It’s All Set- April

Hello my friends, been having a beautiful string of weather here. I feel a definite pep in my step with spring here though we are due to get a succession of rainy days.  A few announcements before we start-

Thanks to all for your input on my shutter paint selection. I have it narrowed down but in the. meantime have also found one more color I am thinking could be “the one”! I will share on Sunday once the decision is made.

I know about 30% of you are not getting my emails via subscription, so sorry! We are aware of it and the newly revised site is very close to happening, once that does this subscription problem will also be corrected once and for all!

Last the porcelain container has arrived to the port! We hope to have it in our warehouse no later than Thurs or Friday. We will start getting orders out immediately upon arrival….so hang tight, if you have an order it will soon be on it’s way!

So happy to be here today with another edition of It’s All Set, a monthly group I am a part of where a group of talented tastemakers  come together to showcase a tablescape they have worked on. Let’s face it doing this is always fun and a great excuse to put something pretty together, kind of like an adults version of “dress up” 🙂

Today’s post was  based upon my Easter brunch table. Let’s call this the Easter table with nine lives as things changed and changed again. Life,  right?  A last minute change meant going from a bigger table for several to a smaller table for four. I quickly reassessed and went to work. I take a layering approach when I work on a table setting, and continue to edit until I get it right. I love the way this table came out, it just felt very springy and Easter like with a touch of elegant whimsy. Take a look-

My Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf service is always a great starting point as are beautiful hydrangeas-

I had little time and could not find blue/purple stemmed hydrangeas so bought a potted hydrangea plant for $16 and cut them them as stems, got about 9 flowers out of it! Thanks Whole Foods:)

Got my trusty little planter ready and went to work

And my table…..before anyone gets all heated over the wrinkled tablecloth, have no fear I used a little portable steamer and it worked like magic:)

Also added a little Easter cheer to a nearby hall chest

Does it sound crazy to say I was most excited over my moss eggs? LOL they were such an unexpected and wonderful find,I love them. And since having little ones to dye Easter eggs is a closed chapter this is the next best thing.

You will most certainly want to visit all of the other talented bloggers to see what they came up with…always a worthwhile click!


Silver flatware and silver bowl- antique

 China- Mottahedeh “Tobacco Leaf”

Chargers- Juliska

Monogrammed napkins and blue and white porcelains- My shop

Glasses- Anthropologie

Blue and white bunnies- have owned a while

Small etched mint juleps- My shop

Mossy green eggs- Target (go quick you can still get them for next year)!

Fresh hydrangeas- Whole Foods

Linen tablecloth- had it made years ago

It's All Set logo


Spring Table | Pretty Pastels for a Sweet Occasion |


spring garden table shabbyfufublog-2



The Enchanted Home

The Enchanted Home

Town and Country Living


Thank you everyone for stopping by. Wishing all of you a fantastic day and hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Here spring is alive and well! Until next time…..

LAST DAY of the magnificent lamp flash sale. Click here to see-





Another visit to my happy place aka “NY Flower market” and a winner!

Hello friends!  First order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the rug from Decor Market, congratulations goes to-


Please contact us at to provide your shipping details.

A new flash sale just started Wed afternoon, click here to visit!


With spring officially here though it doesn’t totally feel like it, I have flowers on my mind. Make no mistake I am a huge fan of some of my faux, as they are really really good but fresh flowers are just something I cannot live without. So every now and then as I did a few weeks ago, I take a trip into the city to play florist for the day and delve into the hustle and bustle of the NY flower district. I have a few favorite stops, Associated Cut Florals, Dutchline and a few others.

This time around I didn’t pick up a lot as I had no occasion other than to convince myself spring is here and that is reason enough to bring flowers into the house. What can I say…they just make me really happy. I do have a luncheon coming up in about a month so plan on heading back to pick up flowers for that special day…of course will be sharing it with you. In the meantime, here is a recap on my recent visit with an equally flower obsessed friend….

Here are some of the quick pics I took while surveying the offerings that morning (the district opens super early around 5am and closes by about 11-12). It’s a very early and very short day. So many beautiful things to choose from……

Wouldn’t these make a fabulous arrangement in  blue and white jar?

Tulips of every variety and color over at Associated Cut Florals, they are always my go to for tulips

You can always count on major creativity and inspiration in the flower district as seen above

Love the way Dutch Flower Line always displays their daily selections

Greenery galore

Loved this elegant triple boxwoods standing like little soldiers outside one shop

Orchids for miles…..

These stunning hydrangeas took my breath away

I must say these beautiful sprigs of greenery got me dreaming, love the eucalyptus and variegated variety below…could make one gorgeous centerpiece!


Getting home is always the icing on the cake. I love going over what I bought and gathering all my little vases and pieces in which I will display them. Since there was no special occasion this time around, I just made up smaller arrangement’s and played around. Best kind of play as far as I am concerned:)

Then I give them each stem a nice little trim and start filling my vases with water, let the fun begin!

Tulips are one of my faves and these babies wasted no time in showing their spunk and going in every direction, which to me is the beauty of tulips

The white rannuculus is a very long lasting flower with a beautiful layered petal effect, such a pretty and romantic flower…..


TRICK OF THE TRADE- Hardly that I am in the floral trade but I have a trick or two up my sleeve and have used this little trick always very successfully. When the cherry blossoms started to dry up, I kept the stems and added about 8-10 stems (these jars are very large)  of my really good faux cherry blossoms and voila! my beautiful arrangement has had a rebirth. I have done this with orchids, hydrangeas,etc…and in fact going to do a designated post on this very subject in the near future. Left jar is the one that has been added to-

So here is a picture of them on their last leg but still looking pretty sans lots of flowers-

Then to the left I added about 8-10 of my faux pink cherry blossoms and voila! Look at the difference from left to right, my two week arrangement suddenly has had a rebirth!

Enjoy this post? Do flowers excite you as much as they do me? I am lucky to have a flower market so close, the only downside are the  inevitable traffic jams I always hit going to and from, so a quick jaunt quickly becomes almost an all day affair. But, it’s worth it, especially if one is having an event or party…..

Thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day and hope spring has sprung wherever you might be:) Until next time…..




A recap on Christmas 2016……

Hello friends! It’s so hard to believe and always bittersweet to realize that Christmas is over. That whole buildup and in 24 hours it’s all over and a thing of the past. Then we are left with the winter doldrums and in our case in NY, a long cold winter……. ugh!

This Christmas was a particularly good one. I think I appreciated it so much more this year because I have been working full time (and then some) and having a few days to do nothing but relax, cook, drink wine, watch movies, reminiscence with my family…it was the best and I can say I truly enjoyed and savored every minute.

Is it a lot of work? Yes, I think we all know the answer to that question, the marathon giftwrapping sessions, endless meals, making sure everyone is happy and well fed……but I would do it all again in a heartbeat if I could. What can I say? I really do love the holidays, despite the craziness and overload:)

I had fun setting up the tables for various meals and thankfully was mindful to have my camera or iPhone nearby much of the time to snap quick pics here and there. So here is a recap of some of what I was able to capture, which I am grateful for as it will be fun one day to  look back and think about Christmas 2016……

For breakfast I changed things up a bit and loved the touch of red for some early morning cheer. With older boys who enjoy the luxury of sleeping in, breakfast was done in a few shifts aka “seatings” But every breakfast started with some kind of fresh fruit, fresh juice and of course strong coffee!

I like adding small touches to make a table feel extra special, like adding this small wreath to the teapot pedestal….

And I made many yummy appetizers, for Christmas eve lunch we skipped a real lunch and feasted on tapas all afternoon since we were having a big dinner that night…..

I love making antipasta platters and my mint juleps are the perfect size for holding things like olives, breadsticks, mushrooms,etc……

I love this little Chinese rice bowls (mini) they are perfect for small bit size appetizers, in this case this was pasta and just enough to satisfy but not too much as to feel too full plus extra brownie points for the cuteness factor

And by late day this is what it looked liked, champagne, food, a roaring fire, a great movie…..ingredients for a perfect day-

And for some that means a late day siesta…..

For Christmas dinner since we were only 8 I decided to make it more intimate and cozy and set it up in the breakfast room. It was two fold, one is we never use this room anymore  as my husband and I sit at the kitchen island  and secondly we set up Christmas dinner buffet style (did a late lunch/early dinner) and this room offers close proximity to the kitchen… I really love this room and love any chance to use it.

What it lacked in formality I made sure to make up for with the “pretty factor”. I brought out my Blue Mikado china and worked with fresh greens, sugar cones, topiaries and paper whites. I added fresh cuttings from outside on each silver charger for that extra special little something.It all came together beautifully and topped with lots of candles it really came out so pretty-


And then I whipped out my “big gun” camera, my Nikon and took a few more pictures, the clarity is hard to beat-


Such fun to think back on this fun and wonderful time at home with my family. I am sure like it was for me, many of you have special memories of this most wonderful time of the year. It’s important to savor these times as with the blink of an eye it’s all over and onto the next thing….

I have taken away a few things to keep in mind for next year and though I have said it before 2017 is going to be a year of being AHEAD of schedule which means preparing for Christmas starting in Aug/Sept and that includes planning a holiday party, Christmas cards and a bunch of other things that I would rather have under my belt by the time Dec rolls around.

In fact I may even start some kind of “holiday bloggers challenge” with imposed deadlines that we can all work on together, are you game? Something to brainstorm about for next year but in the meantime thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful rest of the week as the holidays march on, let’s keep the spirit going! Until next time…….

PS The chinoiserie ornaments are 50% off and going fast. Thanks to a last minute order we ended up getting an unexpected shipment, great time to stock up for next year! Click here to see the entire collection on sale

PPS Just started on Wednesday morning a after Christmas blowlout, click here to see all the goodies!



A very special birthday luncheon…

Good Tuesday morning to you,  I first want to announce the name of the winner of the beautiful silver pitcher. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at to claim your prize.


So a few weeks ago I hosted a very special birthday luncheon for a dear and special friend. I wanted to create a pretty summery vibe, to take advantage of the last few summer days.  I decided that I  would let the gorgeous rich purple hydrangeas that I found in the flower market be my starting point. Go figure…I never have liked purple but when paired with blue and white, it is without question a winning combination!

So then the ideas started coming together. I really wanted to have my beautiful Bali Hai fabric from Quadrille made into a tablecloth but there was not time so I managed to make it work (as long as you weren’t looking too closely) LOL. This is very “me”. I get an idea in my head and will not budge so seams, cutting the fabric on the spot and all….I made it work:)

I decided to divide this into two posts, one on the meal and prep plus a few recipes I think you will want to have.  But today is all about the fluff…that would be the pretty table:)

I took some pictures with my Nikon and included those at the bottom, so here is how it all went down-



You know all great get togethers start with beautiful flowers right? In this case, these purple beauties caught my eye and were the starting point for a rich vibrant summer table.


img_9733 img_9734 img_9735

And soon enough after fresh cuts and putting them in very hot water (a secret to them lasting longer) I made this pretty centerpiece arrangements and started putting all the other elements together

uadsfa3nnamed unnaafdsfdasmed

And then I made more smaller arrangements and added little clusters to mini mint juelps which were the take home party favor

unnamdfs35ed unnafdas3aamed

Onto to the covered patio where I decided to set up the luncheon table, important to take advantage of the great weather while we have it! When I am planning anything small or big, I always start with some kind of color scheme.

No surprise blue and white was a big part of this. I was “trying out” different tablecloths to use underneath my make shift topper.


The not so glamorous side to setting things up, yes that is a hole in the middle of the tablecloth, glad it was going to be hidden:)


It was tricky trying to using the fabric as a topper but I managed somehow someway..perseverance is my middle name:)



Adding the flowers is starting to make it all  happen:)



Well, well well look who decided to show up and help out, my assistant aka the canine cleaner (he eats everything that drops:)


Have a few 6 foot folding tables on hand which come in handy, I like to use them for serving food


Love using blue and white planters as beverage holders!

uncv3named unnamemnd

Fluffed up the pillows outside and added some fresh flowers



One of my dishes was this super yummy baby arugula and artichoke salad



Tah dah! It’s all set and exactly as I had hoped!


And here are the pictures taken with my good camera, the Nikon, definitely great for close up shots as it really picks up the details-







Since I often get emails when I do these types of posts about sources of things here is a rundown-

Blue and white china- Blue Willow

Chargers and bamboo flatware- Juliska

All porcelains- from my shop

Fabric on table- Bali Hai by Quadrille

Monogrammed napkins and silver mint juleps – my shop

All blue and white pillows- Studio Tullia



So there you have the recap on this fun day… was honestly a labor of love. We were blessed with a gorgeous day and being surrounded by dear friends who are like sisters made me feel like the lucky one.

I will be back on Thursday with part 2 which will feature the food, recipes and entertaining ideas! Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week.


Don’t forget-


It’s time for the Enchanted Fall Love contest! As the temps start to drop and the leaves begin to fall, capture those special moments that best capture the essence of autumn!

Whether its your decorated pumpkins, flower arrangements, front door fallscape,your darling kids playing in fall leaves,  whatever…as long as it has to do with fall and you think it’s a winning shot, plesae send it in!

  • There is a cap of 70 pictures, so once 70 are received the contest is closed.
  • Accepting submissions as of today through Oct. 19th
  • Up to 2 pictures per person (please be sure they are not copied from internet and not of same exact thing)
  • Please email your winning shot(s) to and on subject line put “Enchanted Fall Love” or “contest” (get lots of email so need to separate those)
  • You will get an acknowledgement email stating that we have received your pictures
  • The winner will win one of these amazing statuary fiberglass pumpkins in their color choice-


largdsdse lfdasfdasarge

PPS If you missed Seven on Sunday click here









It’s All Set- September

Hello and happy midweek.  First,  I want to announce the winner of the beautiful rug from Decor Market. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at to claim your prize and provide shipping info


Moving along, its time for our  monthly “It’s All Set”, the monthly group I am a part of that features a monthly tablescape. I am still in summer mode over here  and squeezing out one more day of it until tomorrow (fall’s official arrival)! Though fall is far and away my favorite season, I have not fully succumbed to it quite yet. Though the mums and pumpkins greeting me as I enter the local markets are a sure reminder it is here:)


Today’s tablescape was done a few weeks ago when I was having an old friend stop by who had moved out of the area with her lovely  daughter whose birthday was incidentally the day before. Knowing her love of pink and all things girly I decided to abandon my “go to” blue and white and do a really feminine looking table with a proper ladies tea party in mind:)

I have had these dishes for a long time, in an assortment of colors. It was fun to mix and match on top of my beautiful silver chargers and add other elegant silver pieces.  Monogrammed napkins in complementary colors of course were a given. As this was last minute,  I wasn’t able to get out to buy fresh flowers so my faux peonies came in handy as they have many times!  So here we go….






Love these plates, every color is just so pretty!

unasdfa3named unnadf3med unxccxssnamed

The chargers add an instant touch of elegance



Touches of silver on a table give it an old world feeling and this wine cooler is an antique treasure


unname34343d unndfdfaaamed


Really enjoying my three tier silver server for so many things


I have several round tablecloths and this one with the bullion fringe has seen a lot of use, I use it plain and also with toppers.


So there you have it!



Tablecloth- my own

Monogrammed Napkins- from my online shop

Silverware and glasses- from Neiman Marcus

Chargers- from my shop

Crystal pagoda salt and peppers- Godinger

All silver and peonies except wine cooler- from my online shop

Chair fabric- Scalamandre

Plates- A. Sadek


Thank you for stopping in to see what I came up  with for this months It’s All Set. I do hope you will stop by to see what the others have come up with as well, it’s always worth the visit! Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

Please visit my friends to see the inspiring tables they are sharing this month:



The Enchanted Home


Lilacs and Longhorns




Town and Country Living












Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Hello and happy Friday! Boy, this week flew. I had a lot of work on my plate with some fun thrown in. The new website is being worked on behind the scenes and I cannot wait, hopefully no more than about 3 more weeks! I am busy working on lots of new and exciting things (the Provence planters and blue and white Christmas ornament collection). I hope to offer a presale on both this coming week so stay tuned.

I cannot believe July 4th weekend is upon us…..a little scary as I associate this weekend with being half way through summer. Any big plans? I like to periodically share my life’s happenings with you taken through my iPhone. Not much narration necessary as the pictures have  a way of telling their own little story…here is a look at the highlights of the last two weeks or so……


My white hydrangeas are doing amazing-


Went on my friends new boat actually yacht….wowza it was incredible!!

IMG_6350 FullSizeRender(133) FullSizeRender(134) IMG_6341 FullSizeRender(132)

Tried the new Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor, great atmosphere, will be back!

IMG_6465 IMG_6455 IMG_6456


Loving all the green and white in full bloom


Got these gorgeous flowers from a friend….love them!


Found a beautiful new use for my gorgeous large silver planter from my newest collection, makes the most elegant beverage holder!

IMG_6687 FullSizeRender(127)

I cannot be the only one who gets excited over visiting farms and farmstands!

FullSizeRender(126) IMG_6693 FullSizeRender(125) IMG_6694 FullSizeRender(124) IMG_6698(1)


Some of my healthy salads that I have  been experimenting with/making, doing a whole post on this later next week



Newly arrived custom monogram napkins with some of the new fonts,  that just went out the door to their lucky recipient (tops are mine)!


Freshly picked from my garden below



Been enjoying lots of al fresco meals outside…have to take advantage of the short summer months!



Went to an awards dinner, check out the flying “champagne angel” pretty cool!! And yours truly won a very special award:)


You know me and my penchant for wrapping pretty gifts:)



A few pics of my client’s gorgeous NYC apartment-

IMG_6779 IMG_6763 FullSizeRender(119)



Isn’t this beautiful? We were invited to my friends gorgeous home for a dinner at sunset


Finished most of my closet cleanup…..nice to have everything in its place!!


Gorgeous NYC view from my friends apartment


There’s a new restaurant in town, Barto…very interesting, took note of their  vertical garden which incidentally I wrote about last Sunday

FullSizeRender(117) FullSizeRender(116)

Tweaked my mantle….I am an incurable tweaker, always moving something!


Love the abundance of great fruit in the summer


My parents had come in, so went to one of our favorite local Greek restaurants, Kyma who has the best fish!


NYC never ceases to wow me


Saving the best for last! Mr. Teddy



So those are the highlights of the last few weeks, lots going on. Of course these are the fun, great things:) There were plenty of stresses, long lines,  major traffic, you name it…life!

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a great day and end to your week. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend, hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping wherever you might be. Until next time….

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Another trip to the NY Flower Market….

Good evening friends, hope you had a great weekend. Ours was so nice, relaxing and lots of fun. From boating to dining al fresco at a friends beautiful home, we ended it last night with a glass of Rose sitting at a family members new home on the water. A great weekend indeed and beautiful weather.

Yes you heard right from my title, I went back to the market and I just can’t seem to stay away!! This place is such fun, there is such a wonderful energy and it makes me feel like”a bonafide insider” which of course is always such fun….hey, a girl can dream!

So I went back partly because I just love flowers so  much and secondly because I  was doing some photography for my new site, and it was a great excuse to go there. These pictures don’t need much narration, a peek “behind the scenes” at some of my favorite stops and then what came home with me and how I used it all…..


IMG_5905 IMG_5902 FullSizeRender(70)

Orchids in abundance:)


The sidewalks are an explosion of color and lush vegetation…so much to see and admire!


Love peonies? Then this is for you….

IMG_5910 IMG_5909



IMG_5924 FullSizeRender(71)

Tulips still in abundance and they are sooo beautiful!IMG_5915

I have never seen a yellow peony and these were huge!IMG_5914

And now take a look at these beauties that came home with me….





Got this huge box of fresh moss for $30.00! It goes a very long way


And let the playing begin….from tabletops

FullSizeRender(74) IMG_6698 IMG_6631

To  mantles-

IMG_6658 IMG_6655 IMG_6653 IMG_6651

And outside tables…

DSC_0736 DSC_0739 DSC_0740

After a few days I was desperate and determined to maximize my investment so turned down (way down)  the AC in my pantry area and turned it into a makeshift greenhouse, lol. Kept the peonies by a very cold air conditioning vent, worked like a charm, they lasted 6 days which for peonies seems like a lifetime:) So I was able to use the pictures for the planned photography-

FullSizeRender(73) IMG_6714


Think I had fun? You better believe I did:) And there friends,  you have my latest trip to the market, it was such a thrill to be there again. If you missed the recaps on my last visits, go to search bar (top right of my blog) and type in flower market, it will take you to the other posts.

Thank you for stopping in and sharing this wonderful little adventure, if you have the chance to all means, do. Or if you have a flower market near you….it really gets your creative juices flowing. I definitely recommend trying it.

That is it for now, until next time….

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here (there is LOTS of good stuff there)!

PPS And speaking of flowers, just as of Tuesday afternoon the most fabulous orchid promotion just started…this is one you do not want to miss! Click here for details-














Random musings as seen through my iphone….

Good Tuesday morning everyone…first thing I want to do is announce the winner of the blue and white planter, congratulations goes to-


Please email me with your shipping info at so that your planter can be on it’s way!


Well, between my garden project and getting lots and lots of orders out the door from the recently arrived silver and porcelain containers, I have been super busy but mostly all great things, just not enough hours in the day! It is so wonderful to be able to walk outside without a jacket….spring has sprung and I could not be happier about it.

I periodically share my life with you via my trusty little iPhone….and it does have a unique way to telling a story and taking my readers along with me on my travels. So here’s a look at the highlights of the  last week or so…..




Had a fun city day…went to The Met and to Collichio and Sons for dinner downtown



Caught the late afternoon sun just was a sight for sore eyes after 2 days of rain


This spectacular arrangement was given by a friend…. a match made in heaven with my blue and white! Isn’t my Mottahedeh covered dish a beauty?

indbvvex icxxxxxndex


Had my gorgeous custom monogram from Arabella made into stickers, can use them for so many things…


Flowers are part of my life on a weekly basis made a stop to my favorite wholesale nursery


Took a walk at my friends home along the Long Island Sound on a perfect spring day….

ixcxxxndex inxcxxdex indccxex

Then she made me this yummy and oh so healthy lunch….

inafdsadex inasfd324dex index5454

She clearly has the flower bug as well (above)


My azalea still going strong


My sister in law just bought a beautiful home on the water….here is her “backyard”


Teddy chilling


The last of my flowers from the market

indeasdfx indfd3ex

Stopped at another friends home who is putting the finishing touches on her pretty dining room (going to add jars on brackets and hurricanes to table)


And love how my newly arrived gorgeous metal server looks in her kitchen (soon to be on my online shop)


Took a walk on Sunday with my husband,  visiting the horse farm “next door”  is one of my favorite places to walk….so beautiful

in22dex i11ndex

Isn’t this stable amazing?

ind32ccex index7yhj

And then we walked to our old street, such fun getting to see my old house…

indelkjx indejhh6x


Front door with white impatients going in, going to add ivy today


Got new mrytle topiary and thankfully my new mid sized fishbowls are a perfect fit!


And now grace my kitchen island


Teddy surrounded by blue and white:)


Added my new pale blue pagodas to my mantle vignette


A highlight this week was bringing home new blue and white loot


Teddy keeping guard over the orchids…no,  they are not all for me though it was tempting!! I kept two for myself. I had over 50 orchids on order for a few friends (one who just got a greenhouse and one who was hosting a function at her home)

inccw2dex inde5454x

A visit to my favorite wholesaler is always anticipated



And so my little garden begins…..

indasdfaex insaadex indeddx


Teddy enjoying a splendor in the grass moment


This was so much fun! I loved every minute of it, about 75% done….hope to finish the rest tomorrow when its not raining


So there you have all the (good) highlights of the last week or so. As you can see plants and flowers took center stage…tis the season. Hope your week is going well, here it’s rainy but the timing is great for my garden:) Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…

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This is for serious flower lovers only- part 1

Hello and happy Monday evening,  hope you had a great weekend. Here, the weather was a “10”. Finally! OK, don’t say I didn’t warn you…this post today is for serious flower devotees only. If your heart doesn’t beat a little faster at the sight of gorgeous flowers, then this may not be for you:) So, I just couldn’t stay away. I posted a few weeks ago (click here if you missed part 1  and here for part 2) on my trip to the NY flower market…it was such F U N!!!!  I knew I could not wait to go back.

And back I went, with a good friend who is almost as much a  nut for flowers as I am. Now I felt like a “veteran” having opened a few accounts with some of the bigger vendors, and I “showed her the way”. Already having a few favorite shops to visit and knowing which ones aren’t worth the stop. Let me do my best to describe the atmosphere-

I love the feeling of when you walk in, there is such a lively chaos. Flower brokers and buyers bartering/negotiating (and sometimes shouting) over one another while the stock boys run around furiously trying to keep everyone happy and orders promptly filled and out the door. Flowers are everywhere as are people and it’s a busy bustling no frills  place where the flowers take center stage.

There is a certain energy that is unmistakable..and I love every bit of it. I even love the old fashioned approach, no fancy computer systems, its old school…old fashioned registers, even sometimes just calculators and they wrap everything in brown paper. Boring old Kraft paper never looked so good! So first a peek at what I saw this time around and then part 2 will be on my “creations” in a day or two-





The peonies were DIVINE, in every shade of pink and white!

indgghgex ind6yhex ind3eww2ex in1211dex

It’s hard to make out here but cherry blossoms were lined along the street sometimes towering at 6 or 7 feet tall! If only I was hosting a party…..

indesdsssx index545

This combo below has me dreaming of a luncheon with small full arrangements of these three flowers, love green, white and purple together!

iewwndex indeexxx

Roses in every hue


And here is what came home with me…

incxxcdex indvbvex inddss2ex

These roses above were a few days old so I got the entire bunch for $10 (after my negotiating) comes along with living in New York:)

ind1qqex ind32ex

These pink tulips were unbelievable! And they are lasting so well….discovered the best tulips come from Associates Flowers FYI

in22dex indee3x

If you are ready for more, stay tuned for what I created at home. Still 6 days later very much enjoying them, here is one sneak peek-



I just cannot wait to share with you part 2! Have you ever been to a flower market in your neck of the woods? I know this will be a frequent stop for me, and really can’t wait until I plan my next party….really it is such a fun experience, if you  have the chance to go….DO! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day.

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Random musings as seen through my iPhone….

Good evening , hope you had a nice weekend. Here it was coooooold, and I am waiting for spring’s return!  Busy start to my week but then again, nothing new:) As I periodically do I share with you  my life happenings via my iPhone. Always love to capture whats happening in the moment with this gadget I cannot imagine life without:) The pictures tell their own story so not much narration needed…



This handsome devil is a great way to start this post!


Had fun organizing my “loot” from the Juliska sale!




Got a bag full of tulips from Whole Foods

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And had fun:)

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And a visit to my favorite local wholesaler did not disappoint…..

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Not at all unusual for my backseat to look this way every few weeks:)

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Teddy seems to be saying “not again”……

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This is in front of a local restaurant, I was so taken with these trees, shot this pic at a stop light


A special gift for someone


The Color Purple was A M A Z I N G….haven’t stuck around for after the show since the first time I saw Le Mis

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This is the first time I have ivy topiaries that are growing so well they need a haircut every few weeks…something about the very spot they are in..not moving them!


A pretty local restaurant, Limani


That always has the most beautiful tomatoes!


My gorgeous white azalea topiary in full bloom along with this so beautiful fabric from John Robshaw has me dreaming of a spring get together


And about this new guest towel….how great is that monogram!


And look who just came from a grooming…looks like a young man again:)


Of course had to save the best for last! I know this is heavy on the flowers but they are a big part of my life. Definitely one of the things in life guaranteed to make me happy, cannot wait to get back to the flower market! I bought some very nice tulips from Whole Foods that were a  great deal but I noticed the ones I bought from the Flower Market in NYC lasted almost three times as long, coincidence? Not sure, but it definitely has me wanting to go back!

Anyway thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous evening and a great and productive start to your week. Very excited about the containers (porcelain and silver) due to arrive this week, fingers crossed! Until next time….

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