Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Happy Saturday morning to you, first order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the white garden seat from Decor Market. Congratulations goes to-

#104 AFN

Please email info@enchantedhome.com to provide your shipping details so we can arrange to have this on it’s way


Moving along, so happy it’s Saturday though it’s rainy and dreary, good for newly planted plants and our grass, plus an occasional rainy day can be a good thing. Hope everyone is well and enjoying  a relaxing Mothers Day weekend. My youngest son came home and it’s going to be such a treat to have all of my little birdies in my nest on Mother’s Day. It’s for me,  like all the stars aligning:)

As I occasionally do, I share with you recent happenings in my life as seen trough the lens of my trusty little iPhone. So here is whats been going on lately…..

Spring has sprung around these parts and suddenly everything is looking mighty green

Spruced up back powder room with these beautiful pagoda linen towels given to me by Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips….love them!

Loving the white azaleas

Gave this to a friend who has a new baby….aren’t these darling each letter is about 12″ tall and for his wall in the nursery

Here it is getting wrapped up

Went to a party for a friend and I was the designated group gifter, so wrapped up this fabulous raffia beach tote filled with all kinds of summer related goodies from a fedora to beach coverups, towels, bath products,etc…..

Stopped at a friends and admired this stunning arrangement of lilacs

Love my newly arrived large silver covered dome

Party peonies:)

Went for a big group dinner at our favorite Greek place, Limani and this branzino literally was one of the biggest I have ever seen and it was sooo good!

Tile selection for PB powder room….being done in Calcutta Gold

My pretty yellow kalanchoe going strong

First plants of the season purchased and ready to get planted

I even have a hard time believing these are not real stone, love this piece

A little secretary tweaking

The azaleas are in full bloom!

Looking for raised velvets for a bench and these contenders are beauties!

Living room mantle…..and yes, these are my faux peonies if you can believe it

Lots of candle orders going out (these will soon to be added to site)

Upstairs landing, not sure I have ever shown this

We have the cutest little farm that has been around for ages, Youngs Farm that kind of “takes you back”…it is definitely one of my happy places, a friend took these wonderful pics

All my favorite things in one shot, flowers, monograms, blue and white and chinoiserie tole!

Pretty backyard perfect for a late afternoon glass of wine with friends

Went to someones house and had to snap this door….amazing!

How beautiful are these gorgeous pillows just leaving to a lucky clients house….

The things we do for friends!!  I had just gotten these in…..literally within a few hours  of getting them, got a call from a friend in a total  panic because she had ordered favors for a party she was hosting, forgot the shop closed at 5 and found out at 5:30 she couldn’t get them for a party she was hosting at 7!! Incidentally I got this huge order of candles so what are friends for……pulled a “candle 911”, loaded them in my back seat and ran these over to her,  problem solved:) Enchanted Home to the rescue!

So there you have all the good, pretty and inspiring….life is filled with ups and downs but this blog is all about the ups and remains my personal “happy space”, and happy you want to share it with me. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful Saturday. Until next time…..

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Random musings as seen through my iPhone….

Hello and happy Saturday. Woke up to no snow, that’s always a good thing.  I really hope that winter is finally done and spring can usher it’s way in once and for all. With a lot of snow presently on the ground it just doesn’t feel like spring is going to really be here on Monday. The daffodils a week ago when it was 60 started coming up and now are covered in frozen snow:(

Today is the last day of the porcelain presale so be sure to stop by and check it out if you haven’t already. Its been so well received and the response has been phenomenal, always so great to know there are so many fellow blue and white addicts:)  Plus there is a great giveaway and today is the last day to enter! Click here to view

As I periodically do,  I share with you snippets of my life from the last week or so..of course the good, pretty and inspiring only! So without further ado here we go…..

Went to one of my happy places aka “New York flower district” and came home with some beauties…..

Enjoyed a wonderful meal with a great friend at Le Coucou in NYC, fabulous!!

These black beauties are heading to a rooftop apartment in Boston where they are going to plant them with large boxwood balls, so classic

It might feel still very much like winter outside, but indoors it’s all about spring and flowers!!

Upstairs hall got a little sprcueup

A pretty corner in my bedroom….the soft colors are so soothing, it’s my private little sanctuary

So loving these beautiful trims and fabrics we just decided on for a clients family room…cannot wait to see it done!

Awwwh….Teddy got a special little friend as a gift and loves his new furry friend

LOVE working on gorgeous trims and for this client, her new pillows are going to be out of this world!

This is how we do St. Patty’s day in our office….green gorgeouness overload! How amazing are the pillows above that I had made for a client, is that ginger jar tape not the greatest thing ever!

So there you have it, all the good stuff from this past week. Hope you enjoyed, thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday and an enjoyable weekend! Until next time…..




Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Happy Thursday afternoon. Hope all is well with you….this week is flying by. It’s been a busy and productive one and we are working away on the blog just as fast as possible. Really hope to have a lot of work done by the weekend.

I am so happy to hear from so many you and how you are loving the new look. I am too but will be happy when all the remaining work is completed. The ship site is being updated every day and I will announce when all the  new products are online and will have a celebration day with a discount code!

Readjusting to a quiet household again makes me grateful that I am working full time now…..the stillness of the house is not something I get used to easily!

Anyway as I occasionally do I share with you recent happenings in my life, through my trusty little iPhone. So here is a look at life the last week or so……



Slowly the holiday decor is being put away and my pretty blue and whites are taking center stage again3223mjunnamed

Love the look of a big bowl filled with apples, I mix in faux with real


My pretty silver tea service got a nice polish


Planted this gorgeous orchid from a friend in one of my pots, they always make me happy in the dead of winter


My newest project, so not a “diy’er” but bought this bookcase and doing a little “experiment”, will share how it comes out!unnad33med unnamedfaad

Chargers galore!


Got in a batch of gorgeous chinoiserie handpainted pillows!



Still very much enjoying my beautiful blue and white goodies from Christmas


From the last snow


Never lose a chance to dine with an Enchanted Home mug:)


Warehouse happenings…loving my new tole pieces2322nnamed

These stunning metal planters are new arrivals…soon to be added to siteu2111nnamed

Loving these cute little foo dogs!


Getting all the GORGEOUS Provence planters out!! (have a small stash aside for me)


These beauties will be coming home with me very soon!! I plan to put boxwoods in them with ivy and white impatients (in the summer)


Added this new scalloped pin board for my office


Pretty monogrammed napkins heading out to a lucky recipient


More snow pics



Watched one of my top three favorite movies, Somethings Gotta Give….NEVER gets old and always makes me feel good:)

1QQAunnamed unname1QAd

Lower level happenings, rearranging and straightening up


Our newish pool table (boys LOVE it)!



What would we do without our phones? Sometimes I wish there was a ban on certain times/days we cannot use them because I feel like everywhere you look, you see people joined at the hip to their iPhones (and I am included in that bunch) but then again what they allow us to do and capture is nothing shore of amazing.Thanks for stopping by, hope you are enjoying a great day.

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Until next time…..



Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Hello! Coming off the heels of a super busy weekend…and frankly as much fun as it was,  I am glad it’s over. It’s back to work and  assessing all that needs to be done.

It’s crunch time for us that celebrate Christmas this week…and I am sure like me, you have a list a mile long of things to accomplish this week. I made a big “master list” Sunday night and broke it down with tasks to do each day. I now feel in control and know in the end it really does all get done.

A few things before I share with you recent pics-

For anyone waiting on an ornament order, we are finally up to date- if you want to confirm yours is en route please call us for an immediate answer 1-800-804-9565

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GUARANTEE CHRISTMAS DELIVERY FOR YOUR ORDER (some exceptions) It is best to call in your order 1-800-804-9565

As I do from time to time I share with you a snippet of my life as seen through my iPhone….the good, pretty and happy only of course:)


Scenes from an amazing baby “Elf themed” shower-

Highlights from a few birthday lunches/dinners…above from Manza and below my favorite appetizer from Kyma


Highlights from a luncheon I hosted for a treasured friend….

Had such fun mulling over trims with a client for her dining room…so many to love!

Felt sooo much love on my birthday, it was  three days of gifts, dinners and flowers:)

And even felt the love at work~

Went to NYC on my bday and spent part of the day in Eataly sampling our way through on a private tour and had a fabulous lunch at Manga

After a wonderful birthday it was back to the world of boxes that I have lived in lately:)

Loving my blue and white Christmas this year and will never go back to red and green:)

How gorgeous is this work of art sent by none other than taste maker Bettie Pardee….love it and cannot wait to put it in my office to enjoy everyday!

Ribbon/giftwrapping theme this year

Friends beautiful elegant entry foyer whose home we went to for  a Christmas party

One big perk of having your own shop is an plethora of great gifts always on hand! We filled this two tier silver platter with adorable Christmas cookies from a local bakery as a great hostess gift!

We got a few inches of snow a few days ago which was a wonderful surprise

It is always fun to look back at the highlights of the last week or so…and there were many. Lots of crazy, hectic, stressful moments too but who needs to see those, lol. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and a super productive week.  Until next time……


Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Hello! This random musings post was mostly from last week but never got around to posting it so added pictures from the last few days therefore it’s a compilation of the last two weeks:)

Busy,busy weeks over here….as I occasionally do I share with you a snippet of my life through pictures taken with my iPhone. It is funny how they can tell a story, but I must preface this by saying this is only the pretty, inspirational and positive:)

With Thanksgiving now a thing of the past, it’s full steam ahead to Christmas/holidays. My life has centered mostly around the blue and white ornament universe and I go to sleep dreaming about them:)

A few updates to tell you about (feast or famine and this week it’s a definite feast of products coming in)-

Ornaments- We get calls/emails everyday for people looking for the ornaments. NEVER thought my new site would have taken this long and the plan was that they would be up for sale on  my shop site long by now. So…..for anyone who wants them, you can visit this post below, we are honoring those prices on that promo and send orders to orders@enchantedhome.com or call in your order to 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30, leave a message if you call before or after)

Post for ornaments- http://enchantedhome.com/2016/11/blue-white-ornaments-back-giveaway/


The porcelain container is arriving tomorrow…woo hoo! All presale orders will start shipping out tomorrow afternoon in the order they were received:)

The colored ornaments and foo dog ornaments shipment will be arriving on Friday or Monday!

New chinoiserie tole order arriving early next week, stunning lamps and the long awaited bamboo lanterns are coming!

OK back to this post:) So here is a look at my life this last week….




My greenhouse aka my laundry room is a busy place with trying to force open white azalea topiaries and arranging my beautiful fruit double topiary

12unnamed 21unnamed u22nnamed

Had dinner at a favorite Greek restaurant where the fish is on full display….so good!


This is a common site every single afternoon….waiting for the big brown truck!


A friends beautiful setting on her kitchen island…so colorful and festive!



Every time I get a new Annabel Ingall bag I want one for myself..love this line


Love this beautiful new throw for my bench……coming home around 5:30 and seeing my cloudlike bedroom is a sight for weary eyes


Beautiful monogram order heading out the door…


A friend so thoughtfully sent me this beautiful orchid for my desk


Easy peasy breadsticks


New design job….beautiful home!


A gorgeous wide window seat getting done for a client loving the blue and white against the rich mossy green!



How stunning are these planters from Greenwich Orchids ( thanks A)! They always do such a beautiful job



A friends new shutters, aren’t they beautiful! She said she cannot recommend this company highly enough, both for their super competitive price, quality and delivery



Yes that is right…S N O W!!! I walked outside one morning and my windshield was covered.


A friends beautiful home decked out for the holidays


Blue, white and green…oh yes!


And there is that snow…crazy

qwqwunnamed unn121amed

Went to a dinner party and looks like they put out that floral arrangement on my behalf:)


I am in a magnolia state of mind:)


How stunning are all these carpets from Kravet? Helping a client work on bedroom carpet but secretly thinking about how these would work for PB:)

unnafdsfdsmed unnafddfsmed unnamefdfdd 22unnamed

A friends pretty and inviting kitchen…love the rich warm copper!



Love stopping off on my way to work at my favorite local little old fashioned bakery/coffee shop…so charming



Seriously I think my backseat needs its own reality show…there is always a party going on back there lol


So there you have a snippet of the last 10 days or so….busy busy days but I cannot lie, though tiring it’s a lot of fun (almost all the time). Hoping your holidays are off to a merry start thanks for stopping in! A few things-

PS New promo- These magnificent holiday trees are so beautiful, seeing is believing. Limited quantities, some still for sale. This promo will end tomorrow, click here


PPS The contest Holiday Love has been announced, taking pictures now through Dec. 14th or until I reach 75 pictures. I am already half full. Getting in some incredible pictures, be sure your picture is at least 400 x 600 and that they are clear and focused. We cannot accept pictures that are dark/out of focus and will email you if that is the case….competition is stiff so if you have a winning picture, please do send it in! Details are-

  • Up to 2 picture per person, must be your own picture (not taken from internet or Pinterest,etc…)
  • Can be of anything holiday related
  • Please be careful with size clarity,etc….we will not be able accept small or blurry pictures
  • Ideas are front doors, Christmas trees, holiday tables, pets and kids decked out for holidays, wreaths, fresh greens, nature, the list goes on (just as long as it’s holiday related)
  • Email all pictures to theenchantedhome@gmail.com
  • ON SUBJECT LINE- you must put Holiday Love (so we can separate the entrants)
  • Accepting pictures today through Dec. 14th or until we reach 75 pictures
  • There is a cap 0f 75 pictures
  • Questions? Email theenchantedhome@gmail.com

Until next time……








Random musings as seen through my iPhone

Hello! Hope you are well and that your week is off ot a great start. Started my week with  a fun birthday dinner  with a group of treasured friends (hi girls)! We have vowed to do that until we are old and gray…..what would we do without our circle of friends! It was a very nice break to come up for air from the “ginger jar ornament universe” I have been living in the last two weeks:)

We have gotten thousands of ornaments out to their lucky recipients and finally we are on the last batch, major cause for celebration:) That is……until the next shipment arrives with more blue and white and the colored versions sometime mid-late Nov. There will be one final presale on them for the many of you who have asked in a week or two.

As I periodically do, I share with you recent happenings in my life seen through my trusty little iPhone. So without further ado here we go…….




Absolutely loved wrapping my first (and only gifts) so far of the season with my little ornaments as adornments- really takes the gift presentation up a notch


And so enjoying the way my office is coming along,  work in progress, still need to finish the paint, hang prints, etc….

unnambvcced unndfsdfssamed

How gorgeous are these! They shipped yesterday to a very lucky client

unnamdfdfed unnamjmned

And the white explosion at my front door is in full bloom!

unxc345named unnambvved unndf3damed unnadf3med

Went to a local Japanese very authentic sushi restaurant, Yamaguchi….so good!


Experimented with the square tray from my site as a charger and love it so much that they are now on order!


My “ochidirmary” which I have dubbed because my laundry room is a makeshift intensive care unit for my flowers:) This middle orchid is being discharged and by it’s side are two new patients


Cant’ get enough of these and I see visions of ginger jars dancing in my head at night:)


The gray paint is a goner…yay!


Love coming home every day to this sleeping beauty



Love the explosion of color all around us


Aren’t these amazing! Handpainted chinoiserie custom butterfly pillows for  a lucky NYC client

unnsd22amed unnasd3med

Smitten with my new office chair:)


I will do what it takes to get my kids home, lured my oldest son home from the city with a homemade carrot cake:)

unnavcmed u3cnnamed

Starting to add magnolia throughout my house, love it during the holidays


Another gift which I couldn’t resist using a ginger jar ornament on


A serious perk of fall…..getting to bring out my old favorite classics!


Pretty gifts out the door to a special friends birthday


And this picture metaphorically means a lot to me…one day I was rushing like a madwoman, had a list a mile long and was highly anxious over getting it all done. Raced to meet someone then zipping back to the office, I was forced to stop and do nothing when this very large group of geese meandered ever so slowly in front of my car across the street.

They even paused to take it all in as they sauntered from one side of the street to the other…..they reminded me to stop and relax and that the world will not stop spinning if I get to where I am going a few minutes late…thanks guys:) This visual will stay with me a long time.


And that friends, sums up whats new around here at least the pretty, fun fluff as I like to call it. Back to the grind, hope you are having a wonderful week, enjoying this gorgeous fall,  I love the season but must admit not really looking forward to winter except for that very first snowfall which is always just magical.

Thank you as always for stopping in, love to hear from you. Until next time….

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Random musings as seen through my iPhone……

Hi friends!!  Hope this finds you well, and hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was very nice, though yesterday my son left and that is always bittersweet. The only thing that made it bearable was seeing how excited he was to go back. Knowing how happy he was made me happy…..but still going to miss that little guy.

The good thing is I am crazy busy mostly in a good way so have plenty of distractions to keep me going until I can’t go anymore and flop into bed at night:) I just cannot believe we are down to the last few weeks of summer,  for me it just flew by. I was able to check off many things of my summer bucket list, but not all!

Anyway as I periodically do I share with you recent happenings around here via my trusty little iPhone. Here is a snapshot of the last week,  of course only the pretty and inspirational lol-



Love seeing all my blue and whites outside:)

unname433d unDSFAAnamed

Been making crostini caprese a lot this summer, isn’t this dish gorgeous (an antique English plate given to me by a wonderful customer/reader)


Got my hydrangea trees delivered along with my fishbowls….just need to take the paper off and add ivy!


Paired these pretty jars with fresh hydrangeas next to my beautiful Mottahedeh covered platter


Nothing like a visit to a local farm for vine ripe tomatoes


Gorgeous pagoda napkins made in a favorite colorway for one lucky customer….

unnamVNBVed unnNNBNamed unna4TYmed

In love with this trim and not only am I using it for a client but think I “need” to use it myself:)


Pretty arrangement out the door for a friends birthday


Finally getting the energy to finish up my bedroom, my favorite palette…the pale blue/grays


These few pictures are taken from a dear friends beautiful home.. I am helping her spruce it up a bit not that it needs it!

unnameFD434d 3433333unnamed

Added the three emperors to a side chest


Gorgeous NYC flowerboxes


A friends beautiful foyer


Taken while strolling through NYC


Love seeing all the colors I now offer with my little mini foo dogs, so cute!


A favorite salad this summer that I have been making A LOT!


Friends beautiful dining room


Couldn’t get to the flower market, so Whole Foods is about the next best thing:)


Another day rearranging, this drives my husband nuts…every day he practically comes home to at least one thing being moved around:) Call me the eternal tweaker


Playing with a favorite fabric for pillows and possibly an ottoman , Bali Hai from Quadrille



My favorite salad from St. Ambroeus on Madison Ave.


That gorgeous townhouse again!


Maybe saving the best for last…how exquisite is this incredible work of art? Teddy himself  has been handpainted on this amazing silk pillow!!! Stay tuned as these custom handpainted pet pillows are coming to my website soon:)



So there you have the good and pretty from this last week. Busy days around here and trying to savor the last few weeks of summer. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week. Until next time….

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A winner has been crowned and random musings as seen from my iphone

Good morning, well if you follow me on Instagram you know I have had some kind of nasty stomach bug. I am not out of the woods yet but certainly better than yesterday.

Of course this happens when I have four things to attend four days in a row, 2 so far I have had to miss and the event tonight and tomorrow are a question mark…so please send your healthy get well vibes over this way!

I am very excited to announce a winner of my Enchanted Home Love contest after nearly 4,000 votes combined, you have chosen the winner and a beautiful one it is!


Congratulations goes to Lory for this fabulous picture-


Lory please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail.com with your shipping address so that your first package of 11 more to come can get on it’s way and a very hearty congratulations to you!

I also want to thank once again, all  of the other entrants who submitted so many beautiful and inspiring, images.  I lost count, there were so  many fabulous pictures.  You make what I do so much fun and incredibly gratifying!


Here is a snippet of life over on this end in the last week or so……as I went through my many pictures I smiled every time I came across one from Nashville/Franklin and it was temping to include those again but that would have made this post one of the longest in history so I used restraint:) So this is from the last 2 weeks ……..


We went for a walk to a neighboring horse farm and this beauty greeted us



The backyard is finally getting green and the azaleas are in full bloom, still have to put out all my pillows and other accessories, but it’s happening, slowly but surely!


Napkins out the door, love my new stickers


This gorgeous complex is part of a HUGE marina/housing project which will service a new ferry service from Glen Cove to NYC…its going to be fabulous! The preview party was last night (husband went) and said it’s going to be amazing, we took Teddy there for a walk last Sunday


Above will be the marina terminal



And look someone is trying to cozy up next to Teddy…a new friend:)




White inpatients and azaleas add so much to our entrance


izzcndex izczwndex

Love this custom napkin going out the door to one lucky recipient


OK this is the only Nashville pic…a reminder of how wonderfully civilized it all is there. The entire airport experience was fantastic and that is saying something. Even in the dreaded security lines..they had a waterfall wall which was so soothing and such a smart place to put it….it eased the most stressful part of the traveling experience!


Gorgeous batch of beautiful hand painted chinoiserie pillows arrived!


Awwwhhhhh….let’s all say it in unison, here is Teddy and his cousin Chloe when they were only a few months old!


My gorgeous Mother’s Day flowers!

343index indcd3ex

Was at my friends beautiful home which they just lovingly (and beautifully) restored


Part of a local design job, this is turning out to be the most darling girls room, cannot wait to show you the finished space


Loving the newest color of my foo dogs, the turquoise…fabulous


Reorganized my stovetop with all my “essentials”


Put together a new vignette using green apples, love decorating with fruit (these are good faux never have to worry about them rotting:)


And caught my dining room late afternoon with the beautiful late day sun streaming in, my favorite time of day


So along with my bed rest from being under the weather came along a movie binge, saw some of my all time faves, cried like a hyena and laughed like a crazy person watching Steel Magnolias…one of my all time faves


Then watched Stealing Beauty, always loved this movie…the scenery literally takes your breath away and the party scene at twilight in Tuscany brought tears to my eyes, it made me so badly want to be there (yes I get emotional about beautiful things)

And then watched some amazing documentaries which I will talk about on Sunday, so made the best of feeling lousy.


And that friends is a wrap:) Hope you are well and enjoying a great week, hope to feel better soon and get back on schedule. Thanks as always for stopping in, until next time….