Which would you choose?

Good morning, hope everyone is having a good week so far. Been having lots of rain but it’s great for the grass and all the newly planted flowers (more to come). It is such a treat to walk out into warm air and seeing everything start to look so lush and green, cheers to the warm weather!

The new revised site is being worked on today and think it will go live anytime in the next few days. It is a big process to transfer the sites so bear with us, we are on it!

As I am putting together my warm weather wardrobe I have been doing lots of “editing”. Which means parting with some things I have no idea why I was holding onto them, and adding new items particularly every day staples. Have a few trips planned and thinking ahead about those too. You will never have to twist my arm to take advantage of a great buying opportunity and Neiman Marcus’s Last Call current promo is about as good as it gets. You get to pick your savings by “rolling” for your discount. I got $100 off any purchase of $200..thats 50% off!! Works for me:)

I found as I always do some great finds, and here is some what I found. Then your turn to choose your two faves-

CHOICE 1 This dress is darling and just screams summer is here, plus the price is more than right:) Click here

CHOICE 2 Adore these and own them, they are not only comfortable but go with everything, the perfect summer show. Click here

CHOICE 3 Such a pretty summery top and love the sleeve detailing, plus I love pink! Click here

CHOICE 4 Ladies take note these are the best fitting white pants! Stretch crepe that fit like a charm, a must have summer staple!! Click here

CHOICE 5 This woven and bamboo. bag is perfect for summer, comes in two great colors and is priced right. Click here

CHOICE 6 Always been a fan of eyelet and this blue is so beautiful, great summer top. Click here


CHOICE 7 Most of the designer sunglasses are more than half off, love this pair from Fendi. This is very much the style I gravitate towards, click here

CHOICE 8 Have owned a similar maxi dress for a few years and cannot tell you how many times it “saved” me! This one from Theory is the kind of dress every women should own. It can be super casual with a pair of flat sandals during the day or dressed up for evening with a wrap, jewelry and a strappy pair of sandals, a great staple! Click here

CHOICE 9 Hit the beach/pool in style with these darling rubber bow sandals, so cute and very affordable. Click here

CHOICE 10 Love this dress and own something similar, offered in five great colorways I gave in and ordered one, such a perfect easy,  chic way to dress during the summer, click here

CHOICE 11 Own this top and adore it, can be worn through all the seasons too, click. here

CHOICE 12 Don’t you just love a charm bracelet? I do! This one is so pretty,  love the pave heart and you can add charms to your hearts content! Click here

CHOICE 13 So like dresses like this, first it’s linen so it means it’s really comfortable then the soft pink is so pretty. This is a great day to evening dress. You can dress it up so easily,  all you need is a pretty gold bangle, fun earrings and cute sandals…click here

CHOICE 14 Own these in black and just ordered them in white, got them for almost half off and we know how hard it can be to find a nice looking white sandal, click here

CHOICE 15 Such a pretty maxi dress, navy with beautiful lace inserts, gorgeous! Click here

CHOICE 16 This would make the prettiest beach/pool coverup, love the colors. Click here

CHOICE 17 Weekend getaway? How fabulous is this ostrich embossed rolling travel bag! Offered in four great colors click here

CHOICE 18 Isn’t this pretty? I could see this going day to night easily. Love the shape and the lace insets, plus white during the summer is always a winner! Click here

Don’t know about you but this post has me really excited about summer!! Though I know when we are in August and its 95 degrees I will be talking about how much I am longing for fall:) One perk of getting to enjoy four seasons. OK your turn to choose your two faves-

Click here to visit Last Call and see what savings discount is waiting for you. Happy shopping! Until next time….

PS Last day for the warehouse blowout (2nd round) many things are gone but some still remain. Click here to visit






Seven on Sunday

Hello friends….and a happy Sunday to you. First thing I must tell you is super exciting, my new and MUCH improved site is basically done…woo hoo! You could see it go live as early as late tonight,  it will happen anytime between late Sunday night through Tues night. I will try to give you a heads up as soon as it does. At first glance it will look very simliar but you will see major changes in functionality, the shop site is vastly improved, the Pinterest button will be back along with my blog list and so much more!!

When a new site launches there can be small hiccups so bear with us as we go through this process, rest assured it was well well worth the wait!! Still a few small odds and ends we will be working on but you will see a major improvement right off the bat.  Subscriptions should once again be working so if you are one of the many who stopped getting blog posts, you can either unsubscribe and resubscribe but first see if you start getting them again within the week.

Have had a lovely weekend and hope you have too. My youngest left for a month after being home for about a week so the house will be quiet again.The late nights, loud music and makeshift fraternity mode was already ever present but is it crazy to say I miss that chaos a little?

Oh well back to the peace and quiet, it’s all just a matter of adjusting. Heading into the city later today which should be fun, the weather is perfect for a great walking day.

As I do every Sunday I share with you seven things on my mind so here we go-

1 NEW DESIGN JOBS Having fun with a few new jobs, and must say these each appeal to every one of my senses! The first has all the makings for such a dreamy bedroom. Not to mention these are the colors I want for my own PB bedroom, so taking notes along the way:)

And then we found this most perfect desk from Decor Market-

This above is a dining room redo, where she loves traditional and he prefers transitional. The dining room also from Decor Market is sleek and not overly traditional but still very classic feeling. The chinsoierie mirror and panels (from Paul Montgomery) will give her the tradition she wants and then some:)

2 DREAMING OF PROVENCE Oh boy these could really do me in. I was hoping to make our summer vacation a rental in Provence but between weddings and various committments plus my kids crazy schedules, do not see it happening as much as I wish it would. So….my grand plan is to plan it for next summer and to do it soon so we have it set in stone, and everyone can plan accordingly, including my mom and dad (so make note Mom)! Click here to visit Only Provence for a virtual getaway….


3 PLAYING FLORIST FOR THE DAY! So on Mother’s Day my sweet boys bought me beautiful flowers, so thoughtful:) My husband also always gets me either roses or a big orchid.

I told him this year to do it a little differently….to go out and buy a bunch of fresh flowers but not arranged and let me have a “playdate” with flowers and boy did i have fun. I swear I think I was a floral designer in my former life:) It started with hydrangeas, tulips and roses and of course all my blue and white pieces to hold them in and here is how it went…..

And almost done…..

And all done!

Then added my pagodas to the mix…the perfect finishing touch

4  INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many gorgeous picks to share this week, amazing how this well never runs dry:)

My fave this week is this scene from Pippa’s wedding, the bride looked lovely but these cuties pies totally stole the show! Love all the pomp and circumstance-

5 ONE GORGEOUS WEDDING That’s it! One of my boys must get married in Italy. Seeing this video sealed the deal:) How beautiful is this wedding and big props to the videographer, this is  better than most movies seen coming out of Hollywood these days:)

It gets really spectacular about 2 or 3 minutes into it…and the scene of her walking down that majestic staircase is a sight to behold! This video gave me the best kind of goosebumps…..beautiful!


6 DRESSES I AM LOVING. Speaking of weddings, we have five weddings this year so far…so I definitely have dresses on my mind. I  started looking at a few dresses online and found a few really pretty ones, including some adorable easy daytime dresses and the theme was you guessed it….blue and white!

Here are a few that I found that I am loving, so so pretty and best part each of these is so affordable:)

Click here to find out more about this beauty

And adore this cute dress for daytime dressing, click here

This one is classically elegant, isn’t it? Click here

This is a great chambray maxi dress, the kind you could wear during the day for comfort and wear into the evening, click here

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY If you were to guess how many hours (or minutes) you spend on your cell phone, what would be your guess? I was curious about this when the other night at dinner, I swear I looked around and about 50% of the people in the restaurant were on their phones, either checking emails or showing pictures or taking pictures..but still on their phones. This has kind of become my pet peeve, I mean if you cannot sit down to a meal without your phone within inches of your fingertips, to me there is an  issue.

If I owned a restaurant it would most certainly be a “no phone zone”, I would have little booths at the back of the restaurant like the old fashioned telephone booths where people could excuse themselves and go check their phones to their hearts content. So…..curious if I have company?

Oh and by the way, the answer is Americans spend 4.7 hours a day on their phone, that is A LOT and way higher than other countries, and I would have to guess NY as a state has to be one of the highest offenders:)

The warehouse blowout just stared Monday afternoon, loads of great goodies up for grabs, click below to see-

Well there you have my Seven on Sunday, anything here pique your interest? I always appreciate you stopping in and making me a part of your Sunday morning,  wish everyone a fabulous day and end to your weekend. Until next time…..

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Bluff Diaries Chapter 17

Hello friends and TGIF! Well, on this end things are really starting to pick up steam in PB and it is quite exciting. I have been very busy particularly this past week trying to finalize bathroom selections (tiles/marble) as it is due to the job site around June 1st, which will be here before we know it.  Also have been making lighting decisions so lots going on.

Today’s is about lighting,mostly outdoors. Nothing like a deadline looming to make you pick up the pace and make decisions. I was so happy I finally get to use gas lanterns as this is a look I have always loved. I have looked into several companies and finally settled upon one who not only offered wonderful personalized service but most important gave me the look I am after!

We need 2 for the front door, 2 for the back door, three for the garages and one for the rear door. In addition we will need fans with lights for the big porch so I am adding some ideas for that here as well. As I always do here are a few recent progress shots, wood siding has gone on and chimneys almost done

Back porch fireplace being worked on

Wood siding well under way and chimney’s almost done

Here are some of my gas lantern inspiration shots-

I went back and forth between the lantern with a glass plated top or a copper plated top and decided on the copper plated top as to me it looks a little more substantial.

Here is what I am getting…cannot wait! Thanks to Copper Sculptures for making my gas lantern dreams come true:)

The finish above is an upgraded finish which basically fast forwards the patina cycle, love the finish

And on the subject of fans, I am all ears if you have a great recommendation for a specific fan or company. A few possibilities-

Think this is a great option as it features a lighter wood and love the added plus of a belljar, click here

Another pretty option from Horchow, the oil rubbed bronzed finish goes with pretty much everything, click here

I like this color and idea for some of the bedrooms, the weathered wood would work well click here

RESOURCES (which I will now include on every Bluff Diary Post as many ask), click to visit-






Lots of decisions but I will say one thing I do love my lanterns! If you’re in the market for beautiful lanterns (gas or electric) I definitely recommend them, tell them Tina sent you and maybe they might just sharpen their pencil a tiny bit.

I could not be happier with the custom experience, the quick turnaround and excellent customer service. Next time, it will be all about bathrooms, knee deep in those as I speak. And of course I am thrilled with my architect and builder, a fantastic team.

Thanks for stopping in and following along with me, this is where the fun really begins. Hope you have a wonderful day and end to your week…..

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Ralph Lauren






Things I am loving- Buffalo checks

Hello….in getting back to the subject of design, one thing I have always loved is buffalo checks. They to me, are the perfect blend of casual chic with a healthy dose of elegance. They make a room more causal but always still look sophisticated. I had it in my old home and have it in my present home, in my guest room.

As I am still considering the reupholstery of my breakfast room chairs I am thinking of going with a French-y feeling floral on one side and a buffalo check on the other. I find myself continuously drawn to them. So today is all about buffalo checks, if you have not been a fan, this may change your mind and if you are fan, this will remind you why:)

My own guest room where I mixed a traditional toile with buffalo check, love the effect

This is so very pretty, love the idea of using it for a tablecloth mixed in with solid white, Maureen Stevens

What a dreamy bunk bed, love the mix of prints with the buffalo o check ,Homebunch

Makes a great simple cleaner feeling window treatment, Monica Hibbs

Isn’t this a beautiful combination, the check adds so much to this beautiful ensemble


Buffalo check works really well with almost any mix of fabrics, Royal Designs

Charming, this looks like a Charles Faudree space who loved buffalo check, Cottage Journal

Love the mix of the patterned drapes and charming buffalo check chairs

Proof that they look fabulous in any color….love the green!

This is one beautiful space, love the tonal checks..so elegant

Of course you know i just love this, House of Harper

A small touch of buffalo check can have a lot of impact, must look at this stylish laundry room from Style At Home

Very handsome for a boys room, great idea on where to use it, Etsy

Definitely proof that buffalo check looks great when mixed in with other textures and elements

Adore it in a bedroom, so very French:) Instagram

Gorgeous mix of green and white prints, the buffalo check is a beautiful addition

Buffalo check on the floor? I love a painted floor so why not! House of Hargrove

A vision in blue…so pretty The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Classic Charles Faudree, the master of mixing fabrics

Sometimes just adding a touch of it such as on this landing bench is a pretty subtle play of pattern, Brooks and Falotico

Gorgeous on these beautiful breakfast room chairs, Pinterest

Can dress down a bath ME Beck

This is so very gorgeous, Southern Hospitality

Love the pop of red check in this cheery kitchen, Tobi Fairley

A clients recently installed stair landing bench, missing one pillow…just love this and would love to duplicate it for me:)

Isn’t this the dreamiest girls room! Love!! Alyssa Rosenheck

Beautiful idea for barstools in a kitchen

Some recent buffalo checks I have found and some great coordinating fabrics=

Don’t know about you but this post has given me a sudden urge to go fabric shopping and do a little decorating:) I will likely use buffalo check in some way in the PB house, think the casual but sophisticated vibe would work well. And you? What do you think of buffalo checks? Do tell, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time….

PS A new warehouse blowout part 1 is just starting at the same time this post is appearing, be sure to check it out, lots of bargains to be had These things go fast, this will be on for 2-3 days ! Click here










The one day Chinoiserie tole and Provence planter arrival sale is on!

Hello friends and happy Monday, afternoon, always a happy day when a new container of goodies arrives! Posting later in the afternoon for my west coast customers…. The chinoiserie tole has come in and I must say this is my favorite tole delivery yet, I want to take home one of everything…and rest assured my trunk will be full today.

Getting to design my own line of tole has been a dream that I have been lucky enough to get to do several times and counting.. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the process and getting to share these beautiful pieces with you and , putting them in my own home is the icing on the cake! This part of what I do is enormously gratifying beyond words.

As I do with every shipment, each container upon arrival has a one day sale. This is your last chance to snag any of these beauties before they go online.

One of the biggest benefits to you as the customer is that now that I directly import many of my items, the prices are unheard of. I  have people often asking me how I can sell them at what I do….these items are many hundreds more than what they are here, so the values are astounding as they are with my porcelains and silver.

Bringing back some sold out pieces (all the bathroom accessories and Provence planters) and introducing a few new gorgeous lamps, trays and much requested….obelisks.

Perfect timing especially for the very popular Provence planters, just in time for spring planting! Here is a look at the beautiful items being HAND PAINTED……

Great buying opportunity and a sure way to guarantee that what you want is not sold out.

Just a few rules before we begin-

  • Email or call in your order 1-800-804-9565 or email orders@enchantedhome.com
  • Please refer to item number only (and size and color if applicable)
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • ALL orders must be paid for within 12 hours, otherwise please do not submit an order
  • This offer will end Wed at 11am.
  • Everything in stock and ready to go!
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  •  International orders contact us for a rate
  • Questions? Call or email us

ITEM 1 The large and medium handpainted bamboo lanterns are back! Offered in four fabulous colorways, these are a  mere fraction of what they sell  for in another very high end NY company. These are really fabulous and highly decorative. Includes ceiling cap and they are electrified, ready to hang.

Medium 24″ x 16″ x 16″  offered in ivory/gold and ivory/ blue $345.00

Large 30″ x 18″ x 18″ offered in navy/gold, ivory/gold, black/gold, ivory/blue $410.00 ALL COLORS AVAILABLE

Ivory w/gold-

Black w/gold-

Navy w/gold-

Ivory w/blue-

ITEM 2. VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES How stunning are these obelisks! I want one in every color. These make the most elegant instant vignette and are equally beautiful to stand on their own. Offered in four beautiful colorways. These beauties measures 22″ x 5″ at the widest point (base) $85.00 each or $150 for a pair, an amazing price!!

Specify color ivory/blue, pale blue/gold, black/gold or ivory/gold

2A Blue and white

2B. Black with gold

2C Pale blue with gold

2D Ivory with gold

ITEM 3.LIMITED Fabulous new hexagon lamps that I just love and of course are bringing home with me, offered in three spectacular colorways. This beauty measures 17″ x 10.5″ (base only) and includes harp and finial. $185.00 where can you find a custom handpainted tole lamp for this price!!

3A Black with gold

3B Ivory with blue

3C Ivory with gold

ITEM 4. So excited about this lamp…..another new style of lamp, equally gorgeous which will soon find a place in my living room. Includes harp and finial. Elegant hand painting on entire base of lamp. Offered in one of three beautiful colorways. These are a fraction of what they are sold for at a NYC company.  Base measures 16,5″ x 8.5″ x 10″ $ 190.00

4A Ivory w/blue

4B Pale blue w/gold

4C Black w/gold

ITEM 5. Lampshades available at a discounted price for lamps above. Generally most people use an 18″ shade for these lamps. Shades are available with the purchase of a lamp.


5A- $60.00

5B $65.00

5C $58.00

5D $65.00

5E $60.00

ITEM 6. Another round of stunning trays! Measures 24′ x 17.5″ x 2. These are incredible for display but also make an amazing tray to serve with.The delicate scalloped edging piped in gold is so beautiful with the timeless chinoiserie scenery hand painted on face of tray.

I have used mine to serve a round of drinks on and it makes quite a statement. Offered in ivory/blue and black/gold. $120.00

6A Ivory/blue

6B Pale blue/gold

ITEM 7. LIMITED The amazing bathroom accessories are coming back, they sold out so fast….I am happy to be offering them again!

Wastepaper basket 10.5″ x 9″ x 9″  $80.00

Scalloped tissue holder 6.5″ x 2.25″ x 2.25″ $55.00

Buy both for $125.00

Offered in black/gold, ivory/blue and ivory/gold

7A Tissue holder

7B Wastepaper basket

ITEM 8. It’s raining Provence planters, got a large quantity in anticipation of the spring planing season. Super excited to be welcoming a big batch of Provence planters back. These sold out right away and with good reason. They are not only incredibly beautiful but a mere fraction of what they are sold for in the few exclusives places that carry them. These are the picture of timeless elegance and are amazing indoors and out.

Just planted my own…

They have four small drainage holes and are treated with a weather resistant paint. I do however recommend taking an extra step and using a product like Rustoleum’s anti rust galvanizing spray, had a handyman get it and apply to the planters.  Here thy are just after being dried and getting ready for the final stage, the acorn finials-

These are simply exquisite with boxwoods or any kind of topiary…cannot wait to use mine!

All four sizes are coming back-

Small 21″ x 18″ x 18″ (the 21″ H includes the 3″ finial) available in pale blue, ivory and black $355.00

Medium 23″ x 20″ x 20″ (the 23″ H includes the 3″ finial) available in pale blue, ivory and black $375.00

Large 25″ x 22″ x 22″ (the 25″ height includes the 3″ finial) available in pale blue, ivory and black $395.00

Extra Large 27″ x 24″ x 24″ (the 27″ height includes the 3″ finial) available in black and ivory $445.00





Feeling a case of tole fever coming on? You are not alone….I am so excited to soon start planting my Provence planters, switching out a bunch of lamps and adding the obelisks to a few spots. Call in or email your order-

CALL 1-800-804-9565


Thanks for stopping in, until next time…..




Seven on Sunday

Good morning and a very very Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!  I want to announce the lucky winner of the beautiful scalloped tea jar. Congratulations goes to-


Please email me your shipping details so your jar can be on it’s way!


Hope everyone has a fabulous and relaxing Mother’s day. Let’s face it, being a mother is not always easy….it will try you and push you to limits we didn’t know possible. There are no paid leaves or coffee breaks, its a 24/7 gig. And there is no such a thing as retiring from this job….oh no, it is with you till the very end:) And the worrying surely does not magically stop at 18, it just evolves to a different type of worry:)

It will and can be difficult, frustrating, anxiety inducing, BUT it can also be the most gratifying and fulfilling job there is, period. To know you created these wonderful (most of the time) human beings, to know that their accomplishments and successes are yours to celebrate with them is as good as it gets. To see them soar and achieve their dreams, well….that is just kind of the ultimate and to me better than any raise or promotion that a “traditional job” could ever offer.

I was lucky to have been given the ultimate role model, my own mom. This woman is a saint, the epitome of a true lady and what a devoted, kindhearted, selfless mother should be. I continue to aspire to be just like her (OK maybe with a little less worrying thrown in) and she is most definitely  my “career role model”. So thanks Mom, you are and continue to be the ultimate mother and I feel very very blessed.to have you.

I am so happy that my son came home from college, so its going to be such a treat to have everyone in my nest!! It was very cold, rainy and stormy yesterday but looks like the rain is gone, so bring on the sun. Having my little family together is most certainly the  best Mother’s Day gift ever! Cheers to motherhood……

1 MY MINT JULEPS READY FOR THE DERBY. So here is how we celebrated the most exciting 2 minutes in sports….why not go the traditional route?  I must say these mint juleps are super functional, I use them for all my brushes, toothbrush, mini vases, the list goes on!  I also added my pretty linen monogrammed napkins, definitely brought out the Southern in me:)

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many beautiful things to share this week with a healthy dose of cuteness. And my faves this week……

And my fave this week is this adorable shot, reminds me so much of my boys when they were young and brings back great memories..what cutie pies!!

3. THE NEW SITE NEARLY DONE! I know, I know you have heard this before. Believe me, you have no idea how frustrating its been for me to be “almost there” but still have many outstanding issues. The last developer turned out to be a bust and while aspects of the current site I really like, the functionality has room for improvement. I hired someone new and for the last 8-9 weeks we have been working fast and furious.

I know many do not get my emails announcing a new post despite subscribing and resubscribing many times, too many to count have been upset over the inability to pin…all this plus so much more will soon be changing! On top of that I was not happy with the current shop site, the pictures were too small and there was no zoom in. There were many pictures that were not very clear and some descriptions were missing. Well, that too is going to change here is a sneak  peek. People, there is light at the end of the tunnel!




New site-

And much better pics for the belljars-

Larger, clearer pictures  and check out that ginger jar pin it button!

And you can soon zoom in …

My blog list will be reinstated on the side of the blog page-

4. A FANTASTIC NEW RECIPE FOR A FAVORITE SALAD. This all started with our many many weekends spent traveling for my sons lacrosse tournaments. When we needed to have lunch or dinner in an unfamiliar town/city,  one sure thing was good ol Cheesecake factory,  it was a reliable choice for meals on the road. Unfortunately my iPhone died as I was making this a few days ago but here a few pics-

My absolute favorite item there is the Sante Fe salad, the dressing is as good as chocolate! I was excited to find this copy cat recipe which I must say is nearly a carbon copy of theirs..it’s that good. So of course i have to share it with you. When I make the dressing, I make 2 or 3 times the amount and freeze some for future use. Super tasty and incredibly satisfying.S


Four heads of romaine lettuce ( I like mine almost shredded)

6 thin chicken breasts

2 cobs of corn cooked and kernels cut off

1 can black beans

About 1/2 cup of shredded Monterrey Jack cheese

Tomato to your liking

Tortilla strips (I buy the bag sold in the salad/nuts area)

OPTIONAL – Diced fresh avocado


2 bunches cilantro

fresh lemon juice from one lemon

1/2 cup olive oil

1 TBSP brown sugar ( I have used without and you really do not taste the difference)

1/4 peanut butter (I used only one -two TBSP)

Use a food processor to mix all dressing ingredients togehter until thickened and smooth. For chicken, I get a baking pan drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper chicken and drizzle oil on other side, cook at about 350 for about 15-20 min (until golden). I shred the chicken once cool and add all remaining ingredients plus chicken to large bowl. Dress salad to your liking when ready to serve. Bon appetit!

5. MY TALENTED CUSTOMERS AND EDESIGN CLIENTS. I love getting in your pictures and got a few recant ones that I just had to share, they are so pretty and will soon be added to the new site.

Look at a few recent pictures from customers, this is a gorgeous blue and white vignette-

And what a stunning party/party platter-

On the design front, here is a great before and after, amazing what reupholstery can do with the right other pieces in place!

These are a few in progress shots from a few design clients, loving the way these spaces are coming out-

And in another customers beautiful living room, we are starting to put all the finish touches together, look forward to showing you the rest of this fabulous room soon!


6. MY MOTHERS DAY PLEDGE. In honor of Mother Day, I  have to end this with a bang.  I laughed at this because this is “so me” and most certainly my own mom:) A keeper and one to be shared!


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This is all about committing yourself to things, obligations, invitations and such. Until I was around 40 I felt like I had to to do it all. I said yes to most things and thrived on going, going, going all the time and did. I remember if someone called me at home I (remember those days when we actually used our home phones for real calls not solicitors? And if someone found me home they were shocked.

But something really strange happened at around 50, I suddenly LOVED being home. I couldn’t get enough of being home. And when we did go out especially for late nights,I find myself fantasizing about getting home into my snugly bed by 10pm. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?

Even this month we have gotten three fantastic invites to three amazing events/parties including a extended bday weekend on an island  and I am a little torn as I am saying no and really don’t want to go yet a part of me feels a tinge of guilt or that I might have regrets. We have about 5 or 6 weddings and several other things over the next several months so I don’t want to feel over committed. A far cry from how i used to be that is for sure!

Wondering how  common this might be? Do I have company out there? One of the most liberating things about turning 50 is just owning how you feel and doing what you want to do without looking back or making apologies for it. When I do say yes and commit, I always end up having a great time, guess it’s quality over quantity.  Thinking this also has to do with working full time…..I appreciate my down time and not having to adhere to a overly booked schedule on weekends.  What say you?


That wraps up my Seven on Sunday and this Mother’s Day edition. I want to wish every single mother out there, a most relaxing wonderful day spent doing exactly as you please, and basking in the adoration of those you love and who love you back.

We ALL deserve a day to ourselves, certainly motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding job out there. I always say there is Father’s Day, then the longest holiday, 363 Kid’s Days (isn’t every day a holiday for them 🙂 So our designated day is well, well deserved. Enjoy and thank you for stopping in! Until next time….


One day chinoiserie tole and Provence planter arrival sale

Bluff Diaries

Decorating with Buffalo Checks

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Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Happy Saturday morning to you, first order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the white garden seat from Decor Market. Congratulations goes to-

#104 AFN

Please email info@enchantedhome.com to provide your shipping details so we can arrange to have this on it’s way


Moving along, so happy it’s Saturday though it’s rainy and dreary, good for newly planted plants and our grass, plus an occasional rainy day can be a good thing. Hope everyone is well and enjoying  a relaxing Mothers Day weekend. My youngest son came home and it’s going to be such a treat to have all of my little birdies in my nest on Mother’s Day. It’s for me,  like all the stars aligning:)

As I occasionally do, I share with you recent happenings in my life as seen trough the lens of my trusty little iPhone. So here is whats been going on lately…..

Spring has sprung around these parts and suddenly everything is looking mighty green

Spruced up back powder room with these beautiful pagoda linen towels given to me by Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips….love them!

Loving the white azaleas

Gave this to a friend who has a new baby….aren’t these darling each letter is about 12″ tall and for his wall in the nursery

Here it is getting wrapped up

Went to a party for a friend and I was the designated group gifter, so wrapped up this fabulous raffia beach tote filled with all kinds of summer related goodies from a fedora to beach coverups, towels, bath products,etc…..

Stopped at a friends and admired this stunning arrangement of lilacs

Love my newly arrived large silver covered dome

Party peonies:)

Went for a big group dinner at our favorite Greek place, Limani and this branzino literally was one of the biggest I have ever seen and it was sooo good!

Tile selection for PB powder room….being done in Calcutta Gold

My pretty yellow kalanchoe going strong

First plants of the season purchased and ready to get planted

I even have a hard time believing these are not real stone, love this piece

A little secretary tweaking

The azaleas are in full bloom!

Looking for raised velvets for a bench and these contenders are beauties!

Living room mantle…..and yes, these are my faux peonies if you can believe it

Lots of candle orders going out (these will soon to be added to site)

Upstairs landing, not sure I have ever shown this

We have the cutest little farm that has been around for ages, Youngs Farm that kind of “takes you back”…it is definitely one of my happy places, a friend took these wonderful pics

All my favorite things in one shot, flowers, monograms, blue and white and chinoiserie tole!

Pretty backyard perfect for a late afternoon glass of wine with friends

Went to someones house and had to snap this door….amazing!

How beautiful are these gorgeous pillows just leaving to a lucky clients house….

The things we do for friends!!  I had just gotten these in…..literally within a few hours  of getting them, got a call from a friend in a total  panic because she had ordered favors for a party she was hosting, forgot the shop closed at 5 and found out at 5:30 she couldn’t get them for a party she was hosting at 7!! Incidentally I got this huge order of candles so what are friends for……pulled a “candle 911”, loaded them in my back seat and ran these over to her,  problem solved:) Enchanted Home to the rescue!

So there you have all the good, pretty and inspiring….life is filled with ups and downs but this blog is all about the ups and remains my personal “happy space”, and happy you want to share it with me. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful Saturday. Until next time…..

The amazing newest florals/orchids/lemon arrangements flash sale is on and ends tomorrow. Click here to see





Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Good morning, hope you are having a wonderful week. This one is flying by…..had a really fantastic presale on the porcelain so thank you and happy you love everything as much as I do. Somehow getting in all this blue and white never gets old:)

There is a pep in my step because the new site is just about ready- when I say new, its a new version of the existing. It will look very similar (but very enhanced of what exists now) and the functionality is lightyears improved! And let me tell you….it is looking GOOD! Looks like my stubbornness is finally paying off to get it absolutely right, I really think you will agree.

Today is a fun Which would you choose…..I love Decor Market for their incredible selection and especially their tremendous values which are pretty hard to beat. I often recommend my design clients to them, as the prices are rock bottom and they offer just about everything that is beautiful and stylish.

I am just starting a new project with someone looking to perk up their coastal home on Sea Island and also starting to think about my own PB house in the process so this post is based upon some of the ideas that I have been tossing around both for my client and myself. Some really fabulous pieces here. OK your turn, if you could choose two to go home with you….which would you choose?

CHOICE 1 Love this smaller cutout garden seat and at $89.00 hard to pass up, great for a bathroom! Click here

CHOICE 2 The outdoor dining season is upon us!! How about this gorgeous 5 piece wood set for around $500! Click here

CHOICE 3 Such a beautiful rug, the colors, patterns, everything and a 9 x 12 for $439! Unbelievable, click here

CHOICE 4 A favorite coffee table that I have used twice recently on projects, it is a stunner! Click here

CHOICE 5 A great looking round dining table, like that its more casual, the lighter wood and the price might be the best part! Click here

CHOICE 6 How great looking is this cabinet, in love with everything about it…. I would love to have two:) Click here

CHOICE 7 Have decided to use two of these for the living/great room. I have used these twice for projects and can attest to how comfortable they and very good looking and extremely affordable. Click here

CHOICE 8 This might be the prettiest  desk/secretary I have seen in a long, long time  I love this color and it seems like such a functional piece, click here

CHOICE 9 I have decided that I want two of these as the head chairs, I LOVE this chair, click here

CHOICE 10 One of my all time favorite dining chairs for outdoors, I will be getting a bunch of these for the porch, such a chic stylish and affordable chair click here

CHOICE 11 A beautiful table, love the weathered wood color and its perfect for a more casual coastal feeling home, click here

CHOICE 12 How elegant is this French inspired chair? Can you believe they are $349 each! What a beautiful breakfast room/dining chair this is. Click here

CHOICE 13 Would you believe me if I told you this stunner of a bed in queen is $419! Great guest room bed, click here

CHOICE 14 Isn’t this a fabulous looking bar stool, just recommended this to my client as they love wicker and want casual…hard to believe its $139! Click here

CHOICE 15 I have not bought a nightstand in so long but this is such a pretty piece, I love the lighter color and could see this paired with a fully upholstered bed…fits into my vision quite well! Click here

CHOICE 16 Adore this console table and this color wood is gorgeous…fits nicely into a coastal/vacation house. Not too serious or heavy, just waiting for a few blue and white jars:) Click here

CHOICE 17 I have never seen a queen distressed suede bed for under $450, unbelievable  value!! This is one handsome bed, also great for a boys/young mans room. Click here

CHOICE 18 A favorite rug that I have used on two projects and will likely get for one of the rooms in PB, this is one good looking rug at a price you don’t have to think twice about, even prettier in person Click here

CHOICE 19 Think this settee is so pretty, love the unusual design and the weather wood, so lovely Click here

CHOICE 20 This is such a pretty etagere, a functional piece that can literally go in any room, I love seeing them in a master bath with rolled up towels and pretty little knick knacks, click here

OK hard as it might be time for you to choose your two faves-


Decor Market has also generously donated this wonderful white garden seat to one lucky Enchanted Home reader.  All you need to do is visit Decor Market, take a look around, come back here to tell us a favorite item and you are in the running. A winner to be announced on Saturday so do check back!

Love that Decor Market  is honoring all the moms out there with an extra 15%, definitely sweetens the deal! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a great day, hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Until next time…..

Be sure to check out the newest flash sale that just started Friday afternoon, most beautiful florals, orchids and lemon arrangements under the sun! Click here to see






The new porcelain presale order is offiically on plus a giveaway!


Hello and Happy Tuesday.   Hope you had a wonderful weekend, ours was nice and quite relaxing and now it’s on to a busy workweek. You know how much fun these containers are for me,  offering up the contents of an incoming container is the best way to not only get the best prices (even lower than my already very low selling prices) but a sure way to guarantee you will get what you want as some things are sold out before they even arrive.

This container is already en route and due here within 3 weeks. I challenge you to  find this selection anywhere of high quality porcelains like these for the prices that I offer. Just go and visit places like One Kings Lane, Horchow and Frontgate and you will see what I mean! They are literally a fraction of what they sell for elsewhere and some of these are exclusively mine. And if you really like someone, really really like them, then tell them about the sale…on for two days only! Plus if you refer someone you get a credit ($20-75).

Lots of fabulous pieces here, some new and some favorites making a return. As always there are a few rules to read through before we begin, especially helpful for any “newbies”-

PLEASE read through this to be sure you are clear-

  • Email or call your orders in 1-800-804-9565 or email orders@enchantedhome.
  • IF you request an invoice you MUST include in the email, your name address and phone number or we cannot send you an invoice (IF you  have a different billing/shipping you must tell us in your email)

  • Please refer to item number and quantity only
  • Limited stock, all  order requests are subject to availability
  • This sale is on for 2 days only and will end Thurs morning at 8am (no extensions)
  • This is a PRESALE/ADVANCE PURCHASE for container due to arrive on or about June 4th
  • This offer is good for the U.S. only (sorry to my international customers)
  • We do accept wholesale orders but are limited in how many we can accept (call 800-804-9565)
  • Any order over $750 gets 10% off
  • Referring someone new? If they purchase over $100 you earn a $20 credit! If they purchase $500 or more you get a $75.00 credit. Just email or call us the referred name
  • Questions? Email or call us

And here we go…..

ITEM 1 This beauty is coming back….and always sells out so doubled up on the quantities.

Measures 14″ x 20″ $180.00 or two for $350.00

ITEM 2. More fabulous pagodas are coming back! These too sell out almost right away, and with good reason they are nothing short of spectacular. Sold here for more than half of what they sell for in other high end places.

2A. The large grand pagoda

$385 each, very special promo pricing (these retail for $1400 per pagoda) OR save on a pair and get two for $725.00

2B. The mid sized pagoda, same pagoda just a smaller version. I own this and keep them on my dining room buffet.

Measures 24″ x 5″ $235.00 each OR $440.00 for a pair

2C. Mini blue and white pagodas, these are so darling. Perfect to polish off any vignette or use as bookends. Stands about 7″ tall  Sold as a pair $55.00

ITEM 3 The ever so popular mini foo dogs are coming back to town. These are 4″ x 6″ $85.00 for the pair

ITEM 4. Medium elegant fishbowls. These are so beautiful I can see a pair of them now with some kind of topiary tree on a console or chest or how about poinsettias during the holidays…gorgeous! Measures 8.5″ x 11.5″  $85.00

ITEM 5. Gorgeous set of three emperors, so stately.

Measures 17″H x 6″ Set of 3 $135.00

ITEM 6. Incredible x large square vase, such a regal piece. Looks amazing with cherry blossoms, can’t wait to start playing! Measures 18.5″ x 7.5″ $120 lowest price ever!

ITEM 7. A favorite fishbowl,  this classical dragon scene fishbowl is a stunner and coming just in time for spring planting season! Measures 16″ x 16″ $165.00

ITEM 8. This smaller ginger jar is the perfect accent for a blue and white vignette or for smaller spaces, measures 12″ tall $65.00

ITEM 9. The cutest mini ginger jars, these are so wonderful to put with an existing vignette or us to use to hold pencils, brushes or a small floral cluster

9A. So love this little jar…how darling is this new mini jar, measures 7″ tall, love it! $35.00

9B. $35.00

ITEM 10. White foo dogs are finally back too…great size and so decorative. Measures 11″ x 8″ and are $115.00 for the pair

ITEM 11. Love this square based vase! Elegant and stately large flower vase, even with nothing it stands on its own but imagine with a big spray of flowers or blossoms! Measures 17″ x 6.5′ and is $110.00 today

ITEM 12A. New item- Wonderful village scene garden seat with raised detailing, in two shapes. Either one is beauty! Measures 17.5″ x 11″ $175.00

ITEM 12B. Six sided hexagon 17.5″ x 11″ $185.00

ITEM 13. New item- Way prettier in person!  One of my favorite shapes, the large trumpet vase is coming in with a few variations, this figuring version measures 16″ x 9″ $110.00

ITEM 14. My new favorite garden seat…so LOVE this piece (there is a matching GORGEOUS ginger jar item 15) . I will have to snatch a pair for myself and have just the place in mind:) 18.5″ $185.00 (matches item #1 jar)

ITEM 15. Wonderful vase with detailed handles is back, great piece for your fresh flowers or cherry blossoms, measures 17″ x 8″ $125.00


ITEM 16. NEW! Love this elegant new extra large ginger jar, very grand.  LOVE THIS piece. Measures 25″ $165.00 OR two for $315.00

ITEM 17. This magnificent vase is really amazing, beautiful detailing and exceptional highest quality. 20″ x 9.5″ $185.00 OR a pair for $350.00

ITEM 18.Fabulous blossom octagonal jar, great decorative piece. Measures 11″ x 8.5″ $105.00 or two for $200.00

ITEM 19. My favorite large village scene bowl is coming back as well, this is one of the prettiest bowls ever. 10″ x 17″ $135.00

ITEM 20 Stunning new village scene vase with beautiful detailed handles, sure to become a top seller. 16″ tall $115.00 or two for $220.00

ITEM 21 Soon to be a new best seller, my new favorite jar…..how exquisite is this new jar, in love! Measures 22″ x 11″ $185.00 OR two for $355.00

ITEM 22 Darling mini fishbowls are returning. These are great for small plants, to hold things, a small boxwood ball…..just darling! 4″x. 6″ $30.00

ITEM 23. Another wonderful mid sized jar measures 16.75″, love the scene and the foo dog top $85.00 OR two for $160.00

ITEM 24. How beautiful are these large pheasant vases with elegant butterfly handles? Just screaming for a big bunch of blossoms or curly branches. 16″ tall $ 155.00 or $295.00 for a pair

ITEM 25. Fabulous pen/brush holder and there are many other purposes for this adorable small container, also could be a great little planter. Measures 5.75″ tall $25.00

ITEM 26. A favorite smaller jar,perfect to use as as bud vase for your weekly florals, love the trumpet shape, it’s a beautiful vase. Measures 9.75″ tall $55.00

ITEM 27. This is by far one of the most beautiful grandest vases I have seen yet, exquisite detailing including the raised dots and floral handles, beautiful! Measures 24″ x 9″ $160.00 or two for $310.00

ITEM 28. This gorgeous scalloped tea jar is one of my all time favorites. I love the scalloped shape and the size. A true beauty. Measures 14″ x 11″ $110 OR two for $205.00

ITEM 29. This majestic vase is a standout, beautiful pale green with blue painting, this is an exact replica of the original antique and is breathtaking, would be gorgeous with a big spray of flowers/blossoms.  Stands a regal 24.5″ tall $110 OR two for $205.00

ITEM 30. These incredible scalloped pierced planters are exquisite and the my all time favorite, offered in two elegant designs. Incredible gorgeous scalloped edges and pierced bottom detailing. Amazingly beautiful! $185.00 either planter, measures 9″ x 14″



ITEM 31 This wonderful mid sized double happiness vase is a beauty and perfect for your weekly flowers. Stands 15.5 $105.00

ITEM 32 AND SAVING ONE OF THE BEST FOR LAST! This is a “pre-presale” for the tulipieres. They will never be this price again. Unheard of you if you google the price on these, you will see what a steal they are. These will be between June 30-July 7.  Here is your chance to own them at a will never offer again rock bottom price-

Here is an example of how fabulous they look with flowers-


LARGE 23“-

Blue and white $165.00 per tulipiere OR a pair for $315.00

White $150.00 OR a pair for $290.00

Med 14″-

Blue and white $70.00 each OR a pair for $135.00

White $70.00 each OR  a pair for $135.00

Whoa…that is a lot of porcelain! There are so many things I love here that I have stopped counting. Now about that giveaway-


One winner will win this wonderful scalloped tea jar. All you need to do is leave a comment here telling us your favorite piece and how you would use it and I will announce a winner on Thurs/Friday. Be sure to check back.

Thank you for stopping by, be sure to call or email us with your order if something it insisting that it find its way into your home!

CALL 1-800-804-9565


NORDSTROM - Shop kate spade new york Summer 2017








Seven on Sunday

Hello! Happy Sunday to you all, the sun is shining so I am happy:)  First I want to announce the winner of the silver pitcher and also want to thank everyone for your tremendous input and encouragement from my Enchanted Home New post the other day (click here if you missed it showcasing all the new and upcoming products heading this way). Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me to provide your shipping address so your pretty pitcher can be on it’s way!


Hope you have had a wonderful weekend, here busy busy but a good one. No complaints as its a beautiful weather weekend and today is a day to do as I please..really look forward to my Sundays.

We are supposed to go to The Polo Lounge for dinner tonight so that should be fun. Had a nice dinner with friends and went bathroom shopping for the PB house all day yesterday….there was a lot to see and take in but thankfully my taste is pretty consistent so decisions were fairly easy to make. And a lot of progress has been made this week. Now its time for a relaxing day ahead….


1 A VIDEO YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS. Been a longtime fan of Timothy Corrgian’s and his penchant for creating such beautiful timeless and elegant interiors. When I read about his purchase of his chateau in the famed Loire Valley in France, I knew I had to follow along…..it is a dream and then some. This video shows the magnificent final product and it is something to behold!!


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much beauty in this world, and so happy I have a platform in which to share it with you! Lots to love this week…..

My fave this week is this beauty because this is A CAKE!! Her level of genius/detail leaves me breathless with what she can do with cakes……


3 COOKING SCHOOL I WANT TO ATTEND. About 6 years ago,  the last time we were in Provence we had the great fortune to stay at the one and only La Mirande, a little slice of heaven. Sure wish I had taken advantage of their cooking school when I was there, but it only means there is a reason to go back, what fun this would be!! Click here for more info…or just to dream:)

hummm….somehow do not envision my husband partaking in this but who knows!


4.CUTEST ROBE AND TOTE BAG ON THE PLANET. When I get something from LB Originals, I KNOW its going to be good…but this was way beyond good. The cutest pagoda tote bag (now my official to go work bag) and seriously a gingham robe with my monogram, which I am obsessed with. It is the first thing I put on them minute i walk through the door…..LOOOOVE IT! Click here to see these goodies and for a big dose of happy which is how I feel when I visit her shop.

Here is the robe I am obsessed with!! Click here, great gift idea!

Click here to see the tote

How amazing are these pagoda pjs!!

How about these banana leaf mitts and towels…so chic!

Bring on the gingham cocktail napkins!

5. CALLING ALL CHEESE LOVERS!! France and cheese are like cookies and milk, they go together like a match made in heaven.  And yes, France is very much on my radar but then again it always is:) Welcome to the most charming cheese shop….

A friend came back recently and told me about one of Frances finest cheese shops, Barthelemy. She and her sister went to celebrate her sisters 50th birthday and she said one afternoon they stumbled upon it  confided in me that they took two huge pieces of cheese back to their hotel , picked up a obligatory baguette and bottle of wine on their way back,  canceled their dinner reservation and indulged (so my kind of meal)…so jealous! I looked it up and had to share this with you. Forewarning if you are hungry or love cheese, proceed at your own risk……

This video reminds me that some of the best things in life are the simplest little pleasures….

6. THE LAST MAJOR “HOME” IN NYC IS UP FOR SALE! Just in case you have a cool 50 million or so to burn you may want to consider this incredible and very opulent Beaux Arts NYC town home, with an equally illustrious history.

Once inhabited by Cornelius Vanderbilt…oh if those 20,000 square feet of walls could talk! Pretty amazing that such a place still exists in this concrete hyper energized city, it’s like having your own time capsule in a beautiful limestone casing. Click here to see the listing

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Today’s subject is coffee. I can’t live without it. Even the smell makes me happy:) I have cut back dramatically as I used to drink 3, 4 or 5 cups a day. In recent years I have cut back to 2 cups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. On very very rare occasions I might have a 3rd but that would be unusual. I love the taste, smell, everything about it and can’t imagine life without it.

I know from recent studies people who drink more coffee are less likely to develop Diabetes, have serious heart issues and reduce their chance of get Parkinsons. So it’s practically like taking a liquid preventative medicine every day:) How about you?


So that’s whats cooking on my end, how about you? Anything new and exciting? Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, and a nice close to your weekend. Thank you for stopping by and making me a part of your Sunday routine. Until next time……

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