Bluff Diaries Chapter 17

Hello friends and TGIF! Well, on this end things are really starting to pick up steam in PB and it is quite exciting. I have been very busy particularly this past week trying to finalize bathroom selections (tiles/marble) as it is due to the job site around June 1st, which will be here before we know it.  Also have been making lighting decisions so lots going on.

Today’s is about lighting,mostly outdoors. Nothing like a deadline looming to make you pick up the pace and make decisions. I was so happy I finally get to use gas lanterns as this is a look I have always loved. I have looked into several companies and finally settled upon one who not only offered wonderful personalized service but most important gave me the look I am after!

We need 2 for the front door, 2 for the back door, three for the garages and one for the rear door. In addition we will need fans with lights for the big porch so I am adding some ideas for that here as well. As I always do here are a few recent progress shots, wood siding has gone on and chimneys almost done

Back porch fireplace being worked on

Wood siding well under way and chimney’s almost done

Here are some of my gas lantern inspiration shots-

I went back and forth between the lantern with a glass plated top or a copper plated top and decided on the copper plated top as to me it looks a little more substantial.

Here is what I am getting…cannot wait! Thanks to Copper Sculptures for making my gas lantern dreams come true:)

The finish above is an upgraded finish which basically fast forwards the patina cycle, love the finish

And on the subject of fans, I am all ears if you have a great recommendation for a specific fan or company. A few possibilities-

Think this is a great option as it features a lighter wood and love the added plus of a belljar, click here

Another pretty option from Horchow, the oil rubbed bronzed finish goes with pretty much everything, click here

I like this color and idea for some of the bedrooms, the weathered wood would work well click here

RESOURCES (which I will now include on every Bluff Diary Post as many ask), click to visit-






Lots of decisions but I will say one thing I do love my lanterns! If you’re in the market for beautiful lanterns (gas or electric) I definitely recommend them, tell them Tina sent you and maybe they might just sharpen their pencil a tiny bit.

I could not be happier with the custom experience, the quick turnaround and excellent customer service. Next time, it will be all about bathrooms, knee deep in those as I speak. And of course I am thrilled with my architect and builder, a fantastic team.

Thanks for stopping in and following along with me, this is where the fun really begins. Hope you have a wonderful day and end to your week…..

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