Can we talk?

Hi there…..haven’t done one of these in a long time! My weekend started off really busy? but? sadly hurt my knee again so had to miss my nieces graduation party, I was so upset as being in bed with a huge pack of ice, it was not the Sat. night I envisioned! But the rest and icing has paid off and I am feeling better today, but will be proceeding with extreme caution!? With a prom, graduation, sports dinner, and my sons graduation party, needless to say this is a busy week and I need to be in top form.? I was lucky to find some older drafts that had never gotten published to? help me see me through this busy week. I also have a Steals and Deals I am putting the finishing touches on that is not to be missed (hopefully tomorrow)!

One thing I am looking for is a new fragrance. Are you an “experimenter” or do you have your own “signature fragrance”? I like having that comfortable “go to” to rely on, the one that I know works well with my body chemistry, tried and true. My preference for 95% of the time is a light powdery fragrance. I love the smell of a freshly bathed baby….ahhh smells so good! That explains one of my choices below. So….I am all ears if you have a favorite scent, that would be considered light and musky/powder, please please please tell me about it.


We have a darling little store not far that carries all these really neat brands and a friend of mine had bought this amazing musk parfum for me there, I loved it so much that I kept buying it, I loved that it wasn’t available in many places so you can imagine my sadness when I waltzed in there to stock up and was told they had one bottle left and the company had closed!!!!! So not fair!!! I googled it and found two bottles of it and have not found it since:) Nothing has come close so here I am again looking…and hoping you might help.

This list of fragrances that worked well for me is kind of all over the map, J Low and Chanel hardly belong in the same sentence but they both smelled so good on me! I got compliments all the time. LOVE Harijuku Baby but it doesn’t seem to last as long as I would like, have had Cashmere Mist for a long time and Daisy is a newer purchase but I don’t love it. Jo Malone has the staying power that I want but somehow they smell very strong on me. Let’s just say you can smell me coming way before I enter the room:)? Chanel 5 is a classic and here to stay but a bit strong for me for everyday. So here is where you come in…I need your advice/input/suggestions!!

Come on… to me. Tell me what you love to wear and if any of them are soft and powdery,? light and musky. Fingers crossed you might come up with my new signature fragrance. Thanks for stopping in! Be back tomorrow to announce the winner of the beautiful gloves from Angela’s Garden. If you didn’t add your name to the hat, click here. Have a wonderful day and start to your week.