The chinoiserie tole container is here and a giveaway!

Good morning friends!  This posted yesterday around 5 but there was a glitch with the mail service so sending again. I know how frustrating it is that not all of you are getting my posts, I promised an end is in sight and within about 2 weeks all should be well again in Enchanted Home land, just know I am working hard on it behind the scenes!

Lots of good stuff today, so please take a few minutes to sit back and relax. One thing that is starting my week off right is being nominated for best blogger in the interior design category for the JDR Industry Blogger Awards! That sure doesn’t happen everyday:)

But I need YOUR help! I have been nominated for best interior design blog and the voting opened this morning so I am a little late out of the starting gate but here we go, voting  will stay open for approx. 4 weeks.

I am sorry to say I will be doing some shameless self promotion and reminding you to vote often:) That is if you feel like I deserve it and like me, really really like me! Please click here to vote for me….and thank you!


OK moving onto the chinoiserie that just arrived today, VERY exciting!  This is long awaited but so worth the wait. Many great pieces, some of which will be going home with me tonight:)

Since I did not offer a presale as I normally do (did not get pictures of them) I am holding this sale for 2 days at special pricing before they go online.

GREAT prices if you know the price of handpainted chinoiserie tole, these are literally a fraction of what they sell for in other high end home furnishings shops. We have not had our professional pics taken yet but did some quick in office shots so you get the idea

To anyone who had placed a shop order and has been waiting, your items are shipping today. Feel free to call if you have questions or want to want to check status.

Just a few rules before we begin

  • Email OR call 1-800-804-9565
  • Please refer only to item number only
  • Limited quantities of each item at special pricing
  • Everything shown in stock and ready to go
  • Shipping is extra
  • ALL orders must be paid within 12 hours, otherwise kindly do not submit an order
  • Final sale
  • Questions? Email  or call us 1-800-804-9565

ITEM 1. Fabulous figurine chinosierie tall mirror. This is such a gorgeous  mirror and feels very grand. The figurine pattern is so charming and elegant.  It is offered in three colorways. Ivory/blue, black/gold and ivory/gold. Measures 52″ x 23″ $335.00 for 2 days only, an unheard of price!

1A Ivory/blue NEW COLORWAY (have to take this home with me)

1B. Black/gold, elegant and timeless

1C. Ivory/gold NEW COLORWAY, really eye catching


ITEM 2 Gorgeous floral vine mirror, another stunner that could work in so many different types of spaces. This is a litle wider and unbelievable beautiful. Measures 52″ x 30″. Offered in ivory/gold,, black/gold, pale blue/gold $325.00, doesn’t get lower than that!


2A. Black w/gold


2B. Ivory w/gold


2C. Pale blue w/gold


ITEM 3. Stunning new scalloped planters, these are so gorgeous.  Piped in gold leaf. Can think of so many uses for this,  they are screaming out for an orchid or flowering planter! I plan to take 2 home for just that. Comes in three colorways- ivory/blue, pale blue/gold, and ivory/gold. Measures 12″ xx 10″ x 8″ $105.00

3A Ivory w/blue



3B. Pale blue



3C. Ivory w/gold




ITEM 4. Gorgeous NEW DESIGN scalloped trays in an overall chinoiserie design. So love these and they are as beautiful for display as they are to use  for entertaining. Offered in black/gold and pale blue/gold.  Such elegant pieces, scalloped eged piped in gold leaf. Measures 18″ x 24″ x 2″. $120 each

4A. Pale blue/ gold and ivory



4B. Black/gold


ITEM 5. The long awaited bathroom accessories, are here!!  These previously sold out pieces are now back and better than ever. Fabulous wastepaper basket and tissue holder.  The scalloping trimmed in gold leaf just gives it that extra special little something extra…it’s all in the details! Offered in four beautiful colorways-

Wastepaper basket measures 11″ x 10″  $70.00

Tissue holder measure 6.5″ x 5″ $40.00

If you buy both it is $100 for both pieces

5A. Black with gold


5B. Pale blue


5C Ivory with blue


5D. Ivory with gold




ITEM 6. My big shipment of Provence planters is arriving in mid to late April but I did get in just a handful of planters , so about 12  are up for grabs to get a headstart on your spring planting!! These are painted in a water resistant outdoor paint and have four drainage holes on bottom. The acorn finials screw on/off to ensure they do not break in transit. UNHEARD OF PRICES!!

Small 22.5″ x 22.5″ $305.00
Medium: 23.25″H x 20″D  $325.00
Large: 25.25″H x 22″D $365.00
X Large 26.25″ x 26.25″ $405.00
6A. Large black
6B. Medium pale blue
6C. Small black
6D Small Ivory




One lucky winner will win this beautiful chinoiserie tole planter in your choice of black or ivory with gold , simply visit my chinoiserie tole online by clicking here  and come back to tell us a favorite item (or two).

That will put you in the running, we will announce a winner on Friday so be sure to check back.

Thanks for stopping in. Call or email your orders-

Call 1-800-804-9565


PS Please don’t forget to vote for me …..thank you so much in advance:) Click here to vote.

Phew, that’s a lot to go over! Time for a coffee break, until next time…..








164 thoughts on “The chinoiserie tole container is here and a giveaway!

  1. I voted for you right away. Sure hope you win! Love all thes e beautiful piece. The large planters are fantastic and there is a large lamp that is gorgeous. All the items are beautiful.

  2. Without a doubt the Provence Planters! And congrats on the nomination.. Voted and looks like you are crushing it.

  3. Without a doubt the Provence Planters! And congrats on the nomination.. Voted and looks like you are crushing it.

  4. Congratulations!
    My favorite items are the scalloped tissue holder and wastebasket in ivory and blue…it would finish off the bath perfectly!

  5. Are you kidding, so many items I would love to have, how to chose just 2!!!! ….ok, then if just two, I’d go with the Elegant King Planter in Black and Gold and the Bamboo extra large lantern in the same colors , they would be absolutely lovely in the patio!

  6. You’ve got my vote! You’re my favorite blog ever! I cannot wait for Mothers Day, which is when we in Illinois can put out flowers, and I can plant in my beautiful Provence Planter.

  7. Wow..I love this collection..became se of all the birds featured and a pop of color with the yellow.
    I liked everything this time around.

  8. Just voted, and thrilled to say you are in the Lead. Tina, you really do deserve this Award…

  9. Just voted and you are in the lead! Love the wastebasket and tissue holder in pale blue.
    So many lovely items!
    Best of luck!!

  10. The trash can and tissue cover will complete a space and disguise what is usually an eye sore. I also love the trays.

  11. Love them all, especially the ivory and blue lantern.

    Your have the best blog ever and should be very proud. I just vetoed and you seem to be in the lead! Well deserved!

  12. I am in total agreement with Karen. The new style mirror is FAB !!!! I would love to have one in black and gold. Thanks for showing us the good stuff early on. You are the best and I will vote. Kathleen

  13. Tina,
    As many others have said it is very difficult to say what I love, want, covet, desire the most other than everything! However I must say the Tall scalloped planter had me at the scallop! A close second are the new tissue box covers.
    PS, you got my vote hands down.

  14. The black Chinoiserie Greek Key Tea Caddy is wonderful and the new black and gold waste paper with its scalloped edge is perfect !

  15. Love the black & gold mirror- redoing my power room, have to measure. Also love the planters.
    You’re way ahead on the voting already. Good Luck!

  16. There isn’t much on your shop that I don’t love, but I would especially like to own the Black Chinoiserie Scenic Scalloped tray. You have my vote!!

  17. I just voted for you, of course! You’re way ahead of the others…hope you win bc you deserve it! Your quality items, your style and your sense of humor make my day! Again, many thanks Tina.

  18. Hard to puck just one, but like the scalloped trays a lot. Also, the bath tissue holder and waste basket are very nice.

  19. Favorite are the French Provence Planters! A set of Black for Fall/Winter months & set of Pale Blue for Spring/Summer.



  20. I voted for you and you are in the lead with a runaway vote. I, too, like the pale blue bathroom set. I have to consider this ver seriously for my daughter’s new house.. Good luck with the voting.

  21. The pale blue beautiful Provence Planter and the Tea Caddy lamp….Beautiful things! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! Just voted for you…You are way ahead! Yay!

  22. The pale blue beautiful Provence Planter and the Tea Caddy lamp….Beautiful things! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! Just voted for you…You are way ahead! Yay!

  23. The pale blue beautiful Provence Planter and the Tea Caddy lamp….Beautiful things! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! Just voted for you…You are way ahead! Yay!

  24. Love the Provence Planter . I would love to have one or two for olive trees. They would look lovely placed around our pool. You are ahead in the voting. What an honor for you.

  25. French Province Planters in black and white. Hope you win!! Love the site and visit every day just to see what amazing things you are blogging about. Good Luck!

  26. I’m loving your new scalloped trays in black and gold (4b). Beautiful!! Also, the pink and gold 15″lamp for a little girl’s room.

  27. My favorites are the painted trays since you can hang them on a wall, or use as a tray. The mirrors are also lovely!

  28. My vote is in! I love the hand painted pillows. Wish I could try one out so I could see if the color works before tying up the money on a no return item.

  29. My 2 favorites are the scalloped pale blue planter and the pale blue tissue holder. They are stunning and either one would be a beautiful addition to our home.

  30. I just love the Scalloped Lamp with All Over Chinoiserie Scene in a Pale Powdery Mint Green. It is so beautiful and elegant. The soft mint green is such a nice color.

  31. Love it all, hard to choose but actually am drawn to the planters, especially the black but loving the green as well. Good luck with the blog vote, will do my part! Always a welcome moment to see Enchanted Home in my in box!!

  32. I love it all💙💙But my favorites have to be the planters
    and the lanterns!! What an honor to be nominated for the best design blogger! You must be so proud!!

  33. I love the beautiful mirrors and the gorgeous trays. . I am very happy to vote for you!!
    Linda Owens

  34. HI,
    While everything is so beautiful, i just love the look of the bamboo large lantern in navy and gold…What a statement in a room… The large chinoiserie mirror in any color take your breath away…..

  35. I have always loved this collection That you offer to your customers. It’s all so beautiful, which makes it hard to pick one. I really love the lamps and mirrors.

  36. I voted! I love the Provence planters in light blue..I purchased two. Unbelievable quality–wish I could get two more! I also love the large Chinoiserie mirrors. Good luck! 🙂

  37. Hi Tina,
    Just voted for you!! Always enjoy your blog!! I love the 3A Ivory w/blue planter. Would be fabulous in my living room with orchids dancing in it!!

  38. I like the black and gold lantern and the light blue and gold king’s planter. Voted for you too and you are winning!

  39. Congrats on your nomination. Well deserved!
    I absolutely love the King Planter in Ivory Gold. They are beautiful. I feel they would serve many great uses.

  40. I love, love, love the black toile painted lamp. Have a pretty little table just waiting for it. Thank you for this wonderful offer.

  41. All the chinoiserie is beautiful but I love the large ivory planter with green painting. Such a lovely scene and I can just see if with a hothouse hydrangea!

  42. I love the hexagon lamp and the planters. But then again, each chinoiserie piece is beautiful and I could see them in various rooms that would add just the right touch of interest and elegance.

  43. I just love the chinoiserie mirrors. I am building a new home and would love the put the gold and cream mirror in the hall bath. Keep the beauties coming Tina!


  44. The toile mirror would work nicely in my dining room and I love the tissue holder with matching waste basket. I always love to have at least two choice. It was hard to narrow it down even then. I am hid out in my library as painters have than over the great room , so I have all day to surf for beautiful things

  45. You got my vote! So happy to see you have the lead! I love the Black Provence Planters and the Blue and Gold Trellis Lamp and the Black Toile Planter! So many beautiful things to choose from!

  46. Good luck with the contest!
    Really like the shape of the Large Chinoiserie Golden Yellow Mirror. The Black Greek Key Tea Caddy also – would turn it into a lamp base.

  47. Love the green square planter and the ivory and white tissue holder….Also adore the trays….

  48. Love it all but especially the Provence planters and square planter.
    Absolutely will vote for your blog with every opportunity!

  49. Love the pale blue scalloped tray – it just screams SPRING! Also, those planters with the acorn finials are fantastic – again the pale blue is just so beautiful.

  50. Just voted! Good luck to you!
    I love, love, love all of the French Provence Planters! Everything is beautiful, though!

  51. They’re all so lovely! The black and gold bath accessories would certainly dress up a bathroom! So pretty!

  52. The planters are stunning and will last for so many years. The Bamboo lantern is really different, but as usual, everything is just wonderful!!

  53. Voted!

    Love both 1c and 5 Beautiful and great value – pieces that will last a lifetime.

    Thank you for bringing such beauty to our homes.

  54. Of course you have my vote…again and again!
    I adore the Provence planters. Really really adore. J’adore!

  55. Love the scalloped planters in blue and ivory! I just voted for you and it looks like you are WINNING!

  56. I adore the Provence Planter (small) in ivory and the waste paper basket in Ivory with blue (particularly like the other colors in the birds!). I have the scalloped Planter in pale green. I use it with various plants and at Easter I pile my needlepoint Easter Egg Ornaments into it on grass! I voted for you and you are way ahead the leader in your field in the competition and in blogging! Thank you.

  57. The ivory and gold waste paper basket and tissue holder would be wonderful in the master bath! Perfect finishing touches.

  58. OMGoodness! So many gorgeous things! This Lamp—BW Porcelain Tureen Lamp!!! I’m breathless.

  59. Spectacular Scalloped Lamp with All Over Chinoiserie Scene in a Pale Powdery Pale Blue is so beautiful all the items are New Style Chinoiserie Mirror Moss Green with Gold Chinoiserie Tole love the green color.

  60. My favorite item is the Spectacular Scalloped Lamp with All Over Chinoiserie Scene in a Pale Powdery Pale Blue!

  61. I absolutely love the Exquisite Handpainted Chinoiserie Tole Lamp Beige with Accents of Browns and Blues and Spectacular Scalloped Lamp with All Over Chinoiserie Scene in a Pale Powdery Pale Blue. They are so beautiful! Lovely items!

  62. My favorite items are the Exquisite new black and gold Bamboo Lantern and the Exquisite Handpainted Chinoiserie Tole Lamp Beige with Jewel tone Handpainted scenery.

  63. i really like the Exquisite Handpainted Chinoiserie Tole Lamp Beige with Jewel Tone Handpainted Scenery.

  64. I’m looking at gold and ivory tole in a whole new way since we’ve begun planning my daughter’s gold and winter white January wedding. I love the idea of the waste basket and tissue box for a shower gift! Your blog is a highlight of my day, I voted for you, and wish you the very best.

  65. What’s there not to love! You have impeccable taste and make it all look so easy. I would be happy with any of the blue and white tole pieces.

  66. I love the square planter ivory with green! I really like the birds! And I voted for you! Love this blog!

  67. I love all of the new items but the scalloped planters (#3) and the new trays (#4) are gorgeous. Voted for you, Tina. Good luck!

  68. It’s hard to choose only two , but I still adore the Provence planters and the King planters! Stay warm, and I’m voting for you!

  69. Crushing on the Tissue holder and waste basket. You have inspired me to get serious about my diet, errr, I mean eating healthy. Bathing suit season is right around the corner.

  70. With my husband being a diabetic. Thank you so much for the healthy reminders and push to eat better this week – was dreaming of French toast but a white egg omelet it is !

    Love your planters – they speak French ! The pale blue tugs at my Scandinavian heart —

  71. I love so many of your pieces, especially the planters and lanterns. In your other groups, I am so in awe of your silver beverage tub and the beautiful monogrammed napkins. Thank you for so many beautiful choices. I love your site and voted for you as well!

  72. Tina, believe it or not, the gorgeous black tole planter you are giving away is my favorite piece in the collection! The shape appeals to me and I would use it for everything from a centerpiece to a kitchen herb garden to a container for a special plant. I think it’s very versatile!

  73. Seriously considering buying two of the Provence Planters…they are gorgeous and saw them all over France last year! I also love all of the black chinoiserie tole planters in all sizes!! Voted 3 times!

  74. I love the Provence planters, but the light blue pieces are also wonderful. It is hard to pick a favorite.

  75. As always, there are so many lovely items, it is hard to pick just one. My top three are the Provence Planters, the King Planters and the Bamboo Lanterns.

    Voted, and it looks like your enormous lead I noticed the other day is continuing. Quite impressive!

    Marietta, GA

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