Which would you choose and a major Horchow giveaway!

Hello friends. Hope this finds you doing well. No worries, if you aren’t having your best day, by the time you are done reading this, I promise you will feel at least a little better:) Today’s post was inspired by two things. One by a recent design client who just became an official empty nester and moved back to her native Boston.

They moved into a much smaller apartment than the large home they had lived in for about 20 years, so it was a huge adjustment. With the exception of a few pieces they were attached to, they almost started from scratch. This was/is such a fun project, they are a total pleasure to deal with and we are having such fun putting this place together. Horchow is really is coming through on a number of things..values that are hard to beat.  Here was one of the recent boards with what she loves so far, she wants it very tonal with subtle touches of blues or greens…..still working on this but love how it’s shaping up!

The second reason is this month is Horchow’s unofficial Decorating month....I love that, why make it a day, let’s make it a month. I may have to see I can try that argument with my birthday, lol.

Horchow has always been one of my “go to’s” and I have been incredibly lucky to have scored many wonderful finds both for myself and clients. This month a bunch of things are specially priced so between what I found for my Cali clients and things I have seen in my travels, thought this would make a wonderful Which would you choose. Plus you earn a gift card for whatever level of spending you get to, a sweet perk of finding a great deal.

PLUS….Horchow has generously donated a $250 giftcard to one lucky winner to spend on whatever you wish! So read on and at the end find out how you might be able to win the gift card. Here we go……

CHOICE 1 This i s my all time favorite style sofa, such classic styling. I love the English arm, turned feet, deep seating…and the price is honestly nothing short of phenomenal! Click here

CHOICE 2 Isnt’ this a great looking mirror? Always drawn to anything with a bamboo motif, and the silver leaf makes this a standout. I love it for a foyer console or bathroom, great price too. Click here

CHOICE 3 This might be one of the best lighting deals on the internet!! My client ordered this for their foyer and I think I might order it as well for my PB entrance, not only do I absolute love it but the price is INCREDIBLE. This cannot last, click here

CHOICE 4 This table for outdoors is really tempting me, LOVE it. I can actually see it indoors as well, could work so beautifully for my PB home! Click here

CHOICE 5 This gilcee is so beautiful, love the colors and the subject matter is so endearing. A beautiful piece, that could go literally anywhere. Click here

CHOICE 6  We chose these beautiful  linen panels for my clients living room. To have these made with this fabulous smock detailing would be a fortune, we chose a simple tape to turn along the leading edge and they will have the look of a fully custom window treatment, Horchow has some wonderful choices and all so reasonable. Click here

CHOICE 7 Absolutely beautiful blue/white lamp from John Richards, the gold detailing really elevates this to the next level, love the chunk body style too. click here

CHOICE 8 Fabulous Oushak rug, I have a few in my own home and Oushaks and their washed colors are my absolute favorite rug. This one is such a gorgeous rug with all those soft rich colors, click here

CHOICE 9 Always a great source for bedding, this beautiful 3 piece set is not only very reasonable but so very pretty. Love the colors and is perfect paired with white and/or ecru. Click here

CHOICE 10 These tufted cubes are fantastic! They are dressy enough in their velvet to work in any space, and perfect for a living room. We used two in navy to be able to have extra seating without having to take up a lot of space. Click here

CHOICE 11 I certainly don’t need to tell you how much I love these!!! What a fabulous duo, alone or together, gorgeous! And very well priced, always a nice perk. You won’t be surprised to read that I had to order this!  Click here

CHOICE 12 Would you believe me if I told this fabulous bar cart is under $700? I had to do a double take as well….pretty amazing. Every living/dining room can use a bar cart and this one is really pretty. Click here

CHOICE 13 If anyone is looking for an elegant traditional dining table, this is one deal that is really really hard to beat. You can’t even find a beautiful used dining table like this at this price. Just incredible value here! Click here

CHOICE 14 Isn’t this outdoor rug fabulous! I love it, pretty enough for indoors but since the season of being outdoors is almost here….this beauty would grace any outdoor space. Click here

CHOICE 15 Love this coffee table and the price is right! I definitely see this in my PB home, its casual but elegant. Great color wood, beautiful styling that will never go out of style. Click here

CHOICE 16 This is one good looking set of china, sold in sets of 4, the crisp blue and white pattern is such a pretty set to use every day, click here

CHOICE 17 My Cali clients wanted a simple tonal rug but something that looks elegant, we found it in this beauty. It has the texture and raised pattern that elevates it from being a boring tonal rug….very pretty. Click here

CHOICE 18 How pretty is this 2 drawer chest in the most divine color. Can be used as a nightstand or a chest for smaller spaces, price is right too:) Click here

CHOICE 19 Found this bamboo lamp and am brainstorming as to where I might use it, think this is so good looking and cannot believe its $330! Click here

CHOICE 20 This fabulous etagere is not only an amazing value but so good looking. I could see this in a few places, a living room or imagine in a master bath! Boy, that would surely elevate the room to a beautiful level. Pretty silver/gold leaf backwall detail, click here

Please do not blame me for suddenly having a case of wanting to do your whole house over! Doing this post got my brain into overdrive about so many spaces and how/where I could use many of these beautiful things. I coudl probably make a good valid excuse for just about any:)

So….your turn to choose your two faves! Know its not an easy decision. And just in case in your travels you see something you really love…you can take advantage of the extra incentive of earning a gift card that buying from Horchow brings, definitely the icing on an already sweet cake.

A little secret…you can also try using code “welcome” which just might get you an extra discount!


One super lucky winner will win a $250 gift card from Horchow to have a little fun with. All you need to do is visit Horchow by clicking here, take a look around and see what you would use to do a little sprucing up around your own home. That’s it… I will announce a winner on Sunday morning. You must be a U.S. resident.  Good luck and be sure to check back to see if you are the lucky winner.

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..

This post is sponsored by Horchow but all opinions are my own:)






Which would you choose?

Good evening to you….wow what a busy busy week. Found some time to see some friends which was the highlight, and had a visiting relative- otherwise it was an incredibly busy work week especially with the big porcelain presale…..lets just say the love of blue and white is alive and well! Hallelujah to that:)

I am working on a few edesign projects that all involve rugs in addition to me possibly choosing a new one for my home office. I must say that what they are doing with machine made rugs today is simply astounding. The newest technology called Powerloom is groundbreaking in what they are producing. Not only are they better looking than ever but they are ridiculously inexpensive. And we all know how a rug can change a space!

Decor Market is my new “go to” source for the best selection of rugs and certainly the best prices…..especially if you factor in my discount code ONLY for Enchanted Home readers (use code enchanted for an extra 20% off)!

So…….this post is all about rugs that if you can believe it are all under $500 and free shipping on all rug orders!? I just cannot get over how gorgeous they are…..I mean we have beautiful antique rugs in our home which I love but am always paranoid about if something should spill or if Mr. Teddy has an accident (which he has)…..I will be looking at rugs in a whole new way when we get ready to start decorating our new PB home! Ready to choose your two faves? Here we go……



CHOICE 1 This is such a gorgeous rug….cannot get over the price, client using this in her dining area. Click here


CHOICE 2. This rug is so rich and elegant, just love these colors. Click here


CHOICE 3.? A contender for my office otherwise will be in my new PB guest room:) Click here


CHOICE 4. Really like the neutral elegance of this beauty, click here


CHOICE? 5. This is? a very regal looking rug, and such a classic design. Click here


CHOICE 6. This is very pretty and so decorative, has a French feeling that could work well in traditional interiors click here


CHOICE 7. Such pretty colors, could see this in my PB home and stay tuned…you just might! Click here


CHOICE 8. Can you believe this starts at $79! Click here


CHOICE 9. Used this for one of my show house rooms and it looked like a million dollars! Click here


CHOICE 10. This looks like an old Persian heirloom,? you will not get over the price! Click here


CHOICE? 11.? This is one of the ones I may put in my home office, adore it and loooove these colors:) Click here

val113g-4CHOICE 12. This has a great vibe, could see this in a guest room, just love the beachy colors and adore a trellis design, click here


CHOICE 13. Really liking? this Oushak feeling rug, the washed colors are huge right now. Click here

CHOICE 14. Another very pretty and easy to decorate around rug, click here


CHOICE 15. This could be a perfect breakfast room rug, love the colors and the warmth, easy pattern on the eyes too, click here


CHOICE 16. Think this is so pretty and interesting…talk about adding personality to a space! Click here



This has me dreaming of all kinds of possibilities, and thanks to the prices, it is a very doable dream:)

Click here to visit Decor Market? (use code ENCHANTED? for an extra 20% off if you purchase something) and don’t blame me if you get stuck on their site for hours…its easy to to get lost in the sea of beautiful offerings from furniture, lighting, accessories to their superb selection of rugs.

Thanks for stopping in, hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start. Until next time…..

PS The container porcelain presale ends on Sunday, if you missed it click here. A number of things are sold out but some remain and be sure to throw your name in the hat for the two fabulous porcelain giveaways!


PPS A very spontaneous promo started as of Sat. morning on a a small assortment of the most beautiful evening bags (got extra) and there are about 12 pieces left. You must see them..so beautiful and prices are amazing:) Click here to see



Seven on Sunday

Good Sunday evening and Labor Day weekend to you. Boy I am squeezing this “Sunday on Seven” in just in the nick of time:)? I really missed being on my blog, we are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend by the lake….so relaxing.

Thank you for bearing with me as my site was transferred to a new domain……yes I am officially a “.com” so the new address is www.enchantedhome.com FYI though there are no changes on your end. It is done and for anyone who emailed about the site being down, that is a thing of the past!

I am so very sorry but in the process about 30 comments were (about the last 30)? lost in my “sponsors post/giveaway”,? unfortunately that is just one of the perils of this process.

Because of that I am allowing this to go on one more day so you can leave another comment in case yours was lost. Click here to throw your name in the hat for the drawing (10 fabulous prizes)!? All winners will be announced on Tuesday.

We are away this weekend and hope this will post as it is supposed to. Anyway onto my Seven on Sunday…



1 FABULOUS BLUE AND WHITE PAPER GOODS. Yes these are paper….hard to believe! Leave it up to my readers to inform me of this fabulous line of papergoods at Target nonetheless. Upon further “investigating” I found that this company, Cheeky also has a wonderful social platform, one worth supporting so this definitely warranted including it in today’s roundup.

They will donate a meal for every single item purchased….what better way to give back than buying something you love and knowing you are providing a meal……pure genius! Available at Target. Click here to visit Cheeky Home.


21538847 21538849

MH_napkin_happydAY-266x380 MH_plasticcup_happyday-188x380 MH_HC_bluechina-184x380 MH_9plate_spoons-324x380



2. SAMUEL AND SONS. When I am looking for trim, there is always one source that is a sure thing…..Samuel and Son. I have been going to them for years and though they are expensive…you get what you pay for. And there are few places that can rival their selection.

Upon entering this fabulous shop in NYC, you literally feel like a kid in a very grown up candy shop, trims of every color in the rainbow, every possible combination…suffice to say they have it all.

As I now want to finish the drapes in my dining room, I am thinking soft creamy solid silk billowy panels with a big wide luxurious tape to pull in the pale blue/gray…and sure enough Samuel and Son has it!? Click here to visit Samuel and Sons.…be prepared to stay while:) Take a look and see what all the fuss is about…


This is the tape that stopped me in my tracks…love it!

jitfc5e7ec3e3924248771 jit8a3ad8f7968b01cfca1

jit03b482ffdeffa2b939a jit0cfc3d5f216c0f00cd5 jitae5c99ede5a265246d4 57043-22

This is the one I am considering, waiting for the sample…think this on cream silk panels would be fabulous!


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Another round of fabulous and inspiring Instagram pictures to share with you this week. Seriously the beauty is just off the charts…how did we ever live without it!

unnamffed unnCA3amed un3Anamed unBBBnamed GGunnamed

unnassdfmed unnameddfd unnamffded ungffnamed unnamejnhd unnfvbamed unna1qamed

unnaffmed unSSnamed


And yes these really are cookies….unbelievable!

4. THE WINNERS FOR THE BATHROOMS. I so appreciated your help and input for the bathrooms “Which would you choose”. We will be getting one of these two vanities (first was sold out but on backorder, if its arrives with 1-2 weeks we will go with it, felt it was most “gym like” and like that it has room for towels. If not we will go with equally pretty #2. Will be changing faucets and hardware.


And it was a tough decision for the wallpaper as there were many beauties however seeing the sample in the room cemented my decision that #2 was the one. Just got it measured and ordering it on Tuesday, same day sink will be in:)




5. A NEW AND VERY EXCITING PROJECT IN THE WORKS! So I have been asked to participate as a designer in a very special upcoming project! Ronald McDonald house is putting on a fabulous designer showhouse where approx. 22 designers will each design a 10 x 10 room/vignette.

To kick off the gala there will be an opening night party in Oct. where Nate Berkus and Candace Olsen will be honored. I am so happy to have been asked, and despite a super hectic schedule could not say no to such a worthwhile case.

As most of you know I have three sons…so never got to design a girls room:( So…this?might be my chance!?It is very early in the process as I just committed to this days ago but I immediately started turning my wheels and I always have a starting point..and this one was my beautiful chinosierie tole lamps which I love and have always thought they were made for a gorgeous bedroom! So here is one idea, have another idea percolating…will keep you posted!




6. A SUPER EASY BUT OH SO GOOD RECIPE. I love zucchini and really love cheese, I think I could literally live on Parmesan. So I was super happy when I made these and they came out sooo tasty, I mean really good. I could justify eating an entire batch because afterall we are talking vegetables here:) Click here for the super easy recipe…..


7. A RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS WINERY. Can you believe how fabulous this is! Of course its none other than super tony Chateau Margaux, though the property and winery has been in existence for decades, they just underwent a super major restoration/new winery under the brilliant direction of Norman Foster.

Someone we know in the wine business recently told us about it and I had to check it out for myself.? Just check it out….also click here to learn more about this iconic winery.


A few pictures from the opening night fete…..

Margaux-dinner-054 Margaux-dinner-096 margaux

Now that’s what I call a staff!


A fabled bottle


The new and improved Chateau Margaux!




So friends that is my Seven on Sunday…..hoping that you are enjoying this Labor Day weekend, the weather has been a perfect “10”, a great way to say goodbye to summer! Thank you again for your patience as my site went through this minor growing pain:) Enjoy the holiday weekend and until next time……


A fabulous living room sale you REALLY need to know about!

Hi there, hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am out of town for a few days as of Sunday but will be checking in:) I still can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that summer is just about over.

Normally I instantly equate summers end with revamping the house a bit and of course the “H” word…..the holidays. Yes people, ?they are only 4 months away! As I continue to work on my own home and a few e design prjoects I was excited to find out about this sale because we all love a great sale, right? And an extra 20% just about everything is pretty major:)


Horchow.com (Neiman Marcus)


If you are starting from scratch or need a few fill ins, this post is for you. I have been a long time fan of Horchow, and when they have deals…let me tell you, they have D E A L S! So their much anticipated 4 day Living room sale is one worth knowing about. I have been working with a few clients and have found this sale to have come at the right time.? I put together my very favorites to share with you. There is special pricing and on top of that you earn money back-

I am working on a few projects myself and was fortunate to find some great scores for my clients from this sale.I have included some items that I think are exceptional deals but you can see everything by visiting Horchow by clicking here.

So here are my top picks-




Isn’t this a beauty! I love the shape, the nailheads and the fact that it includes all of these wonderful pillows which makes it a great starting point for a room, stunning! Click here for info


I LOVE this sofa, a Horchow exclusive and have a client considering a pair of these for her living room, absolutely stunning and the price is so right, click here for the 411


Gorgeous navy velvet sofa, great price!! Click here for 411



Isn’t this such a stunning chair! I love the color, the monogram, everything about it….click here for details


Rather in love with this tufted leather ottoman, great colors beautiful styling and a right price:) Click here for the 411


You don’t need to guess how I feel about this little beauty! So very pretty….click here for info


This is a fabulous new take on a classic, LOVE the lucite legs, neutral fabric, what room wouldn’t look splendid with this! Click here for the 411


This is that kind of chair you can find a space for virtually in any room, a pair for a foyer, in the living room an extra chair for a family room, great for a master bedroom and at $749 you don’t have to think too hard:)? click here for info


Sent these to a friend who I knew would love them, and at 359 it’s a no brainer! Click here for info


A gorgeous carved bench for $999? Yes it’s true and this one is a beauty, click here for information


How great is this settee? Adore it and think it belongs in my house!? Click here for the 411



This is one of my all time favorites and a style that works in so many different style homes plus I can tell you the price is the best I have seen! Click here for info


I absolutely love this table, its a bit more transitional than what I normally love but really like how it combines old world chinoisiere feel with the antiqued mirror, fabulous! And SO well priced, click here for details


At $699 we didn’t need to think, just act! Such a beautiful table on it’s way to a lucky e design customer! Click here for information


Another favorite styles, timeless classic but still feels very current. A well priced Horchow exclusive, this is a top pick for me, click here for info



Isn’t this a beauty! Can you believe only $749…..a steal if you ask me. Click here for info


This is so much look for the money, a client just ordered this for her new dining room and we are both excited about it! Click here for the 411




This lamp is a beauty with it’s elegant crystal balls and how about if I tell you it’s $154! Click here


And you know I love birds so could easily this in so many spaces, click here for information


This is such a sophisticated and elegant lamp for a traditional home, click here for the info


Talk about a lot of lamp for the money,? at $149 this the king of steals, click here for the 411


A perfect mid sized mirror in beautiful antique mirror and what a deal! Click here for info


This gorgeous pink and gold mirror is such a beauty, if I had a pink room I would snag this! Click here


ADORE this bird mirror and at $350 its extra sweet, such a beauty that could go anywhere!! Click here for info


A very good looking mirror and a wonderful way to add a current feeling to any interior space and at $395 it’s a sure thing, click here for info


Every room needs a gorgeous rug and this one is simply spectacular! Click here for more details


And how about this beauty I love Oushaks, they are my personal favorite as they instantly make a room feel so peaceful and tranquil. Click here for the 411


Isn’t this such a beauty! I adore the soft silvery gray tonal feeling…spectacular! Click here to view


This beautiful rug was $829 we thought there was a misprint so hurry up and ordered it (for a local friends office) click here for info


My e design client just ordered? this for her living room it was part of the quick ship program….we cannot wait to start decorating around it! Click here for info


I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me…a 40″ square ORIGINAL PAINTING for $349 that is this pretty? Yes!! Bought one, love the colors! Click here for the 411


This giclee is just stunning and so charming, well priced too. Click here for info


These are fabulous looking and can create an instant gallery, can you believe 4 for $294! Click here to find out more


This very large giclee? on canvas is so incredibly pretty, looks like an old treasured painting. Click here for info


And you don’t need to even ask how I feel about this….spectacular beyond words! What a statement piece and at $755 for four very large panels, this is a major deal. Click here to see


I think I could decorate an entire house just from this post! So many things to love and? getting a great deal is the icing on the cake.?Click here to see it all…(don’t say I didn’t forewarn you about extreme temptation). Thank you for stopping by, until next time…..


P.S.If you missed my Seven on Sunday post….click here