Which would you choose and a major Horchow giveaway!

Hello friends. Hope this finds you doing well. No worries, if you aren’t having your best day, by the time you are done reading this, I promise you will feel at least a little better:) Today’s post was inspired by two things. One by a recent design client who just became an official empty nester and moved back to her native Boston.

They moved into a much smaller apartment than the large home they had lived in for about 20 years, so it was a huge adjustment. With the exception of a few pieces they were attached to, they almost started from scratch. This was/is such a fun project, they are a total pleasure to deal with and we are having such fun putting this place together. Horchow is really is coming through on a number of things..values that are hard to beat.  Here was one of the recent boards with what she loves so far, she wants it very tonal with subtle touches of blues or greens…..still working on this but love how it’s shaping up!

The second reason is this month is Horchow’s unofficial Decorating month....I love that, why make it a day, let’s make it a month. I may have to see I can try that argument with my birthday, lol.

Horchow has always been one of my “go to’s” and I have been incredibly lucky to have scored many wonderful finds both for myself and clients. This month a bunch of things are specially priced so between what I found for my Cali clients and things I have seen in my travels, thought this would make a wonderful Which would you choose. Plus you earn a gift card for whatever level of spending you get to, a sweet perk of finding a great deal.

PLUS….Horchow has generously donated a $250 giftcard to one lucky winner to spend on whatever you wish! So read on and at the end find out how you might be able to win the gift card. Here we go……

CHOICE 1 This i s my all time favorite style sofa, such classic styling. I love the English arm, turned feet, deep seating…and the price is honestly nothing short of phenomenal! Click here

CHOICE 2 Isnt’ this a great looking mirror? Always drawn to anything with a bamboo motif, and the silver leaf makes this a standout. I love it for a foyer console or bathroom, great price too. Click here

CHOICE 3 This might be one of the best lighting deals on the internet!! My client ordered this for their foyer and I think I might order it as well for my PB entrance, not only do I absolute love it but the price is INCREDIBLE. This cannot last, click here

CHOICE 4 This table for outdoors is really tempting me, LOVE it. I can actually see it indoors as well, could work so beautifully for my PB home! Click here

CHOICE 5 This gilcee is so beautiful, love the colors and the subject matter is so endearing. A beautiful piece, that could go literally anywhere. Click here

CHOICE 6  We chose these beautiful  linen panels for my clients living room. To have these made with this fabulous smock detailing would be a fortune, we chose a simple tape to turn along the leading edge and they will have the look of a fully custom window treatment, Horchow has some wonderful choices and all so reasonable. Click here

CHOICE 7 Absolutely beautiful blue/white lamp from John Richards, the gold detailing really elevates this to the next level, love the chunk body style too. click here

CHOICE 8 Fabulous Oushak rug, I have a few in my own home and Oushaks and their washed colors are my absolute favorite rug. This one is such a gorgeous rug with all those soft rich colors, click here

CHOICE 9 Always a great source for bedding, this beautiful 3 piece set is not only very reasonable but so very pretty. Love the colors and is perfect paired with white and/or ecru. Click here

CHOICE 10 These tufted cubes are fantastic! They are dressy enough in their velvet to work in any space, and perfect for a living room. We used two in navy to be able to have extra seating without having to take up a lot of space. Click here

CHOICE 11 I certainly don’t need to tell you how much I love these!!! What a fabulous duo, alone or together, gorgeous! And very well priced, always a nice perk. You won’t be surprised to read that I had to order this!  Click here

CHOICE 12 Would you believe me if I told this fabulous bar cart is under $700? I had to do a double take as well….pretty amazing. Every living/dining room can use a bar cart and this one is really pretty. Click here

CHOICE 13 If anyone is looking for an elegant traditional dining table, this is one deal that is really really hard to beat. You can’t even find a beautiful used dining table like this at this price. Just incredible value here! Click here

CHOICE 14 Isn’t this outdoor rug fabulous! I love it, pretty enough for indoors but since the season of being outdoors is almost here….this beauty would grace any outdoor space. Click here

CHOICE 15 Love this coffee table and the price is right! I definitely see this in my PB home, its casual but elegant. Great color wood, beautiful styling that will never go out of style. Click here

CHOICE 16 This is one good looking set of china, sold in sets of 4, the crisp blue and white pattern is such a pretty set to use every day, click here

CHOICE 17 My Cali clients wanted a simple tonal rug but something that looks elegant, we found it in this beauty. It has the texture and raised pattern that elevates it from being a boring tonal rug….very pretty. Click here

CHOICE 18 How pretty is this 2 drawer chest in the most divine color. Can be used as a nightstand or a chest for smaller spaces, price is right too:) Click here

CHOICE 19 Found this bamboo lamp and am brainstorming as to where I might use it, think this is so good looking and cannot believe its $330! Click here

CHOICE 20 This fabulous etagere is not only an amazing value but so good looking. I could see this in a few places, a living room or imagine in a master bath! Boy, that would surely elevate the room to a beautiful level. Pretty silver/gold leaf backwall detail, click here

Please do not blame me for suddenly having a case of wanting to do your whole house over! Doing this post got my brain into overdrive about so many spaces and how/where I could use many of these beautiful things. I coudl probably make a good valid excuse for just about any:)

So….your turn to choose your two faves! Know its not an easy decision. And just in case in your travels you see something you really love…you can take advantage of the extra incentive of earning a gift card that buying from Horchow brings, definitely the icing on an already sweet cake.

A little secret…you can also try using code “welcome” which just might get you an extra discount!


One super lucky winner will win a $250 gift card from Horchow to have a little fun with. All you need to do is visit Horchow by clicking here, take a look around and see what you would use to do a little sprucing up around your own home. That’s it… I will announce a winner on Sunday morning. You must be a U.S. resident.  Good luck and be sure to check back to see if you are the lucky winner.

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..

This post is sponsored by Horchow but all opinions are my own:)






Which would you choose and a Horchow holiday giveaway!

Hello and happy Tuesday! Busy start to my week but it’s been a productive one. I vowed that by this weekend I will start “assessing” my holiday decor, I get dizzy thinking of it but at least want to come up with some kind of a game plan. Dying to use my blue and white ornaments so that’s a major motivation!

Though I have yet to put out a single holiday decoration I am definitely revving up my engine and feeling the fever:) One look on Instagram and you feel immediately behind the eight ball, but I will get there, always do!

One thing that might help jump start my holiday mojo is that Horchow is having a one day site sale with many many things 30% off and its a good one you will not want to miss. A really great time to take advantage of some of the spectacular holiday items they offer….so many beautiful things. I have become quite the savvy shopper and wait for sales like these to stock up on what I need as well as holiday gifts. I have never shopped as much online as I  have this past year, I rarely go into stores anymore!

So your turn to weigh in on your two favorite holiday decorating finds….I was hard pressed to pick just two. Here we go-



CHOICE 1 How beautiful and stately are these huge nutcrackers to be used outdoors or in! So fabulous, click here


CHOICE 2 Big fan of Juliska and these Winter frolic party plates put me in the mood to entertain, click here


CHOICE 3 This tasseled tree skirt is one of the prettiest I have ever seen and of course love the nutcrackers! Click here

CHOICE 4 This is one gorgeous wreath love the tones so sophisticated and elegant, click here!


CHOICE 5 These stockings are so pretty, love velvet in just about anything and there’s still time to personalize these! Click here


CHOICE 6 This regal flatware set in gold by Towle is nearly half off and is a bargain at $350 for 90 pieces, talk about adding glamour to any holiday table, click here


CHOICE 7 What a perfect hostess gift, a set of festive holiday cocktail napkins, click here


CHOICE 8 How pretty are these gorgeous Nutcracker guest towels, great way to add some holiday cheer to a powder room, click here


CHOICE 9 Love this jolly Santa with the lit Christmas tree, I have one simliar that I look forward to putting out every season, click here


CHOICE 10 Actually thinking of ordering a few of these pieces for someone who I know who will flip over them, these are really stunning and priced well, click here


CHOICE 11 I have a hard time resisting a navy nutcracker!! Click here


CHOICE 12 This set of three olive bottle brush trees is fabulous, I can think of so many uses, on top of a kitchen island, in front of a fireplace, on a console or foyer chest, gorgeous! Click here


CHOICE 13 A beautiful Christmas classic, Spode Christmas tree dinnerware, so timeless. Click here


CHOICE 14 Wouldn’t these wine stoppers make a perfect hostess gift! Definitely getting a few sets:) Click here


CHOICE 15  These are not only practical but very pretty, filigree woven coasters, sets of 4, wonderful hostess gift too! Click here


CHOICE 16 This tree skirt has to be one of the prettiest I have ever seen…WOW! Click here


CHOICE 17 Isn’t this magnolia and green leaf garland fabulous and so festive! A great price too, click here


CHOICE 18 In love with this glistening silver and winter white 2 foot cone tree, just spectacular! Click here


CHOICE 19 These stockings are simply works of art and for now they come with a free monogram, great gift idea to treasure for many holidays to come! Click here


CHOICE 20  This incredible frosted lush garland is pretty spectacular, great for a mantle or draped across a chest, click here




One lucky winner will win two of these gorgeous festive holiday monogrammed guest towels. Just visit Horchow’s holiday dept. by clicking here and  come back here and tell us a favorite item or two and that will put you in the running. I will announce a winner on Thursday, so be sure to check back.



Thank you to Horchow for partnering with me on this post

Thank you for stopping by. So tell me…..where are you with your holiday decorating? Are you already plodding and planning? Or do you wait until Dec/after Thanksgiving? Please tell me I have company out there:)  Hats off to anyone who has it all figured out by Thanksgiving! Wishing you a great day, until next time……


PS Last day to take advantage of a limited number of blue/white ornaments up for sale, click here for info.










Which would you choose?

Hello and happy Friday afternoon-  such a crazy busy week over here. We have been up to our ears in ornaments and getting orders out fast and furious…..you would not believe how much we got done this week! I am looking forward to some down time tomorrow and we are planning on driving north into CT to see the lat of the fall foliage. It is so beautiful this time of year.

In addition to putting in overtime at the office/warehouse,  have been sprucing things up around the house and one thing I do every year is go on a towel buying spree:) I love getting fresh towels in and have tried many, I have a few tried and true favorites.

One of my favorites, because of their softness,  durability and how well they absorb are the Westcott towels from Ralph Lauren. And thought you should know they are on sale right now the lowest price of the year over at one of my favorites, Horchow!! So I have stocked up for a while!

It’s a great time to buy, then I got busy (and sidetracked) buying a few accessories for a few bathrooms that had been forgotten about and I thought it would make a fun post, all about bathrooms and adding small touches to spruce them up. So time to choose your two favorite bathroom items, ready?




CHOICE 1. My favorite bathroom towel in a huge assortment of colors, great price!! Click here


CHOICE 2 How pretty are these alabaster bathroom pieces? Love them! Click here


CHOICE 3 Isn’t this bathroom rug a beauty? Just ordered this for my guest bath, stunning and on sale:) Click here


CHOICE 4 Adore this elegant water carafe, what a pretty little piece for a bathroom/nightstand, click here


CHOICE 5 Great price on the Westcott bath rugs…$30! Click here


CHOICE 6 You know I love this shower curtain from John Robshaw, very chic! Click here


CHOICE 7 LOVE this set, and ordered it! Click here


CHOICE 8 When you need a great big luxurious bath sheet in a wide range of colors, this huge Westcott will do and at $26 it’s a bargain!  Click here


CHOICE 9 These polished nickel pieces are such classics, got a few for my sons bathroom, was desperately needed! Click here


CHOICE 10 The Westcott hand towels are on sale as well, great price in a wide array of colors! Click here

CHOICE 11 Isn’t this ruffled shower curtain the cutest! If i had a daughter she would have this in her bathroom:) Click here


CHOICE 12 This is a stunning bathmat and at $23 you don’t have to think twice! Click here


CHOICE 13 Isn’t this sconce gorgeous! I know I am getting ahead of myself but thinking for my PB bathroom this would be beautiful. I was floored to see they are only $250! Click here


CHOICE 14 These beautiful wicker laundry pieces could almost make laundry fun:) Click here



Ahh…this post makes me want to give every bathroom a makeover! So many pretty things, great prices and an amazing selection. You can always count on Horchow to deliver! Click here to see all of the bath goodies over at Horchow.

Don’t forget one more day to enter the giveaway for two great prizes, click here to throw your name in the hat. Thank you for stopping in as always, wishing you a wonderful Friday evening. Until next time…….

PS As of Saturday morning a fabulous new promo started on all the European Kitchen items, worth checking out, click here,




It’s all set- October

Hello there, hope you are well. I was amazed at the response to my little last minute post yesterday and enjoyed reading over ALL points of view. Though many agreed with me, some did not and I truly appreciate everyone expressing their opinion and believe we can respectfully agree to disagree.

I think when we each are able to express ourselves in a peaceful non combative way, we can all learn something from each other (maybe the world should learn from us lol). So I thank you for chiming in and think I  need to hold more “Just because” conversations:) So……maybe will that a more regular occurrence. But for now, back to the pretty fluff as I like to call it:)

As you know by now, I am part of a group of talented bloggers that features a selected tablescape of their choosing every month. It’s a lot of fun to supercharge my creative forces through this monthly activity. I always enjoy putting something together and of course very much enjoy getting to see what the others have come up with.


My summery tablescapes are now a thing of the past as we gently plow forward into fall. This is a simple but pretty and understated fall tablescape which started with my pretty white pumpkins. Sometimes working out of my comfort zone (without blue and white) is a challenge as it is such an integral part of what I do.

I could not have been happier with the way this came out. I think the rich colors of the beautiful fall themed plates are a  perfect compliment to the little white pumpkins that give the table an elegant simplicity.

I topped the setting with beautiful linen monogrammed napkins, and a centerpiece made of white pumpkins and pretty fall leaves, simple and easy. The gorgeous silver handmade napkin rings are truly a work of art and like jewelry for the table. So here is what I came up with this month-



unn2322amed 23unnamed


unnamd3ed unname6yd unddnamed

unn322amed unn2322amed unna5med unn4amed un3named u1nnamed

The ingredients-

Chargers and all silver- from my shop

China- Horchow (from a while ago)

Glasses- Anthropologie

Silver- Old sterling have had for a long time

Monogrammed napkins- my shop

Pheasant salt and peppers- Vagabond House from my shop


Thank you so much for stopping by. I had a lot of fun putting this together and challenging myself to not add blue and white:) I love fall and all that it represents, it is by far my favorite season of all. Please be sure to stop on over to see all the other posts-


Please visit my friends to see the inspiring tables they are sharing this month:



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Wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..just a few reminders!


Almost full- have room for about 15 more pictures!

It’s time for the Enchanted Fall Love contest! As the temps start to drop and the leaves begin to fall, capture those special moments that best capture the essence of autumn!

Whether its your decorated pumpkins, flower arrangements, front door fallscape,your darling kids playing in fall leaves,  whatever…as long as it has to do with fall and you think it’s a winning shot, plesae send it in!

  • There is a cap of 70 pictures, so once 70 are received the contest is closed.
  • Accepting submissions as of today through Oct. 19th
  • Up to 2 pictures per person (please be sure they are not copied from internet and not of same exact thing)
  • Please email your winning shot(s) to theenchantedhome@gmail.com and on subject line put “Fall Love contest”  (get lots of email so need to separate those)
  • You will get an acknowledgement email stating that we have received your pictures
  • The winner will win one of these amazing statuary fiberglass pumpkins


Last day for the amazing Vagabond House promo (last one before the holidays)! Click here to view














Which would you choose and a giveaway!

Hi there. I cannot believe its July 14th…where is summer going? How I wish I could push a pause button. I would pause it for at least another month. My son and I are already planning his big move into his fraternity house for college.

As we were starting the process, I asked him how he wants to decorate his room and guess what his answer was? “Blue and white, Mom, gotta represent” LOL. Gotta love that kid! I am not ready to even think about summer ending, and when he is even talking about going back to school, it’s a sure sign that its not so far away.

About the only good thing, make that great thing about summer winding down are the amazing sales. And we all love a great sale. I consider myself quite the sale connoisseur and that is what brings me to this post today.

I have gotten so many fantastic deals lately and am quite excited about them. Wanted to let you in on some of my finds, from shoes to housewares to clothing. Almost all the clothing/shoes are an extra 10% (use code xtra10)  through tonight on top of the 50% off.  Lots of goodies here plus a great giveaway. So…..ready?  And then your turn to choose your two faves! Here we go….




CHOICE 1. Loving this fabulous blue and white outdoor rug, talk about adding serious pizzazz to any outdoor space. Click here


CHOICE 2. How classic and elegant is this? I love that it can be dressed up or down, St. John Knit, click here


CHOICE 3. Such a cute and comfy summer top, perfect with white jeans for a easy and put together outfit, click here


CHOICE 4. Freshwater pearls and earrings for $210??? Exceptional deal. Click here


CHOICE 5. How darling is this dress for summer? Looks so cool and fresh, dressed up or down and the price is almost hard to believe:) Click here


CHOICE 6. Own this fabulous beverage triple server and adore it…amazing price now too. Click here


CHOICE 7. Own these and love them and I did not pay $55! Almost 1/4 of their original price, so chic with anything. Click here


CHOICE 8. Isn’t this cute, great summer dress!  I love these kinds of dresses, with either a flat or a wedge…easy breezy dressing. Click here


CHOICE 9. Could not resist this tote and I LOVE blue and tan together, gorgeous and such a deal! Click here


CHOICE 10. OK this might be unexpected but its a new arrival at Last Call and almost 60% off of the original price, had to order as I love it…it will get me excited for fall! Click here


CHOICE 11. How great is this boat server. I gave it as a gift to our boat owning friends and she constantly tells me what a conversation piece it is, in addition to being the prettiest salad server around. Click here


CHOICE 12. Gorgeous coverup/tunic in one of my favorite colors, very chic. Click here


CHOICE 13. Can you believe this incredible planter is one sale for only $230! So stately and elegant, click here


CHOICE 14. This top is so me, and of course paired with white…its’ my all time favorite color combination! Click here


CHOICE 15. Traveling this summer? This beautiful rolling overnight bag is awfully pretty, great deal too:) Click here


CHOICE 16. Few things can instantly create a gorgeous table like beautiful flatware. This stunning set is available in  several beautiful colors and is great indoors and out. Click here


CHOICE 17. Perfect for summer nights…this beautiful little bag by Eric Javits has chic summer evenings written all over it:) Click here


CHOICE 18. Own these in black and nude, Stuart Weitzman shoes work well for me, they can be dressed up and are very very comfortable. Click here


CHOICE 19. This top has my name all over it, love the soft linen draping, the lace detail and this color is so pretty against white! Click here


CHOICE 20. Cannot get over the deal that these earrings are from Judith Ripka! Click here


CHOICE 21. Isn’t this Oscar de la Renta robe amazing! I adore this color blue, it could also make a great beach coverup:) Click here


CHOICE 22. This maxi dress is a stunner, the ivory/ cream lace is so pretty, I could see this with gold flats, a gold bangle and you are off….click here




One lucky winner will win this beautiful pale gray woven tote from Neiman Marcus (it will come with a bag of samples of perfumes and skincare as well)…great for year round use. Just leave a comment on this post to be in the running, winner to be announced Sunday morning.


Thanks for stopping by. Click here to see all of Horchow’s great buys and here for Neiman Marcus’s Last call bargains (don’t forget to use code xtra10. Wishing you a wonderful evening and end to your week. Until next time…….














Bluff Diaries Chapter 6

Hi friends….back with another chapter. It is starting to feel like it will really happen. Our plans are out with two builders that we narrowed it down to and with luck we will have made a decision by next week, will get those final permits and be on our way!

My original plan was to be there by next Easter, that does not look likely however I sure hope that by July 4th we will be calling PB our second home:) There is so much to consider and think about, but I feel like I am making great progress well ahead of schedule by doing these posts. I already know the colors I want, the roof, the windows and shutters, that right there is huge (think of Donald saying H U G E).

Today we are going back to the interiors, when you walk in there is a wide hallway/foyer that opens to a very large great room open to the kitchen/bar (included plans on my last chapter). I have a feeling this is where we will spend a lot of our time. That room has French doors that open to a very large wide deck that goes from one end of the house to the other, love that!

So this room will have tall ceilings and we hope to do some kind of a coffered ceiling. I love when they are painted but I also really like a very light white/washed stain. So here are some of my ideas for how I see that great room being done-


The ceiling-

Either way- painted or white washed, it is a beautiful detail and really adds to that coastal feel-

f7cc92e8a7f890581eda2e2dad12d3b1 cfa52028d3a32b6a3cda367b654ff826


Great color, Alabaster by  Sherwin Willliams


I am continuing to research this, looove the idea of a stone, like limestone or next best thing, Peacock Pavers but I know they are not as easy on the feet, so we probably will end up doing wood but I am still putting all options on the table! If I do wood it will be a lighter stain and always been a fan of herringbone anything!

chevron-hardwood-floors-asd surfaces




And there is no denying the beauty of a Peacock Paver…

739a7d409316bdfc5dcbbad50e159274 b52f30fc883038e91b08a3a8af63fdda


Rugs vs sisal-

I see doing either a tonal sisal maybe with a pattern or one of my favorite rugs, Oushaks, the more washed the better!! I know the sisal is not the most comfy on the feet but its so darn pretty, however a worn Oushak is hard to beat.


camilla-sisal dsc_0097 traditional-area-rugs

And of course you cannot deny the beauty of a washed Oushak, so gorgeous!

l_sh26823 002 NMH5EDD_mu HCH88Q3_mu

Fireplace mantle-

We are hoping to do a limestone/cast stone rustic French oversized mantle, I have the vision alive in my mind and know it will be a perfect choice

MT-205-BG P3_Inspiration


The Furnishings-

The fun part aka the furniture/furnishings!  I see a lot of creamy whites, in case you are not onto this idea already:) Soft blues as a subtle bit of color, but a very soft and tonal room. I have always loved this space below that was beautifully finished by specialty finisher Leslie of Segreto, my room will be  much more casual but the feeling that invites you in and is so soothing is what I am after-


I have always seen a big chunky tressel table in this room, the size can handle it and they are incredible durable


And can see any of these chairs, some more casual and some more of  a rustic French


Safavieh Furniture: Sofas, Loveseats, Recliners, Dining, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Accent Tables, Patio/Outdoor Furniture

fox6229h-front contemporary-white-linen-dining-chair-with-varnished-oak-wood-legs-as-well-as-dining-room-arm-chairs-and-dining-arm-chairs-936x702

In the living room/family room I see lots of creamy white (in durable fabrics)

oversized-wood-coffee-tables img-thing C2452_03_0509_fpo-600x6001


I see a tonal room with very subtle color in soft blues and greens, these types of fabrics are what I can see on pillows and maybe a chair or two


Love this trim as well wouldn’t it be pretty on a solid ivory pillow



Always loved this light wood chandelier and am so happy I will have a place to use it, can see putting two in the great room.



And for above the dining table which is an extension of this room can see something along this line ( a pair of these over table) All lighting from Currey

9075 9000-0013

Can see a pair of these beauties on end tables-


And of course lots of small tables, big baskets of magazines books, a few beautiful orchids like those from my shop, all the “fluff”

Stunning Square Ivory with Blue Planter and 3 Stem Orchid Arrangement

Incredible Large Pink Orchid Plant in Long Ivory Gold Tole Planter


Fabulous Hydrangea in Blue and White Tole Planter

2866520_1 img38m


And finally here is a loose storyboard of what I can see this room shaping up to be-

OB-great room



So there you have an overall design scheme for this great room. I see it as a space that is both beautiful and of course light an airy. I think it’s going to be the center of where our living gets done. So comfort, functionality is very important, a few big comfortable sofas with plenty of chairs you can relax in are tops on my list.

Pretty soft lighting, I cannot wait to get to the point where I need to actually start making these decisions! It’s fun though to have a concept in mind and I know me, I don’t waver much, many of our ideas I know are what will end up coming to fruition.

Thank you for stopping in and following along with me..the best is surely yet to come. If you missed any of the other chapters, go to the rop right in the search bar and type in Bluff Diaries it will take you to all the previous posts. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time……

Last day for the Alfresco Encore promo, click here to see












Which would you choose?

Hello and happy Saturday to you. FINALLY feeling somewhat better, about 70% and think with one more day under “house arrest” I might be back to feeling myself tomorrow.  With all my free time with my iPad resting in bed, I have been on a movie binge to end all movies binges and then there is my iPad.

Besides fitting in games of Words with Friends, I  have been dreaming of sprucing up the outdoors and getting it ready for the fun  season of outdoor living/entertaining. So I spent a good amount of time over at Horchow looking for a few key elements to add and boy I did hit the jackpot!

So thought this could make a fun post to get us all in the  mood for summer al fresco living. I found lots of great deals on a whole host of amazing items, all worth sharing. So you know  the drill, which would you choose?



CHOICE 1 This chic chinoiserie white cart has my name all over it….fabulous! Click here


CHOICE 2 How fun are these melamine monogrammed nautical knot plates! Click here


CHOICE 3 Totally smitten with these oversized denim poofs, and priced right too. Perfect for a pool area, click here


CHOICE 4. A beautiful urn which is hard to believe is resin, amazing what they are doing today with resin! Click here


CHOICE 5. These are sure to be conversation starts, emoji cocktail  napkins, love it! Click here


CHOICE 6 This is a testament to just how far outdoor living has come….I mean look at this! An outdoor banquette, love it! Click  here


CHOICE 7 Hard to believe this is actually an outdoor rug, AMAZING! Click here


CHOICE 8 This might be the next best thing to getting to the Greek Islands…cozying up on a Greek Island oversized towel 🙂 Click here


CHOICE 9 How adorable is this wooden salad boat with tongs? I ordered it as a gift for a special boating friend:) Click here


CHOICE 10 Aren’t  these trellis outdoor stools/end tables so pretty! I think they could work in so many spots and the price was a nice and  special surprise, click here


CHOICE 11 Beautiful outdoor pillows, in soothing colors….well done! Click here


CHOICE 12 This is so amazing, the prettiest firepit I have ever seen that doubles as a coffee table, BRILLIANT!! Click here


CHOICE 13 How stunning is this John Robshaw oversized beach towel and its on sale! Click here


CHOICE 14 Love this take on an updated Provence urn, and extremely well priced, click here


CHOICE 15 This is such a deal, I own this and mix it with my Juliska bamboo set and it works beautifully, click here


CHOICE 16 This is so beautiful and I was amazed at the price, such an elegant set. Click here


CHOICE 17 I have never seen a fire urn but these are really neat, I can imagine a pool lined with these, so dramatic. Click here


CHOICE 18 Amazed at what they are doing with outdoor rugs, this is pretty enough to put inside! Click here


CHOICE 19 Love this beverage server and this is perfect for those alfresco  meals, love the etching detail, click here


CHOICE 20 Gorgeous outdoor sconce with a very surprising price tag, an extra bonus:) Click here



Well,  if this doesn’t get us in the mood to get our outdoors in tip top shape, don’t know what will! Just doing this post has me dreaming up of all kinds of things I want to do, cannot wait to add my pillows, jar and garden seats.

I always like to add a few new items to keep it looking fresh. And Horchow is the perfect place to get a jumpstart.  How about you? Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Saturday. Until next time…..

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Which would you choose and one amazing Horchow giveaway!

Hello hope you are having a great week, today is rainy, dreary and raw- how I wish I could stay in all day long! Over the weekend we got to a balmy 59 degrees…..I will take it and it sure had me dreaming of spring:)

I have been doing a bit of retail therapy lately,between shopping for three design projects and sprucing things up in my bedroom, I have been quite the online shopper lately. As usual Horchow never disappoints and there were some exceptional deals worth sharing with you.

On top of that Horchow has so generously donated an incredible suitcase as a giveaway, perfect excuse to book a trip! Details on bottom. Time to chose your two favorite items from Horchow! Ready?


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So much to love and speaking of travel……Horchow has so graciously donated this fabulous piece of Victorinox luggage to one lucky Enchanted Home reader! Just think this will be the perfect excuse to plan a trip:)

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Thanks for stopping by and visiting, hope you have a wonderful day. Last day for the wonderful place mat and napkins promo, click here. Until next time…..


Come fly away with Sandy and a surprise travel giveaway!

Hi friends…today you are in for a treat so sit back, pour yourself another cup of coffee and take a few minutes to enjoy this post:) I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t absolutely love to travel…..the places it can take us, the people we can meet, the experiences we can partake in, few things can get ALL my senses into overdrive like travel can. Travel to me is simply? magical and there are few things as exciting as boarding a plane for some wonderful destination, getting away to a whole new experience.

So today we are really lucky to have the travel expertise and wisdom of my very favorite travel advisor? of them all, Sandy from You May Be Wandering. She is both a travel advisor/guru and friend,? who has made every trip of mine an absolute breeze. Sandy is one of those people who truly goes above and beyond, she will check in while I am on vacation to be sure we are happy and it is everything we wanted it to be. I was so impressed with this “above and beyond” approach the first time she booked us for our Dominican Republic trip.

Her followup, expertise and thoroughness know no bounds. I am telling you you will not find a better travel advisor out there! So we decided to do a post where I would ask her a bunch of interesting and must know travel questions (and spill a few trade secrets in the process).So whether you have a trip you are just starting to plan or this might ignite a desire to go on one…you will want to read every word, lots of good info here!

There is more! Horchow has so generously offered a very special travel related giveaway (details at bottom). Sandy and I are featuring some of our favorite travel items from Horchow scattered throughout the post, they are a fabulous source for just about all your travel needs…..and surely will get you on your way in style.

So ready to unearth things you have always wanted to know about the travel biz, maybe debunk a few myths? and travel in general? Sandy, take it away…..



1. Tell me about what are the biggest trends in travel right now?

I am seeing a lot more interest in personalized travel experiences such as cooking classes, unique tours and insider access to experiences not available for the average tourist. Also, luxury travel is more popular than ever ? the best five star resorts regularly sell out months ahead of time during the busiest seasons.


This is one good looking set of luggage from Bric’s and it’s on sale! Click here

2. What is a top pick or two for girlfriends travel, family travel and couples travel?

Any place with good food and good shopping usually equals a perfect girls weekend ? recent girls? trips I have loved were to the Napa Valley and Charleston.
For couples, the most romantic city on earth is, of course, Paris, but any luxurious five-star hotel will make for a romantic weekend getaway ? even in your own city!
For family trips, I am a big advocate of taking children abroad as soon as they are old enough to handle the long flight and comfortably eat out in restaurants. It is so important to instill a broader world view into your children. My first choice for families would be Italy because Italians LOVE children!


Everyone needs a chic passport cover like this one! Click here

3. What do you think are a few myths that people think of when using a travel advisor that you want to set the record straight on?

The biggest myth is that it is expensive to use a travel advisor. It usually doesn?t cost the traveler anything extra to use a travel agent ? we get paid by the hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, etc. Often, using a travel agent can actually save you money because we have access to deals that the individual does not.
Another myth is that you only need to use a travel advisor for the big ticket trips ? whether you are taking the trip of a lifetime or a weekend away, a good travel advisor can make your life a lot easier and possibly SAVE you money, all while making sure you are treated like a VIP.


This luxurious 3 piece set will insure a comfy plane ride for sure! Click here

4. What is the biggest advantage to using a travel advisor for trips, both big and small?

When you use a travel advisor, you will be treated better. Not only do you benefit from his or her expertise, the hotels do not want to risk losing your agent?s future customers. If you have a problem, you have someone acting as your personal advocate.

Also, these days travel agents now function more as personal travel consultants ? not just booking flights and hotels, but using their expertise and contacts to arrange specialized experiences, drivers and even restaurant reservations.


These ultra stylish luggage tags and passport covers are must haves for any seasoned traveler, great gift idea too! Click here


5. Are there any secrets or any type of methodology to getting easy upgrades for hotel rooms?

Book your hotel through me! Seriously, if your travel advisor is a member of a consortium like Virtuoso (of which I am a member), not only will you get added amenities at many of the best hotels in the world, including breakfast and resort credits, you will also be first on the list for upgrades.

Also, just ask nicely about the possibility of an upgrade upon check-in?the worst that can happen is that they say there is nothing available. Quite often, an upgrade can be a ?better? room in the same category you already booked just waiting to be assigned to you.


Are these the cutest sleeping masks or what? I have given these as a gift, so stylish! Click here

6. Come on?spill a few “insider” secrets!

Several hoteliers have told me that when people book online through an internet booking site, that they are often assigned the worst room in the hotel. Always use a travel advisor or contact the hotel directly (you can use their booking site) ? internet booking sites might look less expensive but they are not always the bargains they appear to be.
Never book the least expensive room in a hotel ? it will invariably be the one looking over the loading dock, the highway or the alley next door. It is better to be in the best room in a 4 star hotel than the worst room in a 5 star hotel.


A sure and practical way to make sure your black luggage is identified immediately! These bright hard tags are a great idea, click here

7. If you could hop on a plane tomorrow where would you be headed?

Italy…I just can?t seem to spend enough time there!


Think this red set of travel goodies is so elegant! Click here

8. In what way has the travel industry changed the most in the last 10 years?

The days of the travel agent who sits in the office making flight or hotel bookings are gone. Today, the best travel advisors are their clients? trusted consultants, hired for their expertise, rather than to simply make bookings ? we help clients sort through the huge amounts of information available online, we stay on top of global issues that might affect our clients? travel, and we know the best hotels, guides, drivers and restaurants (often from personal experience).


A more stylish tennis bag I cannot imagine you will find! Click here

9. What are your favorite sites/sources when you want to do? research on a particular property or destination?

My first source is always Virtuoso.com ? only the top 1% of travel advisors belong to Virtuoso so I am very lucky to be part of them. Whether it is to research hotels or to get advice from destination experts, the resources I can tap through Virtuoso are limitless. I also regularly check TripAdvisor even for the finest hotels. Another great site for hotel reviews is Oyster.com.


This elegant set from Bric’s is both good looking and practical…also on sale! Click here

10.? Tell us something most of us wouldn’t know about airline fares!

I am surprised that not many people know that by law you can cancel any plane reservation within 24 hours of booking if the flight is at least seven days from the date of booking. Also, many people still think that you must fly round trip to get a reasonable fare ? most airlines now let you fly one way without charging an arm and a leg.


Monogrammed anything makes such sense for travel…that way no one can claim it’s theirs, and these are so very pretty. Click here

11. Any exciting new hotels or destinations worth telling the world about?

The hotel opening I am most excited about is the re-opening of the Ritz Paris?hopefully it will be worth the wait!! Recently, I wrote a blog post sharing some new and soon to open hotels – go here to read it.


I just ordered these, love them….and they will surely jazz up? my luggage in a most beautiful way! Click here

12. What is on your short list (5 things or less) that you absolutely must bring on vacation when you travel?

-comfortable shoes ? my faves are Tieks
-a crisp white shirt ? it can be dressed up or down with accessories
-a lightweight cashmere scarf ? it can do double duty as a blanket on chilly flights
-an extra carry-on bag that folds up in my suitcases for all my purchases while I am traveling?-my ipad filled with information on my destination, lots of travel apps and good books


This is the next set of luggage I am coveting….just love it! Maybe Valentine Day? Click here

Thank you SO much, Tina, for the opportunity to share my passion for travel and a little insight into the travel advisory business with your readers! Happy Travels!!


OK just when I thought I was a pretty savvy traveler…now I realize there was much to learn!? I love the tips on scoring great hotel rooms and your must pack list and lust for Italy I completely agree with:)? I think the biggest misconception for me personally is that they are really expensive to use.

It is amazing to the contrary,? how reasonable a travel advisor is to the point where I would not plan a trip without one…and I always feel so much more comfortable with the expert knowledge and experience of a travel advisor on my side…especially one who is backed by Virtuoso.

So whether you have a trip in mind or this post has some ideas peculating…drop Sandy an email, trust me she will make all of your travel dreams come true! You can visit her at her blog by clicking here or email her directly at ssgrodsky@gmail.com.


One lucky reader will win a very special? travel gift, it is a surprise but rest assured something that will make your traveling all the more stylish, a given since it’s from Horchow.? All you need to do is visit Horchows travel section by clicking here, take a peek and come back here to tell us your favorite item, while you are it tell us the best trip you ever took.

You must leave a comment on this post to be eligible (emailing me does not enter your name into the drawing only leaving a comment here does).? I will announce a winner on Sunday morning so be sure to check back!

Thank you Sandy for this most enlightening post, you surely have me in the mood to get on a plane and go somewhere and to Horchow for the giveaway…two greats coming together! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time…..


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A super one day sale and a wonderful Horchow giveaway!

Good morning from frigid NY….cannot believe how the weather has turned on us. We went from having one of the mildest winters on record to living in Antarctica with a howling wind that will not quit. This is one of those weeks I wish I could stay in and hibernate all week long!


Anyway….been doing some retail therapy lately to compensate for my misery with this cold and waited for today as it’s one of Horchow’s fabled one day sales where things are rock bottom and site wide most things are a whopping 30% off!? I am sharing some of my favorite picks and turned it into a Which would you choose? There is also a wonderful Horchow giveaway (details on bottom. So let’s get ready to do some virtual shopping!



CHOICE 1 How pretty is this? I love the beautiful etching and love the price even more:) Click here


CHOICE 2 This is so pretty, unique and functional. A beautiful piece of art that is actually wall storage…brilliant! And priced incredibly well. Click here


CHOICE 3 I was sure this had to be a misprint, this gorgeous mirror with its beautiful inlaid fretwork for $139! What!!! Click here


CHOICE 4 Traveling anytime soon? I just bought one piece of this beautiful luggage from Bric’s for a special someone to start their own collection who has a big birthday coming up! Click here


CHOICE 5? A longtime favorite pattern, this is sold as a set of 20 pieces and is at an all time low price, so beautiful! Click here


CHOICE 6 When these go on sale for these prices, I stock up…..you just cannot find monogrammed towels at this price, period. Click here


CHOICE 7 Isn’t this woven leather desk set exquisite? Love the richness of it..very “Ralph-y” Click here


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CHOICE 9 These so make me want to throw a party…pink champagne glasses, yes! Click here


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CHOICE 11 One can never have too many notepads, I keep them in every room as I am an incurable list maker:) All these for $25! Click here


CHOICE 12 Have never seen the bamboo flatware this low, got two more sets….spring and summer entertaining here I come! Click here


CHOICE 13 I could not resist these….being a lover of all things scalloped and pique, these just scream ladies luncheon! Click here


CHOICE 14 Its a great time to stock up on fine cotton sheeting from Matouk, these and Home Treasures are my personal faves, last forever! Click here


CHOICE 15 Now you know my feelings on these!! Never been such a great time to stock up on blue and white china, great opportunity! Click here

CHOICE 16 Beautiful flush mounts are not easy to find, this one is not only stunning but so well priced. Ordered it this morning for a client in California’s powder room Click here


CHOICE 17? I have talked about this beauty before….got this for my family room and it is gorgeous, so soft and something we fight over all the time:) Click here


CHOICE 18 My favorite bedding is 30% off! I need another bedroom:) Click here


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One lucky winner will receive this wonderful? set of flatware in their color choice (4 place settings).? All you? need to do is vote for your 2 top faves and leave a comment on this post. I will announce a winner Sunday morning.


So many deals, hard to control myself:) When Horchow has a sale…they have? a S A L E and do not mess around. OK your turn to choose your two favorite finds. Click here to visit their incredible sale and see all the goodies up for grabs.? Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Hope its warmer there than it is here! Until next time….happy shopping.