it. Thinking of heading into the city today though the weather is “iffy” so we will see.

Coming off the heels of another busy week still getting acquainted with my new site and working hard to get all the shop updates done. Many things have gotten added (including the Christmas ornaments, who knew people still buy them in Jan)!  But the entire scope of work is still not done, so please continue to be patient as we put the finishing touches on the blog and shop.

As soon as it is I will have a one day special sale and will announce it hopefully in a week or so. As I do every Sunday, I like to share 7 things that have gotten my attention……


1 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL I love Park City, love movies and the idea of the two together sounds like heaven. I vowed a few years ago when we were in Park City (fell in love with it there) to one year make this iconic film festival. How fun it would be….maybe next year! In the meantime, “visiting it” virtually I suppose is the next best thing…have you been?

There are many ways to stay connected and almost feel like you are there if you a movie buff too. Click here to find out how

48d357b1a56c7896cbfe39587d365233 160122-sundance-mn-2034_fc17fc0d2002f8bd0ab61d6a574d5654.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000 sundance_film_festival_egyptian_theater_03

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many good ones, it was really hard to have to narrow it down this week, some weeks the inspiration is on serious overload! Here are my picks for this week…….


unnameffd sssunnamed unnssamed unnfddamed unnamessd u343nnamed unssnamed unnddamed unnamefdd fddfunnamed

And my favorite this week is this one because well……this table is simply breathtaking!!


3 BAKER EXTRAORDINAIRE I am smitten with this most amazing bake shop, Peggy Porschen in London. Any shop that is done in all pink gets my vote and her confections are simply dreamy as is her entire aesthetic.

Love everything about this place, makes me want to hop on a plane and head to the other side of the pond, plus Vanity Fair calls their cupcakes, the best in the world. That is really saying something….click here to find out more.

2011 01 14 peggy porschen 030



unsdffdsnamed unnamefdfdd unsfddfsnamed undffdnamed unnamfddfed

4 FUN DOCUMENTARY If you read my blog you know I love food. On rare occasions I even like to pretend that I am a foodie but then I remind myself I still like pizza, gummy bears, diet soda and that immediately counts me out:)

But I really enjoy food documentaries and foodie movies (my husband finds them torturous akin to me having to sit through Star Wars)! This is a new one and though somewhat pretentious it was a fun and engaging peek into the lives of globe trotting food bloggers…..


5. STATIONERY. You know how I love pretty stationery. Through the internet and Instagram I have found some amazingly beautiful and swanky stationers. One of my faves is Nico and Lala.….always oohing and ahhing over their latest creation.

If you have something going on that you need a pretty invite for, by all means, check them out. Their work is just amazing!! Click here to find out more



uxxnnamed uncccnamed unnamrrred unnamwwed 1qunnamed


6. CLOTHING AND SHOE ALERT.  I bought this at the beginning of the season and I love a chunky cardigan that can double as a coat with the right layers and a scarf. I cannot tell you how much use I have gotten from this, it goes with everything and is super comfortable and really cozy, this is that kind of piece you wear over and over, season to season. Big fan of almost anything Vince, simple classic pieces.

Click here to see it


Also a great sale alert, always loved Delaman shoes and own several pair, these beautiful woven flats are in two colorways and are almost 60% off! I have the blk/white and they are very comfortable and so chic, just ordered the tan. Click here



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So just yesterday I spent a few hours returning some Christmas gifts. Ironically (or not) these were all for my sons. I thought I was so clever in coming up with some, what I thought were great ideas for them, since it is so hard to buy for them to begin with. I am not one to wrap up a gift card or money, that just wouldn’t feel like Christmas!

My oldest son is the most difficult to buy for, he is not only practical but very specific in what he likes. So he had a neat little pile he had so kindly left behind for the elf to return (me) 🙂 I made a joke and he actually thought it was really funny that I would give him in cash whatever the return was less a 25% “ungrateful brat” service charge, lol.

So my question is for all of you who buy for young adults or adult children…..what do you think about giving money for Christmas over gifts?


So friends. that’s what got my attention this week. Always have my radar on for things that I think are worth sharing on the blog. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, until next time……



Bluff Diaries

Color crush-

New blog celebration!











Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Happy Thursday afternoon. Hope all is well with you….this week is flying by. It’s been a busy and productive one and we are working away on the blog just as fast as possible. Really hope to have a lot of work done by the weekend.

I am so happy to hear from so many you and how you are loving the new look. I am too but will be happy when all the remaining work is completed. The ship site is being updated every day and I will announce when all the  new products are online and will have a celebration day with a discount code!

Readjusting to a quiet household again makes me grateful that I am working full time now…..the stillness of the house is not something I get used to easily!

Anyway as I occasionally do I share with you recent happenings in my life, through my trusty little iPhone. So here is a look at life the last week or so……



Slowly the holiday decor is being put away and my pretty blue and whites are taking center stage again3223mjunnamed

Love the look of a big bowl filled with apples, I mix in faux with real


My pretty silver tea service got a nice polish


Planted this gorgeous orchid from a friend in one of my pots, they always make me happy in the dead of winter


My newest project, so not a “diy’er” but bought this bookcase and doing a little “experiment”, will share how it comes out!unnad33med unnamedfaad

Chargers galore!


Got in a batch of gorgeous chinoiserie handpainted pillows!



Still very much enjoying my beautiful blue and white goodies from Christmas


From the last snow


Never lose a chance to dine with an Enchanted Home mug:)


Warehouse happenings…loving my new tole pieces2322nnamed

These stunning metal planters are new arrivals…soon to be added to siteu2111nnamed

Loving these cute little foo dogs!


Getting all the GORGEOUS Provence planters out!! (have a small stash aside for me)


These beauties will be coming home with me very soon!! I plan to put boxwoods in them with ivy and white impatients (in the summer)


Added this new scalloped pin board for my office


Pretty monogrammed napkins heading out to a lucky recipient


More snow pics



Watched one of my top three favorite movies, Somethings Gotta Give….NEVER gets old and always makes me feel good:)

1QQAunnamed unname1QAd

Lower level happenings, rearranging and straightening up


Our newish pool table (boys LOVE it)!



What would we do without our phones? Sometimes I wish there was a ban on certain times/days we cannot use them because I feel like everywhere you look, you see people joined at the hip to their iPhones (and I am included in that bunch) but then again what they allow us to do and capture is nothing shore of amazing.Thanks for stopping by, hope you are enjoying a great day.

Last day today for the current promo on Provence planters (a few left), chargers (down to the last of them) and a few candles. Click here to read all about it.


Until next time…..



Which would you choose?

Hi friends, so far the week is going a bit smoother than last, don’t think I could have handled two back to back weeks like last week! Working on the new site and the shop updates will start today, so by weeks end, the shop should be fully updated (plus all the other odds and ends).

Speaking of projects…one of my many projects within my house has been trying to organize my closet. Easier said than done:)

Not sure if you can relate, but if I was really truly practical I would discard probably about 70% of whats in there because I tend to wear only about 30% of what I own. I wear sweaters, blouses, cardigans and pants almost every single day, and tend to stick to certain colors and styles. So I am trying to streamline things a bit and it feels good to be purging.

I have a hard time letting go especially if its an expensive item, anyone else?

Despite not being great at parting with things, I  have been on a roll, needed a few ‘fills in”s and of course Last Call from Neiman’s is always a great place to start. There are limited sizes in each item but boy, can you ever get amazing deals if you strike it right. When I see this kind of sale….you better believe I act on it!


Today’s post features some of the amazing bargains I am finding for their unbelievable sale where things are an extra 60-75% off. I am talking cashmere sweaters for under $50!!! I often will buy things and put them away for the next season, at prices like that, why not!

Your time to choose your two faves…..



CHOICE 1 This is the lowest I have seen this favorite cashmere blazer, which I own and love. Click here


CHOICE 2 Gorgeous bell sleeve pleated blouse at a price I had to look at twice, click here


CHOICE 3 This wonderful little down jacket is under $70….amazing!! Click here


CHOICE 4 How pretty are these crystal adorned suede evening flats? Love that they have a slight heel, very chic. Click here


CHOICE 5 Adore this jacket with the 3/4 length sleeve from Nanette Lepore,  it is seasonless and is one of those great little staples everyone should have in their closet, click here


CHOICE 6 Fantastic deal on these over the knee soft leather Cole Haan riding boots, such a classic! Click here


CHOICE 7 Everything about this screams me, the color, the cableknit, the fact that it’s cashmere, cozy elegance! Click here


CHOICE 8  Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of vests, they are a staple in my wardrobe. This went right to cart at $41.00! Click here


CHOICE 9 Love these Fendi glasses, always loved anything tortoise. Click here


CHOICE 10 Was bummed this super cute jacket was not available in my size, but what a fabulous piece at such a deal, and if it’s your size you should go for it,  click here


CHOICE 11 How fabulous is this lace wrap dress from DVF? I love the color!! Click here


CHOICE 12 I am a sucker for anything with bows and these over the knee boots with bows are just too great looking to pass up! Click here


CHOICE 13 I actually own this very skirt and can tell you it has been a lifesaver. An easy pull on knit, it is flattering, goes with everything and I have worn it with boots and a chunky sweater as well as dressy shoes and a beautiful evening top, a great investment piece. Click here


CHOICE 14 This cashmere duster is the kind of thing I  live in, I  have several of these and they are perfect for days that are not super cold or for layering….I also wear mine around the house:) Click here


CHOICE 15 Ordered these wool/cashmere pom pom slippers because they are so cute and I take my lounging clothes very seriously:) Click here


CHOICE 16 OK I am switching seasons here but these Kenneth Jay Lane opaline necklaces are so beautiful in the summer with an all white outfit, super chic and a fraction of their original cost. Click here

LCY351S_mu LCY351K_mu

CHOICE 17 There are some incredible buys on exquisite gowns, not the least of which is this Monique Lhullier beauty at almost 70% off it’s original price, so beautiful. What a beautiful mother of the bride/groom dress this would make. Extra points for it being navy:)  Click here


CHOICE 18 Great deal on the worlds best fitting pair of pants, these NYDJ are perfect for “boot tucking”, click here


CHOICE 19 I am a definite fan of ruffles and bows and this beautiful feminine blouse by Vince is a classic, click here


CHOICE 20 Think this is a great looking rolling weekender bag, perfect size for a quick getaway, click here



So friends your turn to vote for your two favorite bargains….I could close my eyes and vote, because I love and want everything above! It’s a good thing my size was not available in a few of these:) Don’t forget if you make a purchase to use the code LCSHIP for free shipping (over $99). Click here to see it all.

Thank you for stopping by, and making me a part of your day. Hope you have a fabulous day.

Don’t forget the promo on the Provence planters, chargers and signature candles ends tomorrow (plus a great giveaway).  Click here for the details.









Provence planters, chargers and a giveaway!

Hello, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was relaxing and bittersweet with our son having gone back to college. The house feels quiet again and will require a week or so to adjust as it always does.

Another busy week ahead over here as we tidy up the blog and finish the work to be done (mostly with the shop and past posts). Be assured within the next week or so all should be done. I am very OCD so these things cannot be done soon enough!

Originally the day the blog launched was the day I was going to have a post about the shop, including a giveaway and a discount code. As things were not fully ready when the site launched, I have postponed that part of the “celebration” however I am having a promo on a few long awaited goodies as well as offering a giveaway to one lucky winner (details on bottom)

The gorgeous Provence planters arrived on Friday and they have started shipping. If you had placed a presale order and have not heard from us  yet regarding shipping,  please contact us at

Plus the stunning silver chargers finally arrived! So a few of the goodies are up for a special promo today and there is a great giveaway you won’t want to miss out on. A few rules before we start-

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.30.35 AM


PROVENCE PLANTERS. These have been a major hit. First they are obviously classically beautiful but secondly they are a fraction of what they are in the few places you can find them.We have had a number of inquiries about them so this is for those missed the presale.

For anyone who placed a presale on them and has not heard from us regarding shipping, please cal or email us 1-800-804-9565 or email

They sell for upwards of $1800 so these prices are unheard of. We just got in a container on Friday of 80 pieces and I ordered some extra as there are always people who missed the presale and want them.

We have limited quantities available in three sizes/three colors. Here is the info and then a picture of the planters follows.

Medium: 23.25″H x 20″D  $325.00
Large: 25.25″H x 22″D $365.00
X Large 26.25″ x 26.25″ $405.00






black23 black2





There are four drainage holes drilled into the bottom of each planter, they are metal and painted with a weatherproof paint. You can apply an additional sealer or sealer spray if you wish. The finials screw on (this way they are not damaged in transit)


SILVER CHARGERS These magnificent chargers are back and even better! Using an elegant charger really elevates any table.  I made them bigger as the previous size 13.5″ was a bit small for some dinner plates.

These have real impact and will add such elegance to any table they are used on. Done in an antiqued silver plate with beautiful relief work and intricate engraving, they are simply exquisite. Offered today at $40 each, they always go very fast! Email or call us with your order.



Here they are being given a “test run”


SIGNATURE CANDLE. The signature Enchanted Home blue and white candles are back! These are incredible, triple scented in the  most heavenly powdery gardenia scent, in a refillable mini blue and white fishbowl…exclusively mine! These are $105 today and measure approx. 4″h x 6″w


If you wish to place an order for the planters, chargers or candle please email or call your order in-


Call 1-800-804-9565


One lucky winner is going to win a signature candle!! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item here. It is advised if you leave a comment with your first name only to put your last name initial also. I will announce a winner this coming Sunday, good luck!



Well friends thats a wrap for today.  I was excited to share all of these exciting goodies with you and rest assured we are working as efficiently as possible on getting the shop site and all the little blog tweaks up to snuff. Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday and start to your week!

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday post, click here









Seven on Sunday

Hello and Happy Sunday. Well this is one week I was happy to see end. The stress level was high and I really needed the weekend to “decompress”. Launching a new site is exciting but nerve wrecking. Thank you for all of your very kind comments and emails…..they were so great to read and very encouraging…happy you love the new site. But, remember we are still doing a lot of tweaking and updating as I mentioned in my previous post.

The shop site is not at all updated yet and things like seeing only half the picture on the home page, plus being able to search for previous posts plus more are still being fixed. The “window” that seem too small  where you view the actual post will be fixed as well asl the ability to be able to pin all the pictures, plus many more odds and ends- so as I had mentioned,  please be patient, knowing that we are on it:)

Putting the obvious blog maintenance aside, I am really starting to enjoy my new site and hope that within the week, it should be nearly fully updated. In the end, I know it will be well worth all of the frustration, impatience, screaming matches,temptations to drink wine at 9am, and annoyances. It was quite an undertaking, one I am happy to put behind me!

Hope your Sunday is off to a great start and that you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Today is bittersweet as my sweet youngest soon is going back to college later today. He has been home almost a full month and it’s been so wonderful having him home…though he’s not home often, when he is, the house just feels “right”.

Plus hes my biggest fan of my cooking so it’s always a treat cooking for such an appreciative and complimentary patron:) He will be really missed…….look forward to a week of continued small improvements on the blog,shop updates, a great giveaway and a celebration discount in the coming week.

Moving along to my Seven on Sunday……


1. BLUE AND WHITE GOODIES. Not only was this a Blue and white Christmas (and will be from here on in) I got so many beautiful blue and white gifts. I have to share  a few with you because they are worth knowing about!

I got this most exquisite planter/champagne bucket with my very own personalized cipher/monogram (in blue and white or course) from the one and only Sasha Nichols, given by  incredibly generous and stylish  Laurie of LB Originals. Absolutely love it!! Will treasure it forever. I am currently using it for my azalea topiary who seems quite happy in it:)

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Then this exquisite framed blue and white handpainted art just made my day and now happily has been placed in my office. Super stylish Bettie of My Private Newport so generously sent this to me, it is perfect in my office. The artists name is Kate Drenckhahn, you can see more of her beautiful pieces by clicking here

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Then a friend from Palmetto Bluff gave me this set of 8 cloth ginger jar napkins and these awesome ginger jar disposable placemats…does she know me well or what! These make me smile every time I use them,  then to have gotten the matching fabirc napkins was the icing on a very sweet cake. Needless to say we use them every day!

uxennamed unfddfnamed unnamedsfdd


2. KEANU REEVES. My husband actually gets the credit for this, showed me the video and I was so moved by this humble man. I have always thought he is a wonderful and talented actor and seemed humble on screen but had no idea how closely it mirrors his true persona.

He is regularly known to ride the subway and there are frequent accounts of him always offering up his seat to a nearby standing female passenger. Bravo! Very inspiring and so “un hollywood’. You rock Keanu!

3. NEW RECIPE Well actually this is not really a new recipe, in that I have made this before but haven’t made it in a while. Cassoluet is a classic traditional French dish, satisfying and layered with great flavors.

It is perfect and very hearty for the cold winter months. I have added chicken instead of the pork with a small amount of sausage, there are variations that you can experiment with, it is an exceptional tasty dish and cooking/serving it in a Le Cruset makes it feel so authentic, add a nice crusty loaf of bread and you are good to go!



  • 2 lbs. Great Northern Beans
  • 6 cups Vegetable broth
  • 2 cups of red wine
  • 1 large onion cut into chunks
  • 1 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes
  • 6 medium carrots sliced into ½” pieces
  • 1 lb. Italian sausage partially cooked and sliced
  • 2 lbs. pork shoulder cut into chunks
  • 1 lb. slab bacon cut into chunks
  • 10-12 sprigs of parsley
  • 10-12 sprigs of thyme
  • 1½ tsp. allspice
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • ½ tsp. pepper


  • Preheat your oven to 250F.
  • Tie the thyme and parsley sprigs with butcher’s twine. (This will be added to the casserole)
  • Place all the cut meat in a large bowl and add the allspice, salt and pepper and coat well.
  • Rinse the beans and place in a large pot with enough water to cover on medium heat. Simmer for about 20 minutes and drain.
  • In a large oven safe casserole place the beans, vegetable broth, tomatoes, meats and tied herbs.
  • Cover and cook for about two hours.
  • Uncover and add the wine.
  • Continue to cook for an additional hour or until the beans and meat are fork tender.

4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always a highlight of these posts is getting to share with you what got my interest this past week.  Needless to say there was plenty!!

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And my favorite this week is this amazingly beautiful stationery from Nico and Lala, soooo fabulous! I love the navy with the peachy tones, has me thinking of creating an event just to use these:)



5. A PRINCESS DIANA HOLIDAY. One of my all time favorite people, Princess Diana to me, was one of the kindest, most empathetic, humble and most misunderstood people. I so admired and was greatly  inspired by her. I was thrilled to learn that a holiday has been established in her honor, fittingly called National Kindness Day.

Also to mark the 20th anniversary of her death (I still remember the night it happened, being awake at around 11:30 and shockingly watching the breaking news come through) there will be a year long series of events organized by The Diana Award, an organization that keeps her spirit and charitable giving alive. For more info click here.


6.NEEDLE AND THREAD. I have been a fan every since I discovered this affordable but so exquisite line of beaded dresses,tops and skirts. The detailing is so beautiful. Everyone one of these tops, I am in love with. They could be dressed up with a beautiful ballgown skirt or slightly dressed down with a pair of velvet pants. Every one of these is so gorgeous and some are even on sale!! Click here to see the entire collection of Needle and Thread.

670474_in_pp 706338_in_pp 726411_in_pp 756325_in_pp 760904_in_pp

And if you have a dressy affair coming up, absolutely check out Net a Porters unbelievable sale on gowns, some are up to 70% off!! Click here to see them all…..


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So we got another light snow yesterday (enough to make everything look pretty)  and I declared that I am pretty much over winter now. One big and one light snow, let’s move onto spring!

I used to love winter when we would go skiing and the kids were young but now I could happily skip over it. I LOVE fall and spring and summer are tied right behind it. The older I get the more I am feeling done with this frigid season that goes right to your bones and don’t get me started on it getting dark before 5pm! How about you…..what are your thoughts on old man winter?


Well friends that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by and of course so enjoy hearing from you. Please be patient as we continue to button up the site, knowing we will be working on things all week long….it will be improving one day at a time:) Wishing you a wonderful and hopefully relaxing Sunday, until next time…..




















Welcome to the new Enchanted Home!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new and improved Enchanted Home! It’s a whole new look… my long awaited new site finally launched albeit with some work still being done. Plus it launched on the 12th and 12 happens to be a lucky number, so it’s all good.

My Instagram feed is being updated to the site as we speak, so I have included my most recent entries just for fun:)


It didn’t quite happen as I wanted it to but after waiting so long it was advised to just bring it live and continue to tweak things during the process….so I held my breath and jumped right in:) It is so wonderful to finally see the new site though we are not totally complete.

Hope you will take a look around, bearing in mind that the shop portion is still not totally updated.


There is going to be a lot of maintenance happening to the site in the coming week so I need to ask for your patience. In return, some celebratory giveaways and promos are coming up!


I will continue to post my blog posts as most of the mentioned maintenance is with regard to the new shop site. Since this was supposed to happen months ago, the old site was maintained with regard to new arrivals and out of stock items as was always done.


So there are a lot of new products to add (which is going to be done over the coming week) as well as updates on certain items out of stock. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all…don’t hesitate to call us or email us. The contact info is at the top of the site.

So to recap, these things are still outstanding-

  • The shop is not updated with items that are sold out, back in stock, etc….but will be within the next week
  • All new arrivals have not been added but will be soon
  • The capability to search for old posts is not currently active but again within week or hopefully less will be
  • Blog lists where I list my “fave blogs” is only partial
  • There are other odds and ends but rest assured we are working on them as fast as we can


I can promise you one thing- when it’s all said and done, it’s going to be much improved, more user friendly, a lot fast, easier to navigate and overall much more comprehensive.


In the meantime, thought this would be a great time to ask  what you hope to see or read  more of in 2017. Please take part in my poll below. My Seven on Sunday will post on Sunday and from there on, things should be back to normal!

PS Leaving a comment is easy, look at top right where it says “Leave a comment”, I will be explaining other areas of the new site in the coming days.