The making of a sunroom……

Hello and hope you are doing well on this fine spring day. So excited to bring you this post! I feel a definite pep in my step now that I can walk out of the house without a jacket and scarf. Forgot just how good it feels! Plus waking up the birds chirping is a sure and welcome sign:)

I recently finished a sunroom that came out so beautiful, I could have moved right in. It was something that was done for a concept house and there was a really short window in which to complete it, what can I say….I work well under pressure! Of course I brought my signature blue and white to the mix as the room just called for it.

I wanted it to be light, airy and welcoming. The beautiful painted brick walls were a wonderful compliment and added a nice touch of texture. Got the beautiful and so affordable furniture from Decor Market which included the elegant sofas, gorgeous pale blue console and one of my favorite coffee tables of all time.

Everything else is from me, it was a great opportunity for me to showoff  some of my favorite things. I loved it so much I even had an ad made, which will be used down the road. So here it is!!  First a look at “behind the scenes” and then at the end is the big reveal of the professional pictures (and my ad).

Here is a “behind the scenes” as this room came together-

This is the space, a pretty painted brick wall and the big windows with the trellis mullions were a naturally pretty starting point

The lighting had to go!

First step was bringing in this fabulous indoor/outdoor rug from Decor Market,  so love it and think I may use this very rug in PB

Many have emailed me about his rug here is the link-

Added one of my favorite coffee tables (can you believe only around $800), also from Decor Market, so chic and stylish

Comfortable classic looking English arm sofas being delivered ( from Decor Market) and we are starting to have a room!

It was the perfect place to add my blue/white bamboo lantern

The very first thing I chose was this beautiful blue. painted French looking chest (Decor Market). It was a beautiful starting point, and from here everything else came together quite effortlessly….

The “ingredients” in a holding pattern

A trusty helper hanging the brackets

And the brackets are up with my mid sized pagodas

How beautiful are these pillows! From Studio Tullia (except the middle one is part of my own collection)

Hard to believe this planter is from my faux stone line and the orchids are too! This arrangement came out so pretty, I am going to add it to my own home very soon:)

I swear my backseat needs its own reality show…you never know what you will find there!

Console looking good because let’s face it blue and white makes everything look pretty:)

LOVE the Provence planters filled with fresh palms, the picture of elegance!

THE BEST PART! So are you  ready to see the beautiful professional pictures, and let’s face it, nothing can hold a candle next to those. Rest your eyes on these gorgeous pictures…….

And here is my ad-


Sofa, rug, coffee table and blue painted console are all from Decor Market

All porcelain accessories, mirror and bamboo lantern are from my shop, Enchanted Home Shop

All pillows (except green velvet) is from Studio Tullia

Provence planters are from my shop, Enchanted Home Shop but today is the final day of the presale which includes these Provence planters at special pricing CLICK HERE to see

PSSST…….Don’t forget to check out the awesome flash sale going on for outdoor rugs, so many beautiful rugs all at amazing prices. Click here to view

Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed this post as I sure enjoyed putting this beautiful space together. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……





Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Hello and happy Saturday! Hope this posts on time. I have been really busy with a number of edesign jobs, some small and a few much larger jobs. Must say I so enjoy doing this, it is enormously gratifying and I just love helping to transforms peoples homes.

I have a few resources I really like and they are my “go to” sources. One I seem to always do well with is Decor Market. They have an extensive selection and the prices simply cannot be beat. Period.

Plus as an Enchanted Home reader you get an extra discount! Use code “enchanted”. I just finished helping a young couple who just moved to Boston furnish a small apartment. It came just beautifully though we are not quite done. We were working on a relatively small budget but boy, you would never guess by how it all came out.

Included today are some of the things that they bought as well as some favorites of mine that I have used and continue to use for various projects, deals definitely worth knowing about!

CHOICE 1 How this chair is sold for $449 is beyond me, but what a beauty! Click here


CHOICE 2 I have my eye on a pair of these for PB, these would be perfect and are what I envision for my living room, just love the English timeless. Click here

CHOICE 3 I recently ordered a pair fo these for a clients foyer, one on each side of a foyer console, such a beautiful chair and at a price to be believed! Click here

CHOICE 4 This beauty only looks expensive, what a fabulous price point, my client used it for their dining room and said in person it looks like a million dollars, click here

CHOICE 5 How beautiful is this silver leaf pagoda etagere/bookcase…AMAZING! Click here

CHOICE 6 I simply cannot get over a  queen fully upholstered bed is UNDER $400! My client ordered this for their bedroom, love it. Click here

CHOICE 7 Very pretty mirrored coffee table in a great mid size, click here

CHOICE 8 These are wonderful nightstands, love the lighter color wood as it could go with so many different types of beds, click here

CHOICE 9 This fabulous Chippendale chair is a stunner for around $650! I love the brand Theodore Alexander and have used them a lot, click here

CHOICE 10 This is beyond clever and so reasonable, an ottoman that doubles as shoe storage. Love the idea, and this kind of piece can go anywhere, only $179, click here

CHOICE 11 I would love to have a place to use this one day, just adore it, always have. Click here

CHOICE 12 This will likely find its way to my PB house somewhere, its so pretty and serene and love the price even more:) Click here

CHOICE 13 Love this elegant Georgian console, so classic. Click here

CHOICE 14 A desk chair for under $150, I am not kidding. Click here

CHOICE 15 Another client just got this chair and we are reupholstering the seat in the most beautiful Scalamandre velvet, cannot wait to see! A new favorite, and the price is amazing! Click here

CHOICE 16  How stunning is this antique mirrored desk? I want it, I would use it for a desk or even a gorgeous make up table, adding it to my wish list, click here

Felt the need to scroll up and down more than once? You are not alone, there is not a bad choice in the bunch. Click here to see all of Decor Market’s amazing finds and be sure to input the code “enchanted” for an extra discount!

I must say their customer service, quick shipping and amazing return policy is the among the best I  have encountered. And their selection of just about everything is getting bigger and bigger, more great choices all the way around.

Time to choose your two faves, ready?


One lucky winner will receive this wonderful indoor/outdoor rug courtesy of Decor Market who has generously offered this rug to one very lucky person. Just visit Decor Market by clicking here, take a look around and come back and tell us your favorite item. We will announce a winner on Wednesday morning, be sure to check back!

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful Saturday and weekend. Until tomorrow…


The latest on my design projects….

Hello and happy Tuesday! This post has been a long time in the making. Every now and then I do a post on edesign and/or design in general as a lot of people have questions about how edesign works and are both curious and intrigued by how this operates. I have done extensive posts on edesign here, here and here. Nearly many if not all your questions can be answered in going through these past posts, as they cover just about everything related to his increasingly popular design alternative.

Today is a recap on some very exciting and some “still on going” projects that I am particularly thrilled with. A little background on each project so you know what the objectives were. This is a long post with a lot to read and see…so grab an extra cup of coffee:)

UTAH. This client is a repeat client and a dream to work with, it helps that she has great taste and loves blue and white! They bought a very impressive home/horse farm that they knew they were going to give an overhaul to almost right away and recognized it was  in sore need of some TLC.

They did do some construction right off the bat but a lot of the project involved redecorating. After we worked on the kitchen, breakfast area, foyer and upstairs master/study, the master bath was next on the list! The master bath before I think we can all agree, was pretty dismal.

She wanted a light and airy, spa like luxurious master bath and boy, is that what she got! So first a look at the “before” and then get ready for the after


AFTER (still was waiting on new chair and window treatments)-

TEXAS. Another dream client, whom I have worked with before. An absolute delight!  This person wanted to reinvent furniture she already owned (that her kids deemed out of date and old fashioned) and give this living room new life, with a few updated accessories to bring it up to date.

So we chose a gorgeous soft cream velvet for the sofa, redid the two pairs of chairs in a fabulous toile and a beautiful pale blue/cream leopard on the smaller chairs. Replaced the coffee table, had new drapes made, added lamps, brackets and some blue and white… touch was the rug and it was a beautiful transformation indeed. Just love this space.



The old floral heavy chairs were reupholstered in a beautiful soft toile linen and the heavy blue drapes replaced with ivory panels with a classic Greek Key trim, really lightened things up!

The cream velvet sofa looks fabulous accented with beautiful blue pillows and a gorgeous antique mirrored coffee table from Decor Market, which I just LOVE!

Theses antique chairs were given new life with a pale blue leopard  from Kravet

Blue and white lamps, a new rug, brackets with vases…voila!

NEW YORK. This is an “in progress” project and a very exciting one. We have a ways to go. Love that my client and and I are completely on the same page, she is such a pleasure to deal with. So she had made a mistake and bought an expensive secitonal that let’s say did not come out quite as she had hoped. Since it was basically brand new,  she could not justify getting rid of it. So she had it split into two sofas and we began our work!

Fabric redo to the rescue. We chose a gorgeous light tan tweedy fabric and redid the sofas. What an astounding difference!

We changed the floorplan to create two separate sitting areas, one facing the TV and the other the fireplace. Chairs have been ordered along with cocktail tables. We are working on pillows now and added a beautiful side table/console for between the back to back sofas, and added a pair of my signature blue and white jars. Looking so much better already!! Here is the new floorplan-


These are the sofas before-

AFTER (we are now starting to work on pillows)-

Next project, reupholstering these pretty chairs from Decor Market-

Some contenders and this is how we play with fabrics looking at them on a board with other elements of the room as well as the floorplan we decided on-

NEW JERSEY. Another really fun project with a wonderful couple who own a magnificent very old and stately Dutch Colonial that endured a major floor. Over a year was spent restoring the home and nearly everything was lost.

A few pieces of furniture remained but they were outdated and they felt this was a great chance to start anew. The husband, a talented artist and sculptor wanted a showplace to display his beautiful works, so this is going to be a wonderful juxtaposition of modern with classic traditional.This was a concept board from early on which shows the magnificent rug from Ralph Lauren that is on order and due in April-


A stunning Ralph Lauren rug is on order and due in April. The color scheme is tans, gold and blues. It is going to be so spectacular…when you have a room like this almost anything looks good.



We have accessorizing to do in the dining room but added these beautiful cream silk drapes with the most beautiful trim

And in the kitchen which lacked color/pattern we added this stunning window treatment (fabric from Schumacher) and are now going to do the same in the breakfast area

She also had a beautiful window seat off the foyer where there is a small sitting area with a piano she had a vision of using greens and pinks, so first I did a mock up on a board then it became a reality!

AFTER- (waiting on one more pillow)

There is a very small powder room off the library which has a window open to the front, they needed privacy but still wanted light filtering through as this a very small and dark room, we did a beautiful tonal semi sheer relaxed balloon.

There is a dark gold pin stripe that matches the wallpaper (a dark gold damask) beautifully, the pictures a bit dark but you get the idea!

I plugged in a few accessories and concepts as we approach the next step…just to give some ideas-

As we now being to accessorize the room while we wait for the rug and other pieces to come in, I showed  options of a center table with benches tucked in or a long wide bench

PERKS OF EDESIGN. One of the neat things about edesign is with the 24/7 access, there are no time restraints and there are so many great resources to utilize that make easier than one might think. I love being able to show clients things on a board, and can even “plug” things in to show them what they might look like. Something you cannot do in person!

As an example this is a current project which I will share in the future as we are at the beginning stages,  she has a dining room that needs some tweaking. I suggested moving the art to the side walls and adding a mirror above her sideboard. I was able to add these virtually as a concept-



On another wall the plate arrangement felt too high so I was able to show her adding two more plates will change the effect plus I suggested adding chandelier shades for a soft, Frenchy feel…



So yes you could say I have been a busy lady and now you can see why I cherish those “lazy Sundays” so much, but this was the perfect retort to my empty nest syndrome!

I so love what I do and getting to help transform other peoples home is so fulfilling. Nothing makes me happier than to hear how excited they are about getting to enjoy their homes in a whole new way. So thank you to all of my wonderful clients, with whom this adventure would not be possible.

I am working on two new projects that I am really enjoying, and cannot wait to share those with you when the time comes…it really is such a fulfilling process to be able to help transform someones home. Because as I have always said and truly believe, the ultimate luxury is having a beautiful home to come home to at the end of the day.

If you have questions or want to know more, feel free to email us at OR call 1-800-804-9565

Thanks to my readers for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and and good start to your week. Until next time…….

PS Just this morning a VERY exciting flash sale has stared on the most gorgeous pillows. Click here to view-








Which would you choose and a special offer!

Good afternoon, hope you are having a good week. So sorry about the post that got sent this morning and sent everyone into a tailspin over it being in Latin…did you think I was trying to give you a lesson in a romance language, lol? I can laugh now but was not laughing earlier!! The IT people were doing a test on the site and it accidentally sent to my readers…so sorry.

There is good news, the newly tweaked site is looking amazing and will bring back all your favorite features, like the pinterest button (and wait till you see it), my blog list and so much more. And for anyone not getting my emails any more…that too will be fixed. So, just a little more patience and you will agree it was worth the wait:)

Other than starting my day off with a surprise seeing my blog in Latin, all else is settling down after warehouse mayhem last week…but a good kind of mayhem to have:)  I am having a lot of fun with a few different design projects right now and cannot wait to show you the finished product.

I get things from a variety of sources but one in particular that has delivered in both selection and unbelievable pricing is Decor Market. Today Decor Market is celebrating Presidents Day with a fantastic sale and even extended an extra 5% to Enchanted Home readers only!!

With a wide selection of wonderful choices ranging from traditional to urban contemporary there is something for everyone and that includes a huge range of rugs, furniture and accessories. Not only do you get to choose your two faves (some of which we used recently in a few projects) but Decor Market has generously offered up a special code only for Enchanted Home readers!

So now its your turn……ready? Here we go-

CHOICE 1 Would you believe me if I told you this gorgeous classic chair is $311!!!


CHOICE  2  We used this gorgeous wool rug for a dining room…colors are stunning! Click here

CHOICE 3 Where can you find a gorgeous wood Adirondack chair for $142!!! Offered in one of four great colors, click here

CHOICE 4 Such an  attractive transitional chandelier for a dining room, foyer or library, click here

CHOICE 5 Isn’t this Woodland arm chair fabulous? Indoors or out…so unique and beautiful. Click here

CHOICE 6 Adore this updated take on a modern French settee, fabulous! Click here

CHOICE 7 One of my favorite chairs and ottomans hard to believe both pieces are $1695, done in a beautiful washed blue Belgian Linen, I plan on having two of these for my PB house, click here

CHOICE 8 One of my edesign customers recently got this gorgeous Oushak for her living room, can’t wait to share it with you! Click here

CHOICE 9 I have this very chandelier in my breakfast room and love it, very classic. Click here

CHOICE 10 Where int he world can you find a gorgeous PAIR of dining tufted chairs like these for $267.00, for a PAIR!! Click here

CHOICE 11 And they do pillows, just love this scalloped pillow offered in three colors and so  incredibly reasonable! Click here

CHOICE 12 This wonderful bench perfect for a living room or bedroom is $299 and offered in a number of great neutrals, click here

CHOICE 13  I “need” this for Palmetto Bluff, this is sooo cute! Click here

CHOICE 14 Pretty mirror, love the shape. Click here

CHOICE 15. Amazing rug I have sued many times at a price that you will not believe!! Click here


CHOICE 16. Gorgeous classic dining table with two  leaves at under $Pretty mirror, love the shape. Click here3000….fabulous Click here

CHOICE 17. Every room can use a beautiful tufted ottoman and one for under $300? Click here

CHOICE 18. Think I need this in my home! Love it and cannot get over the deal it is, click here

Lots to love, it is a great resource and one that you definitely should check out if you don’t know it already. Be sure if you find something you can’t live without to use the code for my readers only. Click here to visit Decor Market, be forewarned you may not be able to walk away empty handed 🙂

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day……almost Friday:) Until next time……..


Seven on Sunday

Hello….first thing I want to do is announce the two lucky winners of the giveaways! Congratulations goes to-


Winner #1- Sandra (#132)   who won the box of 4 ornaments


Winner #2- Michelle (#158)  who won the beautiful silver bowl


Please contact me at to claim your prize and provide your shipping addressees so your goodies can be on their way!


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Here the foliage is starting to peak and it is spectacular…I hope to get out today and take some pictures with my “good camera” before the rain moves in. Really looking forward to a total day of relaxation today. I have earned it:) Had a nice dinner out with friends, a city day and today is all about a whole lot of nothing, fast becoming my favorite kind of days.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday….


1.WEDDING CAKES LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN. This is like “honey I blew up the wedding cake”…..beyond the SIZE of these mammoth cakes, large enough to feed a decent sized village, the detail is literally mind blowing.

Have I been living under a rock where wedding cakes the size of small Manhattan skyscrapers are de rigeour with a certain set in Jakarta, Bali and that region!! So much so that it looks like they actually require a big knife but a SWORD to cut them:)

I love all that you can discover on Instagram and this Jakarta based wedding cake extraordinaire, Lenovelle Cake really takes the cake, pun intended!!


u423nnamed unncdamed unnamvbed 2sunnamed

3433unnamed unnamvccced

I mean seriously….can you BELIEVE this is a cake!


And come on now, shouldn’t this be ME standing next to this cake and not her:)


Thanks to my buddy Meg for sending me this picture (how I discovered them and now I can’t get enough)


2. HILARIOUS AD FOR SOMEONE RUNNING FOR OFFICE. These days funny, lighthearted and politics do NOT belong in the same sentence but this “gone viral” ad for a local Texas based  county commissioner running for office is hysterical and um….well, possibly to a degree something we can all relate to (wink).

3.  INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. This is always the highlight of these posts for me, getting to share all that I found on Instagram and this weekend does not disappoint!



udsdsnnamed unname232d

This one below really made me laugh-

233unnamed unnamevc3d

sfdunnamed uddnnamed undfnamed unfdsfdsnamed unnadfdmed unnamdded unnamedf unnamefddd unnamfd3ed unnamfdddced unssfnamed


3 AWESOME NEW APPS! There are so many apps out there, it is overwhelming to even know which to use. However all three of these are REALLY worth looking into, it is amazing what these apps can churn out, the information they can provide! I am not the most app savvy but was recommended to these by someone who very much is-

1.IFTTT– This site is INCREDIBLE, almost magic!  I cannot believe all that it can help you do, really worth checking out!


SKIPLAGGED– Friend told me about it, apparently a super user friendly app for really reasonable last minute flights.



SKYSCANNER– A similar site, which he said he found a last minute flight internationally on.




4. EVER WANTED TO OWN YOUR OWN ISLAND?  Well, now you can! Forewarning- you will fall in love and this may have you contemplating a move to the Scottish Isles! Talk about fantasy island….this is simply amazing, located less than 2 miles from mainland Scotland.

Comes with your own water views and a battalion of charming old stone cottages all along the beautiful rugged Scottish coastline!  What an amazing family retreat this would make!

If you have  a spare few million and looking to recreate “The Holiday” here is your chance! And since you found it by way of my blog, I get to be your first houseguest. Click here for more info.

1477319509-syn-toc-1476978686-tanera-mor-summer-isles-4 1477319507-syn-toc-1476978066-tanera-mor-summer-isles-5 1477319506-syn-toc-1476978470-tanera-mor-summer-isles-12 gallery-1477319663-landscape-1476977194-tanera-mor-summer-isles-3

And perhaps the icing on  a very sweet cake, the post office/cafe!



5. LOOKING FOR GREAT FURNITURE DEALS? Decor Market, a wonderful resource for rugs, furniture and lighting is having a site wide whopping 31% for Halloween. The sale is on for ONE DAY TODAY for Halloween, can’t believe 31% off of EVERYTHING!

I am working with a few edesign clients and we have made our lists in time to take advantage of the extra steep discount. Make sure you check it out and use the code SPOOKY31 on their site today only (click here) if you decide you just can’t live without something. Here are a few things on the list-

This gorgeous chair and ottoman, so beautiful! Click here


In love with this Lucite/brass end table, click here


One lucky client is getting this rug for her dining room…love the colors and the price of $700 even more. Click here


Doing a pair of these on either side of her sofa, gorgeous! Click here


How neat are these? I just ordered two for the two desks in my new offices,thought for sure the $119 price was a typo! click here




7.  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this week, is all about balance of time. Everyone’s formula is different, some need an equal balance of time between work and play, others more. These last weeks have been 95% work and 5% free time and I am really not complaining because its been a labor of love. But I was talking to a friend who recently went back to work and we were on the subject and we both acknowledged it’s a process to find that perfect balance.

Today’s world is akin to being on the autobahn 24/7. Everything happens fast and there is no rest for the weary! So in reflecting on your life, do you think you have achieved a perfect balance or is there improvement to be had?


So friends, this is what’s been on my radar, anything  excite or delight you here? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, enjoy your Sunday and be back soon. Until next time…….

PS As of Monday morning a brand new promo started, amazing selection of Annabel Ingall totes, last A.Ingall promo of 2016!  Click here














Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Good morning…this week has flown by so fast and we are getting a tiny snippet of pre-fall weather which I am so loving. So happy I did not end up getting sick, it is allergies and it’s thankfully under control for the most part. I am finishing up a few projects and just started one large local project and am knee-deep in work, but am having fun in the process.

The neat part about helping others with their homes is that I get to live out some of my own decorating fantasies…only caveat is in the process I always see or discover things I would love to apply to my own home:) So restraint is key here.

A newer favorite resource that I have come to rely on is Decor Market. There are so many well priced beautiful items and many we have been able to get very quickly, a big perk. Never has it been so easy and attainable to decorate on a budget, they really do have something for every budget!

We recently ordered a bunch of things and so far, everything has been a home run. Prices are super competitive, delivery fast plus a huge selection. What more could you ask for! So today is a Which would you choose, imagine the furniture fairy decided to pay you a little visit. Plus Decor Market has generously offered a wonderful rug giveaway. Details on the bottom. Ready?  Let’s go……




CHOICE 1 A client got this beautiful console  and loves it, it is a lot of look for the money. Click here


CHOICE 2. A leather wing chair for $1300, sign me up! This one is a beauty…click here


CHOICE 3. Isn’t this rug stunning? Love the colors and design, Oushaks have always been one of my favorite rugs,  click here


CHOICE 4. Adore this sleek bench in a rich taupe velvet, can think of so many places where this would work, click here


CHOICE 5. This is a favorite of mine, I have used this twice on projects. Love the antiqued mirror detailing…fabulous! Click  here


CHOICE 6. How gorgeous  is this chandelier, and for a crystal chandelier of this size..this is a steal! Click here


CHOICE 7. Is there anything richer than navy velvet!! A favorite of mine and this set is priced so well. Click here


CHOICE 8. Own this beautiful chest and can attest to how beautiful it is, great color. Click here


CHOICE 9. There natural fiber rugs are so inexpensive, and they are great looking. Click here


CHOICE 10. Big fan of upholstered beds and in fact, am in the process of ordering one for myself (more traditional) however this modern beauty is one good looking bed, click here


CHOICE 11. Lucite has never been so red-hot as it is right now, isn’t this Lucite cocktail table stunning! Click here


CHOICE 12. Never met an Oushak rug I didn’t love, this one is a winner, click here


CHOICE 13. One of my favorite chairs, this bergere and ottoman are the epitome of timeless elegance, love the brushed Belgian linen. Click here


CHOICE 14. I used this rug for a design project show house last year and it was a huge hit, the price is even more amazing! Click here


CHOICE 15. How about this fabulous more modern sleek navy lacquered nightstand for $450. The brass makes it so rich. Click here


CHOICE 16. The Lucite trend is very big and I love seeing the juxtaposition of more modern pieces sprinkled into a traditional setting, this one would fit the bill beautifully. Click here


CHOICE 17.  An antique gold leaf and glass coffee table for $397……incredible deal! This could work with so many different styles, click here


CHOICE 18.  This bench is a beauty and at $269 hardly requires having to think about it! Click here


CHOICE 19.  One of my all time favorite light fixtures, have this in my own breakfast room and have used it for a few design jobs, it is stunning. Click here


CHOICE 20. I really like the Tibetan rug collection for their super soft rugs that are quietly elegant in their designs. Have used them often in my own design work, plus they feel so good on the feet:) Click here



One very lucky winner will win a 6 x9 rug of their choice from the beautiful Evoke collection. Simply visit Decor Market by clicking here, take a look around and come back and tell us your absolute favorite item and how you might use it.  Winner to be chosen next Tuesday 9/20.

4 ways to win-

1 Leave a comment on this post (mandatory to enter)

2. Follow them on Instagram provides a second chance, click here

3. Follow them on Pinterest provides a third chance, click here

4. And finally like them on Facebook and your chances are even better (fourth chance)! Click here


Don’t forget when you visit Decor Marketall rugs are FREE SHIPPING and all purchases for The Enchanted Home readers get an extra 20% off!! Use the code “enchanted”. That is a huge savings:)


Wow, so much to love here! Gets me excited for eventually getting to decorate my PB home, as I will definitely  be going with a more transitional style. Let the fun begin. Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful Friday and end to your week. Until next time…

PS A wonderful flower promo just started Saturday afternoon…seeing is believing! Click here for info

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Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Hello the time you read this I will be in Nashville, cannot wait for this fun adventure to begin. I planned out this weeks posts to schedule ahead of time, so fingers crossed that is exactly what will happen.

Despite cooler temps and buckets of rain, spring really is here and no one could be more excited than me to start tweaking the outdoors! I have all kind of things planned. In addition to my own backyard, I recently took on two edesign jobs, one a rooftop deck (so fun) and the other a smaller home that was bought to flip, she wants to put inexpensive but good looking patio furniture outside.

Well both of these projects got my creative juices flowing and thanks to the incredible finds at Decor Market I was able to deliver and under budget if you can imagine!! SO many amazing deals on outdoor furniture, I honestly cannot see getting it anywhere else. So today is a Which would you choose to select your two favorite outdoor items plus a fabulous giveaway (details on bottom).

If you are in the market for anything outdoors you simply must visit Decor Market, you will thank me!



CHOICE 1 Love this outdoor rug and the price is to be believed! Click here


CHOICE 2 Cannot get over this beauty is $359! Click here


CHOICE 3 This is one handsome set, hard to believe all five pieces are $739! Click here


CHOICE 4 Adore this outdoor rug, great colors! Click here


CHOICE 5 Who doesn’t love a firepit and one for $219 makes it an instant add to cart! Click here


CHOICE 6 How great is this cart! Such a good looking piece and so functional, a must have, and at $169 I don’t have to think about it. Click here


CHOICE 7 Love this elegant outdoor rug, such a pretty decorative piece for outdoor living,  click here


CHOICE 8 Bought four of these and can attest to how well they are made, comfortable and high quality, click here


CHOICE 9 This is such a good looking ottoman, absolutely would get this for PB, comes in 4 great colors. Click here


CHOICE 10 Another neutral outdoor rug, thinking about this for one of my patios…click here


CHOICE 11 Another must ahve for Palmetto Bluff, one of my favorite style chairs, click here


CHOICE 12. This beautiful bench almost looks too pretty to be for the outdoors but it is!! So stylish, click here


CHOICE 13 And how about this beauty! I could see a pair flanking a patio or courtyard, also great by a pool,  click here


CHOICE 14 Another fabulous bench, this one with added storage in a few finishes and a price to be wowed by. This is also a great “back door” or mudroom bench, love the added storage. Click here


CHOICE 15 This takes outdoor living to the next level, so stylish. Click here


CHOICE 16 LOVE this bench and love the price even more, WOW! Click here


CHOICE 17 This is a neat variation of a more modern take on a bistro/bar table, great looking! Click  here


CHOICE 18 This is such a nice looking trio, great and practical! Click here


CHOICE 19 A gorgeous umbrella like this for under $200? SOLD! I bought two…what a deal and in several colors.


CHOICE 20 Another fabulous set and with cushions at $899, that is a steal! Click here


CHOICE 21 This gorgeous outdoor coffee tables is so pretty! You will have people fooled into thinking it’s indoor furniture, can you believe it’s $239! Click here


CHOICE 22 This could easily be right at home in my future home in PB, adore this set and that beautiful weathered finish, click here


Are you as floored as I am with not only how gorgeous these pieces are but the prices!! Me too….has me dreaming of my future patio in PB. Now onto those giveaway details-




So one very lucky winner will win a 5 x 7 outdoor rug of their choosing….what a great way to start the new season of outdoor living.  You have up to three ways to win!

  1. Simply visit Decor Market by clicking here, take a look at the outdoor products and tell us a favorite item or two.
  2. Want a second chance, follow them on Instagram and leave a comment on their current post by clicking here
  3. Want a third chance? Like them on Facebook by clicking here.


Thank you for stopping in, hope you enjoyed the post and wishing you a wonderful week. Until next time….



Seven on Sunday

Hi friends…hope you are well and enjoying a nice weekend! Thank you to all who left such wonderful feedback about my dining room window treatments, I so love them (click here if you missed that post). It is nice to finally have that room done, except for a few minor odds and ends.

Here winter is back, I kid you not…we had a few snow/icy rain showers yesterday. I am glad I did not give into temptation and start my planting last weekend. Crazy. I am more than ready for warm air, cool evening breezes and everything to be green….don’t love you love the sight and smell of fresh cut grass? Nature is very confused around here and I say, enough already…let’s roll out spring once and for all!

It’s been a relaxing weekend…..gotten a lot of work done, and finished part of my closet organization (much more to go). Had dinner with good friends, pretty low key, just how I like them and don’t get enough of 🙂 Today hoping to see a movie, would love to see Miracles from Heaven, whether my husband will go along with it is another story:) Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..


1 THE MONOGRAM TO END ALL MONOGRAMS! I could not wait for Sunday to arrive so I could share this with you! I have featured Arabella June before because I was so taken with her incredible artistry and some of the most exquisite monograms I have ever seen. So you can imagine my excitement after we started collaborating together for my very own:)

LOVE how she was able to incorporate all that is important to me, my home (that holds those that I love), Teddy, my beloved blue and white and of course flowers:)

I had many specific ideas/details in my mind, and she,  without skipping a beat (and putting up with my OCD’ness)  was able to turn my ideas into the most dreamy vision I could have ever imagined. Now my mind is racing with all kinds of possibilities, stationery, a pillow case, stickers, wine labels, a tote bag….lol its so pretty I want it everywhere! She even made me two versions. Feast your eyes on these incredible custom monograms! You can contact her at or visit her Etsy shop here.


Version 1


Version 2


Both versions-


And lest you wonder where else you can use these monograms besides the obvious (stationery and stickers, both which I have already ordered) check out these ideas that were born out of monograms from Arabella (not to mention this would make the most beautiful and unique wedding gift)!


2. ENCAUSTIC TILES. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them, until a few months ago, neither had I. I just knew I liked them. A lot! They are painted cement to put it in the simplest terms and are a big deal in flooring right now.I would not use them in a large space for a powder room…oh yes!

  There are so many great and highly decorative looks, how to choose. I really like this idea and am even thinking of one for my powder room in PB. Take a look below. You can visit Cement Tile Shop by clicking here.

A few of my favorites-

issssndex infdfddex


And look at them in actual spaces-

indffdex indsdex inddfex inderfx

af0fb717d359c67eb39e055e39d12ba3 5090d0613c765eedd01b2cc108ab0f29

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This week, there seems to be an accent on homes and interiors sprinkled with a dose of blue and white and beautiful flowers. This is one of my favorite “jobs” every week, scouting out my absolute faves! Here is this week’s beautiful roundup-

in15dex ind311ex

inded33x in211dex in12dex

indg66ex inggjdex inhjjdex indehjx indejx inde11x inDDdex indeEWx indeEEx indBVex indSSex indeDSx iSSAndex ind1QAex

4. LOVE JULIA CHILDS? Who doesn’t her, her larger than life personality,  passion and life devoted to food, her inspiring confidence…how can you not like her! Well, you can now own her charming cottage among lavender fields and olive groves in Provence! How fun would that be?

And to be able to channel your inner Julia Child while in her very own kitchen would be pretty incredible:) Check it out below and click here for a most interesting article on Julia Childs and this home at the NY Times..

151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-25_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-20_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-19_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-17_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-15_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-11_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-1_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-4_1

5 . TO DIE FOR CHINOISERIE TOLE. I am over the moon about this next incoming container, by far the prettiest chinoiseie tole delivery yet! It is officially en route as of a few days ago and I am already plodding and planning on where to use several of these beautiful pieces.  A presale will be held in about a week so stay tuned, in the meantime here is  a teaser:)

insd33dex inSDSdex indeDF3x index

ind232ex indsssssdex issndex indewewx indWWWex ind3wwex inRRdex inTTdex

inddfdex index

6. RALPH LAUREN RUGS. I am a fan of basically anything from Ralph Lauren, from clothes to lighting to furniture and now rugs….everything he touches is gold. He certainly has the eye and has curated an incredible collection of rugs.

I have recently bought two with e design clients and must say these are some of the prettitest I have seen in a while.  Check out his collection and visit Decor Market to see all of them (if you fall in love with one be sure to use code, enchanted and you will get an extra discount)! Click here to see all the entire collection of Ralph Lauren rugs

rlr8285a-6 rlr6845c-6 rlr6935b-6 rlr6935a-4 rlr6845b-6 rlr5112b-4 rlr5114b-2 rlr3351b-5

Here is one of my favorites in a client’s home….gorgeous!


32aindex inde343x

7. LIKE GINGHAM? I sure do, always have. Have this darling tablecloth from a while back and set up a blue and white table with a touch of green. Love the way it came out, used my Juliska chargers, blue willow china, my own silver and crystal, filled a huge jar with blossoms (and yes I know it would have to be removed when we eat) but it sure made a pretty picture:) and definitely puts me in the mood for some spring entertaining!

iwe33ndex inererdex inded54x

ind4636t43ex indWQQex


Loved using my darling mini foo dogs as part of the centerpiece…love those little guys:)


So my friends that is what’s new and on my agenda this past week….how about you? Anything here get your attention? VERY excited about the porcelain and silver container, both due in this week! If you are one who placed a presale, fingers crossed they will arrive this week and we will start getting orders out the door as soon as the containers are unpacked. Will keep you posted.

Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping (and sure hope it’s warmer wherever you might be) than it is here! Wishing you a great day and end to your weekend. Until next time…..


Which would you choose?

Good evening to you….wow what a busy busy week. Found some time to see some friends which was the highlight, and had a visiting relative- otherwise it was an incredibly busy work week especially with the big porcelain presale…..lets just say the love of blue and white is alive and well! Hallelujah to that:)

I am working on a few edesign projects that all involve rugs in addition to me possibly choosing a new one for my home office. I must say that what they are doing with machine made rugs today is simply astounding. The newest technology called Powerloom is groundbreaking in what they are producing. Not only are they better looking than ever but they are ridiculously inexpensive. And we all know how a rug can change a space!

Decor Market is my new “go to” source for the best selection of rugs and certainly the best prices…..especially if you factor in my discount code ONLY for Enchanted Home readers (use code enchanted for an extra 20% off)!

So…….this post is all about rugs that if you can believe it are all under $500 and free shipping on all rug orders!? I just cannot get over how gorgeous they are…..I mean we have beautiful antique rugs in our home which I love but am always paranoid about if something should spill or if Mr. Teddy has an accident (which he has)…..I will be looking at rugs in a whole new way when we get ready to start decorating our new PB home! Ready to choose your two faves? Here we go……



CHOICE 1 This is such a gorgeous rug….cannot get over the price, client using this in her dining area. Click here


CHOICE 2. This rug is so rich and elegant, just love these colors. Click here


CHOICE 3.? A contender for my office otherwise will be in my new PB guest room:) Click here


CHOICE 4. Really like the neutral elegance of this beauty, click here


CHOICE? 5. This is? a very regal looking rug, and such a classic design. Click here


CHOICE 6. This is very pretty and so decorative, has a French feeling that could work well in traditional interiors click here


CHOICE 7. Such pretty colors, could see this in my PB home and stay tuned…you just might! Click here


CHOICE 8. Can you believe this starts at $79! Click here


CHOICE 9. Used this for one of my show house rooms and it looked like a million dollars! Click here


CHOICE 10. This looks like an old Persian heirloom,? you will not get over the price! Click here


CHOICE? 11.? This is one of the ones I may put in my home office, adore it and loooove these colors:) Click here

val113g-4CHOICE 12. This has a great vibe, could see this in a guest room, just love the beachy colors and adore a trellis design, click here


CHOICE 13. Really liking? this Oushak feeling rug, the washed colors are huge right now. Click here

CHOICE 14. Another very pretty and easy to decorate around rug, click here


CHOICE 15. This could be a perfect breakfast room rug, love the colors and the warmth, easy pattern on the eyes too, click here


CHOICE 16. Think this is so pretty and interesting…talk about adding personality to a space! Click here



This has me dreaming of all kinds of possibilities, and thanks to the prices, it is a very doable dream:)

Click here to visit Decor Market? (use code ENCHANTED? for an extra 20% off if you purchase something) and don’t blame me if you get stuck on their site for hours…its easy to to get lost in the sea of beautiful offerings from furniture, lighting, accessories to their superb selection of rugs.

Thanks for stopping in, hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start. Until next time…..

PS The container porcelain presale ends on Sunday, if you missed it click here. A number of things are sold out but some remain and be sure to throw your name in the hat for the two fabulous porcelain giveaways!


PPS A very spontaneous promo started as of Sat. morning on a a small assortment of the most beautiful evening bags (got extra) and there are about 12 pieces left. You must see beautiful and prices are amazing:) Click here to see



Which would you choose and a rug giveaway!

Hi there, hope your week is off to a great start. Everyone getting ready for the big Superbowl? I am not a huge football fan but must admit even I become a temporary football nut as the Superbowl fever is rather contagious:)? OK let me get back to business, first things first, let me announce the two lucky winners of the blue and white goodies-


The square jar goes to- #63 Audrey R.

The mini foo dogs go to- #158 Madeline Hickman

Please contact me at to claim your prizes!

And to everyone who participated in the poll, THANK YOU! Over 550 of you took the time to give me priceless feedback and it was the ultimate validation for me to read what you had to say! Your words will keep me, my blog and my little shop going for a long long time🙂


I am working on a few really exciting? design projects, one is right? in Westchester (about 45 min away) then edesign jobs? in California and just started one in Qatar! I love getting to connect with my readers all around the world. The beauty of edesign is that the distance that separates us is insignificant as everything is done via email and these days…nearly all companies ship all over the world.

If you missed my post on The ABC’s of edesign and just how it all works, click here. I scour the market for all kinds of things, I have my regular “go to’s” for things like fabric, trims and wallpapers. For furniture and accessories, there are also a handful of companies/vendors who I love and know I am getting a great price through and price is always very key. One of my newer favorite sources is Decor Market,? I have using? Decor Market quite a bit lately as the buys and selection are pretty darn amazing.

Decor Market has generously donated? a wonderful giveaway (details on the bottom). But before that I am sharing with you my top 16 picks from their site and would love to know your favorite! If you happen to be in the market for rugs, furniture or accessories I strongly suggest you take a look at Decor Market! Here we go….



CHOICE 1 Smitten with this wonderful desk in this soft powdery blue and am thinking of it for dressing area as a make up table, a beauty!….click here


CHOICE 2 Isn’t this a beauty for smaller spaces? I love it for a foyer or powder room….click here


CHOICE 3 Think this is a very handsome dining table reflective of the “new clean traditional style” and what a price!! Click here


CHOICE 4 ? This painted little end table is such a pretty and elegant little here


CHOICE 5 Isn’t this chair a beauty! It is a dining chair but I could easily see a pair in a living room or foyer flanking a chest or console….stunning! Click here


CHOICE 6? If you are amazed at the beauty of this rug wait till you see the price! Click here


CHOICE 7? Love the neutrality of this wonderful cocktail table, amazingly priced too. Click here


CHOICE 8 This is one gorgeous display cabinet…classically elegant. Click here


CHOICE 9 How clever is this! I love the design and it “breaks” into three separate tables if you don’t want to keep it as one long one, brilliant! Click here


CHOICE 10 An edesign customer just bought two of these, these are really gorgeous and the price is to be believed, they look very expensive! Click here


CHOICE 11 Would you believe me if I told you this bench is $309! Where were these when I bought mine last year!! Click here


CHOICE 12 Adore this washed vintage rug, the entire collection is stunning with prices I had to do a doubletake on! Click here


CHOICE 13 Isn’t this bookcase exquisite, I could even see incorporating it into a kitchen design!! I could see this in Palmetto Bluff:) Click here


CHOICE 14 Just ordered this little ottoman, so much look for the money and so glamorous! Click here


CHOICE 15 One of my favorite colors, moss green. Where can you find TWO cotton velvet pillows for $84!!! Their pillow selection and prices cannot be beat! Click here


CHOICE 16 One of my edesign customers just ordered this for her living room above a console, can’t wait to see it…think it? is such a beautiful and elegant classic! Click here




One lucky winner will win a 4 x 6 rug of her choice from their magnificent Vintage Rug Collection, a perfect size for a foyer. I will announce the winner on Sunday, to be eligible visit Decor Market (click here)? have a look around and come back here and tell me a favorite item or two that is on your wish list!


So many beautiful items from Decor Market…what’s not to love! Remember Enchanted Home readers? for a limited time get an additional 20% off anything on their site using the code “enchanted”. There has never been a better time to shop than now with one of my favorite new sources! Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day, until next time……

PS Started a warehouse blowout last night…some real deals click here.