It’s All Set- April

Hello my friends, been having a beautiful string of weather here. I feel a definite pep in my step with spring here though we are due to get a succession of rainy days.  A few announcements before we start-

Thanks to all for your input on my shutter paint selection. I have it narrowed down but in the. meantime have also found one more color I am thinking could be “the one”! I will share on Sunday once the decision is made.

I know about 30% of you are not getting my emails via subscription, so sorry! We are aware of it and the newly revised site is very close to happening, once that does this subscription problem will also be corrected once and for all!

Last the porcelain container has arrived to the port! We hope to have it in our warehouse no later than Thurs or Friday. We will start getting orders out immediately upon arrival….so hang tight, if you have an order it will soon be on it’s way!

So happy to be here today with another edition of It’s All Set, a monthly group I am a part of where a group of talented tastemakers  come together to showcase a tablescape they have worked on. Let’s face it doing this is always fun and a great excuse to put something pretty together, kind of like an adults version of “dress up” 🙂

Today’s post was  based upon my Easter brunch table. Let’s call this the Easter table with nine lives as things changed and changed again. Life,  right?  A last minute change meant going from a bigger table for several to a smaller table for four. I quickly reassessed and went to work. I take a layering approach when I work on a table setting, and continue to edit until I get it right. I love the way this table came out, it just felt very springy and Easter like with a touch of elegant whimsy. Take a look-

My Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf service is always a great starting point as are beautiful hydrangeas-

I had little time and could not find blue/purple stemmed hydrangeas so bought a potted hydrangea plant for $16 and cut them them as stems, got about 9 flowers out of it! Thanks Whole Foods:)

Got my trusty little planter ready and went to work

And my table…..before anyone gets all heated over the wrinkled tablecloth, have no fear I used a little portable steamer and it worked like magic:)

Also added a little Easter cheer to a nearby hall chest

Does it sound crazy to say I was most excited over my moss eggs? LOL they were such an unexpected and wonderful find,I love them. And since having little ones to dye Easter eggs is a closed chapter this is the next best thing.

You will most certainly want to visit all of the other talented bloggers to see what they came up with…always a worthwhile click!


Silver flatware and silver bowl- antique

 China- Mottahedeh “Tobacco Leaf”

Chargers- Juliska

Monogrammed napkins and blue and white porcelains- My shop

Glasses- Anthropologie

Blue and white bunnies- have owned a while

Small etched mint juleps- My shop

Mossy green eggs- Target (go quick you can still get them for next year)!

Fresh hydrangeas- Whole Foods

Linen tablecloth- had it made years ago

It's All Set logo


Spring Table | Pretty Pastels for a Sweet Occasion |


spring garden table shabbyfufublog-2



The Enchanted Home

The Enchanted Home

Town and Country Living


Thank you everyone for stopping by. Wishing all of you a fantastic day and hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Here spring is alive and well! Until next time…..

LAST DAY of the magnificent lamp flash sale. Click here to see-





Seven on Sunday

Hi friends and Happy Sunday. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  We had a fun dinner out on Friday, yesterday went to see Sally Field in The Glass Menagerie on Broadway (depressing storyline but really well acted) and went to a  lovely small dinner party last night. I love going to restaurants, but to me nothing beats having dinner in someones home, it is so much more intimate, yet its done less and less.

Today going to relax a while then later hopefully going into the city to visit my oldest son after all its going to be 60 degrees today….makes you want to come out of hibernation! Here we go with this Sundays happenings….


1 EXCITING NEW VENTURE. So behind the scenes, I have some super duper exciting things happening, a few I cannot tell you about quite yet but this one I can because its officially in production! Over the moon with this flatware that I have in the works, expect to have it in April!! I will be offering a “pre-presale” on it very soon.

It will be a win/win- you will get it at the lowest price and I will be able to gauge/tweak the quantities once I see the level of interest. If the feedback I got via Instagram is any indication then I would have to say it will be incredibly well received. Me?I  want a full set of each and already envisioning how I will set the table. So here they are-

Here is a closer look at the patterns- (there will be a five piece place setting for each design, not all pieces shown and possibly some matching serving spoons/forks)




And if you don’t mind participating in a mini poll, your feedback is so valuable.


2. THE ARK AT JFK. One of our friends was actually one of the founders of this amazing concept, exciting to see it become a reality and to rave reviews. A major pet hotel/animal terminal at JKF. This was sorely needed!!! When we picked up little Teddy when he was only 8 weeks old from JFK after having been flown in from Arizona, the conditions were at best that of a third world country…it was disgusting and shocking.

This will certainly make many many pet owners the world over thrilled to know their pets are being taken care of in a world class facility. It is really a brilliant concept and I have a feeling one that will be done in many other major airports in then near future. Click here to learn more about it.

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Love my roundup this week, there is lots to love and be inspired by. Instagram is such a wonderful resource to get ideas of every kind, never ceases to amaze!

No this is not Disney, it’s a CAKE!!!!!

My fave this week is this stunning picture, posted by a customer who loves her new ginger jars from my shop!


4.HIGH IN THE SKY! Just in case you have a cool 39 million to spare, you can buy this sprawling 4900 sq foot Astor Suite which is up for sale in the Plaza Hotel.  Considered to be one of the most historic apartments ever for sale boasting such former residents as John Jacob Astor, Duke and Duchess of Windsor and JFK, you simply can’t put a price on that.  Take a look-

And here’s a video to see the whole enchilada-


5.AMAZING LITTLE DANCERS. I love videos of talented kids..can’t you tell:) These pint sized dancers are incredible and with such sass!!! At 7 I was playing with barbies and looking for my next play date! Very entertaining, both super talented but that little boy is really something.

And just in case you missed this one, I had to share it again, one of my favorite songs sung by two insanely talented kids. I could listen to this all day long, one of my faves-


6.CHINA BY MOTTAHEDEH OBSESSION. I LOVE china, I have closets of it and way too much for one person, yet I cannot help myself!! Lately I am obsessing over completing my set of Mottaheheh. Have quite a few pieces but not a complete set of any. I love how you can mix and match many of their blue and white patterns. But I will say to my defense, I really use them, all the time. Click here to visit Mottahedeh. Here are a few favorites-

This is the one I am thinking of adding onto, the dragon plates work so well with many other patterns and are really striking

And in other colors they are equally spectacular-


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK……onto something I have thought many times and curious what you all think. When I am in one of my cooking moods, I always turn on the Food Network to really get me inspired. I am kind of stunned and entertained by the increasingly number of shows featuring these tiny little chefs, they are often as young as 7 or 8!

When they get “cut” it is hard to see their crestfallen little faces, not to mention what does an 8 year old REALLY know about reductions and dry roasting!!  And I think this is just an example of how our society in general is giving things to kids way way too young. You see 2 year olds walking around with their own ipad, 6 year olds with phones and now they have their cooking show. Are they really ready for that and what will there be left in life to want and work for by the time they are 18? On one hand love that it fosters a passion that is no doubt taking our country by storm- food, cooking and chefs has never attained the celebrity status it has now.

But seeing these little tiny people cooking away as though they are experts somehow doesn’t seen natural. When I was little if I wanted to be a cook, I would have had to practice in out kitchen at home with my moms pots and pans, making macaroni and cheese and maybe working my way up to a bunt  cake:) while attaining the goal of being a professional cook one day AS AN ADULT. What’s next,  their own news channel, and lifestyle reality show? That can’t be far behind. Now these quasi chefs/little kids are “living the dream” at 7 or 8. So…….curious as to what you think?

So there you have it,  seven things that got my attention this past week. Anything on your radar? Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, a great day to recharge for the week ahead. Thank you for stopping in, until next time…..

PS Still working on the subscription issues (about 20% are not receiving the blog) and the Pinterest option, plus a few other things…we ware on it!










Are you a member of The blue and white club?

***UPDATE ON PORCELAIN CONTAINER- For anyone who placed a presale order, the ETA is Feb. 7th so with luck we will have the container in our warehouse next week (woo hoo)  and be sure to look out for a special one day sale as I always have, so  many incredible things coming in! ***

Want to announce the two winners of the darling Giddy Paperie desktop calendars. Congratulations goes to-

#44 BARB and #24 CHRIS

Please email me at to provide your shipping details so they can be on their merry way


Are you a member? If you own something in blue and white or are an admirer of blue and white, then you are automatically inducted into the blue and white club! I might even go  a step further and willingly commit myself to BWA, (blue and white anonymous) as my addiction to it sees no end in sight. And with good reason, it is beautiful, classically timeless and literally looks good with every color.

Being a direct importer of blue and white porcelain, you would think I would have a threshold where even for me, there is such a thing as too much. But nooooooo, if anything my passion and love for it has only intensified over time (my husband will attest to this)! I so missed doing a post on blue and white and am happy to be bringing you one today. In fact I am going to try to do one every month or so…..why not. It makes so many so happy. Enjoy….

Proof that blue and white goes with every color under the rainbow! (my place setting)

Pretty much love everything about this exquisite bedroom,Ashley Whitaker

Love this setting from Aerin Lauder

A mantle is one of my favorite places to use blue and white, I change mine up all the time

My bathroom, living proof that blue and white has a place in every room

Beautiful vignette from Verandah House

Love how blue and white looks in an all white room….amazing!

Could these dresses from Dolce and Gabanna be any prettier!

Posted on these before but they never get old….these stunning blue and white pumpkins from Karolyn of The Relished Roost

Magnificent entry by J. Wilson Fuqua

Never met a blue and white dinner service I am not smitten over and feel like I “need”, Mottahedeh

How spectacular is this setting! Summer, you cannot come soon enough House of Harper

No there is simply no such thing as too much blue and white, John Rosselli, NYC

This here is bedroom perfection in blue and white, Grammercy Home

A beautiful planter coming in soon to my shop (due here in about 3 weeks)

Christmas 2016 marked the first of many “blue and white” Christmas’s to come…..there is no turning back now:)

Perfect on a mantle, my own home

In love with these bunk beds from Urban Grace

I love my blue and white pillows from Studio Tullia fo the outdoors and am counting down the days until I can bring them out again!

Cannot wait to get these blue and white mirrors with my next shipment of chinoiesrie tole, have just the place!!

Love blue and white in a bathroom…..Decor Pad

Beautiful room in cream heavy on the blue and white accents, never seen a chandelier above a coffee table like that but it works! Glam Pad

Another day, another blue and white display:)

This spectacular space from Cathy Kincaid takes my breath away!

Are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen? They melt my heart:)  Bobka Baby

Loved the way this patio came out for a showhouse I did a few years ago

Fabulous space in blue and white by S.B. Long

Breathtaking loggia by Cathy Kincaid….perfection!

Beautiful blue and white tablescape by House of Harper

Isn’t this gorgeous? I am so in love with everything about this, Home Bunch

Simplicity….sometimes a single vase with fresh flowers is all you need (my own)

Fabulous loggia from the amazing book, Palm Beach Chic

Sometimes all you need are a few ginger jars for the “wow” effect, and I love it next to black! Ashley Whittaker

And perhaps saving the best for last…a blue and white Christmas tree!! Working on the new 2017 collection as we speak and can hardly wait!

Well if this doesn’t give you your blue and white fix, not sure what can. Does it ever get old or redundant? Not to me! I think it will be here until the end of time and there are few places in the world that wouldn’t be prettier with a sprinkling of blue and white.

So what’s your say on the matter? Have a favorite way you like to use it? Do tell! Thanks for stopping in…..cheers to a much smoother week this week! Until next time…..

PS Speaking of blue and white just this morning a onesie and twosie sale is starting! Many blue and white items of which there are only one or two  left of plus some silver and chinoiserie all at rockbottom prices…good opportunity to snag something you might have had your eye on. Click here to see the promo