It’s All Set- April

Hello my friends, been having a beautiful string of weather here. I feel a definite pep in my step with spring here though we are due to get a succession of rainy days.  A few announcements before we start-

Thanks to all for your input on my shutter paint selection. I have it narrowed down but in the. meantime have also found one more color I am thinking could be “the one”! I will share on Sunday once the decision is made.

I know about 30% of you are not getting my emails via subscription, so sorry! We are aware of it and the newly revised site is very close to happening, once that does this subscription problem will also be corrected once and for all!

Last the porcelain container has arrived to the port! We hope to have it in our warehouse no later than Thurs or Friday. We will start getting orders out immediately upon arrival….so hang tight, if you have an order it will soon be on it’s way!

So happy to be here today with another edition of It’s All Set, a monthly group I am a part of where a group of talented tastemakers  come together to showcase a tablescape they have worked on. Let’s face it doing this is always fun and a great excuse to put something pretty together, kind of like an adults version of “dress up” 🙂

Today’s post was  based upon my Easter brunch table. Let’s call this the Easter table with nine lives as things changed and changed again. Life,  right?  A last minute change meant going from a bigger table for several to a smaller table for four. I quickly reassessed and went to work. I take a layering approach when I work on a table setting, and continue to edit until I get it right. I love the way this table came out, it just felt very springy and Easter like with a touch of elegant whimsy. Take a look-

My Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf service is always a great starting point as are beautiful hydrangeas-

I had little time and could not find blue/purple stemmed hydrangeas so bought a potted hydrangea plant for $16 and cut them them as stems, got about 9 flowers out of it! Thanks Whole Foods:)

Got my trusty little planter ready and went to work

And my table…..before anyone gets all heated over the wrinkled tablecloth, have no fear I used a little portable steamer and it worked like magic:)

Also added a little Easter cheer to a nearby hall chest

Does it sound crazy to say I was most excited over my moss eggs? LOL they were such an unexpected and wonderful find,I love them. And since having little ones to dye Easter eggs is a closed chapter this is the next best thing.

You will most certainly want to visit all of the other talented bloggers to see what they came up with…always a worthwhile click!


Silver flatware and silver bowl- antique

 China- Mottahedeh “Tobacco Leaf”

Chargers- Juliska

Monogrammed napkins and blue and white porcelains- My shop

Glasses- Anthropologie

Blue and white bunnies- have owned a while

Small etched mint juleps- My shop

Mossy green eggs- Target (go quick you can still get them for next year)!

Fresh hydrangeas- Whole Foods

Linen tablecloth- had it made years ago

It's All Set logo


Spring Table | Pretty Pastels for a Sweet Occasion |


spring garden table shabbyfufublog-2



The Enchanted Home

The Enchanted Home

Town and Country Living


Thank you everyone for stopping by. Wishing all of you a fantastic day and hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Here spring is alive and well! Until next time…..

LAST DAY of the magnificent lamp flash sale. Click here to see-





Another visit to my happy place aka “NY Flower market” and a winner!

Hello friends!  First order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the rug from Decor Market, congratulations goes to-


Please contact us at to provide your shipping details.

A new flash sale just started Wed afternoon, click here to visit!


With spring officially here though it doesn’t totally feel like it, I have flowers on my mind. Make no mistake I am a huge fan of some of my faux, as they are really really good but fresh flowers are just something I cannot live without. So every now and then as I did a few weeks ago, I take a trip into the city to play florist for the day and delve into the hustle and bustle of the NY flower district. I have a few favorite stops, Associated Cut Florals, Dutchline and a few others.

This time around I didn’t pick up a lot as I had no occasion other than to convince myself spring is here and that is reason enough to bring flowers into the house. What can I say…they just make me really happy. I do have a luncheon coming up in about a month so plan on heading back to pick up flowers for that special day…of course will be sharing it with you. In the meantime, here is a recap on my recent visit with an equally flower obsessed friend….

Here are some of the quick pics I took while surveying the offerings that morning (the district opens super early around 5am and closes by about 11-12). It’s a very early and very short day. So many beautiful things to choose from……

Wouldn’t these make a fabulous arrangement in  blue and white jar?

Tulips of every variety and color over at Associated Cut Florals, they are always my go to for tulips

You can always count on major creativity and inspiration in the flower district as seen above

Love the way Dutch Flower Line always displays their daily selections

Greenery galore

Loved this elegant triple boxwoods standing like little soldiers outside one shop

Orchids for miles…..

These stunning hydrangeas took my breath away

I must say these beautiful sprigs of greenery got me dreaming, love the eucalyptus and variegated variety below…could make one gorgeous centerpiece!


Getting home is always the icing on the cake. I love going over what I bought and gathering all my little vases and pieces in which I will display them. Since there was no special occasion this time around, I just made up smaller arrangement’s and played around. Best kind of play as far as I am concerned:)

Then I give them each stem a nice little trim and start filling my vases with water, let the fun begin!

Tulips are one of my faves and these babies wasted no time in showing their spunk and going in every direction, which to me is the beauty of tulips

The white rannuculus is a very long lasting flower with a beautiful layered petal effect, such a pretty and romantic flower…..


TRICK OF THE TRADE- Hardly that I am in the floral trade but I have a trick or two up my sleeve and have used this little trick always very successfully. When the cherry blossoms started to dry up, I kept the stems and added about 8-10 stems (these jars are very large)  of my really good faux cherry blossoms and voila! my beautiful arrangement has had a rebirth. I have done this with orchids, hydrangeas,etc…and in fact going to do a designated post on this very subject in the near future. Left jar is the one that has been added to-

So here is a picture of them on their last leg but still looking pretty sans lots of flowers-

Then to the left I added about 8-10 of my faux pink cherry blossoms and voila! Look at the difference from left to right, my two week arrangement suddenly has had a rebirth!

Enjoy this post? Do flowers excite you as much as they do me? I am lucky to have a flower market so close, the only downside are the  inevitable traffic jams I always hit going to and from, so a quick jaunt quickly becomes almost an all day affair. But, it’s worth it, especially if one is having an event or party…..

Thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day and hope spring has sprung wherever you might be:) Until next time…..




It’s All Set- September

Hello and happy midweek.  First,  I want to announce the winner of the beautiful rug from Decor Market. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at to claim your prize and provide shipping info


Moving along, its time for our  monthly “It’s All Set”, the monthly group I am a part of that features a monthly tablescape. I am still in summer mode over here  and squeezing out one more day of it until tomorrow (fall’s official arrival)! Though fall is far and away my favorite season, I have not fully succumbed to it quite yet. Though the mums and pumpkins greeting me as I enter the local markets are a sure reminder it is here:)


Today’s tablescape was done a few weeks ago when I was having an old friend stop by who had moved out of the area with her lovely  daughter whose birthday was incidentally the day before. Knowing her love of pink and all things girly I decided to abandon my “go to” blue and white and do a really feminine looking table with a proper ladies tea party in mind:)

I have had these dishes for a long time, in an assortment of colors. It was fun to mix and match on top of my beautiful silver chargers and add other elegant silver pieces.  Monogrammed napkins in complementary colors of course were a given. As this was last minute,  I wasn’t able to get out to buy fresh flowers so my faux peonies came in handy as they have many times!  So here we go….






Love these plates, every color is just so pretty!

unasdfa3named unnadf3med unxccxssnamed

The chargers add an instant touch of elegance



Touches of silver on a table give it an old world feeling and this wine cooler is an antique treasure


unname34343d unndfdfaaamed


Really enjoying my three tier silver server for so many things


I have several round tablecloths and this one with the bullion fringe has seen a lot of use, I use it plain and also with toppers.


So there you have it!



Tablecloth- my own

Monogrammed Napkins- from my online shop

Silverware and glasses- from Neiman Marcus

Chargers- from my shop

Crystal pagoda salt and peppers- Godinger

All silver and peonies except wine cooler- from my online shop

Chair fabric- Scalamandre

Plates- A. Sadek


Thank you for stopping in to see what I came up  with for this months It’s All Set. I do hope you will stop by to see what the others have come up with as well, it’s always worth the visit! Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

Please visit my friends to see the inspiring tables they are sharing this month:



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Another trip to the NY Flower Market….

Good evening friends, hope you had a great weekend. Ours was so nice, relaxing and lots of fun. From boating to dining al fresco at a friends beautiful home, we ended it last night with a glass of Rose sitting at a family members new home on the water. A great weekend indeed and beautiful weather.

Yes you heard right from my title, I went back to the market and I just can’t seem to stay away!! This place is such fun, there is such a wonderful energy and it makes me feel like”a bonafide insider” which of course is always such fun….hey, a girl can dream!

So I went back partly because I just love flowers so  much and secondly because I  was doing some photography for my new site, and it was a great excuse to go there. These pictures don’t need much narration, a peek “behind the scenes” at some of my favorite stops and then what came home with me and how I used it all…..


IMG_5905 IMG_5902 FullSizeRender(70)

Orchids in abundance:)


The sidewalks are an explosion of color and lush vegetation…so much to see and admire!


Love peonies? Then this is for you….

IMG_5910 IMG_5909



IMG_5924 FullSizeRender(71)

Tulips still in abundance and they are sooo beautiful!IMG_5915

I have never seen a yellow peony and these were huge!IMG_5914

And now take a look at these beauties that came home with me….





Got this huge box of fresh moss for $30.00! It goes a very long way


And let the playing begin….from tabletops

FullSizeRender(74) IMG_6698 IMG_6631

To  mantles-

IMG_6658 IMG_6655 IMG_6653 IMG_6651

And outside tables…

DSC_0736 DSC_0739 DSC_0740

After a few days I was desperate and determined to maximize my investment so turned down (way down)  the AC in my pantry area and turned it into a makeshift greenhouse, lol. Kept the peonies by a very cold air conditioning vent, worked like a charm, they lasted 6 days which for peonies seems like a lifetime:) So I was able to use the pictures for the planned photography-

FullSizeRender(73) IMG_6714


Think I had fun? You better believe I did:) And there friends,  you have my latest trip to the market, it was such a thrill to be there again. If you missed the recaps on my last visits, go to search bar (top right of my blog) and type in flower market, it will take you to the other posts.

Thank you for stopping in and sharing this wonderful little adventure, if you have the chance to all means, do. Or if you have a flower market near you….it really gets your creative juices flowing. I definitely recommend trying it.

That is it for now, until next time….

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here (there is LOTS of good stuff there)!

PPS And speaking of flowers, just as of Tuesday afternoon the most fabulous orchid promotion just started…this is one you do not want to miss! Click here for details-














My day at the NY flower market part 2!

Hello and happy Monday afternoon! I hope  you had a wonderful Easter. First order of business is to announce the winner of the beautiful silver tray. Congratulations goes to…


Please contact me to provide your shipping details, as soon as the container arrives, your tray will be on it’s way to it’s new home!


Our Easter was very nice and so relaxing, spent part of the day/night in NYC and it was hopping no pun intended:)  Hope you are enjoying the spring weather…its been cool but beautiful and the trees and dormant flowers are ever so slowly starting to wake up from their long winter nap, love it! I actually opened up my windows the other day which reminded me of the small pleasures in life:)

So last week I shared with you my fun adventure to the NY flower market (click here if you missed it) and today I am going to share with you part 2, what happened when those flowers came home with me:) So here we go with what might be one of my favorite posts ever!

STOP! If you do not love flowers (and I mean L O V E) or blue and white then no need to read any further. Yes there are a lot of pictures here and yes I was like a mad scientist who was unstoppable (oh but what fun it was) and yes I took out the big guns to photograph these (my Nikon “good” camera) sometimes you just can’t beat a “real” camera’s picture quality and finally if you are like me, blue and white and flowers together can cause heart palpitations….takes one to know one:)


First the loot on my kitchen counter top (yes another reason I desperately need a greenhouse)!


This HUGE box of fresh moss for $30!


Are these not the most beautiful color!


Whipping out the ginger jars to help make my flowers come alive, thankfully  have tons of small jars


The tulips took my breath away…….


Laying out my “ingredients”


These roses were $10.00! They were on their third day so I got them at a bargain and loved the color and slightly aged look…they worked beautifully


Ta dah! My first arrangement:) and this flower below  is not only so beautiful but lasts sooooo long!


And  this is when I got busy with my many arrangements, did I say many:)


inggdex inde5tgx inde6yhx


Then like little soldiers they were discharged from my kitchen into many areas around my house…..



I think the green, ivory and soft pink are so beautiful together



Loved the grouping on my living room  mantle


Aren’t flowers in mint julep cups so pretty?


Dining room mantle was shown some love too:)

is43ndex infssdex

The flowers inspired me to set up a beautiful table for two….

inde6yyx ieeendex

They were perfect on my hall chest as a beautiful blue and white vignette



Another combination that shows how you can mix real and faux (cherry blossoms)

inde5ttx indexsx

A full and luscious arrangement in my living room on a side chest



I even snapped a picture for an ad that I will feature…and love the way it came out (you are seeing it here first)!


And finally 7 days later they are still here, yes they are in their later stage of life but miraculously are still so beautiful. No way are they getting thrown away until there are no petals left, I enjoyed this way too much and want to savor every last drop (petal)!


Think I had fun? YES I did:) Thank you for stopping in and sharing my flower journey with  me. I laughed thinking I was upset that I had not planned anything around getting to share all these flowers then I reminded myself I am getting to share them with thousands and thousands of my best friends….you! And it doesn’t get better than that. I have a feeling there will be more “flower binges” to come. Until next time……

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here



My day at the New York Flower Market part 1

Good morning! Whether you have been coming to my blog for 1 week or 2 years, you know one thing….I LOVE flowers about as much as I love blue and white. And that is saying something! When I lived in the city, I remember going to the wholesale flower market a few times but being in my 20’s, I did not have the passion or appreciation for what a big deal that really was. Now, having come “full bloom” I cannot get enough of flowers so getting to go to the market this week was a mega treat of epic proportions.

It is located on one street, 28th between 6th and 7th ave and even if you are visiting NYC as a tourist, its a really fun thing to do….even if you aren’t able to take home any “souvenirs”. Well lucky for me I was only a car ride away so treated myself (and used major restraint) to a bevy of gorgeous flowers. There is one shop after another with more orchids, tulips, roses and blossoms than you can dream up. It is flower nirvana!

I came home to “play” and the only unfortunate thing is that my timing was not great,  really I should have planned some kind of party or small dinner around my floral creations. I did manage to invite a few friends over for a spontaneous lunch but the enjoyment I got out of them was immense irregardless. So first a look at the market itself and a few pointers,  then part 2 will follow next week on my creations/how I used the flowers.

Some of my market pictures are not the greatest…but bear in mind, I was trying hard to look like a not overly impressed “been there done that”  floral veteran vs. a total doe eyed bewildered newbie who had gone to flower heaven:)

Some pictures from “the market”…..




Like a crayola box of colors……

index11 in2wdex inderfx

This place had every variation of cherry blossoms under the sun


The drab gray sidewalks of NY come to life with a burst of color on 28th St!

inde3ewx indeqaaax

Ribbon anyone?


Orchid heaven


Never saw so many orchids in so many colors all in one place!



Had this incredible mandarin tree not been 10 feet tall it would have come home with me!


All the sidewalks are literally lined with flowers just like this above


Tulips in every color and variation were everywhere and had me dreaming

inde3edx indwxxex

The famous Dutch Flower Market

ind1qex indedwx

Cherry blossoms the size of small trees were in abundance, it was VERY hard to not take a few bundles


Backseat of my car after a successful trip to the flower market and my “score” below…..

insdsdex indddex

in111dex in3eedex indesaax indqazex in212121dex

OK, here is one sneak peek at what I did…..



Have I whetted your appetite and perhaps have you thinking of a quick trip to NY:) It was such fun…….its a busy, buzzing, bustling street, where sneakers and a crossbody bag are very appropriate…. if you get the chance to go, DO! It was a fun day and one which I hope to repeat sooner than later. Part 2 will be all about what I created at home and I must say I kind of impressed myself….maybe a floral career is not out of the question:) Here are a few pointers/observations-


A few pointers-

  • Arrive early, the market actually opens at 5:30 but that is when many of the “big deal” event planners/ florists go
  • We got there around 9:30 and you could see by 10:30 they were already starting to pack things up
  • Around 10:30 some of the vendors sell some things discounted if the shelf life of those particular flowers has passed
  • Most everything is sold in “bundles”  I bought tulips in bundles of 30 stems and 50 stems
  • A few of the vendors require an account but most of them will sell to anyone
  • Associated and Dutch Flower Line are considered to be two of the biggest but there are plenty of smaller vendors as well
  • Prices are pretty consistent, and don’t seem to vary much
  • Things move very fast….I remember stopping in at the first shop, admiring some parrot tulips but deciding to look more then went back for them and they were all gone (did find them elsewhere)
  • Don’t be shy…there are no prices on anything, so you must interact with those who work there, towards 10:30 at my last stop, I even did a little “negotiating” which in NY is pretty de rigueur and managed to save myself about $20 off that order
  • It is totally self service, you walk in, see what you want, and there are these large metal shelves where you put your items as you shop, that is standard
  • They will wrap them up in brown paper and off you go…….thankfully the parking lot is located smack dab in the middle of the street so we took a few trips to the car


Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you a wonderful day, and be sure to check back next week for part 2. Until next time…..


PS The anticipated SILVER PRESALE will begin tomorrow, there are so many exquisite pieces, you won’t want to miss it:)


Seven on Sunday

Hello and a happy Sunday to you. I want to first announce the winners of the two porcelain items from my recent post. Congratulations goes to-

#187 TRACY wins the planter

#96 ANDEE wins the foo dogs

Please contact me at to claim your prize and get these goodies on their way



Well a few firsts this week….I was able to fling open my windows to a rush of pre spring fresh air and our landscapers showed up to cut the grass yesterday! This means spring is really here:) The grass is not green nor are there any flowers but in my mind, spring is alive and well!

Had a busy but productive week, a bit of fun, some entertaining for an out of town relative and lots of work….but I love it so it doesn’t feel like work (well at least most of the time:) The porcelain presale had a tremendous response and though some items are sold out there are still some up for grabs (it ends tonight) so click here if you missed it.

For any Broadway enthusiast, if you haven’t seen Matilda you must. It was one of the best musicals I have seen in a long time, the talent was ridiculous and the stage sets beautiful and captivating. Been a little disappointed with a few other shows I saw so this one was a happy surprise. Relaxing weekend, went to a goodbye party for a friend moving to the west coast, had dinner with friends last night and looking forward to a relaxing day today!



1 FLOWER RUSH Caution- DO NOT read this if you are a floral fanatic:)? I always say I think I was a florist extraordinaire in my former life and I am not writing off being one in this life quite so fast either:) I LOVE flowers, they literally make my heart beat faster.

One look inside my home and it is clear, I have great faux but always have real flowers around the house as well especially spring and summer. They just? make me happy, and my husband better not complain because it could be jewelry:) Though I would be the poorest florist because I would work for free and take jobs just as an excuse to go buy more flowers, that’s how much I love them:)

So I am super excited to be going to the famous NYC wholesale flower district the week of March 21st with “an insider”.? I was there? years ago and remember even then being giddy over the abundance of beauty but my love and obsessions with beautiful flowers has grown tenfold since then.

The market starts early (5:30 am and normally wraps up by 10:30). I just don’t know however how I will be able to control myself and kind of feel like I should have been more strategic and planned something around what I know will be a flower binge, maybe they will last till Easter?? I mean don’t these pictures from the wholesale flower market get your heart racing……



IMG_0067 IMG_6045


2. SHERLE WAGNER. Been a long time fan of their exquisite and elegant offerings (with exquisite prices to match:) Their sinks are unmatched and their lines of wallpapers is pretty darn gorgeous too. Feast your eyes on these beauties….click here to learn more about the wonderful world of Sherle Wagner


0211PED-HNOX UE15-107A-WH OE3-66DL-WH UE15-60BL-WH UE15-18BL-WH

WL-107A WL-66DL WLCH-60BK WL-109W

3. Instagrams of Interest. More beauty to share and this batch is heavy on a spring-y vibe. To me, it just can’t come soon enough so bring on the flowers, fresh cut grass and all that goes along with the delightful season of spring!

indecdsx incdedex

indemnnnx inp;;dex indemnnx i1qaandex isdfsssndex indedfdx inde3efx inde22sx i1qandex i2wsndex

indefdx ind3edex

4.A TABLESCAPE KICK. Yes with a new season comes a renewed enthusiasm to beautify things and kick them up a notch:) I have been on a tablesetting kick which has me in the mood to plan a spring themed luncheon, which just may happen. here are my latest looks-

innbvdex inddfdaex 1qa indebnbx

Monogrammed napkins from my shop, Green chargers from Juliska, Plates are my own, tablecloth from Ralph Lauren, blossoms,foo dogs and vase from my shop


Then experimented with a creamy white theme and loved it

5. MY NEW FAVORITE SHOES! Comfortable shoe alert….got these two below? which I had posted about last week and let me tell you, these are my new staples. They are so comfortable and look great. The flexible wedge is easy on the feet and they really work with everything. One thing for the first pair- buy a size up. I am a 8.5-9? and ended up needing a 9.5 which was a first, they run small.? Got them in the navy and camel,? best part they are so affordable! Click here to find out more….

3542163-p-MULTIVIEW 3542164-p-MULTIVIEW

And these below in fact wore them last night, very comfortable and looks great….click here


6. MONOGRAM BEAUTY. You know my feeling on monograms, they are a part of my every day life. I just love them and cannot get enough. This artist is sooo talented….Arabella is based in Australia.

I have admired and followed her exquisite work for a while. I am about to commission her to do a personal monogram which I will turn into stationery and cannot wait. Just look at how talented she is…way too good to not share! Click here to follow her on Instagram or here to visit a site to see more of her work and here on Etsy

ind77ex inde654x

ina23zzdex indess22x indijnex index7u idf33andex indeffx

7. GARDEN SEASON.? The garden season is upon us..yay! We have a small garden and though we reaped a decent share of veges last year, let’s just say there was a reason I wasn’t showing it off on my blog:)

There is plenty of room for improvement this year however.? I am already plodding and planning and these charts really help give me a head start. I also included some really great ideas for garden markers that are so easy, anyone can do them. Happy gardening!

e96a4365f1a5dfd67b827e8371654221 c44a9aa5126c8fdd6a4d45e06d2ca130

8e089804d2eb074cb5b8eacfc735b620 fa48db0a3b1014d4d79b263a3fe7e2da


Well that’s whats on my mind this week…….looking forward to a much anticipated low key day today, I have needed one of these for a long time. Will do some work from home, take a nice long walk, catch up on the news aka the new reality TV and early dinner with my older sons. Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday, thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time….

PS The container porcelain presale ends tonight , if you missed it click here. A number of things are sold out but some remain and be sure to throw your name in the hat for the two fabulous porcelain giveaways!


PPS A very spontaneous promo started as of Sat. morning on a a small assortment of the most beautiful evening bags (got extra) and there are about 12 pieces left. You must see beautiful and prices are amazing:) Click here to see



Seven on Sunday

Hi there and happy Sunday to you. Hope you have had a nice weekend, very relaxing over here, it’s been? low key and really enjoyable? over here, tonight going to a BBQ and today just chilling.

Sometime today my logo will change over to the new one, which I am sooo excited about so just giving you a heads up:)

Just cannot believe its the last weekend of August and next week is already Labor Day! I cannot lie by saying a big part of me is actually really looking forward to fall, being it’s my favorite season and all. So here is my seven on Sunday…..



THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TOTE EVER! I was soooo excited to return home to the most amazing gift from super generous and ultra chic Laurie of LB Original fame. Laurie, you know this bag has my name written all over it and i nearly fell over when i saw it. Gingers and monograms all in one? Pure H E A V E N!!!!

I just love this tote and cannot recommend it highly enough! If you want your very own click here to visit Pineapple Grove Gifts, upon pursuing their wonderful site there are sooo many things I loved and would consider for gifts, just had to share. THANK YOU LAURIE! Click here to visit Pineapple Grove Gifts.



2. NEW PILLOWS FROM STUDIO TULLIA. I have spoken many times of my love for the pillows from Studio Tullia. I cannot love my beautiful Chaing Mai and ribbon pillows from her wonderful collection any more. Then upon sending someone over to her I took a quick peek around and saw some beautiful newcomers worth sharing. Here is what I am loving from her newest offerings. Click here to see them all.

il_570xN.817067543_duqg il_570xN.816537243_nqyi il_570xN.812675769_e6ib il_570xN.697429988_790j


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never at a loss of beautiful things to share, this week so many touched my heart as just being downright so incredibly sweet? and of course threw in several of beauty and inspiration for good measure:)

Speaking of Instagram, I cannot believe I hit over 10,000 followers!! (my son noticed this before I did). I said I would do a blue and white giveaway if that ever happened so stay tuned tomorrow on Instagram for details (click here to follow me)

vzxc 45qa 44rqwa 3aaa

unname4AVd cuea 211 43a 112

unnassmed unn64samed

54q3wa kk3a 3da 3a


4. A FEW FALL SWOONWORTHY ITEMS. I do not make a secret of how much I love fall…by far my favorite season of all. And fall dressing….it’s the best. Plus I can always justify the occasional splurge as the cold month season is such a very long one, when you spread it out over the days worn, we are talking mere cents:) I am in love with these pieces, such classic gorgeous separates.

Flipped over this, these pieces are “so Chanel” inspired I can’t stand it, but thankfully at a much more realistic price point. This jacket? could be worn with so many different looks, LOVE this! Click here for more info



And how crazy beautiful is this ensemble? Looks like a million dollars and love how these pieces look amazing together but could be fabulous on their own… here for details



If you are a boots kind of girl you will love these, as chic looking as they are ultra warm and cozy… here for the 411


And how elegant is this fully reversible Lafayette 148 car coat? Light and warm, comfy and chic and my two favorite fall/winter colors…..a winner! Click here for more info….


Lastly this military inspired Neiman Marcus sweater/jacket in cashmere at? a fantastic price (now on sale for 250) ! Could see this dressed up with black slacks or down with jeans….click here to order



5. WALLPAPER FINALISTS. Thanks so much for weighing in the other day on the bathroom papers. I all along was in love with #2 (on the right) and both #1 and #2 got the most votes so I put them side by side but in the end decided on #2 afterall, see it pays to go with your gut:) Its a small bathroom, no window so I like that it feels light with the white background yet compliments the gray/silvery tones too. Just waiting for my paper hanger…..

PS They are from Thibaut as many of who had asked

unw2named unnamwwwed


6. MICHELLE MASTERS TOPIARY ART. Hang onto your hats…you will not believe how amazingly beautiful these are. Another super thoughtful generous reader/follower sent me the most beautiful sets of notecards with topiaries and goldens on them..a match made in heaven.

If you do not follow Jessica of Five Fabulous Frenchies on Instagram (click here)? you are missing out on a front row seat to simply the most stylish dogs on the web (sorry Teddy but until you have your very own down vest and raincoat with matching hat you cannot compete with this pack:)

So incredibly kind Jessica sent me these from Michelle Masters topiary art. What a find! I nearly flipped when I visited her website, just feast your eyes on these. Every image can be bought on notepads, linen guest towels, cocktail napkins, etc……click here to visit Michelle Masters Topiary Art.

un3adnamed unname33sd unna4rfmed

And her other designs-

Frenchies FinalWM Cavalier-King-Charles Rabbit-cocktail-napkins_LRG


Paris-Hedge-Topiary Country-French-Cow_MED foxhound-portrait

THANK YOU JESSICA! Love my cards:)



7. GORGEOUS NEW FLOWER DELIVERY! Finally got in my faux flower delivery that I was waiting on for a while. Simply the most spectacular cherry blossoms I have found to date. LOVE the spray I created in my blue and white jar for my foyer.

Then I had fun setting this pretty table. I got in the new colors of the beautiful lifelike hydrangeas and though I am generally not a “purple person” absolutely love purple next to blue and white. It is so eye catching, so added my colorful plates and had fun with a bright and crisp tablecloth (from my tablecloth treasure trove:)

Love the way it came out, almost inspired me to host a luncheon but with the busy month I have ahead of me..not sure it will come to fruition. Added them to a kitchen vignette too, take a look……

There will be a floral promo this week on all flowers shown so stay tuned!



My new foyer spray of blossoms, the vase is about 26′ and with the sprays this is a massive and super impressive arrangement



My pretty kitchen vignette with my blue and white doggies (from my shop)

unname9ijd unnamp09ed unna6tgmed unnattamed


So there you have my seven on Sunday…..lots to love this week. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend, one of summers last 🙁 Once Labor Day hits, I get into full fall mode and then before you know it….the holidays are upon us. Hope you savor these last lazy days of summer, until next time……


Seven on Sunday

Hello friends, how is your weekend going? Well I am still sick, its been one long week and could not have happened at a worst time, I had three anticipated events to go to plus the opening night party for the showhouse, all I had to miss.


Yesterday was one of my closest friends daughters bridal shower, so after being homebound for 5 days I decided to try and go for a little bit. I did my best but lasted all of 45 minutes until I came home and went straight to bed. But I must say it was quite spectacular on the most beautiful spring day you could imagine and yes, of course I took pics which I will share later in the week.

As I do every Sunday, I share with you what has gotten my attention this week…..



1. NEVER LOSE YOUR PET. Having gone through this once before of losing Teddy for almost an entire day on Mothers Day nonetheless, I would do anything to insure that never ever happens again.It was one of the saddest days in my life that thankfully ended up in celebration.

This fantastic device is simply brilliant and affordable. I love that it will send you a text alert if your beloved pooch wanders outside of your property/yard/home. You can track them at any time…..I can’t think of any reason to not have this on every pet! Click here for more info





2. SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Inside and out:)? Finally, I have waited so long to say those words, there were days during our frigid snowy, icy winter that honestly I wasn’t sure spring would ever arrive. But it has, albeit slowly.

Starting to see little signs of it everywhere, take a look…… I spruced things up inside with my beautiful white peonies from my shop that have everyone fooled into thinking they are real, they just came back in stock.? And finally outside everything’s starting to bloom, woo hoo!

unnam4bbed 445 unnanb55med

unnamed4334 unnam353bed unn43431amed

unname43d unnamfd3ed un6bnamed un232named 12unnamed unnn5amed


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. You know how I love to share with you what has inspired me on Instagram this past week. so many good ones! There are a lot of them this week.? Things that inspired me, made me hungry, smile, laugh, ooh and ahh and of course wish I had been drinking a mint julep instead at the Kentucky Derby:)

un2322named unnafccmed unna887med unnamed863 un1134named unnam642ed

unnamed54 444unnamed un33named 11nnamed u31nnamed 22unnamed unn331amed unname543d

unname3453d unname77d un11named unname2323d unna113med


4. A NEW ETSY FIND AND SHOWHOUSE SPACE. If you missed the recap on my showhouse space from start to finish, you must click here. In the process of putting it together I found another wonderful pillow source for the gorgeous (and so affordable chinoiserie) pillows. Click here to see her entire wonderful collection from The Happy Seamstress


Added some final tweaks to the patio, added these small tables in front of each bench…


And this table has a framed “story” about what the patio space is all about….


Here are the beautiful chinoiserie pillows- (they are available in 16″ and 18″ I ordered the 18″)


unnamed9888 unname888d

5. GORGEOUS PLANTERS. After being in the market for 4 new planters, I hit the jackpot. I fell in love with all of these and ordered two different styles. The prices are soooo good, I needed to share with you given the outdoor/gardening season has finally arrived! With free shipping, these deals are unheard of, trust me I have been planter shopping? locally and they were all in the $600-800 category for big planters so this was a great find!

Click on each planter’s title to be taken to the site

Love this stunning neoclassical Provence urn!


Love the idea of the metal and stone combination….so pretty!


And how about this oversized beauty, just calling for a beautiful large topiary or lemon tree!


This is such a classic and what a deal!


And adore this take on this Provence styled urn (cannot wait to get mine)!


6. MY MOST TALENTED CUSTOMERS! I always say it but seriously my customers have the best taste, they never cease to amaze.? I have so much fun bragging like a proud mother! I also love to (with their permission) share with you the pictures I get to receive, because they are simply too beautiful to not share. If you want to see all of my customers enchanted homes, then click here (worth taking a look). Always happy to get more, email me your pictures at See for yourself….

My first customer bought a bunch of blue and whites plus the gorgeous pagoda as well as the cherry blossoms from me and what she created is nothing short of a front page magazine cover if I ever saw one!

3232unnamed u22nnamed



Then talk about a most enchanted luncheon, just check out this unbelievable setting from my customer who used my small blue and white cups as mini flower vases, love it. Again this could easily be a magazine spread! Beautiful and talk about enchanting…..


u22nnamed unna33med unname44d

7. INCREDIBLE STORY! Saving the best for last, talk about heartwarming! Somehow the Baltimore news has overshadowed the tragedy in Nepal but I haven’t stopped thinking about it, the devastation that has come over such a peaceful region is heartbreaking.

But there was a temporary celebration when this little cherub was found alive after being buried alive for over 20 hours! This is nothing short of a miracle…how I wish I could swoop him up and adopt him, this was a tiny miracle that needed to happen amidst such sadness. Prayers for Nepal and for this little miracle.





So that’s whats caught my attention this week…anything here interest you or if you have something to share, then by all means tell us all about it! I will be staying in today hoping and willing myself to get better, so hard on such a spectacular day. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping where you are!? Until next time…..


Snow storms and tulips……

Hi there and happy Friday afternoon. This was an unexpected post but if I told you there is a raging snow storm outside, would you believe me? I thought so…yes its true. It’s snowing on this first day of spring…..I don’t even have the words.? Hot off the presses from a few hours ago….


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un3433named unnafdfdmed

unnam43343ed unna233223med

The only thing I can think of to combat this dreaded winter that will not end is to fill my house with spring and hopefully by channeling a spring vibe, it will fight its way over to NY to stay! I sure hope so.

I picked up some beautiful tulips at Whole Foods which were also extremely reasonable and had fun playing on this snow day. Also set up a table for two for a friend coming by for lunch who I hadn’t seen in a while. To me no flower says spring quite like the elegant versatile and hardy tulip. So here is my answer to old man winter…….


Love the colors of the variegated tulips.. my favorite this yearunna8676med unnADSFSA3amed

They always look beautiful in blue and white!


And my table for two (check out my new monogrammed napkins too) LOVE these:)


Then added a few more to jars in my kitchen…

unn343ccamed unn3434zzamed unnam554cced

These are 8 days and going fairly strong…..impressive!

And to my mantle, am in love with the way this came out-

?unname433d unnadsfa3amed unna343med


I hope old man winter is having fun on his last day in town..because I am fully ready to embrace spring and all the goodness that comes along with it. Enough really is enough!! How about you? Ready for spring too? Are you a spring flower nut like me? Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful afternoon and end to your week! Until next time……

If you missed my post on the Gotham shoot, click here

And if you want to see the newest promo on boxwoods and flowers, click here