An amazing presale on the newest chinoiserie tole and a giveaway!

Hello friends and happy Monday to you. Hope you had a great weekend. The weekend weather here was a “10”….. FINALLY. Busy days over here, and really enjoying the tiny taste of spring we are getting. All of my poor empty planters and pots are begging to be spruced up and I cannot wait until that time presents itself. Never thought I could tire of winter, but alas it’s happened. Guess that comes along with turning 50…cold weather is for the birds.

Getting to design my own line of tole has been a dream that I have been lucky enough to get to do several times and counting.. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the process and getting to share these beautiful pieces with you and , putting them in my own home is the icing on the cake! This part of what I do is enormously gratifying beyond words.

With each shipment, I get more and more excited about what is coming in. I might say it every time, but they really do get better. And this shipment is brimming with so many gorgeous exquisite things…my heart skipped a beat when I got the pictures. They are already on their way and should be here around April 28-May 2nd. As I do every container, I offer them up in a presale.

One of the biggest benefits to you as the customer is that now that I directly import many of my items, the prices are unheard of. I  have people often asking me how I can sell them at what I do….these items are many hundreds more than what they are here, so the values are astounding as they are with my porcelains and silver.

Bringing back some sold out pieces (all the bathroom accessories and Provence planters) and introducing a few new gorgeous lamps, trays and much requested….obelisks.

Perfect timing especially for the very popular Provence planters, just in time for spring planting! Here is a look at the beautiful items being HAND PAINTED……


As I often do I have a presale/advance purchase where you get the opportunity to make an advance purchase on these items at special pricing (generally about 15-20% less than what they will be when they arrive).  Great buying opportunity and a sure way to guarantee that what you want is not sold out.

Just a few rules before we begin-

  • Email or call in your order 1-800-804-9565 or email
  • Please refer to item number only (and size and color if applicable)
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • ALL orders must be paid for within 12 hours, otherwise please do not submit an order
  • Any order over $750 gets a 10% discount
  • This offer will end Wednesday night April 12th (no extensions)
  • This is a presale and these items are discounted 15-20% from what they will be when they arrive
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  •  International orders contact us for a rate
  • Questions? Call or email us

ITEM 1 The large and medium handpainted bamboo lanterns are back! Offered in four fabulous colorways, these are a  mere fraction of what they sell  for in another very high end NY company. These are really fabulous and highly decorative. Includes ceiling cap and they are electrified, ready to hang.

Medium 24″ x 16″ x 16″  offered in ivory/gold, black/gold and ivory/ blue $335.00

Large 30″ x 18″ x 18″ offered in navy/gold, ivory/gold, black/gold, ivory/blue $395.00

Ivory w/gold-

Black w/gold-

Navy w/gold-

Ivory w/blue-

ITEM 2. How stunning are these obelisks! I want one in every color. These make the most elegant instant vignette and are equally beautiful to stand on their own. Offered in four beautiful colorways. These beauties measures 22″ x 5″ at the widest point (base) $70.00 each or $130 for a pair, an amazing price!!

Specify color ivory/blue, pale blue/gold, black/gold or ivory/gold

2A Blue and white

2B. Black with gold

2C Pale blue with gold

2D Ivory with gold

ITEM 3. Fabulous new hexagon lamps that I just love, offered in three spectacular colorways. This beauty measures 17″ x 10.5″ (base only) and includes harp and finial. $165.00 where can you find a custom handpainted tole lamp for this price!!

3A Black with gold

3B Ivory with blue

3C Ivory with gold

ITEM 4. So excited about this lamp…..another new style of lamp, equally gorgeous. Includes harp and finial. Elegant hand painting on entire base of lamp. Offered in one of three beautiful colorways. These are a fraction of what they are sold for at a NYC company.  Base measures 16,5″ x 8.5″ x 10″ $ 170.00

4A Ivory w/blue

4B Pale blue w/gold

4C Black w/gold

ITEM 5. Lampshades available at a discounted price for lamps above. Generally most people use an 18″ shade for these lamps. Shades are available with the purchase of a lamp.


5A- $60.00

5B $65.00


5D $65.00

5E $60.00

ITEM 6. Another round of stunning trays! Measures 24′ x 17.5″ x 2. These are incredible for display but also make an amazing tray to serve with.The delicate scalloped edging piped in gold is so beautiful with the timeless chinoiserie scenery hand painted on face of tray.

I have used mine to serve a round of drinks on and it makes quite a statement. Offered in ivory/blue and black/gold. $110.00

6A Ivory/blue

6B Pale blue/gold

ITEM 7. The amazing bathroom accessories are coming back, they sold out so fast….I am happy to be offering them again!

Wastepaper basket 10.5″ x 9″ x 9″  $75.00

Scalloped tissue holder 6.5″ x 2.25″ x 2.25″ $50.00

Buy both for $120.00

Offered in black/gold, ivory/blue and ivory/gold

7A Tissue holder

7B Wastepaper basket

ITEM 8. Just in time for spring!  Super excited to be welcoming a big batch of Provence planters back. These sold out right away and with good reason. They are not only incredibly beautiful but a mere fraction of what they are sold for in the few exclusives places that carry them. These are the picture of timeless elegance and are amazing indoors and out.

They have four small drainage holes and are treated with a weather resistant paint. Here thy are just after being dried and getting ready for the final stage, the acorn finials-

These are simply exquisite with boxwoods or any kind of topiary…cannot wait to use mine!

All four sizes are coming back-

Small 21″ x 18″ x 18″ (the 21″ H includes the 3″ finial) available in pale blue, ivory and black $335.00

Medium 23″ x 20″ x 20″ (the 23″ H includes the 3″ finial) available in pale blue, ivory and black $355.00

Large 25″ x 22″ x 22″ (the 25″ height includes the 3″ finial) available in pale blue, ivory and black $395.00

Extra Large 27″ x 24″ x 24″ (the 27″ height includes the 3″ finial) available in black and ivory $435.00




Feeling a case of tole fever coming on? You are not alone….I am so excited to soon start planting my Provence planters, switching out a bunch of lamps and adding the obelisks to a few spots.


I am offering a giveaway of this gorgeous tray  to one lucky winner. Winner can select their choice of color.  Just leave a comment here telling us your favorite item and how you would use it. I will announce a winner on Saturday morning so do check back!

So you know the drill, if you see something you simply must have just email or call us-


Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day and a great start to your week! Hope the birds are chirping wherever you might be…..






The Porcelain presale is on, a giveaway and a winner!

Hello everyone!! It is a very exciting day over here at Enchanted Home because I have a winner to announce and because it’s my second presale of 2017 and this is a biggie!

A big congratulations to David M. for his winning picture!!  A true testament to the love of blue and white…..

I will be in touch to get your information so your first month of Enchanted Home will be on it’s merry way.

And a congratulations to the runner up, Lee K for this beautiful runner up. I will also be in contact with you to arrange to send your prize.

Thanks to all who sent in their beautiful pictures and shared their homes with us…what fun it was to see. And many thanks to the  more than 5,000 votes! Onto the presale…..

Love blue and white? You have come to the right place. Loaded with many new gorgeous porcelains as well as bringing back some all time favorites. Lots to love here so prepare yourself:)

If you know prices of fine porcelain you will recognize the unbelievable values here today. I always offer the contents up in a 2-3 day presale where everything is approx. 20% less than it will be when it arrives. Some items sell out fast so be sure you don’t miss out on whatever is calling your name.

It’s a great time to buy, whether you are adding on to an existing collection or starting a new one. So if you too are a porcelain lover, sit back and enjoy the view:) As always a few rules before we start-

  • Call or email your order, call 1-800-804-9565 or email
  • This is a PRESALE/advance purchase for the container due to arrive on or about April 14th
  • Please refer to item number only
  • Limited numbers available and subject to availability
  • Save more by getting an even deeper discount on pairs!
  • This sale is on for three days only, sorry no extensions
  • ALL orders must be paid for within 12 hours otherwise kindly do not place an order
  • Certain items can ship internationally, you must contact us for a shipping quote
  • Any order over $500 will receive an additional 10% off
  • Shipping is extra
  • Questions? Email or call us
  • SOMETHING NEW- A referral program. Many have asked if there is a referral program. We don’t have a formal one in place at this time however if you recommend the presale to someone and they make a porcelain presale purchase you get $25.00 off of your order (must be over $100 to qualify)!
  • So all you need to do is email or call us with who you referred. Once that is confirmed you will get $25.00 off of your own order

This shipment is due to arrive on or about April 14th *will be within a week or so of this date

ITEM 1. This formerly sold out beauty is back,  this is one spectacular jar. Measures 14″ x 20″ $165.00 or two for $315.00

ITEM 2. By popular demand, got chunky large ginger jars in solid white and a pale blue/gray crackled foo dog jar. Fabulous as a pair or mixed in with others. Measures 21″ x 13″  Choose white or gray/blue (specify color when ordering)  $115.00 or two for $210.00

ITEM 3. Fabulous new planter so love this and it is perfect for a large orchid plant or any flower plant for that matter. Hand painted on all sides, with braided handles. Measures 7.5″ x 18″ $115.00

ITEM 4. Wonderful low dish/bowl. This is a great dish and as pretty for display as serving, I could see serving vegetables or a cold pasta salad in this beautiful shallow dish, would be a beautiful accent on any table. Measures 15″ x 6″ $85.00

CHOICE 5 The long awaited bathroom accessories are on their way! Gorgeous tissue holder, toothbrush holder and matching hexagon wastepaper basket. Definitely  snagging a set for myself:)

Tissue holder, measures 5″ x 5.5″  $58.00

Toothbrush holder, measures 4″ x 3.5″  $40.00

Octagonal wastepaper basket, measures 14.5″ x 11″  -$65.00


5A Toothbrush holder

5B Wastepaper basket

5C Tissue holder

CHOICE 6. The grand pagoda is coming back! Getting in 14 pair of these exquisite beauties. If you know the prices you will see they are more than half of what they are elsewhere. $355.00 each

6A. Incredible and very grand pagodas, just look at the work and detailing on this…so excited to get these! This is 47″ and comes in two parts (one sits on top of the other).Sold individually, wonderful alone or double the impact with a pair. $375 each, very special promo pricing (these retail for $1400 per pagoda) OR save on a pair and get two for $715.00

6B.The same pagoda is now available in a medium! A wonderful mid sized pagoda for  spaces that cannot accommodate the grand/larger pagoda. Measures 24″ x 5″ $225.00 each OR $435.00 for a pair

6C. This smaller pagoda is also coming back and is a stunner! 16″ $185.00 each or two for $350.00

ITEM 7. New spectacular hexagonal scalloped planters. The detailing is just exquisite on these beautifully pieces, hand painted on all sides and even on the rim. A perfect planter for orchids or any flowering plant. Measures 9″ x 14″ $170.00

7A. Village



ITEM 8. The beautiful best selling pair of bird jars are back! These beautiful duo features stunning pheasant scene on both front and back. Measures 17″ x 11″.  A great value at $290 for both!

ITEM 9.Mini foo dogs offered in blue and white and solid white.

9A. Mini foo dogs are back! Another best seller, these darling foo dogs are the ultimate accessory and also make very stylish bookends! 4″ x 6″ $80.00 for the pair

9B. Darling white foo dogs…so cute. Perfect for any vignette or as ultra stylish bookends. $45.00 for the pair

ITEM 10. My all time favorite large bowl, featuring a beautiful village scene. This large bowl is perfect for display, and great for a kitchen island or dining table. 9.5″ x 17″  $135.00

ITEM 11. Love this mini bud vase, perfect for a small bud or two, great for a nightstand or end tables. Just shy of 6″ tall. $30.00


ITEM 12. The wonderful mid sized dragon planter/fishbowl is a great size for your favorite indoor flowering plant. Also could be a great cooler with summer coming, with two or three bottles of wine…you have to think outside the box:) Measures 10.5″ x 6.5″ $95.00

ITEM 13. A gorgeous figurine and floral foo dog topped jar, I own a pair and adore these tall grand beauties. Measures 25″ x 12″ $135.00

ITEM 14. The mini trumpet jar is back, measures 8.5″ tall….this is the perfect jar for end tables and or a nightstand, holds a few stems and is a beauty. Measures 10″ x 4.5 $45.00


ITEM 15. The pretty songbird jar is back! Lovely bird and floral design with stylish foo dogs top. Measures 18″ x 11″ One for $135.00, or two for $255.00

ITEM 16. This wonderful hexagon planter is a continuous favorite, well priced and perfect for orchids, boxwoods or any flowering plant. Measures 9″ x 14″ $85.00


ITEM 17. The gorgeous large set of emperors are coming back. These are super decorative and look fantastic with an existing vignette or they are so grand they stand alone beautifully. Measures 17″H x 6″ Set of 3 $125.00


ITEM 18. This previously sold out fabulous planter is making a comeback. Gorgeous scalloped hexagon shape with beautiful scenery painted on all sides. Love the pierced bottom detailing. Measures 19.5″ x 14″ $205.00

ITEM 19. Great looking more transitional shaped mid sized planter, perfect size and beautiful figurine scenery. 8″ x 11″ $85.00

ITEM 20. These spectacular planters are coming back. Even prettier in person. Gorgeous to hang/display but really makes a statement for serving. I use mine to serve all the time.

ITEM 20A. 2.6″ x 17″ $120.00


ITEM 20B. 2.6″ x 16″ $115.00

Plate stands- $10.00 with purchase of plate or $14.00 without purchase of plate

ITEM 21. A favorite that I have and use for my myrtle and azalea topiaries,  this mid sized cherry blossoms jar is an all time fave. Measures 14′ round.  $110.00

ITEM 22. The darling pencil/brush holders are coming back, some use these for utenstil too. Multi functional and a great size. 6″ tall Two styles, figurine or lotus $22.00 either one

22A. Figurine




ITEM 23. This instant hit is coming back, love this mid sized vase, it is such a gorgeous piece even without flowers! 15″ tall $115.00


ITEM 24. This amazing square jar that is painted on all sides with a different scenery and charming foo dog top is finally coming back. The square shape makes it highly decorative. Measures 20″ x 6.5″ $135.00 or two for $255.00

ITEM 25. The wonderful super decorative flat tops are coming back, choice of pheasant or bird. These are triple what they are here elsewhere, today $85.00! They measure 8″ x 8.5″

25A. Bird

25B. Pheasant

ITEM 26. Chunky dragon ginger jar is also making a comeback. This wonderful chunky shape makes this a beauty, especially love it in pair. Also makes  great vase for a big spray of tall blossoms or branches, Wonderful foo dog top, measures 18″ x 11″ $140.00 or two for $265.00

ITEM 27. This super popular mid sized planter is such a great value. I have a few of these and often use them to add a plant or floral to and give it as a gift..always so well received. Measures 7″ x 10″ $80.00

ITEM 28. Fabulous pale green large scale blossom vase, this is a beauty and so regal. , so eye catching and grand. Just calling for a big spray of white blossoms! Measures 24″ tall by about 11″ at its widest. $105.00 or two for $195.00!

Phew….that’s a whole lot of blue and white. Does it sound crazy, that despite al the blue and white in my home, all the shipments I have gotten in, I still ant more!!! I just can’t get enough and with the warmer months THANKFULLY heading this way…I am already thinking of how to use it outdoors which I just love. Now onto the giveaway-


I always offer up one item for a giveaway to celebrate a new container. Just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item and how you would use it. I will announce a winner next Tuesday. The lucky winner will receive a pair this fabulous bowl!

This presale is one for 3 days. You know the drill, if you see something you just love and have to have email or call us-

Call 1-800-804-9565


Thank you everyone for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..










The Enchanted Home Love 2017 Contest is on!

Hello! I am posting this contest one day early in light of the monster snow storm heading our way, if the internet goes out (very likely) it will throw off the entire contest. So today is round 1 and tomorrow round 2 is already scheduled. So much for thinking spring had arrived when I was in the city the other day, enjoying a gorgeous 60 degree day!!

Moving along to subjects that I can get excited about, The Enchanted Home Love contest is on!! I am  just wowed by how stunning everyone’s homes are and think you will be too. This post is all about featuring an item purchased from my shop, boy does these do my shop proud! Thanks to all who sent in their beautiful pictures and to everyone else for stopping in and voting.

Today marks round one which will end tomorrow morning, then round 2 will take place tomorrow. You can now vote for your top three. Don’t see your picture here, then that means it is in round 2. Finally a showdown round will happen on  Wed and then a winner will be announced on Thursday. So ready to begin? You just might want to get a pencil and paper handy, just in case:)









































Wow, that is a whole lot of pretty!!! I must admit not only is this the ultimate validation for what I do and so enjoy, but this is also one hard decision. Every one of these is a winner in my book:) OK your turn to vote for your top three….normally it’s two but I am allowing your top three. Stay tuned for tomorrow for round 2, another bevy of beauties. Thank you for stopping in and taking part in the fun. If you are in this snowstorms path, hope you stay warm and safe! Until next time…..









My enchanting Chinoiserie tole, a special promotion and a giveaway!

**To anyone who placed a presale order for the Provence metal planters, they have arrived to the port and are going through customs! We will have them sometime next week and start sending them right out**


Hello friends… I have taken the journey about two years ago (can’t believe it) of creating and importing my own products I cannot tell you the joy and fulfillment it has brought me. There were certainly hiccups in the process and plenty moments of holding by breath in anticipation of things coming out as I had envisioned.

Due to the major delay in my new site launching there is a “traffic jam” of new products and there are so many I want to share, that never made it online, hoping this will change within a few weeks:)

I have been lucky in that so far, nearly everything has surpassed my expectations. However, it’s a very time consuming process and it requires  a lot of patience and due diligence. But the old adage, when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work certainly applies here.

When I started the chinoiserie tole line, it was love at first sight. I have taken so  much pleasure from being able to design and curate my own custom collection. I feel like with every shipment, things are getting even prettier and the only caveat is that I literally fall in love with every single piece:)

There will be 3-4 containers of chinoiserie tole in 2017 with everything from mirrors, to planters to bathroom accessories and trays. Lots of gorgeousness heading this way! I got part one of a current shipment in with new lamps and the long awaited bamboo lanterns……so exciting!

With the craziness and huge delays of my new site launching, I never ran a presale as I normally do so am holding this promo for 3 days only on the lighting that just came in. Don’t want to even say it but the new site should be launching within a week to ten days and once its up and stable, I will soon start adding all the new products that have come in (and there are a lot)!

If you  know the prices of these handpainted items, you know they are very expensive and hard to find. My prices I know for a fact are way way lower than anyone…an advantage of directly importing. Lamps typically sell for $800 and up, my prices are a fraction ditto on the bamboo lanterns.

So first a look at what has just come in as part of my EXCLUSIVE ENCHANTED HOME collection that you will not find anywhere but here and is ready to go with special 3 day pricing then a look at the beautiful new pieces coming in within about a month. A few “rules” before we start.

  • Two easy ways to place your order-
  • Email orders to OR call in at 1-800-804-9565
  • If emailing your order,  please include item number only and quantity
  • Limited numbers of each item- subject to availability
  • All items shown are in stock and ready to ship
  • Final sale
  • International shipping? Please contact us for a quote
  • All invoices must be paid within 12 hours no exceptions
  • Shipping is extra
  • Questions? Email OR call 1-800-804-9565


CHINOISERIE LAMPS They are finally here! These exquisite handpainted lamps will add elegance and old world styling anywhere that they are used, so excited about them. Alone or as a pair, you can be sure that these are uniquely beautiful, each hand painted, they come with clear cord and

STYLE 1A Stunning chinoiserie design lamp, beautiful hexagon shape. Pale powdery blue all over chinoiserie design. Base measures 18.5″ x 9.5″

STYLE 1B Stunning chinoiserie design lamp, beautiful hexagon shape. Pale soft green all over chinoiserie design. Base measures 18.5″ x 9.5″ $195.00 PROMO PRICE

STYLE 1C Stunning new urn style lamp, beautiful ivory with tones of golds and blues. 18.5″ x 9.5″. Base measures 18.5″ x 9.5″


STYLE 1D Stunning new urn style lamp, beautiful ivory base  with tones of soft greens and design on entire circumference of lamp Base measures 18.5″ x 9.5″ $180.00 PROMO PRICE

STYLE 1E Stunning new urn style lamp, beautiful ivory base with jewel tones with soft gold leaf piping  in this classical chinoiserie scene handpainted on entire circumference of lamp. Base measures 18.5″ x 9.5″ $165.00 PROMO PRICE


ITEM 2 LAMPSHADES The new site will feature lampshades,  today these shades are being offered in continuation with the lamps for one stop shopping. In general a 17-19″ shade is ideal for these lamps.

2A 10″ x 17″ x 12″  $78.00

2B. 10.5″ x 17.5″ x 12.5″  $75.00


2C. 12.5″ x 17″ x 13″  $65.00

2D 8″ x 18″ x 13″ $75.00

2E. 10″ x 18′ x 12.5″ $80.00

Played around to show you what they look like with shades on…..

ITEM 3 THE BAMBOO LANTERNS. Totally sold out these beauties are back! Exciting that now they come in two sizes, just added the medium size by request and added the gorgeous navy/gold as a new color. You will never ever see these for these prices, they sell in some high end shops for almost $2000!

MEDIUM 24″x 16″ x 16″  $375 PROMO PRICE

LARGE 30″ x 20″ x 20″   $415.00 PROMO PRICE


3A. Black with gold (specify med or large)


3B Ivory with gold (specify med or large)


3C Ivory with blue (specify med or large)


3D NEW! Navy with gold (specify med or large)

And here is a preview of what is coming  next month, I will hold a presale on these beautiful pieces in about a week or two.


And how beautiful are these incredible bathroom accessories!!


Loving these planters and trays…..

Chinoiserie trays anyone?

Provence planters are coming back…… ordered extra this time and made sure there are 6 just for me:)

These are not mass produced but are handpainted and amazing attention is given to each and every piece…..


Since this is my very last one of these fabulous medium planters, I am giving it away as as special prize to one lucky winner. I will annoucne a winner next Tuesday. Just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item from all my new pieces. That’s it! Only comments left on this post are eligible for the giveaway.

Now can you see why I am so smitten with these  newest pieces? I plan on doing some rearranging in my own home as there are some pieces here that I simply need to have. Really enjoyed the process of putting this together and bringing it to life!

If you see something you simply must have email or call us. Email or call 1-800-804-9565.  Thank you for stopping by. Until next time……

PS Last day today to take advantage of the newest porcelain container sale, click here to see the details







The porcelain container has arrived- a one day celebration sale and a giveaway!

Good morning! It’s always a very exciting day over here in Enchanted Home land when we get a big shipment of something beautiful, and yesterday the newest container of long awaited porcelains arrived!  We are literally swimming in boxes between the porcelains and the ornaments though ornaments are dwindling down fast…very fast.

We will be working like little Santa’s elves on steroids through the weekend to get all backorders and presales out starting today.  The container is full of so  many beautiful pieces….you would think after getting in several of these containers, I would be jaded.

But nope, I am as excited today as I was with the first container, a testament to my true love and devotion to all things blue and white (with some colored pieces thrown in). Plus there are some gorgeous new pieces you better believe are getting added to “the back seat”. Yes my back seat is now lovingly referred to in third person lol.

Here is a look at some of the goodies hot off the presses-


Foo dogs in every color-


unnadsfdfsmed unnafdsdfsdmed unnam3243ed unnam6565ed unnam45544ed

3434unnamed unnamedf34d unnamedffddd


unnamegghd unnamfddfded unnasdfsdfmed

unxcvxcnamed unncvcvcamed

As I always do I hold a one day sale on the porcelains which is especially great for anyone who missed out last time or perhaps decided they need more! So today everything is up for grabs for a one day only plus offering a wonderful giveaway to one lucky winner. Just a few rules to start below-


There are now two convenient ways to pay- you can email your order or call in!

  • Email all orders to (please make note of this new email address for orders only)
  • OR you can now call in your order- 1-800-804-9565 (you can leave a message and we will return your call Friday morning)
  • Please refer to item number only
  • We will acknowledge all orders and an invoice will be promptly sent if we can fulfill your order
  • As the response to these promos is tremendous, it might take a little longer to acknowledge your order than it normally does
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • This sale will end on Friday Dec. 2nd
  • ALL PAYMENTS DUE WITHIN 12 HOURS, PLEASE do not submit an order unless you can comply
  • Shipping is extra and this offer is good only for the U.S. (sorry to my international customers)
  • Final sale
  • Questions or want to check status of your backorder? Email us at

Ready to see all the goodies? Let’s get started…


ITEM 1. NEW! In love with this new jar, a gorgeous scalloped tea jar, just fabulous and sure to become a best seller.   Very substantial and stunning scalloped shape. Available in two beautiful styles. Measures 14″ x about 11″ wide $115.00 either style


undf3named undfd3named unasdfanamed



uasd2nnamed unndfsdfasamed unnam343ed uncvznamed

ITEM 2. Wonderful new village scene flat top jar, a real beauty! 12″ tall $110.00

unnamfted unnad3med

ITEM 3. It’s raining foo dogs! A few new colors and bringing back the navy and the white, these are so decorative and also make great bookends! Any color $45.00 for the pair



Mossy green


Spring green


Soft white


ITEM 4. Fabulous new chunky open jar, love this piece, in person this is very very grand. Great with nothing or filed with flowers or branches, exquisite. 17.5″tall  by about 12″ wide  $148.00

adsfa unnafadsfmed

ITEM 5. Incredible floral vase,these are simply exquisite!!! I can see gorgeous cherry blossom or hydrangea arrangements in them now! Truly breathtaking piece. Measures 17″ x 8″ $150.00

unnamefdfdd usdfsnnamed

ITEM 6. Extra large umbrella stand that doubles as a very large vase…fabulous!  This piece is AMAZING in person, very large and quite heavy. Measures 21″ tall $165.00


sdssunnamed unn232amed

6B. A beautiful smaller bud vase, great shape 11″ tall by 4.5″ $35.00


ITEM 7. The ever so popular cherry blossom jar is back, a really beautiful jar.  Measures 13″x 10″  $105.00


ITEM 8. Fabulous blossom octagonal jar, great decorative piece. Measures 11″ x 8.5″ $105.00


ITEM 9. The in demand navy cherry blossom jar is so beautiful and measures 18″ x 6″ $150.00


ITEM 10. NEW! So love this new style cherry blossom and birds ginger jar with foo dog top, really loving this jar, love that it has a lot of white, think it makes it look very dramatic 18″ tall $145.00


ITEM 11. NEW! This wonderful octagonal jar is such a decorative piece, great piece for a mantle or console…wonderful as a pair. 17.5″ tall x 7.5″ at the widest point $115.00

i22ndebvccx maiasd32l-google-com_

ITEM 12. Blue and white double happiness vase, great piece to have on hand that works with anything, beautiful with a spray of flowers or branches. Measures 15.5″ x 8″ tall $110.00


ITEM 13. Wonderful popular bowl, so great for so many uses. Measures 6″ x 12″ $95.00


ITEM 14. NEW! Loving this beautiful little trumpet bud vase, measures 9″x  5″ $45.00


ITEM 15. NEW! Love this elegant new extra large ginger jar, very grand.  LOVE THIS piece. Measures 25″ $245.00


ITEM 16. NEW! A perfect mid sized planter with elegant dragon design, this beauty has been lightly antiqued. 7″ x 11″ $90.00


ITEM 17. NEW! This exquisite trumpet vase is a beauty, measures 17″ and today is $135.00



ITEM 18. One of the most popular garden seats I have ever had, and certainly the pretties- this beauty is back. Measures 20″ x 14″ $285.00


ITEM 19. This is one of my all time favorites, seeing is believing and in person this jar is gorgeous with a capital G. Very very grand and stately, measures 26″ x 14″ $285.00


ITEM 20. Darling minis are back, these sell really fast so don’t miss out. These are just so stunning and also make great bookends, measures about 6″ x 4″ $80.00 for the pair


ITEM 21. NEW! How pretty is this green with the jewel tones? Love the square shape too, so beautiful in person $135.00

23222unnamed unnabvcmed

ITEM 22. Large blue and white foo dogs, these are truly majestic looking. They measures 16.5″ x 11″ and are very grand, today they are $165.00


ITEM 23. More of the very popular bird jars, these are sold in pairs and are so elegant. Measures 17.5″ tall. A great size too, measures $270.00 for the pair


ITEM 24. These very popular mini bud vases are back! They measure 7″ tall.  These are perfect for end tables and nightstands with a stem or two of your favorite flower.  Two styles either one $40.00

25. Village


25. Figurines


ITEM 25. NEW! This incredible colored jar is just exquisite, I can see it with a big spray of flowers, this regal beauty measures  16″.$ 130.00

unnaxcwmed unna8iimed

ITEM 26. NEW! This spectacular tall vase is back, a perfect vase for cherry blossoms, tall flowers are branches,  measures 20″ x 5.5″   $145.00


ITEM 27 .This wonderful chinoiseie garden seat in ivory with soft pastels  is back measures 18″ x 13″…..$120.00



ITEM 28. Three styles of the medium flat jars are coming. These measure 8.5″ x 8  and are $70.00







ITEM 29. A favorite bowl ,this extra large antiqued scenic bowl, measures 17″ x 10″…fabulous for a kitchen island! $135.00


ITEM 30. The darling blue and white pagodas are back, these are so decorative and also make great little bookends! 7.25″ tall $50.00 for the pair

aasd unsd4afanamed

ITEM 31. NEW! The beautiful scenic antiqued square blue and white jars are back. Two styles, measures 12″ x 7.5″ $90.00





ITEM 32.The most popular fishbowl is back! Measures 17.5″ x 17″, so beautiful with boxwoods, hydrangea, the possibilities are endless! $205.00


ITEM 33. NEW! This exquisite extra large jar is a new style…what’s not to love!!! I love every detail on this gorgeous jar. Measures 23″ tall.  $180.00


ITEM 34. NEW! The darling little minis are back…these are so cute and amazing with any vignette, the perfect little bud vase. Measures 4.5″ tall

34A. Covered ginger jar 5″ $25.00


34B. Mini vase 4.5″ $24.00


ITEM 35. NEW! Another amazing new Famille Rose flower vase, a perfect size and these colors are just so pretty! Measures 17″ tall $120.00

va v2a

ITEM 36. Stunning best selling round intricate pierced porcelain planter. This is such an exquisite piece. Perfect for orchids, ferns, or any flowering plant. Truly gorgeous. Measures 10″ x 15.5″. Today it is $235.00


ITEM 37. Fabulous mid sized fishbowl, love this and own it, might be my all time favorite fishowl, so so pretty. Measures 16″ x 16″, incredible design work on each “panel” a true beauty, $155.00

3434unnamed un344343named unna34433434med


ITEM 38. Only got in two pair of these, to approve the color and I do approve! Darling mini fishbowls in pink…so sweet. $45.00 for the pair (will carry this color in the future) Pardon the horrible florescent lighting but they really are pink:)

ppppunnamed pppunnamed

ITEM 39. Amazing small diamond jar, wonderful design and great size , 9″ x 7.5″ $55.00


ITEM 40. Large trumpet vase, stunning piece…perfect for blossoms, branches or a huge spray of flowers. Measures 16″x  9″ $115.00

unnsfdfdsamed3131-1 unnamedasdffad


WOW, that is a lot of blue and white (and then some) to love! See something calling your name or perhaps there is someone on your gift giving list who might have been very good this year and of course that includes a gift to yourself:)

Remember, this is on for 1 day only (ends Saturday morning) the next time you see these will be on online shop so it’s a  great time to buy!!

Email orders to

Call in your order to 1-800-804-9565

Now onto that giveaway…..



One lucky winner is going to win a beautiful pair of blue and white pagodas, simply tell me your favorite item here and how/where you would use it. That will put in the running.

A winner will be announced Sunday morning. Only comments left on this post will be eligible (emailing does not count). Be sure to include your name (if you post anonymous unfortunately I cannot find out who you are so be sure to include a first name and last name initial). Good luck, will announce a winner Sunday morning.







Calling all shoppers…..Major warehouse blowout sale!


Hello and happy Friday! I want to first announce  the winner of the blue and white ornaments. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at to claim your prize and provide your shipping details.


Been a somewhat stressful week the site as you can tell has not gone live. Lots of behind the scenes hiccups and I, at this point, am just trying to be patient and understand it will happen when it happens, sorry for the false alarm! All I will say now is that it will be live in 2016:)

This sale was supposed to happen next week but taking advantage of  the extra free day (bonus is it is likely that your order will arrive before Thanksgiving)! We are preparing for a number of shipments and reorganizing the now pretty office space….we are clearing out spaces and cleaning off shelves to make room for all the new items soon to be arriving. This is better than hitting a mega sale at your favorite local shop because you get to shop from the comfort of your own home (or office)!

cvcvunnamed unnamexcxcd unndf3amed

We are down to a few pieces of many different items so they are up for grabs today and all at prices you simply cannot beat. These sales normally have a big response so act fast:)

unnam33ed unadsanamed

A great time to take advantage either for yourself or maybe a few holiday gifts!! This is part 1 (contains the bulk of the items) a smaller part 2 will follow next week.  Just a few rules before we begin-

  • Email or now you can call in your order (NEW)! Email orders to- NEW EMAIL– or call between 9:30-5:00 –  1-800-804-9565 (if you call before 9:30 you can leave a message or email us)
  • Please refer ONLY to item numbers (color if applies)
  • Very limited numbers of each item, subject to availability
  • This promotion will end on Sunday evening, Nov. 20th
  • We will send you an invoice if you email us and expect all invoices to be paid within 12 hours
  • Everything in stock and ready to go
  • First come first serve, we will not hold orders
  • Final sale
  • Shipping in the U.S. only
  • Shipping is extra
  • Questions? Email


Now let’s get on with the sale………


1 Just in time for the holidays….down to the last five or six of each these elegant water pitchers. Will grace any table they are used on, 12″ x 6″ either style $70.



1B. ONE LEFTpitcher1-732x1024



2. Super elegant centerpiece bowl, with beautiful lion heads handle detailing. Measures 12.5″ x 9″ $80!! TWO LEFT



3. Just love this fabulous ornate tray/dish. To use with nothing in it as a decorative object or the most beautiful bread basket ever:) Looks like a family heirloom, great gift!  Measures approx. 13.5″ x 7″ $60.00 ONE LEFT

piercdfedish2-1024x731 pierceddish-752fx1024


4. Amazing chinoiserie hand painted pillows, these are truly works of art. All hand painted on silk with luxurious down inserts. Very special! These retails for over $450 in many upscale home furnishing stores,

4A. These incredible pillows are a green/gold silk with beautiful bird motif. They have a mossy green backing with a fluffy down insert. These are sold individually and measure 20′ x 12″  $220.00 each (two available)




4B. A work of art on a pillow, exquisite DeGournay chinoiserie scene on a pale ivory silk pillow with a blush pink piping, gorgeous soft colors…a true work of art. 22 x 22 $315, almost half price of what this sells for!



4C. Another beauty 20 x 20 beautiful chinoiserie scene with beautiful flowers and butterfly done on a soft cream silk with down insert  20 x 20 $235.00unnamdfsed


4D. Amazing pale silvery gray silk chinoiserie scene with butterfly, beautiful pleated ruffle trim 20 x 20 $210.00



ITEM 5. A stunning oversized fishbowl featuring tropical flowers and birds, beautifully painted inside and out. Perfect for orchids or any flowering plant. Measures 16″ wide by about 8″ tall $155.00 almost half of what it sells for! SOLD

usdfdsfnnamed unnadsfdsmed unnamedfdf

ITEM 6. Incredible classic Chinese dragon ginger jar, beautiful quality dragon ginger jar, features a scene all the way around the jar, with two different colored dragons. Exquisite and timeless. $180 (almost $100 off original price)! TWO LEFT

unnamdssed undsdsnamed

ITEM 7. Fabulous jewel toned jar with slightly raised painted decoration, 15″ tall $70.00


ITEM  8. Last few of the exquisite black/gold chinoiserie lanterns, a stunning piece! Includes three candlesticks that are electrified is accented with beautiful hand painted scenery and small bells as an accent. Measures 26.5″ x 16″ x 16″ $320 (over $100 off) These sell for over $1000 TWO LEFT


 Tole, lots of great buys on so many beautiful pieces. All handpainted, and so classically beautiful. Rock bottom prices-

ITEM 9. Last two of these fabulous blue and white sconces, they are so beautiful, they sell for four times the regular selling price and today are rock bottom. Magnificent Pagoda wall sconces, this beauty is spectacular and is triple in other high end stores. In ivory with blue accents, measures 24″T x 14″W x 9″D These are electrified. $150.00 each ALL SOLD




ITEM 10. Incredible gilded solid wood brackets/sconces. These are hand carved and truly exquisite, beautiful detailing and finished in a rich gilded soft gold. such a decorative and classic piece, just waiting for a beautiful jar or vase! Measures 13″ x 14″ $90.00 (2 left) ALL SOLD


ITEM 11. Darling pair of mini foo dogs in turquoise/aqua. Measures 4″ x 6″ $45.00 for the pair great gift and wonderful as bookends! ONE PAIR LEFT

unadsfnamed unnamdfed

ITEM 12.Fabulous blue/white hand painted chinoiserie lamp. Found two, heavy solid wood and very elegant lamp. Fabulous solid wood lamp, this is a beauty! Measures 16.5″ x 7″ x 7″ (just base). Does not include shade. $160.00 ALL SOLD


Shown with a shade


ITEM 13. Stunning mid sized fishbowl, beautifully hand painted on all sides, interesting octagonal shape, only one! One of my recent favorite pieces. Perfect for any tree, plant or large flowering plant. $160.00  SOLD



ITEM 14. Chinoiserie tea caddys, last few of each design.  In addition to these being beautiful decorative objects as is, many have also turned these easily into lamps….they are beautiful. Either style $65.00!!

14a. Hexagon classic ivory chinoiserie scene on all sides of this fabulous caddy


14b. Round tea caddy style jar in pale blue with soft colored all chinoiserie scene


ITEM 15. Extra large handpainted ivory solid wood brackets/ sconces. These regal beauties measure 16″ x 20″ $115 each SOLD



ITEM 16. A few ginger jars without tops, they are perfect to use for floral arrangements as I often put my weekly fresh flower purchases in these, they look great with flowers.

16A This one includes a top but it has a slight crack 8″ x 8″  $55.00


16B. This one does not have a top  same as above $40.00 SOLD


16C. This large vase is a stunner, no top measures 12″ x 12.5″  $60.00 SOLD


ITEM 17. Last pheasant vase, beautiful piece, 17.5″ tall $85.00 SOLD


ITEM 18. Last one of each of these wonderful colored handpainted jars, beautiful quality. Measures 7.5″ x 8′ Either one $70.00







ITEM 19. Amazing pair of large chunky metal rattan design hurricanes, really exceptionally pretty. I have these in my own home. Large 13,5″ x 7″ $85.00 med 8.5″ x 6″ $65.00

or $135.00 for both   SOLD


ITEM 20. Incredible high quality large multi colored classic garden seat, hexagon shaped. This is exceptional, measures 19″ x 14.5″ $205.00 retails for almost double


ITEM 21. Wonderful pair of turquoise porcelain pagodas, these are so easy to use with any vignette or even as bookends, measure 6.5″ x 3″, pair is  is $48.00



ITEM 22. Last two of this beautiful emperor ginger jar, classic scenery and beautiful handpainting on these wonderful jars, 17.5″ x 11.5″ $165.00, almost $100 off! SOLD


ITEM 23. Last square ginger jar, these are so beautiful and highly decorative. Lid is wrapped,  measures 12.5″ tall $80.00 (painted on both sides) SOLD


ITEM 24. Last couple of these pretty handpainted lamps, in a pale blue/periwinkle or pale pink/dusty rose and gold. Really fabulous for a guest or girls room! The base alone (not including electrical socket measures 15″ x 7″)  $75.00 either color, an unbelievable price!!

19A. Pale blue w/gold


19B. Pale pink w/gold


ITEM 25. Last pair of white foo dogs, antiqued and stunning. 11.5″ x 8″ $95.00 for pair SOLD


ITEM 26. EXCEPTIONAL deals on these last few oversized giant porcelain fishbowls. These you might know retail for over $1500 in most places. Today they are almost a quarter of that!!! These must be shipped freight so contact us for a shipping quote. These dont’ get prettier, handpainted on the entire circumference of the fishbowl…amazing indoors or out. Perfect for large palm tree, boxwoodS, fruit trees,etc……

26A This regal beauty is 24 x 22 and comes with a lid you can use with or without,  $325.00!!!! 1 LEFT

img_2011-1024x1024 img_2017-1024x1024

26B. This wonderful design is a classic, 20″ x 20″ $300.00 2 LEFT


ITEM 27. Beautiful vanity boxes, besides needing a polish (the shorter one) these are so beautiful. Last one of each and one cake spade. All three pieces would be $60.00.

22A. Either vanity box $30.00!  Silver cake spade is $10.00

The silver topped one measures 4.5″ x 5.5″ and the taller one is 8″ x 4′”


ITEM 28. A stunning bracket, painted in antique white, the hand carving is unbelievable and this beauty is solid wood. 13″ x 14″ $85.00 each, unheard of!


ITEM 29. Incredible handpainted classic scenery scalloped plates/ platters. These don’t get prettier and you will never find these for $85.00 each. Large and even more spectacular in person. 17.5″ round with elegant scalloped shaped border.  Solid wood plate stand is $10.00

29A. 1 LEFT


29B. 2 LEFT


Plates stand


ITEM 30. Fabulous navy and white cherry blossom garden seat 18.5″ x 14″ An unbelievable price of $135!!  1 LEFT

dsafsdafunndsamed uxcxdcxnnamed

31A. Fabulous etched scalloped handled wine coolers/planter in large. Beautiful with handles on either side, beautiful rimmed detailing and etch work. This doubles as a large planter or wastepaper basket. Both can be used as wine coolers or planter. Large only 10″ x 13″ $70.00 2 LEFT


32B. This wonderful small/med tray is a beauty great for candies, berries, vegetables, etc…measures 10,5″ x 5″ $45.00  1 LEFT


ITEM 33C. This incredible square tray is as beautiful for serving as it would be display..just love the pierced detailing! Measures 14″x  14″ and is really showstopping! I love it for a bar to use for bottles, for serving, the pierced detailing is just exquisite. $90.00


ITEM 34D. Gorgeous large scalloped pierced tray with handles and elegant feet,  could so see this as an elegant bar tray or on a ladies vanity top! Measures 20″ x 10″ $135.00



Funny because I see these things every single day yet even this post has me excited and dreaming up all kinds of new ways to use some of these. Great deals if you know your prices, email all orders to or you can call between 9:30-5 to 1-800-804-9565. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week! Until next time……

PS Two more days to throw your name in the hat for the Horchow holiday giveaway, click here




Seven on Sunday

Hi friends! How is your weekend going ? Over here, busy, worked on photography yesterday for my site, I am getting so excited about it….with luck we will make it live in about four weeks. Just went into development…woo hoo! It is going to be a much improved site, in so many ways, think it will be worth it.

Today we have 2 graduation parties, so my usual lazy Sunday will have to reconvene next weekend. As I do every Sunday I share with you seven things on my mind, ready? Let’s go…..



1 JOHN ROBSHAW I am a big fan of his products, and overall design aesthetic. I especially love a number of his fabrics for summer and a fabric I waited a long time on is finally here and arriving to me in a few days. I am going to  have a few toppers made and possibly napkins or placemats. Don’t these all scream summer?

Click here to see all the fabrics (click on the books) if you want to order contact me about special pricing.


This first one is the one I am having done into a few table toppers and napkins, it is even prettier in person


And love all of these below as well….

de42506-5-repeat de42507-5-repeat



This one below will be my next purchase, absolutely love it! This one fabric could inspire me to host a party:)




Then I got to see some of his fabulous upholstered pieces and fell madly in love with this banquette. Since I really think I want to add one to the PB house…this beauty could work very nicely. Love the shape of the back!

jr17-09pos2hi jr17-09pos1hi

And while I was looking rather fell in love with this elegant chaise lounge, perfect for a bedroom!


2. A NEWLY RENOVATED HOTEL IN WINE COUNTRY! How fast can I get there? This is so up my alley, I am all about Napa and Sonoma Valley:) I especially love smaller boutique like hotels like this one. This looks really good.

I can so see retiring there one day and having my own  little boutique winery with a small farm to table restaurant…I would love that! This place looks fabulous, this place just got a huge renovation, Farmhouse Inn, complete with it’s Michelin starred restaurant, extensive wine events and spa…. I want to go!!! Click here for more info


"The interior of the Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant in Forestville, Calif., is seen on March 27th, 2015."

sw9 photographer-cesar Spa-banner-5 900x600The Farmhouse Inn Spa-banner-1 banner2-farmhouse2015

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. This week is full of so much beauty it brings a smile to my face……consider this the Oscars of Instagram on a weekly basis, lol.  Lots to love…..

IMG_6594 IMG_6596 IMG_6595

IMG_6727 IMG_6713 IMG_6712 IMG_6711

IMG_6597 IMG_6598

4. A FEW MUST HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. I love trying new things and a few things are worth sharing, I cannot recommend these items enough!

I went to Sephora, needed new mascara, less than happy with one I have been using, the girl says their own mascara is really good. My suspicious side assumes she is getting some kind of bonus for plugging the Sephora brand but she is convincing, so I buy it, what I have I to lose?

Well……people I LOVE this mascara. A few coats and my lashes look long (not clumpy) and thick…this is good stuff. VERY good stuff as is in I might be hooked for life and this just might be the best mascara I have used. Period.

Click here to find out more.


Then this, Amope for your feet which I bought not being sure it would work as it claims was a wonderful surprise…this little machine rocks!! It softens your feet to the point where they feel like babies feet, I kid you not. AMAZING!

I am seriously now obsessed with my feet, no kidding! You can search around as to where you can get the best deal, I got mine off of Amazon, a product I recommend 100% (only if you like really soft smooth feet:)


5. MY TALENTED CUSTOMERS. I love when I get pictures from my talented customers/readers. Just look at some of these recent additions- they are so talented, its amazing.  Keep them coming…

inAA34dex indexFDFDA inA3Adex inddssex

And loving how this beautiful silver tray is being used and of course all the blue white is always perfect:)

inde1211x indefdfzzx

And loved seeing my blue and whites grace this most elegant space by super talented Gerald Pomery (phoots taken by Eric Roth)

gdap gp indeGPx

6. A GREAT NEW RECIPE…You know I love to share my recipes when I find a really good one. Our eating habits/lifestyle has changed dramatically, we are eating low fat with a heavy concentration on salads, grains, vegetables and fruit. I feel so much better not to mention my main objective of losing weight is being accomplished. It is a lifestyle change and though I occasionally admit to craving a huge bowl of pasta or a pizza slice, for the most part I feel quite satisfied.

The key is LOTS of water (I add lemon to mine) and staying full and satisfied never letting it reach the point of being famished….that is where willpower generally loses the fight! So this is good, satisfying and healthy!

This salad from Cafe Delites is amazingly good and surprisingly healthy.This is a great dinner salad as it is filling and hearty without the guilt (yogurt based dressing).  Only thing I did not use is the bread because there simply is no stopping me once I get started:) Click here for full recipe

Chicken-and-Avocado-Caeser-Salad-181 Chicken-and-Avocado-Caeser-Salad-492

7. EXCITING NEW PRODUCTS IN THE WORKS. I am so excited about a number of things that will debut on the new site, not the least of which is my Christmas tree ornaments, (balls, ginger jars and pagodas).

I am just getting my first round of samples back now and they are looking good. Very good. I am waiting on the ginger jar samples but here are some of the balls and pagodas (first round still tweaking some of these). With luck I will have these to me in September…..

Balls will be 4″ pagodas 4″ and 5″ and ginger jars 3″ 4″ and 5″…so excited to decorate my first blue and white tree!!


And going to debut a whole new monogrammed napkin/linen line…..same great napkins, but a whole new batch of incredible monograms plus will offer monogrammed bedding and bath linens! Here is a sneak peek……

FullSizeRender(20) IMG_6044 IMG_6046

Speaking of my shop, have a few questions about upcoming porcelain containers, this is for anyone who has bought, or is considering buying any of my porcelains in the future.


So there you have what’s on my mind, all great things (and pretty too). What about you? Anything new that you discovered that you want to talk about? Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend.

Don’t forget to enter the Tory Burch tote bag giveaway. Click here for all details. Until next time…..

And last day for the last call promo, it has been updated, some things still remain, all bargains! Click here


get-attachment.aspx_21-1024x3811-1024x381-1024x381-1024x381-1024x381-1024x3811-1024x3811-1024x3811-1024x381-1024x381-1024x3811-1024x381-1024x381-1024x3811-1024x381-1024x3811-1-1-1-1Coming up this week-

Another Palmetto Bluff Diary chapter

You’re All Set (the new series on table setting)

One day chinoiserie tole arrival sale