Golden Globes 2017 Recap!

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Hi friends! As I have done the last few years, I offer my own version of a mini fashion police ala Joan Rivers (but try not to be too harsh) while sharing  what I liked and didn’t like and even go on to explain why, as well as offer an alternative:)

Let’s keep in mind fashion is so subjective, what might be my train wreck could be someone else’s “vision”. It’s all good, we can agree to disagree. And let’s not forget we are talking fashion here, hardly in the scheme of things, anything that is too important but surely lots of fun. So here are my winners, my “on the fencer’s” and the outright  no’s:). I must admit I saw only a few of the shows, as I have not been so inspired to get to the theater lately.

Did however see Fences and it was intense, the kind of movie you walk out still thinking about and trying to analyze and incredibly well cast/acted. Really happy Viola won, it was well deserved. Denzel should be up for an award as well (Oscars maybe) and the person who played his brother, Gabe was phenomenal. It is a “heavy” kind of movie but was very good, I would have loved to see the play.

And here we go……take one!

THE WINNERS (in no particular order)

Possibly my pick for best of the night….love the Hollywood princes vibe, tres elegant!





Jenna Bush, what a boring color or maybe this color in a more interesting fabric with more life to it? I like her, but found this extremely dull albeit safe

Overall thought Mandy Moore looked great but felt the deep plunging front was just a bit too much, a little less chest and she would have been on my yes list:)

Really like Nicole Kidman and this would have been a yes if these “sleeves” were not attached to this dress, just couldn’t bring myself to make this a full on yes

Kristen Bell has really stepped up the sophistication and I am liking it but did not feel again this open front did much for her…sometimes less is more, hair looks great

Love Drew and this color is beautiful as is the detailing but not feeling like this was her most flattering look, around the waist I want to go and pinch it in

Natalie always looks elegant, I think she took the method approach here and was still channeling her inner Jackie, given she is pregnant, think she did a nice job, just don’t care for her in this color yellow, it doesn’t do much

Adore Amy Adams but don’t know that I loved this dress, feel like she could have gone with something lighter, less serious/mature but she looked great otherwise

Jessica Chastain is so talented but I am not really sure about this dress, she looks elegant and the color works but not loving the dress overall

I like Michelle Williams as an actress, but  think the necktie was a distraction and didn’t quite get it, without that it would have been passable, nothing too exciting though

Normally Zoe Saldano hits it out of the park, but this number though I think the colors are very pretty,  just feel semi flat in my eyes

And the unfortunate “no’s” (there is no tippy toeing around these, these are just flat-out “what were you thinking” kind of looks) I also included what I would have dressed them in given the color/feeling they were going for (and free of charge lol)

This was so bad it almost hurt my eyes, it was like Gretel meeting Cinderella in a one size too big white taffeta balloon, for someone who is known for being a fashionista, this was a huge colossal no, how about this instead?

Sophie Turners dress by most was deemed the biggest disaster of the night (next to SJP) , pictures speak a thousand words, would love to have seen her in something along this line-


Kerry is one whose looks I often really like, but this was just a huge no to me, what’s that patch on her waist, looks like a Girl Scout badge, extra tips for her hair which looks great, here is what I would have liked to see her in-

Not quite sure who Anna Chumsly chose as a stylist but to say they failed is putting it kindly, there was nothing  redeeming about this (except the color) and please Anna, this is an awards show, could you liven up the makeup just a tad. How about this green number instead-

Um, this I just did not get. From the waist up it is fine, then it’s all downhill after that,, instead how about-

I found this look on Claire Foy very unattractive, reminds me of those sparkly dresses that would come with a basic Barbie Doll that you wanted to go home and immediately take off and put something more fashionable on her:)

Like Jessica Biehl but not feeling the love for her choice of dress, Jessica I would have loved to see you in this-

Talk about ending with a bang, this number almost leaves me speechless, Felicity Jones…what were you thinking?

Cutest couples of the night-

Serious brownie points for the three couples above for staying together after all these years…no easy feat in Hollywood

And that’s a wrap! There you have my Golden Globes recap. Again these are my own opinions and I always love to hear what you have to say. Who was your best dressed? What did you think of the awards show overall (if you saw it)? The Oscars  is always my absolute fave, so I am really looking forward to that next month, and you can be sure I will have my fashion radar on:)

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. OK, your turn to talk….

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19 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2017 Recap!

  1. Good morning, Tina… I agree with most but as you know I thought Annette was stunning. John Travolta was there? Didn’t they announce his name and he didn’t go up on stage? Hate the plunging necklines. Way too much. Hopefully, this will go through.

  2. I have to say I agree with pretty much all of your observations except I liked Nicole’s look though at first I wasn’t sure either. Your no’s make me wonder what those stylists were drinking- especially Sarah Hesica Parker, what a mess!
    You could easily become a stylist loved every one of your picks!!
    Fun post.

  3. I thought the plunging necklines were too much as well. Although I liked Kristen Bell’s gown — I think the long sleeves balanced out the neckline, although 2 inches less of a plunge would have been better! Love the options you picked for those that didn’t hit the mark. If I were an actress I’d come to you for advice!

  4. the plunging necklines are getting so out of hand – where are the morals nowadays ??

    No wonder our teens are dressing as they do – !!!!

  5. I think Emma Stone was by far the prettiest. For being so young, she is so mature and classy.
    Sara Jessica Parker…WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!! Nicole Kidman has had too much plastic surgery and the whole look was awful, she looked like something from outer space, and I love her.
    Loved Violia not everyone can wear that color and she looked lovely.
    Overall, not the best night for dresses.

  6. Tina,
    Spot on with your reflections. On a side note,I usually pick out what i want to read on your chic reads based on the content. Please don’t leave that out. i don’t have time to read them all and don’t know which to read anymore.

  7. Plunging necklines too extreme. Nicole Kidman’s face looked so plastic. I wish she would age naturally. I really like her. Your choices spot on!!!!!!!!!?

  8. Love your take on every single item. Wow!! Some of those no’s are really really bad, especially SJP. What was she thinking?

  9. Why are British actresses the worst dressed time and again? I know Brits have a quirkier sense of style than Americans (I lived in London for several years) and if that’s what they want to wear then fine, but you can always pick out the people from the UK because their outfits are usually either a total mess or some goofy style.

  10. I am so glad I am not the only one who hasnt blogged in a while! I adore the new site Tina its wonderful I cant wait to see you all at the luncheon! xo K

  11. Always such fun to see your thoughts on the best and worst dressed. I agree with your commentary…and I loved your suggestions about what they should have worn. Very enjoyable post Tina!

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