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Sometimes there are random things I want to talk about that have nothing or little to do with design, decor and pretty things.

Today is a post I have thought about for a while…..every time I am using a product that I use religiously, everything from toothpaste to the pens I write with,  I think about how it would be a great topic to discuss on my blog. We all have our favorite everyday/household items right?!

So today is a partial list of some everyday items I simply cannot live without, tried and true brands that I am forever loyal to. Any of these on your list? Would love to hear what you love and can’t live without. Always game to try something new…..


Bounty!! I cannot live without my Bounty paper towels I  have tried many others but none do the job quite as well as Bounty!! There is simply no better paper towel:)

Sensodyne. My sons used it and I was always questioning why they had to use such expensive toothpaste:) Then I tried it and it works beautifully and really does make a difference for those with more sensitive gums (like mine)

 Coffee-Mate non fat creamer. I cannot live without this stuff!! It is so good, once you start you can never go back:) Plus the words “fat free” are like a Beethoven symphony to my ears:)

Bar Keepers Friend. This stuff is INCREDIBLE. I have used it for so many things….and recently polished copper with it and might I say it looks brand new. This stuff is amazing for many things, a good idea to always have this on hand!

Listermint. The one and only,  there is a reason it’s been around….forever! I cannot go a day without it, use it morning and night. My mouth feels so fresh and sparkly clean, there are many others but only one Listermint!

Charmin.  My most favorite toilet paper, super soft and plush. This is one thing one cannot skimp on ever!


Foray Pens That’s right, pens! I never thought I would say I have a favorite pen but I really do. Foray Ink Advanced ink retractable pens are AMAZING. I don’t even know how I ended up with this pen but when I write with it, I could write for my days and the flow of this pen makes me want to write prettier:) I have since ordered boxes of these amazing pens on Amazon…trust me on this!


Aveeno. I have dry skin and am constantly using lotion and creams for my hands. Have tried many but have found Aveeno to be the best and that is really saying something given our harsh and very cold New York winters. I keep in on my desk, at work, in my kitchen and my dining room.


Peets and Starbucks. These are my “go tos” for coffee (an even steven tie)  and trust me I take coffee very seriously:) I like a nice full, robust coffee and both of these do the trick every single day…..they get me through the busiest of day:) I am a fan for life!!

La Prairie. I have tried a lot of skin care and none works as perfectly for my skin as La Prairie. Expensive and worth every penny. My skin if I say so myself looks pretty darn good and I get compliments often on my skin, so guess it’s working! The Caviar cream is out of this world and my skin thanks me for it every single day, what better investment is there to make than in yourself!!

Tide I grew up in a household where this was  only detergent allowed and I have followed the same tradition, for me there is no better!


Perrier. I like other sparkling waters too but the grapefruit and lime are so refreshing and yummy. I have concocted many cocktails based around these two flavors and they are a mainstay in our household.


Dove. The only soap I love, it has that unmistakable scent which is soft and powdery and is gentle on the skin. I have used it for years and years and will likely never change.


Essie Not only do they make every color imaginable of nail polish but they last too, think they are worth the extra few dollars.

Any of these your favorites? Your turn to spill the beans on your favorite every day products, knowledge is power and I love when we exchange our ideas!

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55 thoughts on “Just because….

  1. Good morning Tina, the crazy weather for sure, we are having RAIN here today in Chicago, yes, I said rain……all of the snow is gone and now it is raining. Thanks for the callout on La Prairie, I agree best skincare ever (and I can say that because I am way older than you, hahaha) We need to catch up it has been way too long, I have a crazy week this week, but will write you over the weekend. keep warm and dry my friend.

  2. Magic eraser is unbelievable! Removes so many things.

    Tide detergent- there is no better.

    Moisture surge moisturizer by Clinique. Used it for years.

  3. Okay — I prefer Viva — more like cloth for my paper towels.
    Agree with you on Bar Keepers Friend, Starbucks, and Charmin.

    A friend gave me some Clarins Paris “Creme Jeunesse des Mains” hand and Nail treatment cream and it is amazing. I have always had dry cuticles, but within a week, they have never looked and felt better. You might want to give this a try.

    The other products I have recently switched to and love are New Hope Perfect Glass, Granite and Marble Cleaner/Polish, Stainless Steel Cleaner/Polish! I read about these products on another bloggers site and though I would try them. They are not expensive and I bought them at Home Depot, but available at Walmart and Target, etc. They are better than any products I’ve used which are more expensive.

    I’ve switched to Purex HE for my laundry. Extremely reasonable and I think it does a much better job than Tide or Cheer!

    I’m going to break down and try La Prairie based on your recommendation, as well as Aveeno because my skin tends to be dry too.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

  4. LOL ! When you discover something great, share the knowledge. Bar Keepers Friend is amazing stuff, keeps my copper gleaming and my stainless steel sink looking like new. Charming and Bounty are the best. I will definitely try your pens, my fave for a number of years has been PILOT G-2 07 comes in a variety of nice colors to co-ordinate with stationary. Stay warm.

  5. Snowing here, but beautiful outside! Favorite items….I have this great little leather credit card wallet that is like a book and is so convenient. I love my Thieves natural cleaner by Young Living (and the glass spray bottle that it goes in), I love my coffee from Luna in Green Bay, WI (it has been featured during the Packer games) and I love Peru Chirinos coffee from Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee, WI. It’s seasonal, so we enjoy while we can. And due to the cold, I am loving Aquaphor’s little container of healing ointment. It goes on my lips every morning and night.

  6. Hi Tina,……
    I agree with Peggy, Magic Eraser is great.
    Viva & Bounty are my Favs.
    For wood floors, BONA floor cleaner.

    I am Freezzzzing in NY too!

  7. Just to add to Bar Keeper’s Friend’s many talents is removing those lines you get on dinner plates from silverware. I have Emma plates from Pottery Barn in white and they had gray lines/marks that would not wash off. After calling Pottery Barn for ideas on how to remove (no advice offered) I finally stumbled upon this solution. I use the liquid too!

  8. i agree on the dove soap, barkeepers friend and starbucks, but prefer VIVA paper towels and Northern plush toilet paper. what did i do before Swiffer products? i use them for everything! soft scrub LIQUID is a must – it will even remove stains safely from quartz, etc. Am a faithful fan of OPI nail polish. I love kiehl products, especially Rosa Arctica but might give La Prairie a try. K Hall Designs “milk” hand cream is my new favorite!!!

  9. I love Kleenex Cool Touch tissues. They really are cool to touch and feel wonderful on a tender nose. A bit more expensive but really worth it.

  10. Love all your choices! I have never tried bar keepers friend and will look for it. If you like the Essie polish you have to try their gel top coat for regular polish. You use it just like top coat on any polish and it extends your manicure better than any top coat. Best part is it comes off with polish remover, just like nail polish. I love it that you share your finds with everyone! Thank you.

  11. OK, we agree totally with these things on your list:
    Didn’t know about BarKeeper’s Friend, and I have lots of OLD cooper & brass. Will try this for sure.
    I’ve used Dove all my life, my daughter uses it too. We also like the same paper towels & toilet paper.

    When she recently moved into her new lovely home (new to them) she said the toilet paper left in the bath rooms was “John Wayne” toilet paper. I laughed & laughed.

    Great list !! You know we all want to know what YOU use & love. xx’s

  12. Love this kind of sharing. Agree with Bounty, Charmin, Essie. I am a “pen but” too. Can’t wait to try Foray. I agree that having a pen that suits you inspires better handwriting, when is becoming a lost art. I love practicing handwriting and think everyone should develop a style in the same way you develop style in other areas. Will be trying other things mentioned here. Thanks everyone.

  13. My favorites are Bar Keeper’s Friend, Charmin, Bounty Paper towels, Dial Soap (a dermatologist told me years ago it was the best soap) Rodan and Fields for my Skin Care (Women ask me alot about my skin) Bona Floor Care products just to name a few. These products are the best!
    Thank you for sharing your favorites and stay warm!

  14. In my experience , I find that “fat free” usually has added sugar
    So I believe in using full fat but less

  15. I agree and tried most if not all products This winter I am using Burt’s Bee lemon butter cuticle cream. Smells great. And another on my must have list is Chanel perfume. And a good lipstick Makes you feel good and can lift your spirits while cleaning. Do my favorite perfume or cologne question some time

  16. In my experience , I find that “fat free” usually has added sugar
    So I believe in using full fat but less
    Love all your recommendations
    Thank you

  17. Bar keepers friend! A bartender in Las Vegas told my mom about this product in the 1970’s. I just polished my 1970 brass candlesticks and used in my Christmas dining table.
    Also will never give up my Dove soap.

  18. I love Bar Keeper’s Friend and can’t live without my Bounty – always get the white and purchase from Costco. Believe it or not, we love the Kirkland’s brand of bath tissue. Have super dry hands and have tried a lot of different hand creams. Some can leave my hands feeling sticky. Will definitely have to try Aveeno. You may want to try Purity Face Wash by Philosophy. QVC sells it in big bottles with a pump – very gentle on your face. One of their top-selling, top-rated products.

  19. Have used Barkeepers friend for years. Love bounty. A plumber has told me Charmin not good for the pipes.
    I know a lot of people like LaPrarie. I sold cosmetics for a long time and it is very expensive for most people. Clarins or Sheshido are very good and even though pricey they are excellent products for a more reasonable price point.
    Mac has the best mascara,it is called false lashes and it is the best I have ever used.


  21. Love all of these tips! I always used Dove until I discovered CeraVe bar soap. Wonderful! I also use Aveeno but at night I use Eucerin Daily Replenishing on my hands and very dry areas. Bar Keepers for sure on my All Clad. Can’t wait to try it on copper. Couldn’t live without It’s a 10 down here in Naples.
    Bounty or Kirkland
    Pilot G2-07
    Oxi Clean for laundry

    Still searching for the best shampoo and conditioner for fine, wavy hair. Any suggestions????

  22. Bounty is a no-brainer staple in our kitchen, but I’ve never tried Bar Keepers Friend. I didn’t like Dove which my dermatologist recommended I use because it feels so dry; I prefer the long-lasting French bar soaps for my skin. Speaking of which, I must return to Aveeno after your statement. And Essie has been my “new” nail polish since last summer. Love it!

  23. I’ve tried many more expensive brands, but Maybelline Great Lash mascara is my all-time go to mascara. Thanks for your tips!

  24. Old BarKeeper’s Friend has been around forever and still the best product in my kitchen ! You can even use it on glass top stoves.
    You named so many of my favorites and I’ll add one more: Werther’s Original Caramel hard candy sugar free. You feel as though you have had a decadent treat.

  25. Used to use Coffee Mate until a neighbor in the medical profession pointed out it’s made with partially hydrogenated oils and ‘suggested’ I stop using it. Sorry to be a downer but hydrogenated oils hide in lots of food products and are worse for us than saturated fat. You’d be better off using whole milk or half ‘n half. Swiffer Dusters have turned a dusting deficient housekeeper into a …. less dusting deficient housekeeper. 🙂

  26. Agree with everything except Viva towels are a must. I love silver and it is the best for polishing.

  27. What a great list! Have used Dove forever & Essie polishes are the best. Discovered Charmin double rolls recently & not changing rolls as often is nice. I could not live without Swiffers, non stick Reynolds wrap or PressnSeal either! Bounty select a size papertowels also are my favorite.

  28. I’ve always loved searching out “definitives!” The one most life changing product I’ve discovered is Young Living, Thieves Essential Oil-Infused Spray. I suffered with chronic sinusitis for years and a friend told me she used this product in a neti pot (of course, along with saline) every morning and it put an end to her sinus infections. It is anti-bacterial and I must have been harbering a low grade infection constantly. It has made a HUGE difference in my quality of life! I use four sprays – if this sounds like something you might want to try, you might start out with fewer and build up. Hope this might help someone out there …… Thanks, Tina – I always love these posts!

  29. Bar Keeper’s Friend in the soft scrub style lotion is the ONLY thing that he’s my shower stall glass sparkling!

  30. Tina,
    We have so many “favs” in common. Bar Keepers Friend is a wonderful product…Also love Essie..Bounty (Viva leaves too much lint when cleaning), Dove, most everything you mentioned is a regular item in my house.Lastly, Amen on Foray! Foray is a staple for pens. I just love a good pen!! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Method, daily shower clean, has been my favorite item to use when i get out of the shower. Takes all the hard water deposits off the glass doors and keeps the glass tiles shiny. A bonus is the wonderful smell that still lingers after I have been at work all day. Love it so much I keep 2 bottles under our vanity all the time. I use to be a Charmin user until I discovered the brand by Walgreens. NICE, everyday soft toilet paper. Never turned back after using this. Funny, we had a couple over one night for dinner and she used the powder room. When she came back told her husband , even the toilet paper is special at the Sappington’s. Now that is a compliment. Ditto on Bounty, but don’t like the ones with ridges. Have to try the Bar keepers brand. Been wanting to try that. What a great post on a dreary day:)

  32. The list: bar keepers, a must
    Essie polish and remover
    Gold bond healing
    Like Petes and Starbucks but am mostly a nespresso
    Girl with real 1/2 and 1/2
    Family allergic to tide- hives
    Clo system toothpaste and mouthwash/dentists
    Recommend found at Walgreens also use water pic
    Try it you will be amazed
    De-solv-it removes things like lipstick, gum, candle
    Wax. Read label.
    Murphys soap for teak and wood floors…many more

  33. Great recommendations Tina! I will also add Working Hands cream for the seriously dry hands-nongreasy but really works! Also I must tell you about Persil 2 in 1 laundry detergent! We inherited a home that just plain smelled bad-nice things but ugh. I tried this detergent (in lots of hot water) and was delighted with the yummy clean smell of laundry washed in Persil 2 in 1! Very clean clothes too 🙂 It’s all I use now.

  34. This is wonderful if your hands get chapped during the Winter. Buy a Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash – (Nutrium Moisture) and put it at your kitchen sink. It now comes in a large pump 34 oz plastic bottle. It needs a tiny bit longer rinse because it is soothingly creamy, but it works for happy hands in all Seasons. Hope you like it too!

  35. I have used Dawn dish soap for laundry stains. I use the clear (but the other colors will work as well). Great on oil stains…….it works to clean birds when there is an oil spoil, works for me!

  36. Amen to the Charmin! I get mine auto shipped from Amazon so I never run out ’cause that would be a tragedy at our house.

  37. Tina

    Agree with most all your items, one to add to the list is Dawn Power Dissolver, amazing for removing difficult baked-on, burnt-on greasy dishes or pots and pans. Stray on, let sit a bit and clean off, much easier than scrubbing and scrubbing.

  38. Tina, I have used most of your products. I was surprised u used Coffee Mate, it is so bad for you, very unhealthy because of the saturated fats. I always used Tide also but recently changed to Persil, the clothes smell beautiful. Try it you’ll love it !!!

  39. My Clarisonic – every night.
    Chantecaille Retinol Hand Cream – the best hand cream, and worth every penny for winter-damaged hands. And I’ve tried them all.
    Ivory dish soap – create some suds with warm water on your dishcloth and wipe down your countertops. No rinsing (or expensive alternative products) necessary.
    La Croix Cran-Raspberry sparkling water. Tastes like a treat.
    Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. Will never wear regular foundation again.
    Goo Gone.
    I agree with what another reader said about pre-treating with Dawn – takes oil-based stains out on my sons’ navy blue uniform polos. Works much better than pretreating with Shout, etc.
    Yes to BKF, Bounty, and Tide (although I use unscented HE).

  40. I adore Dove, Tide is the best, Charmin soft is the way to go and now I’m very interested in La Prairie! I just did botox on my face and hate it so much. Never again! So this La Prairie is something I have to try. I’m glad you did this. Still want to see your beautiful yard and hometown in winter…heck, in any season…but this was very informative! Thanks!

  41. Here are a couple of items that I see haven’t been mentioned. My very favorite hand wash soap is Au Lait. (NOT Olay although pronounced the same way.) Au Lait also makes shower soap and a few other products. It’s made in Scotland, and has a clean smell like “the girl next door”. It has a little cow for a logo. I find it at TJMaxx and Marshalls. (Although, for those who live in the Orlando area, please let me stock up first, LOL!) It’s also very inexpensive. I also LOVE Ralph Lauren “Blue” as my perfume. It agrees with my skin chemistry I guess because I get a lot of compliments on it. Again, it just smells clean and “girl next door-ish” to me. Not overly expensive but hard to find. Thanks for sharing your faves, Tina. Fun to read the other comments, too!

  42. Use many of the same items you referenced but have a few new ones that I can’t live without…
    Drink Barry’s Decaf Irish tea with milk all day, every day. Love the richness! Use Vintner’s Daughter face oil and it is wonderful for my skin. The smell is a little overwhelming to me, but it dissipates in 30 minutes. Adore the smell of gardenia so I slather myself in Kai products year round. Love reading the comments – have been a Tide gal forever, but might have to try Persil since I am a sucker for clothing that smells nice! Thanks for the fun post Tina.

  43. Great post, did you know that Peets coffee was the inspiration for the Starbucks guy. If I remember the story right Peets was a coffee hang out (way before coffee houses were popular), that was in the Berkley area where the guy who started Starbucks was going to school maybe, anyway he came back to Seattle to start up his own version of Peets. We are from Seattle but my Hubby’s favorite has always been Peets.

  44. For those of you who love Magic Erasers, they are truly just melamine sponges. Google such on EBAY and you’ll find that they can be purchased in bulk for about 13 cents a piece, leaving plenty of savings to indulge on your other favorites!

  45. Great products. I love Brawny paper towels. They’re absorbent and strong and they donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. Re Coffee-mate– NOT A HEALTHY PRODUCT! IT HAS TOO MANY CHEMICALS AND
    TASTES AWFUL!. Try half and half instead.

  46. What a fun post, Tina. Also enjoy your periodic beauty products postings. I have to agree with those who are warning about powdered coffee creamers….not healthy. Just use the real thing…cream. Your liver will thank you for skipping the chemicals. Also, Perrier….contains benzene. Another chemical. Splenda contains chlorine. (Know this was not on the list but worth mentioning.) I use many of the other products on your list. Am a big fan of baking soda and lemons for many uses, coconut oil on cuticles and nails, but will try my Bar Keepers Friend on the shower doors. I always learn so much on TEH, and recommend it to everyone. Stay warm.

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