The Enchanted Home Love 2017 Contest is on!

Hello! I am posting this contest one day early in light of the monster snow storm heading our way, if the internet goes out (very likely) it will throw off the entire contest. So today is round 1 and tomorrow round 2 is already scheduled. So much for thinking spring had arrived when I was in the city the other day, enjoying a gorgeous 60 degree day!!

Moving along to subjects that I can get excited about, The Enchanted Home Love contest is on!! I am  just wowed by how stunning everyone’s homes are and think you will be too. This post is all about featuring an item purchased from my shop, boy does these do my shop proud! Thanks to all who sent in their beautiful pictures and to everyone else for stopping in and voting.

Today marks round one which will end tomorrow morning, then round 2 will take place tomorrow. You can now vote for your top three. Don’t see your picture here, then that means it is in round 2. Finally a showdown round will happen on  Wed and then a winner will be announced on Thursday. So ready to begin? You just might want to get a pencil and paper handy, just in case:)









































Wow, that is a whole lot of pretty!!! I must admit not only is this the ultimate validation for what I do and so enjoy, but this is also one hard decision. Every one of these is a winner in my book:) OK your turn to vote for your top three….normally it’s two but I am allowing your top three. Stay tuned for tomorrow for round 2, another bevy of beauties. Thank you for stopping in and taking part in the fun. If you are in this snowstorms path, hope you stay warm and safe! Until next time…..









Seven on Sunday

Good Sunday morning to you…winter is back with a vengeance!  We had snow the other day and now bracing for a NOR’EASTER on Tues. I seriously cannot believe they are calling for up to 22″ and spring is just days away! A bummer as it will likely hinder a fun plan I  had on tap for that day. Oh well…time to announce the winner of the tole planter. Congratulations goes to-

#139 SUSAN K.

Please contact me at to provide your shipping address and color choice so this planter can be on it’s merry way.


1 A FEW RECENT FAVORITE MOOD BOARDS. I love playing with online design boards and a big part of my edesign is showing my clients what things might look like together either in a newly designed space or existing space a HUGE perk of edesign as you just cannot do this in person.

Even when I am coming up with ideas for an event or table setting, I can use these boards to get my ideas “on paper”…it is such a wonderful design tool. Here are a few recents-

The first one is inspiration for a luncheon I will be hosting, loving the pink with the white and blue….this is exactly the vision I see.

This one was for a client interested in my line of pots who  needed two for her back door. She envisioned something tall and elegant for her beautiful Georgian home and I helped those ideas come to life. She had a hard time envisioning what the two she was considering  might look with the trees,  so I showed her!

I took two topiary pictures, added the planters, threw in some pretty white flowers and voila!!




And this was done for a past client who has a small sitting room that is part of her living room, she said its a cozy spot with big windows, she wanted it to feel sophisticated and a little transitional to work with the reset of their beautiful Boston apartment. Think we nailed it…..the gorgeous rich velvets she has fallen in love with for pillows but torn about the color you have a fave? I am leaning towards one but thought it would be fun to see what you think-


2 A FEW FAVORITE DOCUMENTARIES. So by now you probably know I love documentaries, I could watch them all day long (and yesterday actually did)!  A few I watched recently that I thought were really interesting and worth sharing below.

This one I have seen before but I could watch it over and over, it’s all about the rarefied world of truffles, and truffle hunting…totally fascinating

Love beautiful old homes and castles and always find myself daydreaming about what went on inside those walls. This was a really interesting and so beautiful documentary  on The Secrets of Chatsworth. (on Netflix)

This is an all time favorite……a truly fascinating and heartbreaking tale of an incredible art collector and how a corrupt city literally stole it from under his feet, it was despicable to see what Philadelphia did to this visionaries collection that he had always intended to  keep private and accessible for all to see.

Greed is a very ugly thing, I get mad every time I see it. Have seen this at least 10 times and eventually bought the DVD, it never gets old, so compelling!


3. YOGURT TEST RESULTS. So since we have adopted a healthier lifestyle, that means a pretty radical change in how we snack. I have taken to yogurt for a quick snack that is both healthy and tasty.

I love Greek yogurt…so went on a taste test and tried several over the last few weeks. I have a few favorites, all are low calorie but the irony is the lowest in sugar (very important) is my favorite! I could close my eyes and almost feel like I am eating ice cream, its that rich and yummy! Plus I love adding Grapenuts to it for the crunch and extra flavor, and it basically adds almost no calories.

Interesting article (click here) on the good and the bad yogurts….


4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Lots of beauty to share this week, some gorgeous homes included. Always have fun gathering ideas for this weeks roundup!

My favorite this week is this because I am simply FLOORED that this picture is not of fresh flowers but the most delicate sugar flowers for a wedding cake, that only cake master Maggie Austin can make, astounding!! She just out with a new book which I am definitely getting.


5.  LAKE COMO DREAMING!  OK this has me totally under Lake Como’s spell and now this has shot up as the top spot for (gingers crossed) maybe one of my own sons weddings.

These pictures literally took my breath away..cannot imagine a dreamier wedding spot. Maybe you are in the wedding planning mode, just an idea:) Click here for the website, it will take you far away to a most magical place, I promise (click on gallery)

(All photos by Marcus Bell)


6 A LITTLE TASTE OF FRANCE DELIVERED RIGHT TO MY DOOR! I was excited to learn about Sharon Santon’is brilliant idea of a gift box subscription featuring items straight from her homeland, France. I mean come on..who doesn’t just love anything from France?

I eagerly awaited its arrival and voila, it came! It is such a beautiful box in person, I swear I smelled the heavenly scents even before I even unwrapped the beautiful packaging. Click here to learn more about this wonderful French box and how you can get yours, you will be happy you did:)

What a delight it was to open and find so many exquisite goodies, some I already put to good use. Here is what I received-

An incredible candle with the chic matchbox ever plus a gorgeous set of giftcards by talented Jeannie of I Dream of!

Beautiful books that looks like watercolor paintings with pencils, a beautiful porcelain mug and three antique wine glasses that double as small bud vases

Some of the most heavenly soaps I have ever smelled!

Loved the brochure explaining the origins and story behind each product, made me have a whole new appreciation for each and every item, sent with love from France:)

Click here to learn more about this wonderful “France in a box” and how you can get yours, you will be happy you did:) Best gift to give yourself!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This I will be interested to see the results on… Totally subjective of course and certainly there is no right or wrong. But I was watching a small snippet of a fashion show and my husband who was there remarked “who buy those things, they are terrible” Now full disclosure- he is no fashionista and thought when he switched to wearing flat front corduroys that he was really pushing the fashion envelope:) But I had to agree,  it was pretty bad but made for a theatrical show.

That night going through Instagram, a well known designer posted about the International Women’s Day and featured a “fashionista” (I am being kind). I literally thought it was first a joke then clicked on her name because curiosity is my middle name and sure enough she has quite a  following and has decided to turn her son into a budding fashoinisto himself. Here are the pictures to support my case-

This is the featured picture that caught my attention….If I walked out in public in blue fluffy slippers my entire family would have me committed within hours!

And these are taken straight from the “fashion icons” instagram

Mother and son are featured together in many of the pictures, obviously they have a great relationship which is the silver lining here. I promise, I am not here to make fun of anyone, but really am just curious and this was a great example to support my question….am I just not “getting it”?

Is fashion more about theatrics than actually looking good or beautiful now? I can’t imagine we will look back on these looks 50 years from now and consider them iconic the way we look back on pictures of Princess Caroline, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn etc….and still are in awe of their elegant looks.

Is this the new norm with fashion? If it is, then I have never been so happy to call myself unfashionable lol. OK your turn to weigh in……

Last day today to take advantage of the gorgeous raffia bags, sold out of most but getting more in on Tuesday,  click here to see

TODAY is the last day to accept your pictures for the Enchanted Home Love contest, have room for a couple more. Send in 1-2 pictures featuring an item purchased through The Enchanted Home, and win 3 months of Enchanted Home Goodies! Click here for more info or send in your pictures to (put contest on subject line)


Thank you as always for stopping by. The incredible presale on the newest porcelain container arriving mid April will happen some time this coming week….so many exciting new pieces! Enjoy your day and stay warm:)









The Diet Diaries- Chapter 1

Good Saturday morning from very very cold arctic New York. How do we go from a balmy 60 degrees on Wednesday to 12 degrees today with snow yesterday and a significant snow storm headed this way on Tues? INSANE. I am not looking to give an extension for winter, I have my gardening gloves ready and just waiting to fling open my windows!

Hope wherever you are…it’s a lot warmer. Moving along, today is the start of a new series. Much like the Buff Diaries, this is the Diet Diaries, and admittedly not nearly as much fun or pretty:) We have adopted a healthier way of eating, so I don’t even like to say we are on a “diet” as much as we are changing to way we look at food. There, sounds better already:)

Its been about 3-4 weeks and I definitely feel much better. It was hard to say goodbye to certain foods that frankly I ate with abandon, but I am pretty good recreating the ordinary and have started to getting fairly creative with coming up with some pretty good meals, plus there are more choices than ever to be able to create a healthy lifestyle.

So I am really hoping that we can do this maybe once a month or so , and get a dialog going. I hope to be able to share my ideas with you but really hope in return, you too will share yours. Diet and “watching it”; are three words most people know about, and with the warmer weather headed this way…….I think it’s on a lot of peoples minds now. So here are some of my own ideas, observations, successes-

Today focusing on what we can grab and go the essentials to get me through a day, next time we will focus on things I am making at home, with a few recipes and the “E” word, exercise:)


DRINK WATER.  I have never drank as much waster as I have the last month. In general I drink a fair amount, but I have dramatically cut back on diet soda (now most days I have none and every few days will have one) so I replace all of that with water, water and water.  Now soda seems so sweet, but every now and now it does hit the spot!

I love Pellegrino and Poland Spring, that is really all I drink. Also love the sparkling Raspberry Lime flavor. I also love a big extra large cup filled with ice and lemon slices and fill it with water and drink it all day and refill as necessary.


BREAKFAST. I am not a big breakfast person, never have been. Most mornings I am rushing to get out the door, once or twice a week I will make myself an egg white omelette with baby spinach, tomatoes and one low fat string cheese cut up. I will add two pieces of the low cal 40 cal whole wheat bread and it is quite a satisfying meal. Most mornings however I have a yogurt and a piece of fruit or a low calorie cereal/protein bar.

The Think Thin bar is quite good and very satisfying, recommended often by various vigilant health nuts who have devoted their life to healthy eating.

Instead of a second or third cup of coffee, I have a few cups of lemon ginger tea throughout the day. Its quite tasty and has great benefits.

SNACKS. If I need a snack, a piece of fruit, a 90 cal string cheese, a small bag of unsalted almonds normally does the trick. I don’t do a lot of snacking while we are watching it as that is my pitfall, I could LIVE on snacks.  But there are times you just need to eat to fill a craving for something to munch on, so choose wisely and make sure they are not empty calories that will make you feel even hungrier a few minutes later.

INDULGENCE. When I feel like I need to feel like I am being bad, I must say there are several indulgent treats on the market that are low calorie, low sugar, some high protein and really tasty. They will make you feel Ike you are having “the real thing” but at 90-120 calories, you walk away with zero guilt.

Spoke of these the other day, they are good!! Very high in protein, low sugar.

YOGURT. I love yogurt and did a sort of taste test the last two weeks, I experimented with about 5 different yogurts, peach is my favorite flavor and Greek yogurt in my eyes is the best. After trying about 5 yogurts, here are my top two faves so far, still experimenting and open to suggestions but must say these are darn good-

The Oikos is very high in protein, lowest in sugar and super tasty

This one is also very tasty not as rich feeling but yummy

MY SECRET TO A LOW FAT PARFAIT.  I add some blueberries and then  add a few tablespoons of Grapenuts, YES Grapenuts and it is soo good! A low fat yogurt parfait that is every bit as good as any other. Trust me:)

Also have Grapenuts for breakfast, with no fat milk and berries or bananas, and it is actually quite good.

SALADS. OK this is the mainstay of what I eat. I have some variation of a salad almost without fail every day for lunch, and for dinner it’s often a piece of fish a big salad with protein and on occasion cereal with fruit.

We have a lot of places around here with every kind of salad you can imagine so it’s easy to pickup when I am work. The market now carries so many prepackaged salads too, many that are quite good and it’s so easy.

I always use about half the dressing and sometimes add nuts or a avocado, you can in other words embellish these, I like crunch and texture in my salads

This is so convenient to make a really quick stir fry with small pieces of cut up chicken or shrimp-

I will share with you next time some salads I am  making at home with low calorie dressings that you might like or want to try. We did not talk about exercise and obviously this is a key component here, one which I am not very good at but with spring around the corner I expect that to improve. We will talk about that next time, and I look forward to talking about that next time.

Every time I do these posts I will pose a question, so this weeks question is-

How do you handle watching your diet when out to eat in a restaurant?

For me, it’s of course skipping over the bared, I instantly think “shorts season” and it is a instant motivator to steer clear. I stick to salads, fish and chicken of some sort. A restaurant is a place to be able to enjoy something you might not take the time to make at home, and small things  like saying light or no salt, dressing on the side, sauce on the side, etc…it all adds up. OK your turn to talk and I cannot wait to hear what you have to say on the matter.


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Thank you for stopping in, until tomorrow…..







Which would you choose?

Hello! I was recently  in Anthropologie and must say I found so many fabulous things, went in to get my favorite glasses, since I found out they are back.

REMINDER- Filling up fast for the Enchanted Home Love contest, have room for only about 12 more pictures. Send yours today to (on subject line put contest). A great chance to win THREE months of Enchanted Home goodies! Click here for more info

Every now and then I pop in, and can always be sure I will find things I don’t see everywhere. I was reminded what a great place it is  for unique and beautiful finds for the home, as well as wonderful gifts. I got a large set of beloved etched glasses years ago there and and am SO excited to see them back!!! I was sure to get them right away, plus picked up a great gift for a friends birthday that I missed.

Many of you have emailed me over time to get info so they are included here….they seem to sell out fast and  often, FYI. I am sharing some other wonderful goodies, all priced more than fair from Anthropologie. Your turn to choose your two faves!


CHOICE 1 I could not wait to tell you as many have emailed me, seeing them on my table. They sell out fast so if you were looking for them, don’t delay. Super elegant and mixes beautifully with other patterns. Click here

CHOICE  2 Isn’t this Epoque mirror fabulous! I can’t believe its $349, could work for our PB house:) Click here

CHOICE  3 Smitten with these gorgeous scalloped towel collection, so fabulous. Click here

CHOICE 4 Cannot believe they are doing wallpaper, and their take is amazing. Adore  this charming blue and white Paris themed paper, click here

CHOICE 5 This is so fresh and pretty, perfect for a springtime luncheon, click here

CHOICE 6 A prettier dishtowel you cannot find, I would almost want to wear this as a skirt:) Click here

CHOICE 7 Actually own a few of these darling bird hooks, have them in my closet, perfect for hanging up things I am too lazy to put back:)  Click here

CHOICE  8 Aren’t these the cutest matches? What can I say it’s often the little things that make happy. Click here

CHOICE  9 Huge fan of Anna Weatherly’s line….LOVE!!! Click here

CHOICE 10  Stunning mirrors in a few sizes classically gorgeous and so very French! Click here

CHOICE 11 How stunning are these glasses!!  What a fabulous color combination, so unique and beautiful for entertaining, click here

CHOICE 12 How wonderful are these whimsical salad/dessert plates! You can order just one pattern or mix and  match, which I think personally would make a heck of an interesting table, click here

CHOICE 13 Great gift for an animal lover, a fan of blue and white or both! Charming animal mugs, click here


CHOICE 14  Loving these wonderful agate coasters and know just the friend I would give them to:) Click here

CHOICE 15  When I moved to my house, I looked for beautiful and unique hardware fro various areas and Anthropologie to the rescue. I found so many to love, this set is gorgeous. Click here

CHOICE 16  How beautiful are these fun key tassels, a perfect little gift:) Click here




Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time….

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Random musings as seen through my iPhone….

Hello friends! Busy but fun week……knee deep in the chinoiseie and just loving every single piece. I am bringing home a tray, mirror and a few planters with me today. The sale ends TONIGHT. Click here to see. (plus a great giveaway you will want to enter)!

THANK YOU so very much for your votes……I was so honored to have even been chosen to run in the best interior design blog category for the JDR Industry Blogger Awards.…a huge honor! I believe you can vote once per day so if you are ultra loyal…then be my guest:) And yes I will be including fairly regular reminds of how shameless I am in self promotion, lol.

As I often do I share with you regular happenings of my life as seen through my iPhone, only the good, pretty and fun. Today is a look at the last week or so…..

Had a small brunch and had such fun setting up the table, more on this next week!

LOVE getting in new goodies and these stunning raffia totes are amazingly chic, a flash sale will happen in a few days

Got in a shipment of gorgeous white azalea topiaries… faves

A clients beautiful fireplace with her new screen, tool set and of course ginger jars from yours truly:)

Set up this darling settee in my office (it will soon be added to my shop)!

Loving these pillows..had a pair made for a client and loved them so much had a pair made for me

Gorgeous new bags just came in for two very lucky customers….loving the blue and white of course:)

Adding/trying a blue runner in my kitchen for Mr. Teddy’s weary legs, I am ordering three of these so he can get up a little easier (floor can be slippery) He will thank me

A gorgeous paneled box of squares for a darling nursery I am helping with, love the effect

Is there anything yummier than a tasty bowl of hot minestrone soup in the dead of winter!

A clients beautiful tonal living room…so elegant

Love fish and getting to see the catch of the day at one our favorite Greek restaurants, Kyma

Chinoiesrie tole city over here….and loving every minute:)

A blast from the past, a new client referred to this room as inspiration for her own powder room, loved doing this! My showhouse space in Franklin, TN for the O’More College of Design

Got in these magnificent floral urns from my favorite statuary line and these two beautiful planter (both will be on the site soon but taking orders now). NO ONE can believe they are not heavy old stone:)

And that’s a wrap! A little peek into the good things that have happened over the last week or so, we are keeping out the ugly, frustrating and annoying, who needs that! Until next time…..


Chinoiserie tole sale is on until tonight plus you will want to enter the giveaway for a gorgeous planter, click here to see

Don’t forget to vote for me  and thank you in advance for your support..your encouragement keeps my little engine going:) click here to vote


The chinoiserie tole container is here and a giveaway!

Good morning friends!  This posted yesterday around 5 but there was a glitch with the mail service so sending again. I know how frustrating it is that not all of you are getting my posts, I promised an end is in sight and within about 2 weeks all should be well again in Enchanted Home land, just know I am working hard on it behind the scenes!

Lots of good stuff today, so please take a few minutes to sit back and relax. One thing that is starting my week off right is being nominated for best blogger in the interior design category for the JDR Industry Blogger Awards! That sure doesn’t happen everyday:)

But I need YOUR help! I have been nominated for best interior design blog and the voting opened this morning so I am a little late out of the starting gate but here we go, voting  will stay open for approx. 4 weeks.

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OK moving onto the chinoiserie that just arrived today, VERY exciting!  This is long awaited but so worth the wait. Many great pieces, some of which will be going home with me tonight:)

Since I did not offer a presale as I normally do (did not get pictures of them) I am holding this sale for 2 days at special pricing before they go online.

GREAT prices if you know the price of handpainted chinoiserie tole, these are literally a fraction of what they sell for in other high end home furnishings shops. We have not had our professional pics taken yet but did some quick in office shots so you get the idea

To anyone who had placed a shop order and has been waiting, your items are shipping today. Feel free to call if you have questions or want to want to check status.

Just a few rules before we begin

  • Email OR call 1-800-804-9565
  • Please refer only to item number only
  • Limited quantities of each item at special pricing
  • Everything shown in stock and ready to go
  • Shipping is extra
  • ALL orders must be paid within 12 hours, otherwise kindly do not submit an order
  • Final sale
  • Questions? Email  or call us 1-800-804-9565

ITEM 1. Fabulous figurine chinosierie tall mirror. This is such a gorgeous  mirror and feels very grand. The figurine pattern is so charming and elegant.  It is offered in three colorways. Ivory/blue, black/gold and ivory/gold. Measures 52″ x 23″ $335.00 for 2 days only, an unheard of price!

1A Ivory/blue NEW COLORWAY (have to take this home with me)

1B. Black/gold, elegant and timeless

1C. Ivory/gold NEW COLORWAY, really eye catching


ITEM 2 Gorgeous floral vine mirror, another stunner that could work in so many different types of spaces. This is a litle wider and unbelievable beautiful. Measures 52″ x 30″. Offered in ivory/gold,, black/gold, pale blue/gold $325.00, doesn’t get lower than that!


2A. Black w/gold


2B. Ivory w/gold


2C. Pale blue w/gold


ITEM 3. Stunning new scalloped planters, these are so gorgeous.  Piped in gold leaf. Can think of so many uses for this,  they are screaming out for an orchid or flowering planter! I plan to take 2 home for just that. Comes in three colorways- ivory/blue, pale blue/gold, and ivory/gold. Measures 12″ xx 10″ x 8″ $105.00

3A Ivory w/blue



3B. Pale blue



3C. Ivory w/gold




ITEM 4. Gorgeous NEW DESIGN scalloped trays in an overall chinoiserie design. So love these and they are as beautiful for display as they are to use  for entertaining. Offered in black/gold and pale blue/gold.  Such elegant pieces, scalloped eged piped in gold leaf. Measures 18″ x 24″ x 2″. $120 each

4A. Pale blue/ gold and ivory



4B. Black/gold


ITEM 5. The long awaited bathroom accessories, are here!!  These previously sold out pieces are now back and better than ever. Fabulous wastepaper basket and tissue holder.  The scalloping trimmed in gold leaf just gives it that extra special little something extra…it’s all in the details! Offered in four beautiful colorways-

Wastepaper basket measures 11″ x 10″  $70.00

Tissue holder measure 6.5″ x 5″ $40.00

If you buy both it is $100 for both pieces

5A. Black with gold


5B. Pale blue


5C Ivory with blue


5D. Ivory with gold




ITEM 6. My big shipment of Provence planters is arriving in mid to late April but I did get in just a handful of planters , so about 12  are up for grabs to get a headstart on your spring planting!! These are painted in a water resistant outdoor paint and have four drainage holes on bottom. The acorn finials screw on/off to ensure they do not break in transit. UNHEARD OF PRICES!!

Small 22.5″ x 22.5″ $305.00
Medium: 23.25″H x 20″D  $325.00
Large: 25.25″H x 22″D $365.00
X Large 26.25″ x 26.25″ $405.00
6A. Large black
6B. Medium pale blue
6C. Small black
6D Small Ivory




One lucky winner will win this beautiful chinoiserie tole planter in your choice of black or ivory with gold , simply visit my chinoiserie tole online by clicking here  and come back to tell us a favorite item (or two).

That will put you in the running, we will announce a winner on Friday so be sure to check back.

Thanks for stopping in. Call or email your orders-

Call 1-800-804-9565


PS Please don’t forget to vote for me …..thank you so much in advance:) Click here to vote.

Phew, that’s a lot to go over! Time for a coffee break, until next time…..








Seven on Sunday

Happy Sunday morning! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying a nice weekend. Our weekend weather has been frigid, feels like the coldest air all winter long. Last week I was sure spring was arriving early. I am so over winter but to be fair, our winter has been quite mild so I will not complain plus spring is just a matter of weeks away,woo hoo!

Had a nice weekend, was in the city, had dinner with friends, today is my day of rest, my long awaited “lazy Sunday” where I pretty much get to do as I please….love Sundays, but only after having a little brunch today with a few out of town guests. Funny that I  now love Sundays,  ironic considering I used to consider them my least favorite day. Go figure. Here we go with Seven on Sunday….


1 MY CHINOISERIE TOLE IS IN! Oh my, so excited about getting this. It is in and the trucker was on his way to deliver on Friday but hit the motherload of traffic. So….he is coming Monday morning! Might I say they get better each time they come in.  For anyone who placed a website order for any of these items, your orders will be the first to ship, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-804-9565 with any questions or to check status.

I did not do a presale as I normally do since I did not have suitable pictures, so instead going to offer a 2 day arrival sale starting later Monday. Be on the lookout for it, plus a giveaway. Here is a sneak peek into what is arriving tomorrow-


2 A MOVIE I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE I must say these days I am not so impressed with what Hollywood is coming out with, and find myself watching older movies that I love over and over along with many foreign films and of course my favorite genre, documentaries.

But this one looks like a winner, called Gifted, it has a real life story with meaning, emotion and connection. I cannot wait to see it when it opens-

3 AN AMAZING BAKERY RIGHT IN NYC! There is a company in Korea who  makes cupcakes like this that I discovered on Instagram and I am just in awe everytime.Then I found this bakery right here n NYC,  which makes the same kinds of cupcakes/cakes. Love the name, Cream Blossoms and I cannot wait to visit on my next trip into the city!

These are sooo beautiful! I may just made a quick side excursion when I go to the city on Wed. How beautiful would these be for a luncheon, bridal or baby shower? Edible works of art indeed. Click here to learn more


4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always look forward to sharing with you what have I found and loved on Instagram this week. amazingly I am never at a loss of having plenty to post. Often it’s hard to narrow it down. Here are this weeks picks along with my favorite.

My favorite has to be this, this is what I refer to as “house perfection” in pretty much every sense-

5 LEGACY BOX. Has anyone used them? If so please do share your experience!! I am excited about this little adventure. My most prized possessions are my pictures and videos of my kids/family….nothing else comes even close but I really need to do something about the boxes and boxes of stored videos and pictures I have.

I am dying to give this a try, as I have countless videos, VHS tapes, CD’s and a million pictures that I would love to be able put on a few convenient DVD’s. Love the idea that you can load up a box with all of the above and get everything transferred back in a few simple DVD’s….priceless really!!! I think I am going to make the leap and at least start with a few, I could keep them busy for many years to come:) Click here to learn more and use code SUPER for a whopping 50% off!


6.EAT ME GUILT FREE. A friend just gave me one of these heavenly brownies that she swears by for her occasional indulgence in something sweet. I could not believe these are anything but a super rich, decadent highly caloric indulgence. Eat Me Guilt Free was created by a nurse and nutritionist  who made a full line for her patients/customers wanting a healthy, high protein treat, these are super high in protein, have no flour and are gluten free.

Our family is watching what we eat and really concentrating on a healthier diet, which has had me rethinking a lot of food choices and we are both feeling better. However I will never stop loving an occasional sweet so to not feel like you are totally depriving yourself of something you love, I think is really important which is why these are a great find. Guilt free:)

Sure enough they are in fact diet friendly and super delicious!! Dieting can be fun after all…well maybe not quite fun but bearable! There is an entire line of amazing treats, including a wonderful little birthday cake. Click here for more information.

Apparently these “:crack cookies” are insanely delicious and next on my list to try


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK this week is about quality. I could write a book on my feelings of how words like “customer service” has gone down the drain and how the notion of what makes something high quality is almost obsolete. Those might be separate polls! I find in general the quality of every day things to have really gone down.

We put in a pretty sophisticated smart system in our home, I personally did not want it but it was my husbands thing and I let him do it. To this day, I cannot stand it. It is a constant battle between me and the remote, and remote normally outsmarts me. But I cannot tell you how many small technical issues I have had…frustrating with a capital F!

If there is one brand that I would think is synonymous with the word quality it would be Apple. Well…..even Apple has let me down. Bought a few i macs for my office, one of them literally died after 2 months!!! They replaced the entire logic board, but still it was me having to deal with the hassle. Bought a new wireless keyboard, it will not hold a charge. It is 8 days old! What? This is Apple we are talking about, I always thought of them delivering a perfect, flawless product. What is happening!! Do you think in general quality of items has gone down? Curious if I am just on a malfunction streak or this is widespread?

PS My newest contest was announced a few days ago. Can take up to 75 pictures, already have about 25, the last day to send yours in is March 12th. A few rules-


  • You can send in 1-2 pictures to (please don’t submit two if they are of the same thing unless styled differently)
  • Please be sure the subject line says “contest” as we get a lot of email and this way it’s not missed
  • Picture(s) must feature an item purchased through Enchanted Home (shop, promo,etc…)
  • Size and clarity and brightness is very important, if we feel a picture is not proper clarity or the right size, we will contact you, pictures subject to approval based on those two things
  • Up to 75 pictures will be accepted, will close submissions once 75 are received
  • You can submit pictures up until March 12th.
  • The contest will begin March 14th
  • The prize(s) are listed at end, cannot wait to see what you send in!
  • If we cannot take your pictures because they lack focus or brightness, we will let you know

Take a look at previous entrants for great ideas, and examples of clarity, focus and brightness-

Thank you for stopping in and making me a part of your Sunday routine! Until next time…..









Which would you choose?

Good Friday morning! Excited as my chinoiserie tole container is due to the warehouse today (fingers crossed). Since there was no preale I will be holding a 2 days sale starting Monday so stay tuned.

I consider myself practically an expert on sniffing out amazing deals from many of my favorite online retailers, Last Call being one of my “top three”. I have found some truly incredible deals. To date, the best ones were a triple ply cashmere sweater for $53.00 and a St. John sheath knit dress for $218!! Unbelievable!

As spring slowly makes  it way towards us I am dreaming of shedding the layers and easing into a light, easy breezy wardrobe which is what this post centers around. Some truly fabulous pieces and every single one is a DEAL! But one winter thing was included as its a love and such a deal.

Plus there  is a code which you  might still be able to use today, so do it quick (was supposed to end yesterday) CODE35 for an extra 35% off the already amazing prices.

So your turn to take a look and choose your two faves. Here we go…..


CHOICE 1. This gives me a case of spring fever, love white and this pretty top could go from day to night easily, as always a deal to be believed! Click here

CHOICE 2  Aren’t these fun? I love Andre Assous and their shoes are very comfortable, love the fringe detailing and practical wedge height, click here

CHOICE 3 From one of my favorite pants makers, these ankle NYDJ pull on capris are easy dressing and such a practical warm weather staple, BEST fit! Click here

CHOICE 4 Big fan of Rebecca Taylor, love lace and can’t live without white, so had to order this pretty top. I can see getting a lot of use out of it. Click here

CHOICE 5 This is such a beautiful watch from Ferrragamo, that color is really a standout. Click here

CHOICE 6 I own a pair like this from a few years ago and must say they have saved my feet many a day. A wedge goes a long long way in comfort, but these have a dressy edge which makes them perfect for when you need a dressier shoe but don’t want to sacrifice comfort! Click here

CHOICE 7 With the warmer weather in sight, how cute is this beach/pool coverup. Looks so easy to wear, great color and styling. Click here

CHOICE 8 I love a zip around wallet as it keeps everything in, no chance of falling out. This navy NM wallet is a deal to be believed, under $40! Click here

CHOICE 9 The perfect little black dress, St. John is known not only for classic styling but I can also attest to their knits  fit like no other. They really flatter, I own a skirt and dress from St. John and they make me feel so good, they will stay in my closet always:) Click here

CHOICE 10 What a gorgeous pair of pave CZ earrings, perfect for a dressy evening out, so elegant! Click here

CHOICE 11 This little sweater jacket is fantastic! It could add so much to even the plainest of outfits, at a price you don’t need to think twice about either, click here

CHOICE 12  The ONLY winter thing in this post that I am including because I love it and it is such a deal!! Click here

CHOICE 13 How cute is this, it’s screaming for a pair of white pants and espadrilles! Love this, click here

CHOICE 14 Have the version from last year and wore these like mad last summer, super comfortable, the beige suede goes with almost everything, click here

CHOICE 15 What a perfect summer party dress, Calypso makes this beauty. It has a very Missoni vibe but I could see it dressed down with a pair of sandals, very chic Click here

CHOICE 16 Super chic sweater coat from St. John at the lowest price I have seen it and believe me I had my eye on it. Perfect spring coat, click here

CHOICE 17 Isn’t this delicate ruffle hem skirt from St. John pretty Super feminine, a great staple for spring/summer, click here

CHOICE 18  Beautiful feminine ruffled blouse from Theory that is truly seasonless. Work alone or as an underpinning with a jacket/blazer, this is classic dressing. Click here

OK so your turn to choose your two faves, so many to love and the best part is the deals! Nothing like a little retail therapy:) Don’t forget to try and use the code CODE35 for an EXTRA 35% off one item!

Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and end to your week.  Click here to see ALL the great finds at Last Call. Until next time…..

PS Don’t forget about the exciting Enchanted Home 2017 contest that I just announced yesterday. Accepting submissions until March 10th. Great prizes! Click here for all details-


The Enchanted Home Love contest and a wonderful prize!

Good morning, hope your week is off to a wonderful start. It’s flying by, can’t believe today is Thursday and its already March 2nd. Spring cannot be far away!  Mine is going well, and I am extra excited as my chinoiserie tole container is due in hopefully tomorrow:)  And you know I love when I get in new goodies.

I think it’s about time for a new contest….I hold a contest 3-4 times a year and they are not only such fun to see and share, but a great way to show off something you might be proud of.

This contest is open to anyone who has made a purchase through The Enchanted Home. Here is your chance to show it off:) Send 1-2 pictures which includes an item that you have purchased with us. There are some guidelines to keep in mind-

  • You can send in 1-2 pictures to (please don’t submit two if they are of the same thing unless styled differently)
  • Please be sure the subject line says “contest” as we get a lot of email and this way it’s not missed
  • Picture(s) must feature an item purchased through Enchanted Home (shop, promo,etc…)
  • Size and clarity and brightness is very important, if we feel a picture is not proper clarity or the right size, we will contact you, pictures subject to approval based on those two things
  • Up to 75 pictures will be accepted, will close submissions once 75 are received
  • You can submit pictures up until March 12th.
  • The contest will begin March 14th
  • The prize(s) are listed at end, cannot wait to see what you send in!


Here are some fabulous past examples of other entrants whose pictures are a wonderful example of clarity, size, and might even give you a few ideas of your own. Dark, blurry or small  pictures don’t really give it a fighting chance.

Getting as much natural light as possible is ALWAYS optimal. It will allow for a bright and most natural picture. So daytime pictures almost always are  a good idea. So get that spot ready for it’s close up. Can’t wait to see what you send in!



One lucky winner will win 3 months of Enchanted Home. That means you will get 3 beautiful surprise items, one per month starting in March! Will it be porcelain, silver, tole, a monogrammed goody, who knows!


Will receive a beautiful blue and white porcelain planter

Seeing all of these exquisite pictures reminds me of just how talented my readers/customs are…wow! Cannot wait to start receiving your pictures. It is always such fun to see how you use and display things in your homes.

I am always astounded at how beautiful they are and they are such a beautiful validation to what I do (and why I love it).  So get those creative juices flowing and I look forward to getting your pictures. Thanks for stopping in and wishing you a wonderful day!!

PS Pillow promo ends today, some beautiful pillows are still up for grabs. Click here







The latest on my design projects….

Hello and happy Tuesday! This post has been a long time in the making. Every now and then I do a post on edesign and/or design in general as a lot of people have questions about how edesign works and are both curious and intrigued by how this operates. I have done extensive posts on edesign here, here and here. Nearly many if not all your questions can be answered in going through these past posts, as they cover just about everything related to his increasingly popular design alternative.

Today is a recap on some very exciting and some “still on going” projects that I am particularly thrilled with. A little background on each project so you know what the objectives were. This is a long post with a lot to read and see…so grab an extra cup of coffee:)

UTAH. This client is a repeat client and a dream to work with, it helps that she has great taste and loves blue and white! They bought a very impressive home/horse farm that they knew they were going to give an overhaul to almost right away and recognized it was  in sore need of some TLC.

They did do some construction right off the bat but a lot of the project involved redecorating. After we worked on the kitchen, breakfast area, foyer and upstairs master/study, the master bath was next on the list! The master bath before I think we can all agree, was pretty dismal.

She wanted a light and airy, spa like luxurious master bath and boy, is that what she got! So first a look at the “before” and then get ready for the after


AFTER (still was waiting on new chair and window treatments)-

TEXAS. Another dream client, whom I have worked with before. An absolute delight!  This person wanted to reinvent furniture she already owned (that her kids deemed out of date and old fashioned) and give this living room new life, with a few updated accessories to bring it up to date.

So we chose a gorgeous soft cream velvet for the sofa, redid the two pairs of chairs in a fabulous toile and a beautiful pale blue/cream leopard on the smaller chairs. Replaced the coffee table, had new drapes made, added lamps, brackets and some blue and white… touch was the rug and it was a beautiful transformation indeed. Just love this space.



The old floral heavy chairs were reupholstered in a beautiful soft toile linen and the heavy blue drapes replaced with ivory panels with a classic Greek Key trim, really lightened things up!

The cream velvet sofa looks fabulous accented with beautiful blue pillows and a gorgeous antique mirrored coffee table from Decor Market, which I just LOVE!

Theses antique chairs were given new life with a pale blue leopard  from Kravet

Blue and white lamps, a new rug, brackets with vases…voila!

NEW YORK. This is an “in progress” project and a very exciting one. We have a ways to go. Love that my client and and I are completely on the same page, she is such a pleasure to deal with. So she had made a mistake and bought an expensive secitonal that let’s say did not come out quite as she had hoped. Since it was basically brand new,  she could not justify getting rid of it. So she had it split into two sofas and we began our work!

Fabric redo to the rescue. We chose a gorgeous light tan tweedy fabric and redid the sofas. What an astounding difference!

We changed the floorplan to create two separate sitting areas, one facing the TV and the other the fireplace. Chairs have been ordered along with cocktail tables. We are working on pillows now and added a beautiful side table/console for between the back to back sofas, and added a pair of my signature blue and white jars. Looking so much better already!! Here is the new floorplan-


These are the sofas before-

AFTER (we are now starting to work on pillows)-

Next project, reupholstering these pretty chairs from Decor Market-

Some contenders and this is how we play with fabrics looking at them on a board with other elements of the room as well as the floorplan we decided on-

NEW JERSEY. Another really fun project with a wonderful couple who own a magnificent very old and stately Dutch Colonial that endured a major floor. Over a year was spent restoring the home and nearly everything was lost.

A few pieces of furniture remained but they were outdated and they felt this was a great chance to start anew. The husband, a talented artist and sculptor wanted a showplace to display his beautiful works, so this is going to be a wonderful juxtaposition of modern with classic traditional.This was a concept board from early on which shows the magnificent rug from Ralph Lauren that is on order and due in April-


A stunning Ralph Lauren rug is on order and due in April. The color scheme is tans, gold and blues. It is going to be so spectacular…when you have a room like this almost anything looks good.



We have accessorizing to do in the dining room but added these beautiful cream silk drapes with the most beautiful trim

And in the kitchen which lacked color/pattern we added this stunning window treatment (fabric from Schumacher) and are now going to do the same in the breakfast area

She also had a beautiful window seat off the foyer where there is a small sitting area with a piano she had a vision of using greens and pinks, so first I did a mock up on a board then it became a reality!

AFTER- (waiting on one more pillow)

There is a very small powder room off the library which has a window open to the front, they needed privacy but still wanted light filtering through as this a very small and dark room, we did a beautiful tonal semi sheer relaxed balloon.

There is a dark gold pin stripe that matches the wallpaper (a dark gold damask) beautifully, the pictures a bit dark but you get the idea!

I plugged in a few accessories and concepts as we approach the next step…just to give some ideas-

As we now being to accessorize the room while we wait for the rug and other pieces to come in, I showed  options of a center table with benches tucked in or a long wide bench

PERKS OF EDESIGN. One of the neat things about edesign is with the 24/7 access, there are no time restraints and there are so many great resources to utilize that make easier than one might think. I love being able to show clients things on a board, and can even “plug” things in to show them what they might look like. Something you cannot do in person!

As an example this is a current project which I will share in the future as we are at the beginning stages,  she has a dining room that needs some tweaking. I suggested moving the art to the side walls and adding a mirror above her sideboard. I was able to add these virtually as a concept-



On another wall the plate arrangement felt too high so I was able to show her adding two more plates will change the effect plus I suggested adding chandelier shades for a soft, Frenchy feel…



So yes you could say I have been a busy lady and now you can see why I cherish those “lazy Sundays” so much, but this was the perfect retort to my empty nest syndrome!

I so love what I do and getting to help transform other peoples home is so fulfilling. Nothing makes me happier than to hear how excited they are about getting to enjoy their homes in a whole new way. So thank you to all of my wonderful clients, with whom this adventure would not be possible.

I am working on two new projects that I am really enjoying, and cannot wait to share those with you when the time comes…it really is such a fulfilling process to be able to help transform someones home. Because as I have always said and truly believe, the ultimate luxury is having a beautiful home to come home to at the end of the day.

If you have questions or want to know more, feel free to email us at OR call 1-800-804-9565

Thanks to my readers for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and and good start to your week. Until next time…….

PS Just this morning a VERY exciting flash sale has stared on the most gorgeous pillows. Click here to view-