It’s All Set- April

Hello my friends, been having a beautiful string of weather here. I feel a definite pep in my step with spring here though we are due to get a succession of rainy days.  A few announcements before we start-

Thanks to all for your input on my shutter paint selection. I have it narrowed down but in the. meantime have also found one more color I am thinking could be “the one”! I will share on Sunday once the decision is made.

I know about 30% of you are not getting my emails via subscription, so sorry! We are aware of it and the newly revised site is very close to happening, once that does this subscription problem will also be corrected once and for all!

Last the porcelain container has arrived to the port! We hope to have it in our warehouse no later than Thurs or Friday. We will start getting orders out immediately upon arrival….so hang tight, if you have an order it will soon be on it’s way!

So happy to be here today with another edition of It’s All Set, a monthly group I am a part of where a group of talented tastemakers  come together to showcase a tablescape they have worked on. Let’s face it doing this is always fun and a great excuse to put something pretty together, kind of like an adults version of “dress up” 🙂

Today’s post was  based upon my Easter brunch table. Let’s call this the Easter table with nine lives as things changed and changed again. Life,  right?  A last minute change meant going from a bigger table for several to a smaller table for four. I quickly reassessed and went to work. I take a layering approach when I work on a table setting, and continue to edit until I get it right. I love the way this table came out, it just felt very springy and Easter like with a touch of elegant whimsy. Take a look-

My Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf service is always a great starting point as are beautiful hydrangeas-

I had little time and could not find blue/purple stemmed hydrangeas so bought a potted hydrangea plant for $16 and cut them them as stems, got about 9 flowers out of it! Thanks Whole Foods:)

Got my trusty little planter ready and went to work

And my table…..before anyone gets all heated over the wrinkled tablecloth, have no fear I used a little portable steamer and it worked like magic:)

Also added a little Easter cheer to a nearby hall chest

Does it sound crazy to say I was most excited over my moss eggs? LOL they were such an unexpected and wonderful find,I love them. And since having little ones to dye Easter eggs is a closed chapter this is the next best thing.

You will most certainly want to visit all of the other talented bloggers to see what they came up with…always a worthwhile click!


Silver flatware and silver bowl- antique

 China- Mottahedeh “Tobacco Leaf”

Chargers- Juliska

Monogrammed napkins and blue and white porcelains- My shop

Glasses- Anthropologie

Blue and white bunnies- have owned a while

Small etched mint juleps- My shop

Mossy green eggs- Target (go quick you can still get them for next year)!

Fresh hydrangeas- Whole Foods

Linen tablecloth- had it made years ago

It's All Set logo


Spring Table | Pretty Pastels for a Sweet Occasion |


spring garden table shabbyfufublog-2



The Enchanted Home

The Enchanted Home

Town and Country Living


Thank you everyone for stopping by. Wishing all of you a fantastic day and hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Here spring is alive and well! Until next time…..

LAST DAY of the magnificent lamp flash sale. Click here to see-





It’s all set- October

Hello there, hope you are well. I was amazed at the response to my little last minute post yesterday and enjoyed reading over ALL points of view. Though many agreed with me, some did not and I truly appreciate everyone expressing their opinion and believe we can respectfully agree to disagree.

I think when we each are able to express ourselves in a peaceful non combative way, we can all learn something from each other (maybe the world should learn from us lol). So I thank you for chiming in and think I  need to hold more “Just because” conversations:) So……maybe will that a more regular occurrence. But for now, back to the pretty fluff as I like to call it:)

As you know by now, I am part of a group of talented bloggers that features a selected tablescape of their choosing every month. It’s a lot of fun to supercharge my creative forces through this monthly activity. I always enjoy putting something together and of course very much enjoy getting to see what the others have come up with.


My summery tablescapes are now a thing of the past as we gently plow forward into fall. This is a simple but pretty and understated fall tablescape which started with my pretty white pumpkins. Sometimes working out of my comfort zone (without blue and white) is a challenge as it is such an integral part of what I do.

I could not have been happier with the way this came out. I think the rich colors of the beautiful fall themed plates are a  perfect compliment to the little white pumpkins that give the table an elegant simplicity.

I topped the setting with beautiful linen monogrammed napkins, and a centerpiece made of white pumpkins and pretty fall leaves, simple and easy. The gorgeous silver handmade napkin rings are truly a work of art and like jewelry for the table. So here is what I came up with this month-



unn2322amed 23unnamed


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unn322amed unn2322amed unna5med unn4amed un3named u1nnamed

The ingredients-

Chargers and all silver- from my shop

China- Horchow (from a while ago)

Glasses- Anthropologie

Silver- Old sterling have had for a long time

Monogrammed napkins- my shop

Pheasant salt and peppers- Vagabond House from my shop


Thank you so much for stopping by. I had a lot of fun putting this together and challenging myself to not add blue and white:) I love fall and all that it represents, it is by far my favorite season of all. Please be sure to stop on over to see all the other posts-


Please visit my friends to see the inspiring tables they are sharing this month:



Lilacs and Longhorns


Town and Country Living




Cedar Hill Farmhouse


Stone Gable


The Enchanted Home


Wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..just a few reminders!


Almost full- have room for about 15 more pictures!

It’s time for the Enchanted Fall Love contest! As the temps start to drop and the leaves begin to fall, capture those special moments that best capture the essence of autumn!

Whether its your decorated pumpkins, flower arrangements, front door fallscape,your darling kids playing in fall leaves,  whatever…as long as it has to do with fall and you think it’s a winning shot, plesae send it in!

  • There is a cap of 70 pictures, so once 70 are received the contest is closed.
  • Accepting submissions as of today through Oct. 19th
  • Up to 2 pictures per person (please be sure they are not copied from internet and not of same exact thing)
  • Please email your winning shot(s) to and on subject line put “Fall Love contest”  (get lots of email so need to separate those)
  • You will get an acknowledgement email stating that we have received your pictures
  • The winner will win one of these amazing statuary fiberglass pumpkins


Last day for the amazing Vagabond House promo (last one before the holidays)! Click here to view














Seven on Sunday

Hello and a very happy Mothers Day to everyone! First off I want to announce the winner of the chinoiserie planter giveaway! Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at to provide your planter choice and shipping details


Today is a day that all of us mothers get to put our feet up (hopefully) and get treated like the priceless gems that we all are. NO job is as grueling nor as rewarding as that of being a mother, and it’s a 24/7 hour gig as we all know:) So it’s nice to have a day that is all about us…enjoy it, I know I plan to!

We hope,  after a week of non stop rain, gray skies and cool temps but they are predicting a sunny afternoon:)  We, however woke up to more rain AGAIN this morning so I am not so sure.  I am hoping to go and putter in my little garden later  and then hang out with my family. My son came home from college a few nights ago ….it’s so good to have him home, best gift ever!

We are supposed be heading into the city later but if the sun does come out we may stay home and BBQ, no matter what, it will be so nice for it to be all five of us together again:)

It was so cute, the night my son came home at 2am after a delayed flight, he came in exhausted but sooo happy and almost giddy to be home. I almost thought he missed Teddy as much as he did me, and the two of them slept on the sofa in the family room, it was so cute to see that sweet reunion of best buds.

So today is my Seven on Sunday where I share with you seven things that got my attention and here we go….



1 MY SHOWHOUSE MURAL. This came out sooo beautiful, thank you Paul MontgomeryA powder room became available last minute at the showhouse that I am going to next week (click here for info) as a designer had to step down. So I stepped up to the plate.

This was a challenge, doing everything from afar, and a little nail biting since I tend to be very OCD about everything. Thanks to Paul Montgomery, this little powder room has instantly gone from plain Jane to belle of the ball. Just look at this mural!

I will be sure you to show you the finished space when its all said and done….stay tuned! And if you are in the Nashville area, by all means come on down!! Click here for info on the showhouse and here for Paul Montgomery Studios.

insdsadex indfdddex

The blue under the chair rail has since been painted another more muted blue (that one was based on the original mural which was brighter)


Light fixture just got hung-



2. MY LITTLE GARDEN. I was determined this year to have a working albeit small garden. Last year was rather pathetic and I vowed to step it up this year so I took pride and care to create a garden that hopefully, fingers crossed will thrive! With all the rain we have had this past week suffice to say, it’s gotten plenty of nourishment:)

A number of you have asked about where I got the raised beds..good ‘ol Home Depot. If I were to do this again I would have painted them a beautiful glossy moss green, that would be stunning- maybe next year!

inasdf3dex indexfd3 inad3dex indexd2 insssdex inddsex


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This week is heavy on the flowers and so many are just so breathtaking….but this first tiny cutie really stole my heart in honor of Cinco de Mayo! Lots of beauty this week….



indfd3ex in4Cdex

inddsfssex indefdccx indfsdex indsdsex indsdxex ind3Cex i3Endex ind2Aex indeFDAAx inDAAAdex indeDAAx indeAD3x


4. FAVORITE PILLOWS. I have relied on Studio Tullia for beautiful blue and white pillows ever since we moved here. I got another recent batch including a fabulous monogrammed pillow new to the Enchanted Home collection and went outside to “play” on a rare afternoon of no rain (it only lasted an hour)!

I added my garden bench and gorgeous thriving mega Mrytle topiary in my newest small fishbowl…and loved the effect of all that blue and white against the green.  Click here to see them all.…they are simply exquisite!



indcvceex indefdsa3x indef33x inddssex


5. FOR ALL MOTHERS OUT THERE. I found myself nodding to almost each and every one of these….and how many of you have heard and found yourself repeating these very things? This was way too sweet, funny and on the mark to not share with all the mothers out there…..



6. MONOGRAMMED NAPKINS THAT I AM SMITTEN OVER.  As my new site is being worked on behinds the scenes, there are going to be a number of changes/improvements. A lot of expansion and overall a much much better site, way more user friendly and a whole new look.I think you will love it!

One area that will be expanded upon is the monogrammed linens. I am so excited for what lies ahead and this sneak peek might just get you excited too….is there anything more stylish than a crisp white cocktail napkin with an oversized monogram? I don’t think so!


indegfsdfgx indefd33ax inafds3dex

indefdaaax inadadex inddf3ex

And my newest set of monogrammed napkins in the pagoda font…it’s a  love affair:)

indsaaaex indfdaaaex


7. A MOVIE I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE. This is going to be so entertaining…can’t wait til it comes out next week.  They say it takes a village and this documentary proves it does indeed, to create the spectacle and epic Met Gala event that is “the” event of the year. From beautifully dressed to downright wacky, yes fashion really is a form of art, isn’t it. Nonetheless, this is going to be good!

PS Is that Anna aka “Ice queen” almost cracking a smile?



Any thing here get your attention? Would love to hear what is on your agenda on this most important day:)

I just want to end this by saying hello and a very Happy Mother’s Day to my #1 fan…… my own mom, who I love to the moon and back. I am so sorry we are not together this year but we most definitely will be next! Hope your day is wonderful, relaxing and deserving of the person you are and have always been to me….I am a lucky girl who continues to aspire to be just like you, I love you Mom!

And to all my wonderful readers and friends out there, wishing you the same. Enjoy, until next time…..


My epic Enchanted Home Love Contest submissions are in full swing- I filled up so fast I opened it up a bit and have room for about another 8-10 pictures. One super lucky winner will win a YEAR’S WORTH of Enchanted Home products!  Click here for the details


This is for serious flower lovers only-part 2

Hi there friends, now this is the fun part. I got to come home with all of my beautiful flowers from the NY flower market and play, and play I did! If you missed part 1 click here. I had such an amazing time at the NY flower market…I would choose to go there over visiting a  jewelry store any day. What can I say….my husband got lucky:) I am sure I will be going back sooner than later as flowers just make me happy.

Getting to play with all these flowers  makes me want to either become a florist or more realistically plan a party or luncheon, maybe when life “slows down” if that ever happens.  So take a look at the “playing” I did with my flowers, had such fun……can you tell?  I used my Nikon aka the big gun for all of these pictures to be sure the beauty of the flowers was given proper attention! And here we go……


My first arrangement involved blue and white china from Juliska (plus Blue Willow plates) , my own monogrammed napkins and a mix of roses and tulips in one of my blue and whites (the table cloth was from something I have had). I just love this play on colors, so fresh and springy-

inzzwdex inde8uux inbvcdex inde7565x

Then I experimented with tulips in a larger vase…..

inddf34ex ins33ssdex


And then went elsewhere….

DSC_0690_2 DSC_0689 DSC_0688 DSC_0687 DSC_0686_2 DSC_0685

And then moved onto  an all white grouping….

DSC_0705 DSC_0706

indef3x ind1211ex DSC_0707

And tried them on my mantle….

DSC_0710 DSC_0712 DSC_0713

inddsdsex inxcxdex indenbbx


This picture above almost looks like an oil painting, would like to think its my amazing photography skills but all the credit goes to the “subject”

indexcxcx indvccex

Another variation on my mantle

inwqwqdex i1qqndex indefdcx 343index



Think I went to  flower heaven? Oh yes I did……and most of them are still going strong. Credit to the quality and freshness of the flowers bought at the market vs. a local market or florist…..they tend to last markedly longer which is very interesting.

Here are a few things I learned/tips-

  • Don’t be shy to ask questions when at a flower market, this is all about educating yourself and learning as much as you can and that includes asking about which flowers just came in and are freshest
  • In the flower market it’s totally fine to eavesdrop and get some “insider” secrets:)
  • The tulips from Associated Cut Flowers are really exceptional not in only how beautiful they are but how long they last, amazing selection too
  • You can bargain at the flower market particularly with flowers that only have a few days left
  • I have fallen in love with ranucuulus they have lasted so long and look  like a cross between a peony and luscious rose….so much bang for the buck (case in point these below are 7 days old)!


  • It is wise to cut stems every few days and replace with cold clean water
  • I leave my flowers outside at night as long as it doesn’t dip  below 50, they love cool dry air *just like the fridges at the florist*
  • There is no right or wrong with flower arranging (in my opinion), it’s a  personal form of expression, just have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • I like the droopiness of tulips and when they take their own direction but if you like erect straight tulips, supposedly dropping copper pennies into the bottom of the vase will do the trick, these beauties are 7 days old!


  • MOST IMPORTANT- Take it from me- don’t think you need an event, party or excuse to buy flowers…buy them just because life is short and you are worth it:)


So that’s a recap on my second trip to the flower market of course doing “official business” 🙂 At least that’s what I tell my husband lol. The energy and inspiration from just being there is somewhat indescribable…… yes it’s that much fun! Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a great rest of the week and a wonderful evening, the weather is so spectacular, we waited a long long time for this. Until next time…..


PS A few more days to throw your name in the hat for the silver giveaway and the silver promo ends tonight, some great buys! Click here


Seven on Sunday

Hello and happy Sunday to everyone. I cannot believe it is Memorial Day weekend! By the time you are up and reading this I will be off for a very short getaway. I am going to do my best to keep up with my Seven on Sunday, because I happen to really like putting them together and it appears a number of you enjoy them as well, but I am going to be taking a looser approach to summer blogging and will probably post 2-3 times a week on average.

So there will be weeks when I will be able to post on Sunday and others when I will not, I am hoping to take some down time this summer to just get out there, enjoy the warm wonderful weather and breath in that fresh summer air that we have waited for, for so very long!

Big news- the porcelain container is in and will be delivered sometime between Tues-Thurs! Very very exciting. For all who placed a presale order, we will start shipping out orders by end of next week. The items just got put up on my online shop (last night) so click here to take a look around, so many pretties!! They are under respective categories, planters, jars, vases, etc…..

Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..




1. MONOGRAMMED NAPKINS. For anyone who has been considering ordering these, the last day to place an order will be June 5th for the summer (will resume taking orders again in mid to late August sometime). These make the ultimate statement for any table. So don’t delay if you have been wanting to place an order, click here for details.

unnam43cved u32dfnnamed unname65ghd u34343bbnnamed

2. THE MET, CHINA- THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. I was so happy to finally go last week and what a treat it was, so worth the traffic snarls:) This was a fascinating and incredibly beautiful exhibit that I absolutely urge anyone within driving distance to visit. I was in pure nirvana upon entering “the blue and white sanctum” complete with all my favorite things, blue and white gowns, blue and white porcelain and chinoiserie……incredible!

This was one time I really wish I had my “real” camera, as the corridors where the dresses were was rather dark, but for those who cannot make it, wanted to share it with you here, next best thing to being there! Here are some highlights, click here for more information.

unnamed65 unnam211ed

unna1qamed 6yh unnam3ved unnam7yhed u12dnnamed unn53amed unnamed64 unname8kmd 22punnamed

And then there was the “me” room, the blue and white room with the MOST exquisite blue and white gowns and porcelain,? I have ever seen (nearly fainted from the beauty)

u21wnnamed un3ewwnamed un4renamed unname6yhd

unname39od unname76gd 22runnamed unna3wamed

unna4vmed unn32hamed uae3nnamed unname775ad



3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never at a loss of beautiful and inspiring pictures to share. Instagram never ceases to amaze me. So many beautiful flowers, adorable pets and just plain old gorgeousness all the way around!

unna221med unna36med


unnam343mmed unnam6yged un3c2named unn9olamed unnam5ted unna24med 14unnamed unn6yhamed u43cnnamed 2bunnamed

4. JACK ROGERS. I love these shoes and have worn them for years, have them in several colors and love them today as much as I did ten or so years ago:)? I am loving a few of the newer styles and was at the darling Jack Rogers store on Madison Ave the other day that had them in every color, like a candy shop for adults! Click here to visit Jack Rogers.

jralana_midnightwhite_mes_1385 jrspring_mono2_navywhite-050 georgica_bone_white_angle_jr_resort2013-4561_2 jr_americanflag_navy4048_copy Vanessa_Espresso_10 newvanessa_raffia_ocean-raffia-white_1_

5. A WONDERFUL NEW BOOK. I always like to tell you of any new books that I feel are worth talking about. This one is soooo pretty and filled with a plethora of gorgeous and inspiring pictures. A wonderful collection of rooms done in all white,? every picture feels like a breath of fresh spring air.? Loved adding this to my budding interior design book collection. Click here to purchase.


un3ewnamed unna1qamed unnamed6hb unnam11ed unname54d

6. WRAP IT UP. By now you know I love to wrap pretty presents. I like trying new combinations and am bid on adding pretty little adornments as a way to finish a pretty package. No rules and think gingham ribbon adds a lot to any wrapping paper. Case in? point, some of my recent wrapped gifts-

unna44med un2dcnamed

And any gift accompanied by a beautiful “original” card by PVE is always the perfect crowning touch!

unna12med unnam53ed

And here are others given recently…LOVE the monogrammed labels from LB Originals, adds so much pizazz!

u1qxnnamed un22wnamed un11qqnamed unn2edamed unna11qmed unna22qmed unn22wamed unna33emed unnam55ted unnam3ffed

7. AN INSPIRING STORY. I cannot think of a more appropriate or poignant way to close this post in honor of Memorial Day. This story will move you,? you might know of it already, but I? promise you that if you take a few minutes it takes to watch this, you will not regret it and in fact will want to share it with others…’s a “feel good” kind of story. The generosity of others particularly when passed down over many generations is just awe inspiring…..


Speaking of Memorial Day, my friend Elizabeth from Pine Cones and Acorns did such a beautiful post on Memorial Day and honoring those who serve to protect our freedoms, I highly recommend visiting her post and taking a look, click here.


So on that note, I hope you all have a wonderful and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. How long have we waited to say summer is here!? We all should? take a minute to give thanks to all of the brave men and women who so nobly fight and defend our freedoms, we are so fortunate. Thank you as always for stopping in,until? next time……


PS If you missed my post on accepting The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and my answers please check here!


Midweek random musings…..

Hi there friends!? Finally I am starting to be on the mend, I am not quite 100% but feel like I am almost there, guess all that rest paid off!? As I periodically do I come up with these random posts. A little of this and a bit of that, a great way to share on a host of different subjects. Having been sick this last week threw me for a loop but allowed for a lot of down time (yes there is too much of a good thing:) movie watching, book reading, and of course plenty of sleep!

I am going on a girls trip tomorrow and will be back on Saturday and yes will be sure to take some pictures to share as you know I always do. So this post will be it until then, it is a long post so consider it plenty to read and take in over the next four days:) Kind of like a few posts crammed into one!? I included at the bottom a few links to some posts that rank as my all time personal favorites from last year and thought I would include them just in case you haven’t seen them. Enjoy…..

This is very picture heavy, so sit back relax, pour yourself a cocktail or an extra cup of coffee, depending on what time you are reading this:)



MY NEWEST TOLE PIECES COMING OUT OF PRODUCTION! Sooo excited over my newest pieces, getting in a bunch of planters, umbrella stands and a few more caddies. Take a look at all the beauty as they are being handpainted, I so love my line, every piece is like a little jewel:) They should be here within about 30-45 days and of course I will keep you posted.

IMG_20150504_173244154 IMG_20150504_172950865


IMG_20150501_170526400 unnam433ed unnaE34R3med IMG_20150504_172943750

THE MOST GORGEOUS BRIDAL SHOWER…. A few highlights from the bridal shower my dear friend threw for her daughter, literally it was more like a mini wedding:) The flowers were just “beyond” and I loved that many of the blue and white pieces used as centerpieces were from my shop! The luncheon spread was fit for a princess as was this cake-

unname09d un,mnamed un332named

unnamed0,m unname861qd unname8855d u1sxnnamed unnamed655 b54unnamed unname997d unname775d un332named unnam22ded 1111unnamed unname-0d unname88d unname534d

I AM CRASHING PATRICIA ALTSCHULS DERBY PARTY NEXT YEAR. Anyone with me….love her TV personality and just look at her super elegant Derby party, the devils in the details! (photos courtesy of NY Post)


NEW YORK - APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

NEW YORK - APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

NEW YORK - APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

NEW YORK - APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)     ***Butler is Michael. Guests are Cameron (girl), Eddie (navy blazer) and Jason (tan blazer)

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post) ***Butler is Michael. Guests are Cameron (girl), Eddie (navy blazer) and Jason (tan blazer)

NEW YORK - APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

tabletop cookies

NEW YORK - APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

NEW YORK - APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)     ***Butler is Michael.

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post) ***Butler is Michael.

NEW YORK - APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)     ***horse name is Millhouse, Palmetto Carriage Works, driver is Troy. Butler is Michael. Guests are Cameron (girl), Eddie (navy blazer) and Jason (tan blazer)

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post) ***horse name is Millhouse, Palmetto Carriage Works, driver is Troy. Butler is Michael. Guests are Cameron (girl), Eddie (navy blazer) and Jason (tan blazer)

NEW YORK - APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)     ***Butler is Michael. Horse is Millhouse from Palmetto Carriage Works, driver is Troy.

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: For Pulse. Patricia Altschul, from reality tv show Southern Charm, shows how to throw a Derby party in her Charleston home on April 29, 2015. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post) ***Butler is Michael. Horse is Millhouse from Palmetto Carriage Works, driver is Troy.


THIS AMAZING CREATION FOR THE METS NEWEST EXHIBITION. How about this incredible porcelain creation, if i didn’t know better I would swear this was created just for me! Created for the current exhibition at The Met, China: Through the Looking Glass.


OLD MOVIES. With my being sick, it meant plenty of time lying around like a wet noodle not doing much but did get to watch some movies that I have seen probably at least a dozen times, but somehow they never get old! Amazing isn’t it how that is, here are some of the oldies but goodies I had great pleasure in watching…..

se-l1000 68318-1310809930-1555 160619_700x700min_1

the-help-poster A-Good-Year

ON THE SUBJECT OF BOOKS.? It was nice I must admit to have some much needed downtime to finish a book and start a new one, which I am very excited to tell you about!

?I am about half way through My Sweet Carolina and loving it!? It is such a wonderful, heartwarming story that really draws you in and the best part is it’s by a friend/fellow blogger, darling Kristy Harvey.

I am so proud of her and the buzz is deservedly mighty loud on her debut novel. The characters are rich and engaging and I found myself immediately connecting to them, I am bringing it with me on my trip to finish and cannot wait…..absolutely recommend it!? Click here to order it.


To sweeten the deal of getting a fabulous new novel, here is a limited time offer Kristy is offering…way too good to pass up!


Purchase Dear Carolina?between May 5 and May 10 (pre-orders count too!) and send?proof of purchase of to (Pictures are fine ? and if you buy at a signing just email me!) to be entered to win a $1,000 Shop Design Chic Shopping Spree! And you?ll also get the Dear Carolina Companion Cookbook and fun printable quotes just for entering!

BEAUTIFUL HYDRANGEAS. Got in the prettiest quality hydrangeas, so excited about these as they look and even feel real! I will be doing a promo on them next week so stay tuned. I immediately put my own personal order to good use. I have found with really good quality hydrangeas,? when you have a plant that is on its way out, you can “fill in” with a few stems and you will be amazed how it brings the plant back to life!

You know I love my white but must say these green/purple ones stole my heart…

un343named u22nnamed unnam55ed

MY GORGEOUS MONOGRAM NAPKINS! Only downside to carrying monogrammed napkins is literally every time I get an order in I love them so much I am tempted to order a duplicate set for myself…….bad idea:) I have way more monogrammed napkins than I know what to do with!

When we moved 3 years ago (crazy its been that long) I had a box filled with them and there had been water damage and they mildewed, I was sooooo upset but made up for it:) So here’s a look at some gorgeous recent orders…..

To anyone who is considering these, June 10th will be the last day to place orders until sometime in August, the workroom is closing for 2 months (mid June through early Aug)


unnbbnamed un1cnamed u2vnnamed unnnnamed unnamemd unnam13ed

A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE NOTEBOOK. How incredibly pretty is this? Artist extraordinaire Patricia of PVE,? is selling these darling little notebooks for the purse, they are the perfect size and perfect price! I am constantly writing/making notes and am always writing them on backs of receipts or checkbooks, no method to that madness!

Now I can whip out this beautiful little book and write in style…click here to get one of your own!


A MUST TRY RECIPE. A friend of mine was hosting a ladies breakfast meeting for her golf club and was very nervous (she admits shes not much of a homemaker) so she was asking me to help her with the menu.? Amongst other “user friendly” ideas, I told her about having seen these mini quiche toast cups and though I hadn’t tried the recipe yet,? suspected they were really good not to mention quite cute!

So she decided to give it a go and said they were the biggest hit, everyone loved that they were bitesize (think portion control) and easy to eat. She had multiple requests for recipes, I will most certainly be trying myself soon! Click here for recepe/how to


THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HUM. The Met Gala, one of the biggest fashion events of the year if not the biggest. All eyes are on the attendees and all I can say is there is a boatload of people who need to fire their stylists pronto as in this morning! I imagined me walking out in one of these getups and my families expression, it would range from delirious laughter (my boys) to sheer horror (my husband) ending with a unanimous decision to have me see a shrink immediately:)

I mean, yes of course I get that fashion is highly subjective, a personal choice and a way of expressing myself. I will even go so far as to say it is an extension or art and accept it but these to me,? are nothing short of a disaster, just my honest opinion. Would love to know what your thoughts and I start with a few winners that redeemed the name of the Met Gala!

Let’s start with my winning pick of the night, Emily Blunt nailed it….just magnificent!


A few close runner ups…

un2vnamed unn5bamed

And this is when things went downhill and at breakneck speed…no narration necessary, think the pictures speak volumes



Lady-Gaga u44nnamed unnam8ked unnam5gged

unname9ld unn5gamed unnam3ded

Miley-Cyrus unn2wamed

anne-hathaway Katy-Perry

The theme was “China: Through the Looking Glass”. Perhaps next year should be a sequel, “The Emperor needs new clothes” lol couldn’t resist:)

On a sidenote, this newest exhibit runs May 7-Aug 16th. I will be going in a few weeks as it looks to be quite amazing. Click here for more info.


So that’s a wrap! If you got through this in one sitting, kudos to you:) I will be back on Saturday, wishing you a wonderful rest of the week. Thanks for stopping in, if you want to follow me on Instagram (click here to follow) I will likely be posting here and there. Until next time….


Seven on Sunday

Hi there! Hope you are having a great weekend. We were at my sons game and got back late last night…..believe it or not, it snowed yesterday, yes a spring lacrosse game in the snow in late March! I cannot even make that up. Crazy crazy, the winter that will simply not stop. I ended up having to wear my heavy jacket, gloves, hat, the whole nine yards.

Today is going to be a “chill out” day and speaking of chili,? I am going to make a pot of chili because my oldest son is coming home and that’s one of his faves:) Hope its the last day I have to think about comfort foods as we are more than ready for spring to come once and for all! Let’s get started with my Seven on Sunday as I have so many pretty things to share……



1. A FUN NEW PROJECT. I have been asked to do the outdoor sun room in a local designers showcase coming up in May. So excited, just at the beginning? of figuring out what I am going to do but I have to do a blue and white theme. Between it being spring and that being my signature color scheme…it’s a no brainier. Plus I have plenty of blue and white to use right down to my beautiful pagoda dinnerware.

Will be sure to share with you as things progress. I see a large round table covered in gorgeous blue and white tablecloth with a topper and a huge jar with a massive spray of blossoms as the center piece of the space. Some possible fabric options below….



Then I played around with possibly doing a green/blue theme which is also very pretty, so torn! Set up a poll, would love your take

OB-project grblue



2. MONOGRAMMED LOVE!. Love my napkins, have to say it! Every week when I get new orders in, I ooh and ahh over every single one and then I quickly remind myself to get back to the work at hand and that I have plenty of monogrammed napkins:)

I am sucker for monograms and then add linens to the equation and its a no brainer:) A look at some recent orders, pretty pretty! Click here to find out more about my monogrammed napkins.


unname54542d unname221xd

3. FABULOUS NEW ARTIST. I was bowled over when I saw the work of Kelly Higgs,? who specializes in these magnificent botanicals, how many ways can I LOVE them and want them hanging on my walls!! She does not have a website but click here to follow and see her work on Pinterest. Amazing! You can Click here to visit Kelly and contact her via Facebook.

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4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. One of my favorite parts about these posts is getting to share my favorites from Instagram this week. There is never a shortage of fabulosity! Here is what is on my radar this week….

unnamefdfd6554d unnafdfddmed unsdssnamed udfsdsnnamed



unnamefdfd43d unnamdaf343ed

un3333named u2222nnamed usdsdnnamed unnfdfdamed

u343ccnnamed u343xxnnamed unname5454d

5. JEWELS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND. Where have I been? Gale Grant’s collection is amazing! Such fun pieces, especially for spring/summer dressing. I had such fun going through her site and am narrowing down my choices, not easy as I love it all.

A fabulously curated collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more….really fun! Click here to visit Gale Grant.


stack_large brace_large ddddd_large pearlj_large coral_large Mosaic_Earring_Labradorite_Julie_Vos_grande_fab48214-d810-4be9-90d7-70d7e837ef74_large skyeb_large

6. THE CUTEST DOG BOWLS EVER. PERIOD. Can you believe how pretty these blue and white dog bowls are! Amazingly gorgeous from my buddy, Dana. She just introduced these (which she handpaints) and they are already the talk of the town. They are available in different sizes.

If you are interested in letting your own pet in on some blue and white love, click here to see her online shop and/or contact her.


u3433nnamed unname4343d

Dana also paints the prettiest keepsake Easter eggs!

il_570xN.741075312_q6cl il_570xN.739085005_l3sd il_570xN.746679543_eaxw

7. THREE REALLY DELICIOUS RECIPES. I spoke the other day of my little lunch and how I made two things that are sooooo good. Every time I make them for anyone, they get rave reviews. Fish tacos and chopped brussel sprouts salad. Both quite easy. Then I posted a pasta dish (very simple but sooo good) on Instagram and got requests for the recipe so am including that too. Here are the recipes as many of you asked-



I use about 1.5-2 lbs of fish (I get dover sole)

1 bottle of McCormicks lemon dill sauce


About 2 cups of shredded cabbage (can add about 1/4 cup of corn to thatk if you want)

Lots of fresh lime

1/2 cup plain yogurt

1/4 cup mayo (calls for 1/2 cup but 1/4 cup works fine)

1 tsp finely chopped jalapeno pepper

1 tsp finely chopped onion

2-3 garlic cloves

Cumin and chili powder to taste

1 generous bunch of cilantro ( I use a lot)

For the fish, I wash the filets, salt and pepper them, pour the lemon dill sauce (about half the bottle)? generously over the fish and bake for about 25 minutes until done and flaky at around 350. Meanwhile in a food processor add the cilantro, garlic, onion, yogurt, mayo and spices and puree until smooth (will see green flecks). Add a generous squeeze of lime juice. Add this to the shredded cabbage in a big mixing bowl (you can refrigerate for an hour or so ahead of time)

In a sautee pan pour a light coating of olive oil and fry the tortillas until they start to bubble (less than a minute) on both sides. Take off, put in plate and add a generous portion of fish and top with a heap of the cabbage. Squeeze lime over entire taco and get ready to enjoy a little bit of heaven:)



I get the prechopped packages from Trader Joes or my local little fruit/vege shop. So I normally take 2 of those packages.

2 packages of prechopped Brussels sprouts

1/4 cup Lemon juice

1/4 cup chopped almonds, pecans or walnuts

2 tsp dijon mustard

3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1/4 olive oil

1/4 Parmesan cheese

?3 finely minced garlic cloves

Extra shredded Parmesan for garnish

In a food processor, add lemon juice, nuts, dijon, vinegar, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic and onions until smooth. This you can refrigerate ahead of time. Simply pour over sprouts and nuts and mix well.I add a generous helping of shredded Parmesan on top…..this is super tasty and always a hit! You can refrigerate for maybe an hour ahead of time but I would not do it more than that as it may get soggy.

PASTA CAPRESE (posted this on Instagram and some have asked for the recipe)

The key here is garlic, ripe tomatoes and fresh basil, so easy and delicious!


To serve as an appetizer 1 box of good pasta (I love De Cecco) For an entree, 2 boxes for 4-5 people

At least 2-3 pints of cherry tomatoes (as ripe as you can get them)

8 cloves garlic

3tbsp of finely minced onion

Good size bunch of fresh basil

olive oil

Sea salt and pepper

Generous amount of freshly grated or shredded Parmesan

Boil pasta until al dente (very important to be sure it’s al dente). In a sautee pan, sautee garlic and onion in olive oil until just golden. Add all the tomatoes (either whole or cut in half) Add all the fresh basil except a few full leaves (for garnish). Satuee on low for about 20 min, it will create a sauce of sorts with the tomatoes. Add a serving of pasta onto a plate and pour a generous amount over pasta, add a good helping of shredded or grated fresh Parmesan and a basil leaf or two. Enjoy!


So….that’s whats happening over on this end, anything here excite you? What’s new with you? Wishing everyone a fabulous and hopefully relaxing Sunday, until next time. Thank you for stopping in and wanting to see what’s happening in my little corner of the world.

PS Totally unrelated to anything but how absolutely adorable is this picture…dying from the cuteness!



Seven on Sunday

Hi friends, how are you? Well, here we are digging out of getting another 6″ of snow Friday night! Yes crazy I know,? but seriously nothing surprises me about this winter. Old man winter just doesn’t want to leave. Here’s to spring coming and staying for good! Even normally patient Mr. Teddy has had quite enough…..


Today we are headed into the city to meet our two oldest sons for an early dinner and going to a few art galleries, which should be fun:)? We have had a nice weekend, dinner with friends and a fair amount of time for some relaxation. Here are my Sunday seven……




1. MY MOST POPULAR INSTAGRAM PICTURE . I really didn’t “get” instagram up until about 8 months ago then I was encouraged to get on the bandwagon and haven’t looked back since. It’s fun and for those who like instant gratification, it’s a quick fix for all kinds of beauty and inspiration.

The other day I posted this picture and it received the all time highest “likes”with 500! (does this make me sound like some impressionable 16 year old)! Click here to follow me on Instagram.


2. TULIP LOVE. Spring makes me so happy, with the abundance of flowers in all their many colors..whats not to love! I have been filling my own home with lots of pretty spring tulips, because nothing says spring like a vase of tulips!! I am especially loving the variegated versions in many different colors…..

unna8676med unnameFDXXd


Did a post the other day on tulips and snowstorms showing how I added them to various arrangements, click here to see


Added them to my kitchen

Then I played around with my foyer chest vignette, wanting to give it a more “spring like” feeling by adding the blossoms…


But then I added the small vases of variagated tulips and fell in love with the way it looked, makes me want to throw a spring party!


u4343433nnamed unn343433amed

u2322nnamed u34343nnamed

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. You know how much I love to share what I am loving on Instagram! This week the beauty and inspiration continues to wow and amaze me…..definitely drawn to those that feature flowers! Here are my top picks of the week-

unnameVCCCd uCERECnnamed

unname54544d u343343nnamed unn34433434amed unnaCVCVmed unnamGFGFGed

un344343named unname6565d unFDDFnamed unnaASASmed

4. MY MONOGRAMMED NAPKINS. I still get so excited every time I get in new orders for my monogrammed napkins! Even though they are not even for me, I feel like it’s Christmas:) Here is a look at some of the beauties that recently arrived and are getting dolled up to be shipped out. Click here to see my monogrammed napkins online…..

unnam4343xxed unnam3433xxed u343343nnamed unadfaaanamed adf32runnamed

43433unnamed u34343nnamed


And my own newest napkins which I am smitten over….

unnam343ced unnamfd3r3ed unnamefddfrd

5. A RECIPE WORTH SHARING. You know I love to share my recipes when I am really loving something. I try to experiment on average once a week and try something new.

This was a hit with my family….it was easy, so delicious and hearty but not too heavy. I served it with scalloped potatoes and asparagus tips and a great big ceaser salad. Yum yum! I will be making this again sooner than later, a new staple in our household. The only thing I did was add much more of the lemon squeezed the juices of 2 whole lemons over the finished dish.? Click here for the recipe over at Jo Cooks.


6. MAJOR LOWER LEVEL PROGRESS! I am excited about how things are really moving along now. The next time you see this space, it will be an entire post on the completed project! Counter tops/appliances getting installed this coming week, bathrooms will get buttoned up in the next week or so (waiting on vanities/faucets,etc…) It is finally starting to shape up and now I am just starting to think about furniture, barstools, etc……


So the bar is really coming along! Counterops and ant. mirror will be added within the next week to ten days, doors and shelves and voila it will be done!


This is the vanity I am doing for the powder room (in white) the other one only came with carerra marble top which did not match the floors


The gym/guest bath coming along, love this floor



This is the little powder room floor, not yet grouted, love the tile with its pearl framing the marble hexagons


7. THE SWEETEST GIFT FROM MY READER. I must say I am continuously touched and inspired by my readers. From them sharing their beautiful homes with me (click here to see my evolving online gallery of my customers homes) to the incredibly kind emails I get to getting goodies in the mail..they really are the best!!

I got in something this week that I fell head over heels in love with. The first are the cutest salt and peppers i have ever seen! Mini ginger jar slat and peppers. I am in LOVE with these!!!!!! Thank you thank you Laura, you know how much I am going to enjoy them. I already ordered a few more from Pier One, who knew!? Click here to snag a pair of your very own.

2803696_13 2803696_1



So that’s what cooking over here. Anything here excite or inspire you? What’s new on your end? Thank you so much for stopping by and checking in with me. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday and end to your weekend. Until next time…..


The Enchanted Home Shop happenings and my contest!

New promotion started as of Friday morning, a blue and white won’t want to miss. Click here for details…..



Hi there…how is your week going? Over here, busy busy. Would you believe it if I told you it’s snowing cats and dogs out there again? Yes I thought you would. Here is a picture taken with my iPhone just this morning….


Plus we have Gotham back shooting here later this week………C R A Z Y! But a fun kind of crazy, I must admit. I of course am taking pictures of the craziness which I will be sure to share.

If you love my blog and consider it one of your faves, wondering if you want to nominate me over at the Saveur blog awards. A reader clued me into it after nominating me and suggested I spread the word to my readers as part of the process is also determining how many reader nominations I get which is where you come in…if you like me, really really like me. If you want to nominate me, then please endorse me by clicking here. Where it asks for my URL please copy and paste this-? And thank you:)

I talk often of my little shop which? brings me so much happiness. My blog and shop are absolutely my “happy place”.? For some its a therapist’s chair, but this? is what does it for me. Even when I am having a really bad day, it’s a great way to escape it. I have recently added some more fabulous blue and whites to my shop and have some really new exciting things happening in the next few months. I will make an announcement on one of them next month:) Click here to visit my shop.

Here is the latest and greatest over at the shop……

All of these beautiful new blue and whites, love this new bowl, the perfect size with a great price to match!


And how about these incredible blue and white foo dogs, that stand an impressive 15″ tall! These as of Friday morning are no now online, click here to view.


And all of these chunky ginger jars are the ever so popular 19.5″size and are at a new lower price…..

bird19-351x263 flowerandvine19-351x263 figurine19-351x263 phoenix19-351x263 horseemperor19-351x263 lilypad19-351x263 fightingifigurines19-351x263

My monogrammed napkins are quickly becoming an obsession:) Seriously every time I get in an order, I see a new combination I want for myself! I am adding cocktail napkins in 12 colors by the weekend, so be sure to check back. Click here to see monogrammed napkins in my online shop. Here are some of the latest….322aunnamed

nn2unnamed 44r unna6cmed unnc2amed unnamefc3d unnamedfda 12un1named

Here is how every set gets wrapped up…



Would love your opinion on these, considering carrying this line. Do you think I should carry hurricanes/candle holders? I already carry a beautiful line of etched glass hurricanes but nothing like these…do you think this is a good idea and there is a market for them?

NT259 NT330 NT157 N936 ME3010 ME2139 KY006 HC556 GU525 BC432


I announced my contest about 5 days ago and want your pictures! I have already gotten some incredible contenders. So its time to get out your camera or phone and snap away:)

Whatever you have bought from me whether its monogrammed linens, belljars, pillows, silver, blue and white, something from my promo….show me how you are using it! I have room for about another 18 pictures (capping it at 60) and would love to see what you have done.

Plus the prize is $100 in my online shop…so that’s a nice little incentive:)? Here are a few rules-

  • 2 pictures per person
  • Please email pictures to and on subject line put ?contest?
  • Pictures must include at least one item purchased from The Enchanted Home
  • Can be of anything or any room in your home
  • ?I will take pictures up until March 10th
  • There is a cutoff of 60 pictures so get them in soon
  • Contest will run March 12th and a winner will be announced on March 15th
  • The winner will win $100 towards anything in my online shop


Here are some pictures from things I have used in my own home, just to give you some ideas of your own…..



d164a3c9e06f406d1a191a0db636eb5c b0adad9bec7ef21b98a48fbe1ab3a2a7 3d1e55c65fdb8cc04fb54ca0b57aa1b2

DSC_0553 eb886e6f15fae19de57c837a87b8a6e9 5587341320fb7371332c083e6f4ba49f 98bd3f3ca320158bf0ca9a5ad198d64b

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And some recent additions from happy cusotomers that were added to my online gallery-


Seriously the talents and good taste of my readers never ceases to amaze me!!

OK so now it’s your turn! Can’t wait to get your pictures…remember the deadline is March 10th. Thank you for stopping in and seeing what’s new in my little corner of the world. Please continue to channel your warm weather and springy vibes over this way! Enjoy your day. Until next time……


A very exciting new addition to The Enchanted Home and a giveaway!

And no it’s not another? another blue and white ginger jar. The new addition I am referring to and bursting at the seams to tell you all about is the newest product over at my online shop.

M O N O G R A M M E D?? N A P K I N S!!!!

Yes that is right, one of my most favorite things…..gorgeous linens in a bevy of beautiful colors and incredible oversized custom monograms.

Now if you know the prices of custom monogram work, you know it can get quite hefty. I think you will find my prices to be incredible and extremely competitive. But to really celebrate, I am offering these napkins at an incredible promo price for 3 days only, you will want to read about this promotion (on bottom) and I am offering a fabulous giveaway.

I am starting off offering my napkins at a very reasonable price with a low profit margin, eventually they will go up a bit but nothing crazy. I want to continue to be able to bring you beautiful, custom but affordable accents for your home. And nothing can finish off a table quite like the elegance of using monogrammed napkins!

So…..let me introduce to you my colorful cast of characters, all 11 shades. A few details about them-

Napkins are priced by 4’s and there is a total of 10 monogram styles possible, 11 colors.

They are 20″ x 20″

The prices include up to two thread colors. If more are desired, there is an up charge.

The current monogram is about 3-3.5″ tall which is nice and large but they can be done in up to. 4.5″ if you desire for a small up charge.

They are a cotton/linen blend and are finished with a beautiful hemstitch detailing.

I am extremely excited over this line and can imagine all the possibilities!! Let’s take a look (giveaway and special promo details on bottom)…..





And you know me I love to “play”, I just knew one day my huge collection of china would come in handy:)



FONT STYLES-(you will notice they each have names based upon some of my favorite American cities:)





















































They will be added to the online shop within the next week (waiting to get them photographed),? however for this weekend only as a special promotion I am offering a very special price to celebrate their arrival! This offer is valid today and expires Monday. Simply email me with your order at

When they hit my online shop,? they will be sold by 4’s and will run $115.00 which is extremely competitive. If you order 12 however the price drops to $250 for 12, any color any design. I will also be offering cocktail napkins when they go online.

Today however,? 4 napkins are $80.00 and a dozen of these beautiful custom monogrammed napkins will be $215. (All orders that are for 12 or more napkins will also get free shipping).? That is a phenomenal price if you know the prices on custom monogram work. There is nothing that can “make” a table quite like a monogrammed napkin. You just need to choose a linen color, a monogram style and a color thread and email me at




One very lucky winner is going to win a set of 4 custom monogrammed napkins to her specifications. Any color napkin and any font. All you need to do is tell me your favorite napkin color and style from this post and you will automatically be in the running. Want a second chance, tell me what you think about them on The Enchanted Home’s Facebook page by clicking here.

Thank you for stopping by and for helping me celebrate and welcome this wonderful line to The Enchanted Home. I am really excited about it:) Any questions of course just email me at Until next time……get-attachment.aspx_21-1024x381