Seven on Sunday

Good Sunday morning to you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here the sun and beautiful skies have come out after a few dreary, rainy and cold days.  I have a full weekend planned and setting up for a luncheon I am hosting this week so plenty to keep me busy today. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-

1 SHUTTER COLOR IS DECIDED!! Thanks to all who chimed in about my shutter paint color last week. I hemmed and hawed and something about my final choices was not quite right. So…….I kept on trucking and knew I would find just the right color.

It had come down to Silvermist or Nimbus Gray but I wanted something with a tinge more blue and a bit less gray.  Yes my husband thought I had lost it with the amount of time I was putting into it and yes, my persistence paid off.

I found “the one”. And  am100% sure about it. I even love the name, Nantucket Fog. As I started to do some research, it appears this is also a favorite of many designers.Here you go…..

And here it is on a piece of wood to get an idea of how it will look on a shutter, love it! Its a true blue/gray a little deeper than some of the others but I took. many’s advice about the strong fading sun and think this has just enough contrast.

2.THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DENTAL OFFICE Oh my…I have never seen such a chic dental office..have you? Mine sure does not look like this, this is downright dreamy!! Summer Thornton is the mastermind behind this beautiful office, incredible!!

I always have said if I owned a traditional office like a doctors office (or dental) that I would really work to make it feel like an upscale private home and that is exactly what she did…..brava to her!

Click here to see this incredible space and others.

3 OFF SHOULDER TOPS Loving this new style…so fresh and pretty, and they just scream chic summer dressing. I had to give in and buy a few to jumpstart my summer wardrobe. You dont’ have to wear them completely off the shoulder but these are all beautiful looks for warm weather dressing.

Ordered this, it is so darling and I thought the price was a mistake, $35.00 really? Click here

Got this a few weeks ago, love this color!!! A beautiful top dressed up or down. Click here

Love navy and white together and this simple navy peasant blouse is not only so reasonable but makes dressing a cinch, click here

Considering this one, love pink and with white slacks would be perfect for a daytime or even evening outing.  So delicate and feminine…beautiful! I have a few showers coming up and this would be perfect. Click here

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. No theme in particular this weekend,  just a random group of fabulousness! You can see I had a hard time this week narrowing it down…..

My fave of this week is this gorgeous picture….it is a sure sign of a very devoted Enchanted Home customer!

5. FABULOUS PILLOWS. I have worked with Studio Tullia. and my backyard and patios in the summer are a testament to just how much I love their pillows!

Some of the new arrivals from Studio Tullia have me swooning and daydreaming about a little tweaking of my very own:) Click here to see more…


6. PROVENCE PLANTER MAKEOVER! So with the planting season on our doorstep, lots of us are starting to think about coming out of hibernation and the great outdoors. Of course that means sprucing up our patios and of the first impression people get….our front doors!

So happy the Provence planters are coming back in about 2 weeks! I love giving “Provence planter makeovers”. This is a recent one when a customer needed some direction on her front door. A beautiful home that deserved an equally beautiful front door welcome. The planters presently there were way too small and actually dwarfed everything around it. When it doubt go a little bigger, not smaller.

She wasn’t sure about the color Provence planter she wanted, but we both decided black was the way to go. So stately and elegant, and it accents her black shutters beautifully. Take a look at the mini Provence planter makeover-



And even tried using two smaller Provence planters by the front door…..

OR Boxwood balls

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY The other day I had forgotten my phone aka my lifeline. I was heading to an appt. and already running late,  had no time to go back and get it and felt the anxiety rising in me about not being reachable. The shock and awe of realizing I had left it behind was telling:)  I contemplated turning around but didn’t because it would have delayed me and I couldn’t be late.

So the strangest thing happened, I went to my appt. anxiety and all, then ran a few errand afterwards and you know what? I LOVED the freedom it gave me,  I also loved the idea of unplugging (a happy accident) and taking in everything around me instead of hearing the beeps and rings go off and being distracted by my phone as is often the case.

There was something incredibly freeing about it and I really enjoyed the 3 hours or so that I didn’t have my phone. Make no mistake when I got back it looked like a mini airplane terminal with all the sights, sounds and lights going off at once from various people trying to reach me (and that includes solicitors). But I realized not only can I live without it but I actually liked being without it. And vowed to start doing this on a regular basis. Even if for an hour, it is good for mind, body and soul.

What do you think? Do you regularly “unplug” or is it just unimaginable? I will be curious to see what you have to say on the matter……

That’s a wrap, thanks as always for stopping by. Tomorrow is delivery day of the huge container of porcelains, that is always an exciting day! Wishing you a wonderful day and a great end to your weekend!:) Until next time….












Seven on Sunday

Hello and happy Sunday my friends. Hope spring has sprung wherever you might be. The first order of business is to announce the winner of the $250 Horchow gift card. Drum roll please, congratulations goes to-


Please contact so we can get your gift card on it’s way!


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Spring finally seems to be making it’s way in, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a slow process but the signs are all here and we have had a nice springy weekend……. bring on the al fresco living!

I must mention that I was incredibly flattered to have been featured/interviewed over at a dear blogging fiends blog, Hello Lovely. Michele is a gem and wove a pretty awesome story/post about me, as only she can. She put a lot into this post so hope you will stop over and say hello.

It might be fun for you to read this interview also because she dug up a bunch of pictures from our building process and it was entertaining even for me:) Click here to be taken away to Michele’s loveliness over at Hello Lovely. 

Thank you Michele for such a wonderful and flattering feature:)


1 THE GIRL WITH 15 VOICES. I was blown away by this girl….she sings 15 different of the world’s best female voices nearly flawlessly. Really entertaining to watch, you can fast forward to get a quick glimpse of each of the superstar “voices”. I watched the entire thing pretty dumbfounded over how easily she can transition to another powerhouse voice. Talented girl!

Her Shakira, Britney, Celine Ellie Goulding are spot on…..pretty amazing!


2 BEAUTIFUL ART.  I love highlighting the work of various artists that cross my path. I have found so many through the wonderful world of blogging, Instagram and even Pinterest. I just adore the work of  Kate Drenckhahn.

I was the very lucky recipient of a beautiful blue and white ginger jar painting from uber stylish icon,  Bettie Pardee. This beautiful piece was painted by equally talented Kate Drenckhahn. I love her take on so many subjects and was really happy to discover her, click here to see more of her beautiful work.

Speaking of Bettie, love this picture she sent me of her Enchanted Home mug  being put to good use:)

And now a look at Kate’s gorgeous work… I love that she has turned all these beauties into the most darling notecards and stationery. Everything is so darn pretty! Click here to see more

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST SO  much beauty to share this week, makes me so happy to settle in with my iPad after a long day and to take in the beautiful and inspiring world of Instagram. Here are this weeks picks-

Here is this weeks fave…just way too cute for words!!!  I just want to pinch (ever so gently) those darling little thunder thighs:)


4. FUN SPRINGY/SUMMER TOPS. I love soft cottony tops, paired with white pants or capris, it is an instant winning combination for warm weather dressing.

Found all these under the brand Aqua at Bloomingdales, not a single one over $68 PLUS you get an extra whopping 25% off when you use the code FRIENDS. This incredible sale ends today, so don’t miss out! Bring on the warm weather! Click here  to see all of Aqua’s great tops and to get inspired for spring/summer dressing.

5 NEW FABRICS TO LUST OVER. I have been very immersed in the world of fabrics these last few months. Working on a few jobs that took me to all kids of wonderful fabric and trim shops and of course this always gets my creative juices flowing.

I have somewhat neglected to do a few spruce up in my own home. One thing that really needs to be done is my breakfast room chairs. Kudos to Lee Jofa which has made a fabric that still looks pretty darn good after 16 years!! That is crazy. these chairs have lasted so long As much as I love my little pugs and will miss them, their time has come. It’s time to bring in something new and fresh.

Funny that many of the fabrics I found and loved are ironically again from Lee Jofa. I want to go with a “Provence vibe” so florals and checks are totally appropriate. Here are some I came up with-

Just love the one above and the on below for a true Provence vibe, favorite color combination

This one above is very pretty too…so fresh and love the blues

Love playing with these and adding a buffalo check for an extra dose of charm

This velvet above is sooo gorgeous in person, I would love to see it on an ottoman or bench.


6 A VERY EXCITING DEVELOPMENT! So remember I broke the news to you that finally after almost looking for a good , CAPABLE, reliable source to develop the tulipieres, I found one? Well the first sample mold is back and might I say this has me quite excited. These beauties will be offered in two sizes, one about 22″ and the other will be a mini 14″.

Now I am waiting for the first painted sample. People,  this is really happening!! I am already planning out how I will use mine. It will be a tulip party everyday:) This has me wanting to run through the tulips with happiness……

We are going through the design process now and I am waiting on the first sample back. With luck I will have these in late May, stay tuned!

Now it’s onto the design details which are in the works as I speak it is a very interesting, labor intensive and time consuming process but will be worth it in the end!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK today’s topic is movies. I looooove a good movie. I tend to like real movies though, something with a meaningful storyline that really makes me think and feel, a story I can relate to. I do not care for blood, gore, violence, nudity….that does nothing for me.

Give me a good movie that will make me laugh like a hyena or cry like a baby and I am happy as can be. Sadly there seems to be less and less of those. I often find myself watching a favorite movie over and over and have a list of about 20 that I love and could watch monthly (and often do).  But I know there has to be more out there…and that is where you come in!

Would love your take and if you want to include ONE favorite movie that you think you should share with all of us in hopes that maybe it’s something I haven’t seen. Here is a punctuated list of some of my faves in no particular order that I have seen over and over-

    • A Good Year
    • Dr. Zhivago
    • Something’s Gotta Give
    • The English Patient
    • Jane Eyre
    • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    • Under The Tuscan Sun
    • Its complicated
    • Bottleshock
    • The Namesake
    • Midnight in Paris
    • Pride and Prejudice
    • The Horse Whisperer
    • Steel Magnolias
    • Love Story
    • Great Expectations
    • A Beautiful Mind
    • The Notebook
    • Well Diggers Daughter
    • Good Will Hunting
    • The Way
    • Devil wears Prada

Where it says “other” you can put one movie you love (if it’s not on my list above) that you think all of us movie buffs should know about!


Hope you enjoyed my Seven on Sunday and hope you enjoy this day of rest. Funny, I drove past a field yesterday with a bunch of pint sized lacrosse players “warming up” for their game and got so teary eyed. I was instantly brought back to memories of my own little lacrosse warrior and just couldn’t help but feel incredibly nostalgic over “the good ol days”.

Spring always takes me back to the spring sports season which I must admit I miss more than I ever thought possible. I would trade my lazy Sundays in a heartbeat for a day packed with games cheering my son on. OK,  I am snapping out of it…back to reality!! Hope you have a wonderful end to your weekend. Until next time….

And tomorrow is a big day….the 2 day presale begins on the most gorgeous chinoiserie tole coming in about 3 weeks. This includes a huge shipment of bamboo lanterns, Provence planters, fabulous new lamps, the sold out bathroom accessories and more. So be sure to check back tomorrow:)
















Seven on Sunday

Hello friends! I prepared this ahead of time, hope it behaves and posts on Sunday morning as it is supposed to. By the time you are reading this I will have been in one my most favorite places, Palmetto Bluff,  then onto to see friends elsewhere for a birthday celebration.

Hope you are enjoying a great and hopefully springy like weekend. Though it was not a very harsh winter, it felt like a loooooong winter. I am so ready to welcome that warm spring air and fresh cut green grass! Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-

1 NEW PRODUCTS I AM EXCITED ABOUT! I had bought a flatware service similar to this below years ago and so love the set and regretting that I did not but more, was disappointed when I could not find them again. I cannot tell you how many people have emailed me on where to find them.

So……an idea was born, I would recreate them! And I did! Love this pattern and these along with the others I featured not long ago will all be in production by next week. With luck I will have them in early to mid May. Stay tuned as I will be doing an early presale to help me gauge my numbers…..

In addition to the other flatware styles I showed you, this one above will be offered as a five piece place setting along with salad servers and serving spoons/forks.

GORGEOUS new tole pieces coming in late April, can I say they are just getting better and better, and seeing how each piece is handpainted…..makes them really special:) Already plotting where I can use a few of these:)

Fabulous new blue/white lamps

More stunning bamboo lanterns coming this way soon!

2. AMAL CLOONEY…….ONE IMPRESSIVE LADY The more I read about her the more I like and respect her. You may have seen her making the rounds lately on her latest cause…she is a complete breath of fresh air in the sometimes ridiculous world of Hollywood, a wonderful humanitarian and an inspiration to all women.

She has taken on what many see as an epidemic, the genocide being inflicted upon countless innocent civilians on The Yazidis. It is unimaginable and reading this story gave me chills… is hard to imagine that just a plane ride away, lives such brutality, such evil.

I really respect the attention she is giving this plight and of course also love that as a women with tremendous reach and power, she is highlighting a dire situation beyond comprehension that simply should not be. Read the entire article here.


3. FUN EARRINGS FOR THE SUMMER . I love wearing fun earrings in the summer, they go with the easy breeze lighter clothes, and fun summery styles. The bon bon earrings have become such a huge hit, and the best part is they are as light as a feather. Found these at Bitz of Glitz…very very cute! Click here to see more


4. CHICKEN THAT IS FINGER LICKING GOOD I made Ina Garten’s Tuscan Lemon Chicken and can attest to the fact that it’s one of the best chicken dishes I have ever eaten AND its diet friendly so big points for that.

I grilled vegetables on the side, had a big salad and the chicken…it was a very satisfying dinner with leftovers! This is honestly as good cold as it is off the grill and is a summer staple in my home. Click here for the recipe


5. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Everything today is so pretty….very springy. And why not, we have waited a long long time to celebrate the arrival of spring.

These pictures make me want to go and open my windows and let the sunshine in, but then I look outside and still see dark, crusted, icy snow. A reminder that winter is still kinda here so these pictures will have to suffice for now:)


6. A VERY EXCITING PROJECT. I have a few really exciting projects going on…..makes me happy:) But this one in particular really makes is getting my creative party juices flowing.

I was hired to help someone with  a large scaled June rehearsal dinner in sunny Florida at a private club…and she chose wisely because she is doing an all blue and white theme!! Here is one of the concept boards we are came up with…going to be F A B U L O U S!!! We just finalized all the pieces for the tables and bar area (some are below) and now working on flowers. Silver lining here- she is going to have one stunning blue and white collection after this party!

Will be sure to share with you some of the “after” pictures when the party takes place in June!


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY I have a friend who is selling her home and buying a new one. She is considering going with a totally new look and I mean totally starting from scratch. Her old home was a bit old fashioned traditional, many beautiful things but some of it appeared dated. She is thinking she wants to go with a clean/crisp transitional aesthetic that is so big right now. Her husband is not so sure but is allowing her to make this decision. The thing is she wants to have a tag sale and get rid of everything and I mean everything. She wants to only leave with her personal possessions and start anew.

We have been talking a lot about this big change and it got me thinking….if you could would you totally redo everything you have? Can you imagine leaving every item you own (furniture wise) behind? I personally am very attached to a number of my things and many have a story that makes them extra sentimental.  I get it…these are just things however they are things that I love and have meaning to me. I know I could not leave it all behind but apparently many can and do.

So, could you and would you? Curious as to what you think…..

That wraps up my Seven on Sunday this week. How about you? Anything exciting happening on your end? I always love hearing from you, so feel free to chime into the conversation. Hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend. Until next time…







Which would you choose?

Good Friday morning! Excited as my chinoiserie tole container is due to the warehouse today (fingers crossed). Since there was no preale I will be holding a 2 days sale starting Monday so stay tuned.

I consider myself practically an expert on sniffing out amazing deals from many of my favorite online retailers, Last Call being one of my “top three”. I have found some truly incredible deals. To date, the best ones were a triple ply cashmere sweater for $53.00 and a St. John sheath knit dress for $218!! Unbelievable!

As spring slowly makes  it way towards us I am dreaming of shedding the layers and easing into a light, easy breezy wardrobe which is what this post centers around. Some truly fabulous pieces and every single one is a DEAL! But one winter thing was included as its a love and such a deal.

Plus there  is a code which you  might still be able to use today, so do it quick (was supposed to end yesterday) CODE35 for an extra 35% off the already amazing prices.

So your turn to take a look and choose your two faves. Here we go…..


CHOICE 1. This gives me a case of spring fever, love white and this pretty top could go from day to night easily, as always a deal to be believed! Click here

CHOICE 2  Aren’t these fun? I love Andre Assous and their shoes are very comfortable, love the fringe detailing and practical wedge height, click here

CHOICE 3 From one of my favorite pants makers, these ankle NYDJ pull on capris are easy dressing and such a practical warm weather staple, BEST fit! Click here

CHOICE 4 Big fan of Rebecca Taylor, love lace and can’t live without white, so had to order this pretty top. I can see getting a lot of use out of it. Click here

CHOICE 5 This is such a beautiful watch from Ferrragamo, that color is really a standout. Click here

CHOICE 6 I own a pair like this from a few years ago and must say they have saved my feet many a day. A wedge goes a long long way in comfort, but these have a dressy edge which makes them perfect for when you need a dressier shoe but don’t want to sacrifice comfort! Click here

CHOICE 7 With the warmer weather in sight, how cute is this beach/pool coverup. Looks so easy to wear, great color and styling. Click here

CHOICE 8 I love a zip around wallet as it keeps everything in, no chance of falling out. This navy NM wallet is a deal to be believed, under $40! Click here

CHOICE 9 The perfect little black dress, St. John is known not only for classic styling but I can also attest to their knits  fit like no other. They really flatter, I own a skirt and dress from St. John and they make me feel so good, they will stay in my closet always:) Click here

CHOICE 10 What a gorgeous pair of pave CZ earrings, perfect for a dressy evening out, so elegant! Click here

CHOICE 11 This little sweater jacket is fantastic! It could add so much to even the plainest of outfits, at a price you don’t need to think twice about either, click here

CHOICE 12  The ONLY winter thing in this post that I am including because I love it and it is such a deal!! Click here

CHOICE 13 How cute is this, it’s screaming for a pair of white pants and espadrilles! Love this, click here

CHOICE 14 Have the version from last year and wore these like mad last summer, super comfortable, the beige suede goes with almost everything, click here

CHOICE 15 What a perfect summer party dress, Calypso makes this beauty. It has a very Missoni vibe but I could see it dressed down with a pair of sandals, very chic Click here

CHOICE 16 Super chic sweater coat from St. John at the lowest price I have seen it and believe me I had my eye on it. Perfect spring coat, click here

CHOICE 17 Isn’t this delicate ruffle hem skirt from St. John pretty Super feminine, a great staple for spring/summer, click here

CHOICE 18  Beautiful feminine ruffled blouse from Theory that is truly seasonless. Work alone or as an underpinning with a jacket/blazer, this is classic dressing. Click here

OK so your turn to choose your two faves, so many to love and the best part is the deals! Nothing like a little retail therapy:) Don’t forget to try and use the code CODE35 for an EXTRA 35% off one item!

Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and end to your week.  Click here to see ALL the great finds at Last Call. Until next time…..

PS Don’t forget about the exciting Enchanted Home 2017 contest that I just announced yesterday. Accepting submissions until March 10th. Great prizes! Click here for all details-


Oscars recap 2017!

Good Monday morning. Whether like me you stayed up until the very dramatic end of the Oscars or not…no doubt by now, you heard about the total fiasco with the biggest prize of the night. How,  I ask do they mess up so badly on not only Hollywood’s biggest night but on the most important and coveted award? Simply no excuse!!! It was to be believed.

As I do every year, I like to share with you  my hits,  misses and occasional catastrophes. If there was a theme this year it was “things that make you go hummm”. VERY underwhelmed. Where was Cate when we needed her for a dose of old Hollywood glam?

If I was being totally honest, I would have a bigger list of misses than hits…that is a first. It just hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that with all the resources at their disposal, for some this is the best they can do? I am not a stylist but even I in 10 minutes, I could come up with what would arguably be a much more attractive and flattering look. So the list is short but here we go.


Always classic and elegant

Thought Isabel Huppert looked very classy

Did not love the hair but the dress certainly was a vision, very “Cate Blanchett”

Thought she nailed it, hair, makeup and gown

Looked great, a pretty sophisticated look


Pretty girl, overall looked good but something about the proportion from her neck to waist looks off to me, she is long waisted so this dress did not totally flatter her, and I don’t love the messy bun on a red carpet

If she didn’t have that necklace, this would have been a hit, sometimes less is more

From the neck down such a hit, but the hair? What was she thinking? Am I just not getting it? With her pretty face, she looks stunning with her hair cropped short, this just overwhelms her small face

Actually love this color and the dress is really pretty but it’s a tad too voluminous for her frame, maybe if it was tailored to be a bit less poufy it would have been a favorite

Safe but puts me to sleep…can she just once surprise us and step up her fashion game just a little? Blush? Hair extensions? A great pair of earrings? A little sun? I like her and respect her take on understatement but the Oscars is where you can go outside your box


Don’t know whats happening here, way way too much, makes me dizzy. She wanted to go with something dramatic and big how about this instead-

This dress was so odd, and from the side downright ugly, she would have been on my hits list if she did something along this line-

Not a fan of her with red hair and come on…leave something to the imagination!!

Wonderful actress but the acres of feathers on this dress did her figure no favors….where was her stylist? This might have worked out better for her-

Boring, pale and so nondescript, this would have been such a better choice in my opinion, same colorway but has interesting bead work and a little bling while still channeling the princess ballerina vibe-

Never been a fan of her fashion choices but did not at all like the hair and found the dress to be just OK, I would have loved to see her in something like this and with hair extensions-

AND THE BIGGEST NO OF THE NIGHT GOES TO, (this is bordering on a 911 emergency)-

I am sorry but this is downright horrid, The hair looks like its matted down and the dress…I have no words. Looks like she was channeling her inner Princess Leah meets Amish bride.

How about this instead? She has the figure for it, it is young and modern, and I would have done her hair totally differently and added a fabulous pair of statement earrings

Net a Porter


(All my picks are from Net a Porter)



And finally the moment of the night no doubt was the huge colossal gaffe for best picture (in case you missed it, it is to be believed and no doubt will go down in Oscar history as the single most dramatic moment-

Again this is my opinion and totally subjective. It’s all done in fun and in the spirit of showbiz:)

Well if I ever get bored with my blog and design work, I will consider donating my time to the crisis in Hollywood. Just overall pretty disappointed in the lack of real glamour ala “old Hollywood” with the exception of a few of course. But there is hope for 2018!

Oh well….it’s a wrap! Maybe next year they will step it up:) Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week.

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here

ONE BIG FAVOR REQUEST- Please comment on the fashions and show in general but kindly leave politics out of it…really want to keep my blog as a happy, pretty place and really would like to leave the political views outside the door which I too will be careful to abide by. Thank you:)


Seven on Sunday

Hello and happy Sunday morning, actually make that happy Oscar Sunday! I love all the  pomp and circumstance around the Oscars and the glamour of it all is such fun to watch. Look forward to seeing who takes top prize….and of course really looking forward to seeing what everyone is wearing, that’s the fun part:)

I know many of you are frustrated (as am I) about a few things still not corrected on my blog, no pinterest button, some still not getting emails. A new company was hired and working fast and furious behind the scenes and within 2 weeks a new and better version of what I have now will be launched, I promise you will say it was worth the wait. And to give you a sneak peek, check out the cutest pinterest button I dreamed up..might be the cutest button known to mankind-



Is that the greatest? A ginger jar Pinterest button! Give it another two weeks and you can use it to your hearts content:)

Had a very nice weekend,  yesterday it was 72 degrees!!! Unheard of!  Had with a little adventure, time spent with friends and my beloved down time is on the horizon for today…and then its red carpet time and thats when I get down to some serious TV watching. I had told myself i was going to have an Oscar get together this year but I have been working and going non stop so decided it will be a party of two tonight:)

Hope your weekend is going well, onto my Seven on Sunday….

1 TWO NEW PRODUCTS I AM OBSESSED WITH. So a friend turned me onto this first one, then a reader told me she cannot live without it and indeed it is scrumptious.

Jo Malones newer fragrance Peonies and Blush Suede is heaven in a bottle…rather obsessed with it. I am really picky about fragrance (and big fan of Jo Malone) and this is my favorite scent of hers yet, feminine and soft, yummy! Click here


I had been given a small sample of this and loved the smell (soft roses) but the product delivers! Its a fantastic mask that left my skin feeling and smelling heavenly. Plus its not a crazy expensive product, which is always a nice perk. Click here


2 A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO THAT MIGHT INSPIRE US ALL TO DO AN ACT OF KINDNESS TODAY. Have seen this before but happy I came across it again. Is there any better feeling than giving to someone who needs it? This little tyke shows the true meaning…really worth watching and sharing (if you haven’t before)


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Love my roundup this week and so enjoy getting to discover new finds on Instagram, it is really quite an amazing world! Beautiful interiors, incredible food, fashion…it’s all here today-

My favorite this week, not that it really needs an explanation is this simply because this is shoe perfection-


4.SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST? No this is not out of the next Bourne Identity  but real life people.I read first about this in New Yorker magazine, and was both fascinated and freaked out. I, being an eternal optimist refuse to let a doomsday scenario pervade my mind. Yet one progressive thinker has built a luxury bomb shelter. There will be everything from a library to a dog park to a rock climbing ball to replicate “outside life” as much as possible (scary thought).

So some brainchild, bought an old army base and has turned it into uber luxury  bomb proof condos, and guess what? Even if you wanted to buy one…you can’t!  They are sold out with an apparent wait list. Crazy? A bit if you ask me. Here is a look at some of the apartments Click here to learn more

Here is a fascinating video (dont be put off by the beginning it gets pretty fascinating)!



5. A FAVORITE SALAD. Yes, we are talking the dreaded “D” word, so much for winter hibernation, spring is not far along so its time to get svelte for the warmer seasons ahead. Its been salad city over here so creativity is a must!!

One favorite salad is this take on a Mexican salad, for the protein you can add chicken or shrimp. The dressing is yummy and low cal

  • Mixed greens (whatever kind you like)
  • Kale (optional)
  • one can corn
  • one can black beans
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • red onion
  • low fat shredded cheese (optional)
  • carrots
  • scallions
  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • lemon or lime (fresh)
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1 avocado diced
  • 4 TBSP olive oil
  • 1/2 cup water
  • pinch of salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients together except last five. For dressing mix the yogurt, cilantro and diced avocado in a mixer/Cuisinart until pureed. Add salt and lemon juice, dress salad accordingly only right when you are ready to serve (so it doesn’t get soggy) I keep the dressing in a mason jar. Bon appetit!

It’s so good even health nut Teddy couldn’t get enough…..


6 OSCAR TIME!! I love Oscar Sunday and hope within the next few years to go and attend. But in the in the meantime, I will like millions of others be watching Sunday night and lets be real, we love tuning in as much for the fashion as much as the awards show themselves, maybe even more:)

I thought it would be fun to share some of my all time favorite Oscar looks…..will anyone this year be added to this list? Let’s hope!

Cate gets two spots  because to me she is always and I do mean always the epitome of Oscar glam!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK this is another etiquette based scenario. This is not the first time this has happened. I was at the market this past week, I often do the self checkout simply because I have gotten really quick and efficient at scanning and bagging…go figure!

I will be the first to admit when I get a slow cashier, it is difficult for me to watch them move in  such slow motion, I am a fast mover for the record (not always a good thing)!  So the self checkout is perfect for me.

So…here I am going at a brisk pace with my order, I pay then immediately move to the end to start bagging my things, about half way done of a fairly large order, the person behind me starts scanning her things and all her things come barreling into mine. I gave her a look which was polite but bordered on “don’t you dare” however she kept going. Had it been one or two items, I guess I would have been OK with it, but we are talking a lot of items. I finally had to say something, it was getting ridiculous. It was almost impossible for me to move any faster, so there was truly no logic behind what she did.

Now either I am right or turning into an old lady….no worries I have thick skin:)


Always fun for me to hear your take on things, and I am from the school of thought that I welcome all opinions and recognize there are going to be many different takes, that’s what makes the world go round!

We can agree to disagree sometimes, the key is that it’s done in a respectful and civilized manner. Anywho, many thanks for stopping in, wishing everybody a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, cheers to the Oscars! Until next time…..

PS The handbag promo ends today, for anyone who has called in the order, all calls will be answered tomorrow, otherwise you can email to Click here to see

















Which would you choose?

Hello and happy Friday morning!  Such a busy busy week getting all the presale orders out the door, happy to say we are about 90% done and hopefully will be totally done by today, a major feat. Its been quite a whirlwind of a week. So getting to sit down and do a little virtual retail therapy was a much needed exercise as my form of relaxation:)

As I pointed out Sunday, Coach has completely reinvented themselves in a pretty dramatic way and they are no longer that safe conservative brand that many of us equate the name with. They have branched far out into fashion, accessories, menswear and more. So considering I treated myself to one of their darling bags I thought this would be a fun Which would you choose and I found an extra little something to order in the process. Ready to choose your two faves? Let’s go…..

CHOICE 1 Just love everything about this, classic yet updated bag, gorgeous color and will stand the test of time. Couldn’t you see this becoming a favorite  every day bag? Offered in a few colors that is priced right, click here

CHOICE 2 These are on my spring/summer wish list, I love a simple and comfortable  ballet flat and this one looks like a winner with such a soft leather, click here

CHOICE 3 This is one gorgeous saddle bag in a beautiful shade of gray, roomy, practical, classic styling with a long strap…a great and functinoal every day bag! Click here

CHOICE 4 And they do watches! This would be so pretty in the spring/summer months.  Click here

CHOICE 5  I must admit I wear heels only when absolutely necessary but when I do, I go for something interesting and detailed, this classic pump with the subtle chain detailing is really pretty. Click here

CHOICE 6 Funny I am not a burgundy person but this bag is a stunner! I love the styling and though it comes in black, to me in burgundy it’s a knockout. Click here

CHOICE 7 I bought this wonderful little bag, it is such a beautiful bag with the delicate little flowers, cannot wait to use it come summer!  Click here

CHOICE 8  My favorite style wallet, a zip around where nothing can fall out, also love this color. Click here

CHOICE 9 Had to order these, so my cup of tea…spring and summer here I come! Click here

CHOICE 10  Love a good crossbody bag, and use one every time I go into the city …it’s so convenient to be hands free. This is a good looking crossbody in a favorite color, click here

CHOICE 11 They even do glasses! This tortoise pair are gorgeous, click here

CHOICE 12 A good looking tote in ivory, a beautifully styled bag indeed. Click here

CHOICE 13 Can you believe these gorgeous driving moccasins are $84, if they have your size this is a heck of a deal. Click here

CHOICE 14 How sweet is this wristlet done in the dinky styling? Very “Chanel-ish” a great little bag for an evening out, click here

CHOICE 15 Nice looking chocolate brown suede pair of over the knee boots, gorgeous! Plus they are on sale, click here

CHOICE 16 I love a charm bracelet and own a few, this more delicate version is an update on the classic charm bracelet, pretty! Click here

CHOICE 17 This is one good looking tote in a taupe pebbled leather, love a textured leather and they wear so well, click here

CHOICE 18 When I think of Coach I think of classic and this icon trench is a perfect example, a good looking classic trench coat. Click here

This sure isn’t your mama’s Coach🙂 They certainly have come a long way and stepped up their fashion game. Some of the  clothing fashions I feel are oriented towards a younger more urban/hip consumer, but the bag, shoes and leather goods are just updated while still classic. So which are your two faves?

 What do you think of their new look? Own anything Coach? Sometimes its fun to rediscover a brand we thought was in our past. Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time……











Which would you choose?

Hello! This week has flown and its not been quite the smooth week I was hoping for but a little better than last, so not going to complain. Still working on the site and am well aware that there are still several things to be tweaked. I have actually hired a new person to finish out what needs to be done, and fingers crossed it will all be completed within 2-3 weeks. I will keep you posted and appreciate your patience in the meantime. As long as I can get my posts out to you, I am going to sit tight and know it will be worth it in the end!

I get a lot of emails  especially lately from people asking me to post some favorite evening gowns. Now that we have a few weddings/formal events on the horizon, they are on my radar too. A wide array of gowns here, in all price points, some exceptionally well priced ones that are too good to be passed up to serious investment gowns that you will have and treasure forever.

So…..just imagine the fashion fairy decided to pay you a little visit and you get to choose your two favorites. For me, it was a tough choice but I finally narrowed it down. Heck, some of these could even motivate me to start that diet that was to begin at the start of 2017:)

OK your turn……

CHOICE 1 In love with this vision in emerald green, the back is astoundingly gorgeous. And this won’t break the bank…looks like a serous couture gown. Click here

CHOICE 2 Priced right and so elegant in navy, a beautiful mother of the bride/groom option! Click here

CHOICE 3  This is pretty in pink, the applique work is so beautiful! Marchesa click here

CHOICE 4How about this vision in white? Oooh la la! Click here

CHOICE 5 Think this is a beauty and such a deal!! Only 2 sizes left, a stunner at almost 60% off! Click here

CHOICE 6 Incredible column gown by Oscar de la Renta, the colors, the styling equals WOW!! As beautiful from the front as it is the back, click here

CHOICE 7 Cannot believe this dress is almost 65% off and is now $345!!! An amazing amazing value, click here

CHOICE 8 Seriously In love with this dress from Jenny Packman, such a beauty!! Click  here

CHOICE 9 We all know the amazing benefits of a tall black dress, a great way to instantly shed a few pounds:) This beauty with the lace sleeves is a stunner and well priced. Click here

CHOICE 10 This is such a beautiful and elegant mother of the bride/groom dress, had to include it. Click here

CHOICE 11 Isn’t this such a pretty throwback to the Jackie O era! Love the chartreuse and simple lines, so elegant. Just missing gloves and pearls. Click here

CHOICE 12 Isn’t this a beautiful dress! Talk about a modern day princess dress, and I just had to show the incredible back!! Love a  bow, click here

CHOICE 13 This is one elegant gown, love the simple column style with the dramatic sleeve, very chic. Click here

CHOICE 14 Another dress that looks like a million dollars and is almost 60% off of its original……a serious deal. Just gorgeous and love this color, click here

CHOICE 15  I like this lacy colorblock dress a lot timeless and classic. Click here

CHOICE 16 Cannot get over that this is on sale and under $400….an amazing deal on one fabulous looking dress! Click here

CHOICE 17  This beauty just might be the deal of the day…..priced way down to $297!!!! If it were only my size:( Love black/blue together, this is a stunner at any price, click here

CHOICE 18 Let’s finish this with a bang!  Another incredible gown….Monique Lhullier is the genius behind this vision what a stunning gown for spring! Love the cherry blossom detailing, as beautiful coming as you are going. Click here

If you happen to buy something use the code INCIRCLE where you might get $100 off and free shipping!

Is this a gorgeous collection of gowns or what!! Has me in the mood to play dress up. So many fabulous dresses. I finally was able to narrow down my two faves, though not an easy decision. OK its your turn! Click here to see all of the evening items on sale.

The promo is one for the items we only have one or two left of, lots sold but a few things remain. Click here to see the flash sale

Thanks as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time….








Which would you choose?

Hi friends, so far the week is going a bit smoother than last, don’t think I could have handled two back to back weeks like last week! Working on the new site and the shop updates will start today, so by weeks end, the shop should be fully updated (plus all the other odds and ends).

Speaking of projects…one of my many projects within my house has been trying to organize my closet. Easier said than done:)

Not sure if you can relate, but if I was really truly practical I would discard probably about 70% of whats in there because I tend to wear only about 30% of what I own. I wear sweaters, blouses, cardigans and pants almost every single day, and tend to stick to certain colors and styles. So I am trying to streamline things a bit and it feels good to be purging.

I have a hard time letting go especially if its an expensive item, anyone else?

Despite not being great at parting with things, I  have been on a roll, needed a few ‘fills in”s and of course Last Call from Neiman’s is always a great place to start. There are limited sizes in each item but boy, can you ever get amazing deals if you strike it right. When I see this kind of sale….you better believe I act on it!


Today’s post features some of the amazing bargains I am finding for their unbelievable sale where things are an extra 60-75% off. I am talking cashmere sweaters for under $50!!! I often will buy things and put them away for the next season, at prices like that, why not!

Your time to choose your two faves…..



CHOICE 1 This is the lowest I have seen this favorite cashmere blazer, which I own and love. Click here


CHOICE 2 Gorgeous bell sleeve pleated blouse at a price I had to look at twice, click here


CHOICE 3 This wonderful little down jacket is under $70….amazing!! Click here


CHOICE 4 How pretty are these crystal adorned suede evening flats? Love that they have a slight heel, very chic. Click here


CHOICE 5 Adore this jacket with the 3/4 length sleeve from Nanette Lepore,  it is seasonless and is one of those great little staples everyone should have in their closet, click here


CHOICE 6 Fantastic deal on these over the knee soft leather Cole Haan riding boots, such a classic! Click here


CHOICE 7 Everything about this screams me, the color, the cableknit, the fact that it’s cashmere, cozy elegance! Click here


CHOICE 8  Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of vests, they are a staple in my wardrobe. This went right to cart at $41.00! Click here


CHOICE 9 Love these Fendi glasses, always loved anything tortoise. Click here


CHOICE 10 Was bummed this super cute jacket was not available in my size, but what a fabulous piece at such a deal, and if it’s your size you should go for it,  click here


CHOICE 11 How fabulous is this lace wrap dress from DVF? I love the color!! Click here


CHOICE 12 I am a sucker for anything with bows and these over the knee boots with bows are just too great looking to pass up! Click here


CHOICE 13 I actually own this very skirt and can tell you it has been a lifesaver. An easy pull on knit, it is flattering, goes with everything and I have worn it with boots and a chunky sweater as well as dressy shoes and a beautiful evening top, a great investment piece. Click here


CHOICE 14 This cashmere duster is the kind of thing I  live in, I  have several of these and they are perfect for days that are not super cold or for layering….I also wear mine around the house:) Click here


CHOICE 15 Ordered these wool/cashmere pom pom slippers because they are so cute and I take my lounging clothes very seriously:) Click here


CHOICE 16 OK I am switching seasons here but these Kenneth Jay Lane opaline necklaces are so beautiful in the summer with an all white outfit, super chic and a fraction of their original cost. Click here

LCY351S_mu LCY351K_mu

CHOICE 17 There are some incredible buys on exquisite gowns, not the least of which is this Monique Lhullier beauty at almost 70% off it’s original price, so beautiful. What a beautiful mother of the bride/groom dress this would make. Extra points for it being navy:)  Click here


CHOICE 18 Great deal on the worlds best fitting pair of pants, these NYDJ are perfect for “boot tucking”, click here


CHOICE 19 I am a definite fan of ruffles and bows and this beautiful feminine blouse by Vince is a classic, click here


CHOICE 20 Think this is a great looking rolling weekender bag, perfect size for a quick getaway, click here



So friends your turn to vote for your two favorite bargains….I could close my eyes and vote, because I love and want everything above! It’s a good thing my size was not available in a few of these:) Don’t forget if you make a purchase to use the code LCSHIP for free shipping (over $99). Click here to see it all.

Thank you for stopping by, and making me a part of your day. Hope you have a fabulous day.

Don’t forget the promo on the Provence planters, chargers and signature candles ends tomorrow (plus a great giveaway).  Click here for the details.









Seven on Sunday

Hello and Happy Sunday. Well this is one week I was happy to see end. The stress level was high and I really needed the weekend to “decompress”. Launching a new site is exciting but nerve wrecking. Thank you for all of your very kind comments and emails…..they were so great to read and very encouraging…happy you love the new site. But, remember we are still doing a lot of tweaking and updating as I mentioned in my previous post.

The shop site is not at all updated yet and things like seeing only half the picture on the home page, plus being able to search for previous posts plus more are still being fixed. The “window” that seem too small  where you view the actual post will be fixed as well asl the ability to be able to pin all the pictures, plus many more odds and ends- so as I had mentioned,  please be patient, knowing that we are on it:)

Putting the obvious blog maintenance aside, I am really starting to enjoy my new site and hope that within the week, it should be nearly fully updated. In the end, I know it will be well worth all of the frustration, impatience, screaming matches,temptations to drink wine at 9am, and annoyances. It was quite an undertaking, one I am happy to put behind me!

Hope your Sunday is off to a great start and that you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Today is bittersweet as my sweet youngest soon is going back to college later today. He has been home almost a full month and it’s been so wonderful having him home…though he’s not home often, when he is, the house just feels “right”.

Plus hes my biggest fan of my cooking so it’s always a treat cooking for such an appreciative and complimentary patron:) He will be really missed…….look forward to a week of continued small improvements on the blog,shop updates, a great giveaway and a celebration discount in the coming week.

Moving along to my Seven on Sunday……


1. BLUE AND WHITE GOODIES. Not only was this a Blue and white Christmas (and will be from here on in) I got so many beautiful blue and white gifts. I have to share  a few with you because they are worth knowing about!

I got this most exquisite planter/champagne bucket with my very own personalized cipher/monogram (in blue and white or course) from the one and only Sasha Nichols, given by  incredibly generous and stylish  Laurie of LB Originals. Absolutely love it!! Will treasure it forever. I am currently using it for my azalea topiary who seems quite happy in it:)

unnameccsd unsscnamed

Then this exquisite framed blue and white handpainted art just made my day and now happily has been placed in my office. Super stylish Bettie of My Private Newport so generously sent this to me, it is perfect in my office. The artists name is Kate Drenckhahn, you can see more of her beautiful pieces by clicking here

usdfsdnnamed unnadfdfmed

Then a friend from Palmetto Bluff gave me this set of 8 cloth ginger jar napkins and these awesome ginger jar disposable placemats…does she know me well or what! These make me smile every time I use them,  then to have gotten the matching fabirc napkins was the icing on a very sweet cake. Needless to say we use them every day!

uxennamed unfddfnamed unnamedsfdd


2. KEANU REEVES. My husband actually gets the credit for this, showed me the video and I was so moved by this humble man. I have always thought he is a wonderful and talented actor and seemed humble on screen but had no idea how closely it mirrors his true persona.

He is regularly known to ride the subway and there are frequent accounts of him always offering up his seat to a nearby standing female passenger. Bravo! Very inspiring and so “un hollywood’. You rock Keanu!

3. NEW RECIPE Well actually this is not really a new recipe, in that I have made this before but haven’t made it in a while. Cassoluet is a classic traditional French dish, satisfying and layered with great flavors.

It is perfect and very hearty for the cold winter months. I have added chicken instead of the pork with a small amount of sausage, there are variations that you can experiment with, it is an exceptional tasty dish and cooking/serving it in a Le Cruset makes it feel so authentic, add a nice crusty loaf of bread and you are good to go!



  • 2 lbs. Great Northern Beans
  • 6 cups Vegetable broth
  • 2 cups of red wine
  • 1 large onion cut into chunks
  • 1 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes
  • 6 medium carrots sliced into ½” pieces
  • 1 lb. Italian sausage partially cooked and sliced
  • 2 lbs. pork shoulder cut into chunks
  • 1 lb. slab bacon cut into chunks
  • 10-12 sprigs of parsley
  • 10-12 sprigs of thyme
  • 1½ tsp. allspice
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • ½ tsp. pepper


  • Preheat your oven to 250F.
  • Tie the thyme and parsley sprigs with butcher’s twine. (This will be added to the casserole)
  • Place all the cut meat in a large bowl and add the allspice, salt and pepper and coat well.
  • Rinse the beans and place in a large pot with enough water to cover on medium heat. Simmer for about 20 minutes and drain.
  • In a large oven safe casserole place the beans, vegetable broth, tomatoes, meats and tied herbs.
  • Cover and cook for about two hours.
  • Uncover and add the wine.
  • Continue to cook for an additional hour or until the beans and meat are fork tender.

4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always a highlight of these posts is getting to share with you what got my interest this past week.  Needless to say there was plenty!!

unn32amed un22named unnam22ed unnamed32 unnam2323ed unn221amed unnamaaaed unnsd2amed unnamesdssd unndssamed unnamesdsd unnameddsss unnsdsamed

un232named undfd3named

And my favorite this week is this amazingly beautiful stationery from Nico and Lala, soooo fabulous! I love the navy with the peachy tones, has me thinking of creating an event just to use these:)



5. A PRINCESS DIANA HOLIDAY. One of my all time favorite people, Princess Diana to me, was one of the kindest, most empathetic, humble and most misunderstood people. I so admired and was greatly  inspired by her. I was thrilled to learn that a holiday has been established in her honor, fittingly called National Kindness Day.

Also to mark the 20th anniversary of her death (I still remember the night it happened, being awake at around 11:30 and shockingly watching the breaking news come through) there will be a year long series of events organized by The Diana Award, an organization that keeps her spirit and charitable giving alive. For more info click here.


6.NEEDLE AND THREAD. I have been a fan every since I discovered this affordable but so exquisite line of beaded dresses,tops and skirts. The detailing is so beautiful. Everyone one of these tops, I am in love with. They could be dressed up with a beautiful ballgown skirt or slightly dressed down with a pair of velvet pants. Every one of these is so gorgeous and some are even on sale!! Click here to see the entire collection of Needle and Thread.

670474_in_pp 706338_in_pp 726411_in_pp 756325_in_pp 760904_in_pp

And if you have a dressy affair coming up, absolutely check out Net a Porters unbelievable sale on gowns, some are up to 70% off!! Click here to see them all…..


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So we got another light snow yesterday (enough to make everything look pretty)  and I declared that I am pretty much over winter now. One big and one light snow, let’s move onto spring!

I used to love winter when we would go skiing and the kids were young but now I could happily skip over it. I LOVE fall and spring and summer are tied right behind it. The older I get the more I am feeling done with this frigid season that goes right to your bones and don’t get me started on it getting dark before 5pm! How about you…..what are your thoughts on old man winter?


Well friends that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by and of course so enjoy hearing from you. Please be patient as we continue to button up the site, knowing we will be working on things all week long….it will be improving one day at a time:) Wishing you a wonderful and hopefully relaxing Sunday, until next time…..