Seven on Sunday

Happy Easter to all of my fellow Easter celebrating friends and readers. To  my Jewish friends and readers, hope you enjoyed a wonderful Passover. Beautiful day here, with a high getting to a whopping 76 degrees, practically summer!  I want to announce the winner of the chinoiserie tole tray. Congrats goes to-


Please email to provide your shipping address and color choice so this tray can be on it’s way!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed day with your family and. loved ones. My parents are in town so it’s going to be a day of family and togetherness (less two sons who are at Coachella, they CLAIM they did not realize it was Easter when they booked the trip…uh huh:)  Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-

1 FABRICS AND TRIMS…OH MY! I so love playing with fabrics and a current job that has been ongoing is starting to get the finishing touches.

This job is one I have been working on for the last several months and it is shaping up so beautifully. I shared some pics here (the NJ project) and will surely show a final reveal when the room is totally done. The final element will be the fabulous Ralph Lauren rug being made (to be delivered in May. We just firmed up all the pillows to be made, here is the rug-

The beautiful rug from Ralph Lauren is being made for them and due here within the month and feast your eyes on all the fabulous trims-


2 FOLLOWUP REPORTS ON A FEW THINGS I recommend things that I like and share my ideas often. Sometimes its fun to follow up when I really really like something. So here are a few recent “reviews”

Get these shoes! Love them, they are so comfortable now have them in two colors. Very chic, super comfy and a great everyday espadrille. Click here for info

These also are too cute, love the color and great scalloped shape plus the color screams ‘warm weather dressing,  here I come”! Click here for info

And finally have been using Glopro for about 10 days,  using it 3 times a week. I just recently learned what microstiumlation/mircroneedling is…and it makes perfect sense to now be able to do it at home, as traditionally this was done in a dermatologists office. It’s easy peasy but I swear its not my imagination, I think my skin is looking better and better.

I have good skin but as this sheds that first sloughy layer off of skin, so allows the skin to breath and open up the pores.  My favorite moisturizer, La Prairie really penetrates the skin. I will say this was well worth the investment and I am going to continue to do this 2-3 times a week as recommended.

I bought mine at Nordstrom as they stand behind their products no questions asked, just in case I didn’t like it. So far though, it is an absolute keeper and I think the buzz Glopro is getting is well deserved. For what a dermatologist charges, this thing pays for itself in one visit. Click here for info

Great article in the NY Times, “How to reduce wrinkles without lasers or chemicals” click here to read


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Very “Easter heavy” and why not, it only comes once a year with a healthy dose of spring and all around pretty thrown in!


4.GORGEOUS NEEDLEPOINT PILLOWS. I so love this exquisite line of very fine needlepoint/aubusson pillows. Got in a handful and will be offering them in a flash sale soon, to “test” the market before I commit to a large order. Thoughts welcome! Please participate in this short poll-


5. PRETTIEST SCONCES! I am excited to soon start carrying this most beautiful line and went with a client to the company headquarters to see them in person. So spectacular!! I have used them for years and often use them in jobs as well, made of the highest quality.

I am using a number of them for my PB home and have their more traditional ones in my current home. Here are some of what I saw….not one I don’t just love.

And this lamp I have used so many times and for good reason,  it is positively gorgeous-

6. MR TEDDY BUNNY. Always save the best for last, say hello to our resident Easter bunny…never seen one cuter! He wishes all of you a very happy happy Easter Sunday but demanded these darn ears get taken off right after his pic was taken, he said they made him look like a donkey. What can I say, he is one smart dog:)


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. So today, this is about summer and your plans or lack of plans: Never have I appreciated and enjoyed the blessing of no agenda as I do now that am working full time.

For me summer signifies the loosening up of a strict regimented non stop schedule. Its time to sit back and indulge in cocktails (sometimes before 5), lobster rolls and beach days. Of course mixed in with work as life doesn’t stop but taking more time to chill. Summer almost feels like a “temporary free pass” to take extra time off and relax a bit more than we might other seasons. How about you? What does summer mean to you?

And that my friends is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed this post. Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a happy Sunday.

Always love to hear from you and happy you make me a part of your Sunday every weekend morning. Until next time…….

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Bluff Diaries Chapter 12

Happy Thursday morning. Excited to be here with chapter 12 of the Bluff Diaries and really happy to tell you that things are really starting to  happen. It is finally looking like a real house and it is thrilling!

Lots of recent pics to share with you and then we will talk about today’s subject, bathroom lighting as an extension of last weeks post on flooring. This is the first time you are seeing the actual house, and it is incredibly exciting.

Some have asked who we are using for architect/builder and I must say I am really delighted with our experience with both our architect and builder. I have wanted to share them with you but was waiting until things were further along. The info is-

Builder- Nathan Cameron (click here to contact)

Architect- Court Atkins (click here to contact)

Nathan is what is referred to as a boutique builder, at any given time he takes on no more than about 4-8 houses and gets very personal with each building experience. I love that he is so into the details and sends us extensive weekly updates, there is a reason he is considered to be one of the most popular builders in The Bluff. He and his company has been a total pleasure to deal with. Our engines are just revving up but he has stayed right on schedule to the day, impressive in this world!

For our architect we used Court Atkins, they seem to be by far the most popular architect there and rightfully so. They were fantastic even from afar and with only two visits at executing exactly what we wanted, a pleasure to deal with and get this- they actually met almost every deadline! That is saying something in today’s world.

I must say they have been a dream team, and any reservations I had about doing this from afar quickly vanished when I saw what good/capable hands I am in…thanks guys!

And now onto today’s post….

Bathroom lighting, it is often the finishing touch for a bathroom and with today’s vast array of choices, it can make a real statement. My taste honestly has not wavered much over the last 10 or so years however in this house, we are going a bit more transitional and less formal than our house here in NY.

MASTER BATHS- I love sconce lighting, I could live with sconces only…the lighting they give is so beautiful day or night. In my bathroom I will have at least a pair possibly two. As I am going with a more transitional look, the lighting will follow suit.

I will have a chandelier/lantern and may be putting in one of my bell jars which would work very nicely there. For the sconces, love each of these equally and will likely put a pair for myself and a pair for my husbands bath. These are from a company I do a lot of business with, the quality is bar none.

Isn’t this so gorgeous? I feel it is a little bit more masculine so this could work beautifully for my husbands bath

This feels a little more delicate could work well for mine or the powder room

The square version

For the chandelier I am leaning towards one of the belljars from my shop but if I were to go another route these would be some contenders-

Most likely I will go with one of my wonderful belljars, not a bad one in the bunch but I would likely go with one  of the simpler styles.

This below would work well for my husbands bath, elegant and handsome

GUEST/KIDS BATHS- For the other bathrooms I will go with a simple polished nickel style and vary them in each bathroom. Something along this line-

POWDER ROOM- For powder room I like the idea of doing something a little dressier/stepping it up a bit….

Call me crazy but I ordered a pair of these as they were only $146!!! Click here to see, how could I pass them up. I know I will use them somewhere

Wow this has me excited over all of the beautiful lighting choices, so many pretty classically beautiful things to choose from. This is when it’s going to get fun and at the rate we are going, we will be at this stage before we know it. So…how about you? Anything here excite you? We are going for a cleaner, transitional look and I think we are well on the way.

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and hope it’s feeling like spring wherever you might be, over here it still feels very much like winter! Until next time…







Which would you choose?

Hello and happy Monday afternoon! Hope you had a great weekend, it was a beautiful weather weekend though we had a mini heatwave but by the beach with the ocean breezes,  it was perfect. It was almost hard to come home but all good things come to an end.

We all know the name Ralph Lauren is synonymous with great taste and high quality…..what an iconic brand he has built!  I own many things under his label from various housewares to sheets to clothing….and I can say his commitment to quality shows in every single one.  I enjoy many things from his line but always try to hold out for sales to stock up. I am a big fan of his towels and bedding and with the homesale/white sale happening now….it’s a great time to stock up and refresh.

Plus I found other great finds like a darling polo for your favorite four legged friend for $15 and my all time favorite sconces are at a price that I have never seen and I can attest that I have never seen a prettier sconce, they are just beyond gorgeous. So many good things, it made a fun Which would you choose. So now the question and your turn…..which two would you most love to have?

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.05.37 PM


CHOICE 1. My most favorite sconce EVER and the very one that graces my dining room!! Wish it had been on sale then:) Click here


CHOICE 2. This handsome set was ordered for my son’s apartment int he city, it is just his style and the monogram is a bonus! Click here


CHOICE 3. Loving this robe…nothing like a crisp cotton robe to slip into, and when its monogrammed that ups the ante:) Click here


CHOICE 4. Love this masculine/nautical themed rug, perfect for a boys/men’s room or library, click here


CHOICE 5. Such a handsome and elegant leather and glass hurricane, plus it’s almost a third of its original price, great gift too! Click here


CHOICE 6. It’s a great time to stock up on soft luxurious bath towels and these don’t get any softer…R.Lauren is all  I buy plus you can monogram them and now they are on sale! Click here


CHOICE 7. Love big oversized baskets like this, for everything from rolled up pool or bath towels to holding all my wrapping paper:) Great price too, click here


CHOICE 8. Don’t forget to think about your favorite pooch, this is too cute for words! Hope the L fits Mr. Teddy:) Such a steal, click here


CHOICE 9. Gorgeous polished nickel sconce, such a perfect piece for a bathroom, going to recommend these to a current client, click here


CHOICE 10. My college aged son has asked if we can get this for his dorm/frat room. Since he takes very good care of his things I have agreed lets hope it stays this pretty:) Click here


CHOICE 11. One of favorite rugs, love the washed look and this is an excellent price, actually used this for a e design clients family room, click here


CHOICE 12. LOVE this bedding ensemble, it is everything a bed should be…soft and cloud like, clean and crisp. Click here


CHOICE 13. Great gift to a lucky recipient or yourself:) Plus its on sale, fabulous and chic nickel nutbowl, click here


CHOICE 14. How incredible is this chandelier! If you know prices of fine crystal chandeliers you will recognize the value here. We own two of RL chandeliers and I love them as much as I do the antique ones we have….incredible! Click here


CHOICE 15. Love this blue and white Antoinette pillow, it could be the start of one fabulous space! I could see this on an all white bedding ensemble or a white sofa,  Click here


CHOICE 16. And for those darling female doggies, not to be forgotten this one is for you, too cute!! Click here


CHOICE 17. Pretty as a dream this makes me want to jump in and take a snooze….gorgeous! Click here


CHOICE 18. Own these sheets for my son, not only are they soft but so beautifully masculine, and on sale:) Click here


CHOICE 19.  So in love with this super handsome chandelier, could see it in a foyer or in a chic and elegant with the leather trim and polished nickel. Click here


CHOICE 20. There is nothing like sinking into a soft squishy bred and when it’s all white….it makes the experience extra ethereal. Click here



Ahhhh, so much to love, best part is everything shown is on sale. Makes it extra sweet. How about you, are you a fan of Ralph Lauren Home too? Click here to see all the goods over at this wonderful sale at Ralph Lauren.

Look forward to seeing which two goodies you would choose. Hope your week is off to a great start, thanks for stopping in. Until  next time…..

PS Click here if you missed my Seven on Sunday, lots of beauty to check  out:)



Bluff Diaries Chapter 3

Hello friends, here I am with Chapter 3 of Bluff Diaries, where I will chronicle our building journey in Palmetto Bluff. Right now  everything is obviously preliminary but we are making progress. Nearly done with interior plans and working on exteriors now.  I am sharing with you my various ideas of what I can see for that house in this series. Though I am sure many of my ideas will change/evolve over time, I tend to be a pretty decisive consumer. When I like something, it normally sticks:) If  you missed Chapter 1 click here and Chapter 2 here. There will be, rest assured, many more chapters to come!

Today’s chapter is on one of my favorite subjects……kitchens! I am excited about getting to plan another kitchen. I really enjoyed the process for my home here in NY and it was one room where I really was able to fulfill my wish list and it delivered. I recognize this kitchen in PB is going to be obviously smaller and much more casual, however that does not mean comprising on beauty! I see a “light and airy” approach to this house in general and the kitchen will follow suit.

My husband and I have decided we want this house to be part low country/part will be a hybrid of the two. I love the look of open shelving in a kitchen but with the plans as they are shaping up, I will not have much wall space so it is probably  not in the cards if I want to be practical and for the kitchen to be functional. Though we will use it part time, you always have to be mindful about down the road, if we were to sell to someone who might live there full time (and that includes us:). So though this is very early on, here are some of my ideas-

The kitchen will be about 13 x 20 which will include a center island with ample bar stool seating for at least 4, it will open onto a large great room that will be family/living/dining. Very open and inviting layout. Here are some of my ideas….



This has been a longtime fave and I could see this easily in this house-


And these are an assortment of others I like very much and have been collecting for a while-








The details-

There is a chance I will do wood floors but am not totally sold yet. Depends on what we do for the main big room, love my kitchen floor the reclaimed French limestone but its costly and not as gentle on the feet so we will either do some kind of wood or stone with area rugs.  Peacock Pavers are really beautiful and look like old stone, plus they are so affordable-

11250f546c92507d12b8a065f266f54b e534f5b24e2af2f4cbcd58d7aca2efe1

I would LOVE to do this Ilve stove if my budget allows, just really digging the gold/silver mix, love my Ilve now so I would do another in a heartbeat:) Isn’t this a beauty!



And really love my Shaws farmhouse sink so would do that again as well….might do a double this time


I think I am leaning towards brass in the kitchen but its not 100%…..however I really do love the look. Something like this faucet and this hardware below are an example of the vibe I hope to create….

211522 0111133bc5557b61827d89293548509b

Pulls- seeing something a bit cleaner, less fussy, oversized and more transitional along this line-




Countertops- I am as in love with my honed Calcutta Gold countertops today as much as the day I got them put in….hopefully we can find not crazily priced beautiful slaps to do it again in the new house. Second choice would be one of the beautiful quartzites out there, a bit more affordable and some are really quite amazing looking! You just have to be very persistent and keep looking until you find what you want…..




Barstools- Definitely  want something on the casual side…always been fond of the updated traditional bistro style bar stool

fox5208c-front fox6532a-front


And I also like this look a lot as well….

connor counter stools


I could see any of these beauties above the island which will hopefully seat 4-5 kitchen stools-

CHC2177GI CHC3436AB CHC2161GI CHC2107AB 9346 9000-0013


This is fun and most definitely the one room I tend to be the most excited about. You can be sure there will be many more kitchen posts to come! I love to cook and entertain so look forward to this more casual style as I think it will get used a lot. Fingers are crossed that we will sign off on the plans (both interiors and exterior) within the month and get building permits June, or July at the latest.

I am anxious to get this show on the road!!  In the meantime it’s fun to do  my “investigative research” 🙂 Thank you for stopping by…wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time….

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Bluff Diaries chapter 2

Good morning! Hope your week is off to a good and productive start:) So as I announced a few weeks ago, I was starting a new series, Bluff Diaries (click here if you missed chapter one)? to document the soon to be (hopefully) project of our new home in Palmetto Bluff. We signed with the architect and are busy working on the plans, and will? be going down there in a few weeks. With luck we will get our permits fast and start to build maybe in May if the permit Gods are on our side:)

So every time I post a new “chapter” I will discuss a different element of the process. Last time we talked about flooring, today I am going to devote this post to powder rooms. This house? will no doubt be a much more casual, laid back, lighter and airier style home reflective of that wonderful and iconic Low Country Style. There are so many choices for gorgeous flooring, wallpapers, plumbing fixtures, lighting that my head spins just thinking of all the possibilities!

Here are some of my thoughts, I tend to be one of those people that when I really love something, I tend to stick with it so you can pretty much bet? that what I end up doing will be quite close to what I am musing about here:)




Sinks– LOVE this sink and have had this in my files for awhile…..would really love to do this in the powder room. Did this in my old house and it was one of my favorite design choices for that house. There is a company Palmer Industries that makes custom sink legs, you need to get the marble tops fabricated on your own.

The powder room is one room I always splurge on because it should feel like a wonderful little jewel box and it is those special and unique touches that help to create such a look. It is a bit of a process to put together but just look at the results! Some ideas of what I have in mind……




Wallpaper– Big fan of it in the powder room. It is an easy and doable space to create a real statement..and I feel every powder room whether? a more casual one or a super formal affair should wrap you in beauty.? I could see a gorgeous fun, crisp wallpaper like one of these, all are sophisticated but more on the casual side-

T14204-medium T36158-medium T36154-medium T36185-medium T16051 T16020

Plumbing- I am thinking of doing a rich brass or even an unlacquered brass fixture in there which would work with brass sconces as well. Something along this line is what I am thinking-

hottesttrendsforkitchenandbath_ce2d-kallistafaucet_thumb 45378

tumblr_mz0hw96FKH1qzhvr4o1_1280 99b5b4413c4e8ed900972aa011493432

Sconces- Now if I go with brass on the faucet, I will most certainly do the same with sconces and a ceiling light fixture. Since the vibe is decidedly much more casual I will forego looks like crystal chandeliers and do something simpler without compromising on good looks or sophistication. I like all of these-

m_TOB2070HAB?? ? ? ? ? ? m_CHD1183AB(1) ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? m_CHD1174AMAB

m_AH2040NBPL(1)???? m_AH2015NB-NP

Ceiling light/chandelier– For this too, I see something much more casual/relaxed but in a refined way. Going casual does not have to be interchangeable with boring!? I am thinking more of a lantern idea and any of these beauties would do just fine!


Mirror- This is a mirror I have used a number of times with design jobs, it’s one of my favorites. It works as well with a super traditional interior as it does a more transitional one…comes in gold leaf or silver and I think would work perfectly in my future powder room, so much so that I don’t think I need to look any more!


Flooring- Covered lots of flooring last week but for the powder room,? the busier the wallpaper the simpler will go on the floor, I love whites and creams together and feel that palette will work well in this house. Some of the more patterned mosaics however are a work of art in themselves and I feel like maybe just a solid wall or a tonal paper would suffice, so it will either be a statement floor or a statement wall! Any of these would make me very happy, I am quiet sure I will do a white/cream marble honed of course…..

r3a era


These beauties are from Tile Bar-

single-honey-onyx sb-intlacthsmgbls sb-mjgerbera

And these are from New Ravenna

r3a era mediterranean-bathroom-tile

1257fb78-40b7-4866-a3ad-26d5acc9bd87 7caa9712-bb18-413d-be0c-41f56e4b76ec e9e40b882bf8cb02240781cd24556f29

LOVE all of these from the Silk Road Collection at New Ravenna, we used them for four of our baths for this house and I must say they do exquisite things with marble!



Wow I feel like this little room is already done! If I continue at this pace I am bound to shave off some significant time in this entire process. Next up will be master bath…..thanks for following along. Lots more to come! Wishing you a wonderful day and great start to your week. Until next time…..


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PPS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here

Which would you choose and one amazing Horchow giveaway!

Hello hope you are having a great week, today is rainy, dreary and raw- how I wish I could stay in all day long! Over the weekend we got to a balmy 59 degrees…..I will take it and it sure had me dreaming of spring:)

I have been doing a bit of retail therapy lately,between shopping for three design projects and sprucing things up in my bedroom, I have been quite the online shopper lately. As usual Horchow never disappoints and there were some exceptional deals worth sharing with you.

On top of that Horchow has so generously donated an incredible suitcase as a giveaway, perfect excuse to book a trip! Details on bottom. Time to chose your two favorite items from Horchow! Ready?


CHOICE 1. Had to do a double take here…this amazing chandelier is only $825!!! Click here


CHOICE? 2. How incredible is this work of art pagoda place mat!!!! Just incredible… here


CHOICE 3. Their lighting sale is going on now and I just ordered this beauty for one last little alcove in my room that needed a flush how delicate and feminine it is. Click here


CHOICE 4. Not a moment too soon to start thinking about spring and getting our yards/patios in tip top shape. This classically beautiful urn and pedestal is a stunner with an even more unbelievable price! Click here



CHOICE? 5. I am madly in love with these sconces, if I needed a pair I would order these immediately…so beautiful! Click here



CHOICE 6. Have used this beautiful mirror a few times, its a lot of look for the money, can you believe only $224! Click here


CHOICE? 7. Everyone should own one o these luscious faux sable throws and best part is this one is reversible! Click here



CHOICE? 8. Don’t you think this is such a pretty and delicate chandelier? I love its understatement and the price even more:) Click here



CHOICE? 9. Look whats on sale again…the beautiful and so reasonable bamboo flatware, so perfect for entertaining outdoors! Click here



CHOICE? 10. Think this is so very pretty! The price is even prettier:) Thinking of this for a special someone who has a birthday around the corner! Click here


CHOICE? 11. Having bought many sconces in my day, I can say that this is one phenomenal deal….gorgeous and only $375 with Swarovski crystals! Click here


CHOICE? 12. What could be more elegant than an oversized monogrammed charger plate! This could go with any set of china, stunning! Click here


CHOICE? 13. Traveling? Go in style…this handsome set of Bric’s luggage is now on sale and there’s never been a better time to take advantage! Click here


CHOICE 14 These oversized destination beach towels are the cutest….The Hamptons, Riviera, The Caribbean, great gift idea too! Click here


(Insiders secret- if you make a purchase try using code “welcome” for an extra discount)



So much to love and speaking of travel……Horchow has so graciously donated this fabulous piece of Victorinox luggage to one lucky Enchanted Home reader! Just think this will be the perfect excuse to plan a trip:)

TO ENTER- Leave a comment here? commenting on? your favorite item on Horchow? (visit Horchow by clicking here). I will announce a winner on SUNDAY (be sure to check back to see if you won)!



Thanks for stopping by and visiting, hope you have a wonderful day. Last day for the wonderful place mat and napkins promo, click here. Until next time…..


Seven on Sunday

Hi friends! How are you doing? Hope this finds you well and in full fall mode. First order of the day is to announce the winner of the monogrammed notepads set from Horchow. Congratulations to…

#31 Karena

The Arts by Karena

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail. to provide your choice of the two sets and your shipping info


It has been a really beautiful fall, and the foliage is just breathtaking. Given that we are in November and the holidays are really just around the corner, it is not a moment too soon to star thinking about holiday planning.

I vow every year to start a little earlier but finally this year I feel like I am getting a teeny head start, not to say I will not be crazy busy in Dec. but even taking care of small things like ordering my Christmas cards and gift tags and starting to make a shopping and gift list feels like an accomplishment.

Was away Fri/Sat for an overnight short trip with my sister and we got to see Burnt. I actually really liked it….its a beautiful movie, the food cinematography was gorgeous and Bradley wasn’t too shabby himself:) As I do every Sunday, here are seven things that caught my attention this week……




1 NEW ITEMS I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT. I don’t know if I have ever been as eager to get in a new shipment as I am of all the goodies coming in….just in time for the holidays! I have the most gorgeous chinoiserie items and porcelains arriving. Porcelains due here end of month and chinoiserie items sometime beginning of Dec.

I will be offering a presale on the porcelains and chinoiserie tole as I always do in about a week or so, so stay tuned.. Amongst so many exciting things here are some new additions to the chinoiserie family…..


This amazing mirrors offered in four colors-

yellowgold bluewhite silvergray blkmirror

How about these fabulous lamps!

u3222nnamed 3223unnamed

And SO very excited about the beautiful chinoiserie lighting coming this way!

unnamed33 unnamasdfed




2.? ONE FABULOUS HOTEL. We had the best 4 day getaway last weekend, will share some pictures/highlights sometime next week but I have to say The Inn at Palmetto Bluff is as close to perfect as I have seen in a hotel. Run by the Montage Hotel group, this was simply sublime in every way. I had been last year for the first time with my sister and this time went with my husband, his brother and wife…fun weekend!

Most of the time pictures make things look just a little bit better than they really are, in this case, it is every bit as spectacular as the pictures. So much so that we are even considering eventually possibly buying there.? Click here to learn more about Palmetto Bluff.


InnatPalmetto_3_Solo PBL0821-Poolff1 innatpalmettobluff_biking The-Inn-at-Palmetto-Bluff-Rest-Bar



3 ONE VERY PRETTY SALE COAT! I always look forward to buying a few coats/jackets for the loooong winter season ahead. I had seen this a few weeks ago but pounced when I saw it’s for sale at Neiman Marcus, fits great, very chic and so well priced. I love that this could literally go with anything, and be dressed up or down. Click here for details-



4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always so much beauty and inspiration to share, whether its nature, someones talented hand at decorating, something delectably delicious, an adorable pet or words of wisdom….suffice to say Instagram delivers and this week’s round up is mighty spectacular-

unxxnamed unnacxxmed

unn77amed unnamgbed unncvcamed unnabvmed unnameffdd 24unnamed unna33med un3named

1221unnamed unn22amed unname8d 455unnamed unnamed87


5. LOVE THY PET As we start preparing ourselves for the holidays and checking our lists….our beloved pets should not be ignored. Afterall they make the best friends and deserve a special little something for the holidays, don’t you think? These picks are just too cute and I think Mr. Teddy just might find himself sporting a new faux fur or getting a beautiful monogrammed bed…shhhhh!



This is so cute…I can’t stand it! Click here


Teddy would flip over having his very own personalized bed, click here


And when ordinary tennis balls just won’t do, have your pooch fetch in style with this chic leopard balls! Click here


6. SHOWHOUSE PICS! So remember my Ronald McDonald Showhouse and how everything was sold off the night of the gala? Rarely do you get to see where your things go and how they are used in their “final resting place”. Well imagine how exciting it was to see the dining room where several of my items went. They look so beautiful……and the rug looks like a million bucks! Plus wanted to share the gorgeous pictures taken by Alan Barry Photography.

So many emailed me about the rug I had used which is not only a beauty but a ridiculously great price, it is being featured over at Decor Market,click here? just can’t get over how much look they offer for the price, unbelievable! If you are an Instagrammer, be sure to follow their new instagram account as they are doing a giveaway week to celebrate! Click here to follow them.


Here are some of the gorgeous professional shots taken by Alan Barry-

wloJN7C_8OlJ8MStGw0N8nZPn-uAat5cLjgNSyZZqf0,T3GxNJVJGCS03W2TcJWeUdI1S-8xYNqGhZ0UcuX2y4c,FDnTaYl7Iqui92gJKOIWOQEYpd1Pa5RiBDQypSZiB5Y vekMmDyuMykbvo98a9eM1ybIFHag20DbCe6xUc5j0p8,JEyp7pGoZUFCfZcXPlkqDS43u1Z7J66hFY563sASUr4,lgXseY-iOGweoAnUGFWOwHy9ALBwUejvkzCMZlCGJdw PeK0hio0RQNA5dsWc44fcyXd6yfw9BKvNnDXa6DPuKI,fsKHJI1L-9KPp0OuZfCSEZogR5UhOhvRInt5Zyu24-8,I3ppONCC76eRZy0N7Y_Fnh8BOWD-oR_QAmz7pQM_Nx8

And here in this beautiful room is where my ginger jars, chairs and rug went…..looks so beautiful. Thank you for sharing and love the added touch of? the “cute as a button” little girl hiding under the table:)



7. FALL AROUND HERE. As I continue to enjoy the splendor of fall, I have added very small but pretty tweaks around the house. This will likely be the last of fall, as it will soon be time to move onto Christmas! It never ceases to amaze? me how blue and white literally looks good with EVERYTHING. Love it with the magnolia, fall leaves and pinecones theme I have going on here….


Just got these chinoiserie pillows in for my chairs and have not taken the tags off yet, was anxious to see how they looked:)

unname34fed unnavcemed

And because I so love white mums added more to my front door and love the effect, one person said it looks almost like a dusting of snow. I am enjoying these while they last and until I start to decorate for Christmas….which is creeping up fast!

un32named unname33d


So that is what is up in my world…how about you? Anything exciting that you want to share? Thanks as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Until next time….


PS Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the STUNNING Christmas cards (100 of your choice) to one super lucky winner from Dixie Designs, click here


PPS Last day for the blue and white blowout, some items are sold out but there are still a few pieces, click here


A fabulous living room sale you REALLY need to know about!

Hi there, hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am out of town for a few days as of Sunday but will be checking in:) I still can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that summer is just about over.

Normally I instantly equate summers end with revamping the house a bit and of course the “H” word…..the holidays. Yes people, ?they are only 4 months away! As I continue to work on my own home and a few e design prjoects I was excited to find out about this sale because we all love a great sale, right? And an extra 20% just about everything is pretty major:) (Neiman Marcus)


If you are starting from scratch or need a few fill ins, this post is for you. I have been a long time fan of Horchow, and when they have deals…let me tell you, they have D E A L S! So their much anticipated 4 day Living room sale is one worth knowing about. I have been working with a few clients and have found this sale to have come at the right time.? I put together my very favorites to share with you. There is special pricing and on top of that you earn money back-

I am working on a few projects myself and was fortunate to find some great scores for my clients from this sale.I have included some items that I think are exceptional deals but you can see everything by visiting Horchow by clicking here.

So here are my top picks-




Isn’t this a beauty! I love the shape, the nailheads and the fact that it includes all of these wonderful pillows which makes it a great starting point for a room, stunning! Click here for info


I LOVE this sofa, a Horchow exclusive and have a client considering a pair of these for her living room, absolutely stunning and the price is so right, click here for the 411


Gorgeous navy velvet sofa, great price!! Click here for 411



Isn’t this such a stunning chair! I love the color, the monogram, everything about it….click here for details


Rather in love with this tufted leather ottoman, great colors beautiful styling and a right price:) Click here for the 411


You don’t need to guess how I feel about this little beauty! So very pretty….click here for info


This is a fabulous new take on a classic, LOVE the lucite legs, neutral fabric, what room wouldn’t look splendid with this! Click here for the 411


This is that kind of chair you can find a space for virtually in any room, a pair for a foyer, in the living room an extra chair for a family room, great for a master bedroom and at $749 you don’t have to think too hard:)? click here for info


Sent these to a friend who I knew would love them, and at 359 it’s a no brainer! Click here for info


A gorgeous carved bench for $999? Yes it’s true and this one is a beauty, click here for information


How great is this settee? Adore it and think it belongs in my house!? Click here for the 411



This is one of my all time favorites and a style that works in so many different style homes plus I can tell you the price is the best I have seen! Click here for info


I absolutely love this table, its a bit more transitional than what I normally love but really like how it combines old world chinoisiere feel with the antiqued mirror, fabulous! And SO well priced, click here for details


At $699 we didn’t need to think, just act! Such a beautiful table on it’s way to a lucky e design customer! Click here for information


Another favorite styles, timeless classic but still feels very current. A well priced Horchow exclusive, this is a top pick for me, click here for info



Isn’t this a beauty! Can you believe only $749…..a steal if you ask me. Click here for info


This is so much look for the money, a client just ordered this for her new dining room and we are both excited about it! Click here for the 411




This lamp is a beauty with it’s elegant crystal balls and how about if I tell you it’s $154! Click here


And you know I love birds so could easily this in so many spaces, click here for information


This is such a sophisticated and elegant lamp for a traditional home, click here for the info


Talk about a lot of lamp for the money,? at $149 this the king of steals, click here for the 411


A perfect mid sized mirror in beautiful antique mirror and what a deal! Click here for info


This gorgeous pink and gold mirror is such a beauty, if I had a pink room I would snag this! Click here


ADORE this bird mirror and at $350 its extra sweet, such a beauty that could go anywhere!! Click here for info


A very good looking mirror and a wonderful way to add a current feeling to any interior space and at $395 it’s a sure thing, click here for info


Every room needs a gorgeous rug and this one is simply spectacular! Click here for more details


And how about this beauty I love Oushaks, they are my personal favorite as they instantly make a room feel so peaceful and tranquil. Click here for the 411


Isn’t this such a beauty! I adore the soft silvery gray tonal feeling…spectacular! Click here to view


This beautiful rug was $829 we thought there was a misprint so hurry up and ordered it (for a local friends office) click here for info


My e design client just ordered? this for her living room it was part of the quick ship program….we cannot wait to start decorating around it! Click here for info


I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me…a 40″ square ORIGINAL PAINTING for $349 that is this pretty? Yes!! Bought one, love the colors! Click here for the 411


This giclee is just stunning and so charming, well priced too. Click here for info


These are fabulous looking and can create an instant gallery, can you believe 4 for $294! Click here to find out more


This very large giclee? on canvas is so incredibly pretty, looks like an old treasured painting. Click here for info


And you don’t need to even ask how I feel about this….spectacular beyond words! What a statement piece and at $755 for four very large panels, this is a major deal. Click here to see


I think I could decorate an entire house just from this post! So many things to love and? getting a great deal is the icing on the cake.?Click here to see it all…(don’t say I didn’t forewarn you about extreme temptation). Thank you for stopping by, until next time…..


P.S.If you missed my Seven on Sunday post….click here



Seven on Sunday

Hi there, and happy Sunday to you, are we really already at the end of July! These weeks are flying by a bit too fast! First order of business is to announce the winner of the pretty blue and white vase, congratulations goes to-

#28 Debbie says:


Thanks to the hundreds who took part in my survey (click here if you missed it). I so loved hearing what you had to say, it is a total validation for me doing what I do and why I enjoy it so much. I will be sharing the results with you later this week.

We had such a great day yesterday, back in the Hamptons for the celebrity studded fundraiser to benefit ovarian cancer,? Super Saturday.Our friends were sponsors and invited us as their was such a fun day, and a nice treat after being homebound for nearly a week with my bad back. It was also a picture perfect weather day so it doesn’t get much better than shopping, great weather and good friends.? Today, just chilling then going to a BBQ party later and you?

As I do every Sunday here are seven things that have gotten my attention. Lots of pretty to share this week. ? And here we go……



1. A GREAT LITTLE REMINDER. This really made me stop and think about all that I have to be thankful for. I printed this out and put it on my fridge, not so much that anyone in my family will stop to read it but I certainly will be reminded every time I open it (and lets face it that’s a lot) and hopefully they (as in the men in my household) will take the time to read at least a few and be reminded to be grateful for even the smallest things, certainly worth sharing!


2.? A FABULOUS NEW ARTIST. So love discovering talented artists, one talent I wish I had! Really loving the work of fashion illustrator Joanna Baker, take a look at some of her amazing work. I cannot imagine having that kind of raw talent, this NY based designer is one gifted lady and I simply love her style.? Click here to learn more or visit her website.cda46845d49f527d66597488c8f5bda9 process margoandme-joanna-baker3 carolina-herrera-bridal-joanna-baker-small city-dogs-joanna-baker

instagram-recap-joanna-baker giambattista-valli-joanna-baker new-prints-joanna-baker1

3. AN ELEGANT UNDERSTATED PARTY. I loved the pretty and not overly fussy details of Suzanne Kasler’s party held at her home for SCAD. Such elegance! Could easily be in Provence,? what a beautiful setting….kind of makes me want to plan a party myself:)? Courtesy of Atlanta Homes Magazine.

ahl_kasler_009-469x640 ahl_kasler_008-469x640


?ahl_kasler_011-469x640 ahl_kasler_033-426x640 ahl_kasler_040-479x640 ahl_kasler_041-479x640


4.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always enjoying getting to share with you the insanely beautiful and inspiring pictures that have caught my eye. Suffice to say there is never ever a shortage of pictures to share. Ever!

And my four favorites of the week……

I mean seriously this dude has some serious style:)

What a great idea! I have to try this shrimp cocktail in a huge blue and white bowl…fabulous!

Love everything about this:)

Isn’t this fabulous? Jeanne of I Dream Of was inspired by my picture of this on instagram and painted it….amazing!

And I mean really……how funny is this, and the scary part is it’s true!


5. MORE TALENTED READERS/CUSTOMERS. You are one talented bunch..I never tire of getting in your incredible pictures. Thank you so much for sharing:) Here are some recently received new additions…

6. MOST BEAUTIFUL TENTS EVER! These make me want to have a party…..sure wish one of my sons could hurry up and meet the right girl, lol. Aren’t? these sensational? Boutique Tents is a bespoke custom tent company that fulfill all of your tent dreams! Click here to learn more

1.-0346 Screen+Shot+2014-12-18+at+11.33.26+AM

Herring-Entrance Beach-Tent IndianTent1080-50 Herring-Rich-Curtain Indian-Tent-BANNER

7. AROUND HERE. I have some big things to tell you about like the “lower level” and the dining room but those warrant their very own posts:) Here’s a look at some things outside the home this past week, everything looks so lush and green, nothing like a yard in the summer!

Added this beautiful new blue and white lamp to the secretary in my dining room, always loved pretty lamps on secretarys

Gorgeous cut hydrangeas from the yard and my two favorites roses’ of the summer…..Notorious Pink and Whispering Angel

Changed up the vignette on my kitchen island with those new blue and white planters to create a fresh summer feel

Got the fan in from Horchow and it’s perfect, we ordered two more, what a steal! If you are in the market for? a fan click here (use code welcome for an extra 20% off of anything on the entire site)!


Teddy having his splendor in the grass moment

Our newly restored fountain, love the sound and it adds such a lovely feeling to the back of the house


So that is what’s on my radar this week….and what about you? Anything new and exciting?? Thanks as always for stopping in! Wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend, until next time…..

Just as of Monday morning started a new promo on select porcelains at rock bottom prices as we make way for new container arriving next month! Click here to visit the promotion


PPS Look whose outdoor patio is being featured today over at One Kings Lane…woo hoo, exciting! (though they forgot to put my name, The Enchanted Home under photo) so I am waiting for that to happen!


Which would you choose?

Hello! Hope everyone out there had a wonderful weekend. Ours was great, we were in the city for a beautiful dinner party, got to see friends and had a really relaxing day yesterday. I worked all day on getting my porcelain presale orders organized, the response has been overwhelming, and last night marked the end of the very successful presale. The container is due to be released from customs any day now and then all pieces will get added to the website, hopefully by next week! I will be sure to announce when they are online!


So on top of many balls in the air, I continue to work on my edesign projects which I have to tell you are so much fun…I really enjoy the entire process from start to finish, though it can take many months for things to come to fruition (some longer). Two current clients that I am working need lighting……so I have been scouring the landscape for great options at even greater prices and boy did I hit the jackpot!

All of these are heavily discounted plus combined with free shipping, it simply could does not get better and an added bonus was finding a few things for myself:) So thought this would make a fun which would you choose..if you were in the market for a new lamp, sconce or chandelier, which would you choose?





CHOICE 1 Love this lamp and can you believe its on sale for $149!!!! Ordered two for a client.


CHOICE 2. Just ordered this gorgeous crystal flower ceiling mounted beauty for a small vestibule in my room, can’t wait to get it



CHOICE 3. Finding a gorgeous floor lamp is not easy, so I was thrilled to find this beauty at such a great deal.



CHOICE 4.? This elegant sconce would be fabulous in a powder room/bathroom!


CHOICE 5. How beautiful is this sparkling mini crystal chandelier! I think this is such a beautiful statement piece for smaller spaces…


CHOICE 6. If I had a beach house I would snag a pair of these beautiful white coral lamps, so elegant for a coastal home


CHOICE 7. This gorgeous stately nickel sconce is a winner, might do these in our lower level powder room and the price is sooo right:)


CHOICE 8. This gold coral lamp is fabulous with a price to match!


CHOICE 9. Totally in love with this bamboo fretwork lantern, and have seen something nearly identical for four times the price, brainstorming where I could use it!


CHOICE 10. Used this beautiful mother of pearl lamp for a guest bedroom recently….so pretty



So many beautiful lighting choices, and best part is the prices! Lighting can make a room….amazing how it can transform. Your turn to pick your two top favorites. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day and start to your week. Until next time….

If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here (it’s a good one)!