Bluff Diaries Chapter 14

Hello and happy spring late afternoon!  We are having the most amazing string of weather, it feels like summer, got up to almost 80 degrees! On the PB front,  things are starting to really chug along, the decision making is going to intensify and I really need to get my thinking cap on.

One of the bigger and most pressing decisions is how to treat the flooring on the front and back porch. Before I get to that here are the latest pictures of where things stand…it’s really shaping up! This week it’s all about getting those chimneys up and up they are going.

Our builder Cameron Builders is doing a great job at keeping us updated with pictures and frequent progress reports and in the loop, it makes doing this from afar easier than I would have thought:)

Exciting to see the brick chimneys  getting put up!

And we are experimenting with shutter colors next to the exterior and roof color

Another round, getting closer!

And we have a front and back door!

Right now the flooring on both patios is a standard ground shell/concrete floor which many keep as is. I however see something a little more interesting. I am thinking for the front a herringbone brick, which I love the look of.

In the back I am considering Peacock pavers, would have loved the brick but not sure about the “bumpy” nature of brick. It is a huge covered patio and I am sure, it is a space we will use a lot. There is going to be a BBQ, a fireplace and plenty of seating so I want it to not only  look good but of course be practical/functional.

So here are some of my ideas and of course, I welcome any suggestions you might have. One major perk of my blog is the exchanging of ideas, which I so love to read. So here we go…..

So brick is always beautiful and the flat brick (less than an inch) is so convenient when you need something thinner-

Love these tones of brick and have always been drawn to brick done in a herringbone pattern

So here are a bunch of my ideas….not one I don’t just love!

Blue stone above is very pretty, which we have had but it gets very hot also don’t want something so gray

And then there are the peacock pavers equally beautiful…

Can we talk about how utterly charming this is above? And how Peacok Pavers were so able to so easily be used to “blend” the old with the new

This color above and below is what I am loving, champagne

OK your turn to weigh in, have you ever done brick or pavers on a patio (enclosed or a front porch)? If so would love to know your thoughts on the matter and how it has held up, what kind of heat conductor it is,etc….Really appreciate your feedback and will be paying close attention as this is a decision that needs to be made very soon!

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..

PS The Chinoiserie tole sale is happening. Lots of great things like the new obelisks, and of course the fabulous Provence planters which will be here in time for spring planting!Take advantage of lowest prices before they come in, click here to see all the beautiful items being offered.





Bluff Diaries- Chapter 7

Hello! Just in case you are wondering about what is going on with the PB house…there is progress being made albeit a little slower than what we wanted. Some of it was our fault, changes in the plans, and amendments that needed to be made. The good news is that we decided on a builder, soon to sign on the dotted line and with luck this show is going to hit  the road very soon and never look back:)

One great thing is that  unlike up here in NY, “down south” they do not lose time for bad, cold, inclement weather…so building is pretty much a year round process there. That is good news indeed. I feel somewhat ahead of the game in that I am doing lots of research to figure out what/how I want to do things and think so far I  have a really good idea of what I am looking for. Thankfully my Pinterest board is a great place to curate a  collection of pictures to refer to (click here if you want to see).

So today I am focusing on flooring. SO many options. We are finishing a small wine cellar in our home and went to look at flooring and boy, was I ever floored (pun intended) at the vast choices but even more what they are doing with tile that looks like wood flooring, right down to nails and cracks….incredible! Totally wowed by so many of the choices and best part how affordable so many of them are. The tiles that look like marble, wood and onyx are mind blowing. So here we go on the subject of flooring….



For the great room which is basically a living room/family room with dining partially open to kitchen inclined to go with wood (a little softer on the feet) though some of the wood/tiles are mighty temping. First here are some of the real wood ideas-

photo-parquet-1317563749 hardwood-floor-pattern-chevron-2 end-grain-wood-blocks-1352556147

point-de-hongrie-1236009774_52d9526562e07 1a3a9ed41e57237a0c39dc602949a0cb


And then check out this tile (we chose this one for the cellar) as we are keeping it lighter/weathered woods, channeling a rustic Napa vibe to work with the great room next door. Amazing stuff! The Tile Shop is an excellent source for beautiful and super affordable flooring! I get a special contact me about it:)


4202341_orig IMG_1295-2

This is the “wood tile” floor we chose for our wine cellar-incredible with the “cracks” and nailheads-

unncxvxcvamed unnacvxxmed uxcv3nnamed

For the family room/study,  I may do wood but thinking to do an area rug out of sisal with a herringbone pattern or possibly wall to wall-


Always loved this room above, it feels coastal but in a very sophisticated way and love the textured sisal carpet…..great vibe!


bakari2 steps to bedroom more camilla-sisal


For first floor powder room fell in love with this painted cement floor, it is stunning!


For the back powder room will likely do a simple white honed marble-

unnamesadfad unnafdsdfsamed


Onto bathrooms, we divided our big master and did a his and hers smaller (we are used to our own bathrooms and this is a luxury we want to keep:)

So for mine just loving these, they are white marble with celeste blue accents-

unnxwamed unnamefcd


For hubby white with the brown tones is always masculine and attractive-

uxcqnnamed unnac2med unnamcbed

For guest baths I will likely do what I did in this house, kept them all clean and classic variations of white marble. it is timeless and you can add color with things like prints, art, and/or wallpaper,etc….


This below is so pretty , love that chunky marble chair rail and detailing



For bedrooms am a big fan of wall to wall though down south you see lots more hardwood, not sure if I will go that route. If I did the carpet I would go with either Stanton or Stark they both make some all time favorites, these I may also do area rugs out of and bind the edges with about a foot or so of wood floor exposed (another look I like)-


And finally for the back mud area which leads to a small pantry/mudroom/laundry I do love the look of herringbone brick or would do oversized pavers, possibly Peacock-

Herringbone brick-


A few patio/outdoor space inspiration pictures-





Peacock Pavers-

peacock_pavers_buff_interior_texas_portfolio peacock_pavers_champagne_interior_rosemary_beach_portfolio home-design


So those are my ideas on flooring, though they are subject to change, I have a feeling what I end up doing will be very close to these ideas. I typically do not waver much when I really like something and I really really like these ideas:) Of course the budget is to be considered and that is something that needs to work as well! Anything you particularly love?

If you want to see all the other “chapters” on top right of my blog, go to the search bar and click “Bluff Diaries” it will take you to all previous posts. Thanks for sharing this fun journey with me….the best is yet to come. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day! Until  next time…..


PS Last day for promo. Site has been updated to show what is still available, click here to visit












Bluff Diaries- Chapter 5

Hello! So here I am with another round of Bluff Diaries and some good news. The first two rounds of plan submissions got approved so we are well on our way. The plans are being submitted as I speak to the two builders we have narrowed it down to, landscape architect has been hired and things are rolling.

We are totally done with the interior plan so thought it would be fun to share it with you since I know many of you enjoy that kind of thing. We are still putting the finishing touches on the exterior. It’s a great plan in my opinion in that it is open living, love the wide front porches (especially the back) and there is room for everyone. Sure makes me realize that when a house is laid out properly you don’t need a ginormous home. I have a feeling we are going to really love living in this house.

1st floor-

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.10.01 PM


Second floor-

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.21.13 PM


Above garage-

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.23.12 PM

Today I want to divert a bit from the interiors (which is of course the most fun part) to the exterior. As we winnow down the process, we are having to think and submit our color choices to the board. I have a vision of a creamy white house with pale blue/gray shutters. The aluminum roofs are de rigueur down there and they happen to look really good. Occasionally you will see a wood shingle room which I also like.

We wanted to preserve the integrity of the true “low country” style while adding just a touch of Hamptons to it. I love a look of long windows with shutters, so pretty. As I start thinking more seriously about a lot of the  exterior features, I think I pretty much know what I am after. Today is all about my inspiration for the exterior, let’s go….




This house above is a great example of the color scheme I envision for our future home,Home Bunch


This is a beautiful color for shutters, Silver Gray by Benjamin Moore

Picture 2

Another great example, love this! Belclaire House

FullSizeRender(32) FullSizeRender(31)

Really love the detailing on this house above, that railing!!!


This is an example of the metal roofs that are so popular, like this color, Southern Living


Isn’t this one fabulous front porch?


Wood Shingle of wood siding….to be determined, have seen beautiful examples of both-


This color light gray is what I am thinking for the roof-



Madly in love with these carriage garage doors (painted in my colors of course) , if they can work with the budget, I would do these in a heartbeat!


Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.33.20 AM

Another great example above


Another beautiful color


And you know gas lanterns are an absolute must! Bevolo


Another beauty, Carolina Lanterns


Who knew there are so many different shutter styles! Think I lean towards the raised panel or flat panel, a cleaner look


LOVE this, this color is Dior Gray from B.Moore, this home is from Jack Arnold, did my research:)


This beauty top and bottom is from the showhouse a few years back (when I first discovered Palmetto Bluff) these colors pretty much sum up what I am thinking…..


Love the idea of either light herringbone brick or peacock pavers for the back porch-



Kind of moving onto the “fluff” but surely the most fun part……I see two gorgeous  benches like these with some pretty pillows for the front porch, first impressions are everything! And down south a front porch is the first chance to make a great first impression.

White Pagoda Bench

il_570xN.422853144_l2rn il_570xN.948335704_d4n6

And a beautiful pair of planters with a boxwood topiary….

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.41.22 AM

These planters are from Authentic Provence Planters…so beautiful!

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.42.12 AM

Something along this line-



Want to see how I can envision the front porch? Take a look….

OB-pbluff front


So that sums up in a nutshell what I am envisioning for the exterior details..of course there is much more to come but this is an overview. As we tweak the outside elevations, we are moving forward and my fingers are crossed that we will sign with a builder very soon and get this show on the road!!

If you missed the other “chapter”s on the top right of my blog where there is  a search bar you can type in “Bluff Diaries” and it will take you to the last four posts.

Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day. Here it’s beautiful after a very stormy day yesterday which included a serious traffic snarl driving from the city, but it’s coooold today! Go figure:) Until next time…..

PS If you missed the post “It’s All Set” about the monthly tablescapes, you must check it out, click here


Bluff Diaries Chapter 4

Be sure to check out all of my new arrivals, so many exciting new things!! Click here to see….

Good afternoon! Hope you had a great weekend, I am finally on the mend and today was a serious “catch up” day. Thankfully  I had started this post a week or so ago  and just put the finishing touches on.

So here I am  with chapter 4 of the Bluff Diaries…things are moving along I am happy to say. We have pretty much signed off on the interiors and I am loving the flow, it’s going to be a great space with a lot of open living. I am thrilled with how it’s  all coming together and now we are tweaking the outside elevations.

The first round of permits has been submitted so fingers are crossed that we could start building maybe late June/early July! As we inch closer, I am starting to think about the house in a more realistic sense, how we will use it and live there day to day (when we are there).

One room that I think we will use a lot is a study/small-ish family room right off the kitchen with access to the long back porch and a view of the lake. I can imagine that I will look to retreat there  early in the morning with a cup of coffee and late in the afternoon with a glass of wine or cocktail:)

I have this persistent vision for some reason of doing lacquered built ins. If I get really daring,  I would do them in a pale blue/gray but the safe/left side of my brain says do a pale wheat/taupe color. Truthfully either color could be spectacular.

I see a beautiful worn soft colored rug (think Oushak) a comfy but good looking couch, a few really cozy club chairs, maybe a small desk. I see built ins with plenty of bookshelves and no over head lighting, just a few perfectly placed lamps for soft lighting.

So as I daydream about a lacquered room that is what’s on my mind this go around and this is one room I feel like I know exactly what I want to do and chances are this will not change.  I did some “investigative research” (makes it sound official) and spent a lot of time to find the images that best convey the look I am after. So here are some pictures to drive home my point……


This picture  best illustrates the look I am after, love the color, the tones and the overall feeling…..from John B. Murray


And yet this below is my argument (and a mighty good one) for the pale blue, love the feeling here and the colors! I happened to see this house 2 years ago on a house tour and this room stayed with me ever since! SB Long,


And look at the before and after picture that I found in my “investigative research”…amazing!


So seeing them both….which would you choose?


Here is another variation of the blue, though what I would use would have a bit more gray but this is the idea- I would also would consider doing the back pantry area in this color if I don’t do the study in blue


Plan on having ample bookcases like above


This is a color I have used, Stony Ground by Farrow and Ball, and this would be the colorway if I go the taupe route


And if go the pale blue/gray route, Borrowed Light also a Farrow and Ball color would be a great way to go


Love the idea of wallpapering the back of the bookshelves


This is a great picture to show the palette and overall feeling I am going for, Phoebe Howard


These both show a pale blue/gray finish which is awfully pretty!



This is a different colorway (but so beautiful) however I do love the way the sofa is nestled into the bookcases, a clever use of space, Phoebe Howard


Both of these pictures above and below beautifully exemplify the overall feeling/tones I see for this space, soft and soothing


Now a look at some of the actual elements that would go in this room….

This rug would be beautifully in this room I am dreaming up:)

1681_71_BIRCH 9500_29_DW

Coffee tables by Hickory Chair


Sherill sofa


Lee sofa



Love both of these lamps and the more transitional feeling of them, Chrsitsopher Spitzmeiler


This fabric (Fabricut) is not necessarily my top pick in design, but it  has all the colors to a tee that I am looking for, so keeping it on the backburner, because you never know, I could see it as a simple pleated Roman shade or soft drapes finished with a tonal wide tape like this one below from Samuel and Sons-



Both of these pillows would fit right in with what I see in the room…..


OK now you want to see how tall this looks on a mood board? I am really loving it…..



I must say I really love the way this is headed, its nice to feel so certain about at least one of the rooms! Whereas the others I am in a few directions, this one I really think I could do right away if I had to, I feel that certain.

Do you have a preference of the pale taupe vs. the pale blue/gray/green painted cabinetry? Would love your take so vote if you are so inclined, I always value what all of you have to say.

If you want to see other installments of the Bluff Diaries, go to the top right corner where it says “search” and type in Bluff Diaries, it will take you to all the other “chapters”. Next time around I hope to share the interior layout with you. Thank you for stopping in. Until next time…..

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here

PPS Until tomorrow, ALL silver and chinoiserie tole is 20%! Click here to visit shop


Seven on Sunday

Hi friends…hope you are well and enjoying a nice weekend! Thank you to all who left such wonderful feedback about my dining room window treatments, I so love them (click here if you missed that post). It is nice to finally have that room done, except for a few minor odds and ends.

Here winter is back, I kid you not…we had a few snow/icy rain showers yesterday. I am glad I did not give into temptation and start my planting last weekend. Crazy. I am more than ready for warm air, cool evening breezes and everything to be green….don’t love you love the sight and smell of fresh cut grass? Nature is very confused around here and I say, enough already…let’s roll out spring once and for all!

It’s been a relaxing weekend…..gotten a lot of work done, and finished part of my closet organization (much more to go). Had dinner with good friends, pretty low key, just how I like them and don’t get enough of 🙂 Today hoping to see a movie, would love to see Miracles from Heaven, whether my husband will go along with it is another story:) Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..


1 THE MONOGRAM TO END ALL MONOGRAMS! I could not wait for Sunday to arrive so I could share this with you! I have featured Arabella June before because I was so taken with her incredible artistry and some of the most exquisite monograms I have ever seen. So you can imagine my excitement after we started collaborating together for my very own:)

LOVE how she was able to incorporate all that is important to me, my home (that holds those that I love), Teddy, my beloved blue and white and of course flowers:)

I had many specific ideas/details in my mind, and she,  without skipping a beat (and putting up with my OCD’ness)  was able to turn my ideas into the most dreamy vision I could have ever imagined. Now my mind is racing with all kinds of possibilities, stationery, a pillow case, stickers, wine labels, a tote bag….lol its so pretty I want it everywhere! She even made me two versions. Feast your eyes on these incredible custom monograms! You can contact her at or visit her Etsy shop here.


Version 1


Version 2


Both versions-


And lest you wonder where else you can use these monograms besides the obvious (stationery and stickers, both which I have already ordered) check out these ideas that were born out of monograms from Arabella (not to mention this would make the most beautiful and unique wedding gift)!


2. ENCAUSTIC TILES. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them, until a few months ago, neither had I. I just knew I liked them. A lot! They are painted cement to put it in the simplest terms and are a big deal in flooring right now.I would not use them in a large space for a powder room…oh yes!

  There are so many great and highly decorative looks, how to choose. I really like this idea and am even thinking of one for my powder room in PB. Take a look below. You can visit Cement Tile Shop by clicking here.

A few of my favorites-

issssndex infdfddex


And look at them in actual spaces-

indffdex indsdex inddfex inderfx

af0fb717d359c67eb39e055e39d12ba3 5090d0613c765eedd01b2cc108ab0f29

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This week, there seems to be an accent on homes and interiors sprinkled with a dose of blue and white and beautiful flowers. This is one of my favorite “jobs” every week, scouting out my absolute faves! Here is this week’s beautiful roundup-

in15dex ind311ex

inded33x in211dex in12dex

indg66ex inggjdex inhjjdex indehjx indejx inde11x inDDdex indeEWx indeEEx indBVex indSSex indeDSx iSSAndex ind1QAex

4. LOVE JULIA CHILDS? Who doesn’t her, her larger than life personality,  passion and life devoted to food, her inspiring confidence…how can you not like her! Well, you can now own her charming cottage among lavender fields and olive groves in Provence! How fun would that be?

And to be able to channel your inner Julia Child while in her very own kitchen would be pretty incredible:) Check it out below and click here for a most interesting article on Julia Childs and this home at the NY Times..

151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-25_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-20_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-19_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-17_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-15_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-11_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-1_1 151031-casir-ba168-pitchoune-pi-4_1

5 . TO DIE FOR CHINOISERIE TOLE. I am over the moon about this next incoming container, by far the prettiest chinoiseie tole delivery yet! It is officially en route as of a few days ago and I am already plodding and planning on where to use several of these beautiful pieces.  A presale will be held in about a week so stay tuned, in the meantime here is  a teaser:)

insd33dex inSDSdex indeDF3x index

ind232ex indsssssdex issndex indewewx indWWWex ind3wwex inRRdex inTTdex

inddfdex index

6. RALPH LAUREN RUGS. I am a fan of basically anything from Ralph Lauren, from clothes to lighting to furniture and now rugs….everything he touches is gold. He certainly has the eye and has curated an incredible collection of rugs.

I have recently bought two with e design clients and must say these are some of the prettitest I have seen in a while.  Check out his collection and visit Decor Market to see all of them (if you fall in love with one be sure to use code, enchanted and you will get an extra discount)! Click here to see all the entire collection of Ralph Lauren rugs

rlr8285a-6 rlr6845c-6 rlr6935b-6 rlr6935a-4 rlr6845b-6 rlr5112b-4 rlr5114b-2 rlr3351b-5

Here is one of my favorites in a client’s home….gorgeous!


32aindex inde343x

7. LIKE GINGHAM? I sure do, always have. Have this darling tablecloth from a while back and set up a blue and white table with a touch of green. Love the way it came out, used my Juliska chargers, blue willow china, my own silver and crystal, filled a huge jar with blossoms (and yes I know it would have to be removed when we eat) but it sure made a pretty picture:) and definitely puts me in the mood for some spring entertaining!

iwe33ndex inererdex inded54x

ind4636t43ex indWQQex


Loved using my darling mini foo dogs as part of the centerpiece…love those little guys:)


So my friends that is what’s new and on my agenda this past week….how about you? Anything here get your attention? VERY excited about the porcelain and silver container, both due in this week! If you are one who placed a presale, fingers crossed they will arrive this week and we will start getting orders out the door as soon as the containers are unpacked. Will keep you posted.

Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping (and sure hope it’s warmer wherever you might be) than it is here! Wishing you a great day and end to your weekend. Until next time…..


Bluff Diaries Chapter 3

Hello friends, here I am with Chapter 3 of Bluff Diaries, where I will chronicle our building journey in Palmetto Bluff. Right now  everything is obviously preliminary but we are making progress. Nearly done with interior plans and working on exteriors now.  I am sharing with you my various ideas of what I can see for that house in this series. Though I am sure many of my ideas will change/evolve over time, I tend to be a pretty decisive consumer. When I like something, it normally sticks:) If  you missed Chapter 1 click here and Chapter 2 here. There will be, rest assured, many more chapters to come!

Today’s chapter is on one of my favorite subjects……kitchens! I am excited about getting to plan another kitchen. I really enjoyed the process for my home here in NY and it was one room where I really was able to fulfill my wish list and it delivered. I recognize this kitchen in PB is going to be obviously smaller and much more casual, however that does not mean comprising on beauty! I see a “light and airy” approach to this house in general and the kitchen will follow suit.

My husband and I have decided we want this house to be part low country/part will be a hybrid of the two. I love the look of open shelving in a kitchen but with the plans as they are shaping up, I will not have much wall space so it is probably  not in the cards if I want to be practical and for the kitchen to be functional. Though we will use it part time, you always have to be mindful about down the road, if we were to sell to someone who might live there full time (and that includes us:). So though this is very early on, here are some of my ideas-

The kitchen will be about 13 x 20 which will include a center island with ample bar stool seating for at least 4, it will open onto a large great room that will be family/living/dining. Very open and inviting layout. Here are some of my ideas….



This has been a longtime fave and I could see this easily in this house-


And these are an assortment of others I like very much and have been collecting for a while-








The details-

There is a chance I will do wood floors but am not totally sold yet. Depends on what we do for the main big room, love my kitchen floor the reclaimed French limestone but its costly and not as gentle on the feet so we will either do some kind of wood or stone with area rugs.  Peacock Pavers are really beautiful and look like old stone, plus they are so affordable-

11250f546c92507d12b8a065f266f54b e534f5b24e2af2f4cbcd58d7aca2efe1

I would LOVE to do this Ilve stove if my budget allows, just really digging the gold/silver mix, love my Ilve now so I would do another in a heartbeat:) Isn’t this a beauty!



And really love my Shaws farmhouse sink so would do that again as well….might do a double this time


I think I am leaning towards brass in the kitchen but its not 100%…..however I really do love the look. Something like this faucet and this hardware below are an example of the vibe I hope to create….

211522 0111133bc5557b61827d89293548509b

Pulls- seeing something a bit cleaner, less fussy, oversized and more transitional along this line-




Countertops- I am as in love with my honed Calcutta Gold countertops today as much as the day I got them put in….hopefully we can find not crazily priced beautiful slaps to do it again in the new house. Second choice would be one of the beautiful quartzites out there, a bit more affordable and some are really quite amazing looking! You just have to be very persistent and keep looking until you find what you want…..




Barstools- Definitely  want something on the casual side…always been fond of the updated traditional bistro style bar stool

fox5208c-front fox6532a-front


And I also like this look a lot as well….

connor counter stools


I could see any of these beauties above the island which will hopefully seat 4-5 kitchen stools-

CHC2177GI CHC3436AB CHC2161GI CHC2107AB 9346 9000-0013


This is fun and most definitely the one room I tend to be the most excited about. You can be sure there will be many more kitchen posts to come! I love to cook and entertain so look forward to this more casual style as I think it will get used a lot. Fingers are crossed that we will sign off on the plans (both interiors and exterior) within the month and get building permits June, or July at the latest.

I am anxious to get this show on the road!!  In the meantime it’s fun to do  my “investigative research” 🙂 Thank you for stopping by…wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time….

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Bluff Diaries chapter 2

Good morning! Hope your week is off to a good and productive start:) So as I announced a few weeks ago, I was starting a new series, Bluff Diaries (click here if you missed chapter one)? to document the soon to be (hopefully) project of our new home in Palmetto Bluff. We signed with the architect and are busy working on the plans, and will? be going down there in a few weeks. With luck we will get our permits fast and start to build maybe in May if the permit Gods are on our side:)

So every time I post a new “chapter” I will discuss a different element of the process. Last time we talked about flooring, today I am going to devote this post to powder rooms. This house? will no doubt be a much more casual, laid back, lighter and airier style home reflective of that wonderful and iconic Low Country Style. There are so many choices for gorgeous flooring, wallpapers, plumbing fixtures, lighting that my head spins just thinking of all the possibilities!

Here are some of my thoughts, I tend to be one of those people that when I really love something, I tend to stick with it so you can pretty much bet? that what I end up doing will be quite close to what I am musing about here:)




Sinks– LOVE this sink and have had this in my files for awhile…..would really love to do this in the powder room. Did this in my old house and it was one of my favorite design choices for that house. There is a company Palmer Industries that makes custom sink legs, you need to get the marble tops fabricated on your own.

The powder room is one room I always splurge on because it should feel like a wonderful little jewel box and it is those special and unique touches that help to create such a look. It is a bit of a process to put together but just look at the results! Some ideas of what I have in mind……




Wallpaper– Big fan of it in the powder room. It is an easy and doable space to create a real statement..and I feel every powder room whether? a more casual one or a super formal affair should wrap you in beauty.? I could see a gorgeous fun, crisp wallpaper like one of these, all are sophisticated but more on the casual side-

T14204-medium T36158-medium T36154-medium T36185-medium T16051 T16020

Plumbing- I am thinking of doing a rich brass or even an unlacquered brass fixture in there which would work with brass sconces as well. Something along this line is what I am thinking-

hottesttrendsforkitchenandbath_ce2d-kallistafaucet_thumb 45378

tumblr_mz0hw96FKH1qzhvr4o1_1280 99b5b4413c4e8ed900972aa011493432

Sconces- Now if I go with brass on the faucet, I will most certainly do the same with sconces and a ceiling light fixture. Since the vibe is decidedly much more casual I will forego looks like crystal chandeliers and do something simpler without compromising on good looks or sophistication. I like all of these-

m_TOB2070HAB?? ? ? ? ? ? m_CHD1183AB(1) ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? m_CHD1174AMAB

m_AH2040NBPL(1)???? m_AH2015NB-NP

Ceiling light/chandelier– For this too, I see something much more casual/relaxed but in a refined way. Going casual does not have to be interchangeable with boring!? I am thinking more of a lantern idea and any of these beauties would do just fine!


Mirror- This is a mirror I have used a number of times with design jobs, it’s one of my favorites. It works as well with a super traditional interior as it does a more transitional one…comes in gold leaf or silver and I think would work perfectly in my future powder room, so much so that I don’t think I need to look any more!


Flooring- Covered lots of flooring last week but for the powder room,? the busier the wallpaper the simpler will go on the floor, I love whites and creams together and feel that palette will work well in this house. Some of the more patterned mosaics however are a work of art in themselves and I feel like maybe just a solid wall or a tonal paper would suffice, so it will either be a statement floor or a statement wall! Any of these would make me very happy, I am quiet sure I will do a white/cream marble honed of course…..

r3a era


These beauties are from Tile Bar-

single-honey-onyx sb-intlacthsmgbls sb-mjgerbera

And these are from New Ravenna

r3a era mediterranean-bathroom-tile

1257fb78-40b7-4866-a3ad-26d5acc9bd87 7caa9712-bb18-413d-be0c-41f56e4b76ec e9e40b882bf8cb02240781cd24556f29

LOVE all of these from the Silk Road Collection at New Ravenna, we used them for four of our baths for this house and I must say they do exquisite things with marble!



Wow I feel like this little room is already done! If I continue at this pace I am bound to shave off some significant time in this entire process. Next up will be master bath…..thanks for following along. Lots more to come! Wishing you a wonderful day and great start to your week. Until next time…..


PS New promo that started yesterday ends tonight, some beautiful things including these gorgeous cashmere capes! Click here


PPS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here

Project Lower Level- part 2!

Good Monday evening and how is your week going? Mine is off to a very busy start but trucking along…. today felt like spring and it was incredible to walk out with just a light jacket. Could it be? I am almost afraid to wish for it as with my luck, a new snow storm will be lurking! About 6 months ago I shared with you, our lower level or at least a part of it, click here if you missed part 1. Today I am sharing the rest (or most of it).

Our basement aka lower level is quite large. In fact I could happily live down there now that we are basically empty nesters (so sad). It came out really beautiful, it’s a more casual area but so comfortable. The tall ceilings (10 feet) do not at all make it feel like a basement and we have many windows so truly its almost feels like a main floor. So join me as I show you around…..



When you first get downstairs there is a “foyer/hallway” area where we put a beautiful French antique armoire that we have had for quite some time, didn’t know where else to put it so here it is for now at least….




DSC_0479 DSC_0521

Then there is a pretty powder room (Thibaut paper) still waiting on new mirror but this is here as a temporary “fill in”-

DSC_0483 DSC_0482

There is a small vestibule that separates the area above to the gym (to the left there is an unfinished room designated as a future wine room) This fixture below is way too dressy I know,? but we have it from our old house so just using it for now…..


Then the next room is a gym, thankfully my husband? and college aged son (when home) use it a lot. I wish I could say I do but I am getting there, after hurting my knee quite badly (partially torn ACL)? over a year ago, I am gun shy about doing hardcore exercise again but one of my big resolutions is to get back to exercising.

It’s a really fabulous room in the way that gyms go, beautiful carpeting that is soft on the feet, not one but two TV’s (husbands idea) professional gym equipment, every comfort one could want and mirrors on every wall to remind you why you need to be there in the first place lol….


DSC_0489 DSC_0488

DSC_0538 DSC_0537 DSC_0536 DSC_0487 DSC_0486

From the gym room there is a small vestibule with a cabinet (eventually for towels) and then there is a gym bath (not finished)-


This is the still unfinished gym bath, there is a toilet and the shower is done but we received a damaged vanity and still waiting for replacement, which is taking forever.? Do love the floor from Tilebar:)


Not much to see right now other than the pretty floor:)

DSC_0493 DSC_0494 DSC_0495

Moving along down the hallway……this is possibly our favorite room in the entire? house, my husabnd uses it every single night and I often join him (if I like what is “playing”). The screen is enormous and the sound is just like that of a theater…this sofa is the most comfortable sofa I have ever sat on (thank you Lee Industries) for making it.

Its a soft cozy chenille and is perfect for movie watching! The coffee table is actually two coffee tables pushed together from Ralph Lauren, its a more transitional look but super classic. We painted the walls a rick dark navy (Ralph Lauren)? which I love.

Only thing temporary here are these sconces, these are too nautical for the room but we had them from our old house so put them up for now, working on getting the replacements ordered. Still loving for movie inspired art as you can see, we have a few not yet hung and eventually add some other pillows.

The carpet is a rich navy with gold dots from Stanton. All the furniture pieces are from Ralph Lauren.

DSC_0529 DSC_0522 DSC_0530


This amazing sectional is from Lee Industries


The beautiful coffee table is actually two tables together and are from Ralph Lauren


DSC_0524 DSC_0528 DSC_0525 DSC_0504 DSC_0501

And then right next door is the wonderful entertaining space that was revealed on? part of part 1 here is a reminder

DSC_0512 DSC_0513


Believe it or not there is more- another bedroom and bath, a huge “playroom” and a ping pong/billiard table room beyond these rooms that are finished but there is virtually nothing in them but a sectional and a ping pong table. Our visions of our kids playing there sadly are a bygone era and wishful thinking at this point…..but the space is there maybe for future grandchildren?

In the meantime we really enjoy this lower level especially the movie room, as it is so cozy, warm and inviting. So there you have it….the lower level completed (with the exception of odds and ends). Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful evening and great start to your week. Until next time…..

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday click here

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The Bluff Diaries chapter 1

Hi friends, hope you had a nice weekend and it wasn’t as frigid where you are as it has been here…brrrrrr! Thankfully today the cold is breaking and we are to get to a balmy 50 degrees, works for me!

So I am starting a new series, The Bluff Diaries and this is chapter 1 of many many more to come. As many of know by now we are going to be building a new southern home in beautiful Palmetto Bluff which I am quite excited about.

This is very much in the premature stage of the entire process, as we are just now signing with the architect, but are actually one step ahead of the game as we saw a home we really liked last time we were there and are taking those plans and modifying them to suit our needs. This will really speed things up and if we are lucky and get our permits quickly, we might be starting to build in May. You know both my hubby and I do have not patience so our fingers are crossed.

If you are like me and get a little giddy over things like a blank room and getting to decorate it, a new kitchen and baths, then you can understand that my mind is racing with possibilities. So here are some very premature thoughts on what I am thinking for the house. Once we start building I will do more regular posts on this series so stay tuned the best is yet to come……


Main flooring throughout house– I am likely going to go with? wood but might just be tempted to go with a tile that looks like wood, they have come so far and honestly it is hard to tell them apart. The tile is indestructible and cheaper, while having the beauty of wood, here are some examples of what I like and I bet you can’t even tell which is wood and which is tile!


ceramic-tile-that-looks-like-wood-floor e84ac542d9cb2f9711b5f14f2f6fe4a1 938c9c8bd51ebba16a24f43e0d6a2b2e b3f6d123d92abcf892c57535f33c662a 33bb82188656a85e35078361275c9ff0

OK which are wood and which are tile?

Surprise….they are all tile if you can believe it, crazy I know!


Rugs- I want rugs for great room and dining area and am possibly going to go with sisal but if I do opt for a more traditional rug it will be a washed out oushak, a favorite. These are from Safavieh….

z_osh562a-8 -9

If I do sisal for living/dining area I would probably opt for one with a pattern like these, love this!


For the stairs sisal is a must…

7b11e915f06b6f2dd5eec0355af72129 traditional-staircase 86e7f222173c0f100b5991f770e77b04

Bedroom flooring– Though you see a lot of homes with wood throughout the entire home in PB, I really like wall to wall in the bedroom, it just makes everything feel so cozy and warm.

I may do this with a one foot border of wood exposed around the perimeter of the room, which is another popular look, Below are some of the wall to wall carpets I really like, I favor the idea of a subtle pattern/style then keeping the rest of the room very soft and tonal……

rosecore image dsc_0106

Bathroom flooring- I love marble and used it in all the bathrooms in this house, so will do the same in P.B. It is classically beautiful, stands the test of time and honestly just makes a bathroom feel so luxurious. I will likely use? all neutrals as in whites and creams and might do one in Celeste Blue and white if I? can get a deal on it as it tends to be pricey…..

Celeste blue and Thassos-

s-l300 Detail_MAR_NR_BlueCeleste2-630x410 Detail_MAR_NR_BlueCeleste3-630x410

How interesting could this be for a beautiful powder room floor! (Tilebar)


This could be pretty for a powder room or master bath (Tilebar)


I love white and cream together, we already have this floor from Tilebar but it would not stop be from doing a guest bath in it again:)


Then of course there is the simple understated elegant of beautiful marble herringbone floors, did my sons bathroom in this pattern and love it today as much as I did 4 years ago…..


Outside porch- We are going to have a very large covered porch that runs the entire lenght of the house and I have a feeling it will be a space we use a lot. I love the idea of using a lighter colored brick in a herringbone pattern. Practical, classic and elegant.

15bc2652ae9548aed08d6eca6bcf810f 74441748b6ab1e7aa36b652e4b582823 407d4303a2787e53adbab3520fbcc9ee


So that about covers my ideas on? flooring, these ideas are petty solid and when I love something I commit to it (even if its just in my mind at this point). I hope that once we start the actual building process, it will go expeditiously, as I will want to get busy making decisions and getting things lined up to minimize delays!

I have also started a Pinterest board entitled “Bluff Diaries” for all of my evolving inspiration for this house, at the wee beginnings but its a start! Click here to follow along.

Next few “chapters”? will be on paint, lighting, kitchen ideas, baths, I will break it up by subject until the actual building begins. Thanks for stopping in….have any ideas? Do tell! Until next time…….

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday post click here


Seven on Sunday

Hi there, and welcome to Superbowl Sunday first things first,? time to announce the winner of the rug from Decor Market, congrats goes to-


Please contact me at to provide your shipping details

Also several of you asked where to purchase the new Southern Home magazine, for anyone who who wants to subscribe (and trust me it is so worth it)? click here


So it’s the Superbowl…….you would think I am a huge fan but truth is I really am not but do love any excuse to indulge in great food:) Kidding side it is kind of fun to see two amazing teams come together and vie for the top prize plus the half time shows? are always entertaining and of course there are the commercials………

Unfortunately I am under the weather with a bad cold, low fever….so my plans have all come to a halt so that I can nurse myself back to feeling better. Hope whatever you are up to is above all relaxing and exactly what you want to be doing. Thanks for sharing your Sundays with me, and here we go…..



1 SUPERBOWL FOODS! . We often have a small gathering for the Superbowl? but as we weren’t sure if we would be here this weekend (were supposed to go away) , and sure enough our plans did just change since I am sick, so just as well.

But these are a few of my tried and true favorite things from years past for Superbowl Sunday. For me, its all about small bites…I love them way more than big heaping platters of gooey messy nachos or giant sandwiches, just not my thing. It has to be pretty and taste good:)

BAKED BRIE, this is sooo good! But last year I made mini baked bries and let me tell you they were a hit! Only down side is that there were no leftovers:( Click here for recipe


These mini taco salads are actually really easy to make, so good and so easy…always a hit! Click here for recipe, so easy!


Mini sliders, we have a local butcher that makes great little burgers, I just buy the buns, add cheese and all the fixings and serve them on a tray, if you really want to win over lifelong fans bake a big pan of curly fries in the oven and serve alongside the sliders, a sure hit!


And finally I want to try these (next year I guess)? I mean really how can these not be good! I would probably use the real lasagna noodles cooked al dente then cut out with a cup (for small group totally manageable ) Click here for recipe


And of course we always have our trusty Margaritaville machine always ready to do overtime…makes the best frozen margaritas! Another other new favorite drink which is a little less guilt inducing is taking half a glass of a nice light rose and fillaing the other half with peach flavored sugar free seltzer…YUM! It is literally addicting!


2. EXCITING THINGS FOR THE ENCHANTED HOME SHOP. You know my shop is very much my little happy place……it is where I get to curate my very own collection of all that I love. Many wonderful things are percolating behinds the scenes…getting in a huge and incredible silver container (late March) another unbelievable porcelain container in mid March, more stunning chinoiserie items coming late March as well (yes March will be a busy month).

And then there are some new additions coming along as well as the development of blue and white ginger jar and pagoda Christmas ornaments just in time for the holiday season. It is quite a process to design and develop, approve then manufacture…as in many months.? Here is a sneak peek at a few new porcelains and silver items heading this way in March, I need to start thinking of places to put these pretties- ( a presale will be offered late this month)

inde3242x inde4334x ind12212ex in121dex indeewwx indewwx inde3ex ind22ex indcex unnamed

All the best selling blue and whites will be restocked as well as new colors for foo dogs and pagoda, many new planters/large plates and tons of ginger jars!

asdindex inddasDASex

indsdaex unnamdded

Some beautiful new tole pieces coming in that I do not have pics of yet but getting in these fabulous pagoda sconces in two colorways-


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So? much to love this week, though I say it every week…..never at a loss of great inspiration to share with you. Here are my favorites from this week…..

indaddfasex indsa3dex insgdex inaadex ind3244ex idfdndex inddddex indefvx indeggx in2121dex in1fdex in22dex i12ndex inccdex invvdex in3ddex indeffx

And because I cannot resist the chunky delectable rolls of a? super chubby baby….how ADORABLE are these!!

inxedex indexxx


4. WINE MOVIES. Always drawn to any movie about wine, I guess first because I happen to like drinking it and actually find the entire industry fascinating, and secondly it almost involves beautiful scenery, Napa, Sonoma, south of France, Tuscany, you get the idea!

So suffice to say I have seen a lot of wine movies, A Good Year being one of my all time favorites. But a few others (some documentaries that I have also seen more than once and really enjoyed are below just in case you too were a oenophile in a former life:)


A? GOOD YEAR an long time favorite…





5. A FEW SHOES.. I must admit I have gotten a lot more casual in my ripe old age of 50……comfort often triumphs but looking good is important I cannot lie. However when I have to wear heels, OMG I become incredibly grouchy very fast, when my feet are in pain, watch out.

SO finally at long last found a pair that look great, give the height that one likes when dressing up in a gown but at long last these are comfortable and don’t me turn me into a grouchy meanie after only an hours use:) Say hello to my new favorite dressy shoe….and when worn with a gown it looks like a regular pair of painful heels:) I also love the neutral color goes with silver or gold……click here



And I know (at least for us) with snow on the ground and more to come, baring our toes seems like a lifetime away I could not resist giving into my hopefulness and buying these darling woven basketwork leather sandals, LOVE anything woven like this and they are neutral, an added plus, click here


And while at Anthropologie, I also spotted these adorable espadrilles and at $48 it was a no brainier, looks great with all white… here


and these in white…darling! Click here


6. A REMARKABLE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY! You have to watch this little guy…my parents sent this to me, he is 3! THREE!! The confidence and of course sheer talent are just mind boggling? BUT you really need to watch it to the end to his “grand finale”… he doesn’t miss a beat literally and figuratively and you can see LOVES drumming and just doesn’t want to stop….


7. MAGNIFICENT MARBLE . Tile has come a loooooong way. I haven’t looked much at what is happening with marble flooring in a while but for a new edesign job we are working on multiple baths and I am having a field day!

Then of course my mind started racing with possibilities of down the road when I get to start doing baths again at PB! Tilebar is a favorite source that always has such a beautiful and vast selection with exceptionally competitive prices, here are some current faves below….

Click here to visit Tilebar....if you place an order (call and tell them you are from The Enchanted Home, you might just get a special little something extra:)

sb-highlandabrn sb-mjrabatcrmrwths sb-mjlinks sb2-mjblublzstr sb-mjacerwinter sb-mjkrmabard sb2-kktruthorflare


So there you have it…is it wrong to be craving a slider, mini taco bites and a frozen margarita at 9am? Hum……..I will miss our normal Superbowl gathering, funny how this iconic event turns even a non fan like myself into an excited, enthusiastic fan, spatting football terms like I know what I am talking about:)

Hope whatever you are up to today, Superbowl or otherwise, it is fun, relaxing and mostly exactly what you want to be doing.? Enjoy and thanks for stopping by. Until next time……

PS A fabulous new floral promo will be starting later today, be sure to check back for those who had asked about it:)