Bluff Diaries Chapter 15

Good morning. Hope everyone is well and enjoyed a wonderful Easter holiday. Bet you weren’t thinking I would post another chapter so soon, neither did I!  On the PB side of things, everything is really moving along at a nice swift pace. Brick chimneys are almost up and cannot wait to see them done. We went with the pierced chimney detail which I just love.

Starting to firm up kitchen details, bath flooring and lots of other fun and exciting things.Thanks to all for weighing in on the outdoor porch flooring options. Turns out we could not use brick in the front as we could only use up to 1″ stone and the brick we used for the house does not come as a brick flat. Then we realized by using outdoor rugs on the back porch, there won’t be a lot of “floor reveal” so took that expense and will put it into millwork indoors. Hoping to get down there in a few weeks.

Today is all about a decision that needs to be made pronto, shutter color. I am tossing and turning and just when you think choosing a light blue paint is a piece of cake, you walk into a paint store and realize it’s a whole world unto itself:) Plus doing this from afar does not make it easier, if I were there, I would probably be able to. make it much faster.

I am leaning towards 1 or 2 colors here and hoping by doing this post, you can help me winnow it down!

So this is the exterior color (a soft ivory) with the roof color (a pale soft silvery gray) I want pale blue/gray shutters. Just keep this color combo in mind as you scroll along…..

These are pictures I gathered over time from my “blue shutter collection”,  a few are darker and a few lighter.  I want something in the soft gray/blue family.  Would love your opinion as I narrow it down and soon make a final choice-

All colors below shown are Benjamin Moore. Ready to put on your thinking caps?












Here they all are-


Confused yet? Welcome to my world:) OK your turn to choose your two favorites-


After a while they start to look alike but I think I have it narrowed down to two. I look forward to seeing what you all have to say. Thanks for your input in advance!

GORGEOUS crystal/brass lamp flash sale started yesterday (ends tomorrow) click here to see it.

That’s a wrap.I will be paying close attention to this poll as this decision needs to be made in the next day or two.  Thanks for stopping by, until next time……







Bluff Diaries Chapter 14

Hello and happy spring late afternoon!  We are having the most amazing string of weather, it feels like summer, got up to almost 80 degrees! On the PB front,  things are starting to really chug along, the decision making is going to intensify and I really need to get my thinking cap on.

One of the bigger and most pressing decisions is how to treat the flooring on the front and back porch. Before I get to that here are the latest pictures of where things stand…it’s really shaping up! This week it’s all about getting those chimneys up and up they are going.

Our builder Cameron Builders is doing a great job at keeping us updated with pictures and frequent progress reports and in the loop, it makes doing this from afar easier than I would have thought:)

Exciting to see the brick chimneys  getting put up!

And we are experimenting with shutter colors next to the exterior and roof color

Another round, getting closer!

And we have a front and back door!

Right now the flooring on both patios is a standard ground shell/concrete floor which many keep as is. I however see something a little more interesting. I am thinking for the front a herringbone brick, which I love the look of.

In the back I am considering Peacock pavers, would have loved the brick but not sure about the “bumpy” nature of brick. It is a huge covered patio and I am sure, it is a space we will use a lot. There is going to be a BBQ, a fireplace and plenty of seating so I want it to not only  look good but of course be practical/functional.

So here are some of my ideas and of course, I welcome any suggestions you might have. One major perk of my blog is the exchanging of ideas, which I so love to read. So here we go…..

So brick is always beautiful and the flat brick (less than an inch) is so convenient when you need something thinner-

Love these tones of brick and have always been drawn to brick done in a herringbone pattern

So here are a bunch of my ideas….not one I don’t just love!

Blue stone above is very pretty, which we have had but it gets very hot also don’t want something so gray

And then there are the peacock pavers equally beautiful…

Can we talk about how utterly charming this is above? And how Peacok Pavers were so able to so easily be used to “blend” the old with the new

This color above and below is what I am loving, champagne

OK your turn to weigh in, have you ever done brick or pavers on a patio (enclosed or a front porch)? If so would love to know your thoughts on the matter and how it has held up, what kind of heat conductor it is,etc….Really appreciate your feedback and will be paying close attention as this is a decision that needs to be made very soon!

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..

PS The Chinoiserie tole sale is happening. Lots of great things like the new obelisks, and of course the fabulous Provence planters which will be here in time for spring planting!Take advantage of lowest prices before they come in, click here to see all the beautiful items being offered.





Bluff Diaries Chapter 12

Happy Thursday morning. Excited to be here with chapter 12 of the Bluff Diaries and really happy to tell you that things are really starting to  happen. It is finally looking like a real house and it is thrilling!

Lots of recent pics to share with you and then we will talk about today’s subject, bathroom lighting as an extension of last weeks post on flooring. This is the first time you are seeing the actual house, and it is incredibly exciting.

Some have asked who we are using for architect/builder and I must say I am really delighted with our experience with both our architect and builder. I have wanted to share them with you but was waiting until things were further along. The info is-

Builder- Nathan Cameron (click here to contact)

Architect- Court Atkins (click here to contact)

Nathan is what is referred to as a boutique builder, at any given time he takes on no more than about 4-8 houses and gets very personal with each building experience. I love that he is so into the details and sends us extensive weekly updates, there is a reason he is considered to be one of the most popular builders in The Bluff. He and his company has been a total pleasure to deal with. Our engines are just revving up but he has stayed right on schedule to the day, impressive in this world!

For our architect we used Court Atkins, they seem to be by far the most popular architect there and rightfully so. They were fantastic even from afar and with only two visits at executing exactly what we wanted, a pleasure to deal with and get this- they actually met almost every deadline! That is saying something in today’s world.

I must say they have been a dream team, and any reservations I had about doing this from afar quickly vanished when I saw what good/capable hands I am in…thanks guys!

And now onto today’s post….

Bathroom lighting, it is often the finishing touch for a bathroom and with today’s vast array of choices, it can make a real statement. My taste honestly has not wavered much over the last 10 or so years however in this house, we are going a bit more transitional and less formal than our house here in NY.

MASTER BATHS- I love sconce lighting, I could live with sconces only…the lighting they give is so beautiful day or night. In my bathroom I will have at least a pair possibly two. As I am going with a more transitional look, the lighting will follow suit.

I will have a chandelier/lantern and may be putting in one of my bell jars which would work very nicely there. For the sconces, love each of these equally and will likely put a pair for myself and a pair for my husbands bath. These are from a company I do a lot of business with, the quality is bar none.

Isn’t this so gorgeous? I feel it is a little bit more masculine so this could work beautifully for my husbands bath

This feels a little more delicate could work well for mine or the powder room

The square version

For the chandelier I am leaning towards one of the belljars from my shop but if I were to go another route these would be some contenders-

Most likely I will go with one of my wonderful belljars, not a bad one in the bunch but I would likely go with one  of the simpler styles.

This below would work well for my husbands bath, elegant and handsome

GUEST/KIDS BATHS- For the other bathrooms I will go with a simple polished nickel style and vary them in each bathroom. Something along this line-

POWDER ROOM- For powder room I like the idea of doing something a little dressier/stepping it up a bit….

Call me crazy but I ordered a pair of these as they were only $146!!! Click here to see, how could I pass them up. I know I will use them somewhere

Wow this has me excited over all of the beautiful lighting choices, so many pretty classically beautiful things to choose from. This is when it’s going to get fun and at the rate we are going, we will be at this stage before we know it. So…how about you? Anything here excite you? We are going for a cleaner, transitional look and I think we are well on the way.

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and hope it’s feeling like spring wherever you might be, over here it still feels very much like winter! Until next time…







Bluff Diaries Chapter 11

Hello! Just back a few weeks ago from one of my favorite places on earth,  Palmetto Bluff and I am very happy to report things are moving along at a brisk and efficient pace. It was so nice to be there and of course the highlight was getting to see our house taking shape! The framing started and as we speak they are working on the second floor, to be able to walk in and visualize and dream each of the spaces finished was amazing!

The framing should be done within a week or two and then the roof will begin. I have a few pictures to share with you  and then its some highlights from this recent visit and why we love it there so  much. We will resume next time on design and decorating topics for the next chapter as the best is yet to come!

So here is the house a few weeks ago while we were there-


Below is the back deck which extends almost the entire width of the house overlooking the lakeunnxcxamed


And here are some of the most recent pics that our builder sent as of last week-

These were taken from the second floor (bedrooms there will have a  lovely view to wake up to)

This below is looking through the eventual living room french doors-

There are a few reasons we chose Palmetto Bluff. We love that it’s a fully self contained community that has everything from many pool clubs, golf club, equestrian center, boating center, shooting club, tennis club, etc…and all are truly world class.

Then there is how naturally beautiful it is, every inch is so beautifully maintained, truly its like driving into a modern day Mayberry. Not to be underestimated,  is the proximity to iconic Savannah, a huge perk and only 2 hours to historic Charleston plus easy access to many other wonderful southern favorites like Sea Island, Kiawah and more….

We also love that there is fabulous Montage property on the premise which has been very convenient for us to stay at during site visits. Eventually if we have an overflow of guests we can put them up in the inn or cottages and know they are getting a 5 star experience.

Everything we could want is there, plus great proximity to the charming towns of Bluffton and Beautfort loaded with cute shops and wonderful restaurants.  So here are a few pictures which even better illustrate just why this place is so very special-

unnameddsaasI think one reason I so love it here is that it feels like time slows down, that the pace goes down a few notches and l just feel calmer and at peace when I am there…..


All the “sub communities” within have the prettiest entrances like below-

There is a new Montage Inn which is fabulous, though we always opt to stay in one of the cottages, the inn is quite beautiufl

They must have known I was coming, there was lots of blue and white on display!


The cottages are beautifully appointed-

The cottages have a beautiful view of the May River (one side of them)


Love the generous and not often see dressing rooms


The bathrooms are also beautifully appointed

unnsda1amed unnamdfsed

Every cottage comes with a pair of bikes, a fun way to get around and love that there is a dressing table outside of the bathroom, so proper and civilized!



More pictures out and about……


Always have  my “gas lantern” alert fully on:)


Love all the screened in porches for early morning coffee

Firepits are everywhere along May River

Come on….anyplace that has a portable smores setup gets serious brownie points!


This is one of the new clubhouses (near our new house) which is just beyond gorgeous

 And a few pics from when we were in Savannah on New Years eve-

unasdf3named unnafd3med unna433med u3342nnamed unnamed34342

Being in Palmetto Bluff we spent a lot of time driving around and taking notes of different aspects of the house that we want to see-


Above we chose that brick for the trim and LOVE the pierced wall and chimney detail, below are the colors we are going with


Suffice to say over time I will share much more about this gem of a place with you as we spend more time there, cannot wait to call it a part time home:) We will be there again in a month or so to do the electrical plan/walk through and are plugging away at fun things like kitchen cabinetry, appliances and flooring. Lots more to come….the best parts are still ahead!

If you want to catch up on past posts simply click “Bluff Diaries” in top right search bar, (make sure you pull down under search and mark blog post) then hit the search button, it will take you to all previous “chapters”. If I have enticed you to go, click here to find out more about the Montage at Palmetto Bluff and here to find out  more about the community.

And finally this video beautifully and accurately gives you a glimpse into life at Palmetto Bluff-

Thank you for stopping in and sharing this fun and very exciting journey with us. Until next time…….

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Bluff Diaries Chapter 10

Hello!  A few things first-

The colored ornaments and foo dog ornaments are due in today!  We will start shipping orders right out if you have been waiting

The Holiday Love contest is closed, we are at capacity, thanks to all who sent in their pictures (contest starts Dec 15th)

Moving along…..

So in case you are wondering what is happening with the PB project, things are moving right along. We have a conference call every other week and we are right on target. The lumber was delivered and framing is starting as we speak.

By the time we get down there in a few weeks, we hope to see a nearly completed framed home, which will be very exciting. As we get this off the ground literally and figuratively we are working behind the scenes in making many decisions so as to be not only on time but ahead of schedule,  to not delay anything. We are working on the  kitchen design, the bathroom, lighting and many other key decisions.

When they poured the slab there were certain plumbing decisions that needed to  have been made even though it’s far down the road of actually physically needing those items. One conversation lately has been appliances and admittedly I am out of the appliance loop as I have not done this in almost 6 years so know a lot has changed!

So today is about  appliances  and I welcome your input and suggestions particularly if you have an opinion from first hand experience, good or bad. Here are some of the items I am considering,  please feel to free to chime in and leave a comment if you have any recommendations…knowledge is power!!



Refrigerator/freezer – I have had a subzero for the last 20 years and to me, there is no better fridge. I never ever had any issues of any kind so this is likely what we will go with again. I love the look of wood panels and barring any last minute inspiration otherwise that is what we will do. As far as I know Subzero is as good today as they were 20 years ago.

Thinking we will go with a 36″ refrigerator and a 36″ freezer

I love the idea of a glass front but truth is your refrigerator always has to look MTV cribs worthy…and I don’t need the pressure!

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-21-46-am screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-21-26-am

This is the configuration of how we are doing it, the refrigerator and freezer as separate freestanding units flanking a cabinet in the center


But I like the look of paneled doors



Range- I have an Ilve right now which I love, the look is especially beautiful but I do not need that for this house and there are many other more reasonable options. I love the look of a more commercial range,  had a Viking many moons ago and actually was thrilled with it.

Then then allegedly took a nosedive as a company and many lost faith. It seems Wolf and Blue Star kind of stole their thunder but now I hearing that  Viking was just bought by the largest manufacturer in the world and is making a huge comeback. Plus I love their enameled line of ranges. Thoughts?

4364677_sa screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-26-08-am screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-26-01-am

And then there is the Wolf and Blue Star which both seems like sure things-

dualfuel_48_contemp_iso1_nb1 contemporary-gas-ranges-and-electric-ranges

And was really happy to see Blue Star makes an enameled version, extra brownie points for that!

bsp488b_bluestar_gas_range_3a1f3 modern-gas-ranges-and-electric-ranges

Dishwashers- I own Miele right now and am very happy, zero complaint and no issues. So I my do the same here otherwise would consider Bosch

I like how Miehle has the top shelf for silverware, very convention

And there is Bosch which seems to be considerably less so I will have to do some research, anyone have experience with these?

Free Standing oven- Not sure if I am doing this, I must say having a wall oven is really nice and there are times in this house that I really really miss it but not sure the extra expense is warranted especially for it being a second home plus that means having to give up previous cabinet space and as is, there are a lot of windows here which means less cabinets.. If I were to go with a wall oven,  thinking  Wolf and my local appliance guy said the Bosch wall oven is another great choice-

wolf-e-series-vanity bosch-built-in-single-electric-wall-oven

Washer/dryer- According to our local appliance guy whose opinion I greatly trust there is no better washer/dryer on the market than this model of Electrolux, so  Really didn’t even look into others seems this is what we are doing (in white). He said it’s hands down the best in the market at this time.


Wine cooler- Ahhh yes the most important appliance of them all:) We have had sub zero wine coolers with no issues. I may look into other less expensive options as all I need it to be able to do is chill a few dozen bottles of wine.

The subzero is a great unit but also very pricey about $2500


This one is from Edgestar at and is $879


Available at the same site is this one from Avallon for about $1000


Ice maker- Then there are things like ice makers which we always have, my pet peeve is running out of  ice so in the back kitchen/pantry area I will  have a back up ice maker. The one we have now is really good but dot’ think I need to spend so much, I think a decent ice maker is sufficient and we should be able to get something around $800.

5a73b3be-2a74-4ce7-9722-e88441944b9b_1000 d4362f3f-d9b9-47ee-b60f-09b8a3f09085_1000

So, this is where I am regarding appliances. I will of course do due diligence in checking things out and making sure these items are still up to snuff. Would love your input if there is something you think I should know about or maybe a product you love and highly recommend, do tell!

I am actually happy that we are well ahead of schedule in terms of decision-making as it takes some of the pressure off to have the luxury of time, and as we move along we will have to start making more decisions in quick succession so it’s nice to be ahead of the game.

Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time……

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Bluff Diaries Chapter 8

Good morning friends.  Hope you are having a good week, here it’s been very busy with lots of changes on the warehouse/office/new website front. Coming up for air.  But all good things…so no complaining but today is a nice deviation from that- Palmetto Bluff!

I waited a long time to tell you that we have officially signed with the builder as of about 3 weeks ago and it’s full steam ahead now. When I started this post we were due to get our permits on or around  Oct. 10th and break ground right after that, then Hurricane Matthew came along and derailed the plans a bit.

I was also supposed to be there this past Monday for the week with friends, but with the hurricane and clean up going on,  postponed my trip.  So…….we are hoping to get the permits in the next few days and hope to break ground this week or next and we are very excited.  Check out these pictures my friend who lives there sent me, (thanks for sending J)!




Now that the hurricane is thankfully a thing of the past and to Palmetto Bluff’s credit they have cleaned it up,  by all reports really expeditiously. We are however already talking things like plumbing, floor outlets and custom cabinetry.  As we are really hoping to get this done as expeditiously as possible, we want everything ordered and decided upon well ahead of schedule. So we are already starting with the kitchen design which is very exciting.

The kitchen is  smaller than my current one but it’s an open layout and a nice size and I have decided I am going to do it light and airy. I am thinking a variation of a white cabinet with white marble countertops. This was my idea from the getgo and I haven’t wavered much since.

This will not be my last kitchen post but I do think this accurately sums up what I am hoping to achieve. So as my ideas start to crystallize this post is full of ideas that I am pretty much sold on.

Ready to see my latest ideas on the kitchen? Let’s get started-


This is a great visual- So we had seen a house being built in PB  when we first started looking and immediately said “this is exactly what we want” (great layout). We then started working with that architect and we worked based off of that plan but tweaked it to our specification.

My husband was there not long ago and had a lot of fun getting to see the house almost done. It is not done necessarily in our taste but seeing the kitchen and how it’s part of one big great room in these pictures really will help you visualize as you begin to share this process with me.


unnam3433ed u3433nnamed

There will be a window on each wall, reconfiguring the way the cabinets look on either side of that range hood, not a fan of how it looks now


This wall above (right of kitchen) I took the upper bay of cabinets and put a window in. I am giving up cabinet space but want it flooded with light and do not like the window above the cabinets…so it will be a big window with lower cabinets and fridge/freezer on either side as above


Here is the front door (looking from great room)



Moving along…..I went to a local plumbing business that I have done a lot of business with and was floored at how many wonderful choices there are basically with everything!

I had to look for tubs that would fit in our parameters and found two that worked great as when they pour the foundation within a week or so we need to specify where the plumbing will go-

unnamccved unnaasdf3med

Simply amazed at what they are doing with tile that looks like real marble above, incredible!


Love this thick marble countertop above, then I remind myself we will be on a budget:)


Always drawn to polished nickel, it’s so classic



I have  lots of inspiration pictures in my various online photo albums but there are certain kitchens I keep going back to. I know I want this to be really light and airy…probably white or a creamy white and definitely white marble.

I go back and forth between polished nickel and brass. I am really loving brass lately and it does give a certain pop and dresses things up a bit but probably will go the polished nickel route. Really torn on that one.

kitchen-pendant-triple-window-melissa-haynes-design kitchen-stools-lee-ann-thornton ivory-kitchen-cabinets-ivory-french-kitchen-hood-ivory-x-back-counter-stools f9f9d22f635b

This picture above and below is a good representation of what I see, definitely want to do eclipse doors!


Some of the elements I love and am drawn to-

white-and-gold-kitchen-hood-la-cornue-cornufe-range gray-cooktop-cabinets-vintage-brass-pulls

LOVE these metal hoods and hope we can work it into the budget


Already sold on white marble, there is no second choice:)


If the metal hood will not work, then it will be a lovely wood range hood-


But then I see this incredible sink and suddenly want to banish the word “budget” from my vocabulary!! Gorgeous!


Love what is referred to as eclipse doors-


I see upper cabinets on either side of range hood with these doors (love both variations)

taste_bir_062813_0082 darlana-lantern-gray-kitchen-island-eclipse-mullion-cabinets

Pretty very pale blue island above


Love this Ilve range but it will most likely not be within the budget so will look at other options but sure love this look:)


And then I spotted this beauty from Viking, beautiful! My very first “adult” stove was  a Viking and I was really happy with it, I know they went through some changes in their company but hopefully are back on track, will be considering this-



So much to love here….but I do feel the elements are coming together, enough so that I would be able to make some decisions. We have two kitchen people working on plans/quotes and we hope to get the kitchen ordered by Jan.1st.  We are simultaneously working on bathroom vanities/cabinets so that will be what I will talk about next.

The kitchen (to me) is my most important room and because it is open I want it to make a statement. That is probably the one room where I am least likely to make concessions, but am also willing to think outside the box and keep an open mind as we get started with this process.

Thanks for stopping in , wishing you a fabulous day.  Here it’s been really mild lately but supposed to turn cold again. The foliage is really starting to explode now, favorite time of year! Until next time…..

PS Yesterday was the last day for the presale ornaments, if you submitted an order but did not get an invoice/response, let us know today. We caught up last night but if anyone fell between the cracks, just let us know:)

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Bluff Diaries- Chapter 7

Hello! Just in case you are wondering about what is going on with the PB house…there is progress being made albeit a little slower than what we wanted. Some of it was our fault, changes in the plans, and amendments that needed to be made. The good news is that we decided on a builder, soon to sign on the dotted line and with luck this show is going to hit  the road very soon and never look back:)

One great thing is that  unlike up here in NY, “down south” they do not lose time for bad, cold, inclement weather…so building is pretty much a year round process there. That is good news indeed. I feel somewhat ahead of the game in that I am doing lots of research to figure out what/how I want to do things and think so far I  have a really good idea of what I am looking for. Thankfully my Pinterest board is a great place to curate a  collection of pictures to refer to (click here if you want to see).

So today I am focusing on flooring. SO many options. We are finishing a small wine cellar in our home and went to look at flooring and boy, was I ever floored (pun intended) at the vast choices but even more what they are doing with tile that looks like wood flooring, right down to nails and cracks….incredible! Totally wowed by so many of the choices and best part how affordable so many of them are. The tiles that look like marble, wood and onyx are mind blowing. So here we go on the subject of flooring….



For the great room which is basically a living room/family room with dining partially open to kitchen inclined to go with wood (a little softer on the feet) though some of the wood/tiles are mighty temping. First here are some of the real wood ideas-

photo-parquet-1317563749 hardwood-floor-pattern-chevron-2 end-grain-wood-blocks-1352556147

point-de-hongrie-1236009774_52d9526562e07 1a3a9ed41e57237a0c39dc602949a0cb


And then check out this tile (we chose this one for the cellar) as we are keeping it lighter/weathered woods, channeling a rustic Napa vibe to work with the great room next door. Amazing stuff! The Tile Shop is an excellent source for beautiful and super affordable flooring! I get a special contact me about it:)


4202341_orig IMG_1295-2

This is the “wood tile” floor we chose for our wine cellar-incredible with the “cracks” and nailheads-

unncxvxcvamed unnacvxxmed uxcv3nnamed

For the family room/study,  I may do wood but thinking to do an area rug out of sisal with a herringbone pattern or possibly wall to wall-


Always loved this room above, it feels coastal but in a very sophisticated way and love the textured sisal carpet…..great vibe!


bakari2 steps to bedroom more camilla-sisal


For first floor powder room fell in love with this painted cement floor, it is stunning!


For the back powder room will likely do a simple white honed marble-

unnamesadfad unnafdsdfsamed


Onto bathrooms, we divided our big master and did a his and hers smaller (we are used to our own bathrooms and this is a luxury we want to keep:)

So for mine just loving these, they are white marble with celeste blue accents-

unnxwamed unnamefcd


For hubby white with the brown tones is always masculine and attractive-

uxcqnnamed unnac2med unnamcbed

For guest baths I will likely do what I did in this house, kept them all clean and classic variations of white marble. it is timeless and you can add color with things like prints, art, and/or wallpaper,etc….


This below is so pretty , love that chunky marble chair rail and detailing



For bedrooms am a big fan of wall to wall though down south you see lots more hardwood, not sure if I will go that route. If I did the carpet I would go with either Stanton or Stark they both make some all time favorites, these I may also do area rugs out of and bind the edges with about a foot or so of wood floor exposed (another look I like)-


And finally for the back mud area which leads to a small pantry/mudroom/laundry I do love the look of herringbone brick or would do oversized pavers, possibly Peacock-

Herringbone brick-


A few patio/outdoor space inspiration pictures-





Peacock Pavers-

peacock_pavers_buff_interior_texas_portfolio peacock_pavers_champagne_interior_rosemary_beach_portfolio home-design


So those are my ideas on flooring, though they are subject to change, I have a feeling what I end up doing will be very close to these ideas. I typically do not waver much when I really like something and I really really like these ideas:) Of course the budget is to be considered and that is something that needs to work as well! Anything you particularly love?

If you want to see all the other “chapters” on top right of my blog, go to the search bar and click “Bluff Diaries” it will take you to all previous posts. Thanks for sharing this fun journey with me….the best is yet to come. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day! Until  next time…..


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Bluff Diaries Chapter 6

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Just in case you were wondering where we are with our Palmetto Bluff project, I am happy to say that we are now awaiting our building permit. We think we have decided on a builder but hope to seal the deal within the  next week or two. I am starting to get excited.

I must say…..when we spent a lot of time this summer in Montauk we started going back to our original idea of possibly buying a home out there, however it does not solve our issue of having a place to escape the cold, unforgiving NY winters….and P.Bluff with an average of 60 degrees in Dec. is awfully hard to turn down. So its full steam ahead and we are banking on getting the  chance to use and enjoy it as much as we are hoping.

Today I am going to talk about bedroom design…..namely master. The room is a generously sized room with a tray ceiling and a wall of french doors/windows looking that will face a small lake. My motto with bedrooms is that I want to feel like I am walking on a cloud when I enter aka my sanctuary (very important to me). So I see my bedroom there in very soft, tonal colors, with beautiful fabrics but all very subtle. Here are some of my ideas thus far……




Wall to wall vs. area rug, this is the dilemma.  I love the feeling of wall to wall carpeting, even here we have wood floors but the room never felt cozy and cocoon like the way I wanted it to. So we finally got wall to wall and it was one of my better decisions, every day that I walk into my room, I am reminded of that:) . Not only is it beautiful but it feels so good under my feet.

In this house I will likely do the same OR will have an area rug made out of one of these beautiful woven carpets (all by Stanton)

2921 1348 1045 4986 4988 3916 7131 7129 2899

 Ceiling treatment. We will have a tray/possibly vaulted ceiling. I could paint it a flat paint or I could do a light stain, which I happen to look the love of. Both are beautiful…..



And the white bead boarding is also a great look-


 Beds! I am most definitely doing an upholstered bed…love them, they are so inviting and pretty. Though I love the idea of doing something in a lightly patterned fabric, knowing me I will play it safe and go with a solid cream and then add some fun pillows. Some of my favorite upholstered beds are-

20865bfaa1ec745577be99562db14ded cd57996164166086493408c1f83f41b1

HOM_DESIGN072509D_80481a_8col 2feff1526dae

This all time fave is from Century-


Another beauty from Hickory Chair


 Bedding. Monogrammed bedding is the only way to go….seriously is there any other way:) My favorite bedding is Home Treasures, they make incredibly soft very luxurious bedding and I have used them for years. I have ordered them for many clients and friends and each and every time they have come back to thank me. Then I have a few monogrammers I work with and the combination is heavenly.

I am waiting as we speak to have some new bedding completed for my room and have a feeling I will do a very simliar thing in the PB house. Here are some favorite monogrammed bedding pics-


9f20bc347fde4f3b550ac60365990b96 f8bdc76e8067

Benches. Love  a bench at the foot of a bed, and any of these beauties would do just fine:)

527edeb543bf15fedaf126c666ca2f32 -kqcmk1rv8tv-o8uwlq2mthc-5cgretm2uphvzhorwu

And here is my Decorative Crafts bench in my own room, which I love…


Window treatments Since I do not yet know exactly what our windows will look like, I can only speculate what I see for that room.  I have always liked the look of wood hurricane shutters, feels so beachy/coastal to me. But since I really won’t need much in terms of privacy I will probably start with simple creamy panels with a  pretty simple trim on the edges, just a nice way to frame/finish the windows without making them too fussy.

I think my room will feel a bit more casual than these but I do like the simple panels, especially the color scheme on the left-

22ecb748b0befd98245c8b1c93661312 f6608c0247dea822c6209cd9156322c8

Accessories. Beautiful lamps, nightstands, a pretty accent chair are all must haves, those are the “fluff” on a pretty cake….



Like these end tables from Hickory Chair-

bed 1582_70_B 6482_70_WL_CL

My favorite style chair for a bedroom, very comfy (down filled) English arm,  I would do this in a beautiful very soft blue fabric-


6968302  3142002-caldwell-cornflower-by-fabricut 0548805

Always loved this chandelier for a bedroom from Currey and Co.



So there you have an overview of what I see my bedroom shaping up to be….love the feeling and softness. This is so cathartic to be able to visualize my ideas here and something tells me that this room will very much end up  like this……I don’t waver much when I have a strong conviction about what I want it to look like.

To be continued……thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous day!






Bluff Diaries Chapter 6

Hi friends….back with another chapter. It is starting to feel like it will really happen. Our plans are out with two builders that we narrowed it down to and with luck we will have made a decision by next week, will get those final permits and be on our way!

My original plan was to be there by next Easter, that does not look likely however I sure hope that by July 4th we will be calling PB our second home:) There is so much to consider and think about, but I feel like I am making great progress well ahead of schedule by doing these posts. I already know the colors I want, the roof, the windows and shutters, that right there is huge (think of Donald saying H U G E).

Today we are going back to the interiors, when you walk in there is a wide hallway/foyer that opens to a very large great room open to the kitchen/bar (included plans on my last chapter). I have a feeling this is where we will spend a lot of our time. That room has French doors that open to a very large wide deck that goes from one end of the house to the other, love that!

So this room will have tall ceilings and we hope to do some kind of a coffered ceiling. I love when they are painted but I also really like a very light white/washed stain. So here are some of my ideas for how I see that great room being done-


The ceiling-

Either way- painted or white washed, it is a beautiful detail and really adds to that coastal feel-

f7cc92e8a7f890581eda2e2dad12d3b1 cfa52028d3a32b6a3cda367b654ff826


Great color, Alabaster by  Sherwin Willliams


I am continuing to research this, looove the idea of a stone, like limestone or next best thing, Peacock Pavers but I know they are not as easy on the feet, so we probably will end up doing wood but I am still putting all options on the table! If I do wood it will be a lighter stain and always been a fan of herringbone anything!

chevron-hardwood-floors-asd surfaces




And there is no denying the beauty of a Peacock Paver…

739a7d409316bdfc5dcbbad50e159274 b52f30fc883038e91b08a3a8af63fdda


Rugs vs sisal-

I see doing either a tonal sisal maybe with a pattern or one of my favorite rugs, Oushaks, the more washed the better!! I know the sisal is not the most comfy on the feet but its so darn pretty, however a worn Oushak is hard to beat.

camilla-sisal dsc_0097 traditional-area-rugs

And of course you cannot deny the beauty of a washed Oushak, so gorgeous!

l_sh26823 002 NMH5EDD_mu HCH88Q3_mu

Fireplace mantle-

We are hoping to do a limestone/cast stone rustic French oversized mantle, I have the vision alive in my mind and know it will be a perfect choice

MT-205-BG P3_Inspiration


The Furnishings-

The fun part aka the furniture/furnishings!  I see a lot of creamy whites, in case you are not onto this idea already:) Soft blues as a subtle bit of color, but a very soft and tonal room. I have always loved this space below that was beautifully finished by specialty finisher Leslie of Segreto, my room will be  much more casual but the feeling that invites you in and is so soothing is what I am after-


I have always seen a big chunky tressel table in this room, the size can handle it and they are incredible durable


And can see any of these chairs, some more casual and some more of  a rustic French


Safavieh Furniture: Sofas, Loveseats, Recliners, Dining, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Accent Tables, Patio/Outdoor Furniture

fox6229h-front contemporary-white-linen-dining-chair-with-varnished-oak-wood-legs-as-well-as-dining-room-arm-chairs-and-dining-arm-chairs-936x702

In the living room/family room I see lots of creamy white (in durable fabrics)

oversized-wood-coffee-tables img-thing C2452_03_0509_fpo-600x6001


I see a tonal room with very subtle color in soft blues and greens, these types of fabrics are what I can see on pillows and maybe a chair or two


Love this trim as well wouldn’t it be pretty on a solid ivory pillow



Always loved this light wood chandelier and am so happy I will have a place to use it, can see putting two in the great room.



And for above the dining table which is an extension of this room can see something along this line ( a pair of these over table) All lighting from Currey

9075 9000-0013

Can see a pair of these beauties on end tables-


And of course lots of small tables, big baskets of magazines books, a few beautiful orchids like those from my shop, all the “fluff”

Stunning Square Ivory with Blue Planter and 3 Stem Orchid Arrangement

Incredible Large Pink Orchid Plant in Long Ivory Gold Tole Planter


Fabulous Hydrangea in Blue and White Tole Planter

2866520_1 img38m


And finally here is a loose storyboard of what I can see this room shaping up to be-

OB-great room



So there you have an overall design scheme for this great room. I see it as a space that is both beautiful and of course light an airy. I think it’s going to be the center of where our living gets done. So comfort, functionality is very important, a few big comfortable sofas with plenty of chairs you can relax in are tops on my list.

Pretty soft lighting, I cannot wait to get to the point where I need to actually start making these decisions! It’s fun though to have a concept in mind and I know me, I don’t waver much, many of our ideas I know are what will end up coming to fruition.

Thank you for stopping in and following along with me..the best is surely yet to come. If you missed any of the other chapters, go to the rop right in the search bar and type in Bluff Diaries it will take you to all the previous posts. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time……

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Bluff Diaries- Chapter 5

Hello! So here I am with another round of Bluff Diaries and some good news. The first two rounds of plan submissions got approved so we are well on our way. The plans are being submitted as I speak to the two builders we have narrowed it down to, landscape architect has been hired and things are rolling.

We are totally done with the interior plan so thought it would be fun to share it with you since I know many of you enjoy that kind of thing. We are still putting the finishing touches on the exterior. It’s a great plan in my opinion in that it is open living, love the wide front porches (especially the back) and there is room for everyone. Sure makes me realize that when a house is laid out properly you don’t need a ginormous home. I have a feeling we are going to really love living in this house.

1st floor-

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.10.01 PM


Second floor-

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.21.13 PM


Above garage-

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.23.12 PM

Today I want to divert a bit from the interiors (which is of course the most fun part) to the exterior. As we winnow down the process, we are having to think and submit our color choices to the board. I have a vision of a creamy white house with pale blue/gray shutters. The aluminum roofs are de rigueur down there and they happen to look really good. Occasionally you will see a wood shingle room which I also like.

We wanted to preserve the integrity of the true “low country” style while adding just a touch of Hamptons to it. I love a look of long windows with shutters, so pretty. As I start thinking more seriously about a lot of the  exterior features, I think I pretty much know what I am after. Today is all about my inspiration for the exterior, let’s go….




This house above is a great example of the color scheme I envision for our future home,Home Bunch


This is a beautiful color for shutters, Silver Gray by Benjamin Moore

Picture 2

Another great example, love this! Belclaire House

FullSizeRender(32) FullSizeRender(31)

Really love the detailing on this house above, that railing!!!


This is an example of the metal roofs that are so popular, like this color, Southern Living


Isn’t this one fabulous front porch?


Wood Shingle of wood siding….to be determined, have seen beautiful examples of both-


This color light gray is what I am thinking for the roof-



Madly in love with these carriage garage doors (painted in my colors of course) , if they can work with the budget, I would do these in a heartbeat!


Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.33.20 AM

Another great example above


Another beautiful color


And you know gas lanterns are an absolute must! Bevolo


Another beauty, Carolina Lanterns


Who knew there are so many different shutter styles! Think I lean towards the raised panel or flat panel, a cleaner look


LOVE this, this color is Dior Gray from B.Moore, this home is from Jack Arnold, did my research:)


This beauty top and bottom is from the showhouse a few years back (when I first discovered Palmetto Bluff) these colors pretty much sum up what I am thinking…..


Love the idea of either light herringbone brick or peacock pavers for the back porch-



Kind of moving onto the “fluff” but surely the most fun part……I see two gorgeous  benches like these with some pretty pillows for the front porch, first impressions are everything! And down south a front porch is the first chance to make a great first impression.

White Pagoda Bench

il_570xN.422853144_l2rn il_570xN.948335704_d4n6

And a beautiful pair of planters with a boxwood topiary….

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.41.22 AM

These planters are from Authentic Provence Planters…so beautiful!

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.42.12 AM

Something along this line-



Want to see how I can envision the front porch? Take a look….

OB-pbluff front


So that sums up in a nutshell what I am envisioning for the exterior details..of course there is much more to come but this is an overview. As we tweak the outside elevations, we are moving forward and my fingers are crossed that we will sign with a builder very soon and get this show on the road!!

If you missed the other “chapter”s on the top right of my blog where there is  a search bar you can type in “Bluff Diaries” and it will take you to the last four posts.

Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day. Here it’s beautiful after a very stormy day yesterday which included a serious traffic snarl driving from the city, but it’s coooold today! Go figure:) Until next time…..

PS If you missed the post “It’s All Set” about the monthly tablescapes, you must check it out, click here