Things I am loving- Buffalo checks

Hello….in getting back to the subject of design, one thing I have always loved is buffalo checks. They to me, are the perfect blend of casual chic with a healthy dose of elegance. They make a room more causal but always still look sophisticated. I had it in my old home and have it in my present home, in my guest room.

As I am still considering the reupholstery of my breakfast room chairs I am thinking of going with a French-y feeling floral on one side and a buffalo check on the other. I find myself continuously drawn to them. So today is all about buffalo checks, if you have not been a fan, this may change your mind and if you are fan, this will remind you why:)

My own guest room where I mixed a traditional toile with buffalo check, love the effect

This is so very pretty, love the idea of using it for a tablecloth mixed in with solid white, Maureen Stevens

What a dreamy bunk bed, love the mix of prints with the buffalo o check ,Homebunch

Makes a great simple cleaner feeling window treatment, Monica Hibbs

Isn’t this a beautiful combination, the check adds so much to this beautiful ensemble


Buffalo check works really well with almost any mix of fabrics, Royal Designs

Charming, this looks like a Charles Faudree space who loved buffalo check, Cottage Journal

Love the mix of the patterned drapes and charming buffalo check chairs

Proof that they look fabulous in any color….love the green!

This is one beautiful space, love the tonal elegant

Of course you know i just love this, House of Harper

A small touch of buffalo check can have a lot of impact, must look at this stylish laundry room from Style At Home

Very handsome for a boys room, great idea on where to use it, Etsy

Definitely proof that buffalo check looks great when mixed in with other textures and elements

Adore it in a bedroom, so very French:) Instagram

Gorgeous mix of green and white prints, the buffalo check is a beautiful addition

Buffalo check on the floor? I love a painted floor so why not! House of Hargrove

A vision in blue…so pretty The Foo Dog Ate My Homework

Classic Charles Faudree, the master of mixing fabrics

Sometimes just adding a touch of it such as on this landing bench is a pretty subtle play of pattern, Brooks and Falotico

Gorgeous on these beautiful breakfast room chairs, Pinterest

Can dress down a bath ME Beck

This is so very gorgeous, Southern Hospitality

Love the pop of red check in this cheery kitchen, Tobi Fairley

A clients recently installed stair landing bench, missing one pillow…just love this and would love to duplicate it for me:)

Isn’t this the dreamiest girls room! Love!! Alyssa Rosenheck

Beautiful idea for barstools in a kitchen

Some recent buffalo checks I have found and some great coordinating fabrics=

Don’t know about you but this post has given me a sudden urge to go fabric shopping and do a little decorating:) I will likely use buffalo check in some way in the PB house, think the casual but sophisticated vibe would work well. And you? What do you think of buffalo checks? Do tell, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time….

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Seven on Sunday

Good morning and a very very Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!  I want to announce the lucky winner of the beautiful scalloped tea jar. Congratulations goes to-


Please email me your shipping details so your jar can be on it’s way!


Hope everyone has a fabulous and relaxing Mother’s day. Let’s face it, being a mother is not always easy….it will try you and push you to limits we didn’t know possible. There are no paid leaves or coffee breaks, its a 24/7 gig. And there is no such a thing as retiring from this job….oh no, it is with you till the very end:) And the worrying surely does not magically stop at 18, it just evolves to a different type of worry:)

It will and can be difficult, frustrating, anxiety inducing, BUT it can also be the most gratifying and fulfilling job there is, period. To know you created these wonderful (most of the time) human beings, to know that their accomplishments and successes are yours to celebrate with them is as good as it gets. To see them soar and achieve their dreams, well….that is just kind of the ultimate and to me better than any raise or promotion that a “traditional job” could ever offer.

I was lucky to have been given the ultimate role model, my own mom. This woman is a saint, the epitome of a true lady and what a devoted, kindhearted, selfless mother should be. I continue to aspire to be just like her (OK maybe with a little less worrying thrown in) and she is most definitely  my “career role model”. So thanks Mom, you are and continue to be the ultimate mother and I feel very very have you.

I am so happy that my son came home from college, so its going to be such a treat to have everyone in my nest!! It was very cold, rainy and stormy yesterday but looks like the rain is gone, so bring on the sun. Having my little family together is most certainly the  best Mother’s Day gift ever! Cheers to motherhood……

1 MY MINT JULEPS READY FOR THE DERBY. So here is how we celebrated the most exciting 2 minutes in sports….why not go the traditional route?  I must say these mint juleps are super functional, I use them for all my brushes, toothbrush, mini vases, the list goes on!  I also added my pretty linen monogrammed napkins, definitely brought out the Southern in me:)

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many beautiful things to share this week with a healthy dose of cuteness. And my faves this week……

And my fave this week is this adorable shot, reminds me so much of my boys when they were young and brings back great memories..what cutie pies!!

3. THE NEW SITE NEARLY DONE! I know, I know you have heard this before. Believe me, you have no idea how frustrating its been for me to be “almost there” but still have many outstanding issues. The last developer turned out to be a bust and while aspects of the current site I really like, the functionality has room for improvement. I hired someone new and for the last 8-9 weeks we have been working fast and furious.

I know many do not get my emails announcing a new post despite subscribing and resubscribing many times, too many to count have been upset over the inability to pin…all this plus so much more will soon be changing! On top of that I was not happy with the current shop site, the pictures were too small and there was no zoom in. There were many pictures that were not very clear and some descriptions were missing. Well, that too is going to change here is a sneak  peek. People, there is light at the end of the tunnel!




New site-

And much better pics for the belljars-

Larger, clearer pictures  and check out that ginger jar pin it button!

And you can soon zoom in …

My blog list will be reinstated on the side of the blog page-

4. A FANTASTIC NEW RECIPE FOR A FAVORITE SALAD. This all started with our many many weekends spent traveling for my sons lacrosse tournaments. When we needed to have lunch or dinner in an unfamiliar town/city,  one sure thing was good ol Cheesecake factory,  it was a reliable choice for meals on the road. Unfortunately my iPhone died as I was making this a few days ago but here a few pics-

My absolute favorite item there is the Sante Fe salad, the dressing is as good as chocolate! I was excited to find this copy cat recipe which I must say is nearly a carbon copy of’s that good. So of course i have to share it with you. When I make the dressing, I make 2 or 3 times the amount and freeze some for future use. Super tasty and incredibly satisfying.S


Four heads of romaine lettuce ( I like mine almost shredded)

6 thin chicken breasts

2 cobs of corn cooked and kernels cut off

1 can black beans

About 1/2 cup of shredded Monterrey Jack cheese

Tomato to your liking

Tortilla strips (I buy the bag sold in the salad/nuts area)

OPTIONAL – Diced fresh avocado


2 bunches cilantro

fresh lemon juice from one lemon

1/2 cup olive oil

1 TBSP brown sugar ( I have used without and you really do not taste the difference)

1/4 peanut butter (I used only one -two TBSP)

Use a food processor to mix all dressing ingredients togehter until thickened and smooth. For chicken, I get a baking pan drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper chicken and drizzle oil on other side, cook at about 350 for about 15-20 min (until golden). I shred the chicken once cool and add all remaining ingredients plus chicken to large bowl. Dress salad to your liking when ready to serve. Bon appetit!

5. MY TALENTED CUSTOMERS AND EDESIGN CLIENTS. I love getting in your pictures and got a few recant ones that I just had to share, they are so pretty and will soon be added to the new site.

Look at a few recent pictures from customers, this is a gorgeous blue and white vignette-

And what a stunning party/party platter-

On the design front, here is a great before and after, amazing what reupholstery can do with the right other pieces in place!

These are a few in progress shots from a few design clients, loving the way these spaces are coming out-

And in another customers beautiful living room, we are starting to put all the finish touches together, look forward to showing you the rest of this fabulous room soon!


6. MY MOTHERS DAY PLEDGE. In honor of Mother Day, I  have to end this with a bang.  I laughed at this because this is “so me” and most certainly my own mom:) A keeper and one to be shared!


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This is all about committing yourself to things, obligations, invitations and such. Until I was around 40 I felt like I had to to do it all. I said yes to most things and thrived on going, going, going all the time and did. I remember if someone called me at home I (remember those days when we actually used our home phones for real calls not solicitors? And if someone found me home they were shocked.

But something really strange happened at around 50, I suddenly LOVED being home. I couldn’t get enough of being home. And when we did go out especially for late nights,I find myself fantasizing about getting home into my snugly bed by 10pm. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?

Even this month we have gotten three fantastic invites to three amazing events/parties including a extended bday weekend on an island  and I am a little torn as I am saying no and really don’t want to go yet a part of me feels a tinge of guilt or that I might have regrets. We have about 5 or 6 weddings and several other things over the next several months so I don’t want to feel over committed. A far cry from how i used to be that is for sure!

Wondering how  common this might be? Do I have company out there? One of the most liberating things about turning 50 is just owning how you feel and doing what you want to do without looking back or making apologies for it. When I do say yes and commit, I always end up having a great time, guess it’s quality over quantity.  Thinking this also has to do with working full time…..I appreciate my down time and not having to adhere to a overly booked schedule on weekends.  What say you?


That wraps up my Seven on Sunday and this Mother’s Day edition. I want to wish every single mother out there, a most relaxing wonderful day spent doing exactly as you please, and basking in the adoration of those you love and who love you back.

We ALL deserve a day to ourselves, certainly motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding job out there. I always say there is Father’s Day, then the longest holiday, 363 Kid’s Days (isn’t every day a holiday for them 🙂 So our designated day is well, well deserved. Enjoy and thank you for stopping in! Until next time….


One day chinoiserie tole and Provence planter arrival sale

Bluff Diaries

Decorating with Buffalo Checks

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

Lord & Taylor







Color Crush- white and beige

Hello! Haven’t done one of these in a while and as I get settled in with my new blog, I look forward to posting on some of my favorite topics, design, interiors, blue and white, etc….I started a new series, Color Crush a while ago and use it as an opportunity to feature a favorite color combination. Today’s is a long time favorite.

I love the look of white and beige, it just screams “clean, crisp and inviting”. So today looking at this winning combination in everything from interiors to fashion, in a variety of shades of beige’s and is very much a classic and timeless combination. And here we go…..

Sure makes a beautiful “first impression” Marshall Boya

Adore this room from Dering Hall……I could move right in!

This beautiful bedroom is soothing and peaceful, Suzanne Lovell

Cookies in beige and white….YES! Bee’s Knees Creative

It sure makes a gorgeous combination for dinnerware, Horchow


Beautiful space by Verandah House (love that paper)!


Elegant tonal bedroom by Phoebe Howard


Love this palette!

Fabulous kitchen is classic and timeless in this combination, Decor Pad

A very elegant combination for a party or wedding, Colin Cowie


Love everything about this wonderful powder room, Ella Scott

Gorgeous combination of colors year round…..

Pretty white tile against the white cabinetry..this never “goes out of fashion”- it is timeless!


Smitten with this elegant beige umbrella piped in white, very pretty! Safavieh


Pretty tonal bedroom by Munger Interiors, love the upholstered headboard


Gorgeous and unmistakable  Chanel


Beautiful space in beige and white Verandah House

Beautiful bathroom accessories for a powder room


Can’t imagine white and beige looking any prettier than this fabulous home!


Love this laundry room by Robyn Hogan


It is beautiful for a home exterior, very classic, Better Homes and Gardens


Could this cake be any prettier? The Pastry Studio


This room just feels like a gust of fresh spring air, so light and airy, Rosemary Beach


Love these colors for an easy breezy beach house


This might be the prettiest example of how beautiful these colors are together, Hermes!


Sure works beautifully for a baby nursery Home Stratosphere

What a wonderful idea for a wedding….the groomsmen to all wear variations of beige and white ties and bowties BNT


It always feels so fresh and clean, Verandah House


It certainly makes a most elegant invitation, Isabella Invitations


Elegant tonal bedroom by Cantley and Company


Huge fan of wearing beige and white, it’s one of my favorite combinations


A stunning room in this soft palette is so inviting and livable, Traditional Home

A dining room in soft tonal colors is always a beautiful approach, then if and when you desire at any point you can add a little color, Asmara


Fabulous bar in white and beige, Verandah House


Tones of whites and beige’s at a wedding are simply sublime, Mod Weddings

Great beige-y tile from New Ravenna really stands out against the white cabinets


Love the way Yvonne at Stone Gable accessorized this beautiful fall hutch in beige and white…beautiful!

This sweet corner of a nursery is a vision in this soft palette, Pinterest

No matter what shade, suffice to say any room works beautifully with this combo, Better Homes and Garden

So……your turn to weigh in. What do you think about this combo? Do you need color or are you a neutral kind of person? I like both, I love color but really love walking into a softly done tonal room…feels so soothing and inviting.

Look forward to hearing what you have to say on the matter. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time…..

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Step inside the fabulous Hampton Designer Showhouse…….

Good evening and happy Friday to you…hope you are well. Been very very busy with the porcelain container presale going on now. So many beautiful things…we just updated the site to reflect what is still available. It will end tomorrow, so don’t miss out click here if you missed it.

Here we are in the throes of a seriously hot heat wave…as in it feels like a boiler room when you walk outside. Cannot imagine living without AC! So about a week ago I had the good fortune to visit the Hamptons Showhouse presented by Traditional Home, and am I glad I did.

It was amazingly wonderful and if you have the chance to go, I highly suggest you do. Click here for the lowdown. Certain rooms really hit it out of the park and I took away several great ideas for my PB home. So enough of my gabbing, think the pictures speak volumes. Come on in…….



Upon entering you are greeted by this beautiful living room that opens onto the kitchen/breakfast/dining-

unnavccmed uassannamed

Just love the palette in the living room…very much what I see for PB!


Stunning, don’t you think?



Really loved this pale driftwood finish on the beadboard, note to self- keep in mind for PB:)

u232nnamed unname5454d

And this kitchen just wowed me, totally loved it-

uxcxcnnamed unnamveed unnambnbned

How beautiful are these built ins centered on the table wall and with a window seat in it!

unvbnvbnamed uerernnamed

Then there was this very large family room/media room swathed in a sea of cream…


This ultra plush furniture is begging for a late afternoon siesta:)

unnamecbbcvd unnamcvbcced

Then we ventured on down to the lower level aka basement which felt like anything but….

unxxnamed unncvcamed unnacxxcmed unnxzzxamed

This lower level bedroom was gorgeous…so unique and loved and ate up all the details!

unzxzxnamed xzzunnamed

I said this is an adults version of a great sleepover room:)


And then upstairs to 4 bedrooms…this part was probably to me the least exciting but here is a snippet-

unnaxcxcxcmed unnafghfmed unnafgdmed

The view from above… blue and white radar was definitely on!

unnamgged unnkjjkamed cxv23unnamed

Did like the illuminated builtins in this closet


This closet definitely got my attention:)

unnamvccced unnamfghgfhed



Upstairs laundry rooms are always a good idea!


And finally to the outside spaces which in one word were fabulous!


Always loved a covered porch with outside curtains, this space begs for a party!

unnamecxxd unnaxcwmed unnamedvv

And the pool was a vision in blue and white….loved it all!


unnamesafdfads3d u343annamed unnamadsfaaed unnamafsdasdfed unnamssxed


White is so beautiful outside….always works, always!

unnamebbd unnvbamed

Love taking away ideas for stylish bar cart styling…this one was a pretty one!



Well that was a treat, wasn’t it? Hopefully this was the next best thing to being there:) Do you have a favorite room? For me the kitchen, breakfast, living room and outside spaces are my favorites! Tell me what you loved the most and why, always love hearing from my readers. Click here to learn more about this beautiful showhouse.

The porcelain presale is on until tomorrow, don’t forget to visit and be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a gorgeous planter! Click here to visit  the presale and enter the drawing.  Wishing you a wonderful evening and great start to your weekend! Until next time……



The Coastal Living Showhouse!

Hi friends and happy Friday afternoon….hope you are well and have had a great week. Mine has been busy, busy, busy with a bit of fun thrown in. I spent my first day “out east” (Hamptons/Montauk) with one of my best friends, and we had such a fun day. It started with a wonderful lunch at the new Baron’s Cove in super charming Sag Harbor. Highly recommend, great atmosphere and a nice menu.

Then we went to the wonderful Coastal Living Showhouse done by Meg Braff and I have to say….it was fantastic! So much so that I took a lot of pictures. A LOT. I know like me, most of you love designer showcases. I love going to them and go any chance I get. I am so happy that I got to see this one, totally worth the trip:) So if anyone might be in the area, highly recommend you go!

And for those who are just too far away, this is for you. Please do take advantage of all my picture taking and grab a cup of coffee or what the heck, its around 5 so a glass of wine is totally appropriate and I do hope you  enjoy:)


Step on in, the colors were so cheery and uplifting from the minute you walked in from the beautiful front porch-





Right off the living room is the kitchen/open eating area-



IMG_7048 IMG_7049 IMG_7050


And right off the kitchen/living room is this beautiful deck decked out in this gorgeous wicker furniture-


IMG_7241 IMG_7242


And to the left of the living room is a cheery master bedroom with a wonderful deck overlooking the pool-

IMG_7190 IMG_7192 IMG_7195 IMG_7204


And of course loved seeing a blue and white piece:)



And then going downstairs, the basement continues with this wonderful uplifting color palette-


IMG_7215 IMG_7216 IMG_7218


 A gym was made out of a small room downstairs, lots of great ideas-

IMG_7231 IMG_7230 IMG_7229


Loved the way the basement office was done-

IMG_7223 IMG_7224IMG_7223

And moving to the upstairs was a bevy of wonderful and inviting guest rooms,baths and this beautiful sitting area all with beautiful views of hte pictureque backyard-

IMG_7213 IMG_7189

Loved the sliding doors off of the upstairs den…



IMG_7171 IMG_7172

IMG_7061 IMG_7062 IMG_7063

And this fun bonus room above the garage-

FullSizeRender(95) FullSizeRender(94)


And how about this wonderful upstairs laundry room-

IMG_7165 IMG_7166

Love the paper and how about this for a great and pretty way to store laundry detergent!


Beautiful views off of the upstairs decks-



And then there’s the outside…possibly my favorite part. I wanted to plop myself down right on one of those chaise lounges and then retreat to the beautifully done pool house-

IMG_7264(1) FullSizeRender(92) IMG_7269(2)

IMG_7243 IMG_7274(1)

Step inside this airy pool house-







Really liked the bead board on the ceiling and can see doing that in PB-


And really liked these glass garage doors, very sleek


A few final notes on what I particularly liked for the house in PB

Square sinks


Barn doors to close off an open area


Lots of sisal


Lots of great storage ideas-

IMG_7055 IMG_7231



Pretty fabulous, don’t you think? We loved it, thought it was the perfect beach/coastal home. And it can be yours! Its’ for sale, to see the listing, click here...always fun to satisfy our curiosity:) Click here to get more information on the showhouse.  Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful evening and a great weekend!








Designer Spotlight- Jeffrey Dungan Architects

Hi and a happy Friday to you. Every now and then I like to feature the work of a designer/ architect whose talent is catching my eye. I have seen the name Jeffrey Dungan here and there but recently his name has increasingly been on my radar, as a few pictures  got my attention.

Upon further looking, I really fell in love with his entire body of work. He seems to really shine in the slightly more casual but very sophisticated niche. I think for me, its particularly appealing as many of his pictures and general aesthetic are somewhat in keeping with what I hope to do in PB.  He certainly has a beautiful portfolio under his belt and I definitely felt it was worth sharing with you. I think his work will speak for itself….





This is the picture that started this post! Love this space above..and this is somewhat how I see our great room in PB

English-Village-Alabama-1600x648 dungan-nDFequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional-library dAAungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional Jeff Dungan Architect dungan-nequette-porStfolio-interiors-eclectic-kitchen


This is the ultimate barn!

7-Bodnar-Grassy-Side-1600x1045 Jeff Dungan Architect dungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-eclectic-kitchen

dungan-nequetnbte-portfolio-architecture-architectural-details dung3433an-nequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional-kitchen

DSC7588-Edit 34dungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional-kitchen dungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-eclectic-great-room IMG_2943-1600x1066 IMG_2922-1600x1205

What a lakehouse! Love the walls of windows

porch-1600x1066 kitchen-1600x1065

Fabulous kitchen with the soaring ceilings and metal windows….stunning!


Always love limed oak, we did it in several areas in our home and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat


Beautiful, don’t you think! So many beautiful spaces that feel serene, inviting yet super sophisticated…love all the earthy tones. Pared down elegance is how I might describe the work of Jeffrey Dungan. He is based in Alabama but his work takes him all over the country.

He has also partnered with another architectural powerhouse, Nequette Architects and suffice to say they make a winning team. Click here to visit his  website, it is a feast for the senses. I was also very impressed reading over his testimonials. So what do you think? Do you like his style? Your turn to talk….wishing everyone a wonderful day and a great end to your week:) Until next time….

PS Click here for a chance to win a pair of yummy cashmere socks from Neiman Marcus (winner to be chosen on Sunday)


Designer Spotlight- Scott Snyder part 2

Hi there, am back from my little getaway to picture perfect Palmetto Bluff/Savannah and feel so well rested and ready to roll, more on that later.  First off I want to announce the lucky winner of the La Prairie Luxe Sleep Mask, congratulations goes to….


Please contact me at to claim your prize and provide shipping details


Back to work with lots going on. Haven’t done a Designer Spotlight in a while and today I am profiling a designer whose work I have featured before, New York and Palm Beach based Scott Synder. When it’s good it deserves an encore! Scott’s work is so timeless and elegant, and he is obviously as comfortable in a super formal setting as he is in an elegant ocean retreat,  I admire his attention to delay and how richly each and every room is done….sublime!

And of course   his love of blue and white, chinoiserie and treillage earns him extra brownie points in my book:) So here we go…..


Scott-Snyder-South-Hampton-NY-2 Owner scott-snyder-palm-beach-resort-1 Scott-Snyder-New-York-Resort-8 Scott-Snyder-New-York-Resort-4

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-9 scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-10 scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-8

luxury-interiors-home-interior-decorating-luxury-homes-scott-snyder-17 scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-6 scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-7

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography Sargent Architectural Photography Sargent Architectural Photography Sargent Architectural Photography


Scott-Snyder-Upper-East-Side-NY-6 Scott-Snyder-Upper-East-Side-NY-4 Scott-Snyder-Upper-East-Side-NY-2 Scott-Snyder-Upper-East-Side-NY-1 12.-Scott-Snyder-Penthouse-Palm-Beach-Florida-10 Sargent Architectural Photography

scott-snyder-Greenwich-Connecticut-Home3 9ca23ba42c1af0871e1edc504516fa1a luxury-interiors-home-interior-decorating-luxury-homes-scott-snyder-2


Pretty gorgeous, don’t you think? One of my favorite things to do is study the pictures of a favorite designer or room. I can find something in each and every one that I love and  often discover a particular detail or two that I add to my own design repertoire.  How about you? Have a favorite?

Click here to see more of Scott Snyder’s work…he is really a talent and I truly love and appreciate his authentic aesthetic to beautiful interiors that will stand the test of time. Thank you as always for stopping in,  wishing you a fabulous spring day and hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Until next time……


PS New promo alert- perfect timing for the most exquisite fiberglass (that will have everyone fooled) planters and statuary promo. Click here (ends tomorrow)


Designer spotlight- Anne Hepfer

Hi there and happy Friday!? Thank you so much for weighing in on my bathroom decisions, your input really helped! If you missed that post click here. In continuing on with a series I started a few years ago and periodically feature, Designer Spotlight, today I introduce you to Anne Hepfer, quite a talent who is based in Ontario, Canada. I have seen so many of her beautiful rooms over time without necessarily realizing it was her work. Then when I noticed a pattern (loving every thing she does) I felt a post was warranted!

She has a beautiful, versatile style and seems to stay true to classic traditional without it feeling fussy or off putting. Her rooms feel current, cheerful and elegant.? Every one of her rooms looks welcoming, like I can envision plopping down with a book and a beverage of choice. That to me, is the hallmark of not only good design but well thought out design……a truly successful room is not only beautiful but functional and inviting. So take a look at the work of Anne Hepfer and tell me what you think. Click here to visit her website and learn more…..





main_Blue,-Traditional,-Dining-Room,-Green main_Kitchen,-Green,-Bar main_Blue,-White,-City-Chic,-Kitchen main_Kitchen,-Organic,-Blue,-Green,-Urban-Cool main_AH_Giffin_8586 main_OfficeDen main_Living Room main_Master Bath

c50e76cf462b24d7118523377cf1ba45 dc875a42884a561cfee76881e5e79e3e 1f0cc029dcf913cef24b6c6b4b33a0a2 Blue-Bed.-Blue-Bed-Fabric-Ideas.-Master-bedroom-with-blue-bed-and-blue-draperies.-BlueBedroom-BlueBed-BlueDraperies-Bedroom-MasterBedroom-Anne-Hepfer-Designs. Living-Room-Draperies.-Traditional-living-room-with-blue-draperies-and-pale-gray-wall-color.-LivingRoom-Draperies-TraditionalInteriors-Anne-Hepfer-Designs.

main_Master dressing rm main_Kitchen4 main_Steremberg Miami Living Room 1 main_AH_SteremAH_Steremberg_171012-5310 main_Dining-Room,-Blue,-White,-Cottage main_Kids-Room,-Nautical,-Cottage main_Blue,-White,-Asian-Fusion,-Bedroom,-Green,-Yellow main_Green,-Blue,-Organic,-Living-Room,-Urban-Cool image_OfficeDen


main_Details,-Black,-White,-Luxe,-Dressing-Room main_Luxe,-Dressing-Room,-Black,-White main_AH_Giffin_8569


See!? I told you she is? talented, so many beautiful spaces….what do you think? Are you familiar with her work? Have a favorite room? Love to know as always what you think. Wishing you a wonderful day and to your week. Until next time…..

PS Just a reminder that today is the last day for current promo, click here to visit-


And the most amazing sale over at Horchow ends today (insiders secret…use the code “welcome” and you will get an extra 20% off on top of the sale)!!!! Click here to visit



Seven on Sunday

Hi there, hope you get this on Sunday morning as I schedueled it ahead of time. By the time you get this,?I will be on a little vacation for a few days and promised my family no or very minimal “tech device usage” 🙂

I?will be back on?Thursday? so this is it until Tuesday (scheduled another post to appear and pray it will)!? I have included?a few?favorite posts of 2015 at the bottom just in case you miss me and need even more reading material:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here is what is on my radar…..



1. FABULOUS NEW COFFEE TABLE BOOK ! I have carved out time to read a few books this summer, not nearly as much as I would like but I will take what I can get. I am finishing up two of them so will likely share my list with you next week sometime but did just get in this which I HIGHLY recommend.

For your coffee table you? must get Sharon Santoni’s new book which is an absolute “home run”I got it right before I left so didn’t get to go through the whole thing but simply cannot wait to return home?to? finish, it is truly beautiful…….it can be ordered here.



2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Always enjoy sharing what has caught my eye on Instagram, never at a loss of beauty and inspiration to share with you. Here are this weeks faves…..

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3. FAVORITE ROSE? WINES. I consider myself practically an expert on this subject:) I love Ros? in the summer and have a few favorites (and trust me I have tried many:) These are my top three this season-


Notorious Pink is light and wonderful, not to mention comes in this great frosted bottle with a glass top so you can reuse ( I use it for olive oil)


Whispering Angel is super light and crisp, great with everything, always have a bottle or two on hand


And Aix is another fave, a little more body than the two above


4. A CUTE PET PILLOW. How adorable is this? You input your dogs name, breed and 3 or 4 characteristics that?describe?him and for $21.00 you get this darling custom pillow. Great gift idea fo anyone who loves their dog:) Click here to order




5. A FABULOUS HOME. This home is so well done, I could move right in, what do you think? I love the light and “easy on the eyes” palette, it has? a clean uncluttered easy to live in appeal. Featured in Traditional Home, in case you missed it, I?thought it warranted sharing. What beautiful?curb appeal both from the front and back…it had me at the long pale gray shutters!



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6. FALL FROCKS. Yes I cannot believe I am saying it, makes me feel like such a traitor to summer but these were so could?I resist! Love these looks to get me looking stylish through the looong season of fall and winter-

This is so chic from Rebecca Taylor, click here for details


And I could getting a lot of use from this smart looking 3/4 vest with the curly lambswool panel, click here for the 411

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And this looks so expensive but at $395? I could not resist, love the styling and quilted leather! Click here if you want to see more



7. A WONDERFUL AND SO EASY APPETIZER! Whipped these up for friends who were stopping by unexpectedly and I must say they were so good. I was in a rush so didn’t get to take pictures of my own but trust me these are easy and delish. Also involves ingredients that most have on hand so makes a great impromtu appetizer.

(I used extra sharp cheddar instead of Pepper Jack) and with it being officially tomato season, there’s no better time than now to make these…..Click here for full recipe



So there are my seven things that got my attention this week, and how about you? Anything new and exciting on your end? In case you miss me already here are a few favorite posts from 2015 that you might have missed-

My lower level reveal

An ode to Provence

A breaking weather announcement (if you want a good laugh)

Color Crush- Camel and Gray

An homage to Carolyne Roehm

Be back on Thursday but hopefully a post I scheduled in advance will post on Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and fabulous rest of the weekend!


Designer spotlight- Furlow Gatewood

Hi there,? so happy it is Friday! What are you up to this weekend? We are headed back out to the Hamptons, for my friends annual “Jaws” party, always fun (but it also means summer is moving along quickly and that is bittersweet:(

Moving on…’s funny how things happen sometimes. I had heard about the book, One Man’s Folly and decided to order it as design books are an indulgence that I never deny myself:) As it happens the day it arrived, I was also? meeting a friend for lunch whose birthday I had missed and I needed a last minute gift. Knowing her love of design books, I without even opening it wrapped the book up as it seemed perfect.


She was thrilled with it and to this day tells me it’s one of her all time favorites. I in turn, got busy, as often happens and never reordered the book. So in doing some online searching a few weeks ago, by some strange and unknown tinkering with my fingers, I came across the most fabulous photo albums from the maestro himself, Furlow Gatewood. I felt like I stumbled across the most marvelous treasure trove of beauty and inspiration, it was almost overwhelming!

Then I remembered “the book”…ahh yes this is the same man who wrote the book that was almost mine:) Naturally I promptly ordered it and got it in a few weeks ago:) Click here to order your own. As his pictures promised it was a? treat of epic proportions so I just had to share the exquisiteness of Furlow’s immense talent.

In the book you will follow the careful restoration of his family’s carriage house as well as many other “demolition bound”? outbuildings and? homes? that he saved and resurrected with his relentless vision and gift, alongside the work of local talented craftsmen.? His”follies” make for one fabulous book!

And let’s be honest, anyone who clearly loves and appreciates the “powers” of blue and white has a lifelong fan (and friend)? in me. Take it away Mr.Gatewood…..



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photo-41 Furlow-Gatewood-10 Furlow-Gatewood-Veranda-005





Pretty spectacular wouldn’t you say? So if you love what you see, you might want to also consider adding his book to your personal collection. It has quickly become one of my treasured favorites…I have no doubt it will be for you too if you love classic and timeless interiors with a splash of blue and white! Click here if you wish to order it. You will not be sorry you did:)


In the meantime, thank you for stopping in, wishing you a happy Friday and great end to your week.? Until next time….and thank you Furlow Gatewood for inspiring the masses and keeping classical, traditional interiors alive and well!!


PS Very excited that the newest container of chinoiserie tole has arrived and is it ever STUNNING! Hope to get a presale up for tomorrow, stay tuned:)